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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 26, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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april 26. "the story" continues. we'll be back here tomorrow at 3:00. "your world" with jerry baker in for neil cavuto gets started right now. have a great afternoon. >> jerry: you're looking live at the white house where vice president kamala harris will be meeting virtually with the president of guatemala at any moment as the surge at the southern border where vice president harris still hasn't been continues. the two will discuss what the white house calls the immediate relief needs of the guatemalan people. what about jerry baker? i'm in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." in a moment we'll talk to the vice president of the border patrol union. first, to peter doocy at the white house on what we can
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expect to hear from the vice president. peter? >> jerry, good afternoon. the vice president and the president of guatemala are logging on for this virtual one-on-one. the bilateral meeting will focus on the immediate relief needs of people in guatemala. this will take place from the vice president's ceremonial office as she explains why it is she hasn't been down to the border. >> martha: first, vice president harris says she's not gone to the border yet because we have to deal with covid issues. what is she referring to? >> well, i would certainly have to ask her team about that specifically. i would tell you also that her focus is not on the border. it's on addressing the root causes in the northern triangle. >> because the vice president has made out of town trips in the pandemic to new hampshire,
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california, connecticut, other states, republicans are not buying her excuse. >> niece the excuse that this administration is going to use. look at her. she's been jetsetting around this country, going to the different blue states, talking about this infrastructure plan and everything else. so no, this isn't covid kamala and you know it. you don't want to visit the southern border because you know what you're going to hear. >> at today's briefing, jen psaki said there's a covid-related public health concern at the border patrol facilities where unaccompanied children are processed first and that's why there's such an emphasis on processing them quickly, jerry. >> jerry: peter, you mentioned the plan is to meet the needs of the guatemalan people. and that means money, right? >> yes. she left her job of the southern
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border coordinator ambassador. they to things in the northern triangle countries like invest in brighter lights for fields at night. they see things like that, community based initiatives like that, which is paid for with u.s. tax dollars. things like that improving communities in that kind of a way as ways to keep people there and not want to come here, jerry. >> peter doocy, thanks very much. my next guest is on the front line of the border surge. chris cabrera join me now. thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> jerry: president trump had a deal in place with mexico when he was president. called the remain in mexico plan. mexico agreed to detain people that were coming up from honduras and guatemala to pry vent them from coming through the border. president biden did away with that and now we have a surge at the border.
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what should be done now do you think, chris, to deal with this? >> the vice president doesn't need to get on the phone with guatemala or go visit anywhere besides down here. i can tell you why they're coming. it's because they know they can. they get here, we're going to release them. they need to put the policies that were in place prior to this administration back in place until they can find a way to counter what is going on. simply removing everything and letting everybody come in is not an answer. >> jerry: seems as those they're pinning their hopes to some extent on getting the guatemalans and the mexicans to improve security. we've had a deal in which the country as greed to improve border security. is that enough to stop this continuing migration of people north wards? >> no, not at all. as long as you have the u.s. releasing people once they get here, people will continue to come.
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doesn't matter how many they put up in parks. if you release people, they'll come. >> jerry: what else -- so in terms of finishing a wall is one thing that could be done. president biden was against that. now sounds as though they might do more on that. improving security. what else could be done at root here to stop people getting the signal that they should come to the united states and they'll get into the united states once they get here? >> we need to stop releasing everybody like we were doing under the previous administration. right now most people, not all, but most people that get caught are released in the united states. that's why we're seeing a huge surge of people coming, 7, 8, 9 years old traveling by themselves. it's very dangerous, man, woman or children much less a 7-year-old by herself. >> jerry: what do you make of this explanation that the vice president hasn't been to the border because of covid concerns? the white house keeps saying this. she hasn't visited.
