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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 23, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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do to really appreciate them. they have soldiered through all of this to help us live the lives favor. i am forever grateful about that. >> amen. >> perfectly sad. thank you all for being here today. thank you all for watching. now here is "america reports." >> john: as we begin this afternoon, chaos near central park as hundreds of protesters supporting black lives matter's fight with police and new york city. sam reportedly during an unidentified liquid at some of the officers. a brawl breaking out after protesters vandalized statues leading into central park with anti-police graffiti and red paint. the uss maine monument. telling fox news they made a base for arrests. charges ranging from mischief to
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disorderly contact. hello, i am john roberts in washington as we begin the friday edition of "america reports." speech is good to be with you. i am sandra smith in new york. protesters demanding the release and that body can footage from the shooting of andrew brown. police say when they showed up with a warrant, brown got in his car and then tried to escape. insurance is urging people to wait for the facts. >> our deputies fired the shots. they have been put on administrative leave until he get all the facts. if evidence shows that any of our deputies violated the law, they will be held accountable. that is what the citizens expect me to do and it is the right thing to do. >> john: we have coverage to kick off this hour. karl rove will be joining us in minutes.
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>> sandra: we look forward to seeing him, but we begin with griff jenkins. speak out that afternoon to you. let me show you here in elizabeth city what is happening. a lunchtime intersection being blocked by protesters. this is a major road here and we have protesters. locking me into section. you can see the puppies in the distance making sure that things are going smoothly. you can see other protesters here. they are demanding that the sheriff's body can video be released. they also hope that if that video shows the deputies breaking the law, that they will be held accountable. the protesters also want very much for sheriff tommy wooton to speak to the brown family. one of the gentlemen out here with us that is participating in this effort is darius korten, the council member here. why are you guys out here, and body trying to accomplish?
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>> the message is very simple. we demand answers. to be the believe that this was possibly an unjustified shooting. but we don't know. this grieving family does not have answers. i do not have answers. we are out here simply asking for our local sheriff to come forward and provide us with the answers so we can sleep at night, so we will know what happened the other day. >> is there anything you can do under north carolina law? it takes a court order to release body cam videos. >> i would ask our city council to meet at 3:30 to discuss the possibility of asking our attorney to draft a letter to the sheriff, to the d.a., to the fbi. if they do not respond within three days, then we will petition the court. we will, at the council, as our mayor and council, demand that our footage is released so that
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this family in this community can begin to heal. it is a fact that hurts people will hurt people. we don't need to have that in elizabeth city. we need to heal. >> and has been peaceful the last few nights. it doesn't stay peaceful? >> i believe it will as long as it is our community. when people from around the country come because of the lack of transparency and accountability, they don't have a vested interest in our city, and that is what concerns me. we need to get ahead of this. this footage needs to be released so they know what happened. >> thank you very much. that is what is happening here, sandra. >> sandra: we are learning more details about what led to the deadly ohio shooting as ma'khia bryant. her foster parents said that she had argued about housekeeping before the police were called to the scene there. where does the investigation stand at this hour?
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>> we are learning more about that foster mom who says the argument with ma'khia bryant and two unidentified women was at out msc house. we still don't know exactly why it escalated to a knife wielding incident that some witnesses said could have been a fatal shooting. we did know that the police have released more body cam video. we have seen among other things ma'khia bryant getting cpr. protesters taking to the streets and demanding that the officer involved is fired. >> sandra: brad jenkins reporting live from north carolina. >> john: our next guest says democrats stand on police could hurt them. "the last brightens g.o.p. midterm chances and democrats won't have a leg to stand on if
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they keep shooting themselves in the fight. let's bring in karl rove now. we do know that -- to be that the democrats keep going down this road as they could lose even more seats? >> incidentally, i don't write the headlines. this is a good one. i don't write the headlines. i just read the column topic. we saw this in 2020 as you point out. it wasn't just even in congress. we saw it and the texas legislature of all things because we had a city councilman in favor of defending the police who ended up hosting fund-raisers for a democratic state legislature candidate and it became an issue in those races. i think down the line -- and we have the chairman joe scarborough last week mishandled the issue. we had rashida tlaib, a congresswoman from suburban
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detroit, come out and say policing is inherently and intentionally racist and cannot be reformed, so we need to abolish the police and abolish incarceration. what was the response of democratic leaders to that? milquetoast. nancy pelosi was dismissive of it in the white house and said that is not the president's position. but until then, they divorced themselves from those kind of sentiment and a strong and forceful way. it is going to be easier for people to remember the things that some democrats say about it than the milquetoast responses i have some democratic leaders. >> john: which prompted "the wall street journal" riding this op-ed. "instead of treating each case on individual merit, we now have a movement that takes every shooting involving black victims and white police officers and attributed to systemic racism. when politicians pile on instead of calming the waters and
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ensuring a clear-sighted evaluation, emotions are whipped up and facts are cut to fit the narrative." if the narrative already prewritten, and they just cut those facts? >> absolutely. my colleagues at "the wall street journal" have it absolutely right what we saw in that film of the death of george floyd was evil. it was evil in the heart of one man. to take from that and say that the entire system of policing is systemically racist and that all of those people who get up every day, donna blue, men and women of every race, creed, and color, to say that they are a racist is beyond the pale, i believe. we need to judge people on the conduct of their character and not the content of their skin color. >> john: you have been listening to music on sixth street. the big argument has been on whether or not washington will
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become the sixth day. he had this to say about republican opposition. >> one senate republican said that d.c. won't be an "well-rounded working class state." i had no idea that there were so many words and the word white. >> he was talking about the fact that there is a lack of a landfill in washington, d.c. not surprisingly, republicans were incensed by those remarks. age republican opposition to d.c. statehood racist? >> it is constitutional. the united states constitution sets at the district of columbia has a separate entity separate and apart from states. the founders did not want to have the nation's capital bst because i have seen the reaction of other instances where capitals had become centers of
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political dissent and political controversy. they sat at the capital of united states to be separate and apart from the 13 states that made at the original united states. look, let's be honest, democrats want d.c. to be estate. we gave the virginia portion of the district back to virginia over a century ago. the only reason that they want d.c. to be a separate state rather than have its voters vote in maryland is because they want to go democratic senators and one additional democratic congressman. it is a paragraph symbol in shorts and a violation of the constitution. >> john: always good to see you. i hope you catch some fish this weekend. they could very go. thank you. not as big as your boys though. >> john: thank you very much. i appreciate it. you heard him talk about washington, d.c., feeding back most of the virginia land that was given to the federal
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government back in 1847. wouldn't the same sort of formula a planet if you were to shrink the federal district down, the remainder of what is currently washington, d.c., should go back to virginia, from whence it came. they are making the argument that it shouldn't go back to virginia. it should become a separate state. constitutionally, that may be difficult. >> sandra: those comments were grabbing a lot of headlines too. but he don't see in the context of the sound bite is the chaos that erupted on the house floor when you listen to that start to finish talking about racist trash being the reasoning behind this. andy harris of maryland asked montero jones to withdraw his comments on the house floor. jones agreed but then he went on to attack the g.o.p. further on the issue. we will have more of that coming up. >> john: looking forward forward to it. >> sandra: from the olympics, "keeping up with the kardashians," to politics.
