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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 27, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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over the channel. should we let him? >> we work out to this song at the gym regularly. >> i could not get myself to sweat for this. >> bill hemmer. we're no longer in your way. >> have a great show. >> bill: thank you, good morning, everybody body, cops under siege a man in new york city assaulting a police officer. that begins our programming today. we're ready to go. nice to see you. >> dana: you've been ready for 20 minutes. this is "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: that's tame for what a lot of police have been going through. >> dana: that cop was investigating a crime scene. the man hit him on the head with a large stick. it comes at politicians and protestors call for defunding police departments across the country and crime is speaking
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in cities from coast to coast. >> bill: most americans are actually against cutting police funding. let's begin with david lee miller on that topic on the sawed -- sidewalks of new york city. >> dana: there is outrage in new york this morning over the latest incident that took place monday. a new york city police detective was investigating a burglary in queens when he was hit in the head with a large plastic stick all caught on video. he was filling out routine paperwork. a 25-year-old man hit the detective in the head with one of two sticks. the incident happened shortly before noon. he walks away and starts to run before being taken into custody by police. the detective is on the ground and bleeding from a minor injury. morgan charged with assault and resisting arrest. detectives endowment association that says in part,
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quote, even as our detectives investigate crimes they're attacked. criminals who realize there is no consequence for the lawmakers in our state. the incident underscores a growing fear of lawlessness in new york. according to the nypd in the last week there were 46 shootings. a 300% increase compared to a year ago. homicides year to day are up by 6%. mayor bill deblasio blames the spike in violence on the pandemic. but the police union says the mayor's policies are to blame. tragically at nypd officer lost his officer overnight when hit by a drunk driver. he was investigating an accident on the highway when hit. he was a 14-year-old veteran and leaves behind two young children. there is as we said at the outset, bill, a growing discontent among police across the country. here in new york city now
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retirements are up 75%. chicago, minneapolis, other cities are also seeing a similar trend. >> bill: david lee miller in new york. dana has more. >> dana: protestors took to the streets of elizabeth city, north carolina for a sixth night after the family of andrew brown junior viewed some of the video. we are on the ground with the latest. >> good morning. the tensions are running hot and protest size is growing as the city and county both declare a state of emergency. the protest last night for that sixth ninth remaining peaceful. protestors were outraged the brown family was only allowed to see 20 redacted seconds of the body cam footage worn by the sheriff's deputies in the shooting death of brown. they marched for the first time to the county attorney's home surrounding it out there. now, it had been a long day
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with protestors at the sheriffs office waiting for the family and their attorneys to see that tape. afterwards when the attorneys came out to describe it one of the attorneys had very strong words to describe what was seen on the tape. listen here. >> execution, murder, cops should be arrested immediately. i didn't see it. it was relayed to me by the other attorney. it was 20 seconds where the video started the officer is already shooting. how can you have transparency when the hook of shooting has already begun? >> this is the pressure mounting on the county sheriff to both release the body cam video publicly and to the press and also the calls mounting for his resignation. the sheriff did have the county file a motion yesterday to start the legal process of releasing that video. it now just awaits a judge's signature. but yesterday the sheriff did
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release a video statement where he is making the case there are two sides to this story. listen here. >> this tragic incident was quick and over in less than 30 seconds and body cameras are shaky and sometimes hard to decipher. they only tell part of the story. >> so when could we all see that 20 seconds of video? the timeline is unclear. all that's waiting now is for a judge to sign off. we're waiting for a press conference from the brown family attorneys at 11:00 a.m. and learn more, they tell us, about the autopsy report. >> dana: thank you, griff. >> bill: want to bring in lawrence jones, andy mccarthy continuing discussion. good morning. i thought this lieutenant governor mark robinson nailed it last night with laura. take a listen to what he says about what's happening there. >> what i would say to those activists, pump your brakes, slow down.
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let the justice system take its course. let's take a look at this and find out what's happened. we want to eliminate police brutality. the way you do that is partnering with the police to remove those bad actors from their ranks, not berating a whole bunch of officers and degenerating police all together. >> bill: did he nail it, lawrence? >> he did. guys, i got to tell you, this is exhausting. this is only going to heat up as the summer is here. there has to be a moment in the country where the good men and women, all of us across the nation, stand up. last week jurors and prosecution did the right thing. a nobel profession, you had a bad cop that did something bad but it required all of the facts going out there being prosecuted in a court of law and all of us were able to come
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together and there was at least some peace in the country. i don't know if it's because in this debate media wants all of us to choose a side either you are pro cop or pro people in the community, but it is very exhausting. what i saw of the cop being attacked in new york city just doing a job as a detective is troubling. what many people say that they have experienced in the community from bad actors is troubling. but we got to wait. we have to calm down as a country and process each case individually. we're not doing that right now. >> dana: we're certainly not. andy, could you listen to senator kennedy on sean hannity's show last night talking about the overall situation. >> cops are necessary. if you support defunding the police, you have tested positive for stupid. feel free to call a criminal, a
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meth head the next time you get in trouble. they don't get up every day going to work hoping they can hurt somebody. most of them get up every day, go to work and hope they can themselves come back home alive. >> dana: you've written about the issue of defunding the police being really more to remake the police. could you expand on that for us here? >> i think defund the police is the shiny object. they aren't going to defund the police. no one is going to defund the police but the atmosphere that this creates of this idea the police are wrong, the police are evil, the police are the problem, the villain is what is in place in order to stoke what is actually happening. the justice department comes slip streaming behind these racially charged incidents and open what they call a pattern or practice investigation and because no municipality in america has the resources to go
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toe-to-toe with the justice department's $30 billion budget, what ends up happening is these municipalities have to sign consent decrees to remake the police in the progressive interest and federal monitoring by the justice department. but that's what the game is here. the game is to create a situation where the feds can come in and completely remake policing in america. it is going to be along the lines of the 1970s model that gave us high crime, not the 1990s model that gave us record low crime. and social prosperity. >> bill: ferguson, missouri, chicago during the trump administration, when they enter into consent decrees with the u.s. government do they make the police force better or not can we say?
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>> no, they don't make -- look, bill, the numbers tell the story. we had record low crime from the mid 90s until 2015, 2016, 2017. then things started to spike again. and it is because there is an attack on this idea of broken windows policing and intelligence policing where you deploy the police where the crime is. that's now thought to be -- we'll have a different model of policing and seeing how it will work out. >> can i add some color to that? back if ferguson, one of the first cases i was on the ground reporting it. the d.o.j. under eric holder did this investigation through the civil rights division. what they found was that darien wilson was innocent. mike brown did go for his gun and the community knew this and why the d.a. should have never went to the grand jury. he should have put the facts out to the community.
