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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 28, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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todd: this is a fox newsletter, standoff between protesters and police after an autopsy report is released. >> he was hit in the back of the head and that is a fatal bullet wound. todd: a major decision expected in just hours whether to release body cam footage. >> the next spending plan,
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packed in, until congress tonight. >> no passport, no entry. major us city required proof of vaccination. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ the final countdown ♪♪ jillian: you like this song. on ever made. >> you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. todd: brand-new information released on president biden's american families plan that will include universal pre-cat, free
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community college and national paid leave for american families. jillian: richardson joins us from washington as the president is set to unveil the proposal tonight. >> it will be much thinner crowd tonight is president biden delivers his first address for a joint session of congress, usually a president speaks to 1500 attendees and tonight there will be 200, the white house says the president has been working on his speech. >> the president has been working on this speech for the last few weeks and ending it meaning speech rate is getting advice and counsel from senior advisers checking with members of his family. >> following the presidential address senator tim scott is scheduled to give the republican response, the white house is preparing to announce the american families plan, 2 years of community college, training for teachers, child care, expanded student meals and extended tax credit. the white house calling for tax increases on those earning 400,$000 a year to pay for some
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of this. >> to build a society of safety nets where no one has to take responsibility are always someone else's fault. >> we have a president who is describing childcare is infrastructure. >> of his presidency approaches 100 days the president marked another milestone this week, new mass guidance from the centers for disease control suggesting vaccinated americans can shed their masks while outdoors unless they are in a crowded event. >> so go get the shot. it has never been easier. go without a mask when you are outside and wait for big crowds. >> on the way to the other podium the president wore a mask. a reporter asked him what message that sends, the
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president said he wouldn't put it back on until he returned inside the white house. this was happening as the president's joint address to congress later tonight. todd: thank you. jillian: what will the president say when he addresses congress and the country tonight? newt gingrich predicts it will go one of two ways. >> we have an administration that in terms of basic policies is doing almost everything it can to undermine and weaken america. i am looking forward to his speech but i'm curious if it will deal with anything real or if it will be more left-wing rhetoric to set up another left-wing program to spend more taxpayers money on interest groups. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham hopes the president talked about the far left spending plans we've seen in his 100 days, predicting liberal policies will pave the way for republicans after 2022.
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>> i think the republican party will win on policies. we need good candidates, knows how to talk to the people in georgia, let's put the team on the field and get behind donald trump with an agenda just like you described and take this fight to every state in the nation to save america while we still can. i think it is going to be a blowout year for republicans. the election is about policy, we are going to win. todd: historically the sitting president's party has a rough go in the midterms, democrats lost 60 house seats under president obama and 54 under president clinton's first term. jillian: local media reports 6 people are arrested during the seventh night of protests in north carolina. todd: demonstrators demands justice for andrew brown junior, black man shot and killed, marianne rafferty joins us.
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>> tense moments overnight after a group of protesters ignored a curfew and faced off with riot officers. at times getting just a few inches from those officers who formed a line. the protesters were lunging in the street before standoff demanding charges be brought against the deputies involved in the shooting of andrew brown junior. independent autopsy revealed he was shot 5 times. >> these bullet wounds were more or less glancing shots, not fatal shots. he was hit in the back of the head here and that is available it wound. jillian: paschal taught county sheriff's emerging patients as the investigation unfolds saying i want answers about what happened as much as the public does. the autopsy released by the family is important and i continue to pray for them during this difficult time but a private autopsy is one piece of the puzzle.
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the independent investigation being performed by the fbi is crucial and the interview and other evidence they will gather will help ensure the justices accomplished. the fbi announcing a civil rights investigation is underway as the family pleads for peace. >> too much violence going on. that will make everything worse. too much going on already when black folks are doing it to each other. that's not right at all. if that is the case you know what i am saying? >> police body cam footage to be released which -- >> another fox news alert, manhunt underway for gunman police say opened fire on a group of mostly children outside
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an apartment complex in virginia. one woman was killed and four this heard. among those injured two teens and a 3-month mac baby in critical condition. police say it appears the shooter was targeting a particular apartment. jillian: overnight, sweeping antiabortion build bands the procedure from being done because of genetic abnormalities like down syndrome. doctors who perform the abortion because the child has a survivable genetic issue can seek felony charges. governor doocy said every life holds immeasurable value regardless of genetic makeup. todd: andrew cuomo promising action to keep the state's congressional representation. new york will lose one house seat after falling 89 residents short of population requirements recorded by the 2020 census. >> looking at legal options. that could be a minor mistake in the county. todd: the governor blaming the
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trump administration for saying it's immigration policies had a telling effect on undocumented immigrants willingness to fill out census forms. jillian: tourists in hawaii turning to an unlikely alternative amid a rental car shortage. >> this is more like it. a lot of room for that. jillian: the company tells fox news they have seen an uptick in customers renting trucks and vans on the island. they say several rental cars are hard to come by and u-hauls are more portable. so many questions. todd: a lot of rental car companies went belly up at the start of the pandemic. they make their money by renting them out. to keep shareholders happy, people come back to the island, what do we do. jillian: it is 9 minutes after the hour, the suspect accused of attacking an nypd detective with a stick appears in court next.