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keep in jenner filing to run for governor of california. she is looking to unseat gavin newsom who is expected to face a recall election later this year. >> hi, sandra. longtime republican cape in jenner just announced two or 3.5 million followers that she wants to be california's next governor. she tweeted this minor "iban. california is worth fighting for." she also slammed the ways the state is ron klain the tax is too high and criticizing the covid lockdown. she said "small businesses have been devastated because of the other restricted lockdown and an entire generation of children have lost a year of education and have been prevented from going back to school." she also has a campaign website that happened. for california. her policy positions are not listed on there, but they are selling merchandise from wineglasses to hats. california governor gavin newsom
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just waiting on her announcement. pointing out that she is working with one of his former campaign managers. mason also asked for more money saying they are going to need it to keep up with her personal wealth and fund-raising efforts. the recall election is not official yet, but everyone in california expected to happen. ct and we will be watching every minute of it. christina coleman reporting live from the west coast. >> john: a curious mom goes viral blasting her local school board. listen here. >> everyone of us knows that young children are not affected by this virus. that is a blessing. but what have we done with that blessing? we have shafted to decide, and we have said we don't care. they wanted to school board school board refusing to remove rules forcing young kids to remove face masks.
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is it safe for children to take them off? >> sandra: plus a firsthand look at biden's boarded crisis. fox is in texas border agents are facing increasingly dangerous transitions there. semistarting to lose hope. >> there is not a lot of optimism. has gone way up in value. that means you could have a lot more home equity than you think. use your va benefits to turn that equity into cash while rates are near all time lows. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow $50,000 or more for home improvements or just put it in the bank. the newday100 va cash out loan.
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the one time is running out for a missing summary near indonesia as the united states joins in the search. the navy says the submarine went missing in a policy to go days ago with 53 crew members on board.
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that is just north of the indonesian island of bali. it could run out of oxygen by tomorrow. there have been no signs of life, but family members say they are holding out hope that the submarine will be found in time. >> every month, i come here and i hear the same thing. if you truly mean that, you would and a mask requirement. we have three vaccines. every adult in the state of georgia is eligible to get back. take these masks off of my child! >> sandra: that was a georgia mom. she has gone viral after she took over the school board and its members for making young children wear masks and socially distance despite there being little evidence that children of a certain age severely spread covid-19 or contracted. joining us now is brian kilmeade. it is a pleasure and honor to join you this morning. we talked about this. everybody is talking about this.
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as a parent, you listen to her. and it gets to you. you think about our children who are sitting in his classrooms and they don't get to take that mask off. they have brakes and they have lunch, but they are wearing it for hours and hours a day. >> she is in front of the board of education. she said we elected you to be here. stop trying to be my parents. stop trying to be a parent to my kid. i want to make these decisions. sometimes people have outstanding thought that same atypical. what she is doing is speaking for most every parent. i got a flat, six, 78-year-old. my doctor say they should be in school. backspread say they should be in school. now we have this thing called a vaccine which we are told is going to get our kids back to school. so they are in school behind plexiglas. you tell a 6-year-old to wear a mask all day and you're telling them to shut up and do something that is unhealthy. there is a reason why you are exhaling. you are getting rid of
10:21 am
something. when i wrote down this quote, she said "every month, i come here, and my 6-year-old looks at me and she says can you tell them i don't want to wear this anymore?" and you know your answer is? i don't think you should either. it is not healthy for you. i don't know why they don't have the courage to make these decisions. >> sandra: we all want to do the right thing. we don't want the virus to come back. the cdc has got to look at this. they say they are looking at outdoor mask wearing. but where is the urgency on getting our kids classrooms back to normal. she went further in the speech that she gave and she said quit blaming the cdc. >> lee tells you to make difficult decisions for our children. we chose you to make decisions that would be in their best interest. enforcing five, six, seven, eight, and 9-year-old children to cover where they breed for seven hours a day every day for
10:22 am
the last nine months for a virus that you know doesn't affect them -- that is not in their best interests. stated it gets to you. >> absolutely. the cdc director two basic is that if you get vaccinated, you should not even be wearing a mask. "the new york times" today said they now admit there is almost no chance of getting this when you are outdoors wearing a mask. face masks thing is such a phony situation. i have no idea why the president of the united states, who wants to be responsible, is wearing two masks after he got a vaccine to go months ago. what kind of a message is not? and now you're telling a 5-year-old to wear a mask seven hours a day? you got to be kidding. >> sandra: he is saying there is no reason why the president has to put off this makes that even though you are vaccinated you still have to such 20 feet away from somebody and where masks. real quickly.
