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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 25, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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angeles' union station. the vaulted ceilings are helping to avoid a super spreader event. they have the red carpet that will be socially distanced. right, arthel. arthel: it will be a good show. i'm looking forward to it. we'll be back at 4:00 p.m. eastern. before then, have a good afternoon. fox news alert, the ingenuity helicopter making its third ever flights on mars in the longest distance traveled and fastest flight yet. the ingenuity is the first and only helicopter to fly on the red planet, many in the scientific community compare it to the historic wright brothers test that brought controlled flight to mankind. >> president biden getting mixed marks in new fox polling of, tracking his first 100 days in office, the president earning his highest job approval rating for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, while his lowest ratings are on
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immigration and border security. welcome to fox news live. i'm mike emanuel. president biden is planning for his first joint address on congress, it will be on wednesday night, it will look different from past joint addresses, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. david spunt is live, tracking all of this for all of us. >> reporter: the reason the president is holding the joint address is to mark his 100 days and the 100 days in office for any president of the united states regardless of political party is important because it sets the tone. it sets the ayou jen da for what -- agenda for what the next few years will look like in the white house as the president is in power. as you mentioned, high marks for the coronavirus, lower marks for immigration. 58% of those polled in our fox news poll approve of president biden's handling of covid-19. 34% disapprove. with immigration, 34% approve of the handling, 52% disapprove of
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his handling of the covid-19 pandemic. mike, with a 46 to 15% margin, voters say u.s. border security is worse today than it was two years ago according to that latest fox news survey. with 15% now saying it was better, 46% saying worse. you can see the numbers there on your screen. as far as the president's handling of covid, when it comes to political parties, 94% of democrats approve of the way the president is handling it, 4% disapprove. republicans, a stark difference as can you imagine, 24% approve, and 64% disapprove. and then, mike, we look at some of the most important issues to people, the economy, that's the highest on the list, 78%. healthcare, 73%. racism, an important topic right now in the united states dialogue, 65%. but the lowest on our list is
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climate change at 57%. now, while cry change may -- cry mate change may be low on this list, it's not low on the white house liss. thursday and friday the president joined other top members of the administration to hold climate talks with world leaders, president biden and members of the white house team say they're making it a pledge to bring climate into the forefront of the administration. >> david, many thanks. >> reporter: thank you. >> president biden facing pushback over proposed tax hikes to pay for his infrastructure plan even from some in his own party. mark meredith is live at the white house. good afternoon, mike. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. as david was mentioning, this week president biden will mark 100 days in office, a milestone allowing him to reflect on what he's been able to the work on and a chance for him to push his agenda forward. that will be the focus this week when it comes to the american rescue plan, the next phase of his economic agenda. the white house is expected to focus on social programs as well as expanding government programs
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in terms of education as well as child care. one and-a-half trillion dollars the price tag on all this. it's expected there will be pushback with the focus being on government assistance programs. to pay for it, the white house wants to increase taxes on wealthier americans who profit off wall street. some lawmakers fear the move could cause a selloff, impacting investors far and wide. republicans are accusing the president of promising unity and bipartisan help and doing --ship and doing the opposite. they argue the president's remarks will push a far left agenda. >> they're just trying to control our country. i've been up there three months. i've never seen a country be so downgraded as much as it has been by the democrats. >> i think what i've seen so far, is it's biden's way or the highway. so right off the bat instead of working together on anything to do with covid or vaccines, they put together a massive $2 trillion bill where less than 10% had anything to do with vaccines. >> the white house says it is
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eager to work with republicans on the infrastructure plan. the white house put out a $2 trillion plan of its own. last week, republicans put together their own plan that would address roads, bridges, airports, but would spend significantly less. the white house said it was still reviewing it. we'll see if there's movement on that front later on this week. >> mark, thanks a lot. here to react to all of this is florida congresswoman and member of the house homeland security committee, cat kamak. congresswoman, welcome. >> thanks, mike. thanks for having me. >> president biden selling a $2.3 trillion package which includes some infrastructure. he's in the process of rolling out another 1.5 to $1.8 trillion spending and tax plan. what can republicans do about it? >> well, the big question is, is how in the heck are we going to pay for this? we've just come off a record spending with so-called covid relief packages, less than 9%
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actually went to covid relief. now we have an infrastructure plan or i should say so-called infrastructure plan where less than 6% of that is actually going to roads and bridges and rural broad band. actual real infrastructure. the left wants to socially engineer what they call green infrastructure, child care, supreme court reform, all the stuff is packed in. but we have no way to pay for this. we have record levels of national debt. and if you look at the plan that the republicans put forward, it's a fraction. but it deals with all the core issues in infrastructure that we have to deal with, with failing roads, failing bridges. we have got to get back to the basics in this country. we cannot sustain the ultra liberal left agenda that biden and nancy pelosi are trying to ram down americans' throats. it's unsustainable. what we're focused on right now in the republican retreat are the basic things. getting infrastructure, a real infrastructure plan on the table, getting real covid relief to americans.
