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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 26, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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to blame. todd: a push for police reform ramping up on capitol hill, what the democrat who is leading the charge tells fox news about republican attempts to reach across the aisle and make a deal. jillian: and politics taking center stage at the 93rd academy awards. >> i have to be honest, if things had gone differently this past week in minneapolis, i may have traded in my heels for marching boots. jillian: more of the grandstanding from hollywood's woke elite. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ i feel glorious, glorious. ♪ got a chance to start again. .♪ todd: two cities in your opening shot on your monday morning, of course new york city and now a live look at atlanta. jillian: are you feeling glorious this morning?
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todd: no. i'm going to be honest. i'm feeling normal. jillian: you're just feeling normal. todd: i'm feeling -- as they say in spanish class. jillian: i'm feeling good. todd: i'm sorry, i broached the six feet. are you feeling glorious? jillian: sure. todd: one of us does. good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first." i'm todd piro. jillian: i'm jillian mele. thank you for starting your day with us. let's begin with this. vice president kamala harris speaking out on the border crisis, blaming the trump administration once again. todd: doug luzader, he's feeling glorious, joining us live from washington. as a new fox poll finds half of us in america finds border security worse under president biden. doug, good morning. >> reporter: the polling number on immigration not so glorious for the biden administration. the point person on immigration is of course vice president kamala harris. she is facing more and more pressure from republicans to see
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what's happening at the border, to see the crisis firsthand. she's facing criticism from republicans who say she needs to get an idea up close of what's causing this crisis, just how serious it's become. instead her plan is to meet virtually with mexico's president next month to address what the administration see as a root cause of the immigration surge. mention he co-wants to discuss more -- mexico wants to discuss more support for a tree planting program. harris says she is trying to come up with a way to visit the border. >> are you going to go there? >> yes, we're working on the plan to get there. we have to deal with covid issues. but i can't get there soon enough in terms of personally getting there. >> reporter: our new poll shows how challenging this issue is for the administration. 46% of registered voters think border security is now worse than it was just two years ago. compare that to just 17% who thought the same thing back in
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2018. this is an issue that resonates with voters and republicans have kept up their drumbeat of criticism. >> who are all these immigrants being housed on our side of the border, it's a huge expense and lack of transparency from the biden administration is very disturbing. >> reporter: we're likely to hear at least something on this from president biden later this week when he addresses a joint session of congress. he may make a big push for bipartisan immigration reform. on the other hand, that may get edged out by a number of other white house priorities. todd and jillian. jillian: doug luzader, thank you. todd: top republicans giving president biden low marks for his first 100 days. >> it's more like a bait and switch. the bait was he was going to govern as bipartisan. but the switch is, he's governed as a socialist. >> aoc said his first 100 days exceeded her expectation. that's all you need to know.
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he's been a disaster on foreign policy. he's been a very destabilizing president. and economically he is throwing a wet blanket over the recovery. todd: fox news poll reveals 54% approve of president biden's job performance and that is lower than former presidents bush and obama were at that same point but higher than president trump. jillian: minnesota attorney general keith ellison showing sympathy for ex minneapolis officer derek chauvin after his conviction for george floyd's lawyer. >> i spent 16 years as a criminal defense lawyer. so i will admit i feel a little bad for the defendant. i think he deserved to be convicted but he's a human being. i think it's important for the court to not go light or heavy. i don't know if it's right for a judge to send a message through a sentence. jillian: ellison revealed he did not believe there was evidence to prove it was a hate crime and insisted his prosecutors, quote, never wanted
