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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  April 26, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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congress. martha mccallum and i will cover that from here and obviously the republican response. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight back at home in the d.c. bureau. that's it for us, fair, balance and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by tammy bruce this week starts right now. tea hey, tammy. >> tammy: thank you very much, sir. appreciate it good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> tammy: i'm tammy bruce. and for the week we are taking you inside the left's playbook exposing not just their rampant corruption but the method to their madness. we will highlight the heroes in this fight and prove to you how we can and will prevail. tonight the extreme left is unleashing what is now the most dangerous diabolical and destructive power grab in modern political history as the democrats along with their enablers in the media have made clear they are ready, willing and able to grab power, never
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give up and up flick on every day americans what would be unprecedented amount of control and coercion over our everyday lives. but, ask yourself, how did we get to this point where packing the supreme court, open borders, d.c. statehood and even hating and accomplishing the police became part of the mainstream political dialogue? how is it that the same cabal of entrenched washington democratic fixtures the same ones who lectured us on trump's supposed throats institutional integrity are now the ones looking to upend the separation of powers, overhaul our structure of government, make our cities less safe, all while clinging to the power at all costs? the answer is actually simpler than you think. what the left accuses the rest of us of doing is always exactly what they are doing themselves. no, no, no. don't you dare look at them, of course, look away at their distraction. they don't care about being called hypocrites. they don't care about being accused of double standards.
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because it's all part of their larger playbook the end game for them is all about money and power. and that means controlling the narrative. because if you control the narrative, control the language and definition, and control the framing, you've won. remember, they accused president trump of russia collusion for four long years when, in reality, it was hillary clinton and the dnc who paid christopher steele who then used russian sources to put together the debunked disinformation dossier. and over the last year democratic governors accused republicans of wanting to kill grandma and grandpa for daring to question the ever evolving proclamation of so-called public health bureaucrats. all the while blue state governors like andrew cuomo put sick patients into nursing homes actually killing thousands of grandparents. and got caught trying to cover it up. ironically it was people like hillary, cuomo, biden, harris,
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the lincoln project, swalwell, pelosi and waters among so many others who were the miscreents and the scoundrels they accuse trump of being. and it was the hollywood machine that protected sexual predators like harvey weinstein for years while lecturing the rest of us about the sips of sexual assault and the abuse of women all while spewing woke virtue signal jargon in our direction seemingly every hour of every day. did you hear any apologies or admissions of culpability at last night's oscars but, of course, you weren't watching, neither was i. but they didn't. instead they delivered the most woke oscars ever. they couldn't even control themselves for two minutes. and what was the theme for this group of people who were likely relying on police protection to enjoy their night of back slapping and self-reverential congratulations hating and bashing police officers. we will deal with this unacceptable attack on american
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heroes in detail tonight. but not all liberals, are a torres and creatives have surrendered to the woke mob, some have taken the lead in confronting it rose mcgowan is one of those heroes, she joins us tonight for her first in-depth interview on fox news. we are now living in a moment where seemingly every major institutional power center is taking its marching orders from the left. big tech, big business, entertainment, education, from grade school to college. along with most of the media. gleefully parrot democrat lies, fuel hyperbole and fuel vicious rhetoric all to needlessly to divide us, the american people. but, is there anything democrats are doing actually improve the quality of anyone's lives other than their own? the agenda the black lives matter, the marxist group, certainly isn't making communities safer as homicides spike across the country. three people were killed and 22 others wounded in shootings across chicago this weekend. there were nearly two dozen
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shootings across new york city this weekend. hate crimes against asians and the jewish committee continue to plague the progressive big apple. censorship from big tech does nothing to strengthen our democracy in fact, it does the opposite and reckless immigration policy harms poor americans first and erodes trust that our leaders will faithfully execute the laws of the land. but don't you worry, while they are releasing covid-19 infected immigrant into the interior of the country, migrant children get to read kamala harris' kids book. it's included in what can only be called a welcome pack given to unaccompanied minors at the border. propaganda aimed even at children. so ask yourself: can you name any policy from the left if implemented that will enhance the lives of working people when we walk out our doors tomorrow? we know who those toxic ideas will hurt the most even if our leaders in washington don't seem to care. it's why the america first populist agenda is more important than ever and why it's