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he used the grand jury almost as a shield. but on the other hand, what that report also found was that the police in that community because of the city council and city manager's office, that they didn't give the cops the proper resources, they started to police for profit. use traffic stops as well as different small petty crimes to make up the deficit in their budget. they were funding officers to this and it created this environment between the community and police. we don't support policing for profit as well. again, the truth is a little bit in the middle. it wasn't so much race based as it was big government in these cities. again, we have to let these small towns and just cities fail on their own. minnesota decided to defund the police. now they want to refund the police. if we didn't allow them to
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implement their bad ideas they wouldn't have learned from their mistakes. >> bill: thank you. fox polling over the weekend -- yesterday. 62% oppose reduced police funding. what andy points out is the idea not to defund the police but to remake it based on how the current administration would see that. >> dana: dagen mcdowell said something so interesting yesterday. she said the attacks on police actually have the same effect of defunding the police because as we said david lee miller said 75% increase in retirements of nypd. it is replicated across the country and recruiting is down as well. >> bill: more on this in a moment. harris will host a special on policing in america later today. check that out. in the meantime this fox news alert. expect new guidance on masks today. outdoor wearing it could be the most significant change or
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recommendation since lockdowns began more than a year ago. dr. marc siegel coming up with this >> dana: john kerry is denying that he gave classified intel to iran and the allegations are stunning. >> it would be a major foreign policy catastrophe for the country if it were revealed to be true. veteran homeowners. the past four years have seen interest rates drop to record lows while home prices have just gone up and up. giving you a once in a lifetime chance to turn the equity in your home into cash in your hand. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more,
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>> bill: fox news alert. more fallout for the former secretary of state john kerry denying allegations that he shared intel on israeli operations in syria with iran's foreign minister against targets of iran operating in syria. benjamin hall picks up the story. leaked audio from a unit based in london. what more do we know today, benjamin? good morning. >> good morning, bill. this is a leaked could be
6:19 am
sayings between zarif and an economist he had a few months ago. most was intended to be off the record not to be released. it has been done so and creating shock waves. in the recording zarif reveals that former secretary of state kerry disclosed covert israeli operations to him confirming it was israel struck 200 targets in syria. not clear when kerry passed this intelligence on but zarif says how surprised he was that kerry would reveal such sensitive information. the state department is defending kerry saying any info he may have shared was no longer secret. however, the disclosure led to numerous calls for kerry to resign. >> enough is enough. revealing secret information to one of america's most sworn enemies. if this is true, john kerry needs to go. >> the leak comes as the biden administration is trying hard to get back into the nuclear
6:20 am
deal. in the recording zarif admits the hard liners who guide iranian foreign policy have been undermining any deal for a while along with the russians. secretary kerry denied the allegations tweeting i can tell you these stories are false. this never happened either when i was secretary of state or since. the relationship between kerry and zarif has raised eyebrows for sometime. in 2018 as a private citizen he had a number of meetings with zarif and shadow diplomacy and undermining president trump's iran policy and president trump accused him of violating the logan act. these allegations damming for kerry and adding more fuel to the fire. >> bill: you can read a very long on this, too. by the way. which we shall discuss. >> dana: we'll keep talking about this. you can imagine republicans in washington pouncing on john kerry over the new allegations demanding he step down from the
6:21 am
national security council. colin reid, former aide to chris christie. mary anne marsh advisor to senator john kerry. the reason i say that you both know john kerry very well. let me show you statements from lawmakers saying mccall relaying sensitive information to the number one state sponsor of terrorism is unfathomable. some saying it is a criminal act and investigated and prosecuted. colin, john kerry is denying this. other senators say do an investigation before we damn him completely. your take on this initially coming out the night before or the day before joe biden, the president, is going to give his first joint session of congress speech. >> yeah. this is going to have -- leave
6:22 am
it to john kerry to unite the republican party and step on his friend joe biden's big week with 100 day mark in office and big speech before congress. this issue will dominate the news cycle this week. the long term political impact of it is what i see. one, it will unite the republican party who stands united behind the principle that israel is our friend and iran is not to be trusted. the democratic party will have to answer for this and on their heels and no longer going to be just pushing a message of offense against the republican party. it will trickle up and down the ballot and house races where republicans will have a much happier time talking about john kerry and iran or infrastructure and the covid bill. it rejig erd the political land skap for this week and going forward. >> dana: senator kerry gave an interview in 2018. listen. >> my coaching him, that's not
6:23 am
how it works. what i have done is try to elicit from him what iran might be willing to do in order to change the dynamic of the middle east for the better. >> dana: he has had this relationship zarif. he has denied these accusations. apparently there are tapes. what is your take this morning? >> john kerry has denied it number one. number two, israel the government disclosed these attacks to iran and others, three, they are in the public domain and have been for several years. this is not a state secret. this is widely known. across the middle east and by most people who deal in foreign policy, number one. number two, i love my friend colin but i will disagree on the politics. the fact there is a chorus of republicans led by ted cruz who refused to condemn the
6:24 am
insurrection at the capitol on january 6. voting to reject the election outcome is hypocrisy on its face. if you want to talk about national security there is your national security issue. last but not least not one of the republicans who have criticized john kerry for this condemn michael flynn calling the russians to talk about sanctions before trump went into office or anything else. this is the republicans in search of an issue and they haven't been able to find one let alone find one the american people care about. >> dana: colin, you want to respond to that? >> this unites -- mitt romney is out there now questioning this. this unites republicans across the board, not divide them. it will divide the democratic party and i think as joe biden tries to find his next act beyond covid he wants to move into the foreign policy realm and he and john kerry they think know the best. it will cast a shadow over the debate as we look past covid
6:25 am
and go elsewhere. >> bill: the flynn matter happened in december during the transition period. >> dana: when he was named as the national security advisor. >> bill: this kerry story runs deep and we've known kerry and zarif have had a personal relationship going back 12 years. zarif's kids have been educated in the united states. john kerry and zarif know each other quite well. i wouldn't be surprised if they had each other's emails. >> dana: perhaps to mary anne's point. they have to figure out the timing if the israelis released it as well in 2018. >> bill: remember when soleimani was taken out? no response from the region. on these tapes zarif talks about how soleimani wanted to enact a military or action on the battlefield i think was the word that zarif used as opposed to to go to more diplomacy. this is thick, deep water stuff
6:26 am
that involves a number of different countries and we haven't heard the last at all. >> dana: zarif says i have no sway here i basically do whatever they tell me to do and -- >> bill: there is more to this. we'll stay on it. in the meantime this weighty new guidance on the use of a mask outdoors. how significant is it? dr. marc siegel is on that coming up. the white house once again clarifying kamala harris's role responding to the border crisis. >> dana: is this groundhog day? >> it is indeed. the wokest oscars ever. a ratings dud. did you watch them, erika? not be much. carley shimkus of the fading popularity of hollywood's biggest night.
