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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 26, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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[laughter] he was really square but it was so embarrassing. >> dana: jesse will owe you one day. >> let's just do a whole hour of jesse's stories. >> dana: i will take it. >> bret: ra, guys, back in the studio. welcome to the washington report, i am speech when he three. breaking tonight what could be a national security break in relations between foreign secretary of state and climate adviser john kerry. it involves what he told an iranian official about israel's involvement in a attack on islamic armed forces inside syria. democrats are dismissing any controversy republicans as you can imagine are not to. state department correspondent rich edson has tonight's top story from the state department.
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good evening. >> good evening, and they want investigation some calling for a former secretary carrie's resignation all in response to claims from iran's foreign minister in a conversation leaked right in the middle of negotiations over the iran nuclear deal. >> a leaked discussion with iran's chief diplomat reveals how powerful their military is. and what john kerry was saying about one of the closest allies. iranian foreign minister claims "it was foreign u.s. secretary john kerry who told the acme israel had launched 200 attacks on iranian forces in syria." the israeli government had no comment on the claim. and pointed to reports where the israeli government to publicly confirm the strikes. >> i can't speak to the theocracy or any motives that may be behind its dissemination. i would just make the broad point that if you go back and look at press recording from the time this certainly was not secret.
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>> it is unclear if the reef mentions when john kerry could've told him this information. michael mccaul the top republican on the house foreign affairs committee says "if true recording is in -- were laying sensitive information to the number one sponsor of terrorism is unfathomable." >> in the region is based on the unshakable trust between the united states and israel. we need to maintain that and sharing sensitive information like this if it happened could really strike at the heart of the bilateral relationship. to speak of the three-hour taped conversation leaked to the london-based news outlet "iran international." fox news has not independently verify the recorded discussion then comes as the u.s. and iran resumed tense discussions to try to resuscitate the 2015 nuclear agreement. officials they are investigating the leak. >> absolutely a legal matter has
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happened. >> in the conversation -- undermining the efforts even traveling to moscow to work with the russians to sabotage the 2015 nuclear deal. a u.s. air strife killed sulla money, and zarif called it a major blow. tweeting "the strike on -- had in massive impact in the middle east. you don't have to take my word for it, ask zarif, president biden still thinks it's a mistake." the state department says that the u.s. will begin a third round of negotiations to try to -- the state department official says that there has been progress though there needs to be much more to reach a deal. bret. >> bret: many statements coming from a republicans with many positions on capitol hill on this, state department saying it's no big deal because the attacks were in the press, but it is one thing to read it in "the new york times" and another to get a call from the former
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secretary of state telling you that's in fact what has happened. >> you also don't know what the timing of this hall is. of the state department not wanting to comment on any of this other than the line that you heard from the spokesperson, but it is still unclear when the former secretary of state if he did indeed tell the iranians this when he did tell them that. spewing we will continue to look at it, thank you. now to policing in america in a week where the issue will play a major role in the public debate and in the wake of several high profile police shootings black americans of violence is increasing. some of it against officers and former officers. today the justice department announced a federal investigation into louisville's police practices following the investigation into minneapolis police department at the same time many law enforcement personnel are actually leaving the profession, retiring at great rates. policing is expected to be a major topic when joining the joint session of congress wednesday and republicans get the response.
