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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 23, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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their power. >> neil: all right. keep us posted. ashley moody, florida attorney general. she just mentioned the cdc. it has gone ahead and given the green light for johnson & johnson vaccine to get back on the market. we will be exploring that tomorrow on cavuto live. >> juan: hello everyone i'm juan williams along with sandra smith, jesse watters, dagen mcdowell and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> juan: democrats and the media being accused of anti-cop rhetoric. it's over their reaction to a police officer fatally shooting an ohio teenager who was holding a knife. makai bryant. in new york city, demonstrators clashing with law enforcement and spray painting slogans like f the police on statues. democrats and the press being criticized for saying bryant was
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involved in a typical teenager fight and the officer should have acted differently. the columbus police union president he is pushing back against that much saying bashing the cops make the people that they protect less safe. take a look. >> it doesn't fit an agenda that's being pushed around this entire country, certainly in ohio, here in columbus. the same day we had this tragic shooting that the officer was involved in, we had a 15-year-old shoot another 15-year-old. in cincinnati, not far from us, earlier in the week, a 13-year-old stabbed another 13-year-old. it's everywhere. we're not even hearing about those. the police have been demonized in this entire country and we are trying to catch up now. it's made criminals feel emboldened who do these crimes violence. >> juan: jesse, so, what we have here is a situation where you
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have the police officer's union standing up for them and i think that's right. but there is a new poll out today from "the washington post that says 60% of americans say the united states needs to do more to hold police accountable for mistreating black people. and that includes 30% of republicans. what do you think, jesse? >> jesse: i think if you mistreat anyone black or white, you need to be held accountable. and that's what we saw in the derek chauvin trial. but i just want to take this instance and extrapolate it. black americans are calling 911 for help, juan, because someone has committed a crime in their neighborhood and police are arriving to help black americans. and 99.999% of the time that situation is handled perfectly. and then in that very, very, very small percentage there is a tragedy, someone loses a life and it's very complex. but what the media does is they jump in and they create a
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narrative that white police officers are hunting down and murdering black people who are innocent. that is not the case and that is not supported by the facts. and they do this for two reasons. they do this for one reason, to take the attention away from black-on-black crime and put attention on the police. they also do this to increase black americans' fear of white police officers so they continue to vote for democrats. and when a republican comes up and tries to speak about the facts of the case, the media says that republican is racist. they do that to scare them, strike fear in their hearts, so they shut up and don't speak their minds. this is how the media controls us through fear and divides us for power. in reality, juan, and i know you know, this blacks and whites in america get along great. you go to a washington football game, you go to a nationals game, you go to the train, the
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gas station, the bar, the restaurant, everyone does their thing, everyone is doing just fine. and you also know black americans don't have a huge problem with police for the most part. black americans don't want to defund the police. they want more police. they want fast response times. they just want robust police who are respectful. everybody agrees on that. so, what's holding us back? the media is holding us back. we have a lot of lo for one another in this country and we have come a long way on race. but we're not there yet. and there's one on stack in the way, juan, it's the media who continues to divide us for power. >> juan: all right. that's one perspective, so, greg, in the congress you have tim scott, the republican senator from south carolina, cory booker a republican from new jersey karen bass in the house, the congresswoman from california, they say they are on the verge of some kind of-so
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they could be held more accountable. what do you think of this compromise are you optimistic. >> greg: i hope. so i'm for any kind of compromise as you know. to pick up on what jesse is saying. if this issue -- this police issue was reported with accurate data on race and police shootings, we would actually get a proper perspective that would allow us as a country to focus on the social problems that lead to those tragic spectacles in the final moments that we see on the video. we are only reacting to the final video. and, yet, somehow we ignore all the moments that led to that point. activists have called us racist when we talk about crimes. black-on-black crime like that stabbing. because, in fact, those
