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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  April 24, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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this saturday, april 24th of 2021. i'm jon scott thanks for watching we'll see you again back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ mark: hello america i'm "life, liberty & levin" two great guests former director national intelligence and i'm talking with radcliffe looking at this threat assessment put out this week, john from biden administration and now they have finally realized that a china is, quote, near competitor unparalleled priority.
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you were the director of national intelligence. you were banging pots and pans you were trying to tell the american people that democrats in congress that we have a huge issue. a huge problem on our hands with communist china. do you think they realize it now? >> well mark i think they realized it all of last year i think they spent year saying that china is our greatest national security threat by far. militarily, economically, technologically, the china and china alone is intending to plant the united states. but i as you recall received a lot of pushback on that because it wasn't the political narrative that the left wanted. they wanted russia to be the bad guy i was accused of trying to create a false equivalency with russia when intelligence was clear. mark i felt so strongly about it i did something that directors of national intelligence haven't done before i wrote op-ed saying china is number one national security threat. and as you correctly pingt out now that election is over, i
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think -- the intelligence can't be ignored what you saw was a 27-page unclassified report put out very clearly saying really tracking the op-ed that i wrote saying that china and china alone is our greatest national security threat. >> let's dig into this a little bit. we see what china has done to hong kong once the free etion place on the face of the earth really most prosperous they've destroyed it and devouring and over their deal with the united kingdom we see what they've done in the south china sea. they claim it as their own. they have built these military islands throughout the south china sea, and they threaten any navy and any -- any ship that comes through that area. eve this their sights now and this is a gravely important -- on taiwan, they even threatened japan. they threatened vietnam, vietnam now has sort of cozied up to us because they're concerned about way the chinese is laying claim to navigatable waters and this
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is beginning this is extraordinarily aggress i-country right now isn't it? >> it is very aggressive what we saw and countered in trump administration. and i think what you're seeing all of the things that you're talking about now mark are reflection that -- china is now going to test waters they're going to test -- biden's leadership and see if there's the kind of pushback that there was from the trump administration. in the trump administration we never had chinese officials come to u.s. soil and really disrespect our top diplomat which is we saw last month in anchorage, alaska and we didn't see what imhien is doing in the straight in the south china sea flying over taiwan and really threatening their sovereignty doing other things those are things they knew if they engaged in that repercussions from a trump administration that a president would have acted significantly. and severely in response to that. and ting that they're testing to
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see whether or not biden administration is going to do that. and early returns are that they're not. i mean biden administration came out with rhetoric that was somewhat strong on china. but the actions haven't reflected that. we talked about this threat assessment there was a hearing on capitol hill about this -- unclassified threat assessment talking about threats in the past year. i think anyone, anywhere would recognize that the greatest threat in the world in 2020 was covid-19 and yet in this 27-page report that biden administration put out there's exactly zero words talking about the origins of covid-19 exactly zero reference to the chinese communist party the cluster of cases in wuhan. the responsibility of the party for suppressing intelligence suppressing doctors, and scientists. and the information that related to this, the transmissibility of this. zero reference to closing off
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wuhan from the rest of china but opening it up to the rest of the world or the propaganda campaign to blame the united states. you know, americans want to know why when half a million americanings died last year, who is responsible for that and that china will be held responsible and yet the early returns are that there's no action going to be taken by the biden administration to do exactly that. >> i feel certain that the chinese like the russians, iranian and north koreans are all watching this administration and among other things. jon, the biden administration made public its -- its budget. a 16% growth in domestic spending and effectively a decline in defense spending what do you i mean by that a slight increase but they know it is not muff to cover increases in salary. and medical benefits for the united states military. so while the chinese are moving their trajectory north in terms
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of their spengsding and aggress aggressiveness we're not only flatlines but worse than flatlining does this not sending a pldges to chinese and adversaries out there? >> it sengdz a message to all of them and it is the wrong message. unfortunately, as you know, mark, the obama biden administration decimated our military with budgets that continue to cut into areas that we needed. we spent the last four years in the trump administration rebuilding our military, and gaining the regaining this superiority we need to have this unfortunately really is reflection that biden administration is amounting to essentially a third obama term and we're going back to these -- these budget where is our military is going to suffer. and our adversaries see that. it is not just china. you mentioned russia -- so it wasn't during the trump administration that putin took crimea it was during obama administration and what happened
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immediately just a few months into this administration? now you see the russians going back into ukraine. and really taking threatening action again, putin like president xi they're going test biden they're going test the redline they were able to cross over repeatedly in the obama administration that they weren't able to cross over during the trump administration. and unfortunately, we're going see all of these countries iran as well -- testing biden, the administration's resolve to stand up for american interest abroad. mark: you know, john radcliffe president of the united states and his people have access to the same information you had access to. donald trump's national security team was strong as could be from the national security advisor to your office to pompeo and so forth. look at the people this president has surrounded himself with. it is either the obama foreign team or worse -- and as we look all over the world, and we'll get to iran a little bit later.
