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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 27, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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and i with your coverage at 8:55 p.m. "your world" with neil cavuto gets underway right now. have a great afternoon and evening. see you tomorrow. >> neil: we are live in california where the effort to recall gavin newsome is in full swing and gaining full steam. more than 1.6 million signatures have been deemed valid to force the issue. that's about 100,000 more than state law requires and could set the stage for the second recall election in two decades. in 2003, that grounds swell made arnold schwarzenegger a governor. caitlyn jenner is interested. so is the former mayor of san diego, kevin faulkner and businessman john cast who lost
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to newsome in 2018. many others will probably and including talk of this woman. los angeles bar owner, angela marsdon. remember her? this video went viral as she showed her frustrate with a state and a governor that did one thing but did quite another. >> i'm losing everything. everything i own is being taken away from me. they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio, which is right over here. how is this dangerous but right next to me as a slap in my face. >> neil: but angela is not done. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." a message to governor newsome. angela isn't forgetting either. take a look. >> what this governor has put us
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through, it's traumatizing. you lose your income, you lose your job. you're out of work for almost a year, over a year and you get so far behind on your rent. you don't know how you're ever going to get caught up or where you're going to land once all of this stops. that is traumatizing to people. it's really traumatizing. so i just -- i hope, i hope and i pray that with this election, it doesn't become a circus and people take it to heart. they get up off the couch and they go up and get the job and cast the vote and don't forget. because while we were losing everything, he was eating and dining out at the most expensive restaurant. i have it on good accord that his kids skied at north star that never closed. his kids were skiing and getting personal teaching. we're at homeworking a computer
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because that's all that they have. our kids are not skiing, getting private classes. these businesses -- my fellow business owners, they have lost everything. they have lost what they were going to give their kids as an inheritance. some are older. they can't get a job. they lost their source of income. they have lost their dreams. so i hope that we never forget, you know. by the way, you talked about unemployment. i mean about minimum wage. in june or july, they're raising it to $15 an hour on all the small businesses. i mean, i saw my first profit, neil, in this month of particular. my first profit. i am trying to be positive. i'm one of the lucky ones. i'm constantly fighting my inner self to be positive. i can't -- i have to be truthful. you know? the reality is, i wake up in night terrors. i walk up wondering, oh, my gosh, they're going to take away the patio in june.
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the permitted ends in june. not many people are coming inside. we're at 50% capacity, tables six to eight feet apart. you can imagine if you have a 2,000 square foot place, how many will that hold? a lot of people don't want to come inside. we're in california. >> neil: you mentioned the governor and this recall election. he's up about eight points from his lows. there's a good possibility he survives this. if he does, how would you feel about that? >> i honestly -- i thought if someone, you know -- i remember very specifically -- i'm glad you're asking me this. i remember in the video when i was in so much pain, i said somebody has to help us, right? and then i realized through this there's not many people that are, you know, coming through. maybe something that we have to do for ourselves. so all i can say is i'm pleading
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to every democrat that signed that, every independent signed that, the decisions that he made. he had the science. we have proof that the science was there. florida, texas. they did something from new york. 70% of the cases were isolated from inside. maybe they made a mistake. the fact of the matter is, it's poor leadership and we need accountability. if he's going to lie to our face and smile the entire time while killing the middle class, strangling the businesses and putting our great workers on the couch, to sit and watch tv and not know how they're going to get out of this mess, don't forget. it's like battered wife syndrome. you're the one that beat me up and took everything from now. now you're here to smile and
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give it back and i'm supposed to say thank you and what a great relationship i have with my governor? there has to be accountability and truth. it's funny. i looked at the meeting of cherry blossoms came to mind. brought me to the story of washington, honest abe. we need -- we don't need another hollywood in-crowd. we don't need the cool people running the state. we need people that have walked in our shoes. we have a chance and an opportunity right now to pick cinderella, to pick the person that isn't rich and doesn't run with the cool crowd but has walked in our shoes and is honest and is going to do everything that they can to bring back the middle class. there's no middle class here. >> neil: angela, that sounds -- that cinderella is you. you have a lot of people that support you and like you and really were moved by you.
