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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 25, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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my one more thing. very special. very big. personal. don't miss it. that's all for tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. ♪. ♪. rachel: good morning. it is "fox & friends" live from talladega, alabama. race day, 6:00 a.m. eastern. 5:00 a.m. here in alabama.
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the guys are revving up the cars. it is loud. i am telling you it is louder in person. they will be coming here soon to us. we're so excited. we have a great show everybody today. i think they're getting out of the cars now. they said it would be pretty tight. they will get out of these windows, i think. can they get out? here they are. pete: that's great. will: not made for guys my height. must be smaller guys driving those cars, sometime. rachel: good job. good job. who had a hard time getting out the window. pete: i got out first. will: he is taller than me. the guy that got out of that car must be taller than i.
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it is a first for sure. will: that is a lot of horsepower. you can feel it when it rumbles. pete: the other thing, the steering wheel is right up on your chest. will: that is why you beat me out of the car. forgot to take the steering wheel off. pete: i watched the undercard races. when they drive, they're driving like this. there is no room in there. rachel: like a gazillion laps. will: only make left hand turns because i could not see out of the right side window the entire time. welcome to "fox & friends". pete: how did you get winded? you didn't do anything i didn't do anything. >> i was so happy to wave a flag will: get you ready for the big race on fox. geico 500 live from talladega. we'll have joey legano, sitting
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in front. clip boyer. nascar president, steve phelps. we'll have tommy tuberville, dana perino. nancy grace will be on us. pete: big crowd coming today. the it will start to build to the big race. fast and loud. we got a chance to catch some of that. >> we'll show you that later in the show. pete: stick with us for four hours. it will be a fun morning long. we start with another topic. baltimore, philadelphia, new york, police departments facing skyrocketing crime. rachel: officers are rushing to the retire because of the anticop current climate. will: david spunt joins us live from the justice department as democrats push for more quote,
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unquote, police account ability, is that right, david? reporter: three officials at the justice department are walking an incredibly fine line because they want to honor police departments across the country according to officials, but at the same time those not following procedure or following the law, the justice department pledges to take some sort of action here. as you mention declines in sign-ups across the country. read something from a spokesperson, mike nelian from the philadelphia fraternal order of police, representing thousands of police officers in philadelphia. he says it is the perfect storm. we're anticipating the department will be understaffed by several hundred members because hundred of guys are either retiring or taking other jobs and leaving the department. meanwhile congresswoman ilhan omar from minnesota says this coming week she will announce a measure to create a federal board that would investigate police misconduct, taking investigations from the local level. it would be similar to the
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national transportation safety board, ntsb which investigates accidents. she told a local station in minneapolis, this will be a proactive board that does the work of our country. making sure the agents of the law are taking their oath seriously and the work they're doing helps communities feel safe. right now the department of justice, reporting on the past few days, investigating the minneapolis police department after thekying of george floyd. i'm told the investigation could take more than a month, even more than a year. back to you three. pete: david spunt, thank you very much. that was what i wanted for christmas, a proactive board overrun by ilhan omar. rachel: there are a still investigations she is still under. pete: true. will: the sort of double-edged sword it is when you come to federal funding, that they are giving local police departments money. they can take it away. we're looking this morning. not that much the feds give to
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local and state police departments. we'll see how much influence should this get passed, should ilhan omar get what she wants, how much influence could they wield? rachel: i believe what i read, whatever the conclusions are, their investigations can be used in a court of law prosecuting. pete: interesting. over the show will was driving us hear. reading him the run downof the show like a sweet lala by all the way in. our next element, keith farrell, columbus, ohio, police president and the rise violence. >> we're hearing rhetoric, demilitarizing the police, taking away tools to make sure community safe. trying to stop us from hiring more police officers, and delaying police officer class. the trickle-down effect we're seeing in columbus, ohio, they set in their watch, 2020, highest homicide numbers in the history of columbus. in 2021 we're on pace to blow that out of the water.
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pete: yep, bad trajectory across the board. rachel: what do you expect to happen? that is what will happen. a lot of law enforcement a grandfather and a son, grandson all become cops. a lot of cops are just not retiring, not encouraging their sons to go into the profession where they might have a legacy. who would under these conditions? what will happen in the end, you get what you have in latin america, unless you're rich, you can afford private security, that is how, when you defund the police, look at latin america, those are police forces that are not properly funded. some towns in mexico the cartels run them. how would you like your too be run by subcontract antifa to keep security in your town? that is the path we're on. will: to that point "the washington examiner" has an op-ed. cancel cult turf comes to the cops. here is quote from the op-ed, liberals signal virtue, want
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woke points strip as much context out of the tragedies. the difficult of the facts into the narrative make these distortions. hating cops, willing to lie about them, is a virtue. white house, lebron james will be to signal that virtue. that is on the heels what happened in the columbus, ohio, on the mahkia bryant shooting. will: word with cancel culture is accountability. saw lebron james use it in his tweet. once you hear it once, you start to hear it time and time again, if you pay attention. the left doesn't want to admit it is cancel culture, it is accountability. time for accountability for you, for you, for you, that means go away, be quiet, sit down, don't say positive things about the police. as we were driving here, accountability is in coaching,
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parentings. rachel: reimagining the police. these phrases end up becoming part of the language. pete: there was another program on last night, first of all headline from the "new york post" that caught our eye as well, here is the headline. said anti-race i am themed messaging hurts democratic pols, politicians, yale study finds. maybe they're finding, being woke and talking about anti-race i am which really sounds like race i talk doesn't help you at the ballot box because it doesn't meet most people where they're at in their lives. they have worked hard to move past race, treat people fairly. suddenly they're being told to reexamine it. maybe it does hurt them in the polls. will: bill maher, you started talking about another program, bill maher is increasingly unpredictable talking about the political climate. talking about the ideas, are they truly popular, or is the left running away essentially from where mainstream america's
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thought is. here he was on hbo. >> you know the reason why advertisers in this country love the 18-34 demographic? because it is the most gullible. yeah. a third of people under 35 say they're in favor of abolishing the police. 36% of millenials think it might be a good idea to try communism. but much of the world did try it. i know millenials think that doesn't count because they weren't alive when it happened. but it did happen. so when you say, you're old, you don't get it, get what? abolish the police, border patrol and capitalism and cancel lincoln. i get it. the problem i don't get what you're saying or i'm old. the problem your ideas are stupid. rachel: your ideas are stupid. he is so right. you know, you mentioned, i was listening to what you were saying, i agree with you, pete, there is certain generation. i think bill maher hit on it, young people who have been
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completely indoctrinated by these ideas. you can't blame them for not thinking communism, socialism, are not bad because their textbookses are literally scrubbed of millions of people who died from that evil ideology. they don't know, their history book is howard zinn anti-american history. pete: american history written from the soviet perspective. how evil we are. a old poll could be capture older generations are scared bit idea of woke cancel culture. young people iced to it, they have been marinated in it. that is mortifying. we'll turn to additional headlines before we talk more about talladega and this awesome race. including this. a man is charged in the shooting after 7-year-old girl at at chicago drive-through. marion lewis is facing 16 charges in connect, connection with jasmine adams death. he crashed his car on a highway,
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tried carjacking a family sitting in traffic. she was shot six times sitting with her father in the drive-through. her father was hit in the chest. the police have not revealed a motive. so sad. senator tim scott demanding planned parenthood give money it got from the paycheck protection program. scott is one much the several republicans accusing the group falsely applying for $80 million for ppp funds. that company is suppose towed be with companies of 500 or fewer employees. planned parenthood that they have places nationwood. they submit they were legal because they were submitted by independent affiliates. rachel: give the money back. pete: amen. a ufc fighter is taken off the ring. his right leg snapped after he hicked his opponent in the right leg. it was first indoor sporting
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event in full capacity since the state lifted limits in september. the former middle weight champion is expected to go under surgery. i think we spared the video on purpose. rachel: is it that bad. will: i didn't see it. i can imagine. you're delivering are the kick, seen it happen to a fighter before. the shin wraps around the other guy's leg. chris weidman. wish you the best. billboard takes aim at major league baseball for pulling out of georgia. our next guest is pressuring the league to reverse its decision. "fox & friends" continues live from talladega. put those back in the car, would you. pete: i'm in. ♪. olid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office
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♪. pete: welcome back to "fox & friends weekend." we remain live from talladega superspeedway. counting down to the geico 500 race today. also a whole bunch of other stories including this. the job network is ramping up pressure of mlb commissioner rob manfred over his decision to pull the all-star game out of atlanta. they have a times square billboard that will go up tomorrow, explaining the to it will take on small businesses as they're fighting to recover from covid-19 lockdowns. here is elaine parker, chief communications officer for the job creators network. elaine, thanks so much for being here this morning. you're going on the offense, hey, mr. commissioner, if you do this, move this out of atlanta to denver we'll call you out for it. are you hopeful maybe they reconsider the decision? >> thanks for having me, pete. we call them like we see them and the commissioner clearly has
3:18 am
all strikes, and no balls. we put up the billboard in times square. think about it. strikes one, gave into the woke crowd and misinformation about lies about the georgia voting law. two, he made the decision to move the game out of georgia, based on false information. third he cost the state $100 million mainly hurting minority businesses. we're here to demand he bring the game back to the state of georgia because three strikes you're out. pete: true, good point. you talk about the dem of course grays, atlanta, denver, we have a demographic who it would be affecting moving the game. in the city of atlanta, you have a 51% black population. the city of denver not even over 10%. when you move the business out with millions of dollars of economic impact you're taking away benefit of black americans in atlanta and shifting it to white businesses in denver.
3:19 am
>> atlanta, you mentioned 51%, there are nine times black-owned businesses in atlanta than in denver. as much as they are following all of this misinformation and perpetuating all of these lies they're actually hurting the very people they claim to be helping. overall small businesses in atlanta will be hurt. we spoke with minority-owned small business owner who has a limo business. he was very excited about this game coming to atlanta, getting his employees back to work and now he is not only worried about losing this, this event but future events that may not stay in atlanta, may decide to go elsewhere based on misinformation. pete: i'm glad, such knee-jerk nonsense from major league baseball. we talked about the small businesses impacted not to mention the voter integrity laws are more stringent in denver than atlanta. you can't make up the entirety of this story. i wonder if he ever admits his mistake.
3:20 am
giving him every opportunity to do so. real quick, elaine, this week will mark joe biden's first 100 days in office. it has been a tough 100 days for small businesses, from covid lockdowns to regulations. they're talking about increasing taxes. what, keystone xl pipeline, certain sectors being targeted. what is the your evaluation of small business in america in the first 100 days of joe biden? >> the first 100 days of the biden administration has been a declaration of war on small businesses. the policies out of this administration are rapid fire against small businesses. they're costing jobs, raising energy prices, making it harder to find workers and operate their businesses but by far, as you mentioned, pete, the biggest threat to small businesses is the increase in taxes and even the support of the "pro act," which frankly has so many negatives we're actually calling is the con act. million of small businesses out there structured as corporations and they will face a 33% tax
3:21 am
increase coming out of the worst pandemic we've ever seen. millions of small businesses shut down across the country. as they're coming out, we're starting to reopen, many states, you know, are open 100%, they're going to face these huge tax increases and they just, it is not fair. these, this is bad policy, hurts small businesses, hurts workers, hurts our economy. pete: well-said, elaine parker chief communications officer for the job creates network. thank you for your time. i can see why you're the chief communications officer. you're very well-said. appreciate your time. >> thanks, pete. reporter: got it. coming up mahkia buy ant's godmother will sue because of the death of her daughter. instead of going after police, we need to look at the foster care system.
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♪. >> like that again. welcome back to "fox & friends weekend," live from talladega superspeedway. now to another story we're following. the mother of an ohio teen fatally shot by police after appearing to lung at another woman with a knife reportedly planning to sue amid multiple reports of 911 calls, seven, were made from the foster home in the last six months. as the death sparks unrest and anti-police protests in the country, our next guest says it is not the police who should be blamed here. christopher harris executive director of unhypenated america. she joins us now. thanks so much for being here, chris. the tragedy in ohio started long before that day, it appears. just for a moment on the facts of the case. mahkia bryant, a lot of people don't know details behind the scenes. she was living in a foster home.
