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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 27, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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governor kim reveled, nebraska governor keith ricketts. why they chose liberty over lockdown and their first reaction to president biden's address to congress. it will be a doozy, big audience as well. greg gotfeld takes it from here. ashley: us climate envoy john kerry facing calls to resign over reports he discussed covert israeli operations with iran. live overseas as some suggest treason. >> more protests in north carolina after andrew brown junior's family, the moment he was shot and killed by police. >> my dad got executed trying to save his own life.
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the officers, no harm of him at all. >> new calls to release the entire video. >> a major milestone, the effort to recall california governor gavin newsom make a joint lead towards landing on the ballot. "fox and friends first" starts right now. >> my thesis, the you write a song that doesn't put you in a good mood, uplifting, fun songs, smile in your face and tuesday as we look live at new york city, yesterday we went to atlanta. >> take you on a countrywide tour this entire week. how exciting. >> you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. jillian: calls intensifying for
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john kerry to step down as special climate envoy affiliate audio suggests he shared his relapse covert operations with iran when he was secretary of state. >> john kerry denies these allegations. >> these recordings, iranian foreign ministers, sometime in the last year and a half, was not supposed to be made public until president rouhani left office. instead they are causing shockwaves in the us and iran. in these audiotapes he alleges secretary of state john kerry discussed covert israeli operations to iran telling them it was israel that struck 200 targets in syria. and the tapes he says how surprised he was that john kerry would reveal such sensitive information, the disclosure led to numerous calls for his resignation as climate czar. nikki haley tweeting this is disgusting on many levels. biden and kerry have to answer for why he would be tipping off iran, the one sponsor of terror,
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stabbing one of our greatest partners, israel, in the back, this comes at a critical time in relations between the us and iran when the administration is just really trying to get back into the iran nuclear deal. it is actually the fear of the republican guard who controls iranian policy is what does the foreign minister which is not bode well for those negotiations with secretary carry denied these allegations family tweeting i can tell you this story is unequivocally false, this never happened either when i was secretary of state or since. don't forget he has past history with meeting with the rain is behind closed doors coming in 2018 he met with them on a few occasions when he was a private citizen. amid allegations of underhand diplomacy, trying to go against donald trump's iran policy, donald trump even accused him of breaking the logan act was a lot of fallout from this, people
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asking when these allegations were leaked to the iranian's. it doesn't bode well for the ongoing negotiations getting back into the jcp away. >> appreciate your time this morning. >> a former state department advisor under donald trump says these allegations fall in line with his past behavior. take a listen. >> it fits a pattern with john kerry, go back to his debut in public life in the united states. it actually when he was still in the us naval reserve in 1970 went to paris and had meetings with the north vietnamese, we were engaged against the war at that time. fast forwards when he was chairman of the fact that senate foreign relations ready, had a very pleasurable dinner with assad, the dictator of syria before the open warfare but a lot of bad guys. there is a history of john kerry
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thinking he can use the john kerry charm on dictators and outright enemies of the united states. >> all this is the biden administration seeks ways to rejoin the iran nuclear deal. >> a day of protest in a north carolina city after a black man was shot and killed by deputies. >> elizabeth city under a state of emergency as demonstrators demand justice for andrew brown junior. they were allowed to see but a cam video be shooting and say it shows him being, quote, executed. they are pushing for the footage to be made public. >> 5 connecticut police officers taken to the hospital after being hit by a car. they were attempting to pull over a driver but the car kept going. ramming into several cruisers as well as the officers. police arresting the driver after a short chase and in new york city at 25-year-old man is
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arrested for striking an nypd detective of the plastic's declaration attack in broad daylight while the detective was investigating another crime in queens, the detective was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. and now to the border, border report says parents waiting on the other side of the border are urging their children to scale border walls and turn themselves in and we've seen a number of images of children dropped over the wall. vice president kamala harris will meet virtually with representatives from community organizations in guatemala. the white house reiterated it is not to deal with the crisis at the border but to address the root causes of the immigrant surge. she met with the president guatemala promising to send more aid and personnel from the department of homeland security. >> he is going to speak, have a bilateral meeting with the president of guatemala. she's working with them to ensure there are systems put in
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place to reduce the amount of migration coming from these countries. >> the white house would not comment about a report the vice president's book is being distributed to detained children. republicans say harris is ignoring the real problem. >> it is shameful they named the vice president to be in charge of the border, she denied she's in charge of the border and now she hasn't visited the border so they need to figure out how they are going to protect the american people. >> coming up we have a texas representative to talk about what is happening along the border as well as to expand medicare, efforts by the biden administration.
