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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 23, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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simply because of how they vote. a lot of people with common sense that may not vote the same way. i can't help but laugh at something like this. todd: at least you still have a baseball team in atlanta. my yankees have decided to take the year off. >> that's right. todd: joey jones, have a good day. jillian: thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> politicians and celebrities condemning the officer involved but now we're hearing from her neighbors. >> video doesn't lie. he reacted with what he thought was his best judgment. >> police have been demonizing this entire country. made criminals feel emboldened. >> during the virtual climate summit plans to cut carbon emission 50%. >> this will turn out to be expensive especially for the men and women across america. >> students are forced to wear masks. >> we have three vaccines, every adult in the state of georgia who wants it vaccine is eligible to get it. take these masks off of my child. >> border patrol arresting three gang members in less than 24
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hours in the rio grande valleys. >> we have to be the dumbest country on planet everett if we think there are just kids and pregnant women coming across the border looking for new opportunities. >> speculation that you might start your own social media platforms. are you considering that. >> i am. we are looking at it we are looking at different platforms. we have a lot of people that want to come on platforms. ♪ ♪ ♪ slowing down. brian: we have been waiting all year though play that song it finally works for us. "fox & friends" is going to be there. fox nation will have a car in the race. and pete hegseth will be riding the passenger seat during the entire race at talladega coming this up weekend. ainsley: that is fake news. pete and will and rachel campos-duffy are there covering it. it's going to rain tomorrow. but it's supposed to be pretty good weather on sunday at 2:00 when that race takes place.
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lawrence: i'm interested in learning about nascar. i know nothing about it i just know the cars go really fast. brian: you don't know how to drive? lawrence: i can drive. i think i can not in new york. ainsley: lawrence, if you went to that race you would be so well-known and they would love you there. lawrence lawrence thank you. ainsley: very american. a lot of fox news viewers. brian: what ainsley is trying to say, lawrence, read between the lines. she doesn't think they would love you in new york. ainsley: i know for sure they love you more in alabama. and talladega. brian: thanks so much. we met your salary demands you will be filling in for the entire three hours. lawrence: thank you. brian: now i believe the way the prompter rolled back we have pete. ainsley: are we checking in with him. brian: later. i almost turned prey to the prompter which turned against me at the last moment. new home surveillance video released of the deadly police shooting of a 16-year-old girl from columbus, ohio. lawrence: that's right. this as we learn more about the career and background of the officer involved in the
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shooting. ainsley: ashley strohmier joins us live with more as the teen's foster mom is now speaking out. ashley, what's the latest? >> yeah, so 16-year-old makai's foster the girls in the house argued all the time. she never thought it was going to escalate to this. angela moore said, quote, it was over keeping the house clean. the older one told them to clean up the house because mom doesn't like the house dirty so that's all how it started. she was fun, she liked to dance. she did her chores around the house, end quote. a neighbor across the street released video foot tammaro of the deadly incident where it shows makai bryant lunched towards a young woman wearing pink. that's when the officer fired four shots at bryant killing her. the neighbor saying from his point of view the officer only had seconds to make a decision. >> he reacted with what he thought was his best judgment. whether that means he is trying to go for the leg which i don't think he had time to take aim and go for a leg, to be honest. so he did what he thought was best. >> new details show nicholas
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reardon the 23-year-old officer has only been with the department for 16 months and reportedly has military training as a member of the u.s. international guard. the members of the lakers lebron james tweeting and then later deleting a photo of the officer you're next. officer reardon has been taken off street duty pending this investigation. back to you guys. brian: ashley, thank you so much that video that was on harris faulkner's show yesterday gives you a fuller picture of the story but it's not the whole picture. but, one thing i think is pretty clear. there is a knife about to be plunged in from one teen to the next teen which seemed to be left out of maybe 90% of the initial reports on this story which i think it's not a big leap to say is a key component of this incident. ainsley: donovan, who is the neighbor who had this video, this home security rolling at the time, he said he and his wife went on a lunch break and
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they came home. they heard the argument outside. one of the girls was locked out of the house and was banging on the door saying let me in. he and his wife went inside. they went back out in the back door. they let their dog out and they heard the fight continuing so they went to the laundry room to look out. he heard shots fired and he saw what was happening and then he thought later oh my gosh i have this police video he burned it on to the dvd and handed it over to the police. he was on as you said, brian, with harris yesterday what if the girl in the pink had been stabbed and then the police officer had fired his gun and the girl with the knife had been shot. these two young ladies could have lost their lives. he said he only had second to respond and he said this scenario put that officer in a really bad position and he felt like the officer had no other choice. lawrence: guys, i'm concerned because there has been so much about the officer's actions, which there is investigation going to take place from all my police training, it looks like it's justified but everyday we get more and more video that
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shows us about this incident. there has been no conversation, really, about what led to this event. i'm sorry, that statement from the foster mom is not enough for me. how does a knife fight happen in a foster home? brian: about cleaning the house. lawrence: and adults standing around. ainsley: did you see the man kicking the girl on the ground? lawrence: this doesn't seem like copasetic environment i spent two years on child protective services board. these foster homes have problems. i want to know -- i know we want to talk about the cop's actions but what is happening in these foster homes and what is happening in this foster home specifically? it doesn't pass the smell test for me to say oh it was just a kitchen fight about cleaning the house and it escalate sod somebody having a knife? brian: and they called 911. keep in mind, they got the cops involved. ainsley: what happened foster mom it was her birthday two of
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the former foster girls came to see foster mom celebrate her birthday and then the mom says those two girls, the oldest one said mom likes to keep a clean house. we need to clean up this dirty house and that started the altercation and led to the knife fight. lawrence: whatever happened there we need to get to the bottom of it. the president of the police union says this is all part of the anti-police narrative. take a look. >> this doesn't fit an agenda that's being pushed around this expire country certainly in ohio here in columbus, the same day we had this tragic shooting, that the officer was involved in, we had a 15-year-old shoot another 15-year-old. in cincinnati, not far from us, earlier in the week, a 13-year-old stabbed another 13-year-old. it's everywhere. we are not even hearing about those. the police have been demonizing this entire country and we are trying to catch up now. it's made criminals feel emboldened do these crimes violence. we are seeing violence go up in
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columbus, ohio like a lot of other places. and we are seeing the trickle down effect of that narrative right now. we have been asking for this help for a long time here in columbus. ainsley: basically saying that if we believe that all cops are bad, then that lead to defunding. that leads to reimagining that leads to what we are seeing in chicago, all these looters, $100 million in looting and kim fox, according to tucker carlson on fox nation let a vast majority of those looters walk free without any charges. then you see people attacking police officers. going around with pig heads on stakes and then if you look at the numbers, the numbers back it up. right, brian? brian: yeah. i mean look at some of these incidents right now in portland that's going extremely well. why anyone would want to live there more than a day i don't know, homicides up 733%. incidents up 100 percent. los angeles up 186%. victims are up 80%. in minneapolis, you know what's happening there. let's investigate the cops. homicides up 67%. in new york the wild west homicides up after a great year
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for homicides last year up again 6% this year. and incidents are up overall 64% in chicago. always a mess. homicides are up 33% and incidents up over 40%. pretty good like cnn had an expert on. actually not an expert just a city council mayor who said why don't we have a social worker present that would work. joy behar said shoot the gun in the air or yell out a warning or use a taser. that's great. joy behar who spent years at the police academy was able to offer that suggestion. the shooter was actually, the cop that was there, didn't have a lot of experience as a police officer but had -- is he in the national guard. he knows how to handle a gun. he has military training. lawrence: yeah. it's unacceptable that we continue to have these same conversations and every single police shooting is painted the same way. every case is different. we have got to wait for the facts to see what happens. but, right now, what we know so far, it looks like a justified shooting. we will continue to wait. we will switch gears to this. this mom completely goes off on
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the school board. brian: why. for what reason? lawrence: over masks. she is sick of it. she is tired of it. and she is defending her kids. take a look. >> this is not march 2020 anymore. we have three vaccines. every adult in the state of georgia that wants that vaccine is eligible to get it right now. every one of us knows that young children are not affected by this virus. what have we done with that blessing? we have shoved it to the side and we said we don't care, you are still going to wear a mask on your face every day 5 and 6-year-olds. you still can't play together on the playground like normal children 7 and 8-year-olds. it's time. take these masks off of my child. [applause] we chose you to make decisions that would be in our children's best interest and forcing 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9-year-old little children to cover their noses and their mouths where they breathe for seven hours a day every day for the last nine months for a virus that you know doesn't affect them, that is not
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in their best interest. and this has to stop. defend our children. lawrence: moms are tired of this. i'm tired of being told when i was running in new york city i have got wear a mask. this is not supported by science. our kids are being mentally affected by this. they need to be back in school. they need to be able to see their classmates' face and communicate and not have this mask every single place when some of them have already been vaccinated. we already know the infection rate enemy schools is less than 3%. why are we doing this? ainsley: this was in gwinnett county the school board meeting. she was talking to the board of education there she said, she gave example of another mom who has a 6-year-old child. she said my 6-year-old child says mom, when you go to the school board meeting, this month, are you going to tell them tonight please tell them tonight i do not want to wear a mask anymore. and she said, baby, it's not the time to fight this battle yet. and then that mom said it's
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april 15th, 2021, and it is time. this has to stop. defend our children. brian: yeah, here is courtney ann taylor she joined "fox & "f& friends first" this morning. >> month after month i have been waiting for this mask requirement to end or at the very least ease up. and there is just no end in sight. kindergarten is supposed to be fun. they play together. they learn how to play together. they learn social norms and how to solve conflicts amongst themselves and how to read facial expressions from their peers and their teacher. and i don't see how any of the children can really do that and have a real childhood right now. i encourage parents across this country to please get involved and go to these meetings and let your voice be heard. we are our children's voice. brian: right. and they are playing sports. they play club sports without mavericks and school sports with a mask. evan on the school board and all these superintendents are worried about getting sued perhaps or too lazy to actually go out and get a real policy. and i blame the cdc who has fallen prey to these
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politicians. they came out two weeks ago and said you don't have to wear a mask if you have been vaccinated. you can't transfer the virus. they quickly walked it back. yesterday on "the today show" the cdc director would not back up the fact or answer the question can you wear a mask outside? do you understand that president biden leads the way the biggest anti-vaxers in this country when he gets vaccinated and wear twos masks indoors where the vice president is the closest human and she is 12 feet away? do you understand you keep taking people away from the vaccination line when you do that because nothing is going to change and you are threatening us not -- we can't have our cookout when we arrive in our station wagon on the fourth of july unless you go get vaccinated why so we can walk around like we are being held hostage? lawrence: brian, we keep taking this. this is part of the problem. everybody is afraid to stop. brian: we never stopped. >> lawrence: people afraid to speak up about this. until we stand up and say, you know what? enough is enough. ainsley: here is my concern. i don't think they are going to change anything. and most of these schools. this school year.
