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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 28, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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[sobbing] >> thank you. jillian: he sunk a 20-foot putt to land the final spot. he says the parent sacrificed their dreams to help him achieve his. todd: president biden addressing congress and the nation tonight. >> usually a president speaks to more than 1500 attend years tonight the crowd is tapped at 200. >> >> starting today if you are fully vaccinated and you are outdoors you no longer need to wear a mask. >> it's about 14 months too late. >> what message were you sending by wearing a mask outside alone. >> by watching me take it off and not put it back on until i go inside. >> while i was briefing trump kerry was briefing zarif. >> while we were losing
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everything, he was eating and dining out at the most expensive restaurant. >> a professional golfer breaks down in tears while telling his dad he qualified for his first pga tournament. >> i made it. [sobbing] ♪ ♪ >> live from new york city and kansas city, missouri where right now they have 66 degrees and some drizzle. they are going for a high of 70. ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the best city in america for barbecue. ainsley: how far away from that city did you grow up? steve: 180 miles. ainsley: very specific. steve: i say barbecue. they have great barbecue there. my wife and i kathy had our rehearsal dinner at gaetz barbecue in kansas city. ainsley: vinegar based or
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mustard based. steve: neither. red based. it's great. brian: it's fantastic. the rehearsal went well because it worked out. if things go well we might have that cookout on july 4th that we were hoping for. we could use some of that barbecue. ainsley: maybe, maybe. don't have to wear a mask now. brian: outdoors alone vaccinated. fantastic. ridiculous guidelines we got yesterday. steve: indoors you can eat. that is where we travel right now into missouri, marshfield, missouri. will cain is live at grill lows ainsley: so many people there steve. will: it's early. it a little closer than where steve grew up. i am looking at what i want to
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get for breakfast. i'm giving the cooks and other diners time while i figure out what i want to eat. steve: that's a good plan. ainsley: so i have a friend. she is from that area. brian: how many friends do you have, ainsley. it's unbelievable it's like i had that many friends in sixth grade. ainsley: i lived in a lot of city. brian: you keep in touch with them. ainsley: i think brad pitt, i have to ask people there. i think he grew up in springfield. will: was that your name you are referencing? big name drop. ainsley: my friend from college her mom was a school teacher. steve: will is going to have a lot of friends today because is he in missouri to talk to the people about the president's speech which is going to be tonight at 9:00. will: i am. steve: i'm sure you have lots of questions for the folks. will: i do steve. first ainsley is right brad pitt is from missouri i went to mizzou. he is not here today but i am. i will be talking to the diners today.
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what what can he say tonight that he hasn't already shown them here in the show me state. i can tell you right now i have talked to restaurateurs, business owners in multiple states i can't hire anybody. nobody will come to work. policies are showing people. i don't know what they need to hear at this point. brian: no one shows up. i heard your podcast. you talk by yourself. remarkably successful and insightful. if we toss to will and no people it will just be will talking like your podcast. will: wonderful. go download it apple, spotify fox news podcast right next to the brian kilmeade show. brian: as long as it's under it's okay. ainsley: more face time for will. brian loves face time. brian: i like will's face. steve: that's good. all right. will. we will check in later. will: thank you. steve: joe biden tonight 9:00 he will be addressing the joint session of congress. it's not the state of the union
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because he has not been there long enough because he has just been there 100 days. essentially going to take a victory lap. and he's also going to talk about his american families plan. what we hear is it will be one of the biggest social programs in american history, $1.8 trillion flan will include free universal pre-k. two years paid college tuition, 12 weeks of family leave and extended cuts for low and middle income workers. >> and he also is going to push for immigration reform. brian: that is unaffordable. it's not free. it will cost those horrible people who are the high earners in this country. how does he plan on paying for it? he has a great idea. do you know how friendly the irs has been. they will be on steroids. $80 billion and they will give out additional $80 billion in an effort to bring in 700 billion more because they say people aren't paying their taxes. anyone who has dealt with the irs knows how relentless they
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are. can you imagine now what they are going to be like under joe biden? here is some things that is going to be different about tonight's speech. so few people going. they usually keep one person back in case something happens. technically it's going to be janet yellen running the country if a catastrophe happens. there is a limited number of lawmakers. some say i looked at the protocols i'm not going. it's about 200 people will be there. the supreme court will not be there but the chief justice will. so that will be different. it will not be packed. and there is no reason for it. they can get 1,000 people in but the protocols although everybody has to be vaccinated and indoors and people could be spaced if they wanted. the protocols are so strict said forget it you are on your own. ainsley: judicially 50 republicans 50 interest items from the house and senate.
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they had no problem with the covid vaccine and all the restrictions, 100 people were backed in there he said inches apart from one another. when it comes to this address to the congress tonight. there are restrictions, will only be 200 in there and they will be spaced out. so many of the senior it republicans, democrats are giving their tickets to some of the younger ones so they can have this experience. steve: that's right. and, in fact, jill biden, the first lady will not be in attendance, however, there will be something historical and it will immediately look different that will be the fact that as the president is speaking he will be be, there will be two women behind him because the vice president is a woman and so is the speaker of the house. ainsley: it will be when he walks down the long hallway and steps up to the podium. steve: he will be wearing a mask then according to jen psaki yesterday. as soon as he gets up to the podium he takes it down and he talks. we don't know exactly how long it's going to be. we would imagine since there aren't so many people although it sounds largely democratic
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audience, so there will be a lot of the applause, the question is will it stretch past an hour a lot of people are skeptical of that. brian: doubt it he doesn't do well after an hour. jason chaffetz weighed in. he has been through a lot of these. this is what can you expect. >> the substance is what you are after. the theatrics they will put in place in terms of the spacing and how they are wearing masks and do members have to walk through a metal detectors, all of that is really theatrics. i think the expectations of the president are still very low to see if this guy can actually read through a teleprompter in what will likely be a fairly short address. i don't think he has the energy to get through it. steve: and after the address, you will see right here live at 9:00 eastern time on the fox news channel, then the rebuttal will be from south carolina senator tim scott, which you will also see here on the channel. brian: get a pen handy. ainsley is going to tell us now what we are allowed to do in a
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pandemic in a country that has 41% of which already has at least one vaccination. ainsley: there are 13 states that already have their mask orders lifted and then the president was speaking yesterday. he said at this press conference, he came out with a mask and then he took it off. steve: he came outside to say you don't need a mask outside. ainsley: some of the reporter are asking here he is walking up and he says if you have been fully vaccinated. if you are outside, if you are not in a big crowd, you no longer need wear your mask. and that's when i jumped for joy. brian bine we should have known that already. we all did, really. steve: it should make sense because what we have learned in the last year the coronavirus is something that is spread by, you know, aspiration, it's aerosolized. when you are indoorsed like we are right now, if there are people who are vaccinated that's more perilous, if you are outdoors like dr. oz,s the
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humidity and everything else the droplets drop immediately. the president made it clear you don't need to wear activistma. you still do need to wear a mask though according to the cdc at crowded outdoor events or a parade or a sporting event. anything outdoors that involves contact with people who are not in your family. brian: by the way that's ridiculous because if you are vaccinated you can't carry the virus, so, therefore, you can't give the virus, so if you are -- why do we have oworry about going indoors. ainsley: there is a small percentage. brian: two weeks ago the cdc director said you can't carry the virus in two separate test what is they saw and practical what they see and what they saw out of israel as well. steve: no vaccine is 100 percent effective brian bine we should never go outside ever. steve: that's not what the cdc said. brian: don't ever go inside. steve: you should still wear desk mask for indoor kinds,
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concerts, worship services, if you are traveling on an airplane or mass transit. if you too an exercise indoor -- class indoors. brian: ridiculous. steve: go to the shopping mall or hair cut or indoor social gathering you still wear a mask but you don't wear a mask outside if nobody is around you. brian: and pass out wearing a mask when you are running outdoors. it's really going well. there is a practicality and heavily politicized cdc which has made america 100 percent distrustful of what they are hearing. dr. marty makary has always made sense. >> it's about 14 months too late. a lot of the research they are citing came out last year. it's not much of a loosening, if you think about it is all they told us if you are fully vaccinated you can be in small crowds without a mask. look, the outside is entirely safe. this is settled science, and the public health leaders and our politicians could do us a big favor by taking off their mask after they are fully vaccinated. the only exception is when you are indoors in a public setting,
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business leaders are asking people to keep a mask on and we ask folks to respect that for a little bit longer. steve: right. so, you know, ultimately, the sooner we get to if we ever get to heard immunity then we don't have to worry about it. we don't have to talk about when you should and should not be wearing a of course that. of course, these are simply guidelines as ainsley started the entire segment, she pointed out accurately there are a number of states where they have already lifted their restrictions but these are the guidelines handed grown on high from the federal government. brian: just to add. watch what happened after the texas rangers played outdoors in a capacity filled stadium. nothing. guess what's going to happen after 14,000 showed up saturday night in jacksonville, most of which did not wear masks, keep an eye on this. because if there is a super spreader event everyone will report on it but when numbers keep going down and people looked at the cdc guidelines say
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they are overrestrictive and contradictory they don't look at times when things go against it and nothing happens, nothing spreads. they are still selling out in texas. why aren't we focused on what's going on at the ranger game? why aren't people doing studies what's going to happen in scractionville. that's saturday. i'm not hearing about a wild spreadner jacksonville. why doesn't anthony fauci and experts get on and study the successful events go against the guidelines that they have out there. it makes no sense. steve: one of the big lessons we are learning is. brian: they don't know what they're talking about. steve: fewer people are getting it because more people are getting the vaccine. more people that get the vaccine the more people are protected and ultimately that's what we are trying to do. brian: ultimately we want to do that at what cost. you get vaccinated you should not be walking around indoors with a mask still. ainsley: i agree. brian: you can't get it you can't spread it. ainsley: brain, i work out at one of those places where it's really hot inside they keep the temperature at 0 degrees, during the pandemic it goes up higher.
