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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 23, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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children to cover their noses and mouths where they breathe for 7 hours a day every day for the last 9 months for a virus that you know doesn't affect thememememememememem. that is not in their best interest. >> sean: a lot of kids never went to school. let not your heart be troubled. laura, take it away. >> laura: i was out hiking the other day shannon: i was out hiking the other day in the woods with my dogs and in the middle of an open field, 30, 40 yards away from me and my dog, i think she could have been -- she left over that path, i didn't know where she ended up. >> was she running away from you? >> i didn't have a mask on in an open field.
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>> masks can't work -- >> they are going to hold onto this mask thing as long as they can, great show, sean. i am laura ingraham. with their constant lying about shooting involving the police the left are seeking to divide the country, newt gingrich is here on that, plus for over a year this show soldiers that being outside during covid which sean and i were talking about is safe. wearing masks outdoors has become a mental illness brought on by the government worthless virtues signaling. some in the community have become to awaken from their covid slumber. first, the big climate on is the
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focus of tonight's angle. fresh off of declaring that america is a systemically racist country that brutalize is black people president biden is urging the world to follow our lead on the moral issue of our time, global warming. >> we must try to keep the earth's temperature to an increase of one.5 degrees celsius. this is a moral imperative. in economic imperative. a moment of peril, also a moment of extraordinary possibilities.
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shannon: how does the racist, rotten and just society such as ours have any moral standing to order other countries around? ever think about that, if democrats truly believes what they've been saying about america then we're in no position to claim the moral high ground on climate change or any other issue for that matter. why would any nation follow the lead of another government that can't even master hosting the zoom meeting. >> i call the prime minister of australia, prime minister scott morrison. mister prime minister, i'm not sure we're hearing you hear. >> distinguished leaders and esteemed colleagues. >> good morning to all our colleagues around the world, i thank you. >> they are even less convincing when they echo. you can ignore when they are not having the tech problems about saving the planet and global obligations and realize just one thing. if you don't pick up anything when you watch this think about
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one thing biden's plan to cut carbon emissions by 52% is really just a plan to cut your standard of living. this is a massive climate gone and we have to expose it step-by-step. climate, number one, the recycled obama era promise of a green jobs revolution. >> i see an opportunity to create millions of good paying middle-class union jobs, i see line workers laying thousands of miles of transmission lines for clean modern resilient grid, workers in hundreds of thousands of abandoned oil and gas wells. autoworkers building the next generation electric vehicles. laura: thousands of american workers will be there once good paying jobs in the oil and gas
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industry to go traveling around the country capping off the very wells that use to put their kids through college, that will be great. the climate agenda will create millions of jobs in china. even the new york times admits this inconvenient truth, biden's plan is likely to be an economic boom to china, the us relies entirely on chinese manufacturers for low-cost solar modules and increasingly shifted to where the ccp may have detained 1 million or more minorities in camps where they face torture, indoctrination and coerced labor. biden is engaged in his own form of torture by slowly hollowing out industries american families have depended on for jobs
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putting millions of jobs -- out of business. climate radicals demanded biden block keystone pipeline and he rolled right over. it was a cool attack on thousands of american workers. you add to that the idiotic decision to ban new oil and gas sales in all the drilling on federal land and you have an economic catastrophe on the horizon for our country just when we need relief most after this pandemic. do you hear it? that brings me to climb it, number 2. that the world is united in the climate change fight. >> no nation console this crisis on our own as i know you understand. we have to take action, all of us and this summit is our first
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step -- >> i would like to begin by thanking president biden for bringing us together and returning the united states to the front rank in the fight against climate change. we can build back better from this pandemic by building back greener. >> if we cut carbon emissions will he comb his hair. it is almost worth it. all the virtual xoxox and i 5s gave way to the harsh reality that every nation in the end is going to do what is in its interests accept america. >> we must be committed to the principle of differentiated responsibility. >> we in india are doing our part. >> russia traced its international commitments with the utmost responsibility.
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>> fork over billions or we are not going to lift a finger on climate or anything else. everyone is looking for a payoff and in case you didn't notice the united states is out of money. we are printing it and borrowing it but we are out of cash. with china the ransom would be in the form of huge concessions on tariffs and this will be terrible for working-class americans but great as usual for wall street executives and as for europe they have always been annoyed when our economy outperforms theirs as it has before, during and after the pandemic at least up until now. so now with all this opportunity for climate change or form it is time to level the playing field. >> nature cannot pay the price any longer. climate action is also a massive
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opportunity for our economy. it is so good to have the us back on our side in the fight against climate change. shannon: goodbye long road trips, hello carbon taxes. if you want to see where our gas prices are headed under biden check what they're paying in the netherlands, $8 a gallon. climate, number 3, this is all about following the science. if that were true biden officials would be to answer simple questions. >> what is your modeling show, how much will this lower world temperatures? >> i don't think the model speak specifically to put this bill in isolation will do. >> why are we doing this? we don't understand, haven't done modeling. >> the jobs plan proves we are doing more focusing on climate.
