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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 26, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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heard and felt and smelled so you have to do it if you haven't done it. ainsley: i know you're loved there. tell shawn we thank him so much for being on with us too. brian: thank you all for watching. steve: be back here tomorrow, everybody.
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>> that's a great question, bill. that's what is driving the tensions here in elizabeth city. under north carolina law, the release of body worn video publicly released to the press or to the public is pursuant to a court order. that means that the sheriff here, tommy wooten, will have to go to court. he may go to court as soon as today to try and get a court to release that video. that the video can be shared privately with individuals with a direct connection to the video and in that case it is the brown family along with their attorneys. we'll find out if the sheriff
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tries to get it publicly released today. we were waiting for the family and their attorneys to come see it. a lot of protestors are gathering in front of the sheriff's office here. one is the local county naacp president keith rivers. why are you here and what is going through your mind today? >> the video, the release of information. the transparency. the trust. you know, this could have been requested from the onset to help alleviate some of this tension that's brewing and constantly is growing. this community has clearly shown that the protests have been peaceful. we have worked with the chief of police of elizabeth city to show -- that just shows a relationship. when you have trust and transparency, that shows that
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you can work together to come to the common goal. you know, our hearts go out to the brown family. this is our community. this is where we live. we are asking the sheriff to stand up and do the right thing. come out and talk to the people. you are an elected official, okay? if you made a mistake and had a misthought in judgment and you should have asked for the release of that body camera from day one and you didn't do that, come out and tell the people that. stop holding press conferences and talking to three and four people in the black community and thinking that is the community. you represent the entire community. >> you are calling for the sheriff to resign. >> yes, because of integrity. i'm not calling for him. the branch of the naacp is calling for the resignation of the sheriff. we have to have that trust, okay? and it seems as though the sheriffs office is not doing anything to regain the trust of
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the public. what is going to happen in two weeks when things die down, you are no longer here? that means that they will still be here. who is going to hold anybody accountable for the actions that have already taken place? >> all right. we have to leave it there as we continue to wait and watch for the family and attorneys to come here now to keith's calls for the resignation, the sheriff told fox news yesterday he will not resign and went to facebook to say that he understands the public's frustration and he is indeed working to pushing to get that video released publicly. we'll have to wait and find out. the protests have been peaceful so far and we hope for more peaceful protests today. >> bill: griff jenkins leading our coverage in north carolina. >> dana: team coverage continues from new york city. good morning. >> good morning. we're here in new york city talking about thousands and
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thousands of nypd officers who are choosing to retire. apparently even if you do retire here in new york city you can't escape the violence. a retired nypd officer is among the 15 people shot on saturday alone. the 30-year-old was leading a party in brooklyn when she was hit in the torso three times. she was not targeted. the bullets came from a group of men fighting nearby. according to the nypd31 people were injured in 28 shootings from friday through sunday. 416 shooting victims so far this year. a 71% jump from this time last year and that's not the only problem the city has. as i mentioned the number of nypd cops handsing over their badge and guns is soaring. more than 5,300 officers have either retired or handed in their retirement papers in 2020. that is a 75% jump from 2019. now because of the spike in
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violence, coupled with the defund the police movement and the debate over police practices, many other police departments are also reporting the same mass exodus. >> why would you want to join something where people hate you and go out there and put your lives on the line? we don't run away from danger, we run to danger. when we receive a call man with a gun. we don't run away and hide. we run toward the danger to make sure you are safe. >> keep this in mind, the nypd only had 900 new recruits in the fall. nearly 2,000 short of where it was in 2019 all because of budget cuts. dana. >> dana: not trending the right way that's for sure. for more let's bring in south carolina congresswoman nancy mace serving on the infrastructure committee. the issue of police reform. tim scott making another run for that. i want to play for you some
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sound from corey bush, a congresswoman who says they don't want to compromise. watch. >> we compromise on so much. you know, we compromise, we die. we compromise, we die, we compromise, we die. i didn't come to congress to compromise on what could keep us alive. >> dana: your thoughts this morning on that. >> well, it's very sad to see the violence across the country whether if it's the murder of george floyd, daunte wright. we need reforms in this country. we need to knowledge that. the corey bushes of the world radical left not only do they want the defund the police but abolish the police. i can't think of a worse idea as we see spikes in violence and violent acts and attacks against citizens and also law enforcement officers right now. it is a terrible idea. we know it is a terrible die and not good for our country.
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we should be investing more in law enforcement with better recruits and better training. we see that training or lack of training being an issue in some of these cases and get them the mental health counseling they need. they put their lives on the line every day they put on their badge. >> bill: karen bass with chris wallace on "fox news sunday". >> we will have to negotiate that but the intent of this is we have to find a way to hold officers accountable. >> are you willing to blow up this deal over that issue? >> i don't know if i'm willing to blow up the deal. i don't consider it blowing it up. we have the look at ways. now if lindsey graham and tim scott can show us some other way to hold officers accountable because this has been going on for just decades. >> bill: the good news there she didn't say no. do you see some possibility here? >> absolutely.
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there are many republicans. we care about this issue. we have seen the crisis across the country even in some of us in my district in charleston we've seen a devastating impact of violent events. these are issues i know as a republican and state lawmaker before i came to congress i worked on criminal justice reform and prison reform and issues that are important. senator tim scott has been a leader on these issues. right now in congress everything is divided, everything is partisan. the left doesn't want to work with republicans and that's the issue we have today. we want to listen and be helpful and work together and willing to do it but it is their way or no way at all right now. >> dana: we are coming up on the 100 days for president biden and he will give a big speech wednesday night to a joint session of congress although a smaller group than usual. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez might have surprised some people by her assessment of president biden so far. take a look at this. >> i mean, one thing that i
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will say is that i do think that biden administration and president biden has definitely exceeded expectations that progressives had. i'll be frank. i think a lot of us expected a much more conservative administration. >> dana: that is her take. about what your expectations? >> her endorsement of the biden administration, you don't have to say anything else. more damage done in the first 100 days of the biden administration than i thought possible in four years. and i have a front row ticket to seeing the dismantling and taking away of freedom and the dismantling of our constitution. and you see it in hr1. you see it with d.c. statehood and with the green new deal, the trillions of dollars of new spending and they are about to put on the hard working american people the largest tax hike in american history in the middle of a pandemic. she is spot on. this administration has been more far left than i ever
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thought possible and doing more damage and it is only going to hurt us coming out of the pandemic not in the short term but in the long term for years to come. >> dana: thank you for joining us this morning. i hope that was not the 100 day speech that president biden says something to talk about police in a way that is not just against them. >> bill: on the aoc comment this is where the infrastructure bill is where the rubber hits the road. a lot of progressives on the left if they don't get the trillions. that would be the drag on this administration trying to pacify the left. a divided nation. 81-point gap on approval between president biden between democrats and republicans. a wider gap than president trump. we're a divided country period, end. 11 past the hour now.