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i just pray that when our kids go back in the fall, everything is back to normal. the kids are largely safe from covid-19. brian: so the president of the united states, former president of the united states spoke to sean hannity over the weekend. we have been seeing pieces of this interview throughout the week. last night he talked about also which has been rumored being that he is on suspension from facebook. is he banned from twitter. will he go his own way with his own platform. here's what he said. >> are you considering-there has been speculation that you might start your own social media platform. are you considering that. >> i am. i'm looking at it we are looking at different platforms. we have a lot of people that want to come on existing platforms. they have to be strong. they can't be dominated by amazon and google and people that can take them off the air right away. and do you need antitrust. you have to do something about it. ainsley: is parler back up. brian: i don't know. i went to get on and i could not
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find tonight app. store. maybe it's just me. they say it's back on. see, he does not want to be prey to the infrastructure of all these other media events, for example, you saw what happened with parler they were independent and they were brought down because they didn't have their own infrastructure. what he wants to do is have total control over it. so google can go jump in a lake if they have a problem with him along with amazon, facebook and twitter and everything else. ainsley: well, these private conditions are entitled to do whatever they want to do each if we don't like it. it's the cancel culture. you are denying someone the first amendment right to free fm of speech. they are private companies. i do hope conservatives start their own social media platforms so that conservatives do have a voice because i know so many people. we have talked and interviewed so many conservatives that say they took my tweet down. they canceled me. they took me off permanently. brian: why is lebron not canceled for calling out a cop. ainsley: twitter has been silent and so has most of his sponsors and the league.
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lawrence: president trump tonight on hannity at 9:00 p.m. eastern we will see more of that interview. brian: just moments ago spacex launched astronauts two americans to the international space station. let's watch. >> 3, 2, 1. 0. ignition, and liftoff. godspeed crew two. >> copy one alpha. ainsley: that's amazing four veteran astronauts are starting a six month research mission to improve medicine on earth. lawrence: that's right. astronaut meghan mcarthur sat in the same seat as her husband did during a test flight last spring. brian: how freight is this don't have to spend zillions of dollar to go to coagulate kazakhstan. we did this combined private public partnership nasa and
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spacex heavily supplemented by us the taxpayers. now we are doing this. spacex they say nasa in the perfect world will handle mars, spacex and others like this virgin atlantic has their own amazon is getting their own. they will provide transportation to the moan. moon. ultimate goal to have their own food and costco and do their own shopping and we will see if that happens on "fox & friends." ainsley: i don't think that will happen in our lifetime. there are 11 astronauts. lawrence: public private sector partnership. i love the way and this couple, all i can think of their kids, both of the parents are astronauts. what a shadow. going to be like kristin fisher who definitely lived up to her parents. ainsley: kristin fisher is our correspondent in washington. ask jen psaki questions and both were former astronauts. i is s, 11 astronauts when it landz tomorrow. brian: we are pro-space. and by the way not to go get too
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ahead of ourself, mars, sent a chopper up there and the drone was flying around yesterday. i think that's pretty cool. lawrence: jillian is standing by with headlines. jillian: i love this stuff. can't get enough of it. let's begin headlines with this. a 7-year-old boy is shot and killed in a possible road rage incident in north carolina. his mother says she was driving and accidently cut off a car. that's when the shot was fired hitting her son in the backseat. his 1 and 6-year-old siblings were also in the car. neither were hurt. and that video that you were just saying pertains to this next story. overnight chaos breaking out in new york city as protesters fight with nypd officers near central park. the protesters were reportedly on a black lives matter march through manhattan. tensions started to rise when someone spray painted the u is s national monument with graffiti and anti-cop messages. six people were arrested for assault and vandalism. today a cdc advisory panel will decide whether to resume shots of the johnson & johnson vaccine.
3:19 am
experts are weighing several options including resuming the single dose shot with a medical warning or suggesting certain groups of people avoid the shot like women under 50. the vaccine is on a 10-day nationwide pause after six women were hospitalized for rare blood clots following the shot. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. ainsley: all right. thank you, jillian. still ahead, chicago in crisis. tucker carlson gives us an inside look at how the failure of chicago's prosecutor kim foxx has sparked lawlessness in the city. brian: unbelievable. "fox & friends" is spending the weekend in talladega super speedway ahead of the geico 500 on fox sports. we are live on the track all morning long. just can't prove it yet. ♪ ♪ gillette proglide. five blades and a pivoting flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke. so you're ready for the day with a fresh face for a fresh start.
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♪ ainsley: our own tucker carlson has a new platform on fox nation. it's available today. and i was watching some of the clips. brian: they are great. ainsley: this footage from chicago. can you all believe the video of all the looting, people walking out with hands full of clothes and talks about kim foxx who is george soros -- backed by george soros and how she is not doing anything about this. she lets the vast majority to walk through. he then shows clips of memorials for children. pictures of little kids with flowers around them that are stapled to a tree and, lawrence, you have been to chicago covering this. we were talking during the break about that little girl that was shot at her grandmother's house out on the sidewalk, right? lawrence: i remember going on the scene and the blood was still on the soil, essentially. it was on the grass. and, you know, no one really cares about these stories in
3:25 am
national media. i go. these people have been crying out for help for years to stop the killing, to get assistance. it's the broken da system as you all said. soros backed kim foxx. it's the corruption in that city with the elected leaders. it's the fact of not investing into these communities. and i know it's not a sectiony national media story but these people are crying out for help. this is an american city. all i have to say is how many people got die before we give a damn? brian: right. he does. and he focuses on that. and on the prosecutor. how she got her job and how other prosecutors get their job in these major cities which have all gone into the toilet. listen. >> plan is working in her first year of chicago's top prosecutor, kim foxx dropped charges against nearly 30% of felony defendants. >> look at our justice system and ask ourselves are we
3:26 am
satisfied with the system? >> you can't take an oath to be a prosecutor and then turn around and undermine that oath. >> there aren't the consequences that there used to be. ainsley: there was alderman we have had on our show several times raymond lopez i lost a 7-year-old on the basketball court. i have been to so many children's funerals i don't understand what is it going to take for those individuals in chicago to say enough is enough? lawrence: do you know how many times his office has been broken into? ever since he started speaking out they slash his tires they go in there and mess up his office because that is the way there. the moment people. ainsley: because he cares? lawrence: because he cares. this is guy that has lived in the community. he is not someone that has a house outside of the community that cares about the people of chicago. brian: family structure is falling apart. their families are the gangs, the shooting are their recreation and this whole generation is just growing up lost. but we will talk about that and
3:27 am
you will hear about that when tucker carlson brings you his originals. they will be available in a couple hours on fox nation so he has got his originals, he has tucker today and tucker tonight. and the thing that celebrates them are tucker today he does not wear a blazer. tucker tonight he wears a tie. and when is he doing the originals he wears an open shirt. ainsley: so once during prime time once a week he will have tucker carlson originals and watch extensive video that will drop today. you can see some of the clips if you want to go on fox nation right now. it's not had in a few hours as brian was saying the full segments will air. all right. it is 6:27 here on the east coast. straight ahead, president biden unveiling aggressive climate agenda in front of world leaders. but, it's still not enough for some activists who are calling bull. the battle between biden and progressives coming up. ♪ how bizarre, how bizarre. ♪ ♪
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♪ (ac/dc: back in black) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ back in black ♪ ♪ i hit the sack ♪ ♪ i've been too long... ♪ applebee's irresist-a-bowls are back. dig in for just $8.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. jillian: good morning, back with headlines, overnight star guard clarence dark. the nba prospect died in a car crash yesterday in los angeles. kentucky head coach john calipari writing coast terrence clark was a beautiful kid
3:32 am
someone who owned room with his personality, smile and joy. to hear we have lost him is just hard for all of to us comprehend right now. overnight, a massive wildfire explodes to 1,000 acres in idaho. authorities say high winds caused the fire spread in the city of damaging at least one home. people are being told to evacuate the area. the fire is only 25% contained. firefighters don't expect full containment until tomorrow night. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel teasing a possible run for michigan governor in 2022 politico reporting that daniel told party officials she is will frustrated about gretchen whitmer's handling of the pandemic this. comes as whitmer is apparently caught lying about her travel before her controversial trip to florida was revealed. take a listen. >> were you able to get a few days off. have you had any full days off. >> i was here the whole time. the last trip i israel.