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getting businesses back open. and you notice we're here in florida for the republican retreat, why? because florida is open for business. this is what we need to get back to. >> one possible way to pay for it they're talking about is raising taxes on businesses and higher income earners, is that wise coming out of the covid lock disman. >> absolutely not. listen, people and entities, organizations, we're all motivated by incentives. the higher taxes go, the more that people will hold back on investing. they won't have that certainity long-term to keep growing businesses and creating jobs. let's just say it for all those out there and those in the back. government does not create jobs. private business and entities do. we need to make the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars by giving them the certainity long-term. you can't tax us into prosperity. all we're doing is creating higher levels of poverty, increasing class warfare with this ridiculous notion of increasing taxes on the wealthiest earners and making
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people pay their quote, unquote, fair share. i think everybody needs to have skin in the game. i think we need to have businesses investing long-term but they're certainly not going to do that when we double the capital gains tax. this is ludicrous. we saw the prosperity as it was occurring under president trump. we need to continue those same measures. if it ain't broke, let's not fix it, right. >> to the republican retreat in orlando where you're taking us behind the scenes, what are your expectations? >> so we've seen for the last few months these first 100 days under president biden that americans don't like the direction that the country is going. whether it is the biden border crisis, whether it is this ridiculous notion of social engineering under the guise of infrastructure, americans don't like this. what we're doing at the republican retreat is one team, one mission, taking our country back. and it's never been a better time to be a republican because we're focused on the basics, the issues that americans care about. we're actually getting together, putting forward the plan that
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will be in place when we take the house back in two years. it's not enough to be opposed to the biden administration. we have to stand up collectively and be one team, one mission, with all of our agenda items with the commitment to america of more freedom, less taxes, more prosperity, getting kids back in school, fixing healthcare and finally fixing our broken immigration system. that's what we're here in orlando working on is getting that agenda put forward because that's what americans he deserve. they deserve a congress that shows up and puts a plan together that we have been asking for for years. that's what's happening here over the next few days in orlando. >> congresswoman, thanks for taking us behind the scenes. have a wonderful day. >> thank you, mike. have a good one. >> now let's turn to new jersey democratic congressman and member of the house homeland security and transportation and infrastructure committees, tom mallinowski. welcome. i grew up in westfield new jersey, exit 135 for those scoring at home so i know your
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district and a lot of your constituents. >> fantastic. come back and visit. >> president biden is pushing a $2.3 trillion spending package which includes infrastructure. we expect the president to lay out another 1.5 to $1.8 trillion spending and tax plan. are your constituents on-board? >> oh, my gosh, yes. new jersey needs infrastructure. we're talking about roads and bridges and tunnels, talking about railways, the gateway tunnel between new jersey and new york which we desperately need for our economy will be paid for by this. we're talking about the pipes that deliver clean water to our homes. we're talking about the power lines that deliver electricity. we're talking about electric vehicles so that america, not china, not any other country wins the race to a clean energy future. and we're talking about creating more than 2 million jobs, jobs that cannot be outsourced to any foreign country, in america, made in america through this bill and we're going to pay for it by setting the corporate tax
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rate 7 points below what it was in 2017. and making companies like amazon and fed ex that are right now paying zero dollars in federal taxes, pay their fair share. i don't have a single constituent who believes that amazon should be paying no taxes to use our roads, our airports, our ports, to deliver their goods to our homes. so this is something that makes sense to my constituents and i think to most americans. >> congressman, here is how republican leader kevin mccarthy on president biden's first 100 days. i want to play the clip and i'll have you respond. >> if you're looking at infrastructure, it's the same as the coronavirus. less than 9% went to the virus. less than 6% in the infrastructure goes to infrastructure. republicans would be the first one that would work with them. but i think the very first thing we need to do, define what infrastructure is, roads, bridges, airports, broadcome. >> republicans saying it's not
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targeted enough. how do you respond? >> well, it's true that kevin mccarthy and most of his caucus voted against the covid relief bill that is helping small businesses in my district, that is delivering the stimulus checks, that is helping restaurants stay afloat, that has cut the average monthly cost of healthcare for my middle class constituents by hundreds of dollars a month. he's right, that's not vaccinations but it's all stuff that is helping the american people and right now he's setting himself up to vote against a bill that is going to create 2 million jobs in america, rebuilding this country and making sure that america and not china wins the clean energy revolution. so look, i would like to work with him. i'd like this to be bipartisan of. here's something that you may not know, that many republicans in the house are actually willing to raise taxes to pay for some infrastructure. they would just rather raise user fees which means tolls and gas taxes.