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activists are racist. they completely abandon the standards for blacks. they just say when you talk about black-on-black crime as we have on "the five" about when we were talking about the chicago explosion in crime, what was the response in hey, that's just gangs. that's just gangs crime. that doesn't affect you. don't worry about it and in this case hey, it's just knives. just people having an average teenage knife fight. that lowering of standards of accepting that behavior, that's as racist as hell. it's offensive. and it leads to these -- that's what leads to these 911 calls. what triggered that call was the ending of a sad life. what mainstream media loves to ignore. why was she in foster care? what was the fight about? why was that guy kicking a woman? none of these questions matter? just like what happened in chicago. all that stuff that you ignore allows this narrative to continue and these emotional
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horrifying videos to continue so instead, the media, as you bring up the reform, the media wants us to focus on the one person, the one person who must intervene because that's his job. the cop. they target the guy who has to address the problem that the activist and the media have ignored for decades. it's on that one guy and that one moment. and nobody has mercy on him. >> juan: okay, so, day began, you know, i think, you know, a lot of the liberal left went too far and start talking about things like defund the police. but, looking at the this poll that i was mentioning to jesse and greg. you got like 6% of american adults, people of all colors saying there is not equal treatment in the criminal justice system for black americans. that includes a third, by the way, of republicans who agree with that. but, you know, you hear people say well, it's the media, whatever. but it's like 80% to 90% of
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plaque people say they are not treated equally in the criminal justice system. what do you make of this? ?taking san diego tim scott has talked about that. how many times has he been pulled over for just for no reason quite frankly. but to greg's point, the one thing that we never talk about is the media will always go to racism, anti-asian crime, antiblack crime but they never talk about mental illness. and one quarter of all fatal police shootings involve a person with a mental illness but we don't talk about that we do nothing to address it. less require less than 8 hours of training. these left wing mouthpieces are really plumbing new depths of
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dumb assery. knives aren't dangerous or police need to stop doing all traffic stops. the attorney general in new york has talked about stopping routine traffic stops. oh, so when you get beat up by a lunatic, what's the message then? suck it up and put your makeup on your bruises or your house gets robbed? who needs three tv sets? that's just materialistic. this demonization of police officers is going to have the effect of defunding the police. police officers are retiring. they're afraid to do their jobs. and young, smart, talented people will never join a police force. they will never make their career and dedicate their life to public safety. and i know that for a fact because i talked to a police officer today, 30 years on the force. three decades protecting the lives of new yorkers. two sons, college age and he said i cannot and will not tell them to go to the academy and
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join the force. they won't be allowed to do their job and their lives would be in danger. >> sandra: to back that up i talked to the fraternal order of police 16 years if the police force talked about morale at all-time low. it was a stark warning about what is happening with the members of our police force across the country right now. i hope i speak for so many americans who live in towns across america who enjoy the safety of their police departments knowing to jesse's point that 99% of the time those police officers are responding on the other end of 911 and they are coming in to help you, your family, your neighbors. we need to say thank you more and i will end with this. joy behar today questioning police tactics, tactics that are banned in police departments across the country like why didn't you fire a warning shot? that's not allowed and that is not a part of police training tactics. joe go maldi said what goes up must come down. they are not allowed to do that. to his point, his concern is
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that in the media there is a narrative out there, it being pushed and questions being asked what are clearly not researched and not based on fact. and that's a very dangerous thing for viewers on a lot of these networks that are hearing that to hear. >> juan: i think you are right, sandra. yesterday, i was one of the people who said what can you do to try to distract this woman? could you fire a gun in the air? because, you know, the police work is tough but, of course, taking a human life, you know, that's final. so the question was is there a way to deal with it now? police have to go through extreme training and we have to respect that. all right. fox news alert. a cdc advisory panel recommending to lift the pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine. now they will allow use of the vaccine to resume for all people 18 and over, 16 women who got the shot developed rare blood clots. but the panel says the benefits
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: it's ragae week. president biden has been bothing will his plan to save the plant and cut carbon emissions by 50%.