3:33 am
>> she traveled to 'florida in march despite warning out of state travel. >> couple has quite the engagement story to tell. staged a fake emergency involving the fdny and his pregnant friend causing quite the scene. his fiancee amy marshall is a nurse thinking the woman is in labor jumps in to help. she never notices matthew is down on one knee until the firefighter grabs her attention she says yes and the couple will wed in central park in three weeks. why wait when you can do it in three weeks, brian? brian: good point. thanks, jillian, 27 minutes now before the top of the hour. president biden kicking off a climate summit with 40 world leaders happened yesterday where he set aggressive goal to slash emissions by the year 2030. >> i see an opportunity to create millions of good-paying, middle class union jobs. i see auto workers building the next generation of electric vehicles. construction workers building new carbon capture and green
3:34 am
hydrogen plants. the united states sets out on the road to cut a greenhouse gases in, in half by the end of this decade. brian: he gives no detail into how we are going to get there yet, that proposal still wants to be aggressive enough for some climate activist. they want it more aggressive who dumped cow manure in front of the white house to demand stronger action from joe biden. do you believe this? here with more is marc morano climate and author of green fraud. mark, what stands out from you from yesterday's announcement which lapse president obama? >> it was double obama's commitments which were ridiculous at the time and, of course, just symbolic commitments. i think what stands out yesterday is john kerry now changing the goal post once again saying not only too we have to do massive reductions in co 2 to get to net zero but now we got to start taking it out of the atmosphere and sucking it out of the atmosphere with
3:35 am
different technologies. we have already seen them talk about dimming the sun to block it to try to cool the earth. so, we're now getting into beyond economic pain and shutting down more of american society getting into we did owe engineering of our climate which is also scary stuff. brian: here is an example how it is going to effect your lifestyle. cut 90% of red meat out of a diet that's 4 pounds a year that's once every six months. switch to all-electric car as well as a house by the way. $50,000 cost. new electric heat pumps to heat your home don't expect you have a gas huston. i hope you aren't too attached to it that's going to cost you probably $5,700. they want to double the u.s. wants to double its share of carbon free power from 80% to 40%. half of which is now provided by nuclear. we have got get rid of nuclear, too right? in the hope of achieving biden's pledge. what is this all going to mean? >> it's all going to mean
3:36 am
literally all pay pain for zero gain to the climate. there is no criteria by clean-up they say okay, we have now done, this we're going to expect less bad hurricanes, less tornadoes, that's not even on the table. in fact, in 200215, john kerry and many of the same people with the biden administration declared victory said this was, you know, an unparalleled moment we have solved the climate crisis this. never ends. this is the starting point for literally a re-making of american society for absolutely no benefit. and what i mean by that is it's going to be more reliance on chinese energy, chinese mining. we are going to offshore our emissions and all we will do is impoverish americans. that's really what the climate agenda is about. it's not going to change the climate. at the end of this we are not going to have a better climate. there is no criteria to measure that just going to be more climate measures and mandates coming down the line. brian: mark, the main reason why our emissions are down one the
3:37 am
pandemic and two natural gas. is he not allowing fracking really to expand. he also says wind and solar energy would have to increase six fold and we have to get rid of all coal plants. did anyone tell china that because they admitted yesterday they're building them as fast as they can. >> yeah. china could not be happier with what's happening right now. china is building about on average one a week. there was a report out that china is building more coal plants than any countries combined this. is like the biggest coal plant running that china has ever done. coal production. at the same time, the united states, 80 plus percent of our irenergy comes from fossil fuel. less than% come from solar and wind combined. somehow the solar and wind combined less than 4% expand radically in some magical formula in the next decade in joe biden's plan this. is magical thinking this. is why you had rebellion that's why they dumped the cow manure. they called it what it is it's
3:38 am
rare when climate skeptics and radical climate activists get together we agree this is climate bull [bleep]. the manure was a very fitting symbol. conservative group drop manure at the white house against joe biden we would be in jail. progressives got away with dumping manure on the street in front of the white house. brian: featured in every newscast. international finance plan going to cost the american people money to have other countries clean up their act maybe like china we will write them a big check while no longer becoming the behemoth of big energy while when joe biden got the keys to the white house. mark, thank you so much. >> thank you, brian, appreciate it. brian: coming up straight ahead, businesses are reopening and ready to hire new employees. potential hire would rather stay home. thanks to massive increased unemployment benefits. talk business owners who say biden's rescue plan is destroying them. and from our friends at fox bet
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ainsley: we're hiring is what businesses reopening around the country are saying and with unemployment at 6% and more than 9 million americans looking for work, you would think that applicants would be through the roof, right? but a recent survey found 42% of small businesses have openings they cannot fill. why are people not going back to work? here to discuss are three business owners that are struggling to hire right now. we have edith ann ramieh, she is the cmo of the restaurant on the border. and laura ray dickey, the ceo of
3:44 am
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lawrence: welcome back. school officials in new york now apologizing after an uproar from law enforcement over a book that they say pushed a blatant anti-police message on to
3:54 am
students. the book is called something happened in our town and details the killing of a black man by a cop. in the book one of the characters a black child tells brother the cops are responsible for shooting won't go to jail quote cops stick up for each other and they don't like black men. david bidwell is the president of the bingham police benevolent association and he joins me now. david, tell me your quick reaction to this book being published and now it's being sent to these kids? >> well, good morning, and once we were notified of this book, it was actually shock. i would say the first time i watched it i got to about the first three and a half minutes and after the first three and a half minutes i turned it off i thought god, this can't be real and then we watched the rest of it and after that -- lawrence lawrence this is for elementary students. >> my understanding this was for children 4 through 8.
3:55 am
lawrence: so, let's talk about this because there is obviously a disconnect in community. how do you bridge the gap with communities when you already have educators that are planting the seed in their head. i remember my officer, officer brezek, even though there were will issues we loved our school resource officer. how do you, as a cop, how do you bridge that gap. >> you know, it's tough but we do the same thing every single day. you know, we are doing cross guards at these schools. sros in the school. we work sporting events. we do special children's events where we are bringing out our vehicles and letting the kids in there hitting the light and sirens. so it's just -- it was disappointing when this -- when this book was brought to the school district. you know, completely underminded the work we were doing in the community. lawrence: you guys already doing the work and they put the book on the desk of these students and now you have got to start all over. i will tell you what, david, i
3:56 am
think the community is going to hear you guys continue to do the work in the community as a member of the community we appreciate it thank you. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. lawrence: this is what the district had to say. we support and respect the brave police officers that protect our community. in no way does this book represent our thinking or beliefs about police. it is unfortunate with any profession negatively portrayed. we apologize for the negative light this has signed on the profession and commitment to our safety. thanks, david. this is ridiculous. coming up, kamala harris finally addresses the border crisis and she is blaming climate change. more on that top of the hour.
3:57 am
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visit to see how your joint damage could progress. enbrel. eligible patients may pay as little as $5 per month. ♪ ♪ >> he reacted with what he thought was his best judgment. >> a neighbor revealing a new angle of the deadly police shooting. >> i remember fights in high school. they didn't have guns. >> straight up propaganda designed to foment racial decision. >> texas attorney general suing the biden administration migrants to mexico. >> at the heart of this whole issue is whether american citizens are second class citizens in their own country. >> if you are outside, you still need to wear a mask. >> this is a question that we are looking at. >> this should be obvious to anybody with a brain. basically no evidence of outdoor transmission and there hasn't been for a year. >> politico becoming the latest news outlet not to use the word crisis. >> i wouldn't use crisis either.
4:01 am
i agree with politico. it's a catastrophe going on at the border right now. >> 3, 2, are 1, and liftoff. >> just moments ago spacex launched two americans to the international space station. >> thanks for flying our first flight proven crew falcon 9. ♪ ♪ wheat home, alabama sweet homa ♪ [inaudible] brian: ainsley we heard roughly what you said. ainsley: talladega is on sunday. brian: why would we be showing that race as special as it is. lawrence fox is carrying it. is there another reason? lawrence: yeah, because pete hegseth, will cain and rachel campos-duffy are going to be live from talladega down on the
4:02 am
ground talking with folks. fox nation has a booth there. brian: are we worked out something. lawrence: we pay these guys a lot of money they should be. ainsley: look at the stands though. the race is so patriotic. red, white and blue seats. brian: right. can we officially wring them in go ahead, ainsley bring them in. ainsley: rachel, will, pete, you are there. pete: finally we have appeared. rachel: we are here. brian: slowest pull out from the stands ever. pete: it really was. i didn't think we were ever going to make it on camera. will: this is special just for you, brian. shake and bake. [laughter] brian: that documentary by will farrell about what nascar is really like. ainsley: if you are not first you are last. rachel: just so you know, brian, exactly. as you guys have been analyzing the news. these guys have been recreating every scene on talladega nights.
4:03 am
brian: like kids. ainsley: is that a model of the track behind you. rachel: it's the track. will: real track. here at talladega. there won't just be a fox nation booth there will be a fox nation car. lawrence: that's what i'm talking about. will: i will think we will get a chance to hop in that car. pete: car number seven. i will tried to ride along for the race we will see how much power fox nation has to get me in the car. lawrence: did i hear pete will be driving. rachel: driver or passenger? pete: wherever they want to put me. will: like mountain lion? talladega nights put him next to our fox nation driver and see how good he actually is with pete hegseth causing chaos in the car. brian: just real quick before we let you go. rachel and pete i understand sometimes you don't cover sporting events regularly but, will, we toss to you to set the scene for the race and you are talking about a movie. i mean, what about your sports roots? what happened to you what
4:04 am
happened? the sports reporter in you? rachel: come and do that part. will: my apprenticeship in television was under a man named brian kilmeade and have a question asked of me i didn't know what you wanted me to answer about. watch this here we go live here in talladega, alabama, the big race is behind me. what you see is the grandstand some of the biggest grandstand i have seen at sporting event and the track is about 50 yards right there off of this set. we will be able to hear the cars screaming by. brian: thank you. now that's a set-up. that's why we sent you there. [laughter] please, my goodness, talking about a movie. lawrence: better -- brian: what happened? ainsley: check back in with them in 25 minutes. brian: the foster mom from 16-year-old girl killed in a police shooting in columbus, ohio revealing what happened that day. we are getting details. angela moore saying, quote: it was over keeping the house clean. the older one told them to clean up the house because mom doesn't
4:05 am
like the house dirty. so, that's how it all happened. lawrence: now the neighbor releasing home surveillance video of the shooting saying from his point of view the officer only had one second to make a decision. watch. >> he reacted with what he thought was his best judgment, whether that means he is trying to go for the leg which i don't think he had time to take aim and go for a leg, to be honest, so he did what he thought was best. ainsley: that officer, 23-year-old nicholas reardon, has only been with the department for about 16 months. he is 23 years old meanwhile twitter, the nba and the l.a. lakers are all keeping quiet about lebron james' now deleted tweet about the officer when he said -- he showed the picture of the officer that you see there, we actually blurred out his face. and lebron james wrote: you're next #accountability. he then deleted it do you know what's interesting when you look
4:06 am
at that video from the house across the street, we have already seen what happened because of these body cameras that our police officers wear and these police departments are trying to release the video as quickly as they can so that we all get the full story and we will know exactly what happened and they are transparent about it. >> i continue to say i'm very frustrated about this because there has been so much about the police response and there has been virtually no questions about this foster home, a foster home that is completely out of control. there is no adults standing around there. you have multiple teens involved. i don't understand how they can have a foster home. brian: hours after the chauvin verdict then you have this in columbus, ohio. and they said okay, here's a police officer gets out and just starts shooting teens. and they left out the knife that was in the hand of one of the assailant makia bryant who ends up getting shot because it was let one teen get stabbed to
4:07 am
death or take out the attacker after they got called to the scene because they say someone has a knife. ainsley: you know lawrence, to your point though you have served on committees where have you dealt with domestic violence in these foster homes. but this foster mom, we don't know much about her. i'm glad she did talk to the press so we hear her side of the story. it does say a lot about her that, a, she is a foster mom. she has a heart for children. and also that two of the older foster children came back to visit her on her birthday. the oldest one was talking to, allegedly, the suspect with a knife and saying, you know, hey, girls, mom likes the house clean, defending the mom. brian: so listen to how the media covered this. making excuses really for how this whole thing happened. and making anything but excuses for the cop. listen. >> i can't help but think what would happen if we had social workers present. if we had community based
4:08 am
interventionists present and they are able to diffuse some of those situations when residents are in the midst of a crisis. >> earlier i remember fights in even high school or even younger than that where a kid brought a pen knife or something to school and teachers were able to diffuse that and they didn't have guns. >> said that the cop had no choice or something to that effect and my feeling is i don't know if that's true or not. shoot the gun in the air as a warning? tase a person, shoot them in the leg? shoot them in the behind? you know, stop them somehow but if the only solution is to kill a teenager, there is something wrong with this. there is something -- lawrence: do they live in a different universe? i understand waiting for the facts and getting an investigation. but to go on tv and say shoot in the air? that's not gun safety. bullets come down. shoot in the leg. do you know how hard that shot is. brian: they tell you never shoot. lawrence: pick up the taser and
4:09 am
do it that way. do you know how often they don't work in the back and forth on this from a level of ignorance. you can tell they have never been through any type of training. not just police training but how to use a firearm. and the problem is that this is what puts communities on edge at the end of the day. when you have people from a national standpoint feeding into the narrative instead of taking each shooting case by case and judging it based on the facts. brian: it's actually worse than you are describing it they are going out of their way to make it look like the police were wrong. saying a knife was found at the scene or saying a cop came onto the scene and started shooting without saying why the police officer was actually shooting. lawrence: they edited footage to show a different story. this is propaganda. this is intentional lying to the people. ainsley: lawrence, i agree with you on the fact that this girl had a knife. she could have killed the girl in the pink who was unarmed. if you have a weapon and police show up at your house, you have
4:10 am
to listen to the police, you have to put down your weapon, you can't expect to walk away from that scenario when you are putting someone else's life in danger. i'm so sad that this young girl lost her life but she almost took the life of another girl. brian: did you see what joy reid said we had penknife fights in the playground it was no snrob when one person is going to knife the other and got called to the scene call 911 someone has a knife, i'm going to get stabbed and that's exactly what happened. by the way, he might have been 23 and just on the force but he also have a military background. is he a member of the national guard. so they are doing an investigation anyway. lawrence: guys, i want to be clear. i have so much compassion for the 16-year-old that died that day, which is why i want to know what happened? what led up to this moment? but trying to find a scapegoat in the officer that showed up on the scene, i just think is disingenuous, is just wrong. it goes to the point of let's find a bad actor when there is no bad actor in the cops.
