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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  April 24, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

3:00 am and check it out. >> jesse: is that his real face? >> greg: looks like the joker. >> juan: that's it for us, folks. have a great weekend. see you here on monday. ♪ ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started ♪ ♪ ♪ lose control of body and soul. pete: i have got to put it in park very important. >> talladega, alabama. pete: holy cow, we are here. >> you came in slower than i would like. pete: protocol. pete: i wasn't going to run you over. run over the trophy before the
3:01 am
race. will: replica of the trophy. that overlooks birmingham, alabama. that's the trophy. for the geico 500 here at talladega. pete: will cain did his research. holy cow. thanks for being here, everybody. we are surrounded by all the garages of all the nascar drivers and races that will be here tomorrow at 2:00 for the big race. that's why we are here on this beautiful set by the way. fox sports, fox news did an amazing job putting this all together. look at that shot right there. will: this is amazing. this is big bill's garage talladega, alabama. super speedway the geico 500 sunday right here on fox. we will have raise racers jeff gordon the daytona 2500 winner michael mcdowell and of course there is a fox nation car in the race this weekend. pete: our favorite guest for sure corey lajoie driving the 7 car wrapped in american flag fox
3:02 am
nation. pulling for him and jay demarcus as well. we hope that tomorrow the weather is a little bit better than today. the reason we are using stick mics today it's pouring outside and if we didn't you would not be able to hear us. i don't know if you can see it it's raining sheets. they're saying tomorrow the forecast is drier rachel. rachel: other guest steve scalise, representative it steve scalise, tammy bruise. pete: we are doing other things than nascar. rachel: a little bit. pete: okay, fine. will: there is a lot going on in our country as we speak. pete: before we get to politics and we will do a lot of that. we also have a package because will and i wept out to the infield yesterday and talked to a lot of folks. the people here don't want to talk politics. they don't. we played corn hole. will: we did. pete: drank beer. will: a little parking lot bowling. we had a few beverages. we had a good time.
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pete: maybe we will take you today. rachel: i would like that. pete: i know you would. rachel: i would. pete: other stuff to get to we are glad you are with us on this saturday morning. we begin far to our southern border as the biden administration plans to expand the number of migrants allowed in the u.s. will: with migrant facilities already exceeding capacity and the administration struggling to keep up with the surge how will this expansion plan work? rachel: jacqui heinrich is in washington to break it all down? >> good morning, guys. the department of homeland security looking to increase the number of migrants released into the u.s. by making the alternative to detention program more efficient according to internal dhs documents reviewed by fox. the adt program started in 2004. it involved varying degrees of supervision for people going through immigration proceedings from check-s in at local ice centers to g.p.s. monitoring and home visits. the level of supervision depends on background and criminal history among other factors.
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dhs tells fox news the biden administration has made it clear that the border is not open. our policy is texas pell single adults and families in situations where individuals cannot be expelled they are placed into removal proceedings and a custody determination is made which could result in an alternative to detention program. now the expansion of this program comes as the biden administration deals with a surge of migrants at the border shown in new images obtained by republican arizona congressman andy biggs. fox news confirmed thursday health and human services is paying for adult sponsors to travel to connect or collect, rather, unaccompanied children and also using ice' temporary hotels paid for to temporarily shelter those migrant families. the biden administration is spending nearly $87 million to provide more than 1200 beds through september. so many family units and single adults are being expelled via the title 42 health provision amid the covid-19 pandemic. mexico has refused to take
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family units with tender aged children and the biden administration is not applying title 42 to unaccompanied children back to you guys. pete: jackie hundred rick thank you so much for that report this morning. we appreciate it. we have been told it's a capacity problem. there is no still no capacity we still need to keep releasing people. rachel: paying for them to either their sponsors to fly to pick them up and they all fly back and some of their sponsors are not legal citizens themselves or we house them in our barracks or military bases nor hotels. will: go ahead. rachel: meanwhile kamala harris is at the wrong border. here is a tweet. pete: which one the canadian border? rachel: the canadian border. she is at the wrong border. shear a tweet new hampshire g.o.p. welcome to the wrong border kamala harris as you travel 2300 miles away from el paso. our country would be better served with an official visit to our southern border not a
3:06 am
campaign trip for maggie hassan. will: you can see she n new hampshire at the northern border to pro-infrastructure and campaign for maggie hassan. she was welcomed in new hampshire. this is a little if map 2254 miles. '. will: wrong direction vice president haste. this is a map where she has been since she has been appointed leader of the it crisis southern border. visited new haven, connecticut. brent wood california, april 5th oakland, california. chicago making it everywhere. back to d.c. high point, north carolina. and of course yesterday far northern border. you look at that map and you are trying really hard to avoid that border at all costs. california, i mean, yeah, california. but you have got to stay on the northern part for sure. you know what the irony of this is you talk to people in minnesota or new hampshire or
3:07 am
vermont, they are really frustrated because the northern border is actually still closed to commerce and it's a real problem for businesses up there in canada. she is not even throw address that so that border is closed. and our border -- southern border is open and kamala harris is nowhere to be found. rachel: where, by the way, a new variant in brazil is making its way up and tijuana where the migrants have been con greg gating is now facing a third surge of covid-19. so where is dr. fauci too in all of this. he should be at the border. pete: he loves to comment on everything but that. will: you say kamala harris is nowhere to be found. that's not entirely fair or true. pete: okay. will: migrants who make their way into the united states they receive i guess it's like a welcome kit when they come in. there is a presence from the vice president of the united states. can you see here inside that. pete: she delivers it to him. will: not quite. rachel: doesn't want to hand deliver it. will: her book is a part of the welcome kit. book entitled super heroes are everywhere. rachel: super heroes will and
3:08 am
pete don't allow little girls to get raped on the journey along the border. i will tell how is in a super hero should be in that book u.s. border patrol who saves little children drowning in rivers who finds them abandoned in the middle of the dessert all alone or in stash houses. the border patrol is the greatest humanitarian organization in our hemisphere. pete: here, here. i could not agree more. rachel: that little book should say super hero not kamala super hero u.s. border patrol. pete: you stole my line, rachel. there is a line in that book when there is trouble super heroes show unjust in time. the only people showing up u.s. >> time for these unaccompanied kids are the border patrol. can you imagine just go into the imaginary booth with me for one second if a book from a member of the trump family or the pence family found its way into a welcome backpack on the southern border and talked about any issue the madness that would ensue across the mainstream
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media. so, listen, they want -- you have talked about it before, these migrant children coming in, who are they going to view as their hero? who are they going to thank? dreamer 3.0 or dreamer 4.0. rachel: future voters and they are starting early with this campaign to get them to vote for democrats as a new permanent majority to replace a lot of us conservative hispanics who want to -- will: rachel, something you have been passionate about and we all are. you brought up madness this. is absolute madness. the way that masks have been turned into a tribal symbol. the masks have been turned into. pete: everywhere. will: part of your personality and who you are. will. rachel: a religion. will: a religion. at this point very little connection to science or data and protection. and i think it's best illustrated by the absurdity of this story in oregon. take a look at this. a track runner in oregon at a high school track and field event winning by the way. she was winning the event where you are forced to wear a mask
3:10 am
while you compete outdoors collapsed. she collapsed right at the finish line. her coach says oxygen deprivation. pete: how could it not be. will: look at her collapsing right there a few feet short of the finish line this is what sheside h. to say i was pushing so hard and everything went blurry and i just fell. the good news by the way she did win the race. despite falling she still did finish first place. rachel: it's not safe. there was a teacher somewhere in it i can't remember what state it was they fired him because he said i don't want my cross-country runners running outside with a mask on. pete: i'm ashamed of the fact that i sat in the bleachers and watched my 10-year-old boy play basketball with a mask on. i'm ashamed of that i wish i could have done more. the minnesota high school league mandated it only way they were going to play. that was indoors. this is outdoors. she is running the 800. have you ever tried to run the 800.
3:11 am
rachel: i did. pete: impossible. one of the hardest races in all of sports 400 or 800, dead at the end. to cover your face with a blanket. will boil outdoors. pete: dumbest thing humanly possible. like the three of us wearing masks right here during this broadcast. rachel: these are the really obvious. this is so obvious but there are little things. the mom who stood up and said take these masks off of my kid. it is a battle cry of moms across america because little children should have smiles not masks. pete: dave turnbull the summit high school track and field coach said this: i'm concerned with the mask rule. this is what i'm worried about as i said this at the beginning of the season. you get a kid running a 800 with the mask on it's actually dangerous. they don't get the oxygen that they need this. rule needs to change and it needs to change right now. good for him. will: common sense and once again common sense actually leading the way and on the side of science and data. whatever else is taking
3:12 am
precedence in this day and age and guiding us, it's not science or data or common sense. it's something else. rachel: ruining our children's childhood. pete: not ruining this place yet. rachel: not yet. pete: stay with us. will: few additional headlines starting with this. police declare a riot in portland after a protest take as violent turn. police say rioters blocked roads, smashed windows, spray painted gravity and pushed their way into restaurant before getting pulled out two. people were arrested. rioters were participating in a quote autonomous zone demonstration posted online instructing people to wear all black and to make it harder for officers to spot them. portland mayor ted wheeler has extended the city's state of emergency as it braces for more violence and destruction this weekend. now to a fox news alert. debris is found from the missing indonesian submarine. several items were discovered including parts of a torpedo. the vessel sank with 53 sailors
3:13 am
on board. and officials expect the subto run out of oxygen some time this morning. a u.s. plane has joined the 20 indonesian ships for the search for the missing sub. went missing wednesday during reported dive near bali where waters are very deep. another fox news alert. breaking just this morning, a live look now at the international space station where nasa's spacex crew 2 has successfully docked. >> spacex on the big loop soft capture confirmed. will: four person crew, including two americans, will soon open their hatch and enjoy a welcoming ceremony. and those are your headlines. pete: i'm always amused by a live look from space. who got the camera up there? [laughter] who does the maintenance? rachel: elon musk. [laughter] pete: oh, man, we will have fun this morning. glad you are here. stay with us. still ahead, a new york police
3:14 am
officer dragged by a car and it turns out the driver was released, of course, without bail. on an attempted murder charge. tom homan is here to sound off. plus, we take you inside talladega and it's -- and dig into it history. we are live from nascar's biggest and baddest track all morning long ♪ ♪ ♪ wealth is breaking ground on your biggest project yet. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it.
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>> not okay to drive? don't move. >> disturbing scene in new york where an nypd officer was dragged by a car during a
3:18 am
traffic stop. we now know that the driver had been arrested for an attempt the murder charge but was released without bail to continue his crime spree. here to react fox news contributor and retired acting ice director tom homan, thanks for being up with us this morning. good to see you. just ask you. what's your reaction and understanding this guy was released on bail. >> just incredible what's going on in new york. and, look, i have been talked to many police officers, even prosecutors, i gave a speech in upstate new york. they are just sickened by this law. criminals are walking in and out of jail every day. you add to that the fact that, you know, criminals are walking on rikers island in the country illegally because new york city kicked ice out of rikers island. they used to arrest thousands of criminals a day here illegally. not only here i will legally but arrested for committing a public safety offense. ms-13 gang members walk out of rikers island every day. you take that reform law and
3:19 am
sanctuary city law on top of that police officers lost their qualified immunity so a lot of them don't want to do the job anymore. they are retiring and quitting. the villeification of police, you add all that together it's no wonder why the crime rate in new york is skyrocketing. all of a sudden the good guy, the cops are the bad guy. the bad guy now are the victims. and, tom, i think in the background of everything you just laid out. that video highlight the constant every day present danger that officers face in the line of duty. we give so much attention to police reform and incidences across this country, yes enemy cases which are tragic. we don't talk that often about the violence and the danger that police faces a a retired officer, i know you know something about that. >> look, and thank you for saying that look, the men and women of law enforcement, 99% of these men and women have joined the force for the right reasons. they put a gun on their hip and put theirselves in harm's way to protect people they never meet and don't know. even people that despise them. these are american heroes, finest 1% this country has.
3:20 am
as far as this all talk about systemic racism. there is no systemic racism in law enforcement. i spent 34 years in it. are there racists i'm sure there are. there is racist dentists and car mechanics and doctors. there is racists in our society. get it. but to call it systemic racism of law enforcement is a false narrative. it's another attack on those that want to abolish police, defund the police, it's just ridiculous. it. will: tom, on that note let me draw our attention on a op-ed published by msnbc. called behind the thin blue line flag. it's talking about the flag that everyone is familiar with at this point. she wrote the police continue to operate under a layer of legal impunity and institutional protection that vastly overshadow the rights of the citizens they brutalize, murder, or assault. of now, by the way, tom, this is the same writer who some years ago sweeted out one's particular ice agent maltese cross which is a veterans tattoo more akin or
3:21 am
she assumed it was white supremacist nazi tattoo. her credibility has already been exploornd explained. what do you say she wrote on msnbc? >> it's terrible. look. the reason she said that, nazi tattoo because, again, because it was ice officer she pointed out even though combat vet who served in afghanistan, lost both legs. he is a national -- america's hero, right? he came back lost both legs ied while serving in afghanistan. because is he an ice agent she focused on that. listen, the thin blue line, let's be clear, i wear this every at a when i'm on tv or giving speeches. that's the thin blue line flag. what's it mean? it's a thin blue line between the officer stands thin blue line then have you got anarchy and crime. thin blue line stands between a safe community and crime. and that's all it means. not a racist symbol. an honor to policemen. will: right. tom, thank you for being with us but more importantly thank you for your service and everything
3:22 am
you have done for this country. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, i appreciate it. will: you bet. the feds by the way now, resuming johnson & johnson vaccine after a week on ice. how will the move impact the vaccinate america. up next on "fox & friends" continues live from talladega. ♪ deep from kentucky ♪ look at those two ♪ that's ricky bobby over there, isn't it ♪ i love my country introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed... experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. great news in the effort to vaccinate america on as the
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pause on the vaccine is lifted. >> after hearing the deliberation on the advisory committee on immunization, along with fda is recommending that the johnson & johnson vaccine resume. will: the u.s. had stopped using the j and j shot last week after six women developed rare blood clots. pete: here to react is fox news medical contributor and our friend dr. marc siegel. good morning. thank you so much for being here, we appreciate it what is next for the j and j vaccine? >> >> there is 10 million toes made in netherlands that are waiting to be administered to people so it's going to get back out to doctors offices and other places around the country. my concern is will it be used or will people be afraid of it the way it was messaged was so poor. it caused so much alarm.