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a second arrest in connection with the deadly shooting of that 7-year-old girl in a chicago mcdonald's drive-through. police have not said how this person is connected. jacqueline adams was shot and killed during the attempted carjacking. her father was hurt but is expected to be okay. the accused getaway driver mary lewis faces murder charges. police still searching for suspects. jillian: the police department in washington confirmed it was targeted by hackers. russian-speaking ran somewhere syndicate claims it is sensitive data and threatened to secure undercover informants details with gangs unless police pay an unspecified rent. they asked the fbi to investigate. todd: the biden administration expected to relax mass guidance as soon as today after anthony fauci said the risk for outdoor transmission is really low. the us planes to stand up to 60 million astrazeneca vaccine doses to other countries over the next several months. fda has not authorized its use in the us. doctor janette nesheiwat joins us next hour on today's expected announcement. >> the first super moon of the year lighting up the night sky around the world.
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it appears to show the moon bigger and brighter because it is closer to earth but it does not glow pink. the name comes from early springtime flowers. the second supermoon is expected may 20 sixth. i did make an effort to look up and find it on my way to work. did not. >> you couldn't find it, the moon is likely still there. >> 9 minutes after the hour, president biden getting praise from progressives like aoc. >> president biden has definitely exceeded expectations that progressives had. >> is the far left agenda the future of america. our next guest letter socialist regime for the with an worries history will repeat itself. >> no joke. elon musk will host saturday night live but many are not happy about it. many in fact people on the show,
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criticism rolling and coming up. you don't want to miss it.
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- steady beat to rising revenues, right, maya? (microphone whooshing) - [announcer] learn more at >> president biden has definitely exceeded expectations progressives had. i will be frank, a lot of us expected a more conservative administration. >> alexandria ocasio cortez praising president biden for implementing policies in his first 100 days in office but is the far left's seal of approval a red flag for the country's future? >> our next guest fled the socialist regime of venezuela for the us and joins us now with more, thanks for being here, appreciate it. you came here as a student on a student visa but what was venezuela like when you left?
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>> venezuela was a country that was headed for where it is now which is massive starvation. it is where i grew up in but when i was a kid i wasn't able to carry enough cash in my pocket to buy things in the school cafeteria because prices had gone up so fast you couldn't fit enough cash in my pocket and i had to -- there was no electricity many times, no water several weeks. a real struggle and so many millions of people have left. todd: that is a reality i don't think enough people in this country understand. as for the biden progressive policy proposals in the first 100 days this is just so far, he proposes to increase corporate taxes, raise taxes on the wealthy, overhaul the immigration system, supported pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, support focus on green infrastructure,
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rescind the keystone pipeline, push for gun control and reversed the trans and gender military band. how worried are you this is just the start here in america, and we will be in venezuela too singh? >> this is just the first 100 days. you >> the pursuit of the green new deal and the policies she wanted, she herself said it and she's doing a good job for her own standards but a terrible thing for america because what they want to pass now, the suppose it infrastructure plan will cost $7,000 for american citizens to buy electric cars. i love teslas. but i don't think american taxpayers should be on the hook for getting somebody else a tesla. jillian: what do you love about this country. >> the thing that attracted me to america from europe or any other developed rich country in
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the world was there is a culture, there's a huge proportion of the population who loves freedom, this is a country founded on the values of faith, christianity, not just the faith but the freedom to practice it and that is not something that happens in europe. countries based on ethnicity or values and that is why i want us to come here. todd: the 2020 census shows democrat leaning states lost seats and republicans gains, there's the map on your screen, you see texas steaming to be the
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big winner but faced with the evidence people are fleeing their policies, do these democrat states double down and bolster the policies that force these people to leave in the first place? makes no sense to me. can you explain it? >> it happens at the country level too, not just the states. it happens in africa and asia, all over the world, some places are different institutions that condemn them to this. the good thing for us is we have good evidence in the united states that republican policies are working at attracting people and creating jobs, you see it in south dakota, a stay with the lowest unemployment next to utah and nebraska less than 3%. what has happened in new york now? millions of people unemployed all over the country in the blue states, red states are billing, we need to double down on the policies in contrast with biden and markets are form well, some people flee 2 hours. >> it was a pleasure talking to you, thank you for joining us, have a good day. still to come, a fly inside miami airport, brawl over a fight for seats. >> people really wanted the seat.