3:26 am
apparently interaction, confrontation she was having with another young woman was another girl in the care of that same foster home. tell us what you know about the details that occurred that day. >> thanks for having me, will. this is just a tragic situation all around but we have questions about how did we even get here and when i started hearing about the fact that the mother, biological mother, hazel was about to sue the foster care system, you know, i'm just saying that is going to open up a whole lot of other questions. as someone, my wife are in the process of pursuing adoption, we've been going through all the studies what are the best ways to go about adopting kids. hey, should try fostering kids, it is a very convoluted process but i have questions, like, how did both her children end up in the foster care system? because i have been doing more research, you find out, the mother hazel bryant had two
3:27 am
daughters both living with miss moore, i believe the foster mother. there were questions about that. then i find myself, whoa, you have the wherewithal to hire an attorney and a public, pr representative, so you can go about suing but you couldn't take care of your kids? you start hearing stories about how the rest of the family, aunts, uncles, cousins complain about the situation, none of them were willing to take in the two girls. this led to a tragic situation. it was a failure on all parts, so much levels over a period of time, and i find myself sitting there, are we going to put all the blame on just the foster care system or how about looking at the other people who failed her like her immediate family? will: no doubt. first of all, chris, god bless you for you and your wife pursuing adoption. we all know literally the act of angels. quickly i have very little time, you have a lot of knowledge about this entire system. the foster care system has been
3:28 am
under a lot of stress past year. my co-host, rachel duffy, knows a lot about parenting told me about that. tell us about the foster care system. what it is dealing with during this time? >> i'm not an expert on the foster care system and stuff. we're going through the process, went to several seminars to find out. it is a very onerous process to go through. a lot of background checks you have to go through. my understanding is miss moore, who is the foster care mother, she had multiple other children come through her home. in fact it is my understanding that the two girls who showed up, the two girls showed up to celebrate who were previously fostered by miss moore and so they were there to help celebrate. those two girls got into an argument with miss bryant, mahkia bryant over the ted did iness of the home. that is what has been reported. this story appears to have spiraled out of control. who was at fault? i think no one knows and i don't
3:29 am
think it will come out until much further on until we get into court because there is a lot of questions that are going to have to be answered. the problem is, miss bryant lost her life as a result of things spiraling out of control. the cop is not to blame. son of a career law enforcement officer. the copies not to blame. will: to your point, many, many institutuions and systems failed this young lady before that moment that day. by the way the police were called to that foster home multiple times as we noted earlier throughout the past year. we should say we spooked out to the franklin county childrens services for a response. we have yet to hear back. chris, thanks for telling us about the system, sharing your knowledge this morning. >> thank you. will: coming up the return of racing to talladega is driving area businesses into full gear. alabama senator tommy tuberville joins us next as we continue "fox & friends weekend" live from the talladega superspeedway
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looking at big bill's garage, pete hegseth, rachel campos duffy, will cain, welcome you in. let's welcome alabama senator tommy tuberville to the program. welcome, senator. this is your home state. here we are in talladega. this means a lot to the people of alabama, not just a sporting event, it has to mean a lot to people here trying to run successful businesses. pete and i went out talked to small businesses and restaurants. tell us what you think it means to alabama? >> you're exactly right, bill, not just alabama, but for the country. nascar is huge for our country t was built on the backs of working people, people built cars in garages trying to outrace each other. i had the opportunity to drive the pace car there. what a thrill that is. what it does, it brings of working people kind of together for years.
3:35 am
that thing has grow 150, 200,000 people not for one day, but for a week. they take vacations come there in their winnebagos really enjoy their time. i tell you what, i met the allison brothers, richard petty, dale earnhardt, it is a great sport and these young men are really athletes too. people don't believe that. you drive 200 miles an hour around a 2 1/2 mile track bumper to up bumper for three hours, you find out how athletic you are. will: tell you something, pete and i tried to get out of the car, you have to be an athlete to get into the thing. pete: that is bait is over. you mentioned it's a big party. we went into the infield a little bit. it is lower capacity. everyone amazingly friendly, had a beer in hand, had an opinion. i ask you coach, would you be more popular there as the senator from alabama or the head
3:36 am
coach of auburn, which one rather you go as into the infield? >> there is no doubt football coach. probably talladega and the iron bowl go hand in hand in terms of popularity. i've been there many times. i've signed all kinds of autographs, taken pictures, not just with auburn fans but with alabama fans. it is a great sport. it brings everybody together. there is no animosity. nobody talking politics. it is just going and having fun. rachel: yeah. it's definitely that and these guys have been taking a cue from that. they have been maybe having too much fun. i will switch gears ask you a little bit about washington, d.c. next week is the joint session of congress. joe, president biden said only 200 people, only 200 members of congress can attend. my question is why. we know all the senators, congressman and women are vaccinated. i think it would be a really great opportunity for him to
3:37 am
show that we're getting back to normal, back to business as you're talking about here in alabama with this talladega race. why is that? why do they want us in this perpetual state of fear and crisis? >> they are discuss trying to control our country. you know, i've been up there three months and i have never seen a country be so downgraded as much as it has been by the democrats, just in three-month period. look how far we dropped. look at our border, totally out of control somebody told me how we vote ad guy in, said he was a moderate, would bring in unity, what about 75 million people that voted for donald trump, do we not count anymore? i don't understand it. joe biden please tell me where god plays a role in your america now. i never hear you say anything other than when you supposedly go to church on saturday or sunday. folks, we better get our moral values back in this country.
3:38 am
if we don't, we'll not make it as a country as we all know it. will: senator, i seem to be chasing you throughout my career. we're both moving from sports to news and politics. one thing you said this morning is not true, i have to be honest. if you walk into that infield right now you would be much more warmly received because you would be split as head coach of auburn, you would hear war eagle, roll tide, you get a 50-50 welcome at the infield as coach of auburn. >> yeah. it is a great time. they're there to have a good time. get all the problems behind them for a few days, just live the american dream. that is what it is all about. pete: people don't want to follow politics. having the "fox nation" truck instead after cnn truck was very help you'll, let's put it that way. thank you, senator tuberville for being on the program. >> thank you. will: turn now to a few additional headlines starting with this, a wife of an asian
3:39 am
man who was attacked on the new york street is asking for justice. he was attacked from behind and repeatedly kicked in the head. he is in a medically induced coma. his wife is begging the nypd to catch his attacker, bring him to justice. >> kanye west performing at dmx memorial. the celebration of his life was brought his hip-hop collective. a truck had long live dmx pained on the side. dozens of motorcycles followed behind the procession. in this, a woman discovers she has a criminal record because of the sabrina the teenage witch. >> i hope you learned your lesson. >> i say i have will you pick me up? >> oh, it is raining. >> what about me? thank. will: karen mcbride was trying to update her license she found
3:40 am
out she was charged with embezzlement in 2000 for not returning this vhs tape in the 90s. she doesn't remember renting the tape and the store closed in 2008. trying to get the charge expunged. i don't know, i may be guilty of that same crime. got to be a netflix dvd floating around. pete: prime candidate for central florida justice i'm sure. will: adam klotz is here. hey, adam. adam: a stormy day yesterday that will be great day for the race. storm reports, what a mess it was, a lot of hail reports. a lot of wind reports. that entire system working its way up the east coast. a soggy start to portions of the mid-atlantic stretching up to new england. take a look what else is happening across the country there is another round, what has been round after round of rain
3:41 am
and eventually snow in some of the higher elevations across the pacific northwest. that eventually lifted itself into some of the northern plains. you see yes, we're talking about areas of snow out there where the temperatures have been cold enough to support it. you see some spots in the northern tiers of the country, still hovering around 35 this morning, little farther south mid 350s across the southeast. it turns off to book into a beautiful day at talladega by noon. you're in the mid 60s. around 73 degrees throughout the afternoon. a lot of sunshine. will be a gorgeous one for you guys. i set it up for you there down in talladega. rachel: thank you, adam. that is exactly what we wanted to hear a beautiful, beautiful day for the race today. thank you. by the way someone young enough never to seen a vhs tape. pete: adam? will: i don't know adam's age. rachel: he looks young. pete: probably skipped that and cassette tape. he wasn't hit play, record.
3:42 am
rachel: no walkmans. pete: strictly cds. rachel: dip in number of people rolling up their sleeves for a covid-19 vaccine y are some americans hesitant to get the shot? we'll ask dr. marty makary, sorry about that, marty makary, next as "fox & friends" continues live from talladega. ♪ >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at ♪. pete: welcome back to "fox & friends weekend live from talladega superspeedway a few additional headlines for you as well. california may lose a congressional seat the first time in history. that is good news. the census bureau is expected to
3:46 am
report a .06% decline in california's population when the data comes out. if you have that kind of weather you're losing people you're making mistakes somewhere. if that is the case the golden state would drop from 53 to 52 house seats. very, very telling. not a single member of the kardashian family voices their support for caitlyn jenner es gubernatorial bid. jenner's daughters, kiley, kendall have remained silent. reports say the family will the be endorsing kaitlin for california. rachel: big reality tv news. thank you for that, pete. as of yesterday, 28% of the u.s. population is fully vaccinated for covid-19 with every american age 16 and older eligible to receive a shot. signs of slowing demand for the vaccine are emerges. cdc data shows a dip in doses most notably after
3:47 am
april 13th when the johnson & johnson vaccine was paused by federal officials. what is driving the hesitancy, and should it worry health officials. we have dr. marty makary. welcome, doctor. >> good morning. >> good morning. let's get right into this the group most hesitant are 25 to 39-year-olds? should we worry about that? doesn't seem like they are really in the high-risk group? >> if somebody is overweight or obese which is the leading risk factor we've not been talking about, they still have a risk of serious complications, they should get vaccinated. rachel, we have to do some basic things to adjust for hesitancy. we have to move to walk-ins. not everybody will get online and get an appointment. we have to get walk-in vaccinations. stop shaming people that don't get it, start to respect them. half of them are immune from natural immunity. if they had the infection you know what, maybe okay not to get
3:48 am
a vaccination or maybe one dose. give people a reason to get vaccinated. live your life, have more privileges, basically do everything formal, if you give people a reason to do it, they are likely to do it. rachel: you make such freight points. busy moms and dads would like a walk-in, easier to do it that way. i agree the shaming has gotten out of control. no reason to shame people already had it, covid or who are not in a high-risk group. i'm concerned about president biden still wearing a mask even though he is vaccinated. leadership matters. how important is it for somebody like joe biden and many of our leaders in congress who are vaccinated and still masking and still sort of not doing things and living life normally, how important is it for them to showcase that to really model that for the rest of the country, in order for these people to feel less hesitant to get vaccines? >> look, rachel i think you're raising really good points and i
3:49 am
think if our public health officials would show signs of feeling liberated, if dr. fauci were out and about as he should be without a mask i think it would send a strong message t would help. we have two extremes on the masking issue and two extremes on precautions or restrictions. reality we need to settle around selective masking policy. come flu season, if you have symptoms in future years, maybe you should be wearing a mask during those symptoms. the idea of all or nothing right now i think is affecting hesitancy. it is really a problem. rachel: one last question, we don't have a lot of time. why do you think dr. fauci and joe biden, president biden are not acting like they should givent fact they're vaccinated and they're not high-risk anymore? >> look i think they're trying to sort of react to the other extreme which is the denialism over the virus. it is still second quarter lating in parts of the country. we have to get to the point we're taking precautions of
3:50 am
seasonal flu. we're almost there the case fatality rate is there we had 61,000 cases a day this week. during a mild flu season we might have 440,000 cases a day. the case fatality rate is roughly similar now that covid is in younger people. we have to put things in context. get ready to have a durable plan long term. rachel: you have had a lot of common sense throughout this pandemic. we really appreciate you coming in today, dr. marty makary, thanks for joining us today. >> thanks, rachel. rachel: all right. still ahead big tech moguls reportedly donating at least $7.5 million to groups tied to a black lives matter cofounder all while censoring her critics online. stay with us.
3:51 am
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♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends weekend, live from talladega as drivers gear up for today's big race. before they start up the their engines, we have a two decade-long fan favorite tradition that will take the track. reporter: his big-rig waving a huge american flag has been a patriotic staple during the national anthem at nascar cup races. he started the tradition in 2001 after the aftermath of 2011 attacks and died last year at the age of 82. will: there is the rig big going around the track before the races. rachel: that is so cool, flying the huge american flag. as he mentioned, john ray, the man behind that tradition died the past year at age of 82. his son johnny ray plans to carry on the tradition. johnny ray joins us here.
3:55 am
>> good to see you. will: what made you decide we're picking the tradition up, we're not losing this when it comes to nascar? >> something that dad started t meant a whole lot of my heart to continue. i have rode in the truck for every time it has been by, made every lap here. it was a tradition. i was always in the back. i was always the passenger. then got moved up to the driver. will: awesome. pete: his idea we have to do this after september 11th. we have to show how much we love this country? >> absolutely. he loved dale earnhardt. he and dale earnhardt were good friends the 9/11 came along. he wanted to do something special. that is what he came up with. it was a spur of the moment deal. it has stuck. rachel: it has not been 9/11 but a tough year for america. >> absolutely. rachel: how important is that truck to drive around the track
3:56 am
today with that beautiful flag? >> you can't describe what it does to feel the hair on your arms, legs, everything, it stands up when you hear the crowd roar. pete: what time exactly will you make the lap today? >> 12:50. pete: 12:50 central, 1:50 eastern on. will: how fast will you go around the track? >> about 120. will: 120? >> yeah. will: means a lot to patriots, americans, has to mean a lot for the son who started that tradition pick up where your dad left off. >> absolutely. absolute it does. pete: you will be thinking about him? >> absolutely. first time i drove it was race after he passed away. it was just, it was full of tears. will: johnny, we appreciate you picking up that tradition, not just for your family but for nascar and this country. we'll be watch tag. >> absolutely.
3:57 am
it is an honor to do it. will: thank you, johnny. great to have you. reporter: pete: vice president harris will finally talk about the border crisis, to have migrants planting trees, believing that will stop them from crossing into the u.s. we're live from talladega. that delicious scramble was microwaved? get outta here. everybody's a skeptic. wright brothers? more like, yeah right, brothers! get outta here! it's not crazy. it's a scramble. introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed... just crack an egg. it's the most comfortable, dually-adjustable, it's a scramble. foot-warming, temperature-balancing... proven quality night sleep we've ever made. the new queen sleep number 360 p5 smart bed is only $1,799, save $600. plus zero percent interest for 36 months. ends monday.
