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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 24, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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my one more thing. very special. very big. personal. don't miss it. that's all for tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. let's get right to my open. the jury returns a verdict of guilt in the case of the people versus derek chauvin. murderer 2, murder 3, and manslaughter. there was total agreement. united, unanimous. 7 women, five men, differing generations, black, brown and white. they spoke clearly that this
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brutality would not be tolerated. a deliberate, determined and courageous united jury spoke for america. the justice system shown bright and strong. it proved beyond a reasonable doubt that lady justice is indeed blind. but it wasn't enough for some. it wasn't enough for leaders in our country who believe america is fundamentally racist. >> america has a long history of systemic racism. black americans and black men in particular have been treated throughout the course our history as less than human. >> it was a murder in full light of day and it ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism the vice president just referred to.
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systemic race up that's a stain on our nation's soul. the knee on the neck for justice for black americans. judge jeanine: it wasn't enough for these people either. >> we don't want you here. we don't want your money. we don't want your tacqueria. judge jeanine: what would happen to the ceo of a major corporation who intentionally went out and told the world that his products are substandard and inferior. what do you think the stockholders and the board would do to that ceo? how is it a president of the united states can openly trash the nation over which he preside.
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denigrating not only the people he represents but signaling to the rest of the world, many of whom that seek dominance over america, that america is not exceptional. she is irredeemably fraud, racist and weak. it started with barack obama. a black man elected twice as president of the united states. the man who began his administration with an apology tour to the world for america. guiden continues to describe life in american as jim crow 2.0. i beg to differ. 600,000 americans gave their lives in the civil war. every day we pass laws to address failures, always cognizant of how we can do better. yet today in america you are
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either a victim of generations of hate or a racist and white supremacist. the ones blamed as racist are law enforcement. the people who risk everything every day are the ones condemned on a daily basis. but the more the rest seeks to defund the police and orders standsdown orders. the more victims there are. national crime statistics are prove positive crimes are up in around largest cities. the cities are run by the democrats. so why do democrat leaders allow so much unrest and crime without sanction or consequence? what do they get out of that? why the ginning up of hate? they don't care about us. their goal is to malign, demean
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and defund america's protectors then criticize them for legitimate lawful, sanctioned actions. why is it every time a police officer discharges his weapon it's an indication of racist dee behavior. fact, more white are killed by police than blacks. more unarmed white are killed than unarmed black. when a police officer is called to the scene where the caller is screaming for help. he discharges his what he on to tomorrow an attacker who is about to stab a victim she has pinned up against a car, the left yells racism. should the police have allowed her to complete the crime? my favorite are the fools who know nothing of what they speak but are ready to take sides. you note ones who pontificate
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and talk the talk saying ridiculous things like this. >> shoot the gun in the air for the warning. tase a person. shoot amendment leg, shoot them in the behind. stop them somehow. but if the only solution is to kill a teenager, there is something wrong with that. judge jeanine: why? because if you shoot in the air, joy, the bullet has to come down somewhere, hopefully not near you. and it's prohibited to fire a warning shot in just about every police departments in this country. and also the leg is the narrow target and the victim is right behind that leg. police are trained to shoot at center mass. let me add something, joy. the police weren't just cruising the neighborhood looking for as the left calls it two kids
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fighting. this wasn't just kids fighting, this was a suspect about to plunge a knife into the neck of a victim. the police officer had a fraction of a second to save a life, and instead of commending him, he's deplored by you as a racist. my favorite is valerie jarrett who wants to know why a cop used a gun to stop a knife fight. maybe she needs to stop watching those old indiana jones movies. does she wants machetes strapped to officer gun belts. no one talks about the 7-year-old shot dead while sitting in a car at a mcdonald's drive-thru. so get out of your political ivory towers and face the fact that there is a war going none the streets of this country and
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all our cities. the escalation of violence in democracies are a reflection of your racist cop-hating agenda. criminals are emboldened by your demonization, the defunding of police, by ignoring and laughing at the police instead of prosecuting them. the. criminals believe they can reoffend with impunity. the soros das allow remediation and not prosecution, reaffirming their priority over the victim they victimize. joe biden and kamala harris are just fine trashing this great nation. after all, divide and conquer is just what they want. chaos is essential to takeover.
