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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 27, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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defend us experience every single day. obviously we do a lot of stories involving cops these days we can't forget stories like this. jillian: absolutely. thanks for joining us this morning. we will see you back here tomorrow. todd: "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye, everybody. >> john kerry now under fire for leaking israeli military secrets to iran. >> there's a history of john kerry thinking that he can use the john kerry charm on enemies of the united states. >> vice president harris says that she has not gone to the border yet because covid issues. what is she referring to? >> well, i would certainly have to ask her team about that. her focus is not on the border. it's on the root causes. todd: 2020 census shows democratic leaning states lost house seats and republican leaning states have gained them. >> are direct results of policies supporting freedom weather whether that's government economic deregulation. >> expecting new guidelines soon on the wearing of masks outdoors. >> we needed this about a year and two months ago.
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>> the effort to recall california governor gavin newsom is officially underway. >> it's not a republican recall. it's the people's recall. he will go down in november. >> the first full pink super moon of the year lighting up the night sky around the world. it goes not glow pink comes from early springtime flowers. ♪ ♪ brian: the moon i saw last night did not look like that. i don't know, maybe i was looking at the wrong side because mine looked white where i saw it. but it was big. it looked bigger than earth but i don't think it is. steve: it was a super moon. you needed the high-powered spectacular. ainsley: is there something to it? did you feel different with the full moon and the pink, the blood moon they're calling it. brian: i heard the tides are higher. ainsley: isn't it true more women go into labor when there
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is a full sniewn. brian: right. but they have to be pregnant. ainsley: yeah, they would. that would be the case. brian: i had a moon scope as a kid instead of a telescope. they tell me it was more expensive. i never found the moon. i was sitting there looking at the eye piece. never found it i think i was lied. to say i'm going to look into it. steve: that was a thing. brian: i had a moon scope. evident lay cut above the telescope. steve: childhood #memories. ainsley: we bought a telescope we used it once. we can't figure it out. brian: great on christmas. next day like what did i want that for? steve: the last frontier. it is 6:02 here on the east coast. thank you so much for waking up with us. we hope the full moon is not affecting you and making you crazy. steve: super moon. ainsley: what is wrong with me. i started listening to sermons and went to youtube and listening to t.j. jakes and tyler perry. you these men are amazing learn
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their stories. brian: what's wrong with me and went to watch youtube. ainsley: i was are listening to sermons to help me have peace. brian: everyone knows there is nothing wrong with ainsley. ainsley: benjamin hall is live. did you hear this story. john kerry to step down as climate czar after alleging selling secrets. >> if these alleys are true they are frankly damning. these leaked reports come from an interview that iranian foreign minister zarif gave to a close ally of his a few month ago it was not supposed to be released until after president rouhani left office and not until the u.s. had rejoined the jcpoa. in these leaked recordings says that former secretary of state kerry exposed covert operations to iran confirming to them it was israel that had struck 200 targets in syria. it's not clear when kerry passed this intelligence on. in the tapes, zarif himself says
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how surprised he was that kerry would reveal such sensitive information. this disclosure has now led to numerous calls for his resignation as climate czar, nikki haley, for example, sweeght this is disgusting on many levels. biden and kerry have to answer for why kerry would be tipping off iran the number one sponsor of terror while stabbing one of our greatest partners, israel, in the back. leak comes at a crucial time in relations when the administration is trying very hard to get back into the iran nuclear deal. but zarif also alleges in the recordings that, in fact, it's the hardliners in iran who are the ones really guiding foreign policy. secretary kerry has denied the allegations tweeting: i can tell that you this story and these allegations are unequivocally false. this never happened. either when i was secretary of state or since. but there have long been rumors about secretary kerry's relations with iranians. remember in 2018 he met with zarif when he was a private citizen at the time he was accused of undermining the trump administration iran policy of carrying out shadow diplomacy.
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president trump said he had violated the logan act. this relationship between zarif and kerry goes back many years and at a critical time when the two side are trying to rejoin this deal it raises many, many questions. brian, steve and ainsley? >> steve: no kidding, where do you start. thank you very much, benjamin, live from london. why would john kerry leak not world's state sponsor of terrorism to an ally. the "new york post" this morning on an op-ed page summarizes it this way: john kerry has helped solidify his odious legacy as a dunderhead par exlance at best and a traitoro. s idealogue. he iran president the supreme leader and revolutionary guard run the country there why joe biden is trying to negotiate with the president this just don't make sense. brian: go ahead, ainsley. ainsley: you go ahead, brain.
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brian: the foreign minister zarif has been back and forth to the u.s. and likes to mock us every turn goes on to say about the iranian revolutionary guard when we took out soleimani we took out the man was that his biggest rival. he was the ones flying the russians into syria, providing intention there. he was the one that didn't want to see this iranian deal done while zarif was trying to get it done with john kerry on the side off seen screaming at john kerry who was just absorbing this. zarif coming out saying i was given this intelligence really not much of a surprise because they knew the israelis were acting in syria. 200 times letting him know, letting iran know what israel was up to, i mean, this guy should have been forced out at the time. he should have been humiliated when he was trying to undermine the trump administration walking around france appearing at all these summits. mike pompeo confirmed that on his show. saying don't worry donald trump is going to get impeached. is he not going to be here for
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long. hold out, don't do a deal with this administration which is treasonous on its face which he denied. and now this is more proof of it. i don't know, i'm not seeing much of a denial from zarif which that's his voice. if that's his voice, john kerry should apologize and go back to a yacht and pretend he never existed. ainsley: a conversation between zarif and economist and the copy was leaked to this persian news channel iranian international and then it was shared with the "new york times." republicans are saying this is a betrayal to israel. we know president trump is pro-israel. this is a betrayal to israel. this is collusion with iran, they are saying, and they are calling for his resignation for kerry's resignation. and kerry is accused of undermining president trump because he met with iran two times. he met with zarif two times when president trump was in office. and this leaked auditedio was coming at such a critical moment when there are talks now of considering a return to their
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iran nuclear deal. steve: they are trying to reach a new agreement before the june presidential election in iran. but it won't change who is in charge. the military runs the country. it's very clear now. kristin whiton was in the trump it he says when you look at these allegations right up kerry's alli, watch. this it fits a pattern with john kerry. you know, go back to his debut in public life for the united states, he actually, while he was still in the u.s. naval reserve in 1970, went to paris and had meeting with the knot vietnamese who we were engaged with in a war time fast forward to when he was chairman of the senate foreign relations committee he went and had a very pleasurable dinner with assad the dictator of syria. that was before the open warfare there. but, you know, a lot of bad guys. there's a history of john kerry thinking that he can use the john kerry charm on dictators and outright enemies of the
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united states. brian: meanwhile, back to the future again, our ships are once again being harassed in the persian gulf this was confirmed by a states department spokesperson yesterday. it's true about three hours they were jumping in front of our ships we had to use defensive maneuvers. how humiliating is this. that went away in the trump years quickly. there is no fear of this administration. any time you go to a bended knee to beg to get back into a deal the american people don't want you look weak. and that's what we look like right now. ainsley: so kamala harris met with the guatemalan president yesterday virtually and she is supposed to go there in june. and he has said we look forward to your visit in june but, we have to reach an agreement on these issues before you travel here, and biden has put her in charge of leading these efforts. she has let -- you have a beef with this. she has yet to meet with honduras and el salvador and she is in charge the triangle countries yet to meet with two
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of the three. steve: what exactly is she in charge of? that's what peter doocy, who returned to the white house after a brief honeymoon yesterday's, wanted to ask of jen psaki and they had this exchange yesterday. >> first, vice president harris says that she has not gone to the border yet because we have to deal with covid issues. what is she referring to? >> well, i would certainly have to ask her team about that specifically, but i would tell you also that her focus is not on the border. it's on addressing the root causes in the northern triangle. and that's why the majority of her time has been spent on working with on a diplomatic level. steve: it's kind of interesting because we had heard earlier kamala harris said she had not gone down there because of covid issues. and peter had asked, you know, what are the covid issues? and psaki yesterday, jen psaki yesterday implied that it could also be a security issue because when, you know, the president or a vice president goes down, there is a large security
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footprint and would have to move people out and things like that. but, you know, we have seen the vice president go other places and. ainsley: they have covid issues there, too. steve: they have covid issues everywhere. ainsley: she can't go to texas or arizona? brian: what an embarrassment. can you imagine getting an assignment and just not doing it? that's what's happening now. yesterday might have well have been the queen of england in terms of her engagement. ainsley: i don't know that she wanted this assignment. brian: if you want to be great you want great challenges. if you want to be president, you want to tackle -- clear the highest hurdles. she just shows no interest in it because of embarrassing comments about the border because millions are coming across our border. it's changing the population. don't tell me to wear a mask in an open field at the same time not test a million migrants coming here illegally many of which test positive for the coronavirus. so yesterday she has this show me moment and then she says i'm going in june, maybe. maybe going to drop by mexico,
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perhaps. and, guess what? we're going to write a check to the region because of climate change. you have to make their behavior reflect a reward. what president trump did which worked brilliantly because they were not controlling their border, refused to put security on their border, they were not getting any free aid. and it's not a matter of writing checks to the leadership. it's making sure it gets to the people. that's another requirement of the aid. she seems to not care less, blame it on the way the earth is rotating and climate change that she is saying suddenly effects the fact that there are hurricanes in central america, which according to reports the incas actually carved it into a wall there were hurricanes before we had the combustion engine i'm pretty sure. these are issues she refused to tackle. she is not doing it bad. she is not doing it at all. i have no idea why she is getting a pass. ainsley: through the roof with covid. so maybe. steve: it's the number one
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issue. brian: do you think it applies here? ainsley: let's don't go down there and put it in the news. let's ignore and it let these people come in. the longer that wait the more that come in. our approval ratings still stand. brian: that might be right. what about the coronavirus that's raging at the border with illegal immigrants come in. ainsley: a problem. brian: that gets them 34% approval rating. that's what this category is. illegal immigrants coming through the border that's not going to get them to the white house four more years. steve: every time there is a new president you can sign all sort of executive orders and actions. we saw donald trump do one thing and joe biden come in and rip the paper up. ultimately what has to be done regarding immigration is change the law. i mean, how many times have we waited on congress to actually get together and figure out how it change the law so it works for everybody. when you hear about this ted