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aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> major policy announcement the american families plan. he will use the speech as an opportunity to talk about his other priorities including police reform, immigration, gun safety and getting the pandemic under control and putting americans back to work. todd: the white house as we should expect to hear a lot about the president's spending plan during his joint address tonight. jillian: ashley instant will be one of the members who see it in person but first he joins us with what she is hoping to hear from the president. thank you for being here.
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what will you here tonight? what is the most important thing the president can say tonight? >> looking forward to his plan to chart a new course for the country. at this point the last 100 days have been spent on policies disrespectful to taxpayers and ignoring the crisis at the border. i hope you prevents -- presents real solutions, we have to rain in reckless spending in the first 100 days, biden has a blank check or so he thinks so we have to turn that spending spigot off but we will hear more of the same tonight from the president. todd: we will hear more about the american families plan to the tune of $1.5 trillion, paid family medical leave, child care, universal pre-k, education funding, tuition free community college at the bottom. you are a parent am is this a
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good plan for parents like yourself and families in general? >> we continue to put more debt on taxpayers backs and that is what we see with these plans. democrats in congress and president biden get their way we will have spent $10 trillion in a year so we need to be focusing on the priorities iowans actually want, a supposed infrastructure plan. when you are spending more in subsidies for electric vehicles than you are for roads and bridges that is not really about infrastructure, it is about priorities iowans don't want. we have to get back to what rural america needs, not with the coastal elites want. jillian: some republican congressman demanding to know the cost of the migrant surge. this clip reads, quote, president biden's immigration policies have encouraged historic levels of migration to the border, the national security and the health crisis, what remains unclear is the cost of current and future responding
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to the currency during the crisis. that is the question americans should know. >> i want to the border to back the curtains on what is happening because as we see, out of sight is out of mind. president biden and vice president harris have not been to the border. when we are here from the sector chief, to absolutely pop up to respond to the border crisis, $24 million at the border, we are taking the border as patrol agents to the border where they should be defending us against the cartels and having to change diapers in these facilities. it is time taxpayers see the process because ultimately they are footing the bill and we need to make sure customs and border patrol have the resources necessary to keep us safe because every state is a border state and the cartels are winning this battle and taxpayers are losers. >> let's go over some more numbers with regard to the
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migrant surge. that is the big one for family endeavors. keep a lot of money in the millions. have you ever gotten an answer white is appropriate to spend this money and not the residents of the us of a. the people who are living here, the citizens who are legal. >> tomorrow i am having a roundtable to hear what this direct impact is from the border. interstate 35 comes to the state of iowa. you have fentanyl crossing the border killing iowa families and iowa kids and other cartels, trafficking people and making millions of dollars a week, the cartels and the del rio sector that i visited making $11 million a week. this is a crisis at the border. biden and his policies absolutely accountable. we need to end catch and release
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and building our border wall and keeping american family safe. jillian: early to wake up at thank you for joining us. it will be a late night tonight. thank you for your time. todd: still had several reported tornadoes causing damage and the threat is not over. janice tracking those storms live next. jillian: a jail reform led by a black lives cofounder in a malibu resort next.