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chad pergram on capitol hill with the push for police reform legislation in congress, first up correspondent asha hosni in new york with the latest. good evening. >> good evening to you. here in new york city bill de blasio is pushing ahead with police reform even as gun violence soars across the city and a historic number of nypd officers turn in their badge. >> we are here fighting gun violence. >> new york city mayor bill de blasio grilled on the surging gun violence across the city. over the weekend 28 shootings injured 31 people including reports of a retired nypd officers shot to three times in the torso. so far this year gun violence has entered 416 people 71% jump from this time last year. it comes months after the police commissioner disbanded the anti-crimes unit about 600 plainclothes officers who took a
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legal guns off the street. today the mayor revealed the courts not fully functional during the pandemic will be back in may and will receive more funding to increase the number of profit users. >> we have gun prosecutions ready to go that are going to take a lot of the worst actors out of the equation, so you are going to see all of this play out in the coming weeks. >> but thousands of nypd cops won't be here to see that through. more than 5,300 officers either retired or handed in the retirement papers in 2020. a 75% jump from 2019. critics of mayor de blasio blamed growing anti-police sentiment and the debate over policing practices with fears that one misstep could cost them their job as they put their lives on the line. speak of the truth of the matter is the members of the nypd no longer want to work on a mayor de blasio or the city council with cory johnson or the field leadership, we are
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receiving no backing at all. >> and if you are wondering where the new recruits are back in december the city only allowed about 900 new recruits primarily because of budget cuts that were fueled by the defund the police movement. tonight the nypd has 1,000 fewer officers than it did a year ago. >> bret: thank you. the town of elizabeth city, north carolina, under a state of emergency. the family of a black man killed by police was given its first look at body cam video of the fatal shooting. 42-year-old andrew brown jr., the lawyer says only 20 seconds of that video was released. she says it showed he had his hands on the car steering wheel and was shot in the back of the head. local naacp president had said this to fox news >> it bring sadness to my heart to know that in 20 seconds they came out and
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said that he was executed. with his hands on the steering wheel they fired shots, rounds into his car. he'd tries to drive away and they continue to fire. they executed him. >> the video has not been made public. the sheriff says deputies were trying to serve an arrest warrant when brown was killed. last wednesday's shooting triggered small and peaceful protest in the community so far another demonstration is planned for this evening. americans largely oppose the effort to divert funds away from the police and police departments. the latest fox news survey out tonight finds 33% agree with that strategy. 62% oppose defunding police. moving it away from police departments. congressional lawmakers working behind the scenes to craft legislation on police reform. but it is political and complicated as it was last time
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in the justice department is getting involved in a more local law enforcement investigating different departments. congressional correspondent chad pergram has that part of the story tonight. >> federal skirt and tea for another police department, this time louisville, kentucky, more than a year after the death of breonna taylor during a police raid. >> it will determine whether ellen pd engages in unconstitutional stops, searches and seizures as well as whether the department execute search warrants on private homes. >> retirements and resignations from the police department hit a five-year high following her death is murder shot up last year and shooting spiked nearly 100%. >> they do not enjoy their job, right? so they understand that whatever we have been doing isn't working. >> the justice department started scrutinizing the neapolis police after the george floyd verdict. assange law enforcement is at a breaking point.
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>> they are instances where the only hope for a constitutional policing is for the federal government to intervene. >> i have not done anything. >> the push to reform the police tore apart the streets in 2020. while makers hope to forge a legislative solution in 2021. >> we have to find a way to hold officers accountable so this type of behavior ends. >> the balance between accountability and immunity is the biggest challenge facing lawmakers. >> don't sue the police officer, sue the police department. >> it's unclear if democrats consummate what republicans offer. >> i don't know if i'm ready to blow up the deal, i don't consider it blowing up, but we have to look at ways. >> there is a risk that washington could push too far as police struggled to win back support from the community as they are sworn to protect. >> it makes a very challenging for men and women in blue across this country to operate where there is mistrust of government