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the recall effort against evan is likely to end up on the ballot. the republican leader of the states and reacting to the potential power shift next. ♪♪
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joining us to discuss, republican leader scott will. before we get to the nitty-gritty i want to get to the timing. i said fallen that intro but you are in the weeds, you've done the math. how soon could we have the election? we talking september? october, november, august? >> it will be november, first tuesday after the first monday in november which will be november 2nd. could be as late as two weeks after that but i believe it will be november 2nd. >> here's what gavin newsom is saying on the recall effort. this republican recall threatens our values and seeks to undo the progress we made from fighting covid to protecting our environment and passing common sense gun violence solutions, there is too much at stake. are you confident 50% of the voters will elect whether in november or some other month to recall governor gavin newsom and replace them with somebody else? >> absolutely because there is a
1:23 am
truth in that tweet. it's not a republican recall. it's the people's recall, week 2.1 million californians i do recall petition. only the second time in our 169 year history, he will go down in november. >> you are probably going to give me a noncommittal answer on this but i have the obligation to ask, can you pick a candidate you think is ultimately going to be the governor of california come 2022, the person who's going to win that recall election? >> i've already endorsed kevin falconer. the first question on the ballot, the most import question is do you want to recall governor newsom and that will be a resounding yes. it needs to be yes.
1:24 am
we could pick a random off the street that would do a better job governing the statement governor newsom has done. >> appreciate that honesty. we've had people beating rather. you and your somebody and let us know here. here's a bill that allows state injection sites just passed the california state senate, progressive say it will save lives. what is your response? >> i don't think it will save lives. it will allow government sanctioned drug dens in san francisco, oakland and los angeles. to me it is the same thing in sacramento, no accountability, legislators are not accountable, they don't want the people to be accountable. for me it is people struggling with alcoholism, give them a place to go to drugs, like giving them a gift card. it's not going to work, hasn't worked in other places. last year more people died of drug overdoses in san francisco that of covid and it is not the answer to the problem.
1:25 am
>> what about the neighborhoods where these injection sites will be located? what protections are in place to protect those folks? >> no protections in place. the government is going to make the determination and you have to live with it. i don't know when was the last time you were in san francisco but it is not a good place to visit. it is unsafe, unwieldy and unmanageable and people are fleeing san francisco and moving as far away as sacramento which is an hour and 40 minute drive just to get out. >> going to san francisco all the time it was great, 2019, i was scared out of my mind. appreciate your time this morning and your insight. jillian, over to you. >> 25 after your, dana white beating down on politics in sports. >> they don't want to hear what your opinions are or you are voting for or what you're doing, they want to get away from everything in their life. >> how the us the president plans to keep politics out of the ring and president biden will mark his first 100 days in office this week. how to small business owners think he is doing? join us next.
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ashley: a 6 protests after a black man was shot and killed by deputies serving aboard. elizabeth city under a state of emergency is the man's family has seen some of the body can footage of the shooting. todd: the video server more unrest. >> reporter: protesters chanted release the tape after andrew brown junior said they were shown 20 seconds of footage but what they did he proved he was executed. >> andrew had his hands on the steering wheel. he wasn't doing anything.
