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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 27, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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do a nuclear cost to begin again. they do not believe the government of israel does not believe that those talks will go anywhere. >> neil: jennifer griffin, national security correspondent, that will do it for us. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> juan: hello, everyone, i am one williams, along with dana perino, greg gutfeld, jesse watters. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> starting today if you are fully vaccinated and not in a big crowd, you know longer need to wear a mask. i want to be absolutely clear, if you are in a crowd like a stadium or a conference or a concert, you still need to wear a mask even if you are outside.
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the bottom line is clear, if you are vaccinated, you can do more things, more safely with outdoors as well as indoors. >> juan: it's a breath of fresh air, president biden the cdc delivering some game changing new guidance on masks. fully vaccinated individuals can ditch them while outdoors, but if you are in a crowded setting, you need to put them back on. it's the most significant change to recommendation since the lockdown began over a year ago. in the administration is hoping that it will encourage more americans to get vaccinated. but as we know, and politics optics is everything. and joe biden is getting called out for walking to the podium while wearing his mask outside to deliver the announcement. take a look. >> what message were you sending by wearing a mask outside alone? >> watching me take it off and not put it back on until i get
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inside. >> juan: dana, you are a master of optics. i have two questions for you, what do you think of that? was at a big deal? >> dana: it is welcome news and late, i think that they could have done this a long time ago. many of the states are well ahead where the cdc is and i do feel like, look, i'm not saying that they don't of challenges in terms of a public health crisis, i get that, but i feel like the communications on this continue to be botched every time you turn around. they will say one thing, for example you remember the cdc said that school can be open and then four days later was like, well, school can't be open, what happened between, the only thing that i can think of his politics, because it was not new science came forward and said that schools can be open. in the kids are spreading it, that did not happen. so i'm hoping that people will take this as i noticed today when i walk from my apartment to hear, people that were fully vaccinated, no one was wearing a mask, we were all walking around, so maybe we will give
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people the confidence they need or intended to do that, but right now i feel like they botched so much of the communication over and over again that i don't know, maybe people won't believe it or just continue to listen to state officials who already said that you don't have to wear a mask when you are outside and vaccinated. the last thing is on the optics, i mean, that is a really good point. if you are going out there to make a statement about how you can -- i mean, without a mask if you are fully vaccinated, why are you walking up there like that? but the one that takes the cake is when he wore the mask during the zoom meeting at the climate summit. when you are by yourself in a resume, i'm pretty sure you do not need to wear a mask and i am not, i don't think you need to ask the cdc about that. that's just common sense. >> juan: so another way to look at this is biden winning the war against the virus. i was thinking to myself we were
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worried a few weeks ago about a coming forth way of, but it looks like with the vaccine really everybody getting vaccinated more than half now of the eligible americans have had at least the first shot. is it the case that we can say that the vaccines are winning out and biden as president is winning the big fight? >> dagen: the american people are winning the war. man, and they need to do more to encourage people and go out and get those vaccines, 22 percent in that fox news poll said that they didn't plan to get it. so what did they do today? they came out and told the american people they could do something that they've been doing for the last year without being vaccinated. because transmission outside is rare, incredibly rare, so what are they doing to say you need to go get vaccinated, you can do this? they need to come out. i was emailing with a very