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it is as if they go into these situations and do exactly the wrong thing. what is it that they're missing are they driven by ideology or driven by politics or they knee jerk leftist? i can't believe they hate our country so much that they would empower the communist chinese. what do you think is beginning on here? >> i do think that there are a lot of folks in the -- in biden administration that we've seen before have been very critical of america. i mean, our policies were america first. we believed in the greatness of america not a perfect country. but the greatest country in history of the world and what you see in places in the biden administration very clearly people who have criticized our country question its greatness. questioned our founding fathers called them racist wanting to change our founding documents and i think that when you have folks like that in important positions, both domestically and
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internationally, that's reflected, and we saw that somewhat in the obama administration where we went around where he went around and apologized to the rest of the world for all of the apparent american transgressions. you counter that with the trump administration where i think -- part of what people loved about president trump's policies so much for people that waited their whole life for a president to sending someone to the united nations to stand up and say we're not going to give money to countries that hate the united states anymore. and that's really what i think the difference was that trump administration had the courage to say and do the things that both republican and democratic administrations wouldn't do in the past. but i think with this administration, you see a lot of the same obama folks -- that didn't really believe in the greatness of america, and really were more concerned with a harmonious world order than they were with putting america first. mark: i think you're right on i think they take the position -- that america got where it was by
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being imperialiest power and america will be fine if sees number two or three superpower in the world. and again, i think you're right on that this also -- addresses what has been going on domestically which is, you know, we're 5% of the world's population using 25% of the world's resources who do we think we are to be energy independent we're creating pollution arntiond the world and now they're in charge and i think your point is that okay, now that we're in charge we're going to knock this country down a few novembers is about that right? >> that is right you can look at priorities as they were set forth in the budget and you know, listen, i'm, you know, i'm concerninged about the climate as well. but i'm concerned with america's security. and budget reflects where
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priorities are and what's important to folks that are in charge right now. >> when we come back john radcliffe i want to ask about russia a significant trip on ukrainian border and ask about iran -- it appears that the biden administration has given life to that regime whereas trump administration was crushing it. i want to discuss also what took place in the middle east as you were leaving -- the president of the united states his policies resulted in peace, breaking out throughout the middle east. and now i fear based on what biden administration is doing wexd have a war. in the middle east -- we'll be right back. so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign? wet. teddy. bears. get ya' wet teddy bears!