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no matter what time it is. say "watchathon" into your voice remote and watch for free jillian: overnight european lawmakers ratified current free trade agreement between britain and the eu, marking the last leg of legal hurdles to britain
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after its decision to received from the european union five years ago. the arrangement is january will now be finalized. todd: powerful storm sweep through the country, several tornadoes touching down in eastern colorado. heavy rain causing a massive rockslide in boulder forcing a major highway to shutdown. >> a tornado is responded in benjamin, not clear whether anyone was hurt. todd: janice dean tracking the storm. tough times in the midsection of our country. >> that is why i say know what to do if there's a watch or warning, a way to get those warnings especially the overnight hours. noaa weather radio is one of the best investments. take a look at the storm report, we have 10 of them in colorado
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and a couple tornadoes there as well as texas and tornado watches from texas to oklahoma and this is the time of year, and the month of may. warning west of the dallas texas area. we will be watching storms as they continue to move eastward. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes today, to mississippi and the ohio river valley and in parts of the great lakes as well. keeping an eye out for your local forecasters, flooding is a big concern. flood watches and warnings in texas all the way toward kentucky and indiana and illinois. forecast radar several inches of rain in a short time, the flooding threat will be imminent in some of these areas and oh my gosh, look at new york, 85
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today. there is the silver lining, 85. todd: that is bikini weather. >> janice: i would pay to see that. >> that was me. actually it was me. jillian: thanks. not ready for be season yet. the man seen in this video hitting an nypd detective with a stick will undergo a psychiatric evaluation, he appeared in court for an arraignment, morgan is facing several charges for the attack including assault and resisting arrest. morgan has two weeks to complete a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is fit to stand trial. the detective was treated for minor injuries to his head. todd: a new york city private school, we say that a lot, hosting a welcome recession for new students of color. part of the diversity efforts
2:25 am
sparking outrage in the community is more parents speak out about the antiracism agenda, the new york post, the event started four years ago saying we take pride in welcoming our students and families as they host a range of events to make sure we can address parent specific concerns and questions. jillian: an alligator surprises a canadian major league soccer team training in florida. >> it is good to be here. jillian: jokingly tweeting didn't get the memo about close training. todd: i would use the speed i have as a soccer player. idaho taking on critical race theory in schools.
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>> we have a group put out for public release, comments that our teachers are brainwashing our children with a liberal leftist indoctrination and that is simply not true. todd: lawmakers in idaho blossoming debate over curriculums in public schools. you heard a democrat who is not on board with this new bill
2:30 am
advancing along the lines of critical race theory from being taught. stephen bain joining me, believes a bill like this was necessary. >> nice to be here but we are not banning the teaching of critical race theory. what we are banning - any of the three. it is hardly superior. we are not banning the teaching of critical race theory, to compel students to believe it. todd: i want to go through what the bill has, the big tenets to your schools shall not to personally affirm adoption to
2:31 am
any of these as inherently superiority inferior. one race is responsible for the wrong committed in the past by members of the same race. we are hearing biden's secretary pushed for hiring, quote, woke teachers when he was in charge of connecticut. i want the new teacher of the year on it for several reasons. we need teachers becoming more woke which how concerned should all-americans be about what they just heard. this individual is in charge of education for the entire country. >> americans should be very concerned. one of the main tenets of
2:32 am
american exceptionalism is individuals are individuals, responsible for how they conduct their lives. what critical race theory does, individuals aren't responsible, they act according to the race or class they belong to and want to give their responsibility to the leaders of critical race. order to change things. the basic tenets of the system. todd: julian young, state representative, what is going on in education these days, wrap it up in a 30-second soundbite. >> the nondiscrimination act to ensure that it is not the standard in the state of idaho.
2:33 am
the discrimination is the remedy, that is discrimination. to criticize, canceling, and we want to make sure our children -- todd: a little bit of trouble hearing you but your last bit of children not being taught to hate one another is a key take away that we should all take away. representative young, thank you for being here. >> the torso killer pleads guilty, richard cunningham admitting to the kidnapping, rape and drowning of marianne pryor and 16-year-old maureen kelly in 1974. they went for a trip to the mall
2:34 am
and never returned, cunningham is expected to make two life sentences. jail reform group shared by black lives better cofounder sent 26,$000 at luxury malibu resorts, campaign-finance records show reform la jail sentence thousand dollars on items listed as needing appearances at the resort in 2019. 15,$000 at the conference center between july and september the same year. how about this, chicago may require a vaccine passport for big events this summer. officials say it would give people more fully vaccinated access to events at concerts and festivals, the top doctor saying, quote, you want to be part of the fun, get vaccinated. the ideas to incentivize young people in particular to get the shot. doctors are making strides toward helping paralyzed veterans walk again. the retired marine land supporter lost the use of his
2:35 am
legs serving in qualm in 2015. he is one of 20 veterans to have an electrical implant placed in his spine which helps them regain the use of the lower body. he joined us in the last hour. >> it is a process of re-learning how to send brain signals down again. >> reporter: he spent three years working on the technology with $3.7 million grant from the department of defense. todd: that was great stuff. jillian: wrote a letter to lebron james on policing in america. and is speaking to fox news. >> that officer could have been me. i wake up praying i will never have to take the life of another human being. jillian: more on why he extended the open invitation to the nba star. todd: well and democratic strategists calling out his party over the quote woke problem. he is coming up.