3:27 am
in the end did a deep dive they found 15 cases out of 8 million people. 15 cases compared to they actually did a comparison the benefit of actually using the vaccine saved thousands and thousands of lives from covid-19. so we have a problem ahead of us, and jeff was saying this week doctors are key on the frontlines now convincing our patient to take a vaccine. guess what? i need this vaccine because this is the one i can put in my office refrigerator. so the last thing i needed was this kind of a black eye. will: dr. siegel we talked about this story at the top of the show it seems we have departed from science and data. whatever is guiding our decision-making at this point, it isn't common sense. this on the story of a oregon runner track and field athlete who collapsed at the finish line, she says by the way because she felt oxygen deprived. she blacked out. her coach said the following: i'm concerned with the masks that's required by the way in oregon to wear outdoors during
3:28 am
an athletic event. said i'm worried and i said that at the beginning of the season you get a kid running 800 with mask on it's actually dangerous. they don't get the oxygen they need. this rule needs to change. dr. siegel, i mean, help me understand this, this is absolutely not just is it wrong, it's now dangerous. >> well, will, you understand this as an expert in sports. i want to tell you this is horrendous. it's absurd it actually shows directly on one case how little science is involved here. the risk to somebody running full tilt with a mask and trying to get a deep breath the risk to their heart and lungs is far greater than any benefit in terms of covid-19 especially outside, especially when nobody is around you. i mean, that's not where the virus spreads. it doesn't spread wide open out of doors no ventilation with nobody near you. that's fear driven policy. it's hugely dangerous and time we take our masks off outside period by the way. not to mention somebody running
3:29 am
in race. and if people at that school are concerned, adults, they can get the vaccine which gives them almost 100 percent protection. that is absurd. i'm really glad you brought that example up. rachel: it is absurd. it's also absurd inside the classroom for little children who have no risk. you are a doctor i know you care about the medical stuff there is a lot of psychological stuff. a psychology of fear and neuro rottism we are inculcating in these children who have been masked now for a year in their classrooms where they are not smiling and not learning body could you cues, it's just outrageous, doctor. >> your kids and mine. a new study out of mit new study which we knew all this molding n the flu it wasn't based on this coronavirus which actually hangs in the air can be in the room for a long time and there is no benefit whatsoever on that 6-foot rule. so that has been completely shown.
3:30 am
it has to do with what the ventilation in the room is and how long the exposure is. and for young children to be having masks forced on them when, a, they are not people who spread it little children are not who is spreading covid-19. very unusual. and, b, when adults can get vaccinated again, it's a prohibitive -- it's a prohibitive super imposition of regulation. it's harmful from a public health point of view. will: dr. siegel is referencing mit says there is no more protection at 60 feet than 6 feet indoors. which just goes to show as you point out, dr. siegel, we are again guided by something other than science. people are getting it wrong. rachel: not telling the truth, doctor. pete: dr. siegel, thank you so much as rachel said for being a truth teller. will 6 feet golden rule. what do i worship now? rachel: 600 feet. will: okay be wrong something new. pair that with condescension and
3:31 am
certainty. we have more here from talladega when we say talladega, this may be one of the first things that you think of. >> way to go. >> hey, shake and bake,. >> shake and bake. pete: said that few times yesterday. will: how much do you really know about nascar's biggest and fastest track. we will take a dive into the history of this super speedway next ♪ ♪ i'm a power load ♪ well you can try the buick's massaging seat. oohh yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. pick something we all like. ok. hold on. what's your buick's wi-fi password? buickenvision2021. oh, you should pick something stronger. that's really predictable.
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♪ danger zone ♪ ♪ ♪ will: little top gun music. well, you know, days of thunder a famous nascar movie was essentially top gun on the ground at a racetrack like talladega super speedway which is where "fox & friends weekend" is this weekend. it's nascar's biggest and baddest track. rachel: but how much do you actually really know about the fastest track? pete: it's a good point. feels like this place was made for a tv set. one of the world's greatest, as
3:36 am
you know, racetrack. take a look at the history. ♪ ♪ rachel: i'm standing in the middle of nascar history at talladega super speedway. this is where some of the top names in the sport race around nascar's longest oval track. a track that extends 2.66 miles. will: i mean it speaks for itself when you look at the track biggest widest track. >> one lap to go. holy smokes. >> this is one of those tracks that has the wow factor. you watch a race here and wow did you see that? wow, did you see that? everything is bigger. everything is wider. everything is faster.
3:37 am
>>'s it's hard to navigate it as a driver. probably the toughest race mentally to run because there is so much going on and so much happening inches away from one another and very fast speeds. >> now the story here is interesting. in 1968, bell france helped design alabama international motor speedway a name this track would operate under 20 years until being renamed talladega super speedway the land he chose fit for soybean farming it did hit the will availability of land, access to interstate system population base of at least 20 million people within 300 miles. ♪ ♪
3:38 am
♪ ♪ >> on the day it was built it was built to be the fastest track on the surface and it has been. bill france sr. was quite the visionary you start with the boulevard that runs right through the infield that was a runway for the world war ii fighter pilot training base that sat on this land. and, of course, after the war years, the land fell into disuse and when the track was built and when it was finished it looked much like you see it with less buildings and less grandstands. the drivers were worried maybe cars would break. maybe cars would crash more so than what everybody was used to. and on the weekend of the first race here, a lot of the drivers pulled a strike, which was unpress debted in nascar. come on, these are the biggest bravest drivers in the world what do you mean it's dangerous. it's always dangerous but a number of drivers pulled out. nonetheless, bill france filled
3:39 am
the field ran the race and even jumped into a race car himself to show people it was safe out there. they had the first race, and the track has been thrig and surprising people ever since. this is a track that rewards dark horse candidates the favorite is rarely the f.a.a. rit. i think in the last 15 or 10 races here the driver who has led the most laps in the race has only won three of them. pete: you can watch that and others like it on fox nation that was abby hornacek, she has a series called american arenas and just so happens she has been to talladega before. who knew the racers actually striked the first time they had to race here because they thought its would too dangerous, too big and too fast. will: as you pointed out throughout the weekend tight pack going 200 miles per hour bump tore bumper. you and i made a run the other day the turns are 36 degrees? it's amazing. pete: doesn't look like something you should drive on.
3:40 am
rachel: definitely not me. going to get rachel out there driving on this track. now we have a few more headlines four starting with this the department of justice is considering charges against derek chauvin for an arrest he made in 2017. during the incident chauvin allegedly used violent force on a 14-year-old boy holding the teen down w. his knee for nearly 17 minutes. minnesota prosecutors reportedly tried to use video evidence of that arrest during the murder trial but the judge denied it chauvin was convicted in the murder of george floyd. he will be sentenced in june. the former president george w. bush giving his thoughts on the border crisis in a new fox nation special. >> border security is the touch stone issue because, until we get that right. people are going to be screaming and hollering about all kinds of things that scare the american people. and i -- you know, we can get it right. we are just going to need to work together to get it right. will: can you catch the entire interview tomorrow premiers at 10:00 p.m. eastern time on fox
3:41 am
nation. now, track race gets a surprise for participant. watch this. [cheers] [cheers and applause] will: a dog making her way, that dog is at the front of the pack if you will to win the race and the crowd -- the pickup's owner pup is retiringfrom racing. humans vs. dogs no chance. pete: there is the leash trailing behind somebody is going oh my goodness. rachel: this reminds me when my oldest daughter had a tennis meet i turned away and all my little kids ended up inside of the tennis court and i had to pull them off. dogs, kids, and my daughter said never come to another tennis match again, mom. pete: i don't want to you watch
3:42 am
me, mom. we're going to toss it out for some weather to adam klotz. adam, it is pouring here in talladega, alabama. help us out with that and good morning. adam: good morning, guys. yeah, big heavy rain across a large portion of the southeast. so, unfortunately, you guys are going to be seeing rain throughout the morning maybe throughout your saturday. it is going to clear up a little bit for you on sunday. here is that rain you are talking about absolute downpour across portions of alabama early this morning. unfortunately that is going to continue. but do you see much clear day on sunday, 73 degrees, 49 overnight tonight. and here's the set-up. we do see from the storm prediction center at least a decept risk of seeing some severe weather today. to possibly some isolated tornadoes, big thunderstorms really heavy rains, strong winds, hail, all going to be issues throughout the afternoon as a lot of heat build up. then you get into your sunday and all of that rain and heat move on out and it turns out to a gorgeous race day noon 67 trees. running into the lower '70s, 73
3:43 am
trees, a little bit of cloud cover sunday a beautiful day unfortunately for you guys back out there. you are going to be dealing with rain on and off today. back out to you. pete: thank you very much, adam, appreciate it only if you live in alabama and georgia did you get a forecast today right there. if you live anywhere else, that was entirely useless to you. but we are glad we delivered. rachel: nothing else matters but the race tomorrow. and there will be no rain. pete: there it is right there. it will be warm tomorrow. former president trump calls for antitrust probe into big tech as he teases the creation of his own social media platform. parler, well, they know that censorship firsthand has just been reinstated to the apple app. store. their acting ceo mark meckler weighs in next. ♪ ♪
3:44 am
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3:47 am
pete: super speedway all morning long. former president trump sounds off against big tech censorship. president trump might be launching his own social media platform. >> there has been speculation that you might start your own social media platforms are you considering that. >> i am. we are looking at it. we are looking at different platforms. we want v. a lot of people that want to come on existing platforms. they have to be strong. they can't be dominated by amazon and google and people who can take them off the air right away. pete: those comments come as apple allows parler to return to app. store after pulling it down back in january. here with reaction to parler interim ceo mark meckler. mark, good morning.
3:48 am
thanks for being here. parler was back many -- many months ago but not back on the apple app. store. what did you have to do to get back on the apple app. and what should people expect? >> sure, yeah. just to clarify the app. is not quite on the app. store yet. we have received permission from apple. what we had to do was we had to put a particular censorship mechanism in. we are not happen about this. it's not the parler way. what it means is just on the apple app. itself, things that would be characterized as attacks on characteristics like race, gender, religion, those things won't show on the apple app. version of parler. if folks want to see those things, i'm not sure why people would. if you want to see them you can see them at or android app. those things will still show up. in order to be on the app. store itself that particular slifs content may not be shown on the app. that's available on the apple app. store soon. pete: mark, our folks may remember parler was targeted
3:49 am
after january 6th directly placed blame on be it for the events and communication that happened. do you feel like have you been treated like any other company when it comes to apple and the app. store you? heard the president talk about google, amazon, and you could include apple. are they treating you differently on a level playing field or have you having to play by a different set of rules? >> we are definitely having to play by a different set of rules. the reason for the attack on parler, the alleged reason was that events ofan was all parler's fault. when the numbers actually come out the george washington center, university center on extremism said 5% of charging documents in those incidents pointed at facebook, 14% at twitter, 14% at instagram. only 5% at parler. so the real fault was in the bigger social media giant companies if there was fault at all. i don't think it's their fault for what happened january 6th. this is all a political game to take down a competitor that believes in free speech.
3:50 am
pete: that's right. well hopefully apple doesn't censor too much. real quick question, mark. we don't have much time. president trump says he might start his own social media app. what do you think about that? >> you know, i would say i'm a little bit skeptical. it's not an easy thing to do having been involved in it. it takes a big staff, a big team. usually we would know about that if that was going on out there in the technical arena. we don't see any evidence of that as always we would welcome the president here at parler and we would welcome the sitting president joe biden as well. pete: absolutely. we'll see. its would change the game if one or either of them moved over to parler for sure. mark meckler thank you very much for the update. keep fighting for free speech. we appreciate. >> it thank you. pete: thank you up thanks to democrats' endless unemployment benefits. businesses nationwide are struggling to find employees that are willing to work. one pizzeria decided to raise their minimum wage in order to feed the need for employees ♪ i need the dollars, dollars, dollars ♪ that's what i need
3:51 am
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being rachel: a minnesota pizzeria one of the first in the twin cities to make the leap to a $15 minimum wage. it comes at a cost. estimate losses of half a million dollars to make the change. but as businesses across the country struggle to win back workers owner john puckett says employees are the key ingredient to punch pizza success. john joins may now. welcome. let's talk about this. why is it so hard for you and other employers to get people to go back to work? >> well, you know, in truth in minnesota, our unemployment even precovid was really low.
3:55 am
so we have always needed to offer the most attractive compensation to get the best people. rachel: so do you think that the government payments right now for covid relief are affecting your business in terms of why you have had to raise your minimum wage or raise your wage up to $15? >> you know, living through the pandemic and trying to operate a hospitality business has been an incredible challenge and we stay out of the politics of it but what we do know is it's an incredibly competitive environment to get great people. rachel: yeah. >> our strategy is just to pay people more to attract the best. rachel: and you are not just paying higher wages. you are offering other incentives. what are they? >> yeah. one of the best things about the restaurant business and we really need to do a better job as an industry to promote this, is we not only start our people at $15 an hour, but we provide really good training and development opportunities for them to earn up to $100,000 a
3:56 am
year managing a restaurant. and it takes zero education or accreditation from the outside. rachel: how has covid affected the pizza business in general? and what do you expect coming out of it to be a permanent change? >> yeah, that's a great question. because pizza has been a really good place to be if you in the restaurant business for the pandemic because pizza is the nation's largest takeout category. but, really what's changed in our business is almost 80% of our orders come in digitally over the phone or over the computer. and before covid it was 2%. and it's created a whole new business model for companies like punch. rachel: yeah. well, you know, pizza is always going to be america's favorite. you definitely picked the right business, john and your pizza is very good. so thank you for joining us and congratulations on keeping your business going through these
3:57 am
difficult times. >> well, thank you we thank all our employees. rachel: thank you, john. still ahead 40 cars will hit the track tomorrow including the brand new fox nation car corey lajoie will be behind the wheel and we will talk to him live from talladega. ions of people om spectrum. go to this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. a lot of people think dealing with copd is a walk in the park. if i have something to help me breathe better, everything will be fun and nice. but i still have bad days flare-ups (coughs), which can permanently damage my lungs.
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4:01 am
roughly going about the same speed. 200 miles per hour. they are packed up. we are here for the geico 500 which airs on fox on sunday pete hegseth, will cain and rachel campus duffy in for jedediah bila this morning. it's good to be out of the studio. pete: it is. rachel: this feels like america. pete: it is. don't miss it i will tease it all morning long. will and i had a chance to go to the one of the biggest infields in america. talking to folks camping out. will: lead to you stick around a little bit later to the point in which he beat me three round corn hole game. pete: why are you preempting it i want people to see it. will: second game parking lot bowling it better be in the package we will score who won that one, too. rachel: i love how competitive you guys are over corn hole. it's so crazy. pete: what else competitive over? pete: it is fun. it is pouring rain today. that's why we are screaming into
4:02 am
these microphones. tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. it the race is at 2:00 tomorrow. that's the reality. the sun is going to have to dry this thing off it will by sunday and ready to go. see what is happening with the rachel: corey lajoie, jay demarcus of rascal flatts. will. will: tammy bruce, bret baier, ben watson. corey lajoie driving a fox nation car in this race on sunday. rachel: car number seven. pete: talk to him and say this is real pressure, cory. not like you are driving for home depot or valve lien. you are driving for fox nation. okay? we have expectations. high ones. and we think you are going to do well. so deliver. rachel: i think so. no pressure.