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after that i just started going to this gym and tough wear a mask. brian: it's impossible. ainsley: it is. i agree with you. i want to say i'm vaccinated. i have had covid. i'm vaccinated i still have the antibodies. why do i have to wear a mask that's what i want to say. i do want to make people feel safe. brian: those words are the key. what are we doing to make people stay safe stay in saran wrap. don't walk in traffic that's an idea. ainsley: talk about louisville. we are concerned about these police officers and many of them are retiring and leaving the force because they are scared and they are worried. what's happening there? who wants to start this, steve? steve: let's just go back to march of last year and louisville police, the metro police there, made headlines after the death of breonna taylor she was shot during a raid on her home. it was a terrible, tragic accident. and i think it was two days ago
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maker garland, the attorney general from the united states announced they would be investigating the louisville police department. okay, that is the least of their problems at this point because right now there is a crime wave in louisville and they simply are having a manpower problem. they are at a critical stage where they cannot get enough police and that puts everybody in louisville in peril. brian: 188 have left the job in 2020. good luck, maker garland catching up with them and finding out if they were doing a good job or not. 43 have left in 2021 so far. they're lining up to go out the door. here is the quote from the fraternal order of police, the press secretary, the spokesperson came out and said this. i would say that we are in dire straits, our manpower is critically low, one thing we have to consider when we are talking about recruiting in this climate that we currently find ourselves, the pool of people wanting to become officers is shrinking every day. we are obviously losing a lot more officers than gaining if
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that continues at what point can we not operate appropriately. it seems we are on that incident to. keep in mind, too, how we started this week. there is a sense out there with this ridiculous push to reimagine police, maybe the ultimate goal is to get these men and women to quit. so they can start showing -- people can start showing up instead of having cops in uniform. social workers in suits to try to talk people out of choking one another or shooting one another. that could be the ultimate goal here. i'm starting to think that's not so farfetched. ainsley: they hired 26 new members this year. but, what's interesting about that this year they lost 43. so about -- they have hired about 50% of what they lost. they say their homicide rates, their violent crime rates are through the roof. steve: they are indeed, ainsley. so, as of sunday. 84% more shootings this year, homicides are up 75%. so, the department of justice is going to go ahead and investigate as the federal government will do what's going on there.
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but it's easy to see that with the crime spiraling out of control in louisville, they need more people to say, you know what? i want to serve. ainsley: who wants to do the job? de blasio cut a billion dollars from the police department in new york. brian: there is a surge in shooting on the way to new york yesterday there was somebody run over by a drunk driver. a cop was run over there was another shooting. that's happening in new york city. and they want to make the cops the bad guy. unpleenget. ainsley: yesterday i walk into the atm area, you put your card in for the door to unlock. they lock the doors here because they are scared of people sleeping in there and the dangers here in new york. i walk inside, i see two police officers inside i looked at them and i said thank you so much for what you do. i love you. i'm teaching my daughter to love you i'm praying right now that god surrounds you and keeps you safe. >> steve: that's very nice sentiment. ainsley: thank you, i hate to even think that way. happy to pray but, gosh, when i see police officers now i worry about them. steve: we all do.
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jillian joins us right now at 6:17 a.m. eastern time. jillian: good morning. we begin with a fox news alert. urgent manhunt underway for a gunman who police say opened fire for a group of mostly children outside an apartment complex in virginia. one woman was killed four others hurt. among those injured are two teenagers and a 3-month-old infant who have in critical condition. police say testimony as the shooter was targeting a particular department and hurt by sanders in the process. another fox news alert. breaking overnight. at least six people are arrested during a seventh night of protests in north carolina. police say demonstrators curfew and faced off with riot officers as they demanded justice for andrew brown jr. a black man shot and killed by deputies. browns family says independent autopsy shows he was shot five times including in the back of the head. the fbi has launched a civil rights investigation into the shooting. to extreme weather. powerful storms sweeping through the u.s. several tornadoes touching down
3:19 am
in eastern colorado. heavy rain causing a massive rock slide in boulder facing a major highway to shut down. in northern texas, a tornado is reported in the small town of benjamin. it's not clear whether anyone is hurt. and hunter biden lands a speaking gig to talk about fake news. the president's son will talk to student at tulane university in new orleans for the course called media polarization and public policy impact. the class it to start this fall current political landscape in the u.s. hunter as you recall has made recent headlines in months over information recently found on his atlanta. that's a -- his laptop. brian: someone not deserving of a featured speaker it's him. no one is buying his book. probably should be fiction. thanks, jillian. coming up straight ahead, republicans are calling for an investigation to john kerry over his alleged leaking of israeli military secrets to iran. why is the mainstream media
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♪ go, go ♪ go big or go home. brian: believe it or not, we are looking at a city now that has coronavirus actually under control, a state that has it under control and that's california and they are almost ready to go back to normal but they have to waited until june. ainsley: please put the kids back to school there. brian: unbelievable they are not and probably won't come up in tonight's address. i many surprised by this next story and the operative word is zero. john kerry in talking to foreign
3:25 am
minister zarif of iran and maybe giving up the fact that intelligence revealed that israeli was a part of 200 attacks on their transports or those allied with their troops in syria. i am stunned that zero outside of one hit on an early show on cnn no, other network covered these allegations coming from the foreign minister of iran. steve: right. there is tape and we know the story because it came to us via the "new york times." tape of iran's foreign minister, guy screen right right there. talking to an iranian journalist who says that john kerry, man screen left there, told him that israel launched 200 attacks on iranian forces. john kerry who is part of the current administration climate czar he has denied all of this. but republicans are saying this deserves an investigation because if it's true it's really
3:26 am
bad. former secretary of state mike pompeo was on with our friend sean hannity last night and had this observation about that very tall former senator. >> it's looks like from this reporting what we already believed while i was briefing president trump kerry was briefing zarif on intelligence that related to israeli operations. i hope that's not true. john kerry nodes to come forward secretary kerry need to speak with the american people and why he was meeting with him. we know he did he has admitted as much. and what he was talking about. he was tell the iranians hold on pressure campaign, the power that's being exerted by america will be over. we will win this election. it will just be four years. hang in there don't for a minute negotiate with the trump team. secretary kerry has an awful lot of explaining to do. ainsley: what does this mean for our friends in israel? why is he so pro-iran? why, if this is true, we want to be in bed with iran?
3:27 am
what happened to the american first attitude? i love that line and we both agree when pompeo says i am trying to direct donald trump or what was his -- steve: while i was briefing president trump and he is briefing zarif about what israel allegedly has done in syria to the iran targets there. and to share those secrets, it is so unamerican, it is -- what happened to the pro-israel approach, too? steve: who is our ally? ainsley: exactly. israel is our ally, does everything for us. look at what is happening with iran. iran is not pro-american. they say death to america in iran. he is helping them out and not thinking about what this means for israel and how this will affect their country if this is true? brian: also, the fact is he had a track record of speaking out of school, out of office to zarif on a regular basis. he didn't need to phone a friend. this was somebody he had no relationship with until they started these negotiations,
3:28 am
wildly unpopular the deal that emerged in 2015. keep in mind senator schumer and cardin and menendez didn't sign on to it. they all have in common they are democrats. climate czar unnecessary never before named position is he in now. what is anthony blinken doing? is he giving away the store, too. the bigger question is what does it say to our allies around the world. if we tell america top secret intelligence they're going to share it without telling us? he denies this is happening. but you have a track record fred fleitz has chronicled you have a track record of him doing this as they pursue to see if zarif was making it up on the documentary. so either you believe that zarif is lying on the documentary which means is he lying, period. or you believe him and you do think john kerry is lying. but if you don't believe zarif, why are you negotiating with him in vienna towards a nuclear deal
3:29 am
he is supposed to adhere. ainsley: if a republican had done this? what if donald trump had done this. brian: there was all that talk of donald trump giving away information to israel about something in saudi arabia. ainsley: was that a headline with other networks? did they cover that brian? brian: absolutely nonstop. ainsley: kerry says it's unequivocally false. they are demanding an investigation. steve: let's see what happens. ainsley: coming up next, gavin newsom's days as the governor of california could be numbered as the recall effort against him hits a major milestone. recall organizers are going to share what happens in the big week ahead. and to our friends at fox bet down load the fox bet super 6 app. you can play for a chance to win $10,000. all you need do is predict six of the outcomes in the fox bet super 6 quiz show. the topics range from entertainment to sports. it's free to play. so go right now to download the fox bet super 6 app. now.
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find your rhythm.
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your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. jillian: good morning back to headlines. the man seen in this video hitting an nypd detective with a stick will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. he appeared in court for arraignment but the arraignment was delayed when he failed to cooperate. he is facing several charges for the attack in queens including assault and resisting arrest. morgan has two weeks to complete a psychiatric evaluation to
3:34 am
determine if he is fit to stand trial. the detective was treated for minor injuries to his head. a massive brawl is caught on camera at a mississippi restaurant. watch as diners take cover as chairs napkins and fists all start flying. kick and crab restaurant. two groups eating there not exactly clear what started the argument. police say the suspects left before officers arrived. and legendary boxer floyd mayweather set to square off against youtuber logan paul. the two will duke it out hard rock stadium june 6th. the fight was rescheduled for this summer. it was originally set for february but postponed due to virus restrictions. may weather will be returning from retirement after defeating mma fighting conor mcgregor in 2017. a look at your headlines, send it back to you. steve: thank you, jillian. effort to recall gavin newsom a democrat could end up on the
3:35 am
ballot this fall. the petition officially collecting 1.6 million valid signatures. you just need 1.5 million. officials have until tomorrow to verify those signatures and report them to the secretary of state. our next guests are celebrating that victory. joining us right now is the owner of pineapple hill grill and saloon in los angeles screen left angela morrison. good morning, angela. hey there, how are you? steve: i'm doing okay. and senior adviser for the recall gavin newsom campaign randy economy. randy, good morning to you. >> good morning, good morning. we did it. [laughter] steve: i know you guys are both excited. we met new december when your video went viral because you had spent tens of thousands of dollars for an outdoor seating arrangement. there you are right there in sermon oklahoma city. and it they shut you down but there was a tent for a tv show next door essentially the same thing and they kept you open and
3:36 am
you were curious at this governor. >> yeah. absolutely. and very grateful to randy and mike medicine door for doing the recall. they had it going before that even happened to me like alice in wonderland my eyes were open. can i no throw no longer sit by and do nothing. they gave me the opportunity to join in and go around and speak and really talk to people and hear what they are going through and get them to sign that signature and give them hope. we control our own destiny in california. steve: absolutely. randy, you know, i know that you did ask their politics as it turns out this is a bipartisan signature drive, 30% are democrats. >> 30% are democrats and third party. and, again, it's because of people like angela who had to be the victim of gavin newsom but
3:37 am
all of us together, we overcame every odd possible to be able to do this. >> amazing. >> now we will have historic campaign and election and we will get a new governor out of this. this is what is absolutely historic. it's not to be taken lightly. and i think we want to inspire every single state in america and people to know that they are in charge of their governments. the politicians are not in charge of their governments, politics as we know it here in california is over. steve: let's see what happens there angela, you feel emboldened because for the first time you are seeing with your own two eyes that politicians can be held responsible for decisions they make that impact the people. >> it's amazing. i mean, the most freeing feeling in the world when you wake up to this and you are able to go out and you are able to fight for what you believe in and stand up for yourself. and not allow a bully to push you around.