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and so if we go bipartisan, we actually -- the risk is that we're actually going to raise taxes on more average americans. so this is a little more complicated than some of the political talking points might have you believe. >> as an old jersey guy, i know plenty about tolls. new jeer 7, your district, is one that republicans always want when they don't have it. should your leadership be listening carefully to guys like you that can either make your party the majority or the minority? >> absolutely. they should. my district is absolutely critical to who controls the house of representatives but right now they are listening because we are focused on the issues that my constituents care about. we're focused on infrastructure, we're focused on creating jobs in america, we're focused on getting america from last in the world fighting covid to first in the world as we are now. and then there's some things that are really important for my constituents that i hope will come out of this process, like
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restoring the salt deduction for those middle class homeowners in new jersey that lost it in 2017. >> congressman, give my regards to the folks in westfield, thanks for your time, sir. >> thank you. >> be sure to catch a special fox news sunday 25th anniversary edition today, 2:00 p.m. eastern, that's coming up right here on the fox news channel. a heart felt congratulations to chris wallace and his talented team on 25 years of excellence. and north carolina sheriff is consulting with the state bureau of investigations to see if they can release body cam video of andrew brown junior's death. griff jenkins has been following the situation closely for us and is live on the ground in elizabeth city, north carolina. good afternoon, griff. >> reporter: good afternoon, mike. we should explain to all our viewers that here in north carolina the release of body worn video is not at the discretion solely of the law enforcement agency in custody of the video, it's pursuant to a
10:15 am
court order and that's why it's a little more complicated. but the pressure is mounting on the county sheriff here, tommy wutan. there were protesters walking by the sheriff's office here. there's calls for him to he release the video and calls for him to resign. yesterday at a press conference attended by the andrew brown junior family, along with the local naacp president, keith rivers, here is a little bit of rivers' calls. listen. >> to sheriff w with utan today, if you want to release these tapes as sheriff or as not the sheriff. on behalf of the county branch, we today are calling for his resignation. >> reporter: the sheriff responded to fox news this morning, saying i will not
10:16 am
resign. the citizens elected me to do a job and i intend to do just that. sheriff wutan also yesterday took to facebook along with his deputy sheriff, saying that he will work to try and get this released hopefully as early as tomorrow. watch. >> i've asked the north carolina state bureau of investigation to confirm for he me that the releasing of the video will not undermine their investigation. once i get that confirmation our county will file a motion in court, hopefully monday, to have the footage released. we understand that district attorney may also present his perspective on the issue to the judge. >> reporter: this as protesters took to the streets in elizabeth city for a fourth straight night, peaceful marching. there were no arrests whatsoever. but they did travel over four miles across the city to shut down an intersection, leading to a walmart, essentially shutting that area down on a saturday
10:17 am
night. so the next scheduled protest will be around 7:00 a.m. we're told here at the sheriff's office. but in terms of whether or not, mike, we might actually see that video released because the sheriff said he's waiting for confirmation from the state bureau of investigation, we reached out to the sbi. they tell us that they do not have any role in making decisions to release videos. so it's a little unclear that that confirmation that the sheriff is seeking from the sbi that it won't hinder the investigation will come. we have to wait and find out. mike. >> griff jenkins all over this story in elizabeth city, north carolina. griff, thanks very much. the nypd is seeing a surge in retirements, this amid a crisis -- an increase in crime, rather and calls to defund the police. laura ingal is live from melbourne, new york with details. good afternoon, laura. >> reporter: good afternoon, mike. this reported mass exodus seems
10:18 am
