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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 26, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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you can say that. a great summary, thank you. >> steve: join us next sunday. steve: join us next sunday. >> it's not going to be solved overnight. under the previous administration they pulled out essentially a lot of what had been the continuum of work. todd: it is monday, april 26. vice president kamala harris pointing fingers at the trump administration for the growing crisis at the southern border. a brand-new fox news poll shows 38% of americans think biden's policies are to blame. jillian: a push for police reform ramping up on capitol hill, what the democrats leading the charge tells fox news about republican a attempts to reach across the aisle and make a deal. todd: did you see this? probably not. politics taking center stage at
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the 93rd academy awards. >> i have to be honest, if things had gone differently this past week in minneapolis i might have traded in my heels for marching boots. todd: more of the grandstanding from hollywood's woke elite. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ it's a beautiful day. ♪ it's a beautiful day. jillian: new york city and atlanta where it is a beautiful day. todd, i don't know if that would have been the best shade of dress color for you, but maybe the style. todd: you don't think that green would have accentuated whatever color my eyes are. jillian: good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm jillian mele. todd: i'm todd piro.
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kamala harris speaking out on the border crisis blaming the trump administration once again. jillian: doug luzader joins us live from washington. doug, good morning. >> reporter: jillian and todd, good morning. when you dive into the polling numb burkes it's clear that border security and immigration are real weak points right now for the biden administration. vice president kamala harris plans to meet virtually with the president of mexico next month. she's been tasked with trying to solve the problem. over the weekend, she said she is trying to figure out how to go down to the border but she's blaming covid and other of issues for the delay. she is also blaming the trump administration for the escalating crisis. >> it's not going to be solved overnight. it's a complex issue. part of the problem is that under the previous administration they pulled out essentially a lot of what had been the continuum of work and it essentially came to a
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standstill. >> reporter: voters may not quite see it that way. our poll shows a combined 56% of registered voters believe the huge jump in immigrants crossing the border is either completely or mostly due to biden being elected. republicans keep pressing the issue of unaccompanied children and the difficulty of housing them. >> the biden/harris policies are actually separating families at the border because young kids under 18 years old are allowed to stay on this side and so what happens is that's why we're seeing so many unaccompanied minors crossing the border. >> reporter: now all of this is leading up to biden's big address to a joint session of congress this week, not a state of the union address technically but it's going to be how it appears. the immigration issue may take a back seat to other big initiatives that the
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administration would like to get getdone during the early monthsn office. todd: looking forward hear what the president has to say. doug, thanks. jillian: top republicans giving president biden low marks for his first 100 days. >> it's more like a bait and switch. the bait was he was going to govern bipartisan but the switch is he's governed as a socialist. >> aoc said his first 100 days exceeded her expectations. that's all you need to know. he's been a disaster on foreign policy, he's been a very destabilizing president and economically he's throwing a wet blanket over the recovery. jillian: a fox news poll reveals 54% approve of president biden's job performance. that's lower than former president bush and obama were at the same point but higher than president trump. todd: minnesota's attorney general, keith ellison, showing sympathy for derek chauvin after his conviction for george