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the middle east between the state of israel and arab muslim state to gulf arab states. they throw like a grenade into middle of this, haven't they? >> they have. mark you did a great job of incaps where we left things with iran we have relative peace in the middle east right now because we withdraw from the jcpoa and complimented campaign of maximum pressure on iran, that made them poorer weaker and less influential in last several decades, and it's almost as if the biden administration is so intent on trying to prove trump wrong that they're gong to prove him right. they've done that at the border and took policies that were working on border security and immigration and they reversed them for no reason and now we have crisis. and i fear that they're going to be doing that -- in the middle east and particularly with regard to iran
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as you points of pointed out wen administration playing full hand, full house if you will and managing to lose to iranian who were playing pair of threes. listen, if returning to nuclear talks with iran -- returning to the jcpoa was going bring peace to middle east why would country that cares most about that and have most at stake israel why take action against iranian nuclear facility in the tom it is because they know that that's not what's really happening here. they know that the reversal of the trump administration policies that brought about the abraham akortd accord made peace possible is being reversed as you said the effect of that could be cataclysmic and it is really troubling that they're politicizing the intelligence here for a narrative that hopefn president biden saw the
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intelligence and it is so clearly reflected what you encapsulated what i'm telling you be the state of iran, and the impact that our policies had -- that he wouldn't go back own try to reconstitute this failed iranian nuclear deal but that's exactly what they're doing. and america and israel and all of the arab nations in middle east will pay a price if iran becomes stronger and more influential and engage in kind of mayhem they have for so many years. > you know, john ratcliff our enemies see an opportunity here becoming chinese, the regime and tehran, and now russia -- there's a lot of people in this country who defend russia, they were sort of russia files they believe that -- anything putin does is in response to the horrible united states and the neocon i don't know what any of that means putin is what putin is and now amassing sphants troop levels on the border with ukraine do you
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think putin sees this as an opportunity because he sees weakness in biden across the board including in our own spending on defense? >> i think he'sesting that and putin is skbg thug but engaging in same kind of activity he did in obama biden and stole crimea crossed over obama redline now four years later he's testing whether or not the president the new president of the united states says he sees on tv -- and has made some conclusions about whether or not he think he's a strong leader or not -- but he's going to test he's testing him right now. and -- all of these world leaders are listen -- here's my concern, mark. is joe biden is a guy who his close friend robert gates served as serkt of defense with hem in obama administration said joe biden was wrong on every national security. and foreign policy decision in
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the last 40 years. one thing to be wrong when you're united states senators or the vice president. but he's the president of the united states and he's very early on reflecting that he still making those wrong decisions when it comes to our national security and foreign policy and foreign leaders see that. and they're taking advantage of it. mark: amazing as i sit here and think about this and listen to you -- here comes donald trump who never served in washington, d.c. didn't sit on the senate foreign relations committee, was not involved in -- the official diplomacy. common sense businessman loves this country, america first. he's one of the greatest foreign policies in american history it was peace strength reagan did but also he would united states use economic power on trade focused on our enemy, china. he would use economic power with respect to iran, to cut them off and choke them off. he was so effective at using character and to keeping us out
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of war and then here comes bumbling joe who has been wrong his entire career in the senate wrong his entire career as vice president an you mentioned gates mentioned here he is on world stage really stepping at it in every direction. i'm not sure what we do about this. what can we do about this? >> well, i think you're right in terms of sort of incapslated i have a picture of ronald reagan everybody see when is they walk into my offings and no one strength better than the trump administration. and again as i point out look at our own southern board southern border and crisis now look like going to be a crisis in middle east or in ukraine or in the -- straights outside of china. that's the opposite that's chaos through weakness, and i fear that that is what our foreign policies going to look like. and what we do is pay attention and see that this is exactly what we don't want and that what
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is never made america great and what happens when you don't put america first. and -- i know our first opportunity to change that politically will be in two years, and that's why it is important to keep talking about these issues and drawing a contrast between the trump administration policies and the biden administration policies that very early are failing. mark: hearing this presidency we have at least the combination of the incompetence of the carter administration, and the ideological left wing positions of the obama administration. i can't think of anything worse -- john ratcliff first i want to thank you for your service to country service in congress as well and i wish you all of the best. thank you, sir. >> thanks mark, great to be with you. mark: we'll be right back.
