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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 23, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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new episodes every few weeks. our goal in this is to bring you accurate and honest reporting. but above all, create stories that we ourselves would watch in our own free time so i hope you enjoy it. that's it for us. we will see you again soon. have a great night. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we begin with a fox news alert. ac/dc advisory committee now recommends that the johnson & johnson restriction be lifted. firstif we begin, so much to cor including more from a exclusive interview with president trump that we have not been able to air yet. also tonight, knew details from police involved shooting of michalak bryant and will show you what triggered the 911 call in the first place and new footage of violent riots across the country even tonight.
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it's not obvious that many on the left believe that america is an evil racist country, the only way to fix it, i guess burn the entire system to the ground, the greatest country god gave man, our founders and framers aim something, the path to right wrongs and protect injustices and wect have a history of doing so. this egregious lie has been spoon fed to the masses by democrats in the media mob for decades.em i tell you, every two years, every four years, it's the democratic party playbook and any opposition to the democrats' radical socialist power grab, they are calling that for example, democrats now attempting to make washington, d.c., the 51st state. they areth doing this because nearly 100% of washington residents are democrats. if d.c. becomes a state, democrats would pick up two new senate states pretty much in perpetuity, that's what they believe and it's likely true.
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the only problem is d.c. statehood is barred by this document called, that's right, the constitution. the framers and founders, they wanted to limit the power of our nation's capitol. according to democrats, anyone who opposes d.c. statehood is now a racist. take a look. >> i have had enough of my colleagues' racist insinuations that somehow the people of washington, d.c., are incapable or even unworthy of our democracy. one senate republican said that d.c. wouldn't be a "well-rounded working-class state." i had no idea there were so mana syllables in the word "whites." one of my colleagues said d.c. shouldn't be a state because a district doesn't have a landfill. my goodness. with all the racist trash my colleagues have brought to this debate, i can see why they are worried about having a place to put it. >> sean: the media mob and the
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democrat party, they are backing up these claims. the battle against d.c. statehood is rooted in antiblack racism. that is real. nbc news reporting that the opposition of the democrats' plan is "an ugly effort to disenfranchise black and brown ngpeople." accusing steve scalise for being anai ignorant racist for arguing against d.c. statehood bid the legislative filibuster is also suddenly racist. remember in 2019, 2020, president trump and office, republicans controlled the senate, guess what? those democrats used by their definition that racist filibuster 270 democrats have control of the filibuster, now it's magically become a tool of oppression and bigotry and racism. senator elizabeth warren, the same senator that faked her ethnicity for years, said theed
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filibuster has deep roots in racism. congresswoman ocasio-cortez, congresswoman omar blasting the filibuster for its ties to white supremacy. dick durbin, he had this to say about the filibuster's evil history. >> there was a statement made by senator mcconnell, the republican leader, which is mcnothing short of amazing. at a press conference he said of the filibuster, and i quote, it has no racial history at all, none. amazing that he would say that. certainly senator connell who was working in the senate at that time as an intern, if i'm not mistaken, must remember the filibuster being used against the civil rights bill, saying that the filibuster has no racial history at all, none, is to ignore the obvious. >> sean: same's civil rights act and voting rights act of '6 to four ands '6 to five, that
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joe biden's partner, the former klansman, try to stop the integration of schools. interesting. that's not what the democratss are saying when republicans had control. might want to takeg a trip down memory lane, a whopping one year ago. take a look. >> what about the nuclear option of doing away with the filibuster. >> that would be the end of the senate as it was devised going back to our framing fathers. >> i said let's not do the supreme court. we should get bipartisan support. >> mitch mcconnell change that. i would prefer to bring it back. >> sean: what could change in two months? according to democrats, the filibuster that used 270 times is racist. also opposition to d.c. statehood, that's racist too. the new georgia voting bill that requires voter i.d., just like
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delaware, and expands early voting and imprison voting to 17 days, that's racist as well. joe biden referred to it numerous times as jim crow 2.0. but when you look at joe biden's home state, or as joe referred okto it as his state being a sle state, has far more restrictive voting laws than georgia and joe represented delaware, i think 500 years now? never lifted a finger. over 50 years to bring reform, openness, and greater accessibility to the people of delaware as it relates to voting. so by joe's definition, he is a racist and he supports jim crow 2.0 and has his entire long lowering dull political career. securing the southern border, that's also racist. b congresswoman omar said the border wall is a monument to racism.
