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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 28, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> i'm fully vaccinated and i did go jogging today in the park and i did, this was the mask that i wore with a doctor's mask under it. >> there are two masks. west of the two they make her happy, where 5, six, seven. that is all-time we have tonight. jillian: local media reports at least 6 people arrested overnight after protesters break curfew in north carolina this following the release of an authority in the police shooting death of andrew brown junior. >> this report shows me that was footage. >> before the one hundredth day in office. and more spending to come. >> a professional golfer breaks
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down in tears while telling his dad he qualified for his first pga tournament. >> reporter: "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪♪ are both see k in the usa ♪♪ >> as you look live over new york city, the change and is there women senior tour. >> i'm todd piro.
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>> amendment underway for a gunman who police say opened fire of mostly children. outsider part and complex in virginia. and the 3-month back babies in critical condition. and we are going to monitor the search of the suspect through the news desk and, 6 people arrested during the seventh night of protest. and shot and killed by deputies. >> good morning. after a group of protesters ignored her curfew and chased a riot officers, standing a few inches from officers, marching
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in the streets before the standoff of andrew brown junior. requested by brown's family and lawyers, revealed he was shot 5 times. >> according to the autopsy, more or less glancing shots, they are not fatal shots. he was in the back of the head here, a fatal bullet wound. >> urging patients as the investigation unfolds as much as the public does. the autopsy released continue to pray for them during this, a private autopsy, and we hope justice is accomplished, announcing a civil rights
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investigation is underway with brown's family leads for peace. >> too much violence going on. what are black folks doing to each other, that's not right. violence is not the key. >> this morning we expect body cam footage to be released which could shed light on how the shooting played out. todd: thank you. tonight president biden will out, enter first address to congress, and richardson joins us, and americans no longer need to outdoors.
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it is different from the typical dress to joint session, 1500 attendees, it is capped at 200. >> the president has been working on this speech for the last few weeks, editing it and meeting with speechwriters, and members of his family, >> it will be south carolina senator tim scott scheduled to give the republican response to the president, to announce the american families plan, spending proposal, some of the new spending with tax increases and americans earning 400,$000 a year as democrats and republicans debate the early biden presidency approaching 100 days later this week. >> after one of the most
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difficult years in recent memory, the first hundred days of the biden presidency and the democratic majority is seen in the country turning the corner. >> when the president addresses the nation, standing behind the seal of the president what he ought to say is not seal of the president but sold out to progressives. >> on the covid front the president announced new cdc guidelines for wearing masks suggesting vaccinated americans can largely shed their masks while outdoors unless going to a crowded outside event, the president wore a mask to the outdoor podium, asking what message that sent the president said he wouldn't put it back on until he returns inside the white house. >> trey gowdy says as the biden administration releases new coronavirus guidance it appears the sciences become too wrapped up in politics. >> most of us don't want science to be clumsy. that is what we are asking. politics can be clumsy, but medicine and science should not
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be and that is what we are asking, tell us based on the science what we can or cannot do and there is a belief that politics has creeped into the medicine and the science and that is what we reject. >> recent fox news poll finds 81% of americans say the pandemic is completely, mostly or somewhat under control in the us. jillian: the woman police say is responsible for killing an nypd officer while driving drunk begs for forgiveness. according to the daily mail, jessica drinking alcohol hours before the crash, early tuesday morning, fellow officers lining the street, and the children.
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>> touching down in eastern colorado. heavy rain causing a massive rockslide in boulder forcing a major highway to shutdown. a tornado reported in texas in the small town of benjamin. >> the new york post taking heat for publishing a false story, copies of kamala harris's book were being included for migrant children. the washington post fact checked debunked the original article, and republish the peace, writing only one known copy of the book was donated to a child. it was spotted in a shelter, and the kamala harris story, an incorrect story, to the breaking point.
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>> a golfer qualifies for his first pga tournament. todd: 27-year-old landed the final spot in the championship. his parents sacrifice their dreams to help him achieve his, even going without food, the tournament starts tomorrow. jillian: that is what sports is all about. the family aspect of it, take politics out of sports and that is what it is about. >> with 94, 94 executive actions on immigration alone.
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what did the president say about the border crisis? former border patrol chief says what he wants next. jillian: what happens when this teen comes away with a runaway gator.