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watch this. >> i have to be honest, if things had gone differently this past week in minneapolis i might have traded in my heels for marching boots. >> bill: a-lister is taking a stand against the anti-cop rhetoric. >> dana: vice president harris playing the blame game amid growing questions of her role in tackling the crisis at the southern border. when will the excuses run out? >> are you going to go there? >> yes, we are working on the plan to get there. we have to deal with covid issues but i can't get there soon enough. interest rates drop to record lows while home prices have just gone up and up. giving you a once in a lifetime chance to turn the equity in your home into cash in your hand. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more, by letting you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. make the call while rates are still near all-time lows!
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overnight. mark meredith from the north lawn. is there a plan today? >> good morning. later today vice president harris will meet virtually with guatemala's president and two leaders are efforts to curtail migration from central america as she continues to face questions what her role is when it comes to immigration. we're waiting to find out if and when harris may go down to the border herself. she plans to go to central america in the coming weeks and sat down with cnn and once again blamed the surge of migrants crossing in the u.s. on the past administration. >> part of the problem is that under the previous administration they pulled out essentially a lot of what had been the continuum of work and it essentially came to a stand still. >> you are rebuilding it? >> we have to rebuild it. >> a growing number of people
6:19 am
feel the border is worse. things are worse compared to only 17% that are seeing from what they were back then two years ago. the polls also show a slim majority of voters disapprove of the president's border strategy. he gets high marks for handling of the pandemic, healthcare and economy. we'll hear a lot from the president this week. we'll hear about covid tomorrow. up on the hill wednesday for the joint session of congress. then believe it or not marking 100 days in office later on this week. >> bill: mark, thank you. big week. thanks. >> dana: whitt jones iii is a south texas rancher and seen the crisis firsthand costing $30,000 for repairs from smugglers and border control. fixes fence is the chore nobody wants to you. for you it's a matter of your survival. >> good morning. how are you all? yes. i can promise you things are
6:20 am
worse than they ever have been down here and that's a fact. yes, it is -- we're always having to deal with it. it is not just the fence and the money, it is the liability that exists with it. it's also something -- not something you can do on oh, we'll get to it tomorrow and next week. when we have fences down you have to do it immediately. drop whatever you're doing. >> dana: i am curious could you explain for viewers what do you mean by liability? what is your responsibility here? >> well, you'd be surprised but i have cattle under fence. when they knock the fences down and cattle get on the highway i'm exposed to lieability for an accident and somebody getting hurt by hitting an animal. but i've also speaking of other
6:21 am
liabilities. a few years ago we had a group of people coming across the ranch illegally trafficking and they rolled a car on our family's property and killed everybody in the car and we were sued for that. it was a huge case that went to the texas supreme court court and lasted for years and a drawn-out process, thousands of dollars if not more and our insurance company fought the thing but anyway there is liability that exists all over the place any time anybody is out here. >> dana: what would you ask them to do? biden is coming up on his first 100 days. politically this is one of his worst aspects. what would you like the hear from him on wednesday night? >> well, it would be nice if they would come down here and look at what's going on. it is amazing they haven't been down here.
6:22 am
i couldn't believe the vice president's excuse that it is a covid issue. i thought that was pretty funny. you know, you have to shake your head and laugh. i don't know what their answer is. i would recommend look, if they are going to -- if they want to increase people coming into the country, they are in power, they should do it but do it legally. increase our immigration numbers. and i think that would help slow the traffic down. you know, it's -- >> dana: we hope you'll come back and talk to us a little more. i'm sorry for what you're going through. appreciate your hard work and patriotism. >> bill: he had a lot to say during a tough time. smugglers and cartels chaos at the border. in texas feds seize more than $11 million of drugs in 48 hours alone. brandon judd with me now.
6:23 am
meth, cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, it all finds a place in america, doesn't it? >> it does. and when you look at the first 100 days of this administration as evidenced by the numbers, nobody has done worse on border security than president biden. nobody has done more to enrich organized crime than president biden. nobody has put women and children under more danger than president biden has in all aspects of border security, he is clearly failing and the fact he is not coming to the border to address the issue shows he has no answers for what needs to be done to solve the problem. >> bill: march 26 vice president was in connecticut, up to i guess this week in baltimore april 29th. that's her travel schedule. call for number 2, guys. she says she will go to central america in june. is that good enough for you? >> no, of course it's not.
6:24 am
again, it is easy to blame covid when it's convenient. when you don't have answers or solutions you just put it back on covid and say i can't do it because covid is not allowing me to. she can travel across the world, across the united states. for something that is so important to the american public as border security she refuses to do her job and again that -- i'm hoping that the american public is going to look at this, wake up and recognize that this administration is clearly failing as it pertains to border security. >> bill: if you want to meet with central american leaders you can do it with more than a virtual meeting. have a meeting in the hangar and come home. that's one way to get around covid if you so desire. >> there are many protocols that will protect you against covid. many things that she could do to protect herself against covid. president trump had been to the border on many, many occasions.
6:25 am
when you listen to the rhetoric and hear them blame this on president trump as somebody who puts on a uniform, as somebody who is not partisan, as the agents that i represent we are not partisan individuals but when we put on the uniform and go out and do the job, we can specifically tell you that president trump had this issue under control. this administration came in and changed everything that president trump had done and because of that, we're experiencing the number of drugs, the number of people coming across the border illegally. this is something that we have never seen before. almost 24 years in the border patrol going out and patrolling the border i have never seen anything like this before. >> bill: quick answer here. if you wanted to reverse all of this how long would it take to get that job done? >> bill: president trump proved how look it would take. a light switch. bring back the migrant protection protocols and this will end. >> bill: nice to get your input.