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that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter. #judgejeanine. if you like my open you will like my closing statement at the end of the show. joining me now, florida congressman byron donalds and kim klacik. the truth is that the legislature is where laws are written and amended to be better and reflect society's mores. but all these politicians talking about the -- saying they know the way to change the laws, they aren't really reflecting what's needed in these situations, are they? >> they certainly are not. judge, let me just say, your opening was fantastic. the people who were saying they
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have all the answers to reforming police in america don't know what's needed in the inner cities. they want to get rid of something called qualified immunity. what it would do is strip our police department of our good officers. what good member of law enforcement would put himself and his family on the line because of something might happen during a routine stop. qualified immunity protects officers when they are following police procedure. it protects officers under the law. it does not protect you when you break the law when you are outside of procedure. but they don't care. they do it through the back door through qualified immunity. judge jeanine: the ability for anyone to sue even if you are acting within police policy and creating opportunities for police to be defendants in cases where they are literally
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following the rules. when they talk about reforming policing, what do they want to do beside the obvious of making police officers more vulnerable to attack? >> i don't know what they want to accomplish. here is one thing i know. joe biden never created anything. i wouldn't trust him to do anything with respect to policing in america. judge jeanine: kim, i'm going to go to you. the verdict in the chauvin case wasn't good enough. it was a verdict that was unanimous. it was quick. it was solid. it was based on the evidence. it was what people wanted. why are they still complaining? aoc is saying this verdict is not justice. and i don't want this moment to be framed as the system working because it's not working. what do they want?
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>> judge, i have to say first of all, thank you for having me. that was an amazing opening. you hit the nail on the head. aoc, speaker pelosi, president biden, kamala harris, these are the individuals that are pretty much the system. they complain about the system they put in place. it was joe biden that authored the 1994 crime bill. they were funding aggressive policing. if they wanted to change what they see they will have to stop voting for liberals they are putting in place. kamala harris disproportionately locked up black men in california when she was attorney general. but she seems to have forgotten about that. this is a party that's against the black community since day one. joe biden voted for segregation. he did not wants his kids to attend' desegregated schools.
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the only person who did something about criminal justice reform was president trump. >> with the first step act. i will go back to you quickly, representative donalds. what do you see in the future with crime going up in the inner cities and the elimination of bail. can the congress come together? >> this congress is not going to come together because nancy pelosi will not have it. we are not even holding hearings on bills. she don't want compromise. so unfortunately what we'll see in a lot of these cities like to berkeley, california, where their idiot mayor said they are going to stop patrolling the streets. it's important for americans to remember who is putting the policies in place. it's the left, the democrats, and they must be defeated at the
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ballot box. judge jeanine: kim, with 80% of african-americans wanting the the same amount or more police, if it does get as bad as representative donalds says, are people going to be left to buy their own guns? is this going to turn into vigilante justice in this country. >> in baltimore city we are down 700 police officers that patrol the streets. it will get warm were and it's worse than it was last year. hopefully people will revolt against it as they stop with this defund the police nonsense. judge jeanine: florida congressman byron donalds and kim klacik, thank you. still ahead. newt gingrich, leo terrell, tomi lahren and more. but first what are the real
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judge jeanine: police officers enforce our laws and keep our community safe. we give them tools to do just that. handcuffs, a taser, a firearm. and yet when an ohio privilege did just that, saving the life a teenager who was about to be stabbed, democrats, the liberal media, celebrities and athletes rushed to condemn him. le bron james tweeted, you are next, hashtag accountability. joining me, keith farrell from the from 10 order of police.