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with suggestions to sharpen his writing clarity and overall confidence, simon's pitches always stick the landing, which leads to more of these and these. learn more at >> >> and with police reform, immigration. >> and new announcement by the policy institute shows they had as many actions than donald trump at this time in his presidency. >> migrants urged to the us
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border, retired acting ice director. >> asking what the president might say on immigration. >> wasn't anything useful yet. and a crisis. and he voted for a order wall. and to close the gaps on the fence. and it is with a lack of consequence. they rolled back the policies knowing full we will be able get a surge at the border. they will provide vaccinations and equipment and tools, customs and border patrol, ice officers
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need to do their job. >> do you think he will try? >> it doesn't seem like it was every surge stopped with a position of consequences, could have their hearing and due process and get relief in the united states. the surge was ended by the use of migrant protection protocols. is there another solution? i haven't heard it yet, talking about what they fix what is going on. they are incentivized to come to the border and send their children alone to the border. they will try to stop that. >> what will the solution look like. if you impose the consequent and defend that, to see the -- it
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has always worked, and and if you don't get to the united states you don't get relief. is there a way to end that? i haven't thought of one company we know it hasn't worked before. and the assertion will actually work. laura: ice arrested decreased by 60%, 60 under president biden. why does anyone think that is a good idea especially in light of the incentive it is clearly causing. >> we cracked open the border, we send a signal to the united states illegally are coming, ice will only prioritize arrests to public safety, threats to public safety that are advocated felons
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and people across the border. those are the targets and all of those convicted felons in immigrant communities, they are all safe. why would they not come here if there is no threat you would be impounded 9 immigration officer and removed? >> thank you for waking up early. have a great day. 54,$000 a year school holding a special reception but only for parents of new students of color. how the school is defending the event. todd: a second chance walk to doctors, could help those paralyzed move again. don't go anywhere. ♪♪
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>> and helping paralyzed veterans again. this is thanks to a special signed implant, josh birch to regain leg function. the physician who them performs the impact and cheech -- at the maguire veterans affairs medical center. thank you for being here. >> and you can pull up photos of you. >> to all my training.
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to immediately go to japan, as a firefighter. and went to guam to help assist because aircraft are there and one of the nights i was there i don't remember what happened. i woke up the next morning unable to move and from there, went to a couple surgeries and that is where i found them to access. laura: did you think you would be able to walk again? >> not at all. todd: jillian: bringing his story, thank you for your service and everything. as chief of spinal cord injury
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research, and other veterans out there with similar injuries. >> and the skeleton program. and fantastic implementation, and continuously. and and it was very fantastic. >> absolutely. >> for -- leveraging technology for societal need. there are two phases to this, map out which contacts will activate for these groups.
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with a battery placed under the skin during operation. >> a temporary implant in march and a permanent one on april 2nd. >> can't do that during the trial and worked exceedingly hard but extremely patient with us as we learned together. jillian: what does it feel like to have the mobility of your legs again to stand up, something you never thought would happen again. >> tried to identify that. the process of relearning how to
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send brain signals down. will: -- >> it is very hard. very mentally hard. jillian: is it one of the hardest things to do? >> it is definitely up there. jillian: want you to have full mobility again what do you want to do? >> again. jillian: doctor -- >> and do everything. jillian: what is next in this research? >> we have one year. the appropriate location, the specific muscle groups, that started a few days ago. to get them to do things and i
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think he has been doing that for the first few days. you can partially assist us with that which is great. to see which muscle groups and that. jillian: what is it like to see success or its likeness and to see someone like josh, to get his function back. >> it is truly an honor. they are absolutely in this 100%. there are bumps around the road, it has been a fantastic patient. jillian: you are fighting for yourself and we are all behind
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you in support of this and hope you come back to us in another few months and another year and say look what i can do and would love to talk to you again, thank you. thank you for your service, thank you for what you are doing. todd: san francisco da, he walked free twice, kills a baby. that story next. he wrote a letter to lebron to talk about policing in america and talks about his open invitation to the nba star. that is ahead. >> that officer could have been me. never take the life of another human being.
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>> facing fierce backlash after
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a suspect he released twice, and great to see you. focusing on this guy's predecessor, george gascon who used to be in san francisco but what can you tell us about the da? >> i can tell you a couple things, the safety of all our communities around the country. let me ask you a question. they have a guy putting up to run against me. why does the criminal lawyer become a district attorney. we don't do that. why do arguments wants to become firefighters when we screen them out? why is americans are we not screening out these woke criminal attorneys and people who call themselves progressives? todd: you beat me to the point
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was when i was in california, steve cooley was the da los angeles, no one would mistake him for a public defender at any point in the process. let's focus on the case itself. the statement from the da's office says given the lack of cooperation from prosecution we are unable to move forward with either of those cases. are there other tools in the da toolbox they keep the guy off the streets that kept him from killing a baby? >> thousands of cases of the prosecutor and many domestic violence trials. any domestic violence responses for service, the most difficult cases.
