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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 23, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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voted and supported stated for the district of columbia. i probably where this 51 hat. m resulting in oxygen steps privation and brain function problems. >> a fox news alert, chaos in new york city, protesters arrested after going 5 to 5 with police overnight as officer say they vandalized and iconic statue outside central park. >> >> only seconds to respond. the whole scenario put him in a bad spot. regardless what the situation is.
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ashley: a rocket launch live on the air. we go to florida's four astronauts blast off in the next two hours. todd: we are trying to figure out of those individuals you see on the left-hand side of the screen are supposed to be there or if they are breaking into the space of trying to hijack it and do their own thing. what do the numbers mean. >> don't know if you know this, i always liked the astronauts, i'm fascinated with everything they do. when i see this stuff going on i want to know everything. todd: we did that story with the
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guy taking four people into space, you were in that, there is an opening. >> i'm still grounded on earth right now. todd: you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. >> gas breaking out in new york city as protesters fought with nypd officers in central park. the black-white matter marched through manhattan. todd: pepper spray, the uss maine national monument, 6 people were arrested for assault and vandalism. >> news surveillance video release of the deadly police shooting of a 60-year-old video in columbus, ohio. >> what led up to that. >> her foster parents of the
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girls in the house argued all the time but she never thought, never thought it would escalate to this. it was over keeping the house clean, the older one told them to clean up the house because his mom doesn't like the house dirty, she was fun, she did her chores around the house, a neighbor across the street released video footage of the deadly incident that shows she longed for a young woman wearing pink, that is when the officer fired four shots at bryant killing her. neighbors say from his point of view he only had seconds to make a decision. >> he reacted to his base judgment. he tried to go for the leg, he didn't have time to take aim and go for the leg so he did what he thought was best. >> nicholas riordan, the 23-year-old officer has military
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training and a member of the us air national guard, member of the fraternal order of police, spoke to sean hannity about the rise of anti-police rhetoric. >> police up and demonized this entire country when we are trying to catch up, made criminals feel emboldened to do these crimes and we are seeing violence go up in columbus, ohio like a lot of other places. rel statement saying, quote, lebron james to focus on basketball rather than the destruction of the nba, his racist rants are divisive, nasty, insulting and demeaning, he may be a great basketball player but he's doing nothing to bring our country together and the officer involved in the shooting is off the street for duty pending the investigation. back to you guys. >> to the climate summit, president joe biden aiming for net 0 emission by 2050 is china
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vows to decrease coal consumption. >> republicans introduce their own $568 billion infrastructure counter plan. mark meredith joins us live from washington to break it down. >> reporter: president biden says the us can and must do more to address climate change, setting a new goal to cut us emissions significantly in the next few years. >> the united states cutting greenhouse gases in half, in half by the end of this decade. these steps will set america on a path to net 0 emissions by 2050. >> reporter: the president is pushing the us not only to reduce carbon emissions but lower coal consumption and offer more financial support for developing nations to address climate change. 40 world leaders joined the virtual summit, us allies including japan, canada and the eu setting climate goals as well but china and russia's president
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declined to such new climate goals, republicans say they are committing to the us to economic hardship. john barrasso put out a statement saying the last thing the economy needs is higher energy prices and fewer jobs but that is what we're going to get. republicans say they will counter president biden's $2 trillion spending bill, they put forward an infrastructure package which spends significantly less but has interesting ideas including $300 billion on roads and bridges, $40 billion on rebuilding airports and more money for railroads, modern facility in public transit. >> a serious, robust, the most robust plan we put forward. the american people want to see us working together. >> reporter: the proposal is a good faith effort but it is unclear if they will be enough for democrats who vowed to boost the economy. the debate keeps going in dc.
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todd: an emotional day in minneapolis as family and friends gathered to say farewell to daunte wright, dedicated father was life ended too soon. >> the roles should be reversed. my son should be burying me. >> hundreds attended the funeral and including reverend out sharpton who gave the eulogy. >> all of minneapolis stopped today to honor. >> minnesota senator amy klobuchar spoke at the service, one of several speakers who called for police reform. >> the texas attorney general suing the biden administration saying they are allowing the spread of covid 19 and overcrowded border facility, asking a federal court to require the administration under a trump era policy.