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naturally climate change also naracist. if you pose the insane socialist green new deal that pretends to fight climate change that's really about rediffusion and socialism, you're also a racist. take a look. >> the climate crisis is a crisis born of injustice. it is a crisis born of the pursuit of profit at any and all human and ecological costs. which means that we must recognize that the trampling of indigenous rights is a cause of climate change, that the trampling of racial justice is a cause of climate change, because we are allowing people and allowing ourselves to make sure that we are allowing folks to deny ourselves human rights and deny people the right to health care,ou the right to habitation. >> sean: everything democrats disagree with is racist. the founding fathers, consultation, first a mammoth,
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second amendment, crisper columbus, law enforcement. last night new york city, blm riotser pluralists combined two of their favorite villains in one demonstration. they vied meanwhile columbus, ohio, where 15 year old mickey o'brien attempted to stab an unarmed girl in the chest before getting shot by a responding officer, blm activist there were chanting "you shoot us, we shoot you." watch this. >> maybe it needs to be an eye for an eye, y'all! >> we are serious! >> if they shoot us, we shoot you! >> sean: based on all the evidence that we have, bryant, she was shot because she was less than a fraction of a second away from stabbing and likely killing a young unarmed girl
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with a knife pinned against the car. fox news has learned that police were called to the scene because of an altercation that had erupted between bryant and the other girl over the cleanliness of the house. is it tragic? yes. sad? yes. every life matters peered but when officers arrived, life in hand, loaded and screamed "i'm going to stab you, bleep," ready to thrust the blade and strike. either in the neck or chest, could've killed her.he but facts do not matter to the left. their narrative is the most important thing. lebron james doxxing the police officer along with threatening message to 15 million followers. if a conservative did it, would they cancel the account forever? james put in officers life at
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risk and president trump responded writing, "lebron james' racist rants are insulting and demeaning to her he may be a great baseball player but is doing nothing to aybring our country together." meanwhile just a few days ago congresswoman maxine waters called for violent confrontations in the streets. what happened to the party of compassion. what happened to all the unity that joe told us. maxine waters told us that she is totally nonviolent. on the radical left, up is down, down is up, facts no longer matter. truth doesn't matter. don't believe me? think about the russia hoax, the dirty dossier, and the fisa application to spy on the president. that's why people claim they care so deeply about racism and minorities and poverty, they displayed a sign for special instructions for any white people who visit the
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george floyd memorial in minnesota. here with reaction, here with reaction can do so once and along with fox news contributor leo 2.0 terrel. this is something, any conservative or any republican, you're racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic, you can add transphobic. some republican is going to take your grandma and grandpa in a wheelchair and throw them over a cliff in an advertisement. it's predicable. but now it's every issue. your reaction? >> it is every issue and it's obviously just name-calling that seems to be completely bullish that people are not awake to what the democrat strategy is but use people who are false prophets like lebron james to propagate a lot of these lives typically in the black lives matter lie, that seems to be good the biggest one, the race lie permeating through every bim
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of culture plate lebron james living amongst white people in the million dollar bell air mansion protected by white people, presumably by undercover officers, everywhere he goes in this game back and forth, constantly surrounding him, and he puts out this live. the president is correct to call him, president trump is correct to say that lebron james himself is racist. he doesn't care about black people. if he cared about black people come here point to the truth. to care about black people yet the talk about black on black crime. the 95% of black on the side victims are killed by other black people. what he actually cares about is making sure that he himself is situated as a king while the peasants beneathua him, calls himself k the king, the peasants beneath them and follow him all invest in this lie, destroy their own communities, and kill each other as what has been the circumstance if that police officer had not intervened. >> sean: every single weekend, and this goes back to the biden-obama years, leo.