6:26 am
thank you for coming back. >> dana: drug cartels are certainly stepping it up. wanted to tell you one thing. the republicans are meeting down there in orlando for their retreat. guess what their wifi password is everybody ready? biden border crisis. if you want to get on wifi down there. critical race theory may impact math education where schools could cancel advance placement classes in the name of equity. does that add up? the president wants to double some taxes to pay for more progressive policies. maria bartiromo, who better to ask. she'll be here live next. >> he has governed as a far left president. every policy proposal he has put forward has been to appease the far left of his party and in fact he has become a part of the far left of his party.
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use it to improve your home or put cash in the bank. some of life's most important decisions are made right here at the kitchen table. if you're a veteran and need cash, calling newday could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make! >> dana: virginia is planning to overhaul its current math curriculum by eliminating accelerating options prior to the 11th grade. educators and parents see it as incorporating critical race theory. >> good morning. virginia public school parents are telling fox news that the latest moves by the state to completely overhaul the math curriculum simply doesn't add up. the virginia education department is now planning to do away with schools focused on getting as many students studying advanced math as possible and focusing on equity.
6:33 am
the proposal seeks to drastically reduce the need for acceleration and supports students being in more heterogeneous classrooms. more students statewide will study math at the same level regardless of their ability and skills. parents of the students say the new policies are simply a race to the academic bottom. take a listen. >> this whole phenomenon called critical race theory is so anti-american and racist. it is targeting white kids, asian kids. >> critics say activism has no place in america's schools. listen. >> what we're seeing is a total and complete failure of the education system to put children towards academic success so they are shifting the blame by injecting politics into the classroom. >> virginia's education department is pushing back. they say all the changes will help more students achieve more
6:34 am
success overall in math. they write, quote, the initiative aims to support increased learning opportunities within a heterogoneous learning environment to promote greater access to advanced mathematical learning for all students. so far virginia and california are the only states moving to completely overhaul the math and science curriculums in this way but other states including colorado that are making smaller adjustments, smaller moves to what they are calling equity-based education. dana. >> dana: come on, colorado. gillian, thank you. >> bill: the critics going after joe biden as he eyes doubling the capital gains tax to fund a progressive wish list. rand paul saying it could do real damage to the u.s. economy. >> when you raise this, the opposite happens. more jobs go overseas, more corporations go overseas, the other thing is we're printing up so much money there is going
6:35 am
to be real inflation and i think there is going to be a day in which people wake up and say oh my goodness what have we done to our country? >> maria bartiromo from sunday morning futures. rand paul was with you sunday. fox polling lower taxes or smaller government, what do you want, america? 56% say lower taxes, smaller government compared to 36 for higher taxes and larger government. where do you think it goes? >> well look, i think he is going to raise taxes but this capital gains more than double is going to be a fight. tax something more and you will get less of it. my favorite op-ed in the journal this morning was by larry lindsey, the former chairman of the committee on economic advisors. biden taxes for punishment sake. that's when you get when you give tax policy to bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. basically what larry lindsey is saying is you aren't getting the maximum benefit of these
6:36 am
taxes. what makes this incredibly unusual is 43.4% is well above the rate that would actually generate the most revenue for the government when you go back to the joint committee on taxation doing the official scoring for this they say 28% is the level that gives you the maximum revenue. larry lindsey thinks it is much lower than that. the point is with joe biden's pushing capital gains taxes all the way up to 43.4%, you are basically accepting lower revenue as the cost of raising taxes. that doesn't make a lot of sense, though. >> bill: larry lindsey got a lot of attention. we keep an eye on him. dumbest tax increase is how the board puts it. bidens capital gains rate would reduce federal revenue. shows capital gains tax and reduce federal revenue by 124 billion over 10 years. new york and california could get hammered, marie.
6:37 am
yeah new york at 52%, california 56.7%. >> like i always say, money is mobile. when you see individuals talking about that kind of tax what are they going to do? pick up their revenues and earnings and move out of new york and california. we don't expect it to be retro active to 2021. if you made some money this your portfolio or sold your home or expecting to sell your home you will probably likely to do it in 2021 where you have a 20% capital gains tax as opposed to 2022 where you will get a pos entionly 43.4% tax rate. that's going to mean half of whatever you made goes to the government. that's why we are expecting a sizeable sell-off if this goes through. people will rush for the exit by the end of 2021. >> the piece concludes this is what happens when you turn your economic policy over to bernie
6:38 am
sanders and elizabeth warren. joe biden is going along for the ride, end quote. nice to see you, maria. thank you for coming back today. >> dana: questions are raised over the "washington post" fact check on senator tim scott with this piece on his family's history coming right after it was announced scott would give the gop response to president biden's speech on wednesday. joe concha is with us now. let me read nikki haley tweet to you. she served in south carolina as part of the government with tim scott saying that tim scott often talks about his grandfather and cotton. there is more to that tale. that's what the "washington post" said. former governor haley said it is shameful what they tried to do in the "washington post" against tim scott. it doesn't matter what party you are in. the journey of his family from
6:39 am
cotton to congress in one lifetime should be celebrated. was this worthy of a fact check, joe? >> oh no, it's not worthy of the paper that it was printed on, dana. if anybody asked why is public perception of the media so low? you look at this as exhibit a. one of the most cringe worthy things you could read this year in any paper. this is the "washington post". remember, this didn't just go up because the fact checker decided i will print this in the paper. there is an editor that had to approve this as well. an easy question to ask here, dana, would this piece have ever seen the light of day if tim scott was a democrat? rhetorical monday. you don't have to answer that. ultimately this will have the same effect the 60 minutes hit piece on ron desantis did in terms of tim scott now elevating his national profile. >> dana: a tweet, this is what racism of white elite often
6:40 am
looks like. they don't look as the story as lived but banks and legal records when white society behaved and recorded things a different way. the story of tim scott's family is unbelievable what it was able to accomplish when there was crippling racism that they were facing. >> exactly. it seems the piece is inferring that well, tim scott's ancestors didn't have it as bad as others. come on. this is the culture at the "washington post" in terms of their newsroom. they have never endorsed a republican presidential candidate in its history. that means endorsing a walter mondale over ronald reagan. the post needs to issue an apology. editor and fact checker involved here should take a week or two mandatory virginiaiation and others should stand up for their colleague. bass stood up for him.
