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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 23, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

3:00 pm and check it out. >> jesse: is that his real face? >> greg: looks like the joker. >> juan: that's it for us, folks. have a great weekend. see you here on monday. ♪ >> shannon: good evening welcome to washington i'm shannon bream in tonight for bret baier. president biden is preparing second phase of massive tax and spend agenda. $3.45 trillion on top of the 2 trillion already being proposed. that is leading to questions about how the president plans to pay for all of it. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel starts us off tonight from the white house. good evening, mike. >> shannon good evening. a big buzz word at the white house is investment. translates to trillions of dollars in proposed new spending. >> when we invest in climate
3:01 pm
resilience, and infrastructure, we create opportunities for everyone. that's the heart of jobs plan i proposed here in the united states. >> president's $2.3 trillion tax and spending plan is still being argued over on capitol hill. phase 2 is on the way with a potential price tag of another $1.5 trillion for what the white house is calling its american families plan. to be laid out at next wednesday's joint session of congress. there is pressure from the left with progressive lawmakers call on the administration to spend at least $700 billion on universal child care, quote: we believe this is a generational opportunity to invest in affordable qualities care for all children who need it and we urge you not to let it go to waste. one potential way to pay for the massive spending plan is raising taxes on higher income earners. and republicans are concerned. >> if they want to do home health aides and expand medicaid and raise your taxes and all the things that the president wants to do, if they want to do that
3:02 pm
with a 50 vote threshold in reconciliation they can do that i can't stop that. >> the tax foundation notes under the president's proposal 15 and the district of columbia would have a top combined capital gains tax rate above 50% with california, new york, and new jersey more than 54%. we talked about not having the american people pay for it or not being on the backs of the american people. as it relates to the capital gains rates and the top margins that have you seen reported out there. >> after a white house zoom climate summit with world leaders such as russia and china, senate rubbing leader mitch mcconnell says the multiple trillions in spending including the white house climate plan would hurt g.d.p., investment and wages. >> it almost takes talent to craft something that completely disastrous. so this is quite a one-two punch. toothless requests of our
3:03 pm
foreign adversaries and maximum pain for american citizens. >> on negative reaction from wall street to the proposed tax hikes, psaki wouldn't engage. >> i have been doing this long enough not to comment on movements in the stock market but i did see just data factually that it went back up this morning. >> many details of the president's climate and next spending proposal are not yet public. aides wanting to allow the president to make a big splash at his prime time address next week. shannon? >> shannon: mike emanuel at the white house tonight. thank you very much, mike. stocks ended the week on a high note. the dow gained 228. the s&p 500 was up 45. nasdaq surged 198. for the week the dow lost about a half percentage point, the s&p 500 was down about one-eighth, nasdaq was off a quarter. breaking tonight a cdc advisory group is urging that johnson &
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johnson's coronavirus vaccine be put back into use. the government suspended injections because the formula has been linked to rare blood clots in women. advisers say vaccine's benefits outweigh the risks it's very small but serious. cdc director rochelle walenski said 10% drop of covid-19 cases in the past week is a hopeful trend but she says there is still unsettling gaps in parts of the country where vaccination rates are low. the biden administration says there are now adequate supplies of n-95 masks so medical providers may soon return to using one mask per patient. the national nurse's union calls the new guidance a tiny step in the right direction that ultimately they say failed to protect nurses. coming up later, we will talk with country music star brad paisley about his efforts to help americans get vaccinated and look at how many students are falling behind after missing so much time in class. we're learning new details tonight about what happened in the moments before a black teenager with a knife was
3:05 pm
fatally shot by a police officer in ohio earlier this week. correspondent garrett tenney is following the story from chicago tonight. >> what's going on? hey, what's going on? hey, hey. >> the argument that ultimately led to makai bryant's death was over a messy house and unmade bed. the 16-year-old's foster mom told cnn the confrontation started when two of her former foster children came over tuesday to celebrate her birthday and told makai to clean up the house. that argument escalated until someone who has not been identified by investigators called 9 11. >> girls over here trying to fight us, trying to stab us, trying to put their hands on our grandma. we need now. we need a police officer here now. >> makai everyone else you see on this video who is involved is an adult including the 20-year-old woman makai pushes down. the 43-year-old man who kicks that girl on the ground and the 22-year-old woman wearing a pink
