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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 26, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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them to feel bad about who they are. the schools are supposed to be teaching you confidence. jillian: harvey goldman, thank you for joining us. appreciate your time. >> thank you. todd: and, with that, "fox & friends" starts on a monday morning right now. ♪ ♪ >> president biden approaches his first hundred days in office. >> i think he has been a very destabilizing government. >> he was going to govern as a bipartisan but he has governed as a socialist. >> more than half of americans find border security worse under president biden. >> it's not going to be solved overnight it's a complex issue. >> it was solved before they came into office. >> wearing masks outdoors what is your. >> when you look at the common sense situation obviously the risk is very low. >> just a week or two ago he was explaining why you would still need to wear the mask everywhere, including outside. >> the nypd reporting a whopping 75% slump in police retirement.
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>> and as the defund the police movement marches on, many other police departments are reporting the same mass exodus. >> the oscar goes to no mad land. ♪ feeling all right. ♪ ainsley: there is a shot of the statue of liberty at the base of new york city. it is supposed to be a beautiful day today here in the northeast. i hope you had a wonderful weekend. thanks for watching us. brian: ainsley, you are welcome. [laughter] brian: watch us in the monitor. number two, i think it's also important to point out that the statue of liberty, if did you go there, if things continue this way, we might be able to go there without a mask on. we get vaccinated and the numbers are going down in new york. i think we are under 3% now. steve listen, i'm surprised they didn't put a mask on her just for the narrative that everybody
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needs to be wearing a of course that. as you know, i was out of town for the last week or so. ainsley: welcome back. steve: thank you very much. i it some traveling and what's interesting i was down in south carolina where ainsley is from and georgia and drove through florida as well. i can't tell you how many places we stopped at for a bite to eat where they had the dining rooms closed because they said we cannot get enough people to work here. brian: amazing. steve: people will not come back to work because they are getting more money by not working. there are so many places that would like to be open that have skeleton staffs because they can't be because they cannot get enough people in the door to do the job. ainsley: it's interesting you say that because last week when you were gone we interviewed business owners who were saying that very same thing. two restaurant owners and one guy who owns an adventure park. they said the same thing it's hard. brian, you interviewed this restaurant owner down in georgia the french restaurant and she has a sign on her cure she says we would love to open but we
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can't find people to work. brian: that's why we didn't need the . trillion after we are come out of this. write huge check unemployment plus 300 bucks. we have got goat back to work. nothing is going to work if we don't work. steve: listen, at one of the drive-ins that i went through i looked in because it says the dining room is closed. i looked in, there was one guy who was going to hand things out the window and it it was a very long line and one other guy working the grill. so there were two people at the restaurant. they could only get two people to work at that restaurant which normally would have a dozen people. brian: believe it or not, guys, it's been 100 days, we are just coming up on 100 days at the biden administration. how is it going? fox news did a poll and it's a little bit more positive. kind of as usual for democrats. joe biden gets a 54% approval rating his first 100 days, below barack obama at 62%. below george w. at 63% but donald trump at 45%. think of this donald trump 45%. no one wanted to accept his
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election win, then they protested it. and russia is the reason why he got elected and all the controversy. i'm amazed even at 45%. but i see cbs had him at 52% approval rating. we have him at 54%. and abc also has 52% approval rating. so, it's amazing how much many programs he put together how much he had going his way with his number with just over 50%. steve: that's big number. that's the overall approval. when you look at his numbers on immigration and border security. those are his lowest numbers. but, you look at healthcare, it's interesting. remember, he was vice president during obamacare. healthcare he a is at 48%. the economy he is at 48%. foreign policy he is at 42%. and guns he is at 36%. the best numbers that joe biden is getting right now 58% for coronavirus. because now people are able to get the vaccine if they want it and a majority of americans do want it and are getting it.
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but, you got to keep in mind who put those programs in place? it was the previous administration made sure that they got the ball working. it you look around the world, how many countries have the vaccine program we do? ainsley: not many. brian: look at the u.k. ainsley: oh my gosh all these other countries are closed counsel. people are getting fined if they're out on the streets certain times of the day. they don't have enough vaccines. steve: we don't have that problem here. ainsley: president trump operation warp speed he got these companies and invested a lot of money to make sure americans would be vaccinated by the summer. many people on the sunday shows one of the big topics was why are we wearing masks outside? so fauci was interviewed on that and the president is going to speak congress on wednesday. this is going to be the first time is he going to address congress. most of them won't be there because of covid. it will be it virtual. brian: makes no sense all vaccinated what a great message it would be for the reps of the
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country to see congress vaccinated together like they were at the ufc fight where they sold out in jacksonville. ainsley: the guy broke his leg, did you see that? brian: fright long island. ainsley: if you haven't seen that go look at that video it's hard to watch but bless his heart. rick scott was talking about the president speaking on wednesday. he said i want him to talk about this crisis on the border which he created, he said. he said he wants to know why aren't a lot of these schools opened? they are still closed. he wants them to talk about the $33 trillion debt we have. why are gas prices going up? my dad is really inflamed about this. in some places up more than $1 a gallon on average. 7 cents 0 cents a gallon. steve: like an additional tax. joe biden, going back to his approval numbers, right now he is higher than donald trump was. but lower than barack obama and george w. bush. but when you look at when he was running for president, remember a year ago when you had all of the super progressives and out
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of that bunch it seemed like joe biden was the most moderate. well, he ran as a moderate once he got the nomination. and he promised he would work with the other side. that has not happened and that is bait and switch says the top republican in the congress. >> i look at the 100 days it's more like a bait and switch. the bait was he was going to govern as bipartisan. but the switch is he has governed as a socialist. if you are looking at infrastructure it's the same as the coronavirus less than 9% went to the virus. less than 6% in the infrastructure goes to infrastructure. republicans would be the first one that would work with him but i think the very first thing we would need toe do is define what infrastructure is roads, bridges, airport, broad come. we would get this done. and is he trying to pick a number instead of first saying what do we need to make america competitive?
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brian: right that was a quick look first 100 days in five minutes talking going into detail where we are at with the pandemic. let's talk about what's happening at the border because the administration doesn't want us to talk about that. kamala harris sat down with a softball interview cnn dana bash and she talked about the border triangle countries which she doesn't visit. wen phone call to mexico over this crisis that we haven't seen anything close to this in over 20 years. and listen to the vice president claims is the reason why she hasn't gone to the border and the reason why people come to this country. >> kind of work that has to happen is the diplomatic work that we have been enganelled in including my calls to the president of mexico, the president of guatemala. and, and, we have a plan to actually have another meeting. coming up soon. >> are you going to go there. >> yes, we are working on the plan to get there we have to deal with covid issues. but i can't get there soon enough in terms of personally getting there. we are a neighbor in the western hemisphere and it is also about
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understanding that we have the capacity to actually get in there if we are consistent. part of the problem is that under the previous administration, they pulled out essentially, a lot of what had been the continuum of work. and it essentially came to a stand still. ainsley: i can't get there soon enough. so i'm going to go there in june. steve: she has got a reason. she said we have to deal with covid issues. ainsley: that didn't stop her from travel. brian: right there in all three countries. ainsley: she has been to connecticut, chicago, north carolina, maryland. steve: what is she talking about we have to deal with the covid issue? covid issue is everywhere. what's the problem? is she worried she would get it? well, she is vac continue nateed. is she worried so many people come in this country illegally have coronavirus? well, if they admit that, they would be admitting that they're letting people into the country with coronavirus when their number one priority, the number
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one thing that joe biden is giving the best marks at, coronavirus control, they are actually letting more people in going the wrong direction. brian: she fell on her faces a a candidate for that reason. she has no answers. her answers when she isn't scripted are halting. and what she says makes absolutely no sense. and to blame president trump when he had people going there every two or three days dealing directly with that country's leadership where they had the next country where they had to register for. they cracked down on each other's border. he took their aoa and gave it back when they lived up to their obligation. you cannot blame president trump for that. ainsley: we took a poll, fox news did, looking at u.s. border security and compared to june of 2018, look at this, 15% say it's better now. brian: who are they? ainsley: 46% say it's worse. 33% say it's the same. 46% say it's worse. brian: she says they are coming here just for a better life more
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opportunity. why else would they leave a common language and their families to come here? because it's a great opportunity. almost everybody would come here. do you see these polls almost 80% of other populations would come to america if they had the chance. we can't handle all of that we have a system for that you can argue that we need to be reformed and updated and when it comes to different policies but we can't get there because they can't provide security for the border. this thing called other opportunities also great. well, how do you explain the number of fentanyl seizures at the southern border up 233%. are those people looking for a great opportunity or are they looking to kill us? ainsley: did you also hear they found $4.3 million worth of meth hiding in pickles. ening plastic wrapped panels. steve: that is a great opportunity for -- while everybody is paying attention to the people coming in over there, you bring in the drugs. and that's -- ainsley: these smugglers are making so much money on these
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children. steve: the vice president said yesterday she explains to work with organizations in the other countries like mexico and guatemala to make the conditions better in their country so they won't want to come here. ainsley: three triangle countries she has only talked to the president of one of them no face to face. steve: what are they going to do to keep the people there? send them a great big check and say please, stay there? stay tuned for that. tom homan says americans should be 100 percent against what's going on right now. watch. >> look, they don't want to fix this. this is by design. so, you know, they are not going to fix this at all. what's happening on the border right now. i'm sick and tired of them personally i'm disappointed at polls. the polls should be 100 percent against biden because president trump had border numbers at historic low last month the biden administration had historic high with children. we have never seen this many children come across had that border every day in the history of the border patrol. so, with it went from historic low to historic high.
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no one is crossing the border wearing a trump t-shirt. the american people should be 100 percent against these administration policies. brian: you don't want to be watching a kamala harris interview on the border with tom homan, because he is going to be screaming at the television or throwing things at it. because he knows what she was talking about is total fiction. he has worked with democrats and republicans. he knows when there is a sincere effort to fix things like even jeh johnson with president obama and this is not a sincere effort this is laziness. if we can, let's pivot over to the pandemic. for the last two weeks our cases in this country down 18%. deaths down 3%. 30% of the country fully vaccinated. 42% have had one shot. we are outstripping all expectations doing great and there is a lot of credit that belongs all around. but what's not happening is the massive loosening of restrictions allowing us to get back to our lives. we see it on a daily basis. and we are paying the price for it on a regular basis. and then when you get mixed messages from everybody looks up to apparently for no reason, is
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dr. anthony fauci. mr. i don't want to eat indoors yet it's too dangerous but when it comes outdoors i have a better idea. why don't we just take the masks off. no kidding, listen. >> what i believe you are going to be hearing, what the country is going to be hearing soon is updated guidelines from the cdc. the cdc is the science-based organization. they tonight want to make any guidelines unless they look at the data and the data backs is it up. but when you look around at the common sense situation, obviously the risk is really very low. particularly if you are vaccinated. steve: and particularly if you are outside and you are vaccinated you really don't need to be wearing a mask. brian: no kidding. steve: it's interesting. i spent about a week down in florida, every single store because we know now it is something where it's respiratory where it's in the air. so, if you are indoors, there is a higher risk. every store did you go into there is a sign you have got to wear activist that.