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most of us look at this and say this guy, this police officer who got involved was there for seconds, took action, was an excellent marksman, didn't have anyone is injure. should be commended for what he did. how is it the left has this all backward? >> thank you for having me. it doesn't meet the agenda. doesn't match up with the narrative they are trying to push. and the defund the police that we are hearing from our city council. we don't know how many lives the officer saved that day or could have saved without taking the action he did. judge jeanine: one of the things i think -- there is a young woman on the ground there. in addition to the woman screaming who called 911, there was a lot that went on before the officer even got there.
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the grand jury is looking at this case? >> absolutely. as far as the man who appears to be stomping on the individual on the ground. once they do the independent investigation, they will look at that case as well, the police department will. >> the grand jury does an investigation in all police-related shootings? >> absolutely. for every police involved shooting that results in the death of an individual, the grand jury will always hear that case regardless. judge jeanine: i want to hear about what's going on in columbus, ohio. why don't you tell us what they are saying? >> we are still hearing this even now and we are seeing the trickle down effects. our council president,
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councilmember liz brown. we are hearing about demilitarizing the police and defunding the police. they tried to stop us from hiring more officers. the trickle down effect is a record they set under their watch, 2020, highest homicide numbers in the history of columbus. in 2021 we are on pace to blow that out of the water. judge jeanine: what does the city council think the answer to this is? >> they want to reimagine policing. i'm not sure what that means. i'm not sure they know what that means. but here is what i do know. police are part of the solution. we have great teachers and social workers. we want to work with them. but we must can part of the conversation. judge jeanine: clearly. with le bron, one of the things he finishes saying i'm so damned
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tired of people killed by police. i took the tweet down because it's used to create more hate. do you think his tweet did just the opposite? >> i think it did just the opposite. my advice to le bron would be very simple. you have a lot of followers and have made a lot of publicity with your basketball career. i would like to see him use that leadership to bring us together. let the politicians divide this country. that's what they are doing. if that isn't an option. i invite you to come top columbus, ohio. get in a cruiser. share your experiences and go from there. if that doesn't work. just stick to basketball. whining if somebody bumps too hard. judge jeanine: a power grab from the left that could destroy the
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foundation of our government. newt gingrich joins me next.
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the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association. ashley: welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley strohmier. dozens are dead after a fire ripped through a baghdad
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hospital for covid patients. the fire started after an oxygen tank exploded. the hospital had about 120 patients. the most severe covid cases. the healthcare system already devastated by the pandemic. the fire is being investigated. former president george w. bush reveal hog he voted for in the 2020 presidential election it wasn't president trump or joe biden. he opted for condoleezza rice. he says rice was aware of the vote. i'm ashley strohmier. >> we are not going to allow the most radical liberal movement in american history to destroy the
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rule of law for partisan purposes. judge jeanine: the insanity of the left radical agenda seems to have no limits as their push to pack the court is just one part of the progressive wish list. as for biden. he seems to just keep check things off and making the wishes a frightening reality for us. former speaker of the house, fox news contributor, newt gingrich joins us. what is going on with joe biden? he really has not even a hundred days in, and at this point he's pretty much done everything they want him to do. >> i think that the left has decided they are going to try to push all the regular americans into a corner where they either have to fight in which they will
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be attacked by the news media or just cave and hide. if you listed every idiotic thing the biden administration has done in the first 100 days, you would begin to realize whether it's threatening everybody who believe in the second amendment or the right to life, or attack tacking people of traditional values who are appalled that this administration would fly the gay flag talt american embalancessies all over the world. it's like they have a checklist of what can we do that will infuriate traditional americans. i have never seen anything like it. somebody asked me this afternoon. i couldn't imagine any administration which has been so deliberately anti-american and committed to infuriating the majority of american people.