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♪ ♪ ♪ back in black ♪ ♪ i hit the sack ♪ ♪ i've been too long... ♪ applebee's irresist-a-bowls are back. dig in for just $8.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ♪. will: good morning, welcome to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning just hours before the geico 500, the big race here at at at talladega superspeedway. will cain, pete hegseth, rachel
4:01 am
campos duffy. pete: we're trying to tape a segment later on. we'll start talking, you can't talk for 20 seconds. got 30 seconds of brilliance. it is loud, it rumbles. you feel it. the lights are coming on here. it will come to life real quick. we're glad you're here on "fox & friends." feels like the right place to be. rachel: it is the right mace to be. will: you know why it is right place to be. it is not just america getting back to normal. america getting back to fun. much of america is back to normal. not just on the coast. talladega represents this weekend, we got to experience yesterday, this is getting back to fun which is what this country needs. here is coming up on the show, joey logano, clint boyer, nancy
4:02 am
grace coming up here on "fox & friends." pete: there is a capacity limit. very few masks in the stands. people coming out to watch the race. rachel: it is outdoors. pete: huge venue. rachel: it is the perfect sport to come back first. it is outdoors. it is. it is all american. pete: absolutely. rachel: we have another story on the border it keeps getting worse and worse. one of the concerns is the cartels that are, we basically ceded control of our border to the most evil people in the hemisphere, the mexican cartels and so we have mayor douglas nichols. pete: before we get to that. this new video is jarring people this morning this is from the border patrol in california a 6-year-old boy and a 2-year-old boy being lowered down over the wall. it ended up being three adults, two kids, lowered about i a rope over 30-foot wall, presumably by
4:03 am
cartels and mules on that side. mother holding her 2-year-old child. rachel: imagine if anything went wrong. pete: holy cow,. rachel: that is happening multiple times a day. as you know, children coming across the border they don't get sent back there incentive to bring the child. pete: that's right. will: so many times of the story of illegal immigration is humanitarian story. certainly there is that element. this is illegal activity. when there is illegal activity taking place there is a criminal organization largely behind it. that is certainly the case when it comes to illegal immigration. rachel you've seen it. i saw it first-hand this is a cartel coordinated, cartel controlled illegal activity. yuma, arizona, mayor doug nichols is talking about the level of criminal activity at our border. >> the cartels are working. they understand the border. they're trying to control exactly the different crossings, whether it is people or whether it is drugs at, 7,000 to $15,000
4:04 am
a person, it is a business to these traffickers. so when it is a business that brings billions of dollars a year to them you will see them try to exploit every angle, every weakness, every policy that is in place along the border at this time. we really, really need congress to jump in and do the immigration changes that have been decades in coming. the federal government needs to take it head on. we can't just address the humanitarian issues which we need to do. we need to make sure those who do need protection can get it, but we also need to cut the flow off. pete: talking about cutting the flow off. by the way, the wall pictures, that is the wall working. interdiction mechanism. not 100% effective all the time but it slows down the flow. the flow is real. people are be walking in. he mentioned the reasons this is happening. kamala harris as we know famously put in charge of our
4:05 am
humanitarian connection to these countries where migrants are coming from. that is not the border. that on your screen, not kamala harris's job, talk to the triangle countries to figure out why people are coming. 30 days ago she was picked to figure it out. she will have a zoom call with head of mexico. they will talk about migration. one of the things they will talk about it, in all seriousness, mexican president talked about, how do you stem the flow of migrants. part of it is planting trees in guatemala and el salvador so farmers there have more of an incentive to stay than to leave. so tree planting is the big idea right now this administration is leading with as a root cause to prevent people from coming. is that going to work? rachel: it is really interesting. not only the plan doesn't even make sense, we'll have you plant, america you will pay for all the tree planting.
4:06 am
pete: we're paying for it. rachel: pay expanded program beyond mexico into central america. plant all the trees. they will stay there by the way if you plant trees we'll provide you with a special pathway to u.s. citizenship. doesn't make any sense. either the tree planting will keep you there or give you a pathway to citizenship to the united states. the whole thing is bizarre. i'm so glad the mayor of yuma is out here talking about you know, what is happening at the border because it is border communities like his are being so impacted by the cartels, by the loss of jobs because of the border wall and because of the resources in their communities that are absolutely being strained with illegal immigration. will: to another story for you this morning. this one i believe is at the core of the american debate. might be the most important story we're having today, because it defines who we are. the american experiment is bid on individual rights, individual freedom, defining you according to your character, your principles, your soul. increasing to look at members of
4:07 am
group and how that group may define you a group of parents are pushing back on this anti-racism training going on in our schools. this is the mom i'm talking about. start looking at us through the lens of our skin color through group affiliation. some parents are starting to do as this infiltrates our school system. give you a quote from harvey goldman to the manhattan school, neither i nor my child have white privilege, nor do we need to apologize for it. to suggest i do is insulting. to suggest to my 9-year-old child does, it is child abuse, not education. parents are starting to push back, i want to be blunt about this, racist training in our schools. rachel: absolutely. here is another parent from a country school. she writes, i don't fit into any of those buckets, any of those race buckets. i think it is wrong to be teaching kids socially constructive race categories. it is destructive ideology, teaching children to be
4:08 am
pessimistic and full of grievance, rather than being optimistic, full of gratitude. goes against all the values i was raised with. many out there feel as i do, this is a movement with a lot of people. pete: well-said this is public school parent, education advocate telling the "new york post" also, i've been called a karen. they tried to pressure me not speaking up. it can be very stressful, physically, emotionally, mentally. it feels like a mob is descending on you, calling you a racist fighting for the kind of education you want for your children. it is really nasty. i've seen it ruin lives. will to your point the first parent you read, said i don't have white privilege. i can recognize people are treated differently in different times. teach it, talk about. but that doesn't mean my kid the sins of 100 years ago are on my child who is going to your school. that is racist when you treat him differently like it was racist before. will: there is a movement winning in this country to cure past race i am by instituting
4:09 am
present and future race improgress on half a century, back to viewing each other as individuals, we're moving away from that. i'm telling you this is not the core of who we are as americans. rachel: i totally agree. you bring up the word americans. when you vilify being an american, when you say that our history, that we're systematically racist, that america's history is racist, who wants, you have a bunch of kids, who wants to be an american? we have to unite around something that we all have in common. that is being an american. when we completely vilify that word, then we have, then we have tendency to resort to these categories. obviously people who have an agenda pushing it. pete: for sure, for parents the fight is multifaceted. people have kids in different places in different types of schools. in your school that is woke how can you put the administrators on the defensive, that is your
4:10 am
role. how do you change the school your kids are in? this is good to see in the "new york post," parents speaking out f we recapture the territory it will have to go a lot further big time. the left has completely captured the whole pipeline how it ends up in curriculum, the textbook. you can't reverse that one complaint to a principle. we have to create our own ecosystem. rachel: i saw this very early on, will and pete, when we grew up with the idea of the melting pot. i started to see that they were talking about the salad bowl instead of the melting pot. that was huge shift from the way we were raised to just be -- pete: i like soup a lot better more than salad. rachel: that is true. will: chris, who was with the discovery institute, he is the director of it, is talking about the whole push, called critical race theory. probably getting pretty familiar with that term, critical race theory for schools. he was on "watters' world," here is what he had to say.
4:11 am
>> turning education into activism. at the philadelphia elementary school how to simulate black power rallies. celebrating angela davis. celebrating, black communism. 87% of those students don't know how to read, write, basic proficiency by the time they reach middle school. the total complete failure of the educational system to get them towards academic success, they're shifting blame, injecting politics into the classroom. shifting the blame to white supremacy. shifting the blame to systemic racism, absolve themselves of failure and channel rage, frustration of students into of the american system. will: you know, rachel you said something a moment ago i want to follow up on. what this is about at its core being an american. human beings are at the very core tribal listtic. we join groups. we want to be part of something. american experiment, part. of this country which sees us as
4:12 am
an idea, if you deny that group, deny that idea, people revert to really basic groups and tribes that is what they're pushing back toward. rachel: this is rooted in cultural marxism. when you do, you can understand how to fight this. that is marxism. pete: experiment with america, totally unlike anything tried on the planet. rachel: it is exceptional. pete: turning to a few additional headlines as well this morning, officers shooting and killing a man who was wearing body armor avraming his car into a police cruiser. the man stopped suddenly on sunset boulevard before reversing into the cruiser. he got out with one much his hands tied behind his back and began counting down. officers fired when he began to move his hand. unclear if he had a weapon or any other device. the case is under investigation. churches are allowed to hold sunday worship today at 100% capacity in new mexico. i want to cheer but it is so sad. rachel: so sad you have to say
4:13 am
that. pete: the governor fully restoring indoor worship in her state. quote, the changes made in light of recent supreme court decisions, she didn't want to say it, supreme court made her. earlier this month high court ruled against california stopping restrictions on indoor religious gatherings. we can't keep you out of church anymore. all gods people said, the catholic doesn't know it. amen. rachel: that is a little bit of a baptist response. pete: people across the country all named josh get together for a huge pool noodle fight. take a look. [shouting] i feel like these guys need something to do. the battle of the jobs, started on facebook as an internet joke but caught real attraction. the event drawing hundreds to nebraska. you get it now? see who is the best josh.
4:14 am
will: it is good. pete: i retract my criticism. will: tell me if there wasn't a battle you wouldn't be out there? pete: probably in a wookie suit. will: now i want to know who won. i want to get the top josh on the program. why is that not happening? i think we can do it. we tried. pete: we tried to get the top josh on the program. will: we'll not give up. still ahead the ripple effects of push to defund police as department the across the country struggle to recruit new officers. the consequences we may all face as a result. you're watching "fox & friends weekend" live from the talladega superspeedway on your screen. sunday morning. what a beautiful morning it is.
4:15 am
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♪. will: the push to defund police is having a severe impact on recruiting efforts. some of america's largest police departments, police in philadelphia reportedly needing 270 vacancies. that is what they're experiencing as 80 file plans to retire within the next four years. meanwhile new york city, more than 5300 in nypd officers retired in 2020. listen that is a 75% spike from the year before. this comes as baltimore's police unit warns 81 officers fled baltimore police this year, outpacing last year. pay, working conditions. antipolice climate are the primary reasons. hashtag, 500 cops short. here to react, blue lives matter, joseph impatrice, former
4:19 am
nypd detective dr. oscar odom. joseph, this is not unexpected. this is totally predictable, is it not, especially after the climate. >> the officers say why stay extra day, extra year, politicians should be working with us to drive down crime are trying to literally handcuff us. as we saw in minneapolis, 27 years, she -- amount of time she may go to jail for rest of her life. what about the officer in ohio, saved two lives by a woman that was wielding a knife, yet he is being criticized on the biggest levels. risk/reward nowadays -- [inaudible] will: dr. odom, disincentive, set aside disincentive, for a moment, the risk in policing right now for an officer is incredibly high. we see clearly it is having a depressing effect on number of
4:20 am
people choosing to go into law enforcement. equally concerning would be choices that officers who do stay in the department are making on a day-to-day basis with their stops, with interactions with the public, they have got to be, their number one imperative at this point got to be risk aversion. don't do something that can get me in trouble? >> absolutely. you know, with police officers we go out there each and every day put our lives on the line, now as opposed to being proactive, more police officers will look at it to be more reactive. if you're proactive and you're second-guessed on your decision, therefore you will wind up losing your job, your pension and possibly incarceration. so why would you want to risk that? why would you want to join something where people hate you and go out there and put your lives on the line? we don't run away from danger. we run to danger. when we receive the call, man with a gun, we don't run away and hide. we run towards danger to make sure you are safe. that is what we do, protect life
4:21 am
and property. will: right. dr. odom, let me come back to you with this, congresswoman omar plans to introduce a bill that would create a federal board to investigate independently police conduct. she said the following, this will be a proactive, speaking of that word, board that does work on behalf of our country, to try to make sure the agents of the law are taking their oath seriously, and the works they're doing helps communities feel safe there is lot of talk whether or not there is potential to federalize local police departments. ilhan omar says if we get your money we get a lot of oversight what you done on a local level. what does this mean? >> they do not read the data, crime is increasing exponentially, murders assaults. they're not talking to the constituents by doing this, they cause problems. add to qualified immunity, doctors operate without malpractice insurance, that is my question? will: i hear you.
4:22 am
dr. odom, joseph, thank you so much. lot of disincentive to being a good police officer in 2021. thank you for your time this morning. coming up outrage in oregon after a track star collapses wearing a mask just shy of the finish line. her coach is fighting to end mask mandates. they both>> join us live with their mission next. cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ did you know that febreze air effects uses 100% natural propellant? cheaper aerosols use artificial propellants. that's why febreze works differently. plus, it eliminates odors with a water-based formula and no dyes. for freshness you'll enjoy. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be.
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♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends weekend" live from talladega superspeedway and we're going to get to some news by the numbers. first, 50,000. that is how many people attended a concert in new zealand. the believed to be the world's biggest concert since the pandemic started. the show did not require social distancing or face masks because the island is basically covid-free after implementing policies.
