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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 26, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> jerry: dr. marty mccarry of johnson hopkins thank you for joining us. >> thanks, jerry. jr. jerry that's it for today. neil will be back tomorrow. in the meantime "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ taken deign hello, everyone i'm dana perino along with jesse watters, dagen mcdowell my prom date juan williams and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: a big week on tap for president biden he is closing in on the 100 day mark of his presidency and gearing up for first pivotal address to congress this wednesday. how are americans grading his presidency so far? well, voters are split. a new fox news poll shows his approval rating at 5 had%, that job performance lower than barack obama's and george w. bush's but a little higher than president trump. and senator rand paul is blasting biden for failing to keep his promise on unity and
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bipartisan. >> well, you know, just a couple months ago we were hearing from president biden the newly inaugurated president biden that he was going to unify the country and then we were going to work together and have bipartisanship. i'm still waiting, mr. president. i haven't seen any of that i think what i have seen so far is it's biden's way or the hirch. >> dana: biden is getting high marks from the progressive left. listen to what congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is saying now. >> president biden has definitely exceeded expectations that progressives had. you know, i will be frank, i think a lot of us expected a much more conservative administration. but, the active invitation and willingness and collaboration with progressives in his first 100 days or almost 100 days has been very impressive. >> dana: that's her take. greg, there is a little bit of new math happening on these polls.
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take a listen to chuck todd yesterday. >> greg: do i have to. >> dana: yes. listen and then we will get your opinion. >> greg: it's monday, dana. >> he took over and things seem to smooth out. some might argue they always would have but it doesn't matter. it's on his watch and that has given him political capital willy, because in our numbers here you see that is driving the overall positive approval ratings he has. any time you are over 50 in this polarized environment that's really solid. it's the new 60% of the way when you and i grew up in the 1980s and '90s. >> dana: 53 is the new 60. >> greg: first off, what a dork. to say actually look at percentage of polling like 5% is the new 60%. if somebody ever said that at a bar you would throw them out. look, he should be at 90% right now. he has the wind and a fawning press at his back and he can barely beat the most media despised president in history, donald trump. and i think actually is he kind
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of cruising with a c plus. but for me, i feel like i'm watching a socialist virgin of bad grandpa hard core radical dones a fake old man costume and quickly law and order the border, our education system, our tax system. joe is basically jay with polydents and hair plugs no wonder ocasio-cortez is beaming like a kid at christmas she is getting everything she want. hollywood and kwanzaa. best way to push a dangerous agenda appear as the least dangerous person on earth a pee fuddled grandfather who needs a g.p.s. to find the west wing. >> dana: and you bring up socialism and shay there is another person who thinks this is how things are going in the first 100 days. listen to kevin mccarthy, jesse, he was on "fox news sunday." >> if i look at the 100 days, it's more like a bait and switch. the bait was he was going to govern as bipartisan but the
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switch is he was governed as a socialist. >> dana: all right, jesse, do you agree, socialist? >> jesse: it's a good line. and the media just covers him as a moderate. so he can do whatever he wants and he will always be branded as a moderate. but, dana, biden should be at 60% at this poll. if he didn't open the border, he is getting crushed by independents. only 22% of independents thinks he is too long a good job on the border policy. 77% of all americans believe biden is to blame for the border crisis. >> dana: that's bipartisan. >> jesse: it is. how willing they are to just hurt their own political standings in the country just to turn texas blue. there is some other things that jumped out at me from the poll, dana. it said that by a 20 point margin the american people support low taxes and smaller government. i look at that all right, my
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people, here we go. and then the next question is by an 8 point margin, the american people support higher taxes on the rich and a bigger government to have joe biden do the $2 trillion infrastructure plan. that is why they call polling an art. also something that jumped out at me too, dana, there two top issues for the democrats are climate change and racism. totally subjective. unmeasurable. media driven, and two top issues for republicans are immigration and the economy. concrete substantive issues that actually effect the american people it just goes to show how effective the media propaganda and fear is in putting the american people in a trance. and distracting them from midterm turnout like the economy. i don't put a lot of stock in the first 100 days. he is in the honeymoon period or for a democrat that's just being