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that sounds great but what would we have to do to give up to make that happen? americans would have to cut red meat consumption by a whopping 90%. that means only one burger a month. you could also end up paying thousands of dollars more in taxes. and the new car is going to cost you 55 grand because it has to be electric. the democrats have scared liberals so much some are now dealing with ecoanxiety. here's one of them. >> i am one of many, many, many young people who all experience climate anxiety which is the feeling of uncertainty over livable future. climate anxiety is up. physical reaction and i have experienced that quite a lot. the tightness in the chest, the feeling in the stomach, the feeling of doom and dread and panic that i think a lot of young people feel. >> jesse: oh, get a grip. all right, gutfeld, i know you like your bone-in ribeye marbleized medium rare.
2:18 pm
have you got to cut back if you are going to hit joe's climate targets. >> i have ricco anxiety. i have been feeling bad ever since ricco suave i have a disappeared. here is a question to your point if 2030 is his goal to be at that place at 2030, that pretty much means almost all the coal plants have to close. yet, we're going to demand that half of our cars are going to be electric. how is that even possible without coal plants, no electric power, you will not have the electric power to fuel the cars unless you harness the power of their anxiety to power the wind mills to power the electric power plants to fuel the cars. echo anxiety is, again, something kind of created by the media to use fear to keep us engaged, right? we are -- if we are -- aren't anxious we are more likely to be productive, independent thinkers. we are less gullible. we are less naive.
2:19 pm
and once you become that and then you become skeptical and start asking questions, you are the worse thing for the media because you stop buying their stories and their narratives. they don't want you to think. they would rather have you scared because that keeps you glued. >> jesse: you are a bad customer if you start asking questions. >> greg: yeah. >> jesse: dagen mcdowell, it's easy to set targets. i just set a target i'm going to do something on saturday night. it's a target and i should be rewarded for that. the results don't matter, it's my intentions, right? because biden will be long gone by 2030. >> dagen: right. you are a millennial. not quite but you sound like one. so these are -- i really love the idea of upending our economy just to calm down nervous narcissists. and what's going to happen with electric cars, it's not going to be a choice, it's going to be a mandate. that is where we are going. and i know that for a fact
2:20 pm
because there is a democrat bill that bans the sale of gasoline automobiles of all gas-powered cars by 2035 and vice president kamala harris proposed that very idea. it already happened in california. she wants to get rid of gas-powered cars. americans are smart, they haven't been buying electric vehicles. only 2% of all cars in recent years sold in this country every year are electric because they don't go far enough. the battery technology isn't there. and they are expensive. joe biden is going to pump $100 billion which jesse talked about yesterday into more tax rebates to buy them and people still won't buy them. one, because it hands power to china the home of most of the rare earth minerals from this country. one more thing, americans just like being told what to do because we are not communists or most of us aren't. [laughter] >> jesse: you are not a communist.
2:21 pm
sandra. >> sandra: thanks, jesse. >> jesse: tell me, would you buy an electric car? it's 55 grand on average. but i don't really like how they look, do you? >> sandra: it's not even about that. this is the party that says that they are the champion of the middle class. you have still got families across this country that are living paycheck to paycheck as a result of the pandemic and you are not only telling them that they are going to have to go out and buy a $50,000 electric vehicle, you are going to tell them they can't have their burgers, their taxes are going to go up. everything about their lives might change, they might lose their job but no fear here is john kerry, i don't think it's going to mean that much dislocation really. i mean this biden plan has really no details. if you lose your job, there is no plan to replace it. >> jesse: so, juan, democrats coming into your kitchen, regulating your vehicles. is this what you guys are going to run on in the midterms? >> juan: i think i have got an anxiety attack building right here, jesse. job what i'm going to do. i will tell you what i'm anxious about it. i think that we have greenhouse
2:22 pm
gases increasing at the moment from all the hot air being spewed on this program right now. you are telling me there is a law now that tells you can't eat more than one hamburger? where is that law? i think people are making stuff up. it's all scare tactics. you talk about. >> sandra: your party is talking about lowering greenhouse gas emissions. >> juan: yeah. we should lower greenhouse gases. i think what you have got here is a bill that's popular in the polls with the american people. it's popular with the unions, it's popular with big business. >> jesse: they don't know what is in it. >> juan: i don't know who it's not popular with stock market says yes to it. i think there are people who say well, no, we don't want to do it. talk about electric cars. >> sandra: can i get one thing in there you say it's popular with everybody and day ganos this. the bank said they were all in on this. four out of the big seven banks said they were committing to this didn't show up last week, juan. >> juan: yes. i'm tell you, the banks -- i'm
2:23 pm
telling the big auto companies want in on this. >> jesse: we have got to go. they want in on the cash, juan. >> juan: but they are going to stop building gas-powered cars. >> jesse: never. juan, what happened to the chevy volt. exactly. ahead, free stuff for everybody. democrat set to shower people with cash just to sit at home and do nothing. ♪ ♪ and viruses.
