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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 26, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> tucker: out of time, but guess who's hosting the 9:00 p.m.? sean hannity, ladies and gentlemen. >> sean: thank you, tucker. going to start with another undeniable truth of life, americans are fed up with being talked down to, having their values ridiculed, mocked, and being lectured to you. elites in hollywood, famous professional athletes, other woke social justice warriors now constantly ramming their political beliefs and every single aspect of your life with movies, sitcoms, pro sports, the ideology is now inescapable, america's favorite past times the nfl, nba, mlb, all sports
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that when you think about it bring people of all races, all backgrounds, strangers high-fiving each other, celebrating, commiserating together basedac on the love ofa shared passion and that's loving the sport and the teams that they support or the individuals that they like. it's their home team but now even sports are being used as a divisive platform for far left talking points and americans now are tuning out in droves, l when people go to an athletic event, don't you want to break from the normal everyday stress of life, the rancor, the politics, the riots here and there and everywhere? that brings people together. last seasons ratings for the lowest in history.
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the politically charged finals featuring a very woke lebron james averaged only 7.5 million viewers, a 50% decline over the previous year. the final game of the series last year garnered only 5.6 million views, that's it. if that's an all-time low. for reference, in michael jordan's last nba finals, his appearance, 36 million americans watching, so who's the greatest ofof all time, lebron? and by the way, lebron james vilifying the police, doxxing the cop who stopped in unarmedja innocent african-american woman from being stabbed likely to death in ohio is definitely not helping viewership. in fact, one bar in ohio banned the nba from their tb's until lebron james is removed from the league. on twitter, thought this was hilarious, made fun of the bar but now the same lebron james is now going viral for all the
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wrong reasons, take a look. >> have him call my cell phone right away please, thank you. can you put the knife down please? no, sir, stop -- hold on. it's lebron. it's me again, i'm out here on a service call and there's a guy trying to stab a guy with another knife? they are both black, so you don't care if a black person kills another black person but you do care for white cop kills a black person even if he'ss doing to save the life of another black person. it is a make a whole lot of sense but you are really good at basketball's well take your your word for it. >> sean: it's funny, but it's sad. americans are fed up, sick and tired of the ignorant lectures from this countries pious celebrities especially when cops have the most dangerous job putting their life on the line every day to protect, to serve
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their communities, remember the nfl also the serious dip in ratings when backup quarterback colin kaepernick decided tn the game into one big politicali protest against the u.s. in 2016 after he kneeled for the first time, ratings a whopping 10%, 34% of americans said they were less likely to watch an nfl game due to players taking a stand and protesting the national anthem and then the academy awards, 1998 not that long ago, more than 55 million people tuned in, 2014, still respectable 43 million people tuned in. 2021, now that the awards have turned into one big far left protest were self obsessed
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celebrities to rate the american people and tell them how to t think, now the viewership is completely bottomed out, last night's numbers historic lows, really bad, last night under 10 million viewers tuned in, 58% less than just last year. a whopping 77% less than 2014 and of course, this isn't a huge surprise according to a report in "the new york times," one recent producer of the oscar's who spoke on condition of anonymity said minute-by-minute post show ratings analysis of last year's oscars indicated vast numbers of people turningng off their televisions when celebrities started to opine on r so last night, there was plenty of sanctimonious political rhetoric including a healthy dose of anti-police slander. take a look.
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if >> today, the police will kill three people and tomorrow, the police will kill three people in the day after that, the police will kill three people because on average, the police in america every day kill three people. which amounts to about 1,000 people year. and those people happen to be disproportionately black people. >> sean: how many times have police officers save the lives? does that ever get talked about? or the fact that over 100 officers this year alone have been killed in a line of duty, many by gunshot? this is why american stop watching but to his credit, producer, actor tyler perry urged americans not to hate the police, which cause the woke audience all of a sudden clapping, they're not clapping anymore. watch for yourself. >> just refuse hate. don't hate anybody. i refuse to hate someone because they are mexican or because they are black or white.