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floyd's murder. >> i spent 16 years as a criminal defense lawyer, so i will admit i felt a little bad for the defendant. i think he deserved to be convicted but he's a human being. i think it's important for the court to not go light or heavy. i don't know if it's right for a judge to send a message to a sentence. todd: ellison reveals he didn't believe there was evidence to prove it was a hate crime and insisted his prosecutors never wanted revenge against chauvin, only accountability. five minutes after the hour now. a fifth day of peaceful protests break out in north carolina over the deputy involved shooting of a black man. jillian: ashley strohmier joins us with the latest as andrew brown junior's family is expected to see body cam foot wage today. >> reporter: the family will hold a press conference after seeing the footage. demonstrators have demanded
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authorities release footage, calling for the resignation of the local sheriff. he insists it's not up to him. listen. >> we know people want answers. we know you're angry. we understand and respect that. we're following a process that protects the investigation to ensure fairness for all. we want transparency, accountability, and peace. >> reporter: meanwhile, in d.c., the push for police reform hit a wall. this as democrats call to ban choke holds and end qualified immunity for officers. senator rick scott pleaded for lawmakers to work together. >> i think what we ought to do is let's find best practices, let's have more transparency so we can find out what's working and what's not working. i'll always listen to everybody's proposal. what i'm not going to do is put a law enforcement community in a position that they've got to second guess themselves when
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they try to make sure people are staying safe. >> reporter: he pushed a bill written by tim scott of south carolina. tim scott is working on a new bill with senator corey booker and congresswoman karen bass who says republicans need to something big for her to drop her demands to end qualified immunity. >> if lindsey graham and tim scott can show us some other way to hold officers accountable, because this has been going on for just decades and officers right now are not really held accountable. >> reporter: bass called for ex minneapolis officer derek you chauvin to get the maximum tense after he was convicted for the murder of george floyd. back to you guys. todd: ashley, thanks. jillian: miami-dade police are searching for the shooter of a 3-year-old boy at his own birthday party. family members say he was happy and full of life. >> i wish i could tell him
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good-bye. jillian: the a 21-year-old woman was also hit by gunfire. she is expected to recover. police believe anil tear case led to the -- an altercation led to the shooting. todd: an 18-year-old man charged with first degree murder in connection to the fatal shooting of a 7-year-old in a mcdonald's drive-through. the girl and her father were shot during a failed carjacking. the father is expected to fully recover. police are searching for two other suspects involved in the brazen attack. jillian: anti-lockdown states are reporting fewer covid-19 infections. florida and texas have kept case positivity rates down after fully reopening.
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democrat led states, pennsylvania, new york and michigan, led the daily increase in covid-19 cases, this as dr. anthony fauci said the cdc may revise outdoor mask guidelines the country will be hearing updated guidelines from the cdc. when you look at the common sense situation, the risk is very low, particularly if you're vaccinated. jillian: the cdc reports nearly 30% of americans are fully vaccinated. todd: politics of course taking center stage at the pandemic delayed oscars held at l.a.'s union station. >> i have to be honest, if things had gone differently this past week in minneapolis, i might have traded in my heels for marching boots, and yes, we are doing it maskless. yes. so just like on a movie set, when we are rolling, masks off and when we're not rolling, masks on.
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todd: regina king evoking derek chauvin's murder trial in her monologue and the best support supporting actor praising the role he played. know madland won -- nomadland won best picture best actor. anthony hopkins won for his role. many expected it to be chadwick boseman. anthony hopkins won and then the show went off. jillian: i haven't seen any of it. i haven't seen any of the movies. i'm way out of the loop. i understand the disappointment if you will for chadwick boseman and his family and friends who may have been anticipating that award. todd: still to come, president biden set to mark 100 days in office, rallying a state his
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party is trying to boycott. why can he visit atlanta but major league baseball can't hold the all-star game there. a business owner joins us next. jillian: a pulse pounding race to the finish, the big win at talladega superspeedway, when we return. ♪ ♪ she told me to walk this way.