4:03 am
will: democrats, 40 to be precise putting pressure on president joe biden to essentially extend unemployment benefits forever. here is a letter quote from the letter they wrote to the president. the covid-19 pandemic has revealed many cracks in our country's unemployment insurance system. the system has also failed to it will respond to economic downturns to reach enough workers or to provide adequate benefits aoc though, despite this, praising the biden administration for what they have gotten accomplished so far. listen to this from a virtual town hall. >> biden administration, president biden has definitely exceeded expectations that progressives had. you know, i will be frank, i think a lot of us expected a much more conservative administration. but, the active invitation and willingness and collaboration with progressives in his first 100 days are almost 100 days has been very impressive. i think it's been good so far.
4:04 am
pete: wow, revealing. joe biden stood up on the campaign trail and says i do look like a socialist? well, she hoped he would be and he has been. you know on this unemployment thing will we were also out yesterday talking to businesses out here and the impact, many of which can't find workers because they can't compete with unemployment. so a lot of us look to covid, rachel, i see you smiling, i know you feel the same way okay, temporarily, people put out of the job because the government is telling them they have to close. supplementing unemployment makes sense temporarily as those businesses. but democrats -- democrats reveal exactly who they're. they would rather have people get paid by the government or paid through unemployment than through their actual jobs. rachel: this is part of the great radio re-set part of reimagining the american dream where there is no work or marriage or any of the personal responsibility that goes with it. this is exactly what government programs do. they never end. pete: that's right. rachel: this is redistribution
4:05 am
that they always wanted, will. will: rachel, i was just watching your interview with the gentleman from punch pizza. he did a great job. he did not want to answer the question whether or not unemployment benefits were a competitive factor. rachel: why do you think? you are from minnesota. pete: some of the hip neighborhoods in minneapolis and saint paul doesn't want to tick off the items. will: we experienced that yesterday. pete: we did. will: afraid of the political implications what is true behind the scenes. we are competing against unemployment benefits. we cannot hire the number of people that we need. the problem is people are getting paid a lot of the money not to work. rachel: that's why you can't get an uber these days for under 30 minutes. pete: it is, you are right. rachel: keeping people out of the job market and forcing companies and small businesses at a time when they can least afford it that they have to raise their prices above what the government is offering. pete: comrade cortez says he has been a wild success tore the left. the demands he has made so far he has done. why should we expect that he
4:06 am
would run away from this. why we continue that considering infrastructure bill that's not infrastructure. covid bill that's not covid. enough to we have got the idea of a green new deal which is coming to everything on their laundry list so far has happened. rachel: remember when we were saying they are going to turn america into a socialist venezuela. pete: they are going to try. will: i will say that alexandria ocasio-cortez is smart enough to understand the greater project and stupid enough to say it out loud. she is now saying that the project is exceeding expectations. that's a shocking. rachel: she has always been courageous that way. she has always said what she thought. will: turning now to shocking body camera video showing an nypd officer being dragged during a traffic stop. >> police say the man behind was recently released without bail despite facing an attempted murder charge. pete: yeah, these are the super safe traffic stops that they're supposed to do unarmed. he oh, yeah. got it todd piro has been following this story and joins us live with the details. todd, good morning. >> good morning to all three of you, an nypd officer was calmly speaking to the man, trying to
4:07 am
make sure he was okay. when that man dozen this. does this. watch. >> get off. it. todd: according to the nypd, newsom was slurring his words and admitted to having smoked marijuana. the officer informing him that he wasn't under arrest but asked that he step out of the vehicle. but then newson puts his car in short distance before driving a off. his night of crime did not end there. 32-year-old allegedly broke into a home in queens and threatened a 66-year-old woman by pretending he had a gun. then police say he stole a jaguar before he was arrested in long island. we haded to homan on earlier on the plight of police. >> 99% of these men and women are joined the force for the right reason. put a gun on their hip and put themselves in harm's way to protect people they never met and don't know even people to
4:08 am
decides them. america's finest heroes 1 hers america has. pete: in february newson shot somebody in the groin during attempted valentine's day robbery. prosecutors asked that he be locked up pending trial. but, a judge released him without setting bail despite his own lawyer asking for $50,000 bail. that according to authorities. that officer has bumps and bruises and back pain treated at a local hospital and released. back to you. todd: thank you so much, todd. pete: if your own lawyer is asking for bail then you probably shouldn't be released. amazing. we are laughing but it is so sad environment our police officers are facing in this country right now. they have lawmakers saying oh, you know what you should do, put your guns away during traffic stops. that's the most dangerous moment possible. you have no idea what's in that vehicle and what could be come next. rachel: hard to see what the recruitment level is going to be. not enough money that they are paying police officers to put
4:09 am
themselves in this kind of danger with such little support from the community. will: we're going to turn to this story now and attempt to keep my emotions. this is upsetting this story. "the washington post" had a headline this week from their quote, unquote, fact checker, glenn kessler put his name out there because it deserves to be drawn to attention. pete: that's right. will: this was the headline tim scott often talks about his grandfather and cotton. there's more to that tale. here is what was, you know, again, quote unquote fact checked in the article. fact checker piece acknowledges that tim scott may not have known his full family history and historical records regarding lives of black americans are often scant nonetheless our reporting adds information found in official records to scott's public remarks and writings about his grandfather. the fact checker occasionally devils often without reaching the conclusion about their completement or veracity. tim scott, it was just announced, is going to pro-invited republican response
4:10 am
to president joe biden upcoming speech. tim scott is an african-american senator, one of the few of either party in the united states congress. and he has committed the cardinal sin on the left of thinking for himself of being an independent individual who had some thoughts that veered from what is required of you if you are an african-american leader in this country. that's the sin that tim scott committed and that's why they are attacking him and this fact check is nothing short of let me be clear about this, racist. you want an example of racism in the united states of america in 2020 and 2021? "the washington post" is here to provide it to you. if. pete: amen. rachel: do you know who doesn't get this kind of fact check? elizabeth warren. i almost said another word. pete: can you say it pocahontas. we have free speech in this country. rachel: until the republicans started saying something about it she got a free reign to say she was native american. that was discovered by republicans not by the press. pete: republicans have to do their own work.
4:11 am
the democrats have the press for them and, will, you are so right, tim scott is too effective. too effective as a leader of the republican party, as a spokesperson for the republican party as somebody who has put forward what is actually thoughtful police reform instead of the george floyd policing act which throws police under the bus. tim scott is saying i will do the dirty work to try to figure out how we improve some things because we need to, and all "the washington post" can do is trash the guy. because they know they have to try to bring him down because. will: to be clear, this is glen kessler and "the washington post" saying to tim scott get back in line. get back in line. will. rachel: here is senator tim scott his statement on friday no amount of fact checking or attacks from the mainstream media will ever take away from the struggles my family overcame. we have to call out this casual racism against black republicans when we see it. it's shameful and we cannot allow it to go unnoticed. i can tell you there is a very unique punishment that
4:12 am
conservatives who happen to be minorities get from. will: absolutely, rachel. i know you know that. that is 100 percent accurate reality. rachel: they try to tell you are not really hispanic or black. that's what that statement was about. he was trying to erase tim scott's family history and basically tim scott as a black man because he is a conservative. and dares to think for himself. pete: we live in an era where the left wants to tell you can identify however you want anyway. this guy has a real history. he has talked about it he has overcome it and then they try to impugn him for it. will: nothing short of despicable and racist. turning now to headlines for you this morning. an arrest is made in the north carolina shooting that left a 7-year-old boy dead. douglas wilson is charged with first degree murder. the boy was riding in the car with his mother when he was shot. his mother says she accidently cut off a car when the shot was fired. she believes it was a result of road rage. and york governor andrew cuomo refusing to reveal the data on
4:13 am
covid nursing home deaths. it gave to the doj. his office telling various outlets releasing the data would be an invasion of personal privacy. cuomo, who previously said he supported releasing the data is being investigated over claims he intentionally under counted deaths. and roger goodell, commissioner of the nfl, will be allowed to hug players to attend the nfl draft in cleveland espn reports. the commissioner can return to his draft day hugs because is he vaccinated for covid-19. goodell hosted the draft from his home last year because of the pandemic will have to wait to see whether goodell actually brings back the tradition on thursday. rachel: let's bring back hugs and smiles. will: bring back life. pete: will, yesterday we were out -- what was her name nancy? will: nancy. pete: we were interviewing nancy. she is a covid icu nurse. she has been through hell for a year. she saw us and gave us the biggest old hugs you could imagine. will: there were some high fives
4:14 am
too. pete: all above board. all right, coming up, g.o.p. lawmakers are taking a swing at the commissioner of major league baseball for moving the all-star game out of georgia. two congressman demanding answers. they're on deck as we come to you live from the talladega super speedway all morning long. ♪ ♪ that delicious scramble was microwaved? get outta here. everybody's a skeptic. wright brothers? more like, yeah right, brothers! get outta here! it's not crazy.
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do they know this door is locked at aspen dental, today is the day to take back your smile. why wait? we're here nights, weekends and right now, to give you exceptional care and 20% off your treatment plan. new patients, take the first step with a complete exam and x-rays that are free without insurance. because our nationwide network of over 1,500 doctors at 900 locations all have one goal — to make you smile, today. start now. call 1-800-aspendental or book online at will: back a fox news alert. the spacex crew 2 has docked at and we are waiting for astronauts to open the hatch at the international space station. we will keep you updated on this
4:18 am
throughout the morning. pete: that's right. when they open that hatch, we will bring it to you. it will be very interesting to see them. rachel: that's fascinating. pete: move into the space station. demanding answers from major league baseball commissioner robert manfred over his decision to move the all-star game from atlanta to colorado over georgia's new voter integrity law. the scathing letter reads in part mbb's action edwight economic it extortion moving the game from atlanta based on inaccurate and politicized information. the lawmakers are giving the commissioner until may 6th to prove why the decision was made as part of an evaluation of the league's antitrust exemption. kentucky g.o.p. congressman james comber and georgia g.o.p. congressman jody hice signed the letter and join us now with more. congressman heist, i will start with you from georgia. this letter, you are charging mbl is effectively extorting
4:19 am
atlanta. talk to us about what you are looking for here. >> listen, they are going forward and in their movements here changing the all-star game off of intellectually dishonest information. they are relying upon talking points from the radical left rather than reading the bill itself and seeing what it says. it strengthens voting integrity in georgia it expands voting opportunities in georgia. it does nothing of the things for which they're accusing georgia and for the reason why they are leaving the all-star game from georgia. so they are just being intellectually dishonest. pete: of course. then you compare it to colorado and colorado has even more stringent measures. representative comber do you have any hope that major league baseball would change their decision or is this signaling to other corporations hey, when the woke mob comes for you, don't back down because it's going to come consequence? >> exactly. and we're going to send a
4:20 am
message to corporate america. we're going to send a message to everyone who benefits from any type of tax exemptions, you mentioned the antitrust exemptions that major league baseball enjoys. this has consequences on the taxpayers when jody hice mentioned when you move a convention or major league baseball game out of a major city that's already made plans and spent tax dollars to prepare for it, it has negative consequences. but, if you look at baseball, major league baseball has relationships with china and cuba. there aren't two countries in the world more oppressive than those so the hypocrisy is at an all-time high here with major league baseball. this is just a movement that has to stop. pete: good for for standing up. i want to get both of you in on this really quick. 10 states have sued the biden administration for president biden's executive order on climate change. georgia is one of them. kentucky is another. georgia congressman heist, what do you make over the chances of this and what kind of overstep
4:21 am
do you think the biden administration is making on climate change? >> well, it's just another example of how this administration is doing everything they can to disunify our country and it seems as though one decision after another that's harmful to our country. everything from our energy independence to open borders. i mean, we can go down a list of things. now this whole climate issue as well. it's time we start pushing back. we are watching the destruction of our country through policies and through radical left wing ideology that is being crammed down the throats of the america and it's time that we start standing up. it's time for states to start standing up and i'm glad that are doing that. pete: absolutely. representative gomer last word last 15 seconds. >> jody hice is right. joe biden continues to do someone who spent his whole career in the legislative branch. very disappointing that is he circumventing congress on everything is he ruling by executive order. pete: that's true. >> is he wrong and we are going
4:22 am
to stand up to it. pete: effectively rejected everything he said he stood for for all those many years in the united states senate. representative comber and highs hicethank you for joining us. >> thank you. pete: fox nation seen a whole new way. in tomorrow's geico 500. the man who hopes to take the fox nation car to victory lane will join us live from talladega. ♪ ♪
4:23 am
4:24 am
and that ending was so intense. i know, i didn't even see it coming. are you gonna watch? eventually! you know the drill. (humming) never fear, girl-who-has-yet-to-watch-her- friends-favorite-shows -and-films-of-the-year, it's time to celebrate the biggest week in television. now you can see these shows. and their unforgettable moments, for free. so you can finally talk about them with your friends.
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get ready for watchathon week, free starting april 27th. download the xfinity stream app to get ready to watch. rachel: good morning, everybody. welcome to "fox & friends" live
4:26 am
from talladega. corey lajoie is bringing streaming service to talladega super speedway. pete: he is our man. rachel: he is. pete: he will be behind the wheel of the 7 car the fox nation sponsored chevrolet camaro geico 500. will: that car looks like a 200 mile-per-hour streaming bullet of patriotism. that's america going around the track right there. number 7 camaro has the stars and stripes. will it have the speed. let's ask the man himself corey lajoie who joins us now. we are excited for this. we hope you are. tell us about what it will mean to be driving the fox nation car on sunday and what you hope to do with it. >> well, you said it looks like a screaming car of freedom. i think it looks like a screaming bald eagle of freedom. that's what i think it lacks like. [laughter] it's just really cool. pete: that's what i'm talking about. >> it will jumping on here with you guys the morning before the race. i'm currently sitting on my couch in charlotte, north
4:27 am
carolina. i fly down there later this afternoon. talladega is its own animal. we have our plan we are going to do to be there at the end so hopefully it works. pete: corey, talk to us about by the way no pressure, just all of fox news, fox nation on your shoulders tomorrow. we are awful pulling for you, we are psyched. the car is beautiful. what is that strategy? because i look at this track, will and i walked by it yesterday, the embankments on the corners, it's steep. how do you prepare for talladega? >> if i told you our strategy i would have to kill you, i would rather not have to do it. lafayette that's a private strategy between our crew. now, it's not the most exciting. i will give you that. our plan is to whenever the pay opens up one lap to go. it doesn't open up with 50 to go or 100 to go. with one to go is when they start dealing out the money. so we are going to try to get that fox nation hot rod up front when that time comes.
