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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 27, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> indeed. thank you for joining us and now here is "america report." >> sandra: moments from now president biden is expected to announce new mask guidelines. the cdc changing its guidance, saying they no longer need to wear masks outdoors. one of the most significant updates and guidelines since they began. back to them. they are ready to react to the president's remarks. john? >> the spokesperson morgan ortagus said marsha blackburn of tennessee will react to the calls for john kerry to resign from his white house post over allegations he shared secrets with iran. we will talk about the border crisis with communications director alyssa fara, why there is a blame game going on inside
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the biden white house. >> sandra: we began with another fox news alert, the family of andrew brown, a black man shot last week is still demanding answers after body camera video showing the shooting. they say they saw a portion of it and they believe police may be hiding something. hello, i am sandra smith in new york and this is "america's newsroom." >> john: i am john roberts in washington as we start our tuesday addition of "america report." protesters taking to the streets calling for police to release the full body cam video. it's important to note that that video cannot legally made public without a court order. >> sandra: fox news obtained a copy of the search warrant that led to his death, describing him as a drug dealer with a criminal rap sheet that's more than 180
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pages long. >> john: phil holloway is standing by, but first let's go to griff jenkins from elizabeth city. you have the latest there. >> i do indeed, good afternoon. you can see this is very lengthy and contains multiple felony drug convictions, but the family and their attorneys were here making the case that even though there was a drug-related search warrant carried out, there was no reason he should have lost his life. they called it an execution. and they held a private autopsy to be done on brown's body. here's what they had to say. listen. >> you all know from the death certificate that it was a penetrated gunshot wound to the head.
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but the attorney, what they did not know was that it was a kill shot to the back of the head. >> the attorneys hammered away for his lack of transparency and refusal to show the full unredacted body cam video that they were seeking. he did release another video statement yesterday where he talked about that very video that was shown to the family. >> this tragic incident was quick and over in less than 30 seconds and body cameras are shaky and sometimes hard to decipher. they only tell part of the story. >> john: there were protests last night, moore turned out, temperatures were rising more than we have seen, but there
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were no arrests. we expect more protests tonight. as for -- as for things and where they stand with the public, the sheriff and the county filed a motion to start the process tomorrow at a hearing at 10:00 a.m. we will find out if a judge signs off. you may see crossing the wires, news of the doj opening up a civil rights group into the death of andrew brown jr. or trying to get the confirmation, but i asked one of the attorneys, any truth? he said, sounds right to me. >> john: great perspective from griff jenkins. thank you so much. >> sandra: for more on this let's bring in the criminal lawyer, former prosecutor and police officer. great to see you. it's been a while since we've caught up since this case, the family said they want to see more of that video.
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they believe police are hiding something. what rights should they see that in its entirety? >> hundred and 80 pages of a criminal history, that's a shocking revelation. the family rights, they don't really have any additional legal rights to see any piece of a criminal investigation for an internal affairs investigation, more than anyone else does. what they are getting is what they're being allowed to see by the authorities who possess that evidence. at some point later in the future they may have additional, but it's beyond me how we can take a 20 or 32nd video and try to extrapolate and make conclusions about what may or may not have happened. we need to take a deep breath and wait and let this investigation run its course because these officers were
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involved in felony arrest warrant service, that's a high risk police activity. we need to know what information they have and what because not one, but multiple officers to feel they were justified to use deadly force. >> sandra: knowing that 180 page rap sheet, what would a bentley protocol to carry out that warrant? >> this is a higher risk activity, they are to go armed, body armor and they are going to use extra precautions because if this is a person who has anything in their criminal history with resisting arrest, weapons, they are going to try and be proactive to make sure that is secure. all police use of force must be objectively reasonable. the supreme court told us that in 1989. the idea is that we don't want to use the 2020 lands of
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hindsight, we want to look at this from the perspective of the officers who are on the scene to have limited information, but are in a dynamic and changing situation. what this tells me if you have more than one officer who is taking the same action, employing a firearm or using deadly force, it's different than if one officer felt it was justified. there are apparently many officers who felt it was authorized. if more officers are of the same mind-set, that suggests there may be something more there than what this family has seen in the limited video release. >> sandra: meanwhile, i don't have to ask you twice about how you feel about the anti-cop sentiment that we've seen spreading across this country and there is this new video that's emerged from new york. this is an nypd detective that
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was attacked in the middle of the day. 11:50 a.m. here in new york city. they -- there was no connection between these two, it was a random attack. he was attacked while he was surveying a crime scene. this happened in broad daylight in new york city where you've seen continue calls to defund the police department. i want to get your reaction. >> the police are out there to be on the side of the victims, they are there to protect victims and solve crimes. if someone is investigating a burglary, the police are trying to solve that, to make this person home, to bring a bad guy to justice. when we have open season on anybody, let alone a police officer trying to serve the public, it's a sad state of affairs in america and something
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needs to change because contrary to what you might hear, not everybody's enemy. we need to be working together with law enforcement to help them do their job. >> sandra: based on that very fact i want to put this data point on the screen, it finds low support from those surveyed, those who favored where 53%. i should point out that that was taken in the middle of the trial. not exactly what people say they want, but it's a narrative that continues to spread. great to talk to you. thank you. >> sandra: we want the morale to be up. we've been talking to police on this program, it's alarming how scary it can be. that video is hard to watch. that detective, that random attack behind him. by the way, he was taken to the
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hospital and treated for minor injuries and were glad he is to be okay. >> john: the guy who was attacking him was dumb enough to do it in front. kamala harris offered more than $300 million of additional support, she and the president still have not visited the border. the white house clarifying the role is not to deal directly with the situation at the border and to address the root causes. as the white house prepares to send million more taxpayer dollars south, smugglers are seeking people and drugs into the country anyway they can. casey stegall is live. >> the feds also just announced a brand-new operation into targeting the smuggling organizations. back your behind me, one of the
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busiest ports, the world trade bridge. it carries some 14,000 vehicles across every single day. they're moving goods and other imports into the united states, but that also includes moving illegal drugs and people at times too. look at these pictures. federal agents say they're seeing an uptick in trains being used. migrants crammed into small spaces and hidden compartments among boxes of produce and carports. >> it is very dangerous to cross illegally, the only safe place is that a designated port of entry. if people want to cross they should present themselves. >> about an hour ago the dhs, doj and the state department