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i'd come on this program every monday and tell you how many people were shot in the city of chicago. i can tell you how many people were shot, the city of chicago and a lot of other big cities. every single weekend. murder rates are skyrocketing all over the country. this defund the police come of this mental police, it's not working this dismantle the police, it's not working for it why do not we hear the names of those every weekend? why is it we only hear about those lives? >> it's very simple. it's all about power and what you're describing is what has been going on in democratic cities for years. listen, they talk about racism. i'm a civil rights attorney peter i know what systemic racism is. it does not exist in chicago, l.a., baltimore. when the people running the show are black people, brown people,
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chief of police. they only play of the white officer card against a black victim. candace pointed out all the numbers. guess what, the democrats drink the kool-aid! there is a disconnect between the democratic hierarchy that lived like kings, and they brainwash the democratic voters who live like peasants. i want to make one other point. that white sign you made reference to? that sign is very, very insulting and basically the extreme left has declared war on white americans and white police officers. the democratic leadership will not say a word because they are in bed with the extreme left. that's what's going on with america. it's on 24-7, sean hannity. >> sean: by the way, congrats on the baby.>> we are very happy for you. thank you.on
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tonight, the disgracefulri behavior, so much of it in the aftermath of the shooting came from the media mob, both nbc news, "new york times" tried their best to hide the fact that that was the tip of the iceberg. take a look. >> tase a person, shoot them in the lead, shoot them behind, stop him somehow. it goes from 0 to execution very, very quickly when there is a black or brown person involved. >> if you can't figure out how tou de-escalate a 16 year old even with a kitchen knife when you've got a grinding you are a grown man, you shouldn't be a cop. >> sean: we are going to define a bad day as thrusting a knife into and then as an unarmed person, shoot it in the air? joyless, if you shot in the air, it's over. shoot them in the backside?
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the media mob seem not care about any true, common sense, or logic. one more example, "new york times"'s columnist paul krugman admits that the far left rioting and looting was just a figment of our fiimaginations. i guess my eyes lied to me. fox news to jupiter's joe concha, miranda divine pit we'll start with you. your reaction to the media and thisn insanity? >> honestly they are just making them look like idiots. they don't live in the real world, obviously have never shot a gun, they've never really done what i've done and what a lot of journalists have done, one of those simulator programs that the police do. i was completely hopeless. i would've been shot, and i also excellently shot some victims. so it's not easy. it took immense presence of mind and skill for the officer to
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save the life of the girl in pink, who was a split second away from being stabbed with a gigantic butcher's knife. of course it is tragic that 16-year-old michaela bryant has died. but perhaps what's more tragic is her life. why did she end up the way she did? why was she in and out of foster care? no one ever looks at the background that creates this kind of rage at the police are dropped into because they are invited in, they are asked to come in to save lives, they do that, and they get vilified anyway. there is just a complete lack of as you said common sense, but also any sense of responsibility to the wider public, to civil discourse, from these media commentators. they should keep their mouths shut. it's ridiculous to say that police are going to be able to shoot at a lag or issue a warning shot in the air.
