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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 27, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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thursday night. [boos] set your dvr so you never miss an episode. thanks to everybody. "fox news @ night" is next. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: welcome to "fox news @ night" in washington, i am kristin fisher in for shannon bream. president biden is touting new mask guidance from the cdc that allows vaccinated americans to go outside without the mask but questions linger over mixed messaging. the president shows up to announce these morel asked rules while wearing a mask outside. our panelist danny by. breaking tonight, protests
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ignite in north carolina. at 8:00 p.m. curfew in response to potential unrest involving the officer-involved shooting death of andrew brown. we'll have a lab report. republicans are calling for an investigation into former secretary of state john kerry over his alleged leaking of israeli military secrets to iran. why doesn't he report show that the media is largely ignoring the story? we begin in washington where president biden unveiled the cdc new relaxed mask rules to make. the build up to his big address to a joint session of congress tomorrow night. white house correspondent kevin corke is tracking it. >> good evening. tomorrow is the big super bowl in town. this is arguably the biggest single shift in covid policy and most of the country since the lockdowns first began about 13 months ago. the shift coming as he pointed out just a day ahead of the
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joint session addressing congres is drawing both praise and a few i rules -- a few i roles. wearing a face mask to an outdoor press event at the white house. he hailed new guidelines eliminating the need for face coverings at such gatherings. if you are fully vaccinated andg crowd coming no longer need to wear a mask. >> it was meant to ease restrictions for people fully vaccinated and encouraging those who learn to do so. fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks outdoors except in certain crowded settings and venues. you're still urged to take precautions in indoor public settings like wearing a well fitted mask and to avoid if possible indoor, large, impersonal gatherings. vaccinated or not.
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>> this is another step in the right direction of how we can start getting back to normal. >> the guidance addresses growing calls from health experts to drop some from many outdoor activities where virus particles are dispersed more readily. texas senator ted cruz offered the equivalent of a slow golf clap for the administration's belated decision to ease restrictions. "i'm glad the cdc finally knowledge was been obvious for a long time," senator cruz said, which is that wearing a mask outside is silly and not remotely justified by the science. it also didn't go unnoticed especially here in washington that the cdc white house announcement comes a day before biden's first joint address to congress. the white house swears it's just a coincidence. >> i can assure you the cdc makes decisions and does evaluations on their own timeline. >> would biden delivers his remarks it's expected he'll make the case for more government
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spending beyond covid relief and on what democrats cal racial justice. climate justice, social infrastructure and student debt relief. among the other spending priorities expected to be laid out in tomorrow night's speech, tuition free community college, paid leave and national child care. those proposals would likely be paid for primarily through raising taxes. republicans contend that the nice sounding names of some of these bills and programs are actually going to be used as a bit of a trojan horse to sneak democratic priorities into legislation over on capitol hill. interesting. we'll be watching it and it will make for a late an interesting night here in washington. >> kristin: we are going on at 1:00 a.m. tomorrow. you are talking about masks and the guidelines but there appears to be some unanswered questions among lawmakers on capitol hill about whether they need to wear masks as they passed through those magnetometers to enter the house chamber to monitor president biden's joint address. check this out.