4:26 am
next, $25 million, that is how much spotify is paying prince harry and meghan to produce feel good podcasts. the streaming service signed the deal with the couple, leaving musicians fuming because they only receive a penny or less for each song streamed. $2 million a michigan man won on a scratch off when he lost everything he owned in a understood. when he realized he won he couldn't stop shaking, saying knowing my kids would be taken care of that is the best feeling in the world. i bet it is. pete? pete: thank you, rachel. now to a near tragedy on the running track. summit high school student maggie williams collapsing at the finish line at her high school track meet on the verge of setting a school record. she was wearing a mask running that 800. they say pain is temporary, pride is forever. thankfully maggie still broke the school's 800-meter record. the scare is prompting her coach
4:27 am
calling for an end to the rule to require athletes to wear masks outside during the competition. that track-and-field runner, maggie williams and her coach dave join me now. maggie, coach, thanks for being here. first of all, maggie, i will start with you, congratulations, i cannot imagine running the 800 in two minutes and 8 seconds, breaking the school record. that is fabulous. you're a junior. first of all, were you going for the record? and what role did the mask play in that? >> yeah. so it had been one of my goals to go for the record and you know, this is the first year obviously that i have had to run an 800 in a mask but you know, as a christian i really like to, i made it a goal to honor that. i've been okay with that, but this time it was just, i have never had the issue of passing out or fainting during a race. and so that was definitely a different issue that has brought up a lot of concerns about this
4:28 am
mask. pete: you don't have a history of those kinds of complications, anything like that, ultimately? what did you feel at the end that caused you to go to the track? could you even get oxygen? >> i mean i felt like it was very difficult to breathe. everything went blurry. then i couldn't really, i just fell. i think it was definitely oxygen deprivation that had a big play in that. pete: absolutely. coach, 800 is an impossible race. i couldn't run an 800 right now if i tried, let alone with cloth mask on your face not allowing you to breathe. it is insanity. >> it is really difficult to understand the concept having kids run with masks. at the schools we understand the mask is a critical strategy reducing covid, makes sense within the school buildings in relaxed atmospheres but when a kid is running at max velocity
4:29 am
they need it to get through the race, something like an 800 is near impossible to run at maggie's level on the track. we warned the osa, oregon school athletic association, that this might happen. knowing how maggie how tough she is, how driven she is, she will run beyond pain. this was beyond pain. she didn't have enough oxygen to make the last few meters. she went down, it was a scary scene. pete: have you seen anything like that, not only break the record as a junior but did it with a mask on? >> it is unbelievable, actually. as you think about it, you think about the respiratory rates of runners running her speed, her level, you and i talking here we breathe 15 breaths every minute. she is going 40 to 60 breaths every minute. not only can she not breathe effectively, can't get rid of
4:30 am
the carbon dioxide within that mask when she is breathing so fast. i never seen anybody that proved what she has done. proves a level of toughness she has to get through that. but at the same time should we put kids in that situation? we're lucky she didn't hurt herself horribly. we're very lucky. pete: we are lucky. whether it is a respiratory system or physically collapsing at the finish line. you mentioned the oregon school activities association. here is part what they said. we've been communicating with the governor's office and ohs for weeks seeking an adjustment to the mask mandate to allow students not wearing masks participating outdoors in contact sports. let's hope common sense prevails at some level and soon. i imagine, maggie, do you have meets coming up as well? >> yes we have several meets coming up. pete: i got to believe you don't want to try that again with a mask on in light of that what happened already. you have to keep reaching out
4:31 am
here. they have to. especially on track-and-field outdoors. wear it at the starting line. then after you win, maggie, but during the race is insane. it really is. maggie, coach, thank you so much. keep us posted. >> thanks. pete: appreciate it. what a wonderful young lady. back in business. will and i take a look at the big boon for area restaurants and stores as fans return to the superspeedway. "fox & friends" live from talladega. we continue after the break.
4:32 am
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or opting for the couch. your best sleep. all night. every night. experience the mattress ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by jd power, two years in a row. ♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends weekend." we're live from tall talladega superspeedway counting down to the geico 500. will: last year it was empty with fans but today talladega is buzzing with people. pete: we talked to local businesses about the boost because of the race and struggles they're facing after a reopening. take a look. ♪. will: 10 miles away from the racetrack at talladega, what does the race mean for places like this? >> with the talladega race,
4:36 am
biggest travel and camping race for nascar. a few hundred thousand people are coming in. what it means, hotels are full, restaurants are full. people out having fun. i think you will see a good crowd. pete: when they come to talladega, alabama, is everything open, capacity restriction, what is it like down here? >> governor ivy lifted the mask mandate. businesses are booming in a lot of ways. pete: businesses are booming to such an extent, some businesses are having trouble hiring. >> that's true. >> business finally picked up. we are just getting back to the number we were at in 2019. saying that, we don't have the help to keep up with that. will: why are we struggling to find the help needed? >> unemployment benefits no one wants to go to work right now. >> almost every business you go to just here is hiring, everybody is hiring. pete: could you raise your wage
4:37 am
to a point where you could entice people? >> we have already done that. pete: done that. will: signing bonuses, raising wages, you giving appreciation bonuses and still understaffed by 50%? >> yes, sir. will: on top of understaffed this is one of the busiest weeks of the year for you. talladega race this weekend. >> families in town come here because more of a family atmosphere. then buffalo wild wings and so forth, they get packed because of tvs. big for everybody. pete: you have a lot of customers here right now. what is capacity. are you at 100% yet? >> no. it its crazy because we, governor ivy, state of alabama just lifted a couple weeks ago the capacity but we've really stayed maybe 55% capacity. we're opening up in phases. don't have the staff. we're so busy. pete: why wouldn't you go straight to 100?
4:38 am
>> we don't have the staff. we hope by the middle of may we would be open at 100%. will: talking about races looking like in normal year. what are you expecting this week? >> this year obviously some could have individual restrictions but -- [inaudible] the last time we saw sales, kind of going against 2019. sunday night it will be packed out all the way until we probably close. pete: i want a beer. >> first beer is on me. pete: i love it. pete: we did have a beer. big news. >> i loved you offering your advice to the ladies. talk about raising the wage? pete: we'll watch that back. will: thanks for that idea. pete: good idea, pete. rachel: did that. tried that. will: clearly talking to people, there were two big takeaways, this is a godsend, this helps business. rachel: of course. will: such a godsend we can't handle amount of business because we can't hire enough
4:39 am
people. pete: over and over. some on camera. some off. not just places we went to. if i could hire people i would. i raised wages. offered bonuses. unemployment is for enticing for people. they need to make more. that needs to end to get people back into places of work. it is tough. rachel: the business of america is business. when the economy is doing well, families do well. it is great package. pete: it is fun. i like hanging out with will. it is nice. will: we keep hanging out after the cameras go off. had wings after. maybe that will make the show some day. turning to some headlines for this morning starting with a fox news alert. hospital fire in baghdad kills at least 82 people and injures more than 100. the fire broke out in the hospital's icu where severely ill coronavirus patients were being treated t was caused by a exploding oxygen cylinder. 200 people were rescued. lebron james mocking an ohio bar
4:40 am
owner who said he should be expelled from the league. he would not show any nba games until james is punished by the officer who talked about mahkia bryant. james sarcastically, awe, [bleep] i was headed there to have a beer after the game. he deleted the first tweet that showed the officer's face. former envelope star chad johnson facing own backlash. he shared a text exchange balancing a job between school and sports. i caught the bus to school. went to football practice. caught the bus to mcdonald's a six hour shift, maintaining 2.2 gda, maining a star athlete. commentators, pointed out 2.2 gpa is not what you think. went from ochcinco. referring to the time i changed his name.
4:41 am
he called himself ochocinco because his name was 85. pete: was on a roll with the tweet. rachel: i liked the tweet. next time don't put in the gpa. pete: he has degrees too. rachel: absolutely right. the work ethic he learned at mcdonald's. pete: 100%. what was the question we had for adam? adam we were talking about vhs tapes and cassettes. did you ever have those or go straight to cds? you're a young dude. adam: i remember vhs tapes but i was not going to blockbuster to rent them. i was too young for that. rachel: see. adam: that gives you a timeline. pete: that makes sense. yeah. adam: i'm young cool. i watch tiktok now. super hip. rachel: i'm cool. adam: i can do the forecast.
4:42 am
they say things like busting and sheesh. trying to work those in the forecast sew the tiktok kids think i'm cool. here we are weatherwise across the country. there were a lot of storms yesterday that is the system that was beating up the southeast. that is on the move. working up the mid-atlantic a soggy portions across new england that will clear up later today. that was the system from yesterday. taking off towards the west. seeing mountain snow at higher elevations. continues to be winter on the western side of mississippi river especially higher elevations. temperatures around 30, 35 degrees. when you sigh those you see snow falling with one of those systems. otherwise for the race forecaster will be a beautiful day. 66 degrees at lunchtime. running up to3 degrees in the afternoon. almost completely sunny skies. it will be a good one for talladega. back to you guys.
4:43 am
pete: yes it is adam klotz you're a cool guy. rachel: and he does the weather. pete: yeah, absolutely. thanks, brother. he is come with us next time. still ahead big tech moguls reportedly donating get this, $7.5 million to groups tied to a black lives matter cofounder, all while then censoring her critics online. see how that works? rachel: yeah. pete: pretty straightforward. as "fox & friends weekend" continues live from, this is talladega. don't go anywhere. ♪. how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends weekend" live. we're live at talladega superspeedway. we've been telling you about
4:47 am
u.s. schools facing backlash over critical race theory in their curriculum. a group of new york city parents are fighting back. one parent telling the "new york post," first and foremost, neither i nor my child have white privilege nor do we need to apologize for it, suggesting i do is insulting. suggesting to my nine-year-old child she does is child abuse, not education. he is the author of the upcoming book, woke inc. he joins me now to react. i had this summer several friends who are white tell me their children said, i'm embarrassed to be white and, embarrassed of their privilege. their parents happen to be professionals. i never heard that kind of talk before. they were really shocked by it. what is happening? >> well look, in the name of anti-race there is a new form of racism spreading like wildfire. antiwhite racism on its face.
4:48 am
tells white kids they're inherently privileged they need to confess for their sins. it is worse than that. of the anti-white race i'm triggering a new form of antiblack race i am which is spreading across the country. we end up in a vicious cycle, kids are not taught to look at each other not the content of their character but color of their skin. setting back 60 years of progress from the civil rights revolution. it is sick. it needs to end. rachel: i never heard more talk about race as hispanic woman now as i have in my late 40s. amen to that. here is another story that you hit really close to home for you. this is about big tech. they have been giving money to liberal causes to activists like blm. they gave 7.5 million to the blm cofounder and groups that she is affiliated with. but what i find most interesting about this, vik, they're censoring any critics of blm for
4:49 am
them. so talk to me a little bit about that because that's outrageous. >> i don't find it surprising at all. this is how the woke industrial complex works. it's a basically a back room bargain and here is how the bargain works. big tech agrees to do the bidding of woke activists, agrees to bankroll them and agree to censor content they don't like. i'm sorry to say it is working out masterfully for both sides. in this particular case you're talking about they were advocating, blm was, blm cofounder and her associated entities were advocating for so-called net neutrality rules that facebook and google and twitter have actually been long time fans of. it is a staggering irony to watch the big tech titans, who are the worst perpetrators of censorship on the internet, advocating net neutrality to apply to cable companies. their commitment to the notion of net neutrality is about as
4:50 am
genuine as commitment of black lives matter to black lives which is to say not at all this is a staggering irony. it's a back room bargain. it needs to be called out. rachel: they're scratching each other's backs for sure. great talking with you, vivek. we'll have you back soon. you have a lot to say on all of these things the hottest topics on our country. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. rachel: all right. coming up, oscar out of rage. the academy awards accused of quietly cleaning up los angeles streets and hiding the homeless to prepare for tonight's show. more on that as "fox & friends" continues live from talladega next. ♪. incomparable design makes it beautiful. state of the art technology, makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2021 nx 300 for $349 a month for 36 months.
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♪. >> they came to us about a week ago said, we had to move by friday today, 6:00 p.m. because they were trying to clean it up for the oscars. they told us if they didn't move they would demolish our stuff. we have warrants to take you to jail. rachel: l.a. homeless population, they claim they're being forcedrelocate to keep the area glitzy ahead of tonight's academy awards. i didn't know the academy awards was on. will: i didn't either. pete: they are facing backlash not requiring masks. this proves hypocrisy of america's elite. will: "washington times" columnist tim young. tim, good morning to you, when it comes to the homeless problem, this issue is in most of america's major cities at this point. what is clear here, when it comes to the hollywood elite, they don't want to solve the problem, they don't want it in their backyard, in their
4:55 am
televisions, don't want it around their award shows. >> amazing there are two different classes of elites. elites celebrate themselves. you walk up and down hollywood boulevard, which is what i noticed the pandemic this is all homeless people. they ignore all the problems. elites we need to give to charities to help people out. they don't want homeless people to make them look bad. it is absolutely disgusting when you think about it. rachel: like they don't want to drive by it. it offends their sensibilities. they are the same people putting on fancy, glitzy fund-raisers putting in politicians that exacerbated the homeless problem? >> not only that. the people who declared themselves essential during the pandemic. people's families restaurants were shut down, they were doing million dollar productions. they never stopped producing televisions and movie. pete: you're right, time. these are the same ones happy to tell us double mask inside of our cars when they're alone, when it comes to their award
4:56 am
shows, we need to see their beautiful pearly whites, make up, masks have to come off. >> tough to virtue signal be in love with yourself at same time. look at me. i wouldn't wear a mask on "fox & friends." why wouldn't they wear on their events. joe biden says if we behave well we can have our parties on 4th of july. whatever. people should live their lives, do whatever they want. clearly hollywood does. will: all right, tim, expert hypocrisy. of the thanks so much for pointing it out, tim. thanks tim. >> thanks for having me. will: still ahead this week the president and first lady will celebrate 100 days in office. the only problem, they're holding a rally in georgia, the very state they want to boycott over the voting bill. how is that for hypocrisy. rachel: no end. pete: 100 day mask challenge will be over.