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oron lgbtq. i refuse to hate someone because they are a police officer. i refuse to hate someone because they are asian. i would hope that we would refuse hate. >> sean: powerful words. 24 were shot, three were killed in new york, 26 wounded in shootings over a seven-day stretch in new york, 50 people were shot, 46 separate incidents throughout the city, this is a 250% surge from the same week in 2020 which is not particularly a good year, but police pulled back when defunded or dismantled, cities become plagued with violent crime and now anyone want to be a police officer? i doubt it. this year, 75% increase in retirements and departures among new york police department police officers. are you shocked? are you surprised? i'm not. police are vilified around every turn including pro sports games, on the other end, mma, ufc,
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boxing, hockey, and the few political sports left, might be the reason why the ufc is gaining massively in popularity year after year after year, i mentioned i actually trained for a five days a week, i am a student, it's a hard tough workout and as many of you know, features very intense fights. if the couple this weekend, former ufc champion suffered a horrific leg injury. we are going to show you this, the video goes on 20 seconds, what we are about to show you is extremely graphic, counted 20 and you can come back after three, two, one. >> a slight budding underdog. oh, my god.
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oh, my god. >> sean: take a quick look at this again, three, two, one, from another angle. >> here it is, watch this. oh, my god. right below the knee. and immediately passes out. take a look at it here. i'm not going to look, just tell me. that mirrored what happened with him and anderson. >> sean: i always say ufc, mma, hockey, football, gladiator sports, only the toughest, bravest athletes partake in these sports, people i look up to when all of them. that was in december of 2013 from we would show you but it's pretty much the same as what we have.
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make no mistake, this is an intense sport, like football, like hockey, like boxing, a gladiator sport. the toughest of all of them so naturally, it is not woke enough for the media mob. get this, bashing the ufc president for holding a live event with fans and accusing them of putting people's lives at risk because of covid concerns and an instagram, president responded and wrote this through this entire pandemic, we didn't lay off a single employee, we worked with governmental agencies in nevada around the country and the world to put on every event safely and we chose to bring our biggest fight of the year with conor mcgregor back to town onr july the 10th to help relaunch the city, yet t this is how the journal shows its support for a
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true local business, go [bleep] yourself.l here with much more as the president of the ufc, that's why i love you because you don't hold back, always hard-hitting. all right. by the way, what a card this weekend, you didn't let a single person off during this entire pandemic, you created it and tell everybody your thought process route. >>oc this was always my thought process, there's always a way to figure things out, no is never the answer and you just have to be willing to work hard, spend the money and there's going to be some trial and error but we knew that we could do it. >> sean: explain how fight ilan came around because i thought that was a genius idea and i kept the sport going and kept your employees employed, tell us how you did that.
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>> let's start with florida first of all here in the united states, we needed to be able to put on fights. we have our own arena here in las vegas but we couldn't use it in our own home town so we to go to florida and the mayor in jacksonville open the doors to us and obviously governor desantis was incredible. you have to have government officials that you can work with and the florida state athletic that was willing to work with us and figure out ways so the show could go on. once we got that figured out putting on shows, this is a global sport running in international business so we had to figure out how could we get people in from all over the world from all these different
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countries, these fighters and we started talking about islands and places where we could build a real bubble and i've got a great relationship with the royal family for over 12 years, we started talking to them and we literally built the best bubble on earth when we went to fight island in abu dhabi. >> sean: i want to talk about the growth of ufc over the years and you're a big part of its success from the get-go, but i want to talk about it through this idea. so you watch lebron james what he had said last week and youo, look at the ratings of the finals in the nba, 5.6 million viewers is a disaster. just a few years ago, 50 million people watching the oscars every year, you look at what happened in georgia with major league baseball when they had far more accessible voting laws than joe biden's state of delaware, not trying to drag you into politics,ll but major league
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baseball, colin kaepernick nfl, the braun with the nba. if you look around the stadium, i don't care what this board is, i see people of all backgrounds, all races, all coming together because they love and have to share a passion for that sport. right? >> right. one of the things that i really tried to do through this whole thing is stay out of politics. when people tune in to watch sports, they don't want to hear that. they don't want to hear what your opinions are or who you're voting for what you're doing, they want to get away from everything in their life and they want to focus on two, three, four hours however long the sport is when you turned it on, we never talkedd about covid or politics and obviously, there are certain fighters male and female who have their own religious beliefs and political beliefs, we don't muzzle anybody either so if somebody comes down to the press conference and they
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want to talk about this, it's their god-given right to do it.. we don't muzzle anybody but we keep politics out of the sport. if you want to listen to that stuff, turn on any other station, you will hear all of that stuff you want to hear. when you tune into ufc, you are there to see fights. >> sean: do you see the growth of the ufc and you look at precipitous decline in a lot of other sports because of local politics, cancel culture, do you see a direct correlation? >> it would be hard to say no, they don't go hand-in-hand. i truly do believe -- i just put on an event, the first major sport to have an indoor live event at full capacity during this pandemic, we had 15,259 fans there and if you didn't want to wear a mask, you don't have to.