6:41 am
let's see more from the other side of the aisle condemn this sort of journalism. it has no place seeing the light of day. >> dana: remember the whole -- there was no fact check with something with kamala harris. tim scott will give the republican address wednesday night. he might expect a little more of this. they are going to scrutinize everything he says and i'm sure he is ready for it. thank you, joe. >> bill: got breaking news now. u.s. supreme court on monday morning the court has decided it will consider a case that could expand gun rights in a case out of new york that addresses permits to carry guns in public for self-defense. it is the biggest gun rights case the court has heard in about a decade. a lower court had ruled upheld that restrictive law out of new york. arguments will be heard in the fall. the court taking this up at a time when guns, police protection in america is at the forefront of a lot of headlines. another alert. a year ago one of the loudest
6:42 am
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>> bill: a lot of mixed messages from the cdc from masks to johnson & johnson vaccine and that say that plus restrictions still in place are what is behind vaccine hesitancy. 5 million americans have skipped their second shot. marc thiessen. a lot to shoot at here. nih first here is what she said. all of us have been taking aspirin for muscle aches and headaches. the risk of aspirin inducing an intestinal bleed is much higher than what we talk about here, 1 in 500, 1 in 1,000 for people who regularly take aspirin talking about the j&j shot and its level of safety. they pulled it for a week,
6:48 am
trying to encourage people to get the shots. moves like this doesn't help people or give them confidence. >> not at all. it destroyed their confidence. first they didn't pull aspirin for 11 days. they pulled the j&j vaccine. one of the most deadly blunders public health officials made. vaccine hesitancy increased. a poll shows that the number of people who thought the j&j vaccine was safe dropped from 53% to 37% during the pause. a new "washington post" poll shows only 22% of unvaccinated americans are willing to get the j&j vaccine. 73% are not. that's a direct result of the decision to withhold this and then on top of that you have the -- there were 475,000 people a day getting the j&j vaccine. that stopped for 11 days. do the math. it's 5.2 million americans who had vaccine appointments canceled because of the pause.
6:49 am
maybe some of them got moderna. we have a vaccine shortage. demand still exceeds supply. millions of people were exposed to covid for 11 days and more dangerous than side effects from the j&j vaccine. >> bill: anthony fauci on masks, whether you should wear one outside. >> outdoor risk is really, really quite low particularly. if you were a vaccinated person wearing a max outdoors, i mean, obviously the risk is minuscule. what i believe you'll be hearing with the country is going to be hearing soon is updated guidelines from the cdc. >> bill: you heard that word in there. minuscule. minuscule, marc. >> here is what the federal government should be telling you if you get the vaccine. if you get the vaccine, give it four weeks to kick in and then live your life. you are immune to covid.
6:50 am
this is -- there is a new study that came out that only 5,814 vaccinated people out of 85 million got infected. not got sick or hospitalized or died, got any kind of infection. the chances of getting infected once you get the vaccine is 0.007%. if you get the vaccine you are not going to die. you are not going to be hospitalized. almost certainly will not get the infection and you cannot spread it to others. so go live your life. go out and live normally. if you want people to get the vaccine. we're heading to a point, bill, all the people who want to get vaccinated soon will have gotten the vaccine and then convince people. if you can't tell people the truth that you can live your life, why would they get the vaccine if they're worried about it. tell them this is a key to getting your life back. >> bill: i agree 1,000% on the last one. marc thiessen.
6:51 am
>> dana: 26% of millennials they wouldn't want to get the shot. if you realize you could live your life. prediction time. i love to make one. remember this? watch this from joe biden. >> president biden: for a few months to wear a mask, no vaccines, the fact is that the single best thing we can do even more important than the vaccine the experts say by wearing a mask from now until april we would save more than 50,000 lives. going forward. 50,000 lives. i'm asking every american to mask up for the next 100 days. >> dana: president biden has a speech on wednesday. fauci was alluding to, the cdc will come out tomorrow, biden will announce it, you no longer have to wear a mask outside if you are vaccinated and try to take the credit for it when it wasn't just wearing a mask for 100 days it is also the vaccine. >> bill: i had my second shot
6:52 am
friday. your decision. i decided to go and do it. guess who was there? no one. that's a problem. a big new york hospital nyu and the demand has dropped off considerably in the last few weeks. it feels good. on ward. >> dana: they say you can go to europe this summer if you're vaccinated. >> bill: i still reach for the sanitizer. i have a 14-month habit what that s. >> dana: that might not be bad for all sorts of reason. exclusive photos of guns seized at the border. we'll speak with a texas official leading the charge against smugglers plus this. >> if i look at the 100 days sit more like a bait and switch. the bait was he was going to govern as bipartisan but the switch is he has governed as a socialist. >> dana: alexandria ocasio-cortez giving president biden's first 100 days.
6:53 am
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6:58 am
>> bill: first time ever california can lose a house seat because of population leaving. >> good morning, bill. it is no secret california is losing population. a combination of high taxes, a high cost of living and oh, yes, politics leading to an exodus of people who find once they move, they pay less, for instance, for power, property taxes, income taxes, gas, even car registrations. and now with the census bureau about to release its latest
6:59 am
official head count, california could pay the price with the loss of a congressional seat for the very first time in its history. >> what we may see for the first time ever is that movement to the west doesn't go quite as far. it looks like they've stopped at the border instead of heading all the way to the coast. >> depending on how the head count turns out check this out. texas could gain as many as three congressional seats from 36 to 39. florida could add 2 from 27 to 29, and we could also see single seat gains as you can see for arizona, colorado, montana, north carolina and oregon. with california's population growth hitting a record low, the trend shows that all roads are pointing, well, east. according to yu haul tennessee
7:00 am
has seen an influx, followed by texas, florida, ohio, arizona. in other words, bill, states that let you keep more of your money. >> bill: nice to see you, ashley, thanks for that. >> dana: new call for help in portland oregon. the mayor asking for public assistance to identify anarchists after a year of chaos and rioting. >> bill: how are you feeling? >> dana: great. how are you? >> bill: i'm good, actually. for a monday i'm all right. welcome back. policymakers driving into portland dressed in back ready for battle. riots and looting cost the city tens of millions in losses and damage. it was the epicenter of the defund the police movement. the mayor is urging residents trying to unmask the violent mob and take the city back. >> we must stand together as a community against this ongoing
7:01 am
criminal intimidation and violence. they want to burn, they want to bash. they want to intimidate. they want to assault. >> dana: dan springer is live in seattle. dan, i guess people in portland might think it is welcome but a little late. >> we've been talking about this for almost a year. portland mayor ted wheeler stood with these very same protestors last summer as they battled federal police and the trump administration. now he is asking for help in getting them arrested. wheeler has finally reached his breaking point. on friday he asked residents to unmask the self-described an arc consists vandalizing portland and trying to bring down the police department for nearly a year. last july wheeler joined them at the federal courthouse in the middle of more than 100 consecutive nights of protest that usually ended in violence and riot being declared. he was tear gassed by the feds and shouted down by protestors and now calling on the public's
7:02 am
help in arresting the vandals. >> these people often arrive at their so-called direct actions in cars and they are all dressed in all black. if you see this, call the police. if you can provide a license plate, if you can do so safely, that information can help later. >> within hours of that news conference there was another direct action which was declared a riot and a couple arrests were made. store windows were smashed and others hit by graffiti. last week they damaged a boys and girls club and downtown church. wheeler has been calling for an end to the violence for some time. he has never asked for the residents' help until now but added any help should be non-confrontational. easier said than done. anarchists are going after people who take videos and pictures at the actions. they ask in their call-out for people to go to these events to