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prominent doctor. if you have been vaccinated, they should come out and say you can be surrounded by other people who have been vaccinated inside. you can go eat dinner. you can be inside someone's home. you can go to a party. right now the case numbers and hospitalizations are low like a mild flu in this country, so where are we with this? i just think that it is a reluctance to give away power accumulated in government over the last year, why do it in drips and drops? there are still more than half of the states have public mask mandates in place, get rid of them, get rid of them, are they going to be tall two, the only thing that comes out of the announcement today is surely some left-wing lunatics will pick fights with people who are out in the streets not wearing masks and the self-appointed shame police, the screeching pod
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people demanding proof of your vaccine. it's going to be a nightmare. in new york. >> dana: [laughs] spewing greg, i was thinking i wonder if biden should acknowledge that donald trump played a big role in terms of getting the vaccine in place, and the reason i was thinking that is because i think lots of people are picking up on the points that are refusing to get vaccinated are older trump supporters, so thinking if he did credit with those people then say, i will go get vaccinated? >> greg: i did not even hear her say that, what did you say about trump supporter's not getting vaccination? i totally missed that, is there something wrong with my earpiece, because i did not hear that, juan? dagen said that trump supporter's are not getting vaccinations, i did not hear that, anyway, let's move on from that totally loaded can you laid it -- i'm not interested, because you
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already played a little game with that live. here's the point, yes, you did. the american public are leading this discussion, right? because they always do. we do not ask to become the united states. we became the united states and likewise we won't wait for the media or some wonk to tell us it is 100% safe. we understand the common sense, right? outside no mask, you want to wear one, go for it, no one cares. if you are vaccinated and you are inside, no mask, but if you are in a crowded place indoors and you don't want people to stare at you, wear a mask. but if you are in church, don't wear a mask. if you are in the car alone, no mask, you look stupid. if you're jogging or cycling, and horseback riding, no freaking mask. if you are going into a restaurant and you don't want the hostess to play cop, where the mask. here is the problem, you don't want other people playing the cop because the government has taken something incredibly simple that humans can decide for themselves and are creating
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confusion and unnecessary conflict, we understand, we get it. whenever the government creates regulatory laws creating an opportunity for conflict that creates the worst kind of outcome. you think about selling loose cigarettes, right? no cop wanted to arrest a man for selling loose cigarettes, but that's a wall. you create public police officers that run around and like a pandemic cop, you are going to have tons of problems, lastly, what kills me about this is this is not the biggest pandemic problem, it's the smallest one, which should be handled by us, we handle the small ones, government handles the big ones, what's the big one? the national crime wave. we have murders and assaults and grand larceny, are you laughing about it? juan, only you would laugh about murder? >> juan: this is one of your -- >> greg: this is my fantasy, you will call it a fantasy of
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the 500% increase in hate crimes. that's on you. if you think people suffering it's funny, good for you. you are on your own. >> juan: thank you very much. i appreciate it. so jesse, i was struck today that one republican government jim justice out of west virginia is saying he is offering to pay $100, give a $100 savings bond to people 16-35 who will get vaccinated, so is that a smart move by the governor? >> jesse: i would take the money and i have to fact-check you on two things. one, black and hispanic-americans are getting vaccinated a much slower rate then use a much older wider trump supporters. they are shooting and homicide in every single metropolitan area -- >> juan: i did not deny that. >> greg: you left your ass off in front of camera. >> juan: this is laughable.