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everybody was there, the crowd was explosive all night, it was a great show, we broke the arena record and what that tells me, i sold out jacksonville going to houston next, 50,000 feet sold out and under 5 minutes total for all three, people are done, people are done, they are done being told of where they can go, what they can do, ready to get there and start enjoying their life again. >> sean: everybody knows, everyone has heard about the masks uma social distancing, everyone knows there are three vaccines out there and available if people and i'd advise you to consult with your doctor and do a lot of research on your own, they know the vaccines are available, no americans are going to live free, we have to live up to that motto when it
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can't just be words and i wrote a book, live free or die, some americans now are informed and voting by buying out 50,000 seats in 5 minutes. by the way, i want to pay for my tickets, but if you know anybody selling. >> i've got you, whatever you need, i've got you. >> sean: i'm not taking anything for free, i promise. but seriously, everybody knows, they know and they showed up in droves it speaks volumes. i'll give you the last word. >> i agree. i told you the three states, sold out in all three events in the next thing that opens is looking like arizona might work and whoever comes after that, i'm coming to your town, going to your arena and we are going to sell out. >> sean: that means new york where i need to get out of, i'd probably see you when 15 years
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but anyway, congratulations on a great event, hopefully can recover from this and looking forward to watching. dana white. >> is doing better, thank you. >> he got up and walked today? >> it's can't wrap the brain around the gym breaking will make a great recovery and it will be fine. >> sean: our best to him in our best to you as well, thank you. here with more reaction, radio talk show host, better watch out and i've been training for eight years and i think you're in trouble, might have to drag into the octagon. would protected in a heartbeat. >> that you have to specify which dana.
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>> i've got you right here, her. >> i've got you, leo. >> sean: don't mess with that because she's a marksman and that works too. we will start with dana, do you see the connection that i was talking about with dana white with attendance, ratings, lack of fan support, but then look at the ufc record numbers? >> i completely agree with you and i'm really deep doubt that i was on after dana white because this is a ufc household, huge mma fans in this household. can there be one place that we all as americans can go to and find some common ground and just drink a beer and watch whether it's a fight or whether it's a game, whatever it is, is there one place that we can go to
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because right now, the only place where that happens is ufc and mixed martial arts, the only to bewhere you don't have aggravated by someone else's political viewpoints, everybody is so desperate to tell everybody else what their political viewpoint is. some of us don't care and some of us just want to have a beer and enjoy the game, we don't want to be lectured to him that we don't want to be preached at, the only thing that should matter is who you are rooting for, that's the only division that should occur so i wish -- conservatives particularly get a little bit irate over some of this stuff because they are taking away all of our common ground spaces.