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todd: welcome back. president joe biden will mark his first 100 days in office with a drive-in rally in atlanta, promoting his climate agenda. jillian: but some people are still asking isn't the left still boycotting georgia over its voting law. here to he react, atlanta small business owner, bruce. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. jillian: you had a jewelry business for 26 years in the atlanta area. can you tell me how that's changed in the last few years, specifically in your estimation how it's changed since the new
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administration has taken over. >> well, it's changed a lot. it's been very challenging for a lot of us. listen, jillian, todd, i'm one of 30 plus million small businesses in the u.s. we make up 62% of the gdp. however, we would hope we would come further along getting our businesses open but you see that we're still -- some of us still chugging along. hopefully it will get better. i'm really -- i was watching when biden, president biden wants to come to atlanta, i'm hoping he would come and like listen, let's promote the mlb all-star game again. 30% of businesses that were here near the stadium are minority owned. if anything's coming to atlanta, please talk about opening up businesses and getting us up and going and bringing in the game back to atlanta and get off of this pandering and just get back to business as usual. todd: bruce, the number we've
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been telling people about, the number that's been reported, $100 million, that's the estimated cost of major league baseball moving the all-star game. putting aside the irony of holding a drive-through rally to promote getting rid of fossil fuels, we'll leave that for another day, why is georgia good enough for this pr stunt but not good enough for the major league baseball all-star game. >> i hope president biden is watching this segment. i hope it gets to them. please, stop all the craziness. this voter law take that you -- law that you are so-called protesting, your home state has stronger laws than the state of georgia. 36 other states are similar, if not stronger than this law. if anything, it makes it -- in my -- as a former chairman in georgia in the gop, it makes it even better for all citizens
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here in georgia and business owners, everyone. so i wish and hope and i hope he watches this, you know, if you're going to come down here and do a drive-through rally, do one for the small businesses, people like me and my wife that came here with $35 and built a business and many other testimonies out here that would love for you to come back and stop all of this and get us back up and going. todd: we will be waiting to see if that happens. meantime, here's democrat turned republican vernon jones on this very topic yesterday. take a listen. >> here's joe biden coming to visit atlanta. he's trying to save face. he caused many, many african-american businesses and others an opportunity to benefit during the major league baseball. so i don't even understand why he's coming here. he can come here but major league baseball can't come here. todd: i know you're a business owner, i want you to be a pollster for a moment. if the presidential race is held today in georgia, in this 100 days of biden being in office,
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does biden still win georgia? >> no. absolutely not. and you know, if he keeps going with this, you know, todd, i don't know what to say. i just wish like i said he would stop and i hope he watches this. please, stop all the pandering, just do the business, let us business people get back to work. there's still a lot of mom and pops, friends of mine, colleagues, who aren't open who are trying to -- look, over a year, todd, they're still trying to get open, the small mom and pop eateries. imagine how that is where they can't social gather, where they can get together. remember, all the bars and the small little iteries, they've got to have elbows to elbows at their bars, at their tables. todd: that's the only way to make it work. that's the only way to make it work financially. bruce, we appreciate it. thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks for having me. todd: still ahead, a coffee shop proudly giving back to our country's vets with every cup
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they brew. >> we're supporting our veterans, social service, that's not political to me. jillian: carley gets a behind the scenes look at veteran owned and operating black rifle coffee.
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and that ending was so intense. i know, i didn't even see it coming. are you gonna watch? eventually! you know the drill.
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(humming) never fear, girl-who-has-yet-to-watch-her- friends-favorite-shows -and-films-of-the-year, it's time to celebrate the biggest week in television. now you can see these shows. and their unforgettable moments, for free. so you can finally talk about them with your friends. get ready for watchathon week, free starting april 27th. download the xfinity stream app to get ready to watch. todd: time to grab the morning coffee. we're getting a behind the scenes tour at black rifle coffee company, a company supporting our country's vets and civil service and serving a cup of patriotism every time. jillian: carley shimkus had a chance to talk coffee and the constitution with the owner. did try all of the coffee. carley: i didn't get a chance to try all their coffee. it has become increasingly common for companies to tlaib