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>> dana: white house trying to clarify exactly what vice president kamala harris's role is in solving the border crisis. more than a month after president biden named her his point person to address the migrant surge the vice president still hasn't announced plans for a visit to the border. mark meredith is live at the white house. i feel like we do this story every day. they're always clarifying what the role is. >> we keep asking. the white house says vice president harris is not tasked with securing the border. instead her job is to look into what is having so many people seek asylum in the united states to begin with. yesterday the vice president had a chance to meet with guatemala's leader for a virtual meeting. the two did discuss migration and plans to go down to central america this summer. no plans yet to visit any u.s. border facilities. last night the biden administration committing some $310 million in humanitarian relief hoping to keep people
6:33 am
from making this trip north. >> the western hemisphere is our collective home and the people in it and our neighbors, the united states plans to increase relief to the region, strengthen our cooperation to manage migration in an effective, secure and humane manner. >> critics say the administration is throwing money at a problem. several republicans demanding the white house do more. they're calling for a dramatic change of course on border policies. 10 republican senators sending a letter to the president yesterday detailing what they've had a chance to see firsthand at the border. lawmakers right our delegation's tour of the border was eye opening. we knew it was a crisis before we arrived because we saw the statistics. witnessing it was different. recent polling done by folks 40% feel the border security situation is worse now than compared to two years ago. we'll see if the numbers change in the weeks ahead and look to see the president talk about
6:34 am
immigration and the border tomorrow night when he talks to congress. >> dana: i imagine he would. we'll keep an eye on it. thank you, mark. >> bill: president biden expected to announce new guidelines when it comes to wearing a max outside. some parents are furious over the cdc saying that kids in summer camp should wear masks at all times even outdoors. dr. marc siegel fox news contributor give us the straight scoop on that. what do you think they'll decide from the cdc and what will the president announce on masks outside today? >> i think today intel from the inside says that today is going to be about if you are vaccinated you don't necessarily need to wear a mask outside and fits the science. even if you aren't vaccinated less than 10% of the cases according to a big study, less than 10% of the cases actually occur outdoors. if you are vaccinated you are almost 100% likely not to spread it outdoors. a step in the right direction. the question will be what if
6:35 am
you are not vaccinated? do you need to wear a mask down the street when nobody is around you? i'll interview the cdc director on the radio today and ask her about that. >> bill: have they been slow on the draw do you think? >> i think they've been behind it. they're being very cautious. they don't want to get ahead of the science. the problem is that it continues to keep the mindset of america in a fearful psychologically impaired place when summer is coming and there is a lot of damage done when you do that. you talk about camps, bill. camps like what are we going to do with kids at camps and sports? are you going to participate in sports with a mask on? that has a lot of negative medical effects. it can affect your lungs and be dangerous. why don't we take into account that kids are much less likely to spread covid-19 and why don't we get the counselors vaccinated and look at it that way rather than saying masks everywhere? >> bill: thank you. give us a second here back in
6:36 am
new york city i'll take a walk over to the board there. it is tuesday. nice pink. it's really pink. here is what we've done. we try to show our audience based on a two-week trend states where number of cases have decreased more than 20% in the last two weeks. these are big population states. new york, michigan, ohio, talked a lot about new mexico, california is in that category as well. i'm sure you have something to say about that. we want to show new hampshire specifically. what we have found based on the number of jabs for adults age 65 and older, they are at 99.9% of the states' population. walk back over here. tell us what you think about that with the vaccination effort across the country and whether or not you think we're hitting that moment where it is critical mass or whether or not there is a relaxing of interest and demand? go.
6:37 am
>> i think, bill, we're getting in the right direction because of vaccination. as you just pointed out about new hampshire and across the country, over 85% those over the age of 60 have at least one jab. that's the group that was getting hospitalized. so notice today, tuesday is a day when the numbers usually spike because we don't get as good an accounting over the weekend. well today we're under 50,000 new cases in the united states for the first time in several weeks. and we have less than 500 deaths for the first time in many weeks. i believe that's totally due to vaccination. of the adult population, we have about 50% have received at least one shot. but we still have a long way to go to get to united kingdom or israel numbers. we have to focus on compliance now because, bill, we're still at almost 3 million vaccine shots a day but we're starting to dip below that. we have plenty of vaccine now but the compliance is going to be a big issue. >> bill: you have a man in his 30s out of san francisco got
6:38 am
the j&j shot and 13 days later he has blood clots. i should point out there are 8 million people have got the j&j shots. are you concerned about this or is it overblown? >> i'm concerned about how it is being -- how the message is getting out there. let me walk you inside my doctor's office. every single day a patient comes in and says to me i have a headache. i have a little dizziness and i say did you get the j&j shot. they almost say yes. everyone that has the j&j is carrying this in their psyche it could be them, it could be them. the problem is it's 2 in a million. the chances of it actually being them is really close to zero and we have not really done a great job of sending that message out there. >> bill: great stuff. thank you, marc, nice to see you dr. siegel with everything you need to know. >> dana: he mentioned the u.k. i want to give you good news. covid deaths in the u.k. have declined to the point where it is now killing around the same
6:39 am
number of people as the flu and pneumonia every year. that's major improvement. >> bill: very much so. it is not pink: >> dana: it's very pink. president biden's justice department launching another investigation into a state police force. is this part of a necessary oversight into policing or just more overreach by the feds? and are gavin newsom's days number as the governor of california. the recall effort against him hits a major milestone. we'll talk to one of the people challenging the governor for his job. h for your family, call newday usa. newday lets you borrow 100% of your home's value. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more. use it to improve your home or put cash in the bank. some of life's most important decisions are made right here at the kitchen table. if you're a veteran and need cash, calling newday could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make!