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she's going to go to the northern triangle countries in june. she still hasn't been to the border. >> you know what? i think it's -- it's sad if you ask me, if you have seen the inside of these facilities that we have that were so overcrowded and the kids can't lay down flat on their back. they're crammed in there. they're concerned about covid, why aren't they concerned about the kids that are jammed in these facilities because there's no where to put them. to me that is the real covid situation right there, not her coming down here and being surrounded by security. >> jerry: those kids may be crammed in but we hear they're all getting each a copy of the vice president's book to keep them company. maybe that will help. >> yeah, must be great. >> jerry: thanks, chris, for joining me. >> thank you. >> jerry: looking live at elizabeth city, north carolina. the city is on edge following the fatal police shooting of andrew brown jr. officials are facing for further unrest as calls to release the
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>> jerry: a state of emergency is declared in elizabeth city, north carolina ahead of the possible public release of body cam footage of andrew brown jr. we're learning from the family that andrew brown had both hands on the wheel when he was shot. griff jenkins is on the ground with the latest. griff? >> good afternoon, jerry. that's right. the family of andrew brown has seen the body cam video or i should say parts of it. now we were waiting all day for the family and their attorneys to view the body cam footage. under north carolina, privately anyone with a direct connection
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to the video can review it. the public release has to be reviewed by a court. when the attorneys came out after several hours in a delay to tell us what they saw in the video, they were very upset, very disappointed because they had seen 20 seconds of one body cam video. one of the attorneys came out to the microphones. here's a little bit of what he had to say. listen. >> let's focus on the disrespect shown to this family. one body cam, 20 seconds, an execution. >> jerry, just to get quick reaction because the attorneys have just departed. the local president here, the ncaap president is here. mr. rivers, what is your reaction? >> i'm horrified. it brings sadness to my heart to
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know that in 20 seconds that came out and said that he was executed. with his hands on the steering wheel, they fired shots. rounds in to his car. he tries to drive away and they continue to fire. they executed him. here it is, we still have a sheriff, we still have a district attorney that continues to not allow the video to proceed. show notice transparency. that has nothing nothing to do with trust. neither one of them need to be in office. they need to be gone. they need to have some integrity and resign. >> keith, we have had five nights of peaceful protests no arrest of protesters. are you concerned that we could see the temperature rising much and things could turn to civil unrest? >> this community has displayed
1:14 pm
nothing but the utmost pride in their city by marching peacefully. we've shown america what you can do with peaceful protest. we're going to continue to advocate peaceful protest. that's why we ask everybody to go home and take a deep breath. come back at 5:00. i have to go home and take a deep breath. we just want everybody to hug each other and remember that this is not about us. this is about the brown family. we're going to get justice. may not come as swift or as soon as we want it but we'll get justice. peaceful protest. when people see black and white and brown and they see us marching in the streets and they see us doing it right, this is what justice looks like. >> all right, mr. rivers. thanks. we have to leave it there. a quick reaction, jerry. now to get the public release of
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the video in north carolina, it will take the sheriff here to seek a court order and a judge to sign off before it can be released publicly and the timeline right now is uncertain. jerry? >> jerry: let's bring in mercedes here to talk about this. as you just heard, we've got different states have different rules about the availability of body cam footage. last week we had the incident in columbus, ohio where the police immediately released the body cam that exonerated the officer involved. north carolina has different rules. but obviously it's been nearly a week now since this incident there. what is the likelihood that we will -- the public will get to see this footage any time soon? >> well, the public is a little different than the private showing. the fact that the private showing was given access to 20
1:16 pm
seconds doesn't speak volumes about whether or not the public will get to see it. it's being reported the sheriff is concern if this is shown publicly. may be weeks to get to that point. as a minimum, the brown family could have gotten more than 20 seconds. i'm not sure why the sheriff decided to give access to that minimum period of time. i'll say this, jerry, it is up to the sheriff to make sure that all of the information, the documents, anything, the memo pads, the recordings, anything that was recorded with respect to the incident is absolutely kept in a way that it doesn't compromise the evidence in any way because you have to show chain of custody. so if you have evidence about this, obviously the tragic events, we'll have to see how it plays out. has to be a chain of custody. all of the evidence including body cam recordings have to be