4:28 am
rachel: cory, it sounds like we are going to hear the sound of freedom going around the track. pete: and a bald eagle. rachel: quickly, if somebody is not, you know, familiar with nascar, what's the best way for them to get -- what's your best advice for somebody who is watching nascar for the first time tomorrow because they are watching now and they are going do you know what? i'm going to check this out? >> talladega is a great spot to watch if this is your first race. you have got to see it in person. one of those things you have to experience and feel i mean, the vibrations like in talladega nights, you have to go experience it for yourself and wait until you guys see it here tomorrow or even today with the extended race but tomorrow when 40 of us go whipping by second or third lap at 195 miners. you're hooked. so, you see it and you think you may like it. on tv. you will 1,000% like it when you go to the local or to the --
4:29 am
will: you feel it in person. corey is in the 2th position to start tomorrow but we are hoping from number one because as we know from ricky bobby if you are not first you are last. looking for that fox nation car tomorrow on sunday. >> we will be there. pete: go get them. will: sunday is tomorrow by the way. i just got back from the border where i got a firsthand look at the migrant crisis. hear from the sheriffs about what needs to be done to fix it plus, jay demarcus from rascal flatts is putting his faith in the driver's seat as his christian music label will sponsor one of the cars in today's xfinity race. we will talk to the musician coming up live right here from the super speedway in big bill's garage. ♪ come on over ♪ when you tell me to come on over ♪ i like the sound of that ♪ um, um, um ♪ i like the sound of that
4:30 am
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4:34 am
either tomorrow or sunday, will. either one works. will: i have been getting up :00 a.m. for four morning straits. idon't know what day it is. rachel: we are monitoring the international space station where spacex has docked and astronauts are about to open the hatch. this is so exciting. will: amazing. first, we want to bring you this important story. the border crisis escalating to emergency status in arizona where the governor made a declaration that this week stated has he declared a state of emergency due to the surge migrants. i went there earlier this week to get a firsthand look and spoke to a panel of sheriffs all across the country not just arizona. take a look at this. >> without border security we will never have true homeland security and american lives are at risk every single day. >> this isn't a republican or a democrat issue, this is an american issue. >> it is a national crisis. it is the united states problem. >> i'm looking at this group of sheriffs, sheriffs from new
4:35 am
mexico, maryland, virginia, from nevada, and all the way from massachusetts. >> you know, we brought this group together because we as sheriffs, the people expect us to too something. will: sheriff how far are we from the mexican border. >> 70 to 80 miles from the mexican border we are well within the united states border. what they will do is come walking through the dessert and then they will wait here and then the scouts which you see in these mountain also tell the vehicle it's clear to come pick them up. we have always been a trafficked area. but we have seen a tremendous spike since january 20th. this is all them. look at them just throwing -- this is very fresh, too. because i come out here often. they will wear these carpet shoes because it will mask the sound and we can't track them in the sand. will: calm fallujah you are talking about. >> almost like a border crossing kit. all these bags, this is your typical backpack here like this one standard issue backpack. sleeping bags, jugs, clothes. they can carry far more value of
4:36 am
drugs in these backpacks between fentanyl pills and methamphetamine. >> in the year of 2020 new mexico seized about 18,000 fentanyl pills. year-to-date this year. we have seized over 90,000 pills. >> we have an experience in all time high of overdoses in wicomico county, maryland. >> massachusetts had the highest influsks illegal immigrants into our communities in massachusetts. >> it's often been said every county is a border county. start with virginia having arrests of cartel members. ms-13 gang members. >> talked with sheriff daniels last night sitting in cochise county this is sheriff daniels county and he told me the numbers have increased ten-fold from over a year ago. >> that's right. will: you are all nodding along. have you experienced something similar. >> the cochise sheriff's office has a virtual camera system. last year we ran 300 to 400 illegal entries. right now we are at 3400 in the month of march alone. >> we are currently averagings
4:37 am
almost 5 illegals an hour crossing the border. that's an hour 24 hours a day seven days a week. >> as we sit here there is a group not far from us about 13 coming our back side we are working on right now. >> you already caught on camera you can see them making their way through the mountain as we talk. >> we saw them come through the mountains illegally and our team and border patrol working to get them right now. >> this is a very active highway. it wasn't that way before. >> before? >> before the administration canceled all the prevention programs, checkpoints, pretty much sent the message that, you know, it's okay to come to the country. [speaking spanish] >> 25 hours walking at this point. camera we saw earlier helicopter catch them. >> this was a group just to the right. they are right behind us. [speaking it spanish] >> guatemala. >> guatemala. will: he has been trying for 10
4:38 am
years he said four times for him. >> four times caught? will: sheriff, tell me what we just saw. >> you saw cartel smuggling. what can be done to solve this problem? it starts with the president of the united states. he needs to prioritize this border. all our borders, and there is consequence force breaking our laws. >> there is a rule of law in this country, we are a country of immigrants. we all welcome immigration, we all do. we have all been beneficiaries of immigrants in our community but legal immigrants. >> my parents did it right. we came here legally but we need to fix the border crisis that we have. we are the county sheriff. when the feds fail, when the states fail, we are not going to fail our citizens because we are in church with them. we are at the supermarket with them. we live right next door to them. the people in d.c. or the capitals of our state don't care. we have to. pete: well con, will. rachel: excellent report. i was in arizona too last weekend. i ran into border patrol agent
4:39 am
art del cueto who we have had on the show. he said rachel it's not a crisis it's complete chaos. that's looks like what these sheriffs are saying. will: i know you have been to the border a number of times. sheriffs made clear two things quality of life issue. impacting the members of my county. we have to help. rule of law issue. we are in to having big hearts and having legal immigration but we have to be a nation of laws. if we're not a nation of law it's chaos. it's what separates us from other countries the rule of law. pete: absolutely. the thin blue line and as was also mentioned every county is a border county now if your border is wide open. and that's certainly what we are seeing. well done, will. a few additional headlines as well this morning. ghislaine maxwell pleads not guilty to sex trafficking charges in her first court appearance since her arrest. she faces 8 federal charges accused of luring young girls for jeffrey epstein to abuse. a new accuser comes forward at maxwell's arraignment. danielle sat in on court
4:40 am
proceedings but did not give details on her alleged abuse. and montana governor gregg will signs a state bill protecting new gun owners from any firearm regulation. the governor tweeting in part i will always protect our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. the law prohibits spending state funds to uphold federal bans and stops police from enforcing them. and foodies are obsessing over this new bacon trend. take a look. ♪ ♪ la la la la get ♪ get up on my face ♪ give me space, give me space. pete: have you seen that before? it looks amazing though. twisted bacon going viral. the term has been searched over 480,000 times. it was dusted in something there as well. rachel: dusted in brown sugar. truf i can't brown sugar. pete: twist makes for a better
4:41 am
crunch, twist the bacon and put it in the oven for 30 minutes. put brown sugar or whatever seasoning have to try that twisted bacon. rachel: what do you think, adam? is adam there? pete: adam, it you are not like a turkey bacon you are a straight up bacon guy? adam: i'm a bacon guy but i don't think it's mind-blowing that bacon tastes good. surprise. it's really good. rachel: twisted for more crunch. adam: i know i get that they're twisting it i'm saying i get that they are twisting it. i'm saying no that's right what they did to it it's bacon and about to taste delicious. will: 100 percent. adam: all right. here is the weather we're tracking and i know you phis have been dealing with heavy rain at times across portions of talladega. you know that's part of a larger system biggest system across the country. if you leif further farther to the south in some of the gulf coast states we are looking at hurricane -- excuse me, not
4:42 am
hurricane, tornado watches which means that the conditions are there and there is a tornado warn storm on the ground as we speak. biggest weather maker particularly right along the gulf coast again where some of the most severe of this weather will be possibly some isolated tornadoes. definitely big thunderstorms but if you are looking towards the race, 76 degrees for today and all that rain. that does clear out it looks good for sunday. quick look at the rest of the country and you are seeing fairly mild temperatures in the east and colder in the western half of the country. back out to you guys. rachel: thank you, atom. looks like you are brings us some sunshine. sunshine tomorrow in time for the race. pete: absolutely. it will be needed because it's pouring right now. rachel: thank you, adam. still ahead, critical race theory seems to have the support of biden's education department as they issue a proposal to prioritize race-related lessons but parents have the power to stop it. we're going to tell you how coming up as "fox & friends weekend" continues live from talladega. ♪ how do you like me now
4:43 am
♪ remember the time ♪ when i ♪ ♪ americans emerge from the spacex capsule the crew in to the international space station now 11 o. board and that is a live look you are looking at right there. rachel: and they are hugging. i love it they are hugging. it's for free now. this is actually really awesome. what an amazing moment for them. will: two new crew members on board. look, i don't think we can ever get used to this. this is such a remarkable achievement and really human progression in innovation. just sent two more people to
4:44 am
live on a space station a private company in spacex. rachel: amazing. pete: it's been renaissance because of the innovation from the private sector which has been great to see the collaboration. and now 11. people are saying 11 people on the international space station for the first time ever where are they going to sleep? i don't know. rachel: elon musk who made this all happen by the way a former canadian here is to legal immigration. >> 24 hours ago. they law firmed from the kennedy space center that was yesterday. four person spacex crew two americans, one astronaut from japan and another run from france. pete: veteran astronauts starting a six month research mission to improve medicine on earth, joining seven others already on board. we are going to keep you updated throughout the morning as they pose for what is a pretty cool photography up there. i just blow looking at their faces they look so proud.
4:45 am
we are fraud of them. will: they are posing for a picture, all getting together here. what a really cool moment. pete: yeah, that is. all right. well, stay with us here on "fox & friends," we will bring you updates but you saw the hatch -- do we have a guest with us today? all right. well, there's that. and i believe. will: live check-in from earth, i believe. pete: do you know what that was, will? that was someone that came up on our screen that i thought was maybe our guest that i didn't know about that was actually the live feed from nasa or the nasa space station. will: live television can be as difficult as landing a spacecraft. pete: if we were only well trained as brian kilmeade said we missed the rehearsal at "fox & friends." rachel: at nasa they missed rehearsal. will: we are on to another big story we are following, i believe. here we go. i got this.
4:46 am
will. rachel: tell prompt member is moving quick. will. will: congressman dan crenshaw says is he not out of the woods yet after having emergency eye surgery two weeks ago. the texas republican had surgery on his left eye for a detached retina. crenshaw giving update saying in part i still cannot see much other than light and shadows. i'm not sure how my vision will be in a few weeks. but i am hopeful and confident that it will return to normal. will. rachel: we are praying for him. will: absolutely. tiger woods shares the first photo of himself since the car crash in february. the golf legend sharing this on instagram crutches. all smiles. saying my course is coming along faster than i am. he is building a course there it's nice to have a faithful rehab partner in man's best friend. there is his dog. rachel: now another story we are following the biden administration is pushing to use taxpayer money to promote critical race theory in schools proposing a grant program for history and civics education to prioritize, quote: projects
4:47 am
that incorporate racially ethnically culturally and linguistically diverse perspectives into teaching and learning. but parents have the power to stop it. peter kirsanow is an attorney and a member of the u.s. commission on civil rights and he joins us now. welcome. >> good morning, rachel. rachel: so, tell me what parents -- well, before we do that tell me why critical race theory for those parents who are listening right now who aren't sure what is being introduced right now and it is about picking up steam all over the country and getting introduced under many euphemisms not just critical race theory they are calling it ethics studies why should parents be so concerned about this? >> they should be concerned because it's a pack of lies, basically, it's a historical. intrinsically racist. when you listen to it fundamentally insane and dumb but nonetheless it's very pernicious, cast sizing throughout the country so many
4:48 am
school districts have now adopted it. it posits that the founding of america was based on slavery and racism and therefore all the systems and institutions of america are intrinsically racist also and must be uprooted and removed and replaced mainly by kind of grasp shawn or marxist etiology. this is actually being taught. when you look at the lesson plans they are extraordinary. when parents around the country find out about it they are up in arms. the lesson plans instruct that whites are intrinsically racist. they use that word a number of times now but that's essentially it there are oppressor groups whites are oppressor groups and people of color are the subjugated groups. it has actually fomented racism throughout the country, through the our school systems. a number of parent groups have risen up and formed organizations. there are a number of other organizations bringing challenges in my state of ohio, for example, we are in the process of introducing legislation. a number of states have
4:49 am
introduced legislation to prohibit the teaching of critical race theory and there have been lawsuits that have been filed against it. folks like christopher ruffo have formed organizations of lawyers to challenge these things the thomas moore society has been challenges these things. there are a number of organizations that are getting on board with the challenges because this is extremely important. rachel: right. yeah, and peter, you say that parents can submit responses and objections to this. i really appreciate you bringing this to our attention, we are absolutely teaching our children to hate each other and hate our country and i can't think of a more important topic than that i really thank you for bringing this topic today. >> thank you, rachel. rachel: before the green flag tomorrow the x infinity series is set to take on the talladega super speedway today. demarcus will be sponsoring and so will anchor bret baier. they will both join us live next. stay with us.
4:50 am
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♪ on the highway ♪ i want to pull back in your driveway ♪ it's way too quiet at my place rachel: the rascal flatts jay demarcus is. he is sponsoring a car in xfinity race. >> jay is bringing a friend. pete: jay demarcus joins us along with special political anchor bret baier. you are good buddies. you both have cars for a bigger
4:54 am
purpose in today's xfinity race. bret, you have the inside start as our colleague, talk to us about your friendship, the car you are hosting and the cause you are racing for today. bret: hey, guys, good morning. hey, listen, jay i have known for a number of years out playing golf and this is out of my comfort zone but a friend came with me with this opportunity to be a part of this car for the xfinity series so we made a children's national car to raise money for children's national the hospital that saved my son for his open heart surgery. so i said i'm going to get in this game and then i found out that jay had a car going the same time and i said jay, we need a bet. so we're going to do a little bet if this race runs today 2 grand for your charity of choice. i'm ready to go what do you think, jay? >> i'm in 1,000 percent. i have a similar story. we were presented with this opportunity to be a part of this car and my label red street
4:55 am
records met with natalie, she is a wonderful rising star. we have got our own little lightning mcqueen here. and she sometimes gets picked on by the boys in the circuit and i can't believe bret wants to pick on her now, too. this is unbelievable. lafayette i'm in 1,000%. will: careful with that mask i keep doing 1,000 times 2,000. the stakes are getting pretty high. you guys are xfinity moguls now. i'm not sure the race is going to go off today. you might have to wait until monday to settle up this bet. rachel: bret, have you reached tout my husband and i when we had our baby with a heart defect so i think i'm going to be rooting for your car. will: oh, jay. bret: there you go. >> what? bret: listen, i tell you what, this is so fun, i think i'm addicted to this nascar thing now, i'm looking at the car and how it's put together and the wrapping on it and i can't wait to run. but it's going to be close.