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we went to a number of restaurants. brian: that's going to go away soon. steve: a lot of the people simply don't go inside the restaurants but they have outdoor dining. apparently it sound like what the cdc is about to come out with new guidelines regarding summer camps for kids. what they're going to say is kids can be three feet apart outdoors, much like indoors with school, but when you are indoors with adults or counselors or things like that, you need to see the at least 6 feet apart. ainsley: people are so sick of wearing masks outside. when you see some state doing it successfully and your democratic state is not. it's very frustrating. we saw that mom in gwinnett county almost in tears pleading with the school board please do not let our children or make our children wear a mask. brian: don't need them indoors if you are kid and don't need them outside if you are vaccinated shouldn't have it if joe biden wants people to get vaccinated because we are stuck now and the numbers going down, start setting an example, take your mask off when you are alone
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in front of your zoom camera. that's the good example for the rest of the country. when you are walking alone in arlington cemetery you can take your mask off there is no one else around. reporters, back up your cameras six feet and take your mask off because that's a good example for the rest of the country especially if you are vaccinated and even if you are not. dr. scott gottlieb is stuck in reality he is on cbs used to work with both administrations democrats and republicans. listen to what he says. >> look, i think a lot of the sacrifices we have made and measures have made substantial sacrifices over the last year the things we have asked people to do as public health officials were based on mutual consent that people understood we were doing these things to try to protect the public. as the situation improved we were going to pull them back. oftentimes the mistake we quicker to implement precautions or lift them. worried once we lift them we won't be able to implement them. lean more aggressively forward and look at ways to relax some of the provisions that don't
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make as much sense. the things done outside. ainsley: making decisions based on fear. to say your point, brian, what if you have had covid? you still have the antibodies, have you been vaccinated. still supposed to wear a mask outside? brian: we shouldn't be. giving us the stupidest excuses. running over look into the science stuff. you want people to line up to get vaccinated the other 45% of republicans that don't want to do it or 30% of democrats or people that don't want to get their second shot you? tell them the truth they can take their masks off. they don't have to worry about getting it again. he even said, dr. fauci, this is working better these vaccines than ever before. and, steve, i have never been -- the restaurants i have been to in florida and new york are flat out packed. i mean, when i was at the keyes two months ago it was as if it was spring break. like 10 deep. every restaurant i can't even gate reservation on long island. steve: the last place we went to
3:18 am
in it florida, my favorite italian restaurant, they had a pretty good crowd outside. how many people inside. steve: not many eat inside. as long as they have a nice place outside. because as we have heard the risk is very low when you are outside. it's -- ainsley: i will say it has been a silver lining in all of this all of these restaurants in new york have use seating most of them do and made these seating areas so beautiful with flowers and vines and the great decorations and people are loving it because the where is so beautiful right now. brian: indoors fine, too and sometime to reveal that they have been sitting on their hands and no excuse for it these mayors and governors are power hungry. ainsley: americans can make a choice. if you are scared sit outside. brian: absolutely. steve: speaking of choices very interesting in our packet of information today apparently 5 million americans who got the shot the first shot decided not to get the second shot for a variety of reasons. they apparently some of them feel like okay, i have got like
3:19 am
75%, 80% immunity with one shot. i'm not going to get the second one. so that's why they suddenly have 5 million extra doses. ainsley: interesting. hopefully johnson & johnson will come back. brian: it's back. ainsley: it's back you can get it now wonderful. brian: jillian mele is with us. jillian: good morning. let's go ahead and start your headlines with this. a man hunt is underway two suspects in connection with shooting of a 7-year-old at chicago mcdonald's drive-thru. the 18-year-old accused get away driver was denied bond in court yesterday. marion lewis is charged with first degree murder. jazlynd adams and her father with were shot during the failed carjacking. her father is expected to fully recover. overnight a raging out-of-control wildfire forces 200 homes evacuate in arizona north of phoenix. the flag fire erupting in the will mountains forcing the resort and park to close as well. >> can i feel the heat from
3:20 am
here. all right, we are out. >> the flames consuming 600 acres. the cause is currently under investigation. and a talladega super speedway joey la gano going airborne during a scary five-car wreck. watch this. >> oh. jillian: oh my goodness, after the race la began know said he was happy to be alive. meanwhile the fox nation car finishing 22nd. brad keselowski taking the checkered flag in overtime. keselowski leading just one lap the entire race. the last one making a crucial pass for his sixth talladega win. he will join us in the next hour to talk all about that big win. that's a look at your headlines, send it back to you. brian: "fox & friends" did incredible job all weekend long we will get a recap today from pete and will. all right, coming up straight ahead, politics anti-police sentiment take leading role oscars.
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ainsley: politics taking center stage at the boekham delayed oscars. steve: carley shimkus joins us with the good, bad and ugly from hollywood's biggest night. they are already suggesting this could be the lowest rated oscar cast in the history of oscar cast. carley: that is because the 93rd awards very sleepy awards show. that did not stop people from getting political. >> i have to be honest, if things had gone differently this past week in minneapolis, i might have traded in my heels
3:26 am
for marching boots. >> today, the police will kill three people, on average the police in america every day kill three people. those people happen to be disproportionately black people. >> regina king evoking the derek chauvin trial criticized law enforcement in his acceptance speech. but tyler perry had a much different message. listen. >> my hope that all of us will teach our kids and not only to remember just refuse hate. don't hate anybody. i refuse to hate someone because they're mexican or because they are black or white. [applause] or lbgtq. i refuse to hate someone because they are a police officer. i refuse to hate someone because they are asian. i would hope that we would refuse hate and i want to take -- it. >> as for the awards, nomad land a at a huge night. the best actor award going to
3:27 am
anthony hopkins many were expected to go to the late chadwick boseman. each nominee getting a gift bag that includes a lavish vacation spa package and even a 24 karat cold vape cart trinel all worth 245,000. even if you lost guys you walked away a winner. steve: carley, if it's worth the party bag is worth $205,000, do you have to pay tax on that? carley: unclear to me at the moment. steve: quarter of a million bucks of free stuff. carley: you are so right this could be the lowest rated awards show because no one saw these movies. brian: right. steve: nobody went to the movies. brian: there was no host. nothing to punctuate the whole thing it droned on as if it was. carley: no music none of the
3:28 am
fun. it was a snooze fest. brian: ricky gervais who hosted the golden globes at the oscars tonight i wasn't invited was it something i said? how about everything you said which was fantastic. dwayne "the rock" johnson went after that gee, i just rewatched this, i miss laughing this hampleted cheers, brother. it was funny if you have ever seen it he took down hollywood big time. ainsley: tyler perry's message was so burial. carley: a message everybody could get behind. that's why people like the rock and tyler perry. they are in the middle. they preach love to everybody. ainsley: faith hope and love and the greatest of these is love the bible says. the greatest of these is love. brian: going to boycott georgia and film industry and tyler perry's studios which he built and flourishing which it if they decide they don't like the new election rules in georgia. good luck with that.
3:29 am
ainsley: thanks, carley. see you soon. coming up, no secret the republican party won big with latino voters in 2020 and now new polling reveals shrinking support for biden among hispanics on border security. how the crisis is impacting his approval rating nearly 100 days into office. allergies don't have scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
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jillian: good morning back with quick headlines. a fifth day of peaceful protests break out in north carolina city over the deputy-involved shooting of a black man. andrew brown jr. was fatally shot last week when deputies went to serve a warrant for felony drug charges. his family is expected to see body camera footage of the shooting today and hold a press conference afterwards. the u.s. is sending medical aid to india amid a devastating covid-19 outbreak. the move comes following days of criticism over the white house's silence. the president tweeting, quote: just as india sent assistance to the united states as our hospitals were strained early in the pandemic, we are determined to help india in its time of need. india setting a fifth straight infection record with nearly 353,000 today. a federal judge dismisses the connecticut lawsuit trying to block transgender athletes from participating in girls high school sports. since the two transgender athletes named in the lawsuit have graduated, the district
3:34 am
court judge says there is no dispute to resolve. the alliance defending freedom says it will appeal the dismissal. that is ache loot your headlines, steve. send it back to you. steve: thank you. this week president biden will mark 100 days in office tomorrow officially as new fox news polling data shows his 72% overall approval rating among hispanic voters plunging when it comes to immigration where only 54% approve of his performance on that. the number falls to 44% when it comes to border security. here with reaction is the president of libra initiative daniel joins us from texas. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. thanks for having me on. steve: you bet. when you look at that joe biden number 44%. it's clear that hispanics care about border security. >> yes, absolutely. like all other americans we are frustrated as to what's going on. you know, during the campaign
3:35 am
candidate biden talked about the border issue like he had all the answers and he gheets office and it turns out his strategy was not being trump. that's not a good strategy. what happened is that he made all these it changes to trump's policies all at one time and he sent some loud message across the northern triangle that we were going to have the -- the start up of catch and release again, less apprehensions, detentions and enforcement. and going to eliminate, of course, the remain in mexico program and allow any and all children into the u.s. that showed up at the border that sends a loud message across the northern fry angle it, the border is open. steve sure. >> now the data is in overwhelmed by what is happening at the border. and, steve, you know, the worst of it is, we have seen no attempts by this white house to work with the other side on their, you know, to call a working group so we can start negotiations on either
3:36 am
immigration reform or addressing this border situation. steve: right. daniel, we were talking about this about a half an hour ago. when joe biden was running for president, he was seen with the pack of democrats as the most moderate. and he promised if you elect me, i will work with the other side, but we have not seen that and the reason you are concerned about that and so many americans are, is when you work with the other side, the other party, then you can actually pass laws. rather than just write -- you know, your name on an executive order and it becomes the way that an agency administers a law until your presidency is over and then suddenly everything switches again. that's where we are right now. because they for the most part have torn up everything donald trump did with executive order. >> yeah, that's exactly right. that's part of the frustration, too, steve. that democrats for a while now have said vote for me and we will promise you immigration reform. and once they get office propped
3:37 am
up by the vote of latinos, we are becoming cynical because we feel burned here. and it's happening all over again because what they didn't tell us is we will get you immigration reform as long as we get everything we want and the other side gets nothing. and you are right, it doesn't work that way. you have to work with the other side, you know, we need leadership to extend a branch to call working group to sit down and negotiate terms where you lose a little bit from your fixed position and they lose a little bit from their fixed position but all of america wins because we move forward with needed legislation and so that's what's needed. i think look, john cornyn is working with senator sinema of arizona on a bill that is going to address dreamers and asylum. you have marie in florida who is also going to address dreamers and security nice balance of both and calling for bipartisan working group on that legislation. so we are seeing attempts by both the house and the senate about but the white house needs to step up.
3:38 am
steve: the last time an american president really tried to step up and pass immigration reform that was george w. bush back in the day. all right, daniel, thank you very much for joining us today from texas. >> thank you, steve. you bet, thank you. steve: you bet. all right. coming up on this monday rush to retire the staggering number of new york's finest leaving behind the badge and the headache. our next guest says this could jeopardize your public safety. nickelodeon, the channel, accused of indoctrinating kids calling out, quote, environmental racism. what is that? that's straight ahead. you are watching "fox & friends" live from knox. ♪ ♪ nowhere to run, baby ♪ nowhere to hide ♪ ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss.