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kept in a way that there's no issue in the future when they can be made available to the public and litigation. i'm sure that's where this is headed. >> mercedes, let's look at the wider picture here. the biden administration is going after police departments in a number of places. we heard about minneapolis. merrick garland had a statement earlier today. i want your reaction to this. >> the justice department is opening a civil investigation into the louisville jefferson county government and the louisville metro police department to determine whether or not lmpd engages in a pattern or practice of violations of the constitution or federal law. >> jerry: this follows the department's probe into the minneapolis police department. so mercedes, is this now a pattern or practice investigation that they do? can we expect this from this
1:18 pm
administration every time there's an incident in any of these cities? >> honestly, the cops and law enforcement officials that do abide by the rules, the law and not have their internal policies welcome this type of investigation. in their mind, those that are rogue should be brought to justice. you saw that in the chauvin trial where the law enforcements were looked at. in terms of they're targeted, if there's evidence of problems or issues where the violations occur, certainly those precincts should be held to accountability and have that level of investigation. i can't imagine that there's going to be a national investigation, but targeted ones where there's problems, i think it's going to be welcome. not only by the individuals but the police themselves. >> jerry: mercedes, thanks.
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>come here. >>let me see. (chuckles) she looks...kind of like me. yeah. that's because it's your grandma when she was your age. oh wow. that's... that's amazing. oh and she was on the debate team. yeah, that's probably why you're the debate queen. >i'll take that. >>look at that smile. i have the same dimples as her. (laughter) yeah. >same placements and everything. >>unbelievable. >> jerry: tesla is charged up. they beat first quarter earnings. but right now the stock is down slightly in after-hours trading. we'll watch that closely. back in 60 seconds.
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i think a lot of us expected a more conservative administration. >> jerry: you know that voice. democratic congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez will be more thrilled about the latest biden spending agenda. $1.8 trillion for a family and education plan that pushes the running tab past $4 trillion. what does all of the spending mean as the economy is already showing signs of recovery? let's get the read on this from jessica tarlov, kayleigh mcgee white. jessica, let's start with you. the most prominent, most famous left-wing progressive voice in the country says joe biden has exceeded her expectations. so it's not just republicans, is it, this is saying this is the most left-wing presidency we've seen in recent history. >> well, i think bernie sanders would be a little disappointed
1:25 pm
to know that aoc had taken the mantel from him. >> jerry: close. >> but yeah, republicans -- they're a duo, let's say. what republicans are upset about is the fact that democrats are unified. we saw this throughout the primary when congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez endorsed joe biden soon after bernie sanders dropping out and everybody is saying what does this mean? it means the democrats have the same priorities. if you look at joe biden's platform, what he campaigned on, he's been consistent. you don't see the green new deal in there, medicare for all. you see someone that wants to protect the american economy, the american worker and the american family. i think it's a great thing. i think the media just gets their panties in a bunch about these type of things and wants to make a headline like we're turning over to the party of aoc. this is who joe biden is and she's along for a ride. >> jerry: let's ask -- let's ask
1:26 pm
kayleigh. if it's good enough for aoc, is it by definition way to left wing for the rest of the country? >> i would disagree with jessica. i don't think democrats are unified at all. you've had several moderate democrats raise concerns about his proposele capital gains tax hike and congressional pushing back from democrats will likely get worse because a lot of these taxes are going to affect democratic constituents and democratic donors the most. recent irs data shows that the democratic party represents 65% of the americans making more than $500,000 per year. that is who is going to be affected. so i mean, if you think that all the congressional democrats are going with this, i don't buy into that. >> nick, president biden will go become joint session of congress on wednesday evening. announce more details. we're hearing it's another $1.4 trillion. taking the total to $4 trillion.