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>> bill: the results of the 2020 census could have a major impact on congress and the balance of power. seven seats changing hands between states. california lost one for the first time ever. new york also lost a seat. republicans only need to pick up 5 seats to pick up a majority and which parties have the political advantages. i'm guessing a white board. you'll see it next hour with karl when he joins us on that. >> dana: new york lost out on a seat by 89 people. >> bill: to minnesota, right? >> dana: minnesota got it by 11. >> bill: i thought the drift away from the midwest was predictable but it happened,
6:45 am
illinois, michigan, ohio, pa. a lo. >> dana: a lot of people are going to the south and east. a recall election is happening in california. the total amount of valid signatures to remove governor newsom crossed the 1.6 million mark. what happens from here? we're live in los angeles with the latest. >> the signatures hurdle was a big one to cross. the organizers of the recall campaign appear to have cleared it with room to spare. now those who signed the petition to try to kick governor newsom out of office on the basis of his handling of the economy and the pandemic have 30 days to change their minds. but there appears to be enough cushion for the recall effort to survive even a large number of drop-outs. state officials will then look at the cost to conduct the election. that process could take up to three months to complete. only then can the california secretary of state make her
6:46 am
official statement triggering an election in 30 to 60 days. october would be the earliest for the election to take place. california now reopening and doing well in the fight against the pandemic newsom's polling numbers were better than they were six months ago. the most recent poll from the california public policy institute showing 56% of voters here oppose the recall. now the ryan-up to replace newsom, if he loses the recall, is led at least in terms of name recognition by former olympic gold medalist and reality tv star caitlin general. fiscally conservative. the field will swell to dozens. the former mayor of san diego is a serious candidate. wealthy businessman called john kox, a retired film star and
6:47 am
someone the "l. a. times" describes as a billboard model. it will only get weirder from here. >> dana: you will stay on top of it for us. >> bill: want to bring in one of the candidates, former san diego mayor kevin faulconer. you could have a lot of candidates, four that seem to be credible that may give the governor a run for his money. the declining number of cases in california because of covid. if those numbers continue in that trend does that help governor newsom stay in power? >> bill, we all want to get on the other side of covid. i think what you are seeing in california is folks from all walks of life that signed that recall petition over 2 million. democrats, independents and republicans. a governor who has botched the basics. not just covid, bill. the fact that our public schools in california are still fully not reopened. it just doesn't make any sense. i say that not just as a
6:48 am
candidate for governor but as a father with two kids in public school. exploding homelessness across our state. rising crime. what you're seeing is people in california ready the make the change at the top and they want somebody like myself who has run the second largest city in california, who can actually get results. >> bill: you have this population drift we've pointed out and the issue of taxes as well. arnold schwarzenegger, he pulled the trick, right, back in 2003. friends with both governor newsom and caitlyn jenner wants to stay neutral. he is committed to advancing post partisanship. is that an endorsement you or someone would need to unseat newsom? >> i'll tell you, i will look to get a lot of endorsements from folks on -- they understand how important it is for a change in california. as a proud republican who has won in majority democrat city i
6:49 am
understand you win by addition and people who want common sense in california. what we've had, of course, is one party rule that has not served our state at all over a decade. so i'm going to bring that message of reform, of change and proven results. we did great work in san diego and we'll take that up to sacramento. >> bill: 54 times california has tried this. this will be number 55, right? successful only once, gray davis in 2003. is this harder than it looks actually? >> well, i think what you are seeing, bill it's hard to get those number of signatures. the fact that we got so many again from californians from all walks of life speaks volumes of how folks really want a change in california. so look, i'm excited. i'm really optimistic about this ability to bring that change and i'm looking forward to the next several months. >> bill: see whether or not it happens. kevin faulconer with us today.
6:50 am
thank you for your time. >> dana: the supreme court set to hear a case that could expand gun rights in america. we'll talk to the head of the group challenging new york's gun laws ahead plus former secretary of state john kerry is denying claims he shared sensitive information about israel with iran. general jack keane joins us ahead to talk about the fallout. ♪♪♪ some say this is my greatest challenge. governments in record debt; inflation rising, currencies falling. but i've seen centuries of this. with one companion that hedges the risks you choose and those that choose you. the physical seam of a digital world, traded with a touch. my strongest and closest asset. the gold standard, so to speak ;) people call my future uncertain. but there's one thing i am sure of...
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6:55 am
>> bill: police in atlanta risking lives to help a trapped driver. watch here. [shouting] >> bill: they were able to smash through the windows and jump inside the burning car to get the driver out. the driver suffered a seizure,
6:56 am
eventually pulled to safety. you see the seat belt there. several of the police that rescued the driver sent to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. the driver will be okay but not without the help of those men and women in uniform. >> dana: they are so brave. thank god they were there. the supreme court is taking up a case that could lead to expanding gun rights. the new york state rifle and pistol association is challenging the state's conceal carry gun laws. our next guest is a member of the group. they say judges apply them arbitrarily. you must be glad the supreme court will hear this case? >> i'm ecstatic. i hoped for this for years and finally it's come to fruition. i hope for a great outcome and we have the facts behind us. >> dana: tell us about the law
6:57 am
you are challenging. >> in new york pistol permit system is very arbitrary. it has been in effect for a number of years and essentially when you alie for a pistol license, you most likely will get a permit or restricted permit that allows you only to use it as hunting, target shooting or maybe hiking. conceal carry permits in many parts of the state aren't given and it is up to the beliefs or whims of the issuing officer in every county and the issuing officer is usually a judge, sometimes a sheriff. but it is something that has to be changed. 43 other states in the nation give conceal carry permits. why should new york be any different? >> dana: it's the heller decision that came out of washington, d.c. the "wall street journal"
6:58 am
headline today. gun rights return to the supreme court. i had heard there were some anti-gun rights groups or gun control groups who thought this was not a case that they should try to challenge because they are concerned that the supreme court would actually agree with gun rights advocates. >> that's what happened in washington, d.c. there was a case a couple years ago there where the d.c. circuit ruled that not giving conceal carry permits was unconstitutional. d.c. decided not to appeal it. i think that it has gone past that point now and i think we are going to court. >> dana: it will be another probably year before we have this decision. are you anticipating that people that want more gun control are going to start a big p.r. campaign to try to get
6:59 am
people on their side before this court would rule? >> well, you know, dana, i can't imagine that there could be any more of a big campaign against guns in the united states than there currently is, you know. all you hear particularly in a state like new york is how dangerous guns are and what why it has to be limited. they don't talk about the cities like chicago, detroit, los angeles, new york city where violent crime is running rampant. that's just swept under the rug. >> dana: we'll stay in touch with you as this case makes its way to the supreme court. thank you. >> thanks a lot, dana. >> dana: fox news alert. former secretary john kerry accused of leaking sensitive secrets of israel to iran. iran's foreign minister making the allegation in a reported interview as reported by "the new york times." kerry
7:00 am
insisting it never happened. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: first hour was an a, you? >> bill: an a. >> dana: are you being honest? >> bill: it is an a. we have an hour to go. kerry facing calls for his resignation from the national security council starting with claims byister who said kerry told him about him about israeli strikes in syria in the hundreds. new reaction earlier from former state department spokeswoman morgan -- >> he had a history of meeting with iran leaders during the trump administration. it brings up logan act questions and undermining the current administration. either "the new york times" is wrong, zarif is lying or kerry