1:30 am
they went up to the vehicle and shot him. >> my dad got executed trying to save his own life. it is not right at all. >> reporter: sheriff county calls to resign over the scandal citizens that simple. >> this tragic incident was quick and over in less than 30 seconds. body cameras are shaky and hard to decipher. they only tell part of the story. >> reporter: the video does not reveal brown's rap sheet which fox news alert is over 180 pages long, dates back to 1988. he was a known drug dealer and had allegedly been selling to an undercover informant for over a year. attorneys demanded all body can video be released accusing authorities of trying to, quote, hide something. the sheriff filed a motion to get that video released to the public but it is unclear when or
1:31 am
if that will happen. on capitol hill optimism remains high as lawmakers keep stock on police reform, things got adult after a liberal activist, joe manchin interest in cinema's phone numbers during a live press conference hoping to pressure them into supporting the george floyd justice in policeing act, it comes as fox news poll revealed 62% of voters oppose cutting police funding. the george floyd act does not affect police funding in any way. back to you. >> the department of justice launching a probe into policing practices in louisville, kentucky more than a year after the death of breonna taylor. she was shot by plainclothes officers conducting a drug investigation involving her boyfriend. >> we all share a commitment and urgency to this review which is part and parcel of the work
1:32 am
we've been doing to reimagine public safety and build greater trust, respect, transparency and accountability. >> a similar probe is underway involving the minneapolis police department. molly hemingway says some police department's probably do need some reform but don't need it as much as the media. >> there is room for improvement and reforming the police. if it were being done in good faith it would have been done last year when there is broad bipartisan support, democrats did not do that for political reasons but less than having a police crisis we have a violent crime crisis in this country. what has happened since democrats decided not to do police reform, violent crime has gone up in all the major cities or all but one of the major cities like the top 60 cities and these affect people in low income communities, the communities we are told people care about. not sure we need police reform as much as media reform. a decade of the media telling
1:33 am
lies about the state of policing in this country and what the real problems are with crime in this country. >> reporter: police facing attacks in anti-cop climate, someone did an nypd detective in the head with a large stick. jillian: this week president biden marks 100 days in office and he made a lot of promises to the american worker. has the president lived up to his word? president of the job creators network joins me with the owner of slate in new york city, and ceo of catering in greenwich, connecticut. thank you for joining me. appreciate it. 42% of small businesses are unable to fill job openings. i'm curious if that number resonates with you. are you having that issue? >> absolutely. it is a painful number. we have a lot of open calls and
1:34 am
very few people show up. we've never seen this before. jillian: are you also having the same situation and i also know you are planning on giving raises to your employees and different benefits? >> that's true. we just announced we are moving our full-time starting salary to $15 an hour for care issues and line cooks and seeing the same thing, a lot of no shows to interviews. i've been in this business since 2001 and this is the biggest struggle we have ever had filling roles in our country. >> what is the reasoning for that? >> i think there's a lot of reasons. we are battling expanded jobless benefits absolutely. there are still people who are
1:35 am
locked down, taking care of at risk children or family members. i think there's a little bit of, we need to educate people more about the benefits of going out and getting a shot, studies show that if you are vaccinated your -- common sense to go out and apply for job. there is a multitude of things we are facing as small business owners and accounts of the pandemic. it is rearing its ugly head in 2021 will be a tough one for the industry. >> felt like you put a lot of thought into this and solutions as well. before i bring you and i want your opinion on why you think this is happening. >> with the acceleration of unemployment benefits it is very hard to get people to come and work. i also feel there is a little bit of, people have been home for over a year and to get them to come to work it is a little harder. one of the things we are trying
1:36 am
to do, my son is about to be i school senior and all his friends are excited to work and begging me for jobs so we are trying to court i school seniors this coming summer to come work for us for all positions from marketing to hosting 2 servers so we are excited to try to tap into a new labor pool because they are the ones not getting unemployment benefits. jillian: hopefully great for you and for them. i want to bring you in the last because i want to give them a chance to be able to share their stories and from their perspective what they think is going on. now that you've listened to them what do you make of what they had to say? >> we are hearing the stories from our members all across the country and their spot on, the extended unemployment benefits have been difficult for many of our small businesses. it really is better for many of these folks to just stay at home
1:37 am