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if you don't understand what you are talking about, stop shooting your mouth off because people's lives are being lost because of the recklessness and the lies of the media. >> sean: joe concha, you study the media. this is what you do. you are good at your job. why does the media ignore the weekly violence, the shootings, the deaths, every single week, names that people will never hear, or the names of the 103 copses that are already killed n the line of duty this year? why don't they, why aren't they passionately leading to protect innocent people, fellow americans, in the cities they report on. why? >> it doesn't fit with thee narrative. the narrative that divides the country that they think leads to six integrating, sean. with his columbus shooting, this is media malfeasance in broad
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daylight. dangerous media malfeasance. let me show you the way this was covered. i walk through this really quick. "new york times" headline, a teenage girl was fatally shot by police in glamis ohio officials said. shortly before a jury was reaching a guilty verdict in the murder trial of former police officer derek shelving. in other words, they are connecting in one headline what happened with derek chauvin and george lloyd with what happened with his columbusen police offir without having none of the facts whatsoever. this headline does not even mentioned that a knife was involved, that was about to stab a girl. "washington post" echoes the same thing in their headline. "ohio police fatally shoot black teenage girl just before chauvin verdict." without mentioning the fact there was a 911 call by the two girls being attacked saying "she's trying to stab us," 9111 call, that part nbc left out of their coverage. remember how americans consume their news and we all do it, you
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scroll through feeds whether it's twitter or its facebook, you see the headline, the caption, reading the storieshe s one of the exceptions to the ruleap, and a portrayal is set d let me show you how this can expect to police officers and e law enforcement and how it's impacting the way that they are seen by the american public. gallup's latest poll, do you have competent in the police? less and have confidence in the police. four years ago that number was 57%. in 2004, 64%. so when you vilify these police officers, paintn them to be inherently bad and racist after while it has an impact on the way the public sees them, that is a tragedy but usually when you look at the way this: the story was carried out. it was just one of the worst examples of journalism, if you want to call it that, that you want to see in modern history. >> sean: great job, great analysis. miranda, you're great at your
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job too. i wasn't just giving show credit. >> she's infinitely better. please. >> sean: youdi can fight it out after the show. coming up, the left continues to push their dangerous radical agenda while using "climate change" to hide what their true reese to beautician socialist intentions are. tammy bruce, rick grenell later fit more with my excessive interview, new video we haven't aired it with president trump coming up excessively tonight here on "hannity." with topical nsaids first. a formulation they recommend can be found in salonpas. a formulation they recommend can be found in salonpas. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu.
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it's moving day. and while her friends are doing the heavy lifting, jess is busy moving her xfinity internet and tv services. it only takes about a minute. wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> welcome to fox news live. i'm actually strohmeyer. pleading not guilty to new charges, maxwell was already indicted for sex trafficking through young's girls.
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her attorneys say they need more time to repair of prosecutors say it's unnecessary since the new charges only at a single victim. maxwell facing up to 80 years in prison. u.s. set to resume the johnson & johnson vaccine. the 11 day pause put in place after 15 women develop blood clots including one woman who died. the cdc says the vaccine outweighs the risks. i'm actually strohmeyer. back to "hannity." you are watching the most trusted news channel. >> sean: just like we've been telling you, joe biden the extreme socialist, democrats' climate agenda has little to do with saving the planet and everything to do with overhauling and controlling
11:27 pm
every aspect of your day-to-day life. joe biden's try is to cut emissions by 50% over the next decade. that will impact how you eat including red meat, how often you are allowed to drive, it'll tax the miles you drive. and how to cool and heat your home. increase the energy costs, but chucky schumer says everything is going to be fine, trust us. like our social security, medicare, obamacare promises? how does that work out? as long as democrats stay in charge as he gets to write his bite along ride hisbike along the river. take a look. >> i'm not going up 40 miles per hour. i'm a slowot taking in the beauy of brooklyn. and i wonder, this waterfront will be around when my grandson
11:28 pm
grows up. if we don't take action on climate change now. with democrats in charge, the senate is treating climate change like the crisis it is in a fight for our future. >> sean: republicans want dirty air and dirty water like obama said. just when you think it can't get any more embarrassing, look at your screen. right there the screen shows that zoom climate summit, joe biden the only leader wearing a mask during a zoom call where he doesn't have anyone else around him sitting there by himself. it's bizarre, baffling, bill ordering. it's exactly what we've come to expect from this biden white house. the same biden that wanted us to believe that, yes, his team told us he tripped three times going on air force one because the wind blew him over. fox news contributor tammy bruce
11:29 pm
along with former acting director of national intelligence rick grenell.s all right. caitlin general caitlyn jenner, is rick grenell? my putting you on the spot or anything. >> you're always putting me on the spot and that'sng okay. we have till september to decide. i promised you and whenever i decide i'll come here first. >> sean: even one of obama's top scientist said no, after reading and researching his 2014, we don't have, the science isn't complete. it isn't decided. as it relates to all of this. the paris climate accords, okay, we are playing the bulk of money and china and india, far bigger polluters than we are and they get to be classified as developing nations?