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>> sean: i've been to sporting events, the last time the yankees won the world series was on my son's birthday and i tooks them to the game, that was his birthday present and i bought the tickets on stubhub, for those of you who are wondering, i always pay. i don't want anything for free but the point is,re you are high-fiving the strangers, standing, clapping, cheering together, everyone is having a great time, you have a shared love and passion at that moment and it brings people together, then you put these wedge issues in, it does nothing to bring people together at all. >> i agree with you 100% and focusing on lebron james with his outrageous theological opinions you don't think about a basketball player, you think about a guy who made an idiotic statement who put a bounty on a police officer so now lebron james has tainted his basketball career. me also mention this when you have them trying to make a buck,
11:22 pm
they arrested that guy in chicago who shot that girl. you don't see lebron james talking about that, you don't see the nba or wnba talking about black on black crimeme because it doesn't fit their narrative but lebron james and these basketball players have sustained their careers because they do not know what they're talking about when it comes to issues about the police. only white cops kill blackck people and that is a lie, see chicago.ol >> sean: last word. >> i completely agree and to echo what he was just saying, with all the denigration of what they're doing, there a are way more good cops than incidence of bad policing and i you are seeing these demoralized departments and you have people retiring faster than they canpl recruit so people are going to be in a world of hurt if they realize the people who are serving the community if those
11:23 pm
people think that maybe it's not worth doing anymore because all we are going to do is be smeared and attacked for serving the public like we are asked to do. >> sean: how lucky are you? you've got dana, they both have your back, your good. unreal. >> i like this one more. >> sean: thank you both. coming up, the left continues to call anyone who opposes their agenda racist. senator john kennedy weighs in next to discuss why that is so dangerous especially when it comes to policing straight ahead. ♪ ♪ n safelite story. this couple loves camping adventures and their suv is always there with them. so when their windshield got a chip, they wanted it fixed fast. they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair.
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and that is completely totally utterly racist, that would be d.c. statehood's, securing the border, eliminating the legislative filibuster, fundingo defunding the police. i don't remember joe biden or anyone else actually claiming the filibuster was a relic of jim crow when they were filibustering republican legislations like 300 times like senator tim scott's police reform bill but they continue to rush to judgment, demonize the police and put our most vulnerable communities at risk by ignoring key facts when it comes to these shootings in their recklessness in making cities less safe. here with reaction to talk specifically about what happened
11:29 pm
in the ma'khia bryant incident in columbus, ohio, republican senator john kennedy. so there are a ton of these viral videos that are out there of cops saying guys, please stop stabbing each other, hang on, what should i do in this case,na what's the proper way to handle it? if it wasn't for the heroism of that officer, the girl who was dressed in pink, the young woman that was pinned to the car and the girl floated up with that o knife about to plunge it and thrust it into her body would have been stabbed and likely would have been killed and then you saw what lebron james did toul the cop. thoughts? >> cops have about 60 million encounters with americans every year. when someone is hurt before we assume there's this thing called asking, this thing called an investigation, theyor don't want to just jump to conclusions,
11:30 pm
they want to cannonball into them. they need to get the facts. let me state a few propositions that ian think reflect common sense and with respect to which most americans other then. number one, most cops, many of whom happened to be black do not get up every day and go to work hoping for the opportunity to hurt a person of color. number two, cops are necessary. if you o support defunding the police, you have tested positive for stupid. number three, it is immeasurably foolish to resist arrest. it is going to end badly, even if no one is hurt. you can't win, the government has the bomb, it's very
11:31 pm
dangerous don't resist arrest and number four, and this is just me personally, if you are a cop and when you see someone about to stab me shoot them if you have to, i don't care who you are, i don't consider that police misconduct, i consider that saving my mind. >> sean: you have coined this term and i gave t statistics in the opening monologue talking about police and talking about the number of shootings, 24 people shot in chicago this weekend in new york city, 50 people shot in 46 separate incidents, three died in chicago and a surge of hundred 50%, 50
11:32 pm
people shot in new york city, senator, could youou name any of the people shot this weekend? have you heard anybody report on the names of anybody shot in new york city or chicago this weekend we will likely never know any of their names, why? >> it breaks my heart, but new york has just edged out chicago as the world's outdoor shooting range.. it's terrible, it's horrible. in our post-journalism world, many members of the media have a narrative and they only want to cherry pick and pick instances which show cops at their worst. i've said it before, if you hate cops just because they are cops, then feel free to call the criminal, called a meth head the next time you get in trouble.