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crews letter we're going to read it to you in about 45 minutes the thing that the congressional delegation went to march down in donna, texas, it will cellular curl yourtoe nails when you heat happened to some of the little children brought into the country by the coyotes. something has got to be done and congress is the best way to fix it permanently. brian: two things. social programs, these kids who come here and our heart goes out to them. they are going through rough circumstances. their parents thought it would be a good idea to come with total strangers 9,000 miles into our border. but then when they come here they go to a sponsor family who get checks from the federal government on a welfare system that's already overextended the wall that is not being built still writing checks to the contractors not to work at a wall, not to be put up that's already been made or store dollars this. should outrage americans regardless of your political affiliation. ainsley: something else
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outraging many americans depending on what side you are on outrage in different areas. there is this police officer, minnesota. remember he shoots the young terrible because she is about to, he says in the video shows this, about to stab another young lady. she had a knife. steve: columbus, ohio. ainsley: that's right. lebron james tweets out his picture, the cop's picture and says you're next #accountability and caused a lot of stir in our communities. then there is this officer in l.a. and he has worked on skid row for two years. his name is officer dion joseph. and he writes a letter, a beautiful letter talking about how he is a christian, he is a man of faith. he has no hatred towards lebron james. he is challenging lebron james and wants to sit down with him. he writes in the letter a portion of it instead of apologizing you deflected you said you took your tweet down because you did not want it to be used for hate when the tweet itself was the embedment of hatred, rooted in the lack of understanding of the danger of the situation. the offer is on the table,
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lebron, no cameras, no fanfare, just two men who care talking. i know it's a long shot, but this division and hatred must stop. it is clear, based on rising crime in marginalized communities that cops and the community need to build bridges to save lives on all sides that cannot be done through the demonization of any group of people. steve: it would be great and there is dion joseph, a 24 year vet for the lapd, worked as ainsley said worked on skid row for like 20 years. ainsley: 20 years. steve: over two decades. it would be great if lebron james took him up on that. ainsley: it would be wonderful. steve: it would be great it would show he is open to hear other points of view. ainsley: every day guy. steve: reality of what's happening on the street? brian: it would be yavment talked to shaquille o'neal out on the street deputized police officer. interesting fox news poll, should you reduce funding to the police? only 33% are in favor of that
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62% are not. when it comes to police and the respect they are getting on the streets or lack thereof. what about this video on the new york city streets you see a cop with his back on the street and out of nowhere this guy comes and whacks him in the side of the head. you talk about disrespect, bouncing around, i don't care, i'm free in the middle of the day i might as well strike some of the men or women in blue and then jog away. i think there is a hot of him getting detained and i think we are allowed. i think you can in new york you can still chase after somebody that hits you in the head without calling back to headquarters unlike chicago, illinois. do you believe that? ainsley: that really hurt him. what is that that he is holding? brian: who would do that? you would never have done that five or 10 years ago. steve: i bet you a dollar that that guy did some sort of a brief court appearance and has been released. ainsley: yeah, yeah, there is no bail here. ainsley: wow, i do, when i'm out on the streets i see our police officers the men and women in blue i try to say prayers for
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them because. brian: you saw the headline in the "new york post" last week 50 gun victims. '30% surge over 2020. ainsley: retirements are up 75% here in new york. people tonight want to do it. steve: coming up in the next segment, we will tell you how new york state are losing congressional seat. ainsley: guess who gained? florida gained. steve: texas gained. ainsley: california lost one or two. steve: we have the whole list coming up. ainsley: new york lost. it's interesting. people moving based on census numbers. hey, jillian. if. jillian: start off your stories with this story here. sixth day of protest overnight in a north carolina city after a black man is shot and killed by deputies.
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>> say his name. >> andrew brown. >> elizabeth city under state of emergency as demonstrators demand justice for andrew brown jr. brown's family watched some of the body cam video of the shooting and says it shows him being, quote, executed. they want the video being made public and a hearing on a release is set for today. evacuations are underway in arizona as a wildfire more than doubles in size fire officials say the flag fire has grown from 600 acres to 1400. at least 200 homes were ordered to evacuate and emergency declaration was issued in mojave county. the red cross has set up a temporary shelter at elementary school. unclear what started the fire. passes the signature mark needed to qualify for the parking lot. so far the petition has gathered over 1.6 million signatures, well over the 1.4 million needed. county officials have two more days to verify and report any remaining signatures to
3:20 am
california's secretary of state. who in turn will have until may 9th to formally announce the recall election. that is a look at your headlines but step in the right direction for those who were seeking that. steve: it's an uh-oh for mr. knew some. a new bill down in the state of florida would allow students record professor in the classroom. author of that bill is going to share his fight indoctrination on campus come up straight ahead on "fox & friends."
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you can vote with your feet. if you are not happy here go elsewhere. we have montana and wyoming can you go. if you don't want high taxes or and you don't mind losing the city, there is other places for you to go. evidenced by the census and the results that came in yesterday. steve: that's right. every 10 years the united states of america counts the people to figure out where the representation should be in congress and also how to divvy up $1.5 trillion. ainsley: fell in the middle of covid when everyone left. steve: it became complicated and there were lawsuits about the census and things like that. ladies and gentlemen, we have some winners and we have some losers. ainsley, let's kick it off let's talk about the -- ainsley: the winners? steve: the ones in blue big winners. ainsley: six of those states gained at least one more seat. in texas, they gained two.
3:26 am
florida, colorado, montana north carolina, and oregon, people left those high tax states in the middle of covid because they said this is a reason we can. we can all zoom from home. we are not going into the office anymore. we are using this as an opportunity to get out and they love it because they are paying half in taxes making money to make that move. who are the losers? steve: the interesting thing about the states that lost on this map we have made them red but really they are blue states. the ones that lost. ainsley: should switch the colors. california lost a seat, illinois lost a seat. michigan lost a seat. new york lost a seat. does it sound familiar? ohio lost a seat, pennsylvania lost a seat and so did west virginia. mollie hemingway had an observation about the blue states. here she is. >> with republicans not controlling anything in d.c. they are looking for leadership in these states. you see how republican governors
3:27 am
are drawing people into their states and incentivizing them through deregulation there is a creative and cultural awakening, florida is the easily the most exciting place to be in the country. direct result of policy supporting freedom whether that's limited government, economic deregulation or also fighting the hostility of these big tech oligarchs and other large corporations they are really destroying that american spirit. brian: gave more of the silent treatment that's another story we will cover next hour. five states that voted for joe biden lost seats. congressional districts are withdrawn later this year 18 of those states with republicans in control and democrats just a slight advantage the more and more things are tilting towards the republicans' way. utah is the fastest growing state in terms of population rae's population is declining at the fastest rate. there is a lot going on with that census. normally you think census your eyes roll.
3:28 am
the census has everybody talking. they redid the electoral college joe biden if they took the new electoral college votes are and they put it in the last election cycle, joe biden would have lost a few electoral votes but not enough to lose the election. ainsley: my family in south carolina, this is just the story, they are not seeing these effects love south carolina and aren't moving. many of the buildings around us in new york city the floors are empty. we have seen some of our friends, if you look at the kids applying to schools. they are applying to schools in other states. my friends who moved to florida stayed in florida. one is selling her house here. building a house in florida. another posting pictures on instagram skiing out west living out there. another friend of mine who grew up in a beautiful apartment on park avenue, she is selling that apartment and she has moved out to utah, brian. and she is loving it her kids are in a public school. they had to pay the expensive private schools here and expensive taxes now they are out there and absolutely thriving. the kids she says it's just a wonderful life. it's easier, people are nicer.
3:29 am
and they are making a lot more money. brian: so new york reacted to this exodus by raising taxes and making things worse. isn't that fantastic. just do yourself a favor if you move that that state observe the values of that state. don't bring your push for high taxes and wokism to red states that were perfectly happy without you. go try to blend in and don't go and try to change them. please. it. ainsley: tomi lahren said if you do try to change these states, where are you going to flee next? there will be no other state to go. to say. brian: you saw what happened in texas. it's getting purplish each and every year. they screw up their states and then they want to bring their values to screw up other states. ainsley: we could talk about it forever because we are actually living it up north. brian: we are. ainsley: an attack on nypd detective in broad daylight just the latest in a disturbing trend on anti-cop sentiment nationwide. why would anyone want to be a police officer these days? a former detective will share how to restore pride in police.
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3:34 am
the father is hurt but expected to be okay. the get away driver lewis faces murder charges. police are still searching for other suspects. the biden administration is expected to relax outdoor mask guidance today this. after dr. anthony fauci indicated that new mask guide dance was imminent. >> i think it's pretty common sense now that outdoor risk is really quite low. >> guidance may be different for fully vaccinated people and those who have not yet received covid-19 vaccine. the cooking brand will no longer plush recipes that include beef. the company confirming the news in an online article saying, quote: our shift is solely about sustainability about not giving air time to one of the world's worst climate offenders. we think of this decision as not anti-beef but rather pro-planet. epicurious beef consumption has been slowly creeping up in the
3:35 am
past few years. that's a look at your headlines. steve, send it back to you. steve: all right, jillian, thank you. meanwhile we showed you these pictures a little while ago caught on camera. new york city police department detective whacked, struck in the head with a stick. the brazen attack happened in broad daylight yesterday while he was writing up a report about another crime. the anti-cop atmosphere among the reasons new york police force has seen a 75% increase in retirements and depar temperatures last year. let's bring in former new york city police department detective angel masonette. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> angel, how many years -- how long were you in the police force. >> 22 and a half years. steve: how many people are in the force right now if i can just get to 20 then i'm going to get out. >> unfortunately i would say probably most of them. probably 99% of them.
3:36 am
steve: why is that? >> well, police are being vilified across the country. being painted as racist occupiers going in like an occupying army trying ting disrupt communities when it's exactly the opposite. they are being demonized andvillized by politicians. leadership is failing, right? they don't the way they should. everyone is giving in woke culture and abolish the dee police or defund the policemen tattle it's taking a toll mentally. steve: absolutely. when you look at and we just ran the video of that detective writing up the report and this guy just comes over and whacks him in the head thin blue line between good and bad. >> that's obviously changed.
3:37 am
have you cell phones, surveillance cameras everywhere. criminals are emboldened, right, because there is no consequences. you have bail reform laws there was an individual last week who was in jail on an attempted homicide and he was released with no bail and last friday night he dragged the police lieutenant on a car stop. this is happening way too often there is no consequences criminals are not afraid to commit crimes there are no consequences accountability. steve: celebrities and sports figures weighing in. a little while ago we were talking about how lebron james put out a tweet that said you're next, #accountability after there was the police shooting of a young woman who was trying to stab another young woman a police officer in los angeles sent to lebron james a facebook letter and said, you know what?