7:01 am
is lying. >> bill: jack keane in a moment. first rich edson leads us off from the state department. >> iranian foreign minister zarif says he was astonished he learned the former secretary of state john kerry told him that the israeli government had attacked iranian targets in syria at least 200 times all from an interview recorded with zarif that ended up in a london-based publication and "new york times." fox has not confirmed the audio. it is unclear who leaked it or why. the response from republicans, they want investigations or even kerry's resignation. senator ted cruz writes kerry poured hundreds of billions of dollars into the iran bank accounts and a close contact with zarif and caught repeatedly meeting with him during the trump administration and never publicly accounted for what they discussed. the state department points out the israeli government had publicly confirmed the
7:02 am
information that zarif says kerry shared with him. >> can't speak to the authenticity, can't speak to the accuracy of it. can't speak to any motives that may be behind its dissemination. i would make the point if you look at press reporting from the time this certainly was not secret. >> bill: kerry's response tweeted i can tell you this story and these allegations are false. this never happened either when i was secretary of state or since. there is also the timing of this leak. iran and biden administration are currently engaged in discussions to try to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement that the trump administration pulled the u.s. out of. >> bill: rich edson from the state department. >> dana: general jack keane chairman of the institute for the study of war and strategic analyst. if i could have you listen to marco rubio this morning talking about the kerry issue and also this idea of getting that iran deal back on the
7:03 am
table. watch. >> what happens with a lot of these guys they fall in love with these deal. the deal becomes more important than the impact of the deal. just having that deal because they believe so much in it you are willing to do things you wouldn't do under normal circumstances. that happens all the time in life and politics unfortunately. when it happens in something like this that involves national security it can be very dangerous. >> dana: you take a good measured look at your type of things. what is your reaction to this story? >> well, first of all, secretary kerry is denying it and it is an allegation. let's face it, i don't think any of us are surprised by this. we know a couple of things. one secretary kerry foreign minister zarif have a close relationship on their negotiations on the 2015 nuclear deal but he continued that relationship when when he was out of office during the trump years as well having met with foreign minister zarif on a number of occasions.
7:04 am
so much so the trump state department and in particular secretary pompeo accused secretary kerry of undermining the united states foreign policy which in my judgment is completely irresponsible and down right reckless. and to a certain degree quite unprecedented in terms of our history of former governor officials have certainly talked to people around the world but to undermine foreign policy is something else. what are we talking about? they were telling zarif wait, don't give in to the trump administration, wait it out. a new administration is coming. likely much more friendly to you. that's a horrific behavior. and that has every right for secretary pompeo to speak out about it. this is not surprising. we don't know the facts but we do know what secretary kerry's behavior has been with iran and has been with foreign minister zarif. much too cozy. this is an adversary and enemy
7:05 am
not only of ourselves but our allies in the region. >> bill: rick grenell said something similar but draws distinctions between what you just analyzed. listen to him last night. >> if the "washington post" tale and the state department's tale and john kerry's tale is all this information was already out and everybody knew about it, why was the foreign minister so excited? it is because john kerry and zarif talk regularly. this is a fact. >> bill: general? >> yeah, what's not said is the tape does not reveal when this information was provided to foreign minister zarif. it could have been well before some of the stories were written about the 200 so-called air strikes that israel had been conducting in syria and some also in iraq against iranian-backed proxies.
7:06 am
we don't know all the facts. nobody is surprised by this. >> dana: another thing in the leaked audio i want you to react to. zarif saying in the islamic republic the military field rules. i have sacrificed diplomacy for the military field rather than the field servicing diplomacy. we all knew that diplomacy was not what they were doing. zarif has been like supposedly this moderating force but he is admitting he doesn't have any power. >> yeah, well that's certainly a large part of the three-hour interview is his frustration certainly not with the supreme leader. that would never be said. but number two in iran has been for years soleimani and he controlled the revolutionary guard report to him and not the rest of the military. they are on foreign policy of the regime and he runs all the iranian proxies in the middle east and so-called proxy wars.
7:07 am
and zarif's frustration he had no say in any of that and yet very much in his lane in terms of foreign policy. that is a real issue. the other thing is he criticized soleimani in that interview. that has caused a furor inside political circles in iran because soleimani is revered, iconic figure. zarif has a political future some think he will run for president. he says no, the elections are coming up in june. i think this has likely this revelation about particularly dealing with soleimani and the criticism has likely politically disqualified him from being able to actually run and be elected. >> dana: makes you wonder who benefited from leaking this, right, to the "new york times." thank you, general, we appreciate it. >> bill: jack keane, nice to see you.
7:08 am
>> cdc guidance allowing camps for in-person activities. dr. marc siegel last hour addressed the update on "america's newsroom." >> what are we going to do with kids at camps and sports? are you going to participate in sports with a mask on? that has a lot of negative medical effects. it can affect your lungs, it can be pretty dangerous. why don't we take into account that kids are much less likely to spread covid-19 and why don't we get the counselors vaccinated? >> bill: molly line picks up the story live in boston. what will happen, molly, good morning? >> cdc have unveiled a list of recommendations, a long list of measures to allow summer camps to open and keep kids safe. some of the recommendations include covid testing, physical distancing, health screening and masks. now the recommendations urge staffers and also some of the kids teenagers perhaps that are eligible to get the vaccine to get vaccinated. those that can't are urged to engage in a two-week quarantine
7:09 am
before showing up for camp with a negative covid test and under over 2 are advised to wear masks at all times when eating, drinking or swimming. some camp leaders view the mask measures as unnecessary. >> to me i don't see actually any reason why masks will be needed in a camp environment when 98% of our activities are done outside. there were probably 10,000 kids that went to camp on long island and only a handful tested positive and a handful of staff. many camps had no covid at all. >> some doctors are slamming the cdc guidance on masking kids outdoors who criticize the agency as behind on the data arguing it goes against the science that shows children are less likely to transmit and be infected with the virus. president biden is expected to announce some updated guidance today regarding mask wearing outdoors. >> bill: thank you, molly. nice to see you, molly line in
7:10 am
boston. stand by for more coming up. >> dana: parents won't stand for that. you can imagine -- you know how some people created pods of schools? you can imagine people doing that with camps. >> bill: when i walked into work this morning i saw you outside the building and i'm wearing my mask, you are wearing your mask. >> dana: only because i was walking in the building. that's the rule. >> bill: i'm following the rules, too. we get on the elevator. i say are you vaccinated? so am i. we took off our masks. >> dana: i hope we don't get in trouble for that. i didn't do it. sorry, mom, i know you told me not to jump off a bridge in which friends but it's official. california governor gavin newsom will face a recall he election. does it have any shot as success? we'll talk to california congressman darrell issa coming up. >> bill: the d.o.j. will investigate louisville police as officers in that town are
7:11 am
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7:16 am
>> dana: "the new york times" is announcing change to its opinion section. from now on articles by outside contributors will be called guest essays instead of op-eds. it was so named because it appeared opposite the editorial page. there is no geographical op-ed or ed for the op-ed to be opposite to in digital.