10:23 am
i think there are so many parents hearing this right now. everyone has an opinion. taylor went on fox & friends this morning. that georgia mother. she urged parents to get involved in a similar message. listen. >> i think it is imperative that adults and parents and our nation get involved, that we know who our school board members are, what their names are, what the email addresses are, when your monthly board meetings are. i encourage parents throughout this country to get involved and go to these meetings. we are our children's voice. >> sandra: the question is when does something change? >> yeah, john, if you want to help out, join us. >> is where to go to support her mission to make a change. she has artie got 1,000
10:24 am
signatures before she came on this morning. i imagine that is going up significantly. especially if they want to get reelected next time. the governor of texas showed us how to do it. he took the straight and narrow, and he was right. why doesn't this board and every board across the country make the right decision? >> john: this idea of wearing masks at side is a difficult one. the science would seem to indicate that you don't need to do it if you have been vaccinated. but the social pressure to continue mask wearing is great. you get a lot of dirty looks at you walk around without a mask on, even if you are by yourself outside. until somebody comes along of stature, algae or something like that, and says you don't need to do it anymore, there's going to be a lot of social pressure. >> sandra: is it going to take dr. fauci to say something? how many of us are walking into
10:25 am
restaurants around the country. people are sitting at tables with no masks on. somebody think about the kids. >> a kid can't take off their mask at school. >> sandra: you want to do everything safely, but somebody has got to do something about this. dr. saphier is. she will join us. we are looking forward to that. brian kilmeade, you are a gentleman. >> thank you. stay one i am always polite until we get any hockey rink together. see you monday morning. republicans taking on biden's tax plan and what is and it and doesn't have a chance of passing. >> sandra: plus some mlb teams. they are reportedly asking fans for their political affiliation. why the league says it is not about politics.
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>> john: fox news alert now. sending the biden administration of your concerns because that is spreading at this overcrowded border facilities. here is a live look from the fox news drone at the border earlier this morning texas law enforcement said resources are being stretched so thin the end the region is overflowing with drugs and drug money. all of this coming after a whistle-blower painted a grim picture of the conditions at the border. >> the policies were implemented irresponsibly. they do not have a sense of realism. >> sandra: aisha has us along
10:31 am
the banks of the rio grande in texas. >> high, sandra >> hi, sandra. we are getting an up close and personal look at why border patrol here needs all the help they can get. in fact, an hour ago, we were up in the sky was texas state troopers. we spotted a suspected cartel's out on the mexican side. they are alerting them to any migrant activity. because we have seen so much activity recently, it is taking border patrol longer than usual to respond. we have some new numbers as well. the texas department of safety is primarily focusing on cartels. they arrested 631 peoples, see if nearly 4,000 pounds and marijuana, more than $1 million,
10:32 am
and detained thousands of smuggled migraines. thousands of which are minors. there is always a presence in the air. they have two to three chapters helicopters at any given time, but they say they could use more. that is how busy it is. >> sandra: thank you for that and your continued border reporting. we continue to bring our viewers those images really getting in detail what we are seeing. now when they are talking about these overcrowded facilities, it was a concern from the get-go. he packed people in there, and they are coming in with many things. covid-19 is one of them. now, it has spread. >> john: it is good to get the perspective of the state troopers as well. we hear so much about you
10:33 am
migrant children, but there is so much about the criminal aspect as well. that is what the patrol is doing. they have the gunboats running up and down the rio grande. there is a human catastrophe to all of this, but there is a criminal side to it that we need to remember. republicans now looking for support for their counterproposal to president biden's $2.3 billion infrastructure plan. the republican plan west end $568 billion, but can i convince the entire party to get on board with it, an end cannot get democratic participation? i want to put up on screen here are some of the items that you are putting up here. that includes roads and bridges. transit, rail, drinking and wastewater, safety ports and in and waterways.
10:34 am
broadband, infrastructure, water storage. no child care anywhere to be seen. your idea of infrastructure is very narrowly defined, unlike the democrats. >> right. i think we need to look at defining infrastructure, which is critically important in terms of putting forward a viable offer. the physical infrastructure, what i keep coming to core infrastructure of our country. these are issues that we have worked together time and time again across the aisle to provide for. i think it is a great offer to the president. he says in tier one. we have gotten good feedback from the white house. not everybody is on board. that you negotiate. you work to see where your areas of deficit are. good core infrastructure is what the american people want us to do and want us to work together. i think we can get there. the one you mentioned a reaction
10:35 am
from the white house. here is what the press secretary said about it yesterday. apparently we don't have that. she said "the president has said from the beginning that he would welcome any good faith effort to find common ground. the only unacceptable step would be in action." clearly the white house wants more. how much higher are you willing to go? >> that is yet to be determined. i think if he took the $2.2 trillion plan and you really pulled out those areas of physical core infrastructure that we think is critically important and you match it apples to apples, we are not nearly as far apart as it might seem. we are far apart, but not nearly two trillions of dollars. this is where we start. i think it is incumbent upon us to get our ideas out in front of the american people and in front of the president and into our committees, where he should really be doing this work.
10:36 am
if we didn't have a plan, i think we could be heavily criticized, and rightly so, i've not even wanting to be in a conversation. this is a process. i think we've got a good start to the process. we are not sure where this is going to go, but hopefully we are going to be talking back and forth. that is the plan. >> john: the white house as it is a good start, but some are dismissing it out of hand. saying that it is not a real proposal. you make the point that you want to do this through regular order, which increasingly looks like it is going to be a quaint artifact of years gone by because the democrats are looking at doing this by nuking the filibuster. >> here is where i think the american public could pay attention next week to see if we can really do this. one of the core functions i think there is the clean water and wastewater portion of that. $35 billion. we have already worked out.
10:37 am
senator carper is the chair and i am a ranking member. we got a 20-0 vote. we are going to be depended not on the senate floor next week. we are going to be doing it the old-fashioned way. amendments, talking about it, seeing where we can get a bipartisan 60 boat threshold to be able to get this moved out. and then we can say we have got some movement here in infrastructure. for those who have dissed the plan, i think it is too often in washington -- people don't even see what you are talking about. they just naturally assume it is nothing that they would like. i think that is where a lot of the reaction comes from. that bothers me. >> john: sometimes i have heard that you have to pass these things to find out what is inside them. >> i wouldn't endorse that strategy. we have done that before. the one a lot of people have done that before.