3:06 pm
jumpsuit who who is up against the car asthma could i a raises a knife and is shot. the officer who fired those shots is also a staff sergeant with the ohio international guard. the 23-year-old joined columbus police in december 2019 and has only been on his own without supervision since january. his father retired from the force last year according to local reports after training more than 700 new officers at the columbus police academy. today, the national fraternal order of police praised the young officer and slammed celebrities and politicians who tried to vilify him in the wake of this tragic shooting. >> this officer acted within policy, training and the law and he saved a young girl's life and they should be thanking the officer that he was there to be able to step n that situation instead of trying to normalize behavior such as trying to someone. >> as for the investigation, i'm told that maybe a few weeks before the ohio bureau of investigation completes its work and hands this case over to the franklin county prosecutor who would then decide whether or not to file any charges against
3:07 pm
officer involved. shannon? >> shannon: gator tenney in chicago tonight. thank you, garrett. police reform is back on the congressional radar. um next week the nation are hears from president biden joint session of i don't think. tim scott the only black republican in the senate will have the party's official response. scott had been trying to pass a bipartisan police reform bill for months and says he will make a fresh attempt soon. chad pergram has details tonight from capitol hill. >> tim scott gets to make his pitch for police reform again close to a year after trying following the death of george floyd. but this time on a prime time stage. scott says he has had his own run-ins with law enforcement even capitol police doubting he was truly a senator despite his senate pin. >> the officer looked at me a little attitude and said the pin are i know. you i don't. >> scott tried to advance his
3:08 pm
own version of police reform last year. ironically democrats filibustered it. >> they don't want this president to have a victory on another serious issue confronting the minority community. this is pure, pure race politics at its worst. >> democratic whip dick durbin was forced to apologize after he called scott's bill, quote, token legislation with a, quote, half hearted approach. with the election in the rear view mirror democrats now say they will play ball. >> i have encouraged senator booker to talk to senator scott and see if they can come up with something. they are making progress. >> still, democrats and republicans are stuck over legal shields to protect officers. >> i don't want cops to be sued. i want their employers to be sued. i don't want a cop to have to lose their house or car by going to work if they did something wrong, they can be held accountable under the law. >> potential legislation would alter the federal code and require a jury to determine if an officer acted with reckless disregard in order to convict.
3:09 pm
the level of police accountability could be a hangup even among republicans on scott's bill. >> it's certainly compromise. whether i can get on board for sure i'm not sure. i will say, this the idea of every officer being vulnerable to civil lawsuits is very dangerous to me. >> it's unclear if the house and senate can eventually pass the same thing, a bill from the house could be too liberal for the divided senate. shannon? >> shannon: chad, i understand tonight also a member of the house democratic leadership is in a bit of hot water. >> that's right. jim clyburn, he is the majority whip the third highest ranking democrat in the house. he faces a $5,000 fine. he failed to pass through the imagine tom meters to reach the house floor. the house voted to install the mags after the riot. clyburn stepped off the floor use the restroom but did not go through the mag to head back. in capitol police detail is assigned to clyburn because is he in the leadership. the house has fined three other
3:10 pm
lawmakers for not complying with the rule, all republicans. louie imoment, andrew clyde and hal rogers. shannon? >> shannon: all right, chad pergram on capitol hill tonight. thanks, chad. congressional republicans are asking the director of the fbi to declarity attack on their baseball practice in 2017 a case of domestic terrorism. that incident left louisiana congressman steve scalise with serious injuries. four other people were wounded. the gunman was killed by responding officers. the bureau originally designated the attack by shooter james hodgkinson suicide by cop. last week ohio congressman brad wenstrup who was also on the field that day, told bureau chief christopher wray the designation is unfair to survivors. it doesn't line up with the evidence, and fails to recognize the heroism of the officers who responded. now an update on operation lone star, texas authorities took fox news on aerial and marine tours of the southern border today to highlight their efforts to deal