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paxton filed several lawsuits over president biden's immigration policy. todd: nikki highly will possibly have a 2024 presidential run. iowa's lincoln dinner kicks off a presidential caucus and primary calendar for white house candidates. did i just say that? are we in a constant state of campaign? the former un ambassador has yet to announce. >> one step for man, one giant leap for mankind, nasa generates 5 grams of oxygen on mars, breathable oxygen for an astronaut. on the perseverance rover they extracted from the carbon dioxide rich atmosphere earlier this week paving the way for astronauts to live and breeze on mars as ingenuity nails it second flight, 4 pounds helicopter sword higher longer than the first time, the chopper flew side to side as well, to
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lunch to the iss, we will show you that live in the next hour. >> that are. it is good news so when you go to mars -- jillian: i am able to breathe. 8 minutes after the hour president biden claims the eulogy. >> the whole soul is in this, bringing america together, uniting our people, uniting our nation. jillian: he has chance to prove it as republican senator tim scott pushes police reform will the president practice what he preaches? todd: this melt like a carley shimkus story, the ultimate cheesy combination, lasagna and mac & cheese, we will tell you specifically, carly will tell you where to find it coming up. ♪♪ i want some hot stuff ♪♪ got to have the hot stuff ♪♪
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>> president biden touting a
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message of unity since day one in office. >> on this january day my whole soul is in bringing america, uniting our people, uniting our nation and i ask every american to join me in this cause. >> with police reform table republican senator tim scott says this is the perfect time for the president to practice what he has been and reach across the aisle for support. >> brandon tatum, thanks for being here, good to see you this morning. to bring up what the gop is looking for especially for tim scott and what democrats are trying to do. we have the gop justice act on the screen and that includes, date and you've course, incentivizing chokehold bands, and share disciplinary records.
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that includes things such as banning chokehold and no not courts, collect data, limits, criminalizes sexual misconduct among other things. what do you see as the biggest different meanings two things and do you think there's a middle ground to be had? >> the gop's layout seems to be more reasonable. i don't agree with everything, the chokehold's and other things that are added to it but it is more reasonable, democrats are trying to destroy policing in america, a lot of fluff about race and other things that are irrelevant at this point, there's a middle ground we can reach. if we look at the behaviors of the police and evaluate the conjunction we can say there is
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room for improvement and room for improvement and people resisting arrest and learning how to deal with law enforcement, if they really cared both gop and democrats they would come to a conclusion that is best for america. >> to the biden part it seems when joe biden calls for unity what heels really does is the opposite. sort of like a reverse tell if you're playing poker. is it the absolute perfect time to have that unity, the bipartisan support to bring the country together in what appears to be the most divisive issue of our time. >> this would be an incredible opportunity to step up and show some leadership but that is not what he wants to do, his university is unifying the left, does not include people on the right, does that include people who supported trump, people who support the police, they are not included in his ideas and it is shameful the president of the united states currently is the most divisive person in the
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country other than barack obama, he has been incredibly divisive and it is not good for the country. >> i want to get your reaction to what karen bass had to say on bipartisan police reform, we are not there yet. we have to prevent these shootings from continuing to happen until officers are held accountable there is no reason to think they won't. what is your response? >> that is an ignorant statement. what are they supposed to do? do they have superpowers? if you are attempting to stab another person and kill them, police officer uses force against you. if you have an active order for your arrest after you had somebody at gunpoint you are trying to flee in a vehicle a police officer we use force against you. we don't train police officers to shoot you with a gun instead of taser.
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there is no police reform that can fix what happened to daunte wright, we can improve with better training but the reform will change those things. i wish we would focus on things police officer, let's fix those things instead of shooting through justified, uses a force that are legitimized and until we get to that point these politicians are blowing hot air. todd: us border patrol arresting two gang members in 24 hours in the rio grande valley. i was told these are all innocent migrants, describe what is going down at the border when it comes to gang members and how safe we the american public really are. >> we have to be the dumbest country on planet earth if we think it's just kids and pregnant women, the cross the
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border looking for new opportunities. the border is wide open, people will take advantage of us if we don't have a strict border security and that is something i loved about donald trump, he stood up for border security building a wall and making sure he knows who is coming into the country, now biden who wants to be friendly. i don't know what they are thinking but allowing people to come into the country with covid, don't know what disease they're bringing in, having her babies in the country, we don't need that at this point. i wish we would wise up, understand this is a cartel, people in other countries have a vested interest in infiltrating america instead of being politically correct. >> one of those gang members, ms 13, and others, thank you for joining us, wonderful to have you on and appreciate your insight, have a good day. >> president biden laying out lofty goals of the global climate change summit. >> the united states sets out on the road to cut greenhouse gases
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in half by the end of this decade. >> can you trust countries like china told of their end of the deal? todd: governor gretchen witmer accused of lying about her trip to florida, the hypocrisy still to come. ♪♪
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start.