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not enough to simply shout hypocrisy or double standards because what we are up against is beyond bias, it is beyond just a difference of opinion. there is now a full blown far left propaganda machine that is infiltrated the most powerful institutions on the globe. joining me now to discuss all of this is lara trump, the trump 2020 campaign senior adviser and lucky for us a fox news contributor. lara, thank you so much for joining me tonight. >> i'm so happy to be on with you. congratulations. what a great role for you, tammy. >> tammy: thank you, i appreciate it part of it is i have been an activist first was an organizer for the left for many years. clearly been a conservative now for most of my adult life. and i am determined to make sure people understand that this is not just a bunch of mistakes or just incompetence that this is a genuine ageneral can a that is being implemented across the board and against the american people. what are your thoughts on that
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theory? >> well, i think you are exactly right. one of the things that you pointed out that i want to go back and highlight exactly what you said when you said the things that they accuse the republicans and specifically donald trump of doing is what the democrats are doing. you obviously pointed out the russian collusion hoax that was bedunked after '$0 million of taxpayer money. two years of the mueller investigation. but i can tell you as a member of the trump family we have felt this very deep. we have seen the time gosh, just google my name for one and see what you come up with the lies that they have told about our family. >> tammy: extraordinary what have you endured. >> yeah. republicans, it is horrifying. but it's all planned, tammy. you are exactly right. they want to teach people to hate america because when you hate your country, guess what you? are not willing to stand up and fight for it you are not willing to go out of your way to make sure we maintain the united
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states of america. this is all planned. it's all very scary. and you have some really great points. everybody should go back and watch your opening there it was really really impactful. >> tammy: it's key because, without knowing -- a lot of americans think and the left want them to think that they're alone it's like you are thinking maybe i'm the only one who doesn't understand this or i'm the only one who feels this way. you are not. it's important for you to realize that you are right america is a nation built on an idea. so our heroes matter and our sense of ourselves matter because we don't come from the same background, right? we are a nation of immigrants. so it's even more important that the idea of what is possible. the greatness that is possible it survives that you can burn the country down, lara if you convince the american people that we're no good. that's the messaging at this point that america is racist. that's a lie. that he means the american people are racist. that is a lie. and we have got to start calling
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it out because i know that the left must be taken seriously because they mean it. >> yeah, they absolutely do. do you know what? the reason, tammy, that i feel like they have gone so far out of their way to try and get rid of donald trump, to try and injure him every stretch the way is because he represents a really big threat to them to the establishment, to the people who want to turn america into a socialist country. think about the fact that this is a man that became president knowing that he could probably lose everything he has ever worked for. he gave up so much of his life. remember he never took a salary while he was president. he didn't need anything from the swamp. he didn't want anything from them. all he wanted was to go in there and fight for the american people and remind people to love this country and they don't like people reminding us we are more alike than we are different. and at the end of the day, we all are americans, we all have to always remember that. >> tammy: look, the reason why i support your father-in-law so
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aggressively is because he is a representation of what is possible in the country but, also, because he actually likes the country. he knows what we're capable of. and he trusts us. and that's what the american people have wanted to see is the trust that will bring the optimism that brings the future back and it only comes from him and also the backup of course that you and your family and the rest of his family bring him and bring to us as well lara, great to see you tonight, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tammy: we have a lot of work come up. but, now, coming up, no love for the police on hollywood's biggest night, of course, while calls to refuse hate fell on deaf ears at the oscars. that and much more is next on "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way
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♪ >> tammy: in just 24 hours after the chauvin verdict in minnesota there were at least six deadly police involved shootings across america. tensions and violence constantly rising between police and civilians. and today the justice department announcing a new investigation into police. now, chief breaking news correspondent thank goodness he is here trace gallagher is here with all the latest developments. trace? >> good evening to you. maker garland says the doj will now investigate the louisville police department looking into whether officers engage in discriminatory policing including unreasonable stops, searches and seizures and also to see if louisville police have a pattern of using unnecessary force. meantime the family and advocates of andrew brown shot and killed last week by police in north carolina are calling for authorities to release the body cam video of the incident. the sheriff's deputies were trying to serve brown an arrest warrant last week when he apparently tried to get away and they opened fire. brown's family and attorneys