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>> that is terrifying. does this remind you of the experts who told us covid lockdowns for the answer, they couldn't explain why but were saying trust us. unfortunately for biden's team we know exactly how much his grand plan will reduce global temperatures, not at all. climate czar john kerry switched himself on that one. climate, number 4. we should listen to the kids, their future, after all. if you're even allowed to have kids they will be indoctrinated into critical climate theory just like critical race theory. you enjoy being around surly teenagers with a know it all attitude you will love the star witness today. >> how long can you continue to ignore the climate crisis without being held accountable? sooner or later people are going to realize what you have been doing all this time, it is inevitable.
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you have time to do the right thing and save your legacy so my advice to you is to choose wisely. shannon: what happens when you mix open border madness, critical race. climate paranoia together? you get this? >> i am a climate justice activist born and raised in mexico. the climate crisis is the result of perpetuating a system of colonialism, oppression, capitalism and market oriented solutions, solutions must align the fact that climate justice is social justice but most importantly all of these solutions must be implemented with black, brown and indigenous communities as leaders and decision-makers. shannon: prepare to pay climate
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reparations, people, you will be less free and you will be miserable. all while john kerry continues to fly around on his private jet. there is a silver lining here. given how radical these proposals are republicans if they play their cards right have a huge opportunity to grow their base by focusing on how democrats climate plans are going to add huge burden to the middle-class. as usual minorities and rural americans will be hurt the most and we need to convince them that a return to america first policies is the only sensible way forward. after all they worked during trump's first 3 years and they can again and that is the angle. joining this is trump epa transition team member and founder of this is a complete global overhaul of our economic system and it is wrapped in this thursday, save the polar bear
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kind of mentality that kind of tugs at the heart strings but also time to watch the wallet and hide the kids. >> that was wonderful angle, there is a recent thursday and lenin's birthday are the same day. this is a totalitarian power grab. if you listen to john kerry today if the world goes to net 0 emissions it is not going to matter, the climate problem is still going to exist. we will be spending trillions and trillions of dollars, making energy more expensive, destroying our economy, lowering our standard of living for no reason. we are going to let china become the long global superpower by 2049 well we are trying to figure out what to do for electricity and gasoline because that is what joe biden wants to get rid of. shannon: i want to go back to
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this fantasy of millions of green jobs. we've been hearing about the millions of green jobs for it seems like decades to me but the idea that people who used to work in oil and gas, the big job is to go around capping oil and gas wells, are they kidding me? this is embarrassing it is so bad. >> we went through green jobs with the obama stimulus which joe biden was in charge of, that was a disaster even washington post that editorializing saying it was not the way forward. we created very few jobs, the first thing joe biden does when he becomes president is kills oil and gas jobs hoping to replace them in the future with low-wage solar and wind jobs, next thing i read was the largest wind producer in america
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was killing 500 american jobs so these green jobs don't exist, to the extent they redo they will cost a lot of money, more than they are worth and in the end all we are doing is killing high paying jobs, raising energy costs, making ourselves for, it is very regressive policies, worse for minority communities, high-paying jobs, it is a nightmare all around. shannon: the idea that somehow we are going to be able to make all this technology in the united states, with biden's trade policies and china's concessions that they demand, to get rid of the tariffs but somehow all these big corporations are going to say we are going to make this stuff here now, the solar modules are all made in china and none of that is going to happen so we will have the worst of both worlds, we won't be able to move around freely in the way we always have, everything will
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cost more and it will be made in china. >> take electric cars which depend on cobalt. 90% of cobalt is processed in china. how is that going to help us. those jobs will not come here, they will be in china and we will be beholden to china. we are energy independent, under donald trump we were energy dominance and now we will depend on china for cobalt for electric cars. this makes no sense. then you throw in john kerry's comments that none of this will make a difference to climate what are we doing? shannon: that could have been the most embarrassing moment of a series of embarrassing moments of the day, technological snafus not include. if you wanted to start a race war in america would you be doing anything different from what we are seeing from the left and the media, newt gingrich next.