10:38 am
and then pass all those other things that the democrats want to put into their infrastructure bill to reconciliation. what do you say about that? >> well, i have talked with chris cannon's more than a few times. this is step one in the direction that he has signaled. the fact of the matter is the democrats and president can't do everything in reconciliation that they want to do. that is why i think that this is critical that we, as republicans, make our mark on this physical infrastructure package. if they want to do home health aide and expand medicaid and raise your taxes and all of the things that the president wants to do, if they want to do that with a 50 vote threshold in reconciliation, they can do that. i can't stop that. i am not sure there are 50 democrats on board for that either. >> john: we will see.
10:39 am
joe manchin has indicated that he might not be for it. senator shelley moore capito, always good to see you. speak to the cdc today on where things stand with the johnson & johnson vaccine. when will that single shot dose becoming available to the american people again. plus, can we start taking our masks off outside yet? that is the discussion. the cdc is looking into it. bill asked dr. nicole saphier about that. john roberts and bye-bye burgers. have president biden's climate agenda might impact the meat industry. ahead. i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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10:44 am
this is where he stopped after 69 reported severe blood clots. more than 7 million people have received that vaccine. dr. saussure is here. dr. saphier, great to see you. good to have you here. we want to get your take on a few things here. but the johnson & johnson vaccine. we want to talk about whether that cost hesitancy or whether it was a good sign for the american people to see that there is a willingness to pause when there is suspicion something could be wrong. how important is it to get this vaccine back on track? >> this think of this vaccine is extremely important because you have people not going to their vaccine because they don't want to get to get two injections. in one injection is a great thing. there it was an initial pause. that was because this is being played out in public. the public needs to know that they are willing to pause to
10:45 am
evaluate safety. should it have been a ten day pause, i think that was way too long. i think that is the cdc dragging their feet a bit. i think what is going to happen is what we saw happen in europe. they had already looked at the data and they said that that a e benefits still outweigh the risks. i anticipate that is what the cdc is going to come forth. they're going to bring it into the arms of americans with a warning on the label. now it is 15 cases in the united states, as we have been doing more data research. of all of those, the far majority of them have been in women under 49. perhaps they are going to say young healthy women maybe shouldn't be getting the johnson & johnson vaccine because they seem to be more predisposed to the clots. >> sandra: i am told there is no official change in the pause. that meeting is ongoing.
10:46 am
we will be monitoring it. dr. saphier, i getting so much credit because you have been speaking with us throughout this pandemic not only as a doctor but as a mother. you could not help but stop and listen to the storage of mother pleading with the school board over masks for her very young children. listen. >> this is not to march 2020 anymore. take these masks off of my child. forcing five, six, seven, eight, and 9-year-old children to cover their noses and their mouths, where they breed, for seven hours a day every day for the last nine months for a virus that you know doesn't affect them. that is not in their best interest. >> sandra: was in gwinnett county in georgia. i just wondered. as a mom, i heard that and i said you here is a pain in her voice. there are so many parents around
10:47 am
this country is sealed for their children who are wearing these masks for seven to eight hours a day in a classroom. >> i think the cdc has continued to do a disservice to us all. they are delayed looking at the data in putting forward recommendations. we saw when i came to putting kids back in school. let's remember the world health organization does not actually recommend masks and children five and under. that is ac/dc thing. now that teachers have been prioritized to get vaccinated and over half of american adults have received one dose of vaccine. the risk amongst children is still exceedingly low. we know children need facial recognition for their development and upbringing. these masks need to go away from the children as soon as possible. i can tell you that time is now. >> sandra: wow. why does the cdc make a change in the recommendation? >> to be honest, they have been a bit delayed. about a month or two behind and
10:48 am
everything in the last months. i have been calling for doing single-dose shots and getting kids back into school. they don't need to go back into school until waiting for a vaccine. but they seem to be about a month late when we talk about transition. can you still transmit after the vaccine? all of the data was saying it is extremely rare, but it is still taking them a month to do that. just as we are seeing now is a pause on johnson & johnson, they are dragging their feet. we need people to be working much more efficiently than they are. >> sandra: you hope to hear that urgency not just from the cdc but from the white house as well. it just doesn't seem like it is there at this moment. dr. nicole saphier, thank you. >> thank you, sandra. stay one well, if you want to be a doctor or researcher, you need mass. well one state is looking to eliminate advanced math classes in schools. supporters say it is all in the name of equity. are we hurting other kids in the
10:49 am
process? >> sandra: plus another historic moment for nasa and spacex. the latest mission for astronauts coming up. ♪ ♪ allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good ♪ (ac/dc: back in black) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> sandra: talk about a special delivery. a man from new york city got help from some firefighters and a pregnant woman to stage a fake emergency. look at this acting. to propose to his girlfriend, who is a nurse. a pregnant woman pretended to go into labor outside. when the nurse started helping her, her boyfriend -- you can see there is a happy ending. he got on one knee and pulled out the ring. she said yes. the wedding is now set for next month. what carol had completely killed you for doing this? >> john: i tried to pull some sort of a surprise on her. the ring was in the 18th hole of the greenbrier. dad was a surprise. it wasn't an emergency, of course, unless you are a triple bogey at that point.