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launched operation centennial, a new program designed to identify smuggling organizations, to cut off their sources of funding and to also impose sanctions on them. the feds say this is part of a multipronged approach to addressing the problems here at the southern border. >> john: casey stegall in texas, thank you so much. >> sandra: president biden is expected to sign an executive order raising the minimum wage to federal contractors to $50 an hour. the white house claims it will not include cost for taxpayers because of greater productivity. it takes effect next january. we look forward to president biden's first speech to a joint session of congress. that will be tomorrow night, 855
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eastern time. we will highlight his priorities and share his accomplish so far for his administration, marking his first 100 days of office. >> john: it will look a little different than the state of the union address. there will only be 200 people in that chamber. there is normally about a thousand or more. sparsely populated, but still an important event. >> sandra: also the first female vice president of course will be standing beside him. >> john: and hopefully nancy pelosi will not rip this one up. we will see. gavin newsom reaching a major milestone, governor of california could now be numbered. >> sandra: john kerry, questions to resign, accused of sharing israeli military secrets with iran. he will be up next. ♪ ♪
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>> sandra: moments from now president biden is set to speak from the white house. his ministrations response to the pandemic. we expect him to announce guidance for wearing masks, just last hour the cdc announced it was safe for fully vaccinated people to go without wearing masks in public in certain situations i began sapphire
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>> john: john kerry denying claims he told iran about secret air strikes while serving secretary of state, but that isn't stopping some republicans from calling for his resignation. >> the red line that was crossed, revealing secret information to one of america's most sworn enemies with the blood of thousands of american military members, undermining the interest of one of our more important allies, the state of israel. if this is true, john kerry needs to go. >> john: and morgan ortagus joins us now. always a pleasure to have you. let's briefly review this. "new york times" article said "former secretary of state john kerry informed him, the foreign minister that israel had attacked interest in syria at
10:20 am
least 200 times to his astonishment. "he said "i can tell you that these stories are false, this never happened when i was secretary of state or sense." what are we to make of all of this? >> this information was first reported by "the new york times," so either they are wrong or kerry is lying. one of the three or a be all of the three. when you look at the story, we heard several different explanations from the bonded administration. first they said they could not comment on the leaked audio and then they sort of change the story and question the veracity, meanwhile they question the motives, but they never said it didn't happen. finally you have the denial. some of my republican colleagues, sure, fine, what i would like instead of calling for resignation is to find out
10:21 am
in those meetings when he was meeting him during the trump administration. from the state department or administration that i'm aware of was every privy to the conversations with foreign leaders. not just any foreign leader, the leader of the world's largest state sponsor, the largest enemy. what were they talking about, can we get a read out of those meetings, why did they say several years ago, why have they confirm that john kerry has private phone calls which is incredibly insecure. it also goes against the protocol of the state department where you use the systems to get a transcript, so more people know. we will know what was said, unless john kerry decides to come clean and tell the world
10:22 am
what actually happens. to me that would be far more impressive than a resignation. >> john: the state department is claiming that this was information that was out there, however we don't know if it was out there. the obama chiefs bid meister, he says talking about things, outrage among republicans, something that was finally known was a disinformation campaign to launder a lie to right wing media outrage. as you mention, it was "the new york times" that reported this, and a subsequent article they said this about that conversation. this was a three hour interview. "carrie has to tell me that israel has attacked you 200 times and syria says he complains in a has kept them in the dark. you did not know the interviewer asks? both times he replies, no, no. claiming he learned about those
10:23 am
strikes from carrie." he doesn't seem to be the guy that would miss the fact that israel attacked iranian interests. >> sandra: you made several good points. to start with your first one, as it relates to whether we should talk about classified information, we never showed. every day in the news media you can see people who act unprofessionally and leaked classified information. just because it's out there and it may be accurate or may not be accurate, one of the reasons why you saw mike pompeo was disciplined about not talking about these things. just because someone linked it doesn't mean you talk about highly classified intelligence. that's up to others. the first excuse, it doesn't work and secondly, you want to ask them, why is there a pattern of behavior. i said this earlier on fox & friends, of john kerry being beholden to the regime of
10:24 am
iran and doing things that would not be supported of an ally in the state of israel. if you look at the end of the obama administration, john kerry was the one who urged the palestinians to get a vote against israel. he said for the first time the united states is going to abstain from that vote. you have these moves along the way, very critical who he was wrong about the middle east, in fact every time he said no, we would know peace in the middle east, four times we had peace. >> john: he continues to deny he had anything to do with this, so we will see if it develops. morgan ortagus, thank you. there you have it. it's a he said he said thing and you wonder, who was it designed to hurt? was it designed to hurt them? was it designed to also hurt
10:25 am
kerry? >> sandra: if true, marsha blackburn is among many law makers who said he should consider resignation. she will be our guest. the effort to remove california governor gavin newsom is moving forward after critics collected more than 1.5 million signatures. jonathan hunt is live in that in los angeles. he has the latest. >> it was a big want to cross, but the organizers of the campaign appear to have cleared it with room to spare. now those who signed the petition to kick him out of office on the basis of his handling and the pandemic have 30 days to change their mind. there appears to be enough cushion for the recall effort to survive a large number of dropouts. state officials will look at the cost to conduct the election, that could take up to three months. only then could the secretary of
10:26 am
state make the certification triggering an election within 60 to 80 days. realistically it looks like october will be the earliest date for the election to take place. but with california reopening and doing well in the fight against the pandemic, the polling numbers are far better than they were six months ago. the most recent poll from california public policy showing 56% of voters oppose the recall. the lineup to replace him if he loses his lead in terms of name recognition by former olympic gold medalist and reality tv star caitlyn jenner, a socially liberal but fiscally conservative trump supporting republican by her own estimation. the field will likely swell to dozens, even 100 declaring a former mayor of san diego, wealthy businessman, retired adult film star, and some want
10:27 am
the l.a. describes as "a billboard model." whatever that is. >> sandra: jonathan hunt, thank you. >> john: any minute we expect president biden to express the center for disease control on wearing masks. the agency announcing freedom for some, you do not need to mask up outside in most situations if you are fully vaccinated. but it still leaves lingering questions as, what about children? nicole saphier has thoughts on that. >> sandra: why a cheerleader's first words on snapchat could have a huge impact on free speech rights for millions of americans. >> now looking at it, i don't really have anything to say. i was a 14-year-old kid. i was upset and angry. every 14-year-old kid speaks like that at one point.