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brian: rises crime rates and anticrime sentiment taking in new york city new data shows 5300 nypd officers either retired or announced plans to leave the department a staggering 75% increase over 2019. here to react the president of new york sergeant's benevolent association ned raw links. the number stunned me. does it stun you? >> it doesn't surprise me. the truth of the matter is the members of the nypd no longer want to work on mayor de blasio or this city council with corey johnson or the failed leadership of nypd. we are receiving no backing at all and we go to work every day as the bad guy to the people that are city of new york. that's pretty sad because the truth of the matter is we are the good people. we are the ones that are helping and also the ones that is saving black lives contrary to what this whole narrative has developed as a result of the incident up in minnesota.
3:44 am
brian: your budget got cut 14.9%. got rid of the anticrime unit that's was knowing what was happening on the ground lost that and now lost qualified immunity. what does that mean to you guys. >> what it means is, brian, this weekend so farce we have had 27 shootings in the city of new york. and people like de blasio and corey johnson who have implemented these policies they can't be sued for this. they are protected under qualified immunity. nypd officer who is presumed to be guilty could pretty much be sued and, are you know, lose personal assets, his house, moneys in the bank and already happened to a member of my organization. prior to this being changed. so, you know, this is what we are doing with surgeons are working as we speak and they will lose multiple bodies today and across the country. they will be sued. and they are paying high insurance for it but, at the end of the day, none of them are
3:45 am
being charged with murder. cops across the country are getting criminally charged for trying to do what's right. brian: emptying rikers island and prisons this. is not a new york story this. is a national story emblematic because some people come to the city. murders up 6 hers this year. shootings are up 64%. here is what got me about the story written up in the "new york post" that. and pat lynch head of the police benevolent association both believe. you think it's part of the plan. if you want to reimagine police, get them to quit. >> that's exactly what they're doing. and what they're doing is removing the senior people, the experienced people who have their time and what they dual is backfill the numbers down the line with younger people and create new for policing. we saw a summer ago police getting hit with buckets of water and nothing was able to be done about it. all the politicians would say it
3:46 am
should be happening and chiefs of the department would say it shouldn't be happening. but they have allowed it to happen. they are just as much to blame for the violence in the city of new york as the people squeezing the triggers and refusing to accept responsibility and terrible situation. it's going to take new york city 20 years to recover. the thing is, ed, you are saying what's different now from the 1970s and 1980s, you believe the grand image is they don't want it to recover. they don't like the way the police do their job across the country. slowly but surely get them to quit and train them differently. >> correct. that's exactly what's happening. district attorneys that won't prosecute the law and we are a nation of laws. they just get to choose and not prosecute. what do you expect to us do and now you are making the police officer the bad guy across the country. i mean, we are seeing shootings across the country. one in chicago recently with a 13-year-old i there it was 16-year-old had a gun and we're second guessing as an officer. a new york city police officer
3:47 am
was killed back in the early 1980s with an individual raised his hand like in the old west had a gunshot him right between the eyes. you could see his hands were raised but the cop died. you don't understand what takes place in the street. you don't understand the mindset of these individuals that are out there. you don't know what they are going to do. brian: ed, the social fab biblical has fallen apart. police called in they're the last line and now they are getting the blame. this goes -- i mean, they are coming in to desperate situations and people are saying they're the problem because they're judging how they act in a split second they are not seeing the big picture and heading in a very dangerous time. speaking out because some just decide to hand in the badge because there is too much at risk and pay is just too low. ed, thank you very much. >> thank you, brian, have a good day. brian: you got it janice dean, you have the weather. tell us what's happening, janice. janice: well, you will get to wear sleeveless shirts this
3:48 am
week, are brian. i know you have been looking forward to that 80 in new york on wednesday. take a look at the current temperatures. feels a little cool across the northeast. all of this warm air is going to move eastward over the next couple of days and feel like summertime for at least briefly across the northeast. across the west, that's where we have the potential for showers and higher elevation snow. this area of low pressure is going to move into the central plains and that's going to give us another round of severe storms from texas all the way to the great lakes. so this is on tuesday we will be watching the plains for large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. ahead of the cold front is where we have the potential for wildfire danger. all of these areas elevated risk for wildfires. all right, brian, back to you. brian: all right. i'm taking my sleeves off in the break and putting them back on when the show is back on. thank you very much, janice. janice: i love it. brian: that's why i have zippers on all my sleeves. parents furious over nickelodeon segment teaching kids. this what do these cities have
3:49 am
in common? they are all examples of environmental racism, a form of systemic racism. brian: interest when does the slime come in? right now? a former professor weighs in on the indoctrination next. ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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ainsley: nickelodeon infuriating parents teaching about hour long earth day special. >> the pollutes florida. cancer alley an area along the mississippi river in louisiana that is lined with oil refineries. and air so toxic in new york's south bronx that 20% of children have asthma. what do these cities have in common? they are all examples of environmental racism. a form of systemic racism. >> here to react is former professor dr. carol swain. hey, dr. swain. >> hi. ainsley: good morning. not what we would expect to see on nickelodeon and many of us as parents if we need to clean the kitchen our children are watching cartoons in another room and we don't necessarily know what they are seeing. >> i would say that sesame street and all of the children's
3:54 am
programming have become tools for the progressive left and as far as environmental racism, i first started hearing about it in the 1970s in academia. it was in law schools. it was in graduate school, public policy schools now we are having those ideas presented to our children. if you look at the conditions that were in the video it's far more complicated than that there is a whole land use and those decisions about where to locate plants have a lot to do with jobs as well as local economies and the cost of land. those are factors and presenting to children one view, that's not education that's indoctrination. ainsley: are they sneaking this in? do the parents know this is happening? >> i don't think they do.
3:55 am
i don't think they realize that the children's programming, whether we are talking about cartoons or sesame street or nickelodeon. all of these programs targeted for children have adult with progressive agendas who are not trying to educate your children. they are trying to indoctrinate them with ideas that come from the radical left in academia. so they are not content with destroying the lives of college students. now they are focused on k through 12. ainsley: why should americans be concerned about this? >> well, it's part of the critical race theory agenda. and it is a flawed philosophy and world view. with roots in marxism and i think that people need to know that the children, whether it's college age or now k through 12, they are not being educated they're being indoctrinated by people who have an agenda. an adult agenda. and if you watch that video, you
3:56 am
see children with talking points, these are talking points that they were handed by someone else. these are talking points i have heard before in academia. they are not things children would naturally come up with. ainsley: it wasn't just this past everett day. this has been happening for years on that network, right? >> yes. and i think that parents need to wake up and become more aware of what their children are being taught. and the children are being given one side of an argument. they are being given the progressive view and to be truly educated. ainsley: we have got run i'm sorry. thank you for being on with us. we reached tout nickelodeon. we did not hear back from them. we'll be right back. on effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story.
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♪ >> vice president kamala harris speaking out on the border crisis. blaming the trump administration. >> under the previous administration they pulled out. >> you lost total control overwhelmed by what is happening at the border. >> top republicans giving president biden low marks for his first 100 days. >> a couple months ago hearing that he was going to unify the country trimplet i'm still waiting, mr. president, i haven't seen any of that. >> black rifle coffee company setting itself apart unwavering support for law enforcement. >> as a country that's supporting the constitution that's not political. we support the people that keep us safe. >> keselowski wins the
4:01 am
talladega. ♪ brian: special thanks to the universe, the milky way for allowing the sun to come up at this very moment when i get to welcome everyone to this hour of "fox & friends" and also great job on the weekend "fox & friends" group at talladega and big news, of course, today obviously elon musk has been told he will be hosting snl and miley cyrus is mad at him. she will be the musical guest. ainsley: top story. brian: in some circles. everyone is outraged the richest man in america is hosting snl. i'm not sure why because he moved to texas? steve: i bet because their ratings are down and suddenly at 7:01 in the morning the fox news channel is talking about him hosting "saturday night live." if i had to guess, it's a publicity stunt. brian: let's see if he stays with it. ainsley: are you going to watch? brian: i will watch the open and see how it goes.
4:02 am
it's amazing how they avoid the joe biden hits. ainsley: his wife is fascinating. brilliant and just, you know, doing so much to change this world. steve: let's talk little bit about our world and politics in particular. today is the 99th dave joe biden's presidency. coming up on wednesday he is not going to a state of the union address because it's too early. he just took control 100 days ago but it will be kind of a progress report of where we are. trying to create a job boom amid the coronavirus. the next 100 days according to axios, going to try to reengineer the very fundamentals of american life. brian: great. steve: when it comes to inequality, voting rights, government and race inequalities and things like that it will be interesting to see how he does it his advisers say the american people are more interested in
4:03 am
results than how he gets there and that is why we have seen so many things that, you know, a lot of republicans have said you can't do that. but, at the same time, you know, with that gigantic coronavirus bill, americans love the fact that they got a $1,400 check and so it's like i'm willing to take all that stuff if i get a check. ainsley: that package 9% of it went to covid and the infrastructure bill 6% went to infrastructure. he is doing well though when it comes to covid and comes to healthcare. not doing so well when it comes to immigration. look at this fox news poll. 58% approve of how he is handling covid. 48% approve of how he is handling healthcare. he has more approval than disapproval. where he is getting disapproval when it comes to guns 49% disapprove. 36% approve. when it comes to border security, 51% don't approve. 35% do. when it comes to immigration 52% don't and 34% do.
4:04 am
brian: here's the thing with president biden, the minnesota it time to take over a country one that's been shut down for a year for the first time in over 100 years and going to get its gears -- going to get on track anyway. that allows him to see a growing economy despite what he is doing to it with the threatening to double capital gains, despite the fact that he is going to raise the rate of the most productive people in this country despite the fact is he going to make us uncompetitive again with a tax rate hike to force witnesses to leave our shores once again. so as the jobs -- people just go back, even though there is slowdown because of his policies say look, it's working. it's working because we are finally allowed to go back to work because the pandemic is beginning to dissipate in our borders. so, how much the one thing that he can't get away from is his terrible job at the border. his rush to undo president
4:05 am
trump's policies, have caused a catastrophe. what he has tried to do is something fascinating. it's not in any leadership book that's ever sold a copy. ignore your biggest problem. but the american people are not buying it. take a look at this poll when it comes to who is responsible for the chaos at the border hitting record marks in 20 year marks in terms of the number of unaccompanied minors and families. completely responsible 38%. mostly 18%. a little 21%. not at all 15%. ainsley: who said that? 15%? brian: look bad on kamala harris because she was given the portfolio to fix it and she has shown no interest in going to the border and might do a zoom call later this week and in june she promises to visit at least one country. i have never seen anything like it. steve: when you look at the completely due to biden being elected. a majority of americans say what is happening on our southern
4:06 am
border is because of joe biden either completely or mostly and just about an hour ago we had daniel garza on the president of lib bibre initiative. he had this about the message that the open border is sending to the world. >> like all other americans, we are frustrated as to what is going on. you know, during the campaign, candidate biden talked about the border issue like he had all the answers. and he gets into office and it turns out his strategy was not being trump. that's not a good strategy. what happened is that, you know, he made all these changes to trump's policies all at one time. that sends a loud message across the northern triangle the border is open. now, 100 days in, the sense is that he has lost total control. overruled by what is happening at the border. steve: what is curious the number one thing joe biden said
4:07 am
he would do if elected president it i'm going to do my best, i'm going to do better than donald trump when it comes to coronavirus. when you look at the number of people come into the country and let into the united states interior, some of them, according to the numbers, have a very high infection rate. so it's like you have two different messages there one is we are trying to stop it at the same time we are paying a blind eye to what's going on on our southern border is that by design? ainsley: maybe. so if we ignore it we don't address it as a crisis. they will continue to come in. we will wait until june to go down there and address it. it gives them an extra month, month and a half before they have to do anything about it or look at the root causes and find out what the problems are down there. he said he was going to unify our country when he ran. and he has done everything. steve: how is that working so far. ainsley: packing the court, talking about d.c. becoming as state. with changing, you know, there are complaints about election laws. and it's just one thing after another. what's happening with immigration, gas prices going up.