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revenge against chauvin, only accountability. a fifth day of peaceful protests in a north carolina city over the deputy involved shooting of a black man. todd: ashley strohmier joins with us the latest as the family is expected to see body cam footage from the shooting today. >> reporter: the family of andrew brown, junior will hold a press conference today after seeing the footage. brown was fatally shot last week when deputies went to serve a warrant for felony drug charges. demonstrators demanded authorities release the footage, calling for the resignation of the local sheriff. he incysts it's not up to him -- insists it not up to him. listen. >> we know people want answers. we know you're angry. we understand and respect that. but we're following a process that protects the investigation to ensure fairness for all. we want transparency,
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accountability, and peace. jillian: meanwhile in d.c., the push for police reform has hit a wall. this as democrats call to ban choke holds and end qualified immunity for officers. governor rick scott pleaded for lawmakers to work together. >> let's find best practices, have more transparency so we can find out what's working and what's not working. i'll listen to proposals. i won't put law enforcement community in a position where they have to second guess themselves to when making sure people are safe. jillian: he pushed a bill written by tim scott of south carolina, tim scott is working on a new bill with senator corey booker and congresswoman karen bass who says republicans need to offer something big for her to drop her demands to end qualified immunity. >> if lindsey graham and tim scott can show us some other way to hold officers accountable, because this has been going on
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for just decades and officers right now are not really held accountable. >> reporter: bass also called for the former minneapolis officer, derek chauvin, to get the maximum sentence, this after he was convicted for the murder of george floyd. back to you guys. jillian: ashley strohmier live for us. thank you. todd: overnight, one person is killed, four others injured in a shooting in kansas city, missouri. a fight at a nearby business led to the violence. the city's mayor tweeting in part, quote, disappointed an angry to hear of more struck by gunfire, this evening it's in my neighborhood. to many have been impacted this weekend, this year and recent years. no arrests have been made. jillian: an 18-year-old man is charged with first degree murder in connection to a fatal shooting of a 7-year-old girl in a chicago mcdonald's drive-through. marion lewis denied bond yesterday. joslyn adams and her father were shot in the shooting.
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her father is expected to recover. todd: anti-lockdown states are reporting fewer covid-19 cases than blue states who refuse to roll back pandemic regulations and statewide mask mandates. florida and texas have kept case positivity rates down after fully reopening. democrat led states pennsylvania, new york, michigan led the daily increase in covid-19 cases. all this as dr. anthony fauci hints the cdc may revise outdoor mask guidance. >> with the country -- what the country is going to be hearing soon is updated guidelines from the cdc. when you look around at the common sense situation, obviously the risk is really very low, particularly if you're vaccinated. todd: the cdc reports that nearly 30% of us are fully vaccinated. jillian: politics takes center stage at the pandemic delayed oscars held as l.a.'s union station. >> i have to be honest, if things had gone differently this
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past week in minneapolis, i might have traded in my heels for marching boots. and yes, we are doing it maskless. yes. so just like on a movie set, when we're rolling, masks off. and when we're not rolling, masks on. jillian: regina king evoking derek chauvin's murder trial in her monologue and best supporting actor praising the black panther leader he he played in his winning film. politics aside, nomadland winning best picture, best director and best actress awards. the best actor award going to anthony hopkins for his role in the father. but many were expecting the award to go to chadwick boseman. still to come, vice president kamala harris blames covid-19 for keeping her from visiting the southern border. >> we are working on a plan to get there. we're working on he covid
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issues. i can't get that soon enough. jillian: what about the stops she's made to push the administration's economic plans? you see them on your screen. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan sounds off next. todd: did you see this? absolutely wild day in talladega. pulse pounding finish, coming up.