1:27 pm
a a time when the economy is bouncing back strongly. this looks like a far from an attempt to aid the economy, a troubled economy. looks like an attempt to remake the what i the american system works. >> well, jerry, it's what margaret thatcher said. she said the problem is you run out of people's money. she was referring to socialism. unfortunately that's what we're seeing right now. what joe biden is proposing, what the democrats are behind, what the left is planning really is completely opposite to good economies. they are showing they're economically illiterate, not only going to cause pain in the near future but the long-term future. the united states of america cannot afford the kind of spending that joe biden is going to go in front of congress and propose next tuesday. >> jerry: jessica, a chance to respond. let's listen to the white house
1:28 pm
press secretary that asked about tax hikes and why president biden is focusing on wealthy americans. here's part of what she said. >> he believes the burden should be on the backs of corporations and the highest income people that can afford to pay more. hence his opposition to user fees and proposals that would put the burdens on the back of american people. >> jerry: jessica, in the end, don't -- you can tax corporations but in end don't the tax burdens fall on people who buy those companies goods, the shareholders, people that have pension funds? it's not a free lunch, is it? >> no, there's no free lunches or that's what my republicans friends tell me. if we look back through history, we've seen higher corporate tax rates and booming economies. everybody enjoyed the clinton years. that was a higher tax rate. and to kayleigh's point, she's right about moderate taxes.
1:29 pm
we're only at 21%. it's going to be a win for manchin when we end up in the middle. that's what makes him compromise and what makes him unique in this polarized team. it will be a healthier economy for this. i had been been called names like that on air before. >> jerry: kayleigh, just quickly, if i may, republicans -- as far as we can tell, the president biden's approval ratings are solid, better than president trump's were after his first 100 days. people like getting free money. that pose as challenge for republicans, doesn't it? >> it does but you have to keep in mind that a lot of the approval is because this is biden's first 100 days and people are finally getting the swing of things, getting back to their normal routine that they had before covid and, you know, still benefitting from the stimulus that democrats recently passed in congress. those things are eventually
1:30 pm
going to wear off. you know, the economy is still recovering. so the fact is that if you hike taxes right now, people that are still suffering, people jobless, people still searching for i don't knows that are not available will be affected. whether they apply to corporations or wealthy americans or whatnot. the entire economy is going to be affected by this. >> jerry: thank you all. i have to get further in that discussion but we ran out of time. have you back to define those terms more clearly. thanks for joining us. how republicans are gathering later this week in orlando to strategize the 2022 game plan. what will it look like? we'll ask a lawmaker that is there next.
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>> martha: we're meeting here at almost exactly the 100-day mark of the biden presidency. what we have seen so far in the
1:35 pm
biden presidency is even further left policies than we could have anticipated. certainly than he campaigned on. >> jerry: looking live at orlando, florida where liz cheney and other house republicans are huddling trying to come up with a game plan for 2022 to counter the joe biden agenda. joining me now is louisiana congressman mike johnson attending that retreat. thanks for joining me. >> hey, jerry. great to hear from you. >> jerry: we heard from congresswoman cheney. we heard from alexandria ocasio-cortez saying that this biden administration is turning out to be more progressive than she hoped. even the far left are very, very happy with this biden administration. now, a lot of it is because it involves a lot of spending money. they spend $1.9 trillion, more spending plans this week. people like having money thrown at them, don't they? isn't that a challenge for republicans? how you going to challenge that?