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i remember after a prior chat -- all the e-mails i got saying run this woman. would you ever be interested in that? >> neil, i have thought about it. my biggest concern is could i really make the change. i'm not in politics. am i going to be blocked every time? if i say i'm going to do something, i want to make sure it gets done. it matters. people's lives matter. you know? so i have thought -- i have thought about it because i've been asked a lot. >> neil: you never know. angela could join a crowded field already hoping to take down governor arnold schwartz -- or governor newsome. arnold schwarzenegger was the last to do that. we'll see if history repeats itself. phil and emily joining us here. phil, i can begin with you on whether the governor should be feeling the heat right now.
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governor newsome is up from the lows in the pandemic. could be a contest, majority of californians say they like him. whether they translate and keeps him in office in the fall, what do you think? >> should certainly be concerned. the lesson that we're learning from the pandemic is it was a political pressure cooker. no longer were the decisions of politicians removed. instead, their decisions were front and center when so many people were stuck at home. what we just heard, those charges of hypocrisy of the governor acting one way and ordering other people to act another way, that resonates with people. the question now though is whether or not that populous rage can feed a ground swell grass-roots effort that could topple someone who is sitting behind a political machine. like you mention, newsome is well-liked, powerful and has a lot of resources at his disposal. >> neil: emily, a couple of
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things important i want to get to you. congratulations on your marriage. now you're emily brooks. congratulations. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: the other thing is, what happens in california right now? because it's over the worst of the pandemic. it's reopening quickly. still a ways to go. i'm wondering if time could be the governor's friend here or there's such ill will, certainly among many in the business community that he's going to have the devil of a time. what do you think? >> certainly as things reopen, as people get vaccinated, as people start getting back to normal, start wearing masks outside once they're vaccinated, it's going to be harder for advocates of this recall effort to make their case. because people are not going to necessarily want to be thinking about the terrible time that they had in 2020. so that's really important i think for those activists to --
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like you showed in the last segment, #neverforget. they have to hammer that home. as you mentioned, newsome's ratings are up from his lows. so they are really going to have to shoot down his approval numbers and his ratings if they want a real chance at this. but even if he does overcome this, it's an opportunity for republicans to use governor newsome as an example that they can point to and other places across the country if this does get national interest, national coverage. >> neil: you know, the national trend might be his friend, too. the national reopening going on and now certainly emily touched on it, the fact that you're not required to wear masks anymore. if you're outside, you've been vaccinated. i'm wondering if this is the kind of thing that could influence voters? if indeed it comes down to a recall vote. >> yeah. emily makes a good point.
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in the moment, there's that visceral rage, the frustration. there's a reason why that video went viral. people were living in the moment. the question is whether or not that frustration turns to resentment and eventually action. i can certainly see an instance where this is sort of a shot across the bow where voters are registering their discontent with newsome but do they show up at the polls and vote him out? that's another question. he has a lot of things going in his favor as the vaccine gets rolled out, as things get back to normal. sort of the bad times recede from memory. arguing that he screwed up as things are reopening and returning to normal, it's difficult but something that the governor cannot ignore. >> neil: all right, guys. thank you both very much. as they were speaks, we're getting a couple of things that could indicate the economic comeback we're seeing right now. two big technology bellweather
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names are out with names. and microsoft and alphabet, the parent of google, had better earnings and revenues than thought. both stocks are up in after-hours trading. apple will be keyed up tomorrow expecting strong numbers. this is the wind at the economy's back and this is what reflects it. whether it helps like gavin newsome in california, might be a stretch but it's out there. stay with us. you're watching "your world." ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ excuse me ma'am, did you know that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? thank you! hey, hey, no, no, limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> starting today, if you're fully vaccinated, you're outdoors, you need -- and not in a big crowd, yo no longer need to wear a mask. >> neil: all right. that was welcome news to a lot of americans. but this is limited to those that have been vaccinated and among those that are vaccinated and outdoors at that. they did not stipulate what type of crowds should be limited to. but it's a start. peter doocy at the white house with more. hi, peter. >> neil, good afternoon. that sound bite represents a major sound bite from the federal government. but there's some fine print when
1:17 pm
it comes to face coverings. >> i want to be absolutely clear, if you're in a crowd like a stadium or at a conference or a concert, you still need a mask even if you're outside. >> small gathers are friends are okay. the president says he hopes it will be safe by the fourth of july if the pace of vaccinations keeps up for more than a year. in the white house, joe biden has urged americans to follow the on his way to make this announcement, about the science of safety of being outside without a mask especially if there's no people around, the president made a long walk without a mask explaining why when asked by a reporter. >> you chose to wear a mask when you walked out. what message were you send something. >> watching me take it off and not put it back on until i got
1:18 pm
inside. >> the new cdc guidance is mostly limited and applied to outdoor activities. the cdc director said today, she still believes that people are safer indoors with masks even if they have been fully vaccinated. neil? >> neil: thanks very much, peter doocy outside the white house. right now, professor from mit was looking into all of this social distancing rules in place for the better part of a year. he found some remarkable things. thanks for taking the time. what do you think first?