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welcome to fox news live i'm jon scott law enforcement facing mounting pressure to release body cam video on this week' deadly shooting black man in north carolina. the death of andrew brown jr. is sparking new wave of protest across the country. deputies shot and killed him wednesday while executing search and arrest warrants at his house and seek to release footage as soon as he's confident it won't compromise the investigation. more than a quarter of all americans have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus. with a robust distribution plan
4:27 pm
some states have actually begun turning down vaccine shipments from the federal government. the surplus supply is prompting calls for u.s. to start shipping vaccines to poorer countries, so far president biden has been hesitant to offer global assistance. assistance -- i'm jon scott now back to "life, liberty & levin." ♪ ♪ welcome back america, i want to talk briefly about the police officer, potter, and the deceased right. that took place this week . i heard somebody say the other day the fact that officer potter was charged shows that our justice system works no it doesn't. it shows that our justice system is not working. because officer potter shouldn't have been charged with anything this is a who are horrific
4:28 pm
accident and i looked at manslaughter in the second-degree in minnesota since every state is slightly different. and it says in part, a person who causes the death of another by any of the following means it is guilty of manslaughter in the second degree. and it may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than ten years to pay a fine of not more than 20,000 or both. by the persons culpable negligence by person creates unreasonable risk and consciencely takes chance of causing death or great bodily injury to another she didn't do that. she's a police officer in that car was stopped not because of -- of fresheners hanging from the mirror. that car was stopped because the license expired. and when she call call called id out that mr. wright was wanted -- a warrant was put out by a judge. a warrant was put out by a judge for his arrest why was a warrant put out by a judge for his
4:29 pm
arrest? "the new york post" published the court records this week showing that wright and another man emma j. driver charged with first degree amendmented robbery in december 2019 allegedly try l to steal 820 from a woman. now the documents from the county claim wright and driver were at the victims apartment in all three were leaving when wright turned around around andd the door preventing from leaving and wright pulled a gun unregistered by the way joe biden may want to keep that in mind pointed it at the woman demanding she hand over cash he saw her roommate give to her for rent are you serious the victim asked according to the probable cause statement wright then replied giving me the money i know you having wright then choked victim twice during a struggle. and threatened to shoot her. as he unsuccessfully tried to pull cash from her bra when she had placed the money where she had -- her safekeeping according to
4:30 pm
"daily mail" sent at 100,000 and bail bond paid 40,000 for release and bail revoked in july last year due to his failure to not possess a firearm or ammunition in other words he still did. and not keeping in touch with his probation officer court papers say wrielgt due to face trial on charge of attempted robbery and male reported with a possible maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. what happened? he didn't show up. he didn't show up. now, i want to take look at this briefly and what took place -- exactly because now we have body video cam let's take a look. go.
4:31 pm
[silence] [inaudible conversations] a warrant -- mark: you notice she said he's got a warrant. he's got a warrant for his arrest. go ahead. now a struggle. [inaudible conversations] [bleep] a couple of things that i want to discuss about this. quickly -- number one, mr. wright created this entire situation. aggravated assault, unregistered weapon, skips bail, doesn't show
4:32 pm
up to court. and expired license, he resist arrest. if he had not done those things none of this would have happened that's number one. number two, the officer you can hear what she said -- the purpose of a body cam is to give us information, then and now -- and that's what we got. chief of police said and certainly looks that way -- this is not a george floyd situation. it certainly looks that way where she made a mistake she pulled the wrong weapon. now the lawyer for the family is running around say nothing. they wanted to execute mr. wright. that makes no sense. there were three police officers there. potter, white police officer, a male, and a black police officer, a male. nobody was looking to execute anybody. and i would ask america what does an officer do in a circumstance like this, obviously, it was an accident a
4:33 pm
horrible, horrible accident what took place but they're not supposed to stop the car and arrest somebody who is violated -- numerous court orders? where there's a warrant -- what are you supposed to do i want to go to newt gingrich to get his input on this and number of other things you saw the video and so forth what were your thoughts? >> it was a tragic mistake by a very senior veteran police officer. shattered her life as well as taking the life of the young man who is you correctly pointed out, you know, in other circumstances people attacking him -- for having, tried to rob a woman. so you get into this whole cycle now where automatically, the person who has been killed is innocent is glorified, et cetera. but most of these cases, there's something going on that's wrong. and there's somebody who is doing something wrong. and police are not just randomly
4:34 pm