4:08 am
the keystone pipeline being canceled. people out of work. higher taxes. we're not unified as a country. and then, you know, you see what's happening in all of these cities with police and with just divided communities so nbc had a poll how united would you say our country is? 82 percent said totally divided how sad is that? brian: we agree that we're divided. here is part of it the president is going to come into office and no person can fix everything in one day. but when he goes out and says i have an idea let's get a commission to pack the court and get an answer in 180 days. when there is a admission to do that ahead of it he doesn't stop it. when he talks about d.c. becoming a state i have an idea i have been there since 1973. i believe it should be a state. i wonder if it had anything to do with two additional senators. when it comes to energy i never wanted to ban fracking but stop from you drill on federal land and i'm going to do the best can i to dismantle fossil fuels and just made a pledge to the world
4:09 am
wearing a mask that he is going to put us off fossil fuels and reduce carbon to zero by 2030 which will have zero affect on the world by the way but i don't want to get sidetracked. here is senator rand paul on the disruption which is joe biden. >> just a couple months ago hearing from newly inaugurated president biden that he was going to unify the country and work together and have bipartisanship. i'm still waiting, mr. president. i haven't seen any of that instead of working together on anything to do with covid or vaccines they put together a massive $2 trillion bill where less than 10% had anything to do with vaccines. now doing the same with infrastructure. many of us say there could be a bipartisan it infrastructure bill if it had to do with real infrastructure and roads and bridges and paid for. so far, i don't see any of that coming from biden. i predict ram through something with only democrat votes and no republican participation again to a tune of a couple trillion
4:10 am
dollars. brian: only one who could stop it joe manchin. he welcomed the republican party on infrastructure which i think was $550 billion. they are at $1.4 trillion. but the 1.4 has human infrastructure where they are going to have a climate police and they are going to have 400 billion for elder care. that should be in a healthcare bill. and the climate police should be something that sweden does. steve: well, there are different parts of that care infrastructure that people like. they like the idea of getting healthcare workers to help them with their situation. what he has got going for him right now. brian: that's not infrastructure. steve: of course it's not. it's what we were talking about before. we are going to pay this $2 trillion -- buy this $2 trillion thing but i'm going to get a check. what's in it for me? ultimately right now joe biden has pretty doggone high approval ratings. his economy is working.
4:11 am
his advisers feel that at this point in time he has the opening to raise taxes it and so they boiled the biden formula down to this: talk look a rose bipartisan but act like a ruthless partisan that is what is he doing. is he saying one thing in public and another thing behind the backs. ainsley: americans are smart. they see that they talk about -- they are not even down there working on immigration. brian: i know. ainsley: they are talking about coronavirus yet all these immigrants are coming in and staying in these facilities and sleeping howard to shoulder and coronavirus people are getting coronavirus in these facilities. so they say one thing but then they do something else when it comes to immigration. brian: only 52% approval rating is not great. it is better than donald trump's but donald trump had this fake russia scandal around him and all the controversy with the election because hillary clinton still hasn't admitted that she lost. steve: right. i suggest that he has got pretty good poll numbers because when you look at the number that
4:12 am
ainsley gave about the number of people in this country who are polarized and not united to have a number north -- you know, if it's 80 percent said we are a divided nation, and have you got anything in a majority, that's given the climate, that's pretty good. i think. ainsley: so, in florida, there is a bill that would allow students to record professors when they're lecturing at the podium, when they're talking to their students. steve: we have seen that before. ainsley: that's right. so if they have a complaint, then the student, when they take this video to the bosses or whoever runs the schools, they would have evidence if they didn't like something that the teacher was teaching. brian: there was this tweet out there by this spencer roach. he a florida lawmaker and author of the bill he says our bill to protect intellectual diversity on college campuses is getting close to the governor's desk. freedom of speech is unailennable right despite what marxist professors and students think. i think it could reverse itself. a lot of these kids are more
4:13 am
woke than even their liberal professors and they will be like i don't like the fact that, you know, you don't sound like it john kerry up there on the podium. ainsley: will this be a good thing or bad thing? hold teachers accountable they accountable theywill teach the t get into nonsense parents are complaining about. steve: intent is to record professors and what they say in class. and record other student listen to what this person instead class and next thing you know that person is in trouble. ainsley: this could go both ways. it could help or hurt. we have had stories where teachers are saying something. that teacher out in california, i believe. and one of the students was recording it and the parent were outraged. brian: yeah. and keep in mind a lot of these parents are starting to speak up about what is happening at their schools and they are not going to take it even in liberal cities like new york city.
4:14 am
meanwhile jillian mele is upstairs working on the news. i heard her typing. jillian: yes, virtually. good morning, let's begin your headlines with this story. miami-dade police are searching for the shooter in the kill of a 3-year-old boy at his own birthday party. family members say elijah la france was full of life. >> i wish i could tell him goodbye. take my spot and then he could live. jillian: terrible. injured 21-year-old woman is expected to recover. police believe a fight led to the shooting. today, an israeli delegation will head to washington to lobby against the u.s. reentering the iran nuclear deal. the group, which includes israel's national weather natioy adviser meet with u.s. it officials. the likely to change the u.s. position on the deal. watch this, one person is killed two others hurt after a driver goes airborne and crashes into a
4:15 am
dealership during a police chase. florida highway patrol clocked the car going 111 miles per hour. the driver was arrested on multiple dui charges and driving without a license. she was already on probation for dui an manslaughter. and an arizona boy is surprised with a new gator tractor after his was stolen. gifting the 4-year-old his new ride. >> i decided that i'm a cry baby. [laughter] >> it's okay. we are all going to cry over here, too. >> you deserve one. >> exactly cooler than my other one. wow. >> how cute is that? patrol sergeant andrew brooks reached tout a local walmart and tempe officer association to help buy him the toy. jillian: that is so adorable. steve: how about that officer's voice cracking with emotion because he was so happy to make that kid's dream come true.
4:16 am
ainsley: so sweet. it. brian: jillian, thanks. vp kamala harris crisscrosses the country but fails to visit the border. witness the crisis yes it's a crisis firsthand. what she says is stopping her dot dot dot. plurex brad keselowski and big win at talladega. the six-time champ joins us live ♪ ♪ i'm about to lose control and i think i like it ♪ i'm so excited ♪ and i just can't hide it ♪ i know, i know, i know before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. ♪ steve well, it has been more than a month since vice president kamala harris was tapped as biden's border czar
4:21 am
and she still has not made a trip to see the crisis firsthand. now she is blaming the pandemic for her delay. >> are you going to go there? >> yes. we are working on the plan to get there we have to deal with covid issues, but i can't get there soon enough in terms of personally getting there. steve: well, those so-called covid issues sure haven't stopped her from visiting the rest of the country with covid issues. she has traveled coast to coast all since being tapped to lead the border response. here with reaction texas g.o.p. congressman and former sheriff troy nelson. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve o good morning everyone. >> she says we have to deal with covid issues. covid is an issue everywhere. what is she worried about? is shea worried 'that she might get it because she has been vaccinated or is she worried that they coming in have a higher infection rate or what are these covid issues? >> that's the excuse that this administration is going to use and look at her.
4:22 am
she has been jet setting around this country going to all the different blue states talking about this infrastructure plan and everything else. so, no, this isn't covid, kamala, and you know it you just don't want to visit the southern border because you know what you are going to hear. you are going to hear from the border patrol the department of public safety, immigration, small town mayors and everyone that lives along that southern border that you are doing a horrible job, you are in complete denial and you need to fix the southern border. that's what she would hear if she visited it. so she is going to use the excuse like everything else, covid. steve: yeah. you have got to wonder when she says there is a covid issue, if you are talking about the danger there, would that mean that our border patrol enforcement people would be in peril just by simply being down there if there is a covid issue? >> well, of course. when this president has invited
4:23 am
just to allow everyone from central america come on up into our great states of america these individuals are bringing disease with them in addition to covid. we have to make sure that the individuals at the border are actually tested but we know we haven't reached that point yet. and so i just think that it is a poor excuse but what else was she going to say? she has got to come up with some excuse and covid just seems to be the word of the day every day and probably for the next several weeks or months. they don't know how to handle this quite honestly. steve: you are right it does seem like that is the messaging going forward. fox news did a poll and looked at border security today as opposed to two years ago. and as you can see, the biggest number there now is that it's worse now than it was before. and we saw an earlier poll from another outfit that said that a majority of people feel that the reason our southern border is a
4:24 am
magnet is because of joe biden's policy. that's pretty clear. he made that clear during the campaign and now we shouldn't be shocked that this is happening down there. >> it is his policy. this is a crisis. this is just -- listen, the biden administration, they actually enjoy this, which is sad. they do not put the american people first. and i said this several times, i said we news put america first. but they added a word into it they are putting central america first. she wants to go down to visit guatemala and honduras, she doesn't want to go down to our southern border. and we need to continue to keep up the pressure. we need to continue to have called out go visit the southern border and talk about their. somehow the american people the crisis we have at the southern border. and this is such an easy fix, steve. we vert back to trump's policies. kamala you are in charge of this now, remember, you are the point person on this.
4:25 am
you need to get up this morning, you need to call president trump and ask him say, sir, how did you have such a secure southern border? and he will tell her. you need to go back to the remain in mexico. you need to get rid of the catch and release, and you need to finish what you. and that's how we saul this problem. it could be done today. steve: i have got a feeling she is not going to make that phone call. i do have a question, i don't know if you are going to be going to the president's address before congress on wednesday night, one exit question. what is the one thing you would like to hear from joe biden. >> i would like to hear joe biden let's play his speech on january 20th. let's go in and play some of his speech where he talked about bipartisanship and working with my friends on the other side of the aisle and then i would like to ask him the question how do you think you have done so far? because there is no bipartisanship. we are a divided country. you said earlier in your poll that 82% of americans feel that
4:26 am
we're guided. we certainly are. and as he continues to placate that freak show, we are never going to come together as a country. steve: congressman nehls thank you for joining us from the houston area. >> thank you, god bless you. steve: god bless you. more parents speaking out against woke curriculum. two parents going to join us live on their fight for fairness in the classroom. you are watching "fox & friends." voltaren is powerful arthritis pain relief in a gel. voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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are ♪ ♪ jillian: good morning and welcome back. minnesota attorney general keith ellison showing sympathy for exofficer derek chauvin after his conviction for murder. listen. >> i spent 16 years as a criminal defense lawyer so i will admit i feel a little bad for the defendant. i think he deserved to be convicted. but is he a human being. i think it is important for the court to not go light or heavy. i don't know if it's right for a judge to send a message through a sentence. jillian: ellison insisted his prosecutors never wanted revenge against chauvin only accountability. turkey vowing to respond after president biden recognized the
4:31 am
deportation of armenians as a genocide. >> u.s. president unfortunate unfair not supported by historical facts politically speaking it's irresponsible. jillian: the move was praised by armen yans here and abroad. cher tweeting in part the united states government has finally made sure it's on the right side of history and kim kardashian writing in part the armenian people received the recognition we have all been hoping and praying for. the fda will have its first meeting in a decade to investigate several cancer drugs that have filed show they extend or improve life. during the three-day review the agency will make the final decision on whether to pull approval. researchers are calling out the fda for failing to crack down on medications that don't deliver on their early promise. a brand new salty and sweet combo that you might want to try. krispy kreme doughnut flavored popcorn is now available
4:32 am
exclusively at sam's club. it's described as air popped popcorn with direct tillable krispy kreme glaze doughnut flavor. [applause] jillian: sam's club offering the smart food treat until the end of may. was that steve i heard clapping because i don't think it was you, brian, just a guest. steve: it was me. brian: not me, thanks, jillian. u.s. schools facing backlash for injecting critical race theory into their curriculum. now a group of new york city parents are fighting back. joining us now to talk about the foundation they advocate for their children more than 20,000 have joined this movement entirely including next guest. here with more ofco co-fight co-chairs of the new york city chapter of fair. welcome to both of you. you come over here at the age of 8 from tijuana.