7:17 am
they'll change it to guest essays. i came with the gessy place. the label wasn't the problem. the woke policy policing was the problem. now they'll make the cosmetic change and it is ridiculous. >> bill: comes back to it a lot. merrick garland from yesterday, the a.g. >> investigators will work with the community in louisville, public officials and with law enforcement officers. all of these steps will be taken with one goal in mind, to insure that policing policies and practices are constitution nall and lawful. >> bill: merrick garland announcing the justice department investigating into the police department in louisville. this is a year after the death of breonna taylor during a police raid on her home.
7:18 am
james trusty and pat brosnan. what comes from this and is it necessary? >> it comes a giant deep dive by the federal government. david and goliath. david doesn't have a slingshot. no local police department not even a good sized city like louisville has a chance to fend off what the civil rights a.g.'s office do what they want it to do. they will eventually almost like any federal commission find something wrong and threaten civil litigation or consent decree. it is going to come toward a civil settlement that will last for years with federal supervision over this department like it does in almost every pattern and practice. >> bill: the outcome of this a defunding of the force? >> no, it is just a loss of control. it is the folks at d.o.j. civil
7:19 am
rights that have their own notions of what training should look like and how the police resources should be used and what the practices should be on the streets and so it is very much a d.c. sent rick approach that says we'll take over management on a lot of levels. whether it's needed. my concern is we're chasing headlines. you have a high-profile fatal shooting and all of a sudden the entire department gets a full audit. i'm concerned we're seeing this in rapid fire and we'll see more of it come out of a d.o.j. going back to the obama years when they talked about it. >> bill: the big rub in the taylor case is the no-knock warrant and people voiced their disagreement to this. pat i want to bring you in on this. the louisville mayor from yesterday. listen to what he said. >> we all share a commitment and an urgency to this review which is part and parcel of the work we've been doing to reimagine public safety. good officers will welcome this announcement and see it as an
7:20 am
exciting time to be part of reform and transformation. >> reform, transformation, reimagine, where does it end up, pat? >> >> it's another aspect of the recent scorched earth warfare against the police, law enforcement and rule of law. i will say, however, to tim's point that i'm confident that the d.o.j. will conduct a fact-based and thorough review. follow the rule of law, assess empirical data accordingly. the good men and women, many in the louisville police department, will welcome this review because it can just as easily affirm and quantify good practices as well as identify and denigrate some perhaps some bad practices. so i have confidence in the objectivity and empirical data review from the d.o.j. >> bill: police retirements in
7:21 am
yuville 147. a high number. you have to go back to 2017 to get close to that number. then go to this. violent crime in louisville in 2021, january, you have 611 cases, february 476. they are both up well past the norms, pat. >> listen, bill, we've had a couple of recent fen om nons since the summer of love 2020 of rioting with fun and profit. until crime becomes illegal again we're in for skyrocketing gun violence. right now a law that is not enforced is not a law. as simple as that. crime must become illegal again and the enforcement process must go back the place. otherwise it will be summer of love 2021 period. >> bill: pat seems to suggest that good cops will welcome this. should they? >> well, it's a big fat maybe
7:22 am
from my perspective. it depends how aggressively philosophical or political the civil rights division of d.o.j. is doing. it's not that good cops can't withstand the scrutiny. when they realize what is really being put in place is a regime that will last for years with all sorts of publicized recommendations that they focus more on whatever, midnight basketball than stopping gun violence, good officers will leave when they feel big brother breathing down their neck and second guessing them in this climate where the police don't get much support from the local politicians. >> bill: thanks to both of you for your input today. two very interesting perspectives on perhaps the fate of louisville's police department and some others as well. thank you very much. saw it in ferguson, talked about it last hour. saw it in baltimore after the freddie gray case. the point jim makes is well taken. it takes a long time to figure out.
7:23 am
stand by for more. the challenge of public safety is getting attention nationwide. the subject today next for the entire hour harris goes in depth with officers and sheriffs across america in a special edition of "the faulkner focus". police in america. she will pick up where we leave off at 11:00 a.m. eastern time coming up. >> dana: a high school children's profanity laced rant on snapchat that could affect free speech rights of students across the country. a new battle on capitol hill. how the census will shake up the balance of power in the house? karl rove joins us next. ♪♪♪ if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore.
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7:29 am
what could be the biggest she have in mask wearing guidance more than 13 months ago. cdc expected to ease suggestions on wearing masks outdoors. it is time. >> dana: they've been slow to do it. they've been too slow to do it. common sense and science tells us this. the idea that kids at camp have to wear a mask the entire time. >> bill: or work out outside. >> dana: people aren't doing that. >> bill: i think a lot of people frankly have been confused about the direction the cdc has given them over the past 13 and 14 months. it has been a moving target. trying to give guidance to let people know what the boundaries are and the target constantly moves leaves confusion. >> dana: especially if you're vaccinated. the number of people have been infected after they got vaccine is minuscule. i'm getting off my soapbox. >> bill: we are saying
7:30 am
collectively it is time. >> dana: we're on the same page. the supreme court is set to hear a case whether schools can punish students for what they say off campus. this girl was kicked off the cheering squad after a profanity laced ran how will this go, david? >> a fascinating case. some court watchers are saying it's the most consequential free speech decision case involving students in 50 years. a big one we'll be watching it. in 2017 brandy, a high school student in pennsylvania, she tried out for the varsity squad and didn't make it. off school property she posted snapchat. blank school, blank everything. school officials saw the post. kicked her off the j.v. team.