to involve a couple of different factors. the he covid pandemic, the anti-cop rhetoric, the riots that we've seen in the last year, and an increase in the number of shootings. now, here in new york, the nypd reportedly has seen more than 5300 uniformed officers turn in their paperwork to leave in 2020, which according to published reports is a 75% spike from the year before. as the defund the police movement marchs on with a continuous debate over the deadly use of force, many police departments are reporting the same kind of exodus. some police department even calling the state of recruitment in crisis mode, according to the philadelphia enquirer. one detective says the growing rate of departure is understandable right now. >> why would you want to join something where people hate you and go out there and put your lives on the line? we don't run away from danger. we run to danger. when we receive a call, man with a gun, we don't run away and
10:19 am
hide. we run towards the danger to make sure that you are safe. that's what we do. protect life and property. >> reporter: despite the growing number of those leaving the force, there are still plenty of officers who are still on the job. the national law enforcement officers memorial fund say there's about 800,000 sworn law enforcement officers now serving in the united states. and as these retirement rates increase, so are the numbers of shootings. here in new york in the last 24 hours, we just got the numbers today, 15 people were injured in 14 shootings. in 24 hours, just this weekend alone. mike. >> staggering numbers, laura ingal in melbourne, new york. thanks a lot. >> reporter: thanks. >> this is a fox news alert. indonesian officials are confirming they have found the wreckage of the missing submarine. the sub was found in the sea, more than 2700 feet below the surface. you are looking at new images of the wreckage. there you go.
10:20 am
officials say all 53 crew members that were on board are dead. no word yet on what caused the submarine to sink. >> as the migrant surge shows no sign of slowing down, do voters think president biden is doing enough? a live report from the southern border coming up. (vo) nobody dreams in conventional thinking. it didn't get us to the moon. it doesn't ring the bell on wall street. or disrupt the status quo. t-mobile for business uses unconventional thinking to help you realize new possibilities. like our new work from anywhere solutions, so your teams can collaborate almost anywhere. plus customer experience that finds solutions in the moment. ...and first-class benefits, like 5g with every plan. network, support and value without any tradeoffs. that's t-mobile for business. priceline works with top hotels, to save you up to 60%. these are all great. and when you get a big deal...
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mike: live pictures coming in from the fox flight team above the u.s. southern border, as new fox polling shows a number of americans say security at the border is worse under president biden. casey siegel is on the ground in a laredo, texas with a closer look. hey, casey. >> reporter: good to see you. in this one sector alonings alone wherewe are, laredo, dataa 165% increase in the number of family units that are being apprehended, a 154% jump in the number of individuals, adults coming across the border that are taken into custody. according to the feds, those individuals are all processed, then expelled from the country. now, more on that fox news poll. 15% of registered voters as you can see say that u.s. border
10:25 am
security is better than two years ago, 46% say it's worse, while about 33% answered about the same. then there's this, border surveillance cameras rolling in california, showing a smuggler using a rope to drop two adults and two small kids over the 30-foot tall walls. >> we've seen the three and the 5-year-old earlier. this is more of the same. we're seeing the cartels and the smugglers use the same tactics because this administration isn't changing anything. they aren't actually doing anything. >> reporter: now, this weekend the white house did make an announcement that vice president kamala harris will meet virtually with the president of mexico coming up in a few weeks to discuss among other things the root cause of this migration. mike. mike: i know you've been there many, many times over the years to our southern border. how bad is it in terms of your
10:26 am
experience, your knowledge of that area? >> reporter: pretty bad. we were down here a lot in 2019, of course during that surge and when we would be out here live covering the story, we would have to go on these special ride-alongs and whatnot to actually see video and get video of people being taken into custody and, mike, since we've been down here for this duration, this go-around, we've been here at the camera position and seen people walk straight out of the river and just surrender to border patrol and i haven't seen it like that, even when we've been here in the past. no doubt they have their hands full. when theyth say resources are stretched thin, they mean it. mike: casey, thanks for your time. at least 82 people killed and 110 injured in a fire at a baghdad hospital, trey yingst has the details from our jerusalem bureau, hello, trey.