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brail political positions -- take liberal political positions. this company has set themselves apart for their unwavering support. i went to their headquarters in salt lake city to see what makes this company tick. check it out. hey, guys. glued to see you. carley: good to see you in person. this is beautiful. >> this is our first large scale roaster. we've got three other really big roasters outside of nashville. i think we roasted about 5 million tons of coffee last year. it's a lot of coffee. carley: caffeinating america, my friends. a big part of your revenue is in the gear you guys sell. we're making it right now. >> absolutely. not only are we the world's best coffee company but we are a lifestyle brand as well. so we take pride in the things
1:24 am
we care about. carley: only in the black rifle coffee company are you getting the tactical sasquatch. >> we're doing archery. >> what's the point of working as hard as we do without being able to enjoy yourself. carley: you went from being in the military to running a successful coffee company. >> i wanted to get into coffee but the war kicked off in 2001 so i said, well, should i become a green beret or a coffee roaster. carley: coffee was a huge part of your deployment. >> i had a separate bag with the deployment just was coffee. carley: this company is about more than just coffee, it's about supporting military, veterans, law enforcement, second amendment rights. what do you say to people who
1:25 am
say okay, well, we may like their coffee but we don't like their politics. >> as a company that's supporting the constitution and our nation's veterans and civil servants, he's that's not political to me, that's us deciding that we support the people that keep us safe, especially in times like this where we have this woke culture and we want to wake people up without being woke. >> if people don't like us, there's a lot of other places to buy coffee. for me, when i ended my service -- carley: you were a commander in the afghany military. you saved a lot of american lives. and then you were being persecuted in your own country because of that. you moved to the united states and then matt and evan found that you were here and brought you to black rifle coffee. >> i'm here in america,. carley: they thought you were
1:26 am
dead. >> yes, my family was together. >> after the marine corps i didn't have much of a plan. i ended up becoming a police officer in philadelphia. it wasn't the lifestyle for me. i knew black rifle coffee was headquartered here. i took a job making coffee for he people. it ended up being more than i thought it was. jillian: a -- carley: a lot of what you believe in is under attack people are calling to defund the police and stricter gun laws. >> i hope other companies are in the same essence culturally that we are. >> we should be encouraging of one another, the country and the community. we still live in a beautiful, free country. let's keep it that way. carley: cheers to that. clears to that. it was -- cheers to that. it was great getting a behind the scene tours of the black rifle coffee company.
1:27 am
the owners are such nice people and they they give back constantly to law enforcement and veteran communities. i think one of the reason that their coffee company is so successful is because they are authentic. what they're selling is stuff that exemplifies them, it's a fun company as well. it shows a lighter side of military and law enforcementnd and people tend to gravitate to that. also, they are of course celebrating america as you see that american flag flying near their company as well, guys. jillian: it's crazy that their scales skyrocketed so much last year. carley: the nearly doubled sales in 2020. people working from home it helped their company. they're doing brick and mortar now. that aspect is continuing. todd: great story, shim. carley: thank you, it was a lot of fun. jillian: we didn't get any
1:28 am
coffee remarks the heck. todd: i saw it in her office. we know it's there. jillian: still to come, after a year of riots, portland's mayor admits antifa is very real and must be stop. >> they want to burn, they want to bash, they want to intimidate n want to assault. todd: is it too late. gabriel johnson from the coalition to save portland reacts, next.
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[male narrator] no man, no woman, no one left behind. for the vfw, it's a credo that stands long after our fighting days are over because our service never stops. we're still serving, which is why we pledge to help our own, no matter where they are or when they need us. we're here for student veterans with scholarships and helping with gi bill benefits. we're providing grants for our brothers and sisters in arms who need a leg up. we're a nationwide network, helping veterans file for the compensation and benefits they've earned and standing by them 'til they get what they deserve. whether it's here or abroad, we're committed to making life better for veterans, standing in lockstep with those who stood so courageously for everyone else. it's what makes us the vfw.
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todd: u.s. troop withdrawal beginning in afghanistan as the taliban ramps up bombings in the region. jillian: benjamin hall joins us live overseas with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, todd and jillian. the drawdown is truly underway. it comes as a time when the taliban is increasing attacks and the security situation is getting worse. president biden pushed back that initial may departure which was set by the trump administration,
1:32 am
instead saying he aims to withdraw all troops by september 11th. general austin miller, the commander of troops in afghanistan, saying i now have a set of orders. we will conduct an orderly withdrawal from afghanistan. that means transitioning bases and equipment to the afghan security forces. the move has received bipartisan backlash. according to afghanistan's news agency, the taliban conducted 62 bomb blasts and six suicide bombings in the last 11 days alone, killing 63 civilians. neighboring india continues to set its own grim new covid records for the highest number of infections of any country. there were almost 350,000 confirmed cases on sunday and almost 2800 deaths. the healthcare system there is on the brink of collapse. after a phone call with his indian counter part, national security advisor jake sullivan said the u.s. will send emergency aid to india.