10:28 am
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>> john: bottom of the hour and here are the top stories, the fbi investigating after the police department accused russian hackers of targeting their database, debating ransom and threatening to share information with criminal gaming spirit >> sandra: scott peterson with the penalty phase of retrial. he has been on death row in a california prison for 17 years now after the attorney convicted him of murdering his wife and their unborn son. >> john: a conservatorship hearing for britney spears set to take place in california. her father's says he rejected the totaling $890,000. he said she's "stirring up more necessary media attention." more stories like these download the fox app, scan the code right there, go to
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>> harris: we are moments away from president biden's remarks on the administration's response to the covid pandemic and updated mask guidance, fully vaccinated people can take their masks off outdoors unless they're in a crowd. they join us now. dr. saphier, how important was this guidance that we all just heard? i will tell you where my confusion lies in a moment, but your response? >> what came out of this was they say vaccinated and unvaccinated people can go outside, ride a bike without wearing masks. this is in progress, this is a connection to their policies. the only thing they're saying vaccinated individuals can do that the unvaccinated cannot do is hold small outdoor gatherings. i hate to break it to them, but since last summer the majority of unvaccinated people have been doing this and it's had
10:34 am
negligible contributions. they did not go far enough with these recommendations, but they should have said we are trying to mitigate risk and do what we can to lessen the spread of the way to do that is to get vaccinated and data tells us, you have 90% protection, so not only symptomatic, but asymptomatic. get vaccinated. they needed to tell people, you can go and side. until they tell people they can take off their masks, they're not going to get vaccinated. >> sandra: it seems to me listening to every moment of that, it was vague. what are we supposed to do as parents going to our kids soccer practice? should the parents still have their masks up or if you are a vaccinated american, can you
10:35 am
take that off? >> if you look at recommendation, they're saying if you're not around, take off your mask. if they are in crowds, again, outdoor transmission is not -- thefar majority should haver masks off and one thing from the cdc on their summer camp guidelines which is really infuriating me saying children need to be wearing face masks regardless of activity, if they are indoor and outdoor. summer camps not open and now they're going to be having these lifestyles because they're not going to summer camp! they need to take off their masks if they're playing soccer and doing other activities that we know do not contribute to the spread of this virus. the cdc needs to catch up because their recommendations are not realistic, they're not following. >> sandra: i know you feel
10:36 am
very passionately about this as a doctor and a mother of young children and this is the cdc updated guidance on mask wearing at summer camp, parents are preparing to send their kids off potentially, requiring all campers and staff to use masks with proper filtration consistently and correctly. they should wear masks at all times with the exception to certain people. or for certain settings and activities such as while eating and drinking or swimming. also, physical distance and needs to remain at those summer camps. you can put this up on the screen, campers within 3 feet, campers outside while eating or drinking, i mean, is this realistic guidance? >> not only is it not realistic, but there is no science backing it. they are having these recommendations because they want to say this to be zero risk
10:37 am
of transmission. we were never meant to get to zero, it's about mitigating risk, making sure our hospitals are not full, vulnerable are protected and that we have treatments for an illness if people get sick and the good news, less than 1% of breakthrough infections that are occurring, people who have been vaccinated or having less disease if they get ill, just like when you get the flu shot. the best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family is to get the vaccine. >> sandra: headed for my second shot this afternoon. great to have you. >> john: a big day for you today. >> sandra: you know what, you get it done. to her point though about the cdc guidance and you wish considering so much can change when it americans are vaccinated, that there was more incentive to do so, like taking your mask off when you head out to your kids soccer match or whatever it is.