3:38 am
and, you know, my apathy towards politics, i feel, you know, got me where i'm at. and i think a lot of us feel that way. like our vote doesn't count and we can't do anything. but we can. this is america. and it's amazing. it's just like i hope more people get off that couch, you know, and go out and vote. and take this election very, very seriously. because this is our chance as a state to say no, we are going to hold you accountable and you are now fired. you are now fired for not doing the job that you promised you would do and for lying to us and it feels -- it does feel empowering and i hope that californians take this seriously and they really vet a new candidate and get out there and vote because this is no joke. it's amazing. i am so so excited and so hopeful. i haven't felt this way in a long time. steve: randy has had a gigantic grin the whole time. real quickly, randy, who is
3:39 am
going to run for governor against him if he is recalled? >> well, we got everybody is lining up right now. we have caitlyn jenner and i think you will probably see the mayor -- former mayor of los angeles will get in the race. kevin faulconer and john cox. and i diverks you know, they are come out of the woodwork now. and that's great. because if it wasn't for the hard work that we did as the campaign, none of this would be possible. again, this has not been a republican movement. it's not been a democratic movement. it's been a california movement. and it's historical and we have woken up the big bear, the big huge bear, the grizzly bear of california has been poked and we have been poked and poked and poked by this governor. and by the system. and you know, we can't live in a one party state forever. and i think those days are going to be over with and thank goodness we have gotten to this point. i'm so excited. steve: all right. we can tell. randy, angela, thank you very much for getting up so early out there in california. >> thank you.
3:40 am
steve: thank you. all right. meanwhile, still ahead on this wednesday some athletes are opting to take their million dollars paydays in bit coin or crypt co-currency. should you do the same? we're going to talk to a financial expert whether or not that's a good idea. you know what? a free breakfast is a good idea for will cain. having breakfast in missouri before the president's address tonight 9:00 eastern time. will, good morning to you. will: good morning. the kitchen is fired up. but the grill is not the only thing that's hot. missouriens have started to make their way into grillos cafe let's talk to them and talk about the first 100 days of the biden presidency. do they want to hear anything special? that's coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
3:41 am
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3:45 am
of congress tonight. so what do americans want him to say? brian: we are going to find out because will cain is talking to them live over breakfast with friends over at grillo's cafe. >> has anyone shown up. will: yes, yes. this is staff sergeant kenneth west, 20 years preern, always a marine once a marine always a marine, right? >> that's correct. will: we were just talking about the 20 years you gave to this country. how do you feel about that sacrifice today? how do you feel about the state of the country? >> i think we have a great country but unfortunately we have those that want to destroy this country and that just grates me to no end. will: you told me you gave 20 years to this country and you are seeing being torn apart fall apart. president biden is speaking tonight but you are skeptical really who is in charge? >> it's not him.
3:46 am
it's who is leading him by the nose. i think part of the squad up there the aoc squad is the culprit. but i really don't think they are the ones that's doing it either. i think behind the lines they are being told by others. will: all three of these guys mario. is he receiving staff sergeant ribs and. mario works in aviation in the area and i dropped by battery we are still hot, mario, tonight worry about it you told me the two worst things you are worried about in this country the border and the economy. tell me about that. >> well, like he said, he is not the one in control. and aoc probably not either. it's probably some of those elites that they don't talk about all the time when they do talk about it they say oh, you are radical, you are a
3:47 am
conspiracy thirst. it's true it's true what's going on the border and the economy failures everything that biden has untied that trump tied for us for the better is trashed. will: you talked about the economy. here is the thing. steve works in construction right here. steve is saying hey, i can't -- and i have heard this from restaurants and small businesses and steve in construction pot line i can't get people on the job site. steve, it's hard to get young guys out to work? >> yes. will: why is that? >> this unemployment is making things a lot worse. who wants to ogo to work when they can make double what they normally make. >> absolutely. >> you know, in my business, anyway, it's us old timers are getting fewer and fewer every day and these young people are not wanting to do it. it's going to get rougher every year. will: i appreciate all three of you fellows and appreciate your service. here is a message brian, ainsley
3:48 am
and stevie heard over and over. the economy actually has some energy to it we don't have the help to make sure we can be in business. i have heard that here today from the owner of grios as well. keep hearing it in america. back to you in new york. brian: that supplemental pay goes until september. it's not going to get any easier. steve: will, if the guy who once the place needs help, you have 20 minutes between appearances you can bus some tables or something. will: i could do that, steve. all right. what a challenge. okay. fine. i will get to work. yes. you will see that. steve: good man. ainsley: tell them all thank you. i feel like i'm listening to my dad sitting with his friends at the diner. steve: morning coffee. will: i will. ainsley: thank that gentleman behind you for his service. we will keep checking back in with you throughout the morning. now, hey, janice. i heard it's going to be, what in the 80's today in new york? janice: we might push 84 degrees.
3:49 am
ainsley: wow, nice. janice: back into the 70s tomorrow. we will take it a preview of what's to coming. coming attractions. very warm air ahead of a cold front. unfortunately that warm air is going to interact with this cold front and bring the potential for severe storms stretching from texas all the way up to the great lakes. tornado watch in effect for parts of texas through oklahoma. we had a severe thunderstorm warning just west of dallas. so all of this is going to move eastward along with that cold front but ahead of it that's where we have the really warm air. so the east coast actually could break temperature records today. 84 my friends, we will take it back to you, steve, ainsley and brian. brian: all right, thanks so much, janice, appreciate it 49 minutes after the hour. 11 minutes to the top of the hour. which means it's almost at the top of the hour. still ahead, some athletes are it opting to take their million dollars paydays in crypto currency. should you do the same thing? a personal finance expert coming your way next. ♪
3:50 am
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ainsley: we told you about this yesterday an nfl player there is his picture receive his entire salary in bit coin. he signed a $920,000 teal with
3:54 am
the kansas city chiefs says that bit copy is the future of finance. so should you invest? let's bring in our personal finance expert dan ricoto with good morning to you, dan. >> ainsley, good to see you. how are you? ainsley: i'm doing well. what did you think when he said i want to take my full salary in crypto currency? i thought am i ready to do that not yet. brave on his part he is young enough he can do it probably. see if he takes his enendorsements deals in croint as well. it's a complicated topic and one that is sweeping the world right now in terms of investment minds. the real question is this thing for real? ainsley: why would you do that? wouldn't you just take the salary and invest the money in bit coin if that's what you wanted to do or maybe half of it in bit coin. >> i suppose. so i suppose is he looking for the upward movement in bit coin. as we know the performance of
3:55 am
the thing has been crazy. it's up over 600 percent over the last year but don't forget, ainsley, it's also very volatile in 2018 it was down 70%. one day this week alone it was down 11%. you have to have a pretty strong stomach to take the ups and downs. ainsley: what do you work? should we invest in bit coin? >> that's a great question. number one, understand what it is. right? spend a little time and do a little research. it's a complicated thing but essentially alternative digital asset that lives in an unregulated world in cyberspace. that's the first thing. so do some homework. maybe invest a couple fun money dollars. not your rent money. your fun money. and beware of scammers out there there is a ton of them out there taking advantage of that 16-year-old babysitter of yours talking to you about croint. you really want to make sure you understand what i are getting yourself into. deal with a reputable exchange as well. steve: what do you think of e ithereum?
3:56 am
>> there is. these crypto currency, a guy much smarter than me elon musk talked about delegate coin, for example. bit coin is a more established one and that's the one that gets all the attention the headlines, but there is a ton of them out there. ainsley: dan, one of my friend back in the early days of bit coin she bought 25 of them. now it's worth a lot. they are going to use it for retirement. thank you, dan. got go. appreciate you being here. >> thank you. ainsley: still ahead, britney spears will break her silence over her conservativeship battle the request to speak for herself in court coming up. that into one low monthly payment.