1:33 am
president biden tweeted just as india sent assistance to the u.s. during the pandemic, we are determined to help india in its time of need. in better covid news, the president of the european union announced that american tourists who have been fully vaccinated against covid will be allowed back into the european union this summer. she didn't say when the date would be exactly. it does suggest a semblance of normality coming this summer and perhaps we may see the two of you over here in europe. todd: if you see us, we won't be like the gentleman in that video because men in the u.s. do not wear speed os in public. jillian: no comment. >> reporter: it's not that popular here. i don't want to give the wrong idea. todd: benjamin, thank you. jillian: thank you. now to this, a major shift from leadership in portland as violence surges across the city but democrat merited wheeler pleading with the public to help end the chaos. >> we must stand together as a
1:34 am
community against this ongoing criminal intimidation and violence. they want to burn, they want to bash. they want to intimidate. they want to assault. jillian: this as wheeler calls to refund police. here to react from the coalition to save portland, gabriel johnson. good to see you. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. jillian: take a look at numbers, violence as it surges be in portland, 2020 versus 2021, you can see a 733% increase in homicides, a 103% increase in shooting incidents. the mayor called for nearly $2 million in additional funding for the city's police force and other agencies friday, citing statistics like that. but you go back a year almost to june 2020 when the portland city council reduced the police budget by nearly 16 million, so what is the message of this 2 million increase that the mayor's requesting say and is it
1:35 am
enough? >> let's first start with this publicity stunt that the mayor pulled off the other day, asking for the public to help, to help identify some of these antifa rioters, monsters, whatever you want to call them, whatever he calls them. these are the same people that have been in and out of federal and county custody over the last 10 months so asking the public to help identify these people, again, this is a publicity stunt. we know who they are. the city council knows who they are, the police department knows who they are and the mayor know whose they are. jillian: interesting point. gabriel, i want to ask your opinion. if you have other people who are watching right now in other cities and perhaps these cities' leaders are calling to defund the police in their cities remarks is your message -- what is your message, because you've been living this. >> portland should be an example of what defunding the police actually looks like. with the $15 million that was reduced from -- taken away or of defunded from the portland
1:36 am
police bureau, we've seen a 13% reduction in the total police force. we've seen some of the specialty units go away, like the gun violence reduction team, that has had a great effect on the homicides and gun violence that we're seeing in portland. the further defunding of police departments around the united states is going to have a terrible effect on public safety that we all have the right to deserve and demand. jillian: what do you think it will take to get your city back on track? >> it's going to take reinvestment back in public safety, along with the reform and policing. i think both of them can be done hand in hand but just taking money away and telling the city that, hey, this is the best we're going to do for you right now, we need to change the systemic racism in our police department. i just don't agree with that.
1:37 am
i think we need to reinvest in public safety and let the city know we actually really care about its taxpayers and citizens. citizens. jillian: absolutely, gabriel johnson, retired marine, thank you for your service and for the coalition to save portland. thank you for joining us. have a good day. >> you too. todd: a wyoming company is offering a free ar-15 rifle with every roof installation purchased. they replaced the usual thank you card with the $600 rifle. they have received more than 120 bids since the promotion. customers who don't want a gun can donate $800 to a pro-life charity instead. a federal judge dismissing the connecticut lawsuit trying to block transgender athletes from participating in girls high school sports. since the two transgender athletes named in the lawsuit have graduated, the district or judge says there's no dispute to resolve, saying it's mute. it's a way of punting when you don't want to make a decision.