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when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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>> are you going to go there? yes, we're working on the plan to get there. we have to deal with covid issues. i can't get there soon enough in terms of personally getting there. jillian: vice president kamala harris blames covid-19 for keeping her from the southern border, while she has touted the administration's economic plans across the country. todd: now she did put a meeting with mexico's president on her schedule but that's a virtual
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chat to talk about his initiative to plant trees. here to react, retired acting i.c.e. director and fox news contributor, tom homan. tom, i am not an expert in this. i did not work in this area. you have. so maybe you can elaborate. is a zoom call to talk about planting trees the answer to our decades long immigration crisis? >> no. absolutely not. look, she ought to act like a vice president and go down to the border. i mean, this administration has put border agents in a position, they're dealing with covid infected immigrants every day. they wear a mask. i've been to the southern border six or seven times. i'm on an airplane, every seatful. i wear a mask. hasn't she been vaccinated. she needs to look at what the men and women at the border deal with. she still blames the trump administration. if she talked to a migrant, she would tell her the same thing the they tell me, they're coming because of biden's open poll civiles the president of mexico
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said it. she needs to get down there. jillian: when you the take into account the fact that it's been 33 days since she was given this task of spearheading what's going on at the border and in that time she's traveled to a number of locations across the u.s., as you can see there, listed on your screen right now. it sends i guess -- the question is what message does it send that she's able to go to all of these other places but not able to visit the southern border when you do ask people across the country and they are worried about immigration. >> look, she says they have to deal with covid. here's how the administration dealt with covid, they released hundreds, several hundreds of illegal aliens that were positive with he covid and released them into the communities. that's how they're dealing with covid. this plan about paying migrants in mexico to plant trees, it is ridiculous. it's absurd. why would they give them a few bucks to plant trees in mexico when they know they can come to the united states based on what's going on, get released, and be held in a hotel room at
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370 bucks a night for a few days, get released and police departments of the tax -- and compliments of the taxpayers, i.c.e. is giving them smartphone when they're released into the community when they get a glob -- geta job in the u.s. why will they stay in mention ho when they can come to the united states with promise of a free healthcare, a job, get a new smartphone and maybe get amnesty down the road because president biden promised that too. it's not going to work. they don't want to fix it. they know how to fix it. president biden was vice president during one surge and alejandro mayorkas was the deputy secretary. they know how to stop the surges. they're doing the opposite. their end game -- here is the goal. the goal is to get really good releasing people as quick as possible so there's no overcrowding so tv cameras come on in. there's no crisis. they're not going to talk about the thousands coming every day.
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it's all about overcrowding. get really good at releasing people, that's the end game. todd: the white house clarifies her role as addressing the root causes of immigration. unclear to see how she does that in places like brentwood. and i think this poll is sort of hinting at sort of a consternation with what's going on right now. a new fox news poll shows 46 of voters find u.s. border security worse under joe biden, 38% completely blame the president's policies. you sort of alluded to this in your previous answer, you called this the administration's plan disguised in plain sight. you don't think they want to change it at this point, right? >> no. this is by design. joe biden made promises during the campaign that he knew would drive a surge because he wanted to win the progressive left. it was more important to win the election than protect the border and protect national security. they don't want to fix this. this is by design.
2:18 am
they're not going to fix this at all. and what's happening on the border right now, i'm sick and tired of them -- first of all, i'm disappointedal at polls. the polls should be 100% against biden. president trump had border numbers at historic lows. last month the biden administration had historic highs with children. we've never seen so many children come across every day in the history of border patrol. no one is crossing the border wearing a trump t-shirt. the american people should be 100% against the administration's policies. this is the only network really talking about the issues a lot of americans don't realize what's going on. jillian: we appreciate you coming on and telling us what you experienced firsthand with the time you spent down there. tom homan, thank you. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. jillian: and we'll be right back. if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer.
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todd: welcome back. 21 minutes after the hour on a monday morning. a way onlying roofing -- wyoming roofing company is offering a free ar-15 rifle with every roof purchased. the owner tells fox business they received more than 120 bids since this promotion. customers who don't want a gun can donate $800 to a pro life charity instead. jillian: a federal judge dismisses the connecticut lawsuit trying to block transgender athletes from participating in girls high school sports. since the two transgender athletes named in the lawsuit have graduated, the district court judge says there is no dispute to resolve more than 20 states introduced legislation to ban or limit transgender athletes from competing on teams or sports under their gender