3:11 pm
with the immigration crisis. correspondent aishah hasnie tells us what she saw. >> speeding downtown rio grande river, we're with texas depth of safety officers as they look out for people crossing over. under governor greg abbott's directive dps is lending a hand to border patrol agents and the national guard using air, ground, and marine assets to stop mexican cartels from smuggling people and drugs into the country. we went up in the air with state troopers as they patrol the rio grande valley. >> state troopers are the eyes in the skies. when they see migrants down below, they will alert border patrol agents to [inaudible] so much recent activity it is taking longer than usual for those agents to respond. >> only 10 minutes into our flight, we spot a woman with a backpack on the mexican side. troopers think she is a scout
3:12 pm
for the cartel. she is looking right at us as she talks on a cell phone. >> she is a member of the cartel and walking around with two cell phones. >> there is a constant aerial presence. there is two to three choppers in the air throughout the day. they tell us they can honestly use three more. >> just in the last five weeks of this operation, dps arrested 631 people seized marijuana, cocaine, guns, money and detained 24,000 smuggled migrants, 7,000 of them minors. >> we are always trying to find that balance and we are making it work. >> the first-hand experience shows us how porous and open the border really is and how difficult a job these men and women have as they chase down the cartels with seemingly no end in sight. >> the violence and corruption is there at a different level. >> in the rio grand valley
3:13 pm
aishah hasnie, fox news. >> up next, another big success for spacex as it resigns its way recycles it wayback. fox 5 in new york former confidante entrepreneur and section criminal jeffrey epstein appears in person before a judge for the first time. ghislaine maxwell pleaded not guilty to section trafficking conspiracy and an additional section trafficking charge. her lawyers say the new charges make it impossible for them to be ready by the july 12th trial date. fox 10 in phoenix, an arizona judge cited deep concerns about ballot secrecy today during an audit of the 2020 election results in maricopa county; however, the process will move forward after democrats decided not to put up a million dollars bond to fund any increase in costs from the delay. and this is a live look at atlanta from fox five. one of the big stories there tonight after 22 years in the
3:14 pm
top spot, hartfield jackson loses its claim to be the world's busiest airport it saw traffic drop 61% from 2019 to last year. of the new holder of the title is china's one row international airport which jumped from 11 to it number one with 43.8 million passengers. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> shannon: the u.s. supreme court justices took their class photo today. all nine of the justices were on hand for the session. this entire year they did arguments via telephone but there they are there together in the room. another victory tonight for the spacex team. the company has launched its third crew in under a year this. time using a recycled rocket and capsule. correspondent jonathan serrie shows us tonight. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. ignition and liftoff. godspeed. >> a powerful spacex nag con
3:19 pm
nine rocket left a fiery trail as it carried the spacecraft skyward resident and tourists in nearby communities gathered outside to witness the predawn spectacle. >> whole sky lit up right before law firm and you see democrat je'kel tore of the rocket going across the sky in the various stages releasing off the rocket it was much more exciting being here in person. >> dragon separation confirmed. >> within minutes endeavor was in orbit the four senate on board took a moment to send greeting back to earth and reflect on the launch. >> the asset was incredible. the ride was really smooth. we couldn't have asked for anything better there may have been some hooting and giggling up here while all of that was going on. we hope you enjoyed the show as well. >> saturday the astronauts are scheduled to dock with the international space station where they will spend the next six months conducting research to improve technology and protocols to improve missions into deep space. earlier this week experimental
3:20 pm
mars rover converted a small a carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into oxygen a process that may one day help power rockets and provide breathable air for astronauts. >> it's trying to live off the land where we can use the atmosphere of mars in this case to generate oxygen from atmospheric co 2 and exploit frozen water in the craters. >> it's nasa's goal to return humans to the moon as early as 2024 with the intent of preparing spacecraft and astronauts for the much longer and more ambitious expwrowrny to mars. shannon? jonathan, interesting report. thank you the pentagon says a pair of b-52 bombers has arrived in the middle east to provide cover for the u.s. military withdrawal from afghanistan. the aircraft carrier dwight d. eisenhower is also in the region right now and will provide jets for overwatch. a u.s. special operations task force will deploy to afghanistan to assist.