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>> democratic strategist james carville slamming his own party for being too woke. todd: carley shimkus as tough talk from the star of old school. >> i didn't know he was an old school, big voices in the democratic party, went after his own party during an interview, it is a problem and everyone knows it. hard to talk to anybody today. he says we have to talk about race, we should talk about racial injustice.
2:40 am
what i am saying is we need to do it without using jargony language that is unrecognizable to most people including most black people because it signals you are trying to talk around them. the too cool for school stuff doesn't work and we have to stop it. he says democrats have a messaging problem using words like latin x and phrases like communities of color. republicans would say it's not the words but the policies that are misguided. james carville said democrats need to drop the defund the police stuff. jillian: a little self edit. carley: officer dion joseph went on hannity lastly. hero the viral letter asking lebron james to have a meeting with him to talk about police. the reason he wrote that letter
2:41 am
was tweet lebron james posted targeting the columbus police officer involved in the shooting death of a 16-year-old girl. he said the officer could have been him. take a listen. >> the reason i wrote this letter is that officer could have been me. four times in my career i almost had to use deadly force on somebody and i didn't sleep for two days and that would have been said about me without him knowing who i am, knowing every morning i wake up praying i never have to take the life of another human being. >> reporter: joseph said i was lebron james before i became a police officer, being young and african-american i thought police were our natural enemies. he's been on both sides of this argument and says we have to stop the tribalism pitting one group against another and have to start respecting each other. todd: the brits are known for having a step -- stiff upper
2:42 am
lip, maybe not anymore. carley: some royal drama to reports was a royal expert breaks all sorts of stories and he says the anger between prince william towards megan markel has been underreported. he says the level of bitterness between the duke of cambridge and the duchess of sussex has if anything been underplayed. william is acutely conscious of his responsibilities to the future king, those close to him believe they will struggle to forgive megan for the damage she has unleashed. jillian: are you surprised to hear this? >> not surprised to hear this. in that interview megan said kate made her cry.
2:43 am
really childish stuff but still some royal drama. >> hard to come back to that. carley: that will be a big wound to heal. jillian: the anti-cop climate is destroying police nationwide. how dangerous could that be to the future? todd: we will ask will cain as he joins us live. the lovely sportcoat tonight. live. ♪♪
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todd: a new threat to police
2:47 am
department as anti-cop rhetoric is on the rise officers departing at record levels. in louisville, kentucky a spokesperson once the properties in, quote, dire straits as officers step away from the badge. jillian: will cain joins us with what this means for the future so folks to home can understand the future. i would say we are in dire straits. manpower is critically low and people wanting to become officers is shrinking every day. 233 officers left the louisville metro police department in 2020-2021. i question why would anyone want to become a cop right now. what do you say? >> think about the career choice. right now there's never been a bigger anti-cop climate around the job than there is today so you're walking into a job that is underappreciated. on top of that they are doing away with qualified immunity in
2:48 am
many jurisdictions which means a police officer can be sued if he makes a mistake on the job. think about the danger you encounter every day, the actual job itself for what it entails and on top of that the calculation you make on a daily basis, should i get involved? should i not? should i save that person, think of the police officer in columbus, the calculation we are asking them to making real time while their lives are on the line, and this calculation up and we see what equals, officers retiring, choosing not to go into this career. it shows we will have poor policing in the long run, we will suffer from a higher crime rate and more dangerous life in the years to come if the trend continues. todd: this should not be a shock to anybody but at the end of the day is this what the defund the police folks want and in a weird sick way they are getting their way?
2:49 am
>> you just asked the question no one has an answer to. what do you want? put it by this philosophical political movement of the left which encompasses more than policing. you do not like the experiment, the project of the united states of america. would you mind informing what the world would look like in your vision, what do you want? all the focus in 2019 there were 14 unarmed black men killed by police, there were 7500 gives or take african-americans who died in our streets so all the focus on 14 and these are tragedies you want to solve but if defending police, you have another figure that will go up, 7500. what is it you want?
2:50 am
>> the argument on the other side. you are having breakfast with friends, previewing biden's address, got the menu. i am curious what people want to hear from the president. >> i'm curious what we will have in marchfield, missouri. it is 30 miles outside and i will be talking to diners throughout the morning. president joe biden giving his joint session of congress tonight 100 days in, this is it, we will find out what people here feel about the first hundred days of joe biden's presidency. >> i use to love looking at those menus. how many bacon items are there? will cain. breakfast all day.