2:23 am
identity. todd: u.s. troop withdrawal beginning in afghanistan as the taliban ramps up bombings in the he region. jillian: benjamin hall joins us live with major international headlines. benjamin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, todd and jillian. we'll start with afghanistan. that troop withdrawal is now well and truly underway. as you say, it comes at a time when the taliban are picking up attacks and security in the country is getting worse. president biden pushed back the initial may deadline set by the trump administration, instead they will withdraw troops by september 11. general austin miller, commander of troops in afghanistan, saying i now have a set of orders. we will conduct an orderly withdrawal from afghanistan, that means transitioning bases and equipment to the afghan security forces. the move received bipartisan backlash as attacks by the taliban pick up. the taliban has conducted 62 bomb blasts and six suicide
2:24 am
bombings in the last 11 days alone, killing 63 civilians. in india, the covid figures are going through the roof. they are the worst that any country has now seen. in fact, on sunday there were almost 350,000 confirmed cases and almost 2800 deaths. the healthcare system there is on the brink of collapse and after a phone call with his end brand counterpart, jake sullivan said america will be sending emergency aid to india. president biden also tweeting, just as india sent assistance to the u.s. as our hospitals were strained earlier in the pandemic, so are we determined to help india in its time of need. in perhaps some better news from this side of the atlantic, the eu president is announcing that americans will be able to come to the eu over the summer, if they have been vaccinated against covid. they'll allow you back in to enjoy the beaches, so todd, i hope you're going to pack your
2:25 am
bunky -- bungee smugglers. jillian: what. todd: i never want to hear that again. they did get rid of the video that was upsetting to me. in the u.s. we don't like -- what's the phrase? >> reporter: bungee smugglers. todd: thank you. we made mele's week. jillian: i've never heard of that. ever. [laughter] >> reporter: i can't believe they took the video away. [laughter] todd: i got nothing. mele. take it. jillian: okay. thanks, benjamin. todd: switching gears. jillian: we do have serious news as well. it's 25 minutes after the hour. violent crime skyrocketing while officers are rushing to retire. todd: our police panel reacts amid the rise in anti-police sentiment, next.
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while crime soars in cities across the country, the push to defund the police is having a he detrimental impact on recruiting for some of america's largest police departments. congresswoman ilhan omar is trying to create a federal agency to investigate police misconduct. here to discuss is a retired police officer and president of an order of police, thank you for joining us. simone, i want to start with you. we mentioned ilhan omar is trying to create this federal probe to -- federal agency to investigate police misconduct. what do you think creating something like that would do, what type of impact would it have? >> hi, jillian. thank you for having me on. first of all, i think it's not a bad idea but it's not going to work unless you include police officers, retired officers. you've got to include those officers from large departments as well as smaller ones because you have to understand what is
2:30 am
causing all these actions and omar has got to have police officers on this board, the federal board or it's not going to work because you're going to have a lot of people that are out there monday morning quarterbacking but not really anybody that can tell you exactly how it is that we feel and what's going on. jillian: unless you've been on the job, you don't know what it's like, clyde. >> i totally agree. we have elected officials in each state, we have an elected attorney general, local state and district attorneys and those offices have retired and seasoned police officers who can conduct these investigations. why would we waste time to put together a national panel, similar to the ntsb, to go around and investigate that when our local officials are elected to do the same job. jillian: let's pull up statistics here, numbers of officers leaving the force and just a couple cities across the country to give you an idea.
2:31 am
philadelphia, 79 cops intend to he retire within four years. they already have 268 vacancies. the nypd officers, my goodness, everything they've been through, more than 5300 left the force in 2020, a 75% spike from 2019 and baltimore, 81 officers have left in 2021. there are 500 cops short. specifically because you're from baltimore, clyde, i'll stick with you for this one. what does something like that do to the officers that are working day in, day out, tirelessly. i'm sure they're exhausted. >> it's putting a strain on the physical and mental abilities of our police officers to go out and have to work long hours, to go out and have to cover protests and still deal with the rising crime and violence in our estimate we're almost at 100 homicides here in baltimore city and here we are sitting in the month of april. what we need to do is find ways
2:32 am
to attract so we can you attract new recruits and find better incentives so we can retain our men and women. this anti-police rhetoric is doing nothing to make our community safer and we need to have our elected officials stop gaslighting the situation between police and communities and just bring everyone back together. it's time for us to heal. jillian: simone, you heard clyde talk about recruitment. do you worry what the next few years of recruitment look like? >> well, absolutely. i worry because these young people, they watch a lot of tv. they see a lot of social media. and who is going to want to have a job where morale is low, pay is low, your question about everything you do -- you're questioned about everything you do and when you're in a deadly force situation, you're afraid to even protect yourself, because of what's going on in the world today.