3:38 am
i don't think you understand what police do lebron. let's sit down, no cameras. i would just like to tell you what it's like to walk a mile in my shoes. >> right. and lebron james hasn't responded and he won't. i myself sent him a tweet. i wrote him on facebook as well. and he can have all the cameras that he wants. he can do like his announcement like he did on espn if he would like. i will talk to him in front of anybody about this. police are not the problem in black and brown communities. they are the solution along with the community, police need the community to thrive and the community need the police to thrive. steve: yeah. angel, what's the one thick, if you were just having a private moment with lebron james, of course after you asked him to autograph a basketball or something like that. [laughter] steve: what would you tell him? >> i would say to him that numbers don't lie, black lives should always matter not only when they are taken by police. if he continues to push this narrative and gaslight the
3:39 am
police are the problem in these communities instead of using his platform to help, he is going to have a lot of his conscience, he needs to be part of the solution and not the problem. steve: let's see if he responds to the police officer in l.a. or to you as well. angel will masonette thank you for your service. >> thank you, sir. steve: for months restaurants have struggled to win back customers. now they are struggling to win back employees. we will talk to a pair of restaurant owners who say business is booming but they can't get anybody to work the counter. stick around. ♪ ♪
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3:44 am
industry is still nearly 2 million jobs below pre-pandemic employment. why is that? our next guest are a pair of restaurant owners who say while business is booming, filling their staff is a different story. joe piero owns the market grill cafe and john michael burnetty is co-owner of rocken taco in georgia; how short are you staffed? what do you say when you try to bring your people back what do they say to you. >> i'm short staffed 30 to 35%. right now i have under 40 employees. they should be operating with over 55. and as far as you know, what i'm saying is that i'm not -- i'm trying all different sources, i'm trying everything i could to try to get from offering bounties to my employees to every possible outlet i could to get people into craig's list, zip you name it what i'm doing is whether a i'm saying to my people is i'm trying, i'm
3:45 am
trying. they see now more and more that it's not just us. it's not isolated to our restaurant. it's, you know, it's widespread. now that they see, you know, vegas reopening and trying to reopen and they are getting low turnout for these job fairs that they're putting out. they realize, joe, i understand. here in the meantime, i close the restaurant i'm a seven day a week restaurant. i have two restaurants now i'm closing one location two days a week. the other location i'm closing one day a week and i'm doing this for my employees to give them time off. i have no other way to go about doing it until i get people in the restaurant. brian: i was talking to john tapper last night who lives there everywhere you look there is help wanted signs everywhere you go. let's go to you, michael, are you finding a similar situation? >> without a doubt. down 25% as far as the pre-pandemic employees that we h we used to have around 61 and right now running right at 49 employees so we are running do
3:46 am
you have any friends? they can start today. we are to a point we are start to be flooded with guests give them the service they're expecting when they walk in the door. brian: average between 13 and $17. it's not like minimum wage issue. when people come out and they are comfortable, you are going to make a ton of money behind the bar or at the tables. people are overtipping. joe, this number stuns me but this echo what is you are saying, 42% of small businesses, not just restaurant and bars are unable to fill openings. joe, it's that supplemental it seems, the supplemental unemployment insurance more money to stay home than to work how do you fight that. >> will i never thought that i would have to compete with the government. i mean, there is a time and a
3:47 am
place. yeah. don't get me wrong. we all needed help. you know, the unknown, this is a terrible thing that happened. we had to shut down so, yeah. help in all different ways for employers and employees. we have jobs available. we need to just, you know, stop what we have with the overincentivizing. we need to get people into jobs now. because, otherwise, what's going to happen is there is going to be small businesses perhaps like myself that is not going to make it what am i going it do? i'm going to contribute to unemployment. i could do the reverse. i never furloughed anybody. john, it just goes to show you -- joe, these people doing these, making these moves are not in business and never were. and john michael, a lot -- how much is people nervous so freaked out by the coverage, much of it wrong with i have got to wear three masks and sit in my closet that they don't want to go to work because they think they are going to die?
3:48 am
>> yeah, we have taken every measure here to make sure that our staff is safe and our guests are safe and just to touch your point about the money that they are making, our servers on average the server makes $28 an hour. brian: unbelievable. >> high 40's and we still can't find somebody to come fill these spots. so that's something that's very, very frustrating for us. brian: lastly, real quick, i think it extend to september this extra 300 or $400. joe, do you think can you hold out until september being 35% down closing on random days? >> yeah. i'm a fighter. i'm not going to let down. i'm telling you. if i have to close another day a week, if i have to consolidate and temporarily close one restaurant and bring all the employees together, i mean, i have got all these game plans going through my mind i'm going to try to do. i'm hoping that the government doesn't, you know, extend, you know, that's what i'm concerned about. it's like i said we have the jobs let's stop this overincentivizing and get some
3:49 am
of these people back to work. brian: john michael and joe what i get from you guys message to the government stop helping us. we got it from here. please. >> we would like to see people return back to work for sure. brian: thanks so much. i appreciate it, guys, thanks for sharing your story. hopefully you will get some applications today. appreciate it meanwhile, let's go to somebody else who is a full-time employee with dental and 401(k) janice dean. janice? janice: i'm very grateful for all of the above. let's take a look what's going to happen across the east coast. we're going to get warm temperatures, my friend. yes, '70s, 80's, you're going to love it across portions of the mississippi river valley up towards the mid-atlantic and the northeast. we do have the chance for severe weather today for parts of the high plains up towards the central u.s. and we still have some resill admountain snow that's falling today and then ahead of this cold front that's where we see showers including large hail and damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. that's the severe threat. this is the time of the year that we see the change in the season and potential for
3:50 am
stronger storms. there is your forecast today. really nice in new york city. we will bump up those temperatures tomorrow to around 80 degrees in new york. i know you are going to be getting out the tank tops, brian kilmeade. i want pictures. back to you. brian brine i never put them away. all right? i just don't use them until tomorrow. thank you, janice. meanwhile, straight ahead, a new bill in florida would allow student to record their professors to capture bias in the classroom. the author of that bill shares his fight against indoctrination on campus that story next ♪ going to rock the boat ♪
3:51 am
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steve: we have juicy morning headlines, ratings for the oscars plummeted to all-time low. who was watching? the awards show sinking 58% from last year. that's a 14-million viewer dropoff. many critics slammed this year's show for being too woke. elon musk upcoming "saturday night live" hosting gigs sparking outrage among some of the "saturday night live" cast members. yang posting a sad face emoji on instagram story while brian
3:55 am
retweeted a bernie sanders tweet that criticizes wealthy americans, both posts have since been deleted. is he hosting this weekend. all right, ainsley. as schools across the country find themselves in the middle of a battle over up doctrine nation, florida's lawmakers proposing a new law to defend free speech on college campuses and push back against political bias. even allowing students to record their professors lectures to capture evidence of bias here with more is the author of that bill florida state representative spencer roach. good morning to you. >> good morning, ainsley, from the great state of florida. how are you? ainsley: it is a great state. so many new yorkers are moving down there. i don't know if you like that or not. i'm doing well. thank you so much. why did you write this bill? >> so, listen, i looked at a national survey published in 2017 which found that 70% of college students surveyed felt that their university was committed to diversity when that question was asked about race, gender or religious affiliation. but when that question were
3:56 am
asked about political affiliation or diversity of viewpoint, that number tropical depression from 70 to 50%. so, when you place a premium on people that look differently but think the same, that's not diversity, that's conformity. what we are trying to do here in florida is ask our students engage is that a problem on florida campuses? ainsley: i know florida is a two party consent law state. if you record someone, you are not allowed to plush it or actually even do that unless you have permission of the second party, correct? >> that's correct. florida is one of 38 states. it does follow the federal one party consent regime but this bill would make it expressly clear that students have the right to record classroom lectures in the classroom only for educational use or in connection with a complaint and it also prohibits students from plusing -- from replushing that lecture without the lecturer's permission. ainsley: a student who disagrees with a professor or thinks that they are saying something that's controversial or bias and then they can present that to the
3:57 am
leaders of the college campus? >> well, that's right it could be used to help keep them honest it could be used for educational purposes. you know, we have gotten some push back from university professors on this provision. i would just say this about that. you know, these are public employees, thee these are state employees and really every public employee in the state of florida from state attorneys in the courtroom to lawmakers in the state house to police officers with body cams, you know, are recorded. and really don't have a proprietor interest in their work product. i don't know why university professors should be exempt from that. ainsley: do you think this will pass? what's the reaction? >> yes, it's passed both the florida house and florida that the. it's headed to the governor's desk. i do expect the governor to sign it when you look at what happened last month with the hacked up 60 minutes interview. no one knows more about cancel culture than governor juan desantis i expect him to sign a bill. ainsley: i was impressed university of chicago said we started seeing all these speakers around the country being canceled he said this will
3:58 am
not happen here. the university they said will not stop speech because some collected people think that speech is wrong or offensive. they say education is to make you think, not to make you feel comfortable. do you agree with that? >> yes, i do agree with that in fact we have a provision in the bill which prevent shielding it prevents universities from limiting students' access to speakers like a ben shapiro, like a candace owens based on the content of their thought. we want students to be exposed to ideas that are controversial and that they may find deeply offensive and we need to teach them how to critically evaluate those ideas, debate them and think for themselves about the validity of these ideas we don't need to protect them or coddle them. ainsley: show both sides and let the student make up their own minds. the student are smart enough to do it. spencer roach, thank you for what you are doing. >> thank you. ainsley: the 7:00 a.m. hour of "fox & friends" start right now. >> calls are growing now for john kerry to step down. >> over reports he discussed
3:59 am
covert israeli operations with iran. >> if these alleys are true, they are frankly damning. >> vice president harris makes one of her first diplomat i can forays into the border crisis. >> there is a report in the last couple days that every migrant child is being given a copy of her children's book? >> i have to certainly check on that. it is a good book. >> broad daylight attack on new york city detective caught on camera. >> it comes as fox news poll reveals 6% oppose cutting police funding. >> police are not the problem they are the solution. >> the academy awards under 10 million viewers tuned in. historic lows. >> this was a steaming pile of a hot mess of a dumpster fire. >> one of the things i tried to do for this whole thing is stay out of politics. when people tune in to watch sports, they don't want to hear that crap. ♪
4:00 am