7:31 am
it prohibits foul language by student athletes on the internet. brandi's post was made off campus after school hours. >> i was just really upset that day and i made the post. i have the chance to show other people that are like me that it is okay to express how you feel and not get in trouble for it. >> fox news reached out to the school district for an interview. the district declined. the district doubleed down on the punishment she plainly targeted her speech at campus underscoring the point that she blasted the messages to a school audience, 250 of her snapchat friends who included many feel owe students and teammates. after multiple hearings in lower courts the u.s. supreme court agreed to hear her case. in 1969 they created rules for restrictions schools can impose
7:32 am
on campus but off campus makes brandi's case unique. they'll hear the case tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. with a decision before july 4th. with millions of kids on snapchat it has major implications. >> dana: fascinating. appreciate it. >> the blue states are just hemorrhaging people. they are shoving them away and what is crazy is in the middle of all this, the answer the liberals is to raise taxes. instead of trying to figure out how to keep them they will accelerate the transition out of the blue states to the states that are run overwhelmingly by republicans. >> bill: a big shake-up on the hill sparked by new census data. six states will gain seats in the house. seven states including new york and california will lose one seat each. this screams for a white board. karl rove, fox news contributor. how are you doing?
7:33 am
what do you think this tells you about elections and balance of power? >> it gives an advantage to the republicans but let's be careful. it is a very complicated convoluted and lengthy process. the republicans have an advantage in these states texas, which gains two seats, florida and north carolina, montana and ohio each of which either gains one seat as in the case of the first three or loses a seat in the case of ohio. republicans have got the ability to scope these districts. they control the legislature and governor. we have some states with split control. michigan and pennsylvania both have democratic governors and republican legislatures. they have to come to an agreement. california and oregon have commissions and democratic advantages in illinois and new york, democratic legislatures and governors. here is how it gets complicated. west virginia is a democratic advantage even though republican governor and
7:34 am
legislature. it loses one seat and all three congress members are republican. we lose one. by and large it indicates republicans have got a better advantage than the democrats do in the states that are having -- winning or losing seats. the same true in the rest of the country. even where the lines -- the number of members remains the same. places like kansas or georgia, republicans control the legislatures and governorships in state with 187 members of congress. democrats control with the states with 75. 77 members of congress who are in states that have commissions that decide them and the rest are sort of hybrid or split control. >> dana: how would the future campaign managers for a presidential election say that coming up in 2024 be thinking about how to get to that magic number of 270 >> bill: it means states like texas, which gained seats, and
7:35 am
florida which gained a vote. are more important. but there are more red states that gain than blue states but nonetheless red states like ohio lost a seat and just like illinois a blue state lost a seat. new york and california blue states lost seats but there are also some blue states, oregon and colorado which gained seats. by and large it tilts the electoral college slightly better toward republicans. as former speaker gingrich said red states are growing. think about texas where i live. nearly 16% growth in the last decade. compare that to michigan which had 2% growth. we're growing eight times as fast as a blue state like michigan. >> bill: are you -- if the gop needs five seats in november of 2022, do you feel better about that today? is that your answer?
7:36 am
>> i feel pretty good about it but i feel strongest about it not because of what happened yesterday. that was the icing on the cake. the cake is in republicans in states like florida and georgia and north carolina and texas and pennsylvania and michigan kept control of the legislatures last time a round. the democrats tried to take out legislatures and texas they spent $65 million on 15 seats in the texas house of representatives hoping to flip nine and they got zero. we held our own. so i feel best of all because republicans control the leverage in the state legislatures. north carolina has a democrat governor. the legislature writes the redistricting plan and the governor can't veto it. there are some advantages in the specific states we have. >> dana: we'll continue to watch it with you, karl. interesting. those state legislative seats
7:37 am
really do matter. i don't think people realize that. you pay attention and we appreciate that. thank you. >> bill: thank you, karl. programming note we want complete coverage of president biden's joint address to congress. we start tomorrow night at 8:55 eastern time. as we talk about that it will be a different scene tomorrow night. >> dana: yeah. >> bill: you have 200 members of congress as opposed to 535 give or take. >> dana: i assume they have to wear masks in the chamber and of course then you will have the first woman vice president and speaker of the house is a woman standing behind the president. that will also be a first that we will see. there was a crazy scene in california after a huge crane falls onto a house. details next. california governor gavin newsom facing a recall election after the petition collected the necessary signatures. what's next for the embattled democrat? we'll hear from a republican congressman. he has some thoughts coming up. >> not a republican recall, it is the people's recall.
7:38 am
over 2.1 million californians signed a recall petition. only the second time in our 169 year history that happened. he will go down in november. ash. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% percent of your home's value. with today's rates near all-time lows and home values at record highs, you can take out $50,000 or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa.
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>> bill: quick headlines. a massive crane toppled into a
7:43 am
home in l.a. part of the roof caved in. people trapped inside. no injuries. >> dana: police in chicago arrest a second person in connection with the fatal shooting of a 7-year-old at a mcdonalds drive through that was earlier this month. it comes days after a man was charged with her murder. >> bill: police charge an illinois man are disorderly conduct after a fist fight in miami. it started over stand by seats on a flight to chicago. more on these and other stories download the fox news app and scan the qr code on your screen and go to i want the aisle. >> dana: official, california governor gavin newsom facing a recall petition after it gained enough signatures to force a special election. newsom blasts it as a partisan push to everyturn the last election. let's bring in republican from california darrell issa. he said:
7:44 am
i don't think that's how the people that signed this petition think about things, sir. >> not at all. 17 years ago when gray davis was recalled the same lines were used and it didn't work. democrats and republicans are signing it. the governor is trying to stop a democrat getting into the race which would assure his recall. >> dana: i want to play this kevin faulconer had this to say last hour. >> i think what you see in california folks from all walks of life that signed that recall petition. the fact that our public schools in california are still fully not reopened. the fact of exploding homelessness across our state. rising crime. what you're seeing is people in california ready to make that
7:45 am
change at the top. >> dana: he is throwing his hat in the ring and going to run. caitlyn jenner announced she is going to try to run. there could be many others. what your thoughts on either of those candidates? >> well, look, they are both good republicans, caitlyn jenner was a a very active in cleveland at the convention when i saw her last. she is a serious person and could be a serious candidate. the important thing is just like 17 years ago, there could be well over 100 candidates but there will be a few who are effective in putting the message out of what is wrong with california and what needs to be changed. the lights are going off in california because of bad power projects. concept if you will. the governor is doing nothing. that's exactly one of the items that was happening years ago. you add homelessness. these are the issues that are going to get him recalled but
7:46 am
the issues will pick his replacement based on. >> dana: and could be reasons people have fled the state. karl rove was here just saying all these states are going to lose population, california being one. thanks to america's worst governor newsom and democrat super majority california is the capital of homelessness. highest number of residents picking up and moving to more affordable and welcoming states. california is going to lose, the first time that's happened. what do you think about that? >> i think it is the right thing to have happen is for people to make a decision that the golden state, which we have flocked to for 169 years, is a place that people are fleeing. the people fleeing are the employers, job creators, highly skilled and inflow to a great extent is at the bottom of that.