3:57 am
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up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. todd: president biden expected to address immigration tonight. >> i want to hear how he plans to close the gaps in the fence. the fence that he voted for. >> police department. >> tense moments overnight after a group of protesters ignored a curfew. >> local media reports six people arrested during a seventh night of protest. >> starting today, if you are fully vaccinated and you are outdoors, you no longer need to wear a mask. >> it's about 14 months too late. >> what message were you sending by wearing a mask outside alone. watch me take it off and not put
4:01 am
it back on until i get inside. >> we are going to hold you accountable. >> we are going to get a new governor out of this. this is absolutely historic. >> we are talking to diners here. what do they think about the biden presidency so far. >> everything biden has untied that trump tied for us for the better is trashed. ♪ ♪ joy, joy ♪ when you call me ♪ i'm lifting. ainsley: that's tampa, florida, one of my good friends lives very close that. i love going to visit her because we are on the water constantly. never get cold there, brian. brian: it's amazing. in canada they don't play professional sports. ainsley: what are you talking about? brian: toronto raptors are playing in tampa right now. that is home for toronto for the raptors who are desperately
4:02 am
trying to make the playoffs. ainsley: they are training down there or playing. brian: playing all their home games in canada they prefer not to do anything. ainsley: shut down. brian: they do yoga. sent their pro-teams to us and going to free florida because where florida gist you a chance to make a living. steve: we sent will cain to the show me state of missouri. he is in marshfield, missouri this morning and he is at a place called grist grillo's cafe where we have heard what they expect to hear from the president who is going to be addressing the nation, will, exactly 14 hours from right now. will: we get it ainsley you have friends in tampa and very popular as she is in missouri as well. it's breakfast all day, here's the challenge. i had a skillet, steve, steak,
4:03 am
eggs, hash browns for dinner last night. i jumped the gun on this wonderful breakfast. i got 12 hours ahead of it i'm a sucker for breakfast all day. i don't know how hegseth does these diners and stays looking like captain america. i don't know how this works. i will have to file a workers' comp claim. in the meantime i will be talking. the diner is filling up. i will be talking to more diners about what they think about the first 100 days of the president biden presidency and what they want to hear. i think apropos of the show me state. they have seen some policies already in place and i would suggest they are not too happy, at least right here at grillo's so far today. steve: all right, will, if i was you i would have the chicken chd steak. ainsley: skillet, that sounds delicious. will: steve, i love chicken fried. i will have to get on the whole 30 real quickly here. ainsley i love throwing together
4:04 am
on top of itself a skillet is the fancy way they do it for you. ainsley: awesome. you are not getting soft. if you want to eat healthy i say egg white omelet. y'all say i'm crazy for doing the egg white thing but i like an egg white omelette, what else should he put in there, brine, some peppers, i like ham, i like what about some mushrooms do you like that? a little bit of cheese. steve: got to have onions. ainsley: you like onions? will: i like the bell partnershippers jalapeno peppers. i'm with you on that breakfast needs to be a little spicy. "fox & friends." steve: will is going to be talking to the folks in less than a half an hour. thank you for joining us live. will: you bet. steve: meanwhile brand new information just released on the president's $200 billion universal preschool plan for children ages 3 to 4. what we are talking about is what we are going to hear from the president later today. ainsley: that's right. the president is set to unveil his proposal tonight at his first address to congress. it's going to happen at 9:00 tonight and martha and bret are
4:05 am
going to be reporting on that if you want to watch it tonight and we will have all the details for you tomorrow morning. brian: pretty amazing. just when you thought to yourself did we just pass a 1. trillion dollars stimulus plan after passing 900 billion in december without a single republic vote the answer was yes. democrats look at that and say when we don't have the money to pay for that did the president just propose a $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. very little infrastructure. human infrastructure. heated debate. that wasn't enough. now joe biden is going town vale a family plan and he wants 1.8 trillion. answered wants to hike taxes to 1.5 trillion of those horrible people that are earn money for a living that make over $400,000 and he is going to double the earned income tax, the -- is he going to double the earned income tax so now all of a sudden you have a situation where you have a total distribution of wealth. we're going to have free community college, free for people that go but it's going to cost half of america that money. free pre-k and you have the
4:06 am
spending bill on top of that. douglas says this is a restructuring of our government. it is now a basically a slowly but surely socialized economic system that we have. steve: here's the thing. all the things is he going to talk about tonight are very popular. universal free pre-k is popular. free college is popular. family leave is popular. tax cuts are popular. things like that. and when they talk about raising taxes on the wealthy people, a majority of people in this country are okay with that. ainsley: because they are not wealthy. most people are not wealthy. brine brian that's not true. you think the majority of country wants their taxes raised? steve: they are okay with raising taxes on rich. brian: if you ask people if they want to go to disney land every day that's popular. it is s. it logical and feasible? no. most american people know you can't be sober and expect all
4:07 am
these free things and have a capitalist free market society. steve: i just remembered the poll that we cited last year about the time and i want to say it was a reuters poll showed something like 65% of americans were okay with jacking up taxes to pay for things that they wanted. and these are politically popular. brian: so jacking up other people's taxes to get something you want has got to be very popular. ainsley: if you used to have a job precovid and now you are getting a paycheck from the government and it's more than what you made, they like that. even though it's our money. brian: right. ainsley: and if you get your college paid for and you don't make a lot of money, they like that. it's our money it's very expensive. brian: that is called socialism. ainsley: i agree. brian: that is not a successful economy. the reason to believe why we work we have free market capitalist economy. that's not what we are working towards here. sooner or later someone is going to have to work for a living,
4:08 am
earn that money and be willing to give up 7 of every $10 that they earn. the american people are aforced to look at this holistically that's not popular. ainsley: it's sad when you are giving more money to the government than you are putting in your bank account. brian: not going to last. steve: well, gillian turner is joining us just outside the white house. so, jillian, the president is going to get in the limo, travel up to capitol hill tonight at 9:00 but it's going to look different than not a state of the union but it's going to look different than any joint session we have ever seen. gillian: that's right, so, a lot of the pomp and circumstance, steve, that usually accompanies an event like this is going to be put on ice. the white house is taking some extra tight precautions for this joint address. even though there is going to be 200 people there. the security, the covid prevention measures are going to be very extreme. now, even as he announced yesterday these brand new mask guidelines outdoors great news for americans, the president
4:09 am
took extra care to warn americans we're not out of the woods just yet. all right. so let's take a look at some of the top line differences our viewers can expect to see tonight. there is going to be no designated survivor in the event of a catastrophe at the capitol. the audience as i mentioned capped at 200 people. supreme court chief justice john roberts is going to represent the entire judicial branch of government now, press secretary jen psaki tells fox news yesterday this entire speech has been over three months in the making. take a listen. >> president has been working on this speech the last few weeks, editing it meeting with his speech writers getting advice and counsel from senior advisers, checking in with members of his family. >> one of the big ticket items that the president is going to roll out tonight as you mentioned, guys, the american families plan. he is going to put $200 billion towards universal pre-k for all americans who are age 3 to 4. let's pull up the full screen so you can see the details.
4:10 am
this is going to go to 5 million children. the white house says it will save families about $13,000 each. they are going to prioritize high need education areas. they are going to ensure public preschool is high quality and also that teachers will receive better training and wages. we're also hearing that tonight the president is going to really push congress, make a concerted effort to try and encourage them to pass his immigration legislation. we all know his top line item there is to have a passive to pathway tocitizenship for the 1n dreamers. steve: thank you so much, gillian. "the washington post" is reporting this morning that the president will signal that he is open to passing smaller parts of his agenda that have bipartisan support. something that also has some bipartisan support is dealing with immigration and this morning the post is also reporting, ainsley and brian, it sounds like is he going to have a big push to try to do something about what is going on
4:11 am
on our southern border and the dreamers and migrants. ainsley: jason smith and john katko, congressman, they are raising questions about how much this border crisis is costing all of us. they wrote this letter to the omb. they said it is clear to us that the time is fast approaching where the biden administration will ask congress and the american taxpayer to authorize the use of billions of federal dollars to bail them out of a mess of an unsecured border and a mass influx of illegal immigration. what remains unclear is the true cost both current and future of responding to this policy driven crisis. to your point earlier, brian, this is the concern of so many people. if you are offering free college. if you are offering free healthcare to people who aren't even citizens of this country, how much is this costing us? when you read the numbers is it 60 million a day to keep these children in these facilities per week i believe it is. 60 million per week. that is so expensive. steve: where is that money coming from. ainsley: from you, from you.
4:12 am
all of us. steve: where in the budget. brian: we have plenty of money paying for pre-k and paying for junior college, healthcare and child tax credits and paying for other people's citizens. so it's fantastic. they call it now the state department irregular migration at the border. isn't that interesting? and the state department also applauded the vice president for leadership at the border. think of the audacity of this president asking for money and pathway for citizenship let in more people in three months. you will have over 600,000 by the end of may. you are probably going to have well over a million by the end of the year. and then he is asking congress we need to pathway for citizenship. yes, i'm not going to enforce the border. i will stop building the wall. even though it's paid for. i will pay them not to build the wall. i will not bolster up border security, i will ignore it not use the word crisis. i need a pathway for citizenship for 11 million. by the way it's not 11 million.
4:13 am
it's more like 25 million. and if you think they are going to get a pathway for citizenship. okay? do you think that's going to get through? if people believe it? can you imagine the numbers at our border when the word gets out when we're paying what is it 16,000 -- 1600 -- how much are the illegals getting in new york now? they are getting 15,000. are. ainsley: 16,000. brian: if you are here illegally get a $16,000 check. now the president is going to say pathway for citizenship for i'll legals all while not bolstering up the border and he is going to ask congress to pass it i cannot believe the audacity in that statement and proposal. steve: remember, it was on the first day as president he sent to congress his proposal on immigration. brian: that went well. steve: it's going to be hard to get a big bill through congress at this point because he would need 10 republican senators to go for it he is going to push for the targeted legislation the guarantees the path for dreamers, farm workers, who are
4:14 am
in the country illegally. now, here's the thing, both bills have passed a house with bipartisan support. the dreamer bill passed with nine republican votes. they just were one short. and the farm workers legislation had the support of 30 republicans. so, to make the sell tonight, it does sound as if the president is going to talk about how important migrants and immigrants are to the country and we have got to do something about it. brian: just see through that and know it's illegal. steve: will congress act is the big question. that's the part of the big problem with our southern border. congress is not acting. brian: they were securing the border. and joe biden decided to throw that in the street and not acknowledge it which is fascinating way of showing leadership. the first thing you do he had an opportunity to finish building the wall for another 1.5 billion he could have had 650 miles of a wall, some of which is natural barrier of the 1500 border.
4:15 am
but, instead he threw that in the street and now he wants to turn around to congress and say do everything i want to do. that's never going to fly and mitch mcconnell said yesterday no dreamers without border security. so that will be dead in the water. steve: one of the things is he going to propose tonight is funding for security upgrades at borders and ports. will that include the wall? stay tuned, another treason watch fox tonight. ainsley: did you all hear what he proposed yesterday? joe biden this is something i'm so excited about. he came out and he w. his mask on and he said now you can take your mask off if you are outside if you are fully vaccinated and not in a big crowd. he took some reporter questions. he walked away he came back and took some more reporter questions and abruptly cut them off because he said i'm going to get in trouble. brian: yeah. listen to this. >> do you have any preconditions before meeting with vladimir putin? >> i will discuss that all on another day. >> what did you ask vice president harris. >> will you make it faster to get -- for them to get the vaccines we will get zoom?
4:16 am
>> india they are suffering. >> i'm sorry, this is the last question i will take. i'm really going to be in trouble. brian: going to help out india with astrazeneca, we have extra. steve: hold the phone. he said if i take any more questions i'm going to get in trouble. he is the most powerful man in the world. who is he going to get in trouble with? who is -- you know. brian: little different than the last guy. steve: what's going on there? you know, perhaps to suggest the white house is very concerned about message control or whatever. but nonetheless a lot of his critics were saying wait a minute, is he one of the most powerful guys in the world. if he wants to take some questions and answer them, he can do it. ainsley: correct. brian: yesterday he was so nice. he gave us permission to not have a mask when we are alone when we're outside. ainsley: a mask when what? brian: a mask when we are alone. fantastic. i never thought that was possible safe from ourselves
4:17 am
when we are alone. ainsley: not in a big crowd. does that mean when you are walking on a street. brian: will i can infect myself. steve: if you are in a crowd of people do you. ainsley: i'm not in a crowd of people when i i'm walking my daughter down the street if someone stops me and says why tonight you have a mask on? i'm going to say joe biden said i don't have to wear one. steve: she is my daughter. brian: i'm i'm not going to live in a cacoon the rest of my life. steve: 7:17 now here. jillian joins us with headlines on this wednesday. jillian: that's right, good morning. let's begin with this. the woman who police say is responsible for killing nypd officer while driving drunk begs for forgiveness. >> anything you want to say to the officer's family. >> i'm sorry. >> according to the daily mail, video shows jessica drink ever drinking alcohol hours before the crash. and it directing traffic early tuesday morning when he was hit.