10:38 am
i hear her. she feels very strongly on this of course. >> john: you and the folks can decide what you think of this. my son had a lacrosse tournament in delaware earlier this year and all of the players were required to put a mask on the chin guard of their helmet. silly or sensible? you decide. >> sandra: i haven't ruled anything out. we want everyone to have a safe, fun summer and to dr. saphier's point, she's worried about the isolation, the lack of participation, weight gain and some of our kids in america, all really important facts that she says they should take into consideration. >> john: is not like kids want to stay home and play video games. stay tuned for that. the state of virginia may be shifting gears following outrage over a proposal to drop advanced
10:39 am
math classes. a live report on that is coming up. >> harris: how the census could reshape america's political landscape. ♪ ♪
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before mortgage rates begin to rise. call now. >> sandra: virginia may be backing away for a push after critics say the statewide efforts were dumbing down classes. associate professor ahead with reaction and analysis, but we begin with gillian turner and what virginia high schoolers are saying about this. >> the virginia department of education keeps algebra one and two as part of the curriculum, but it's going to rename them. that's going to call them essential concepts for grades eight through ten. it's going to remove geometry and calculus and only offer them now as advanced courses for 11th and 12th grade. fox news spoke exclusively, she
10:44 am
is a freshman on calculus, take a listen to her. >> i feel like i'm in the right spot right now. i can take risks and make mistakes and learn from them. >> her older sister who was a junior taking precalc right now. >> i feel like i have a competitive edge in the workplace and going into college, i fulfilled all of my requirements so now i'm able to look at classes like enrollment or higher education. >> the students share their parents fears as they lay them out to fox news, the repercussions of this program could affect the next generation by making them less competitive and overseas as well. sandra? >> gillian turner, thank you. >> john: for more on all of this, associate professor of
10:45 am
political science at kentucky state university and foundation against intolerance and racism and offer of "taboo bear" good to see you mr. riley. i guess the virginia department of education is trying to walk back some of the outrage over the initial concept of the program as it was described by many people, but if you go on the website it has the same graphic up there that says, the central contest advanced mathematics concepts on the right will be grades 11 and 12. what you make of all of this. >> my understanding is that the state says they're not changing the requirements for some time, if ever, but this definitely is a trend. simply eliminating test scores for admission. social studies replacing civics. my position, to be clear,
10:46 am
getting rid of advanced classes will open up everything because some groups which are often asian, west african, people of color happen to be over represented within them. to the extent that could produce "equality or equity, the terms we are hearing, just the equality of failure. i agree with the students that spoke, people should, when they feel ready to take tough classes and compete to get to that next level, just as student athletes can. >> john: the issue is equity, but it's holding people down the right way to do it or the old fashion way, when i went to school with a student was struggling the school and teacher cared enough that they would notice what was going on and they would offer that student the extra help to have them excel. we don't seem to do that anymore. we want to keep other people
10:47 am
down so everybody's at the same level. >> that's exactly right, affirmative action, seeking out people that might be underrepresented and doing anything you can competitively to help them. the logic of disparity equals discrimination could be applied to almost anything. football teams consist almost entirely of white and black male jocks, should be disbanded? asian-american, polynesian athletes, we favor outreach to hispanic math students, but that's very different from ending varsity athletics for ap math. >> john: i want to ask you something that's come up on this occurred back when he was the commissioner in connecticut. apparently connecticut was trying to develop a new curriculum that included racial studies. miguel cardona was including teachers to be more woke.
10:48 am
he wrote "we need teachers behind this wave of curriculum becoming more woke." now some of that appears to be applying to federal policy as well because the biden administration is behind a push to teach critical race theory. >> i mean, there are many things that if a college professor, a teacher or a coach, you might want to take continuing education on, foreign language, law of diversity is overall a good thing. getting more politically woke is the primary thing that our teachers need to be focusing on. i will say, i don't think are great rivals, nations of color, india, arabia, are going to be focusing on getting woke as opposed to teaching their students how to be astronauts. >> john: i pointed out at the top of the show that america
10:49 am
ranks 25th in the world and the list of countries when it comes to math. china is far and away number one. they do indeed want to eat our lunch and they're doing everything they can to do it. good to see you. thank you. appreciate it. you go good to see you. >> john: there you have it. do teachers need to become more woke or do we need to be focusing on studying the three rs? >> sandra: reading, writing, and arithmetic would be good. we are awaiting the president, our case involving a cheerleader and a curse word? what it means for free speech. >> john: the white house as vice president harris is not focused on border issues, so who is responsible? is there a blame game inside the white house making things even worse? alyssa fara is on deck to weigh in. coming right up.
10:50 am
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10:53 am
>> sandra: the supreme court set to hear a case with free speech after a pennsylvania teenager was suspended from her cheerleading squad for cursing on snapchat. david spunt is live at the
10:54 am
justice department. this case has implications beyond a teenager. >> this is going to be a big one and some experts say it may have implications for the free speech of students for years to come, may be the biggest case in the last 50 years. something that happened in pennsylvania in 2017. a high school student was a junior varsity cheerleader who tried out for the squad, didn't make the team. when she was off the school property she posted on snapchat, "f snapchat, f school." they kicked her off the team. her post was made off-campus after school hours. >> i have the chance to show other people that are like me that it's okay to express how you feel and not get in trouble for it.
10:55 am
>> fox news reached out for an interview, but in a court brief they double down on the punishment writing that by putting the message on snapchat she was intentionally reaching a school audience. the justices will hear the case tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. at the supreme court with a decision likely by the end of june or early july. the big case with major implications. >> sandra: we will follow that very closely. >> john: we want to take you across the street to the white house and there you see president biden walking up the sidewalk on the north lawn for an address with the covid update and whether or not americans can take off the mask when they're outside. >> president biden: the path to continue our fight against covid-19, to get us to july 4th. this is our target date, to get left closer to normal and began to celebrate our independence from the virus together with our
10:56 am
friends and our loved ones. but before that i wanted to speak briefly to all of you about the recent change announced by the center for disease control, the cdc. let me say first, while we still have a long way to go in this fight, and a lot of work to do in may and june to get us to july 4th, we made stunning progress because of all of you, the american people. cases and deaths are down, down dramatically from where they were when i took office in january 20th. and continuing to fall. it's particularly true for a group of americans we were most worried about when it came to the virus. senior citizens. when i took office in january we were losing literally tens of thousands of our seniors each
10:57 am
