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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  April 25, 2021 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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episodes every few weeks the goal is to bring accurate and honest reporting but stories that we ourselves would watch in her own free time we hope you enjoy themse we will see you again soon. have a great night. >> . mark: hello this is "life, liberty & levin" we have some great guest tonight. before we do you will recall a few sundays ago i began a program beginning with thomas paine.
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with the american crisis pamphlet which stirred the american people with george washington's forces to defend our country ultimately to win the revolutionary war. i want to start out a little differently tonight. we have allowed to define who we are as people. to the famous, slender our ancestors trash our founding documents in principles. they hate the country in which they live and contributed nothing to its betterment. they live off the sweat and toil of others while pursue a destructive and diabolical course for our nation undermining and sabotaging virtually every institution in our society. the ideology and worldview based on the arguments and beliefs of the man ultimately carl marx whose writings are responsible for the enslavement and impoverishment and torture and death of untold millions. this is a hard fact. despite the predictable protestations. these are the useful idiots
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that take those positions of the democratic party, culture, media and academia. we are surrounded by them. and then the sacrifice and bravery of our revolutionaries. and paul hancock - - paul revere and john hancock to be spirited by the wisdom ingenious, thomas jefferson, john adams, james madison. ben franklin. and so many others. while they have been smeared and degraded by the american left in the democratic party to occupy the oval office, we must continue to celebrate them. and together they defeated the most powerful military force on earth what the greatest most extraordinary nation in mankind. future generations of patriots
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have tremendous sacrifice to fight the civil war to end slavery something no other country has ever done. costing hundreds of thousands of lives throughout america. 700,000 casualties in a nation of 25 million people. in gettysburg alone there were 51000 casualties but other battles with terrible casualties. the wilderness, chancellorsville, ss river, antietam, bull run. twice. for donaldson. fredericksburg. cold harbor. petersburg. gainesville. missionary ridge. atlanta. seven times. nashville. many others. last century americans
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, millions of americans fought and hundreds of thousands died two world wars and in world war i 4 million american soldiers were mobilized to fight germany, austria-hungary a - - hungary and the ottoman empire. 16000 americans perished at the battles canonsburg. and many others and world war ii over 16 million american soldiers fought the german nazi in japan and italy. 400,000 lost their lives. the battles of sicily and the atlantic. normandy. battle of the bulge. iwo jima. guadalcanal. okinawa. and many many more. during the cold war with the soviet union. american soldiers fought the spread of client unit one —-dash communism including korea and the soviets and in the northern part of the korean peninsula to invade the south. five.7million americans were
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engaged in that war. five.7million and nearly 34000 lost their lives. almost remained american served in uniform in the vietnam war which was intended to prevent the soviets and the chinese that communist in the northern part of that country from taking over the south. over 58000 american soldiers lost their lives. and there have been many battles since including but not limited to iraq and afghanistan and the war on terrorism. contrary to the slurs we hear from joe biden and kamala harris, lebron james and athletes, contrary to the slurs we hear from black lives matter and other leftist marxist in this country america is a great country.
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it is not an imperialist country or colonizing country. our soldiers, our people are noble. we fought and died and still do. to protect the liberties of the oppressed from one end of the world to another. regardless of religion, skin color, ethnicity or race. and those who are victimized. unlike enemies we do not seek other countries for the purpose of occupation and territorial expansion. and in america one generation after another has been willing to sacrifice everything. some paid the ultimate price in defense of the magnificent country from foreign enemies. they believed that america and her principles are worth fighting for and dying for and many of us, our family members were among them. but today things are a little different. on the home front. most of us view police as selfless and brave guardians of the law to protect us from
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criminals and keep the peace. we look up to them and appreciate them. highly trained professionals and their job is extremely dangerous given the level of violent criminality that exist in this country. national law enforcement memorial fund says that since 1786, more than 22000 law-enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty. in 2018 alone, 58866 assaults against law enforcement officers resulting in 18000 injuries. on every 9/11 we honor those officers with firefighters, emergency personnel and others that lost their lives in heroic acts to save those souls in the twin towers and pentagon that were slaughtered by al qaeda terrorist. these men and women have not changed the same patriotic and self-sacrificing americans today and on other days.