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>> jesse: i will say this on the masts, joe biden was the masked man, he wore a mask when he was sleeping, which was mostly during the campaign, and he might have won this campaign just based on being pro-mask. we all knew it was a joke, lockdowns and masks were much easier than trump's idea of racing towards a vaccine and living with risk, but it is much easier to sell fear when you have cnn on your side and all corporate america wanting to work from home so that they can sit back and virtue signal with the mask even though we know if you look at all the charts and i want to bore you with statistics, because sometimes the truth is boring that mask mandates had nothing to do with the spread of the virus. i don't need the government to tell me that i don't need to or do you need to wear a mask. i don't wear a mask outside anymore, but about 90% of people in manhattan still wearing it and i'm thinking it does not
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have anything to do with a virus. i'm thinking there might just be shy insecure people that like covering their face. i'm serious. i think there is a certain segment of the population then enjoyed wearing the mask and enjoyed covering up and does not want to have people see them when they are not looking so good. also it helps the thieves, they love the mask too. >> dana: liked it when it was cold outside. >> jesse: i'm trying to be positive, it was a good thing the government finally got around to saying we don't need to put a mask on. >> juan: all right, up next to a brutal attack on an officer in broad daylight as the record number of americans say no to defunding the police. next for you on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the hunt is on... beginning june 10th. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: a savage attack on an nypd detective caught on tape. a detective in queens doing his job in investigating a crime scene when a man came out of nowhere and hit him on the head with a large stick. thankfully cops nab the suspect facing an assault charge. that tape underscores the dangers officers face every day on the streets. a new fox news poll showing an overwhelming 62 percent are now against cutting funding for law enforcement. and now the l.a.p.d. officer whose letter to lebron james went viral speaking out. dejan joseph, a 24 year veteran
2:17 pm
of the forest requested a sit down with the nba star to talk about the realities of policing. after that awful and inflammatory anti-police tweet. take a look at his exclusive interview with on why he wrote to james. >> i am about hoping that we can sit down like men and have a civil conversation and understand and humanize each other, that's the main reason that i reached out to the way that i did. i think he is a good human being, the things that he has done for children, i did not like what he said. but i feel in my heart that there is hope if not he and i, maybe what i have done can spark dialogue across the nation where cops and communities can sit down again and humanize each other once again. >> jesse: if i was advising lebron james, dana, i would tell them to sit down with this guy, because he suffered a lot of damage with that tweet. i don't even think he understands the damage he
2:18 pm
sustained. >> dana: the damage was deserved. i was thinking on my way here who will it be that steps up that tries to figure out a way to bring people together, and i guess a lot of us will wait and see what president biden says tomorrow night on the subject in order to help talk about, i understand there is an entire issue and know that there is a big point of view and lebron james has a point of view, but you see what happened to that police officer whacked out of nowhere and i am beyond being surprised, but i'm still going to be shocked and i look at somebody like dion joseph and think that somebody is there, and my not be somebody in government right now that is going to help bring us together, but somebody like him really could. >> jesse: you see the guy hitting the detective in the face with a rod or whatever it was and i can guarantee you he is a bail reform person and probably has a rap sheet, probably mentally ill should not even be on the street, and to go
2:19 pm
back and look at the policies that enable a guide to go out there and roam around like that, what is it going to take for politicians to wake up and reverse some of these damaging policies that they have enacted? >> juan: i don't know which policy you are looking into, d institute -- dean's toulouse duchenne of the crazies? i don't want the extremes to take control of the debate, jesse. i think that you can always find one disturbed person or addict or soaked it that has behaved badly with a police officer, we also have people in this country up in arms in north carolina because apparently a black man was shot in the back of the head in north carolina. we also have a black librarian in her 60s driving to a funeral linking to out of her car, her wig pulled off and pushed around on the ground by cops. so i think that we can cite both sides. i don't want the extremes.
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i like what dana was just saying a moment ago, let's look for where there is reason and where we can find solutions. and i think that there is no question about to the level of injustice that black people suffer disproportionately at the hands of the police, but i think that when you look at tim scott, when you look at cory booker and you look at karen bass, they are really working to try to get police reform done this time. it is something so we as the american people can say that police are held accountable, the bad guys are held accountable, we have to move on and stop dividing ourselves over this very explosive issue. >> jesse: juan mentions police reform you have been talking about society reform, what can we do to help society stop becoming so dysfunctional that they erupt in the situation where the police have to come to respond like this all the time? >> greg: first of all you don't laugh at the facts or think it's funny that over a
2:21 pm
dozen cities have risings and murderers and shootings. i will go over the new york statistics because that's where we live, the shootings have doubled since 2019 and this is not that funny, i'm sorry, i wish i could make you laugh as much, assault up 42%, grand larceny up 81%, murder of 51% since 2019 and again i say hate crimes are up 500% but that does not matter because the felons don't match the mug shots that you would prefer. having said that, you also have to have the right stats if you want to look at unarmed suspects being killed by police, by percentage, whites, there are more whites than there are blacks if you look in the percentage of police encounters. i know that's funny, facts are funny to you, juan. it is to are trying to distort a picture. we actually have a coronavirus, and unemployment.