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♪ >> sandra: democrats across the country getting ready to dish out cold hard cash with no strings attached. self cities rolling out universal basic income programs where people can get up to a
2:28 pm
thousand dollars a month for doing nothing. the idea gaining momentum in major cities like new york and los angeles. and chicago. day began, what's wrong with that? >> dagen: this is such a brilliant idea at a time when businesses that are trying to reopen and get back on their feet can't find enough workers. there is a worker shortage in part because of the stimulus checks that have been sent out in the last year and the extra unemployment benefits that are still being paid and you see it far and wide. businesses, truck drivers shortage, entry level low wage skilled workers even, child care, information technology, one restaurant i heard about was offering 1,000 bucks if workers stayed on the job for 90 days. so it creates an incentive at the local level for people not to go out -- there are almost 7.5 million job openings. that's higher than before the pandemic even started. allow me to quote dana perino. there is honor and dignity in
2:29 pm
work. >> sandra: it's a fantastic point considering the statistics that are out there. jesse, i'm sure you have seen it as well there are companies all across america that are saying we have thousands of job openings but we can't fill them. there is oftentimes multiple reasons for that but one common denominator is they say some people are doing better off staying home than they are leaving the house to go to work. >> jesse: day began is right. this will also increase illegal immigration. no one is going to do those low wage jobs. they will just pour across the border and they will start taking those jobs and not paying taxes and then wire the money back home. i don't know. the democrats might have just figured it out. just bribe people to vote for them. i see that why stop at 1,000? let's go to 2 and 3 until you can just overload the treasury and no one knows what's going to happen. we will just print it. that's what we do right now. i just see every homeless person
2:30 pm
or someone is down on their luck or drug abuser. just move to l.a., chicago, new york, get a mailbox address. collect $1,000 a month. why not? i just don't think that's great way to run a city. >> sandra: juan, is that what this is about, buying votes? >> juan: you are talking to me? >> sandra: yeah, juan. >> juan: this is nothing -- i mean, i just listen to this stuff and i just laugh. because i mean now all of a sudden illegal immigrants are voting. i don't know what to make of this. to my mind this is -- i think you said people are just going to cross the border to get this benefit and they are going to vote. i just think it's nuts. >> jesse: i didn't say they vote. i said they get the benefit checks and wire it home. >> juan: but they are not going to get any benefit. they are not citizens, jesse. but i understand you just want to put this down but it's not widespread. this was andrew yang. remember andrew yang? please, okay.