4:11 am
i just disagree with that fundamentally. wait for the facts. something else, if you have more videotape to present that shows a different story, i'm open to that but right now we have got to go based on what we know. brian: we will be doing reenactments on other channels to make the scenario you want. ainsley: get the social workers to work with the families to kids stay in the home with their moms and dads. lawrence lawrence social worker out there in a heated situation. brian: what could go wrong. have social workers in police cars to go out there and say officer, you stay in the car i will handle it from here that would have went well. mollie hemingway puts it all into perspective. >> they have moved into straight up propaganda in this case they are desiring to foment racial division because that aligns with the political goals of their favored party on the left. but they do it in so many ways. people need to stop being surprised when they see it happening because it happens with everything whether it's the russian collusion hoax on it --
4:12 am
it's just what they do as a matter of course. and this week we have seen it. with you then even do it when it's something as fraught as racial division. ainsley: where is the outcry about that man still on the run at last check who killed the girl at mcdonald's. she is going through the drive-thru. why aren't they talking about that suspect who is a criminal who actually shot a little girl? lawrence: they never do. brian: meanwhile, 12 minutes after the hour. ainsley: turning now to the border crisis as the texas attorney general sues the biden administration again. mark meredith joins us life from the white house with more. mark? >> the attorney general of texas says president biden's border policies are creating a health hazard for people who live in texas, attorney general ken paxton filing a lawsuit thursday basically saying that some of these border policies that have led to crowded facilities and then leaving people to into the lone star communities basically creating a major problem in the complaint paxton writes instead of using the cdc's authority to prevent the introduction of
4:13 am
covered aliens during a pandemic defendants have chosen to release tens of thousands of aliens into texas and the united states. republicans are cheering the lawsuit. >> we should all be grateful to him. to sue the biden administration, you can't visit grandma and grandpa but yet thousands of people can be crammed together in holding facilities and then released. >> there is new focus on vice president kamala harris' role in border policy recently she mentioned climate as one of many potential reasons why thousands of people seek asylum in the united states. >> you look at the root causes for looking at the issue of climate resiliency and then the concern about a lack of economic opportunity. >> today the vice president will be off to new hampshire. she will be making stops trying to sell the president's $2 trillion spending bill on monday. she is going to be speaking with leaders from guatemala virtually ahead of that trip to central america in june with a lot of
4:14 am
focus on border policy. lawrence, brian, ainsley, back to you. brian: mark, thank you so much. it's amazing, why is there no rush? she has got the assignment in march 14th. now she has had one phone call with a mexican president. one with the guatemalan president. promises to go to guatemala some time in june, has a virtual meeting set up for next week, climate change is generic. she went to new hampshire yesterday so she is getting closer to the northern border than the southern border. lawrence: she didn't want the job. brian: it's not up to her. how do you reject the president? ainsley: she is going to have to do it if not people will continue to criticize her. lawrence: unfortunately, she is on the radical end of the spectrum when it comes to the democrats. and he can't get rid of her. he can't say oh, you know, i'm just going to -- she is just not going to do it. i think what it comes down to is there a fundamental difference in policy. i think kamala harris is actually open borders. i think joe biden actually, if
4:15 am
you really look at his record, the way he governed in the past, would want a secure border and do the right thing. but he is being pressured right now to go the other way. i think kamala harris is one of those people saying you know what? just let it happen. brian: i don't know, maybe. it's like if george bush who became the running mate of ronald reagan. every time reagan came up to talk about a press cross. he would come up and say that's voodoo economics. no you are on the team and do you what the president wants you to do and she is getting a pass. i watched the abc story. they built on what kamala harris said. they went to a farm in guatemala and they said well, there used to be more water here. they never talked about the crisis on the border but mentioned the vice president will be here in june. it is not may yet. i will be seeing you in four weeks? are you kidding? ainsley: i agree with you, lawrence, now she says no i am going. she is going to wait and take her time that way more and more thousands more can come into our country before she has to go down there and deal with it. lawrence: that was the rhetoric
4:16 am
on the campaign trail. politico instructed its staffers not to refer to this as a crisis. ainsley: this is the latest memo that was obtained by "the washington examiner." politico, the latest news outlet telling their staffers not to use the word crisis. this was sent out by the deputy production director, her name is mya parthasasarathy. avoid referring to the present situation as a crisis, although we may quote others using that language while providing context. while the sharp increase in the arrival of unaccompanied minors is a problem for border officials. a political challenge for the biden administration and a dire situation for many migrants who make the journey. it does not fit the dictionary definition of a crisis. brian: right, keep in mind, too. they do have other ideas u.s. china agreed to cooperate on a climate crisis. they called that a crisis.
4:17 am
the next crisis empty retail space they can call that a crisis. amid crisis on police brutality and racism congress flails. they know how to spell the word crisis they don't want to do it if it looks like the democratic administration has thoroughly dropped the ball. our only hope is the courts. that's what they would doing in arizona, bringing multiple lawsuits and that's what you saw steven miller doing with this brand new organization working with texas. they are suing. they already had success on the pause on deportations. they put that -- they got rid of that. hopefully some of these judges will be of sober mind and understand that if the federal government is in charge of the border, then that is, indeed, they are indeed in contempt. ainsley: let me read the definition of crisis. a condition of instability or danger, that's happening. and in social economic, political or international affairs, that's happening. leading to a decisive change, a time of great disagreement, confusion, or suffering. all that is happening. brian: so grad i that webster's
4:18 am
dictionary. ainsley: that was the cambridge english dictionary. brian: i don't like that one at all. lawrence: jillian is standing by. jillian: let's begin with this. activists are refusing to leave george floyd square in minneapolis. they declared the spot where floyd died autonomous zone writing 38th and chicago will be held until our demands are met. they want the barricades to stay through the conclusion of the august trial for the three other officers involved in floyd's death. go to a live look at capitol hill where the house passed a bill to make d.c. the 51st state. all house republicans rejecting the measure. mondaire jones accused the g.o.p. of being against it because of race. take a listen. >> one of my house republican colleagues said that d.c. shouldn't be a state because the district doesn't have a landfill. my goodness. with all the racist trash my colleagues have brought to this debate, can i see why they are worried about having a place to put it.
4:19 am
jillian: it's unlikely the bill will pass the senate because of the filibuster. utah senator mike lee will join us when he weighs in next hour the scripts spelling bee will return this year african selling the 2020 event due to the pandemic. bee adding vocabulary questions and lightning round tiebreaker. if they can't get to wanier the traditional way 90 seconds to spell as many words as they can correctly. the in person finals is set for july 8th in orlando. guys, i was always a huge fan of the spelling bee i loved it in sixth grade i lost because i misspelled the word vacuum and it has clearly been stuck in my brain this entire time. ainsley: do you know how to spell it now. jillian: it's two us. vacuum. ainsley: i want to get my dictionary. brian: got to get her dictionary. jillian: get your dictionary out. ainsley: i just do vac i typed
4:20 am
that wrong. umne or something? jillian: um. >> ainsley: vacuum. >> after 3 8 years i know how to spell it. brian: get close and spell check takes over. ainsley: definition, something that picks up dust. 19 minutes after the hour. coming up next, president biden vows to go green if that means killing thousands of jobs. one keystone pipeline worker being sacrificed for the green experiment. is he here to sound off. "fox & friends" is spending the weekend at talladega super speedway ahead of the geico 500. we are live from the track all morning long. ♪ ♪ it's a wishlist on wheels. a choice that requires no explanation. it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect.
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4:25 am
>> our union members are starting to feel like a pawn. we helped deliver the low cost energy that this country enjoys today and now it seems like we are being sacrificed for a green experiment at the taxpayers' expense. lawrence: one former keystone pipeline worker neil crabtree sharing his powerful testimony before congress yesterday reminding democrats of the americans who are being hurt by their push for new green jobs and neil joins me right now. neil, thank you so much for joining the program. you call this a green experiment. tell me about the people that are being impacted by this policy. >> well, a lot of them is like myself that are setting at home, you know, that out of work right now over 08% of our union members are actually out of work right now. and like you said, i actually
4:26 am
got to sit in on a senate hearing yesterday and i heard a lot of talk about future training and future jobs in the green energy but for a lot of americans like myself, a lot of families across the country like myself, the future is right now the future is car payment that you got due next week. the future is that mortgage payment you have got due next week. there is a lot of people in this country right now that could be working in the oil and gas industry and we're just not able to because they are pushing this what i basically call a chinese stimulus package in this green new deal lawrence lawrence i have got to ask you because there are all these promises of green new jobs, have you seen any of them in your town? >> no, i believe and being a part of that hearing yesterday i believe they had to concede that, that those jobs are just not there right now so it makes no sense to be putting americans out of work on infrastructure
4:27 am
projects that are available i believe going totally green is never going to work. we need balance energy infrastructure n country. i believe that natural gas is going to have to play a big part in it. there is just too many things in this country that rely on petroleum products that we won't be able to get rid of it. if they want to get serious about it look for ways to pull carbon out of the air because everything the united states has done to reduce our emissions is being counter acted by other countries like china who are still building coal plants that are going to last 50 or 50 years we just don't think it's fair to be putting our workers without jobs right now. lawrence: not fair at all you called it a green experiment at the expense, of course of you and all the other workers that are out there. neil, thank you so much for joining the program. >> thank you. lawrence: you bet. the fraternal order of police is
4:28 am
blasting lebron james for this tweet blasting an ohio police officer. the fraternal order of police joins us live next. ♪. i've seen centuries of rises and falls. i had a love affair with tulips once. lived through the crash of '29 and early dot-com hype. watched mortgages play the villain beside a true greek tragedy. and now here i am, with one companion that's been with me for millennia; hedging the risks you choose and those that choose you. the physical seam of a digital world, traded with a touch. my strongest ally and my closest asset. the gold standard, so to speak ;) people call my future uncertain.