4:57 am
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we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to ♪. >> good morning and welcome total day ga. this is where the car -- to talladega. this is where the drivers stand. we are so glad you're here with us this morning. .we're halfway down fox and friends weekend. we're psyched to have you here and to be here. how much fun has it been to be
5:01 am
at talladega. rachel: it's been amazing. the music has been exceptionally good on the show. it's been awesome. >> i would make two points to start off your morning. look at this guy. he's been around nascar for 48 hours, he's an expert, pointing out where the spotters are. i like bruno mars as much as the next guy. if we don't bump if with country music nascar at some point in the show -- rachel: we did earlier. >> it should be about 75%. >> we were also in the infield, i didn't hear any of will's honky tong. tonk.will: what are you talking about? pete: we heard country music, not old school country music. rachel: he did bring the boots to the set. >> coming up, we have preparation for the guy co-500 today at -- geico500 at
5:02 am
talladega. dana perino and nancy grace will be here in the next two hours. >> we have not mentioned it yet today but we need to. that's all i'll be watching during the race today, the 7 car, the fox nation car, corey lajoie, wrapped in the american flag. there it is right there, that's a beautiful looking car, fox nation has skin in the game. i had a chance yesterday to out there at the fox nation experience. nascar folks are awesome. a ton came over and said hello. i've never had any car to specifically pull far with that kind of connection. rachel: it's exciting. what if corey wins? >> i think he might. >> i think we all win. i heard the aerodynamics are such that the national anthem plays and it's -- rachel: it looks like that. eagle comes out of it. [laughter] >> can you do the eagle again? [laughter] >> we are -- there we go. see the qr code. you can put yourself in the driver's seat of fox nation.
5:03 am
i have a picture of that. maybe we'll play it later on. we have news to get to this morning. this is where we start, it's a tough one. crime is skyrocketing as you know if you watch this program in major u.s. cities from baltimore to philadelphia to new york. rachel: police departments are struggling to keep up because officers are leaving and less people are signing up for the job. no kidding. >> why wouldn't they. david spunt joins us live from the justice department with more. >> reporter: good morning. doj officials in the building say it's all about striking the right balance to make sure that police departments are supported for the hard work they do but if anybody's not following policy or something illegal is done, those police officers will be called out according to doj. as you said, the numbers are declining across the country. in the oft coast, one -- east coast, one of the cities where we're seeing numbers go down is philadelphia and some of the surrounding counties.
5:04 am
a police chief says it's recognized as getting harder and harder. people don't want to be police anymore. it's a good job, a good paying job. when you look at national news every day, people don't want to be officers. california congresswoman maxine waters is calling out the judge in the derek chauvin trial after he criticized her comments in open court, arguing they could upend the trial. listen. >> he was way off track and he knows that. but to say that i'm going to cause an appeal really is not credible. >> reporter: and one of maxine waters' colleagues, congresswoman ilhan omar from minnesota take next week in the next few days will introduce a bill to he create an oversight board for any type of police misconduct, similar to the national transportation safety board. at doj as we've been reporting the justice department investigating the minneapolis police department after the whole derek chauvin situation and that could take more than a
5:05 am
year. it's quite possible. back to you. >> thank you so much, david. you know, this is -- to be a cop in the united states of america torques be in law enforcement in any capacity, and we go around the country, we do these diners, i know you've encountered this, we've seen a lot of law enforcement officers. the climate, the general sentiment is one of -- i don't want to say depression, certainly discouragement. rachel: low morale. >> you feel like nobody wants you, you're at a high risk. it's real low morale. rachel: with minority police officers, whether it's on the border where they say you're a traitor to your race if you defend the border, to black police officers being mistreated on the job and somehow being told that doing their job is somehow putting them in a traitor position with their own community, it's ridiculous.
5:06 am
i don't know why anyone would -- >> i saw it in washington, d.c. with the national guard, the vicious, racist things that the black lives protesters were yelling at the national guard, it was way worse than anything else. that's absolutely true. i think for law enforcement, they're resigned to the reality that being proactive doesn't pay. that's how you keep people safe normally is if you feel empowered because you have leadership that will back you up, you will interdict in situations where you can save lives. why would you do that you're inherently the bad guy. it becomes a culture of risk aversion. >> every interaction, i have to reduce my own risk. i asked about this calculation they officers have to make on a daily basis. >> officers, especially senior officers, say why risk it, why stay the extra day, why stay that extra year when our
5:07 am
politicians who should be working to drive down crime are trying to literally handcuff us. it's risk versus reward. nowadays the risk is too high. >> we put our lives on the line every day. now, as opposed to being proactive more, police officers will look at to be more reactive because if you're proactive, then you're second guessed on your decision and therefore you will wind up losing your job, your pension, and possibly incarceration. so why would you want to risk that? why would you want to join something where people hate you and go out there and put your lives on the line? rachel: yeah. and the communities that get affected by this are not the communities -- ilhan omar has a capital police detail on her right now because she has had threats against her. so she has security. other self appointed leaders of the organizations and groups, they are all rich. they can afford their own security. it's the people in the communities who suffer and we've
5:08 am
seen the crime and homicide rates are exploding right now. >> i pray we find a way to punch through this stupid moment, defund the police because the other side is chaos. >> it is. who wants to live in chaos. maggie williams was a high school track star in oregon, setting records in the 800. as she approached the finish line, she collapsed, oxygen deprivation. you interviewed maggie and her coach who is at this point blaming directly the mask and saying we need to do something about this. watch. >> i've never had the issue of passing out or fainting during a race and so that was definitely a different issue that has brought up a lot of concerns about this mask mandate. i felt it was difficult to breathe, everything went blurry and i couldn't really -- i just fell. i think it was definitely oxygendeprivation that had a biy
5:09 am
at that. >> when a kid is running at maximum velocity and they need oxygen to run the race, something like the 800 is impossible to run at maggie's level without hitting the track. we warned them a couple months ago that this might happen. she didn't have enough objection jen to make the last -- oxygen to make the last few meters and she went down. that was a scary scene. >> outdoor sports, track and a field, mask has to be worn at all times. they warned that this would happen. this girl by the way, she's a junior. she set the school record at two minutes and nine seconds on an 800. that's -- rachel: that's amazing. >> that's phenomenal. we couldn't run it at four. that's her at the finish line, passing out because she couldn't get oxygen to her lungs. rachel: it's so dumb. it's so dangerous. if something happened to that girl -- god forbid.
5:10 am
we talked yesterday about this story and she's a rock star, she's outside. i get it. but you talked about your own kid in a basketball court, masked up and the calculations -- >> so embarrassed. >> rachel: the calculations parents have to make where you know it's not healthy, safe or psychologically good for your kid to play the game with the mask but you want your kid to play. >> i watched the kid on the court, he lost the ball and the mask came down. he didn't worry about the ball, he worried about the mask. think about the psychological effect. you're sitting in the stands, embarrassed as a dad, saying how did i let my kid play but you want them to play. >> this is beyond lunacy. this is dangerous. we're toying with some he very dangerous policies here. rachel: for what reason? that's the point that -- it's just insane. i think parents really need to see this video and when parents decide it's enough, it will be enough. we all have to get together and
5:11 am
-- >> that team should get together and boycott the next race and all the other teams should too and say i'm not going to allow my girl or boy to run like that, we're out. then the at letic association -- athletic association would quickly be -- let's hope. >> we have a few additional headlines, starting with this, the wife of an asian man who was attacked on a new york city is pleading for justice. he was hit from behind and repeatedly kicked in the head. he's in critical condition. his wife is begging the nypd to catch her husband's attacker. her husband didn't do anything to deserve this. the oldest methodist church in dallas county, texas holds its final service. members gathered to celebrate the church's 176 year history. church leaders voted to close it because of the pandemic and diminishing resources. saturday night live facing
5:12 am
backlash over selecting elon musk as an upcoming host, fans calling for the musical guest to do double duty and take over as host. why? rachel: what's wrong with elon? >> i don't know what -- elon musk is too controversial? needs to be canceled? rachel: he's not woke enough. he's an independent thinker. >> in 2021 we have no idea why someone is going to cancel someone. rachel: the best guess is he is not sufficiently woke. funny has nothing to do with snl anymore. >> as we prove every day. coming up, the president planning a drive-in rally in atlanta as members of his own party call to boycott the state of georgia and even got the major league baseball all-star
5:13 am
game moved. vernon jordan is running to be georgia's next governor. he joins us live next. >> "fox & friends weekend" continues live from talladega. ♪ still lots of room. just more to view. still the big move. just more moving. still singing. just more in tune. still hard to find a spot. just easier to park. still the gangs all here. just less “are we there yet?” the chevy family of suvs. making life's journey just better. ♪♪♪
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5:17 am
emitting drive-in rally send about climate change? democrat turned republican vernon jones is running for governor in 2022. he joins me now. let's start with the climate change part. joe biden will be in your state talking about climate change and infrastructure and the green new deal while cars drive up and emit in the process. do you think it's lost on them, the duality of that? >> well, first of awcialtion all, this isthe hypocrisy of th. joe biden is going to visit. he trying to save face because he caused many african-american businesses and others the opportunity to benefit during the major league baseball. so i don't even understand why he's coming here. he can come here but major league baseball can't come here. you see the hypocrisy? you know, he's coming really to take a tour of a disaster that was not caused by god but was
5:18 am
caused by liberals and it's just an embarrassment and it's also a slap in the face to many of us here in georgia for him to even show his face here. >> almost going through the wreckage, so well said of a man made disaster, he could have had so much economic opportunity there. instead, it's all gone over to denver. how much are people talking about that still? i got the sense when i was down at a diner that it's a visceral frustration. this was part of a reopening in georgia that was just snatched away. >> pete, dealing with the pandemic, people wanted more economic opportunities. can you realize we lost $100 million in atlanta, georgia and those who were most impacted were those small businesses, many african-american businesses, who bought inventory and now they're sitting on the inventory. when i hear him talking about the infrastructure bill, last time i saw i don't remember people selling t-shirts and
5:19 am
other items when they're repairing roads and bridges. again, this is a prime example of how liberals destroyed the african-american community and destroyed communities, period and that's why i say it's time for us to destroy the liberal community because they've done enough damage and joe biden continues to do so. when i think about joe biden, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, i think about the wizard of oz. one has no heart, one has no courage and the other has no brain. they're not led by toto and dorothy. their led by the wicked witch of the south, stacy abrams. the nerve of those liberals. >> joe biden will be in georgia on his 100th day, i believe. when you think about the first 100 days of the joe biden administration, what defines it? >> one word. disaster. can't think of anything else. he has come on board.
5:20 am
he's pushing now wherees sorting and em -- he's supporting and embracing being anti-female sports. at the same time, he's creating a crisis on the borders. look at what's happening. they're spending $88 billion on a hotel bill when we have veterans living under bridges. there's nothing for usa. when he talked about the african-american community, there's nothing -- not a single thing he's done for the african-american community but create chaos. this is a disaster. i don't think he's in charge. i want to find out who is really behind the curtain, pulling his strings. he has checked out. you know it, i know it, the american people know it. >> it's the far left. who is it specifically? we're learning more every day. they certainly captured the agenda of the biden administration, no doubt. vernon jones, thank you very much. we always love having you. and good luck. >> thank you so much. >> still ahead, newly released photos revealed jeffrey epstein
5:21 am
and he ghislaine maxwell as vip guests in clinton's white house. nancy grace joins us as the case against jeffrey epstein's alleged accomplice takes a turn. the bowls are back. applebee's irresist-a-bowls all just $8.99. now, simparica trio simplifies protection. ticks and fleas? see ya! heartworm disease? no way! simparica trio is the first chewable that delivers all this protection. and simparica trio is demonstrated safe for puppies. it's simple: go with simparica trio.
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rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends weekend" live from talladega. now to chicago where the city is seeing a shocking rise in crime and gun violence, more than 900 people, think about that, 900 people have been shot this year. a roughly 30% increase since 2020. one of the most tragic cases is a little girl who was killed at a mcdonalds drive-through. todd piro joins us live as police finally have a suspect in
5:25 am
custody. >> reporter: a chicago family one step closer to justice this morning, following the arrest of a suspect in the killing of that beautiful little girl, 7-year-old jaslin adams. 18-year-old marion lewis facing 16 charges including first degree murder in connection to her death at a mcdonald's drive-through last weekend. police arrested him after he crashed his car while trying to escape. he tried to carjack a family's vehicle at which point officers shot and arrested him. they are looking for other suspects in her killing. >> you can run but you can't hide. we are going to bring you to justice for this crime. the adams family deserves nothing less. >> reporter: jaslin shot six times including once in the head. her father was hit in the chest and seriously wounded but has since been released from the hospital of.