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a democrat. he has only done a few things. he has only spent billions on code relief. he killed all the keystone jobs and he opened the border. that's it. he basically coasted on covid-19. and took all the credit while operation warp speed and the democrat and republican governors did all the work. he has a light schedule. he pokes his head up once in a while, reads off the teleprompter and goes back inside and lets the media do the heavy lifting. at that point that is the fairest assessment you could give for the first 100 days. i challenge anybody who says otherwise. >> dana: all right. we will give that a shot right now because, juan, in some ways, can they have it both ways the opposition to president biden saying that he is governing as a socialist way far left getting all these things done but also when you look as jesse points out there is actually only one big legislative effort that happened and that was covid relief. >> juan: right, so i mean either he is busy as a bee or he is sleepy joe. so i mean i don't know how that
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criticism holds water. the other thing we heard in all those soundbites from congressman mccarthy and others was oh, you know, we thought he was going to be more bipartisan, a unifier. and then you look at the poll numbers from the fox poll, and it says that biden, they are about split on whether or not biden has done enough to reach out to republicans. but there is no question. it's overwhelming they say republicans have done nothing to try to work. >> dana: i saw that number. >> juan: to work with biden. so, this is, you know, an indication when you want to, you know, curse him out for not being bipartisan, i at this it's important to tell the whole story. on the whole issue of the hundred days, i would have to say i think he is doing very well. covid is the number one issue for all americans and right now what you have is a situation where half of all adults in the country have gotten at least one shot. i think it's 95 million adults are fully vaccinated. that's pretty good. on a very important topic, the number one topic.
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number two topic, let's just stay with the economy. the fact that he got the stimulus deal done, you know, to me this is very important. i should say that's the covid relief deal. >> dana: yes. >> juan: because it puts money in people's pockets who were hurt by the economic consequences of the pandemic. 160 million people got checks. weekly unemployment last week was the lowest it's been in a year. so, to me, you know, when you look at 54% there was jokes about 54 is the new 60. we live in very politically polarized times. and the idea that even though everybody is so angry at each other that 54% of americans can agree, that's pretty good. >> dana: dagen, i read that thing today about the shortage economy, meaning there is all sorts of things that are coming up short right now. how do you measure the first 100 days? >> dana: well, there is 7.5 million job openings, higher than the pre-pandemic level
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because businesses can't find workers. we were talking about that last week. to juan's point, you can analyze these polling numbers in a different way so joe biden is net positive, meaning approval higher than disapproval on four issues, coronavirus, healthcare, economy, foreign policy. he is net negative on guns, border security, and immigration. what does that mean? coronavirus, health, economy, and foreign policy, joe biden is merely serving up stone cold trump leftovers to the voters. that's why he is polling better on those issues. coronavirus, vaccine, healthcare, vaccine, economy, low taxes, $4 trillion in stimulus last year before joe biden ever entered the white house and foreign policy. so, say thank you, joe to donald trump. and then one more thing, the reason president biden is not polling better is because he is completely screwed over union workers.
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you don't need to analyze 100 days. you need to analyze one day. joe biden's first day in office whereas jesse said he killed the keystone xl pipeline. he destroyed thousands upon thousands of great paying union jobs. and then he turns around with his dishonest gum flapping and starts promising great pay and union jobs if you just pass this infrastructure plan which is a government takeover of the energy industry. it tears up the oil and natural gas mining, pipeline, steelworks. those jobs are going to go away. that's why you have the socialist in the ruby red lipstick. this country is going down the tubes american people know it. >> dana: another round of what dagen had before the show. up next, vice president kamala harris come up with new excuses to not visit the southern border.
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♪ go ahead and tell everybody ♪ i'm the man. >> jesse: excuses, excuses, vice president kamala harris dishing up plenty of blame and reasons on why she hasn't visited the southern border. 33 days since president biden appointed her as the crisis point person. >> are you going to go there. >> yes. we are working on the plan to get interest. we have deal with covid issues.