3:21 pm
press secretary john kirby says there will be a temporary increase of forces in afghanistan but would not be more specific about the units involved. rescue teams searching for a missing indonesian submarine racing against time tonight. oxygen may be running out soon for the 53 crew members on board. navy is scouring the waters off bali. the vessel disappeared after last reported dive on wednesday. there is concern it may have sunk too deep to reach or recover in time. up next, the fate of the johnson & johnson coronavirus vaccine. first, beyond our borders tonight, japan declare as third state of emergency for tokyo and three other urban areas in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus ahead the olympics. japan's prime minister says the declaration takes affect sunday and runs through may 11th. imprisoned russian operation alexei navalny ending hunger strike after getting medical attention and warned by doctors
3:22 pm
that continuing it would put his life at risk. navalny posted the incentral gram on the 24th day of the strike. hundreds protest in berlin after the leaders of russia and china pledge international cooperation on cutting what they call climate wrecking coal and petroleum emissions during the white house summit. the protesters saying the gathering expressed only empty promises they also accused the u.s. of leaving out of meeting 9 country's most affected by climate change. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ ♪ (ac/dc: back in black) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> shannon: a former olympian turned celebrity activist is looking for resume update governor of california. caitlyn jenner plans to run as a republican while democrat incumbent gavin newsom faces a likely recall. correspondent chris steep that coleman reports report from san monica. >> i'm in california is worth fighting for that's how reality star caitlyn jenner announced to her 3.5 million twitter followers that she wants to be the california's next governor. status sure to bring more attention to the recall election. she was on masked singer last month talking about living authentically. >> i think it's important that you stay visible. i want to show people that even no matter who you are, what you are, what time in life you do this, that once you get through it, that there is a light at the other end. >> jenner's bid now represents
3:27 pm
the highest profile campaign by a transgender person in u.s. history. but, she is not new to politics. >> hello, my fellow republicans. yea. [cheers] >> it was easy to come out as tran. it was harder to come out as republican. >> caitlyn's website caitlin for california selling wine glasses to bumper stickers. doesn't list her policy positions in a statement today she did slam the way incumbent governor gavin newsom is running the state saying taxes are too high and the covid lockdowns overrestrictive. newsom campaign spokesman said, quote: we always knew the republican recall would be a ludicrous circus full of trump supporters which only reinforces how much californians appreciate governor newsom's competent, compassionate experienced leadership during unprecedented series of crises. newsom also blasted jenner to ties to people who once worked for donald trump. jenner voted for trump in 2016
3:28 pm
later revoked support for him over federal policies regarding the transgender community. the recall effort is not official yet. it's expected to take place later this year. another contender, former san diego mayor kevin faulconer expects more contenders to enter the race but so far no democrats have announced they are running signaling unified support for newsom. shannon? >> shannon: christina coleman out west for us. thank you, christina. ax we told you moments ago experts from the cdc are urging that johnson & johnson coronavirus vaccine be put back into use. the government suspended injections because the formula has been linked to rare blood clots in women. the advisers say the vaccine benefits outweigh the serious but small risk. and there is growing concern tonight about the long-term effects of the pandemic on students. many experts believe children who have been kept out of the classroom have suffered significant dang to their education. here's senior correspondent laura ingle.
3:29 pm
>> what else did we have? >> this last year has been difficult for kids. several studies show that many students are now a year or more behind in math and reading. >> in a year when there has been so uncertainty and stress that i don't think they realize is on them. >> as many parents and educators across the u.s. work to bring struggling students up to speed, they are also deciding if the child should move onto the next grade. >> 17 states along with washington, d.c., have mandatory retention policies for 3rd graders. meaning if kids don't meet reading requirements, they could be forced to repeat the grade. unless they are successfully granted an exception. many educators say 3rd grade is traditionally the year when students go from learning to read to reading to learn. >> we know as teachers literacy is very important. but retaining a student does not make them a better reader. >> in a year of virtual learning, many parents and
3:30 pm
teachers across the country say this is actually the year where exceptions should be made. >> i am hoping that our voices are heard and that we can support our students to the best of our ability and not be punitive. >> in january, lawmakers in tennessee passed a bill requiring kids that didn't meet the state standards to repeat the 3rd grade. the speaker of the house cammeron sectionton says it was time to stop socially promoting students. >> it's unfair to continue to move them in grade levels and get them graduated in high school potentially and not be prepared to enter the workforce or go to college. >> the department education tells fox it's providing states and districts with guidance and resources to develop effective approaches to accelerate learning including during the summer. shannon? >> shannon: laura ingle, thank you very much. up next, bret talks with country music star brad paisley about getting the rest of the country vaccinated. >> i just think it's our way back.