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law enforcement at all levels has come under brutal attack. suddenly they could do no good and systemically racist targeting black men all over the country because they are on a mission to kill them. they have to be constrained and restrained and policing itself must be reimaged. we are told police officers can do no good. they are targeting americans. african-americans. other minorities for disparate treatment despite indisputable statistics and overwhelming evidence to the contrary. of course the relentless degrading police forces and disinformation about law enforcement and ideological and political exploitation of videotaped encounters and major democratic politicians are intended to destabilize
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our communities. and that is exactly what they are doing. they are destabilizing our communities the death rate in the major cities which are mostly lived in by minorities. poor people. nonexclusively but mostly going through the roof. and while we are now allowing this president and his vice president and administration while we are allowing nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and the worst of the demagogues of the democratic party all in leadership and individuals in the media and people in the streets ical sharpton among others to tear this country apart, just remember this, we are a great people when they attack america they attack us in our forefathers we say we are perfect people but a great people. there is a reason why 42 million people south of the border had an opportunity to
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come to the united states. brown people and black people. those that wish to be there countries and culture for hours. you would think if we were everything lebron james said, everything joe biden said. everything that maxine waters said, 42 million people would be lining up to get out of america. do you know anybody trying to leave america anyone trying to leave for china or russia or iran or north korea? on any other reason of the face of the earth we are fed lies and propaganda in by the expert purpose to bring this country down so i have a question for my dear friend leo terrel why does joe biden and kamala harris and the democratic party hate america?
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>> they hate america because of all the things you articulated to destroy america and change the values that made a such a great country. they look for power. ultimate power the only way they can do it is to move the country to the extreme left. for them to attack this country as they do day in and day out to accuse the country to be a racist country a systematic racist country that is to lie to the american people for the sole purpose of power and control. and then with the far left they went is under their thumbs for the purpose of controlling us and taking away our american values, american freedoms and liberties. >> when we come back and went to ask this question.
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people are being slaughtered inner cities every single day and especially on the weekends slaughtered by numbers that are unimaginable. gang bangers shot up a mcdonald's while people where my murdering a seven -year-old girl wounded father killed five people there at a popeyes we don't know their names it gets no coverage. the athletes and actors in hollywood the sony journalist none of them focus on what is taking place thousands and thousands dying every year. what is with the priority of the left and then media in this country when black lives matter what most of this happens in black communities? we will be right back stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx crafted by lexus.
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mark: welcome back america. leo terrel a civil rights attorney for a long time. you have seen both sides with
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a liberal democrat and said that's enough. they don't have any answers. i will move on the side of liberty. let me ask you a question. you see these numbers in the cities. you are from the l.a. area. the numbers are tremendous. the slaughter. the mayhem, indiscriminate shooting. kids watching tv on the sofa on the bullet comes to the window and we are trashing the cops all the carnage that's occurring for those that are killing each other why do you think the mayor of the democratic party and all the rest don't even talk about it let alone focus on it quick. >> let me be very clear in detail. joe biden and kamala harris and black lives matter and t5 don't care about americans they don't care about the people they represent and they went to protect. the people who have been deprived by the horrific
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americans system giving up 200 years of greatness they use people of color for their own selfish gain. black lives matter collected $90 million you think they would give that to the community nobody knows where it is at that one of the founders of black lives matter just recently purchased for homes. they don't care about black on black crime you talk about the little girl who was killed at the mechanical on - - mcdonald's they don't care about the people they claim to represent. because all they want is power. they lie to gain power. joe biden lied to the american people on national tv when he claimed there is systemic racism. why? he wants to betray republicans and those who believe in freedom as a racist.
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to deprive the people of color all americans quality education they don't want americans to choose whether they go to a charter school or private school. they want to control them public schools are run by the union that provide inequality education. they keep us under their control. that's why i left them because i saw it and i was sick of it. and racism among police officers don't look at the numbers. why? it is a lie for them to make the statement that white officers are looking for black people to kill. that is a lie. they say they talk to lie every day. why? for control. to get people angry and emotional. they want them to be angry and
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they point to americans who love freedom, liberty and choice and quality education. and americans who love this country. and to claim that we are responsible for the misery they are creating. if you take law enforcement away from democratic cities from los angeles and chicago and washington dc. and you will destroy the community. but that is what they want. they believe in chaos. they believe in destruction and destroying. your monologue articulates americans who made this country great. washington, jefferson, lincoln,.