7:03 am
not livestream it and that's a clear indication they don't want any cameras there. people who show up with cameras, i don't know if it will go very well for them, dana. >> dana: you have to keep yourself safe as well. thank you, dan. >> bill: as cities look to get protests under control a push for police reform getting momentum on the hill. they are working the find a compromise. how to old officers accountable remains a critical sticking point. lindsey graham on sunday. >> qualified immunity is a very big deal. if you want to destroy policeing in america, make sure that every cop can be sued when they leave the house. there is a way to find qualified immunity reform. take the cop out of it. >> bill: chad pergram picks up the coverage live on the hill. is it possible going forward yet again? >> dana: potentially the biggest issue is how to hold officers accountable. if there is any sort of immunity expended to officers. california democrat karen bass
7:04 am
is working with gop south carolina senator tim scott on a potential bill. >> this has been going on for just decades. officers right now are not really held accountable. >> ohio governor mike dewine used to be the state's attorney general. he suggests another way to regulate officers. >> we have the state licensing boards for doctors, for lawyers, for nurses. we should do the same thing for police so that when there is a complaint against a police officer, state licensing board can deal with that. >> the house has twice passed bass's bill in less than a year. democrats blocked scott's bill last year in the senate. police reform is likely front and center. wednesday night scott delivers the rebuttal to president biden's speech to congress. >> dana: for more on this lawrence jones is joining us. since we mentioned congresswoman bass a couple of times. listen to what she said
7:05 am
yesterday on this issue. >> we have 18,000 police departments and no national standards which is why you see some practices legal in some areas and illegal in other areas. we know that officers are trained to shoot to kill but maybe much more en fa cisco be placed on de-escalation. why some incidences result in people being killed, maybe there were other ways to respond other than firing. >> dana: i know you have a lot to say. let's give you the floor. >> i think it is important to note that any time you try to nationalize this conversation you get yourself in deep trouble because each municipality governs differently. i think having the feds come in is going to hurt communities in the long run. but when you talk about this issue of immunity, qualified immunity with the cops there are three lanes on this. democrats say this is the
7:06 am
barrier for police accountability and when they do go to court, it ends up being splitting hairs. you have the republicans say if you want to get cops off the job, this is going to happen, why sue the cops in many cases the city is responsible for it? you have them that say it doesn't give the officers complete immunity and then you have the civil libertarian aspect that say look, no one is above the law. also this is not really law, this was implemented by the supreme court. so this is the court overstepping its lane. interesting ally that they have is clarence thomas who said he would actually like to review this on the standpoint this was never really even passed by legislation. and is it outdated? conflicting messages, of course, going on between the conservative libertarian angle on this. tim scott said the best way to solve this is in his new legislation that removes the cops out of the conversation and holds the city liable since
7:07 am
they decided to hire the cop. who knows where this goes? >> last hour the supreme court will take up a case in the fall that came out of new york. if you are going to tell police we can't protect you or won't protect you, the police will say we can't protect you as well. the retirements in new york 5300 in 2020. huge force in new york. these are substantial numbers. you are up 75%, lawrence. >> i think the main problem when you talk about this conversation is that every case is different. unfortunately, because we're in this national news cycle, that all cases are lumped in one pile and that's not true. you have to judge each videotape differently. you have to get the facts in every case. when i talk to law enforcement they are all being lumped into the same barrel of the bad apples in the police departments. i think that's problematic. then you have the community
7:08 am
that says we want accountability, too. if we want accountability local communities should be having those conversations. we talk about minneapolis defunding the police, what is not told is that now they want to refund the police because it did not work. but if we didn't allow that local community to make that bad decision, they would not have learned from their mistakes. >> dana: what do you expect to hear from president biden on this issue on wednesday night? >> i don't know. i think president biden is trying to appease the progressives in his party. i think that is damaging to the conversation. i think we need a reasonable person in the room. tyler perry gave an impassioned speech yesterday at the oscars and talked about supporting good humans, not putting all black folks, whites, hispanics and cops in one category. we need to judge each individual. there needs to be someone that wants common ground and to be the person to start this
7:09 am
conversation and be balanced on the issue. i think tyler perry has an inspiring message on this issue. >> bill: ynpd. cops are forming a congo line at the pension section and i don't blame them. nypd cops are looking for better jobs with other departments or embarking on new careers. catch you later in the week. in the meantime back to the white house we go. the white house tries to get the southern border under control fox news with a look at how cartels are taking advantage of the chaos and making a ton of money. border officials try to stop drugs and smuggled migrants from the country. from the department of public safety we have someone here today. statistics from operation lone star. texas alone, criminal arrests 700. marijuana seizures 5,000 pounds. cocaine and meth, firearms,
7:10 am
currency seizures more than a million. it is all there, lieutenant. all coming our way. >> good morning, bill. thank you for having me. you're correct. numbers don't lie and they speak for themselves. we are continuing to see an increase in illegal crossing as well as illegal activity as you see there with those stats. weapons, drugs, currency, pursuit. there is a variety of different criminal aspects taking place along the southern border right now. >> bill: one report you seized $11 million worth of drugs in a 48 hour period. it blows the mind. i don't know if you heard vice president kamala harris over the weekend. a sample from what she said on cnn on sunday. >> what has to happen is the diplomatic work we've been engaged in including my calls to the president of mexico, the president of guatemala. it is not going to be solved overnight. under the previous administration they pulled out essentially a lot of what had been the continuum of work and
7:11 am
it essentially came to a stand still. >> bill: lieutenant, what do you think of that answer? >> bill, what i can say on that is she is correct as far as it won't be an overnight solution but it does take federal government support to help our federal partners. the state of texas will answer the call and we always do. it takes support from the federal government and come see it for yourself. come see it for yourself and speak to the great men and women working the front lines who see it day in and day out who risk their lives to protect the border for the community and for the citizens of texas. >> bill: we found in our fox polling u.s. border security compared to two years ago. you can't see this, sir, i'll read it to you. is it better or worse or the same? 46% say now it is worse than june of 2018. kamala harris said she would go to central america in june. what's wrong with now? >> right now, bill, i can tell
7:12 am
you from speaking with the men and women working the front lines our federal partners, this year by far any previous years has been a significant increase of illegal crossings and criminal activity. the numbers speak for themselves and the men and women who work with operation day in and day out can speak on it as well. >> bill: lieutenant, good luck down there. you need a lot of help. thank you for being here. from the state of texas with an issue that is too large to manage now given the way it has gone over the past three weeks. >> dana: i can't for the life of me understand the first woman vice president not seizing this immigration but to drive on lots of different issues. you can travel safely. everybody is doing it. she has a private plane and protocols and ability to go and do something. i just feel like they are really missing an opportunity here. >> bill: as we said last hour you can fly to an airport, have a meeting in a hangar, come back and be perfectly safe with covid.