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were shown about 20 seconds of body cam video that one family attorney said proves that he was executed but the very same attorney later accused police of hiding something by not releasing the rest of the footage. and in new york, the family of nypd officer harry reiman murdered 41 years ago says they were devastated after his killer was paroled without showing remorse. paul ford shot and killed reiman during a robbery attempt in 1981. ford, who initially said he was innocent, now tells his parole board, quote: yeah, i take responsibility and when asked if he had anything to say to the officer's family, he said, quoting: i feel bad. officer reiman's five surviving children say they are disgusted and finally we should note that last year 5,300 nypd officers retired. that's a 75% increase over 2019 of, tammy. >> tammy: wow, wow.
4:18 pm
just awful story there thank you, trace very much. appreciate it? >> sure. >> tammy: sadly, the family of police officers do see their loved ones killed in the line of duty all too often. back in 1981, philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner was murdered during a traffic stop. the convicted killer was a member of the radical black panther's group. four decades later officer faulkner's family still keeping his memory alive, his widow happy to have her with me tonight maureen faulkner joins me now. thank you very much for being with us. i appreciate it? >> thank you for having me, tammy. >> tammy: while we hear these horrible stories, horrible numbers, statistics, the number of police retiring, the number of police attacked this is a very good opportunity to remind people in the midst of all the political rhetoric and your experience here is a perfect example that every police officer is someone's husband or a wife or a mother or a father or a brother or a sister. they are our neighbors. they are our friends. and they have been demonized as
4:19 pm
this kind of monolithic blank slate of an agency. but this is about the human beings that leave every day as your husband did, and you as the wife of an officer not knowing if your loved one is going to come home at the end of the day and you do it for strangers. and this is what happened to your family and happening to so many others. tell me your thoughts on what is now transpiring here that the left has created in this -- in the midst of such difficult times? >> well, first of all, i want to send my condolences to officer reiman and his family. and what has gone on with them. i mean, his wife witnessed him being murdered, shot three times in the chest. his five children were left without a father. and they must -- and, you know, people don't realize you go through years and years and
4:20 pm
years of appeals. you are in court all the time. the wounds are ripped open. and this poor family to have to deal with this man who has been released now after all these years it and shows really no remorse because he really does not have any kind of human decency on what he feels about human life because he murdered this officer who was just trying to do the right thing. >> tammy: you know, we see that. this us does though seem to be a sign the times about there is this no bail policies. bad guys never go -- it's a revolving door that the police are reviled but criminals and those who do this feel comfortable saying that they have no or at least inmating that they have no regret. do you feel with what you are have seen in the transposition here of what has happened is this something we will be able to overcome? do you feel that we will?
4:21 pm
i'm i'm trying my best to speak out. in philadelphia especially where my husband was murdered, da's like larry krasner a progressive district attorney allowing every criminal out on the street and then in l.a. we have. >> tammy: oh yeah now we have the l.a. d.a. gascon. >> we have gascon. he's another one. i mean, this is just atrocious what's happening. it's happening and i don't know if the civilian people realize what is going on. there is people being murdered, raped, stabbed, robbed, mugged and they walk in the front door of the jail and they walk right out the back door. >> tammy: that's right. >> there is no bail. they just let them go. >> tammy: it is stunning. it is voices like yours. thank god. i wrote but by the way in my second book about 20 years ago and your heroism and the heroism
4:22 pm
of your husband. so thank you for continuing. >> thank you. >> tammy: continuing to fight the good fight. we will not let it go and in the name of all those officers. all those family members. all of our neighbors who serve in that uniform we have got your back and thank you maureen, i really appreciate you joining me tonight. >> and thank you. and i will continue to fight until the day i die to keep the killer behind bars. >> tammy: bravo. we are with you. >> for all the officers in the united states. thank you so much for having me. >> tammy: my pleasure. political controversy once again grabbing the spotlight at last night's oscars filmmaker tyler perry telling the audience to refuse hate as he accepted the humanitarian award that's nice sounds harmless. everyone applauded but then the applause abruptly stopped when perry mentioned not hating the police. >> i refuse to hate someone because they are mexican or because they are black or white. [applause] or lbgtq.