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our congressional correspondent chad pergram seemingly stomping the senate majority leader earlier today. we have sound from the senator marco rubio pointing to a double standard on capitol hill. take a listen i'll get your response on the other side. >> they talked to senators as to whether or not they will have to pass through the magnetometers to get into the house chamber or wear masks? >> i'll have to get you the details on that. i have been informed of all the security that is there, i feel very safe being there. >> when it came to coming together to impeach donald trump for the second time after he was out of office, they put 100 senators in the same room sitting inches apart for hours at a time over five or six days. apparently covid was not an issue then but now of course something like this, we can't have that many people in the room sitting next to each other. >> kristin: there's going to be so many fewer members of congress for that joint address tomorrow night. >> the senator from florida,
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marco rubio, made a great point. to get the disparate viewpoints on this. is it good for one side. depending on what's happening to have everybody crammed into a small space. if it's the other team, let's not have everybody go rushing through. you may recall back in january there was a dustup on the hill about whether or not some members would actually have to go through. there is a great deal of pushback by republicans. i suspect tomorrow night. we'll have to double-check with chad. that they will make that available. if you're looking for visual proof that that's how they got in there to the senate floor, i'm going to say i doubt it. but now that everybody's talking about it, you never know. it will make for an interesting side note tomorrow night and a late night for all of us. >> kristin: kevin, what does this mean for the standing up and applause? is he going to mean we have less event tomorrow night? >> because there will be fewer people there, probably will still have plenty of it but probably not as much. i say that only because he
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figured the tone and tenor will be "we are coming out of the pandemic. let's focus on the big ticket items." that will get the usual -- we will keep track the number of times we see members stand up tomorrow night. will it be about normal? probably less than normal but still a fairly typical super bowl night here in washington, d.c. >> kristin: i'm going to hold you to that. i want an accurate tomorrow night. >> i will do it. i promise. >> kristin: looking forward to watching with you. kevin corke, thanks so much. a hearing in elizabeth city north carolina regarding the public release of body cam footage from the police involved shooting death of andrew brown is just hours away and tensions remain high tonight with protesters lingering on the streets past the 8:00 p.m. curfew. correspondent charles watson's life on the ground. charles, what has it been like tonight? >> christian, things have quieted down quite a bit in the last hour or so but it was a
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very intense atmosphere between police and demonstrators who are accusing elizabeth city officials of trying to trample on their rights to peacefully protest with the curfew in place. i want to mention police were very patient and how they handled the situation. my crew and i stood by and watched as we saw officers warn people repeatedly to disperse for about an hour and a half after the 8:00 p.m. curfew went into effect around 9:30 we saw officers moving wearing riot gear continuously trying to disperse the crowd. when that didn't work, we saw officers handcuff and arrest a handful of protesters who failed to orders. prior to those tense moments, protesters were peaceful as they marched through elizabeth city. we watched as they blocked off a few streets and demanded police accountability in the shooting death of andrew brown jr. and demanded the release of body camera footage that capture the
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encounter. we spoke to one woman named monique who said she knew brown and came out to protest because she says she's tired of police interaction with black people that end up deadly. >> personally i am hurt. i'm angry. i'm disappointed. it did not have to happen. it shouldn't have happened. how do you claim to your children how to live? we're tired. you can't raise your children because you thinking they're going to die. that's no way for anybody to live. >> as you mentioned, a judge will hear arguments tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. or rather 10:00 a.m. wednesday morning about whether the body camera footage that shows the encounter between police and the underground should be released to the public. kristin. >> kristin: charles watson, live in north carolina for us. thanks.