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cal: our confident forever plan is possible with a cfp® professional. a cfp® professional can help you build a complete financial plan. visit to find your cfp® professional. ♪♪ ♪ >> good morning, back with headlines, a los angeles man
4:32 am
pleads guilty to the 2016 killing of a sheriff's deputy. investigators say trapasso ton lovell admitted to ambushing sergeant steve owen and shooting him execution style. he was awarded a medal of valor for saving a hostage being held at gunpoint. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. the u.s. military will send airborne assets to help in the search for a missing indonesian submarine with 63 sailors on board. time are unking with out with the vessel only having enough oxygen to last until tomorrow. it went missing wednesday in the bali straight where the waters are very deep. secretary of defense lloyd austin is set to meet with indonesian counterpart about u.s. assistance today. and how about this? george w. bush reveals he didn't vote for trump or biden in 2020. the former president telling people he wrote in condoleezza rice's name for the presidential election. bush added that when he told his former secretary of state about his vote, she jokingly replied she would, quote: refuse to accept the office.
4:33 am
that is a look at your headlines. brian, send it back to you. brian: that's interesting. you kind of knew he wasn't voting for trump. thanks so much, jillian. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. lebron james is facing backlash at this hour after using his platform to target the cop in the ohio police shooting in a now deleted tweet lebron wrote this you're next #accountability and fraternal order of police is blasting him writing lebron james with his vast resources and influence should educate himself and frankly has the responsibility to do so on the facts before weighing in. this is disgraceful and extremely recsless. the officer saved a young girl's life no. amount of gaslighting will change that fact. the fraternal order of police joins us now. let's look back at that columbus case. if lebron james was looking at reports in almost every other media outlet you would think the cop just got out of the car and started shooting. do you realize that joe? >> yeah, i mean it was incredibly reckless and dangerous what he did. and frankly shouldn't be
4:34 am
weighing in on political issues stick with what they are good at stick with playing sports. the poll says majority of americans agree with me. do you know what? this is america. if they want to weigh, in fine. but you have a responsibility with a platform that size to do your research and to get it right. he tweeted that out to 50 million people. it was dangerous. it was reckless and it's no different than joy behar going on "the view" the other day and saying that officers should be firing off warning shots even though that's prohibited by every agency and flies in the rules of physics because what goes up comes down. you have people weighing in on issues not doing research. talking about we should be able to karate shop a knife out of the hand or round house kick it ridiculous crap not grounded in facts. we are sitting on powder keg in this country and they're willing to throw sparks. the national fraternal order of police will to sit down with nig anyone that is will to have a discussion. we all want to work towards the same goal which is reducing officer-involved shootings in
4:35 am
this country. until we acknowledge that the society that the other person involved in that incident with the officer has a tremendous responsibility on whether or not that officer uses force or not, we're going to continue in this doomed cycle where we have a controversial incident. we yell at each other and nothing gets solved. it's real easy to tweet but it's time to sit down and meet and discuss these issues. brian: joe, is this number accurate roughly 10 million interactions with police officers in the year in the united states of america? >> yes, absolutely. 10 million arrests. we're talking there is hundreds of millions of contacts every single year. and do you know how many unarmed black individuals are shot by police? 15. hundreds of millions of contacts. it is a exceedingly rare that incident with officer involved shooting. if you watched on the media you would think that's all we do out there. frankly, we are not even having a larger discussion about the huge increase in violent crime in our country right now. in portland, murders are up 160.
4:36 am
in columbus, ohio, where there was another young girl stabbed another incident that no one is paying attention to, their numbers are up 100 percent. and until we start having conversation about the violent crime increases and the causes of it, the lack of educational opportunities for people in urban communities, and we have influential people on twitter like a former adviser to president obama trying to gaslight the american public and normalize knife fights and teenagers stabbing one another instead of talking about these real issues. jesus, how deep is this radical go? brian: joe, you are fired up enough to actually get a word in at my dinner table. we are growing up. winston hill's ohio what you are referring to 13-year-old girl stabbed in the neck by another 13-year-old girl and died no. police were there to prevent the violence from taking place. valerie jarrett tweeting out it was just a knife fight why did he come in shooting. just a knife fight. unbelievable. joe, i appreciate it you have to balance out conversations with people like to you give the
4:37 am
perspective of law enforcement because in too many places you are forced to be the parent. you are the only discipline in a lot of these situations and now you end up being the bad guy. and cops are the problem in america. i don't know how we got on to that track. but it's just not the case. joe, thanks so much. >> thank you so much for having me on. everybody owho is watching you have an open invitation to sit down at the table and talk about these issues. brian: absolutely. you are in to police reform. have you back another time. open to it. get more training in there. certain things everybody is on the same page with and let's work in a proactive way. thanks, joe. >> thanks. brian: up next, we head back to tald and check in with pete, will and rachel geico 500 on fox. unveiling the fox nation car only here and our friends at fox bet download the fox bet super 6 app. and play for a chance to win $10,000. all you need to do is predict six outcomes in the fox bet super 6 quiz show topics range from entertainment to sport. it's free to play, download the
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4:43 am
full. pete: i don't know about the mask. will, you might know. i know it's 80,000 they can fit but only 35% capacity. will, i don't know if you can do that math that quickly what's 35% of 80,000? will: dang it, pete? i don't know what is that like 15,000? rachel: he is a sports guy not a math guy. pete: i don't know if math is required or not. it wouldn't surprise me if it was. who knows? rachel: well, it's outside. ainsley: almost 30,000. about 28,000. pete: either way it's going to be huge. never seen anything like this. rachel: never. pete: i have never seen a grandstand this big even if it is 35% capacity. track this wide 2.5-mile track. it's going to be roaring. and we are psyched that we are going to be here all weekend long. rachel: going to learn a lot about nascar. got will here with you also have joey. he is going to be here joey jones to talk about nascar. is he a big nascar guy. a lot to learn about nascar this
4:44 am
weekend. brian: the way i understand it coming up on your show this weekend will be steven phelps, nascar president. michael mcdowell 2021 daytona 500 winner jeff gordon sectiony and good driver. clint bowyer nascar driver and analyst and cory lajoie: ainsley: car number 7. will: cory will be driving our car. look at this there. patriotic car. pete: fox nation is sponsoring a car in the race car number 7. beautifully wrapped in red, white, and blue. if you don't know who to pull for and don't know who to watch car number 7 for fox nation. will: anybody who has been to a nascar race knows the most exciting place and entertaining place is the infield, where all the rvs are and where everybody parties that's where we will be all weekend long hosting "fox &
4:45 am
friends." people understand. lawrence: you will be doing special coverage all weekend? pete: tune in to see if we actually make it to the set by 6:00 a.m. the race is at -- you know that's the truth. the show is in the infield. i petitioned to get an rv that we were all going to stay. in rachel alumnus as of. real world said that's not a good idea. we are hosting the show 6 to 10 eastern. race at 2:00 as you showed on the screen. lawrence: guys, i want you to react joe biden warns if americans don't get their covid shots by -- july 4th he is going to cancel july 4th. take a look. will: well, i don't think joe biden has that power or ability. one of the things so fascinating by listening to guys joe biden talking about get back to normal july 4th. we are guilty of this from time to time as well. i said it with you guys earlier time to get back to normal and sport can lead the way. truth of the matter is most people in america are back to
4:46 am
normal and have been for quite some time. pockets of this country still staying inside afraid of a virus that most of america is back to work and back to normal. brian: yeah, i just don't think. i just don't think you are normal, pete. and that's the problem. [laughter] pete: you are right. but you are just like the driver you described brian endlessly sectiony. [laughter] ainsley: pete and rachel and you too, will. will just talked so i want to get your reaction on this. part of his climate or green targets are to cut our red meat. he wants to cut out 90% of the red meat that you all eat, that's 4 pounds a year. and he wants to switch to electric cars. that's expensive. brian: within 10 years. ainsley: cost $50,000. and install all new electric heat pumps to heat our houses that's going to cost you $5,700. you have a lot of mouths to feed, rachel. pete, i know you, you love to roll up your sleeves show off
4:47 am
tattoos drink your cold beer and eat hamburger from del friscos. pete: you know it. rachel: ainsley, i live in wisconsin as everyone knows we have a lot of cows what we do with cows is we milk them and we eat them. i think if joe biden had been more specific about this, he might have lost wisconsin because the translation for this plan is as you mentioned, this is going to be a loss of jobs and it's going to be an increase in prices and cost of living for the middle class and the poor. it is always the elites going after things that they like that end up hurting those who are in the middle class and the poor. pete: that's such a great point the elites will find their way to get that ribeye steak if they want to. for the rest of us it would be let them eat kale. you will eat the kale. we will have the meat. listen, four pounds a year, that's my weekly consumption of red meat at minimum. so that's not going to work. and, listen, all of these are based on studies that show what average people will bear the brunt of if these elites get their climate change goals.