2:33 am
dallas, just like baltimore, we are over 65 murders. last year i think we were around 48, 49. so that gives you pause when you're thinking about a career choice as a law enforcement officer. jillian: can i ask you guys in the few seconds remaining, what's one thing each of you would do right now if you were to perhaps be able to better the job that you would do on the streets or to better the relationship with community members? what's one thing? clyde, i'll start with you. >> i would make sure that we incentivize both sides, both the community and our police officers and our cities have money and they can use the money that they have to incentivize both sides to come together. jillian: simone, final word. >> i would start with the police athletic league, start with the young ones, bring the community and the police officers together and try to get the young people on board, understanding what police go through. jillian: great idea.
2:34 am
simone and clyde, thank you both for joining us. we appreciate your time. >> thank you so much. todd: those are great ideas. hopefully someone is listen. republicans are proposing their own $568 billion infrastructure proposal in response to the president's 2 trillion plus spending plan. one republican senator, west virginia's shelly kapito opt misting about the two sides coming together. >> encouraging signs, i've talked to ranking members, i've talked to democrats, it's an active conversation and i think it's a good beginning. todd: meanwhile, joe manchin praising the republican counter-proposal. >> it's a good start. it really is. i'm glad they did it. we have to look to see if we've gotten everything in there we need. >> sounds like you're supporting a smaller package with what you deem traditional infrastructure. >> more targeted. todd: manchin voicing a need to separate part of the biden
2:35 am
administration's plan. president biden will mark his first 100 days in office with a drive-in rally in atlanta promoting the climate change agenda but the least boycotting georgia over the voting law. a small business owner joined us earlier with his message to the president. >> this voter law that you so called are protesting, your home state has stronger laws than the state of georgia. please, stop the pandering. do the business, let us business people get back to work. todd: the estimated cost of moving the all-star game, $100 million. to talladega superspeedway and absolutely wild geico 500. you may have done this some time in your career, not in a nascar race. harris burton drove off with his gas tank attached. and joey logano went airborne
2:36 am
during a scary five-car wreck. i mean, his car is flying. after the race, logano said he was happy to be alive. brad kozlowski took the checkered flag in ot. >> down to the finish. one car turn. kozlowski the leader. he wins talladega. todd: talladega led one lap the entire race. it was a good one to lead it, the last one. making a crucial pass for the win. if you watched the show yesterday, you heard them talking, the expert driver saying it's a weird race, someone could lead the entire time and lose it at at the end. kozlowski knows how to win that race. he won six times on that track. what matters is where you are at the. jillian: they run a coffee company that puts love ahead of
2:37 am
country, ahead of politics. >> it's a company supporting the constitution and the nation's civil servants, that's not political to me. you want to wake people up about being woke. .todd: carley getting a behind the scenes look at veteran owned and operating black rifle coffee company when we come back. ♪ do you struggle with occasional nerve aches, weakness or discomfort in your hands or feet?
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todd: today an israeli delegation will head to washington to lobby against the u.s. re-entering the iran nuclear deal. the group will meet with u.s. defense officials. white house press secretary jen psaki says the visit is unlikely to change the administration's position on that deal. jillian: turkey vows to respond after president biden used the term genocide to describe the deportation and killing of
2:41 am
armenians. >> the statement by the u.s. president is very unfortunate, unfair, we completely reject it. it is not supported by historical facts. politically speaking it's irresponsible. jillian: this comes more than 100 years after the killings were praised by armenians here at home and abroad. cher tweeted in part that the united states government made sure it is on the right side of history. and kim kardashian thanking the president. janice, do my eyes deceive me or is it about to get warm in here the next few days? >> finally, right? yes, we're going to feel some warm temperatures after snow last week, measurable snow, historic snow for parts of the plains and ohio valley and northeast. yes, we are going to enjoy spring-like, almost summer-like temperatures. right now, 43 in new york, you can see where the temperatures are warm across the plains
2:42 am