2:22 pm
you started this. you started and then i respond and you say, don't respond. because you don't like hearing the truth. >> jesse: greg, go ahead. >> greg: i do nothing but read the statistics and do it, you do nothing but recycle your talking points from god knows where. this is where we are heading, because of the anti-police narrative, you are seeing more retirements which will lead to budget cuts and slashed salaries. candidates with a good education and a solid background will read the room and will not join the force, standards will then be lowered since quality applicants will dry up. in 20 years do you think that you're going to have better policing or worse policing? because of the ideology spewed by juan williams you're going to have an even worse police force than before, but the democrats, they don't give two ducks. yes, that was a spell check. >> jesse: dagen, quickly. >> dagen: you want me to go?
2:23 pm
just to wrap that up to greg's point, the demonization of police officers will have the same effect as defunding of police department. and these liberal leaders, governors, the mayor here, liberal district attorneys, they coddle criminals and then treat victims in whole communities like they are disposable. however thankfully there is good news because some of these liberals are not irretrievably stupid and callous, and i will point to ted wheeler, maybe it was the stench from his burning city that knock some sense into him, but just recently he started talking about self-described anarchists who engage in regular criminal disruption who want to burn bash and intimidate, we need higher bail and tougher pretrial restrictions on writers. he pleaded with the public to cooperate with the police, so there is hope.
2:24 pm
>> jesse: so he sounds exactly like donald trump in 2020, got it. coming up next, was at a criminal act? john kerry facing calls to step down over allegations that he sold israel out to iran. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you need a financial plan that can help grow and protect your money. an annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do. with armor all, a little bit of this... professional show you how... ...protects you... ...from a lot of that. keep your car cleaner longer. armor all extreme shield plus ceramic. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes
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♪ ♪ >> greg: great song. john kerry accused of leaking secrets to iran, the foreign minister saying in leaked audio that john kerry told him about israel's role in covert military strikes on a on iranian targets in syria. fox has not come from the audio and john kerry says it never
2:29 pm
happen. many of the g.o.p. are demanding to know more. >> if this is indeed true, if he did this, he needs to resign immediately. unbelievable. just so unconscionable. >> that would be a major foreign policy catastrophe for the country. if it was revealed to be true. >> revealing secret information to one of america's most sworn enemies, if this is true, john kerry needs to go. >> greg: so i'm trying to figure this out, because i have not heard any audio, they are talking about 200 attacks, how exactly is 200 ad tax covert? wouldn't everybody pretty much know by now that somebody has attacked you? >> dana: this is looking back and we have not heard the audio yet, but this is very interesting because on the one hand some democrats are saying everybody knew this because they are really revealed it, but john kerry said it never
2:30 pm
happened, so both things can't be true i don't think, maybe they will try to figure that out. i think john kerry continues to be somebody who is a tough person for the administration to deal with. think of the very first day when he talked about people that lost their jobs when the keystone pipeline got canceled, basically said go get a solar job. there are no solar jobs. and he took a private plane, clearly was not wearing a mask that one time when they had to clean that up. the other day he said we are not going to be able to make a dent in the climate problem, but we will spend trillions of dollars to to try to get there, goes on and on. i don't know if there is a law of diminishing returns here. >> yes, jesse, don't make me defend john kerry, but could it be that the iranian dude was just left out of the loop? >> jesse: [laughs] i think this is a classic case of republicans pouncing, greg when a democrat does something objectively treacherous, insane, and uncalled for and republicans
2:31 pm
criticize the immediate says that the republicans are pouncing on the democrats ignore the story and in 48 hours the media sweeps it under the rug. i don't think the american people care that much about this story, but i would say that if pompeo had disclosed classified israeli military intelligence to the russians, we would have already had hearings styled up and potentially a special counsel triggered, but this is just john kerry looking out for his legacy, supposed to be worrying about the temperature, but he is trying to resuscitate to the iran deal, because that's the only thing he is proud of in his very long career. >> greg: we went through almost dozens of stories where he reported something and knew that 99% of it was all baloney and we find out later in the story floats away. where do you see this one fitting? is this one of those stories in reverse?