4:56 am
we're the 74 car. what number are you, jay? >> we're number 23. and we have our artist kaye thompson is featured on the hood. i kept trying to fit my picture in there somewhere and they said there wasn't enough room. i'm not sure how that worked out. it's going to be a blast. i have become addicted to it as well. pete: bret, you are getting addicted to this i see in the future bret baier face on the cover of the nascar bret baier car. rachel: don't lose the teddy bear, bret. >> the ted were bear will be on there. the big car is the fox nation car in the big race. will: absolutely. bret: have you seen this ching red, white and blue it's awesome. will: it's awesome. we will root for both of you let you sort out who wins the bet. everyone at home donate to children's slash giving. jay demarcus, bret baier, i
4:57 am
think it's going to be monday when your race goes. could be today but best of luck. >> thank you, phis god bless. will: you get. take care, guys. all right. vice president harris hasn't yet visited the border but she has a children's book being handed out to migrant children. we have more of that coming up on "fox & friends weekend." new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at
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can collaborate almost anywhere. plus customer experience that finds solutions in the moment. ...and first-class benefits, like 5g with every plan. network, support and value without any tradeoffs. that's t-mobile for business. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ will: this is talladega. that's what they say in alabama. we're coming to you life from talladega super speedway for the geico 500 which airs tomorrow on fox but today it's "fox & friends" on the fox news channel. and we are having a good time here in the infield inside big bill's garage right here at the racetrack. rachel: welcome, will. will: good to see you rachel
5:01 am
campos-duffy in for jedediah bila. pete: i don't feel like i have been here long enough to use dega. rachel: even with all the fans? pete: will and i had a chance to go into the infield, the opening shot. you see the pooling water. can you imagine what they would be doing in the pooling water in the infield today maybe some sliding and mudding. i'm sure that's going down. will: i think it will. rachel: we come into these shots in talladega. hard core rock and roll songs. pete: it's befitting. trucker hats and mullets. i'm telling you the guys we had, it was so much fun yesterday. will: glorious. they were glorious. pete: absolutely glorious. played corn hole and had some fun. big old party here and feels like a big breath of fresh air. er even being here on the set with everybody on the fox news channel with the fox nation car
5:02 am
that's racing at 2:00 in the actual race. and just with the people yesterday, america's opening back up, it feels good. rachel: like america. pete: feels like merica. will: we will have jeff gordon the 2021 by the way that's the fox nation number 7 car you are looking at there. pete: beautiful. will: we just had corey lajoie. i will be a little bit of tv for a second. also have representative steve scalise, andy biggs, tammy bruce and ben watson with you throughout the morning. we begin on our southern border as the biden administration plans to expand the number of migrants allowed in the u.s. pete: but, with migrant facilities already exceeding capacity and the administration, more than struggling to keep up with their self-created surge, how will the expansion work? will: jackie hundred rick is live in washington to break it all down.
5:03 am
good morning, jackie. >> good morning to you guys with. the department of homeland security is looking to increase the migrants released into the u.s. making the program more efficient according to dhs communications revealed by fox news. the adp program started in 2004 and varying degrees of supervision for people going through immigration proceedings from checks in at local ice centers to g.p.s. monitoring and also home visits individuals where individuals cannot be expelled they are placed into removal proceedings and determination is made result in alternative to detention program. the expansion of this program comes as the biden administration deals with this surge of migrants at the southern border complicated by restrictive expulsions under the title 42 health restrictions under the pandemic. mexico refuses to take family units with tender age children
5:04 am
and the biden administration is not applying title 42 to unaccompanied children. new images obtained by republican arizona congressman andy biggs shows what is happening as a result. migrant families purportedly being housed at hotel outside of phoenix as well as children and aghults a separate video being taken by bus to a nearby airport. ice began using hotels to shelter families earlier this month telling fox news custody is intended to be short-term, generally less than 72 hours fox news also confirmed thursday health and human services paying for adult sponsors to collect unaccompanied children those inclusive photos from congressman andy biggs he will be on our program as well to talk about what he is finding there. a note to you folks watching at home, if it is loud it is loud here, it is pouring on this roof here. we are having to talk as loud as we can about to get over it. will: i cannot tell you how hard
5:05 am
it is raining out there right now. pete: it is biblical. rachel: those photos representative biggs released is important. the administration hasn't been completely transparent with everything going on even inside the detention centers. we know people are being housed in hotels in order to get them out of the detention centers. so they are not changing the policy they are just figuring out how to release them quicker into the interior of the country. all of us are paying for that we are paying for airline tickets for people to come and pick up children and we are also, by the way, without -- we don't actually know if those children belong to the people picking them up. pete: huge gap. rachel: huge gap and we are paying for hotels. pete: the policies are you are talking about are separating kids from their parent because they are sending kids solo on these trips even though that's the policy they said they wanted to reject. and the bigger problem is who is in charge down at the border? who is setting the policy. we thought it was kamala harris. that's at least who was appointed. she says no, no, no, no, no. it's not me.
5:06 am
i'm in charge of root causes in the northern triangle countries. she did take a trip to the border, will. will: she did. pete: she did. did you know that? will: no. pete: just the wrong border. the northern border. the new hampshire republican party pointed out with some signs as she arrived in new hampshire. rachel: i love that sign right there. >> the mexican border is 2254 miles away. instead of visiting the border. take a look firsthand at the conditions there what can be done, more than a capacity problem. it's a crisis. more than a crisis. here is where kamala harris has gone across the country instead of going to the border. it's a very long list. it's a big map. i'm not going to read them all. will, what is the central to that theme on that screen none of them are near the border. will: trip to california as you pointed out in the show northern california where the vice president, the person supposedly placed in charge of handling this crisis has been over the past 30-some odd days but not a visit to the border where many including people like us have
5:07 am
been there multiple times in that same time frame. we are not tasked with fixing this problem she is. i guess you can say she has some presence at the border because every migrant who makes their way across the border illegally is issued a welcome kit. inside that welcome kit? well, a book by vice president kamala harris. rachel: not just any book by the way, will, this is a book that presents kamala harris as a super hero to the children who are coming across the border. and i have to tell you, super heroes don't look for root causes in central america or they don't get behind policies that end up making it easier for kids to enter into the sex trafficking trade as kamala harris and joe biden have done. super heroes rescue kids coming across the border who are drowning in our rivers or rescue them as they are abandoned by coyotes in the middle of the dessert or they rescue little toddlers or infants abandoned in stash houses. that would, of course, be our u.s. border patrol. they are the greatest
5:08 am
humanitarian organization in this hemisphere. they are the super heroes. if they're going to put books or welcoming kit for kids coming across the border. let's put the border patrol the people who encounter these children and save their lives. pete: one line from her book whenever there is trouble super heroes show unjust in time. the only people showing up for those kids abandon in the middle of the dessert or being dropped over the border wall are border patrol agents. they don't understand that irony. they never will. you can always play the imagine if it were trump game. imagine if there were a book from donald trump or mike pence or somebody else in the greeting kids across the border. it did give me an idea, will, when you came to "fox & friends" you got a welcome binder. i should have included my book in there. will: i did, actually. i think i was issued two copies of pete hegseth's book modern warriors and crusade: i do wonder this do they count toward the best seller list. who is responsible for those
5:09 am
books being in the welcome kit? rachel: great point. why are they doing these policies? why are they, you know, turning back the trump era policies and we have often suggested that it's probably a voter drive program and, of course, they are already promoting and propagandizing. pete: our borders are open. we are issuing driver's license sanctuary cities and oh by the way. rachel: when you are of age vote for this super hero. pete: disney channel here is a promo of kamala harris as well all over the place. will: former president donald trump was on the channel multiple times this week talking to sean hannity. evidence talked about big tech silencing conservatives. he addressed rumors that he might be looking to create some of his own social media platform to combat censorship. listen. >> when i started with twitter years ago it was like a failed thing, concept. media platform. it was failed. and it became exciting. and i think i had a lot to do with it to be honest with you it
5:10 am
became very exciting. and now it's boring and it's no good anymore. sean: there has been speculation that you might start your own social media platforms. are you considering that? >> i am. i'm looking at it we are looking at different platforms. we have a lot of people that want to come on existing platforms. they have to be strong. they can't be dominated by amazon and by google and people that can take them off the air right away. and you do need antitrust. the democrats, they lie, they cheat, they steal. they are vicious. they're vicious. think of it five years of investigation from the day i came down the escalator. pete: yeah, he is pointing out a truth. twitter, talk about the extent to which one man elevated a platform certainly was donald trump but it came so full circumstantial that that very same platform then banned the man that made their business model effective and a rot of conservatives have left twitter and other paces as the a result. rachel: twitter is not as fun
5:11 am
without donald trump on it i have to admit. it was kind of fun. will: the three of us had a conversation yesterday after the show ended talking about our children and the future and what schools we would hope to send them to to get a broad education. i was telling you the truth of the matter is the system has been co-opted by a single point of view. tucker carlson gave a great sphwriew i wouldn't if i could i would be a fishing guide in wyoming. do something free. i would truly be free to who i am. people need to be starting things like tech companies. like platforms to simply provide an alternative to the single point of view ideology that the system is controlled by. when there is a conversation about president trump, former president trump, starting up a new tech company, that's what we're talking about, competing with the system. pete: it's going to be entirely different ecosystem. because it was -- first it was a twitter account. then it was parler and the whole thing. parler servers to the amazon cloud. where does that chain of custody stop where there isn't a leftist in the bedroom saying you're
5:12 am
canceled. --in the board room you are canceled you are not allowed. we did have that conversation about schools. >> the scary relates is the number of schools i feel comfortable sending my kids too after high school is this big. will: job system after the school everything requires the one point of view. rachel: i do think it's too bad it took this complete overtake of the left of all these different cases for conservatives to wake up. pete: maybe today film the conversation we had are a the show and run it on the show. rachel: it was fascinating. it. pete: we have at least two more hours of "fox & friends" coming up. don't go anywhere. additional headlines including a fox news alert. moments ago it nasa's spacex crew 2 officially entered the international space station. listen to. this can you see the first to ingress onto the international space station. >> and ginn ginn followed by from the european space agency.
5:13 am
>> the crew docking at the iss nearly 24 hours after liftoff from the kennedy space center yesterday. a four person spacex crew. two americans, one from japan and another from france. veteran astronaut starting a six month research mission to improve medicine on earth joining seven others already on board. the crew also rode in veteran aircraft. meghan mcartur sat at the same seat as her husband did during a test flight last spring. very cool. family business. shots of johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine could be resume as soon as today. the fda and cdc lifted the vaccine's nationwide pause after putting it on hold for 11 days after cases of rare blood clots. after reviewing the vaccine the fda says the vaccine overweighs the risk and the vaccine will come with a label warning of potential blood clots. and a school board in arizona is
5:14 am
planning a retirement party despite the district canceling graduation and prom ceremony for students. the school will have a sendoff of course for the district superintendent. can't cancel that the event leaving some parents outraged calling it a flairing double standard. it's not clear exactly which covid protocols the party will follow but masks will be required. student can't get together, kid got to wear masks sports but that superintendent has to have a go away ceremony. rachel: listen, the legacy of covid is that we see who cares about our kids and who don't. ultimately it's us parents because as far as the teachers unions and so many of the health bureaucrats and leaders in the democrat party, they have not put our children first. they have not done anything to normalize their lives right now ruining childhoods. graduation, prom? they are markers. will: absolutely. well, straight ahead, ben watson no longer playings on the football field. the former nfl player is
5:15 am
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as these may be life-threatening, or uncontrollable muscle movements as these may be permanent. these are not all the serious side effects. this is where i want to be. talk to your doctor and ask if latuda could make the difference you've been looking for in your bipolar depression symptoms. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends weekend" live from talladega super speedway. well, alarming images out of arizona where congressman andy biggs captured pictures of migrants being moved from a hotel to an airport. where they will be flown and released into different city throughout the united states. arizona congressman andy biggs joins me now to explain. congressman, welcome. tell us what these images say
5:19 am
toe you and i mean to me as a taxpayer? all of us wondering where is all this money we have homeless veterans? we have children who have been really hurt, some of the most vulnerable ones in the foster care system. how do we have known for hotels and airline tickets? >> well, rachel, it's good to be with you. i will tell you what this says to me is it t. says thee or four things first of all this is such a huge crisis and chaotic that this regime the biden regime will not respond to it they haven't dealt with it they haven't dealt with the policies. so what happens is we are overflowing. so they send these people to hotels. put them on buses and take them to the airport. and did you go to the phoenix airport like i am in and out of the airport on a regular basis, i see folks coming. i have had folks coming on my flight that we're sending some place. and so what it should tell americans is that this crisis ask not being dealt with
5:20 am
whatsoever by this administration. there is not enough money to deal with this but they could actually solve this if they would. but they don't want to solve this. this is what they want. rachel: some of these migrants are flying without i.d. cards we reported on that on fox news, american citizens can't get on an airline flight without an i.d. you have talked to border patrol as well. they are overwhelms, aren't they? >> absolutely right. and you are dealing with over 5500 people a day being apprehended. and it's a very different and on the border have you got some places where people are coming across in groups and surrendering and other places like in arizona they are come across and they are running away and these are guys that are military age and they are carrying drugs on their back. they are bringing fentanyl, they are bringing methamphetamine and cocaine and heroin. and they are running to get away. and so, arizona actually is the home of the most people that get
5:21 am
away that we know get away. twice as much as anywhere else. rachel: right. yeah, i talked to border patrol and they said they are not worried as much about the migrants that are in the detention centers and the ones going into the interior. they are worried about the got aways, the ones who don't want to turn themselves in to the border patrol because those are the real criminals. congressman, you are on the front lines there in our border state my home state of arizona. thanks for all your work and thanks for exposing this. >> thanks, rachel, we will keep fighting on it and give all the information we possibly can on this serious issue. thank you. best to sean by the way. rachel: thank you. i will. i will send him your regards. thanks, congressman. all right, up next, former nfl player ben watson is tackling injustice. he will talk about his new book on how to bring the country together in such divided times. ♪ ♪
5:22 am
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get ready for watchathon week, free starting april 27th. download the xfinity stream app to get ready to watch. ♪ ♪ will: welcome back, "fox & friends weekend" is live from talladega all weekend in preparation for the geico 500. but to another sport former nfl player ben watson is a super bowl champion but his passion is off the field now. is he an outspoken christian and activist and it's topic of his book. it's called under our skin, getting real about race and getting free from the fears and frustrations that divide us now. he is relaunching that book as he calls for justice and police reform once again as those calls have captured the nation's attention. benjamin watson joins me right now. so good to have you. i think it's the first time you and i have had a chance to speak. i have kept up with your work.