week, grandparents we love so dearly, moms and dads, pillars of every community, gone by the thousands every day. at that time less than 1% of seniors were fully vaccinated when they took office. today less than 100 days more than 67%, two-thirds of our seniors are now fully vaccinated. and more than 80% of our seniors have had at least one shot. that effort resulted in a drop of 80% and deaths among american seniors. a 70% drop in hospitalizations. instead of losing thousands of seniors each day, we are saving thousands of lives and more and more as each day goes by. and by the way, based on
10:58 am
reported data, the proportion of seniors who have been vaccinated is essentially equal between white and seniors of color. i said from the beginning that we were going to fight this virus with equity, equity for all. as a matter of fact, if i'm not mistaken, there are more latinos and african-americans seniors that have been vaccinated than white seniors. these numbers are a sign of progress on that front as well. last week i announced that we crossed the threshold of 200 million shots. we've now since inauguration day, we have given 215 million shots. and anyone 16 years of age or older is now eligible to get the
10:59 am
vaccine now, today, immediately. because of the extraordinary progress we've made, the progress our scientists have made with learning about how it gets transmitted. earlier today the cdc made an important announcement. starting today if you are fully vaccinated and you are outdoors and not in a big crowd, you know longer need to wear a mask. i want to be absolutely clear, if you're in a crowd like a stadium or a conference, or concert, you still need to wear a mask. even if you are outside. beginning today, gathering with a group of friends in a park, going for a picnic, as long as you are vaccinated and outdoors, you could do it without a mask. the cdc is able to make this announcement because our
11:00 am
scientists are convinced by the data that the odds of getting or giving the virus to others is very, very low. if you both been fully vaccinated. the cdc also clarified who is safer or less safe. depending on whether or not you been vaccinated. the bottom line is clear. if you are vaccinated, you can do more things, more safely both outdoors as well as indoors. so for those who haven't gotten their vaccination yet, especially if you are younger or thinking you don't need it, this is another great reason to go get vaccinated now. now! yes, the vaccines are about saving your life, but also the lives of the people around you. but there also about helping us
11:01 am
get back closer to normal, normal living. getting together with friends, going to the park for a picnic without needing to mask up. we are back to that place now as long as you get vaccinated. go get the shots! it's never been easier. once you are fully vaccinated you can go without a mask when you are outside and away from big crowds. i want to thank the team at the cdc for everything they're doing to help us lead with science and bring our communities out of this crisis safely and responsibly. i want to thank everyone who's got the vaccine, for doing your patriotic duty, to get us on the path to independence which i'll be discussing more in detail next week. in the meantime, i urge all americans, don't let up now. keep following the guidance, go
11:02 am
get your vaccination now! it's free and it's convenient. 90% of the american people live within 5 miles of a site where you can get a vaccination. you can do this. and we will do this. thank you all and god bless you. as much of the temptation is to stay outdoors on this beautiful day, i have more work to do. thank you so much. >> reporter: would you have any preconditions to meeting with vladimir putin? >> president biden: one at a time. >> reporter: if the risk is so low outdoors, why does this apply to everybody? >> president biden: it's the most certain way to make sure this doesn't spread to people and you are outside. >> president biden: you chose to wear a mask as he walked out
11:03 am
here. what message were you sending? >> president biden: watch me take it off as i go inside. i will discuss that another day. >> reporter: will you make it faster for them to get the vaccine? and in, they are suffering. >> president biden: i'm sorry, last question or all be in trouble. with regard to india, i spoke at length with the prime minister. we are sending immediately a whole series of help they need. including providing for those with other drugs that are able to deal with this and prevent in some cases, but help recovery. secondly, we are sending the
11:04 am
actual mechanical parts that are needed for the machinery they have to build a vaccine. and that's being done as well. we are also discussing, i've discussed when we will be able to send actual vaccine to india which would be my intention to do. the problem is right now we have to make sure we have other vaccines, and we will be in a position to share, to share vaccines as well as this with other countries who are in real need. that's the hope and expectation. and i might add, when we were in a bind in the very beginning, and you helped us. thank you. >> president biden taking questions there. you can see them walking down the sidewalk. talking about the explosion of coronavirus cases in india and
11:05 am
how the united states is going to help out. as well announcing a little bit of a reward for people who have gotten the vaccine saying, as he walked off, you can take a mask off when you're not in a crowd outdoors. >> sandra: he walked from the white house alone wearing the mask to the podium and of course it was something we noted right away. you look at social media, it's what everyone is talking about. >> john: to give him the benefit of the doubt, he said he did that to demonstrate that you can take the mask off and leave it off. >> sandra: let's bring in dr. nicole saphier, contributor, we appreciate you staying with us. 215 million shots have been given. he talked about stunning progress, but says we have a long way to go. the updated guidance, you wait in a short time ago, what did you think of what you just heard
11:06 am
from the president? >> sandra, he walked out wearing a mask and he admitted it was for theatrics and unfortunately a lot of of what is going on is theatrics. i saw him wearing a mask during a zoom call, people are wearing it when you're more than 12 feet apart. they didn't go far enough. they're saying you can walk outside by yourself and take off your mask. we know. thank you for that. we depend on the cdc to tell us things we don't know. unfortunately that didn't come forth. they told us things we had already known and they didn't go far enough. they say you have to wear a mask any time you're indoors. the important thing that needs to come from the cdc is the message that we will never get to zero risk so the best thing you can do to reduce your risk is to get vaccinated. that's the message. they should say, if you're
11:07 am
comfortable, take off your mask. outdoor, indoor. by saying you have to wear a mask everywhere you go, that stopping people from getting vaccinated and what we need is for people to go get the vaccine. >> john: i'm interested on where you come down on this because they have said, a couple of months ago, their research shows people who have been vaccinated do not harbor the virus and nor do they spread it. i'm sure there is a minuscule if not infinite risk that somebody may cause asymptomatic transmission even if they are vaccinated. is that risk so small that vaccinated people don't need to wear masks at any time? >> real-world data is showing us there have been less than 1% of breakthrough infections when it's come to the vaccinated people. what we have been concerned about, can you still transmit that virus to someone else? the great news is all that data,
11:08 am
global data tells us that that risk is exceedingly low and because we have that data, it tells us we should be able to liberate people to take off that mask. we will not get to zero risk. we never expect to get zero risk, but the goal is to get as low as possible and getting vaccinated would reduce that. we have to get to a point where we are comfortable telling people to take off their masks. we will not get over 80% of americans to get the vaccine. we had existing hesitancy before and unfortunately the politicalization of science has made it worse. we will not get there, but thankfully combining vaccine immunity with natural immunity, we will get there and we are close to it. we still need more people to get it though. >> sandra: i think there is questions as how quickly these states will move on guidance. private companies, grocery stores, bodegas, they can
11:09 am
continue to require the mask, but when it comes to this new guidance about wearing a mask outdoors and not being necessary.