4:33 am
taiwan. >> good morning, brian. as an immigrant i faced a lot of challenges in the early years but i got the benefit of a great education in new york city. and, you know, right after i turned 50, i wake up to a new york city where my school, my alma mater is getting attacked for having it, quote, over representation of asian students. brian: over representation of asian students. is it because they qualified for the school? >> absolutely. the specialized high school and specifically my alma mater the bronx high school science uses a one-test, a race line, income blind test. and it is through this test that students gain admissions to the school. brian: unbelievable. maud were you worried backlash. >> i have heard from lots of
4:34 am
parents there is a growing concern about from parents about being silenced or concerned about speaking up concerns about what is going on in their kid's school, that shouldn't happen. parents should be able to reach out to their school and speak openly about their concerns and worries about their children's education. brian: what specifically are you worried about? what was your breaking point? >> i don't know that i had a breaking point but i have watched over many years now and heard from parents, you know, i sit on a community education council that represents 49 schools. so i have heard from parents from middle schools and elementary schools all throughout our district about their concerns about schools that are trying to get rid of or lessen access to academically rigorous programs. parents want strong programs. they know their children are going to have to go on and compete in a global market. and they know they need education to prepare their children. brian: yeah. fair education. this is from the founder of the riverdale county school parent said this in "the new york post." i think it is wrong to be
4:35 am
teaching these kids socially constructed race categories. it's destructive ideology teaching children to be pessimistic and full of grievance. it goes against the values i was raised with and there are many out there who feel as i do. this is a movement with a lot of people. do you get the sense yiatin, this is not about liberal or conservative, this is something else? >> absolutely. it's just a racist indoctrination of our children. you know, asian immigrants are now being labeled as white adjacent. nothing could be farther from the truth. it's harmful, hurtful way to be judged only on our race and disparaging race and being shut out of opportunities because of one's race. brian: meritocracy matters, it's what fuels capitalism. maud, real quick, are how many people across the country have joined this organization? >> brian, i have talked to people from states all across.
4:36 am
i have talked to parents who have reached out to join fair from any number of states. at this point we have got almost all the space covered because parents are concerned and they're concerned about the exact same thing. they want us to all in this country honor martin luther king's vision which is to judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. brian: that used to be a given and now something else changed and i can't quite figure out these forces within our country trying to destroy our country one generation at a time. starting with this one. the most of which are in single digits. but you parent have given us up. maud and yiatin thanks so much. >> thank you,. brian: brian keep fighting. >> thank you, brian. brian: important to note this isn't republican or democrat. carley shimkus visits a utah coffee shop putting american values at the top of its menu and a race to the finish down in talladega. brad keselowski winning the final lap. sixth win of the super speedway.
4:37 am
brad is live next. ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. you're strong. you power through chronic migraine
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>> finish, one car turn. keselowski is the leader. to the outside comes mcdowell. keselowski wins talladega. steve: what a race, brad keselowski leading just one flap yesterday's geico 500 but it was the one last lap to win in. making him a six time talladega superspeedway winner, amazing. ainsley: that is great. joining us now after his very exciting day brad keselowski. hey, brad, congratulations. >> thank you for having me on. it was a huge day. we are proud of our win and, wow, just can't believe talladega is one of the craziest
4:42 am
tracks in all of nascar and it lived up to its name this weekend. ainsley: you honored a military child yesterday, right? >> yes. we are rounding out the month of april here and purple month which stands for military children and names on the car this week and all the other races and we had steven on the car each child's story is a little different. i can't imagine being one of these children that loses a loved one, a parent even in battle and nice way to honor them and their struggles. brian: no one honors the military more pervasively and consistently than nascar. we understand sixth win in talladega. i know you are making it look tough. but you seemed to do extremely well there talk about what you were thinking when your teammate joey la gone know went airborne?
4:43 am
i had a conversation after i got out of the car last night. it's scary why don't know where they are going to land. thankfully is he okay. the roll bar above his head crushed down and right on his helmet. he was stuck in the car for a little while a little perilous, i'm glad there wasn't a fire part of the dangers of racing and, you know, the sport has gotten a lot safer but it's still far from safe. brian: help me with this because it's a naive question do they talk to you about how your teammate is doing while you are racing? did you see him fly off? did you know -- what do they tell you? >> he saw his car go up in the air and it was landing as i was going by. i came around a lap later and saw the care center team working on him. and i could tell by the way they were working on him that he was probably okay but it was just,
4:44 am
you know, not a good situation and eventually i think it was my spotter one of my team make members came over and told me he was okay allows to you focus on the race because those are not good thoughts to have in your mind while you are driving. steve: nobody is focused on this race more that unnow won it six times tied with dale jr. and jeff gordon only dale eastern hart has more victories on the track. let me ask you this, do you think about the talladega track year around? can you close your eyes and you know exactly where you are on the track? >> i try. i would love to take that kind of credit. but, you know, i don't know if i will earn catch dale earnhardt. that's way out there. 10 wins that's reason why they call talladega earnhardt country. good track. the rules change. the difference between it driving ferrari and every day streetcar taxy. the way you drive the cars have to change.
4:45 am
every six wins different rules packages and that's made it really tough but hopefully keep going. i'm 38 years old and nascar driver generally can run to mid 40's so we will see if i can get four more wins i will certainly try for it how has this last year been for you? we are all ready to get back to normal so we are glad to see sports come back. >> it's been a little different no. doubt about it i have got to applaud nascar. they have done a terrific job trying to navigate all the different governments and so forth. race in all these different states whether it's in the south or, you know, on the west coast or up in the northeast or the midwest and all of them have different rules and regulations and i have got to give a lot of credit to the whole management team to figure out how to work through all these different criterias and so forth and thankfully we have been able to keep racing. and entertaining fans. i hear all the time from fans how thank god interest there is racing on tv. so bored at home and things are
4:46 am
difficult for me. we're glad we get to entertain some people. brian: did you that and you won. real quick, i know after a football game or physical soccer game or lacrosse you are sore. are you sore today? >> oh, absolutely. you know, we do a lot of what is called bump drafting where you run into the guy in front of you or get ran into from someone behind to you try to speed them up and move your lane forward and it's just gigantic whiplash test of your neck. so, you know, after talladega race your head and neck always hurts a little bit. again, that's part of the game. you just got to tough it out. >> steve: celebrate with a little champagne and advil. brad keselowski he won again on talladega and you saw it on fox. brad, congratulations. >> thanks, guys, appreciate you. steve: all right. let's go on and idle over to the fox weather center and janice joins us with the "foxcast" temperatures are looking good.
4:47 am
janice: temperatures are great. a taste of what's to come this summer. right now dealing with 30's and 40's. i promise as we get through the midweek temperatures will be in the 70 and even 80's for parts of the northeast. area of pressure bringing rain and snow into the parts of the west. start to dry out on tuesday that system will cross into the plain states and bring us a chance to strong to severe thunderstorms from texas all the way to the great lakes. and also have the risk for high fire danger. there is your forecast today. look at that a warm-up across the plain states and that's all going to move eastward towards the new york city area where we are going to flirt with 80-degree temperatures on wednesday. yea. back to you, steve, ainsley and brian. steve: bring it on. ainsley: thanks, janice, still ahead, serving up freedom carley shimkus gets behind the scenes look veteran owned and operated black rifle coffee. ♪ [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary.
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ainsley: time to i can't be your morning coffee. we are getting a behind the scenes tour of black rifle coffee supporting our nation's veterans and civil servants and serving up a bit of patriotism with every single cup. carley shimkus joins us with that interview. carley: it's becoming increasingly common for
4:52 am
companies to take liberal political positions. black rifle coffee company is setting itself apart by its unwavering support for military, law enforcement and the second amendment. of and business is booming with re knew nearly doubling for them in 2020. i went over to salt lake city to their headquarters to see what makes this company tick. check it out. >> hey, guys. >> good to see you. carley: good to meet you in person. this place is beautiful. >> large scale roaster. got here in salt lake. we have three other really big roasters outside of nashville. roasted 5 million bounds of coffee last year that's a lot of coffee. carley: calf fenating america. big part of your revenue is in the gear you sell we are making it now. >> not only are we the world's best coffee company we are a lifestyle brand as well we take
4:53 am
pride in having stharts resemble the brand and things we care about. carley: only black rifle coffee company are you getting tactical sasquatch. >> it's not just about roasting coffee but really cool -- doing archery and hunt. >> what's the point of workingsing as hard as the company does and not being able to enjoy yourself. >> you went from being in the military to running a really successful coffee company. >> i always wanted to get into coffee but the wars kind of kicked off in 2001. so, i said well, should i become green beret or coffee roaster. so i chose green beret. >> coffee was part of your deployment. >> taking entire bag on deployment. >> army ranger. >> i joined the army in '17. did that four years and got out. >> this company is about a lot more than just coffee. it's about supporting the military veterans, law enforcement, second amendment rights. so what do you say to people who
4:54 am
say okay, well, we may like their coffee but we don't like their politics? >> as a company that's supporting the constitution and our nation's veterans and civil servants, that's not political to me. that's defining that we support the people that keep us safe, especially in times like this where we have this woke culture and wake people up without being woke. >> if people don't like us, there is a lot of other places they can buy their coffee. we took a vow to the constitution for me over two decades ago it didn't end when i ended my service. carley: you have 500 employees and over half are veterans? you were a commander in the afghani military. >> yeah. carley: you saved a lot of american lives. and then you were being persecuted in your own country because of that. you moved to the united states and then men found that you were here and brought to you black rifle coffee. >> i'm here in america and -- >> they thought you were dead? >> yeah.