11:30 pm
tammy, how is that fair? >> it's not. this kind of plan is the same as the other democratic plan including joe biden's trillion dollar stimulus package. it's a redistribution of wealth. this global climate change dynamic of the paris accord is an international redistribution of american wealth to those nations. there is no expectation of china whatsoever and if you are going to get serious about climate change, we all love thee, environment, china is the issue at hand.en once again strangely enough something joe biden likes, something the democrats like, it's a great job for china and gives them all sorts of opportunities while crushing the american pluralist. since we are kind of a throwaway economy, the american people are
11:31 pm
throwaway people. this is unacceptable, it's an absurd dynamic, we are leading the world when it comes to the issue of carbon, of co2, and all of that. we care about these things people yet recognize what the paris climate accord was which again is about us paying other nations being the world's atm, and that's not what this country is, not what the immigrants want this country to be, and not what american families want us to be. >> sean: tammy is 100% right, this is about redistributionism, pre-k, loan forgiveness, guaranteed government health care, healthy food, et cetera. everything is going to be free. social security and medicare, you saw them going bankrupt. we didn't get to keep our doctors on average paying 200%or
11:32 pm
more, they broke that promise. if you look at every other promise that they made, i don't see on law and order, democratic states are not safe and secure on issues with schools, we pay more per capita for students. why would we trust the government and believe everything is going to be free? >> first of all, we can't. this is all for show. let's be honest. we saw from chuck schumer was widely unauthentic. what you've been showing here and what tammy has been talking about is what political theater is all about and washington, d.c. this is a diplomatic failure for the biden administration. they send john kerry to china to convince the chinese to purchase paid in this kind of new paris accord. the lowering of co2 and trying to be carbon neutral. the reality is under the trump administration we lowered co2
11:33 pm
and greatly increased through fracking, fracking is saved our ability to get off middle east oil or well on our way there, we've gone from having to import energy to being an energy exporter and that's all because we look at the science in the emotions and we made decisions going forward. what the parents' climate treaty does is ask other countries to rely on the united states money in order to make a political decision they need to make. i want to know why we just can't have these other countries put up or shut up. either lower your co2 on youron own or stop asking us for money to pretend like you're lowering it because they are not. look at china, look at india, we have a long track record of these countries absolutely not doing what they pushed to do and
11:34 pm
what they point for others to do. >> sean:to we'll be watching, thank you, rick grenell and tammy bruce. biden continues to push his dangerous america at lastes immigration agenda. devin nunes, stephen miller with the latest. and later come apart, my interview. unseen footage with president trump talking about the future of social media and election reform. part two straight ahead. my garden brings us together. my garden is my therapy. find more ways to grow at
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♪ ♪ >> sean: kamala harris hasn't gone a whopping 30 days without holding a press conference since being tapped to handle the biden-harris self-inflicted border crisis and it is a crisis and conditions on our southern border are worsening by the
11:39 pm
hour.wo federal law enforcement now speaking out as a dhs whistle-blower. our own sara carter and expose just how out of touch joe biden and kamala harris really are, you saw them criticize this biden demonstration last night. here's a clip. >> what would you be your worst fears? >> my worst fears is that we have too many people to process and not enough people to do our job. > because what can happen? >> anything can happen. it certainly makes it right for players to have more success. >> sean: of course, the mob and the media are doing everything they can do to help the democrats downplay and dismiss what is an undeniable border disaster. for example, politico with the associated press prove you're
11:40 pm
, preventing writers from using the word crisis to talk about the crisis from the border. joining us devin nunes along with senior advisor susan miller. mdevon, i'll start with you. texas is now suing rightly the biden administration because they are allowing all these kids in biden's cages that are overflowing living on top of each other with a high rate ofof positivity for covid suing that covid protocols that they put on everybody else. >> i was down there a couple of weeks ago. i'm going to be down there again on the california border and what's happening here has nothing tor. do with anything bt their own fault. this is very clearly instead of having to file for asylum, and like the trump administration
11:41 pm