1:19 pm
to address the issue of outdoor transmission, it's important to recognize that there's two transmissions of covid-19 and other respiratory diseases carried by a droplet, a pathogen in the virus. so one is short-range transmission through so called -- which is droplets through the air. that is respiration by social distancing. and -- >> neil: what about indoors?
1:20 pm
six feet is necessary now, but what is the accurate answer? >> exactly. that's what i was just -- getting to the other type of transmission with the aerosol droplets, those droplets are carried through the air and can be in fact inhaled and potentially transmitted with infection in a well-mixed space indoors. this is the way we understand the risk from smoking. if you're in the presence of a smoking person and that person breathes on you, a short range respiratory check. that kind of transmission is protected by distancing and most serious when people are not wearing masks. the smoke breathed out by a
1:21 pm
smoker is not carried away in the room but it's still there. that's what we call secondhand smoke. so the way to think about aerosol or airborne transmission indoors is that there are infectious respiratory droplets hanging around in the air and over time the risk of transmission does increase. what my work has done in our recent publication is to provide a quantitative assessment of time in space and given factors like ventilation rate, the number of occupants. >> neil: what have you concluded, doctor? there are some general rules that we should keep in mind. things that might -- we might want to avoid. >> yes. number one thing to keep in mind, distancing is not protecting you against airborne transmission. you know, we all understand, you know, the benefits that we can get from being three feet or six feet apart and giving more
1:22 pm
protection against the short range. but we have to keep in mind that anywhere in a room there's a risk. we have to essentially take advantage of the quantitative guidelines that we propose here to assess whether a state is really safe or not. now thankfully many states i believe are relatively safe for transmission. that's what our guideline will predict. some others will not be. large well-ventilated spaces are quite safe especially when one is wearing a mask. very efficient way of lowering the transmission. but we want to be careful about smaller, less ventilated spaces where we spend longer periods of time. >> neil: so professor, let me ask you. would you feel comfortable going to a baseball game? you're in the boston area. that would be a red sox game.
1:23 pm
i don't wish that on anyone, but i'm wondering whether you feel comfortable in an environment like that? >> so again, our research does not address outdoor transmission. but i do feel that generally outdoor spaces are much more safer than indoors. outdoor transmissions are quite rare. so i would generally feel safe in outdoor spaces, but maybe not in large crowds. depends where i'm sitting or standing at such an event. >> neil: got it. so yankee stadium would be better than fenway. that's another issue. professor, thank you very much. very interesting read on this. inside versus outside, how to handle that. meantime, all attention on the president's address to a joint session of congress tomorrow night. it will be different. i'm not talking about just the fact that he will only be addressing 200 there to keep distancing in effect for that big address to the nation but
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saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate click or call to switch today. >> neil: when the president usually addresses the joint session of congress, they cram 1,600 people to the well of the house. just 200 this time.
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>> neil: all right. so what is another 1.5 trillion added to the roughly 2.25 infrastructure plan that the president is trying to get through congress right now? another measure that could be $4 trillion. jacqui heinrich has more. he's going to outline this tomorrow night, right? >> that's what we expect. the american family's plan is expected to cost $1.8 trillion. it addresses child care, paid family leave, free community college and free pre-k.