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it's not going to be solved overnight. it's a complex issue. listen, if this were easy, it would have been handled years ago. we are making progress. but it's not going to evidence itself overnight. it will not. but it will be worth it. >> jesse: but the american people know exactly who is to blame. voters in a new fox poll says border security is worse today than two years ago. guess what is making an appearance at the border? copies of the vp's 2019 children's book handed out to kids at a shelter along the southern border in california. harris' office saying they weren't aware of these welcome packs and that they are usually organized by members of the community. wow, dana, imagine if trump gave art of the deal to kids in cages, i just cannot -- i can't even see what they would say about that. i don't know. taken deign make it a coloring peculiar. >> jesse: silly when you think about it what do you think is
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going on here? >> dana: i'm really just surprised at all of this. i will tell you why. so, if you recall, vice president harris was given this -- made the point person on the border the day after she laughed at a question when she was asked about going to the border. it seems to me that they overcorrected on a p.r. issue that they could have handled and now they have much bigger. r issue because she clearly doesn't really want to deal with this. when they say that, you know, super heros are everywhere but they are not at the border apparently because this issue to me, a vice president would, one, want to take on a big issue like this and also the administration is taking on so much water and negativity when it comes to the border issue as you saw in that poll and then all the other polls. it's just obvious on its face. i'm starting to feel like, you know, she had this moment ins these first 100 days and it was different and it was new. when you see on wednesday night when she is sitting there with
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nancy pelosi and biden is giving the speech, that will be historic, that is a moment. but then what are you doing with that moment? where are you stepping up? i feel like -- i just really feel that that has been lacking. >> jesse: well, dagen, she says she can't get down to the northern triangle because of covid. she has been vaccinated. i'm sure the presidents of those countries have been vaccinated that's now just a convenience excuse. will. >> dagen: what message does that send to the border personnel and the volunteers at the border and well, quite frankly, people working in hospitals for more than the last year and grocery store workers who put their lives on the line. this is a lose-lose for vice president harris in two ways because she is clearly being fed this oh blame covid, don't go to the border yet. and then these books magically show up in welcome gift bags for children. so that makes her like -- looks like she is not in charge. so she is week or, on the other
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hand, she just doesn't want to be photographed with a bunch of suffering children and that makes her look uncaring. so she can't get out of this. but they are craving -- the biden administration they are craven poll watchers if these numbers keep declining they will make a change and fast. remember what they did last summer? they didn't say butkus about the riots that were raging in cities across the country and they only spoke out about it after the poll numbers started moving against them. >> jesse: that is true. juan, i have to give credit where credit is due. biden saw this coming and he said here, kamala, you take it and now we are doing a segment on kamala harris taking water and biden sitting at 1600, you know, chewing gum or doing whatever is he doing. >> juan: well, no, i think what we saw in the poll numbers indicated that immigration is a real problem for the biden administration. he is the president, jesse. and is he getting hit on that subject. i mean, he has got to come up with some ideas.
