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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 27, 2021 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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that i will be back here tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m., tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." on friday, joe biden participated in a summit with more than one dozen other world leaders who were all there, the meeting itself turned out to be only marginally interesting, what got your attention was joe biden. of the 16 heads of state who were present, only joe biden wore a face mask. he sat there silently, nose and mouth covered in black cloth like a wrestler from an old western as mask was vladimir putin held forth on
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international affairs but here's the weirdest part, that meeting took place over resume, none of the leaders were in the same room, thousands of miles from each other so why was joe biden who has been fully vaccinated the only one wearing a mask? no one asked that question, all precautions against covid are considered legitimate by the american news media no matter how self-evidently lunatic they may be. covering her face during a zoom call, drive to work alone with a mask on, it's all normal, says "the new york times," but then yesterday our own peter doocy at the white house asked what was going on and here's the response he got. >> why was president biden the only world leader at the climate summit zoom who was wearing a mask? >> because he is sending a message to the world that he is putting in place precautions, continuing to do that as leader of the united states and i don't know what set up they all had in
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their countries that may warrant similar reporting or not but obviously he had a pool for portions, additional staff and personnel and that's a sort of model that we try to keep ourselves to. >> tucker: so there you go, that's the answer, joe biden was sending a message to the world and that message was not as we had had suspected an emotional disorder that he is afraid of conference call. the message is that joe biden is putting in place precautions, those would be sensible precautions, precautions against zoom because it turns out covid's digitally transmissible. it travels through the fibers, the virus embeds itself among the one and zero and springs unsuspected teeth bared and ready to strike from any available hot spot whether it's at starbucks, the basement rec room, even the oval office, it could be anywhere where there's an internet connection, there's
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a pandemic so mask up on the zoom calls, we are kidding, of course. if that were true, we would be super-spreader's given we are in the digital media business and we would hate to bear that burden. the white has never did explain why joe biden was wearing a face mask on a zoom call after getting fully vaccinated, you're not supposed to ask, you're supposed to accept that. it's a good thing, shut up. just like you're not supposed to ask questions about why children are being forced to wear face masks while they exercise outside. that doesn't make sense. in fact, it's dangerous. kids are not at great risk from covid, it generally doesn't spread outdoors, we have a lot of studies that prove that and wearing a mask when you're breathing heavily is not good for you to say nothing of the psychological effect but whatever, shut up. last night, we did not shut up and we asked simple questions and for our trouble, bill kristol promptly denounced us as nazis. ask whatever questions you want
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as long as you don't get answers to them but as it happened, the cdc did finally coincidentally offer us some clarity today and we are grateful for that. shuffled outside to announce the new mass guidelines. watch the scene. >> if the risk is so low outdoors, why doesn't it define everybody? >> the most certain way is both people have been vaccinated, the people you're with, and you are outside. >> a new joe's to wear a mask as he walked out here, what message are you sending by wearing a mask outside alone? >> watching me take it back on inside. >> tucker: the government is now allowing people who've been fully vaccinated to go outside without masks as long as they remain with other people who've been fully vaccinated but only under certain circumstances so why was joe biden walking alone with a mask on like it was a zoom call or something?