4:18 am
fellow officers lining the street to pay tribute to the 14-year veteran of the force. he leaves behind a wife and two children. overnight, three more cities in los angeles county vote no confidence in the policies of district attorney george gascon. whittier and lancaster are among the join the list: the democratic d.a. has come under fire over sweeping changes within the office including not seekings the death penalty, reducing the sentencing enhancements and cash bail and charging fewer juveniles as adults. pop star britney spears finally speaking out about her conservatorship in court. she is scheduled to appear at a hearing june 23d. unclear what issues spears will address touring the hearing or whether she will ask to end her conservatorship. she has been under a legal conservatorship for more than 12 years. now to this story, a golfer making an emotional call to his dad after he qualifies for his first pga tournament.
4:19 am
watch this. >> i made it jillian: he sunk a 20-foot fourth land the final spot in the value spar championship. he said his parents sacrificed their dreams to help him pursue his. steve: he had worked so long to get to that point. ainsley: that is so cute. that's just so awesome. i have a brother, my dad would love to get that call. my zero a great golfer. steve: you know his dad was crying. ainsley: they worked so hard. you are right, steve. steve: shocking attack on new york city police department officer caught on camera. look at that in broad daylight. the new york detective's union says city leaders are to blame for the surge in crimes like
4:20 am
this. we are going to talk to the union president next on "fox & friends." ♪ when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with all-liberty mutualon. — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here!
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brian: we have been tell you about the brazen attack as nypd detective struck in the head in broad daylight. pointing the blame at city officials for emboldening criminals. no kidding. detectives endowment association paul dejack mow joins us now. paul, we are seeing this incident and some people say well, it had to be set up because there was somebody with a camera there, how could they possibly have a camera there. was that a setup? >> absolutely not. i want to ask the public to please keep your thought and
4:25 am
prayers the police officer that lost his life in the line of duty. police officer. that was not acted or scripted there happened to be a film crew there that was monitoring the commercial burglary that the detective was investigating. brian: did they get the guy? >> yes. we did get the guy he was placed under arrest. after he assaulted the first detective. two other detectives gave chase and apprehended him. he a apprehended him he turned on those two detectives as well and tried to assault them with the same weapon. brian: how soon is he going to be back out on the streets do you think. >> right now $40,000 pail and is being charged with assault 2 felony. let's hope he stays. in. brian: the state of ohio is a mess. in case you haven't visited yet. they want the tourism to come back. good luck. look at these numbers violent crime in new york city murder up
4:26 am
almost 10%. shooting incidents up 76%. victims 71%. nypd this is just through april 19th through the 25th to date. this is out of control. can you put this in perspective? >> well, absolutely. you know, the new york state governor, the assemblyman, they have enacted police reform laws and bail reform laws that are letting these violent criminals out of jail to victimize the people again. the city council in new york city has enacted laws that tie the hands of the police. and this is the result of what our politicians have doing. brian: you have a million of these mayoral candidates. nobody is separating themselves from the disgraced governor. and nobody is showing that they are any different from this terrible lazy mayor we have who is so anti-police you couldn't be more anti-cop. is there any hope for the future of arguably the best police force in the country allowed to
4:27 am
do their job? >> you know, someone has to stand tall and stand tall for what's right. you know, there are people being shot and killed every day. young children losing their life from stray bullets and these politicians and mayoral candidates are not saying one word about it it's disgraceful. brian: they're making the cops the bad guys. what do you say to your men and women serving? >> listen, good always prevails. they are out there doing an amazing job. they are making over 5,000 gun arrests. they are arresting people for homicides and shootings. we are out there doing our job. we need the politicians to do theirs. brian: retirement is up 75%. do you blame them? >> absolutely not. it's a very difficult job. very difficult time in our history. and we are losing a tremendous amount of talent and new york city police department and it's going to hurt us for years. brian: the cops are taking the blame for what's falling apart in society. you are our last line of defense and now you are being all fingers are pointing to you guys
4:28 am
and it's just not right. paul did i jack mow, thanks so much. >> my pleasure and thank you for your support, sir. brian: always, coming up straight ahead g.o.p. governors calling out joe biden for skipping weekly coronavirus calls. is that unbelievable? pete ricketts says the white house is not bringing up the leadership or showing the leadership they promise. he will join us next. and from our friends at fox bet. download the fox bet super 6 app. right now and play for a chance to win $10,000. all you need to do is predict six outcomes in the fox bet super 6 quiz show. topics range from entertainment to sports. it's free to play. download the fox bet super 6 app. now. but preparation h soothing relief is the 21st century way to do all three. everyday. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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4:32 am
and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. gel jill good morning back with headlines, the man known as the torso killer pleads guilty to one of new jersey's most infamous cold cases. he killed in to the kidnapping, rape and drowning of 17-year-old marianne pryor and lorain kelly in 1974. the teens went out to the mall and never returned. cunningham is expected to get two more life sentences stacked on to his time. the alabama attorney general pulls his state's membership from the national association of attorneys general. steve marshall saying, quote: i can't justify spending taxpayer
4:33 am
dollars to fund an organization that seems to be going further and further left. the association bills itself as nonpartisan currently chaired by washington, d.c.'s democratic attorney general karl racine. a maryland mayor captures after national guard deployment. >>' wow. >> so great. salisbury mayor jake day was stationed in east africa. he says he is glad to be home and thankful for those who loved and protected his kids while he was overseas. we thank you for your service. steve, send it to you. steve: that just get you right there, doesn't it? man o man: absence from weekly coronavirus phone calls with
4:34 am
governors all across the country. >> the intention was never for the weekly call, the covid call that is led by our covid coordinator to be a part -- for the president to be leading that call. the intention was for our covid coordinator to be providing an update directly from the president. i can assure you that the american public, governors hear quite a great deal from the president on his plans to get the pandemic under control. steve: but, despite what she says, some state leaders including our next guest says that is really not enough and calling to hear directly from the commander-in-chief. nebraska governor pete ricketts joins us right now from omaha. hey, governor, good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having me on. steve: great to have you. so i think vice president kamala harris has been on the phone call once during the administration. joe biden never has been. when the call was being made, the covid call during the trump administration, how often was mike pence or the president on the line?
4:35 am
>> so, you in the last administration, there were 40 weekly calls about the pandemic, mike pence chaired 39 of those, which means he was on the entire time answering questions from governors, fielding those questions. sometimes these would last a couple of hours long and president trump joined us for 8 of those phone calls which is in stark contrast to this administration where the calls last about 45 minutes, and vice president harris has been on once for about 5 minutes. she didn't take any questions. steve: right. >> it really shows the difference in approach of the white house right now in how they really don't appreciate the work the governors are doing right now in the states where we are on the frontline. and really shows a lack of leadership on the part of the white house. steve: i know you feel that this is not the bipartisan approach to the covid call that the administration the incoming administration had promised you. but, ultimately, are you getting the same kind of information in this call which i believe is being kicked off every week by
4:36 am
the president of the national governor's association, governor andrew cuomo? >> yeah, governor cuomo kicks it off and we hear from the white house staff and we certainly appreciate the fact that they're continuing to do the phone calls. we appreciate the white house staff that are giving us updates. there is a big difference between giving the updates from the administration and having the top people on the phone who can cut through the red tape and bureaucracy to hear directly what's going on in the different parts of the country. steve: right. >> i do this regularly with superintendents, mayors, counties, health directors, so i get a feel for what's going on across my state. and that's part of how i help cut through the red tape and make decisions. steve: sure. >> that's not happening with this white house. steve: in fact, i think it was last week you were driving around omaha in your car you were listening to the radio, and there is a new flash about covid that they should have told you about. wasn't there? >> yeah. the whole decision to pause j
4:37 am
and j i heard about on the radio. and i guess the white house i guess that's how they found out about it, too. because apparently they didn't know about it. this shows this administration is not doing a food job of commune indicating, even internally with themselves if the cdc is making this white house and not telling the white house or governors and we are all caught by surprise. it really needs to get fixed. steve: sure, because i know during the trump administration the president had said because every state is different, you know, obviously nebraska different than new york, the state governors would be essentially in charge of executing the covid strategy. but this way the way it's going right now, less control, right? i mean, they are just telling you, okay, this is what you are doing. >> well, to give an example that, you know, these emergencies are locally executed, state managed and locally supported. one of the things that we have been talking about is getting smaller vial doses from the
4:38 am
administration. they are going to bigger vial doses. one example i think if the president or vice president hear directly from governors what is needed in new york is not necessarily needed in nebraska and vice versa they would have a better feel for how to really make sure we were customizing this response to the entire country rather than just maybe one part of a country or one size fit all answer. steve: let's see after you guys have raised this concern, let's see if the vice president and/or the president start picking up the phone call at 11:00 every tuesday morning. governor ricketts, thank you very much for joining us live today from omaha. >> great. thank you very much for having me on. steve: you bet. all right. 22 minutes before the top of the hour on this wednesday, we told you about the officer who wrote that open letter to lebron james to talk with him about policing in america. we're going to actually talk to that officer about his invitation to lebron coming up. but, first, will cain is having breakfast with new friends in missouri before the president's big talk tonight. and as you can see, you have
4:39 am
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find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. brian: president biden will address a short session of congress tonight. what do americans want to hear him say out loud? ainsley: will cain is live having breakfast with our friend in grillo's cafe in marchfield, missouri. hey, will. will: the show me state. in media we can get wrapped up in themes and narratives. the point of going to breakfast with friend across the country trip is to show or hear from americans. what are they actually feeling? i have heard the message several times this morning. introduce to you brad and his
4:44 am
sonned chandler here. brad you and i were speaking earlier the president speaks tonight. >> yes. will: you at this point have told me you are not even interested in what he has to say why is that. >> he pretty much said everything he needed to say during the debates of which none of it really interested me. he showed his incompetence and that he is not a true leader to me. will: i keep hearing this over and over concerns about his leadership. if is he not leading, who is? >> i have no idea. you know, i keep hearing things about obama in the background but that's just stuff being thrown out there so who knows actually who is behind it. will: a big sports fan, somehow a patriots fan in the missouri. i'm going into this relationship a little skeptical already chandler. your biggest concern is under president trump it was clear it was america first. >> correct. will: but now. >> it's the first time in four plus years i have had to question who the number one priority is when decisions are being made from the white house. that's just not something i'm a fan of.