2:32 pm
or is there some real meat? >> dagen: with the trump stories, the immediate reaction from anyone in the democratic party was resign, in peach, so i'm waiting for that reaction as we are not quite there from the right, just a couple of things i'm going to quote someone i saw on greg gutfeld! , larry kudlow larry kudlow calling them a candidate for the dumbest person in washington, so that speaks to who he is, but john kerry has always had kind of a weird cozy relationship with iran and a weird dislike for israel, i find it odd now as he is kind of bizarre and means that he is responsible for essentially toppling our perch as the number one oil producer in the country making us more reliant on foreign oil from nations that hate us, iran, we lose our position and our strength in the oil market and on the world stage, so that's
2:33 pm
what john kerry is up to now which benefits iran, very interesting. >> greg: what do you say about dagen saying that he is the dumbest person in d.c. and a racist, because that's what she said? >> juan: i think it's not good that we go ahead and take it out on people who are doing a public service. but you notice people like lindsey graham, strong republican voice out of south carolina says he does not know whether or not we can trust the so-called tape, the state depament saying the timeline is way off, yes, the iranians knew their targets in syria were being attacked, but it was not clear who was, but in fact you had some it was israeli generals and others before the tape supposedly was taped saying, yes, it was israel that was involved, so what you are hearing from the iranian foreign minister does not quite make sense. but to me when you talk about
2:34 pm
oh, this right wing going after john kerry, they don't like john kerry, it just worries me like last week we had the hamburger story, oh, biden is going to take your hamburger, kamala harris' book is being given to immigrants. these stories are false but the right wing echo chamber starts going crazy because you can go after a democrat. >> greg: i guess they learn from the best, steele dossier all the way. gavin newsom facing a recall. ♪ ♪ at qvc, we're celebrating you during our friends and family event. with special deals every day. including 40% off an ever-changing selection of products. savings end soon, only on qvc and at visionworks, we want you to feel safe savings end soon, and we want you to see yourself
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♪ ♪ >> dagen: california getting a sequel to total recall vote 18
2:39 pm
years after the original, gavin newsom facing a recall election in the golden state. constituents of all political stripes fed up with his extensive government mandate lockdowns and hypocrisy. remember when he got caught maskless at that fancy french laundry restaurant? an expensive dinner, and comes as california will lose a house seat for the first time in history thanks to the results of the 20/20 census. greg, where does this go? >> greg: gavin is legitimately terrified and i have received two emails from him to gary got filed, but the message and the top line for the fund-raising email is please give me a chance to explain, then he goes on to ask for money. you know how much? $3. i don't know, there's something pathetic about asking for $3. i guess it is a small -- but i don't know, what is that going to do?