2:51 am
live for us in the show me state. have a great show. republican attorneys general hit president biden with 2 dozen lawsuits. todd: leslie rutledge, does the administration take a page out of president obama, explains next. ♪♪ when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to .
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♪ ♪ jillian: beautiful. a shot of san francisco at 2:54 in the morning out there if you are awake. early good morning, good night, i'm not sure. that's a beautiful picture. when i was out there at the beginning of march though, nothing was open, nothing because of covid restrictions. i'm curious to see. todd: june things are going to open up. knock on wood. jillian: we will keep you posted. meantime republicans attorneys general bringing a barrage of lawsuit against president biden as he nears 100 days in office. taking keystone pipeline legislation and more. todd: a.g. rutledge joins us now. there are like 19 of these suits. don't have time for all of them. what the are main legal challenges you want to let our viewers know about. >> well, president biden with a stroke of a pen is canceling
2:56 am
jobs. he is canceling energy independence and taking away arkansans rights. we have joined 4 plus lawsuits on the state of arkansas. the keystone pipeline not only did are a can san's jobs. my husband is thinking how much is it going to take me to get crop down because of the keystone same with greenhouse gas emissions and covid-19 relief funds. state should be able to give tax relief to hardworking folks in their state and particularly right here in arkansas. that's why we joined some of those lawsuits is to push back against this unconstitutional overreach by president joe biden. jillian: what do you see as the timeline for some of those things because you could have keystone pipeline workers who are now out of a job at home watching right now okay, this is great, but whats to it mean for me potentially getting my job back? when could that happen?
2:57 am
what do they need to know about this? >> they need to know i'm fighting for them. i met with a couple hundred here in arkansas. they know that their jobs, their families, their livelihoods have been put on hold by joe biden on the promise of a green new deal job. well, nobody wants a promise of a job. they want a job and they want to go to work. so what we're telling folks is that it is court dependent. we may have a court that puts this on hold and puts injunction on place like we have had successes under the obama administration of waters u.s. ruling the department of labor's overtime rule we could get back to work as normal. that's what we're hoping for the keystone pipeline is to put our pipeliners back to work across the country and to make sure that all americans have access to affordable energy. todd: looking more broadly at all these actions a.g. regardless of party using lawsuits as pr even though they don't have a chance of winning. do you have a chance of winning any of these? >> we certainly do. that's why i mentioned the
2:58 am
waters of the u.s. rule and department of labor overtime rule under president obama when i was part of those lawsuit we stopped those constitutional overreaches. i don't file lawsuits for political reasons. i file it for constitutional roughly law reasons on behalf of arkansans. we are going to stop joe biden's overreach. i wake up every single morning and think to myself how am i going to have to sue joe biden today. it's unfortunate but it's the state of play we are in right now in america we have a president who is and his justice department who are looking for ways to hurt the american people to take jobs away from them and as the attorney general of arkansas i'm saying absolutely not, joe. we're going to stop new your tracks. todd: that is a very telling statement a.g. rutledge. minute on the answer. are there other lawsuits on the horizon that you are anticipating or, you know, is he sort of one of these things wait and see what joe does before you decide what you are going to do? >> well, sadly, we are going to have to wait and see what joe does. there are 19 lawsuits already having been filed against the
2:59 am
biden administration by republicans attorneys general this is the speed by which biden is signing these unconstitutional executive orders that we are having to react so quickly in order to protect the people of our respective states. i have joined lawsuits to protect are a can sans joined or leading suit to protect are a can sans. we will have to keep doing that pause joe biden is going to keep overreaching and pushing us further to the left. making us less energy independent, going after constitutional rights whether it's second amendment rights to protect ourselves or making us less energy independent. i'm going to stand up against joe biden just as i have when he was vice president and now as president. jillian: okay attorney leslie rutledge, keep us updated on everything. thank you, i appreciate your time. >> sure will. todd: golfer making emotional call to his dad after he qualifies for his first pga tournament. >> i made it.
3:00 am
[sobbing] >> thank you. jillian: he sunk a 20-foot putt to land the final spot. he says the parent sacrificed their dreams to help him achieve his. todd: president biden addressing congress and the nation tonight. >> usually a president speaks to more than 1500 attend years tonight the crowd is tapped at 200. >> >> starting today if you are fully vaccinated and you are outdoors you no longer need to wear a mask. >> it's about 14 months too late. >> what message were you sending by wearing a mask outside alone. >> by watching me take it off and not put it back on until i go inside. >> while i was briefing trump kerry was briefing zarif. >> while we were losing


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