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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 23, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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is didn't have time to take aim and go for the leg. he did what he thought best. todd: a neighbor revealing a new angle of the deadly police shooting, the argument that brought officers to that seen. jillian: and report, holding staffers not to call the migrants urge a crisis hits the biden administration with a new lawsuit. todd: in cape canaveral, florida the count of the space x rocket launch. are you ready for blastoff? "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ everybody get up ♪♪ we have the real deal going down ♪♪ jillian: look at that. a live look at cape canaveral,
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florida, 5:49 is the time it is supposed to blastoff for the iss, four astronauts inside and we will see. as you know there can be other factors at play but as of now it is go. todd: jillian is intrigued by the majesty of space. i like these days -- jillian: good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. todd: let's get to the serious stuff. overnight chaos breaking out in new york city as protesters fight with nypd officers in central park, on a black lives matter marched through manhattan. jillian: tensions started to rise when started to paint the national monument with graffiti and anti-copper messages, 6 people arrested for assault and vandalism. president joe biden aiming for
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net 0 emissions economy by 2050 is china faust to decrease coal consumption. todd: republicans introduce their $58 billion infrastructure counter plan. mark meredith joins us from washington to break it down. >> love the space jam on friday morning. president biden says the us can and must do more to address climate change. he is setting a new goal to significantly cut us emissions. >> the united states sets off on the road to cut greenhouse gases in half by the end of this decade. these steps will set america on a path of net 0 emissions by no later than 2050. >> reporter: the president is pushing the us not only to reduce carbon emissions but lower coal consumption and offer more financial support to developing nations to address climate change. 40 world leaders joined the virtual summit, us allies japan, canada and the the eu sets new climate goals the china and
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russia's president participated in the virtual summit declined to sit new climate schools, republicans say the administration is committing the us to unnecessary economic hardship. >> the decision for the united states to reenter the paris climate accord is an enormous gift to the chinese communist party and a threat to the united states of america. >> reporter: republicans say they are ready to counteroffer president biden's $2 trillion spending bill. they put forward and infrastructure package of their own, significantly less then a democratic claim but includes for roads and bridges, $40 billion, water facilities and public transit but some democrats say the plan is an insult, bob casey writes the decision by senate republicans for home and community-based services, with people with disabilities.
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it is unclear if it will be enough for democrats like senator casey who vowed to spend heavily to boost the economy, the negotiations continue the next several weeks. >> that is one thing we can count on. todd: new home surveillance video on the deadly police shooting of the 60-year-old girl in columbus, ohio. jillian: the teen as foster mom reveals what to the fight and police being called. >> reporter: bryant's foster parents said the girls argued all the time but never thought it would escalate to this. it was over keeping the house clean. the older one, that is how it started. she did chores around the house. a neighbor across the street
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released video that shows her lunging for a young woman wearing pink and that is when the officer fired four shots killing her. the neighbors saying from his point of view the officer only had seconds to make a decision. >> reacted to what he thought was his best judgment, tried to go for the leg which i don't think he had time to take aim and go for the leg to be honest she did what he thought was best. >> reporter: nicholas riordan, the 23-year-old officer had military training as a member of the us air national guard, member of the fraternal order of police spoke to sean hannity about the rise of anti-police rhetoric. >> police have been demonized in this country. we are trying to catch up. it made criminals feel emboldened. we are seeing violence go up in
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columbus, ohio and other places. >> reporter: the lakers and nba haven't said anything about laurent james tweeting and later deleting a photo of the officer with the words you are next. former president trump released a statement saying lebron james should focus on basketball rather than presiding over the distraction of the nba, his racist rants are nasty, insulting and demeaning, he may be a great basketball player but is doing nothing to bring our country together. the officer involved in the shooting, pending investigation. todd: thanks. >> reacting to the star guard terrence mark. 19-year-old died in a car crash in los angeles, he was preparing for the nba draft after signing with an agent. the coach mourns his loss, he was a beautiful kid, someone who owned the room with his personality, smile and joy.