10:54 am
what about you? >> sandra: i missed a flight home and missed the planned evening. i missed everything. it was much more casual the next day. >> john: what did he do, throughout the box that you the next morning? speak to the next day was christmas eve. i got a lovely present. >> john: four astronauts blasting into orbit shortly before sunrise on their way to the international space station. i recycled rocket capsule but only gently used. >> that's right. nasa and spacex are celebrating what really looks like a flawless launch. it happened at 5:49 this morning. a powerful falcon nine rocket lit up the predawn sky as it carried four astronauts against
10:55 am
in a rocket named endeavor. >> the ride was really smooth, and they couldn't have asked for anything better. there had dominic may have been some hooting and giggling. we hope you enjoy the show as well. >> we certainly did. the endeavor is scheduled to dock around 5:10 saturday morning. he four arising astronauts will increase the population of the iss to iraq. 11 on board. john, as you can imagine, some of the astronauts may have to sleep in the spacecraft docked with the iss. if you're an astronaut, you are used to crowded conditions. >> john: they can camp out for a little while. it won't hurt them. good to see you. thank you so much. >> sandra: meanwhile, montanez. police shootings sparking
10:56 am
protests and an anti-cop message from sam on the far left. all of this as progressives continue to call for defunding the police while moderate democrats say they will not support that. can congress work on meaningful police reform? we will ask chris wallace and av brand-new hour beginning in a moment use your va benefits to turn that equity into cash while rates are near all time lows. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow $50,000 or more for home improvements or just put it in the bank. the newday100 va cash out loan. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health.
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we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still. >> john: we begin a brand-new hour as "america reports" on a wide range of responses to police reporting. among the latest from some high profile progressive. even if the officer was right, he was wrong. good afternoon everyone, i am sandra smith. >> john: i am john roberts in washington, d.c. republicans say democrats and many in the media are ignoring the facts in the case particularly when it comes to the case in columbus, ohio. >> he said that the cop had no choice or something to that effect. my feeling is i don't know if that is true or not. even if the cop had to do it,
11:01 am
there is something wrong with it. >> just like we have been visited in tragedy in minnesota, she in columbus, ohio, was visited by a tragedy of a young woman whose life was taken by columbus police. >> this is never what the argument for the movement for a black has been. is that he does get to continue to kill black people for not being perfect. if that is a standard, no black person is going to be safe if we cannot be having a bad day. >> john: those comments coming after the showing of a video of what officials say a teenager is munching with a nice and another. the officer preventing an attack. >> sandra: refusing to acknowledge that a police officer may have been right in their actions. joining is now. thank you so much for being here
11:02 am
sir. are you seeing one party or another addressing these police shootings in the right way? it seems there are some, as you just heard in that montage, that are weighing in and ignoring the facts. >> i think erasing the far left jumping to conclusions when i have an incident like this. the truth is, this country is a powder keg when it comes to officer involved shootings or use of force. when you have people weighing in before we have the information, you are perpetuating this to an cycle that we have. we jump to conclusions. we argue about it. and then the facts come out and it turns out that the officer was right. but now the damage is done, and i have been protests, there have been riots, and it is doing irreparable harm to our communities. in the case at the columbus incident, we now have elected officials -- lighting the american public to try to make them believe that stabbing someone is normal or that knife
11:03 am
fights are acceptable between teenagers. this is completely insane. this officer acted within policy training and save the young girl's life. they should be thanking the officer that he was there to be able to step in instead of trying to normalize stabbing behavior. it is ridiculous and dangerous. >> john: as you mentioned, and a lot of people have spoken out. one of the people that did that in our intro was joy behar of the view. she was wondering if there was something else the officer could have done. let's play what she said, and we will get you on the flip side. >> i still can't figure it out. shoot the gun in the air as a warning? tase a person? shoot them in the leg, shoot them in the behind? stop them somehow. if the only solution is to kill a teenager, then there is something wrong with that. >> john: speak to that idea though that may be the officer could have done something else.
11:04 am
i have seen reports where somebody is in an adrenaline fueled frenzy, and this woman appeared to be. if he shot her in the leg or the, unless he took her out from a vital part of that appendage, she wouldn't have even known that she had been shot. >> i would like to thank her for weighing in with her years of police experience. this is the problem. people don't do any research before they put out a message to their platform of millions. why don't we have a discussion about warning shots? they are prohibited. what goes up, must come down. those bullets are going to come down somewhere. this other idea of cheating someone in the leg. first of all, people have a femoral artery in her leg. and we shoot for central mass. that is the largest target. how would it play out if they missed? we see this happen every time there is a shooting. why didn't the officer do a
11:05 am
karate chop or roundhouse kicks? it is completely ridiculous. it is not grounded in fact or training. they put this out to millions of people with no factual basis whatsoever. >> sandra: to be clear, you had seen the videos, we had seen the videos, multiple videos of what it played out that day with that columbus what has been your assessment knowing the investigation has to play out. what has been your assessment of what went down that day? >> it is a tragedy, but that officer acted within policy training and the law. he saves that other girl's life. there is no doubt in anyone's mind that she was going to stab that girl. the officer acted appropriately in order to stop the threat. no officer goes out on the street and wants to take anyone's life. the difficult part of this conversation is that we have the same goal in mind. we want to reduce officer-involved shooting.