1:36 pm
>> yeah, they like having money thrown at them until there's a sacrifice of their freedom to go with their socialism goals and ideas. that's part of our challenge, to communicate that. we are here with the republicans for the issues conference. a sense of enthusiasm about the future with this far left shift. we know the american people are going to turn against this agenda when they understand what it means to them. we're excited about the next round of 2022 election cycle. we think we'll take the majority in the house and the senate may be in play. we're bullish on the future of america. >> jerry: historically presidents in the mid-terms, their party loses ground, loses seats. you are
1:37 pm
most importantly, in addition to that, the far left surge of the democrat party is alarming to most americans. the polling is indicates that they're turning away from that. so they're going to look for the alternative. our challenge as republicans is to be ready to present that. we have all kinds of policy solutions, answers to the greatest challenges facing the country. we have to get that out and message it to our constituents and let them know what we'll do to fulfill the promises and get back to our governing moment in 2022. >> jerry: a political challenge, covid is coming to an end. the economy is bouncing back. we're going to get first quarter
1:38 pm
gdp figures thursday. people talk about 6, 7% growth this year. a strong feel good factor in the country towards the end of this year and 2022. isn't that what the biden administration is banking on to get them through the mid-terms? how do you counter that when unemployment could be back down to 3 1/2% and the economy could be booming again? >> prepray that that happens. when it does, if and when it does, it will be because of the infrastructure that was put in place by the previous administration. it was the trump administration that put the policies in place to build for that kind of recovery. the reason that covid-19 and the vaccines and all of that have been so successful is because of operation warp speed. the reason the economy is positioned to take a big recovery is what the trump administration did. rewind to february last year, we had the greatest economy in the history of the world. that basic infrastructure is still in place and thankfully because of that, we'll bounce
1:39 pm
back. what the biden administration is doing, not just proposing but doing through executive order and pushing through congress is this massive far left agenda that is big spending, big government, big control of everybody's lives, higher taxes, the expansion of radical leftist ideas and the american people will turn against that. we'll be ready. >> jerry: thanks for joining us. enjoy the retreat. >> thanks. >> jerry: so why is the government spending money to create jobs and apple is spending a half trillion on its own? not all 5g networks are created equal. ♪ t-mobile america's largest and fastest 5g network.
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aaaand welcome
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>> jerry: another multibillion dollar jobs plan but not by uncle sam. this one is apple. susan li has more. >> announcing a huge $430 billion investment in the u.s. the next five years. that means 20,000 new jobs and a brand new $1 billion north carolina campus right near raleigh. this will come with 3,000 high-paying jobs and high tech until and contribute $1 billion to the state.
1:44 pm
north carolina's governor is thrilled with apple's decision. >> there's no question the synergy this project is creating will have a ripple effect. a lot of businesses that spring up because of apple. they'll hire more employees as well. >> the state beat out ohio for apple's new incentive. they're getting roughly $20 million a year and kicks in only apple hires 3,000. besides north carolina, apple is hiring in texas, iowa, colorado, massachusetts and other states. apple is one of the few companies that can afford to invest hundreds of billions bringing back a lot of cash from overseas back in 2018 during the trump era when they were given a lower tax rate to bring the cash home. they say they're america's
1:45 pm
largest corporate taxpayer. they paid $45 billion the past five years. if the corporate tax rate goes up to 28%, you can imagine that those spending plans might get a second look though, jerry. >> jerry: yes, susan. indeed they might. goes to show that america companies are capable of putting americans first and creating jobs here. thanks. another record day for stocks with the s&p 500 and the nasdaq closing at all-time highs. according to a new report, that's part of what has veteran investors unnerved about a market where things keep going higher and higher. john bussey has more. thanks for joining me. >> my pleasure. >> jerry: so we have a whole alphabet soup. the s&p is going higher, housing
1:46 pm
is going up. everything is being invested in including heavy elaborate devices. this is usually the sign of over exuberance and a bubble developing. >> you'd think. in march, a record amount of money getting invested in mutual funds for any month in the history of the market. so you know what is happening here? it's those forces, jerry, that we've been talking about. they're coming together at a -- in a way that i'm not sure that i've ever seen before in an economy or in a market. huge pent-up demand. consumers that put spending on hold the last year. some of that spending is likely to be relief spending as well. people that may not have spent as much in the past are happy to be out. and then you have the steroid shots. the coronavirus relief spending
1:47 pm
that is still coming in to the market and in to the economy and this infrastructure bill, which may not be entirely what biden wants but likely hundreds of billions. the expectation is you'll see this robust economy in the second half of the year. that will lift all boats. you're seeing the prices go up now, materials, stocks, housing being on a tear. you haven't seen housing like this since 2006. then those other investments like bitcoin and more exotic out there as well. >> jerry: you mentioned the stimulus. you can add to that the federal reserve, which is continuing to pump money into the economy. we have this -- as you say, we have this unusual situation right now. when you get massive stimulus from fiscal and monetary forces that comes when a economy is weak and needed to get the economy out of recession. all indications are, we may have the strongest rate of growth since the 80s.