4:23 pm
i refuse to hate someone because they're a police officer, i refuse to hate someone because they are asian. i would hope that we would refuse hate. >> tammy: elwell, joining me now brandon tatum former police officer and a ceo of the officer brandon, thank you so much for joining me. you know, i like what i was hearing there it was distinctive when the audiences just stopped applauding when they mentioned about stop hating the police. what's your take on especially, look the ratings last night. people weren't watching it. it crashed over 50%. the ratings. most woke oscars ever. that was a message that could unite people. a terrific opportunity. it seems like they squandered it. >> i want to first say shoutout to tyler perry. i mean, he has been a force to be reckoned with. he has donated his money. he has paid for these young people that have not been killed by police that have been killed by black people, he has donated
4:24 pm
to their funeral proceedings i want to give a shoutout to him he is a man willing to stand up and tell the truth and not lie. that was a unifying statement. i would love for all of to us unite under the premise of saying let's judge everybody that we come in contact with by the content of their character and not the color of their skin or their profession. i wish we would unite on that premise and i love men that will stand up and say that and the people in the include did not want to give an applause shame on you because you don't really want unity, you want revenge and that's not good for our country. >> tammy: you know, it's political revenge because these are individuals that they are in that room, they are nominees, they have got millions of dollars. they have private security. no doubt. they kicked all the homeless out of the union station in downtown l.a. to have their little party
4:25 pm
people protected by anti-place message are the people live in the inner city are the people who do need to call 911 sometimes to get help when it comes to what's going on because of what is going on with gangs or just crime in general. those are the people that are hurt though they are just cannon fodder for some political jargon that a celebrity wants to spew. big money leftist are out of touch with reality. they say things they think we want to hear virtue signaling. they are not using it and applying it to their own real life. people in the inner city call the police most often not because they want to because they have. to say. >> tammy: right. >> when you are getting robbed or somebody is breaking into your house or your children are getting shot in the middle of street you need police to not only show up and show compassion and investigate and give you justice. those are the things that police officers are being utilized for
4:26 pm
in many of these low income areas in the inner city. when you are rich and you are living in hollywood and have you personal security and can you call the police officer and they show up in three minutes to take a call of someone stealing your lawn mower or something like that. >> tammy: right. >> you are not living in reality and you should not be speaking about these issues. >> tammy: you know, the majority of people who are living in the inner city are good, wonderful people and being victimized by a small section of individuals who are bad guys. and the police are necessary to make sure that the good guys win. brandon, thank you so much for your perspective. it's always great seeing you. appreciate it? >> god bless you, my pleasure. >> tammy: thank you, sir. a move so outrageous even one of enemies found it shocking. john kerry under fire for leaking israeli military secrets to iran. while he was secretary of state. former dni ric grenell joins us next. ♪ ♪ >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story.