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at a historical high. >> south carolina governor tim spot recovers that they look at the speech on wednesday. i want to see if scott offers a middle ground on police reform acceptable to both sides. >> bret: chad pergram, thanks. the dow lost 62, the s&p 500 gained 7, the nasdaq jumped 1222 closed at new record closes. we are expecting new guidelines soon from the cdc on the wearing of masks outdoors. it comes as the journey towards herd immunity encounters a speed bump tonight. correspondent bryan llenas has the latest from brooklyn. >> i think it's pretty common sense now with that outdoor risk is really, really quite low. >> chief medical expert dr. fauci expects the cdc to relax their guidance on outdoor mask wearing with the announcement coming as early as tomorrow. more data shows covid-19 spreads
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mostly indoors, currently the cdc recommends masks be worn in all public settings. >> obviously the risk is very low, particularly if you are vaccinated. >> the outdoor mask at guidelines could differ for those fully vaccinated and those who are not as new numbers show 54% of u.s. adults have received at least one vaccine dose. 37% more than 95 million adults are now fully vaccinated. however new cdc data obtained by "the new york times" shows more than 5 million americans have skipped their second coronavirus vaccine dose for various reasons including fear of side effects and feeling sufficiently protected with just one dose. >> we say a week after the first dose you are 50% protective, but then 95% efficacy two weeks after the second dose. that's a big difference. >> fox news pulling finds one in five american voters say they don't plan on getting any covid-19 vaccine primarily
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because they fear the development was rushed. >> we have multiple data studies that show that they are safe and effective, 94-95% of affected that can keep you out of the hospital and from becoming critically ill. >> more people need to get their shots in order to have herd immunity. and supply outpacing demand. in alabama, georgia, mississippi, arkansas, and west virginia within 6.5 million vaccine doses, 34% of their supplies remain unused. and tonight the johnson & johnson vaccine is now available again after an 11-day pause for a safety review. dr. fauci says the pause instilled confidence in americans come up in a new poll finds less than 25% of unvaccinated people are now willing to get the j&j shot. >> bret: the white house saying that those extra vaccines that the u.s. will begin shipping vaccines to other countries. >> yes, the u.s. is set to
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donate as many as 60 million doses of the astrazeneca vaccine to other countries in the coming months. the astrazeneca vaccine has not yet approved here in the u.s. by the food and drug administration, but it is widely used internationally. the white house is confident that there are enough doses in the u.s. for all americans with the three vaccines that are currently available. and over 3 million people have died of covid-19 worldwide. >> bret: bryan llenas in brooklyn tonight. thanks. the cdc guidance on kid summer camp out today. including a recommendation that everyone wear a mask at all times except for eating, drinking or swimming. yes, swimming. it calls for social distancing of campers three -- 3 feet between those in the same group. a staff member 16 and older are strongly encouraged to get vaccinations but the cdc still recommends masks after those
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vaccinations. let's get some thoughts tonight from senior political analyst brit hume. i don't think that you are recommending the masts while swimming, pick your thoughts about where we are right now? >> i guess that they are about to relax this guidance on masks outdoors, but that seems wildly overdue. a lot of things that we thought we knew about the infection have changed over the course of the past year, but a few things have not and one of them is the notion that to this disease does not spread well in the open air that it is to quickly dispersed in outdoor settings. we have known that for a year or more. why they are now getting around to saying you don't need a mask outdoors seems to me to be something they could have said a long time ago and an awful lot of human activity, sports activities and outdoor play by children who are also not particularly vulnerable to this disease could've been done a long time ago and i think a
3:16 pm
great many people feel should have been done along time ago. >> bret: the biden administration seem to be cautious about this sending messages to people to wear masks and get vaccines, but he had this world climate summit where everybody was virtual all of the world leaders, 40 world leaders looking into a camera for this event and of the 40 world leaders, only president biden is seen in the picture wearing a mask and jen psaki the white house press secretary was asked about that today. >> he is sending a message to the world that he is putting in place precautions and continuing to do that as leader of the united states. we were masts in our offices and continue to abide by that until that guidance changes. >> bret: obviously he is vaccinated fully as i assume the world leaders are. >> you have to wonder what the message is, people are told that the vaccine is effective even against these variance