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they put them in a costume and forgot he had it. a mask, write, took it off. the whole thing inspired more amusement than confidence but here's the real headline, according to the cdc, americans must remain under covid restrictions indefinitely, even those who have been fully vaccinated. fully vaccinated americans must continue to wear masks at all times while they are indoors whether in church for getting a haircut or walking into a restaurant so get a vaccine, cover your face, period. no one is saying so, but consider the logic here, doesn't make any sense. we know the vaccine works, we know anyone who wants a vaccine can get one, they have told us those two things again and again and most of us are willing to believe they are true but if they are true, why wear masks? anyone who's afraid of getting covid can get a vaccine and then everyone else can return to normal life including people who don't want to get the vaccine. the people who want it can get it and they will be protected
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and that should be the end so why the mask fetish? what's the answer? no one will say. instead, the cdc has produced a new round of guidelines that are about as indecipherable as a turkey train station. fully vaccinated americans can go on massless bike rides with other fully vaccinated bike riders and even have dinner outside. bless you, cdc. thank you. but they cannot attend baseball games or music concerts or parades. why is that? i don't know, just speculating, because they will unknowingly carry the coronavirus and accidentally infect people who refuse to take the vaccine. that's our only gas. joe biden didn't explain. once he got his mask off, he just asserted it, watch. >> i want to be absolutely clear, if you're in a crowd like a stadium or at a conference or
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concert, you still need to wear a mask even if you're outside. >> tucker: see if you can fit these two thoughts in your head, except them both as true and see if they match. vaccinated people have to wear masks outside, joe biden just told us that but at the same time, vaccines work perfectly and if you suggest otherwise, you're banned from the internet. what is going on here? we never learned. according to joe biden, the sciences and the point, the point as always is race and thus the one subject the white house is always delighted to talk about as long as it's from their very specific perspective. he was joe biden telling you it's a sign of progress that some groups are more protected than other groups. >> i said from the beginning that we are going to fight this virus with equity, equity for all of them as a matter of fact, if i'm not mistaken, there are
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more latinos and african-american seniors that have been vaccinated than white seniors. these numbers are assigned of progress on that front as well. >> tucker: now it's getting even more confusing, it's equity, he says, but we thought equity meant achieving the same outcome. if that's true, but i was joe biden bragging about different outcomes but calling it equity? maybe there's other meaning to the word equity. meantime, in this edition of pandemic feeder, here is the director of the cdc bringing much-needed actual science to bear on these questions. why are fully vaccinated people being told to wear face masks? that's what we are wondering and here's her answer. >> right now, it's very hard to see who was vaccinated, where they are so as not just to protect themselves largely to protect others and protect the
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young vaccinated. >> tucker: did you catch the last line? wearing masks is really to protect to the unvaccinated. there you go, just as we guessed, the vaccine is now universally available, everyone can get it but because some people have chosen not to get the vaccine, the rest of us must continue to live as if we haven't gotten the vaccine either. that's the reasoning because some people decide not to wear seat belts, you can't drive. that's just science. so how do we fix this problem? the problem with people who refuse to give vaccinated for whom we are pretending we haven't been vaccinated either. thankfully our media were on the scene with fresh ideas about how to solve that. here is the race lady from msnbc finally putting her harvard degree to work. it's simple, charge people with felonies. >> now the vaccine resistant crowd is becoming a problem for the rest of us.
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that's because the country is fast approaching a tipping point when vaccine hesitancy will become the biggest hurdle to achieving herd immunity so after a while, so called vaccine hesitancy might be better described as reckless endangerment. >> tucker: wait a second, harvard educated race lady, now you're really confused. if you have the vaccine from the lives people's refusal a problem for you? if the vaccine is so effective on the wire the people who choose to get them out of the people who choose not to get it. do people who slimmed down from gastric bypass yell at fat people on the street? you wouldn't think so. it's not your business. but it's definitely not the standard with the covid vaccine. with the covid vaccine, it's your body, msnbc's choice. watch this guy explain. >> i don't know how we get to it unless we normalize the
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framework around vaccine certification. we are doing in colleges, we are in a global crisis and the carrot and stick of peak at the vaccine and you'll be able to participate in travel, restaurants, you name it because that's frankly easier for small businesses to adhere to. >> tucker: herd immunity? it seems like not so long ago, may be back in the 50s or last week that using the phrase herd immunity was enough to get you yanked off the air is an anti-vector. but again, people who got the vaccine and are totally safe are angry at the people who haven't gotten it because somehow they are endangering the people who are already vaccinated so to protect people who have taken the risk of not getting the vaccine, we have to hurt those people. we have to burn the village to save the village. we have to use the carrot and the stick but especially the stick to my colleges love this idea, many of them are requiring