out here trying to shoot people it is very clear from her own reaction -- that she was horrified that she had pulled out the wrong weapon and when she thought she was going to use a taser when she actually shot him. so -- i think they have to go through due process, and i think other thing i disagree with you about is i think it will be uncontrollable -- to not as some kind of court procedure here but i would point out when an innocent woman was killed by a policeman at the u.s. capitol, that that is all been just covered up nothing is going to be done exonerated without any request yet she was unarmed, had no court record i'm aware of and she was killed by a policeman. interesting how the media is very different standards depending on narrative they want to push. mark: when we come back i want to ask you about response of
4:35 pm
individuals -- but on this point about charging her i just look at the statute. and in -- in 42 hours, 48 hours, they charged her with a crime that doesn't facility the language doesn't even facility what took place. my concern now here is we have prosecute elected local prosecutors in a case like this is bringing a charge to try to silence the rioters you're not going to silent rioters. reminds me of john adams way back when in the boston massacre -- when the red coats shot at some of the columnists killing one. and they couldn't find a lawyer to represent them. and they knocked on john adams door he said i'll do it. and for several years after that, and by the way captain of the red coats as you know is found innocent. john adams had a tough time politically but then eventually the people said you know what -- he was right. i just think due process is very, very important. and to bring a charge like this
4:36 pm
so quickly there was no investigation. that was it. when we come back i would be curious about your response to and other politicians. we'll be right back. just over a year ago, i was drowning in credit card debt. sofi helped me pay off twenty-three thousand dollars of credit card debt. they helped me consolidate all of that into one low monthly payment. they make you feel like it's an honor for them to help you out. i went from sleepless nights to getting my money right. so thank you. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ mark: welcome back, newt gingrich what do you make of the response of some of these democrats and other people who seem to be pouring fuel on the fire here? >> well, i think we infuse ideology with insanity. i think some of the people who are calling for, for example for e limbing the police closing down all prisons you have to wonder what planet they are on and you have to wonder if the damage they do is local community and then frankly if you look at statements like aoc comments that this was a plan
4:41 pm
deliver assassination, these thing are not ideological left we think and people out of touch with reality and they're best dealt with i think -- as though they have some kind of pathology. and i think rashida tlaib is a perfect example her driblght including detroit as a dramatic increase in murders, it has a even more dramatic increase in number of people who were shot but did not die. and her reaction to all of that violence preying upon innocent people to say we ought to abolish police and abolish prisonnings and then you want to say what do you do with all of those prisoners i have a research project underway right now to ponged out how many murderers, rapist and arm robbers release in the michigan alone under the tlaib model because this is going to be horrifying. and i think we need to somehow cut through the pretense that
4:42 pm
these hard left people have any kind of rational basis for what they're saying. they represent i think literally a pathology not an ideology. and that since i'm with doctor gladed saying we're dealing with a mental health problem and you can't have a conversation request them because they simply recycle the crazy things they've already learned. that's compounded i think, i heard your earlier segment i couldn't agree with you more. i think this is a biden administration which is to the left of obama, and is going to turn out to be dramatically less in touch with reality than jimmy carter so if you have a combination of carter's lack of competence and to the left obama, i think we're drifting towards some very, very dangerous activities in the not very distant future and our enemies know it and our enemies are beginning to mock us as a country which is simply --
4:43 pm
failed to be serious. >> that's bring to another issue the united states supreme court. i've never seen such a brazen attempt with the power grab in my lifetime, i know fdr tried it but his own vice president party stopped it. here we have the democrats in congress now they want to add four seats, the united states supreme court, they want to create their own ideological bureau if you will and destroy public confidence in the judicial system and they're going to destroy separation of powers. you know, these rad democrats now they don't want to play inside the constitutional box they don't accept the norms of governing sometime you win sometimes you lose sometimes you work with the other party and stuff they wanted to destroy the other party. they wanted to destroy any opposition. they want to shut down free speech. they want to change the demographics in this country. this is quite, quite serious i
4:44 pm
think you're the historian i don't think we've seen anything like this. >> you have to go back to french ref luges or reformation you have people who basically have created a secular religion. they're pa gnattings, they hate america you read the recent speech by the new bidened a bam- you think this is an american giving this kind of anti-american speech? she's doing all of the work for chinese communist need to get done so i think you have to recognize these are people that is not just if they don't play inside the boundaries they want to destroy boundaries. these people are explicit city anti-american and they think that the sooner they can tear our country apart the better. now interestingly, my understanding now is that pelosi and ploip have said no they will not move the supreme court
4:45 pm