2:31 pm
remember andrew yang during the democratic primaries, he had this idea, universal basic income. a lot of people have this idea. i discussed this with greg about with increased automation in the job place there are more need and discussion about whether this is a good idea. and, by the way, much of this idea comes from conservative thinkers. president nixon had it way back. milton freidman thought it was a better idea to give people money directly, do away with the whole welfare bureaucracy. mitt romney had an idea. again, this is not for everyone but for very poor people or pregnant women trying to keep them from going into sort of catastrophic straits. that's what this is about. i don't know why you want to paint this as some give away to bums. >> sandra: it was universal basic income that we're talking about. >> jesse: you convinced me. >> sandra: don't stop there. right? bernie sanders is talking about free college tuition for all as well. >> greg: i would like to cite a
2:32 pm
brand new fox opinion poll. 98% favor free stuff. 2% were dead. so this is an internal truth. nothing is ever free. you know the key variable when you know you have entered adulthood is when you understand cost-benefit analysis. nothing is ever free. the cost is felt somewhere. however, i am always open to stuff like this. as long as you can measure it, and you can experiment in a finite space like how do you measure the effectiveness of ubi. is it in crime stats? is it homelessness or mental illness? i don't know how you measure the benefit. i think what jesse's point was making, you can't have an open border and free stuff at the same time because you are going to bankrupt -- you are going to bankrupt the city. so, that, i think that is a big problem. but i just -- i don't know, i would like to see something like this, but, i think that what is behind this story, fear in
2:33 pm
silicon valley as the wealth concentrate into a very, very small number of super billionaires and trillion narrows. they are going to be worried about the -- the rank and file. >> jesse: got to pay off the peasants. >> greg: pay off the peasants because they will come with the pitch forks on bart, no less. >> sandra: we have to leave it there. the fastest five is up next. is that what it is? we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic )
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2:38 pm
the long-time republican says she wants to topple lockdown lovin' gavin newsom and return the golden state to prosperity. jenner is calling herself a disrupter, an outsider, newsom is facing an all but certain recall election later this year. greg, what do you say? >> greg: you want real change? this is it. i i have been pushing caitlin forever. i think i wanted trump to pick her as his v.p. there are so many talents that indicate lynn jenner has-caitlye has a tremendous sense of humor. she doesn't take herself seriously. she san athlete. athletes have no patience for victim molg and she watches this show. she watches my show. i have been her. she has promised to committee show. i have been her all this morning and she hasn't gotten back to me. she has to do my show. and i will even, you know, i'm
2:39 pm
excited. i am -- this is the best news. the best news. >> dagen: was that sucking up sufficient? >> greg: i can suck up some more, trust me. there is 20 minutes left. can i suck up a hell of a lot. >> dagen: jesse, you are a suck-up, caitlyn jenner? >> jesse: i want to see the d.m.s between greg and caitlyn. listen, she is a republican and pull some reverse identity politics jujitsu on gavin newsom because any attack on caitlyn that is an attack on a transgender person. she has a big shield that she could use little reverse identity politics on the democrats. this could be a good thing here. >> dagen: sandra? >> sandra: i don't know if i'm as excited about greg but this is going to be fascinating to watch and her team is describing her, one of the members of her team as a social liberal,
2:40 pm
fiscally conservative and then newsom thinks can he beat her by tying her to trump in his fundraising. might help her. i don't know. >> dagen: i think she has to release some tax returns. i'm excited to see those, juan. >> juan: well, you know, to my mind, you know, california had the terminator, arnold schwarz, they had governor moon beam remember jerry brown so they will now they will have the olympian. celebrity and money and i'm not even sure about all the celebrity in that family, you know, how it gets going, but celebrity money anything is possible. minnesota had the wrestle jesse ventura and matthew mcconaughey might run in texas and is he leading the polls there we are in crazy times. >> dagen: i can't wait to see how the liberals handle this. joy behar has already repeatedly misgenderred caitlyn and had to apologize for it. >> greg: she would be mad if somebody did that to joy.