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but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. state sets out on the road to cut greenhouse gases in half by the end of this decade. the steps will set america on a path of net to 0 emissions by no later than 2050. >> president biden cutting carbon emissions at a climate summit but as he urged other countries to do their part he noticeably did not address heavy
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polluters like china. can we expect them to make any changes or with italy be at the cost of us, americans? at the heritage foundation, great to see you. why does biden trust china to play ball with us? >> what this green new deal light is doing is accumulating power in the hands of washington dc at the expense of american families and consumers, they are not going to go along with this and saddle our families with additional cost of $8,000 per year and little to no benefit to the environment including any impact at all on rising sea levels are rising temperatures. >> let's get into the details of the biden plan, investing in
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infrastructure, innovation feeling economic recovery, advancing environmental justice and bolsters american-made products. nice buzzwords in there. in reality explain how this will in reality. american finances, to drive their car with gas. >> in reality this will attempt to transform our energy sector by forcing us to abandon affordable sources of energy like natural gas and pushing types of energy that are far less efficient. what this means is you might have some visible jobs created in these sectors but that will be at a cost to other sectors and recalculated what those costs will be we know energy costs will be rising by 30%, not just energy costs but other parts of the economy the reliant energy that become less productive and we estimate we will see 5 million jobs lost in
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a typical family losing $8,000 plus per year in command we know what it looks like the looks of california that has something similar in effect, they are 2 to 3 times higher and look at places like germany that had so many issues, their electricity costs are twice as high as a particular family in germany, less per year for disposable income that is what we're looking to do in this green new deal. todd: the impact on our earth from these efforts still unclear. there's a chance it may not do anything. we appreciate your time. todd: a mother sounds off on a child at school board after students are forced to wear masks. >> take these masks off of my child. >> that mom joins us coming up.
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major league baseball asking ticketholders their political affiliation in a survey but why? more politics in sports and right now get ready for blastoff, about 90 minutes away, space x sending four astronauts to the iss coming up. ♪♪ it started with the weekend ♪♪
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jillian: we are back with a fox news alert, searching for missing indonesian submarine with 53 sailors on board. todd: they only have enough oxygen to last until tomorrow. a sad situation here. >> reporter: said situation and a race against time to save those sailors aboard the indonesian submarine. the subhead 53 sailors along, it
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is a german-made vessel, it went missing in the waters of the indonesian island of bali. the waters are very deep. all that has been seen on the surface since that time is an oil slick and one piece from the submarine as well as singapore and malaysia dispatched ships plus a broader international effort in the us, it could mean helicopters from nearby bases. we are told defense secretary austin is set to speak with his indonesian counterpart this morning in the words of the defense department spokesman, he will be offering sorrow but offering assistance as well. it is reckoned if the submarine is not brought to the surface it could run out of oxygen as early
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as 3:00 in the afternoon eastern time today so it is absolutely a race against time. todd: a 7-year-old shot and killed in a possible road rage incident. his mother so she was driving and accidentally cut off another driver, that is when the shot was fired hitting her son in the backseat. authorities one similar incidents are on the rise come a police had 40 road rage incidents with 10 people arrested this year alone. >> on the new jersey turnpike two people dead. a semitruck collided with a bridge in mercer county, officials blocked the road to traffic and are investigating the crash. >> graduate account lying about her travel after controversial trip to florida was revealed, speaking on a michigan podcast witmer had this to say.