2:20 pm
now, i don't buy into this idea that it simply is making a photo op. at the border. is the key to the solution. gosh, if that's the case then senator cruz, senator languages ford, i think congressman mccarthy they have been down at the border we don't have a solution as a result of their magical photo op. taking selfies. >> jesse: we do. >> juan: trying to exploit the issue for political advantage. i think that the reality is, you know, when you look at the steps that they are taking, the kamala harris and president biden are taking, i think they are real steps. they are trying to improve border security and you have seen the arrest, the apprehensions up markedly, you have seen improvement in terms of the asylum process with more judges put in place so that it can be more speedy. you see increased cooperation now coming from mexico and i think that's a break through. you also see them trying to establish processing places for people who want asylum. refugees who are seeking asylum
2:21 pm
in their home countries. they are outside the united states. but i think the big thing is giving aid to some of these countries and saying people don't want to leave home. they would rather stay. but they are suffering from, you know, violence, economic devastation, tornadoes and the like. let's look at this realistically and i think you take gradual steps. >> jesse: well, realistically we have been giving aid for years and that hasn't always work. greg, i would have given the plus to these kids coming across that will get them started here. >> greg: absolutely, they would learn so much more. by the way, i do agree with juan, apprehension is up on the border. and mexico was already cooperating with america. it wasn't a break through. trump already had that covered. we also learned how to do those photo op.s from aoc who was down at the border crying her eyes out if you remember that. i think this whole thing was a
2:22 pm
desperate ploy to it get desperate security for a new book. she couldn't get book signing at borders so she went to the border. that is a joke about a bookstore that no longer exists for you young people. here is the interesting story i didn't see this coming. she is revealing herself it be not very good at this, not very good at this job in general. this could be why she failed miserably in the primary because she was the media's pick not the people's pick i picked her. i thought she was going to be the nominee. then i was sure she was going to be the have. p. i'm in the media. that was the choice. what i thought i saw oh this person might be charming and interesting and ticks all the boxes but she is actually like he thought she could be the back up qb but she is like the third string punter. when she shows up at these things you feel like she is in over her head it's compounded by
2:23 pm
the laughter and nervousness. she reminds me of a co-worker that is not up for the job when you are in a meeting every time he talks or she talks it's a cringe moment and the dog barkings media knows it too. they thought this was going to be the next president. >> jesse: i think everybody on your staff knows exactly who that employee is that you are talking about at the meeting. [laughter] >> jesse: ahead, the war on cops continues. officers around the country quitting as they grapple with the left's anti-police rhetoric ♪ ♪
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. >> dagen: for cons general's scwepses from the left's desire to end policing. cops in new york city are dropping out of the force in droves. retirement is among officers in america's largest city are up 75%. more than 5300 nypd uniformed officers either retired or put in their papers to leave in 2020. those numbers couldn't come at a worse moment after a violent weekend for the city shaw shootings skyrocket. 15 people hurt so far in shootings across the big apple. and the department of justice is launching a second pattern or practice probe under the biden administration. this time looking into the louisville police department. greg, the demonization of all police officers has the effect of defunding. greg? >> dana: that's a great question, dagen. >> dagen: you take it, dana.
2:29 pm
>> dana: deign i hadn't thought of it that way in terms of it being part of the defunding or the effect of it is defunding. that's a very interesting thing and i want to think it over, dagen. i appreciate that point of view. one thing i would tell you anecdotally is that yesterday i did this book signing in man apartment scan new jersey several people came through the line were either law enforcement or retired law enforcement and they were visibly upset. they wanted to say thank you to fox news for our coverage of the issue they thought it was fair and also that we are at least defending police. i was really taken by their emotion. and how much it is weighing on them and a lot of these people are also retired so i can't imagine what it is like for the people on the front lines in addition, dagen, the other problem is recruitment is way down. so you don't each have a pipeline. >> dagen: right, career, jesse career police officers are not going to tell their kids to join the force because they will be
2:30 pm
vilified. they won't be allowed to do their jobs and their lives would be in danger. >> jesse: and now i don't think black american fathers and mothers will tell their sons or daughters to join the police force either in this environment. i don't think the defund the police media has anything to do with what black americans really want in this country. if you look at all the polling recently. black america doesn't want to defund the police. they don't want to abolish the police. they want more police in their neighborhoods. and actually a majority of black americans say they have never felt harassed by police. but then you have the defund the police media out of control egging on these city council members across the country who actually defunded the police and crime surged and retirement surged and you have more black american victims as a result so you have to ask yourself, dana, does the defund the police media want to hurt black americans? do they want to just scare black
2:31 pm
americans into not voting republican? or are they so stupid they don't realize the results of their policies? it's probably a combination of all of them. but, if you even just take race out of it, if you get pulled over by police, honesty, respect, and compliance, those three ingredients are critical in making sure you have a calm outcome to that point of contact. >> dagen: juan? >> juan: well, jesse and i agree on something. so stop the presses. because jesse is absolutely right that black americans want police and don't support this idea of defund the police. i don't know hot defund the police media is. what i have seen and what i hear. >> jesse: all of them. >> juan: in terms of american media is there a large space between people who are on the far left and you get some of the radical left who says defund the police. they had that stupid chant. but i think there are a lot of people on the far right who just want to close their eyes to this
2:32 pm
issue. they want to like oh, everything's fine. it's not a problem with the police. but even today we have another case. this one in north carolina where, you know, there is reports about how many seconds of video the police are releasing, not releasing. it's just, you know, this is a real problem for us as americans. and i think we have to deal with it right now i am, you know, somewhat hopeful because the senator cory booker. senator tim scott, congresswoman karen bass they're working together to try to get a police reform bill done. president biden seems to be on board. senator mcconnell seems to be on board. and what it would basically do is set standards for police training, accreditation, a registry for people who committed crimes. that gist us more confidence in police. that's what we want. >> dagen: greg? >> greg: i don't think any of those things would help we are talking about a very small number close to zero out of tens of millions of encounters.