♪ ♪ steve: new orleans, it's going to be sun up there officially in 21 minutes. ainsley: look how pretty that is. pink is that the coliseum? steve: that is the superdome right there. brian: are people partying on balconies yet? steve: you mean in the french quarter? brian: leaning over the banister screaming when you left? steve: when did you leave? brian: last time i was there chaos. i was trying to do a shoot and people were just screaming and happy and shirtless. steve: right. that is odd that's that what you would remember but that is the french quarter pre-pandemic. they are starting to see some of the tourists come back but i don't know if they are to the shirtless screaming while brian is asleep stage. ainsley: by the way, your next cookbook i found a recipe yesterday for king cake. we were sent the king cake for years from a company down in new orleans. i never had it before and i have a recipe for it. it is so delicious. you have got to put that in your
4:01 am
cookbook. steve: somebody winds up with the little. ainsley: with the little charm, right? steve: indeed. brian: straight up 7:00 eastern time talk about one of the biggest problems in the country that most are ignoring. not if they are a member of the border patrol and texas rangers and not if they're a border state and probably noticed influx of kids in your schools in the local community if you are in a situation where you can actually get your kids to the classroom. and a letter from a republican named senator to joe biden from senator ted cruz really explains it ted cruz one of the many lawmakers taken the time to go to the border and get away from the media and just see what was happening at night with the border patrol and then he met with the press. he put a letter together for joe biden to absorbed which says this there were cases after cases this is in the donna fittings of little boys lying side by side of little girls lying side by side covered with crumbled reflective blankets and with virtually no space between them. one leader put it: the border
4:02 am
policy gets it exactly backwards, the closures and restrictions for the law abiding whose livelihood relies on legal crossings and open access for criminals and illegal immigration our delegation represents a diversity of thought and it immigration policy we agree on one thing you and your administration must acknowledge this is a crisis and you must begin a dramatic change of course or dramatic change of course to the humanely secure our southern border. ainsley: this the is video when they visited that facility. remember ted cruz had a confrontation with the lady who says please don't record this. brian: he recorded the confrontation. steve: the letter was written by 10 u.s. senators at all from that congressional delegation trip down to donna, texas in the month of march. the one thing i mentioned that i was going to tell you also it is included in that an agent at the donna facility told them of a
4:03 am
girl who could not speak because she lost her voice after screaming so loudly while being raped by the coyotes who were taking her to the border. ainsley: my gosh. steve: that's why the last line of the letter from these 10 u.s. senators says you have got to admit it is a crisis. and you have got change the course to humanely secure the border. ainsley: so, jen psaki talked with your son, peter doocy. he is now back from his mini honeymoon. steve: um-huh. ainsley: he was asking her about the kids that these children are receiving down there on the border. steve: the welcome to america bag. ainsley: there were rumors that maybe her children's book super heroes was a part of these kits? steve: indeed, the kids arriving at the facility in long beach, california and there you can see one of the images right there. what's interesting is, you know, you come to the country and that's what you get? you wind up are some hygiene things and some clothes and that
4:04 am
book. peter asked her about that yesterday. jen psaki, i don't think she knew about it. >> about those facilities there was a report in the last couple days in the "new york post" that every migrant child being brought to a shelter is being given a copy of her children's book super heros are everywhere. do you know why that is and if she is making any money off of that? >> the president of -- the vice president. >> vice president's book, yeah. >> i would have to check with our health and human services team. you are talking about if they go to shelters. >> in the welcome kit apparently there is a copy of her 2019 super heroes book. >> i would have to check on that. it's a good book. brian: is there children's version of donald trump's books. he has written quite a few of them. imagine if they appeared at the border in a bag of goodies as you arrive here illegally? ainsley: according to the "the washington post" this morning. they are saying it's not accurate. peter asked an excellent
4:05 am
question because we had heard that but they are just saying that a book had been donated to a citywide drive, it's not placed in these welcome bags. steve: i think the question was if the government was paying for the book and whether or not she was making money on it. it sounds like a third party probably an ngo is buying them, perhaps, unless they were donated and putting them in. you know, two questions. number one, is that book in english or is it in spanish? i can't really tell from that image. the other question is, if the group is spending money to buy the book, you know, why wouldn't they spend the money to buy food or clothes or other hygiene elements? why would they feel they needed to give them her book? brian: the scary thing is they were writing big checks to these countries for no reason because they need money. you don't write checks to these
4:06 am
governments. sending their people here, not providing the security to keep them where they are and maybe pursuing through the dim i can ways sending people to the ambassador if they feel as though they might qualify talking to our state department qualifications to allow more refugees to leave their country. instead vice president harris is surmising the best way to handle this is to write checks to these countries to the governments that are clearly aren't able or willing to give aid to the people. to say me that makes no sense. you are not qualifying the aid from money that doesn't belong to you. it's taxpayer dollars. giving it to countries who are just insulting us by sending their people to the border doing nothing to stop them. ainsley: she said yesterday on the call with the gwatneyen president she wants to increase aid. brian: nuts. ainsley: manage migration and secure in a humane way the border. you are right, brian, why are we giving extra money to countries get to the root of the problem.
4:07 am
sending money to countries. why aren't they improving lively hoods down in these countries so they don't have to come to another country where they are happy and safe in their own country. brian: if you can get manufacturing into central america and out of china and vietnam and bring it here, it will be a win for our hemisphere but until then providing welfare while not building the wall and being charged on both ends. it makes no sense. it's idiocy. steve: essentially it's a bribe. we will give you a big check please make sure do you everything you can to make sure people stay in your country. brian: if they want more money guess what that security is going to disappear. i guess i will need more money or else i will not be able to afford the security on our own border. that's the path this goes. trump goes tariffs on mexico until you get your act together
4:08 am
and secure your border. aid something yanked until you show me you can secure your border and it worked. big difference. steve: it's a slippery slope, because once you start paying a country then they are going to go you know what? we don't know if we will be able to do that anymore unless we get more money. ainsley: they love to spend money we have seen that with the infrastructure package and code relief bill. brian: right. let's talk about this brazen crimes against police officers are on the rise across the country including this one in new york city. steve: where a detective was attacked in the middle of the day. he was simply writing out a report that guy came and hit him on the head. ainsley: todd piro joins us with more on that attack. >> five connecticut officers sent to the hospital last night after a fleeing driver intentionally drove into them. they pulled over the vehicle which matched the description of one used in a recent shooting. as officers approached et car, the car kept going ramming into several police cruisers as well as officers this. comes after this new york city
4:09 am
police officer is hit over the ned broad daylight with a stick. a leading police union slamming new york city mayor bill de blasio for creating a, quote, city of violence. last year the nypd budget was cut by roughly $1 billion and since then murders up 6%. shooting victims up 60%. and shootings themselves up 64%. house republican whip steve scalise slamming city officials for cutting that funding, listen. >> you are seeing people leave in droves. look at new york. new york state has lost over 300,000 people in the last year because they have had these radical shutdowns. they have defunded police and people are fleeing and going to states that are run with much more sane conservative leadership. >> and amid budget cuts and heightened tensions cities across the nation also seeing increase in police retirements. according to the nypd. 2500 officers retired last year. that is nearly double the year prior. back to you. steve: all right, todd, thank you very much. after the george floyd death
4:10 am
last year, as we all know, there was unrest across the country, there were calls for police reform and to defund the police. well, in the final days of the derek chauvin trial in minnesota, fox news did a poll, and asked people a range of questions including are you for defunding the police. and as you can see right there, two thirds of the country is opposed to defunding the police. when you break it down according to demographics like political parties. 87% of republicans, 87% are opposed. meanwhile 54% of democrats are in favor of defunding. 51% of black voters. and 49% of millennials favor defunding. so that's where that move is, you know, that momentum is coming from. ainsley: crazy. we will see violent crime skyrocket in all of these cities, police officers are going to be afraid to pull out
4:11 am
their weapons. they will be afraid to patrol the streets. steve: remember last year when people were getting hit in the head with buckets. ainsley: molotov cocktails, buckets, bricks. steve: it was crazy. ainsley: last weekend in chicago 24 people were shot, three were killed. new york city 26 were wounded in shootings and there is now a 67% increase in gun crimes in the city over this point in time last year. brian: right. so this is angel maysonet a former nypd detective talking about the way police are being treated and politicians are making it worse. >> police are being vilified across the country. they are being painted as racist occupiers just going in like an occupying army trying to disrupt communities when it's exactly the opposite. they are being demonized and vilified by politicians. everybody is giving in to this woke culture and abolish the police or defund the police mentality. criminals are emboldened, right, because there is no
4:12 am
consequences. you have bail reform laws. there was an individual last week who was in jail on an attempted homicide and he was released with no bail and last friday night he dragged a police lieutenant on a car stop. this is happening way too often. criminals are not afraid to commit crimes because there is no consequences no, accountability. brian: what's the attorney general doing? realizing there is a crisis with police and defunding push which is wildly unpopular. they are investigating. the minneapolis police department and now the louisville police department top to bottom find out if there is systemic problem with the system. in louisville the police chief basically says yeah, go ahead. check it out and see how that goes. tell me if there is something wrong that you could help. steve: so while a super majority of people in the united states do not -- of the voters in the fox news poll do not want to see the police defunded, when you look at the top three issues that they said were most concerning to them number one
4:13 am
was the economy. number two were gun laws, which, as we talked about in the poll yesterday joe biden does not very well at, and healthcare. 73% of those responding felt that those were the top three issues facing the country today. ainsley: we are seeing so many of these police officers now retire. their wives i'm sure at home or husbands as the home if they're women saying look, i don't want to have to worry if you are coming in the door tonight. i want you to retire. 75% increase in retirement in new york city for the police officers. so, brian, i know you are interested in this because it's sports. mma, boxing, they are staying out of politics. some of the other sports like basketball and baseball and football. any time they get into politics, we see the ratings go d like we see with the oscars, they are in the political game, too. and the ratings are down. so mma is becoming really popular. ufc is becoming so popular. dana white we all know and love him. he decided to have and correct me if i am wrong, brian, he
4:14 am
decided to have matches with fans live events in vegas. brian: this one was in jacksonville and capacity. people having fans this guy just said the heck with it capacity crowd in florida the governor has been saying for the longest time guys, you could sell out the super bowl if you want and the nhl chose not to. ainsley: thats what the last match. brian: saturday night. ainsley: the las vegas review journal bashed him. this is how he responded through this entire pandemic we didn't lay off a single employee we worked with governmental agencies in nevada and around the world to put on every event safely. we chose to bring our biggest fight of the year with conor mcgregor back to town on july 1e city this. is how the las vegas review journal shows its support for a true local business? go bleep yourself las vegas review journal. brian: that is so dana white. he was on with sean last night and talks about what he tells his fighters. it's about sports.