4:45 am
will: what's your biggest example of that where you see priorities outside of america taking precedent. >> just with the funding going different places the border is wide open. it's just it doesn't seem like america is being put first in the decisions biden is making. will: all right. let's work down here if we can. i want to introduce to you john. john is saying something similar something i have heard several times this morning. you were talking about what you see, what you may here tonight is just in general a lack of leadership? >> that's right. will: tell me about what is the best illustration? what's bothering you the most about the current leadership? >> just that the direction that he is going farther and farther to the left and it's like he leaves the rest of america out. those who are conservative or anything like that, is he supposedly was going to unite but it just the opposite of what he is trying to do. will: you know, we were talking, john, you were saying it seems like chandler mentions priorities. you see the priority is if there is a guiding principle it seems
4:46 am
to be doing undoing what president trump did. >> that's the first thing he did was sign all of those executive orders and i can understand that some of that might not have been what they wanted to pursue but not evidence bit of it that which was working if he would have left it in place the borders would be secure right today. will: i appreciate that, john, by the way i appreciate your service. john served in vietnam as well -- jack, i'm sorry. jack served in vietnam as well. i will tell you though, the message, it's been repeated to me, leadership, leadership. what is the guiding principle? is it somebody other than joe biden? is it an ideology? is it aoc or the far left or simply responding to what president trump did and undoing what he did? that's the message i'm hearing. see if the message from joe biden gives them clarity on what is guiding his quote, unquote, leadership. that's it from missouri for now, guys, back to you. steve: very nice, will, thank you so much. that's why we love the diner segment. he will be back in about an
4:47 am
hour. meantime tune in tonight for special coverage of joe biden's address first to congress anchored by martha mccallum and bret baier, our coverage starts at 8:55 eastern time this evening. ainsley: now let's hand it over to janice. she is going to be telling you about your forecast. it's going to be a beautiful day here income no. what about the rest of the country, janice? janice: well, because we have a cold front that's slicing through that very warm air across the east coast, the potential for severe storms, we had at least 10 reports of tornadoes yesterday across colorado and texas. still a tornado watch in effect for parts of texas into oklahoma. meaning the conditions it are favorable for tornadoes. no warn storms thunderstorm west of the dallas area. know what to do if there is a watch or warning. the severe threat continues from texas all the way up towards the ohio valley. even the interior northeast, the great lakes area where we could see large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes and the flooding concerns. several inches of rain in a short period of time is going to
4:48 am
give us the potential for a lot of water on the roadways do not travel over water that you can't see the bottom of, okay? so flash flooding is going to be a concern in all of these big cities and then taking a look at the forecast today, 83 in new york. that's pretty amazing. 85 in atlanta. 86 in houston and then the cold front moves through and more seasonal temperatures tomorrow but we will enjoy what's to come in the months ahead. all right. steve, ainsley, brain, back to you. ainsley: all right. thank you, janice. 48 minutes after the top of the hour. republican lawmakers warn against critical race theory in the classroom. why the white house is now being accused of using taxpayer dollars to push a dangerous and divisive curriculum. britain brian and president biden announces masks no longer needed outdoors for vaccinated americans. wow, thanks so much much the new guideline came while he wore a mask. dr. marc siegel reacts to the mixed messages next. ♪ ♪
4:49 am
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4:52 am
ainsley: the cdc releasing new guidelines that releases mask restrictions for fully vaccinated americans. critics say the white house is sending mixed messages white house the rules wearing his mask
4:53 am
outside. here to discuss is fox news medical contributor and author of covid the politics of fear and the power of science dr. marc siegel. hey, dr. siegel. >> good morning, ainsley, how are you? ainsley: doing well. what did you think about that he walks up to announce no more masks if you are fully vaccinated but he has a mask on. >> well, i think that that kind of contradiction doesn't sniper con inspire publicconfidence. also wearing a mask on a zoom call with other leaders where you are the only one in the room to hide what you are actually saying. i don't know. i will tell you a couple of other things, ainsley. i don't think you have ever heard this before. but do you know what guidelines are? they are meant to guide us. we doctors use them all the time. i must confess on tv i don't follow all of them. they told me that the prostate guideline for that blood test wasn't accurate, i ignored that. i use it i know how to use guidelines on and off. but during this pandemic, there has been this huge rigid
4:54 am
adherence to guidelines. and it's not doing anybody any well. and then the guidelines themselves are not entirely accurate and contradictory. i spoke to dr. wolenski the head of cdc yesterday and she said something i really agree with. she said we take our masks off. we feel a sense of liberation from the virus. it's so true. doctors wear masks in the hospital. for us, masks don't mean anything. but for the public to get that mask off, so then i say well, if you take the mask off, what do you mean you can't take it off in a crowd if you are vaccinated? how do you know if you are in a crowd? how do you know if the person you are encountering was vaccinated or not? are you going to do a survey, ainsley? come out on the street and say, sir, were you vaccinated can i take my mask off of me that's preposterous. if you are vaccinated you are not spreading this virus you can take your mask off outside and in most cases inside as well. ainsley: that's exactly right. there are some people watching already in states where they lifted this mask mandate a long time ago. they are saying oh, thanks,
4:55 am
mr. president, you are telling us what we have been doing successfully for a very long time. ted cruz said it's been obvious for a long time, i'm just glad the cdc finally acknowledged it what do you say? >> no, i agree with that i think it's a step in the right direction for the cdc, but they need to go farther. and the science shows what ted cruz says here if you compare states, which don't have these mask mandates and the state of florida is wide open. i mean here i go to a sporting event in new york and there is a few people scattered around but in the ncaa down in florida it's a lot more people and the case numbers are not going up. so, we have to consider what are -- what's the damage we are doing by keeping things closed? in blue states? versus what are we saving in terms of our economy and america's psyche and economically by opening things up? that's the question now. lockdowns are ancient. they don't fit covid. they never did. they have been disproven and we need to follow the science. ainsley: dr. siegel, do you think our kids are going to be able to go back to school?
4:56 am
many states kids don't have to wear a mask in some of these schools. do you think our kids will go back to school in the fall and not have to wear these masks? >> i certainly hope so. by the way, i'm not against, you know, a parent or even a teacher ooffering a mask. but the science against, shows, almost no spread from kids and i completely do not think that that should be prohibitive. it's such a disgrace that the schools are not open all across the country. they should be open now. they should be open in the fall. let the teachers get vaccinated. the kid, young kids do not need masks if they are not comfortable with them, ainsley. ainsley: dr. siegel, thanks so much for coming on with us. >> thank you. thanks for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. president biden is set to give his first address to congress tonight. texas senator ted cruz is one of the few lawmakers who will be in attendance. he is going to join us. ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> biden is in congress and the nation. usually there are 1500 attendees. this is going to be the weirdest i president in american history. >> is fully vaccinated if you are outsourcing no longer need to ask. >> why are you standing by wearing a mask acceptable >> i when i'm back in the white house. ainge targeting the ohio police
5:01 am
officer, that officer could have been me. calling an investigation to john kerry. >> it related to operations. >> maryland's mayor captures the moment he reunites with his daughter after being deployed for a year with the national guard. brian: island the show my album. notice they are hugging each other without masks. ainsley: daddy came home fighting for our country. i love this.
5:02 am
brian: had a flashback to me for when i was able to hold two of my kids at the same time. ainsley: the days are long but years go by so fast. brian: it is true. steve: tonight, 13 hours from now joe biden, the doors will open in the house of representatives, president biden will walk down the aisle wearing a mask and stand in front of the vice president, kamala harris, and nancy pelosi and give his first joint session of congress. what do people want to hear the president say? we dispatched will cain to the brillo café. >> reporter: what do they want to hear? i don't know. the show me state feel they have been shown, they see the policies play out and how hard it is to hire someone to work.
5:03 am
they see a lot play out in real time, not much will change their minds, we will talk about it throughout the morning. it is a big night. 100 days into president biden's presidency. we will hear what they expect to hear. you almost made me cry, a wonderful thing, the days are long, the years are fast. it is wednesday april 20 eighth. it is my son's birthday, he turns 10, the 10 years have flown by. by the way, ainsley, for you, that is the skillet. hashbrowns today. steve: as she ordered. you drive 1000 miles for it. ainsley: you eat healthy like that, year round for your son for more decades. what do you love most about your son's personality?
5:04 am
>> reporter: his passion. whether we are playing a board game or his favorite sport, soccer, he is passionate about the outcome and every minute involved in the competition. ainsley: that is what we like to say on someone's birthday. congratulations. you remember that day ten years ago, so exciting. 8:04 on the east coast and new information on the president's universal preschool for children age 3 to 4. brian: the president will unveil his proposal, his first address to congress. steve: jillian turner joins us with more outside the white house. >> reporter: big night for the president's first ever address before congress. what we are hearing from the president is the president's
5:05 am
team, the $200 billion for pre-k universal education and immigration. let's look at the changes to be expected tonight. lots of changes to make these extra tight covid precautions, no designated survivor in case of a disaster at the capital, and audience of 200 people and the supreme court chief justice john roberts will represent the entirety of the judicial branch. and psaki says this speech has been three weeks in the making. listen to her briefing yesterday. >> the president has been working on this speech, meeting with speechwriters, getting advice and counsel from senior advisers, checking with members of his family. >> reporter: the american family plan is a big ticket item on the president's agenda which i mentioned a month ago, $200 billion, let's pull up the
5:06 am
full screen so viewers can look at the particular is in that plan. the money, 5 million children, 13,$000 on average, will prioritize high need areas in the area and also ensure the teachers will review better training and higher wages. another item we expect the president to talk about a lot more is the immigration plan. he will push numbers of congress to pass his legislation, his number one priority is a pathway to citizenship for the 11.5 million dreamers currently in the united states. brian: that is a comical number, 11 million. maybe 15 years ago it was 11 million, more likely 2,030 million here illegally. at in 600,000 got here, in a
5:07 am
crisis that is more like a catastrophe on the scale of bad things, i will look at my barometer to see if there's a judgment like that. amazing what has happened, $1.9 trillion for stimulus plan and part of that money is part of the reason most people can't staff their workplace because everyone is getting extra money on top of unemployment and 23 million for infrastructure and when you get yourself off to see how you pay for that, a family plan will cost $1.8 trillion. i want to tax you $1.5 trillion for that. steve: one of the things he will use about the american family plan which has universal 3 k, two years of paid college tuition. jillian: a bunch of free stuff. brian: which is not free. ainsley: trickle down.