4:55 am
found my friends together. >> after the marine corps i didn't have much of a plan. >> i ended up becoming a police officer in philadelphia. it wasn't the lifestyle for me. i knew black rifle coffee was headquartered here i took a part-time job up front making coffee for people and ended up being way more than i thought it was. carley: a lot of what you believe in is currently under attack. you have the same people who are calling to on the police are also calling for stricter gun laws. >> yes. loon ski but i hope that other companies are in the same culture we support the united states of america. >> individual liberty and freedom that should celebrated. we should be so happy company and community we still live in this beautiful, free country. let's keep it that way, right? carley: cheers to that. ♪ carley: yeah, so this company is authentic through and through they have the constitution on the wall and they live by it
4:56 am
that's why people like black rifle coffee. it's not just about the product it's about the message. other companies are sneaky political, delta, nike, coca-cola. who knew you were buying into their political belief. with black rifle you know what you are getting that's what people like about them. ainsley: they bring their patriotism into the company. if you are interested in trying a new coffee, this coffee is supposed to be amazing. we have actually tried it here on the set it's delicious. i will be buying some because i want to support them. they have, you know, military, they have sacrificed so much for us. carley: absolutely. really quickly, they made a lot of news a few years ago saying that they were going to hire 10,000 veterans. they are still working toward that goal. ainsley: that's awesome. god bless them. thank you so much, carley. more "fox & friends" coming up. ♪ gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. st advanced non-small cell lung cancer can cha
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i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa. >> vice president kamala harris speaking out on the border crisis. are you going to go there? >> yes we're working on the plan to get there. we have to deal with covid. this isn't covid, kamala, and you know it, you know what you're going to hear. brian: schools are facing growing backlash for injecting critical race theory and now parents are fighting back. >> it's just a racist indoctrination of our children. it's just a harmful, hurtful way to be judged. steve: rushed to retire the staggering number of new york's finest leaving behind the badge and the headache. >> getting criminally charged, we're trying to do what's right. ainsley: politics taking center stage at the pandemic delayed
5:01 am
oscars. >> on average the police in america everyday kill three people and those people happen to be black people. >> the outside comes mc dowell and brad keselowski wins talladega. >> wow i just can't believe talladega is one of the craziest tracks in nascar and it lived up to its name this weekend. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live from new york city it's 8:01 on this monday, april 26, 2021. welcome to hour three of "fox & friends." i took last week off, been off for a while, i noticed on social media, people are saying where is steve? got kind of a family announcement about a week ago, peter doocy got married. ainsley: [applause] steve: there you see peter and his sisters mary and sally and peter's bride hillary vaughn, you know from the fox business
5:02 am
channel they had a beautiful ceremony at the montage in bluff ton, south carolina. ainsley: it was beautiful. steve: it was. that's a picture. ainsley: oh, look at that. steve: i was his best man, gave the speech. it was kind of a covid capacity thing, there were 18 people in attendance. the weather was perfect. the food was perfect, it was absolutely lovely. ainsley: it just gorgeous in south carolina. brian: is this still because of the virus, steve? steve: it was indeed, they were going to get married at the end of january but they moved it, just like peter's sister sally had to delay her wedding, so sally had 10 people at her wedding. peter had 18. mary is getting married in july, and we're hoping we can break 20 ainsley: [laughter] bless their hearts. steve: anyway -- ainsley: good for your wallet though, right? steve: never hurts, so congratulations to peter and hillary. they are both back at work.
5:03 am
she's, i think, on the hill today. he's at the white house. if you see him, tell them congratulations. ainsley: that is wonderful. what was it like for your only son to get married? emotional, happy, everything i'm sure right? steve: i wrote a poem, on big days we write poems and i was good until the next to last line and then right there. had to stop for a second. brian: have you thought about a haiku instead it would have been easy to get through. five-seven-five. steve: too short. ainsley: what goes through your mind? do you think about holding them when they were a baby? steve: oh, absolutely. i thought back to the first time i laid eyes on him, and a little boy, five blocks from the white house actually -- ainsley: and now he's working there. steve: who knew he would grow up to be a white house correspondent and he was a good boy, and now he's going to be a great husband and so congratulations to the happy couple. ainsley: that is wonderful. this year has been hard, but all three of your children have just had these milestones, and its been fun for us to watch.
5:04 am
you have great kids. steve: well the milestones are tough during the pandemic but they have made the best of it. thank you very much. ainsley: god bless them. brian: all right, meanwhile, i'm sure they were going to be covering at some point but hillary and peter, the crisis at the border and the good news is the vice president is so laid back about it, now that they're back at work nothings been solved. she has not gone to visit any of the triangle countries, made one call to mexico, has not gone down to the border, and says she thinks she goes the problem, it's because things are so bad there, because the climate change and donald trump. kamala harris sat down with a softball interview with cnn. here is a little of it. >> the kind of work that has to happen is the diplomatic work we've been engaged in including my calls to the president of mexico, the president of guatemala, and we have a plan to actually have another meeting coming up soon. >> are you going to go there? >> yes, we're working on the plan to get there. we have to deal with covid
5:05 am
issues, but i can't get there soon enough in terms of personal ly getting there. we are a neighbor in the western hemisphere, and it is also about understanding that we have the capacity to actually get in there, if we are consistent. part of the problem is that under the previous administration, they pulled out essentially a lot of what had been the continum of work, and it is essentially, it came to a standstill. ainsley: she said i can't get there soon enough we're working on a plan to get there, we have to deal with covid issues but she traveled to connecticut, d.c., california several time, chicago, north carolina, new hampshire, maryland. she can't go to texas? brian: what about the refugees coming here positive for the pandemic and by the way, she's got an envoy working these triangle countries it's okay but that person, how long does it take to draw up a plan to go to these countries with the pandemic? you wear a mask, you are already vaccinated, you visit with people that have already been cleared, you got an advanced
5:06 am
team for that. she should have been there a month ago. she's not going to go, we're not even into may yet and she's going in june. steve: if then, because she says we have to deal with covid issues, but everybody, everywhere is dealing with covid issues, and when you look at the president's poll numbers, the thing he does the best at is how he is handling covid, but when you look at the border, those are some of his lowest numbers, and we did a poll where you compare border security right now to two years ago and as you can see that number in the middle, 46% of you, say that it is worse now than it was in june of 2018ment ainsley: how can anyone say it's better? the numbers prove that it's not. steve: maybe the people who were not paying attention, if you're paying attention you're going to watch joe biden tomorrow, let's see on wednesday night, 9:00, from the joint session of congress, with about 200 people in attendance. you've got to figure he's going to talk a little bit about the
5:07 am
crisis at our southern border, and he will pivot and blame donald trump. brian: yeah, i'm sure he will. that's the way of bringing us together. i think it would have been a great message for 535 lawmakers to show up with their guests and with who are vaccinated and say america, this could be you, if you get vaccinated, instead, we have a president of the united states setting an example on a zoom call with world leaders wearing two masks, after being vaccinated twice. set an example, start leading the charge towards look how different your life will be and maybe other people will start getting vaccinated because right now, we're under 50% as good as we're doing, the numbers are going down with people that want to get vaccinated. a lot of people are going back for their second shot because they're showing you in washington, your life doesn't change. steve: well you know, brian, the rule regarding the house of representatives, i believe, was set by nancy pelosi. she said if you're going to be in the house chamber you have to wear a mask, so, it would have to start at the top with the speaker to say do you know what? you don't want to wear a mask
5:08 am
you don't have to wear a mask, if you've been vaccinated. ainsley: don't you think when you look at the approval ratings for him he's doing well when it comes to covid and healthcare, not doing well with immigration. steve: under 50%. ainsley: well let's see healthcare you're right 48% but disapprove is 37% but he's doing worse when it comes to gun s and border security and immigration, so, if you takeaway covid, once covid is better, those approval ratings are going to go down. brian: he's holding on to the issue. ainsley: i think he's holding on to the issue because he said why are these democratic states not opening up, why are schools staying closed, why is the mask mandate lifted in some states and not others maybe it does have to do with the numbers but i think if they hold on to this and they milk it for all they can, then his approval numbers will continue to be high brian: meanwhile we're being tortured because of it and these businesses even the restaurants that are open taking tables out in order to comply and in places like new york, have these militant inspectors hitting you
5:09 am
with $1,500 fine if you have a cook with their mask below their nose. meanwhile, you know how hot it gets back there, going in, slam ming with fines, this attitude not in florida but places like new york and california has got to stop. steve: yeah, it's interesting when you look at the number of school districts that are open, a month, you know, because one of the things joe biden said and he'll probably address this on thursday night, is he said he would like to have a majority, 51%, of schools open, k-8, by the end of his first 100 days. we were pretty much at that in january when donald trump was still president of the united states, but you look at the schools and the progress, they are being held back by the unions and things like that. will he address that on thursday night? hope so. because we would like some answer. ainsley: wednesday night. brian: then he has his drive-thru and i'm sure it'll be all electric cars because he would never have a gas-powered
5:10 am
car. they are terrible. steve: all right, so, enough on that for now. more later in the meantime, griff jenkins is live in elizabeth city, north carolina, where the family of a black man killed in a deputy-involved shooting is expected to see the body cam footage this morning, and griff, who has seen the footage so far? do we know? griff: good morning, steve, ainsley, and brian and that's a great question. our viewers need to understand that under north carolina law, release of body-worn video to the public or press is pursuant to a court order; however, it can be privately viewed by individuals with a direct connection to that video and shared by the law enforcement agency that is in custody of that video. in this case it's going to be andrew brown jr.'s family members and his attorneys. they will view it at 11:30 today and then their attorneys led by ben krump, harry daniels will come out here and hold a press conference and tell us, give us
5:11 am
their characterization of what they saw on the tape and they will be the only people outside of law enforcement to have seen it and we should point out that ben krump and those attorneys have a vested interest because they are representing the family in fact remember ben krump just had a major civil lawsuit winning $27 million in minneapolis. now, this comes as there is pressure mounting on the pascat ane county sheriff here, tommy wooden to release the video publicly. he hopes to do so today to file it if he can get everything he needs in order to do that and there are now calls already over the weekend for the sheriff's resignation, led by the local naacp president keith rivers. here is what he said over the weekend, watch. >> sheriff, if you want to release these tapes as sheriff for as not to shame, on behalf of the branch -- >> [applause]
5:12 am
>> we today are calling for his resignation. griff: sheriff wooten yesterday told fox news i will not resign. the citizens elected me to do a job and i intend to do just that now, we spoke to sheriff wooten over the weekend about releasing the tape and also about how the deputies, there are seven deputies involved in that shooting that are on administrative leave right now and here is what he said about how they're doing. watch this. >> i briefly have spoke with them, due to the circumstances and they are all completely devastated. they are completely devastated, they are horrified that this happened. griff: and over the weekend, we did see more protests for four or five nights now they've had protests that are all peaceful, there have been no arrests. we intend to see more protests this evening, but right now, i just want to pan back a little bit here, our cameraman is going to yell at me because it's kind of ugly, if you will, in terms
5:13 am
of what you see because there's a lot of media here but you see the protesters are peaceful ly gathered here in front of the sheriff's office over by the door where they expect the sheriff to come to work, some deputies have been coming, they've been peacefully engaging officers as they come. they say that they are gathered here today in support of the brown family when they arrive here at this building to view that video tape, but really , its been ever since that shooting of brown on wednesday morning, that this has continued to grow and the pressure, obviously, on the sheriff' office here to get the tape out to everybody so we can see what's on it. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: griff thank you very much live report from north carolina. ainsley: thank, griff. let's hand it over to jillian with headlines. jillian: good morning, let's begin with this a manhunt is underway for two suspects in connection to the deadly shooting of a seven-year-old at a chicago mcdonald's drive-thru. the 18-year-old accused get away driver was denied bond in court
5:14 am
yesterday. marion lewis is charged with first degree murder. jazzlin adams and her father were shot during the failed carjacking and her father is expected to fully recover. >> overnight a raging out of control wildfire forces nearly 200 homes to evacuate in arizona north of phoenix. the flag fire erupting in the mountains forcing the resort and park to close as well. >> i can feel the heat from here. >> all right, we're out. jillian: the flames consuming 600-acres, the cause is currently under investigation. >> politics taking center stage as the pandemic-delayed oscars held at la's union station. >> things have gone differently this past week in minneapolis, i might have traded in my heels for marching boots. reporter: regina king evoking derek chauvin's trial in her opening monologue and best supporting actor daniel kuuia
5:15 am
praising fred amp ton he played in his winning film judith the black messiah, but politics aside, the film winning best picture, best direct or and best actress awards meanwhile the best actor award going to anthony hopkins for his whole in the "father." many were expecting the award to go to chadwick bosman. >> tampa bay is taking football to new heights gronk landing in the guiness book of world records after catching a 600- foot pass from a helicopter and it took three attempts to earn the record for the highest altitude catch of all-time. gronk caught the ball while visiting the university of arizona for the annual spring game. it's like a course gronk did this. steve: who else? ainsley: how in the world did he see it? >> good question. ainsley: gosh that's amazing. steve: he got close. oh, there it is! ainsley: good for him. steve: that's funny thanks
5:16 am
jillian. brian: 15 minutes now after the hour coming up america's split on how president biden is doing during his first 100 days but squad leader aoc has her own scorecard, ben domenech is live, next. before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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the newday100 va cash out loan.