2:33 pm
if you just go by shear numbers, you might get it down to zero one year but then it might pop up to five to ten. policing is the only vocation where you can be completely ignored your entire career but 8 times or nine times out of 10 million instances you will be damned forever. we don't do this with firearm and we don't -- i can't think of any vocation like this and you brought up north carolina. you have -- you know, i don't know what happened in that incident, but you brought it up. but i do know that elizabeth city, it's got to be tough to be a police officer in a city where the crime index is a 4. that means you are safer than only 4% of the cities. okay? that is what it is like to be a police officer in elizabeth city, north carolina. i think the problem is that we come to these stories at the -- we believe the end of the story ask the beginning of the story. we are there watching an
2:34 pm
individual hold the bag, the police officer, that girl that was -- stabbing the other -- trying to stab the other girl that was shot by the police, that was the end of her life. that's when we show up. that's when we pass judgment. but that girl is probably alive right now if she is 4 years old or she is 5 years old and she might be in a foster home and she might not have her parents or she might not have her father there. she might be surrounded by very unhealthy lifestyles. she-what are we doing for her? what are we doing for her? instead, what we do is we play these videos and we hope for more videos and we keep doing it because we are there at the end. we are there at the end when the last person is there to deal with this issue and that person's life could be over, too. that police officer, but he still shows up and he still does it. >> dagen: well said. great point. coming up, can we finally kiss outdoor masks goodbye? the latest from the cdc.
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next day and two-day shipping nationwide. same day shipping across town. returns right from the doorstep, and deliveries seven days a week. it's a whole new world out there. let's not keep it waiting. are. >> juan: once again under fire. health expert not saying this about outdoor covid transmissions and mask guidelines. >> it's pretty common sense now that outdoor risks is really really quite low, particularly, i mean, if you were a vaccinated person, wearing a mask outdoors, i mean, obviously the risk is minuscule. >> juan: reports say updated guidance on wearing masks outdoors from the cdc could arrive as early as tomorrow. now, that comes as a new study
2:40 pm
suggests our social distancing rules may have been misguided from the very start. that study claims that standing apart at 60 feet is no safer than at 6 feet. and that exposure time indoors is actually far more important. jesse, the cdc changes guidelines as they get new information, we're now more than a year into this pandemic, situations change. so, isn't that treason celebrate that they are being honest and straightforward? >> jesse: yeah, like three months late, juan. i was listening to howard stern this morning, he was talking about how he goes outside with his wife beth and they go on walks and he wears a mask and his wife beth doesn't. he had on dr. -- chief medical correspondent for cbs news. doctor, who is right in the doctor says there is two answers there is the personal answer, and then there is the public policy health answer. personal answer, sure, you don't have to wear a mask when you are
2:41 pm
vaccinated and go outside. but the answer from a public policy health perspective is we want to continue to wear masks, the message is when you wear outside you wear a mask, and that's the problem. there is a difference between telling the truth and messaging. and the american people don't want messaging anymore. we can go online and we can see the statistics. we see the numbers. we see the trends. we have all the studies. it's not like 20 years ago whether you have to message us to death about a war or, you know, a pandemic or anything like that. we get it like fauci is on there the other day, yesterday, saying there is 60,000 new infections a day. i said that sounds high. i checked it out. we are at 232,000 ne 23 -- 32,0w infections a day. is he us. we just want the truth dr. fauci. >> juan: day began, we are seeing a surge in rural communities and especially this is a surprise among me people 30, 40, 50, higher rates of