5:26 am
you are unpredictable, interesting and because of those reasons increasingly important voice on race in america. so let me tell you very let me u think in america we are headed in the wrong or right direction when it comes to race? >> thanks, will, freight to talk to you as well. i think we are at a very critical juncture which you look five years when i released my book "under my kin" until now. up 51% to 76% increase those who think it's a problem. i do think there is a critical time. i think when this sort of a time, any time there is a any sort of disagreement or any sort of fervour that we have right now it's an opportunity for us to address these things in the correct way. so i would say that we are at a place where we can go in the right direction or if we address this the wrong way we could slip in a direction that i don't think any of us truly want in this country. will: here is why i ask you that
5:27 am
question in particular, ben it, seems to me that over the last, let's say, half a century there has been a push from those like martin luther king to encourage us each to see each other as individuals for our character, our merit, our actions, who we are at our core. but in the last i would say, five years or so, the increasing push seems to be to place race at the forefront of how we view each other. that our skin color does so much to define us. and i worry because that's a polar opposite direction from the place we seem to have been pushing for several decades. >> well, it's important as we talk about dr. king that he said the most indispensable element of justice is grace. people judged on the content of their character. the reason he was making that push was because of injustice. if you read the work of dr. king he talks about poor people and those who will disadvantaged. he talks a lot about justice and he talks about restitution and redress in his writings and his
5:28 am
speeches as well. so there is a totality of maybe what we think king but also what he was talking about the same things that we're dealing with now to some extent, so, there has to be that both. and in the book i talk about that. it's important that we understand there is truth and grace. there is justice and mercy. there is all these things together that we have to bring together in order to address the issue of race. it's not a binary either/or proposition. will: i totally agree grace and mercy is essential to this entire relationship. i do want to move to sports for just one moment, ben. i want to get your feedback on this. lebron james, of course had a infamous tweet demanded accountability in the shooting of makia bryant, the details of all that point. whether they're throughout they are out there now. it locks in my humble estimation irresponsible tweet in this bar, the one bar has said they are going to stop playing nba games
5:29 am
unless lebron james is expelled. clearly that's not going to happen. what has happened is some measure of accountability, ben, that tweet has been deleted. lebron did take down that tweet is lebron playing a responsible way he is in many things you and i know that he is out there starting schools. when it comes to solving race relegalizations is he playing a responsible role? >> you know, i think lebron, first of all, i will say, you know, i commend so much of what he has done. what he tweeted was about accountability. and, you know, the day he tweeted was a very, very emotional day for all of us, i would say the day that the verdict was laid down in the derek chauvin trial. when he took down that tweet, i looked to see what he would say answered didn't just take the tweet down, he also came pack and said i need to listen to the fact. i got emotional. i'm upset about what i'm seeing. i tweeted. i need to listen to the facts. look, i think all of us can learn a lesson and say sometimes we say things that we shouldn't. we are emotional people. we blurt things out that maybe we shouldn't at that time. but it's important that we
5:30 am
understand that while we push for accountability for others we take that for ourselves. and that's what i saw him do. the bar owner doesn't want to play nba games. i don't know how many folks will show up to his bar. but that is well within his rights to not play games if he doesn't want to in his bar. will: that's a good message accountability for all of us on all of these issues going forward. ben, i look forward to having longer conversations with you in the future. thank you. >> thanks, will. have a good one. will: all right. as we take in the sights and sounds of talladega, right here behind me, pete and i paid a visit to the rv park. campground in the infield this weekend. we talked to fans might have done a few other things. not have just talked. might have participated in some of the fun. we will show you next. ♪ ♪
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5:35 am
super speedway. pete: that was the ricky bobby car. rachel: of course. fans excited to return to the upfield even with limited capacity. pete: will and i took a drive around in that fox nation beautiful f-15020 talk to the folks about what they love about talladega. take a look. ♪ ♪ pete: "fox & friends" taking over talladega. will: absolutely not just racing this is talladega. we have two ford f-1450s sponsored by fox nation like the car drink by corey lajoie on sunday. ♪ that's right. >> 1, 2, 3. >> i gotcha. [laughter] will: what a cheater what happened? pete: you cheated. will: no way. ♪ let's go to the infield. let's talk to the people. let's talk to the nascar fans. how about this can we just hang
5:36 am
with y'all? [cheers] >> why did you all pick this for your bachelor party? >> we are big nascar fans. pete: by the way, can we get in on a little corn hole here? >> yeah. >> how often do you play corn hole. >> i play a lot of backyard corn hole. will: sounds like i'm about to get smoked. pete: bingo. >> i believe -- in the hole, there we go. [cheers] will: tell me about what's going on right here? explain this to me. >> it's a smoker. it gets a lot of attention that's what you want from talladega, attention. pete: what brings to you talladega? why do you like coming here? >> the racing, the partying. it's just home away from home. >> i take nine days off of worker year to come here. i'm a long haul truck driver and this is what i do every year. >> y'all came from california. i heard this was on your bucket list something had you to do. >> that's correct. >> how often do you --
5:37 am
>> i have been here for 20 years. same spot right here every year. didn't get to come last year of course because of cody. severe glad to be back. pete: what's the last year been like for you. >> a as an icu nurse. >> busy hard lots of extra hours. >> based on what you know and what you see, is that right could it be more? should it be more. >> i think it is. i really do. i think it could be more. be responsible. >> we have had our mask on most of the time. i mean. >> wherever they require it. >> and when you are in the infield, how do you see the race? do you all sit up on top? >> yeah. we get up on top. >> we sit over in turn 3 and danica patrick hit right in front of us. the most awesome thing. we set right up on the track closer than any seat you can sit at. >> this is about the best seats in the house. i mean, you pulled your rv up to this lawn and there is the back stretch right there. >> it's amazing. >> doesn't get much better than this. it's amazing. it is amazing. pete: fox nation sign right. >> there absolutely. that's why we picked it. pete: part of the reason why you
5:38 am
picked it, right? pete: fox nation who we are here with has a chevy driver you do you know corey lajoie? >> oh, yeah. pete: fox nation car is 7 corey lajoie do you like him. >> oh i do. >> does he have a shot. >> yeah he likes speed and this is speed. >> everybody has a shot here. >> watch this, beauty. um-huh, um-huh. [cheers] [laughter] pete: left me hanging. i go up to will for the high five and i stood there for 10 seconds. rachel: is he still mad about the corn hole thing. pete: he got me back. i thought they were going to leave it out of the package. will: i thought they were going to edit your throw with my result on the other side of the truck. pete: that would have been typical "fox & friends." it was a lot of fun. you saw the live shot.
5:39 am
thankfully the rain has cut out. maybe the infield is coming alive this morning. just great folks. it did feel like -- they did not include a few of the mullets that we saw there though that were glorious. but it was just a it environment. rachel: we call that the wisconsin water fall. will: kentucky water fall. do you know what it felt like to your point? it felt like normal, real life. it felt fun. pete: yep, it did. will: everyone was having fun. rachel: everyone is so ready to open up and just go. pete: i think i found the bachelor location for half the country. will: this is where did you go for bachelor party. rachel: really? pete: yeah. rachel: not vegas anymore. all right. we will turn now to your headlines seven sheriff deputies are put on leave in north carolina over a deadly shooting. the department says several of the deputies opened fire while serving arrests and search warrants. killing andrew brown jr. who was
5:40 am
wanted on felony drug charges. protesters have since called for the body cam video of the incident to be released. but the department says it can't without a judge's order. former president george w. bush giving his thoughts on the border crisis in a new fox nation special. >> you have moms and dads sending their children and saying goodbye to them and wishing them the best as they head to america. >> yeah, well that just shows how dire the straits are from the countries from which they come. rachel: can you catch the entire interview tomorrow that premiers at 10:00 p.m. eastern on fox nation. and a boy with dreams of being a royal air force pilot gets his first flight lesson. 7-year-old jacob husen flying with his father over the english countryside. he even took the controls for a few seconds. jacob was dressed for the lesson donning his own flight suit before the pandemic. he wanted to retrace the escape flight of a famous world war ii pilot for charity. those are your headlines. what a cool dad to do that with his son, right?
5:41 am
will: that's awesome. pete: cooler dad than me over the british country side. picturesque. will: adam the rain has resided. pete: nicely done, adam. adam: i did it for you guys. here is the weather system it is across the southeast. big one here today. usually a further south of where you are, that big red box that's a tornado watch. ingredients are there we can see tornadoes from the gulf coast stretching up across portions of southern alabama into southern georgia this. does run across the area today. i do think unfortunately maybe a little bit more rain off and on in talladega that real severe weather stays farther to the south for you guys and then by the time we get to race day tomorrow. it is completely clear. so 74 degrees for you tomorrow. looking good across the rest of the country, mostly dry, a little bit cooler off to the west. all that warmth kind of fueling those storms across the southeast. back out to you.
5:42 am
pete: adam klotz, thank you very much. appreciate it. rachel: thank you, adam. pete: still ahead a college professor accused of being a racist by his own colleagues for serving as an adviser to a conservative campus group on campus. more on that story ahead as we come to you live from the talladega super speedway all morning long on this saturday edition of "fox & friends." the clouds are parting and we will be partying later. rachel: the race is on ♪ i'm good, i'm good ♪ ♪ (ac/dc: back in black) ♪ ♪ ♪
5:43 am
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it's my 5:52 woke-up-like-this migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy. the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. pete: clouds have parted at the talladega super speedway here. professor at university speaking out after college posted fliers
5:46 am
around campus listen to this accusing him of being racist simply for serving ago the faculty adviser for the turning point u.s.a. chapter. that professor, professor andrew and turning point u.s.a. chapter president at texas tech join us now. thank you both for being here so much. professor, let me start with you. you are a faculty adviser to the student organization. our viewers are familiar with turning point u.s.a. and their work. some people don't like it. a lot of people do. simply for being a faculty adviser, you were called a racist by your colleagues, why? >> you know, that's a great question. i'm not sure why they would decide to attack the students and myself and create an environment that's hostile to communication, that's threatening and intimidating. you would have to ask them. i don't know what's in their minds, they are expert in language. they knew exactly what they were doing. pete: you mentioned the word threatening. talk about threatening.
5:47 am
they wept around campus and posted fliers with your picture on it attached to the word racism on a university campus that's targeting if i have ever heard of it. it you run the organization there at the university. first of all, how important is it to have that kind of faculty support and then how do you react to the idea that simply being a member of turning point somehow makes you a racist? >> i mean, it's been a crazy ride since the beginning. it's very hard to hear those words coming out of people who are supposed to be your mentors, especially from a university that you love so much. it's been very difficult there is no fact, anything behind their words; baseless claims and i'm just so thankful to have such a supportive university and faculty adviser to where we have been able to tackle this situation. pete: good on you for standing up. absolutely. professor, there is a statement from tennessee tech university. they said the university is currently following its personnel policy and procedures.
5:48 am
no disciplinary action has been taken at this time. do you believe the two professors that took you on, put you on that poster will be held a count for that and have you heard from either of them personally? did they ever reach out to you and say hey, why are you with turning point u.s.a.? >> to your first question, as far as what the university is going to do their job is to help maintain an environment that's conducive to learning and work. so the university has to do what they have to do. i'm not going to speak to any dispensation on that. that's up to people who have to make those decisions as far as the two individuals, neither one of them have contacted me. you know, as far as that goes, you know, i didn't look for this fight. i simply decided to sponsor, not sponsor but be a faculty adviser for a student group that talks about free speech. i don't know why this would happen. pete: a faculty adviser to a student group that talks about
5:49 am
free speech get you attacked in america in 2021. you can't make it up. but thank you both for having the courage. it shouldn't require courage to do that but it does and have you both shown it. thank you so much for being on "fox & friends." we appreciate it and good luck. >> thanks for having us on. pete: you have got it all right, still ahead, we are in the nascar spirit here in talladega, so much so that we're already looking ahead to the next daytona 5 you, had. up next this year's champ and the daytona international speedway president unveil new rival at the great american race. you are watching "fox & friends" live from talladega speedway. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪
5:50 am
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pete: welcome back to "fox & friends weekend." we are counting down to the big race tomorrow live from the talladega super speedway. rachel: that's right, pete. this morning we are getting an exclusive look at next year's daytona 500 logo. will: joining us now the winner of the daytona 500 president frank who is here in talladega with us. frank, i think we have to start here. you are up veiling the new logo for the daytona 500. it's on this car right under this hood. should we take a look at it. >> let's do it. let's go. rachel: look at that. pete: here we go the great american race as it says right there. will: frank, tell us about the new logo and daytona's new rebrand. looks good. >> the great american race, it will be the 64th running february 20th, 2022 in daytona beach, florida during presidents' day weekend. we are thrilled for the nascar
5:54 am
community to see this logo today. we really feel that the logo captures the american racing spirit. we are really proud of this. pete: can't go wrong with the stars and stripes. >> we take our patriotism real seriously. rachel: you are the president of daytona. you have like the coolest job in the whole world. >> it is. rachel: who did you have to kill to get this job. >> i started out as intern 19 years ago. i have been with the company for 18 years as a full-time employee. rachel: that's the american dream story it? >> is. rachel: oh my god, i love it. >> i get to be the president of the most iconic motorsports facility in the world. it's an honor. rachel: i just named your new book. will: maybe only thing cooler is being a daytona 500 winner we have one sitting on screen with us now. michael mcdowell won in this year. this is what daytona's 500 logo will look like next year. you are the winner this year. what makes the daytona super speedways like talladega where we are right now, what makes them special? >> well, it's great to see the
5:55 am
daytona 500 logo there and, you know, what it has meant to win this race and how big the daytona 500 is. you know, even being in the sport and thinking that i understood it, i really didn't understand it until i got to live it out this year winning the great american race. and how big it is and what it means, you know to the sport and to our team and to our partners and the exposure that you get and the opportunities that it creates. i mean, it really is a game changer for race teams and our partners. so it's been unbelievable opportunity to represent nascar as the daytona 500 champion and i'm looking forward to racing this weekend at talladega as well. like you said, it's great opportunity to race just like daytona is. and trying to keep that momentum going. pete: hey, michael, we are learning a lot about how you ride here at talladega. what's the big difference between tooth and talladega as a driver? >> yeah, even though their race is very similar with the pack
5:56 am
and the draft. the racetrack itself drives differently. you have to approach it differently. daytona it feels like there is less room to maneuver so you see more three wide at daytona where you will see a lot of four wide at talladega. you can be more aggressive at talladega when you push because you do have those extra couple feet where if a guy gets sideways and you get a bad push, you can still correct it you see the aggression level though for talladega the cars drive differently and so even though the racing looks pretty similar from inside the car, you are definitely working it a bit different. rachel: we talked to corey lajoie and he said there is just no substitute for being in person at a race. it's just not the same to watch it on tv. is that right? >> that's correct. you have to be there and smell it and feel it i love taking fans to the racetrack for the very first time. it's just jaw-dropping. will: got leave it like pete and i did in the infield. experience not just for the guys but on the track and those fans
5:57 am
in the streets and watching it on tv as well like you will tomorrow on fox for the talladega race. pete: that's right. michael, thank you so much. frank, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having us here. pete: and revealing that you are pulling for corey lajoie in the fox nation car. he didn't say that i did. will: more "fox & friends" coming up. >> thanks for having us. rachel: awesome. ♪ still singing. just more in tune. still hard to find a spot. just easier to park. still the gangs all here. ... lives of six million jews and thousands of jewish survivors are still suffering in poverty today. god calls on people who believe in him
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let's get to the yard. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ pete: they're drying off the track which is a great sign. rachel: is that what they're actually doing? pete: they're putting a lot of hot air on top of the track. rachel: they're blow drying it. [laughter] pete: i actually think that is what they might be doing right now, possibly. will: good saturday morning to you welcome to fox & friends
6:01 am
we're coming to you live from talladega, alabama, rachel campos-duffy is in for jedediah bila. its been raining monsoon levels, all morning long, it has stopped here, luckily, we'll see about the xfinity race taking place today the big race tomorrow the geiko 400, which is on fox, looks like it'll have good, sunny weather to greet us. rachel: the sun is actually coming out it was kind of dark. pete: it's a great atmosphere. we've been yelling into these microphones all morning long because its been pouring rain on this metal roof we can barely hear ourselves think but what's fun is you feel the racetrack waking up this morning, they're drying it off, people are coming in this place that we're in right here what is this called? will: big bill's garage. pete: going to be full of the cars themselves and people having drinks. will: rachel, fox nation has a car, right? rachel: yes. will: it's number 7 car, corey l ajoie is driving it after the show pete is going to paint the car, he's got his painter's hat on. pete: you don't like this hat?