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they want them gone. they want any waste. they want to re- rate on - - rewrite history through critical race theory. they want to accuse people simply because of skin color because they are evil. white supremacy. everybody is a white supremacist. why? they want to write a false narrative. they want to change what made this country great 250 years. destroy why people want to come to this great country. completely burned this country down. george floyd case. the case that had nothing to do with race. zero you would not believe that if you listen to the democrats and the left wing media but the race case of the century. mark, not one reference to race was mentioned in that courtroom. mark, that case did not represent an indictment against a police officer. it was one individual
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defendant accused of a crime. he was not accused of being a racist. he was not accused of playing the race card. he was found guilty. but that did not satisfy them. because they want chaos and continue to demand chaos. you cannot appease criminals you cannot appease black lives matter and t5 and the democratic party. mark: absolutely profoundly and brilliantly put. this is a revolution we are watching. of a small percentage of the population. a small percentage of the population supported by the american media the democratic party is on it because they exploit black people whether
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the democratic party and the confederacy or the democratic party and segregation. whether the democratic party and jim crow which joe biden knows about because he participated actively or the democratic party today that literally wants to take police protection away from black people and communities. survey showed over 80 percent of black majority communities want they are police there. a significant percentage want more police there. because they know exactly what goes on in the streets and black lives matter does not help them. teefive ships in the marxist into their communities and the media do not represent them. we will be right back. for busy veterans like kate. so when her car got hit, she didn't waste any time. she filed a claim on her usaa app and said, “that was easy.” usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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mark. >> i am jon scott a federal judge in connecticut dismisses a lawsuit which has sought to prevent transgender athletes from competing in girls high school sports. currently connecticut allows transgender athletes to compete in sports according to gender identity not based on the gender given at birth. to students try to change that claiming they were deprived of wins by being forced to compete against transgender
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sprinters the judge dismissed the lawsuit and is allowing transgender students to compete in sports of their choosing for synagogues in the bronx have been vandalized over the last two days police are asking the public for help as they tried to identify a person of interest new york governor cuomo has directed the hate crime task force to assist the nypd. i am jon scott. back to t11. mark: welcome back america. leo terrell it is amazing to me joe biden has been in washington dc almost half a century. in the senate and vice president but now telling us about systemic racism this is the guy who pushed for the most harsh criminal laws possible at the federal level. now he thinks he is mahatma gandhi and he is signing
5:29 pm
executive orders placed under him by the most radical elements in society. pushing critical race theory. that was considered a fringe ideology coming out of stanford and harvard law schools based in marxism the ideology basically is everything in america that is bad is due to white people that america is a white dominated society is not a damn thing you can do about it the less we burn it down and clean the slate and start all over again and by the way that white people have no say since they did this in the first place. a racist back separatist ideology and leo terrell, joe biden signed a bunch of executive orders to have federal contractors public school systems all over our country to say yes people will learn this what do you make of
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that quick. >> first of all very scary on the educational front and i will get to that in the second. it turns civil-rights upside down. go back to the eloquent monologue you talked about. i became a civil rights attorney because of doctor king. then the civil rights attorney 30 years we are supposed to live in a color bright - - colorblind society. and with the separatist and extremist and black lives matter. they want to punish people based on skin color they turn the civil rights movement upside down. it is insulting. it is wrong. it is scary. you are doing in your program for me to speak, we have to push back. now get to critical race theory with education. mark, before he became a lawyer i was a schoolteacher. i still have my teaching license. education is the key to
5:31 pm
america to keeping our country strong with education and quality of education to make us knowledgeable. they push the racist idea they tested it first in the colleges now in public schools. they are trying to teach our young people when their minds are open to everything to be a racist to feel inferior. this is something we cannot allow to happen. we will have our future american leaders growing up hating each other this is where the critical race theory is more threatening to the fabric of american society freedom and choice to be who you are. we will be at war with our
5:32 pm