3:17 pm
discovered, so if the president has been fully vaccinated and has his shots as he has had for some time and he believes that it is effective, what in the world is he doing sitting all by himself wearing a mask? i think he thinks it setting an example, but it could be getting people to think that he and other officials don't believe that the vaccine works or they would not be doing that. and as you know, he was the only one wearing one. you have to wonder what they think is the message. >> bret: if it is get the vaccine and it will change your life and open up your possibility of going places and doing things, when we have this joint session of congress this week it's going to be sparsely attended, because of coronavirus and every one of these lawmakers has gotten both vaccines. >> if they are all vaccinated in a big room like the house chamber wherever they will have it, it seems to me that if everybody has a mask off it would be that the vaccine is
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working, we believe thus we are not wearing a mask, you are not supposed to need one if you are invulnerable because the vaccine. i think it would be great to see that message but i'm afraid it won't happen. >> bret: we will follow it all, as always thank you. how one state may be paying politics of political correctness with math education in public schools. >> they are trying to level the playing field for everyone, but the concern is it's taking way opportunity for advancement for higher performing students. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: the u.s. supreme court where we hear an appeal to expand gun rights where a lower court ruling upheld new york state's restrictive gun permit law. the court will also decide whether a palestinian man captured in the wake of diet mag 9/11 detained at guantanamo bay can get access for information the government classifies as state secrets. and justifies on california's ban on state fund business trips to texas as other states deemed to discriminate against lgbtq people. the census bureau out today says the population of the country
3:23 pm
stands at 331,449,281. 7.4% increase, the second lowest ever reflecting a population and power shift to the south. the census bureau statistics are used for determining how many congressional seeds and electoral college votes each state receives. it says florida, north carolina, montana, colorado, and oregon will each pick up one seat, texas picks up two. on the losing end of the equation, new york, california, illinois, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, and west virginia. we will break that all down tomorrow in "the story" tim ryan of ohio is running for a senate seat. and says he is going after the job currently held by republican rob portman the first announced at democratic candidate in that race. portman said earlier this year he would not seek a third term. they are playing a numbers game
3:24 pm
with math education in virginia. some parents say that states plan to overhaul the curriculum to an equity-focused approach has a racial motive and does not add up. here's correspondent gillian turner. >> virginia's education department is planning to completely overhaul the high school math curriculum instead of trying to get as many students studying advance math as possible the state is instead shifting to a no focus on what they call equity under the new proposal teachers will still instruct algebra as part of the standard curriculum, but will refer to algebra one and 2 as "essential common sense for eighth, ninth, and tenth. it removes geometry and calculus as a requirement and only has an advanced course and for 11th and 12th grade students. >> all of our students will be in a heterogeneously grouped class taking essential concepts at the same time. we are not getting rid of some of those key algebraic ideas.
3:25 pm
>> parents tell fox news this plan does not add up. a speaker they are trying to level the playing field for everyone, but the concern is that it's taking way opportunity for advancement for higher performing students. my youngest who is already through algebra two, they are saying, no, she would be in a lumped group of general concepts and would not be until her junior year she could take some of the advance work. >> virginia's education department insists the new program would help more students achieve more success in math overall by offering flexibility from what they called the current rigid math program. the initiative supports increased differentiated learning opportunities within a heterogeneous environment that will promote greater access to advanced mathematical learning for all students. concerned parents say this means more students will be forced to study math at the same level regardless of their ability or skill. >> that will widen the gap further because ironically they are going to have to teach to
3:26 pm