4:15 am
not about politics. >> one of the things that i have really tried to do through this whole thing is stay out of politics. when people tune in to watch sports, they don't want to hear that crap. they don't want to hear what your opinions are how are voting for or what you are doing. they want to get away from everything in their life and they want to focus on, you know, two, three, four hours, however long the sport is, throughout this pandemic when you turned on the u. if c, we never talked about covid. we never talked about politics. we don't muzzle anybody either. so that if somebody comes out at the press conference and they want to talk about this or that or whatever it might be, it's their god-given right to do it. if you want to listen to that stuff, turn on any other station, you got it. you will hear all the covid and political stuff you want to hear. when you turn into the ufc, you are there to see fights. brian: says we don't muzzle anybody either. if somebody wants to come out press conference go ahead and do it. one of the fighters guys that lost was campaigning for trump.
4:16 am
i know dana white is personally friends with donald trump. if you watch espn, it's almost unwatchable. you can't even get to sports after a major incident goes on in the country, they are all weighing in and say to yourself click, i'm going to switch around. i will find something else to do. we got that cold turkey look of life without sports because a year ago today there was nothing. zero. and people say well, what would life be like without sports they are getting used to it. if you are going to be in their face with your political opinions they will find something else to do. ainsley: do you know what's great about sports though steve and brian, you are sitting in the fans, are you don't know anyone else around you. clapping, high fiving, screaming, loving each other. steve: you are behind your team. ainsley: exactly. when you are in a bar and watching your team you don't know their politics you turn around and hug them. you can't do it now i guess with covid but back in the day. brian: great feeling when your team wins and plexiglass when
4:17 am
you can press your face up against it. ainsley: bang on the plexiglass. brian: like a hockey player. steve: exactly. more on that a little later on. in the mean time we turn now to the mezzanine level and jillian joins us with that. jillian: let's begin with a fox news alert and sad story that we continue to follow. a 14-year veteran of the new york police department is hit and killed overnight. struck the driver did not stop. she was captured a short time later. investigators believe she was drunk when she left the officer he leaves behind two children. charlotte bennett, one of the women accusing andrew cuomo of sexual misconduct is ripping into the new york governor over his latest denial of the allegation. listen. >> put it very simply, no. the report can't say anything different because any do anything wrong. jillian: bennett's attorney releasing a statement writing in part quote the governor says he didn't do anything wrong
4:18 am
demonstrating a studied ignorance of both his legal obligations and a revisionist history about his own conduct. just, in president biden will sign an executive order today to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour for federal contractors. this will provide a pay bump for hundreds of thousands of workers. by march of next year all agencies will need to implement the minimum wage into new contracts. the minimum wage for workers under federal contract is currently $10.95 an hour. an nfl player will be the first to receive his entire salary in bit coin. tight end sean who just signed $920,000 deal with the kansas city chiefs tweeting in part i fully believe bit coin is the future of finance and i wanted to prove that i have real skin in the game. he is not the real believer either. trevor lawrence respect reportedly signing endorsement deal him in the crypto currency. ainsley: how do they pay their
4:19 am
bills in bit coin? steve: sure, if the utility accepts it or whomever. just don't lose the number. how many people have we heard. jillian: we have done that story. steve: they lost all their bit counsel because they lost the url. jillian: which is why i don't have it because i would lose it. ainsley: i have a little bit of it. steve steve of bit coin? brian: all i can say one anchor buying it in the green room last week, right? ainsley: that's why i bought it he talked me into it. no names mentioned pete hegseth. brian: he doesn't watch. meanwhile, straight ahead, climate envoy, yeah we need one i guess. john kerry is denying claims that he revealed covert operations to iran. very few believe his denial. former state department spokesperson morgan ortagus and the calls for him to resign next. steve: parents sign the alarm as a homeless camp crops up near an elementary school in seattle. but the district won't move it
4:20 am
one parent is outraged and they will join us because he doesn't want that next to his kindergarten son. ♪ tex-mex. tex-mex. ♪♪ termites. go back up! hang on! i am hanging on. don't mess up your deck with tex-mex. terminix. hi. the only way to nix it is to terminix it. from prom dresses to workouts hi. and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences.
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brian: leaked audio of foreign minister calling for calls for john kerry to resign. zarif said it was former u.s. secretary john kerry told me israel had launched for man 200 attacks on iranian forces in syria. evidently he was surprised by this. the former secretary of state denies the claim tweeting this i can tell you this story and these allegations are unequivocally false this. never happened either when i was secretary of state or since. here to react former spokesperson for the trump
4:25 am
administration morgan ortagus. the problem with his denial is he has a habit of lying like, for example, showing up at different state department events when he wasn't in office and in the past said he was not meeting with zarif when pictures of him meeting with zarif surfaced. correct? >> when you said he has pattern of lying, nighttime sure if you were talking about zarif or kerry. zarif is the chief propagandist. here is the problem with the relationship between john kerry and the iran yaps. number one, joe biden did an interview with pbs a few years ago where he talked about the fact that john kerry and zarif used to talk to each other on john kerry's cell phone. there is a lot of problems with that when i worked with secretary pompeo, for example, you always go through the state department operation center for calls between foreign ministers, between leaders so that way there is a transcript, people know what's being said. joe biden, number one has
4:26 am
already admitted that john kerry makes personal cell phone calls to zarif. number two as you pointed out john kerry has a pattern, a history of meeting with zarif at a minimum other iranian leaders touring the trump administration that brings up logan act questions that just brings up at lot of issues undermining the current administration. state department officials have no record of what was said in between john kerry and zarif when they have private meetings during the trump administration. and so you have to look at this pattern of behavior of supporting the iranians and what's key here, brian, is that john kerry also has a pattern ofunder mining israel. whether he is sharing classified intelligence reportedly even though he is denying it, with the iranians, either the "new york times" is wrong or zarif is lying or john kerry is lying. whether he is sharing that sort of intelligence on his -- on israel with the iranians or reportedly also at the end of the obama administration, john kerry is the one who encouraged
4:27 am
the palestinians to pursue a vote at the u.n. against the israelis in which the united states for the first time abstained. so there is something -- i can't figure it out, brian, there is some very, very odd pattern of behave where john kerry seems to be beholden to the iranians and works at every inch he can against israel. brian: against israel and maybe against us and the previous administration which you were a part of. you know, previously reported on fox news, kerry has met two other times with the iranians and donald trump said to undermine their operations and put maximum pressure on iran. think about this. if you are israel today i'm wondering what you think about america and their goals in vienna when it comes to cutting back to a deal that was back in 2015 wasn't popular in america, now it's almost expired and begging to get back into it while our destroyers are being harassed again in the persian gulf. do you believe that john kerry
4:28 am
would have done something like that if this proves true without barack obama knowing it? >> you are referring to his meeting with the iranians. brian: yeah. >> the problem with the ongoing meetings right now in vienna is that iran has done nothing to curb their illicit behavior. they have done no sort of gestures of goodwill to come to the table. in fact, just the opposite, they are saying that they are not going to negotiate until all u.s. sanctions are released. so, listen, i understand diplomacy. i understand tryings to get to peace. during the trump administration, you we were negotiating with the state department with the taliban to try to get to peace in afghanistan. that was controversial that was difficult. we were trying to end a war. so i'm not arguing that we should never have peaceful negotiations. what you have to say is the other party willing to change their behavior? are they willing to stop funding terrorism? are they willing to stop building ballistic missiles and pursuing a nuclear weapons
4:29 am
program? you have a regime in iran that is not making any actions, any gestures of goodwill. they are not repenting for their ways and they are simply demanding that americans release all sanctions, by the way some of these sanctions have nothing to do with their nuclear program. they are related to terrorism. they are related to human rights. they are related to meddle ling in u.s. 2020 elections. brian: yep. >> so we will see what happens. we will see if this administration toes the line. i don't know what's in it for us? what are the iranians doing to make the world the middle east better and safer place? brian: yeah. i'm just wondering we don't need a climate czar he has a position that never existed before. but if he wanted to have an ounce of integrity he would leave with his tail between his legs and call it a day. morgan ortagus, thank you so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: fists fly inside a miami airport the brawl over a seat. unbelievable. plus, expecting new guidance from the white house on wearing masks outside. how about we never should have. while we wait, dr. makary is here to answer your covid
4:30 am
questions. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to among my patients i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity and gum gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend.