2:40 pm
one thing i learned from this fund-raising email, he says at the end, turning the state over if the recall wins, it will turn the state over to antimask, anti-vax pro-trump extremists. so if you ever want to learn how liberals in the media will get their information, look no further than the democrat fund-raising email, because that just sounds really familiar to you right now. >> dagen: i think it's pro job small business owners who give a damn about their kids who are angry. >> dana: but they's are the ones that left california, because not even the sunshine dollars that they pay you with will make a difference. you don't want to live that way anymore so people are getting a one-way u-haul and getting the heck out of dodge, dagen. >> dagen: juan. >> juan: i just think when you look at the numbers his approval rating is way more so 54% right
2:41 pm
now, and opposition to the recall is pretty strong and even stronger at 56%, so my bet if i was betting right now is that gavin newsom will be governor after the recall, you have to get 12% of the previous people who voted in the previous election to come out. you can do that but it's hard to defeat somebody who is that popular at this moment. with regards to the census numbers, people thought california was going to lose more, so the democrats are breathing a big sigh of relief, they thought they were going to lose more in florida and it just did not happen. >> dagen: yes, because it's about the seats in congress, not the people you govern and your state who are suffering mightily from the mistakes and antiscience mistakes made by governor newsom in the last year. >> jesse: i just want to me to gary got filed, he sounds like a buffoon, i would take my chances with him. maybe he would be available on "watters' world." maybe i can get his email
2:42 pm
address. what do i know, dagen, i thought gavin newsom was going to be the democratic nominee for president in 2024, now he is facing a recall and caitlyn jenner is running and now randy quaid just announced he is getting into the race. he just crossed the wires, because you know me, i have my eye on the wire, it's about to be a circus in california, but i just think that state is long gone. there's no coming back. >> dagen: i thought to randy quaid was still in canada, that's a fox news alert. he is in callie. thank you, jesse. "the fastest" next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ crowd cheering ] [ engine revving ] [ race light countdown ] ♪♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back, it's time for "the fastest" heart stopping video of the tallest roller coaster stuck here at 23s documenting the whole ordeal on tick-tock. everyone was safely escorted down, can you imagine this happening? i think i was on this one, greg, would you ever go on this?
2:47 pm
>> greg: is it called the london eye? i've never been to the one in blackpool, but this is just another kind of an example of how the news works, you never cover an airplane that lands safely come you never cover a roller coaster that works perfectly, and you don't cover a benign police encounters, so all three things have something in common, they have been a million times per year, the mishaps are statistically rare, but the media does not care or they will lie about the statistics. the last year, dana, according to the fbi there were 10 million police arrest last year, 100, 1,000, and four involved police fatalities, 41 unarmed, more whites by a percentage of arrests, interesting, don't you think? and those are facts from the fbi that i looked up during the break. >> dana: you have to love the internet, indeed. >> greg: now the internet. >> dana: i don't know how you
2:48 pm
look to them up in the break? jesse, roller coaster enthusiast or not? >> jesse: i almost died on a roller coaster one time with my dad. it was one of those rickety wooden ones that you go to, one of those sketchy fares and after we took off, we realized we were not locked in. there was no seat belt. it did not click. if so we basically just cried and hugged each other until the ride was over, but i survived and thank god, because the world would have not been the same. >> dana: i'm pretty sure i was on this one. >> dagen: protocol people will come for you. so don't rip on the carnival, number one, i have no problem with this because i love roller coasters, but i hate all the people at the theme parks and amusement parks, so if i get stuck up in the sky for a while it's probably better for everybody. >> dana: as i got older i cannot go on these rides, my equilibrium goes off.