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. brian: as president joe biden prepares to mark 100 days in office voters are split on his progress though, and a new fox poll shows its approval rating at 54%, cbs and abc have him at 52% congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez says he's exceed ing expectations for the far left. >> president biden has
5:21 am
definitely exceeded expectations that progressives had, you know, i'll be frank. i think a lot of us expected a much more conservative administration, but the active invitation and willingness and collaboration with progressives in his first 100 days has been very impressive. brian: here to tell the story of what that exactly means is fox news contributor and publisher of the federalist ben domenech. ben, if aoc is happy what does that mean about america? >> it means that everybody who said that joe biden was going to be a trojan horse for a leftist radical agenda has been vindicated by these first 100 days, and the reality is that when you look at his approval rating, going back since the dawn of time, when we started taking these types of polls at this mark, the only elected president who was less popular than he is was the previous one, donald trump, who obviously was very divisive and had came out of a very
5:22 am
divisive election. when you look at joe biden, the impression you get from the media is that he's this unified individual, this moral force and the like, but when you actually look at the policies, he's been so much more divisive than i any anyone could have really expected and a oc's right. he's really embraced a lot of this radical progressive agenda particularly on culture war issues and the like. he didn't run on the agenda he has, he didn't run on the kind of vindictive attitude on systemic racism that we saw in the past week from him, but that's what he's been doing as president. brian: yeah, he has a committee to pack the court. i think d.c. as a state is something i've never thought about before but it's a great idea. in terms of what is important to the american people, i think this is interesting. greatest concerns of voters, economy 78%, gun laws 74%, healthcare 73%, infrastructure 68%, illegal immigration 67%.
5:23 am
those are all high numbers up and down. the economy is going to be fascinating too, because he's about to announce another trillion dollar program on wednesday. the family program. he couldn't pay for his last two programs. >> it's all monopoly money in washington d.c. and they are just absolutely turning the spi get on when it comes to spending and i think that economic concerns are actually rising because of that because people feel and they sense that this is trying to paper over a lot of fundamental issues in the economy coming out of the pandemic, but it is interesting to see that immigration issue so high, because from the perspective of the white house and washington and particularly from the most of the washington media core, this has not been an issue that was really prioritized by them and you saw the ap.
5:24 am
i think the particular problem when we have such rising distrust not just in the media as an institution but in these washington politicians to do the right thing. brian: and what you're really referring to is the left expects it but the independents don't so they are the ones that are going to decide these elections and the right does expect it too, but that the independent column gets bigger and bigger each year ben thanks so much and great job last week. >> thank you so much, brian it was a real pleasure and always great to be with you. brian: all right thank you so much meanwhile coming up straight ahead on this show former president bush is putting down his paint brush and giving inside look at the subjects inspiring his latest art. dana perino did a great job with her former boss last night, she joins us now, for more on that interview. introducing voltaren arthritis pain gel. the first full prescription strength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel... available over the counter.
5:25 am
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find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. steve: as some americans are returning to the skies, airlines that ask pilots to retire early during the pandemic are now going on a hiring spree. they need somebody to drive those things. ainsley: grid it trimble from our sister network is live at western michigan college of aviation with the sky high demand. hey, grady.
5:29 am
reporter: hey, steve, ainsley and brian. yeah, the industry is expecting a shortage of 12,000 pilots in north america alone, by 2023 and that's why programs like this one at western michigan university, they can't train pilots fast enough as the dean here, david powell, will tell you. demand is sky high for these types of jobs right now. >> it's kind of crazy right now we just can't keep up. the needs are tremendous. reporter: and, you know, we saw this huge drop-off during the pandemic and they were offer ing early retirements to pilots, natural attrition of course occurs, but now, demand is coming back and because of that, the airlines are expecting a need to hire. >> they're all announcing they are going to start hiring immediately so it's really interesting. before, there was a tremendous need and now, with the short falls and the early buyouts that they had it's just going to get worse. reporter: united has started its own pilot school. they are hoping to train 5,000 pilots there by 2030.
5:30 am
you're partnered with united to provide even more pilots for them, and a lot of these pilots will be starting from zero. no experience. is that common? >> pretty common. we actually have students that have never been in on airplane before that decided they wanted to be an airline pilot so for us , it's a boom, in fact we have more students than we can actually handle right now. reporter: plenty of other schools though around the country that are happy to train pilots and guy, the airlines certainly need it. brian: all right, thanks so much, grady appreciate it. fascinating. meanwhile, 30 minutes before the top of the hour as joe biden closes in on the 100 day mark of his presidency new polls reveal how voters really feel about his job performance, with his rating below barack obama and george w. bush, but above donald trump. steve: here with reaction "america's newsroom" co-host of that program, and author of " everything will be okay" dana perino, hey, dana how are you? >> good morning. steve: good morning. so does that poll surprise you that he's ahead of trump but
5:31 am
behind gw? >> well, no, i think that it's pretty reflective of where we were as a country, even back during the election on november 3, so i think that biden probably held on to all of the voters that actually voted for him and a few independents and i don't think that he'll get much, it be a real surprise to me if he actually went up from 54%. that actually just might be the ceiling for where a president could get right now. ainsley: a lot of those approval ratings you're factoring in covid and once covid, once we're healed from covid, what do you think his approval ratings will be because then it's focusing on guns and immigration and he has lower numbers there. >> so a couple things. the first 100 days i think i'm not going to say is the easiest 100 days but i would love to come back on your program after the next 100 days, because i think things get a lot tougher. in our poll, i thought it was very interesting that 73% of people didn't like what was happening on guns, and i was curious, and i wanted to know, does that mean that people are concerned about gun rights being
5:32 am
taken away from them or are people concerned that there's not enough being done on gun control, so i'm not really sure about that number. i'd love to dig in a little deeper on that but certainly immigration, very strong disapproval for president biden on immigration, and we know that the next few months are going to be the warm months where you have even more migrants possibly coming across. that will be a real problem for them especially if covid starts to take a back seat on the issue front. brian: and dana, unfortunately, on the 200-day mark we're double booked and i will not have you back on. maybe gutfeld will put you on, he's got a show every night if you're nice to him but i watched your special last night it was fantastic, great profiles on immigrants who came here legally dire circumstances, and they were painted by george w. bush. i want to get your reflection behind the scenes but first here is a clip of one of the refugees you featured, joseph kim. watch. >> we authorized that 2004
5:33 am
north korean human rights act, i could not come here to the united states. >> was that interesting for you to have signed that act? >> yeah. >> and then to meet somebody who benefited? well you know i became very interested in the north korean issue, classic case, unbelievable abuse of power and disrespect for human condition, and so we said anybody gets out out of north korea should be able to come to the united states. not a lot of people have taken advantage of it but joseph kim did. brian: i'm sure they would like to take advantage of it, dana, but they're not allowed they got a sneak-out. what were your thoughts about being him, these portraits he's passionate about but what was he like behind the scenes is he like the same guy? >> well yes, always with him, what you see is what you get , and i loved being there. it's different, obviously, i'm a former staffer and i think once a staffer always a staffer, but it was different to be able to talk to him about a painter so he's now a civilian, a proud american patriot and weighing in
5:34 am
on this issue in a way that just says let's take a step back and look at the people. i think that fox news is the only news organization to actually interview the immigrant s that he painted. we were able to talk to four, and i loved what our team, megan ablano, dan cohen and john kasich did with the footage and if you go back and look at what happened in north korea with the famine when joseph kim was an orphan trying to survive on the streets, the cam cambodia refugees and also talked to mark heider, that war is not too far in the past in terms of lebanon and israel and they all contribute to coming to america just a different way to weigh in on the immigration debate that we're having right now. brian: do you have any idea what's going on on your show or does hemmer do everything? >> [laughter] i actually don't know what's happening today i know that we have maria bartiromo which will be great and we'll talk to, i'm really excited about this a texas rancher whose going to tell us what its been like on his property and of course
5:35 am
lawrence jones is going to be here, carlie carlie shimkiss will be here as well. steve: you know what, he is becoming a better painter every year. >> he actually takes lessons, and he dedicates about 2.5-3 hours a day to painting. ainsley: wow. steve: unbelievable. ainsley: thanks for sharing those with us dana. great job. coming up new york's finest are leaving the force in record numbers amid anti-police sentiment and calls to defund the police. dan bongino spent years wearing an nypd badge and he's going to react, next. you're strong. you power through chronic migraine - 15 or more headache days a month, ...each lasting 4 hours or more. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine. so, if you haven't tried botox® for your chronic migraine, ...check with your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if samples are available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks
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5:40 am
all, and we go to work everyday as the bad guy to the people of the city of new york, and that's pretty sad, because the truth of the matter is, we're the good people. we're the ones that are helping, and we're also the ones that are saving black lives. steve: the new york city police department sergeant's union warning against the push to de fund and villify cops, as they see a 75% surge in retirement. the anti-cop sentiment taking a rising toll on departments not only in new york but all across the country. ainsley: here to react is former nypd officer and fox news contributor dan bongino. good morning, dan. >> hey, good morning. listen, all weekend i think about what i'm going to do on my monday show and this monday show was easy for me, because i saw this story and when your producer sent it to me i already had this in my head. i want to do a show on like are these things liberals, pretend not to know, or are they just really dumb? how did you think that attacking the police officers constantly
5:41 am
while letting criminals out early on bail reform, taking away qualified immunity so police officer can be sued for doing this job, did you really think that was going to improve the quality of life in your city? no, guys, listen. this is a serious question i'm not messing with you. if you are a liberal watching this show, were you really convinced that was the path to quality public safety in your city? i'll give you one minute to think about that. my guess is it's either a or b either you're a moron or you knew it was going to lead to a really destructive public safety situation in your city. brian: so take it the next step what ed mullins and pat lynch said is that if you want to re imagine police, get the current ones to quit and make it intolerable. they're not surprised at all what they contend and it's hard to argue, because if you want to have them quit, empty the prisons, make them the bad
5:42 am
guys, make them liable to be sued get rid of all of their instruments or protection so they quit. they go get a better job and make more money at walmart than i can working in a lot of these police stations as an entry level without the anger. ainsley: and then the fear of getting shot. brian: do you think it's possible that that's part of the plan? >> well what else would it be? i mean, i just opened up, you're either really dumb -- brian: or you're trying to get them out. >> or this is the plan. brian seriously. listen, i don't like liberalism, obviously, i'm a conservative commentator, but i don't think they're stupid. i really don't. bill deblasio is not a moron. brian: yes he is. >> why is he doing this then? but having said that i spoke at a charity event for police this weekend and it's perfect timing this segment. for people who and kids scholarships for people who have been lost in the line of duty, it was really an interesting event and i was happy to do it but just a quote from the
5:43 am
bernard mallamut book, the natural, the girlfriend says we all live two lives, the one we learn from and the one we live after that and i said at the speech, did we not learn from 1980s new york, the awful policing, the 3,000 dead bodies every couple of years we would find for murders and the drug wars? did we not learn from the broken windows policing implemented afterwards that cleaned that up? do you have any idea how many black lives have been saved? how many black men and women are alive now precisely because of the effective policing implement ed under the broken windows policies of rudy giuliani and jack maple and bill braden? i lived through it, guys. do we want more death, more drugs? to me it's just bizarre how the voters of new york city are still picking these people to do this , to destroy their city. steve: let's talk about one other topic, the president would like to raise taxes.