3:31 pm
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♪ >> shannon: now that all americans ages 16 and older are eligible for the coronavirus vaccine, the push to get the population immunized is in high gear. my colleague bret baier talks tonight with one of the celebrities doing what he can to get the word out. >> shannon, thank you. i am pleased today to be joined by country music singer, song writer brad paisley. brad, great to see you. >> how are you doing, bret? >> good to see you. >> bret: i'm doing great. listen, weed to have you on because you launched this evident to get people to get the vaccine. what prompted you to do this? >> well, you know, we have got some great plans for this summer.
3:36 pm
and nashville -- we're actually playing the fourth of july which is going to be a sort of amazing welcome back nashville on the 4th. i have got good friends at vanderbilt hospital and a lot of people have, you know, been talking to me about these -- this situation. i just think it's our way back. our industry, nashville has been hit so hard. i mean, all of the things that we have gone through from the touring industry being completely crippled to just the amazing ways that fans have been deprived of live music. i'm just really hopeful that this is the light at the end of the tub. >> bret: yeah, i'm going to play this public service announcement and let people see it. >> empty seats can't cheer. they don't tailgate. and they don't know fight songs. empty seats don't sing during seventh inning stretches. and they don't know stats or
3:37 pm
superstitions. there's a sound track for places like this. and it isn't made in a studio. it's made by you. so when it's your turn to get the vaccine, be a fan, take the shot. >> bret: it's well-done. i will tell you, brad, i do hear from people that had they are either afraid of it, number one, they are not sure that they want to do it. and/or that they have to do it. when you run into those folks, what do you tell them? >> well, i mean, look, obviously this is the kind of thing that i think folks think was quickly thrown together and maybe not researched. but this is a 10-year effort on the part of these manufacturers that was luckily ready for this. we have, you know, i have done a lot of research myself. and it's a really scary thing to think about two things. one, is that something was thrown out there, which this wasn't. and the other thing that this
3:38 pm
pandemic goes on indefinitely and completely changes our lives. i mean i am so sick of wearing a mask. i'm so sick of missing my fans and knowing that these doctors have something that can change this is something that i'm really passionate about. >> bret: let freedom sing is the event on 4th of july. tell us about that. >> yeah, so nashville, it was interesting. we were going to do it last year. but, we couldn't do it but this year we are -- nashville has done a really good job of rolling this out. we are going to be playing on broadway sort of free for all show up and celebrate the fact that i feel like life is maybe coming back. and what is more american than country music on the street of broadway in nashville, right? >> bret: yeah, with a big fireworks show. you know, democrats, republicans, independents, they like country music.
3:39 pm
and it kind of crosses all lines. how do you describe to people now the environment in this country and does it affect you? >> well, you know, as a country singer, we are -- you know, we are certainly in the sort of what you would call rural demo for the most part. but, i think we have a wide raping appeal and i don't feel politics or any of that when worry out on the road but the issue really is lately i haven't had a chance to be anywhere and she these people. truly what you feel as a musician is love. you feel like you are representing those folks something for me i feel like getting back to normal is important for all of our mental health and welfare because i have missed so much not seeing
3:40 pm
these fans. >> bret: i hear you. we miss going to concerts, too. let me leave you with this. you have got so many big hits and so many great songs. is there one song when you are on stage and playing it it's like awe, this is my sweet spot? >> it's interesting. you were telling me your friend peyton manning that nationwide jingle. >> bret: i am. we are not selling any nationwide here. >> no, no, no. he will tell you that's my biggest hit and he wrote it. >> bret: and he wrote it that's right. >> he will totally claim he wrote it. the one song that's the sweet spot for me lately is this is country music. because, you know, it just talks about what country music is to people. and i think it's more important than ever that we -- that we sort of feel pride in being american. and finding some way to cross these boundaries and that song to me always just represents a lot of the things we stand for.