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>> tammy: not everywhere is capable of shocking the iranian regime but john kerry is not your average bumbling bureaucrat. leaked audio revealing that kerry sold out the israeli military to iran's foreign minister zarif while he was still secretary of state under president obama. zarif was reportedly himself shocked. when kerry told him that israel had attacked iranian targets in syria more than 200 times. the question now on everyone's mind, i think there is probably a few questions how many lives did john kerry put in danger by sharing this information had? joining me now ric grenell, former acting director of national intelligence. rick, it is great to see you. i can't even believe with everything going on in our world that that was a lead-in to an interview with you that we knew john kerry, you know, was friendly with the iranians and thinks differently than we do whether it comes to what's important for the world. what does this mean and how
4:33 pm
serious is it? >> it's incredibly serious these allegations. john kerry is saying it's not truex september the facts show that it probably is true. first of all, we have got john hudson at "the washington post" who immediately comes to the rescue of john kerry to blame the conservatives for making this an issue: zarif the foreign minister of the iranian regime is the one who was astounded he said. i was astounded by what john kerry was saying. if "the washington post" tale and the state department's tale and john kerry's tale is all that this information was already out why was the iranian foreign minister so excited by this information? it's because john kerry and zarif talk regularly. this is a fact. john kerry may never admit that,
4:34 pm
but this is a fact. and when they talk, he is constantly undermining what the trump policy was or leaking information. it may not always be classified information but it's information that zarif doesn't be know. this is a fact. and "the washington post" is shameful for covering for covering for john kerry. this is typical what happens that swamp land where they come rushing every single time to defend the democrats. but, let's make it very clear it was israel vs. iran and john kerry chose iran. >> tammy: this is what we are talking about tonight the theme i want the american people to know these things are not happening in isolation. these are not one-offs. this is not one guy. this is generally what the left has been doing. there is a behavior that sets certainly we are seeing it now in the last few months everything into what seems to be chaos, whether it's the border.
4:35 pm
or international relations a situation in north korea. the situation obviously with iran, with covid. everything seems to be in disarray. and, yet, that is what i contend, having been on the left. that's what suits the left because then it gives them more of an excuse to have more power. what do you think of that theory and is that what you have seen as well, you being in washington certainly more than many people? >> i think it's exactly correct, tammy. what i would call it is just that elite bubble inside washington, d.c. where the obama team and the biden team when they left, they all just race to, you know, ngos and all of the firms that are based in washington, d.c. republicans actually, when we are not in power we leave and go into the private sector, imagine that but there is this bubble in washington that and i know the foreign policy bubble really well, the council on foreign relations types and the foreign policy types.
4:36 pm
they think that they can make the decision that they control all of the decisions. >> tammy: right. >> what donald trump did was unleash america first and the american people now understand what it means when they make these elite decisions that it doesn't benefit them. and they want a change. >> tammy: that's right. >> they want these decisions to benefit america first and americans first. >> tammy: clearly. you are absolutely right. president trump reminded us that that was possible. rick, thank you for your perspective, really appreciate it crazy days, thank you for joining me. >> thanks, tammy. >> tammy: she helped launch the me too movement and now fed up with the left for failing america. actress and activist rose mcgowan joins us next exclusively right here. ♪ ♪
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can ♪ ♪ democrats control two branches of government and are attempting to control the third by packing the supreme court with liberal justices on top of that the fourth estate, the media, continues to look the other way. and now my next guest says she is fed up with the politics of it all. joining me now with her first fox news appearance is one of my heroes rose mcgowan, former
4:42 pm
actress, best-selling author, change make and one of "time" magazines persons of the year may i say, rose, that you are also my person of the year if not for several years having been in several years i have no doubt moving forward. thank you so much for joining us tonight. i really appreciate it. >> thank you so much for having me, tammy. >> tammy: you know, this is -- you are known by many people based on how the media has chosen to portray you. it's in snippets, it's in blocks. we know that your life has been unique. you've had important experiences that you have taken action on. but not a lot of people have heard directly from you about why that's important, what you're doing now. you are an entrepreneur, you are a business woman. we will talk about that soon. but, talk to everyone here who may for the first time may be seeing you directly after hearing your name for so long after done such a great job in standing up for your rights, your dignity and the dignity of women everywhere? why did you do that and what has it meant to the quality of your
4:43 pm