10:27 am
>> reporter: mike, good afternoon. this is a tragic story out of the iraqi capital of baghdad. 82 people were killed and 110 injured in a hospital fire last night. firefighters worked through the night to put out the flames that started on the second floor of the hospital. rescuers pulled dozens of survives out of the charred rubble and rushed them to other medical facilities. one eyewitness described a scene of total chaos. >> people were jumping, doctors fell on the carts, everyone was jumping. >> reporter: today, people are still trying to find their loved ones. some with multiple family members missing. desperately searching for any information. >> we are looking for them. since one hour until now, there is no -- we went to the morgue, to every hospital, all of the hospitals. there is not even one of them. >> reporter: an investigation is
10:28 am
underway into the exact cause of the disaster. but early reports indicate an oxygen tank explosion started the fire. at least 28 people who lost their lives were on ventilators, battling covid-19. this was the hospital's coronavirus intensive care unit. i was busier than usual as iraq faces its second wave. iraq's prime minister has suspended the country's health minister following the fire and said this morning in a statement, negligence in such matters is not a mistake but a crime for which all negligent parties must bear responsibility. the prime minister has declared a three day mourning period for the iraqi people and today pope francis from vatican city offered a prayer for the victims of this deadly fire. mike. mike: such a devastating story, thanks very much. rating president biden's first 100 days in office, our political panel will issue their report card, next.
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all day strong. mike: newly released fox news polls are giving us a look at how people feel about president biden is doing in terms of his 100th day in office. here to weigh in is our political panel, daily caller executive, vince kolinase and democratic strategist, kevin walling. gentlemen, welcome. >> good to be with you. mike: from a new fox poll on border security, 15% say the situation at the border is better than two years ago, 46% say border security has gotten wows. worse. how do you read the numberses? >> it is completely out of control, a disaster that the biden administration has been pretending it doesn't exist. kamala harris has been supposedly assigned with rectifying the problem and she is still playing political games on whether or not she will ever
10:34 am
actually go to the border to see the issue. our border is so pour russ that we have apprehensions nearing 200,000 per month and that doesn't count the many thousands more who cross our border and go undetected because they don't immediately turn themselves over and into border patrol right away. and then left out of the conversation frequently, the drugs. we have drugs pouring across our border at unbelievable levels, 233% increase in the first quarter of fentanyl crossing the border. that has killed many thousands of americans, 87,000 dead last year due to the opioid crisis. that's only going to grow. mike: will that 15% good, 46% bad number get attention of folks inside the white house and perhaps other prom flint democrats. >> -- prominent democrats. >> it has. you'll see the vice president have a bilateral with the president of guatemala, meeting with mexico's president later this week. you'll see the president talk about the need for immigration reform with the crisis at the border. its is a crisis that we're
10:35 am
seeing, in his address to congress on wednesday night. so obviously this is going to be a focal point for tad medicine strayings. but in -- administration. the majority of americans support the president with a higher job approval rating than most presidents in their term and strong marks on covid-19, so the president is going to have a lot to talk about on wednesday night in terms of touting his success. clearly, immigration is the one issue that the administration needs to do a better job on. mike: speaking of the poll, let's look at some of the issues that people consider most important, the economy, gun laws, healthcare, near the bottom, voter suppression and climate change, yet the president spent a good deal of energy on those issues, vince, what is your take? >> this is a guy who ran as the moderate in his party and he's become completely beholden to the most radical positions of the activeists within his party. in fact, the conversations
10:36 am
around adding additional states in order to make sure democrats have permanent power, the conversations around expanding the supreme court and packing it with democrat politicians, the conversations around making it so everyone in america would pay for abortions, domestically and internationally through tax dollars, he's taken up some of the most radical positions in his entire party ands you noted correctly, those are the least popular things you could possibly advocate for. i think democrats are at real risk from suffering fatal defeats come these midterms if they stay on the course they are on, unless they can rig the system in their favor by doing things like adding an additional state. mike: kevin, 74% in the fox news poll say they're very concerned about gun laws. does that inspire democrats, seeing that number? >> yes, it certainly does. of course, the top three issues, healthcare, guns and the economy, the president is leading. in the first 100 days you saw the most amount of job growth than any other president in
10:37 am
modern times. he's delivering executive actions on guns that are widely supportive of the american people. and i think these are three key issues, especially healthcare in his high marks on covid-19 response that democrats can run on in just 570 days or so to the midterms. it's never too early to start as you know, mike, talking about the midterms in congress, being a long time reporter up there. these are winning issues for democrats. the president is going to tout all this just on wednesday night. mike: we will see what the president has to say wednesday night. kevin, vince, many thanks. have a great week. >> thanks, mike. >> thanks, mike. you too. mike: in portland the mayor -- and acting police chief are asking for support. christina coleman is live from the west coast with the latest. hi, christina. >> reporter: after the derek chauvin verdict there's been an uptick in try wroting and chaos in -- rioting and chaos in the portland area.