the slowest moving kid in each class. >> virginia and california only moving to completely overhaul their math and science curriculums in this way but other states like colorado are taking smaller steps to what they call equity-based education. >> bret: we will follow up on this, thank you. vice president harris makes one of her first diplomatic forays into the border crisis. we will tell you that story. first with some of the fox affiliates around the country. fox 35 in orlando with some harrowing moments for the crew of the space deck ship that launched friday. they were told at mission control prepared for a possible crash with a piece of space debris. in the end to there was no collision all four astronauts arrive safely aboard the international space station. fox 46 and charlotte as apple announces a $1 billion plan to open its first ever east coast operations center. the campus and engineering hub expected to bring 3,000 jobs to
3:27 pm
the state of north carolina. and this is a live look at los angeles. the santa monica pier from fox 11, the big story a record low rating for the oscars. preliminary data 9.85 million people watch the academy awards last night. that is down significantly from last year and two years ago. "nomad land" its director was the first woman of color to win the category. that's two nights a live look outside the beltway from special report. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> bret: breaking tonight, california secretary of state said the threshold of verified signature's has met to get the recall effort against gavin newsom on the california ballot, the county still have until april 29th to verify the validity, but the threshold has been met. this triggers the next phase of the process, a 30 day business period where voters may submit written request to remove their
3:32 pm
names from the recall petition. vice president harris spoke today with the president of guatemala, one of the persons action since she was put in charge of the diplomatic efforts to end the massive immigration surge into the u.s. this comes as president biden receives an increasing share of the blame for the border crisis. white house correspondent peter doocy has details tonight. >> the vice presidents effort to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the country today a chat with the president of guatemala virtually. >> i am honored to meet with you and look forward to traveling to guatemala and meeting with you in person and currently our plan is to come there in the month of june. >> taken that zoom call from her office and still has not been to the border but says that she wants to. >> yes, we are working on the plan to get there, we have to deal with covid issues. >> not preventing from traveling to other states, so way is this
3:33 pm
different? >> i would have to ask your team about that specifically but i would tell you all so that her focus is not on the border it's on addressing the root causes in the northern triangle. >> republican critics aren't buying that. >> that's the excuse that this demonstration is going to use. and look at her, she has been jet-setting around this country going to all the different blue states talking about this infrastructure plan and everything else. so no, this is not covid and you know it. >> border security is worse today than in 2018 according to 46% of registered voters in the fox news poll. 15% say border security is better and 56% say the election is either completely or mostly the reason there's been an increase in migrants at the border as a republican say he is not reaching out. >> i have not met with the president one time or had one conversation with him. >> the white house doubts that's breaking through. >> they are worried about him
3:34 pm
not meeting with kevin mccarthy. >> taking credit for milestones he thinks he has reached republicans want him to take responsibility for something else. >> we have a crisis at a border that he created. >> going to be listening for on wednesday in the president's first joint address session remarks to a joint session of congress jen psaki says for the next two days the president is going to be very involved in crafting that speech. we did not see him on -- in person or on camera today a very limited number of lawmakers will see him in person on wednesday nights because of the pandemic and we wanted to just one supreme court justice will be in attendance because of that reason it will be the chief justice john roberts. >> bret: peter doocy on the lawn, thank you. judge recusing himself from the legal proceeding looking into arizona's 2020 election audit.
3:35 pm
the judge did not give a reason. he has ordered the democratic party in arizona to pay a $1 million bond to try to stop the republican order recount. democrats refusing to pay that. the audit of the ballots is continuing. we will update that story. at the fox news poll indicates overwhelming support for a photo i.d. and voting. 77 percent of those surveyed are in favor of that. just 19% oppose. some other stories beyond the borders tonight. india puts oxygen packers on special express trains as hospitals in india and new delhi beg for more supplies to save covid-19 patients who are struggling to breathe. india set a global record in daily infections for a second straight day almost 333,000 infections. indonesia's military says 53 crew members are dead from a submarine that sank and broke apart last week it says search teams have located the vessel's wreckage on the ocean floor.