7:47 am
not the least of which is, of course, our porous border. jessica and others are pointing out that part of the change we have to have. we are going to lose one democrat likely when we lose this congressional seat and another democrat when we lose the governor. what california has to gain by losing these two democrats an opportunity to get back on the right track, to grow our state's economy and to attract the best and brightest as we did for most of our 169 years. >> dana: you are a proud californian and would love for that to happen. sometimes even great weather won't make people stay if they think these other things are going badly. we'll stay in touch. >> bill: if you could stay awake it was woke, right? critics ripping the oscars calling it a three-hour snooze fest. viewers agree. first harris has a preview of her special program today. starts in 12 minutes on "the faulkner focus". good morning, harris. >> harris: good morning.
7:48 am
we do have a very special hour. "the faulkner focus" police in america. i will talk with officers, sheriffs, lawmakers about what some are calling the war on cops. police-involved shootings, protests and riots around the country. we'll try to get some answers about exactly what we need to do to come together as a nation. geraldo rivera and leo terrell will weigh in as well and be together. you know that's a debate you don't want to miss. that's coming up at the top of the hour. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair.
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7:54 am
>> bill: i look at it two different ways. west virginia was doing well in the beginning, right? we looked at the map during the commercial. hitting percentages at the same mark a lot of other states are doing. however, when you look at what i told you yesterday when i showed up for the vaccine on friday, the problem was that no one was there. a major new york hospital. when the demand falls off you have to ask yourself why. if the new york mayor is you can go to the american history museum we'll give you four free tickets. incentive. what it shows the demand is slacking and that concerns health officials. >> dana: it does indeed. hopefully it will get better. >> i have to be honest. if things had gone differently this past week in minneapolis i might have traded in my heels for marching boots. >> today the police will kill three people and tomorrow the
7:55 am
police kill three people and the day after that the police will kill three people. >> dana: less than 10 million viewers tuned in. a record low as hollywood seemed to forget what the show is all about. the movies. piers morgan slamming it as a howling train wreck. carley shimkus joining us. one other thing. he said the oscars as we know it died last night. woke to death by a collective desire to preach, not entertain. lecture rather than make us laugh and virtue signal instead of perform and deliberately crashing it into woke central station it was a howling train wreck. >> i agree. less than 10 million people. that's a 58% decline from last year and to really put it into perspective. 1998, 55 million people watched
7:56 am
the oscars. part of the reason for this year's titanic ratings fail is because nobody saw these movies and it's because the pandemic but the other part is political. and i think that ship has sailed. the line has already been drawn after four years of attacking the trump administration and being rich on stage telling other people how to live their lives. you have to ask yourself why and how? how did we get from republicans, to let's stand on our political soapbox on every turn. is it because they care about the issues or is it because they care about the issues and also their careers? it really helps to be liberal in hollywood. if you win an award, make that liberal acceptance speech and praised by the liberal media it's a grand slam. >> bill: you have been in a lockdown for 12 months. can't you produce something better? >> i'm still wondering where the best parts of the awards
7:57 am
show went. no musicians, none of the best songs. they usually have the best song nominees perform. part of the pre-show. it was boring speech after boring speech. the other thing that i noticed is just a lack of self-awareness. a double standard where there were a lot of people making speeches about social justice and equity and yet apparently the homeless population that lives around union station where the awards show was being held was asked to leave and they were housed in another location. does that fit the compassionate narrative or like we talked about yesterday, some comments criticizing police at an awards show made safe by police presence. >> dana: bill mcgurn at the "wall street journal" had a column that said give bill maher and oscar. he goes on to say surely it says something sad that people skilled in video arts can't hold an audience tonight
7:58 am
because of virtual signaling. never a crowd pleaser. as the academy was busy applauding itself americans changed the channel. >> bill: rose mcgowan was on fox news last night with tami bruce and she criticized the democratic party. i don't know -- she didn't say she was a conservative but used to be a democrat and she describes it as a cult. i think it really takes a lot of courage to say something like that which is why even if you are conservative in hollywood you just don't -- those are the people that aren't talking about politics. sometimes when you don't talk about politics you get accused of being conservative anyway as is the case with chris pratt. a few years ago he wore a don't tread on me t-shirt and people accused him of being a white supremacist. >> bill: always helps to see the movies if you want to know the product. >> the biggest box office success was $6 million at the box office for best picture.
7:59 am
>> dana: maybe money will talk. >> bill: line them up. get the downloads ready. nice to see you today. >> dana: i have a streaming show recommendation. from sweden called "the restaurant." it is very good. there are four seasons but i'm only watching three. the fourth one they go back and -- don't do that. the three are very good. now it is subtitled so you have to pay attention. but it is good. it highlights downtown abby. >> bill: you mentioned it a couple of times. >> dana: i'm trying to spread the word. >> bill: i downloaded nomadland. every time i start it i get -- its -- >> dana: we started watching the mayor of east town. kate winslet. anything kate winslet is in you have to check it out. >> bill: ken burns. >> dana: it's good. >> bill: do we finish any of these series? >> dana: yes, are you kidding
8:00 am
me? absolutely. did you watch offspring? that's from australia. i've been around the world on the streaming services. >> bill: you have the answers. >> dana: it takes me a long time to get through them. special coming up with harris faulkner in policing in america will take it from here. here's harris. >> harris: a special hour of "the faulkner focus". poliulkner. we're about to go in depth and take a look at what law enforcement officers are facing right now in this extremely tense climate on american streets. an important and necessary real talk about how we got here. what needs to happen now? this is in "the faulkner focus" today because we have to move forward. we can't stay stuck here. and living without law enforcement is not what america can survive. we'll get into what some are calling the war on cops. the push by certain politicians to defund


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