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first up in tonight's real news roundup, the department of homeland security announcing an effort today to combat transnational criminal organizations from smuggling migrants over the border. operation sentinel will focus on cutting off funding and actual operations in smuggling. meanwhile "the washington post" fact-checker is indicating that he might not keep as close a tab on the biden administration as he did on the trump administration. glenn kessler tweeting his list of lies from president biden over his first 100 days saying he does not plan to continue adding such instances to his database and here's why. he tallied 67 false or misleading statements from president biden so far compared to his list of 511 from former president trump's first 100 days. alaska airlines unveiling a new diversity campaign to advance racial equity. as part of the rollout, the airline shut off this jet with
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iconic quotes from martin luther king jr., nelson mandela, my angelou, andm students. the airline is expanding its outreach and turgor recruitment program. >> alaska airlines is on a journey. >> out alaska believes it can transport us from where we are to where we want to go. >> kristin: los angeles opened up its first government run homeless camp. it offers the homeless 24/7 management and security including on-site case manager. the move comes weeks after official shutdown one of the city's largest encampments. this might be one of my favorite stories. the florida keys will soon be buzzing with close to a billion
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gene-hacked mosquitoes. they will target other mosquito species carrying illnesses. many floridians are calling on the environmental protection agency to end it, claiming they are being subjected to terrorism. the trial begins this week. i don't know if i like this or not. should i like them? should i not? i don't know. i'm going to root for them i think. breaking tonight, fox news has expensively obtained emails from education secretary miguel cardona from 2019 during his time as connecticut's education commission in which he stresses that his desire for teachers to become more woke. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is on the case tonight. >> good evening. before miguel cardona became the u.s. education secretary he was the education commissioner in connecticut and his department was asked to create a new high school course on
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"african-american, black, puerto rico on and latino studies." he put together a advisory group and he requested connecticut's 2020 teacher of the year. to explain his choice, cardona wrote in an email fox news obtained through the freedom of information act saying "we need teachers behind this wave of our curriculum becoming more woke." cardona went on to know that megan hatch gary "studying black and latino studies for her master's, created programming incorporating social justice for race and gender inequalities, volunteer teaching in ghana and ecuador." the teacher presents herself on twitter as antiracist and says "there is no such thing as an apolitical classroom. quick with the teacher was approved and the curriculum is mandated through the fall of 2022. this revelation comes as parents and teachers across the country are pushing back against the
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so-called critical race theory that they claim is doing exactly what dr. martin luther king jr. and the civil rights movement fought against. judging people solely by the color of their skin. parents are also going after what they say is educators minimizing student simply because they're white. the question now is whether secretary cardona is planning to make curriculum nationwide more woke. the department of education appears to be leaning that direction, releasing a statement saying that the d.o.e. is committed to advancing educational equity. kristin. >> kristin: trace gallagher, thanks so much. president biden who's been vaccinated and was outside and not in a crowd, still wearing a mask before his remarks about listening mass guidelines today. let's bring in the panel. we will look at the president's speech before congress in less than 24 hours. we have got a fox news
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contributor leslie marshall. hoover institution fellow land he chen and jason chaffetz. some people think it was confusing and unnecessary for president biden's to be walking out wearing a mask. other people thought he was setting a good example. let's try to go around the room and see where each of you stand. jason. >> i'm glad it happened. he probably should've never been put in place. walk around outside without a mask seems like common sense. i wish it addressed two euros and 3-year-old having to wear a mask. that was ridiculous. he took his hands and started wiping his lips with them, you would think you would know at this point you can't do that, mr. president. >> kristin: lanhee chen, what you think? >> my bigger problem is when you have this guidance that trails common sense. people have been out there and we've had a long-standing set of
9:16 pm
studies and science has told us outdoor transmission is less common. the cdc comes through with this guidance. two people it feels like, that's what we've been doing all along. when the guidance trails the reality it undermines public health and undermines our ability to have people follow rules when we need them to. >> kristin: leslie, this is arguably the biggest shift in the cdc's policies since the start of a pandemic. do you think it came too little, too late? >> noel. i don't. being married to a physician, i know you get sick of me hearing it. i here the health care side of things. they were running out of body bags and beds in the icu and didn't have a vaccine and we still have half or more of people in the country vaccinated that need to be vaccinated, this is once the science shows once you have the vaccination rate where it is in our population, say for the cdc to come out and say this and for the president to come out.