1:29 pm
combine the american's job plan that would make it $4 trillion. it would be a sweeping overhaul. some progressives are saying that they want even more. >> child care is infrastructure. infrastructure is all about people getting to work. roads, bridges, communications and child care is part of that. >> bernie sanders and elizabeth warren want the president to include vision, dental and lower prescription drug costs. republicans are still reeling from the $1.9 covid relief package that the democrats passed without gop support and the infrastructure talks. >> tomorrow night when the president addresses the nation,
1:30 pm
he stands behind the seal of the president. really ought to say not the seal of the president. should say sold out to progressive. there's free everything. free child care, free college. >> for some republicans, senator kennedy said child care should be targeted and affordable. there's no limit to the democratic agenda and their proposals could make the country less competitive. the president wants to increase the federal minimum wage for $15 an hour, a 37% pay hike. the white house wants to pay for legislative initiatives by raising the top income tax rate and raising capitol gains taxes. when wall street got wind of that, they responded in an unfavorable way. the proposal is still in the works. the legislation will try to be
1:31 pm
passed as one package or multiple packages but being crafted, neil. >> neil: lots of craft there. thanks, jacqui. we want to go to steve daines on this. senator, very good to have you back. elizabeth warren said child care is infrastructure. you agree with that? >> well, i don't think we're reading the same dictionary, neil. might as well be elizabeth warren and bernie sanders giving the speech tomorrow night. this is massive increases in spending unlike we've never seen before. massive tax increases. the largest tax increases in over 50 years. this is truly the far left progressive have taken over this administration and sadly and frankly fearfully, they're having their way. this is not just idle talk, this is where they want to take this country, further into death. remember president clinton cut capital gains taxes in 1997 by 40%. biden wants to double the rates
1:32 pm
on capital gains. that will discourage investing and savings. always remember, if you tax something more, you get less of it. >> neil: all right. at the time, bill clinton raised the top individual rate. but you're right. he offset it with the lower business investor-related rates. the democrats come back, senator, and tell me at least we're coming up with a plan to pay for this. republicans never even consider doing the same. what do you say? >> first of all, we shouldn't be paying for all of this, we shouldn't be spending this. a different between spending and investing. republicans want to see a reasonable infrastructure plan. it's roads. it's bridges. it's airports, waterways, ports. there is a way to pay for this. we just proposed this in the last couple days. we got nearly $2 trillion of unspent funds from the covid relief packages, this economy is roaring back. vaccination levels are going up.
1:33 pm
we have plenty of money out there. it's already been allocated that is not spend that we can redirected a small part of that for true infrastructure. infrastructure on the average man on the street will say yeah, that's infrastructure. it's not free college or child care. >> neil: so when your republicans come up with ideas to pay for your skinnier infrastructure plan, the vicinity of $650 billion, you do leave yourself open to user fees, tolls. i don't believe gas taxes. but you're open to that sort of thing. are you specifically, senator? >> i don't think we need to. i don't. we take a look at the dollars that we already have allocated that are not yet spent. that is where the first place we should go. the american people don't want to see their taxes go up. the user fees go up, gas taxes go up. we don't need to. there's a path forward here. democrats like to raise taxes.
1:34 pm
there's success envy going on in the democratic party led by bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. the far left radical agenda -- >> neil: you say a lot of money is not yet spend. it's right. it's years where they're going to retro-fit schools and that. would you take that money planned for a year or more from now and put it into infrastructure? would you not be doing the retro-fitting of schools and all of that stuff that is within that legislation? >> remember, neil, the $1.9 trillion covid relief bill is mostly a liberal wish list. we had $500 billion unspent from the last covid package passed in december. we're awash in spending at the moment. we don't need to raise taxes. redirect some of covid dollars that were planned for the next five or six years. bring that back, invest it in real infrastructure. >> neil: i get what you're saying, senator. a large chunk of that that is set for -- to kick in next year
1:35 pm
was towards schools and all of that, getting back, getting back in the groove and prevent the next sort of bad reaction to a virus got for bid it should come. would you be or to spending that money? because it's still unspent. that's the plan for it to roll out next year. >> we agreed to as republicans is targeted covid relief. that was around $500 billion. they spent 1.9 trillion. let's focus the current problem, the covid-19 pandemic. we looked at the numbers. there is so much money that is unspent that we can redirect, reallocate and fund infrastructure without user fees. >> neil: senator, i'm badgering on this issue but the school thing is a large spent of the unspent dough. are you -- >> listen, it was a chunk, neil, that was planned to be spent from 23 through 28. you tell me why that is covid
1:36 pm
related? going to 2028? we can target dollars for the schools to address the next 12, 18 months. a lot of this money was part of a liberal wish list. it was an excuse for the democrats to fulfill the wish list. those are the dollars that we can redirect to infrastructure. >> neil: we'll see what happens on that that front. senator danes, great seeing you again. a democrat says forget about spending too much. we're not spending enough. stay with us.