life and why is it so important for everyone to understand? >> well, as some of you know and some you have don't know if you have heard my name or read anything on me in the media, i grew up in a cult. and it was a very famous cult called children of god. and it gave me a super power. it gave me the ability to see the control propaganda machine on the left for what it is and how it harms people and how the left can harm people just as much as the right if they go very very deep into it and ignore other aspect of kind of relate in a way and serving a master a that may not be serving you. i say i come in piece i'm not here to make people feel bad about their political choices. i am here to say that you might be in a cult, too, if you don't know the signs. i do believe democrats especially are in a deep cult
4:44 pm
that they really don't know about and aren't really aware of. and i leaf the republicans alone more because i do respect people more that are like this is what we are. this is what we are about. this is what we are against. whereas i find the democrats are really pretty much almost against all the same things. they are against changing the world for the better. and for keeping a system in place that is for so few people and benefits so few that they masquerade as the helpers. we would do this the world would be perfect if only those republicans would get out of the way. well, okay, you have got control so now what? what are you going to do to make the world better? >> tammy: it comes down to an issue of betrayal, really. neither one of us are republicans, right? we are the women that were supposed to be the beneficiaries of all of these programs and
4:45 pm
promises of the democrats and here we are in a world where republicans have been demonized and, yet, you know, i identify as a conservative. it does irritate certain people but it really is about freedom. it's about personal freedom. about living lives that best suit us and that's what you are doing as well. when it comes to the choices. look, a great actress, you are a writer, you are a business woman. you have a new beloved. you actually have time for a relationship. and you are happy. you are becoming at least happier considering the nature of what you experienced from hollywood. is that something you regularly struggle with when it comes to being yourself and embracing what -- who it is you are becoming and what's important about that? >> i am embracing in my life right now really just almost healing in a way, not just for me but for so many others. the me too media period, it was
4:46 pm
trigger for so many men and women alike everybody, really. it was a painful period for many people as it was for me. and my persecution and awakening from being a democrat so much what i do now and realizing how hard core of a cult it is. what it does to women and the people it says it is going to help then why haven't they achieved anything? >> tammy: that's it and then we are also tied to this idea of what could happen afraid of what we would say or not say but without being able to be true to ourselves even after the feminist movement still trying to conform and that's kind of the rub here is this art -- this expectation that a woman like you is better off if you conform. but that is the opposite of your creativity. it's the opposite of what would fuel what makes the world interesting to you.
4:47 pm
for the bit of time that we have left, what advice would you give the young women listening of course it also goes to whatever age we are with what have you gone through and how each day takes something new. you have got to adapt all the time. what advice in this new age as we are trying to come together and unite on the things that bring us together, what would you say to every woman watching? >> i would say to every woman or man or anybody watching that and your personal freedom comes with the price of you realizing how you are being controlled and where it's coming from and separate, i would make a list your belief system and figure out what your belief system -- what part of it is organic to you and what part has been implanted either by hollywood or the media or your leaders. >> tammy: great idea. >> what part of it is row truly yours?
4:48 pm
what's organic. see what's polyester and pull it out of your fabric we have to examine what we believe and why. i am going to get a lot of hate for being on fox news. that's a fact. i have gotten people, you know, on the left yelling at me like you go up against biden, you go up against the clintons, you go up yes, but all of these people had the clintons have had a direct hand in helping one of my perpetrators who was the most powerful democrats donors there was and also entree into the hollywood world and i have been persecuted by them and i find that i had to even look through what had been implanted in me. so i would say look at your own belief system to get free. you can still believe in whatever party you want to believe in. >> tammy: sure. >> but not to the limit where it makes it so you cannot have a human conversation with every other person. >> tammy: it doesn't mean that even your politics change. it means that you become more free within that framework. rose, i know that if people were to follow you on social media they will get an example of how
4:49 pm
to do this. where can people find your work these days? >> at rose mcgowan on twitter where i am shadow banned and suppressed at instagram at rose mcgowan. instagram is my softer side. twitter i go hard. but, you know, they suppressed me instead of facebook and everybody else. it's just because i go up against the -- you are not supposed to go up against the "new york times." you are not supposed to go up against the propagandist. >> tammy: that's right. >> i think if someone is evil they are evil. they should call them out whether it's right or left or somewhere in the middle because they are the ones keeping us apart. the propaganda machine in conjunction with whatever party is determined to have control over our freedom and they say america is the land of the free. well, we have to fight for it. i'm not conservative in my beliefs. i believe in different personal freedoms than maybe people watching this, but i can still be your friend. i can still be your ally and i can still want the best for you.