4:48 am
guess who is not paying attention to any of this the communist chinese who laugh at these plans and ignore them and disseminate our economy or we will disseminate ourselves in their view. it's lunacy. brian: china and india made no pledges. that's nice. nice summit. glad you came. thanks for participating. ainsley: joni ernst called this the war on meat. pushing back april is meat on the table month in iowa. she has an act called the taste act to prevent federal agencies from being able to could this. lawrence: doesn't make any sense. guys, would he will be watching this weekend for your special coverage. brian: if they're late we will do a series of wide shots in the stands until you guys wake up -- until you are ready. [laughter] pete: mike take a while for sure. ainsley: y'all wear your rain coats on saturday i was listening to janice earlier it will rain on saturday but really pretty on sunday, right, janice? janice: you are correct. i got the forecast wrong earlier so i'm going to amend that forecast and say that sunday looks spectacular. but we are going to be dealing
4:49 am
with the potential for some severe storms on saturday including large hail, damaging winds, flooding rainfall and isolated tornadoes. but for the actual race day sunday in the afternoon, plenty of sunshine. so that's great news. we are watching the forecast radar because severe weather is going to be it today and tomorrow for parts of the south. we're going to see an eruption of these storms, especially in the afternoon with the daytime heating, so through this evening, parts of texas, louisiana, mississippi, we have an enhanced area here for those stronger storms and then on saturday that's going to move into parts of alabama including talladega, georgia and southeast up toward the mid-atlantic. just keep that in mind. listen to your local forecast. we are also going to be dealing with very heavy rain and mountain snow for the west starting this weekend through next week. several storms moving inland. this will be great news for the drought buster for some but it is going to mean some heavier rainfall and potential for some flooding and some avalanche
4:50 am
danger. so there's your forecast today. we will watch those storms across the south. but, again, for the forecast on sunday, when all eyes are on talladega, beautiful, spectacular forecast with no rain in the forecast at all. all right, lawrence and brian and ainsley back to you. brian: i know to do if it rains but for an avalanche i'm a little at a loss i'm probably staying in. thanks, janice. president biden sparking fresh fears on wall street amid reports eyeing massive tax on the rich. sending the markets tumbling. charles payne next in a bright jacket. ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
ainsley: tax hike fears sell off on wall street yesterday so the dow tumbling nor than 300 points on new reports that president biden could raise the tax rate for the nation's highest earners and nearly double the capital gains taxes on the wealthy. the dow and the s&p 500 logging their worst day in more than a month yesterday. here with reaction host of making money on fox business charles payne, good morning to you, charles. >> good morning. and i got to tell you, you know, obviously, listen, we are bracing because we know there is
4:55 am
going to be another spending package unveiled next week, 1.5, maybe another 2 trillion number and we know that there will be talk on how do you pay for it. so you kind of sense in the market the last couple of weeks that there is some anxiety. when this number came out with the 4 handle, 43.4%. it was sort of shocking. it was jarring. also, the level that it kicks in at. the campaign, the way the media narrative is, the democratic narrative is always said hey, amazon pays no taxes. jeff bezos pay no, sir taxes. and guess who they are going to slam? the plumber that just hired two more people. i mean, this is what jars everybody. that's why the market collapsed yesterday on the news and now we are bracing for sanity to come in before something like this is actually implemented. and by the way, if it does go through, we will have the number one capital gains tax in the world. america will be number one in the world and if you live in new york, california, new jersey,
4:56 am
well over half your paycheck will go to that, housing taxes and everything else. it is a nightmare. ainsley: wow, what do these folk does that can't afford that? is there a way to avoid it? >> well, you know, the thing is, you take gains on profits but the profits you make aren't vested. back up a little bit. you go to work at a company and that company pays taxes. then you get a paycheck and you pay taxes on that paycheck. what have you left from it you say hey, i want to change my life. i want to take a shot. i want to take a risk. ainsley: okay. >> make investment and that investment does well and you are taxed on it again. we are already taxed 20% on that. ainsley: charles, we will watch your show to find out more about it happy friday. >> all right. ainsley: geraldo coming up at the top of the hour. ♪ it would be cool to ride a horse on the moon.
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martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ ♪ >> your reaction to what he thought was his best judgment. >> new home surveillance video released of the deadly police shooting of a 16-year-old girl from columbus, ohio. >> [inaudible] instead of talking about the rah real issues. >> united states cut greenhouse gases in half. >> enormously expensive. >> this is the starting point of the remaking of american society. >> a mother sounds off at her child's school board. >> take these masks off of my child. we are our children's voice. >> paul krugman, because of the
5:01 am
riots and looting that have taken place, did not happen. ainsley: "fox & friends" is spending the weekend at talladega speedway. >> shake and bake. [laughter] ♪♪ ♪ get ready ♪♪ >> thank god it is friday. i'm lawrence jones in for steve doocy along with brian kilmeade and ainsley -- ainsley: happy friday. lawrence: crazy day to be in this business, but -- brian: you could say that every day. [laughter] it's been 20 minutes, ainsley, since we said hello to rachel, pete and will. ainsley: i guess we'll include them. hey, guys. you looking forward to the race? rachel: good morning. pete: and will's right, you did
5:02 am
miss us. hearts yearn, it's only been a short period of time -- will: you know, for those just joining us on "fox & friends" this morning, i was criticized because i'm supposedly the sports expert who gave you no information on the big race here on sunday. watch me go. this will be the talladega geico 500, denny hamlin will be in the pole position. a restricter plate race -- pete: they go too fast because it's such a wide, big track. will: they're going to be packed up tight going 200 miles an hour on sunday, and, rachel, i'm going to let you bring it home. [laughter] rachel: i will. i'm a quick study, and here's what i do know, right behind me is pit row. and fox nation has a car, and it's car number 7. [inaudible conversations] brian: i just -- wow, getting it together. the problem, will, with your report just now is this was supposed to be a brief hello.
5:03 am
you were not supposed to give a whole story. [laughter] will: can't win! pete: he totally hijacked it, you're right. but you got some good information, brian. brian brian ainsley's too polite to say it, but i want to just put it out there. will: for the record for everyone listening at home, brian did give you some fake news. the last thing "fox & friends" does is rehearse. [laughter] ainsley: what you see is a what you get. live television. no, he was just picking on you, will with, because you were quoting things from talladega nights instead of giving us the analysis. will: that's right. ainsley: but that's what they use at the top of the show. >> shake and bake. pete: it's freezing here, guys. alabama's supposed to be warm, but it's not. ainsley: well, it will be. brian: you picked the wrong planet, no one's warm today. did you hear about this, this foster mom of the 16-year-old
5:04 am
girl killed in columbus, ohio, revealing what really happened that day. angela morris saying, quote, it was over keeping the house clean. told them to pick up, to clean up because mom doesn't like a dirty house, so that's what happened. lawrence: their neighbor released home surveillance video of the shooting, an exclusive interview said from his point of view, the officer only had one second to make a decision. >> he reacted with what he thought was his best judgment. whether that means he was trying to go for the leg, which i don't think he had time to go for the leg, to be honest. ainsley: 23-year-old nicholas riordan has only been with the department for 16 months. the now-deleted tweet about the officer by lebron james
5:05 am
showing the picture of the officer, and he wrote you're next, hashtag accountability. let's bring in geraldo rivera to react to this. good morning. what's your reaction? >> good morning, good morning. nice to see lawrence. hi, brian. you know, i think the videotape, as it did in the chauvin murder of george floyd, is instructive. it is everything. as you see the videotape, it is very clear to me, with all due respect to everyone involved including the neighbor who witnessed it, this was a woman in imminent peril of being sliced and diced, to use a reference to talladega nights. she was about to be murdered by that knife-wielding young lady. it is a tragedy. lebron james, who is a person imbued now with so much authority, probably the second most influential person in the united states right now, and for him to use that mighty perch to make a precipitous threat
5:06 am
against the officer involved, i think, shows exactly what is wrong and how this woke herd mentality is dictating so much of what we do. this was a tragedy, what happened. it is awful. it was a foster family, dysfunctional. whatever the instant calls of the burst of -- cause of the burst of violence, when the cop came on the scene, there was a young woman with a knife -- it wasn't like she was slashing, she had a knife posed for plunging into the 16-year-old. the cop had a choice. he could have let her kill the other child or take out the assailant, as he did. and it is horrifying, but what this is is a cautionary tale. everybody just has to cool their jets til the facts are in, you see what happened. when you see what happened, eyes, generally speaking, do not lie. you can trust your eyes. and the eyes here tell me the cop did, under extremely stressful circumstances, did the
5:07 am
right thing. brian: so let me ask you, so he deleted that and is wrote this: anger does not do any of us any good, it includes myself. gathering all the facts and educating does though. my anger still is there for what happened to this girl, my sympathy for her and may justice prevail. i'm so damn tired of seeing black people killed by police, i took the tweet down because it's been used to create more hate. and he goes on. does that make it better? >> i want to know how many black people have been killed by cops. earlier today the i heard a spokesfor the association of cops saying -- spokesman for the association of cops saying 15 was the number, relatively modest numbers. tragic as it is, 15 nationwide. i do not believe that statistic. i have heard as many as 991 or 1,000 killed by cops in a year -- brian: where'd you get that stat? >> that would be hundreds of people, from the washington post study of a years-long data from
5:08 am
various police agencies across the country. what i think we can demand is a real accounting. why don't each, why doesn't each police department report when there is a violent confrontation, when police have to use their weapons, when, indeed, civilians are killed? there should be a national registry -- brian: how about this? >> -- every police agency in the country. brian: 91% of shootings involving blacks are black on black shootings. >> i, i think that black on black crime is the most underreported -- you used the word crisis. this is a crisis. black on black crime is a crisis. when you look at all the big cities in our country and you see the blood that's flowing in chicago and in st. louis and in so many of our cities, our urban areas, this is something that is a real problem.
5:09 am
the black on black violence is something that is -- the reason cops are so off called to these critical situations and are forced to use their judgment on whether to use deadly force or not is that the catalyst, the reason, the cause of them coming to the scene with lights blaring and adrenaline pumping is that a crime has been committed, generally speaking -- [inaudible] adam toledo in chicago. lawrence: geraldo, i'm the only black man here, so i'm going to take this. part of the problem is it becomes a binary choice. when the state abuses this power, we should investigate it and prosecute it, that's what we did with george floyd. but there has to be accountability as well when we're killing ourselves in our own community. it seems to me this has become a partisan issue. either you stand with cops, or you stand with the community. there has to be a conversation about us standing together as
5:10 am
americans, getting it right on all of these shootings. a life lost is a life too many. >> i saw this in the o.j. simpson trial where people picked sides depending on the race of the participant. they were rooting for simpson's acquittal, or they were rooting for his conviction. it became a surrogate for black people and white people, and it was terrible to see the racial division, as bizarre as it was. i think right now we need these -- when i call for a national registry of all police encounters, this should be mandatory. give us a platform where we know what we're talking about. where we can -- for instance, earlier this week in cincinnati i heard one of your guests reference this, a 13-year-old child, a girl, black girl, killed another 13-year-old black girl, a classmate of hers, over some beef they had. it was a 13-year-old in
5:11 am
cincinnati, ohio. killing, killing another another 13-year-old. i mean, this is horrifying, the violence is horrifying -- lawrence: nobody wants to get to the root causes of how that happens. no one wants to say a what happened in that foster home. how are these kids going at it? why are the adults standing around? look, i've talked about my experience with cops, bad experiences and good experiences. but in this case, no one doesn't seem to be interested, just a little bit, in what went wrong with that child. >> no one -- it just seems to me, lawrence, and i appreciate the relevance of your background and your personal experiences. i think you bring credibility to our reporting and was delighted and impressed to see you up there as one of the hosts on the program today. we have to have a situation where the overall picture of
5:12 am
crime in this country and violence in this country and where cops fit into that and what policing is all about. and as we mock the left who says social workers should be there, i'm telling you, all of my cop friends say the worst thing they have to do is domestic violence situations of which, i believe, the 16-year-old girl knifing the other girl, that was a household drama that spilled into the street and became deadly. and how children can be wielding knives against other children, that is a story i think we have to appreciate, we have to understand. how in the world does a kid go to settle a beef with deadly force with no real recognition that if that knife strikes, the child in pink is a bloody mess. we have to -- and the fact that
5:13 am
more and more police are mandated to wear body cams, that's good. the fact that more and more surveillance cameras are on the street corners of america, that is also good. but at some point and, lawrence are, this speaks to your point, we have to deal with this destruction, this anarchy -- [inaudible conversations] lawrence: people just keep trying to nationalize this debate. national legislation cannot bring peace. these are local community -- because they have issues with the police. it has to be handled locally. if they want help and safety in these communities, it has to happen locally. there is such a push, i'm so tired of hearing it, national conversation, national conversation. that's not how you get this done. geraldo, you were a local reporter for years. you traveled all across the country for years. that's where it starts. >> i agree, you have to see what's going on. but why not my idea of this national registry the where it is mandated that every law
5:14 am
enforcement agency in the country report every single incident where a police has used deadly force so there is a -- i understand we don't like federal, we don't like big picture, but this is a situation where we can get the facts. no b.s., it says right here this is how many policing encounters there were, this is how many shots were fired, this is how many people died, this is the circumstance, was the cop charged or not. i think that has to be uniform. i think that we need a registry, it has to be mandated. it shouldn't need, we shouldn't need a newspaper digging through reports in this agency and this law enforcement agency and this sheriff, this policeman to find out what the hell the reality is. it's too easy for people who come up on the program and they passionately spill their guts. it's too easy to exaggerate one way or the other. ainsley: the whole situation, to both of your points, is very sad because this little girl grew up in foster care, which breaks all of our hearts if we have kids.