kids in elementary school and middle school and high school. this has to stop and has to be prevented which tells us the tenure of joe biden can be no more than four years the nancy pelosi leadership must end in 2022. the tenure of chuck schumer leadership has to end in 2022. we cannot allow the critical race theory, a.k.a. racist theory of punishing people based on people who happen to be white blamed for all the ills by the extreme left. this has to stop that is my biggest concern as an educator and lawyer is a civil rights lawyer and as an american. we cannot have the critical race theory indoctrinate and create propaganda into our
5:33 pm
young people i am worried about that. mark: it is an honor to know you thank you for everything you have done for decades and for your courage in coming forward now. we need patriots not leftist but former liberals to come forward to fight the evil taking place in our country. i want to salute on - - salute you and god bless you. >> thank you for having me think america we will survive this. mark: amen. we will be right back and i didn't even know that was an option. the personal loan let us renovate our single family house into a multi-unit home. ♪ and i get to live in this beautiful house, with this beautiful kitchen,
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mark: welcome back, america we have a great guest heather mcdonald manhattan institute fellow writing several great books the diversity delusion in the war on cops i came on -
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- i read that when it came out it's a very compelling book one of the things that thomas said about your book that this is a book that can save lives. this got me thinking all of this attack on the police to degrade the cortes systemically racist which we know as a matter of fact is a lie. all the talk that the cops want to stop cars with black people to harass them and kill them, what will happen when these communities with the democratic mayors who are slashing police budgets or tie the hands of cops, who will suffer as a result? >> it is truly astonishing the facts do not matter to the narrative and dead bodies do not matter to the narrative.
5:39 pm
it is not a hypothetical question. we already have the data. the first major assault against police legitimacy happening after the michael brown shooting in ferguson in 2014 was the ferguson effect of the combined phenomenon of officers backing off the constitutional proactive enforcement under the phony narrative that they are racist and resulting in the emboldening of criminals. through 2016 we see the largest two-year increase in homicides in the last five decades another 2000 blacks killed two no objection from the black lives matter activist now post george floyd last year 2020 saw the largest percentage increase of homicide in the nations history.
5:40 pm
probably another 3000 blacks killed last year compared at 2019 for doesn't black children gun down in their homes and front porches attending birthday parties and barbecues by the insane retaliatory shootings not a single one of those black children's death were protested by the activist or politicians so will only get worse the crime wave of 2020 is continuing unabated and the 20 blacks killed every day in drive-by shootings as usual are passing without the slightest moment of recognition from the politicians. >> isn't this the core of the matter in terms of how cold-blooded the movement is? it is so ideological to sear -
5:41 pm
- serve clear the purpose of the democratic party into the halls of congress of pelosi and schumer. the effort to pass a federal law reaching into every note and cranny of the united states of every police department isn't this the point that we have death and mayhem in inner cities and is not even taking place we know the names of these people are what the mayors are doing about it we are not the governors are doing so-called civil rights leaders like al sharpton doing nothing. the democrats have the power over the cities and attacking cops. the consequences will be lost lives as a result. how do we change the narrative?
5:42 pm
>> it is political. but even deeper than that. for sure the playing of the race card is a source of power that is inebriated and. but it is also cultural. between the last four or five decades and abscesses conversation about phantom police racism to not talk about black crime. that is what is driving policing today. rightly so. it is data driven. police command headquarters look at where people are being shot in the drive-by, robbed , and that is overwhelmingly in black neighborhoods. the victims are black. here is what nobody wants to say the perpetrators are black as well thanks to the breakdown of the black family
5:43 pm
and the extraordinarily dysfunctional toxic inner-city culture you have levels of violence that are simply unknown to the rest of america america turns its eyes away from this problem and blames the messenger which is the police. they don't want to have the facts that virtually every time is shots fired call comes over the radio meaning somebody has been shot in a drive-by, they don't want the fact invariably they will be called to a black neighborhood given the description of a black suspect if anybody is cooperating for the police they hope it is white or asian suspect in an almost never happens the data is clear in new york city blacks are 23 percent of the population but commit three quarters of all shootings. whites are 34 percent they are 2 percent of all shootings those disparities exist in
5:44 pm
every city and america far from being white supremacist far from falsely or vindictive lead demonized in blacks word rather blame itself for the problem or the cops then to say we need to be honest about the cultural breakdown. and work on reconstructing the family and for god sakes tell people not to resist arrest. don't resist arrest. as a criminal. not even don't commit crime. but as a criminal your stopped by the cops don't resist arrest and you will virtually eliminate your chance to have an elevated use of force against you including lethal force. mark: we will be right back just get a quote at really? i'll check that out.