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jillian: good morning we are back with headlines, illegal immigrant arrested five years after being placed on ice tee takenner. the agency asking colorado law enforcement to hold enrique guzman in 2016 while he was being tried for attempted manslaughter. he was later convicted but still let free in october of 2017 due to the state not enforcing detainers. how about this? a wild brawl breaks out inside the miami airport. watch this. >> hey, hey. stop. jillian: the shocking scene shows two groups of passengers fighting over three stand by seats on an american airlines flight to chicago. one of the man men was taken into custody and faces a disorderly conduct charge. that's not going to get to you chicago. longest serving firefighter wraps up 46 years of service with a special ensend off. friends and family gathering to honor las vegas fire and rescue
4:35 am
battalion chief lawrence wing cliff. co-workers spoke about his devotion to the department and his constant encouragement of others. he has served as battalion chief since 1993. he plans to spend time on his motor cycle in retirement. ainsley: that's awesome. we thank him so much. thanks, jillian. dr. fauci hinted over the weekend that the cdc is on the verge of updating mask guidelines. >> with the country is going to be going to be hearing soon is updated guidelines from the cdc, when you look around at the common sense situation obviously the risk is really very low. particularly if you are vaccinated. >> president biden reportedly will reveal those updated guidelines today. but, in the meantime, we are breaking down the biggest covid questions to help you and your family stay safe. so here with the answers you need to know fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary. good morning to you, dr. makary. >> good morning ainsley. ainsley: good morning. do you think he is going
4:36 am
announce we can take our masks off if we are walking outside? >> i think so. there is a lot of public pressure. that research was done almost a full year ago. last may the study was done showed one in 300 outbreaks might be connected to outdoor transmission since then a lot of different studies. the cdc has been very slow to adjudicate what we have already known people are getting frustrated out there. ainsley: fact or fiction questions. chirp under the age of 2 do not need to wear a mask? >> that's true. kids under 2 should not be wearing a mask. it's not good for them to wear mask. kids in general have almost negligible risk of any serious complication and the risk we know is concentrated in kids that are overweight. they have a chronic condition or cerebral palsy. those are the kids may make sense over those over 2 under 2, no. ainsley: what about after getting first shot, first vaccine dose can you stop taking precautions? fact or fiction? >> that's fiction, look, a lot
4:37 am
of people are getting infected in the first few hours or days after they get the first dose of the vaccine. have you got to wait a month for it to kick, in ainsley. remember, you have zero immunity for the first 10 days, you need to wait for the immunity to kick in about a month and then go ahead and live your normal life. ainsley: fact or fiction after you are fully vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask? >> that's true. we have got give people something to look forward to. right now people need to be able to know that if they get vaccinated there is a reward there. the only thing we are asking folks to respect business leaders who simply say they can't enforce a partial mask policy. indoor public settings we are asking people to respect business leaders who are asking folks to mask a little bit longer. ainsley: kids in school do you think no masks starting next fall. >> i think so, look. the data are showing right now pretty clearly that the numbers of cases we have in the u.s. are below that of a mild flu season, about one fifth of the number of cases we will have in a mild flu
4:38 am
season during the middle time of that flu season. at some point we have got to move on and live our lives, ainsley. ainsley: what ages do you think kids won't have to wear masks when they go to school? >> well, the vaccine is most likely going to be approved for kids down to age 12 in about three or four weeks. that's going to come from the fda. i think you will see a rot of interest in that age group getting vaccinated and then below 12 i would say that's the group where the risk is so low we probably shouldn't have any masks in that age group. ainsley: you are giving us some hope dr. makary, thank you so much. >> hope is good. thanks, ainsley. ainsley: 7:38 on the east coast. the migrant crisis is fueling more concerns of drugs and crime making their way into our wonderful country. our next best says drug cartels are not just a border problem and they are threatening hometowns now all across america. ♪
4:39 am
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4:43 am
brian: next guest warns cartels aren't just a problem at the border rather they threaten hometowns across america. steve: they do, inteed. listen to this texas republican congressman chip roy joins us right now along with kendall county texas district attorney nicole bishop. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, y'all. >> good morning. steve: nicole, at the very core of what is going on with this tabs porting all of these migrants to our southern border you guys write in the national review today that the cartels are making 10 to $14 million a at a. and with the a money machine like that it's hard to stop. >> absolutely. what is happening is they are making more money in the flush trade right now than they are on
4:44 am
drugs. it cost about $12,000 for someone to be allowed by the cartel to cross into the u.s. so, they are just making money hand over feet right now. brian: so, when they are too long this, congressman, and you hear the vice president say people are just coming here for a better life. climate change has forced them to go elsewhere. how myopic is that statement? how off base is that? >> well, can you call me chip we have known each other a long time and it's great to be on the show guys with nicole she is a great friend and great job representing as a district attorney kendall county a suburb of steinio, texas. what the administration is doing is embarrassing. worse than that, it's endangering texas. of i want all the folks i represent in texas and everybody else around the country to know that cartels aren't just happening at the border. they are happening in your community. as we wrote in national review we had a car with nine immigrants in it two stashed in the back of the trunk. they were taken to -- they were
4:45 am
being taken to a stash house in houston had our law enforcement not stopped them to be put into the sex trade and the trafficking trade. they were stopped in bernie, texas, a beautiful suburban town of san antonio. we have a 1300-mile border as you know between texas and mexico. we read all the stories of 300 people being burned in buildings, buried in these big burial pits, bodies being hung from bridges. people are getting beheaded. lives being threatened. that's happening across the border. but, guess what? it's coming into america, y'all. we have people right now on i-35 a few miles from where i'm interviewing right now i guarantee you right now there is cars moving not just narcotics but human beings for profit. and right now the biden administration doesn't care you need to care because it's coming into your community. ainsley: nicole, you know, as women, i think about these little girls and what's happening to them and we have talked about sexual assault that's been found in some of these facilities. and brian has interviewed some
4:46 am
people out on long island because ms-13 actually we all have interviewed them, ms-13 slaughtered two little girls walking or two teenagers walking on a sidewalk in a neighborhood, killed them with machetes. we had the mom on quite often while that was happening. this is real. these are our children -- these are children that it's happening to. why it you all decide to pen this op-ed? >> look, this never dealt with human trafficking once you see it you can't unsee it i don't understand how this is not the front payment and first news story of everything. brian: it's being ignored now. >> it's being completely ignored. what i can't understand if you have seen what i have seen and how i have educated the last three or four weeks on this subject just so we can protect ourselves, this isn't a border policy issue. this is a cartel issue.
4:47 am
and we are under attack, if you will. the atrocities that are happening to human beings. as a former prosecutor, i would love for kamala harris to come down here and look at these people being victimized because as a prosecutor we protect victims. and if she could just see what is going on, i think this is a nonpartisan issue. i don't want to hear well it hand under trump or whatever. it is happening right now. steve: yeah. >> and instead of blaming somebody, we need to do something about it and it's on such a massive level now that we are getting it here and it's just brazen the way they are operating. and i cannot understand why these policies or why there isn't a push to fix this. it's just beyond me. steve: you are not the only one scratching their head. nicole bishop and congressman chip roy thank you both for joining us on this tuesday morning. >> thank you so much. >> god bless you all. brian: people hear you loud and
4:48 am
clear. janice dean, you have the weather? janice: i do. and it's good news for a lot of the country. we are going to feel like summertime tomorrow. let's take a look at it. 40's here in new york. but, by tomorrow, we will be in the 80's. how about that? parts of the mid-atlantic as well 90 degrees. see that warm air that's positioned across the mississippi river valley, tennessee river valley. colder than average across the west. that's where our area of low pressure is going to inject into the central plains and that's going to give us the potential for severe storms from texas all the way up to the great lakes. this is what happens when we have the change of the seasons, right? we had a fairly quiet april but may we expect things to ramp up again in terms of severe storms. keep an eye out know what to do if there is a watch or warning. there is the forecast high for wednesday my friends, 84 in new york we will take it right my friends steve, ainsley and brian? back to you. steve: 84 in miami and new york. we have florida weather. ainsley: that's right. if you want to sit outside,
4:49 am
brian and steve if you are going to be in the city tomorrow, make your reservations now because those outdoor signatures sit outside quickly. brian: too hot. steve: i leave new york as soon as i can. ainsley: all right. fine i will make my reservation. parents sound the alarm as a homeless camp crops up near a seattle elementary school but the strict isn't taking action to move it a parent shares a disturbing thing that he and his son in kindergarten have seen. ♪ now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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4:53 am
♪ steve as seattle students return to in person learning, parents of one school are sounding the alarm on a homeless camp located right next to an elementary school. as of right now the school district has no plans to remove it even though parents have asked for it only action reinforcing a fence that stands between the school and the encampment as you see right there. next guest has a kindergartner at the school ryle goodrich has a child at the school. >> thanks for having me on. steve: let's start at the beginning, i know there is a sign right there that says no camping but they are camping. how did that pop up? >> well, it's been going on throughout the pandemic. things started to pick up a
4:54 am
little bit last summer. calmed down for the winter and now that the weather has warmed up a bunch of tents showed up. i thought they would be removed by the time the school started the encampment keeps growing and growing. steve: it's disturbing i know your son returned to kindergarten april 5th. he is freaked out by what's next door? >> oh, yeah. he gets to see what's going on down there. there is a skull attached to a tree right above a tent as a warning sign. steve: a skull? did you say a skull. >> i don't think it's a human skull but animal attached to a tree and frightening situation down there for him to see. steve: i read the information and you apparently are as a concerned parent, you will walk over to that neighborhood and just eyeball things. you saw a sword on the ground one day? >> yeah. it was unattended just leaning against a tent and then it got worse after that. the next day there was someone there in the middle of the trail throwing ax.
4:55 am
repeatedly hitting this tree stump that was there. two days after that there was a shootings at different encampment. a parks worker was attacked by the people who were living there. it just gets worse and worse. steve: so many parents like yourself and people watching right now this segment they are going well, why? it's school board property, right? >> yeah, it's school board property. ordinarily if things got this bad the city would come in and take care of it, offer services to people and remooft encampment. the school board says that's inhumane they won't let the camper be removed doesn't matter how much violence or weapons or drug use there is, school board says hands off taking really extreme position to play to extremist base. they are playing politics with our children's well-being and education and it's just awful. steve: and their statement was regarding this we acknowledge community concerns about the encampments of individual people, we take this issue seriously and we are actively working with the city to address
4:56 am
the encampments. and it goes on to say. you would think that their base would be the students rather than the people who are camping. >> yeah. i think some of them might be running for city council this is their chance to make some friends. they are not helping out the students they don't care about those students' well being whatsoever it's awful. steve: absolutely. especially considering students like yours freaked out by it ryle goodrich up so early out there in seattle, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me on. i appreciate it, steve. steve: you bet. that is a crazy story. as you can see one more hour marco, joey and leo next. ♪ ♪ our bottles are made to be re-made. not all plastic is the same. we're carefully designing our bottles to be one hundred percent recyclable, including the caps. they're collected and separated from other plastics, so they can be turned back into material that we use to
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we try to soothe it with this. cool it with this. and relieve it with this. but preparation h soothing relief is the 21st century way to do all three. everyday. preparation h. get comfortable with it. >> calls are growing for john kerry to step down after allegedly sharing secrets with iran. >> holding to the iranian's. >> vice president harris says she's not gone to the border yet. >> i certainly ask the team. >> what the administration is doing is embarrassing. >> the biden administration expects to relax outdoor mass guidance. >> to adjudicate what we have known.
5:01 am
>> many are struggling to win back workers. >> we need to stop was we have, incentivizing. >> i gave my best. >> 46 years of service to a special kickoff. ♪♪ >> they took down the pink strip. there were pink lights around. >> we tell tonight. i can do it again tomorrow. steve: it is going to be 82, chance of rain at 3:00. plan accordingly because brian
5:02 am
has friends on the french quarter, they don't wear shirts. they make a lot. brian: that was a little retro back in history, a lot of modern people with new weeds tossing them down without a shirt on. i will add this. on 2 things you remember. >> one of the things that is taking privilege and, recall body hair. that's not on the edge. i will say this, they said to renew the order from the federal government. the change things going on. they signed the executive order.