9:17 pm
when i am dropping my kids off at school i have my mask on. i get in the car and i don't take it off right away and i'm sure plenty of people say why are you wearing your mask in the car? because i didn't have the chance to take it off. i think he was going for indoors to outdoors none of the gets a big deal. if that's all we have to talk about with president biden and his administration in his first 100 days, he should be smiling. >> kristin: so many americans are thrilled by the guidance but it does get a little confusing because it's state-by-state, city by city. in district of columbia. saying it's okay to do this if your vaccinated, the city's mayor hasn't lifted the guidance. you can see how it could get a little bit confusing for folks but i want to turn to tomorrow night. good night, president biden's first address to a joint session
9:18 pm
of congress. jason, it's going to look and feel a lot different than previous addresses to congress. what are you going to be watching for? >> the substance is what you're really after. the theatrics that they're going to put in place in terms of the spacing and how they're wearing masks and do members have to walk through a metal detector? all that is really theatrics. they're not going to have a crowd like they normally have. i've been to ten of these. i think it's a shame on how they're actually doing it and i think the expectations of the president are still very low, to see if this guy can read through a teleprompter and what will likely be a fairly short address because i just don't think he has the energy to get through it. >> kristin: in terms of substance, the white house has president biden is going to be in there to make the case that he wants to raise taxes in its right to raise taxes on wealthy
9:19 pm
americans and corporations to pay for his multitrillion dollar spending lanhee, do you think the white house believes the american people are behind this? do you think they really are? is biden reading the moment right? >> i have no doubt the white house thinks the american people are behind it. they've spent over $4 trillion. what's another $2 trillion in spending? that's their perspective. president biden campaigned on a platform of bipartisanship and coming together to find common ground. so far he has governed as an unabashed and progressive. he is governed on his own priorities. he hasn't looked to cooperate and work with republicans that much. i expect more night were going to hear more about democratic and progressive priorities and i think that makes progressives pleased. i think it should make conservatives and independents feel disappointed that we have seen a first 100 days that's fallen short of the promise of the campaign that he
9:20 pm
articulated. >> kristin: lanhee, jason, leslie, i know we're going to be watching tomorrow and we'll be here as well. thanks so much. we have got a dramatic rescue in atlanta caught on camera and what it's like to be stuck in the tallest roller coaster. we will have that next. enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis... stelara® can provide relief and is the only approved medication to reduce inflammation on and below the surface of the intestine in uc. you, getting on that flight? back off, uc! stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection... flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths, have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. lasting remission can start with stelara®. if you've been financially impacted by covid-19,
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♪ ♪ >> kristin: a scuba diver in england running into some mischievous seals. the diver spent 20 years building a friendly rapport with these playful creatures. this dramatic image from atlanta. body camera footage capturing officers responding to an intense car fire.
9:26 pm
the driver trapped inside while having a seizure. officers busting a window to unlock the car and pull the driver out as smoke billows. the driver and officers both received treatment for injuries and the accident is still under investigation. a pair of california residents getting quite the scare. fire officials called to the scene after large crane tipped over, slicing through the roof of a one-story home. ironically the crane was there to install some solar panels by the pool instead of the roof because the owners didn't want the roof shingles to get damaged. luckily no one was injured but that's -- heart goes out to those poor homeowners. toronto's soccer practice grinding to a halt when a massive alligator moseyed on the field. the players ran for safety but not before they captured a few cell fees. it is 2021, of course.
9:27 pm
you think traffic is bad where you're from? i heard of bison bringing traffic at yellowstone national park to a complete stop. they are oblivious to the back up them. move along. writers of england's tallest roller coaster got a thrill they didn't expect when the big one, standing at 235 feet high got stuck. oh, my gosh. passengers had to take the emergency stairs to safety. i don't know about you but i think taking the stairs down, it sounds scarier than writing down. fortunately everybody was safe and no one got hurt. hopefully none of them were afraid of heights. breaking tonight, this is a really sad story. gunshots running out in richmond, virginia, apparently aimed at a group of children. police say one person was killed, four wounded. the victims include an infant,
9:28 pm
two teenagers and two adult women. one of the women shot later died at a hospital. >> everything was happening so fast. it was like, a war just broke out. >> this is where i live in this is where i pay bills. it's happy you got to come home and you can't even make it safely to your door because you've got guns in the neighborhood. >> kristin: a 3-month-old baby is in serious condition and the shooter is still at large. an unprovoked act of violence against an nypd detective caught on camera in queens. correspondent aishah hasnie is taking a look at this incident and other examples of how an already dangerous job is becoming even more unsafe amid a rise in anti-police sentiment. good evening. >> kristin, good evening. nypd officers in new york city are responding to a rising gun
9:29 pm
violence, hate crimes and anti-police sentiment. they face the real risk that they may not come home tonight. it's that video that's hitting a nerve. nypd detective investing a burglary in queens. bashed in the head with a large stick by a man walking on the street. the suspect caught on camera carrying two sticks before he attacks and quickly walks away. the detective left kneeling on the ground bleeding from his head. the detectives dominant association condemning the crime saying even as our detectives investigate crimes, they are attacked by a bold and criminals who have quickly realized there is no consequence for the lawbreakers in our city. the brazen attack comes amid growing anti-police sentiment as officers continue to put their lives on the line. today the nypd mourning the loss of an officer killed by a suspected drunk driver while responding to another fatal crash.