3:36 pm
the cause of the sinking remains uncertain. just some of the other stories beyond the borders tonight. up next the panel on the politics of policing and president biden's big stage. ♪ ♪ (vo) jamaica. (woman) best decision ever. (vo) feel the sand between your toes, and the gentle waves of the sea on your skin. feel the warm jamaican breeze lift your spirits and nourish your soul. escape to exactly what makes your heart beat. you will love every moment. jamaica. heartbeat of the world. let's go. my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line
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♪ ♪ >> they filibuster tim scott's bill because they did not want tim scott and president trump to get credit for it. there's no reason we should not have done it last time, we will try again. qualified immunity is a big deal. if you want to destroy policing in america make sure that every cop can be sued when they leave the house. >> i don't know if i am willing to blow up the deal. i don't consider it blowing up, but we have to look at ways. if lindsey graham and tim scott can show us some other way to hold officers accountable, because this has been going on for just decades and officers right now are not really held
3:41 pm
accountable. >> bret: the status of police reform legislation talked over the weekend as president biden gets ready for 100 days in office and also an address to a joint session of congress. let's bring in the panel. harold ford jr., ceo of empowerment inclusion capital. mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist." and joel goldberg editor in chief with the dispatch. let me start with you getting some bipartisan solution to this as we continue to see these incidents tim scott has optimism, a senator from south carolina, but he did last time too. >> the difference here is the democrats really want to get some kind of bill. lindsey graham was right in the sound bite about the democrats filibustering and killing it last time and karen bass who i think it is way too ideological on the stuff she understands if she does not get tim scott to sign on, they are not going to get the ten republicans they need in the senate to get this
3:42 pm
passed the filibuster. so i'm a little hopeful that something will get worked out. >> bret: this comes as the attorney general announced another investigation of another police department, the louisville full police department adding to the minneapolis investigation ongoing, your acts of the federal actions launching this? >> the police are not perfect and there is room for improvement and certainly room for reforming the police if it were being done in good faith that would've been done last year when there was broad bipartisan support and the democrats did not want to do that for political reasons, but less than having a police crisis in the country we have a violent crime crisis in this country. what happened in the last year since democrats decided not to do police reform is that violent crime has gone up in all of the major cities or all but one of the major cities, the top 60 cities and 33% increase in homicide upticks in arson and
3:43 pm
rape and robbery affecting people in low income communities, precisely the communities we are told people care about. i'm not sure if we need police reform or media reform, a decade of the media telling the lies about the state of policing in this country and what the real problems are with crime in this country. >> bret: we have seen all statements from all kinds of folks over the weekend there were a lot of bombastic statements about police departments around the country. this is one from this week on abc, angela ride talking about the columbus, ohio, police department in that incident with the police officer firing on the one girl with the knife saving the other girl. speak of the columbus police department is not about one bad apple it's about an entire department, so we have to talk about the immunity without fighting with buzzwords, but really talking about how we solve for a system that by design from its inception was designed to capture and return and enslaved people back to
3:44 pm
their masters. if we can't uproot what was intended, we will forever have this problem and we have to be able to have honest discourse. >> bret: there's no pushback to that, what is she talking about? >> there are a lot of thoughts around this issue and thank you for having me on. can you imagine an american democracy that is not at war with itself but instead powerfully asserting our economic and national security interests? here and abroad? i listen to mollie hemingway and i think she is right as we think about gun reform and the challenge around crime and communities. imagine if we had gun legislation where cory booker and tim scott and karen bass actually had some trackers or some weighted tracy's guns, the gang members are not going in at gun shows or gun stores, there is a way to address this issue and i hope that the president who i think has done the right thing on covid and covid vaccine distribution and covid relief,
3:45 pm
that's why the country elected him i think it's time to pave the way and push forward not at war but to find ways to find bipartisan solutions on immigration, gun reform, i would argue criminal justice reform even more so than what president trump was able to accomplish and obviously infrastructure and immigration. that's where the focus needs to be. if we talk about these issues let's talk about them honestly and be able to put all of the issues on the table and try to rally and galvanize broad support for solutions. >> bret: it sounds great and i hope it happens. we will see how it develops over the next coming days. as we go to break i want to play this one sound bite not a lot of people around the country watch the academy awards but there was a great speech about refusing hate by tyler perry as we had to break we will listen to a little bit of it. >> don't hate anybody. i refuse to hate someone because they are mexican or because they are black or white or lgbt
3:46 pm