5:03 am
and immediately surrender themselves and they are admitted to the united states. a month ago the president made clear the point person was kamala harris, vice president. she said she's going to go down there to that region by june, the white house correspondent asking about the vice president's role at this point. she said she would not go down to the border because of covid issues so what are the issues keeping her down now because there are covid issues everywhere. peter and jen psaki. >> vice president harris said she's not gone to the border because we have to deal with covid issues.
5:04 am
>> i would tell you the focus is not on the border but on addressing the root causes in the northern triangle and that is why the majority of her time has been spent working on a diplomatic level. pete: is that acceptable to you? she has no interest in the border and will not go down there, no plans. she's going to guatemala in june. it is still april and she might call mexico or drop into mexico. she had a conference call set up that looked like it was scripted on a campaign ad. when you talk about a problem just because you have a network and media outlets ignoring it last month in march 172,000 plus migrants, 19,000 unaccompanied minors, 50,000 family units, 100,000 single adults, besides that nothing going on at the
5:05 am
border, no wonder texas is suing for all the money it is costing them because the president will not secure or acknowledge that there is a crisis at the border. >> have the migrants who came through from the triangle country so why is she talking to guatemala or honduras or el salvador, she's having a roundtable virtual meeting from the communities in guatemala but not including honduras or el salvador, to manage migration, to secure in a humane way. pete: she didn't talk about covid issues but she didn't apply the kamala harris was coming down for security reasons. one thing jen psaki did say, she was working on putting security and systems in place to reduce migration and one of the things the country is of guatemala and mexico have done is apparently
5:06 am
the country of mexico during the donald trump years had 25,000 national guard troops down on their southern border to keep people from coming through guatemala. now a flood of people coming across no longer 25,000 but only 10,000. if they were serious about trying to crack down on the number of people migrating north you would think they would add the 15,000 that are missing in action on the southern border. steve: the humanitarian aspect is not the drug cartels who are making zillions of dollars by bringing people to the border and using the money to buy drugs and traffic here that alone the people bringing it here. texas county da and chip roy, congressman from texas joined us 30 minutes ago to talk about the reality on the border.
5:07 am
>> the administration is doing is embarrassing and worse than that endangering texans. i want all the folks i represent in texas, cartels are not just happening at the border. i guarantee you there are cars moving not just on time but human beings for profit right -- the biden administration doesn't care. you need to care because it is coming into your community. >> this isn't a border policy issue. this is a cartel issue and we are under attack if you will. the atrocities happening with human beings, as a former prosecutor i would love kamala harris to come here and look at people who are being victimized because the prosecutor may protect victims, to see what is going on. this is a nonpartisan issue. brian: one parties ignoring it outside henry cuellar, every democrat is turning the other way. >> it impacts every american and
5:08 am
they have written an op-ed talking about it is not just a crisis on the border but a crisis in every community because eventually migrants migrate to other parts of the country and they also said the drug cartels are making 12 to $14 million a day smuggling people across the southern border so hard to turn off the money tap when there's that much money involved. ainsley: being dropped over the walls knowing there are sexual assault happening in these facilities and talked about a girl being raped. you said in the first hour of the show you talked to john tapper. brian: he has a brand-new season. help wanted in all of these. >> las vegas is back, the pandemic is in check but can't get people to staff the restaurants and casinos, joe
5:09 am
biden wrote another check, engineered by nancy pelosi, supplemental to the unemployment that gives you more, 42% of all small businesses and staff, these two restaurant owners can't open 7 days a week but in phases, families are doing everything to stay in business so here is joe pieareoh talking about the hiring challenges. >> i never doubted -- we have to stop what we have with overincentivizing to get people into jobs. otherwise there will be small distances like myself that won't be able to make it. i will contribute to unemployment.
5:10 am
>> down pretend -- pre-pandemic employees and having friends that want a job they are hired too. $28 an hour in the high 40s, to come fill these spots, very frustrating stuff. >> the other thing they are looking at is high school seniors, that's the best hope, high school seniors who don't get unemployment and college kids coming back who don't get unemployment that could save a lot of these businesses. hope everyone is willing to work. i understand unemployment is not working but if they are paying you not to work, forgiving your student loans, get a job off the books or kick back, the government is telling me not to work. a bad cycle for the country. steve: i was telling a story, we drove from south carolina to
5:11 am
florida, stopped at a number of mcdonald's and burger kings and there were signs that said drive-through open and the line was long so i went to the door to go in the dining room, dining room closed because we cannot find enough people so these businesses are trying to open, they can't find enough people. i looked in and could see one person over at the window taking orders and giving chains and one person working the grill at one facility. they could find two people, ten people in ordinary times. ainsley: then we were about to drive back to the city with an hour drive and she said i need to go potty so got out, went to the mcdonald's, first time i have ever been to mcdonald's and nobody was in there. they were two people behind the counter as well. 0 people, 0 customers inside the restaurant.
5:12 am
brian: you want to think things are getting back to normal. get into a facility it is like a ghost town. ainsley: when brian was interviewing, pictures of the family, people struggling to put food on the table, it is hard. >> two people paid too much with money we don't have. great combination. bore on that later. meantime 8:12, a sixth night of protests in north carolina after a black man shot and killed by deputies serving a warrant. ainsley: the man's family calling in an execution. steve: give jenkins where it is a state of emergency about seeing that. >> reporter: the city declared a state of emergency, the county declared a state of emergency, tempers are running hot because of the body cam footage in the shooting death.
5:13 am
steve: you can see some of the protesting elizabeth city, north carolina. we did lose the transmission from griff. brian: people want to see this, a criminal record, we cannot see the body cam so they have to blur out the faces and when they are done doing that they can give it out to everybody, making this a huge incident creating an uproar because of what is not known at the time. >> people want to see the video. brian: the family was allowed to see it yesterday and they said we didn't get to see the whole thing, two parts in the beginning.
5:14 am
brian: mark robinson was on last night, what i would say to those activists, pump your brakes, slow down, let the justice system take its course and find out what happened. that's not too much to ask i didn't think. >> janice: five connecticut police officers taken to the hospital after being hit by a car. they were attempting to pull over a driver but the car kept going, remy into several as well as the officers. police arresting the driver after a short chase. in new york city a man is arrested for striking an nypd detective with a large plastic stick, happened when the detective was investigating another crime. the campaign to recall governor gavin newsom is a step closer to reaching the ballot, 1.6 million verified signatures have been collected. officials have two more days to verify and report any remaining signatures to california's secretary of state who in turn will have until may 9th to
5:15 am
formally announce the election. house republicans calling for nancy pelosi to face a fine for not going to metal detectors before entering the house floor. several lawmakers have been signed $5,000 for not following the rules. pelosi did not use the metal detectors but was wand instead. brian seale said, quote, magnetohmeters for thee but not me, her latest abuse of power. she refuses to go by the rules. the first pink superman of the your lighting up the night sky around the world and growing spectacle appears to show the moon bigger and brighter because it is closer to earth but despite its name it does not glow pink. the name comes from early springtime flowers. the second one is expected on may 20 sixth. steve: they call it supermoon but it is only 14% bigger, don't
5:16 am
know if that is super. brian: we don't know how it happens. we book into that. a story you've not heard on any other channel. they are afraid to say what i just said. ainsley: more women go into labor. don't know if that is true. brian: a lot to check after the show. john kerry facing calls to resign after a report that he leaked intelligence to iran. he's walking the line of treason. marco rubio on that and more. you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. veteran homeowners. congratulations.
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xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. brian: climate on for john kerry facing calls to resign over reports he discussed covert israeli operations with iran, as
5:21 am
secretary of state four years ago. gop senator marco rubio has respect on both sides when it comes to foreign policy. of true that he tipped off the iranian's to 200 attached to the israelis and syria what does that mean? >> that would be a major foreign-policy catastrophe. it is not clear if he told him after he was secretary of state but what happens with a lot of these guys is the deal becomes more important than the impact, just having that deal they believe in that you are willing to do things you wouldn't do under normal circumstances, that happens all the time in politics but when it happens to something like this, it is something that needs to be looked at and the most important thing is he's part of this administration, he
5:22 am
has to stick to the climate stuff, careful we don't, any other work happening with iran even though i'm not sure people working iran now would be much better but you would help at a minimum they wouldn't be betraying out. >> i think president obama had to know about this. he had a close relationship with benjamin netanyahu, probably never been worse between israel and the us when he was in power and the secretary of state to work out hash payment for deal nobody wanted including senator schumer and senator cardin. could he be cowboying it and doing his own thing if this is true? >> don't think he would sign a deal to provide the cash. the details of the deal. you want to do a deal to give them something of value that isn't on paper, giving them insight into what our allies in israel are doing.
5:23 am
hard to imagine how he would have done it. i can't say the administration would have known about that but they knew about the other things including deals that were revealed publicly. >> he denied it in the trump administration but there are pictures of those two talking and two other times, reportedly said he will be impeached so he will be out soon and number 2 he's not going to get reelected so we will get back into that deal which is treasonous in my book and donald trump always thought that. tomorrow night it is exciting, president biden for the first time will address a joint session of congress without a joint session of congress being there because the vaccine doesn't work even though you have all been vaccinated and you can't sit in the chambers. what do you expect him to say? >> more of what he has been
5:24 am
saying at what he wants to push forward in the future. the ticket numbers have been really limited, making people sit in the gallery. when it came to coming together to impeach donald trump for the second time after he was out of office 100 senators in the same room sitting inches apart for hours at a time 5 or 6 days, codes not an issue then but for something like this we can't have that many people in the room sitting next to each other. but that is all right. it will be on tv and i will watch highlights but i don't anticipate any major new announcements. he has previewed a lot of things he will talk about including what they plan to do with infrastructure and the budget and the other things. >> you wrote an op-ed the cot a lot of attention, the new york times running counter to you but in the new york post, corporations undermine american
5:25 am
values do not deserve gop support. they are leaving you at the altar but you are raising money. is this where the rubber hits the road with corporate america and republicans? >> our job is to do what is good for the united states of america and the american people. to the extent that some policy impacts creates jobs for america, creates industrial capacity for the country is good for america those are the kinds of things we should be incentivizing and rewarding but to the extent that something is not good for america we should not be reporting it so we should not have a tax code for example it rewards taking jobs out of this country and sending them to another place, should not have tax policies that reward companies the turnover american industrial capacity and innovation to china or some other place. it's not about punishing corporate america. they can say what they want to say but we shouldn't pretend they somehow have the best interest of the united states in mind. they consider themselves citizen of the world they are responsible to their shareholders but we in public
5:26 am
policy, republicans included are not some multinational corporation but the men and women of the country, jobs that we should be caring about and national security of the country we should be caring about. brian: democratic proposals, your time is short, the took into account if this is true and you are taking out corporate america why don't you support joe biden when he says raise the corporate tax rate? why aren't you for ron wyden, senator who says his people are making money overseas tax them more to bring that money back? >> this is not about punishing corporations. they have a right to make any decision they want. what i'm talking about is we should have a tax code that treats everyone fairly but incentivizes action by corporate america that are good for america. if you're going to invest money in this country and bring jobs here and open a factory here and do business activity here that is good for americans and
5:27 am
american workers the tax code will incentivizing reward that. if you are not you will be treated like everybody else. they are about punishing, that's the difference, they want to punish corporations because many of them don't really believe in capitalism. i believe in free enterprise and capitalism but that are laws should be built for the common good. to incentivize what is good for america. brian: what is good for the country is the republicans didn't get any support this last quarter but in record numbers small donations frees you up even more than ever to act in the best interest of the nation. thanks so much. small window and he gave it to us. president biden will mark 100 days in office with a rally in georgia weeks after slamming the state's voting laws as racist. >> these new jim crow laws are antithetical to who we are. brian: joey jones sounds off. ♪♪
5:28 am
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jillian: back with some headlines and the second arrest is made in connection with the deadly shooting of a 7-year-old in a chicago mcdonald's drive-through. jasmine adams was shot and killed during the hijacking. her father is hurt but is expected to be okay. mary lewis faces, and other suspects. putting the pedal to the metal while attempting to break into a denver bike shop. smashing through the building and u-haul. the bikes were locked. the family of the store suffered tens of thousands of dollars of damage and police still searching for the suspect. people are making their way back to the malls. >> if approved it all belongs to you.