9:30 pm
the officer was a 14-year-old veteran and husband and father of two. >> to children who will not be seeing their dad again. it was horrible. >> across the country los angeles police put in end to a nightmare. a man who killed two people in a shooting rampage and then lead officers in an hour long chase and caused chaos during a standoff with police on a busy highway. >> we have three shooting incidents that happened in the span of 30 minutes. it is >> kristin, several cities are burning up ticks and retirements. here in new york city the nypd says that retirements jumped by 75%. right now there are 1,000 fewer officers on the streets then there were a year ago. kristin. >> kristin: aishah, thanks. john kerry facing increased calls from republicans to resign over the leaked iran tapes. that's next. sis, ...
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>> if this is true, if he did this, he needs to resign immediately. unbelievable. >> these things were so secret that they were all reported in the press at the time. so it's utter nonsense. it's really unfortunate people continue to try to play politics with this. >> kristin: republicans are calling for an investigation into former secretary of state john kerry and his alleged leaking of israeli military secrets to iran. kerry and the current secretary of state insist he did nothing wrong. what's talk about the development of the story and the lack of widespread media coverage of it with former white house national security council chief of staff fred fights and media analysis director of the media research center, tim graham. fred, i'm going to start with you. yesterday the story broke. we are really starting to hear
9:37 pm
the administration's defense of this thus far and you just heard the argument made by the current secretary of state who says this was all out in the press and so therefore the former secretary of state, john kerry, couldn't be leaking closely guarded secrets. what do you make of it? >> i thought it was a laughable fall's defense. kerry allegedly said over 200 covert actions took place in syria. to believe the current secretary of state, you have to assume that foreign minister zarif was lying. >> kristin: it wouldn't be the first time the iranians have lied. >> why would this iranian lie to an iranian journalist. we know that they are lying to us but the rest of the report held up so why was this one particular point not true.
9:38 pm
it doesn't make sense. >> kristin: this is from "the washington post." "to believe kerry did what he's accused of is to take the word of an adversarial foreign leader over an american one." why should folks take the iranian foreign minister at his word? >> that's a good question. there are republicans on the hill who are going to give kerry the benefit of the doubt because this is hearsay. but it's believable given the way kerry has acted and i have to tell you, whether it's approved or not, the israelis are going to believe this is true and it's going to further damage the relationship between the u.s. and israel which president biden is already making a real problem because of his desperation to get back in the nuclear deal.
9:39 pm
>> kristin: it certainly a story. tim, you say a lot of the media hasn't really paid a ton of attention to the story. what have you found? >> the networks aren't interested. you look to these programs at night on abc, cbs and nbc, the "pbs newshour." they are not doing it. the "pbs newshour" last night mentioned that zarif said this but they left john kerry out of the report. npr had a time for a story and poetry during the pandemic but they didn't have time for this. it's simple. under the trump administration they would find these so-called bombshells and they didn't wait to confirm them. they would say nbc news has yet to indefinitely confirm it but it was rushed into the lead of the show anyway. here they are going to say it's under baked we don't have enough
9:40 pm
information. it shows you what we usually find, there's a complete difference in the way these networks cover republicans versus democrats. >> kristin: we had a former trump administration official, mike pompeo, he was on fox news earlier today and he was asked a question. you are a former secretary of state. how often do former secretaries of state meet with their counterparts after they left office and here's what he said. >> secretary kerry statement about talking to foreign leaders is true. seniors from the past. dr. kissinger does. others do. perfectly appropriate but is not the case that private conversations about active and ongoing conversations are ever appropriate to discuss. >> kristin: fred, is he right? >> that's right and we don't know what kerry said, if he was secretary of state he had access to the intelligence.