4:50 pm
>> tammy: bravo. this is the heroism i was talking about. it's beautiful. thank you, rose, thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. >> tammy: i appreciate it we will talk soon. thank you very much for joining us. >> good luck to you. >> tammy: all righty. now, coming up, dr. fauci comes out and says what we have all known for months that the risk of outdoor transmission of covid is minuscule. maybe now someone will tell joe biden he can take his mask off. miranda devine joins us next. ♪ ♪ new parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste.
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4:56 pm
>> i don't want to get ahead of them, but it's still common sense that outdoor risk is really quite low particularly if you are vaccinated person wearing a mask outdoors, the risk is minuscule. >> there you go, joining me now, "new york post" columnist ann fox news contributor, who knew that i love being on with you a guest on now hosting this is really fabulous, thanks for coming on tonight. i call him flipper 5g for a reason because he flips and over the last couple of weeks, explaining why we still have to wear masks outside and then there's a story of a high schooler who is running an 800-meter and passed out just before the finish line because she was wearing a mask during an 800-meter race outside, everything we know about the sun and the uv rays finally says sure you can but what changed in the last two weeks?
4:57 pm
what's going on with him? is it purely politics, what's your assessment here? >> it is purely politics, a man who is never reliable. you can't trust anything he says, not only flipped and flopped and contradicted himself every second day but also lied to us and admitted that he lied to us because a noble lie, no lie is a good life when you are needing the public to trust you and particularly now when talking about people getting vaccinated unfortunately, anthony fauci is the front man for the vaccine and you look at him, do you have any faith in what he says? he has locked us up for a year, the first time he has actually been able to bring himself to say a word like minuscule risk and he says i don't want to get in front of the cdc, that's exactly what he wants to do, this is what he does all the
4:58 pm
time. >> he clearly likes getting interviews when it comes to his gut feeling but he is also with the left does as we've been discussing today and this week, and unelected bureaucrats controlling our lives. there's no way to punish him, to fire him and that is what concerns me as well when it comes to the nature of the impact of his fund that he has on the rest of our lives. >> you were just talking about cults and this colt is the most damaging in the country, for over a year, he has held sway over every part of our lives and in fact, the lives of people all over the world because people look to america to see how to conduct their lives and has basically been all fear, no responsibility. he waxes and wanes, doesn't understand how much import people put on his every
4:59 pm
announcement. >> i think he enjoys it. >> he absolutely enjoys it. >> and he knows and he keeps going and of all the people in the world with his stellar history especially with aids and hiv that he should know better than doing this so i love that we are able to have this conversation, mentioned quickly that the secretary of state of california has noted that it is official, they have enough signatures now to recall gavin newsom so that's nice to hear for a change. one tyrant should go. >> how good is that? accountability at last, this is a real triumph for the people of california and i just wish this could happen in new york is well with andrew cuomo. >> clearly something will have to happen but fascinating what we've seen when it comes to tyrants, great stuff as always, another great column for "the new york post," everyone check her work out, thanks for joining me tonight, i appreciate
5:00 pm
it. thank you everyone for watching fox news prime time. i'm tammy bruce. he can find out about me on the new social media platform and i will be back here tomorrow night, tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. happy monday. in may of last year if you can remember, the mayor of los angeles issued this order to the people he oversees, bring your mask with you whenever you leave home, that will help us get more freedoms. everett garcetti isn't much of an orator to put it mildly that was a memorable quote mostly because of the questions that left unanswered. for example, is it really possible to spread the


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