11:06 am
if we don't stop this dim cycle of yelling at one another after one of the shooting happened and actually sitting down and having a conversation about how that individual action when the officer is there has a tremendous impact on is that officer uses force. if we don't get that message out, we are going to continue to do the same thing over again. but we stand ready to sit down with anyone who wants to have a fact-based conversation about how we can reduce officer involved shootings and make it safer for not only the officers, but for the community as well. >> john: in the wake of the columbus shooting, and again it is a tragedy. white has appeared to portray the police officer in a very negative light. lebron james, probably the most famous pace down the next person in basketball, treated at this. with a photo of the officer. he later took it down saying it
11:07 am
was stealing hate. what does it do to police officers across the nation when somebody like lebron james, with his stature and his 50 million twitter followers, tweet something like that. >> it was extremely reckless and dangerous, especially someone with the resources that he had. he could have done some research before stepping into this and putting out a tweet like that. if all it does is inflame everyone, it puts everyone at risk. frankly, athletes should be sticking to what they do best. that is my opinion. frankly, the majority of americans agree with me. it is their right to weigh in, but at least take the time out of your busy day to research and get the facts. as you can see, he was backtracking later on. by then, the damage is done. >> sandra: we have to leave it there. but quickly, how would you describe the morale? >> i have been a police officer
11:08 am
for 16 years, and i have never seen morale as bad as it is right now. recruitment is down. new jersey just put down a study. 90% down. down in colorado by 75%. i have never seen it this bag. we need to break the skin cycle and we all need to come together and figure out how we need to move forward. we can't keep doing this over and over again. >> sandra: we appreciate you joining us this afternoon. thank you. >> thank you. >> john: democrats accused of going overboard yesterday blaming climate change on racial injustice. now new york congressman montero jones is calling republican criticism of the d.c. statehood push "racist trash." life from capitol hill, those comments cause quite a stir. >> good afternoon. republicans took issue with jones during the debate on the d.c. statehood bill. he drew the ire of his
11:09 am
colleagues by suggesting they oppose the plan because of race. >> one senate republican said that d.c. wouldn't be a "well-rounded working-class state." i had no idea they were so many syllables in the word white. >> g.o.p. members tried to sanction him for breaking decorum. they could have suspended him from speaking on the floor for the rest of the day. republicans argued the founders never intended to d.c. to a state. >> they don't even try to get the procedure right, which just shows a political message. go ahead and add d.c. to maryland. >> it calls for a district to host the federal government's not exceeding 12-mile square. but it does not mandate how small the district could be. the democrat bill would shrink the district of columbia. the rest would become a state. louie gohmert has a bill that would bar the government from
11:10 am
taxing residents of washington, d.c. >> john: we will keep following. the two deciding what is next for the students who fell behind in their education during the pandemic. it is an agonizing choice for parents whether to hold them back in some cases a full grade. depending on where you left, the government may decide for you. angry parents are fighting back, and that is the story. all new at 2:00. >> john: plus the debate over whether to wear masks at side and egg lack of guidance. our next guest argues liberals will not give up outdoor masks and jill biden or dr. fauci gives permission. ♪ ♪ has gone way up in value.ught that means you could have a lot more home equity than you think. use your va benefits to turn that equity into cash while rates are near all time lows. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow $50,000
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11:18 am
tennessee, 66% of third graders do not meet the standards and would have to repeat a grade. 66% and apparently those figures are similar in other states as well. there has been so much damage done. >> heartbreaking to see because those kids have fallen behind,
11:19 am
not only the difference between those in private schools who remained open earlier, also the difference in kids who had to do the virtual learning and they had a two parent working household where those parents could not be on top of them as much with the virtual learning. so many differences and some of our kids have been left behind. with summer around the corner, many are wondering when it will be okay to ditch the mask wearing when we are outdoors. more than half of americans have received at least one vaccine dose by now but the biden administration is refusing to answer whether it will lift those outdoor restrictions. some cities and states are not waiting on the white house. let's bring in senior editor of the website and magazine "reason." i've already gotten so many tweets we have been reporting the last hour. people say where i live, nobody wears masks outside. in many states, they do. and sporting events if you have
11:20 am
kids, if you have baseball, it's required because the cdc has not lifted the restrictions on it. here's what the cdc director when asked, had to say about when that might change. >> do you think if you are outside and not close to people, you still need to wear a mask? >> this is a question that we are looking at. >> something they are looking at. no time frame, robbie. >> i live in washington, d.c., and i would estimate 70% to 80% of people are still wearing masks when they are by themselves outside. the science is fairly clear, covid does not spread easily outdoors at all and if you are vaccinated, you are extremely unlikely to get sick and extremely unlikely to pass it to someone else. the risk you're going to get it and give it to someone else, we are approaching lightning
11:21 am
strikes twice territory. it is not necessary to wear a mask if you are vaccinated and outside, probably not necessary to do any of that if you are vaccinated period but if we are being really cautious, we don't have to do it. for the life of me i don't understand why the cdc can't come out and do it. absolutely these mandates need to be lifted, not even debatable. >> we leaned on a doctor to tell us her thoughts. dr. safire joined us, the cdc is really doing a disservice by not staying on top of this guidance for the american people. listen. speak of the cdc continued to do disservice to us all. >> sandra: it's a fair enough point. if they are looking at possibly lifting that, possibly that, what are you looking at to make that decision?
11:22 am
what is it you are concerned about, tell people and perhaps we are at a point we can make a decision when >> especially if you want to encourage people to get vaccinated. there should be a reward, which is once you are fully vaccinated, you don't have to do social distancing and masking and all these other things that happened so irritating and some obnoxious last year. something you need to do is get vaccinated, and then we know, based on the data we have and based on everything, you are extremely protected and those around you are extremely protected. that needs to be the messaging. it is the truth, and the cdc needs to say it. karl rove you know one here is saying that it is a bad thing or that it didn't work. you need to use it after the pandemic. but we also know that we have had so many people show us that it is not really spreading
11:23 am
outside. it would be against the guidance that the cdc is thinking about it. ratty, great to see you. thank you. >> sandra: we have this conversation in the context of we get it. we get that masks have been very helpful through this pandemic. when you start to look at the outdoor situations and the weather improves, it will be good to hear from the cdc on this. >> john: i felt like a rebel last sunday. four or five of us were watching our daughters play lacrosse. we sat together with our masks off. we felt so rebellious. >> sandra: wow. well, i hope it was a good game. >> john: yeah, they want. and nobody got sick. coming up next, a look at what biden's climate plan might cost you. it is not just about cash. where is the beef? speak to wait until you hear
11:24 am
about what one study says going green could mean for anyone. listen up. anyone who eats meat. larry kudlow gets fired up about this. he will join us live next week. the musical
11:25 am
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11:28 am
♪ ♪ >> john: to say goodbye to your burgers if you want to sign up to the biden climate agenda. that is a finding of one study. in order to meet the climate goals of reducing emissions by 50%, researchers say he will have to cut about 90% as red meat from your diet. for americans, that means 4 pounds of red meat per year or a single average size burger every month. let's talk and some more here. right larry kudlow joins us now. >> where's the beef?