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over 200 years of history. i can't think of a single administration that's been this radical and hostile. >> you know, for any president to denigrate his own country and the chinese in alaska coming in and basically trashing us, using the word bind trashes us with. it's like biden is lined up with china against the american people. >> i'm surprised "saturday night live" hasn't done a quit where a group of propaganda workers are afraid they are going to lose their jobs because xi jinping is going to close them down because bind and kerry and their handlers are doing such a marvelous job, why get in their way. this is the most anti-american
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administration in history. clare riftian on and i are doing an article, where we take everything the chinese said in cane orage when they -- in anchorage is attacking us. if you just put the pair dwrafs in, you can't tell which ones are the chinese and which ones are the left wing american activists. it's astonishing. judge jeanine: you have to wonder what in the background causes them to think like this. but i want to get to the thing i fine most frightening. court packing frightens me. whether it's because i'm a stormer judge -- what is your reaction. >> if you look at venezuela where they packed the court to create a dictatorship.
9:33 pm
if you look at nazi germany. zimbabwe. they know they can't win in a popular election and they will doing they can before kevin mccarthy becomes speaker when the republicans cake over. overooo -- -- republicans take over. if you are not frightened, you don't understand how bad this is. judge jeanine: i certainly am. we are delighted you are able to spend time with us on justice. >> glad to be with you. >> my closing statement on the left's radical climate change agenda and how it will impact your wallet. first leo terrell and tomi lahren are here to expose the week's most outrageous examples
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of liberal bias.
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>> every time they doubled it. joe biden has done a remarkable job. it's and remarkable success story. but got it they are following is a fascist. >> they are not fascist. they are fascist curious. you said that. >> you are following a guy who is fascist and you are not a fascist? what are you? >> i'm trying to be polite here. they are increasingly a liberal, increasingly authoritarian, and
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increasingly dumb. tomi, what's your reaction. >> either they are that dumb, they think joe biden is doing a great job. in which case i'm worried about their health and instability. they think by telling us what a great jobe's doing, we'll actually believe he's doing a great job. gas prices going up. tax increase on the way. children still not back in in-person learning. this man is failing on every turn in every possible capacity and way, and these people want us to believe that he's doing tea great job, that he's ronald
9:41 pm
reaganesque? either they are stupid or they think we are side. but we are not. >> jon: does not remind me of ronald reagan. instead of hiding in his basement, he's hiding in the white house. it's embarrassing for him to utter the words of ronald reagan. joe scarborough a former republic canes on the left-wing media and he has no other choice. when you look at our national reputation. joe biden doesn't give you strength or energy. that's what ronald reagan did. and the world respected this country. nobody respects this country because joe biden is weak.
9:42 pm
jean require want you to take a listen to a social worker talking about what should have been done in columbus, ohio. >> i can't help but think what would happen if we had social workers present. if we had community-based intervention present. judge jeanine: what she is talking about is the shooting of the young girl who had a knife pretty much at the neck of the victims pinned up against the car. >> if i was in a situation where somebody was trying to brutally stab me and potentially take my life. i would rather a police officer show up rather than a social worker. it shows how little they understand about the problem. the recommendation for these liberals. it's always more government.
9:43 pm
let's go to the parenting problems in this country. they want to break up the nuclear family. they are beholding to blm. we have a parenting problem this country, and a policing problem this country. they go to the lowest hanging fruit and attack our law enforcement officers. judge jeanine: leo, your response to that woman and the social worker request. >> the biggest question is why are they taking this negative? -- this narrative. they take every case with a white officer and a black suspect and say the many george floyd. they want a false narrative to enrage the country. that's the whole game of the left. >> leo and to mr. i, we'll see
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you in a moment. next, joe biden humiliates himself on the world stage as he turns his attention to his radical climate change agenda. we have the tape next.