5:33 am
it is just you and shopping. >> traffic in march was up 86% last year while owners are hoping it has turned the corner and most shoppers are eager to head out. back to you. brian: president biden will head to atlanta thursday to mark his first 100 days in office but it was not a month ago that he went after the state of georgia over georgia's voting law. >> it is reassuring to see that for profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow laws are antithetical to who we are. >> what you think of the
5:34 am
possibility that baseball decides to move their all-star game out of atlanta? >> i would strongly support them doing that. brian: that was then this is now. what do georgians think of the upcoming visit? we will talk to one of them. joey jones joins us from georgia. good morning. what do you make of joe biden coming down to the state that he was so critical of? >> democrats understand this outrage is largely going to the wayside. georgians are nearly divided over a very mild election bill as national democrat figures would have you believe, people like stacy abrams and joe biden betting to extend the future of their party on this outrage. can they divide us so much that they can flip seats, and through their own election bill in
5:35 am
congress and harvest votes to gin up this outrage, the in georgia by securing our elections we may hate people of a different color and couldn't be further from the truth. i read an op-ed on fox news that stated that our bill restricted job losses when in fact we didn't have job losses. we use them for one election through emergency powers, this bill instituted drop boxes so they -- talking points are working and hopefully they get themselves anyway. brian: in the wake of the election during the pandemic they did stuff they've never done before and trying to dig out from that. a second case we want you to
5:36 am
weigh in on, a major gun rights case whether ordinary citizens can be legally prohibited from carrying concealed handguns for self-defense outside their homes. explain what is going on. >> the one represented in this case makes it so difficult for getting a concealed weapons permit and they don't -- make it impossible to carry it outside your home so you can only arm yourself. and the constitutional right to defend yourself with a firearm it goes with you wherever you go. they are nationally prohibitive but they carry the side arm with you in most places outside their homes in poking a constitutional right. you need the supreme court for
5:37 am
that but common sense says if you use state law to restrict or prohibit a constitutionally protected right that is not constitutional law in your state and i would protect the conservative court argues on behalf of common sense and gun owners in this country. jillian: in new jersey they prohibit, for a private citizen to get a concealed carry permit, i have parents who live in florida who drive between the two and have the gun in the car for protection and hit new jersey and they secure weapons in public and hit new jersey but i've known people who have gotten pulled over and gotten in big trouble. >> reciprocity, many states acknowledge if you have a concealed carrier weapons permit or a number of other states,
5:38 am
there is a movement for constitutional reciprocity that if you fill out the paperwork and do a background check once you do that that should be illegal in any state under the constitution, that's not what this issue is. the specific states prohibit their own citizens from having a firearm outside their house and hopefully the supreme court will acknowledge that is unconstitutional. steve: joey in georgia, thank you. meanwhile los angeles police officer accused lebron james of putting a target on cops backs with a now deleted tweet but that officers expending an offer to end the hate. the proposed sitdown coming up. n strength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel... available over the counter. voltaren is powerful arthritis pain relief in a gel. voltaren. the joy of movement. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story.
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5:43 am
targeting an ohio police officer following a police involved shooting. a police officer is inviting the superstar to chat reading, quote, the tweet is the embodiment of hatred rooted in lack of understanding of the dangers. the author is on the table, to men talking. this division and hatred must stop. jillian: a fox news polls is majority of americans oppose the push to defund police. 62% oppose, 33% in favor. here to react a civil rights attorney leo terrel. good morning. >> hello, how are you? >> this letter is beautifully written. the officer says has a man of faith i have no hatred towards you, just wants to sit down and talk. do you think that will happen? >> know.
5:44 am
there is a strategy on the left, the extreme left, white officers kill black people. the person who wrote that letter is a black officer. it destroys their narrative. that is why law enforcement is racist because white police officers kill black people. this is not 1950. that police officer destroys lebron's socialist extreme left narrative. he will never sit down with that guy because that is how ridiculous it is. steve: he does site that lebron does a lot of good work, the schools he has started and what he does in the inner city. he doesn't look past that, just want to move the conversation forward. what changed over the last few years, set out outside voices. >> he used a school in akron.
5:45 am
i promise school great work. the democrats, far left, they swallowed democratic kool-aid. they want to raise war in the sense that law enforcement is evil even though law enforcement is the only defense for people of color every civilized society has law enforcement but we have black versus white, using the george floyd case. we don't know the facts. calling for execution, go to chicago, black on brack crime, no lebron, no how sharpton, the race game and if it is not a white officer, not interested. >> over the last year, such unrest across the country in the
5:46 am
wake of the killing of george floyd calling for police reform and to defund the police where 60% of the country said d funding the police is a bad idea because people realize when things go wrong you need the police. >> absolutely. that oscar award, the oscar ceremony you know there were thousands of police officers protecting the democratic elite but democrats want to monopolize the race issue. last year tim scott tried to put through police reform, no good. he is a republican, a black republican and guess who filibustered it, cory booker and vice president kamala harris, that is the game they are playing. i figured it out. that is why i left the democratic party. jillian: you will be on the
5:47 am
police in america special at 11:00 this morning, you will stay tuned for that. thank you, leo, great to see you. >> i where the red hat next time i'm on the show. carley: we did ask sean. sean make leo 2.oh because he is now a republican and you told us last time you were on last week when steve was out you told us you could only wear it, on his show. right? >> exactly. i need permission. >> i sent him a text an hour ago. i don't have any pull. brian: i have to take over. leo 2.oh. thank you for joining us. ainsley: janice has the forecast. >> janice: we will get a warm temperatures in the northeast. we will enjoy that. a quick taste of what is to come. the threat of severe weather, low-pressure moving out of the
5:48 am
rockies into the plane states. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes from texas to the great lakes. a watch or warning in your area, as we get into may we wrap up further when it comes to severe weather across the plane states, we call this tornado alley so we will monitor that. otherwise be good forecast, 63 in new york today, 83 tomorrow. ainsley: it is 48 after the top of the hour. is america's political power shifting south? the 2020 census reveals americans are leaving democrat states for conservative strongholds and bringing congressional seats with them. we will crunch the numbers next. brian: you will not even await your introduction. please. >> i have been waiting for this all morning. brian: let's check in what is going on on bill's show.
5:49 am
>> nice to see you guys. in a moment police under fire from politicians. who's got your back? we will talk to general jack keane on what john kerry was up to. new census data shows us who gained political power and time to go outside without a mask, doctor siegel has answers but a number of people getting the vaccine across the country, two big hours coming up, we will see you then. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal. not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need.
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jillian: the country's political landscape looks different of americans leave the big city. 2020 census data shows democrat strongholds new york and california will lose congressional seats while more conservative states like texas and florida will gain them. the big data analytics expert and ceo moved her family out of new york to texas and joins us now. why did you do that? >> it is like everything people are reading, has to do with policy, safety and economics in a state where as a business owner, as a family, the
5:54 am
restrictions, and covid taught us that is the silver lining and like many families we made the move. jillian: you -- we all live small women's in the city, they robbery justly expensive. we have a large house in texas and you move your business too. you were saving a lot of money. >> a lot of people don't realize a 1-bedroom apartment is what a house will cost you in many other states and that is why it made sense economically. as a business, would rather be creating jobs and paying office rent in the middle of new york city which is the right decision. is sending a signal of a bigger pattern, what it means politically as well. jillian: something we never let our children do in new york
5:55 am
city. the states that are losing dc and midwestern states gaining, texas two, florida one, montana one, north carolina one, the ones that are losing, california, illinois, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, west virginia. many of those dates i democratic states and the republican states are gaining. what does this mean for the next election? you do polling for a living. >> it is shifting the demographics, migration patterns so the 2022 midterms are great indicator but i am telling you i am feeling it in texas where city council and school board elections feel like a presidential election. they are concerned as so many people are moving may be the politics of 2022 will be a great indicator as we have a lot of
5:56 am
interns happening. >> see you again in new york for my short trip. jillian: come any time. 8:55 on the east coast was more "fox and friends" is on its way. . then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. start your day with secret. secret stops sweat 3x more than ordinary antiperspirants. the new provitamin b5 formula is gentle on skin. with secret, outlast anything! no sweat. secret my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 14 day system. with a painless, onesecond scan i can check my glucose without fingersticks.
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6:00 am
he could hardly wait to take over the channel. should we let him? >> we work out to this song at the gym regularly. >> i could not get myself to sweat for this. >> bill hemmer. we're no longer in your way. >> have a great show. >> bill: thank you, good morning, everybody body, cops under siege a man in new york city assaulting a police officer. that begins our programming today. we're ready to go. nice to see you. >> dana: you've been ready for 20 minutes. this is "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: that's tame for what a lot of police have been going through. >> dana: that cop was investigating a crime scene. the man hit him on the head with a large stick. it comes at politicians and protestors call for defunding police departments across the country and crime is


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