9:41 pm
if it happened after he left. he makes one wonder where he got it. he kept his security clearances. you may remember president trump was taking clearances from obama officials who he didn't think he could trust with classified information. this proves that if a republican wins the presidency in 2024, all security clearances from biden officials have to be stripped from them so they won't use that information to undermine the foreign policy of another republican president. >> kristin: john kerry says he's done nothing wrong here. he says this is completely untrue. you've got tons of republicans on capitol hill saying he should resign. tim, for the media, i'm curious. what do you think is the big question journalist should be asking about the story going forward? >> obviously the timing of this matters. when he said this. the whole problem here is anything that they see as a republican story tends to not be a new story of their eyes.
9:42 pm
the sad thing about all this is i could tell you if you looked at lester holt's interview of donald trump when he was presently look at lester holt's interview with zarif when he was in the iranian foreign ministry, lester holt is nicer to the iranian. that's part of the problem we have. >> kristin: well, it's a story can tell you we are suddenly going to be following here on fox. i think a lot of other networks might pick up this one as well. kerry says he's done nothing wrong but certainly that leaked audio says something, the foreign minister same former secretary of state told him that. thank you so much. how closely has the cbc follow the scientific covid guidance that led to today's loosening of guidelines. dr. marty makary is here to answer that next. (vo) jamaica. (woman) best decision ever.
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>> i'm very excited the masked guidelines for being outdoors for being loosened a little bit. >> my reaction is thank god. i'm so glad we don't have to wear masks we wear outside. >> i don't know. i'm not going to take a chance with other people's lives. i'm going to wear my mask and be
9:48 pm
as safe as possible. until we get that herd immunity. >> kristin: some cautious optimism among americans tonight following president biden's announcement of the loosening of cdc rules for wearing masks outdoors. let's separate fact from fiction. johns hopkins university public health professor and fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary. doctor, thank you so much for staying up late with us. i've got a ton of questions. good evening. i think a lot of americans are pretty excited about this news. some folks think it's too little, too late. where do you come down on the guidance announced today? >> it's about 14 months too late. researchers took our research cited came out last year. all they told us is that if you're fully vaccinated you can be in small crowds without a mask. the outside is entirely safe. we know the aerosolized virus
9:49 pm
diffuses quickly so people should be outside and they can be outside without a mask unless they're sitting close to somebody else was unvaccinated. >> kristin: what about children? what is this mean for children? in the district of columbia if you have a child over the age of two you're supposed to have been wearing a mask. what is the cdc say about that? >> they stuck to kids over age two should wear a mask outdoors that makes no sense whatsoever. if you look at the studies, one in 12 infections company outward settings and daily cases were down a lot. you have a distorted perception of risk, we have lost sight of the fact that we have one-third the number of daily infections as we do during a mild flu season. so what point is it no longer a serious public health threat? i think we are pretty much there. more cases of tb then coronavirus right now. >> kristin: do you think the guidance announced today is
9:50 pm
going to help some folks, encourage them to get vaccinated? i'm pretty excited. i am fully vaccinated. i can walk outside the studio and not wear a mask when i'm walking to my car. do you think it's going to encourage some people to get vaccinated? >> i hope so. i think it should be a very simple message. get your vaccine and wait about a month until the immunity kicks in and live a normal life. we have to give people something to look forward to. we need to stop shaming people who decide not to contact sedated and respect that decision. we need to move to walk-in clinics. we have to stop talking about boosters because it's not clear we need it and if you tell someone they're going to need this booster every six months they may be less likely to take the initial vaccine. >> kristin: doctor, i think another point is confusing is your president biden walking out really touting these new cdc