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it is hard for all of us to comprehend. todd: a beautiful shot on capitol hill day after a divided house passes a bill to make dc the 50 first state, house republicans rejecting that bill, a heated debate, accusing the gop of being against it because you guessed it, race. listen. >> one of my house republican colleague said dc shouldn't be a state because the district doesn't have a landfill. my goodness. with all the racist trash my colleagues brought to this debate i see why they are worried about having a place to put it. todd: it is unlikely the bill will pass the senate because of the filibuster. claudia tenney will join us to weigh in. jillian: and reports as media outlet politico is instructing it staff is against referring to the border search is a crisis which an internal memo obtained
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by the washington examiner reads, quote, using that language while providing context, does not fit the dictionary definition of crisis. todd: kamala harris will visit new hampshire for the first time since 2019, scheduled -- the democrat will promote the $2 trillion american jobs plan, speculation brewing over the trip to the early primary states working rumors the vp may be setting up for potential to the 24 presidential if president biden decides not to pursue a second term. we are 68 minutes into our combined to our newscast, two mentions of people setting up for 2024 already. . jillian: a georgia mom calls on her child at school mask mandate. >> every month like your the same thing, social, emotional health. this is not much of 2020 anymore.
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it is time to take these masks off of my child. jillian: that my with her passionately joins us live next. todd: take more coffee breaks, get 3000, how you can get in on their awesome deal coming up. ♪♪
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>> every month i hear the same thing. social emotional help. he would end the mask requirements tonight. this is not march of 2020 anymore. take these masks off of my child. >> this clip getting a lot of attention. a georgia mom taking a stand, it has been extended through next year. courtney taylor, thanks for getting up with us. when did you reach your breaking point? >> month after month i have been waiting for the mask requirements to end are the least ease up and no end insight.
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the one is having a discussion when this is going to stop. todd: your kids are extremely young in the crucial development stage, 2, four, six. how much i could losin read facial expressions from peers and i don't see how any of the children can do that and have a real childhood. todd: is the reactions your remarks?
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>> the reaction, the feedback i have received over the past 24 hours has been overwhelming. i had people reach out to me from across the country in solidarity and an agreement and thanking me for standing up for children and it is overwhelming and i'm grateful for all the support i have had. todd: do you think this publicity will lead to any changes in georgia and nationwide? >> i don't know but i pray this brings about change and at the least a conversation, and back this. >> what is your next step? >> a lot of prayer. i do attend every board meeting and plan to attend -- my children are very young. a lot of board meetings in the future. todd: when we were growing up
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the maximum of our parent involvement in our lives was every now and again attending a school board meeting to try to get a budget past or argue vociferously for a line item or something. in this day and age parents like yourself and all over the nation have to fight for their kids i don't want to say survival, that is a little bit hyperbolic but fight for their use, their experience, 0218 experience. >> it is imperative adults and parents get involved, that we know who our school board members are, when your monthly board meetings are and i encourage parents to get involved and go to these meetings and let your voice be heard. we are our children's voice and i encourage everybody to get involved. todd: members of the school board have not returned fox news request for comment.
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visit us, let us know any updates. we appreciate your time. jillian: still ahead does this look fake to you? a new york times columnists suggest the recent violent sweeping liberal cities is a figment of republicans imagination. we will tell you the story.
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change you are looking live at cape canaveral florida in 30 minutes. about 29 minutes, four estimates like to the space station, that is their transportation system, always awesome to see a lunch in person and bring it to you live
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on tv. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, we need to coordinate but looks like we will get it. jillian: as of now all systems go. we will follow the story and bring it to you live when it happens. todd: donald trump telling sean hannity is considering starting his own social media platform. >> looking at different platforms, a lot of people want to come on existing platforms, they can't be dominated by amazon and people that can take them off the air right away. jillian: he has been floating the idea since being permanently banned from twitter following the capital riots. facebook is reviewing his indefinite suspension, that interview tonight on hannity. twitter response to calls for a review of lebron james's tweet targeting the officer involved
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in the deadly shooting of ma'khia bryant. todd: what did the social media have to say? carley: carley: they released a statement to the washington examiner on thursday saying they are unable to evaluate the tweets that have been deleted since they no longer exist on our platform. james has been accused of inciting violence by tweeting you are next along with a photo of a police officer who shot a 60-year-old girl charging another girl with a knife. he posted another one that says i'm so tired of seeing the black people killed by police, i took the tweet down because it is being used to create more hate. this isn't about one officer but the entire system and they always use our words to create more racism. i'm desperate for accountability. he is desperate for more accountabilities. jillian: see what happens.