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>> we were able to get two days often have you had any days off? >> last trip i took was to israel. >> the governor revealed this week she traveled to florida in march cautioning michigan residents against out-of-state travel, she says it was to visit her father but state republicans are blasting her dishonesty saying, quote, the issue is not that she visited her father, it is that she lied about it and continues to hide key facts. >> a mother in georgia goes viral over this emotional speech at a school board meeting. >> every month i come here and hear the same thing, social, emotional help. if you truly mean that you would end a mask requirements. we have 3 vaccines, every adult in the state of georgia is eligible to get it, take these masks off of my child. >> is that mom will join us coming up in the next hour. now i want to talk about something that was brought to my attention that if you attended a
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game this season as a ticket holder, your name is on the account you can send a survey after the game and that survey is optional to fill out but the survey has questions like what was your experience like with covid protocols, do you feel comfortable, can we do anything to improve, at the end of the survey it asks you this question. this is a question where a lot of people i spoke to have seen this survey were asking why does this matter? do you consider yourself to be a democrat or republican and independent or member of a third-party? you have the option to say i prefer not to say. i reached out to mlb, curious why this matters, why does it matter your political affiliation when attending a baseball game and here's what they had to say, like the
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statement, researchers shown a person self identifies political affiliation often impacts their views about the pandemic and respondents views regard returning to the ballpark. this is vital information for us to understand the views of their funds about attending games but why does it seem like nowadays politics is in everything we do? almost seems to me like we're in environment where people no longer see the individual, you see their political affiliation or how they believe in something and it is like something like sports is no longer what it used to be because everything has become so political. i don't tell people how i feel politically unless you know me and your in my inner circle because i don't want that to be something i am judged on. why does it matter when you are attending a game how you feel politically? todd: the only time growing up
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that the record of republican versus democrat was relevant was when you went to the voting booth and even then you don't have to vote for the party you say you are part of. feel like now you have to identify with that in every way, shape or form and what mlb is doing is another wedge to use to divide us as a country when we are pretty divided right now, when baseball is something that should unite us and after 9/11 we all came together with mike piazza home run, george w. bush even though he wasn't popular with democrats throwing out the pitch in the 2001 world series that united the country and now this stuff. jillian: talk to our troops overseas and they tell stories about listening to games on radios, gathering together, something from home that unites them when overseas. everyone is trying to get it right, there's no actual playbook for how to correctly get back into society post:we are trying to figure out how to get fans in games, how to do this right so i understand that
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and i always thought baseball was a classy organization. you saw what happened in georgia with the all-star game, now this question. i did go back and did the survey again yesterday and the question was no longer there. have basins removed it since i brought it to their attention asked about it? i don't know. everyone is trying to get it right and you have the option to say i prefer not to say. i wish the option of politics in sports wasn't there. todd: somebody who knows about defending our nation, thank you for being here. let's go to lebron, the tweet
1:37 am
that was ultimately removed by lebron, accountability, and is the walk back responding to the back lash i'm so tired of seeing black people killed by police i took the tweet down because is being used to create more hate, this isn't about one officer but the entire system and they always use our words to create more racism. i am so desperate for more accountability. we could get into a discussion as to whether athletes should use their platforms, that is a different discussion. i want to look ahead. is this what the american people want to hear? if you look at the nba readings plummeted and a lot said i can't be part of this anymore, i just want to watch baltimore don't want to hear this other stuff. >> is being shoved down the american people's throat. i don't think anybody is crazy ridiculous to believe athletes haven't had political opinions since we had sports but being driven down the american people's throat like it is now, you can't watch a game with symbolism of woke or racial
1:38 am
divide or trying to bring racial divide to a end etc.. lebron james especially the other reason, the reason is under fire is the complete and total irresponsibility of that tweet, completely misinformed because you have people literally saying shouldn't people have the right to stab each other these days? hard to understand what is right or wrong but lebron james is a video on twitter from 2019 in an interview saying we has athletes with major influence have accountability for what we say. we have first amendment rights but we have accountability because what we say is heard and seen by so many people. for the brian james to put a police officer who i must say is a hero, that police officer is a hero who saved a life, to say
1:39 am
something that could be interpreted as inciting violence is completely irresponsible and mlb's ratings are lowest, everybody seems to keep doing it. jillian: talking about how i heard stories from troops overseas sitting together and watching games because it is a way to come to gather, you are an 11 year army veteran, talk about how much impact something like that makes when a game is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone especially when overseas in battle. >> i remember watching the championship games from iraq, it is supposed to bring americans together. the opportunity to forget about
1:40 am
what is going on and watch the amazing game and talented amazing athletes. i'm not saying people shouldn't use their voice but take it out of the game, take it away from -- americans are telling you what they want, your ratings are going down the drain. listen to what the american people are telling you but they don't want to hear what the americans want to say or see, pushing whatever agenda it is telling them to push it. >> you wonder how much revenue loss until they change their ways, how much woke in the end? thanks for getting up. jillian: still had does this look fake to you? a new york times columnist suggest the recent violence sweeping liberal cities is a figment of republicans imagination, we will tell you that story.
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jillian: it is for:44 on the east coast. looking at cape canaveral, florida where we are looking at a launch pad with four astronauts to go to the space station. we sit here live. i love seeing this stuff every time. todd: i love how exciting you get. you get so enthusiastic.