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[♪♪♪] judge jeanine: president biden's highly anticipated global clue map the summit happened this week. it looks like a where's waldo. someone in this case is note like the others. biden is the only one wearing his mask. does he think he can catch covid on a zoom call? do you think he's worried about catching covid on a zoom call? >> i don't know what's next. the next one will probably be a bib and sippy cup. this is how ridiculous the left is. their love and affinity for the mask. he's fully vaccinate and he's sitting by himself on a zoom call and he's wearing a mask. let's all have a good laugh
9:49 pm
because that -- that's all we can do at this point. >> it's more of control. the democrats believe if they can send that mixed message to americans, the democrat's entire covid response is dependency and control. that's joe biden being joe biden. the whole climate summit is a joke. china is laughing at us and thanking us for the jobs we are losing. everything is going slipped out. the blew theres are doing nothing to reduce that. we are being made fools of, and americans are suffering. judge jeanine: i'm going to talk about that in a minute in my closing. i think they think when they wear a mask everyone thinks it's
9:50 pm
still dangerous. we can't go out, we can't go to work. it's crazy. whatever. this week i think we have a tweet that we can pull up now from caitlyn jenner. and caitlyn says i am in, california is worth fighting for. and she is a visit to recall newsom. >> let me be clear. newsom is a nightmare. i'm not going to support caitlyn jenner just because she is a country club republican rino. i'm a trump republican. i will tell you right now, we don't need a country club or
9:51 pm
rino republican. so i'm not a caitlyn jenner supporter. being in the olympics, being in a reality though does not qualify you to run the most populist state. we need a governor ron desantis. judge jeanine: we had arnold schwarzenegger, he was an actor. >> kate relationship jenner is a conservative and republican. i think she is probably watching right now. i don't have any love for greasy gavin newsom, i don't know if i would support caitlyn jenner for the gubernatorial race. she represents the lgbtq community, something they think they have a monopoly on. i love the fact that she's doing that.
9:52 pm
i love the fact that she is making a statement. we always say if you don't like the governor, you have got to be willing to throw your hat in the rain. she would make a better governor, any one of the kardashians would make a better governor than gavin newsom. >> she is an olympian. she had the ambition, drive and focus. we have got to give her that. next, the left's green new deal and how it can change life as you know it. it's the topic of my closing statement. we'll be back in a moment.
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meat? location like having a stake, burger, grill or barbecue on memorial day, the fourth of july four for no reason at all. not so fast, left it there the new deal was to make sure you don't. left what you are because of pesky taxes, way too many emissions and lights up the environment so the cows must go. the jobs and ranchers, farmers, truckers, retailers as well as your individual. you like to go for a ride in your car and bring out the rising in flesh blooming powers and blooming yards? when the leaves turn in the fall, not so fast. the new deal is not going to let you drive around unless you buy a $55000 electric car. they are not happy with your
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car. aoc in particular is not happy and even she admits impressed with how progressive joe biden has been in his less than 100 days. she wants you in an electric car if you can afford one after you lose your job. she doesn't care if you like driving or what you don't like, that's your problem. the left in addition to changing the constitution trashing law enforcement, what you eat and how you travel and how you don't travel is going to take away all semblance of normalcy and then make you pay for it. sounds fair to them but clean air is another one of their favorites. china is equal only to india when it comes to polluting the air and by the way, air moves from one country to another, it's not stationary. china and the likes make no concessions in regard to climate
9:59 pm
change. america is being forced by the left to lower our emissions and purify the air while china does nothing. we are literally. find the air for the rest of the world. how about each country has their own carter omission? we can no longer sacrifice our economy and manufacturing for others and then pay for everyone else. we also should have skin in the game. stop trying to change america. those two will take us down. i like burgers and gas powered car and i'm sick of china having the upper hand over us so i and tonight where i started. trashing america for eliminating our freedom does nothing but support the left agenda and that's my closing. you can catch more of me online. thank you for watching.
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i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice and the american way and i'll see you next saturday night. ♪♪ "the ingraham angle." greg gutfeld takes it from here. have a great weekend. >> i have a 9-year-old daughter, i have three kids. i told my 9-year-old daughter that i would be speaking with you. i said what do you think about the climate change? she said the earth is on fire and we're all going to die soon. >> greg: wow, she could have her own show on cnn. ♪♪ [applause] all right. should your kid take classes from racist


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