7:13 am
with regard to the drugs coming into the country a big problem. you can see that drug cartels a lot of money and power they have know how to run this business. and they will get the lines of transport for these illegal drugs across the border and into american cities quicker than you know. they know how to make the money and they are doing it right now. >> dana: national review today online nicole bisch yop and congressman chip roy. they write about how the cartels have basically seized the moment and we're not, which is a huge problem. moving on now as president biden completes his first 100 days in office congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez weighing in on how he has done with those progressive campaign promises plus this. >> so much work to do, guys, on everyone in this room. not a single man's job. i look to every single one of you, we have work to do.
7:14 am
>> bill: hollywood's biggest stars taking center stage with viewers calling this year's program the most woke of all time. we'll explain what's up with that when we come back. ♪♪♪ veteran homeowners. congratulations. chances are the home you bought has gone way up in value. that means you could have a lot more home equity than you think. use your va benefits to turn that equity into cash while rates are near all time lows. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow $50,000 or more for home improvements or just put it in the bank. the newday100 va cash out loan.
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>> bill: wide crash at talladega, check it out. >> oh. >> bill: that is joey lagano. how does the car land upright? how is that possible?
7:20 am
he was not hurt. he is happy to be alive but wasn't hurt. fox nation car made its debut. it lands upright. how does that happy? the driver of the fox nation finished 22. not a terrible performance. great, by the way. >> dana: look at that car. >> bill: great looking car. >> dana: most of the battle is how you look when you get there. >> bill: 22 the favorite number, too. >> dana: my favorite number, oh my gosh. here we are, 22. almost >> bill: why is 22 your favorite number? >> i always loved it. i love 2 and doubles and i don't know. >> bill: it was my high school football number. i was a strong safety. >> dana: strong safety. i don't know what it does but i'm sure you were very good. politics takes center stage at
7:21 am
the oscars as hollywood stars laid in on policing in america. >> i have to be honest, if things had gone differently this past week in minneapolis i might have traded in my heels for marching boots. >> dana: carley shimkus is here from fox news headlines. confession, i went to bed. you have to get up early for the job. so i read all the things this morning. kyle smith of national review cracked me up. >> bill: you weren't the only one asleep. anthony hopkins was also asleep in wales when he won best actor. he was sleeping not alongside you, dana. this awards show was mind numbingly boring. it was almost like that was their goal. it took place inside of los angeles union station. i was reading an article saying it was a train wreck inside the train station. regina king was the first presenter. after she made the comment about the dear chauvin trial. i know a lot of people at home
7:22 am
watching want to change the channel after -- when they feel like hollywood starts to preach. i would venture a guess people never grabbed the remote to turn it on in the first place. you assume that's what is going to happen. there was one comment in particular by director trevon free criticized police during his acceptance speech. his movies was about police involved shootings of back people. the amount of security and amount of policing that it takes to put on a successful and safe awards show like this and if god forbid anything bad happened the awards show and all celebrities running out of union stations guess who would be the first people to come on. >> bill: i don't know how you can give awards for a product no one has seen. >> is that not true? >> bill: for 12 months in the
7:23 am
middle of the pandemic. nobody has seen the movies. >> nomadland ended up winning best picture. you are right. i always feel the oscars does a very poor job of awarding the most popular movies. it is always like the movies no one has ever seen. this list was promising young woman, sound of metal, the trial of the chicago seven. i'm sure some of these movies are great but -- >> dana: i did hear -- chadwick moore was expected to win. anthony hopkins wins. today he issued a statement on video. let's take a look. >> at 83 years of age i did not expect to get this award. i really didn't. and very grateful to the academy and thank you. i want to pay tribute to chadwick boseman who was taken from us far too early.
7:24 am
i again thank you all very much. >> dana: that was for chadwick boseman not chadwick moore. >> he was expected to win best actor because he was honored at the screen actors guild and golden globe. he worked on the movie into his final days when he was privately battling colon cancer. some people said he should have won. it didn't work out that way but anthony hopkins was very surprised to get that call when he was asleep that he won the award but i just don't understand why they handled it the way they did. no music, no fun moments. >> bill: it was worse than the grammys. >> amcs were on last week. you can have a fun event. >> dana: american country music awards was the good show. >> bill: let's allow this. >> it is my hope that all of us
7:25 am
will teach our kids not only to remember just refuse hate. don't hate anybody. i refuse to hate someone because they are mexican or because they are black or white or lbgtq. i want to take this humanitarian award and dedicate it to anyone who wants to stand in the middle no matter what's around the wall. stand in the middle. that's where healing happens. >> dana: that's a message everybody can get behind. if you think about the most popular people in hollywood now. the rock, matthew mcconaughey, all people who speak to everybody. they speak love, not hate. and my do we need more of that messaging right now. >> bill: i watched 12 minutes and shut it off. 12 minutes more than dana. >> i watched it for you guys. >> dana: i saw more of the oscars just now than i did. >> bill: than she cares to see.