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we have a really canting victim, an individual who says it didn't happen and impeach that person with prior statements to the police and show their injuries or cooperate with other evidence so cooperating victim in order to prosecute a really dangerous person who. force trauma, he beat a child to death. todd: i don't know anything anybody can do to warrant that kind of reaction much less a baby, that has to be emphasized. dismissing domestic violence cases 113 times, 131 times, why? >> part of this scary agenda and it is not even halloween. i made clear we are not jeopardizing public safety to
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advance the social policy agenda. car burglaries or anything in san francisco, more concerned about the criminal and the victim. walgreens, retail clothing in san francisco because they can't afford the steps and won't prosecute theft or vandalism. urinating in public or the kinds of things we call broken windows which is degradation of our communities. this is part of an agenda to release individuals hurting community on the low level but on the higher-level. todd: there is some overlap between those who consider themselves woke and those who consider themselves feminists. i'm shocked there is not more feminist outrage for numbers like that because by and large there are exceptions but domestic violence impacts women and those numbers.
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and give us a reason. jillian: overnight three more cities in los angeles county vote no confidence in the policies of district attorney george gascon. the newest to join the list include beverly hills and santa clarita, the democratic da has come under fire over changes in the office including not seeking the death penalty, reducing sentencing enhancements and cash bales and charging fewer juveniles as adults. the metro police department sounding the alarm, 255 people short of its authorized strength of 3024. many officers retiring or resigning leading the force depleted. law-enforcement officials are struggling to refer to members,
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the fraternal order of police press secretary told foxnews we are in dire straits, we can't emphasize enough how dangerously low our manpower is. those who would break the law are paying attention to that. there 84% more nonfatal shootings so far this year with a 75% increase as of sunday. the man seen in this video hitting an nypd detective will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. that was delayed when he failed to cooperate. he is facing several charges for the attack in queens including a self and resisting arrest. morgan has two weeks to complete a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he's fit to stand trial, the detective was treated for minor injuries to his head. todd: a private school hosted a welcome recession for parents of
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new students of color. it is part of the diversity effort, they invited and sparked outrage in the community is more parents speak out, antiracism agendas. the event started four years ago, we take great pride in welcoming students and families and host a range of events to make sure we can address concerns and questions. jillian: an alligator surprises a canadian major league soccer team training in florida. >> good to be here. jillian: jokingly tweeting didn't get the memo about training. todd: i would be so far off that field. jillian: 37 after the hour britney spears will break her
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todd: lapd official slamming celebs for anti-police comments during the officers, heavily guarded by lapd personal. jillian: telling fox news there isn't a mirror big enough for their moral standardbearers to look into and question their contribution to the glorification of guns, drugs and crime. todd: this as donald trump blasts the show's record low.
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if they keep with the current ridiculous formula it will only get worse if that is possible. jillian: also taking issue with the show's name >> the name back to the academy awards, don't be so politically consultant. to the braun james. >> i'm not calling them out or trying to shame him. even if he doesn't have a conversation with me at least sit down and find out who they are. todd: he's telling fox news what inspired him to write that letter. carley shimkus is here with that update. carley: this is getting a lot of attention. dion joseph hoped to get lebron james's attention.
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a real conversation about policing, he says the reason he wrote that letter, a columbus police officer, involved in the shooting to the 16-year-old girl, take a listen. >> the reason why i wrote this letter is that officer could have been me. i think of four times i almost had to use deadly force and didn't sleep for two days and that would have been said about me without knowing who i am, that i never had to take a life of a human being. >> joseph says i was lebron james before i became a police officer, being young and african-american i thought police were our natural enemies. he understands where lebron james is coming from but wants to stop the tribalism and dehumanization of one another,
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sit down and have a real conversation with somebody with a big voice within the american public. jillian: nobody asked me to do anything june 20 third. 's carley: update on britney spears's conservatorship. he is going to be speaking out in court in an attempt to free herself from her father's control. she has been under this conservatorship for 13 years which means or dad controls all her finances and made it clear she wants to remove the control from her father. in march or dad's attorney said britney being safe and not being taken advantage of is his meaning jamie's number one priority. this is interesting because the free britney movement, she has really spoken out about the conservatorship but we will hear from her on june 20 third speaking out in court.