2:42 pm
infections for them. what are we to think about at this moment in dealing with the virus? >> if you have been vaccinated you don't have to wear a mask outside period. i have antibodies. when i go outside, i don't wear a mask. if the cdc comes out and says hey you have been vaccinated don't wear a mask outside. this is the first time that they will have delivered tangible benefits to people and it could get people to go and get vaccinated who are reticent to go and get the shot what it 22% percent said in the fox news poll they don't plan to get it in terms of messaging i was sitting in the lobby of my building two days ago some dude walking out and was shocked he didn't have a mask on. i went you have been vaccinated you don't need a mask outside. he looked at me like i flashed him. and flashed him a reptilian undercarriage. got. >> greg: nice. >> greg: i'm just thinking about
2:43 pm
that what an image, dagen. looking to fauci for leadership is like looking to "the view" for brain cells. that's not his role. and he is just there to just spout whatever he has to say. for example, they say now that what 660 feet away is no safer than 6 feet. i anticipate the media saying okay, we we should stay 61 feet apart just for the summer. 61 feet apart. i will do it, too. i will do it. dagen, i love walking around without my mask on. i can't tell if the people are reacting with the passing scowl because they recognize me. [laughter] or because i'm maskless. >> juan: so, dana, they are saying shortly there will be more vaccine than people who want to get the vaccination. shouldn't people just get vaccinated? >> dana: look, it is a personal
2:44 pm
choice but i think that does provide you a lot of freedom and confidence. i walked around all day outside in new york city on saturday. i didn't wear a mask. i didn't get one scowl or one negative comment because i think people are realizing that it doesn't make sense anymore. i think the cdc do this about masking outside and they have held the announcement to give it to president biden so that he could do it on his first 100 days he said on january 21st i'm just going to ask you to do it for 9 days guys, so tomorrow at 1: 0 watch. is he going to make this announcement. last thing i would say there is no rule that you have to do every sunday show every week. you don't have to do it dr. fauci. you don't have to. take a day off. >> juan: all right. the fastest is up next right here on "the five." stay with us. ♪ ♪ life... doesn't stop for diabetes.
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>> greg: welcome back. time for the fastest. first up oklahoma woman charged with a felony for not returning a vhs tape from 21 years ago.
2:49 pm
prosecutors say she failed to return a copy of sabrina the teenage witch the video store from 1999. a warrant was issued for her arrest. but the da's office eventually dismissed the case just last week. you know, dana, i was thinking this is the kind of scandal that would come from your past, right? >> dana: exactly. >> greg: oh my gosh, this is the one thing that could get you canceled and i bet you have probably a vhs copy of the parent trap somewhere in your house. >> dana: i wanted to take the greece lightning one. that one was like amazing. i love going to blockbuster. i get so much anxiety from i forgot to return something. i feel sorry for this woman. can you imagine the panic of getting arrested for this for a store that doesn't exist anymore. >> greg: it's crazy. i'm 100 percent pro-law enforcement. i would have cut her a break put her away six months tops. [laughter] >> juan: you are so kind. you know, i think there was a seinfeld episode about a library
2:50 pm
book like this. >> greg: yes. >> juan: library books, videotapes from blockbuster. that 5-cent a day adds up after 20 years. >> greg: dagen, sabrina the teenage witch is probably a grandmother. >> dagen: not quite. maybe. i was just thinking at least the movie wasn't beaches. >> greg: ugh. >> dagen: this is totally true i managed an action video store when i was in college and i would never ever report anybody can for not returning the movie. >> did you have a section? >> you had to ask me and i had to go in the back but we had plenty of stock if you know what i mean. gut gut i hear ya. jesse spent a lot of time that section.