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proof of vaccination as both of the big state school systems in the cal state system are forcing the students returning to campus to prove they've been vaccinated. the big ones are doing exactly the same thing. what's interesting is no one has bothered to explain why we're doing this. virtually no college-age kids have died of covid. 587 americans between the ages of 50 and 24 died of the virus last year most with profound underlying health conditions, the thousands and thousands died of suicide over the same period which they were not concerned about. in a state of michigan, now requires 2-year-olds to wear masks outside. they were just 13 coronavirus total last year for people aged 15 to 24. it's a tiny fraction, not that we care about those either. so the coronavirus doesn't kill
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a lot of young people but it does in fact quite a few of them and that's the other problem, many thousands of college-age kids already have been infected mother have antibodies from previous corona infections they recovered from. science suggests there highly likely to be reinfected with covid so why are they being forced to get the vaccine? that's not an anti-vector question, it's a question for people who support vaccines and care about them would ask because we don't give it to people unnecessarily. meningitis kills a fair number of people every year but we don't require everyone to start a regimen of antibiotics before they returned to work, that would be crazy, we wouldn't do it but we are requiring vaccination even for kids who have already been infected, is that a medically sound idea? some physicians are concerned it's not. joe grogan voiced his concern on the air of the other day and here's what he said. >> people say do you think it's
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safe to give vaccinated and i said i think for the most part it's safe to give vaccinated, i do. but if you're 21 years old and you say should i give vaccinated? i say no, are you healthy? are you the healthy person? he should take care of yourself. if you're a healthy person in your exercising and you're young and eating well, i don't think you need to worry about this. >> tucker: if you're at risk, be grateful we have the vaccine and if you're not at risk, maybe you don't. is that a crazy point? it is, that's crazy. joe grogan's idiotic advice, healthy young people don't need the covid-19 vaccine "the daily beast".com america's foremost defender of ruling class absurdities, you'll notice that the peace never explained why exactly joe grogan's advice was so idiotic, justice misses him as a, don't listen to him,
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worst of trump voter, that's msnbc's concern, watch. >> i don't know how the right got so far ahead on creating such a political connotation around the conversation about vaccine passports, there are all sorts of things you have to do to travel to all sorts of different places, how has that debate become so corrupted so early? >> i don't know, but it's bad. i live in a state that the state legislature is dominated by trump voter's and they are busy making it illegal for a business to require a passport, vaccine passport and now they are politicizing the appropriate way to encourage people to get vaccines which will cost lives. >> tucker: how did it get so political says the longtime governor of missouri, political.
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see that? all of the dumb people, hillbillies, extra chromosome folks are all spun up with their conspiracy theories about vaccine passports. there were no vaccine passports, that is insane, alex jones stuff but if you want to get a job, you need your vaccine papers. >> it's always challenging in society to make things mandatory, perhaps in certain employment settings especially when there's higher risk, we may as a society decide that mandatory vaccination is a reasonable thing to do in certain circumstances. >> tucker: claire mccaskill a former senator, governor, whatever. she's a senator i guess. either way, to recap, it's always challenging when you make things mandatory, also unconstitutional and not science but here's where we are right now. if you want to live in this country, you will need a vaccination. the government will celebrate
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when you get the vaccination but either way, you must get it. the vaccine works perfectly, do not question that. once you do get the vaccine any questions about why we're doing it this way, then you are a bad person and we must hurt you so get ready to be unemployed if not in prison for reckless endangerment, that's a felony. we hope that settles your concerns about the available science, so roll up your sleeves. a professor of surgery at johns hopkins, author of the price we pay, thank you so much for coming on. so a medical question if you take a protein test and it shows you high levels of antibodies from a natural covid infection from which you've recovered, should you be forced, compelled to get the vaccine? >> no, and in fact that's the case for many americans, half of
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americans have circulating antibodies from prior exposure or infection, that's the result of the zero prevalence studies out of california that showed somewhere between 30 and 45% of the population had circulating antibodies at a time when we didn't have vaccines so there's a lot of natural immunity out there, it works, the rates of reinfection or somewhere of six tenths of 1% and that's where there's a lot of infection out there. we also have a different virus now, that makes the risk of getting it outdoors and school settings among young people lower all the way around. 54% of adults have vaccinated immunity and have have natural immunity so 3 out of 4 adults at every picnic, restaurant, worship service has some immunity so mathematically you can have the same type of super spreading events we saw in the past and to put things in perspective, we have 15,000
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daily covid cases of a day, 400,000 of flu cases during a mild flu season, that was about six years ago, that's why we are doing well as a country, that's why all the numbers are down on the way san francisco had 25 covid cases yesterday, most asymptomatic, like arizona had zero deaths yesterday, another state that had zero, white michigan is down 30%. >> tucker: hearing you explain that in your voice of authority makes the policies even more confusing but i'm glad you did that, great to see you tonight, appreciate it. there's a huge political component to all of this and who better to assess that than our senior political analyst brit hume, thank you so much for coming on. so if you can't answer very basic questions about a policy on which most americans including me, had a million vaccines in my life but if you