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1:41 pm
not spending enough. representative ro khanna joins us right now, the california congressman nice enough to join us. you're joining the lawmakers urging an expansion of medicare eligibility and all that. this all costs. could be hundreds of billions. how do we pay for this? >> it's going to save money expanding medicare. you talk to businesses and ceos, 20 or 30% of their business is healthcare. they don't want to be in healthcare. that's why working class wages have stagnated. it's going to free up small business and entrepreneurship. the way to pay for it is what president biden is proposing. common sense measures. three specifics. he saying let's eliminate the step-up basis when you die. if i buy a million dollars in facebook, i hold on to it when i
1:42 pm
die. they don't pay capital gains taxes. it's absurd. he wants to close that. he wants corporations to pay taxes, not 0%. president reagan in 1986 had common sense proposals. >> neil: of course, a much lower capital gains tax. what we're asking is, you know, i've seen this, many in your party, come up with creative ways to raise money, raise taxes. not nearly great when it comes to look at the money going out. why is that? >> actually, we have proposed cuts. our military budget is 53% of federal discretionary spending. i went on laura ingraham's show. she said that we need to cut the bloated defense budget. pulling out of afghanistan, which has been bipartisan. that will save us money. we shouldn't have been deployed
1:43 pm
overseas. we need to make sure money going out is effectively spent. if republicans want to work with us to make sure that is happening, i'm all for that. the key is -- look, larry summers who has warned about inflation. he said we can spend up to $5 trillion if it's productive, building our roads or bridges, providing internet to rural america. look at china's spending. look at what they're doing. the chinese competitive threat. look at what they're spending. we want to be left behind? >> neil: they don't run deficits and they don't have debt. what i'm asking you, congressman, if this keeps going at this pace, we won't be able to afford this. with all the tax increases and everything else the president is proposed on the rich, the capital gains and all that, for all of that, it is still little more than half of the monies that are being appropriated to spend down the road. is it fair to say, sir, that
1:44 pm
other people are going to have to start kicking in dough, not just the rich? >> no. the productive investments will lead to extraordinary amount of growth. if you're investing in things that grow the economy 3, 4, 5% that will expand the tax base and will allow us to pay down our debt. so i guess it depends on do you believe in the possibility of american economic growth? i believe in it. i believe that you can grow the economy just like -- >> neil: you'd have to have a lot of growth, right, congressman, for it to pay for this spending. you'd have to hope for something like an internet boom the clinton administration enjoyed to get anything like that, right? >> you'd have to hope nor the type of growth in the 80s and 90s. i believe we can do it. i believe with a.i., quantum computing, synthetic biology. if we have the internet go to rural america, think of the
1:45 pm
talented americans that are not participating in the economy that don't have the opportunity and would have those chances? i believe we can have 4%, 5% growth. i guess if you don't believe that, if you believe in secular stagnation and you don't think america is going to grow, you'd be more concerned. i believe we're going to boom as a country. >> neil: all right. we'll see. we didn't get that growth in the obama years. maybe more during the trump years. we have to go far back. it's possible. thanks, ro khanna. >> thank you. >> neil: all right. we'll see how that sorts out. by the way, we're getting word now that the fbi is indeed looking at a probe of the police shooting in maryland. but it's not done. it's not done by a long shot after this. i'm ordering some burritos! oh, nice. burritos?! get a freshly made footlong from subway® instead. with crisp veggies on freshly baked bread. just order in the app! ditch the burgers! choose better, be better.