1:38 am
more than 20 states introduced legislation to ban or limit transgender athletes from competing on teams or sports under their gender identity. jillian: let's go total day ga superspeedway and a wild geico 500. harrison burton driving off with a gas tank attached and joey la logano going airborne during a scary five car wreck. watch. wow. that is scary. after the race, logano said he was happy to be alive. brad kozlowski taking the checkered flag in overtime. >> to the finish, kozlowski's the leader, wins talladega. jillian: he led one lap the entire race. the last one making a crucial pass for his sixth talladega win. todd: , look, it's talladega,
1:39 am
you know there will be crashes. you don't know your car will become a plane. that's pretty scary. still to come, the masks came out at the academy awards which was dominated by woke racial politics and anti-police sentiment. >> i have to be honest, if things had gone differently this past week in minneapolis, i might have traded in my heels for marching boots. jillian: one superstar flipped the script to say enough with the hate. carley shimkus is live with some of the major moments, next. ♪ beverly hills
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todd: after months of pandemic delays it was finally hollywood's biggest night, the oscars. jillian: but no surprise, politics still took center stage. >> i have to be honest, if things had gone differently this past week in minneapolis, i might have traded in my heels for marching boots. >> today the police will kill
1:43 am
three people, on average the police in america every day kill three people. those people happen to disproportionately be black people. jillian: carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7, sirius xm115 has the latest. carley: this was a slow, sleepy awards show that was peppered with political commentary, particularly about policing. regina king kicked off the award show by mentioning the murder conviction of derek chauvin. director trayvon free criticized police in his acceptance speech. tyler perry who was honored with a humanitarian award last night had a different message about accepting all people. take a listen to what he had to say. >> it is my hope that all of us would teach our kids to refuse hate. don't hate anybody. i refuse to hate somebody because they are mexican or because they are black or white
1:44 am
or lbgtq. i refuse to hate someone because they are a police officer. i refuse to hate someone because they are asian. i would hope we would refuse hate. carley: so i think that is a message we can all get behind. but like i said, guys, very dry show. there were no fun, musical performances, very few light hearted moments and not a lot of people saw the movies that were up for the awards. i can't imagine this being a memorable show for most people who were watching. jillian: i never saw one of them. carley: i usually like to see a lot of movies that were up for awards. didn't this year. they didn't really resonate. jillian: the bar was low. .todd: mele and i both watched grown-ups two this weekend. a lot of people fired up about the end of the show. carley: yeah. so the late chadwick boseman was the favorite to win the best actor academy award. but wound up losing to anthony hopkins and that moment is causing some controversy.
1:45 am
take a listen. >> the academy congratulates anthony hopkins and accepts the oscar on his behalf. thank you. carley: so the academy is facing criticism for that. this tweet sums it up perfectly. someone wrote so they made chadwick boseman's widow attend the oscars during a pandemic and then made her watch him lose it to someone who wasn't even in attendance. so boseman posthumously won the best actor award at the screen actors guild and golden globe awards for his role in a movie he worked on into his final days while privately battling colon cancer which is incredibly impressive, guys. jillian: put this into perspective, the swag bag that nominees received cost more money than most people make in a year. carley: $205,000.