2:49 pm
>> juan: i'm with you i try to stay away from them, but my kids love them so i have to just try to find a nice looking person that takes the kids on. but this story reminds me a lot like what we are going through in american politics in 2016 up and down come here and there, a lot of screaming, ranting, raving, and that's why i stay away the roller coasters. >> dana: fun fact, we got married at patches, matches, and dispatches 23 years ago this august, next up by peer pressure, but for food, and found it through the coworkers one choice can actually influence if you eat healthy or unhealthy. researchers also saying what someone has for lunch is not always what they are craving, so most of what they see on their colleagues trey, do you get this problem, juan? >> juan: i think it's normal and then people sublimity want to find common ground and establish some relationship and sometimes people even say, hey,
2:50 pm
do you want a bite of my food? that kind of thing. it's just communal and sharing come it gives warm and fuzzy feelings. >> dana: i get envious of what people are eating. >> greg: when people are eating at work it's usually fairly depressing. no one wants to sit at their desk and eat, so i look at it as people gassing up their car, there is no joy to it. when i look at people eating, i think i don't want that, i will have a nice meal when i go home. >> dana: our producer gets the gourmet meals. >> dagen: i am with greg, i prefer eating alone and watching cooking shows, but this is done by mass general hospital and i do love a good hospital cafeteria. all of the choice and to the jell-o, dana perino. a woman after my heart. >> dana: always good. jesse, i will give you the last
2:51 pm
word. >> jesse: i brought shrimp into the green room. >> dana: you almost got banned. >> greg: that was the worst thing you did the first week. >> jesse: something else i forgot. >> dana: we won't bring it up. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪♪
2:52 pm
♪♪ [ engines revving ] ♪♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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♪ ♪ >> juan: it's time now for "one more thing," i will go first. up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, this time it's the super moon. put on a show around the world as you can see it was good enough for frank sinatra to sing "fly me to the moon." the moon is cycling closer to the earth than usual, that's why it looks so large. it's called the pink moon after
2:56 pm
the pink blossoms that come in the spring. we will have a second super moon in may, next month that will be called a flower moon. so enjoy the likely show coming from above. jesse, you are up. >> jesse: jesse jr. has been crying a little bit recently trying to get them on a schedule with the feedings and almost there, so i have been looking up hacks on the internet of how to stop your baby from crying and i found one idea, watch. [crying] >> jesse: so i will have to try this, obviously, we will have to buy some of the cool whip or whatever you call it and i will let you know in the audience if it works or not. >> dana: you are going to get some mail. >> juan: it may be a mail from your wife. greg, you are up. he >> greg: all right, it's
2:57 pm
time for -- greg's how many nuts. let's roll the tape briefly. oh, they have to see -- roll it. do you guys remember how to do this? how many nuts? >> juan: 21. >> jesse: 17. >> dana: 14. >> dagen: just one. the squirrel. >> greg: keep going, play the tape. >> jesse: oh, god. >> dana: ouch. >> greg: s, seven, but actually it's going to be eight knots, because jesse watters is going to be on "gutfeld" tonight
2:58 pm
at 11:00 p.m. >> jesse: that's right, i will be on your show, larry kudlow and jesse watters have both done your show, moving on up. >> juan: i'm telling you, dana, you are up. >> dana: tomorrow will be 83 degrees in new york, so the dioxins gave me an idea of what we ought to do tomorrow, take them out and they are out there cruising in the lagoon or whatever it is out there. that's all i got. just some dogs having some fun. >> juan: i like the glasses. those are very cool. dagen, you are out. >> dagen: i have a minute and 45 seconds to kill. >> dana: you deserve it, you can do three of your "one more thing." >> dagen: here is a cat swinging into a dolly, the only reason i picked the video is because this cat looks like kat timpf appearing nightly on
2:59 pm
"gutfeld," so it has a voice and i've been working on the voice, kind of talks like this, so if -- living a very healthy life, but that's how he sounds, his own instagram account, so check it out. >> jesse: i have to call out their producers for a second, they have been screaming in our era constantly, we are running out of time, don't talk so much, we have to save time, now we are sitting here with 45 seconds after being yelled at. >> greg: jesse, i have some statistics, would you like some statistics? >> juan: you know what i want to hear, i went to more concurrent human in my mouth. >> jesse: that did not sound good. >> juan: i was going to say
3:00 pm
that i can imagine you rocking that child to sweep don't make sleep. that is it for us, folks. "special report" is up next. hey, bret baier. >> bret: you guys can fill a minute. thanks, juan. good evening from washington, i am bret baier, a major step in the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic at least that's what the administration is saying, and a relaxation of cdc guidelines for vaccinated people outdoors. but what comes next? white house correspondent peter doocy starts us off tonight live from the north lawn. >> the fed say they know they spend most of the last year telling people what they can to do because of covid and that today is the beginning of a process where they will start to tell people what they think they can do. but it's going to be a slow process. >> i urge all americans, don't let up


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