3:41 pm
so, i am anxious to play that in front of human beings that are right in front of me again one of these days. >> bret: brad paisley we are anxious to be one of those human beings. we appreciate your time and see you down the road. >> come see me bret, absolutely. >> bret: you got it. shannon, i will toss it back to you. >> shannon: all right. so looking forward to those concerts. up next, the friday lightning round. president biden's left agenda police reform. toplus, winners and losers. ♪ ♪ deserves to be free ♪
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>> climate resilience and infrastructure we create opportunities for everyone. that's at the heart of my jobs plan that i proposed here in the united states. it's how our nation intends to build an economy that gives everybody a fair shot. >> there's a need to modernize our infrastructure. there is a need to invest in child care. there is a need to invest in early childhood education and making our kids and the workers of the next generation more competitive. that can be on the backs of the wealthiest americans who can afford it and corporations and businesses who can afford it. and view and view of the economic team is that that won't have a negative impact. >> shannon: let's bring in our
3:46 pm
panel mollie hemingway senior editor at "the federalist." leslie marshall democratic strategist and katie pavlich news editor at town great to see all of you don't. >> hi, shannon. >> great to be here. >> shannon: we have back and forth proposals from republicans. mollie, before we get that this next multitrillion dollars package, have we defined infrastructure here in washington? >> apparently everything is infrastructure according to the democrats. but what i'm just so fascinated by was it was not that long ago that we had a campaign where joe biden was presented as a moderate, as a unifier. his campaign message was that we had had division under donald trump and we needed unity and that's why you should elect him. he won by 40,000 votes in three states. the senate is tied. the house is controlled by just like a half dozen democrats and, yet, is he pushing through such a radical far left agenda that it's absurd and i think the backlash is going to be stunning. you look at previous democrats who really tried to do this level of change, they really did have a mandate.
3:47 pm
fdr controlled the house by like 200 votes. the senate he had a two to one majority and he had won in a landslide. that's not the case with biden and yet he is governing as if he did have a mandate and pushing through these radical ideas can so much division and racism you know coming along with it that i really think there is going to be a major push back and electoral reckoning in the days to many do. >> shannon: well, traditionally we know the president the first midterm after his election is generally not good for him and his party, leslie. are democrats worried at all about the more progressive pull for president biden and how it could translate at the ballot box. >> no, because joe biden is a moderate. i find it funny that people are thinking that it's progressive. let's look at some of the things that are progressive. two thirds in particular that he campaigned on, universal pre-k that is approved by 84% of americans. 73% of republicans i guess they become progressive and then you have paid family leave not just our own jesse watters who likes that but 80% of americans
3:48 pm
support that again, a lot of conservatives support that as well. and, as a matter of fact, treasurers, state treasurers from 17 states are saying please we want this because there are nine states in the united states that are already have this. look, this is -- aoc and bernie sanders would laugh if i said this was a progressive bill and legislation that's being put forth. expensive? big price tag? republicans don't like that? absolutely, no question. but, at the end of the day, these are things that joe biden campaigned on and a lot of them have a majority of support of voters on both sides of the aisle. >> shannon: well, katie, to that point what we are hearing from this administration is that these are things that are supported with bipartisan support. now, they are now redefining that to not mean actual elected leaders like republicans on capitol hill because they are getting things done without republican votes. how do you define bipartisan? ship? >> well, people support a lot of things in the first question when they're asked but then when you ask them if they have to pay
3:49 pm
for it they tend to change their mind and that has to do with a lot of what is in the so-called new human infrastructure plan on top of the hard infrastructure plan which actually doesn't have a lot of real infrastructure projects in it this is not just about joe biden and the lie that he was a moderate on the campaign trail and that he would govern as a moderate in a bipartisan fashion. this is about the idea that the white house is still trying to argue that corporations and small businesses can raise their taxes and pay for this endless amount of spending in washington, d.c. on programs that are designed not just to just -- not necessarily to benefit the american people but to enlarge the federal government which we all know can never really be taken back in terms of cutting down its size. the fact is that they want to pay for it every day americans the middle class are going to pay for it through things like gas taxes that they floated. through death taxes that would be in this -- these bills to pay for these types of things.
3:50 pm
these proposals will affect middle class americans who are just getting by who maybe lost their businesses trying to come out of the pandemic and, yet, they are still trying to sell it as if only corporations and big businesses will pay for it. that's not true. everyday americans will pay for these plans. >> shannon: well, one of the other things they are talking about trying to get done on the hill which they have been talking about for months and months is some type of police reform. clearly the recent events are going to reescalate and reignite that conversation. mollie, they didn't want to get it done last year with tim scott's bill. democrats filibustered it before the election. where do we go from here on that front? >> yeah, they had a pretty good bill last year that they could have worked on and they decided not to because they didn't want to give republican as win. a larger question, too, about how to reform police situations. sometimes there is a need to do that. and should it be top down from the federal government or not? the biden administration announced that they're returning to the consent decree approach. that's where the federal government comes in and tells you what you have to do.