5:26 am
police have not yet revealed a motive. a small memorial has been set up at the mcdonald's he featuring pink balloons and toys. lewis is also charged with three counts of attempted murder, aggravated vehicular hijacking and aggravated assault of a police officer among other counts. he's scheduled to appear in court in the coming hours. will, back to you. will: thank you, rachel. thank you, todd. former president bill clinton seen smiling with jeffrey epstein and ghislaine maxwell in the white house in never before seen images. they were picture together during a 1993 reception. this comes to light as a new accuser steps forward against epstein and ghislaine maxwell pleads not guilty to new sex trafficking charges. here to react, host of crime stories, nancy grace. ghislaine maxwell is facing new
5:27 am
charges, new accusations and the ages range from 14 to 18, meaning what age the accusations reportedly occurred. what can you tell us about what's going on with ghislaine maxwell. >> ghislaine maxwell is set to go to trial this summer but with the advent of two new felony counts including a new accuser who says she was just 14 years old at the time that she was sex trafficked by ghislaine maxwell, so jeffrey epstein could molest her under the guise of her being a masseuse. who has a 14-year-old girl masseuse, number one? what jury is going to believe that? so these two charges have been tacked onto the other charges. it's called a superseding indictment. a lot of people have conspiracy theories as to why the state is adding these two charges now, a few months before trial. you know what? my response, why not? you've got this accuser, the
5:28 am
state can make out the case. she's being tried for facility t tating some weird -- facilitating some weird, sinister upon. ponzi scheme.according to the v, ghislaine also molested them. she didn't just recruit them off the playground. she took part in molesting them too. but the reality is, these little girls are finally getting their day in court. my question is, why not add them? all these nefarious theories of why the state tacked on the charges, guess what, they're probably true. so they're going to trial. will: we started to see ghislaine maxwell in some of these court appearances, she looks a lot different. it seems to be -- i know you talked about this, you looked into this or talked about this, it's a familiar trial strategy. you've seen it happen before, nancy. it's got a purpose. >> can i ask you a question? why are all the headlines about
5:29 am
ghislaine maxwell has gray hair? do i care if ghislaine maxwell is getting gray hair? she can't go to her $400 hair salon to get her hair done behind bars? i care about this new little girl, a 14-year-old girl, sex trafficked. yes, ghislaine maxwell looks thinner. according to court reporters and legal eagles that were in court, yes, she looks thinner but she's healthy. to hear the defense, she's gray and frail. so what. remember the menendez brothers who dressed like college freshman and the defense attorney would brush their shoulder. scott peterson came in looking like a golf pro. oj simpson tried to pretend he had rheumatoid arthritis.
5:30 am
it's all an act to make the jury feel sorry for her, so the 14-year-old girl, one more thing, that's not all, she pled guilty -- not guilty to these charges but do you know her bond hearing is going up to the court of appeals? that's one level below the u.s. supreme court for pete's sake because the judge keeps turning down her bond application. they're taking it all the way. i would not be surprised if this woman gets out on bond and disappears. will: the image crafting starts the minute you walk into the courtroom. you don't want to look like an elitist social ite who potentially lived up to the accusations. you can hear nancy grace talk about this on crime stories available on fox nation. good to see you this morning. new video shows another terrifying scene at the border. two young children are lowered over a 30-foot wall. you've got to see this video. former acting dhs secretary ken
5:31 am
cuccinelli sounds off, next. and fox nation car, just unloaded here at talladega. "fox & friends weekend" comes to you live from alabama. there it is, coming off the carrier. we'll stay here and we'll get a good look at it right here in talladega as we roll on. ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at
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♪ >> welcome back. you got it? >> welcome back to "fox & friends weekend" live from tall talladega superspeedway. there's a look at the front stretch of pit row. >> it's coming alive. the crews are coming in, pulling the tarp off the gear. they're getting it all set up. rachel: dropping nascar knowledge. >> i got a cool hat from the guys. rachel: the music is still not country. we've got to get to that. did you hear that coming? >> wasn't that country? what was that. rachel: it was a little rock and roll. >> my country, you would never mistake it. it's country. turning now to the crisis at the border, video of migrants including two children lowered down a 30-foot border wall by
5:36 am
rope. see it there on the screen. that's a 30-foot wall with children, i believe ages 6 and what was it, 2, lower do you understand right there. it's amazing footage. and this as kamala harris, the vice president plans to pay migrants to plant trees to stop them. let's bring in ken cuccinelli, former dhs acting deputy secretary. good morning, ken. thanks for being with us today. so you see there, the video of the kids being lowered down the border wall. what's your reaction? >> well, first, you know, we've seen the three and the 5-year-old earlier. this is more of the same. we're seeing the cartels and smugglers use the same tactics because this administration isn't changing anything. they aren't actually doing anything. and planting trees doesn't count, to stem the flow of illegal immigration. so we're going to keep seeing this. that's the story here. we're going to keep seeing this until this administration actually takes steps to
5:37 am
interdict the flows and return people back to their homes. >> i mean, ken, we want to laugh but this is a legitimate suggestion made by the president of mexico to kamala harris, they're going to be talking about taking a policy that's been used in mexico and moving it to the northern triangle countries, of planting trees so farmers don't want to my great to america. what do you do -- migrate to america. what do you do in the interim. trees don't spring up immediately. what do you do in the decade that they're growing. there's no seriousness in the application of the policy. >> it's a distraction. tree farming, i was virginia's ag. we do it here. it's a 40 year cycle. that's nice for 40 years from now. how about the next 39, you know. and maybe if we could deal with the next 39 days and interdicting the flow but this is silly talk. first, they wanted us to look elsewhere. they censored you all in the media and congress from seeing the facilities.
5:38 am
they still try not to use the word crisis, occasionally they slip into doing it to describing what it is. again, part of the effort to get people to look elsewhere and here now the talk about root causes and we can make tree jokes about root causes, but it is important to address root causes but that is a very long-termination nail strategy. -- long term national strategy. it's what the administration before us were doing. it takes a long time. the countries are much better off than they were in the '80s and '90s. they're much better countries. they're more stable, they don't on press their own people. you have to address the short and media term of the illegal invasion that we're suffering right now. the reason they're not doing it in my view is because they want it. they want this inflow. you and i see a crisis. they see a voter registration line. rachel: thank you for speaking that clearly. because that's 100% what's happening and there's no other
5:39 am
explanation for why we've handed over control of our national border. >> they know the root cause is their own policies and therefore they're not -- rachel: working out fine so let's just plant trees. >> ken cuccinelli, thank you so much. >> there's a reason it's called the biden effect. >> and you know how long it takes for trees -- thank you, sir. we appreciate it. sir. >> happy to talk tree farming any time. >> we had the right guy. he said 10 years -- >> it's 40 years. rachel: maybe kamala should call cuccinelli. >> turning to a few additional headlines. the tampa bay rays honor two fallen officers, players wore these shirts during batting practice to support fundraisers for the families of pinellas county sheriff's deputy michael magli and tampa officer jessie madson. deputy magli was killed by a drunk driver who was fleeing a
5:40 am
traffic stop. officer madson was killed trying to stop a wrong-way driver. god bless them. good to see a professional sports team honoring the you blue. ufc fighter chris weedman is stretched off the ring after a brutal leg break. what is it, we'dman? sorry. -- wedman's. his right leg stopped after he kicked his opponent in the right leg. the kicker broke the leg. it happened in a packed out. tom brady and tim tebow were amongst the spectators watching the fight. he reportedly undergoes surgery today. we're praying for him. and this is a moment a military dad returns home from overseas, surprising his two daughters at their school in missouri. carl latham spent the last nine months working as a military police officer in kuwait. >> i miss daddy. >> it's good to come home and
5:41 am
surprise them, see the look on their faces. i'm pretty sure they're more shocked by the surprise than anything. >> the girls love their daddy. they will be thankful to have him home. >> he has also served in cuba and qatar. the family says he's now home for a while. we welcome the sergeant back. those are your headlines. >> feel like the show is getting a little old, a little steal, s, not cool enough, not hip enough. >> rachel: all too old. >> i know how to fix that, adam klotz with the weather. >> when i said i was young and a hip, that's exactly the thing that an old person says. >> if you're stating your hipness, you're probably not quite there. >> we're never letting that one go. rachel: i'm still old, adam. i thought it was hip. [laughter] >> take it away.
5:42 am
>> dive right into this forecast. these are the storms you guys were dealing with yesterday across the southeast. it was a bit of a mess. the system has continued to move out. it will be a beautiful day for talladega. the rain we were tracking yesterday, worked its way up to the mid-atlantic. now we see a soggy morning across portions of new ebbing land. that -- new england. that will slowly track into the atlantic. there's energy rolling off the pacific northwest at higher elevations. this has been snow because it's cooler in the western half of the country. looking at temperatures there early this morning into the middle 30s. i'll leave you with the forecast in talladega where you start off in the mid-60s by lunchtime and spend most of the day in the middle 70s, so a beautiful day for a race. back out to you. .rachel: it sure is a beautiful day for a race. you can see the sun peeking out now. coming up, outrage after a an
5:43 am
arizona high school cancels prom over covid but still plan to throw a party for a superintendent in the district. a mom will join us next. ♪
5:44 am
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rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends weekend" live from talladega superspeedway and now to arizona where the chandler school district is facing backlash after the school board announced plans to throw a retirement party for their superintendent. the so-called celebration comes as prom stays canceled and graduation stays limited because of the pandemic. our next guest is a mom of with five kids in the district and she says she's tired of this double standard. jennifer albi joins me now.
5:47 am
welcome. >> thank you, rachel. rachel: of course. they're going to have a retirement party for the superintendent. the original invitation said 10 people can come to that. meanwhile, promise canceled and graduation is limited so a family like you, you have five children, not everybody can go to the graduation. >> that's definitely the case. we parents felt like the district took a page out of the marie antoinette playbook and said let the seniors eat case, two guests total which means most kids can't include the immediate family in the graduation ceremony, one of the big events in their life. no prom. but we're also okay with going ahead and having a reception with food, busses transporting guests in so everyone in close quarters on those busses, to celebrate our retiring superintendent which we think it's great. we would want to celebrate our
5:48 am
graduating -- or our retiring superintendent but we also as parents don't understand the double standard, why the district has certain things that are okay for the adults in the district and then the kids' interest in the district are getting entirely overlooked for the seniors. rachel: you know, jennifer, i have a son who didn't get prom and didn't get graduation last year because of the pandemic. it's hard to believe that a year later we're facing these kinds of restrictions still. but i just think as a mom and we share that in common, i just feel like the pandemic has just revealed something about our schools, which is that across the board from ache demicks -- academics to the important marker moments for kids, that kids have been put last in this, that the needs of teachers and administration have taken precedence over our children and they've been the real victims this year. what do you say to that? >> i 100% agree, rachel, and i know this is kind of your former background if i understand it
5:49 am
correctly here in arizona. rachel: yes, it is. >> so as parents, our primary job obviously is to look out for our kids' well-being and we want to be a team. we want to be a team with our school district. we want to be a team with the people who we trust, who watch out for our kids' best interest. and exactly what you said, as we have gone especially through the last year and looked at a lot of the decision making that's come down, none of it has been with reference to what is best for the kids, for their growth, for their development, for their emotional, physical well-being. it has very much been an entirely different conversation than anything you would expect from an industry that's in charge of educating and supporting our children into adulthood. rachel: i know what it's like to have to bring this to public attention and so, you know, you're a brave mom and you're fighting for your kids and you're fighting for a lot of
5:50 am
other people's kids. thanks to bringing this to our attention. hopefully there are more brave parents who will fight for our kids throughout the rest of the pandemic. >> thank you. we appreciate it. rachel: of course. thank you. we reached out to chandler district for a statement but we did not hear back. again, thanks, jennifer. still ahead, nascar announcing a new partnership with one of the biggest organizations in our country. the exclusive announcement. plus, what it means for kids across america, as "fox & friends weekend" continues live from talladega. ♪
5:51 am
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>> welcome back. we're live in talladega, hours away from the big race. we're bringing you an exclusive announcement. nascar president steve phelps and jim clark are here with us at the superspeedway. plus, on remote, joey logano here with us as well. let's start with you first. steve, jim, welcome to the show. tell me, steve, if you will, tell me about nascar's partnership with i guess the big announcement is with the boys and girls club of america. >> it's great to be here. we've been talking to the boys and girls club for quite a while now. we actually have some relationships. the national relationship does three things. career development and what we're doing from promote diversity, equity and inclusion. we're thrilled to have the boys and girls club as our newest partner. will: jim, tell me about this partnership and what it means from your end of the spectrum. >> absolutely. thank you for having us on today. we are excited about what's in
5:55 am
front of us and as steve said, this is the opportunity to provide experiences and opportunities for millions of kids across this country through our partnership with nascar. if you think about what's taken place and what steve said, kids have suffered learning loss disruption over this past year with the pandemic. so through this partnership, we'll be able to provide educational learning experiences and opportunities, plus great experience to see what nascar is all about and he potential careers in nascar so it's about workforce readiness as well. will: you're absolutely right. it's been a tough year for kids, been a lot of loss. the boys and girls club has a huge mission, helping that along going forward. nascar can play a big role as well. joey logano, he has a big day ahead of him. thank you for jumping on with us. 2:00 the coverage starts on fox for the geico 45* hundred, whate you ready? are you going to finish up
5:56 am
front. >> the plan is to start up front, stay up front all day long. i'm so excited about the new partnership with the boys and girls club and nascar, so many great companies within our sport that all work together in a lot of ways. planet fitness and coca-cola have given so much to the boys and girls club. joey logano foundation has been able to partner in certain ways too. it's great to see this initiative, bringing younger boys and girls to the racetrack to teach them obviously about our sport, also the opportunity within our sport and that's stem education that is so important even if you're not in the sport these days. so very excited to start seeing some of these kids at the track and being able to meet them and talk to them and hopefully encourage them and to a great job some day and at least guide them in the right direction he any way you can. every little handshake or smile you give to somebody a lot of times has a huge impact, the smallest things. that's for everybody, not just for me as a race car driver. this will be a great opportunity
5:57 am
for all of us in the sport. will: joey, two of the guys that will be watching today are with me, logan and julianne, standing on the other side of this good looking car. they'll be rooting for you today. remember, 2:00 on fox. talladega. thanks, guys. . we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to . . .