was having them do, it's a free-for-all. it's almost like between the biden the administration and drug cartels who are moving these people. this is why the border patrols want to be undercover, they are doing difficult work having to process all these people, completely overrun. when i was there, they were not only just the 100th kid that you see, the day that i was there, 3500 people what i saw on the texass border. >> sean: by the way, i thought we praised anonymous hearsay whistle-blower, i'll float thata one, this guy is risking his career because of the gag orders that's been imposed on the border patrol workers and officers, and here we are with a situation at the border that's
11:42 pm
unfolding. astu a look at this whole thing and what this guy is saying is the cartels, the human traffickers, the drug traffickers and the gangs, they now have carte blanche while they are all the resources now with this massive influx of illegal immigrants. >> yes, sean. the cartels, the traffickers used the families and minors they push across the water bycr the tens of thousands to create lanes and diversions to get criminals, drugs, contraband, weapons in the country. it's deliberate, planned, and ian talk to agents, home nancy gertie professionals at the dhs, and they are terrified by the fact that over 1,000 people a day are snaking across without ever being apprehended. that is an addition of people who are caught and never leave. these people are never caught until i note, my organization,
11:43 pm
american first legal stepped intoto texas and suing the biden administration mass releasing covert positive immigrants covid positiveimmigrants during. kamala harris' response to this issue is the greatest dereliction of duty that i've ever seen in my entire life. >> let me ask you, we are watching this unfold in real time. we are supposed to be a nation of laws, congressman. you are a lawmaker. they are ignoring the laws of the land and your state is aiding and debating, lawbreaking. joe biden is aiding and abetting lawbreaking. how come there is no check in balance, if i aided and abetted somebody jaywalking, why would i end up in jail? >> i think it's the key to what stephen miller said that his
11:44 pm
organization is trying to geton the judicial branch of government to get involved. as we know, we've got this two tear justice system on a whole host of issues but it was another example, it quickly gets called. whenever republicans get called something into court it takes foreverr and it goes slow. that's why we have to have a legal tragedy to get the courts to get involved, it's the only way we are going to have, we are going to hold them all accountable because until 2023 that's the soonest that republicans can get gavels back in the house and senate. in the meantime we have to count on the judicial system to enforce the laws. >> sean: last words, stephen. we have 30 seconds. >> that's exactly right. joe biden is violating congressionally passed law, over a series of decades, more
11:45 pm
importantly refusing to uphold our laws, joe biden is violating the constitution and hisla obligation to take care of the laws he faithfully the courts can and should enjoin his lawless conduct in order to enforce our borders. >> sean: stephen miller, congressman devin nunes, thank you both. when you come back him upll fory thee exclusive interview with president trump. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight facebook will soon the accounts of former president donald trump has expose the dangers of big tex power, theec left-wing radical agenda, their ability to control the free flow of information. tonight, more with my exclusive
11:50 pm
interview with former president trump president trump from mar-a-lago where we discussed all of this includes being the censorship with cancel culture along with election reform. take a look. >> former president trump: we have to get good governors income a governor: will fight r a voter integrity because again, i say a go and say all the time, the number one question i get, r the horrible, horrible -- the results, the cheating, all the things that went on, the lack of waiting and getting legislative approval and the supreme court and they knew they were wrong, a supreme court that had no guts, the number one question i get, will my vote count? >> sean: i mention four things i think are important. chain of custody, partisan observers should watch the entire vote count, signature verification, and a picture i.d. anything else? >> former president trump: those are the main things. >> sean: . >> sean: simple. >> former president trump:
11:51 pm
there's something else. pennsylvania and detroit, they were viciously thrown -- >> sean: 100 feet away. >> former president trump: forget about 100 feet, couldn't even get near the building. in georgia and pennsylvania, they were so bad. detroit was horrible. the supervisor of elections, they were physically thrown out in many cases. they didn't have republican poll watchersep in those areas. again, florida was run properly, why it was run properly. i win and all record numbers. >> sean: let's talk about something that matters. you might be the solution to this, that is cancel culture. you were canceled off of twitter, can you imagine? canceled off of twitter, canceled off of social media platforms. you put out your presidential statements, they go viral. do you know who misses you the most? the liberal media, the mob.