states. we'll get to the 80s. we have an area of low pressure moving into the west. that's bringing snow, some springtime snow to the higher elevations across the west. we're not talking about a ton of snow, certainly nothing to help the drought but it will -- we'll forecast it as we go through the next couple days and again that area of low pressure is going to bring us a threat for severe storms for tuesday for parts of the area we typically see severe storms this time of year. also, wildfire danger unfortunately with gusty winds and the dry conditions ahead of that front, today. and there's the forecast, 61 in new york, 85 in houston, 86 in kansas city. we'll boost the temperatures up across the northeast as we get into the midweek, just for you, jillian and todd, back to you. todd: it means more projects that we can do outside, the
2:43 am
honey do list seems to grow as the months become may and june and all that good stuff. >> good for of you. todd: somebody i would gather has had a very long hon di do list -- honey do list at some point in his career as a married man, steve doocy. jillian: is that a job? >> it's a nonstop job. forget about outdoors many i was looking in the basement. i've got stuff i've got to do in the basement. todd: it never ends. >> it never ends. todd, good morning to you. nice to see you again. todd: likewise. >> and jillian, good morning to you. jillian: good morning. >> coming up on fox and friends in 17 minutes, this week president biden will mark 100 days in office,, as new fox news polling data shows his worst numbers are on immigration. you probably knew that. we're going to discuss that and more with texas congressman and former sheriff, troy nells, also dan bongino and dana pally know
2:44 am
and a -- perino. then, switching gears, nascar driver took a last lap victory at the geico 500, we'll talk to him about his sixth talladega win. as fans return to the superspeedway over the weekend, pete and will checked in with local restaurant and shop owners about the economic boost in that neck of the woods. we'll hear from buffalo wild wings franchise director about how business is going. so we have a busy three hours, kicks off just about 16 and-a-half minutes from right now, right here on the channel you trust for your morning news. todd and jillian back with "fox & friends first" in just a couple. you are watching the fox news channel.
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todd: time to grab another cup of morning coffee. we're getting a behind the scenes tour at black rifle coffee company, a business supporting vets and civil ser servants and serving up patriotism with every cup. jillian: carley shimkus had the chance to talk coffee and the constitution with the owners and joins us with that interview. carley: it is becoming increasingly common for companies to take liberal political positions, this company is setting itself apart for its support of police officers and the second amendment. we went down to meet the men behind the message. take a listen. hey, guys. >> hey, good to see you. carley: good to meet you in person. this is beautiful. >> thank you, want to take a look inside? carley: yeah, would love to. >> this is our first large scale roaster we got in salt lake. we have three other really big
2:49 am
roasters outside of nashville. i think we roasted about 5 million tons of coffee last year. it's a lot of coffee. carley: caffeinating america, my friends. a big part of your revenue is in the gear that you guys sell and we're making it right now. >> absolutely. not only are we the world's best coffee company but we are a lifestyle brand as well. so we take pride in we represent things we care about. carley: only at black rifle coffee company are you getting the tactical sasquahch. >> we're doing archery. >> what's the point of working as hard as the company does and not being able to enjoy yourself. carley: you went from being in the military to running a really successful coffee company. >> i always wanted to get into coffee. but the war kicked off in 2001, so i said, well, should i become a green beret or a coffee
2:50 am
roaster. i chose green beret. carley: coffee was a huge part of your deployment. >> i took a separate bag on deployment just of coffee. carley: and you an army ranger. >> i joined the army at 17, did that for four years. carley: the company is about more than coffee, it's about supporting military veterans, law enforcement, second amendment rights. what do you say to people who say okay, well, we may like their coffee but we don't like their politics? >> as a company that's supporting the constitution and our nation's veterans and civil servants, that's not political to me. that's defining take we support the people that keep us safe, especially in times like this where we have this woke culture. we want to wake people up without being woke. >> if people don't like us, there's other places to buy their coffee. what we are about is the constitution, it's over two decades ago when i ended my service. carley: you have 500 employees and over half are veterans. you were a commander in the afghany military.