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jillian: i am so fascinated and curious about life outside of earth that i want to see. todd: let's go to our resident alien. it has been a full year of violent protests in major cities across the country but new york times columnist says scenes like this are just make-believe. jillian: carley shimkus is here. >> these tweets are coming courtesy of new york times columnist paul krugman who writes in reality given gop supporters believe rampaging mobs burned and looted major cities somehow without the people actually living in those cities noticing, getting them to see fact about something as abstract as the deficit is a hopeless cause so that is when he said the rioting and looting never happened, it is the gop
1:46 am
fantasy. in another post he says there were bad actors, there are always bad actors in any situation but not many. the idea that are big cities were under threat is pure malevolent fantasy. black lives matter may have been the best behaved protest movement in history. he did not include the fact that 18 people died, nearly $2 billion in property damage occurred in cities across the country as a result of the unrest. todd: has he been to the city. there's nobody here, they also lead. mister economy over there, try buying a house in new jersey, there are no more because everybody is fleeing new york city. jillian: looking at the tape right there. todd: from north carolina. jillian: powerful words from north carolina's first black lieutenant governor mark robinson who criticize democrat opposition to georgia's voting law. take a listen. >> am i to believe black
1:47 am
americans overcome the atrocities of slavery, were victorious in the civil rights movement, ice levels of this government cannot figure out how to secure their votes, but they are called by politicians to figure out how to make it, doesn't have anything to do with justice but everything to do with talent. jillian: he says democrats believe black people are unable to acquire a id to vote. one man's opinion coming in loud and clear. >> the cow beautiful that is. macaroni and cheese, if you want to get your hands on these, available to customers this
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summer, no information on how to get into this giveaway but information on all social media channels. and the latex bodysuit. gun owner rights in oklahoma on the verge of becoming a second amendment sanctuary state. jillian: the co-authors of the bill join us live.
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jillian: oklahoma is one signature from becoming a second
1:52 am
amendment sanctuary state, sending a bill to the governor's desk that would prevent confiscation of guns due to any new county, state or federal laws. the author and co-author of that legislation warren hamilton and oklahoma state representative sean roberts. thank you for being here, appreciate it. i want to start with you. tell me why this was supposed to begin. >> we are trying to enshrine protection around our god-given constitutional guaranteed right to keep and bear arms among others. as you know, there are those in the halls of government to seek to undermine and strip those rights away from us. our declaration of independence states to protect the individual.
1:53 am
jillian: representative roberts, the gun legislation include a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, regulate restricting the number of firearms they may purchase to one, require background checks for all gun sales, ending the online sale of firearms and ammunition and how would that affect the people of your state? >> biden made clear the amendments are not absolute, standing up for second amendment rights, the state's government's position to protect our city from duty and right to bear arms. jillian: you a co-authored this bill. why did you want to get involved? why is this issue important to you? >> the second amendment is the most important amendment. jillian: let's talk about
1:54 am
something else. this one is specifically about oklahoma lawmakers becoming the latest banning critical race theory in schools, we can pull this up and in schools teaching students they are inherently racist, sexist or oppressive saying the characters determined by race or sex making students bear responsibility for actions committed in the past by other members of the same race or sex. why did you introduce this bill? >> the second amendment sanctuary state bill, all men are created equal, in the words of doctor king, one day whether a judge not by the color of this can but by the content of their character and those great words
1:55 am
followed great american we all are being judged by what we do, not what we look like. jillian: the state board of education the bills being proposed in this issue. or going after the principle of academic freedom. back to you representative roberts for final reaction. >> critical race theory has its roots in marxists theology. teaching children to hate american exceptionalism and we need to not teach that but teach kids that doesn't matter what, you are to make the country great. jillian: thank you for joining us, appreciate it. todd: a georgia mom calling out
1:56 am
a school mask mandate. >> this is not march of 2020 anymore and it is time, take these masks off of my child. todd: joey jones and congresswoman claudia tenney with pete hegseth, will cain live from talladega.
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is didn't have time to take aim and go for the leg. he did what he thought best. todd: a neighbor revealing a new angle of the deadly police shooting, the argument that brought officers to that seen. jillian: and report, holding staffers not to call the migrants urge a crisis hits the biden administration with a new lawsuit. todd: in cape canaveral, florida the count of the space x rocket launch. are you ready for blastoff? "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ everybody get up ♪♪ we have the real deal going down ♪♪ jillian: look at that. a live look at cape canaveral,


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