11:52 pm
there is nothing to cover there except for covering in the stairs. is the answer antitrust? is the answer ending section 230. donald trump starts his own twitter with facebook, instagram. >> former president trump: i am getting a big word out because we are doing releases and every time i do a release, it's all over the place. it's better than twitter. much more elegant. a lot of people are leaving twitter, twitter has become very, very boring. when i started with twitter years ago, it was a failed thing, concept, media platform that has failed. i think i had a lot to do with it, it became very exciting. and now it's boring and it's no good anymore. people are telling me and a lot of people -- >> sean: by the way, did you
11:53 pm
see the undercover video? they said their agenda was to destroy you. >> former president trump: that the campaign violation. what they are doing is a massive campaign violation. when you look at what they did... >> sean: "new york post" "new york post." >> former president trump: zuckerberg, when he putsrk out $500 million for lockboxes, that's a campaign violation. you are allowed to get five hundreds, $600, how can they put up $500 million for lockboxes. in virginia, they are still doing lockboxes. there is nobody there, nobody to stop it. >> sean: 's or speculation you might start your own social media platform? are you considering that? >> former president trump: i am. lookingme at different platform. a lot of people wanting on existing platforms. they cannot be dominated by amazon and buy google and people who can take them off the air right away and you do need antitrust. have to do something about it.
11:54 pm
with all the things, the democrats, they lie, at they cheat, they steal. they are vicious. five years of investigation from the day i came down the escalator and you beat them here and there's another one they are,er beat them there there's another one here. >> sean: i spent three years peeling the layers of the onion on the t deep state. everything we reported ended up being right. they told lies for three years. >> former president trump: they've got pulitzer prizes. >> sean: from a political standpoint, how would you monetize that talking about free publicity emotion, outward advocacy for a sitting president? >> former president trump: most votes by a sitting president, we got the biggest increase in the margin for any president ever, fdr, you can
11:55 pm
name him. no president has gotten 20 million votes. everyone against the fake media, 90%, 95%, the media, big tech, everything unfair. it's amazing, do you know why? the public is really smart. they get it. >> sean: coming up, the villain of the day j.d., harrison, we'll explain why next. prevents crab grass and feeds your lawn. all three,in just one bag. i like that. scotts turf builder triple action. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard.
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>> sean: now villain of the day, dnc jamie harrison takes a cheap shot saying "i got receipts." senator scott said hey, jamie, we saw your receipts. $132 million and losing to lindsey graham over ten points?
12:00 am
seems a little high, don't you think? ouch. good job, senator scott. that's all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. set your dvr so you never miss an episod let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes over. >> laura: i'm laura ingram and this is "the ingraham angle" on a busy friday >> this is ingraham angle on a busy friday night. the shocking admission from an alternate journal juror in the chauvin file, the jury in termination affect the outcome. alan dershowitz has the answer. biden and kamala's republic opinions is a truly bizarre documentary from share. raymond explorer explained in friday volleys. biden absence erection us. that's the focus of tonight's angle. it was much to the


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