5:15 am
her mom wanted to get her back, i was reading this morning, and was trying to clean up her life. no telling what that girl has seen. but then you don't respond to that with violence, and we do need to get to the root problems. the breakdown of the family, the breakdown of faith, these kids need to be in synagogues and churches and wherever their faith is to let them know that they're loved -- >> i agree. ainsley: and we all do love them. we love the cops, we love anyone who is in a situation. we love americans, we love everybody. brian: right. and earlier there was countless interactions with police, there's absolutely no news to be made, arrests made, over 10 million. let alone people just stopping and asking for directions, that is not counted. there's over 10 million, and you pointing out a couple dozen interactions. and people are writing me like crazy. no one knows where you got that number from, geraldo. 970 african-american shot by
5:16 am
cops this year? >> no, 991 dead in a single year. that's white, black, latino, everybody -- brian: from cops? >> according to "the washington post," yes, by cops. about 100 cops get killed, about 1,000 civilians every year. that is the a statistic that i have studied. that's what "the washington post" has reported. now of the 1,000 killed, most are white. but per capita the, more black people are killed by cops in their encounters than white people per capita. brian, i'm telling you, we have to know what we're talking about before we go much further. we need a national registry the, we need to mandate every police agency in the country report on the standard federal form. you've got like now, we get to minneapolis. moving into the police department there. brian: police force, law enforcement that'd be perfect but they're not the problem. they're not the main problem.
5:17 am
[inaudible conversations] >> there is a ghetto civil war. read my lips, there's a ghetto civil war going on in our country today whether it is driven by fights over drug turf or these other beefs, whatever the beef may be. there is a plethora of black people killing other black people, creating a situation of great peril. i think that we have to address -- that is the civil rights issue of our time. we're afraid to deal with it. we try to avoid it, and we only get interested when a cop is involved and a black person gets killed. we have to be interested, as we should be in that case near cincinnati with the two 13-year-olds. that is, that says, that case, we studied that case. a 13-year-old killing another 13-year-old for a beef from their junior high. we cannot abide a situation, a civilization where that happens.
5:18 am
brian: all right, geraldo, thanks so much. ainsley: jillian has more headlines for us. jillian: good morning. a 7-year-old boy is shot and killed in a possible road rage incident in north carolina. his mother said she was driving and accidentally cut off a car. that's when the shot was fired hitting her son in the backseat. his 1 and 6-year-old siblings weral in the car. the baby was reportedly graded and suffered a minor head wound. overnight protesters in new york city fight with nypd officers near central park. the protesters were reportedly on a black lives matter march through manhattan. tensions started to rise when someone painted graffiti with anti-cop messages. six people were arrested. and the headmaster of an elite new york city school apologize z after he was caught about white shaming students. >> why don't you just say it?
5:19 am
>> we are using language that makes them feel less than. for nothing that they are personally responsible for. jillian: in a letter obtain by daily mail, george davisson apologizes saying he was trapped by a disgruntled teacher and didn't mean what he said. and just this morning spacex launches astronauts, including two american, to the international 135eus station. watchment. >> 3, 2, 1, 0. ignition and liftoff. >> copy, 105. jillian: love it every time. four veteran astronauts are starting a six month research mission to improve medicine on earth. meg an mcaround thur sat in the -- megyn mcarthur sat in the very same seat as her husband did last spring.
5:20 am
brian: vladimir putin is warning the u.s. not to cross the new red line. general jack keane will make sense of it or try to. i suffered with psoriasis for so long. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. i'm still clear, five years now. cosentyx works fast to give you clear skin that can last. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. i look and feel so much better. see me. ask your dermatologist if cosentyx could help you move past the pain of psoriasis. veteran homeowners. congratulations. chances are the home you bought has gone way up in value. if cosentyx could help you move
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...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. ♪♪ brian: all right. russia's ordering troops back to their base from the area near the border with ukraine. apparently, calling an end to a buildup of tens of thousands, i think it was 150,000 soldiers right on that board. the announcement coming just one day after vladimir putin warned the west not to cross russia's new red line. let's bring in fox news senior strategic analyst, retired general jack keane. general, for a while i thought i was going to lead with vladimir putin's warning, but what do you think led to the pullback? >> well, i think it has to do with what he was trying to accomplish. the institute for the study of war forecasted a number of weeks
5:25 am
ago, they never believed this was going to be a military invasion because he never moved the significant logistical units that would have to move by rail to sustain a military incursion in another country. number two, what's it really about? it's a coercive military demonstration to achieve a couple things. one, putin is very frustrated that the west, particularly europe and ukraine, they're moving closer together to achieve an economic integration that would lead to ukraine becoming part of the european union or the e.u. and secondly, ukraine wants to become a part of nato. so this demonstration was to push back and blunt those efforts that are taking place. and secondly, he wants to have negotiations with so eleven sky who's -- zelensky who's the president of ukraine, and the pattern of putin's behavior is that he threatens violence or to
5:26 am
increases violence prior to negotiations. he has done it before in ukraine, and he's done it repeatedly in syria. so that is also a pattern here. negotiations are going to take place, zelensky has raised his hand a and said i'll talk to you. so that's kind of where we are in terms of what putin is trying to achieve. and generally speaking, so our audience understands, putin strategically wants to return to his sphere of influence. the former soviet union states. however, most of those are in nato. there are other non-nato states that he's clearly gaining influence over. georgia, where he has troops, belarus, obviously, annexing crimea and also in eastern ukraine. this is what putin is truly about strategically. brian: he wants 1975 again. not gonna happen. let's talk about iran. it looks like we're going to lift certain sanctions, maybe all of them, to get back into a nuclear deal that america didn't
5:27 am
want any part of. what's your reaction to that? >> yeah, i don't think we truly know what's happening. we do know this, there's going to be some sanction relief in return for iran coming back into full compliance. remember, the only reason iran is out of compliance is a ploy to get sanction relief to come back in. so this is what is happening. however, what we don't know is this piece: is the biden team holding back on at least a majority of the sanctions or at least half of the sanctions -- brian: right. >> -- and not giving it to them for just coming back into compliance so that we can get an absolute improvement in the deal. which means what? curbing iran's behavior in the region and also at least prohibiting ballistic missile development anywhere, anytime inspections. we don't know that piece. the israelis are furious over this because they don't understand what's going on. they're concerned about the biden team making very full concessions like the obama team -- brian: of course.
5:28 am
>> they're sending their chief of military and chief of intelligence here next week to see if they can get ahold of what's actually happening. the frustration is the u.k., france, germany, russia and china know better about what is happening than israeli, our closest ally in the region, not to speak of the arabs who are just as concerned as the israelis about where this thing is going. brian: exactly. and i love the fact they got into the natanz centrifuges and blew the thing up. the israelis, obviously, very resourceful with great access. "the wall street journal" has this, two people familiar with the matter said the u.s. is open to lifting sanctions with iran's national bank, including steel, aluminum and others. what a disaster that would be. but i want to bring you to what general frank mckenzie said yesterday about another hot spot. if we are pulling our troopses
5:29 am
all presence out of afghanistan a, he says this, we codo plan to continue to support the afghan military the, it will just be more difficult to do that. we're going to look to establish agreements in uzbekistan, pakistan as well as turkmenistan, somewhere to keep our predator drones and maybe to do airstrikes. what a mess. we had a presence there, and we're going to remove it and then have to cut deals to still be there. is this possible? >> well, we've got a very weak hand once we pull the troops out of afghanistan. we've lost robust intelligence platform that we had there, and certainly the other thing is that it was from our bases there that we attacked the al-qaeda in pakistan, and we've been so successful all these years, you know, keeping those guys in their holes. and we don't want a new refuge and safe haven established in afghanistan. to be able to do this from other countries is high risk.
5:30 am
those options need to be flushed out. it's not very good. we're not going to have as good intelligence. the operations are going to be completely much more complicated than what they are now. we're playing a very weak hand. the result of the united states leaving afghanistan and southern asia is that russia, iran and china are going to reap the benefits of our moving out of that area. and it's sad to see, not to speak of what's going to happen to the afghan security forces and the government of afghanistan which, it's possibl, would likely fall to the taliban. brian: i know chairman millie seems to agree with you. i wish they'd listen to you. general jack keane, thank you so much. >> the have a good weekend. brian: you too. meanwhile, the migrant crisis in one texas community, the sheriff just signed a emergency declaration. he joins us live next.
5:31 am
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♪♪ ainsley: the u.s. is seeing a boom in beachhouse rentals especially along the jersey shore and in cape cod. brian: how does that happen? lydia hu from fox business is live from spring lake, new jersey, with what's causing the
5:35 am
spike. lydia? >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. yeah, there has never been a better time to rent your beach home if you own one, and if you don't have one yet, good luck. it's a little over an hour and a half outside of new york city. owners here tell us there are about 1200 homes in this beachfront community, all of them except for 11 are completely booked for the summer. listen to this. >> we are so busy. a couple of my agents have done 30 rentals this year, just summer rentals. it's just crazy. i think we've been found. [laughter] i think we're a little treasure here at the jersey shore, and we've been found out by, you know, this urban -- [inaudible] >> reporter: and prices are just soaring. a beautiful home here on the beach would usually, before the pandemic, run about $27,000 for
5:36 am
a week. now they're netting prices closer to $35,000 for the week. and we're seeing this increase in other areas too like in the hamptons. prices there up, they're seeing 10-20%, cape cod, vrbo tells us that demand is surging by 30%. and demand in florida, prices going almost double. you can see the demand is sky high. people that own the homes are staying in them and not renting them out. back to you. lawrence are: lydia, giving us the real story, thank you. the migrant surge escalating to emergency status in one texas county where officials made this declaration this week saying criminal activity from migrants crossing the border are putting their community in danger. it's in the del rio sector where border encounters are up 305% compared to last year. joining me now, sheriff brad
5:37 am
coe. sheriff, what the hell is going on down there? >> good morning from kinney county. right now we're seeing -- i've worked this county for 35 years, and we are seeing a vast number of human smuggling events, human trafficking. since yesterday, go back to yesterday at 1:00, between 1:00 and 4:00 my deputies had four human smuggling events happen. and that's just -- i've got six deputies to coffer 1300 -- cover 1300 square miles. so it's keeping my deputies working overum time. we can't -- overtime. we we can't sustain this. e we've probably had $100,000 worth of fence damage on private property over the last two weeks and walking through like they own the place. lawrence: yes, sir. people that aren't on the border, they don't understand you've got the ranchers. i'm from texas, i hear the
5:38 am
stories all the time. are you sending washington the tab for this? because your county cannot continue to sub is -- subsidize this, right? >> no, sir, we can't. and i've been talking to a number of ranchers, and i've told them to keep track of what it's costing to repair these fences, how much damage they're doing to their property, the crops, the animals they're losing, the money lost trying to re-round up these animals and get them back in the pastures. get me a bill so i have some leverage when i go to austin and when i go to washington to try to open up people's eyes to what's going on down here. lawrence: i've even heard you have to remember there are cartels that will steal ranchers' cattle, take it across the border, and you don't see it again. >> no. of course, everything in texas along the southern border is private property. it's ranch land. and we've got several ranches
5:39 am
here in the county that that go right up to border, and they've always lost livestock. some of it disappears into mexico. lawrence: sheriff, we thank you for what you're doing for the people of texas and stepping up when washington washington refuses to. thank you. >> thank you. we did put our -- together a come of weeks ago and came up with that emergency declaration. it looks like several other counties are going to follow suit. hopefully, we'll get somebody's attention. lawrence: you got our attention. thank you, sheriff. shouldn't have to do it, but you're doing it. still ahead, staffers told not to call the migrant surge a crisis is. we'll get reaction from utah senator mike lee. that's next.