5:08 am
steve: extended tax cuts for low and middle-income workers and also how if you pass this this will create millions and millions of jobs. he's probably right about that. it would be jobs. brian: who pays for those jobs? steve: college jobs but ultimately maybe that is what he was talking about. when the keystone pipeline people got fired -- a lot of those people make great preschool teachers. >> that is what he will be talking about, the actual infrastructure plan. ainsley: that is called socialism, free everything, there's no such thing as a free lunch, didn't you learn that your economics class in high school? we did. people of being able to work hard, start at the bottom, my grandfather started at the
5:09 am
bottom, worked his way up, finally when he retired he became vice president, he was the hardest worker. he worked his tail off to get there. my dad worked so many jobs, to get to the top and be one of the best in the company because he wanted to put food on the table and he was able to put his head on the pillow every night because he worked his tail off. brian: that is gone. ainsley: someone who worked here was telling me a story of someone they know who worked here in new york, lost their job at the beginning of the pandemic and getting paid hundreds of dollars each week, never wanted to go back to work, with that stimulus checks because taxes more than he was with his paycheck. >> douglas holds he can, restructuring the goal of government in america. when they say free it is costing people money. multimillionaires and
5:10 am
billionaires, no longer, not going to open a business when you take 6 of every $10 iron and give it away. not many people want to work for free for 6 months to year for the government. now it is going the other way, the wall street journal, by doubling the capital gains tax. the revenue isn't there, don't fall for free free free. there's nothing free in this world. >> >> after you made $1 million, >> -- look at free college,
5:11 am
think about free college. if your family doesn't make a lot of money there is something of a scholarship. you can apply for that. don't have to give free college to everything a person. you can apply for scholarship if you have good grades. if you make good grades and worked your tail off to get into the college they can give you a scholarship. steve: joe biden is going to take a victory lap. some of the things he promised on the campaign trail missing from his speech tonight, lower prescription drug prices, talking about expanding medicare eligibility and this is important. a lot of you watching have been curious about the estate tax. he will not be including the campaign plan to raise estate tax from 40 to 45% or lower the exemption from 11 to 3.5 million because there are a lot of people particularly those who are concerned about that particular thing and they would
5:12 am
be something. brian: he will get around to it. america you elected bernie sanders, you just didn't know it. when you talk about this pandemic, and over 40% single shot over the johnson & johnson shot, just about 30%. we have access, to gather indoors, or unvaccinated people. and when everybody is doing, we really good. >> if you travel in the us -- >> and have a cookout on july 4th. the mixed messages are nonstop and mind-boggling one of which
5:13 am
it a reporter gathering outside when the president made his press conference yesterday. listen to this question. >> you chose to wear a mask. what message are you sending? >> watching me take it off and not put it back on? steve: had a good question. if you are announcing that when you are not around everybody, why do we see you walk down with a mask on which is part of the mixed messaging the administration was sending yesterday as they announce these new guidelines. tucker at 8:00 had this observation about that mixed messaging. >> you will need a vaccination, either way you must get it. the vaccine works perfectly. do not question that. once you get the vaccine you must live as if you didn't get
5:14 am
the vaccine for the protection of people who chose not to get the vaccine. if that bothers you and if you have questions why we are doing it this way then you are a bad person and we must hurt you so get ready to be unemployed if not imprisoned for reckless endangerment. ainsley: if you want me to get the vaccine give me incentive to get the vaccine and that is to take off the mask everyone is tired of and the reason he came out with a mask, he wants to say the big reveal, no more masks, throw it away but people around the country are saying we've been doing this already. we have already been doing it. brian: fauci is where double masks just to testify in front of congress, most of the people are on zoom. then answer questions with double masks on and you wonder why people are scratching their heads saying i don't know if i should go down and get a vaccine. what difference does it make? amazing what is going on. >> the difference is you get the vaccine you are closer to the
5:15 am
end of this. >> better start being consistent and if you want america to listen you better be critical and they are not showing credibility. got to figure it out ourselves. jillian: 14 after the top of the hour. six people arrested during a seventh night of protest in north carolina. brian: demonstrators demanding justice for andrew brown junior a black man shot and killed by deputies. brian: and elizabeth city an exclusive interview with the county sheriff. >> reporter: good morning. one week since the shooting death of andrew brown junior, sheriffs deputies carrying out an arrest and search warrant, and mister brown died. we heard from the family attorneys, we've not heard -- a little later this morning there is a hearing to publicly release the body cam footage.
5:16 am
i asked the sheriff you for you wants the footage. here's what he said, listen. >> i want the video to be released. i requested the petition be filed and released to the public. transparency is paramount not only for an agency but the community as well because it helps us keep that trust. >> yesterday family attorneys on a press conference released the results of their private autopsy they conducted, the headline, the attorney says it was an assassination. they call it an execution saying brown was shot in the back of the head. i asked about that language whether it was an execution. here's how he responded. >> i know everybody wants answers really bad and that is part of it. there was a small part of me, this type of comments are
5:17 am
inflammatory to the community, no one has to worry about the sheriff's office hiding anything. we are not going to do that. period. >> he says he will stand by his deputies, anyone who violated the law will be held accountable, if there was a move to change the law in north carolina to make it more readily available, he would support that. he is concerned about protests growing once the video comes out not because the folks that are local but because folks have come from outside his area and protesting in the street. brian: you are poised to give us the news. >> right now energy manhunt is underway for a gunman police say
5:18 am
opened fire on mostly children outside an apartment complex. one woman was killed, four others are hurt. among those injured are a 3-month-old infant in critical condition. police say it appears the shooter was targeting a particular apartment. extreme weather, powerful storms hit the country including several tornadoes touching down eastern colorado. a tornado is reported in the small town of benjamin. heavy rain causes flash flooding. no injuries have been reported. a san francisco giants fan, a home run ball went out of the park. watch this. >> drive to write. out of here. jillian: the fan taking in the giants rodney game from a kayak when brandon belk hit the homer
5:19 am
after a brief struggle, the giants fell to the rockies 7-5. that is so cool. >> would watch the game in a kayak? jillian: what a great athlete. imagine when it hits that hard over the entire stadium. brian: you would have to have another whole. carley: you had softball. did you ever hit a homerun? >> reporter: no. i didn't either. i wanted to so badly. ainsley: did you play baseball? brian: 20 years ago on this program we did a game against channel 5. a couple of us hit home runs. a couple of camera guys.
5:20 am
brian: called to investigate john carryover communications with iran coming from top republicans, ted cruz is one of them. he will be joining us next. the police officer whose letters lebron james went viral speaking out on the need for understanding amid heightened tensions, that officer next. ♪♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan.
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5:24 am
brian: los angeles law enforcement calling foul and lebron james's deleted tweet the targeted, an open letter to lebron james, leon joseph invites him to have the conversation with him writing
5:25 am
the tweet itself was the embodiment of hatred rooted in lack of understanding of the danger, the offer was on the table, two men, this division and hatred. and good morning to you. why did you write this? >> for several reasons but one of the reasons it is horrible for the officer to make a tough decision, the young lady who was so young, and really this close, 19 years old and people run away
5:26 am
from this guy, if i had shot that young man everything i have done in my career to help the homeless and put them in housing and bring awareness, would be thrown out the window because someone like him, could easily turn 50 million human beings against it. one of the reasons i wanted to step up, doing a tough job on this. >> looking at what we know so far. and and and what would you have done. >> every morning i pray i never
5:27 am
had to do that. the officer had to save a life in a split second. people don't understand how fast these things happen. steve: you told one of the people i was lebron james before i became a police officer. what does that mean? >> i was once a young african-american male in a society but came up in the late 80s and 90s, that was a turbulent time but also a time of anti-police sentiments where you had the rodney king incident but all my family and friends shared this monolithic view that all police were inherently our natural enemy. i joined an activist group in high school and talked about how bad the police were and this and
5:28 am
that. and also i was bombarded at the time with hollywood movies that depicted cops in a negative light. my favorite rap groups where public enemy terrorist one, they were guiding me like a steady indoctrination, a couple negative encounters that helped me forget about the good kind. you never remember the good, you always remember the trauma. i did not want to be a cop but once i stopped across the line i discovered the vast majority of police officers are hard-working decent human beings from all walks of life and it is not true, we are not perfect. there is an honorable tool. steve: that is why you want lebron james to reach out to you so you can explain to him what goes on in your squad car and
5:29 am
what the average police officer faces in a day. there would be times in your career you have to make a split second decision that could impact the rest of your life. >> absolutely. all i want is to humanize each other. i'm tired of the vitriol and the demagoguery against police officers. it is so broad and dangerous. we have political figures buying off on it. i don't mind watching videos and gets upset but when we hear our politicians espousing the same rhetoric that is when it has me concerned and what the end of doing his tie things over time and hurting people of color into the most marginalized so we signed up to serve and protect. steve: not just politicians. i read reports about the oscar caps.
5:30 am
there were a number of people talking about police and it was not favorable. >> i heard that and it was disheartening. prior to this wave of anti-police mentality. they have relationships with police officers, it is purity and bodyguards and stand by and protect at the events. it is unfortunate these people who have influence, well attended but not informed and when you don't talk to the other side and you buy into a 1-sided narrative you can end up putting not just that but the public we are trying to help as well. steve: it would be great if lebron james took you off on your offer not just a sitdown and talk about your job, what people in uniform face but it would be great if you could take him on a ride around and ride along so he could see what you do. interface with the people you
5:31 am
see every day. what is the one thing he would not know right now? >> i think he would see the relationships we have. if you step away from the tv set and smart device you will see the relationship i have with the community i service like my family. i have to stop a homeless person from kissing me on the cheek because i don't want corona but to see we do care about the people we serve sometimes we don't have time to show it. a police officer has time to show you what he does but we were able to work with the community and build relationships and drive crime down. we could show who we are. i would like to work with someone like lebron who can influence all communities and meet with police again to create this synergy where they
5:32 am
understand the job we haven't also they hear from us we do care about them and want to make things better. we may not always agree but there is no hatred in our hearts towards any sector of the community. some may be worse than others but their sin is not their sin, legal bias is sometimes the data that drives us to the community when you have 20 people getting stabbed on one block. steve: if he takes you up on your offer he would be able to open his eyes, you worked on skid row for 22 years in los angeles. you've been there for decades. thank you for your service in los angeles. it is a real pleasure to chat with you on wednesday morning. >> thank you for having me. steve: if he calls, let us know. >> i definitely will. if not i love him anyway.