1:48 pm
6 or 7% that is a mismatch, isn't it? >> that's right. usually the rates happen when the fed is trying to pull up up an economy. a economy autonomy has a good story on this right now. the fed has gone further in the buying program. they say interest rates will stay low into 2023. they're trying to signal to the market and business rates will be low, you can invest. you can borrow and invest. their concern is they don't want to have happened what happened in 2008 and 9 where they felt in retrospect there wasn't enough spending and took years for the recovery to happen. they want to avoid that and prime the pump early and hoping the economy does what we expect it to do in the second half of the year. we'll have to see if the coronavirus doesn't recede as
1:49 pm
fast as people think, could be a problem. >> thanks, john. thanks for joining me. >> pleasure. >> jerry: we're getting new information from the border meeting with vice president harris and the leader of guatemala. back to peter doocy with more. >> we understand the president and the vice president are still continuing their conversation. the press pool was in there for a few minutes. they heard from kamala harris, the vice president, that she understands there are issues that are specific to right now that are making people want to leave guatemala. she said there's hurricanes, drought and covid-19. there's broader issues that have been around forever that are much more difficult to deal with. she said those are a lack of economic opportunity, corruption, poverty and violence against women. the upshot as they look nor solutions of how to stop this problem, how to stop the flow of migrants in the country has a lot more to do with addressing
1:50 pm
issues there than anything here. >> we want to work with you to address both the acute causes as well as the root causes in a way that will bring hope to the people of guatemala, that there will be an opportunity for them if they stay at home. >> the president, joe biden, does not have anymore public events on his schedule so we don't expect to see him pop into that meeting at any point. the vice president did say that she plans to visit guatemala by the end of june. so that trip will be her first international trip. that will be within the next six or eight weeks. something that is a necessity because of covid-19 and the pandemic that still makes meetings like this tough, the telecom connection was not great. >> we always have problems. it's not so re-assuring to know
1:51 pm
that secure communications between such important people have the same problems. peter doocy, thanks very much. do kids need to musk up before fun in the sun? the latest cdc guidance on summer camps next. for members l. a former army medic, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa. ♪ you get a call from a friend ♪ usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ to remind you ♪ ♪ that you're not alone ♪ ♪ and you know deep down inside ♪ ♪ it's gonna be all right ♪ ♪ all right ♪ if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes,
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♪ >> jerry: well, summer camp may be back for all the kids this year cdc issued new guidance over the weekend on those camps saying that children can now get within three feet of each other. imagine that. but they should wear masks still
1:55 pm
to limit the spread of covid-19. let's talk about this with johns hopkins university professor of public health dr. marty mccarry. thanks for joining me. >> thanks. >> this still seems pretty conservative, i would say, as a proposal, as a rule. the kids back at summer camp and they can be within three feet of each other but they will still have to wear masks. this as we may be hearing masks may be coming off. >> we need to move back to the outdoors and what the cdc doesn't realize there are is alternative to restrictions outcoarse where people sit around indoors where there is a greater risk of people not only getting covid but sedentary lifestyle and other problems. encourage as many activity outdoors. cdc is too late, too little here. they are pushing this guidance out three weeks before summer camps start. what were they waiting for the evidence is overwhelming, jerry, studies out of ireland and asia now.