11:33 pm
i do not accept nor do i think most americans except that most cops are bad people, are racist. they don't get up every day and go into work hoping they can hurt somebody. most of them get up every day and hope they can come back home alive. >> sean: i have two questions for lebron james. first question is simple, and that is lebron, if it was your daughter that was pinned against the car with the girl loaded with the knife about to be thrust into your daughter, what would you want the cops to do there and the second question i have is related to the last question i asked you which is do you know the names of everybody that was shot this weekend and
11:34 pm
why is there a priority only on the much smaller subset of killings and shootings that take place in society and that being the full focus whenever the police are involved in many big cities now have majority minority police forces. >> i think everyone agrees that police misconduct should be punished and it exists, but look at the numbers, let me say it again, every year, cops have encounters with 60 million americans, 10 million of them are arrested and 2 million cases, cops either have to use force or threaten to use force. if our friends in the media will cover every one of those cases and be fair about it, they are cherry picking.ic
11:35 pm
i don't know what the investigations in north carolina and ohio will show, but before we can involve any conclusions and assume its racism, we ought to have an investigation and understand it's not representative of every case. >> sean: every life matters, every life that was lost this weekend, every life deserve safety and security and there shouldn't be dozens of people shot every weekend, senator. we do know how to fix it, rudy giuliani did it, he showed us the way. thank you for being with us. when we come back, fantastic news for the future of the republican party, really good news and later, you won't believe the interview between jim acosta and maxine waters have fake news cnn, we've got the tape straight ahead. ♪ ♪ and honest bidding site. we sold
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, the numbers don't lie, red states are rising, and texas gained two house seats, new york, california lost his seat and in the case of california, the first time they've lost at sea since their statehood 170 years great job, gavin newsom, take a bow. what does it all mean it? it means americans are voting with their feet and with their dollars and they are saying bye-bye, american pie to the liberal socialist failures under the likes of cuomo and murphy and gretchen whitmer and gavin newsomey and others.
11:41 pm
they have lower taxes, less regulation, never adopted those measures on covid reporting fewer covid cases than democratic led michigan, pennsylvania, new york, et cetera and you know what else? they actually care about safety and security of every american and every community in their state not interested in the democratic dismantling and defundingst of the police, takea >> defund the police, abolish prison? nancy pelosi and democrats in congress have lost their minds and now calling for violence. tell them to stand up against attacks on law enforcement. >> sean: i'm sean hannity and i had nothing to dome with that out and i approve it anyway. it gets even worse were democrats, a new poll is finding overwhelming support of voter i.d. among likely voters and even amongng those who say they approve of biden. here with reaction, fox news contributor, former speaker of the house newt gingrich.
11:42 pm
the numbers speak for themselves, right? we've been through a number of senses over the years? >> let's start with the fact that kevin mccarthy needs five seats to become speaker. david wasserman in the cookat report analyzes data during the day and came back and said there's a very real chance that the republicans will pick up eight seats which would be enough to knock out nancy pelosi and make kevin mccarthy the speaker, but there are deeper things going on as you point out, the blue states are hemorrhaging people, shoving them away and what's crazy is in the middle of all of this, the answer of the liberals is to raise taxes. so everybody who is productive, who has resources, who pays taxes beginning to leave and instead of trying to figure out how to keep them, they're going
11:43 pm
to accelerate the transition out of the blue states to theat stas that are run overwhelmingly by republicans. you've never seen a clear contrast between the high tax big bureaucracy unionized machine system and all of these states run by democratic governors in a free enterprise small business entrepreneurship, low tax system as we are seeing in almost all republican states and the result is within human nature tells you what wouldpr b, people go to the pleasure and the migration is just going to continue. >> sean: so now the question is, do blue states get smart? in new york, they are now proposing the largest tax increases in the history of any state in terms of income taxes and bureaucracy on top of what new york city is adding to the
11:44 pm
state which would bring down the federal income tax c level under biden to 40% of my 50% new york state and city, that's 55 out of every dollar, than the highest property taxes in the country, okay, how dumb am i if i do stay here?y i would argue i'm pretty dumb. >> i don't want to be on yourm show. >> sean: i will write a letter saying bye-bye new york. >> because of my greater question to you, i don't want to contradict you so if you want to say you are, i certainly don't want to disagree with that. >> sean: you like my older brother, thank you, really appreciate it. >> but here's what's fascinating. in new york and california, you have two biggest democratic