and collect unemployment than to actually go work. one of the small business owners raise their wage to $15 an hour. these federally mandated wages the biden administration are trying to push forward are not necessary because economic prosperity takes care of this and we saw this happen in 2007-2009. thank goodness we have programs in the trump administration that saved 51 million jobs across the country because many small business owners arrived but the biden administration is proposing crazy things especially the tax on small businesses with many proposals on the table that will increase taxes but these unemployment benefits, a major issue. we called this out way earlier, and it is across the country. jillian: what would you do to try -- what would be an instant thing you can do to change it and make it better? >> the biggest concern is the unemployment benefit. as soon as those expired that
1:38 am
will be a challenge, as they do what they can to bring in labor. one small business member told me he was working the register, the server, the cook and had his mom blessing tables. this is how bad it is getting. it is major concern in the biden administration shows they don't understand how small business owners operate and it is heartbreaking to hear many of these stories happening across the country how the small businesses in new york for example where you are, according to the latest report closing doors forever. series issues and the biden administration doing nothing, declared war on small business as far as we are concerned and they need to do more for small businesses. we look at promises made promises broken by the biden administration. jillian: thank you for joining us. keep us updated on how
1:39 am
everything goes, curious to see if that will work with high school students and if it is beneficial, thank you. >> very excited. >> the supreme court is the big deal, we will hear about a major second amendment case in more than a decade, new york state rifle association challenging a new york law that bans citizens from carrying a gun outside their home without a very specific license, the state is calling on the high court to reject that appeal. this case will likely be argued in the fall, decided sometime in 2022, the president of the judicial crisis network and gun owners of america national spokesman antonia cuellar culvert will join us in the next hour to weigh in. did you see this? one man arrested after an absolutely wild brawl breaks out inside the miami airport. watch. shocking scene shows two groups
1:40 am
of passengers fighting over three standby seats on the american airlines flight to chicago. i'm no expert but i imagine getting a brawl is not going to increase your chances. probably not. the chicago man faces disorderly conduct. it is up to a very sophisticated algorithm. there you go. did you see this? shocking discovery of the border, agents finding more than $4 million worth of myth disguises pickles. you like pickles? jillian: i don't. todd: the drugs were found hidden in a semi-the drugs and the truck receives, in total 217 pounds of contraband. jillian: imagine if you were at the airport, we have three standby seats, it doesn't work that way. todd: i'm not fully up on the story. maybe it was offered to the individuals and they figured something out.
1:41 am
jillian: they don't do that. why are you fighting over the seats if you don't have the control to -- jillian: if they did that the story would not be that much of an anomaly. we do that every newscast. 40 minutes after the hour. a texas share of absurd controversy is not law enforcement's job for reaction to that. >> rose mcgowan joints fox news, her blunt comparison to the democratic party to a cold. >> democrats especially are in a deep cold. look at your own belief system.
1:42 am
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1:45 am
115 here with that story. >> got a facebook post getting some attention on social media written by the sheriff of throckmorton county in the aftermath of criticism over police involved shootings. he writes it is not the job of the officer to raise your kid. parents need to take responsibility for the actions of their failure to raise their children to be respectful, responsible and listen to authority figures. sometimes your kid is wrong and needs to be disciplines. jumping on teachers, coaches etc. all their life gives the kids a feeling they can do no wrong and did not have to comply with authority figures. parents need to be parents. mixed reaction, some agree, others say officers are the ones that need to be held responsible for their mistakes. it is easy to criticize police
1:46 am
officers on social media, kind of armchair quarterback are decisions which invites all who think they can do a better job to join the academy, become police officers themselves. >> it is a serious story and it mean to be flipped but isn't that the most sheriff name ever. >> absolutely. i'm intrigued by what rose mcgowan has to say. >> rosemack our was on fox news primetime last night and she did not mince words when it comes to the democratic party describing it as a cold. check it out. >> democrats must -- especially in a deep calls, they don't know about and aren't really aware of or keeping a system in place that benefits so few. i would say look at your own belief system. >> is the thing, she says she
1:47 am
actually grew up in a cold so she knows the signs, she takes issue with the fact the democratic party is one that only helps a few while claiming to be interested in helping the masses. rosemack alan became very outspoken during the me too movement. >> see this? ratings plummeting to an all-time low. this is like a one% or 2%. the award show sinking a whopping 58% from last year, that is a 14 million viewer drop off. that is intense and following the surprise when, anthony hopkins honoring chadwick post. >> i went to pay tribute to chadwick bozeman it was taken from as far too early and again thank you all very much. >> bozeman's family says the late actor was not at the oscars.