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in the meantime you have a columnist suggesting what you see on screen is fake. >> these tweets we are about to see courtesy of new york times columnist paul krugman, he says the riots and looting that have taken place throughout the year did not happen. he posted in reality given gop supporters believe rampaging mobs burned and looted major cities without people actually living in the cities noticing getting them to see something as abstract as a deficit is a hopeless cause and there were bad actors, always bad actors in any situation, the idea that are big cities is under threat is malevolent san tennessee, this may have been the best behave protest movement in history but a bunch of people on our channel that had their businesses
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destroyed and looted through the black lives that a protests that turned violent 18 people have died and $2 billion in property damage occurred in cities across the country. >> paul krugman not good. >> are you in the mood for coffee? $3,000. chameleon organic coffee encouraging people to take more coffee breaks, launching the competition, commit to making more breaks, putting your email address and you could win $3,000 and a bunch of coffee, they released a statement that we want to remind those at home to take coffee breaks the way they are meant to be taken often, finding work/life balances been challenging so they will encourage people, a random drawing on june 1st and the winners will be announced on june 3rd. if you like coffee and relaxing and $3,000 seems like a win-win
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win to me. >> i'm a coffee break too. >> still had a new york head master with remarks with a secret recording, we will tell you about it. >> at the superspeedway "fox and friends" weekend, pete, rachel will join us from talladega next the first our friends at the super 6 apps play for a chance to win 10,$000, just predict 6 outcomes on the super 6 quiz show, topics range, free to play now.
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todd: getting roughed up for the
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geico 500, who will raise their way to that? jillian: pete hegseth and will cain join us live from where they will be handling this exhilarating event and how exciting, good morning. >> it is very cold in alabama. we are the only ones here but we are psyched. in a couple days the geico 500, looking at the grandstand is like nothing you have ever seen. >> don't know what sporting event has a grandstand as big as we will see in the next couple days. >> fox nation has its own car. >> we will offer that but i know it is a huge track, 2 and a half miles past, i've never been to that.
2:30 am
so we learn a lot. >> a texas motor speedway. >> do i ask will with we should watch for. how confident are you the race will fly off similar to talladega starring will ferrell? >> didn't know it was for you. >> to lay out everything to the famous race here in talladega. >> at the end of the track. what i do know, the track is big and go too fast, no one can break away. and the knowledge, restrictor
2:31 am
plates. jillian: i don't know about that. jillian: you are freezing too. i am curious, with nascar you've had fans allowed, a lot of sports starting to get back to that but nascar has been in the front of bringing fans back. >> we have been wanting to have sports back, slowly creeping back here, nascar putting the stand experience back and good for them. it is time. it has been proven in states like texas and time to get back to normal and but sports lead the way. jillian: i don't know what the capacity is tomorrow.
2:32 am
the number of rvs in the infield before the racetrack, or any indication. >> somebody get will cain. >> it was addressed tomorrow. jillian: we have senior meteorologist janice dean here to tell you what you need for this weekend. >> janice: i want to comment that rachel is the only one dressed appropriately for this weather right now, the mom was dressed appropriately. you need to pay attention, 72
2:33 am
with cloudy skies but the chance for strong to severe thunderstorms on saturday. hour by hour, we will see the potential for severe storms. we will keep an eye on that, the racetrack in talladega. there is the forecast saturday. he was a chance of rain and pop up thunderstorms in the forecast so it will be wonderful that our weekend crew is there but we will keep an eye on the sky. jillian wants to know the forecast in florida for the launch, things look really good. no thunderstorms in the forecast, we love that, that looks good, florida looks great. i want to reiterate the storms will come in on saturday not only in parts of alabama but the deep south and the southeast so talladega is in that area. dress appropriately, bring your umbrella and we will keep you up-to-date. >> keep the tracks off of rain
2:34 am
and debris - on sunday. >> probably goodbye sunday. todd: our set is covered. that is all i thought about. >> can i just -- >> i think sunday you are good. >> i thought it was saturday. >> no racing either? >> there is usually a race the day before so that one has to wait. you are good. >> we are good, everyone is good. thank you, we are very aware of that too. switching gears the fbi it in
2:35 am
cis joining the search for missing california mom who disappeared from her home in january after a fight with her husband, police investigating wild being caught on surveillance video the night before she's believed to have disappeared. authorities of executed 16 search was conducted 55 witness interviews and reviewed 40 tips, still no sign of her. her family remains hopeful, they are planning another large search tomorrow. todd: the mayor of berkeley, california the 90 funding police despite tripping $9 million from the city's police department budget. >> investing from the police department budget to focus on new approaches to public safety. it is unfortunate the word defund took over the discussion around reimagining public safety. >> lawmakers voted to stop cops for making traffic stops as well
2:36 am
as asking about parole, sending unarmed city and mental health workers instead. crime is up in the city. the mayor says his approach will allow officers to protest more serious and violent crimes. jillian: the head master of any lead new york city school apologizes after he was caught on leaked audio agreeing with a teacher who spoke out about white shaming students. >> we are demonizing white kids, why not say it? >> we are using language that makes them feel less then for nothing they are personally responsible for. jillian: in a letter obtained by the daily mail, the head of george davison apologizes saying he was trapped by disgruntled teacher and didn't mean what he said. todd: politics in sports, a former college player accuses her coach enforcing her off the team for refusing to neil.