11:45 pm
states, you have gavin newsom in real trouble, qualified theou recall today and i happen to know that he is right on the cusp of losing and has been steadily losing ground for the last couple of months. in new york with somebody running, you're going to have a lower tax, small business oriented job creating pro police candidate and this may be the best chance republicans have the pick up the governorship of new york since winning back in 1994 so very interesting changes under way, was just told today for example the number two issuo now in the new york mayor's crime and it's rising steadily. back in a prerudy giuliani disastrous area of crime and if that sinks in, the combination of crime being anti-police, being pro-criminal, being for huge bureaucracies and raising taxes has to come together in a way that's a very powerful >> sean: do you think they
11:46 pm
could win in new york and a ric grenell or caitlyn jenner could win in california? i don't know if i see it. >> i certainly think that in new york, you have a real opportunity now because you have such a clear case of the system breaking down particularly in new york city. i think in california, the arts are pretty memorable. if gavin newsom is under 50%, he's gone, not in the wrong, and there would be a new governor, the odds are pretty good they would be a republican. >> thank you for being withbe u. when we come back, maxine waters softball interview with fake news jim acosta on fake news
11:47 pm
cnn. all joining us with reaction straightco ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: after project veritas exposed cnn is a completely partisan corrupt propaganda outlet for all things socialist, jim acosta continues to find new ways and creative ways to destroy any and all credibility if he had in the left tossing softball after softball it maxine waters in the weekend interview, just compare his line of questioning to how he treated kayleigh mcenany and others in the white house briefing room during the trump years, take a look. >> do you believe. why was it important for you to use that word confrontational at the time?
11:52 pm
>> these young boys who are getting stopped think they may have a better chance of running then sticking with the police because what happened in minneapolis get killed by >> the president has described members of the press is fake news during the course of this administration when you share fake videos like that, doesn't that make you fake news? >> you say you are nonviolent while also referencing that there are right-wing members of congress who subscribed to the views of manon and the proud boys, do you believe those congressional republicans are nonviolent? >> no, what is very interesting is i am threatened to be killed very
11:53 pm
>> accused other of disinformation when you spread it every day? >> sean: here with reaction, "outnumbered" cohost and former white house secretary kayleigh mcenany, i will let you react in your own words. >> not surprised that the disparity in the line of questioning from a partisan activist who posed as a white house correspondent, it's remarkable to sit there and watch him bob softball's at maxine waters. i have a few questions that he could have asked her, namely you were seen hugging louis farrakhan, a known anti-semite and a racist person who has had horrific things who one of his supporters o actually build a capitol police officer named billy evans and went on to praise this man essentially and say that he was a brother and
11:54 pm
disciple, what do you say to your friend? that would be one of the line of many just as how did you justify the l.a. riots were 53 died? but jim acosta is not that. >> sean: i like your question a lot better. congressman. >> it's very clear she's right. jim acosta is a rebel who happens to be a repeater, not a reporter because a reporter, true journalist would have had hard questions were maxine waters but he didn't want to do that, his whole job at cnn right now is to preserve the lie and preserve the lie that the democrats in the liberal media only cares about the good people of the united states and they have not a bad bone in their body but let's be very clear about this, what maxine waters said is destructive.d if there was any republican who said remotely what she said prior to january 6th, theyw would've tried to get us out of the capital as quickly as they
11:55 pm
possibly could but what does maxine waters get? an easy interview on cnn by jim acosta, the leading liberal repeater. >> sean: does this continue or do you think people now are hip to this? >> unfortunately when it comes the liberal left, they will continue doing this because theo cannot allow any breaks in the dam but people are getting hip to this, the american people are seeing it for what it is. what she said was outrageous on the fact the media continues to cover for her and for joe biden and kamala harris and all their foolishness as they've been running the country for 100 years, people are tired of it. >> sean: final word, 20
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
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>> sean: all right, as we showed earlier, gruesome injuries suffered by a fighter at the ufc
12:00 am
this weekend. viewer discretion advised. >> whoo. >> [crowd noise] oh my. >> glad he's going to be okay. let not your heart be troubled was going to get your take on the woken us oscar's. laura: raymond arroyo will destroy that. i wrote the books that -- up and saying i don't know how many years ago, 12 years ago, 15 years ago. this was so long in the coming they were going to lose audience share,


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