11:10 am
11:11 am
>> if you are not on that category, and everyone around you, it's up to you if you want to remove that. the cdc, those are recommendations. you have a lot of private entities that will follow those recommendations, but when it comes to you and your space and what you do, that's up to you and that's how you will mitigate your risk. we have to remember the far majority of viral transmission has occurred from those at home when people are comfortable,
11:12 am
when they're taking off masks. a lot of on the vaccinated people coming indoors, that's where we see that virus spread. if you have the majority of people in that group, you are decreasing the virus spreading. >> sandra: by the way, andrew cuomo a few moments ago, he announced you have to have an appointment for a vaccine. if it's a state run facility you can walk right in to get you or vaccine shot. dr. saphier, thank you. >> thank you. >> john: fox news alert, the resignation of john kerry. >> sandra: calls getting louder after the minister suggested classified intel for our closest allies, israel. the firestorm continuing. >> that would be a major foreign
11:13 am
policy catastrophe, revealing it to be true. >> revealing secret information to one of america's most sworn enemy. with the blood of american military members. if this is true, john kerry needs to go. >> we do know what his behavior has been with iran and has been with the foreign ministry. it's been much too cozy. >> sandra: denies getting any information. this is not the first time he's been accused. former president trump accused him of holding illegal meetings with the iranian regime which remains one of the united states biggest foes. >> john: a reminder, we get newly released images of an altercation earlier this month. the pentagon reports an iranian ship cut off the coast guard
11:14 am
vessel in the persian gulf. >> sandra: we will speak with marsha blackburn of tennessee, but first to rich edson, live from the state department. >> republicans say they want investigations, some are calling for john kerry to resign. this is the result of a leaks conversation with the iranian foreign minister reported in "the new york times." he claims he was astonished when the former secretary of state told him that israel had attacked iranian forces in syria at least 200 times. fox has not confirmed the audio and it's unclear who leaked it, but the congressman who is the top republican says "i already had significant concerns about secretary carrie serving, but reportedly relaying sensitive information to the state sponsor is just unfathomable." the state department refuses to
11:15 am
comment on the reported audio, though points out the government has publicly confirmed the information that they said he shared with them. the state department spokesman said those strikes were no secret, though there is no reporting on if they mention when he told him this information. his response, he tweeted "i can tell you this story and these allegations are unequivocally false. this never happened. either when i was secretary of state or since. there are questions about the timing of this leak. right now the iranian government are locked in separate negotiations to try to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement that the trump administration withdrew. back to you. >> sandra: thank you. john? >> for reaction let's bring in marsha blackburn. good to see you. thank you for waiting for this. john kerry says he didn't do it,
11:16 am
the state department says the information was out there, but according to "the new york times" which is no right wing echo chamber, he clearly says he didn't know about it and learned about it from kerry. what do you of this? >> john kerry, not being the secretary of state, during the trump administration he decided he was going to get himself back out there in the mix. this is someone that has had a cozy relationship with iran and so he decided to out israel and their operations. and as many as my colleagues and i have said, if this is true, he needs to resign immediately. unbelievable. just so unconscionable. that he would have made these statements and would have taken
11:17 am
action that would not only endanger our nations foreign policy from a diplomatic approach, but also men and women in uniform that are on the battlefield in the middle east. >> sandra: how should this be investigated further? >> there are discussions as who should move forward with this, whether it's the secretary of state or the senate and house intel committee. the point is somebody is going to investigate this and get to the bottom of it. he says he hasn't denied anything. kerry is denying if he said it or if the recording is accurate. let's see where this is going to take us, but if it is confirmed that he did this then he should resign because iran is not our friend. they are our adversary. there are a part of the access of evil with russia, china,
11:18 am
north korea. they do not wish us well. >> john: you mentioned the general who was on fox. he was talking over the fact that during the trump administration mike pompeo accused him of undermining u.s. diplomacy by continuing to have conversations and meetings. here's what he said a little while ago. >> to undermine foreign policy something else. what are we talking about, they were telling them, don't give into the trump administration, waited out, a new administration is coming. much more friendlier to you. that's terrific behavior. >> john: if he was having so many conversations, but he was doing something that he alluded to, would it be beyond the realm of possibilities? >> it would not be beyond the
11:19 am
realm of possibility and of course, we all are aware that there were footprints that he was continuing to moonlight if you will. on foreign policy and would say, just wait it out, this is going to be a one term administration. it did make it difficult for secretary pompeo. and now you have john kerry back in the mix. and if indeed he did this after everything they did to general flynn and the accusations, and you can't have this conversation, then john kerry who is at that point private citizen john kerry, who's out here saying, let me tell you what i'm privy to when i was there at secretary of state. let me tell you what's going on. israel is our number one ally. to have done this to them, to
11:20 am
have done this to our military, to our diplomats, to have done this to the trump administration, completely inexcusable! this nation has always had the policy that are partisan differences and at the waters edge. we do that for our nation's security. and for him to have done this because it made him feel good or it made sound like he was still in the mix is unconscionable. >> sandra: thank you for staying with us through the break. synod of marsha blackburn. thank you. >> john: the census results ready to strip blue states of their seats in congress and that will boost the g.o.p.'s chances to take back the house. >> sandra: one democrat says if his party loses power they have one thing to claim, wokeness. our panel will react.