9:51 pm
guidelines which you say came later. some folks say they came right on time. regardless, this is not the law of the land from coast-to-coast, right? these are federal guidelines. this does not mean local city, states and jurisdictions have to abide by them. it's kind of confusing for folks, right? >> i would encourage a lot of organizations to forget about the complex guidelines the cdc is putting out remember the basic principle. the outdoors is a safe environment. unless two people are both unvaccinated," sitting close to each other shoulder to shoulder for a long period of time, no one should be wearing a mask outdoors. it settled science. public health leaders and politicians could do us a big favor by taking off the mask after the fully vaccinated. the only exception is when you're indoors in a public setting. business leaders are asking people to keep a mask on and we ask folks to respect it for a
9:52 pm
little bit longer. >> kristin: doctor, thank you for sharing your perspective. i'm excited to walk around outside without a mask because i'm the i'm the way back today. i would encourage everybody else do the same. dr. makary, thanks so much. >> thanks so much. >> kristin: the supreme court has agreed to decide the case of a pennsylvania student who was suspended from extracurricular activities at school for cursing on social media. it has to do with free-speech rights and how far they extend to minors. correspondent david spunt has that story tonight. >> a per profane social media post in pennsylvania they have implications for the nation's 50 million public school students. in 2017, a junior varsity cheerleader found out she did make the varsity squad. >> i was really upset on that day. i made the post. >> brandy posted f school, f
9:53 pm
softball, f cheer, f everything" on snapchat. they kicked her off the team. >> i expressed my feelings. >> school policy rabbits foul language and inappropriate gestures by student athletes even on the internet but brandy's post was made off campus. >> it's important to protect free-speech rights outside of school and make sure schools will become a big brother that punishes kids. >> the school district declined our interview. "she plainly targeted her speech 250 ever snapchat friends. it included many fellow students and teammates. >> i never thought of a go to the supreme court. i wasn't thinking of anything
9:54 pm
like that. >> in 19629 the u.s. supreme court limited restrictions schools can impose on student speech went on school grounds. being off-campus makes brandy's case unique. >> i have the chance to show other people that are like me that it's okay to express how you feel. and not get in trouble for it. >> the justice's decision could redefine the limits on educators monitoring so-called disruptive speech. the nine justices will render a decision in late june or early july. kristin. >> kristin: david spunt, thank you. some good news before we say good night. check this out. highway patrol troopers in utah received a unexcited surprise this past weekend. the troopers found some baby ducklings trapped in a storm drain. four ducklings were stuck in the drain. unfortunately both troopers were able to carefully rescue the little ducklings and then relocate them to a safe place.
9:55 pm
who doesn't love a feel-good story about ducklings? tomorrow night, president biden's first joint address before congress and we are going to be late, starting at 1:00 a.m. good night from washington. i'm kristin fisher. michael: my great-great- grandfather, rachmaiel. gigi: pinky and rocky. simi: there was an uprising in poland. david: and then the family broke apart. michael: they scattered around in different places. gigi: they worked hard. simi: and built new lives. michael: but rocky and pinky's families didn't see each other again... all: ...until now. david: more than 100 years later, ancestry helped connect us to our ancestors and each other. ♪ (ac/dc: back in black) ♪ ♪ ♪ ancestry helped connect us to our ancestors ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™ janssen can help you explore cost support options. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." on friday, joe biden participated in a summit w >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." on friday, joe biden participated in a summit with more than one dozen other world leaders who were all there, thez meeting itself turned out to be only marginally interesting. what got your attention was joe biden. of the 16 heads of state who were present, only joe biden wore a face mask. he sat there silently, nose and mouth covered in black cloth like a wrestler from an old western as mask was vladimir putin held forth on o international affairs but here's


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