7:26 am
new guidance wearing masks outside. fauci saying we can see a upgrade from cdc. >> i do think the biden administration, president biden has definitely exceeded expectations that progressives had. i'll be frank. >> bill: until the infrastructure deal meets its fate and what will that be? our panel has a look coming up. harold and hurts are next. take cash out of your home.ito the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% percent of your home's value. with today's rates near all-time lows and home values at record highs, you can take out $50,000 or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa.
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7:32 am
he ends his first 100 days. >> currently cdc guidance says masks must be worn in all public settings but dr. anthony fauci said yesterday that given the fact that the data is likely going to show that the risk of spread outdoors is very low that that will likely change. listen. >> i think it's pretty common sense now that outdoor risk is really, really quite low particularly if you are a vaccinated person, wearing a mask outdoors, i mean, obviously the risk is minuscule. >> 53% of u.s. adults have received one vaccine dose. 36%, more than 94 million adults, are now fully vaccinated. however, new cdc data obtained by "the new york times" shows more than 5 million americans have skipped their second covid-19 dose for various reasons including fear of side effects and feeling sufficiently protected with just one dose.
7:33 am
meanwhile an 11-day pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine has been lifted after a safety review found the benefits of the single shot outweigh the risks of developing a rare blood clot that affected just 15 people. still fox news polling finds that 1 in 5 american voters say they will not get the covid-19 vaccine. the number one reason is, dana, they fear that the process was rushed. back to you. >> dana: thank you. >> i think a lot of us expected a much more conservative administration and i think that his not only what has ultimately come out, but the active invitation and willingness and collaboration with progressives in his first 100 days, or almost 100 days, has been very impressive.
7:34 am
>> bill: praise for president biden from the left. others wonder whether old joe would believe what new joe is doing. charlie hurt washington times opinion editor, harold ford junior, former congressman. fox news contributors. hello, gentlemen. drafting off my friend dana here and make a prediction. if you aren't an infrastructure $2 trillion plus the dam will break with the center left hold. let's begin. >> you have to kind of step back and wonder if aoc is sitting here saying she is surprised by how progressive joe biden is, then you know you are probably well ensconced on top of the left wing crazy train. but for those of us who have been covering for joe biden for 20 years now this is very surprising. when he talks about whether it's infrastructure or talking about this crazy green new deal or any of his open border
7:35 am
policies. all this stuff comes as a surprise if you stop and think about it because it is so different from what we heard from this guy for so long. when he talks about saying systemic racism, now the country is beset by this? if he is talking about the country for the past 20 years he is talking about himself. he himself has been a bigger part of the system than i think anybody else in washington today. so it is very strange. >> bill: i will get to a piece by michael goodwin in a moment. i want to read it for our audience. what do you think? aoc is happy so far, so far. >> first off good morning, thank you for having me on. i think we can look at it a different way also. maybe the congresswoman has come around to be more moderate. let's put it in perspective. the covid relief packpackage of trillion the president was able to get through with democratic votes. country elected him to get a better vaccine distribution and he has done that. he sided with president trump
7:36 am
on afghanistan and china, as we move forward to infrastructure and police accountability and immigration is where the test will come. it is important to also -- >> bill: infrastructure. >> aoc wanted 10 trillion. he hasn't budged on that or any of their healthcare ideas. maybe we can find bipartisanship on next three issues. i would love to have seen it on covid but as we move forward on infrastructure, police accountability and in-- >> bill: you might have the headline of the day. aoc has become more moderate. watch that. >> this is what i love about harold, his sunny optimism. >> bill: old joe biden and the new joe biden. here we go. on screen. people change. it is good that they do. the new biden is not the result of evolution. rather his radical views on race, government institutions, climate change and criminal
7:37 am
justice represent such sudden wholesale reversals they invite skepticism about his sincerity and whether he is fully in charge of these faculties. are these convenient lurch as he tries to keep up with the woke wing nuts who dominate his party. charlie first. >> that's the real problem here because joe biden has -- we are seeing such a departure from his 50 years in washington on so many issues he has a clear record on. it does raise very serious concern and questions about whether or not this is him making that kind of change or whether he is just checked out and he has handed the reins over to the more radical people if his party. >> bill: harold. >> i differ. i think we should look forward to a surge of bipartisanship here. where i agree with charlie you can't get the next three phases done.
7:38 am
you need scott on police and joe manchin on both. president biden stood with president trump on afghanistan and russia. this is not a president who veered way off. i know michael goodwin a lot. i think he may have some concerns about the systemic racism comments we need to reckon with some of those race issues. we have to acknowledge it and try to fix it. >> bill: i don't know why during the climate summit the president was wearing a mask on a virtual zoom chat. xi and putin and erdogan are on the call. some of the other leaders wore a mask for a moment or two. joe biden, when he was speaking was wearing a mask. screen right. right in the middle of that. we'll look for an answer. >> can't be too careful. >> bill: thank you so much. harold, nice to see you. >> bill: hurting harold we call you on monday.
7:39 am
thanks, guys. >> dana: football catch putting gronk in the record books, watch this. [cheering and applause] >> he got it! >> dana: gronk pulling a football dropped from a helicopter hovering 600 feet over arizona stadium setting a world record. you could do that. >> bill: we didn't see the ball drop, did we? did we see the whole ball come down? the whole thing? >> dana: are you saying fraud? >> bill: did we see the football leave the helicopter into gronk's hands? >> dana: director says no. are you alleging fraud? >> i think hegseth would give this guy a run for his money. this is miami pre-covid hemmer in the ferris wheel. is that a half mile? no. but you know what it is not bad?
7:40 am
>> dana: oh my gosh. look at hegseth. that's great. i want hegseth to try it with the helicopter next time. >> bill: 22. can't believe it. wildfire in arizona racing to phoenix threatening hundreds of homes. >> bill: this from yesterday, check it out. >> as i look at the 100 days, it is more like a bait and switch. the bait was he was going to govern as bipartisan. the switch is he gov erd as a social lift. >> bill: where is the bipartisanship on that? we'll check it out when we continue. my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough! it's not getting in my way. joint pain, swelling, tenderness...much better. my psoriasis, clearer...