11:29 am
i don't even eat beef, okay? i.e. chicken and fish. the study may be right, but it is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. this comes from these ideological global warming zealots, who don't understand the havoc and damage they are going to wreak on this country and maybe the rest of the world. maybe they do get it, and they don't care. and you ask yourself for what? physicist steve cohen in, who was obama's undersecretary of energy, he calculated -- get this, john. the government's own climate assessment. this is from the u.s. government's own climate assessment. here is what global warming will do. in the next ten years, the economy could, worst-case, slow down by 1,500th of a percentage
11:30 am
point. that is the worst case. if you cut taxes and minimize regulations, you won't feel a thing because they are more important than global warming. 1,500th of 1%. that is it. that is from steve cannon, who is a theoretical physicist. that is from our own assessment. this stuff is all nonsense. you're going to destroy agriculture? you are going to destroy the beef industry? knock on effects. it will wreck the economy. yesterday was a bad day. i call it a bad thing yesterday. biden is out there raising the capital gains tasks, which is going to destroy investment. he already wants to destroy the corporate tax. that hurts blue-collar workers the most because they get lower wages. people want to cut back 50% on d's global warming targets, and it is going to destroy the economy. you know what, here. sandra, i need help.
11:31 am
john is looking at me and my client from another planet. i need help from you. if it ain't broke, don't fix it. we are in a dim. i mean, really, that is our motto. >> sandra: what should be american people like about this climate plan. $3500 in taxes per year. they have already shed thousands of jobs. so many more are planned. the electric car cost. how do you security working class american and say have to spend 50 thighs sell 55,000 dollars >> they can't have a stake on the grill or a hamburger on the grill on july 4th weekend. actually, in short, i would say there is nothing that is in this plan that is good. here is what should happen.
11:32 am
i am not a denied that there is a effects. it is just very small. why don't we let private enterprise, innovative technological advances, developed by smart people. speech is that they are going to pay for it anyway. >> that will. natural gas clean-burning will. nuclear and natural gas will solve all of this without destroying either your eating habits or your paycheck. how about that? >> sandra: john can't go without his beef. >> john: i can't believe he only needs red meat once a year. we both have an issue with the ticker, but -- >> it is not good to eat a lot of red meat, that is all i'm saying. chicken and fish are very good. >> john: you talked about raising the capital gains tax.
11:33 am
39.6%. it could go up. the idea of raising the capital gains tax has a chance of passing, we would be down 2,000 points. but there is a chance that if democrats nuke the filibuster, this could happen. >> okay. i don't know mr. hayes, but i agree with his point of view here. doubling the capital gains tax, which by the way, if you are blessed to live and new york city or los angeles, it would be close to 60%, because they layer on state and local taxes. it is an attack on investments. on attack on all investment. for people who bear the burden of that, 70% are middle-class blue-collar workers are lower. they pay the price for that. regarding the filibuster, that is an interesting point.
11:34 am
what i would be careful about, caveat emptor, reconciliation is the key. you can get around the filibuster if the parliamentarian allows all of this garbage to be put into the bill. the line you can only do that a couple of times into the year. >> now, they have at least two because shawn's left. are allowed to correct "correct" the prior budget resolution. and then you have to put up a new budget resolution. they have got at least 22 more bites of the 51 vote reconciliation apple. this stuff is serious. hayes may prove to be right. they are insulting investment. we are killing the geese that laid the golden egg. >> sandra: jen psaki was asked about yesterday. she said no, it does not hurt
11:35 am
long-term investment. >> they are wrong. by the way, they are scoring the capital gains hike as a revenue loser. speech used as is market just keep going up? speak out it will in the short run. lots of stimuli. skinny's are helping china too. which we didn't anticipate. as long as the stimmies continue. let's tighten your seat belts. speech is you heard it here first. if it ain't broke, don't fix it. >> thank you. >> john: have a steak or peanuts, cracker jack, and politics.
11:36 am
critics call it an error on the part of some clubs. we will tell you about it coming up next. ♪ ♪
11:37 am
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11:40 am
>> john: and another small glimmer of hope that things might be getting back to normal. we have seen for the first time together all nine justices of the supreme court. there is amy coney barrett there on the far right, the most recent justice to be confirmed back on october 27. all standing there mask list. they had all been vaccinated. sandra, little indication. you have all night just to sit together for the first time -- maybe, just maybe, we can all take off the mask and be together. >> sandra: i had the honor of sitting down with justice gorsuch for a one-on-one interview. i remember him talking about the relationship justices. you like to think about it like that. as a scent for that picture. they all get along, right?
11:41 am
the one i think that could be the last photo of nine of them. the next one might be 13. >> sandra: point taken. critics say meanwhile some major league baseball teams are covering all the wrong basis. that is because of surveys like this one. teams asking fans about political affiliations. say that again? >> yeah, sandra, in keeping with the baseball plans, there are plenty of people who are saying this is yet another swing in a bye major league baseball. the leaks as this question is not really about politics. it is about covid.
11:42 am
it is a voluntary questionnaire sent to fans after they attend again and ask about their experience and how they view the safety rules put in place because of the pandemic. and then it asks if the person is a republican, democrat, third party or independent. they can also choose to not say. the leak says and asked the same question during the world series last year, telling us today "the research has shown that a person self identified political affiliation often impact their views about the pandemic and therefore it is about it. others see the question as a continuation of baseball getting more political. like last summer, when the black lives matter dlm was put on every mound and every ballpark. just a few weeks ago, the leak moved this year's all-star game from atlanta to denver after georgia passed a new voting law. there has been an outcry ever since from many who say that they don't want to make sports and politics and this could hurt baseball. according to polling, major league baseball is quickly losing conservatives. a month ago, 47% of republicans said they had a positive view of baseball. tycho weeks ago, it was down to 12%. a drop of 35%.