11:21 am
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11:25 am
move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert, a civil rights investigation into the death of andrew brown, a black man killed by a deputy and carolina, lawyers reveal independent results which show he was shot five times including in the back of the head. griff jenkins is live in north carolina with the latest. >> that's right. the fox news confirmed the doj probe and we are learning the fbi's charlotte office will ron that, the fbi putting out a statement saying "agents will work closely with the u.s. attoy office of north carolina and the civil rights division to
11:26 am
determine whether federal laws were violated. we should note this does not replace, it runs parallel to the north carolina state bureau of investigation. the family attorneys releasing the findings of an independent autopsy showing that andrew brown junior was shot or cotimes in the arm and one fatal shot to the back of the head. they say, we spoke with him after talking about this and here's what he had to say. listen. >> i talked to the sheriff when they showed the family, the 22nd snippet of the video that they have not been transparent whatsoever. if they had been transparent we would see not just one video from one body camera or one brief 22nd period. >> john: he's been under mounting pressure to not only
11:27 am
release that body camera footage, but to resign. he says he will not do so and that he is acting in the name of transparency. we know he did move to file the motion to start the court procedure to get a judge to release the footage. that comes as a hearing with county judge tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. i want to ask, we've learned that they have issued a curfew at 8:00 p.m. that is something new. so far we've seen them helping to protect protesters. they been no results, but there is a new dynamic if they do seek to enforce the curfew because that as we've seen from previous protests, that's when we get clashes. we'll find out what happens. >> sandra: thank you.
11:28 am
john? >> the attacks against police continue, attacked in broad daylight while working at a crime scene. police say a man approached him and hit him on the head with a stick. you can see another officer goes and chases. he's facing multiple charges including disorderly conduct. the detective treated for minor injuries at the hospital. >> sandra: we will keep everyone posted. meanwhile one state is going after woke culture in our schools. how a law in florida would put liberal professors on notice. that story is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ you come and go ♪ ♪ you come and go-o-o ♪ ♪ loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams ♪ ♪ red, gold -- ♪ [ tires screech ]
11:29 am
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11:32 am
♪ ♪ >> sandra: florida state lawmakers to crack down on political bias, letting students record their classes to use as evidence when filing a complaint. the author says he does not want
11:33 am
professors to conform to the same political viewpoint. >> it could be used to help keep them honest, educational purposes, and we have gotten pushback from university professors, but i would say this, these are public employees, state employees and nearly every public employee in the state of florida from state employees to lawmakers, police officers with body cameras are reported, and don't have a interest in their work product and i don't know why university professors should be exempt from that. >> sandra: the bill would conduct colleges to have a survey for diversity. >> john: republicans position to take over after the midterm elections because some blue states are losing the seat in congress as the result of new census data. six seats will gain seats on the
11:34 am
hill while seven states including new york and california will lose one seat each, that might not be the only thing giving them an advantage. one analyst predicting a whole culture of wokeness will bite them. the person saying that, a democrat, the strategist james carvin. let's bring in jason chaffetz and michelle ritchie. let's put that back up so folks can see what's going on here in terms of the seats that will be lost and redistricting. when we look at redistricting, republicans have control of six of those seats, montana and ohio, four of them are split, what are the implications of all of this for november 2022? >> a lot of people i think i'm nicole richie for whatever reason. one of the things i think is a huge concern and this is something democrats will have to be thinking about, we know that
11:35 am
when it comes to redistricting, they tends to impact black voters more than any other demographic and when you think about the fact that black voters are the backbone of the democratic party and the fact that redistricting has been impacted the most negatively, this is something they will have to be concerned about because we know black voters tend to turn out more for presidential elections and they're turning out more for midterm election. my concern is they will get comfortable now that biden is in office and there is control of the house and senate, they might not see the purpose of turning out. this is why it's so important to educate. >> john: is they are a potential big advantage or might it be overstated? >> enthusiasm does win elections, but the democrats problem is not based on the demographics of skin color. it's the fact that they are fundamentally wrong on policy
11:36 am
and that the province of joe biden emma kamala harris was to bring them together. they haven't done that. they have to appease the far left, so the people that are truly in the middle, the people that win and lose elections, they're not going to be happy with the direction because they've done nothing thus far to bring the nation together. you know. >> john: some democrats are not happy with the direction either. here's what he told fox news. "wokeness is a problem and everyone knows it. it's hard to talk to anybody and i talked to lots of people on the democratic party, but they don't want to say it out loud because they will get clobbered or canceled." will this be a problem for the democratic party? >> i find it so interesting that the word woke has been weaponized by so many people who want to take this picture that
11:37 am
if you are woke, that means you're violent and your activism. that's not what it means. let's get historical context here. the word woke started in 1940 and it's part of the headline in "the new york times" in 1962. this word has been around for quite some time. if you have a problem with the word woke, clearly you have a problem with racism in this country because the whole term is centered around being aware of social justice and racial justice issues. that's the wokeness. i don't know understand why people try to weaponize it. >> john: this is one of the most stalwart democratic operatives in the history of the party. >> i think america in general is tired of being told that they are racist and doing everything wrong. i don't think that's the case. even in utah we elected burgess
11:38 am
owens to represent us in united states congress. we have one of the most white demographics in the whole nation and we are represented by him. i got to tell you, it's about policy and it's not about division and skin color all the time! talk about issues and bring us together. democrats are way off track on this. >> john: 15 seconds to wrap us up. >> i will be happy when people are as angry about racism as they are with being called a racist. if we address the racism in this country, everything is not always black always black-and-white, but racism and systemic racism certainly have a part in what were seeing happening in this country when it comes to criminal justice reform and voter suppression. >> john: a lot of time for discussion. michelle ritchie and
11:39 am
jason chaffetz, good to see you. sandra? >> sandra: the white house clarifying vice president harris' role as the border as the administration continues to shift blame for the crisis that is happening there. alyssa fara will be here to react next. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners. congratulations. chances are the home you bought has gone way up in value. that means you could have a lot more home equity than you think. use your va benefits to turn that equity into cash while rates are near all time lows. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow $50,000 or more for home improvements or just put it in the bank. the newday100 va cash out loan.