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>> bill: quick headlines we're watching. police in miami are seeking anyone with information on the suspect in the fatal shooting of a 3-year-old boy at a birthday party from over the weekend. >> dana: top u.s. commander says the military has begun closing down operations in afghanistan ahead of a full troop withdrawal in september. >> bill: wildfire burning out of control in arizona scorched about 600 acres near pine lake north of phoenix threatening
7:46 am
200 homes under evacuation orders now. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app. scan the code on your screen or go to slash apps. >> if i look at the 100 days it is more like a bait and switch. if you are looking at infrastructure it's the same as coronavirus. less than 9% went to the virus. less than 6% in the infrastructure goes to infrastructures. republicans would be the first ones to work with him but define what infrastructure is, roads, bridges, airports, broad com. >> dana: bait and switch. kevin mccarthy laying into president biden for breaking one of his main campaign promises to reach across the aisle. he says the president is pushing his economic agenda but rejecting republican input. let's bring in former wisconsin congressman sean duffy and fox news contributor. president biden's approval at
7:47 am
54% over the weekend below where many other presidents except for president trump in the first 100 days. but if you are the white house i guess you are probably feeling decent about that. >> i don't know if you feel great and you compare yourself to donald trump and think back they were going with the russian collusion investigation and non-stop media coverage. i think the polling against donald trump is not fair. i do think biden is far lower than others and as kevin mccarthy mentioned donald trump -- biden promised he would be a unifyer and bring the country together but promised he was going to be the most progressive president in american history. as we look at the first 100 days he has been a massive progressive, open borders, promoting critical race theory in governments and schools and ending the keystone pipeline. funding abortion around the globe. a litany of things the president has done that divided the country as opposed to
7:48 am
focusing on how to bring americans together. he has done it in the past. not doing it right now. >> dana: the covid relief bill you couldn't get republicans -- 10 of them went and said we would like to compromise and if you don't want to do that it would be hard to imagine what you will do going forward. infrastructure will be difficult to do without that. i want to put up one other thing. something that caught my eye in the fox poll. this is republican priorities versus democrat priorities. and you can see for example immigration and economy voter fraud being the top for republicans. climate change, racism and healthcare voter suppression being the top for democrats. you can see how the country does seem quite polarized. >> sometimes i wonder if we live in the same country. the country is split. i would note the climate change and racism and healthcare are things left wing media promotes on a daily basis. those who watch that buy into all these concepts and why it
7:49 am
polls so high. but you look on the republican side and you have kitchen table issues whether it's taxes, economy. they want to make sure we follow our laws and make sure we have secure borders. all things that impact families and livelihood and the american future. you need a president per biden's comment to bring the country together and there is a wide roadway here. you have republicans willing to work with him on covid relief. he wouldn't do that. on infrastructure a great space where the country is dill ip tateed. we need broadband and build new ports and you can spend a lot of money on actual infrastructure. when you throw this things that aren't infrastructure you start to divide folks in congress. if he had a line a little closer to the center he could bring people together and chalk up a win for unity and bringing the public together and house and democrats together in the senate for a big win. >> dana: we will see what he decides to say wednesday night. great to see you on a monday.
7:50 am
thank you. >> bill: fox news alert now. watching the state of emergency declared in the town of elizabeth city, north carolina before the potential release of body cam footage in the police shooting death of andrew brown junior. a press conference next hour after brown's family views the footage along with their lawyer, benjamin crump for the very first time. first here is harris with a preview of "the faulkner focus" on a monday. good morning. >> harris: good to see you and good morning, everyone. growing anti-police sentiment is taking a huge toll on officers across america. new numbers show a stunning mass exodus of police from the nypd. and this comes after an explosion of gun violence in new york city over the weekend. plus new fox polling on president biden's approval numbers ahead of his 100-day mark in office. we cut through the spin and gives us the hard truth.
7:51 am
those numbers are serious if you are joe biden. "the faulkner focus" top of the hour.
7:52 am
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>> dana: today marks 35 years since the chernobyl disaster. there is lingering radiation. today it's a no-go zone and nearby village is a ghost town with empty apartment buildings overgrown with vegetation. the town is popular as a tourist destination, however. >> bill: close call for spacex after spacecraft carrying four astronauts almost hit a piece of space debris on its way to the international space station. is it true phil keating? >> happy monday. it was really a nearly unprecedented moment of concern for the astronauts on their way up to the international space station and for the first time there were a total of four
7:57 am
astronauts on board the spacex crew dragon capsule. previous two times have been just two people. the capsule blasted off 39a at the space center early before sun rise. a spectacular launch for spectators. as it approached the space station, 250 miles above, spacex and nasa mission controllers became concerned about a possible collision between the capsule and a piece of space junk. all four astronauts about to go to sleep were ordered to put on their space suits. >> for awareness we believe the object is farther away than anticipated. lower risk of possible conjunction but viezers and zippers are closed in approximately 20 seconds. >> we copy the object is farther than predicted and you
7:58 am
want us zippers closed and viceors down at this time. we're finishing up zippers now. >> we're closed and zipped up. >> bill: it all worked out with less danger than anticipated. the piece of space junk was 28 miles away from the capsule. the astronauts all arrived at the space station safe and sound 24 hours after launch. for years the issue of space junk has been a serious concern and right now these are like old stat lights and current satellites and other pieces of space junk. there are an estimated 128 million pieces of space junk less than a centimeter big. it's small but can do a lot of damage. >> bill: could be a matter of time, too. nice to see you in miami, phil keating, thanks. >> dana: speaking of space. spacex elon musk is getting
7:59 am
heat about a statement. >> dangerous, it is uncomfortable, it is a long journey. honestly a bunch of people will die at the beginning. volunteers only. >> dana: spacex has launched more than 100 rockets over the past decade. he predicted they will have humans on mars by 2026. you said you would go, right? didn't you say that? >> bill: did i? >> dana: you said you would like to if you can come back. >> bill: with the option to return. he is probably right about his prediction. a price to pay. >> dana: the idea of all that stuff floating in the atmosphere and injuring people i think are you right. could be a matter of time. >> bill: elon musk will host "saturday night live". an interesting show to watch. >> dana: you would think it would be better than the oscars. >> bill: the bar has been set very low as of last night. >> dana: very low. i will venture that "america's newsroom" has been more exciting than the oscars.
8:00 am
>> bill: you tell us. >> dana: not to mention strong sweater game. walking the red carpet some green sweater. i don't know. it's a good monday. how did you rate yourself? >> bill: c. >> dana: he gets an a. "the faulkner focus" next and here is harris. >> harris: we begin here violence surging in some of our nation's largest cities and police are calling a war on cops. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". new york city is in trouble. at least 31 people were shot between friday and sunday including a retired nypd officer. now to that mass exodus of policemen and women. they are exiting off the job in record numbers. many blaming anti-police sentiment and the low morale it is causing. the president of the


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