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can't answer even basic questions, can you force the policy on the population? >> the issue now is we need to get everyone vaccinated to have herd immunity and then it will be over and you have a certain segment of the population that are hesitant to get the shot. i don't see how when you have joe biden walking outdoors with a mask on how it makes any sense for joe biden as you've shown him earlier on exuma call living a mask with nobody anywhere near him. >> tucker: do you think that vladimir putin could have infected him? >> what worries me is when you say something like that, next thing you know the cdc will come out and warn against it. they've been all over the place and so has our governor. remember waverley on when the disease was first breaking out here, what did dr. fauci say? he said if you wore a mask, and mike keep a few droplets from getting out, but it's not going to give you the protection you
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think it is. the masks that we see anywhere are not exactly something new, doctors have been wearing masks and operating rooms and nurses and wearing them for the longest time. we presumably know a lot about them and what we know informed what he said originally. now somehow in the midst of this, it's become an essential protection. i think a lot of people doubt that but now we have a situation in which you see people wearing masks who are fully vaccinated, what does that say about how useful it is to get vaccinated? the vaccines work and we are told they do or they don't and if they do work, then what's the need for the mask? talking about outdoors of course but indoors as well. in makes absolutely no sense and people looking at this are going to say the government isn't making sense about this, i don't know what to do, but i don't want some new chemical stuck in
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my arm. i'm fully vaccinated and i urge everybody to do that, i think it's a mistake not to get one but i can certainly understand why people would be hesitant given the way the government has been all over the place on this issue. >> tucker: they are making people afraid and cynical. last question, have you heard anyone answer the question if the vaccine works, why wear a mask? >> what they'll say is even if you are fully vaccinated, you can still contract covid. you may not be sick, may be symptomatic but you may be carrying it and of course in doing that, you may give it to someone who is not vaccinated and that person could get sick and die. remember this, all this from the beginning what was known all along come away disproportionately affects the elderly and those with other ailments, right? we've done a terrible job of protecting them from a new york being the most conspicuous example, meanwhile we quarantine
5:23 pm
the healthy which is a previously unheard of medical practice. >> making your children play soccer in a mask which is abuse. great to see you. thank you. there's no evidence that big tech has coordinated with elected officials to sensory opinions that they don't like. that is orwellian. it's the definition.
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>> tucker: so there was a lot going on over the last election, a lot. the group judicial watch has obtained hundreds of documents for the secretary of state of california, those documents reveal that state official to pressure the social media companies, the big ones, google, twitter, facebook to censor social media post they didn't like and that wouldn't help them about the 2020 election. a state agency successfully pressured youtube to block a video about mailing voting. some of the states documents were compiled by the firm, its top client? joe biden. if the host of rising, happy to have mom tonight, you could be a
5:29 pm
fervent diet and voter and still think that maybe this looks like the end of democracy in my overstating it? >> no you're not. youtube, and many of these were built on the bedrock principle and free speech. this is what you would see in china. the communist chinese party runs the chinese government which are then dispersed at the chinese tech companies who decided that oceana has always been at war with east asia or eurasia and that is something that they have come to live with their in china. this is something a one-party state like california in particular for the intertwining of party with the government and the large tech companies who are then listening and complying with these regulations, let's think about it. your previous guests brought this up which is that dr. fauci in february was saying masks don't work so does that mean youtube in february should have
5:30 pm
been taking down videos in which i and some other people were expressing skepticism around this? that would technically be in violation of government practice and now they are doing the opposite, this just goes to show how dystopian this can get very quickly. >> tucker: sure. google is suppressing the photographs of the governor of virginia and blackface which tells you a lot so if you have the most powerful companies in the world working secretly to help a specific political party, then where does that leave everyone else? >> where you going to go? great your own google? they have 90% of search traffic. the most bedrock principle is when you begin to see intertwining of a political party, of state enforcement and then along with the so-called private companies you live in an oligarchy and eventually in a dictatorship and the only way that they can have dissent as if they have to crush it. we have two options.
5:31 pm
we are american, liberty is in our blood, largely what we should strive for and the other option is a police state and unfortunately, that's what we are beginning to see. >> tucker: i hope a lot of people are hearing him as he speaks, i hope your audience gets bigger, thank you for coming on. so if you're paying any attention at all not just a joe biden masking up for a zoom call, we seem to be moving closer toward some kind of conflict with nuclear armed russia. are we? and if we are, who is pushing this and why? glenn greenwald joins us after the break. by the way, new episode of tucker carlson today is on, heather macdonald is here for the hour as they are would say on fox nation.