2:37 am
joey jones has thoughts on that coming up. jillian: we are minutes away from the space x rocket launch janice mentioned, we will brief you live coming up. ♪♪ lisa here, has had many jobs. and all that experience has led her to a job that feels like home. with home instead, you too can become a caregiver to older adults. apply today. we need to reduce plastic waste in the environment. that's why at america's beverage companies, our bottles are made to be re-made. not all plastic is the same. we're carefully designing our bottles to be one hundred percent recyclable, including the caps. they're collected and separated from other plastics, so they can be turned back into material that we use to make new bottles. that completes the circle, and reduces plastic waste. please help us get every bottle back.
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jillian: president biden and the democrats will pass weeping police reform, will the party pay the price for what critics call anti-cop agenda? claudia tenney is here to discuss. >> reporter: good morning. jillian: let's pull up details of the george floyd justice and policeing act. it bans chokehold, different types of hold, no knock warrants, data on police misconduct and the gop, what they are trying to put forward here, can you explain to me the difference between what republicans and democrats are trying to do when it comes to police reform. >> democrats called for
2:41 am
defunding the police, taking resources away from police but what the police, we need better policing in many cases but we need the police to do the jobs and law enforcement, bureaucrats and government officials and legislators in congress trying to interfere with police to do the job. you will have terrible situations we saw happening with the george floyd case where better policing would have prevented his death but what democrats are trying to do is overhaul the system, take away qualified immunity allowing police officers a level of immunity from doing a dangerous job. it is about the trial lawyers cashing in and being able to sue
2:42 am
police officers, something happening in new york, when you talk about chokehold something like that we can all agree but one of the other big issues with the policing bill, the difference between the democrats are proposing is we want to see local police department get involved in their own community policing, working with neighborhoods because so many neighborhoods tend to be the ones that need public safety most, the people who are wealthy can afford their own private security and people on the streets, average americans who need police to keep the community safe, we need to keep the community safer. jillian: we will see if anything gets done. another topic, democrats are demanding a end to the filibuster and creation of the 50 first state. let's listen to what jones has to say about this. >> one of my house republican colleagues had dc shouldn't be have a state because the district doesn't have a
2:43 am
landfill. with all the racist trash my colleagues brought to this debate i see why they are worried about having a place to put it. jillian: racist trash is what he said. what is your response? >> i had no idea they didn't have a landfill but a solution for mister jones, i know he's an attorney or not but if the democrats were serious about this, giving a voice and ability, they would make dc estate, use the constitutional amendment process, the bill introduced in congress is not constitutionally that it in order to become a state. representative jones is a colleague of mine in new york state should redress legislation, submit it and get a majority vote in the house and
2:44 am
senate, they haven't even tried to get the procedure right. go ahead, and dc to maryland, a solution the republicans have supported. jillian: do you think this and that happening? >> i doubt it because democrats haven't put a bill in place that would be constitutional in order to allow this to happen in the first place and it is dead on arrival. jillian: thank you for joining us, appreciate your time. todd: minutes away from space x launching four astronauts to the space station. we will bring it to you live from cape canaveral coming up next. erybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please!
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>> reporter: we are minute away from the space x rocket launch at kennedy space center. >> the best assignment of the day. i have never seen one of these in person. >> a liftoff scheduled for 5:409 am, strapped into the space x dragon capsule named endeavor, sits on top of the falcon rocket where it will talk with the international space station sometime saturday. the space capsule and first stage of the rocket being
2:49 am
reused, megan macarthur will be occupying the same seat, the same capsule as her husband, bob bhnken who traveled on a test fight last year. we are moment away from the launch, let's listen in. >> the golden age of human spaceflight, never been that much time spent on a flight about to fly to space. >> godspeed endeavor. >> copy, one out for. >> pitching downrange. stage one propulsion is normal.