6:02 am
will: i love it. rachel: it's a trucker hat. not a painter hat. will: that's what they thought but it's turned out as a painter hat. pete: i'm wearing it all day today, will, just because of the comment. the car is beautiful i don't know if we've shown it this hour , the 7 car, fox nation for the geiko 500, 2:00 tomorrow on fox, that's why we're here today, and we're here tomorrow morning. and we'll have a little fun inbetween too. rachel: it's going to be loud tomorrow, i've been to one other nascar race and i'm telling you, it is the sound that goes around and around. especially that number 7 car, which is like, you know, america pete: what you're hearing right now is the track blow dryers. rachel: [laughter] pete: and that is the number 7 car we've been talking about. rachel: look at that. this is the same design that pete told me he wanted air force one to have. pete: [laughter] yeah. will: we'll get you ready for the big race tomorrow, jeff gordon will join us a little bit later in the show along with congressman steve scalise and tammy bruce but we start with this this morning. 40 democratic senators have
6:03 am
pushed joe biden to extend unemployment benefits essentially indefinitely. this , on the heels, by the way, of congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez saying joe biden has already exceeded expectation s but when it comes to unemployment these 40 democratic congressmen are saying the following. they're saying the covid-19 pandemic has revealed many cracks in our country's unemployment insurance system. the system also fails to response to economic downturns to reach enough workers, or to provide adequate benefits. pete we talked about this earlier. i know you've seen this , rachel we've talked directly to restaurant owners and small business owner whose told us they want to wait until the camera goes off, but on camera, look we can't hire the number of people we need. we are understaffed and can't find help because people are making so much money to stay-at-home. rachel: it's absolutely true and i think it's by design, will. this is the great reset. this is the great redistribution that was, i think it was justin
6:04 am
trudeau who accidentally said it on a zoom call and this is what they are talking about, about re imagining the american dream where it doesn't involve work, it doesn't involve personal responsibility, it's about sitting back and getting, you know, a guaranteed income from the government, and this is what kill the initiative in america. this is when barack obama talked about fundamentally changing america, this is about fundamentally changing america, and you see this coming forward, all of the socialists, aoc, bernie sanders, and they all love this president. pete: there are some moments perfectly revealing and this is one of them. this is a program that was intended specifically at the beginning to be temporary. the government shut businesses down because of an unprecedented moment. here is an opportunity to supplement unemployment, to get you through it, because we shut you down. will: it was necessary at that time. pete: it was necessary. republicans and democrats alike said we made you shutdown, we're going to do this. there's an argument about how long and how much but there was never this idea it would stay indefinitely until these 40 democrats stood up and said we
6:05 am
are exactly who you thought we were. we are comrad cortez, we believe in government redistribution, we want this to be permanent. ronald regan once said the closest thing to eternal life is a government program. here you go again if they are able to make this permanent but you look at the bills the house is passing through the senate with the flirtation with the idea of getting rid of the filibuster, they want to stack things like this up in a way that will change our country and make it almost un recognizable from a capitalism that we've seen and flourished from for so long. rachel: what people really want is just to open up. open up our country, and let people get back to work. there are other states that want to see the biden administration over their climate change plan, because it's going to cost jobs in alabama, florida, georgia, kentucky, louisiana, mississippi , south dakota, texas , west virginia, wyoming, all of these states, will, trying to sue the biden administration, because it's going to cost them jobs. will: now west virginia's
6:06 am
attorney general patrick morriss ey is am laking the plan. he said the human impact of increased prices and massive job losses will be a tragedy so naturally, biden prom elise stefaniks his plan will create new jobs, to more than makeup for the jobs he proposed to eliminate but the real impact of biden's plan can't be measured just in the jobs it would destroy. you have to consider the jobs it would suffocate. what more, so much easier said than done. i'm going to crush these jobs that exist today, and have a productive place in our economy, but don't worry there's going to be some theoretical job on the outside. pete: people who have no idea how difficult it is to actually create a well-paying, satisfying job. it's a really difficult thing to do. you talk to business owners people who have created businesses, building businesses, creating jobs that are fruitful is really hard to do, so when you look people in the eye and you say i'm sorry, your business is unacceptable. it's dirty. it's going away but i'll find you, i'm a government guy, i'm going to find you a great job and then you tell them time and time again and you fail them
6:07 am
time and time again, good on these attorney generals. we need people to stand up and say not in my state. not to my industry. certainly what we hear when we go across the country all the time, i love what i do, someone is telling me i can't do it anymore, and i know i'm not going to have a better alternative. rachel: that was on day one of the biden administration when they shutdown the pipeline, when they shutdown the border wall, all infrastructure jobs, lie the way, they say they want infrastructure jobs, they shut them down. you spoke earlier -- pete: talked to a couple of representatives affected by, very affected by the types of jobs that the biden administration wants to get rid of. they talked about standing up to it, listen to this. >> it's just another example of how this administration is doing everything they can to disunify our country. it's time we start pushing back. we are watching the destruction of our country through policies and through radical left wing ideology that's being crammed down the throats of america, and it's time that we start standing up. it's time for states to start standing up and i'm glad that
6:08 am
others are doing that. >> joe biden continues to do for someone who spent his whole career in the legislative branch it's very disappointing that he's circumventing congress on everything. he's ruling by negative order and that's wrong and we're going to stand up to him. pete: hopefully they do and they can we'll see but there's a lot of power on something like this in the executive branch and they've shown they want to shut these things down. rachel: you get government you vote for. pete: that's true but will we've got another story because i've been talking walking around with my arm out making sure you're six feet away from me. will: you said when it comes to unemployment at one point in this last year, it was needed and we've transitioned out of that. but what's fascinating the number of people hanging on to what happened during covid as a permanent and that's why it's not just to our employment policies but our medical approach to covid as well, so you know, in the beginning we didn't know, masks, no masks, six feet, outdoors, indoors, it's understandable but as we moved on we do understand and there's no point in hanging on
6:09 am
to things that we no longer know are needed measures to help us. here is something fascinating from an m. i.t. professor said the following. the distancing isn't helping that much. it's also giving you a false sense of security because you're safe at six feet as you are at 60 feet if you're indoors. we need scientific information conveyed to the public in a way that's not just fear mongering, but it's actually analysis. pete: wow good on that professor that's a very honest statement, and to your point, will, okay so we learned, and as we learn more , then let's un unlearn the things that we've now learned are no longer effective. because if you hold on to and im pune people for the six feet thing even though we know it could be 60 that's what makes people go come on. rachel: studies are also coming out about the masks and we already know that children are not the spreaders of this disease, and no one has been more affected by hanging on to these policies. will: that's right. rachel: than our children. they have been masked up for too
6:10 am
long. you saw that mom in georgia. that's a battle cry for parents all over this country. take those masks off of our kids it's not just that it's useless, but what are they losing? we're teaching them to be neurotic and fearful and i don't want to see masks i want to see smiles with our children. pete: yeah. rachel: take the masks off, let our children breathe and have friends. no more masks in outdoor sports. will: 60 feet, 6 feet, the cdc a few months ago said three feet, masks outdoors, masks indoors it's changing to your point. pete: you're vaccinated but you still wear a mask? rachel: right. will: people are hanging on to these policies my point is for reasons other than science. they are finding their own virtue out of it, its become their political tribe. rachel: their religion. will: yes in a lot of ways the mask has become the left mag a hat. it's like this is my team. rachel: i love it. pete: did you just come up with that? will: i think i've read it
6:11 am
somewhere else. pete: i like it. rachel: i like it too. will: but the point is it's theatre and senator rand paul is talking about what its turned into. watch this. >> because it is theatre, he forgot that this theatre was so ridiculous that people would call him out on it, because here is the thing. if i want to go visit the white house, republicans and democrats who go visit, even though they've all been vaccinated or have the disease, they are being tested with the deep sinus test and being told they have to wear the n-95 mask to go in the white house, even though they've all been vaccinated so there is no science behind any of this. it's fear mongering, but it also has the effect in that it's discouraging peopling from getting the vaccine because they are saying well if the vaccine doesn't mean anything, it doesn't have any protective benefit you get no benefit, you can't quit wearing a mask. some people are saying why should i get it and that's the wrong attitude but this is what's coming from biden and the so-called scientist that he's putting forward. rachel: yeah. pete: it's going to be a time
6:12 am
for courage. it's courage for members of congress, courage, this guy has at some point say it's time to take your mask off in the middle of an open field, it's the courage for corporations, to ultimately stand up and say listen it's time for us to go back to normal. rachel: he was not only the leader to wear a mask in that virtual meeting that they had there, with all of the other global leaders. he was also the only one without a flag, without his flag next to him, all of the other leaders had their flag, which i found a little upsetting. pete: mask up for that zoom call will: outdoors that you're running a track meet. turning now to additional headlines this morning overnight , police declare a riot in portland after protests take a violent turn. police say rioters blocked roads , smashed windows, spray painted graffiti, and even pushed their way to a restaurant before getting pulled out. two people were arrested. rioters were participating in a "autonomous demonstration" that was posted online. they instructed people to wear all black, to make it harder for officers to spot them.
6:13 am
portland mayor ted wheeler has extended the state of emergency as it braces for more violence and destruction this weekend. fox news alert the indonesian submarine that went missing earlier this week has sunk. indonesian navy says it cracked open killing all 53 crew members aboard. the navy chief says the vessel likely cracked from being under pressure in deepwaters. comes after certain . crews discovered debris and the subs last dive by bali. >> now turning to extreme weather several tornadoes touch ed down in texas as thunderstorms slammed parts of the state. this tornado, caught on camera near the oklahoma border, another was reported near the city of vernon. no injuries have been reported. the national weather service expects more thunderstorms in the south today. >> and a young cubs fan takes a page out of ferris buehler's play book to poke fun at remote learning. watch. >> what an afternoon. your secret is safe with us, little lady. we got your back.
6:14 am
will: the young girl catching the cub game at wrigley field holding up the sign reading, i'm at remote learning and you of course remember the same stunt in the 80s classic he skipped school, to watch a game at wrigley field except he didn't bring a sign. rachel: there might be some chicago union teachers there as well. [laughter] pete: possibly. it's an amazing movie and yeah, that kids learning just about as much in the stands as in the zoom call. rachel: you're absolutely right, pete. all right, still ahead, a washington post hit piece targeting south carolina senator tim scott, face facing backlash for questioning his family history and now, the publication is take epidemic to task. congressman scalise sounds off as "fox & friends" weekend continues live from talladega. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:15 am
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will: welcome back to fox & friends weekend where we are live from talladega super speedway counting down to the big race tomorrow, but meanwhile , in the washington post, they're coming under fire for a hit piece on south carolina senator tim scott. the article, titled "tim scott often talks about his grand father in cotton" there's more to that, seeks to raise questions about scott's ancestry and the timing couldn't be more suspect as the story drops mere hours after it was announced, that scott would give the gop response to president biden's speech to a joint session of congress. here to react, is house minority whip steve scalise. congressman thank you so much for being with us. let me just share with you and the audience a little bit of what the washington post had to
6:19 am
say here is a quote. the fact checker piece acknowledges that senator tim scott may not have known his full family history, and that historical record regarding the lives of black americans are often scammed nonetheless our reporting adds information, found it official records to scott' public remarks, and the fact checker occasionally dealt into origin stories of politicians often without reaching conclusion about their completeness or veracity. congressman scalise, what do you think this is really about? >> well good morning, good to be with you and look, tim scott is a wonderful person, a dear friend but he's also a rising star, and there's nothing that scares the left more than a conservative african americans leader whose gaining respect nationally on his own, not pushing the false narrative of the left but talking about individual opportunity. tim scott was the one who author ed "opportunity zones" and i'm sure they will try to fact check that, go get it. tim is a wonderful person, the fact that they're going after him shows how scared the
6:20 am
left is of him and they should be scared of him, because he's a great person and he's a rising star in our party. will: yeah. a republican, black american, who dares to think for himself that's exactly who they just went after. congressman i have to ask you about this as well. we know this directly impacted your life. the shooter at the congressional baseball game is being qualified or being termed by the fbi designated as an incidence of " suicide by cop." this is even, as we know the shooter's own letters put a dent in the fbi's theory. seems to layout his own motivation that didn't seem to be suicide by cop, did it, congressman? >> this was not suicide by cop. anybody whose studied the police report, who was there on the ball field that day, all of us know what happened. he went to that ball field, to target and kill republicans. he made it clear that was what his intention was and he actually had a list of republican members in congress in his pocket who he was targeting to kill and for the fbi to have classified
6:21 am
it as that, it's disturbing, it's offensive, and it's in accurate so we're asking that the fbi correct this record, my colleague brad wenstrop was actually in a hearing with the fbi director last week, fbi director wray who was not the director at the time this happened and actually to his credit director wray said he would look into it so hopefully we'll get this fixed because it's a disservice as well to classify it that way. will: absolutely. well hopefully, we'll wait and see what the fbi's response is, but congressman scalise thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> great to be with you, thanks will: still ahead, you bet. still ahead, the anti-cop movement is growing with members of congress even joining the calls to end policing but what impact will anti-police rhetoric have on communities? we'll talk to the detroit police chief, next.