5:40 am
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♪♪ >> every month i come here and i hear the same thing,
5:44 am
social-emotional health. if you truly mean that, you would end the mask requirement tonight. this is not march 20 anymore, and it's time. take these masks off of my child. ainsley: that georgia mother is going viral after taking a stand for students and her child if demanding her county school board remove the mask mandate. this is down in georgia. our next guest who's been pressing the cdc for answers on why they are still requiring children as young as 2 to wear masks. here now is senator mike lee. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning. ainsley: you could hear the lady's frustration. she stood up there and said my child and other children in our district begging parents to come to these school board meetings, tell them, please, these kids don't want to wear masks in school. and tell us about the letter that you sent. >> yeah. recently i sent a letter to dr. rochelle walensky, director of the cdc, asking why this is
5:45 am
the case, why in the united states of america we have these guidance documents in place directing people to put masks on children as young as 2 years old when our peer nations all over the world have set it much, much higher. look, our allies, our peer nations all over europe from the u.k., from france, in so many other countries have the age up at around 11 or 12. even the world health organization that's much more aggressive says maybe 5 and up. but it's at 2 and up in the united states. it reflects some real hubris. it reflects really what happens when somebody issuing the guidance documents doesn't spend a lot of time with 2-year-olds. but as much as anything, we just want to know what the scientific evidence is. look, we know that children of that age have a lower rate of infection. we have reason to believe that
5:46 am
they have a tendency to spread the virus less. is so i want to know what their scientific evidence is if we need to have children as young with as 2 being forced to wear a mask. ainsley: the washington examiner, we've talked a lot about covid, also talking about immigration. the washington examiner obtained this memo from politico. politicos had send this memo out talking about immigration and said do not call it a crisis is. avoid referring to the present situation as a crisis. although we may quote others using that language while providing context, while the sharp increase is a problem for border officials, a political challenge for the biden administration and a dire situation for many migrants who make the journey, it does not fit the dictionary definition of a crisis. what is your reaction? >> if they think that this isn't a crisis, they need to select a new dictionary. if their dictionary somehow on
5:47 am
some bizarre planet doesn't match this, maybe they haven't been to the border, and they're looking for the wrong definition. look, the fact is anyone who's been down there, as i have in recent weeks, as so many of my colleagues have, it is nothing short of a crisis. look, we were down there, we literally saw a human body floating in the rio grande. we literally saw women and infant children sleeping in the dirt, and we saw 4200 children crammed into a facility currently designed to handle no more than 250. if that's not a crisis, i don't know what is. the human suffering here is beyond a scale that most americans see on a regular basis. so the real question is why are they just deciding to do favors for the biden administration birdies torting the truth? -- by distorting the truth? ainsley: economic crisis, police
5:48 am
brutal city, the climate is a crisis but apparently not immigration. senator lee, thank you so much for being on with us. have a great weekend. >> thank you. ainsley: janice has the forecast for us. hey, janice. janice: good morning, ainsley. yeah, freeze advisories up this morning. things are going to rebound in the terms of temperatures along the east coast where we had record lows over the last couple of days. still looking at wind chills in the teens in some areas across the rockies. 30 in denver, 36 here in new york, 40 in chicago. we're going to now switch gears, severe storms are going to be the story as we get into the weekend with this area of low pressure that's going to develop, and so the potential for large hail, damaging winds and even tornadoes especially this afternoon for areas across eastern texas and louisiana and towards mississippi. we're going to watch that region. and then into saturday talladega, you could see the potential for strong thunderstorms up into the mid-atlantic. we mentioned talladega, so today
5:49 am
not too bad. tomorrow we've got the severe storms. on sunday for the actual race, spectacular temperatures. temperatures in the mid 70s and no rain in the forecast. there's your good news. and, of course, our weekend crew will be out there looking at the races, and the weather will be wonderful. ainsley, back to you. ainsley: perfectwet for them. thank you so much, janice, have a great weekend. janice: you too, my friend. ainsley: 49 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, you could win $10,000 as part of the fox bent super 6 bent -- fox bet super 6 app. but first let's check in with bill hemmer. of. bill: nice to see you on a friday. have a great weekend. we have talked about this situation in columbus, ohio, but many have not talked about the situation in cincinnati, ohio. a 13-year-old girl stabbed to death. where is the outrage over this? the we'll talk to the police in cincinnati coming up in a few minutes here. the president's talking about climate change next hour, mike
5:50 am
pompeo will address that the, and a georgia mother fed up with her 6-year-old wearing a mask. wait until you see how she lit into the school board. see you in a few moments, top of the hour here on a friday. thins a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
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and that ending was so intense. i know, i didn't even see it coming. are you gonna watch? eventually! you know the drill. (humming) never fear, girl-who-has-yet-to-watch-her- friends-favorite-shows -and-films-of-the-year, it's time to celebrate the biggest week in television. now you can see these shows. and their unforgettable moments, for free. so you can finally talk about them with your friends. get ready for watchathon week, free starting april 27th. download the xfinity stream app to get ready to watch. ♪♪ lawrence: all right, welcome back. looking for a chance to win big?
5:54 am
the fox bet super 6 app is giving you another opportunity to win $0,000. ainsley: -- 10,000. ainsley: here with more is fox nation host tom shillue. brian: okay, tom, i just want to finish introducing you, give me a second. [laughter] the host of happy hour, sign up for fox nation and get other access to original content, events and your favorite personal -- tom, don't ever interrupt your plug. >> i'm so sorry, brian, but i'm so excitedded to play the game today. brian: all right. you can't play it unless you download the ap. >> it's six questions. this is free, guys, and it's so much fun. first question, same-day tv ratings for the oscars. under 2 million, more than 20 million, 26 million, 29 million or 32 million, what do you think? ainsley: i'm with the people,
5:55 am
i'm with a. people don't watch these shows anymore. they're too political. brian: yeah, i'm with a too because ainsley's usually right. lawrence? lawrence lawrence i said a. >> okay, which major league game, lowest combined score. lawrence: astros/angels. ainsley: i'm going to go with that one too, c. brian: i'm going to go with the reds game. >> there we go. how many stocks in the s&p 500 are going to finish the day up at least 3% on friday by 4 p.m. eastern time the, less than 2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, more than 15? lawrence: let's go 3-5. ainsley: i'm going to go 6-8. brian: i'm going to skip this question. [laughter] ainsley: you're not winning the money then. you can't win the money if you
5:56 am
skip it. brian: all right. >> let's do some pop. which of these albums will be most popular on itunes, my savior, battle at garden's gate, fearless, starting over or let the bad times roll. ainsley: before i answer this, a is carrie underwood,b is eric church, d is taylor swift. gosh, i really want carrie underwood to get it, but i think taylor's going to beat her. >> maybe your plug -- brian: i'll go with carrie underwood because she has her own clothing line. >> how about this, talladega, how many lead changes will there be in the nascar series cup race at tag keg georgia? -- talladega? lead changes. brian: i'm going to go with e.
5:57 am
[laughter] ainsley: should i go with f is? i'll go with f. we'll try that. 46 -- >> a lot of lead changes. ainsley: what'd you change? >> the cars, you know, lead changes. i think there's going to be a lot. i think that's a good guess. ainsley: didn't you say the people who don't guess the obvious choice, they're usually the winners? >> yes. it's never the majority. it never has been in the history of this game. all right. tom shillue, who i'm sure is going to get a run on jeopardy soon because everybody else is. okay, let me read this. download the fox bet super 6 app, all you have to do is predict six outcomes. it's free to play. download the fox bet super 6 app right now. lawrence: let's bring in pete hegseth, will cain and rachel campos live frommal talladega.
5:58 am
you better have your cowboy boots on, brother. you have your boots on in? ainsley: what about the beltsome show 'em the belt. will: i'm a chameleon. my look travels. [laughter] ainsley: it works in alabama. will: can i just say what everybody's thinking? that quiz is way too hard. those are very difficult questions. lawrence: right? brian: right. ainsley: how many lead changes are you guys going with? pete: who said e or f? you know why? you said e. i'm with you, whatever e is -- ainsley: e's 41-45. pete: okay, kill immediate's got me stuck -- we travel as a park okay? and, therefore, i bet there's tons of lead changes because, you know, rook at that fox sports level analysis, will. tons of lead changes within the pack, one ahead, those all count. ainsley: that's awesome.
5:59 am
will: here is a question, will the fox nation car driver, rachel, will he lead one lap? one lap? lawrence: what about9 the car? look at it. that's the new car. ainsley: is that the unveiling? rachel: isn't it beautiful? ainsley: so pretty. pete: fox nation suit as well. basically a superman suit. it gives him special powers. ainsley: how great would that be if he they win? rachel: it would be amazing. lawps lawrence are y'all doing special coverage all weekend? will: all weekend, lawrence. 6-10 a.m. eastern live from talladega from the infield. you don't want to miss that. ainsley: rachel and i were texting last night. you decided to go with with the jeans, i like it. [laughter] wear your rain clothes tomorrow. wear your rain clothes tomorrow, and it'll be beautiful weather on sunday. brian and will text me, i'm glad you didn't go with the high, tight shorts.
6:00 am
would not have gone well. [laughter] will: ainsley and lawrence, nice job today. good job. [laughter] ainsley: y'all have a great weekend. we'll be watching tomorrow. bye, guys. ♪


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