5:33 am
steve: 27 minutes until the top of the hour. >> hitting an nypd detective with a stick, will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. morgan is facing several charges including assault. the president of the nypd detectives union blame city leaders for the rise in crime. >> there are people being shot and killed every day. these politicians and mayoral candidates, it is disgraceful. >> the detective was investigating a burglary when the attack happened, he was treated for minor injuries to his head. a private miami school is telling vaccinated teachers they must stay away from students. as reason for the ban, those who
5:34 am
received the shot, because harmed reproductive systems. hunter biden talking about fake news. the president's son will talk in tulane university about media polarization and public policy impacts was the class scheduled to start this fall is described as focusing on the current media landscape in the us. hunter made national headlines over information allegedly found on his laptop. brian: talk about fake news. open up and say we have a laptop here in some emails, tell me if they are fake or not. that would be a way to open the. don't know who called in sick. republicans in congress fighting back against the biden administration's proposal to boost critical race theory in schools. in a letter to the education secretary they write our educators should not be encouraging ideologues that
5:35 am
undermine the value of individuals and america's founding ideals, the concept of systemic racism in our children's education. douglas murray is here to react. douglas, are you shocked by this point where there is debate about putting this into schools and the person who wants it in his the president of the united states? >> i'm not shocked but i'm worried about it and all-americans should be worried. the ideas suggested to be pushed into american schools are things that none of us hold -- heard of only a few years ago. a few years ago nobody had the idea we should pretend that america was founded in 1619 yet here we are in 2021 with the suggestion from the american government that this should be taught in schools. a few years ago nobody heard of
5:36 am
the crazy ideas and self-definition of what racism is and isn't. here we are in 2021 this idea american children should be taught this work as if it is an established body of work everyone agrees on. it is very worrying. i'm pleased to see gop leaders pushing back against this. brian: i hope the majority of the country understands it and president biden has been doing this since 1975, never talked about this. all of a sudden it is his mission. who is pulling the strings? this is squad like, the squad is not been the mind belt of the democratic party until now. >> everybody in america is being encouraged to pretend that they all changed their minds and
5:37 am
changed history and get with the program and this isn't true at all. what they did, gop leaders say we actually do know our history, we are happy to debate it but we are not going to have the whole thing rewritten and pretend america is another place. that is what is needed. >> our enemies used to be on the outside, they have they are in the inside. what was speech to the heritage foundation about cancel culture. i'm watching people like bill maher i cannot believe how much i agree with them. a lot of comedians and celebrities saying wait a second, how did we get here? what is your message to cancel culture? who wants it outside the bar? >> people who want to bully and push their way into dominate the entire culture and political narrative. we've got to resist it. ordinary americans, everybody
5:38 am
has got to resist and say we will not have you completely change our culture and our understanding of ourselves. i want more americans to stand up. a lot of been standing up and the more the merrier. brian: it is not cancel culture, consequences culture, finally society holding you accountable for what you say. what do you say to that? >> i would like to all those people responsible, they are making stuff up, lying about america. i will hold them responsible. we can do it every way. brian: thanks for joining us today. meanwhile president biden's first address to congress tonight. what can we expect? senator ted cruz says he can some up the speech in three words. from our friends at fox download the super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000. all you need to do is predict 6 outcomes in the super 6 quiz show, topics range from entertainment to sports. it is free to download and to
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brian: the roof but in the house chamber at the capital at 9:00 the president of the united states will make his first address to a joint session of congress. to cruise will be in attendance. good morning to you. >> good to be with you. brian: somewhat president biden will offer a bunch of new stuff at a steep price and a lot of free stuff and you are shaking your head no. >> you can sum up the first hundred days of his presidency,
5:44 am
the speech you are going to hear tonight in 3 words, boring but radical. i think president biden made a decision to be as boring as possible and think of it. after four years of everyday the president driving the news it is smart politics on the bible white house for people to wake up not ask themselves what did the president tweet past night, what did he say, you will see a quiet uncle joe speaking. this is not a moderate agenda. this is not a unity agenda. this is a radical agenda. biden handed the democratic party over to bernie sanders, elizabeth lauren and aoc. we've seen the most radical policies implemented, seem the keystone pipeline shutdown, tens of thousands of jobs destroyed at the stroke of a pen, trillions of dollars of
5:45 am
spending, joe biden is spending trillions of dollars more. trillions of dollars in additional taxes. if you are an american, working, your taxes are going up, raising corporate taxes, individual taxes, death tax, capital gains tax, he has written taxes on everything of the radical plan i don't expect to talk about but is front and center to his agenda is to the attack the supreme court and for four radical leftists on the court to take away free speech rights, the religious liberty rights and second amendment rights, this is a radical agenda and that is what we see in column tones. >> you write biden's state of the union, here is the truth you won't here, explain to folks who are watching this morning how this is a trickle-down effect. i don't own a corporation or don't care about the corporate
5:46 am
tax i don't make millions of dollars so i don't care if the taxes, how does it affect the middle class. >> there's a simple cause and effect. if you want jobs, low taxes and the regulations. if you look through history when the federal government cuts taxes and reduces regulation you see more and more jobs we see wages going up. it is a simple cause and effect, you increase regulation. we just saw this week, the congressional census, losing population, every one of them are high tax high regulation, they can't get jobs and every one of the states get additional members of congress, red states with low taxes, low regulations, there's only one state in the union getting two new members of congress, the state of texas because in texas that is where the jobs are.
5:47 am
the first year of donald trump's administration we passed the biggest tax cut in modern times and it produced an economic boom that by 2019 we had the lowest unemployment in 50 years. the lowest african-american unemployment ever recorded in the lowest hispanic unemployment ever recorded. that is incredible success. we've gone through a global pandemic, millions lost their jobs and what the radical left, it is not president biden but socialists like bernie and aoc laying out the agenda, they want massive new taxes, new regulation. that is going to kill jobs, drive down wages, put your kids and grandkids deeper in debt. i hope nobody tells the democrats what comes after 1 trillion. brian: we are about to get a new word. it said in the washington post
5:48 am
pelosi and schumer are channeling their members and telling the white house to go as far left as possible because they are not confident they can hold onto the house but the economy can somehow hold because it has been on the sideline. people might be thinking these policies are working and give democrats at least one of the chambers for two more years. >> that concern from pelosi and schumer is right. republicans will retake the house in 2022. we've got to get to election day and survive the next two years, but the good news is there is a natural pendulum. when party gets in power often they go too far and the american people react and come back the other way. in this instance joe biden is going so far to the radical left and i think we will move back toward sanity in 2022 will be a very good election and 2024 will be a very good election. >> thanks for writing on
5:49 am
ainsley: coming up next you heard what senator ted cruz expects from tonight's address but what about folks around the country? will cain having breakfast with friends in missouri. steve: let's chicken with our other friend in the building with a preview of coming attractions in 11 and a half minutes. the release of body cam footage of the police shooting in north carolina plus president biden set to unveil another massive spending bill, you community college and more, who will pay for it and if it is a good policy. k t mcfarland and katie path which join us at the top of the hour. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria.
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5:53 am
>> will cain talking in marshfield missouri. >> reporter: good morning, talking to the folks here in missouri about their biggest concerns. in a bible study group from the well church in springfield. tell me what you feel like is one of your biggest concerns with the state of the country? >> i'm concerned with the threat of gun control and illegal immigration but my biggest
5:54 am
control as a christian is decade after decade fewer people are going to church, claiming jesus christ as their lord and savior and concerned people my age and people younger than me lost the knowledge of american exceptionalism, the fact that i do believe we are the greatest country in the history of the earth and like it says in the bible and ronald reagan in the 80s america is supposed to be the city in the and supposed to be the example of the world and as christians and as patriots and losing that. >> reporter: you get here every wednesday having bible study. let me introduce you, weston is 8. brother is at basketball practice while you and mom have breakfast. even though he is practicing you have basketball. you've got to hear this story. tell me about your son who is headed to a baseball tournament
5:55 am
in coopers town, ohio and tell me what happened. >> they came out and said we had to vaccinate 12 and up to be able to come and play or do anything and right now the youngest it is recommended for his 16 so we are not going to vaccinate our 12-year-old with something not recommended and don't know how that will affect him 10, 20, 30 years from now. >> reporter: this baseball tournament is outdoors which we are 12-year-old to participate you had to get cdc recommendations and make sure your 12-year-old is vaccinated. >> it is a once in a lifetime can only go at 12 the missed opportunity. >> reporter: here is randall, randall i've been talking to. it was fascinating what you are talking about. president biden giving a speech tonight talking about more spending, more infrastructure, more stimulus. what do you think of those planes? >> i think they are bad, going to hurt america really bad.
5:56 am
i think i have been hearing they have $10 trillion to spend and it will make the dollar worthless, make inflation huge. i think it will fundamentally transform america in a way i don't think we are going to like very well. >> reporter: fundamental transformation, progress, what does it mean? we will find out. more "fox and friends" coming up. ♪♪ the light. ♪ it comes from within. it drives you. and it guides you. to shine your brightest. ♪ as you charge ahead. illuminating the way forward. a light maker. recognizing that the impact you make comes from the energy you create. introducing the all-electric lyriq. lighting the way. ♪ among my patients i often see them lighting the way. have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely.
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6:00 am
>> watch special coverage of president biden's joint address to congress tonight at 8:55 hosted by martha maccallum and bret baier and senator tim scott will give the republican review and sean hannity on at 11:00. have a great day. >> see you later. >> bill: thank you, guys. 9:00 a.m. in new york. get ready, america. here comes the second act. president biden set to lay out a massive new spending bill with sweeping plans from cradle to college. fundamental question throughout the day and morning, who will pay for it, right? i'm bill hemmer. good morning. >> dana: good morning. >> bill: how are you feeling? >> dana: i'm great. >> bill: i think we'll have a spicy two hours. >> dana: we're in a mood. not a rare mood, just a mood. i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." we expect the president to sell his $2 trillion spending plan including free childcare and paid family leave in his first joint address to congress tonight. >> bill: the white house says he will pay for it by hi


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