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>> neil: just want to correct something i said before. that the fbi is opening a civil rights probe into the police shooting in north carolina. i might have said maryland. i apologize for that. we have griff jenkins in elizabeth, north carolina with the latest. hey, griff. >> good afternoon, neil. we are less than four hours from a curfew kicking in at 8:00 p.m. here in elizabeth city. after six nights of peaceful
1:50 pm
protest may cause some clashes with the police. we've seen in other cities when they enforce the curfews and what they'll be upset about is the brown family attorneys today at a press conference releasing the results of an independent autopsy that shows brown was shot five teams with the fatal shot to the head. ben crump described it this way. take a listen. >> you know from the death certificate that it was a penetrating gun shot wound to the head. what attorneys didn't know is that it was a kill shot to the back of the head. >> now the sheriff, tommy wooten who has been put under pressure
1:51 pm
to resign saying i want answers as much as the public does. the private autopsy is important and i continue to pray for them. a private autopsy is one piece of the puzzle. the independent investigation being performed by the sbi is crucial and the interviews, forensics and other evidence will help ensure that justice is accomplished. mean while, last night the protests were demanding wooten release the video. we may get that tomorrow. it comes as fox news' new poll shows that 33% of americans favor reducing funding for police as opposed to moving it to another area. 62% favor -- oppose that. 33% favor. 62% oppose. neil, the big question is whether or not we will all see that video tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. a hearing to see if a judge will sign off after the sheriff
1:52 pm
fought a motion to get it out to the public. neil? >> neil: griff jenkins in elizabeth city. thanks very much. want to bring you up to date on this development in the persian gulf right now. three iranian boats were approaching u.s. naval vessels. got messy and heated and it got dangerous. jennifer griffin will have an update after this. you're watching "your world." listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ are you managing your diabetes... ...using fingersticks? with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare.
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♪ ♪ >> neil: he ran provocative again, some unsavory behavior, putting it mildly, what can you tell us? >> we are getting some new details about an incident that occurred late last night in the north arabian sea in the persian gulf, there were two u.s. vessels and navy vessels that the ss fire bolt and other that were approached by three iranian guard may be boats. a small gun boats and were armed and started getting within 68 yards of the uss vessels, so they tried to issue a warning bridge to bridge radio warning as well as as well as through loudspeakers and eventually the u.s. vessel the fire bolt had to fire warning shots. that's when the iranian boats disappeared. but again, this was a tense moment and something that has not happen in the persian gulf
1:57 pm
with iranian tasks approaching u.s. vessels for the past three years. back to you. >> neil: i want to continue pursuing this, we are looking like we will reengage in the nuclear talks with iran, surely it must be cognizant of that backdrop for an action like this. so it makes you wonder who is sort of firing the orders on this? >> i think it's clear that there are certain forces in the region as well as the iranian revolutionary guard corps that probably do not want negotiations to start again for regards to the nuclear program and so you are seeing the iranian revolution guard flexed its muscles, they don't like diplomatic's like mohammed's a reef talking to the u.s. and other european negotiators, and so you're seeing attention play out within iran between the guard corps who are trying to assert itself and provoke the
1:58 pm
u.s. military, this was a tense moment to just last night and again we have not seen something like this in the past three years. >> neil: i am wondering as well then what our response was then. it looked like we were taken aback by this, what do we do specifically? what are we promising since? >> i think right now you saw this naval vessel, the uss fire bolt show very professional behavior, firing the warning shots and that's when the iranian revolutionary guard vessels sped off, this used to be something that happened quite frequently and they really are more of an annoyance testing for the u.s. fifth fleet which is based in bahrain, there was a coast guard vessel with the uss fireball to this time, but again the u.s. navy, very professional and fired the warning shots and the iranian wilted if you will. >> neil: i did want to get
1:59 pm
into very quickly, jennifer, these charges about the secretary state, primary citizen talking in lobbying with the iranian higher ups, some even said sharing secrets, israeli secrets. do we know anything about that? he has denied it all, but what do we know? >> he has denied it and former secretary of state john kerry had a relationship with mohammed's the reef back when they did negotiated a nuclear course, so that relationship carried, but john kerry denies that he revealed any secrets, those air strikes in syria have been in open press reports if we remember back to that time period, israel was targeting inside syria and had been reported through the israeli press they had done so. so john kerry is denying it, but all of this is serving as a backdrop, israel and certain
2:00 pm
members of iran do not want to do a nuclear cost to begin again. they do not believe the government of israel does not believe that those talks will go anywhere. >> neil: jennifer griffin, national security correspondent, that will do it for us. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> juan: hello, everyone, i am one williams, along with dana perino, greg gutfeld, jesse watters. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> starting today if you are fully vaccinated and not in a big crowd, you know longer need to wear a mask. i want to be absolutely clear, if you are in a crowd like a stadium or a conference or a concert, you still need to wear a mask


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