1:56 pm
these are not new studies show that 1 in 1,000 infects come from outdoor setting. we don't need the cdc to take three weeks to read 10 studies to adjudicate what we can do. >> jerry: why are they so slow, doctor? what are they so slow in caution? >> we saw this many times. warning us about the pandemic. we saw it in masks last year. we saw it in vaccine allocation. that guidance came out two weeks after the vaccines were distributed and we saw it with what you can do once you are vaccinated. i just don't think there is a sense of urgency in moving fast. they have a process and it's bureaucratic process. >> jerry: listen dr. anthony fauci suggested over the weekend maybe soon the masks may indeed be coming off outdoors at least. doctor, take a listen to this. >> it's pretty common sense now that outdoor risk is really, really quite low, particularly, i mean, if you were vaccinated person, wearing a mask outdoors, i mean, obviously the risk is minnis school. >> jerry: doctor, if the risk is
1:57 pm
minuscule and we have known that for a long time, again, why have they been saying for months and month oh no, even if you have been vaccinated have you got to keep the masks on and keep social distancing. don't go out. you know, these messages are very, very confused, aren't they? >> look, i think they are afraid of being wrong. i think there is a lot of group think to be very frank. i think we should have told people early on when we told them to stay at home we should have told them to get outside. the number one risk factor for being hospitalized is being overweight. when people stay indoors, guess what? they gain 5-pound on average. so, this is just talking in general terms. we needed this a year and two months ago. >> jerry: the other thing we are seeing right now seems to be vaccine hesitancy. you have been saying for some time that we are pretty close to herd immunity as it's called sort of with two third of the population or more having the antibodies. the real thing now that maybe seems to be stopping the spread, if you like, of that immunity is a real resistance to vaccines and, you know, do you wonder when you have instances like we
1:58 pm
had a couple weeks ago with the johnson & johnson vaccine and the government actually basically pausing that for a while, that is bound to increase vaccine uncertainty, isn't it? >> yeah, that was a mistake and that hurt the vaccine rollout and it hurts dealing with efficacy and the pause affected the hesitancy problem. they didn't need to do it in 12 days. they could have done in one at a and issued an advisory. that's wham of us were asking them to do. if they want to get serious about hesitancy pivot those vaccines sites to walk-s in. not search going to make appointment online. stop shaming people who do not choose to get the vaccine. some are not getting it because they had the infection. that's a medically reasonable idea. give people a treason look forward. to say you will have privileges once you are a month out. and finally stop talking about boosters. not clear that we need it. there is no evidence to suggest that we need it. tell people you will need a
1:59 pm
vaccine every six month is not helping right now. >> jerry: and we don't, to be clear, doctor, we don't necessarily need everybody to get the vaccine. we can get to a very good level of immunity, with what, two thirds of people getting a vaccine? what's your estimate? >> look, if you look at the u.k. and israel, once 50% of adults get the vaccine and you give it about two and a half weeks for that vaccine to kick in, you start seeing massive suppression of the infection. in the u.k. and israel we are seeing it again. we hit that milestone last week. so in about a week and a half i think we will continue to see great numbers. michigan and their outbreak they are down 30% in the last 11 days. san francisco had 0 cases yesterday. most asymptomatic so we are seeing really good views right now. i think it's okay to talk about good news. >> jerry: we have to wrap. doctor, your estimate, do you think we will be back to normal by the late summer? >> i do. and unless people have a sense of fear that affects what they're willing to do. we're going to do really well. right now we are doing better than a mild flu season in terms of daily cases and
2:00 pm
hospitalizations. >> jerry: dr. marty mccarry of johnson hopkins thank you for joining us. >> thanks, jerry. jr. jerry that's it for today. neil will be back tomorrow. in the meantime "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ taken deign hello, everyone i'm dana perino along with jesse watters, dagen mcdowell my prom date juan williams and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: a big week on tap for president biden he is closing in on the 100 day mark of his presidency and gearing up for first pivotal address to congress this wednesday. how are americans grading his presidency so far? well, voters are split. a new fox news poll shows his approval rating at 5 had%, that job performance lower than barack obama's and george w. bush's but a little higher than president trump. and senator rand paul is
2:01 pm
blasting biden for failing to ke


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