3:51 pm
the trump administration tried to move away from that because the previous three administrations had done 70 consent decrees and it wasn't really seeming to be working. they were trying to work with police to actually reform and improve. but there is a bigger, bigger lie involved here, too. which is being put forth by the biden administration. that police are creating a distopic racist hell hole in america. that's just not true. and all of this action against the police in the last year has actually led to a huge increase in violent crime and homicides and it is the most marginalized communities that are suffering from this and it's not being covered appropriately by the media. that's the real crisis that we're dealing with now. not this lie that he would telling about the police. shan marc thiessen in an opinion piece in the "the washington post" this week said this is a great opportunity for president biden to show bipartisan. ship. he said if biden makes a choice not to cooperate on their then his inaugural promise to put his whole soul in to unite our country was nothing about a lie.
3:52 pm
quick response from you leslie and then i want to get to winners and losers? >> look, president biden always said he was not in favor of defund the police. that reformation was key. i do think there is an area of bipartisan agreement people scratching heads how a police officer can mistake a gun for a taser or a taser for a gun. look having the consent decree in place is not going to bring the federal government n the no disrespect to mollie that she presented it. actually if you look at the way it was done during the obama years it was something that was actually very useful to police with regard to reformation and if you want to look at things under the consent decree like what happened in ferguson, that police officer was not -- was not indicted for his actions with that young man. >> shannon: we could continue that conversation for a long time but i want to make sure quickly we get to each of your winners and losers, katie, to you first? >> katie: so my winner for the week is the columbus police
3:53 pm
officer who helped save the life of a young girl. earlier this week he should be praised. he is a hero. and my loser for the week is the gwinnett county school board that got taken to task by an angry mother named courtny ann taylor for absurd and ridiculous mask mandates for little children. >> shannon: quick to you, leslie. >> leslie: my winner is my state of california. we are number one in the lowest number of covid cases despite recall efforts and lockdowns and my loser josh hawley, not only the only republican, the only senator to vote against an anti-asian hate crime bill. >> shannon: yeah, and he does have an explanation on social media about that if you want to know why. mollie, finish this up. >> molly: yes, my winner is dana white who head ufc. he is hosting a fight this weekend, a 15,000 people will be in attendance indoors in jacksonville, florida. he really wanted to push back against some of the pandemic craziness and he is hosting that fight. my loser is lebron james who
3:54 pm
threatened that columbus police officer who saved the life of the young woman and put out some really offensive commentary about it at a time when he should have been showing some leadership. >> shannon: well, all of us need to take a breath when these things happen we always learn much more down the road. lady, thank you very much. >> thank you, shannon. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: when we come back, "notable quotables." ♪ ♪ the same. the rx crafted by lexus. lease the 2021 rx 350 for $439 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. lease the 2021 rx 350 for $439 a month for 36 months. experience amazing it would be cool tor. ride a horse on the moon.
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3:59 pm
man. >> thank you, george floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice. >> there are those who want to use every instance to drive stakes of division into everything. >> get down, get down, get down! >> lebron james putting out this narrative with the picture of the police officer, putting that officer's life in danger. >> stop using me as a black man as your pond, i'm sick of it. >> a stain on our nation's soul >> he has gone full wokerista. i did not know he would be left of lenin. >> figure out the problems you can fix it. >> today is what you might call a very unofficial american holiday, 4/20. >> we need to make the filibuster too hot to handle. >> lift off.
4:00 pm
godspeed. >> shannon: thanks for watching "special report." i'm shannon bream and in washington. please join me for "fox news @ night" this evening at midnight eastern, 9:00 pacific. "fox news primetime" hosted by ben domenech starts right now. have a great weekend. >> ben: thank you. thank you, shannon. good evening, and welcome to fox news prime time. ♪ ♪ two years before the pilgrims made landfall at plymouth rock, the dozens of lords, dukes, investors, and kings of europe were busy preparing for what will become a 30 years war. in letters between them discussing their plans, they wrote all the things that mattered strategically. in some of those letters, a specific observation was shared, a neighboring kingdom was once tough, but they had since fallen into decadence. these advisors were observing their neighbors precisely because those kingdoms were once formidable, but they had since grown rich and idle, more interested in fine things that hard work and hearty character. they were weak. they were indicate.


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