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>> tucker: there are reports tonight that a number of american citizens including americans at the trump rally in
5:37 pm
january in washington have been placed by this administration on the no-fly list meaning they cannot fly domestically. we have not been able to confirm that, but if it's true, this is a turning point in american history. these are people again who have not been charged for crimes. if they have been prevented from traveling within their own country by the administration because the administration doesn't like their political views, that is not democracy, it is dictatorship. we have to find out who was on the no-fly list, which american citizens are on the no-fly list and why and we should find out immediately. by the way, if they turn out to be members of black lives matter, they will be completely against that too. speaking of news we haven't been paying enough attention to, they appear to be heading toward some kind of conflict, has called a national emergency, grendel greenwald is unusually clear eyed on the subject, of course a
5:38 pm
journalist who works on sub stack and you ought to read him there. so simple question, do we appear to be moving toward some kind of conflict with russia and if so, why? >> the relationship between the u.s. and russia is clearly at its low point since any time at least since the cold war, little doubt about that, ask any analyst and they will tell you that and the reason i think is twofold, one is that during this whole hysteria that surrounded it, there was this propaganda campaign to convince a huge part of the population, namely liberals and democrats that russia posed as an existential threat to the united states and they believe it to the point where they think everything we can do against russia we ought to do and if you stand up and question it as we are doing now, it means you are some kind of spy for the kremlin which i'm sure people will say about this segment but the other part is the war on tabor is winding
5:39 pm
down, so the question is how do you keep weapons manufacturers who observed huge amounts of influence and power in washington with the business where the government using taxpayer money to buy weapons that don't do any good for anyone? the person who biden tapped to run the pentagon literally came from the board of directors of raytheon and the answer always can be russia if you scare enough people to believe that russia poses a threat to their way of life, they'll agree to keep giving more and more money to the military budget. if >> tucker: since russia is a nuclear owned power and part of a very powerful axis internationally, why isn't there more discussion about the degradation of our relations with russia moving toward something bad, why are we talking about that? >> it's interesting, this is one of those times where it's useful to go back a little bit in history before 2017, often told history doesn't begin until 2017 but there was a huge bipartisan
5:40 pm
pressure campaign on president obama to send lethal arms to ukraine and all you have to do is look at a map or history of how russia was almost twice destroyed in the 20th century to see the crucial importance of ukraine to russia but obama's point is correct which is it has no crucial importance to us so why would we want to risk confrontation with a power over ukraine? i think the reason people don't question it is because they are afraid that if you stand up and say it's not worth u.s. lives for any kind of u.s. interest to protect ukraine from moscow, you get accused of being an apologist for the kremlin or someone serving russian interests and that's become a very powerful political weapon that shapes our discourse and is affecting all aspects of our policy. >> tucker: name-calling is a form of social control in a very potent one, glenn greenwald who is totally resistant to that, appreciate you coming on. so you've seen something called
5:41 pm
equity emergent school districts in every state in the country. what is equity? can affect, and makes racism compulsory. kids in one school district are revolting against it, thank god. she joins us next to explain what is happening there.
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>> tucker: always talks about how bad marxism is, but what we forget is that makes a small number of people really rich and that's wire in favor of it, a cofounder of blm and she has taken her newfound riches from shaking down corporations and bought a couple of big houses, a number of them but that's not all she is buying, learning a lot more about her spending habits. trace gallagher has that story for us. >> also founded a group called reform l.a. jails which last year successfully led a ballot measure to reduce the jail populations in los angeles county and turns out that jail reform group had quite the gathering at a malibu beach resort. the group spent more than 10,000 at the resort itself and the 15
5:47 pm
plus thousand on a conference center owned by the resort. if we don't know why they gathered for this oceanfront meeting because "the daily caller" news foundation can find public records of the meeting but critics say that everything is on the up and up, why did the jail reform group book the beach club through a consulting firm that just happens to be owned by the woman who coauthored the 2018 biography? actually raked in nearly $260,000 in consulting fees from you guessed it, reform l.a. jails. it's unclear if the california commission that regulates political groups plan to look into this but a conservative watchdog group already raising red flags. >> tucker: trace gallagher, thank you so much for that report which is hilarious again, marxism is very good for the few. if recently, the independent school districts of southlake,
5:48 pm
texas, is one of the highest performing school districts in the state of texas but beginning in 2018, the school district implemented something called a cultural competence plan, maybe you've heard about that your kids school. as a result of that, the district told faculty that black and brown students need more attention because they have to work extra hard and do double the work just to succeed. they didn't prove that was true, they just set it and went on to say that most white people don't notice racism unless it involves burning crosses swastikas. they said a lot of other things, none of which will help educate their kids, only hurt them. finally, parents and that school district are revolting, doing what parents around the country are not doing. she has seen it, nationally syndicated radio host and we are happy to have her on tonight. thank you so much for coming on. we are seeing this everywhere coming to your town, tell us what parents are doing about it? >> thank you so much for