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
♪. pete: will cain finally satisfied. got us some country music. rachel: this song came on. the smile on will's face i mean. will: they held that to the last hour of the show of this final weekend. coming to you live they know what they're doing. we're live of course not just in
6:01 am
talladega, not just in alabama, a nascar race but big bill's garage. we're having fun. pete: across the racetrack i still think they're sleeping in the infield. it was a late night last night i'm sure for the partiers. we've been up early. three hours, one to go. will mentioned big race today, 2:00 on fox 1:00 eastern time. 1:00 here in the central time show. we have great guests. clint bowyer, dana perino and maria bartiromo. many others as well. it has been fun to be part of the experience here. talladega is a experience. rachel: this feels like alabama waking up. america is waking up. that is what we're feeling like today. we're all getting back to normal. as you said will, back to fun. back to fun. will: what is waking up this morning the "fox nation" car
6:02 am
racing today. just aride at the track. it is wrapped up in red, white, and blue, pate new england patriots treatism on wheels. he is starting in the 13th row. talladega big speed, big wrecks, if you have big wrecks you can make your way from the back to front. pete: we should have been monitoring cory lajoie's sleep. he should be a little nervous on a track like this. he will rock it today. rachel: he will rock it. pete: no pressure. thanks for being here. we have the race that we're monitoring. we'll have fun with that. we have some politics a brand new brand spanking new fox news national poll, a lot which we'll be releasing throughout the day but one nugget in particular struck us we wanted to share out the gate. this is a national poll of registered voters in the middle
6:03 am
of april. u.s. border security, how do people view, how do voters view our border security compared to 2018? look at those numbers. 46% of americans say our border security is worse than it was in june of 2018. anybody who is saying better, probably wants open borders. interesting to see, the american people certainly responsive to the reality of what is happening on the border right now. rachel: couple weeks ago a "qunnipiac poll" came out. which group is most dissatisfied what is happening at the border? hispanics. that makes sense. they're the largest population living along our u.s. border, hispanic-americans. if you think about it, it was sheriffs, the mayors of these border towns and border communities who were first raising the flag saying, we have a problem on our hands on, they have been trying to get joe biden to get down to the border along with his supposed border czar kamala harris. will: what i got to see this
6:04 am
past week the reason the people living along the border who are on the front line saying this is a crisis, this is a problem because it's a quality of life issue for them. directly impacting literally their backyards. that would lead to an insurge in polling numbers, 30 points, increase of 30 points people who believe we're worse off today. right there on the screen is some new video footage as well of a 6-year-old and a 2-year-old being lowered over the border wall in california. those are 30-foot walls. pete: look at that, holding on to the back of a non-related adult male. who knows who is doing the transferring. probably the cartels. rachel: that is exactly right. joe biden was elected the cartels basically changed their business model to go from drugs and weapons and a little bit of smuggling to now a lot more smuggling and children, sadly are the ticket in. they are like the new dope, they literally have been saying.
6:05 am
pete: we are living in visual area. videos released by the cpb what is happening in the reality on the border. what is the central problem kids. kids are the ticket. defacto policy separating kids from the parents. they are the golden ticket if you want to stay in this country. mayors, local officials have been bearing the brunt of this. the yuma mayor, douglas nichols talked about, you mentioned the cartels, what they're doing with this. take a listen. >> the cartels are working and they understand the border and they're trying to control exactly the different crossings, whether it is people, whether it is drugs. at 7,000 to $15,000 a person, it's a business to these traffickers. so when it's a business that brings billions of dollars a year to them, you're going to see them try to exploit every angle that, every weakness, every policy, that is in place along the border at this time. we really, really need congress to jump in and do the
6:06 am
immigration changes that have been decades in coming. the federal government needs to take it head on. we can't just address the humanitarian issues. which we need to do. we need to make sure those who do need protection can get it, but we also need to try to cut the flow off. will: rachel, pete, i like to do my best to understand what the other side, anyone who might disagree with us says on these issues on this and largely what you're having is complete ignoring of the issue, not talking about it. the other response this, is partisan, this happened under the previous administration. you're focusing on it with a democratic president. that defies what is happening on the ground, listening to those with first-hand knowledge. we see the numbers spike. we know the numbers are spiking. i know the sheriff, we see numbers spike tenfold. this is happening. the american people by the way recognize this. you're seeing polls what we saw,
6:07 am
people recognize it is getting worse. rachel: the sheriffs have been telling me, i was in arizona, spoke to border patrol, sheriffs, they said they have never seen anything like this in 40 year careers. this is absolute, not just a spike, it is, it is, they said it is not even a crisis. it is chaos. we interviewed ken cuccinelli, former acting dhs acting secretary and this is what he says about the biden administration why they're doing nothing to stop this crisis. >> we're seeing the cartels and the smugglers use the same tactics because this administration isn't changing anything. they aren't actually doing anything, planting trees doesn't count to stem the flow of illegal immigration. so we're going to keep seeing this, that is the story here. we're going to keep seeing this until this administration actually takes step to interdict the flows and to return people back to their homes. the reason they're not doing it in my view is because they want
6:08 am
it. they want this inflow. you and i see a crisis. they see voter registration line. pete: straight up about it. also mentioned planting of trees. kamala harris, 33 days of border czar, whatever she is doing not visiting the border, she is having a zoom call with the president of mexico. one of the proposals, if we plant trees in countries where migrants are coming from. ken cuccinelli who was agriculture secretary in the state of virginia, takes 40 trees for trees to bare fruit. this is inhumane. rachel: this is environmentalism, the trees? by the way we're solving the border crisis. pete: perfect non-solution. will: something dead serious, we talked about it earlier in the program, the fundamental ideal to be an american, judged as an
6:09 am
individual, get away from tribal differences put aside racism we have a movement afoot in the countries being taught in the schools that is the antithesis. focusing on anti-race imwhat we know is a reversion to racism. looking through our prism, skin color. there is pushback. parents in some of the schools, for example, in new york city pushing back underground. give you an an example. harvey goldman. he wrote first and foremost neither i nor my child have white privilege neither do we need to apologize for it. to do is insulting. suggesting to my nine-year-old child she does is child abuse. that is definitely not education. rachel: oh, my gosh, that is child abuse. this is another from a parent telling the "new york post," i don't fit into any of those race buckets. i think it is wrong to teach socially constructive race categories. it is destructive ideology,
6:10 am
teaching children to be pessimistic, full of grievance rather than optimistic full of gratitude. it goes against all the values i was raised with. many out there feel as i do, this movement has a lot of people. pete: not just elite private schools but public school parents and education advocate talk tock "the new york post." i've been called a karen. they tried to pressure me not speaking up. it can be very stressful, physically, emotionally, mentally. feels like a mob is descending on you calling you a racist for fighting for the kind of education you want for all children. it is really nasty and i've seen it ruin lives. this curriculum is divisive. it is racist as you pointed out, will. it makes kids feel bad for immutable characteristic they can't change. parents have to do even more than talk to the "new york post." they have to be fighting back. good to see a start here. rachel: it is good to see the start. it is also causing kids to hate
6:11 am
each other, be suspicious of each other. why do we want that in school? it is just so outrageous. i spoke earlier to the what he said, vivek ramswamc. >> there is a new form of racism spreading like wildfire. it is anti-white racism on its face. tells white kids they have inherent privilege and need to confess their sin. that antiwhite racism is triggering a new form of anti-black racism which is spreading across the country like wildfire. we have a vicious cycle where kids are taught not to see the content of their character but on the color of their kin skin setting back 60 years of progress for the civil rights revolution. it is sick and needs to end.
6:12 am
pete: carol swain talk as lot about that. rachel: she is a amazing. pete: grew up in poverty, cast canceled by academia for being conservative. she studied the white supremacy movements are horrible. what do you have happen to emphasize race, people back into their corners for every direction. rachel: we have so much interracial marriage. pete: we were so close. too close. will: not anti-white racism, there is racism against african-americans as well. you were born a victim, nothing you can do about it, one of the most disabling things. this is racism against everyone. rachel: there is power in it. the victim has the power. this new paradigm that we've created. will: turning now to a few additional headlines for you, starting with this, a former medical examiner is facing investigation after testifying in shoaf derek chauvin trial. he david fowler served as
6:13 am
maryland examiner in 2002 to 2019. he testified that george floyd died of cardiac arrest. another medical examiner concerned problem. ing maryland's attorney general review of people who died in police custody when fowler was the state's chief medical examiner. california may lose a congressional seat for the first time in history. it comes as the census is expected to report a decline in the state's population when its data comes out. california's population growth dropped .06%, the lowest since at least 1900. if that is the case the golden state would drop from 53 to 52. meanwhile, texas, florida, arizona could gain house seats because their population are growing. now this, jeff burton gets his first xfinity series win in talladega yesterday. >> there is no sunshine. we have lost the entire track.
6:14 am
jeff burton, first career win comes at talladega superspeedway. >> i don't think he knows yet. will: pete was here for that. it was called for weather. burton was at the front of the pack. reporter: pete: i don't know how it ended. they declared him the winner because he was in front. will: natalie deck kerr came in 24th place. drivers return to the talladega for the geico 500. we're up against a commercial break. what did bret baier's car make. they had a bet. bret baier's car broke down. jaidee marcus won. pete: not bret baier's fault. he is $2,000 more poorer today. more poorer? just poorer. more poor. still ahead portland mayor ted wheeler is calling on the public to help him unmask the mob that
6:15 am
tore meanted tormentedded the city for months. but is it too late for portland businesses to pick up the pieces? we talk to a area restaurant owner after the break. we continue our coverage live from talladega. you can smell the beer. ♪. sot really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ at qvc, we're celebrating you during our friends and family event. all april long you'll find the brands you love, and love the ones you get to discover.
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for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪. >> groups are getting smaller yet there are probably more determined. they want to burn, they want to bash. they want to intimidate. they want to assault. pete: finally now a revelation for portland mayor ted wheeler, extending a state of emergency through the weekend as chaos continues in the city of portland. another round of riots leaving businesses with smashed windows and destroyed property. our next guest owns multiple portland restaurants. he says he is losing customers because people can't eat in
6:19 am
peace. curt hoffman joins us now. curt, thanks for being here. the mayor is now extending the emergency. there has been violence and riots for months which is why businesses like yours have had to make tough decisions. where are we at as a business in portland right now? >> we're still in survival mode. i mean we're in the midst of covid. we're in the midst of protests. we're in the midst of fires. we had super deluxe menu here in portland with everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. pete: super deluxe menu of chaos which, no predictability which is what all businesses want, a sense, how can we do business and where. now you opened some new businesses but planned to. they're not in the city, am i correct? you decided to move into the suburbs because the city is not tenable for business right now? >> we would open right now, restaurant in core of portland. that is where the protests are
6:20 am
centered right in the downtown area. our suburban restaurants are neighborhood restaurants around the core have done very well. downtown itself is just a mess. the next seven restaurants we're opening are in lake oswego or beefton. reporter: the city council approved funding for businesses damaged by rioters. 250,000 in new grants to help cover repairs. 150,000 for graffiti removal. will that get it done, curt? >> no, it's not. the problem really was really frustrating you hear about the riots happening. when you live here you're actually unaware of it because it is not that big of a deal. the problem the pr it creates is catastrophic for the city. it sounds nationally like people walking around with torches. it is not. we have these 100 idiots running around creating chaos. the city has been unable to
6:21 am
manage that problem. as a result, night tonight you're not sure where they will show up. you not sure if they smash windows, tear down the outside structures. it's a frustrating situation because a small group of people can really sow chaos. pete: so interesting, all you need is a mayor, leadership that will actually stare those 100 idiots down, and a problem. create a quality of living where people want to come to portland to change that perception. such a great point. curt huffman. great luck with the businesses. >> thank you. pete: thank you. coming up as joe biden approaches 100 days in office this week, brand new "fox news poll"s reveal how voters really feel about his job performance so far. dana perino joins us with her take. that is coming up next. as "fox & friends weekend" it continues. unfortunately the clock is ticking down to the end of our show which don't want to end. they tell us it has to end at 10:00 eastern time. maybe we'll extend.