2:51 am
you saved a lot of american lives. were you persecuted in your country because of that. you moved to the united states and then matt and evan found you were here and brought you to black rifle coffee. >> i'm here in america. carley: they they thought you were dead. >> yes, i'm happy to have find my family was together. >> after the marine corps i didn't have much of a plan. i ended up becoming a police officer in philadelphia. it wasn't the lifestyle for me. i knew black rifle coffees was headquartered here. i took a part-time job making coffee for people and ended up being way more than i thought it was. carley: a lot of what you believe in is currently under attack. you have the same people calling for defund the police are also calling for stricter gun laws. >> yes, lune sigh. i hope that -- lunacy. i hope other companies are in the same place culturally that we are, we support the united states of america. >> individual liberty and a freedom should be celebrated.
2:52 am
we should be encouraging of one another in the community. we live in a beautiful free country. let's keep it that way. carley: yeah. cheers to that. yeah, so this company is clearly very special and the reason they're so successful is because they're authentic. every decision they make is of course about the coffee but also it's about honoring our country, the constitution and the community that they themselves are a part of. people want to sign onto that message. it is so rare these days. and with other companies, i mean, who knew they that when you were buying coca-cola, seat on a delta flight or a nike gear, that you were signing on to a political ideologies. with black rifle coffee, it's upfront. you know what you're getting when you're buying the coffee. todd: it's pro america. it's tough to be against that, you know what i mean. carley: absolutely. one last thing, the afghan hey commander that i spoke to, what an amazing guy he is.
2:53 am
the part that wasn't mentioned in that piece is that when matt and evan found out he was in this country after saving so many american lives, being persecuted and then getting asylum in the u.s., they bought him a house and gave him a job. he very cool story there. todd: shimkus, thank you. we'll be right back. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. . genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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todd: a growing number of parents pushing back against critical race theory in the classroom. jillian: it led our next guest to pull his 9-year-old dodd from an elite manhattan school. neither me nor my child have white privilege nor do we need to apologize for it suggesting i too is insulting. suggesting to my-year-old child she does is child abuse not education that former new york city parent harvey goldman joins me now. thanks for being here. i'm curious what exactly the school, in your stems, was teaching your daughter leave the school and up and move. >> they were teaching these young children about having white privilege, the murder of george floyd. at that point there wasn't an established murder. black lives matter, which i believe is marxist and destructive. i heard about it because i read
2:58 am
a -- one of their news letters that came out. there was a litigation blurb about it changing the curriculum and i questioned. todd: we are a jewish day school and very proud of our secular and religious dr. curriculum which mr. goldman is fundamentally misrepresenting. his family informed us last summer that they would would likely relocate to florida for financial reasons. we question his move and making such statements at this time. a lot to unpack there, sir. your response to that statement. >> we did plan on moving down to florida at the end of the school year but did i write them a letter when i heard about this back in september. and i believe you might have a copy of that letter. todd: sure. just pointing tout them did i find out about their curriculum and i was not happy about it.
2:59 am
todd: [inaudible] the problem? >> i believe so. i think everybody is afraid to say something. i believe teachers are scared to say anything. jillian: i understand a few parent have reached out to you after this story was out? >> yes. thanking me for saying something because everybody is scared to say anything. todd: when did you reach your breaking point? >> when i reached out to the school and they basically told me, listen, we're going to be teaching your children this and there is nothing you can do about it. jillian: have you spoken onto anyone at the school since you left? >> no, i have not. todd: sir, what happened to math and english as topics taught in school when you and i and jillian were going to classes? >> exactly. what happened to regular math and english and little children don't need to feel bad about the color their skin.
3:00 am
that's what they're teaching them to feel bad about who they are. the schools are supposed to be teaching you confidence. jillian: harvey goldman, thank you for joining us. appreciate your time. >> thank you. todd: and, with that, "fox & friends" starts on a monday morning right now. ♪ ♪ >> president biden approaches his first hundred days in office. >> i think he has been a very destabilizing government. >> he was going to govern as a bipartisan but he has governed as a socialist. >> more than half of americans find border security worse under president biden. >> it's not going to be solved overnight it's a complex issue. >> it was solved before they came into office. >> wearing masks outdoors what is your. >> when you look at the common sense situation obviously the risk is very low. >> just a week or two ago he was explaining why you would still need to wear the mask everywhere, including outside. >> the nypd reporting a whopping 75% slump in police


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