11:43 am
is the questionnaire really about trying to see how much damage has been done, or really about the fan experience inside the stadium? sandra? >> sandra: you've got to love the polling on the politics of baseball and then baseball pulling on the politics of their attendees. a great story. thank you. next up, the politics of protest. could it swing the midterm election? >> john: it is the politics of everything these days. we will ask chris wallace, his show is marking a very special milestone this weekend. see you. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? thank you! hey, hey, no, no, limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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11:47 am
♪ ♪ >> until they divorce themselves from those kind of sentiments, it is going to be easier for people to remember the things that some democrats say about it and the milk test responses at democratic leaders. >> john: saying the democrats need to be clear and distancing themselves otherwise they could be giving the republicans a road map to take back the house. here with chris wallace. chris, d democrats really got hit hard on the line order issued in 2020, but they keep going down that road to their
11:48 am
peril. >> i agree. you can talk to a lot of moderate to even center right democrats, and they feel the reason that they lost a dozen seeds instead of picking up a dozen seeds, one of the big reasons, was because as defined in the police talk on the far left. a lot of them say that that made a big difference and the results and the election. we saw just this week the perils of weighing in on policing. on the one hand, you have derek chauvin's murder of george floyd. and now that the jury is out, we can call it a murder. on the other hand, he saw a lot of people talk about the case in columbus, ohio. this is a case where they police run amok. once they all looked closely at the video and saw that the girl was brandishing a nice and if the policeman hadn't shot her, she probably would have stabbed and may killed the other girl, people started to backtrack. you've got to be very careful
11:49 am
about second-guessing the police. any talk about defining the police from president biden on down, a lot of democrats say that his political poison in the 2022 elections. >> john: there is still some appetite for police reform. in fact, he plans to reintroduce his police reform bill, which democrats killed by using -- now racist filibuster last year. speak as you know, there are key because that's this. the democrats past air police reform bill. it was killed by the republican majority in the senate. but as you say, tim scott, the only african-american republican senator, had his bill. that was blocked by the filibuster. there seems to be some hope -- i wouldn't go overboard on this -- but some hope that he can get a compromise on the key issue with his limited immunity. republicans are saying if you
11:50 am
keep it for the police department selected for the police department, then we could go along with it. you wouldn't go against progress and compromise in congress. there is hope, and that be our lead on "fox news sunday." he has karen bass, the author of the george floyd policing act in the house. and lindsey graham, who has been working alongside tim scott in the senate. and you can see there and kevin mccarthy. >> john: he also had a very special anniversary coming up. 25 years. it was april 28th 1996 that went on the air. 25 years of "fox news sunday." 18 of which you have been the moderator. let's look back at two are three quick moments.
11:51 am
speak as some have you the whisperer. >> we have a very special relationship because both of us are the mavericks of the system. speak to you has given hundreds of millions perhaps $1 billion to has to has a lot, to hamas, to various groups. that is not a supportive terrorism? >> why is it that so many of the people who oppose vladimir putin and up dead or close to it? they want the thousands upon thousands of questions you ask, that last one is my favorite. >> well, thank you. it seemed like a good idea at the time, but my wife the very next day -- that was the very wd thoughts about the question, but we had a very nice time.
11:52 am
i commend the moscow chamber of commerce. the one you didn't end up in a gulags, which is a good day. >> let me just say. we have a great piece. tony snow started the show. we have a great look back at some of the highlights. fun moments, tense moments, tender moments, over the quarter-century of "fox news sunday." still and thanks chris. we appreciated. we will see you in a couple of days. you know, sandra, there have only been two moderators of "fox news sunday." it has the fewest number of moderators in the same period of time. and had three. a couple of the other shows four. stated i don't know how this happened. i have the anniversary month. i had told you don't? yay for me, and congratulations to you on so many years of bringing us than is and is excellent interviews. we have come to depend on chris.
11:53 am
congratulations. >> thank you so much. i have not seen that mud before. i hope they get me one on sunday. >> john: you'll wish you had one. >> sandra: we will send it your way, chris. i will finish my coffee first. congratulations. stick a thank you. stay to next up, we will hit the road for a very special look at holiday got. holiday got.
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>> sandra: what better way to kickoff the weekend than the geico 500 from talladega. pete hegseth is there. we heard there was a little corn hole being played. who won? >> yes, sandra. who wanted cornhole, will?
11:58 am
>> we just played cornhole. there was a parking lot beer bowling game going on. who wanted that, pete? >> will wanted that one. >> we're tied. >> these are important assignments for "fox and friends" weekend. we'll be reporting all weekend long 6-10. we had to meet the folks in the infield at talladega. that's what we did. >> john: bros on the road. this will be a greatrace. not only for the fact that ya'll are there and "fox and friends" weekend will be broadcasting from there or for the fact that we have a fox nation car, number 7, being driven by corey lajoey. this is a tapered track race. they'll be running in big packs. >> what do you need us for, john? i thought ya'll was gratuitous. then you through in the tapered spacers and i realized we're out of our league here. >> i used to live in atlanta.
11:59 am
i drove by talladega all the time. >> it's going to be one heck of a race. two heck of shows as well. we'll have jeff gordon, corey lajoey, clint bowyer. the party will be in the infield. >> and our show will be part of the party on the infield. never seen a grandstand like talladega. there's tens of thousands there and the race on fox, of course, sunday at 2:00. we'll check that out. >> sandra: i love watching that video of prepping the car. they're so spectacular. this is so fun. >> and corey is driving an american flag. >> he's driving america. >> sandra: looks amazing. i'm going to watch.
12:00 pm
>> john: i love the pace car, too. that electric mustang with seven motors. 1,400 horsepower. >> sandra: we're going to get cut off. thanks. see you this weekend. catch you on "the five." happy friday. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i love nascar. i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts now. >> martha: me too, guys. looking forward to that. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. right now on "the story," caitlyn jenner is running for governor of the state of california with this message. "i'm in." california is worth fighting for. she calls herself a passionate disrupter. she says i'm a proven winner and the only outsider that can put an end to gavin newsome's run as governor. can


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