6:22 am
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6:25 am
pete: welcome back we're live from talladega, super speedway, ahead of tomorrow's big race, the clouds are parting. now, to a major story we are following after the death of dau nte wright, many on the left are amplifying calls to defund the police and michigan congresswoman even went as far as to call for no more policing in the united states but what impact will all of this anti-cop rhetoric have on local communities? here to weigh in is detroit police chief, james craig. james, thank you so much for being here, we really appreciate it. what impact does all of this rhetoric and cascading policies, what does it do to the police and community? >> i got to tell you, pete, our profession is in a crisis right now. fortunately here in detroit, it's still a strong support for
6:26 am
the men and women who put their lives on the line, but when you hear these knee jerk baseless responses to different issues, like we shouldn't engage in traffic enforcement, and brooklyn senatorrer mayor when it starts to say if we must make traffic stops with police officers they should do it unarmed and then, comments about traffic stops are routine. there is no routine traffic stop , and so to make these statements, how do we hope to reduce violence in our communities? violent crimes and traffic fatalities correspond to one another, so we just don't stop anybody, they can carry guns illegally, break the laws on the road, endanger our public. it's the most ridiculous thing but yet this is another attempt to dismantle police departments. pete: you're right, chief or in minneapolis, for example, there's talk of talking about
6:27 am
counterfeiting, don't enforce counterfeiting, because of what happened to george floyd. how does it work that the logic is, okay, here is what we do. there's too many police interactions so let's just not enforce our laws. how can that make sense to anybody? >> well you would think those who sit and influence and you notice i didn't say leadership, you would think that they talk to tear constituents and talk to their constituents and what do they want? i know here in detroit the number one complaint in detroit is not necessarily violent crime. it's traffic enforcement. they're sick and tired, especially since the pandemic, the increased number of fatalit ies, these young people are engaging inside shows and drag racing, they want that stopped, but individuals like ra shida tallib make these knee jerk comments and they're not talking to the people who live in the city, and it's
6:28 am
shameful and what about the victims? pete: what about the victims. it's foolish, it's nonsense, and it is completely disconnected from the lives of real people and the men and women you lead, who show so much courage every single day to do things that other people call routine, that anyone who knows it, anyone whose been there, knows it's anything but that. chief, thank you so much for your clarity. thank you, pete. pete: we appreciate it. >> appreciate it. pete: you got it. >> take care. pete: all right, still ahead, border sheriffs are sounding the alarm on the migrant crisis, saying it's not just hurting border towns, but that every state is effectively a border state. will cain, our man, sat down with those sheriffs, and that is next on fox & friends weekend as we continue, live, in talladega. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:29 am
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6:33 am
legendary racer jeff gordon will join us live on-set and the dryers are still working on the track. i think're dryers. we had the head of the daytona 500 we could have asked him. rachel: you did verify they are dryers essentially? pete: i told you i verified it because i went up to the fence and looked and it looked like it will: he didn't verify it. rachel: that's about as verifiable as pete gets but first we begin with this half hour with the border crisis. it is escalating majority an emergency status in arizona, where governor doug ducey actually made the declaration this week amid the migrant surge. will: that's right rachel so i went there to get a firsthand look and spoke to a panel of sheriffs from around the country take a look at this. >> with our border security we will never have true homeland security, and american lives are at risk every single day. >> this isn't a republican or a democrat issue. this is an american issue. >> it is a national crisis. it is the united states problem. >> i'm looking at this group of
6:34 am
sheriffs, from new mexico, from maryland, virginia, from nevada, and all the way from massachusetts. >> you know we brought this group together because we as sheriffs, the people expect us to do something. >> sheriff how far are we from the mexican border right now? >> we're about 80 miles from the mecklenburg border and well within the united states border. what they'll do is they'll come walking through the desert and wait here and then the scouts which you see in these mountains will tell the vehicle, it's clear to come pick them up. now we've always been a traffic ked area, but we've seen a tremendous spike since januar. this is all them. look at them just, this is very fresh too, because i come out here often. so they'll wear these carpet shoes, because it will mask the sound and we can't track them in the sand. will: this camouflage you're talking about. >> it's almost like they have a border crossing kit. all these bags, this is your typical backpack here like this one, standard issue backpack. sleeping bags, jug, clothes,
6:35 am
they can carry far more value of drugs in these backpacks between fentanyl pills and methamphetamine. >> in the year 2020 new mexico seized about 18 fentanyl pills. year-to-date this year, we've seized over 90,000 pills. >> we have a experience an all-time high of overdoses in maryland. >> between 2007-2017 massachusetts had the highest influx of illegal immigrants into our communities in massachusetts. >> its often been said every county is a border county, start with virginia having cartel members, the ms-13 gang members. will: talked with sheriff daniel s last night. and he told me the numbers have increased 10 fold from over a year ago. >> yup. will: you're all odding along. you've experienced something similar? >> there is a virtual camera system. last year at this time, we ran between 300 to 400 illegal entries. right now, we're at 3,400 in the
6:36 am
month of march alone. >> we are currently averaging almost five illegals an hour right now crossing the border. that's an 24 hours a day seven days a week. as we sit here there's a group not far from us about 13 coming on our back side we're working on right now. will: you've already caught on camera you can see them making their way through the mountains as we talk? >> we saw them come into the country illegally and we're team is working to get them right now. >> it's a very active highway. >> it wasn't that way before. >> before the administration canceled all of the prevention programs, checkpoints, pretty much sent a message that, you know, it's okay to come into our country. will: 25 hours walking, got the camo on that we saw earlier. the helicopter we just saw catch them. >> this is a group that just to the right, we just did the first interview with you, will, they were right behind us. >> guatemala.
6:37 am
>> how long have you been trying? >> he's been trying 10 years he said, four times for him. will: four times caught? all right so sheriff tell me what you just saw. >> you saw cartel smuggling. will: what can be done to solve this problem? >> it starts with the president of the united states. he needs to prioritize this border, all our borders, and there's consequences for breaking our laws. >> there is a rule of law in this country. we are a country of immigrants. we all welcome immigration, we all do. we've all been beneficiaries of immigrants in our community, but legal immigrants. >> my parents did it right. we came here legally but we need to fix the border crisis that we have because we're the county sheriff. when the feds fail, when the states fail we aren't fail ing our citizens because we're in church with them, at the supermarket with them, we live right next door to them. the people in d.c. or the capitol of our state don't care. we have to. pete: very well done, will. rachel: well done. will: those sheriffs from all across the country feel like if
6:38 am
the federal government isn't going to step up, they will handle it for their citizens and handle this issue. give us the resources or step out of the way or do-it-yourself somebody has to handle this problem. rachel: it's interesting the sheriff who said we're for legal immigration, not illegal immigration. there's no one that feels that way more than legal immigrants, like my mom and others, who, you know, went through the process in the right way and they see this kind of chaos and you know, of course we know that there's a covid train in brazil. you know, just coming up which could threaten all of the progress that we've made so far in the nation, to keep it under control. pete: it's fascinating to me too , right they are closer to the people, oftentimes they are elected so it's different than being a police chief in a city whose beholden to a mayor or someone who works for the state you're attached to the sentiment s of the people a lot closer and apparently, they issue cowboy hats no matter what , right? will: i have to admit, i love it doesn't matter if you're from massachusetts or maryland, or texas, arizona, you're a sheriff you wear a cowboy hat. rachel: it was democrat sheriffs who raised the flag first on the
6:39 am
border about the chaos, it was hispanic democrat sheriffs who said biden, pay attention, this is a problem. will: real quick journalism follow-up, pete hegseth was right. they are blow drying off the tracks. rachel: he knows a lot about blow drying. [laughter] pete: i just went and checked with the president of daytona 500 those are tire titans. we'll get you one for your hair. pete: [laughter] rachel: well, coming up remember when caitlyn jenner said this? >> it was easy to come out as trans. it was harder to come out as a republican, okay? rachel: that's true for hispanic s, wow. now caitlyn jenner is throwing her hat in the race for california governor, but will republican voters back her over gavin newsom? we discuss that next. pete: and speaking of race, a man who drove to victory six times on one of the world's most economy racetracks, jeff gordon right here live in talladega. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:40 am
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no matter how you choose to feed him. at abbott, we fight for these moments, developing life-changing technologies. because dignity demands it. ♪ ♪ rachel: welcome back we're leave from talladega speedway, ahead of tomorrow's big race, but there's another race that's heat ing up, half way across the country in california. former olympic gold medalist and reality tv star caitlyn jenner says she's in, she'll be running for governor of the golden state as the push to recall gavin newsom is in full swing. here to react is fox news contributor, tammy bruce. welcome, tammy. i was hoping to hear that the next announcement was going to be ric grenell but it's caitlyn jenner so i read the press release and i had to say i was impressed. it sounds very much about issues , and issues that republicans and democrats in
6:44 am
california really care about, you know, the economy, the lockdown, the business environment. >> yes, so, clearly, that's on the mind of every californian. it's on the minds of every american but what's missing are the details and there's they are already selling swag so good for her, right? it's coffee cups i think and t-shirts but here, as a native californian, look, i was involved in the grey davis recall, let's remember this is very early on, if anything, if an announcement needs to happen it be like august or september. we don't know if this is actually going to carry through and actually happen with the grey davis recall there were 64 people, rachel, on the ballot ranging from arnold schwarzenegger, and everyone inbetween, so let's keep that in mind, but the reason that she is not the right person to be governor is that you've got a state that is on fire. it is a dumpster fire right now
6:45 am
its been destroyed, california knows it, you need someone who has some experience that can be able to handle a democrat legislature, understands business, understands how to get things done quickly, and frankly, if there is a jenner that maybe should be running and be better-suited it be kris jenner who understands business, built something from nothing a family woman who understands it, so that be a harder argument to make. rachel: interesting point. >> kris jenner could do it. rachel: that's a very interesting point. well let me talk to you about somebody else, joy beyhar. kaitlyn was just barely out of the gates and some people speculated that was done on purpose that this is a way to erase, you know, caitlyn jenner the same way that they want to erase tim scott, the way they want to erase, you know, hispanics as well. what do you say about that?
6:46 am
>> well look, this is the other problem i have with caitlyn jenner is that when she started out, she was a supporter of donald trump and when the woke mob attacked her for that, she retreated. we see that the power that's given to the small group of people gives them the power and the power is for you to bend. we all need leadership that is not going to bend to lobbyists or to the woke mobs that do not represent americans in this country, and that's something that we already have seen her do, that we need somebody whose going to stand on the principles that you think she would represent because of the choices she's made later in life about being herself, but when it came right down to it in politics, she said oh, i'm sorry so you're absolutely right. this is a way to cancel people, to erase them, it is a minority of woke bullies, and they're running around with a club, and caitlyn jenner failed that test
6:47 am
and i hope that of course americans see more leadership that won't fail that test. frankly, people like yes, ric grenell. rachel: yeah, well, tammy you always have the right insight, and especially on this important race, so thanks so much for joining us and don't forget, tammy bruce will be hosting fox news primetime all next week at 7:00 p.m. eastern, thanks a lot, tammy. now straight ahead, we're live at the talladega speedway, one of nascar's biggest, bad its racetracks while one man knows it like the back of his hand, jeff gordon, race to victory six times on this track, and he's here live, with his secrets to the speedway. stay with us. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (ac/dc: back in black) ♪ ♪ ♪
6:48 am
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pete: well the biggest names in nascar are gearing up to take on the talladega super speedway tomorrow, you can catch all the action at 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox. rachel: that's right, pete and it's nascar's longest and arguably most-challenging racetrack, but our next guest knows it better than anyone after winning a whopping six races there. will: he's a legend so if anyone knows the secret to success, it is nascar driver jeff gordon. jeff, so good to have you here with us on-set. this is awesome. >> great to have you guys here, you know, it's hard to kind of see where america is at and where sports are at until you come here and you start to see , it's still limited capacity, but we're seeing fans, we're seeing a lot more interaction, and we're going to see one heck of a race here in talladega. will: before we get into race dynamics, what is it that makes talladega special? i mean, look they named a movie
6:52 am
after it. it played a huge role in "days of thunder" and it's one of the biggest races but pop culture, it's recognized. why, what's special about this race? >> well besides just the race in itself, you have this big pack of drafting cars and going 200 miles per hour and big crashes and so the spectacular entertainment that's on the track, but the spectacular party in the infield, this place is known, i mean, people from all over the world want to come and experience this form of a tailgate party and it's an all- weekend tailgate party, not as big this weekend, but normally that boulevard out there on the infield? rachel: but we have that trucker that said, you know, i save up all my day, all year long, just nine of them, just to spend them here, all nine days, so you're right. >> nine days, i don't know how you handle nine days. pete: well jeff i was asking, you said, i enjoy coming here even more as a commentator than i did as a driver because when you were a driver you were focused. >> yeah. so there's usually an area
6:53 am
called the driver/owner area, where that's where you spend the night and your bus is and you get prepared for the race, and so i would, you know, pretty much hunker down in there, get focused do the practice qualifying when we were doing that and just i would hear the party. i would try to wish i was there, get a goodnight's rest but was totally focus on the race itself and i didn't go out, you know, and into the infield where all these parties were. we would cruise through maybe every once in a while real quick and say hi, see what's going on but my retirement year 2015, i actually setup out in the boulevard and brought my friends and my family from all over and we, oh, man we went and had a big good time. rachel: saw what you were missing. will: you don't have to be a nascar fan to know jeff gordon was a legend he won six times here, we have a list to see who won the most at talladega, incredible names of course that includes jeff, so names like earnhardt, gordon, what are we
6:54 am
talking about tomorrow? what is a driver need to do to win on this speedway to get his name on this list of guys that win at talladega? >> a lot of people will look at this track, it's 2.66 miles, and it looks easy, and it's easy to go make a lap by yourself around this track. it's extremely difficult to make , you know, go 500 miles and be there with a car in one piece if you can do that, you're probably going to have a good day. how do you win? well you're going to have to win by using that draft, positioning yourself, making the right decisions at the right time, picking the right lane, getting the momentum and that all comes from just working the air that's moving around a car at 200 miles per hour using the power under the hood, using your experience, using that spotter whose in your ear that can kind of be your eyes and ears, there's so many facets to winning this race, and so, you know, it's easy to drive , very difficult to win. rachel: a lot of multi-tasking. will: everything is big here, the flags, the track. pete: giving a special shout out
6:55 am
to that 7 car, fox nation car, corey lajoie. >> yes, well we had our racing event for talladega on wednesday , fox nation car was there, so we're going to be, i think he's actually got an in- car camera, so we might get some really good action from corey lajoie this weekend. will: big race, fast cars, jeff gordon's a big winner, thanks, jeff. >> thank you. pete: great to have you. will: remember the fox bet super 6 app is giving you a chance to win the brand new camping world rv and the $25,000 he often offers just download the pick 6 app and pick six outcomes at stage two of the race, opt in for your shot to win it's free to play so don't miss it. download the app and play now. more fox & friends live from talladega, coming up in just moments. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ pete: well guys its been a fun four hours, what do you say we do it again tomorrow? rachel: let's do it tomorrow. will: i think i'll show up. also, tomorrow, we're going to take you inside, maybe, possibly take you inside the fox nation fan experience at talladega, there's weather concerns that's why i'm hedging a tad bit but we are talking to small businesses in the talladega area. pete: you'll see things like the fox nation car, the 7 car, as well as talking to some businesses, how they've been impacted. how big is talladega, like when
7:00 am
they strip the all-star game out of georgia what impact does it have, what does it mean to have talladega back here for the businesses in the community, we'll talk more. rachel: all right pete: did you have fun, rachel? rachel: its been awesome, i learned so much from jeff than you guys. will: well i hope so. he won this thing six times we just learned what a hair dryer was. rachel: [laughter] neil: a nation coming out, and, well, taxes going up, and maybe a lot. welcome everybody happy saturday to you i'm neil cavuto and this is cavuto live today, we're focused on a couple of big developments not the least of which has been happening certainly on the virus front, as america continues reopening and promising signs now, with johnson & johnson drug allowed on the market, that the that will speed up even faster, but juxtapose to that, higher taxes on the way. much higher than earlier thought , a top capital gains rate of north of 43%, more than doublet


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