1:48 am
>> the usc president claims them from getting political, he has found success by keeping politics out of the ring. >> when people tune in to watch sports they don't want to hear that crap. they don't want to hear what your opinions are or who you are voting for what you are doing. they want to get away from everything in their life and focus on 2 or 3 or 4 hours or however long the sport is. throughout the pandemic when turned on to usc we never talked about covid, never talked about politics. >> adding the usc does not censor anyone based on their beliefs either. politics has been everything that we are doing, refreshing to hear. >> he turned that from an secure into a juggernaut in 10 years. nfl took 70 years to reach the level we are expecting now. jillian: a new free-speech bill would let students document political bias.
1:49 am
>> students should be allowed to express believes without fear. a look at that florida bill straight ahead.
1:50 am
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>> florida lawmakers taking on cancel culture the classroom allowing students to record lectures, the ultimate objective is to prevent shielding faculty and students from opinions they might find uncomfortable, unwelcome, disagreeable or offensive. here to weigh in use taylor, thanks for being here. when i went to school that was the deck of going to college, to be exposed to things that may have made you uncomfortable so
1:53 am
you expanded your horizons and learned why. 20 years later i'm doing the math in my head, how sad is it something like this is necessary? >> it is incredibly sad. i have seen this at our own university. over the summer there was a student removed from his position for quotes in a private group chat that were not savery to the student senate and the student administration and later in a florida court it was ruled he was entitled to his own free-speech and his own ideas. in a private capacity students should be allowed to express their own beliefs without fear of discrimination. you talk about this bill, the one i have advocated for from the start, florida house bill 233 enables the florida board of
1:54 am
education to require each college system to conduct an annual assessment on intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity in addition to empowering students. furthermore this bill provides students can use any gathered film as evidence in a court case for their own personal use to not be published so that cuts away from the legal meet of it and allow students to be empowered and save for their own viewpoints. >> let's go into it a little more detail. allows for peaceful assembly, protest and speeches, distributing literature, carrying signs, circulating petitions, reporting of video or audio and outdoor areas of campus, 30 seconds remaining. what the reaction to the bill from students on the left? >> you would be surprised. i remember watching this bill go through committee and don't remember there being much of a reaction. that is the curse of state-level
1:55 am
legislation. it has not been one of the more controversial bills, doesn't get much attention by the university system and i honestly haven't seen much of a reaction but i would add based on the way the bill is written it can arm all kinds of different points of view. if you are a student with left leaning beliefs with a conservative professor this would arm you and it goes further than that. if you're a student and feel you've been racially discriminated or misogynistic we discriminated against this arms you to create evidence to protect yourself in the classroom. this is nothing but helpful for students. it is a great piece of legislation for students period. will: appreciate your insights on this. thanks for letting our viewers no more about it. jillian: atlanta police officer rescues the driver from a burning vehicle.
1:56 am
watch this. [shouting] >> oh my goodness. he was trapped and having a seizure, driver and officer had minor injuries. a stacked our ahead. beth van dyne, tomi lahren and doctor janette nesheiwat coming up. ♪♪
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todd: it is tuesday april 27th, welcome to the city of violence, brazen daylight attack on a new york city detective caught on camera, growing anti-police sentiment criminals are taking advantage of. >> the president can't get to the border but children detained there can get a copy of her book, what they have to say about that. todd: after a year without concerts miranda lambert shares her emotional return to the live stage.


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