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mark: heather, what does it mean people want just people keep talk about reimaging the police. does that talk about
5:49 pm
eviscerating the police? >> i don't know. your guess is as good as mine. don't have them get out of the car. be passive. drive around. wait for the next shooting to happen. but that doesn't listen to the thousands of law abiding citizen on - - citizens who bake for more police. nobody has ever said we need more police. arrest drug dealers get the kids off the corners fighting with disorderly conduct. it is a nonsensical message. mark: looking at these surveys gallup and others in these communities come over 80 percent of the people in the communities want their police and a significant percentage of that want more police. in your study this. i open the paper and listen to cnn i cannot believe what i am hearing the disconnect is
5:50 pm
extraordinary the police are not the problem they are the solution until the family is reconstructed with the victimization of the cops and they have a representative whatsoever. >> you mentioned cnn which i don't watch but i do see the clips. and they bring the most radical professors and authors imaginable and many don't even live in these communities anymore. lebron james has multimillion dollar mansions and talks as if he is a representative of these communities. why don't they live in them? the hypocrisy is the hour by hour basis.
5:51 pm
that the innermost power as shelby steele has articulated and blacks have enormous power over the rest of us. and with our good faith sense of guilt but the codependency as we have seen this past week it is never ending. the elevation of criminals and the refusal to talk about the criminal behavior that is driving everything in policing today. so what predicts being shot by cops is the violent crime and one group. asians are not shot by cops because virtually they do not commit any street crime. if you don't want to cops in your community defined the police and get them out and
5:52 pm
live with consequences are here is the better way, bring parents back demand parental responsibility demand that children go to school pay attention in class and learn to maximize their potential and do not excuse or turn away from criminal conduct but we have the whitewashing of the criminals who get shot and candace owens has been eloquent on this point because it is a tragic situation. current civil-rights murders. as civil-rights hero should be the hard-working black entrepreneurs who want the police. working day by day against the thugs in their community but they don't have a voice. mark: this administration and democratic party pushing critical race theory to
5:53 pm
exploit race and so forth they think we have a long road to hell. the democratic party with their future to election. >> the entire culture universities, corporations, thee is a religion of antiracism a commitment to the idea as the country turns its eyes away from last black dysfunction they feel guilty about it but at this point nothing in our culture will change unless that changes because the academic achievement gap and the crime gap in disparate impact is the unwinding of our country because the colorblind standards at martin luther king invoked and pushed america heroically towards, do have a disparate impact thanks to the toxic inner-city culture we are unwinding the
5:54 pm
civilization because of this problem instead we should address it head on and say it is not racist to be colorblind. mark: thank you for your courage and your excellent books the war on cops is seminal and we wish you the best. >> thank you so much. mark: we will be right back. the rx crafted by lexus. lease the 2021 rx 350 for $439 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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we made usaa insurance for busy veterans like kate. so when her car got hit, she didn't waste any time. she filed a claim on her usaa app and said, “that was easy.” usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa. mark: welcome back america. look around your country, your neighborhood. do you see systemic racism. think about what happens at your break fast and dinner table. do you teach hate and bigotry to your family, none of us do that, there are a few kooks out there, but they call us systematically racist, this is a lie and a smear, you watch your television, you watch cnn or msnbc or press conferences given
5:59 pm
by so-called civil rights leaders and democrats, they talk about country, they talk about you, do you recognize yourselves? , of course, not. we need to come to grips with this, we need one major political party in this country that hate the country. a joe biden in the oval office, part of the jim crow crowd, now he thinks he is part of the critical race crowd, we have people who lie about our country, power hungy expurnd -- hungry.this is systemic racia pretext to what? to empowering the democrat party, and mobs and people in entertainment, who think they are special. when they are really not.
6:00 pm
but we'll be strong, we'll stand up to. this there are tens of millions of us who know this is garbage we're surrendering this country, hell no. this is "life, liberty and levin." >> good evening welcome to next revolution, i am steve hilton. the deceitful dud duds in white house out did themselves this week, here is harris on police reform. >> the work is long overdue, america has a long history, of systemic racism. >> it is long overdue, not least because last year you blocked it in the senate.


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