packing bill. so maybe even they're being sense that they're being to run up edge against what american people will tolerate. but no one should be confused these people are against america. they want to change america. they have no interest in finding compromise and they have every interest in running over anybody who doesn't agree with them. mark: and what i've been saying for months on my radio show elsewhere really that this attack on supreme court is intended to defect the decisions of the supreme court what cases they take up, what decisions they issue. and i've been saying this over and over again. i think we saw that org did during the campaign with cases and there are cases but two cases in particular in pennsylvania were really important and federal constitutional constitutions you can see wanted to take it up and clarence thomas wanted to take it up but they kont get it taken up and i think that john roberts
4:46 pm
political as hell and he hears what is going on and i think that these -- these folks are unnerved on the supreme court. >> i don't think there's any question. but that the cultural surround emotional power of the left to degree to which, you know, you have the large internet giants trying to turn a man who got 75 million votes into a nonperson. that is something worthy of the soviet union or communist china and it is a very deliberate very serious effort on their part. so if you're a typical normal person, and you want to be liked, and you want to get invited to the cocktail parties of georgetown and you want to feel like you can be proud of yourself the price sets on you being proud of yourself is you sell out all of your beliefs that's why you end up with delta and coca-cola being in favor of moving the all star game from georgia a state by the way which
4:47 pm
has 8 and a half times as many black employed businesses as colorado. and they move the all star game to california state laws worse than georgia and all done with a highest hypocrisy in order for elites to feel good about themselves. mark: we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back newt gingrich son and border of the disaster it wasn't a disaster until joe biden reversed all of donald trump's policies. we were actually securing the border. so this tells me that this is intentional. that what's taking place on the southern border the surge that are taking place on southern border, joe biden doesn't want to go down there his vice president who initially pointed to go down there doesn't want to go down there and nothing to do with it he doesn't show any urgency to lose to border. i have my own theories on this. what do you think is taking place? >> well, i think, first of all -- liberal democrats want illegal immigration. ening that they're quite happy to have hundreds of thousands of people come to the united states
4:52 pm
illegally. they're trying to pass the corrupt politicians act hr1 in order to make it possible for people to vote without any identity or any proof of who they are. and any proof of citizenship and when you have the new york democrats for example, passing a bill that would give illegal immigrants 15,000 dollars -- and you don't think people in el salvador or guatemala honduras say wow that's more i'm going attorney here so it is almost like democrats have set up a signal, you know, please come to the united states illegally. and what biden has done is he's created a brand new model of grab and bus. where when they fine you they put you on bus so somewhere in america they haven't tested you for covid. they have no idea whether or not you're a public health problem, and they have no idea where you're going tore live with, and so and this isn't an accident if you go back and look through on debates, you know, the fact is
4:53 pm
that kamala harris was in favor of open borders the democrats and bias in general is for open borders. and so -- i think that's part of why you don't see them doing anything about it and, in fact, just the opposite they're sending signals that people should come. and that, you know, the united states is going to be a great place once you get here. mark: i think you're quite right i also think a president has two fundamental responsibles that has to secure the country and keep the people safe. and joe biden has failed both of those royally. newt gink rch i want to thank you very very much for coming god bless you my friend. >> thank you. mark: we'll be right back. rm hi, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa ..
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[♪♪♪] mark: welcome back, america. i want to circle back to this issue of law enforcement. i want to show you a different clip right now. go.
4:58 pm
you just saw a police officer in a routine shop murdered. shot 11 times. what you didn't see is that killer walked around the truck and shot him in the back of the
4:59 pm
head while he was face down. i'm sick and tired of the way law enforcement is being treated in this country. they must face scrutiny. due process. whatever they have coming, they have coming. but these attacks on law enforcement by lawyers, phoney civil rights leaders and people in the media are making me sick to my stomach. if we lose the blue line, there is no other line. you, you're family and your homes are open season. at the say time the government wants to restrict our access to weapons and self-defense. what's being done to law enforcement in this country is intentional. it's coming from the left. they are destroying our cities, the left. and we need to have the courage to speak to this. the epidemic is the war on the cops. the -- the statistics prove it.
5:00 pm
bad cops out. vast majority of the comes good. leave them alone. i'll see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. perception is reality. that's the subject of tonight's watters words. there is a big problem america we want to address. the gap between reality and people's perception of reality has become dangerously wide. so much so that people are seeing things that just aren't there. the nation is nearing mass psychosis. we are living in an alternative universe. buff this is by design -- buff butthis is by design.


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