10:38 am
people have been dealing with for nearly a year now. portland's democrat mayor was strongly opposed to donald trump sending in federal agents to help. now he is extending a state of emergency to deal with the ongoing violence. the mayor put out a statement this week saying the city is focused on four key priorities, including identifying, arresting and prosecuting self-described anarchists seeking to ceo chaos and -- to sow chaos and anarchy. >> we're seeing the groups are getting smaller, yet they're probably more determined. they want to burn. they want to bash. they want to intimidate. they want to assault. >> reporter: also, the democrat mayor is still calling for police reform, in the same statement from this week where willer condemns anarchists he said another one of the key priorities is to, quote, continue to reform the police bureau and our public safety system. he says we hear the calls for change, just last week we authorized an independent review of the bureau's culture.
10:39 am
meantime, portland police are out on the streets, they're busy protecting the city from the ongoing unrest. there's been thousands of dollars in property damage just this week alone, a crosswalk was set on fire, there's anti-police graffiti, windows shattered and more people were arrested including a man who allegedly punched an officer. >> the sergeant moves the person aside and another person punches the sergeant in the head. a scuffle begins. the sergeant is knocked to the ground. the sergeant lands in a dangerous position, underneath the suspect and on his back. >> reporter: that suspect was arrested and charged with multiple felony and misdemeanor crimes. city residents continue to deal with this ongoing unrest. mike. mike: christina coleman live from the west coast. thanks a lot. the covid vaccines are bringing relief to small businesses, how they're preparing for the return of tourist season and hopefully summer fun, next.
10:40 am
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mike: as the number of vaccinated americans rises, small businesses are eager of to reopen and have a busy summer season. let's check back in with two businesses that we had on our show last year during the more strict lockdowns, we're joined by the owner of fish tails bar and grill, sean harman and owner of a winery, renee perry. welcome to both of you. sean, my understanding is you just reopened on wednesday. what are your expectations for this coming season in ocean city, maryland? >> we look forward to a very robust season this year, our biggest concern is the same as everyone else, being able to get labor. recently, you've heard some day ones will be allowed in which will help us immensely. we're an outdoor restaurant and a recreational boat rental place
10:45 am
so we fit into what everyone is trying to go to, so we look forward to a really robust season. mike: let me follow up with you on that. you're having trouble finding workers. is it because of their enhanced unemployment benefits are paying them more to stay home? >> there's a little of each. we usually have about 70 to 90 j-1 students come in. we really lean on them to help us out. we have a really good core group of local people. it has been a little bit of a challenge because we raised our base pay all the way to 15 bucks across the board for everybody. and that's part of it. but it's a little -- it's 50/50, between having to pay more and not having enough people on the j-1. mike: to wine country and renee. what are your expectation as you
10:46 am
look ahead to the summer? >> well, we're definitely hoping for a nice robust tourist season. it's already picking up, the weather here gets nice about you now. so a lot of people are coming in, traveling again. we're very well vaccinated here in sonoma county, everybody i know has been vaccinated. so we feel really comfortable about having our guests visit us and we have an outside patio so we serve all our guests outside. we switched to a reservation system so we can track who has been here in case there's been outbreaks. it's been working out quite well. the guests enjoy the teat seated taste he -- t seated tasting we have outside. mike: wine country had he covid restriction, lockdowns, many suffered from wildfires too. how are your colleagues in the wine business doing? >> well, it really depends on the winery. in our case, it's been fine. the fires came in after we brought in all of our fruit, so
10:47 am
our fruit wasn't affected by it but lots of other wineries have not been as fortunate. we did have to evacuate and close down for the time the wires we're here. 2020 was a tough year all around. mike: sean, do you want to give a shout-out to loyal customers who have been loyal to you during this most difficult time? >> yes, they've been outstanding. when they came back on wednesday, they were very -- the happy quotient was very high. the weather was good. we're very weather dependent. we're within driving distance of about 20 million people between new york, baltimore, philadelphia. we're in a pretty good position and as long as everyone stays safe and is patient and we try to adhere to the local rules and the state government as best we can, get your vaccinations, stay safe and come see us. mike: my d.c. buddies are excited about the season. renee, any thoughts on a
10:48 am
shout-out tour customers. >> it's been an incredible year. customers have drank a lot of wine. a lot of people drank a lot of wine during covid. we were lucky about that we made a pivot to the virtual tastings. we've been doing lots of virtual tastings, private and public. we play bingo. we play trivia. we've done a million things virtually which made up for a lot of the business that would have been gone. it was actually ended up to be quite a good year for us. mike: renee, sean, very best to you, your staff, your families, loved ones and wishing you a great summer season. >> thanks, looking forward to seeing everybody in person here in sonoma county. mike: take care. drivers are getting ready to start their engines as we look forward to today's big race. a live report from talladega, coming up. this is rebecca from michigan. coming at you live from the operating room. i'm an er nurse. and i absolutely love what i do.