5:49 pm
covering this issue and i hope all parents everywhere realize that all it takes for them just to show up in numbers and i understand parents and educators are afraid to speak out singularly but when you band together as a diverse group of families, you can actually get a lot of traction so talking about the cultural competency plan and the school district and this is a plan that they've been trying to implement and so far have not yet. i have pages and pages of stuff and it's gotten so nasty that progressive activists have taken to naming private citizens and sending out mailers like this in order to smear them. case in point with this cultural competency plan, this all starts with one basic rule, starts with a solution ultimately, the student code of conduct should be enforced. all of this began a couple of years ago because you had teenagers on tiktok in a whole other discussion, they did
5:50 pm
something stupid and they said something that i think would violate their christian character and is immoral. i know that you feel the same way, i look at racism and bigotry as a moral failing. at the same time, i also agree saying you can't keep sending your kids and be shocked when they come home as romans so this cultural competency plan i want to point out that this is actually the district draft of this plan and they say that an academic review of students test performance shows no significant achievement gaps between the district's ethnic populations. this began out of academic curiosity and because they said something bad which they asked forgiveness for an apparently used someone's worst moments in life to completely slight their entire life in the school and a lot of very far left marxist activist decided to exploit this as a way to implement critical race theory education in the school district and they expect
5:51 pm
parents to pay for it. talking the six figures, a lot of money for this and that's how they are pushing back. >> tucker: amen. this is happening everywhere, they will wreck your school, or your children, take your money, bully you and no one does anything and i'm so grateful to hear about parents who are doing something. thank you so much for telling us your story. so up in congress, the congressional press galleries control access to lawmakers. taking a major step divan outlets they don't like including outlets that criticize china too much. or seem not liberal enough. one of those outlets joins us after the break to tell us what's happening.
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>> tucker: the epic times is one of a very interesting media outlets, says it's pretty dumb congressional press credentials have been revoked by congress, by the press gallery. criticizes the chinese government a lot. meanwhile, they still have credentials in the congress. josh philip is the host of crossroads with josh philip. thank you so much for coming on. am i mischaracterizing it, why would they pull your press credentials? >> they didn't tell us anything in writing so we're still trying to find information on it but as you mentioned, there's a lot of
5:58 pm
hypocrisy here because while they are banning the epic times, they are letting in people's daily in these news outlets are state run by the chinese communist party propaganda outlets allowed into our halls of congress while epic times is not. >> tucker: what is your offense? being too tough on the chinese government? is that no longer allowed in the congress? >> it seems that the trend these days and it does seem to be a trend as well that a lot of these news organizations are trying to cozy up with china a lot more. stories for example about journalist taking paid trips with groups tied to the chinese communist party's united front, groups tied with business interests in china and while this is happening, you have state run chinese media being allowed to cover the white house, being allowed to cover senate hearings while the epic times is not and yes, the epic times is one of the harshest critics against the
5:59 pm
chinese communist party, actually broke the story on oregon harvesting of religious dissidents, house christians and others, we broke the sars story come a lot of the early ones on it so we have been a thorn in the side of the chinese communist party for a long time. if >> tucker: your reporting has turned out to be accurate and fascinating. are there any members of congress who are against those who can come to your aid in ten seconds or less? and you name any who might help you with this? >> we luckily had 17 different congress members stepped forward to defend us and hopefully we will get back in soon, we will have to see. >> tucker: may be a couple hundred more could step up. great to see you tonight, thank you and tell us what happens, i hope you will. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: just a reminder, new episode of tucker carlson today comes out on fox nation 4:00 p.m. eastern, heather mcdonald back every night on apm, the show that is the enemy
6:00 pm
of lying and groupthink. have a great night but the ones you love. speaking of the ones you love, you love sean hannity, he's right there. if >> sean: some do and some hate, depends on a given day, what i might be saying. thank you. welcome to hannity and tonight, the left's anti-police, anti-law and order radical policies are causing serious significant deadly consequences nationwide, murder now was way up in almost every major city, robbery, aggravated assault also on the rise, seems like this are becoming all too common. look at your screen, miami airport, and insane multiperson fight breaking out over who gets to stand by seating, going to fight over that? what seemed like an eternity before anyone even dared to intervene, everyone was afraid. meanwhile police also coming under attack,


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