2:41 pm
>> dagen: boom. next up, get the heck away from me, thanks to covid, two in three americans say they can no longer tolerate crowds. jesse? >> jesse: good. i can walk down the street and not have to get out of the way anymore. [laughter] >> dagen: juan, are you in for the crowds? >> juan: no, i never have been. i mean, you know, i grew up in new york so i'm accustomed to it. you know, in a thing about it, quiet, calm, and i think that's what a lot of people have experienced. you know, that kind of almost invites spiritual growth and calmness and i just think it's a great thing. but, you know, you have to deal with crowds. it's just inevitable. >> dagen: sandra? >> sandra: i went on one of those ticket selling web sites day began and surprised to see how many concerts are already on the books for later in 2021. billy joel at the garden. they are selling these tickets. i think people are going to return. they are going to go back big
2:42 pm
time. >> dagen: greg, you are a hermit. are you ready to rub up on some people? >> greg: i never stopped, dagen. i'm not even allowed on the l-train or the r-train anymore. they have my picture up on a pole. by the way, i don't think it's still because of covid it's not the garden, sandra, he is actually performing in a garden down in washington square. all right. i'm going to put this out here. the crowds are actually the same because they have reduced the venues and they are not using as many planes so what i find is whenever i'm going anywhere, it's still packed. look the restaurants are still packed because they there are only a few open. i don't think it's changed much, at least in my humble opinion. see i said humble. [laughter] >> dagen: just a news alert, i do think for taj in terms of rubbing up on people i don't think for taj it's legal. >> greg: isn't it a cheese? [laughter]
2:43 pm
>> dagen: today it is. fan mail friday up next. ♪ ♪ they say nothing lasts forever ♪ but they ain't seen us together ♪ or the way the moon light dances in your eyes ♪ if you wanna be a winner then get a turkey footlong from subway®. that's oven roasted turkey. piled high with crisp veggies. on freshly baked bread! so, let's get out there and get those footlongs. now at subway®, buy one footlong in the app, and get one 50% off.
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♪ ♪ gut gut fan mail friday, let's get to it. freight question here. it's a -- whatever. would you rather win 50 grand or let your friend win half a million dollars let's go to the greed meister himself what would you do, jesse? >> jesse: i think you know the answer. it's pretty simple, gutfeld. >> greg: that's true. juan, what about you? >> juan: if it's a big friend i would let him win the big money and take me along. if you win the 50,000, you bet that friend and other friends are going to come knocking. they want a loan. >> greg: that is true. sandra, what would do you? >> sandra: how good is the friend. i take the friend. >> greg: day began?
2:48 pm
>> dagen: take the friend and just borrow money and not pay it back. >> greg: i thought about this in the break, i would say let the friend win then go for a really early morning hike and let his clumsiness solve the problem. so easy when you are hiking. very easy. miss serious -- mysterious disappearances. okay. what was your favorite game you played when you were growing up, dagen? >> dagen: forth. i have to say that in the non-redneck way fort. it was literally going outside in the woods and collecting sticks and pine cones and playing fort like you were in battle. >> greg: you were like a little rambeau. jesse, what was your favorite game and do not say strip poker because this is a family show, a family show. >> jesse: i'm not governor cuomo. no,.
2:49 pm
>> sandra: wow. >> jesse: my favorite game was kill the cow growing up. tackle anybody with the ball basically. i was thinking board game and i was going to go with yahtzee. >> greg: sandra? >> sandra: jesse, we will have to play some time we will have to play. yahtzee do you know what that rhymes with? go ahead. >> sandra: you don't have to go -- the company is not going to like that. can you print the sheets online. you have five around your house. great game to play over zoom by the way, too, during covid. >> jesse: are you trying to save money on yahtzee you don't have to play the board game? you know what? you do need the 50,000. >> greg: as it turns out. what did you play, juan? >> juan: you know, i played a lot of street games. i played like stoop ball and stick ball. in brooklyn you play a lot of happened ball. i don't see that too much. they don't have hand ball courts anymore. but, you know, for me the favorite was playing street basketball and, you know, just
2:50 pm
gets very serious as you get older but it's a great, great game. >> greg: i played -- i had three older sisters so i played a lot of hide-and-seek. they never really looked for me but the thing is did this happen to you when you were a kid when you would play hide-and-seek and the moment you hid you had to pee because you got so excited you would be like in a closet like this oh i hope they don't find me and then you have to pee and then you have just have to give yourself up because you might wet yourself. anyway, why does it always end up with me talking about peeing? one more thing is up next. ♪ whip it into shape ♪ shape it up ♪ get straight ♪ go for it ♪ move ahead ♪ it's not too late ♪ to whip it ♪
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♪ limu emu & doug ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ >> juan: it's time now for one more thing on a friday evening. day began?