5:44 am
he would like to essentially double the capital gains tax to almost 40%. also, increase the corporate tax rate as well to 28%, chris christie was on one of the sunday shows yesterday, and he said look, what this is, simply, is income redistribution also known as socialism. here is the former governor. >> we could setup straw men and say well, he overturned this executive order. that's not what we're talking about this morning. what sarah just talked about, the capital gains issue, is nothing more than income re distribution. it's socialism. joe biden's proposing to do that let's remember that that investment income, you've already paid taxes on it, it's redistribution of income, george and i just want to warn everybody out there, wait until you see what happens to your retirement funds. >> it's so interesting to hear this allegation of socialism.
5:45 am
i know these are buzzwords that work very well with the republican party so congratulations for using them this morning. on the left there's a conversation happening about student loan debt, how much should be forgiven, 50,000 versus 10,000, and we're talking about a capital gains increase. steve: but ultimately, it is income redistribution, as is planned under the progressive tax code. >> well let me surprise you, steve. that's not right. it's not income redistribution. you maybe thinking what! i thought you were a capitalist. no, i am. if you actually read the data, again the producers read my mind this morning. are these things liberals don't know and you look at the joint committee on taxation by the way , steve not stacked with conservatives up on the hill, the joint committee on taxation has already said if you hike the capital gains tax to double what it is now, two things will happen. you'll destroy business and jobs and get a load of part two, steve. you'll raise less money. steve: right. >> do you get that? so it's not income, you're not
5:46 am
redistributioning anything. you'll raise less money. does everybody understand? there's a fascinating op-ed in the wall street journal about this today if you doubt any of the numbers, the joint committee on taxation has already said, you guys will get less money and you'll destroy jobs, which again , fits into my show today, do you guys not know this liberals or are you just really dumb? brian: so get people not to invest and then you get people not to work because you're giving them so much unemployment , they don't work. >> yes. brian: so what happens, tax revenue goes down, the red ink goes up, and whose to blame? it's the person who did it, but i'm not sure that those fingers will be pointing in the right direction. >> brian, all this will happen, i guarantee it, the op-ed is right there now for anyone to read and liberals later go what? i didn't know. bill clinton cut the capital gains tax, yes, he cut it and do you know what happened? capital gains tax revenues went up. ronald regan, yes, reagan,
5:47 am
actually hiked the capital gains tax, and do you know what happened? capital gains tax revenues went down, but liberals and facts never connect, guys. it's like that equal sign with the slash in the middle. the facts and liberals never equal each other, ever. it just doesn't work. brian: by the way, dan if you do the math and you have done it if you look at the federal tax and the raise in the top bracket tax, if you live in new york, you give six of every $10 to the city and the federal government. why do you work? rich people go okay, i'm keeping my money, thank you, no more investment, no more job growth, no more businesses. that's the way you used to work. >> that's why you can't get a reservation in a florida restaurant, brian. brian: i know. >> because everybody is moving down here to get away from this crap. please, stay up in new york. it's a free country, i can't tell you where to move but please don't come down here. can i ask you for a personal favor? please, i get a free country, do
5:48 am
what you want i'm all about freedom but i'm just asking for a favor. just stay up in new york. don't come and destroy this beautiful state. steve and i can't get a reservation in a restaurant because you hike taxes in new york and then try to escape from it and pull the same crap down here. please don't come here. i'm just begging you. free country. but please, personal favor. i know you don't like me liberal s but will you do me just one favor. just destroy your own faith, don't destroy my personal faith. brian: texas too. ainsley: if you're smart enough to get out of these expensive states don't be stupid enough to take those values and politics with you. brian: thanks, dan. >> thanks guys. steve: all right there you go also the weather is really nice down there. coming up, as fans return to the super speedway over the weekend fox & friends weekend co-host pete hegseth talked to business owners in talladega celebrating the big boost from the big race and pete, get ready, you're next >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:49 am
pete: we are live from pit row, we're still littered with lug nuts because it's was an amazing race yesterday we'll talk about it and also talk to business owners who benefited quite a bit from talladega being open. don't go anywhere. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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steve: as businesses dig out from the pandemic, many are struggling to win back people to work, look at that sign at mcdonald's, now hiring. brian: yup, there were more than 7 million people, job openings, in february, people couldn't fill them. higher than pre-pandemic levels but with jobless benefits extending through the fall, nearly 10 million americans are still unemployed. ainsley: fox & friends weekend co-host pete hegseth spent the weekend down in talladega and alabama and he talked to business owners there about the challenges they are facing. pete, is here with more. hey, pete. pete: good morning to you, all. i'm telling you what a race it was yesterday and of course the bubble blocked us from being down on pit row yesterday throughout the race but we're here this morning because the race is over but the impact has been felt. there's no doubt, will and i, throughout the weekend, went out and talked to business owners about what it means to have talladega here, just like sort of the all-star game in atlanta what would it have meant there to be there before they moved it , how much does talladega benefit all of the businesses
5:54 am
around it. here is some of what will and i found. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ten miles away from the racetrack at talladega, what does the race mean for places like this? >> with the talladega race being the biggest travel and camping race in nascar, a few hundred thousand people coming in, what it means for us is our hotels are full, restaurants are full, people are ready to get out and have fun. >> when people come to talladega and alabama, what do they see as far as covid? is everything pretty much open, capacity restrictions what is life like down here? >> so the governor listed the mask mandate a few weeks back, businesses are really booming in a lot of ways now. >> we heard that business is booming to such an extent that some businesses are having trouble hiring. >> that's true. >> right now business has final ly picked up. we are just now getting back to the numbers we were at in 2019. we don't have the help to keep up with that. >> why are we struggling to
5:55 am
find the help that's needed? >> i'm thinking that the unemployment, no one wants to go to work right now. >> almost every business that you go to, just here, is hiring, everybody is hiring. pete: could you raise your wage to where you could entice people >> we have done that. pete: done that? will: think of the signing bonuses, raising wage, giving appreciation bonuses and you're still understaffed by 50%? >> yes, sir. will: on top of being under staffed this has to be one of the busiest weeks of the year for you. >> the families that are in town come here, because it's more of a family atmosphere, and then, you know, buffalo wild wings and so forth, they get attacked too, so it's just everybody really. pete: you've got a lot of customers in here right now what's your capacity? are you at 100%? >> no, you know it's crazy because the . >> governor: floor with the state of alabama just lifted a couple weeks ago the capacity,
5:56 am
but we've really stayed maybe 55 % capacity. we're opening up in phases. we still don't have the staff right now. pete: why wouldn't you go straight to 100? >> we just don't have it. we're hoping by middle of may we'll be back to 100%. will: we were just talking about what race week looks like in a normal year. >> this year, obviously they still have covid restrictions but there are a lot more fans, last night we saw sales were up, going against 2019 kind of. pete: i want a beer. will: i love it. pete: and he really did buy us that beer. the man in that film, shawn o'brien the regional director for buffalo wild wings he and a few other people thanks for hosting us. >> yeah, man it was fun friday. pete: you can't beat buffalo wild wings and by the way you were here for the race and seated up there. >> we were on different ends of the track i guess. pete: who were you pulling for?
5:57 am
>> chase elliott. pete: by the way chase elliott came in 24th and corey lajoie in the fox nation car, 22nd so we gotcha. >> that's fine. pete: but we're here to talk business, you were hepa filter ing talladega would have a big impact for you, did it? >> like i said friday, we were trying to compare 2019 numbers from pre-covid, and we kind of hit that. pete: did you hit it? so you feel like because of the race and you're right off 20 between here and birmingham. if you're driving through you see your spot. folks are going to stop. >> yeah, and they did. i stopped in the store last night after i left here, and people were waiting outside to get a table and everything, it was rocking. pete: and you know, being here, it was a huge event yesterday, but the one thing that everyone kept telling me the whole time is you've got to come back to talladega when it's open. >> oh, absolutely. pete: it was open, but only 30%. >> yeah. pete: next year, you're hoping you're gangbusters i got to believe. >> oh, absolutely. i mean, to see come down and you
5:58 am
don't see any of the campers out there. you see the amount of people, i mean, right by the stores starting wednesday. you have all of the campers and walmart, home depot, all of the hotels, i mean, it's an amazing sight to see. pete: a huge impact when an event of this size comes to this area. >> yeah, twice a year. pete: twice a year, but it's not just that. it's all of the things around it and all of the time around it as well. >> there's a lot of pieces to the puzzle. pete: for sure. what makes, you've gone to this race to talladega for years , you and your buddies go every year. >> yeah. pete: what makes it special or different? >> it's just unique. it's the atmosphere, the tailgating, i mean, everything that goes with talladega. it's just special. it's on a lot of people's bucket list. i've got family in town this weekend that came down from indiana to come to the race, because it was a bucket list item. pete: it really is so brian, steve and ainsley you got to go to the boulevard, here at talladega, right?
5:59 am
got to go to the boulevard, talladega. this is an invitation for fox & friends weekday to do it up right. these are our folks. you're going to love it. we had a great time and here we are on pit row this morning. shawn, thanks, man. >> appreciate it, yeah, man. see you in the fall. pete: see you back here back to you guys. brian: pete good news bad news, you guys did such a great time covering it but you'll have trouble getting your expenses satisfied because it didn't look like work. it looked like too much fun. pete: i'm not itemizing the receipts, brian. no way. not happening. ainsley: was this your first nascar race? pete: it was. it was my first nascar rate. it will not be my last if you haven't been you got to do it. just an amazing feeling and the joy, the festiveness and the love people have, it is really, it's a party but a good one. steve: indeed and pete, it was not a capacity crowd, but was it just as loud? pete: almost. well certainly the cars. it's like fighter jets going
6:00 am
around in a pack. it's like nothing you've ever heard and felt and smelled so you have to do it if you haven't done it. ainsley: i know you're loved there. tell shawn we thank him so much for being on with us too. brian: thank you all for watching. steve: be back here tomorrow, everybody.


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