1:45 am
todd: there will be a media throng around the beverly hills courthouse. when so many of us retire we cannot get the job out of our system. jillian: check this video that australian police dog proving once a police dog always a police dog, watch. >> pasta, eggs, that statement. jillian: he is still on the job, the video has been viewed millions of times on tick-tock for obvious reasons. >> you can lead with cocaine and see what happens. >> when you say cocaine there is a story there. still had a cheerleader suing after she's kicked off a squad for rant on snapchat.
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this is a big deal. how far could schools go in censoring students? jillian: we discuss with a constitutional law expert next as the supreme court takes up the case.
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>> u.s. navy firing warning shots in the persian gulf. >> the vessels go too close for comfort and shots were only fired after verbal warnings were ignored. good morning. >> 68 yards is the distance the navy says was between one of its ships and the iranian ships is
1:50 am
too close for comfort in the gulf. you feel that tension palpable in the middle east between iran and the united states. keep in mind us ship that fired the warning shots is itself just 50 yards long, half a football field's length, one of the smaller ships in the navy but is still pretty big, has 30 sailors on board. the navy says they were just following a well telegraphed set of steps they take in situations like this, they asked the iranian still further way and only after they didn't fire these warning shots which they say were aimed not at the vessels but to indicate the seriousness of their intentions was the iranian boat did move back so the tactics appeared to have worked. jake sullivan met in person with his is really counterpart in dc yesterday according to the white house and they discuss the mutual concern about iran's
1:51 am
nuclear program and increasing capability when it comes to drones and missiles. also updated his real on the us's talks in vienna where they are exploring the possibility of rejoining the 2015 deal with iran. those talks resumed on a source of great concern among the israelis was all this is happening and some lawmakers in dc are criticizing president biden's international climate envoy john kerry who was secretary of state under former president obama. he had a big role with the iranian's. the allegation is john kerry told his iranian counterpart at the time, disclosed some information about israeli military action against iranian targets in syria that conversation never took place.
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>> justices, pennsylvania cheerleader booted from the high school team, profanity laced social media post. >> co-authored a cheerleader's defense. and why should the supreme court. >> this is a potential expansion. public school power, this was not at school, and nothing like that on their own private time off campus, that is the issue, not about whether they have order inside classrooms. what students do in private time. >> what the school district says in the case plainly targeted the
1:53 am
speech in campus. blasting messages to a audience making it foreseeable, we were talking about this case specifically. made my thoughts broaden a little wider. and represent where we were. how this plays out. >> a private employer can hire and fire for lots of reasons but this is the government's school taking action again. why a teenager didn't have snapchat or social media. i'm sure i said things that parties at nonschool events. the nature of national media, this is snapchat, this is supposed to go away, ruling for
1:54 am
the school year, not a good first amendment tradition. todd: if you're thinking why do i care about some random cheerleader using -- losing her you know what a pennsylvania high school this case has deeper implications and if the supreme court didn't want to handle it they would have taken it up. speaking of the supreme court and new boston globe op-ed argues to unpack the supreme court. you need to expand it. language we had before. how harmful is it for the legislative and executive branches to do this. >> court packing has a long and unhappy history in the united states, not just fdr who tried to pack the courts who didn't like early decision striking
1:55 am
down the deal programs in the 30s though he was overwhelmingly reelected, hugely unpopular and democrats lost big in 1938 midterms after that. in the early days of the republic as we expanded, the court started at 6, because of political shenanigans between thomas jefferson and john adams in the early days when people tried to fiddle with the court, did not benefit the country, some things relating to slavery and reconstruction afterwards. we had been at nine since 1869, 150 years, and act of congress to change that, packing the court which means expanding for political reasons is very different than the political hardball democrats are unhappy with that mitch mcconnell did under the trump administration. jillian: it is interesting to read this article because the op-ed talks about how mitch
1:56 am
mcconnell said about filling the seats by flushing the minimum amount of debate time, eliminating the filibuster, supreme court nominee, speeding up confirmations and after ruth bader ginsburg died reversing the president blocking garland. it is interesting to read the article to get that perspective but at the same time it has been at this number and interesting to see what is happening in the long-term, people who are bitterly fighting on both sides. thank you very much for your insight. todd: idaho taking on critical race theory, two state lawmakers join us live. jillian: leslie rutledge, will cain and ashley hansen coming up. ♪♪
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todd: this is a fox newsletter, standoff between protesters and police after an autopsy report is released. >> he was hit in the back of the head and that is a fatal bullet wound. todd: a major decision expected in just hours whether to release body cam footage. >> t


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