6:22 am
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♪. will: welcome back to "fox & friends" live from talladega. joe biden closes in on 100 day mark of his presidency a brand new "fox news poll" is breaking down his job performance. ratings below 50% on every issue except for his handling of coronavirus. "america's newsroom" co-host, anchor of "the five" as well. author of a new book, "everything will be okay," dana
6:26 am
perino. we had the poll up on the screen as i was introducing you. numbers below 50. stark numbers with the border. what happens on joe biden's approval so far into his presidency? >> the border stuff indeed. let me get to that in a moment. if you're the biden team, looking at these numbers, you got to say, look, i ran on covid. my first 100 days has all been about covid, to have a 58% approval on your main issue pretty good, right. so that is in the first 100 days. what about the second 100 days? where i see a lot of speed bumps. one certainly will be immigration. that actually threatens i believe to over take everything else. how in the last few weeks the white house has decided to try to redefine what it means to have bipartisanship. they suggest that, well, it doesn't mean members about congress. means people out there in the country. are people happy with the coronavirus f you're going to do that, will, you have to accept there is a strong overwhelming,
6:27 am
by bipartisan majority against what they're doing on the border n our poll shows people believe three times as worse at the border than under president trump. will: yeah, dana. one of the lessons of the trump presidency, illegal immigration is an extremely motivating issue for a bipartisan group of political constituency out there. as you said that is one in the second 100 days could play a role in his overall approval. >> absolutely. what happens in the next 100 days, will? that is when the weather is the nicest. you see the biggest surges typically. couple that with the fact they took away policies from the trump administration holding migrants at bay, to try to get them to do things legally. you have the fact that moms and dads know they will be reunited here with no consequences? it is, that continues to ratchet up. as you expect to see the country open up a little bit more as
6:28 am
people get vaccinated, try to travel, get out there, but this will be the one issue as covid fades, this one i think will take over. in addition to the economy i think that people are still obviously very concerned about about the economy. one of the real flashing red lights is inflation. will: well, i think we all know president george w. bush stayed relatively quiet behind the scenes since his days in the oval office but he had his hobbies. he had things he focused on and you got to focus on a few of those in a new upcoming special airing tonight on fox news @10:00 p.m. called, "43 portraits george w. bush." tell me about there. >> my first question how did you come up with the number 43, sir? he thought i was very clever for asking that question. of course he is the 43rd president. he didn't pick up a paintbrush until after he left the white house. he is extremely talented. he took a lot of lessons. portraits of courage.
6:29 am
43 portraits of wounded warriors. this is focusing on immigrants, stories behind people that have come to our country by choice and those who have done some really great things in terms of contributions and what i talked to him, what i realized obviously a former president can have influence on the debate, the issue. what i found with this one he is not getting into the middle of it except to talk strongly about the need of border security. figuring out a way to perhaps lower the temperature. talk about people in ways that can lift people up. i think what sets the fox news interview apart from all the others that you have seen i actually got to talk to four of the immigrants that he interviewed. you will not believe the great work that meghan alban, dan and john case did to find footage of the times before those people fled to america. it is spectacular. i love how it all came together. will: take a quick look. you mentioned, he focuses on
6:30 am
immigrants, but also veterans. here is president george w. bush painting i believe a medal of honor recipient, lawrence grover. >> monochromatic. >> why? >> first thing they see is the medal of honor. >> got it. >> he is from france. he gets the medal of honor wearing the united states uniform. there are a lot, a lot of immigrants who have worn the uniform. people like flo, willing to sacrifice for a country where he wasn't born. that is a significant contribution. my contribution if they're willing to fight for the united states they should automatically become citizens. will: medal of honor winner. one of the stories on 43 portraits, george w. bush. 10:00 p.m. on fox news. thanks for joining us this morning. >> love to be with you down there. maybe next time. will: hate to tell you, you're missing out.
6:31 am
>> i have such fomo. will: see you later. coming up the need for speed is bringing race fans back to talladega. pete and i talk to business owners here about the much-needed boost as businesses continue to recover from covid. that's next as "fox & friends" weaken continues live from talladega, alabama. ♪.
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♪. >> just be something i started t was something that, meant a whole lot to my heart, to keep 9/11 coming along. he wanted to do something special. that is what he come up with. spur of the moment deal and it stuck. ♪ rachel: that was your shot of the morning. that was johnny ray telling us about keeping his father john ray's talladega big-rig tradition alive here in talladega. pete: huge flag waving from his father's massive diesel truck during the national anthem was a staple of this event started after the september 11th attack. will: following his father's passing this year, johnny ray will carry on the tradition for
6:36 am
its 20th year. he takes it on the track, gets the big-rig up to 120 miles an hour at the speedway later today. pete: really cool. rachel: can't wait for that. will, last year the race was without fans. this week talladega is starting to buzz. we talked to people as well as some of the businesses. pete: pete about the economic boost from the race as well as struggles they're facing as we move past covid-19. take a look. ♪. >> 10 miles away from the racetrack at talladega, what does the race mean for places like pell city? >> the talladega race biggest travel and camping race for nascar. the hotels are full. restaurants are full. people are ready to get out to have fun. i think you'll see a big crowd. >> when people come to talladega, alabama, what do they see as far as covid? is everything open? capacity restrictions? what is everything like down
6:37 am
here. >> governor ivy lifted the mask mandate. businesses are booming a lot of ways. >> we heard businesses are booming to such an extent some businesses are having trouble hiring. >> that's true. >> business finally picked up. we're just now getting to the numbers we were at in 2019. save that, we don't have the help to keep up with that. >> why are we struggling to find the help that is needed? >> the unemployment, stimulus, no one wants to go to work right now. >> almost every business that you go to just here in is hiring. everybody is hiring. >> could you raise your wage to a point where you could entice people? >> we have. >> we already done that. >> done that. >> signing bonuses, you're raising wages. you giving appreciation bonuses and still understaffed by 50%? >> yes, sir. >> on top of being understaffed this has to be one of the busiest weeks in the year for
6:38 am
you. talladega race is this weekend. >> families in town come here because it is more of a family atmosphere. buffalo wild wings, they get packed because of the tvs. it is good for everybody. >> you have a lot of customers in here right now? what is your capacity? are you at 100% yet? >> no. it is crazy. because governor ivy with the state of alabama just lifted a couple weeks ago the capacity but we've really stayed, maybe 55% capacity. we're opening up in phases. still don't have the staff right now. we're so busy. >> why wouldn't you go straight to 100? >> we don't have the staff. we hope by middle of may we're open 100%. >> talking about racing looks like in a normal year what are you expecting this week? >> this year we still have covid restrictions but there are a lot of more fans back involved. last night we saw -- [inaudible] going against 2019. sunday night it will be packed
6:39 am
out all the way until we probably close. >> beer and wings. i warrant beer. >> i want a beer. >> first beer is on me. >> i love it. pete: he lived up to it. he did pay for our beer and wings. will: he did. rachel: it was worth the interview. will: good for him as you point out, rachel. talking about how difficult to run a business. rachel: takes courage. will: takes courage, absolutely. dealing with closures, government mandates, hiring shortages. dealing with a lot of things to run a successful, profitable business. rachel: dealing with the government working against you paying people so much no one wants to work for you to keep your business open. pete: i feel i asked the best question, have you thought about raising wages? rachel: it was brilliant. guess what? they already thought about it. it was amazing. will: done that. pete: journalism 101, people. take notes. rachel: we'll move you to the business channel. [laughter]. all right, coming up, missing a tax refund? you're not alone.
6:40 am
listen to this, the irs is delaying almost $30 million in refunds. why? well, maria bartiromo digs into it after the break as "fox & friends weekend" continues live from talladega. ♪. at qvc, we're celebrating you during our friends and family event. all april long you'll find the brands you love, and love the ones you get to discover. the hosts, experts, and personalities with the stories behind the products, and special deals every day. including 40% off an ever-changing selection of products. savings end soon, only on qvc and
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6:44 am
"harry potter" fans, get ready a "harry potter" store is opening in new york city. the retail store will be completely decked out with three floors, decorated with 15 different sceness all bringing to life the fictional universe. it is set to open this june. the irs still holding more than $29 million in tax returns for manuel processing, delaying refunds for many low income americans according to its internal watchdog. will: 29 million total refunds they're holding. who knows how much millions of dollars that adds up to. impacting americans. here to react. "sunday morning futures" anchor, maria bartiromo. you can help us out with this. this is incredibly hurtful. you hold a tax refund for limited amount of time, something many americans count on. talking about a big economic impact to a lot of americans. >> yes you are, morning team. basically what we know at least
6:45 am
8 million returns have been placed in quote, unquote suspense until an irs employee can review them to insure those taxpayers received their stimulus checks. and the money that came out of the covid relief package this is just the beginning because as you know, this is a really big week for the biden administration. president biden is going to be giving his first state of the union this upcoming wednesday. then on thursday, it is the 100th day mark. so there will be a lot of grades going around the first 100 days. importantly this week we'll learn how high all of our taxes are going because the administration has been back and forth in terms of what the cut-off point is in terms of these higher taxes. we know joe biden wants to raise the corporate tax perhaps up to 28% from the current 21%. we know he wants to double the
6:46 am
capital gains tax. that's a huge deal. that causes a slow up in the stock market last week. we also know he will be taking individual rates up. remember overturning the tax cuts of 2017 under the trump administration means every tax level goes up. so he is talking about $400,000 as a cut-off point. we don't know if that is 400,000-dollars for a family or $400,000 for an individual. i've been skeptical the whole time. i think it is 400,000 for a family. when you say 200,000 for one, 200,000 for another, equaling 400,000 for a family. that will clause a huge slowdown in the economy. we will know all the details wednesday night. that is something we'll be covering. we have a lot of preview this upcoming show in ten minutes time on "sunday morning futures." i will talk with senator rand paul about all the radical ideas coming out of this administration. will they get through the senate. we're also this morning talking
6:47 am
to james o'keefe about cancel culture. he has been completely canceled, permanently banned from twitter. a first for ag daniel cameron, the attorney general of kentucky suing the administration for a number of reasons, mostly because of the tax plan to raise taxes and insure that no other state will cut taxes if they get the money. that is all coming up. representative turner will talk about the weakness we're portraying on the global stage in terms of our own foreign policy we're actually lowering defense spending, guys. we'll talk about it in ten minutes time. pete: maria bartiromo, always love having you. looking for the show in 12 minutes. >> thank you. >> thanks, maria. pete and will couldn't figure out how to get out of those cars this morning but former driver -- pete: we got there eventually. rachel: clint boyer does.
6:48 am
pete: he is a pro. boom, boom. done it a thousand times. ♪ when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to plaque psoriasis, the burning, itching. the pain. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections
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rachel: back in just hours, welcome back, just hours, nascar's biggest names will battle it out here in legendary talladega superspeedway for the geico 500. you can catch it all, catch all the action at 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox. pete: but what does it take to make it to victory lane? our next guest knows first-hand. will: former nascar driver, fox analyst, clint bowyer. i feel like we talk but. we're giving away your money every weekend. good to meet you in person.
6:52 am
we've been asking what it takes to win here in talladega. we were in the commercial break. this track is different than other tracks. >> it is way different, massively bigger. there is the first thing off the track. a lot wider. instead of three wide in daytona, maybe four or five wide. the biggest thing about this track and other ones the start-finish line is not in the middle of the front straightaway. that is down towards turn one. that makes a difference in the magical way to win. pete: different maneuvering, with so many cars on line, creates a possibility for bad things? >> possibility. it is almost a certainty when it comes to talladega big things will happen. there will be the big one t happens here. it already happened a few times in the infield, promise you that with our fans. we saw archer race, wildfire, a big rec there, xfinity race was starting to get wild. the guys in the car are cinching the belts down because they know
6:53 am
the big one is coming. the rain came. neat to see jeb burton get the win in xfinity this is wild card race. you have literally no clue who will win because everybody has a shot. rachel: clint, we talked about how these guys had a little difficulty getting out of the car. you told me during the commercial break getting out fast? >> practice white on fire. you will surprise yourself. will: i bet i will. i said we've been saying your name every weekend, giving away your money. you're the man. you're here. tell us what -- >> talladega, everything is bigger in talladega including fox bets $25,000 on the line and a camping world rv. trust me somebody in the infield will need one, probably in a pile of ashes. can be yours, 25,000, come get it, free app, have fun today. will: give us a prediction before we go to know what they
6:54 am
predict in the fox bet? >> it will be a ford coming out of the finsky. logano, brad, daytona 500, crash each other. sparks will fly. pete: we have a "fox nation" car, 7 car, cory lajoie. give us your thoughts. >> when you come to talladega you look at guys like cory, this is a opportunity to punch his ticket in the playoffs. you never know. talk about the big one, talk about the crash, if you can get through that. you don't know if it is the whole field. rachel: you could win. >> absolutely. this is one of the only tracks i feel every single car out there i feel has a shot. will: we talked with jeff gordon yesterday. the strategy seems to be survive, survive, wait until the end. survive the wreck, it is coming, survive the race. >> to have a shot at winning you have to be there. will: got to be there. >> survive, go like hell at the end. that is why we love the race. pete: clint, we love you,
6:55 am
appreciate you joining us. we'll be watching. will: thanks, clint. rachel: looking forward to it. will: more "fox & friends" coming up in a moment. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. . . . or over promise. or make an empty promise.
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>> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ rachel: all right, guys, "fox & friends," here we are, talladega. >> it's been a fun weekend. i've got the 5 kellogg car, my
6:59 am
hamm man over there -- hal hamlin 48 car. >> we started at the top of the show, a lot of you were sleeping when we did. rachel: do i have to light you on fire, will? >> it hurts to get in. it does. rachel: all right. >> when you wave that flag, we're going to fire it up. rachel: get ready, pete. >> here we go. rachel: get ready. go! [car engines] >> hope you can hear that. here we go. rachel: oh, wow! >> that's my good friend of. we've still got 30 seconds to go. >> good stuff.
7:00 am
>> woo! talladega! >> just keep it going, all the way, rachel, all the way home. go to church. ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures." i'm maria bartiromo. the first 100 days, joe biden's radical policies on full display this week as he gears up for this first joint address to congress and his 100th day in office. coming up, kentucky senator rand paul on open borders, higher taxes and the administration's green new deal. will the democrats be able to push biden's progressive plans through the senate. plus, the last line of defense, the attorney generals across the nation sui


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