2:51 pm
he wouldn't return them he would keep them. >> dana: she called it the action store. >> jesse: i used to wear that curtain. [laughter] >> jesse: oh, man. that brought back some memories. [laughter] let's go. >> greg: there is no more danger anymore. had you to go to a place and like risk a little bit. but now it's just everything is on the internet. it's no -- it you have a box of just stuff. one more thing is up next. ♪
2:52 pm
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♪ ♪ it's the biggest thing that ever happened to small. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional lease and financing offers. ♪ ♪ >> dana: this time for "one more thing." i will go first. last night fox news aired a special i was able to be in, because my former president
2:56 pm
president bush has published a new book. it talking about 43 immigrants and their stories and how they got here. how they did it legally and what they accomplish when they got here. here's a little snippet from it last night. border issue seems to be the one that is toughest not to cry, people are worried about national security, the pictures are not good and you have moms and dads were sending their children and saying goodbye to them. wishing them the best as they had. >> that just shows how dire the streets are from the place of which they come. border security is the touchstone issue, because until we get that right people will be screaming and hollering about all kinds of things to scare the american people. and actually, we can get it right, we just need to work together to get it right. >> dana: and you can find 43 portraits from george w. bush, it is available at all right, juan, you're next. >> juan: baked anniversary yesterday, "fox news sunday" with chris wallace turned 25
2:57 pm
years old. take a look at some of the show's greatest moments. the show debuted as fox news was being founded as the cable channel back in 1996, the sunday show with our entry into the world of broadcast news. the first host was tony snow, press secretary under george w. bush, dana's powell. chris wallace has been there 17 years plus and is interviewed presidents, prime ministers, dolly parton, mike tyson in terms of celebrities, two of the original members of the show joined yesterday the estimable brit hume, fox news senior political analyst me from 1996. >> republicans are a glowing about it, it's the problem with bob joye and problems with each other. our going over abortion to the point that it is self-destructive. spewing congratulations to chris wallace, he has pointed questions in the replies are nonreplies that he gets are a good sign that the show is in
2:58 pm
good hands and headed for another 25 years of success. >> dana: and congratulations to you, juan, appearing to be aging backwards. greg tu. >> greg: let's do this. ♪ ♪ that's a neck co, some tv terminology for you people at home. i was watching the oscars at home and it was really exciting to see anthony hopkins win because he happened to be at my apartment enjoying a little catnip under the table, he found it as boring as i did, yawning constantly and took off his glasses and said, you know what, greg, let's hit the town and go get drunk. and we did. >> dana: what did you have? guinness? >> greg: we have a lot of catnip. >> dana: a little bowl on the table, amazing. all right, jesse. >> jesse: so greg reminded me of a story when he brought up that curtain that divides the regular section of the video x
2:59 pm
section, so i have to tell the story where we would play a game in middle cool -- middle school where we had to see which one of us could go behind the curtain the longest and then we would run back it was like ten seconds or something like that, not a long time at all, so one time we were at the west coast video and we had a real -- one of our more uptight friends was not playing the game and there was no way he was like his parents were very strict. and we used to play this game where every time you walked past the curtain, we kind of like hid and tried to knock him in there. and sometimes he walked by and i went a little too far and religious shoulder checked him. and he went so fast through the curtain he grabbed the curtain and then leg fell down and the curtain got all tangled up like on his body and he was laying on the ground with the curtain like this on the floor and all the
3:00 pm
managers had to come by and help him up. [laughter] he was really square but it was so embarrassing. >> dana: jesse will owe you one day. >> let's just do a whole hour of jesse's stories. >> dana: i will take it. >> bret: ra, guys, back in the studio. welcome to the washington report, i am speech when he three. breaking tonight what could be a national security break in relations between foreign secretary of state and climate adviser john kerry. it involves what he told an iranian official about israel's involvement in a attack on islamic armed forces inside syria. democrats are dismissing any controversy republicans as you can imagine are not to. state department correspondent rich edson has tonight's top


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