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11:43 am
>> john: the white house maintaining that kamala harris is focusing on the root causes of the migrant surge and not the current crisis at the border. mark meredith is live. did you get a chance to see the president? >> i was downstairs in the basement, but he was right there earlier. they plan to spend $310 million for humanitarian needs, but also to address what is going on when it comes to migration, incentivizing people not to make the trip. they say the bulk of this money will go to food assistance,
11:44 am
refugees, education and for student meals and places like el salvador, guatemala. speaking of guatemala, the vice president will have a separate meeting with officials, a chance to speak with guatemala's president and insisted more action is coming, also a new policy being rolled out by the biden administration when it comes to immigration enforcement agencies. their limiting where customs enforcement as well as border patrol can carry out their assignment. there are no longer going to carry out court houses under most circumstances, the homeland security secretary said they were reversing a policy. we will see if there's any pushback from this. >> john: mark meredith, thank you. >> sandra: let's bring it alyssa fara. right to see you. i want to get your take on vice president kamala harris is handling on the southern border noting she was put in charge of it march 24th, 34 days and
11:45 am
counting where we still haven't had a clear plan laid out. >> i think republicans need to start looking at the crisis has really something where they're not intending to solve the problem. what i mean by that, the biden administration wants to see mass immigration, they want to see releases into the interior of the country. so we shouldn't be surprised that this mass migration is part of a feature with the immigration policy. no one is leaving because this is what happened, but i would point out that mark meredith's recording that just now hopping on the phone to the northern country, this is months behind an issue that's been brewing since the beginning of the year. what i would note it is it's hurting our diplomatic relations with mexico. under the trump administration, they worked very closely to use
11:46 am
try and stop the flow of migration from the northern triangle. this is a problem that the mexican government wants to thwart as well. not only is it hurting the u.s. by allowing this migration, but it's hurting our relationship with mexico. >> sandra: still questions on why she couldn't just pay a visit to the border. peter doocy within the white house briefing room. they asked jen psaki just that. >> vice president harris says she is not gone to the border because we have to deal with covid issues, what is she referring to. >> her focus is not on the border. it's on addressing the root causes. that is why the majority of her time has been spent on working with a diplomatic level. >> sandra: that was a bit confusing, but also reporting that there is fighting inside
11:47 am
the bonded administration, a blame game being played, a steve learning curve is how he describes the situation. the one senior official, apparently they are questioning his preparedness as far as dealing with this crisis. >> it's interesting to hear that the vice president can go to the border and address the crisis because of concerns. there is a report that the vice president and president biden have barely been attending the task force. vice president pence hosted all the meetings, so i'm not sure why they're calling for that issue. yes, there appears to be a learning curve. you have a health crisis by having migrants pouring into these facilities that are not equipped to handle that. i would note it's a heartless policy. one in three women and children who make that journey will face
11:48 am
sexual assault, victim to human trafficking. they owe it to these people to have a policy to say, don't come here, we can't treat you now, but they're just letting it happen and that is what their policy concerns want to. they want these immigrants coming in. >> sandra: we will see what the president has to say. that's tomorrow night. great to see you and thank you. >> thank you, sandra. >> john: andrew cuomo's newest conference just went on script when a reporter asked if he ever touched anyone inappropriately. we will show you his response that's just come in coming upim next. stay withu us. ♪ ♪ thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> sandra: andrew cuomo was holding a briefing, taking questions in the last hour, it was supposed to be all about covid. he hosts one at almost every day, but a reporter went off topic and asked about sexual misconduct. take a listen. >> any female and the governor's mansion? >> have i touched people?
11:53 am
of course, yes! i shook hands. i didn't touch them inappropriately. i shook hands with the mayor. >> sandra: a reporter asked the governor if he thinks he fosters a toxic work environment. the governor's answer was, no. the new york attorney is investigating those claims against him. >> john: the questions keep being asked and he keeps deflecting. the investigations continue. we will see where this goes. caitlyn jenner getting advice and running for california governor with none other than arnold schwarzenegger talking about their chats on late-night tv. jonathan hunt has more on this. >> name recognition is a help when you're running for governor and thanks to olympic gold and reality tv, caitlyn jenner is better known than any other currently declared candidate to replace governor newsom.
11:54 am
she was also apparently encouraged to run by arnold schwarzenegger who replaced ray davis in california's last election in 2003. >> everyone is thinking about running, i am very good friends with them. i have the utmost respect for her. i'm also very good friends with governor newsom. people have contacted me and asked me about running and not running. >> some of the children are less than enthusiastic about her running, at least according to the reporting of tmz, although that reporting came without any direct quotes from the kids. arnold schwarzenegger thinks they remain vulnerable despite the recent uptick in approval numbers. if those running to replace him deliver the right message. >> of the thing about this is it doesn't matter if it's caitlin or anyone else having a clear
11:55 am
vision of where you want to go, the changes you want to make and why are you qualified become governor? >> we have a former adult film star running and someone described as "a billboard model." that should lead to some interesting answers, why are you qualified? >> john: he certainly has lots of good friends. no question about that. thank you so much. >> sandra: listen closely, a uniquely canadian turn of events knocking out internet service to an entire town in canada. we will tell you the culprit next. ♪ ♪ the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% percent of your home's value. with today's rates near all-time lows and home values at record highs, you can take out $50,000 or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa.
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hello, colonial penn? you need a financial plan that can help grow and protect your money. an annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do. >> john: one or more beavers cutting through internet for canadians. about 900 customers lost serve. the beavers carved through a plastic conduit and cable and
12:00 pm
taking the material to build their beaver lodge. a spokesperson for the telecom company called it a bizarre and uniquely canadian turn of events. eh? >> sandra: from a canadian himself. great to be with you today. see you tomorrow. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: the latest from canada. john roberts. thanks, guys. good to see you. hi, everybody. i'm martha maccallum in new york. we have a big developing story this afternoon. the white house briefing is underway. there's increased calls to investigate john kerry and his relationship with iran. we're watching this briefing. we'll take you there as soon as the question is underway to jen psaki about this relationship and whether or not they're going to stand by john kerry. republicans are calling for him to step down in the white house as the former trump state department spokesperson says kerry has an odd pattern of undermining israel and supporting iran. the biden state department
12:01 pm


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