2:55 pm
>> dagen: woo woo programming alert. two things we want to tell you about that you cannot miss. first up, dana is hosting a special this sunday night it's called 43 portraits george w. bush and it airs at 10:00 p.m. eastern eastern on the fox news channel. she sis down with president george w. bush to talk about his new book "out of many, one portraits of america's immigrants. the former president painted portraits of 43 immigrants and shares their powerful story. here's a clip. >> she has a big heart and she is full of courage. >> when you first saw this yesterday, do you mind sharing with the president what you said to me about how it made you feel? >> like i told president bush yesterday that i felt seen. and i haven't always felt seen. >> little tiny tear escaping across cambodia end up in the
2:56 pm
united states and -- with nothing except her dream and hard work and parents who loved her. and now the mother of four boys and is a very significant player in the business community but equally importantly a significant player in the compassion community. san diego keg that's 10:00 p.m. fox news channel this sunday. plus, check out tucker carlson originals, it's a brand new series available now on fox nation. tucker takes viewers on a deep dive into some of the most pressing issues in this country right now. episode one is called chicago in crisis with an investigation into prosecutor kim foxx. so, get on it you know what to do. >> juan: all right. jesse, you're up. >> jesse: so that's good to know. i can take the day off from the "the five" and have one much my co-host promote waters world for me. i'm going to keep that in mind. [laughter] >> jesse: all right.
2:57 pm
so you hussein bolt might have competition coming out of utah. take a look at this high school track meet and the dog who upstaged the runners, take a look right there gracy laney the human who was in first said she heard someone coming up behind her and thought another runner on her heels but it was actually a dog. in the end did the dog ran final hundred 0.5 seconds one second behind hussein bolt's world record. but you know who else is smashing records? waters world. 8:00 p.m. saturday night. very special and powerful commentary at the top of the show. i know juan williams is going to be watching and taking notes so don't miss that. >> juan: don't miss it. i will be there. all right, gregory. >> greg: all right. it just occurred to me that tucker carlson originals sounds like gourmet cookies. >> jesse: now i'm hungry. >> greg: happy birthday to lee
2:58 pm
majors original $6 million man he is from big valley and a great gutfeld tonight at 11:00 p.m. i have got janice dean morgan ortagus and what's the guy's name? she will be on monday. all right. terry shaferred. let's do this. greg's neighborhood watch. sometimes just one alarm isn't enough. you might need three. check out these little security devices in this house. pretty impressive. [laughter] >> greg: nothing gets by them. look at that and they -- if one misses something, the other one gets it. i want to order that. only one body though. that's very strange. three heads, one body. >> sandra: very cute. >> greg: much like the hudson brothers. anyway. >> juan: all right. so do you guys know as we go into this wonderful weekend do you know that gardening can be dangerous? watch this.
2:59 pm
that's william ward of palmetto bay florida stumbling into a trash can head first but that's not the real problem. no, no, no. take a look at his part ofner maureen as he went head first into the crash can she went head first into a barrel full of laughs at his expense. even rolling on the ground. >> jesse: ecoanxiety. >> he is checking his head for garbage she is laying on the ground laughing. that's tough love indeed. all right, sandra, i always get your name i say sandra sometimes, sandra. i'm going to call you sandra. >> sandra: thank you, juan. i will respond to both. there is a show i host on fox nation streaming right now bernie madoff death of a snake oil salesman officially available one of the biggest scams of our lifetime we lived through it billions of dollars were lost, lives were changed forever. bernie madoff orchestrated one of the largest investment fraud
3:00 pm
in wall street history go fox and check it out. >> jesse: is that his real face? >> greg: looks like the joker. >> juan: that's it for us, folks. have a great weekend. see you here on monday. ♪ >> shannon: good evening welcome to washington i'm shannon bream in tonight for bret baier. president biden is preparing second phase of massive tax and spend agenda. $3.45 trillion on top of the 2 trillion already being proposed. that is leading to questions about how the president plans to pay for all of it. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel starts us off tonight from the white house. good evening, mike. >> shannon good evening. a big buzz word at the white house is investment. translates to trillions of dollars in proposed new spending. >> when we invest in climate


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