1:46 am
and that bag is given to each nominee. here's what it includes. some items like a 24-carat gold finished vape cartridge, an anti-racist children's book, change maker's village, a non fungible token is also included. there's also a three night stay at a 152-year-old lighthouse in sweden, a four night stay at a spa, that's the one that jillian and i for sure want. 10 personal training sessions with a very impressive trainer. todd: that's the one i need. carley: also a consultation with a cosmetic and lipo suction specialist because it is hollywood after all. jillian: can i just -- it's a little tone deaf. so many people lost their jobs in the last year. .carley: 205,000. jillian: when i saw the price tag, people lost their jobs and
1:47 am
don't make that in a year and that's a swag bag. carley: even if you lose -- it's not just for winners, it's nor the nominees. even if you lose, you get that swag bag with all that stuff in it. todd: to jillian's point, maybe we sit this year out. jillian: still ahead, californians flocking to florida and texas to escape high taxes and policies. .todd: a former assemblyman who he relocated to texas is live, next. ♪
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todd: new data revealing the true impact of the mass exodus from some of america's bluest states. 2020 census numbers show a major
1:51 am
shift from places like california and new york, so much so that the massive electoral strongholds could lose congressional seats. hear to react. you've been preaching about the california exodus for a while. here are the numbers to prove it. look at the jump in texas and florida, over a percentage point and look at the tiny, tiny, tiny percentage growth in california, largely of which can be attributed to immigration at the border. can you see the trend stopping any time soon? >> no, i don't see it stopping any time soon. in fact, you're looking at 9 to 10 states that will lose delegations, lose house seats. new york will probably lose one or two, california will lose one for the first time since becoming a state in 1850. the seats will go to seven states, seven states will pick
1:52 am
up at least one. florida will pick up two, texas picking up three members of the u.s. house of representatives. and the only hope for california, because i don't see gavin newsom cutting taxes or reducing regulatory burden or fixing the bad lawsuit climate or building a water infrastructure, i don't see any of that happening. there is a silver lining. the biden administration could make the regulatory environment so bad for the whole country and raise taxes on the whole country, that at that point they'll impose california and new york-like policies on the entire nation and then california and new york won't look so bad and texas and florida won't look so good. so that's one way to fix it. todd: i don't know if there a lot of people too excited pout that in texas. you started going state by state. let's pop up the map. you can see in green the states expected to gain seats, states in yellow expected to lose.
1:53 am
because your house seats impact your electoral college votes, do you see these changes potentially impacting the 2024 presidential election? and how? >> well, they will. you're going to see a bit of a shift from states that generally are blue states and that of course is reflected in the fact that they're losing population. people talk a good game but they don't like to live under blue state rules because of the high taxes and high regulations and the high cost of living, high energy costs and they're moving to states that are largely more conservative. this is even going to affect the 2022 midterm elections and so it's going to increase the chances that the republicans retake the u.s. house of representatives and that would be kind of ironic given that speaker nancy pelosi is from california, one of the states losing the seats. who knows, maybe she'll be redistricted out of the seat. todd: it's fascinating to watch this as this redistricting takes
1:54 am
place before our eyes. fascinating. we'll have you back when it all shakes out in the watch, potentially next week. >> thank you, todd. jillian: if you were hoping to be one of the first to go to mars, elon musk may have you thinking twice. >> it's dangerous. it's uncomfortable. it's a long journey. honestly, a lot of people will die in the beginning. jillian: i'm sorry, what? musk adding it will be a glorious adventure, stressing it's not for everyone. he hopes to have humans on the red planet by 2026. nasa's ingenuity helicopter set a new record. it reached a top speed of nearly 7 feet per second. the 80 second journey captured by the perseverance rover. the fourth flight is expected in the coming days. todd: i'm pro visiting mars but
1:55 am
anti-dying. so if we can figure out -- jillian: i'm alarmed that he was laughing about that coming up in the next hour of "fox & friends first," violent crime skyrocketing as police officers are rushing to retire. our panel reacts in the next hour. a growing number of parents pushing back against critical race theory at schools, a new york city dad explains the response he got for sounding the alarm.
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>> it's not going to be solved overnight. under the previous administration they pulled of out essentially a lot of what had been the continuum of work. jillian: it is monday, april 26th. vice president kamala harris pointing fingers at the trump administration for the growing crisis at our southern border. but a brand-new fox news poll shows 38% of americans think
2:00 am
president biden's policies are to blame. todd: a push for police reform ramping up on capitol hill, what the democrat who is leading the charge tells fox news about republican attempts to reach across the aisle and make a deal. jillian: and politics taking center stage at the 93rd academy awards. >> i have to be honest, if things had gone differently this past week in minneapolis, i may have traded in my heels for marching boots. jillian: more of the grandstanding from hollywood's woke elite. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ i feel glorious, glorious. ♪ got a chance to start again. .♪ todd: two cities in your opening shot on your monday morning, of course new york city and now a live look at atlanta. jillian: are you feeling


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