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♪ ♪ >> does the president have any comment or reaction to john kerry telling the iranians about covert military action on the part of israel? >> we are not going to comment on leaked tapes. >> our security in the region is based on the unshakable trust between the united states and israel. we need to make taken that and sharing sensitive information like this if it happened could really strike at the heart of the bilateral relationship. >> if you go back and look at press recording from the time this certainly was not secret and the governments that were involved were speaking to this publicly on the record. >> bret: by the allegation is that the former secretary of state out of office talk to the iranians about specific actions the israelis took inside syria with forces in this leaked tape
3:51 pm
with zarif saying it was former u.s. secretary john kerry who told me israel launched more than 200 attacks on iranian forces in syria. a big deal? >> i think it definitely could be a big deal. for sure the house in the senate should call john kerry before them and ask for some clarification about all of this. they should also just note very quickly everything in us tape confirms everything that critics of the obama policy have been saying the entire time, a paper tiger, the country is run by the republican guards and then also that a legitimate target for the trump administration and we should be happy that he was taken out. >> bret: that is a big factor as well as a threat of how big soleimani and what they are saying now. >> it was so interesting to see how big of a deal that was an even more important than if the
3:52 pm
u.s. had entered into a hot war with iran, i'm struck by what they say when this is public information when zarif says he was astonished that john kerry shared the news about a covert operation with israel. if it is true and there absolutely should be questions about this revocation of the security clearance and removal from the national security council, more than anything the joe biden a administration just like the obama administration be forced to reconsider the idea that israel is not our ally, but that iran is. that is been the underlying sense throughout the foreign policy and is really at odds with what our history should tell us. >> bret: trying to get back to the table on the nuclear deal now, mike gallagher from wisconsin has a statement out tonight that it is unfathomable that any u.s. diplomat pastore presents would leak intelligence to the sponsor of terrorism at the expanse of one of the staunchest allies. if this is accurate any deadly intelligence john kerry should resign. and a lot of other statements as well. here is john kerry on belmar
3:53 pm
show in 2018. >> out of office and you talk to the iranian -- >> i did absolutely. but everybody does. harry kissinger for 40 years traveling to russia and china and talking with leaders, there is absolutely nothing unusual about it. >> bret: and michael flynn did it with the russians before the trump administration got in and it was all about the logan act. i will give you the last word. >> time and fact will tell about what john kerry did. but what is clear is that more politicians and policymakers have gotten syria wrong than right from obama's red line to president trump cutting and running on the curve, and other where the best examples of foreign policy under reason in the region. there is enough destabilization in that region where you don't want the iranians having a nuclear weapon. so anything that gets us back to the table i support and i hope president biden figures out a
3:54 pm
way to get it done. >> bret: joni, do you think they are coming back to the table? >> i don't think so. and the hard-liners as it were come to the show, they never wanted the deal in the first place. >> bret: when we come back tomorrow's headlines tonight. ♪ ♪ my garden brings us together. my garden is my therapy. find more ways to grow at . . no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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3:59 pm
skipped out on that. this was in big contrast with how mike pence had chaired each one of those weekly meetings for months. the biden administration seems to have continued what the trump administration did but not even bothering to show up for these meetings. >> bret: do you think, mollie, that president biden is saving the mask unveil of guidelines outside for his big speech? >> perhaps he will. i think people are more concerned about all of the problems with the border chaos and other issues that have happened in the first 100 days. >> bret: all right, jonah, bring it home here tomorrow's headlines? >> cdc eases guidance, deceased will only have to wear masks 30 days after death. [laughter] >> bret: i knew i could count on you to bring it home. thank you very much, panel. tomorrow on "special report," while many in the military are skeptical about getting vaccinated should the commander-in-chief now make it mandatory? that is president obama up on capitol hill. we have the story from the pentagon. wednesday we will have special coverage of president biden's
4:00 pm
address to a joint session of congress. martha mccallum and i will cover that from here and obviously the republican response. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight back at home in the d.c. bureau. that's it for us, fair, balance and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by tammy bruce this week starts right now. tea hey, tammy. >> tammy: thank you very much, sir. appreciate it good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> tammy: i'm tammy bruce. and for the week we are taking you inside the left's playbook exposing not just their rampant corruption but the method to their madness. we will highlight the heroes in this fight and prove to you how we can and will prevail. tonight the extreme left is unleashing what is now the most dangerous diabolical and destructive power grab in modern political history as the democrats along with their enablers in the media have made clear they are ready, willing and able to grab


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