2:50 am
normal power and telemetry. stage one throttle down. falcon 9 is supersonic. max q. stage one throttle up. >> one bravo. >> a lunch during the night where it just lights up the sky
2:51 am
and you not only hear the sound of the launch but when you are here at kennedy space center you feel it and the closest thing i can compare it to outside of kennedy space center would be really loud fireworks, gives you the since these four astronauts are riding atop a very powerful fireball, the falcon 9 rocket, but all control, everything seems to be functioning as intended, properly. that powerful falcon 9 rocket, lifting it towards earth orbit which it will achieve, and tomorrow it will dock with the international space station bringing the total number of astronauts aboard the iss to a record 11, makes for some very interesting sleeping
2:52 am
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jillian: credit tykes crying foul over anti-cop post tweeted and delete by lebron james. todd: backlash over a threat
2:56 am
against a police officer who shot and killed an ohio teen. here with his reaction fox news contributor joey jones; great to see you as always. let's do the tweet, shall we? here is the tweet. twitter says they can't find it. you are next, #accountability with a picture of that police officer. here is lebron's response i'm so damn tired of seeing black people killed by police i took it down because it created more hate. this isn't about one officer. it's about the entire system. and they always use our words to create more racism. i am so desperate for more accountability. athletes talking politics this is way beyond it potentially dangerous use of auto large platform to target this officer. do you agree? >> yeah, i mean, it's not surprising though. you are talking about lebron james, someone that probably isn't a city in the world owe could go to and not be treated like royalty, can he play game really well. is he juanita talented he is
2:57 am
gifted. everything in his life has catered his way now he want to speak up on something that he probably never experiences in his own life at all which may or may not be police brutality or injustice. i completely understand both of those topics. that's simply not what happened in this case. listen, i think what bothers me most about this is not what lebron james tweeted. listen, like i said, you don't get surprised at these people anymore they are spoiled and live in a bubble. what surprises me most is if you pay close attention, even on a show like "the view" the rebut isn't a clear explanation of why that officer drawing his weapon wasn't necessary. they go down this path of kind of deductive reasoning well he should have shot her in the leg. he should have shot the knife out of her hand it's what he should have done otherwise. no one really thinks that officer should not have taken action. and at that moment, that's when you have to stop and say i'm not a trained police officer. i don't know what that action should be because i didn't do the blood, sweat, tears and hard work to learn how to take action in that situation. that police officer did.
2:58 am
and at that point you have to let the police force make that decision or a d.a. make that decision. people that are trained in policing tactics. someone asked me on twitter yesterday, would you have shot that person? my response is i don't know. i didn't go to policing school. i don't know all the options yet available. what i saw happen makes sense to me as an untrained civilian who would want to take action to save someone's life. but nobody is celebrating the death of a 16-year-old. they are saying yes, this was a tragic incident and what are all the things that led to it? what would have prevented it before the police officer got there that's how we should live our lives. we should be trying to mitigate these things. jillian: joey, running out of times. if you have been to a mlb game and have email. survey included a lot of experience about the experience especially with covid protocols but also included this question do you consider yourself to be a democrat, republican, independent, or a member of a third party, note you have the option to say i prefer not to say. i asked mlb here is what they
2:59 am
say this reads, quote. the research has shown person self-identified political affiliation often impacts their view about the pandemic and respondents views regarding returning to the ballpark. since we are still in the midst of the pandemic, this is valuable information for our clubs to understand the views of their fans about attending games: where everything isn't about your political views and who you vote for. do we ever get back there? >> you know partisanship is not patriotism. you either have to lo this country or believe it's systemically racist. you can't understand racism is something can you change but also love this country. a lot of people in this country that believe in personal liberty that aren't republicans. i don't know what mlb is trying to accomplish by that survey. you are not going to find out how people understand mask are or are not more importantly at a game or things of that nature
3:00 am
simply because of how they vote. a lot of people with common sense that may not vote the same way. i can't help but laugh at something like this. todd: at least you still have a baseball team in atlanta. my yankees have decided to take the year off. >> that's right. todd: joey jones, have a good day. jillian: thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> politicians and celebrities condemning the officer involved but now we're hearing from her neighbors. >> video doesn't lie. he reacted with what he thought was his best judgment. >> police have been demonizing this entire country. made criminals feel emboldened. >> during the virtual climate summit plans to cut carbon emission 50%. >> this will turn out to be expensive especially for the men and women across america. >> students are forced to wear masks. >> we have three vaccines, every adult in the state of georgia who wants it vaccine is eligible to get it. take these masks off of my child. >> border patrol arresting three gang members in


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