10:49 am
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mike: countdown for the big event ant talladega super speed speedway from alabama. we are minutes away from the race. charles watson is on the ground with the latest. >> reporter: the anticipation is growing for the geico 500. we've got some cars here behind me getting ready you of to go hereat talladega.
10:53 am
you can probably imagine the excitement from all the fans who are here today who are going to watch all of this action. they've got big names to focus on today, of course denny hamlin is a favorite to win today. of course, joey logano, chase elliott are favorites. we can't forget about corey lajoie who is riding in number 7, the fox nation car. we got a look at his ride a little earlier today, looking pretty good. now, more than 20,000 people are expected to be here today. it's sold out as limited capacity but with that many people nascar and talladega superspeedway have covid safety guidelines in place. people have to wear masks, there's enough space to distance. nascar is even bringing in covid sniffing dogs to check drivers and pit crews before they make it to the garage. these dogs can sniff out a covid virus within seconds, mike. and did i mention the fans? they're having a ton of fun here today.
10:54 am
we saw fans rolling in here hours before there was even anything really happening. over in the rv camp section, it's really like a party atmosphere. folks have got the grills out. they're making a lot of good food. they've got the drinks flowing, lots of smiles and people are very excited to be here today and so, mike, i told you that a lot of these fans out here are rooting for denny hamlin. we've been doing sort of an informal survey with some of the fans since yesterday. but, you know, corey lajoie who is riding the fox nation vehicle, i think he's got some luck with him today. so that's who we're going for. i think i have a good guess of who is going to win this, mike. mike: well, let's see. we've got covid sniffing dogs,s that's super cool. the barbecue looks awesome. looks like you have a spectacular day for raise racing, charles watson, have a blast. thank you, my friend.
10:55 am
all that starts right after our show, fox sports bringing you the exciting event from the talladega superspeedway, the high octane, high adrenaline event starting 2:00 p.m. eastern. and how folks battled it out and how it's going for a good cause, after the break. ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700. ... if you're 55 and up, t- mobile has plans built just for you. switch today and get 2 lines of unlimited
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he started off joshing around but one arizona college student said when you're go josh swain jokingly sent a facebook message to several people with his same first and last name suggesting they have a josh off to see who would get to keep the name. the messages went viral and according to local reports hundreds of people showed up for the pool noodle flight. a four -year-old from lincoln, nebraska the little josh won the battle in the event also raise money for the children's hospital and medical center foundation. great job by the josh's. that's all for this hour of fox news live. it has been fun and thank you for joining us. it's very, very special 25th anniversary edition of fox news sunday starts in just a few seconds and you won't want to miss it. congratulations to chris and his dynamite team on 25 years of sunday excellence.
11:00 am
i mike emanuel live here in washington and i hope you have an awesome day and a fantastic week. thank you very much for watching, see you next sunday. ♪♪ chris: i'm chris wallace. the police officer killed george floyd has been convicted of murder. but the jury is still out on whether it will inspire change. ♪♪ >> we feel a sigh of relief. still, it cannot take away the pain. chris: please perform proposals in congress take on new urgencies after derek chauvin is convicted. as a string of police involved shootings across the nation stoke outrage on america's —- and the white house pushes both parties to work on a compromise. >> we also need cs


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