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the bennetts really know how to put their wifi to work. whether it's work work... works for me. school work... it worked! or a work out... oh i'm working... they've got xfinity, which delivers wifi faster than a gig for all their devices. it's more than enough to keep everyone working. can your internet do that? this is work! this is hard! now xfinity delivers wifi speed faster than a gig. that means you'll have gig speed over wifi to power a house full of devices. learn more about gig speed today. laura: instead of reporting the novel thing called truth about the police shooting in columbus ohio, the media joined blm in a despicable campaign to paint a
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police officer's life-saving action as a cold-blooded racist killing of a black teenager, it is a lie and they know it is a lie. they've gone out of their way to skewer details in this story and then go on to spin fantasies. the view's joy beharper tends to be a farmers expert. >> of to the second can't figure it out, shoot the gun in the air for the warning, taste a person, shoot them in the leg, shoot them in the behind, stopped them somehow but if the only solution is to kill a teenager there is something wrong with this. >> may be all wonder woman less so, we can use that next time. there is something wrong with a daytime tv windbag lecturing a police officer on how to handle a knife wielding lunatic but at
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least she mentioned she had a knife. cnn's breonna taylor did not even pay attention but she pay close attention to this, how she described the girl who almost got stabbed. >> i look at the video and ask if there were my child or if my child were the child in pink it was so close when she was shot what would have happened. a lot of people are asking that. >> get there, the child in pink was just close to miss bryant. it was of course fitting to go through these mental gymnastics when interviewing america's for most expert on antiracism. >> when i look at that video i ask myself if that would have been the 60-year-old white girl in a wealthy suburban
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neighborhood, with the police officer have sought to disarm this girl? laura: how about why was this black teenager wielding a knife in the first place or in a broken foster care system or addressing the circumstances that put her in the foster home in the first place but as i said last night those questions likely have tough answers, uncomfortable conversation and conversations they don't wish to have but the most egregious example of the rod in our modern media was from nbc's landmark nightly news just last night. listen to the part of the 911 call that lester holt wanted his audience to hear. >> officer nicholas riordan who joined the force in december of 2019 was responding to a 911 call. video shows riordan approaching
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a group of young people. >> what the video shows is the female with the knife attempting to stab the first female. >> reporter: riordan fires his weapon four times striking bryant. >> this was a lie of omission is a purposeful one. what they conveniently cut out with someone screaming the girl was trying to stab us, she screamed and the girl turned out to be 16-year-old bryant. nbc didn't show viewers the knife in bryant's hand as she was shot by police. this all seems shocking until you remember that lester holt admitted while accepting a journalism award 3 weeks ago the following. >> it has become clear that fairness is overrated. the idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world
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we find ourselves in. providing an open platform for misinformation for anyone to say whatever they want especially on issues of public health and safety can be quite dangerous. >> the only real danger of fair and objective journalism is that it might actually up and the media's carefully crafted lie about systemic racism in policing. i will close with this. to all of those condemning the columbus cop's actions please watch this new video. joining me now is newt gingrich, former house speaker and fox news contributor. seems like you and i always have this conversation, we can't believe it has gotten here. i feel like i am back in the soviet union where i was a student in the 80s watching with
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my own eyes what was happening in real-time with a media that just prints lies or speaks lies every minute of every day and it has gotten worse day by day it is getting worse. >> i think it is more like mao china in the totality of the social brainwashing, the conditioning, the punishment, the requirement to speak up and admit your guilt even if you are not guilty of anything but notice also the policeman in columbus was operating in the shadow of an event that had happened earlier in cincinnati where one, 13-year-old girl killed with a knife, another 13-year-old girl so he knew because it had just happened a couple days ago, he knew there was a very real danger that the young woman with the knife was literally going to kill the person who needed help and it is almost barbaric that people on the left including the biden
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white house which immediately distorted what happened and tried to turn it into this institutional racism baloney and i think people see the footage, as they think about it, that policeman had an obligation to be biased in favor of the incident and against the criminal and that is the opposite of where the various left-wing democrats have gotten to. if you look at what's congresswoman waters said the other day and congresswoman tlaib has said the bias on democrats is the criminal is probably right and the policeman is probably wrong and so the innocent just have to pay the cost of modern left-wing thought. >> congresswoman ilhan omar spoke at the funeral for onto right but she veered into the topic of columbus.
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>> just like we have been visited by tragedy in minnesota, she, in columbus, ohio, was visited by a tragedy of the young woman whose life was taken by the police. >> if this were a republican making this type of claim it would be front page news. >> the fact is that the left hates the police. we are faced now with a governing party from the white house through the house and the senate which is actively pro-criminal and actively anti-police and anti-law enforcement and you are seeing the cost of it. the skyrocketing murder rates in this country, the skyrocketing nonfatal shooting rate is astonishing.
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you are seeing a rise in carjacking and what you will find is that when you have hatred of the police are obligated by politicians, under funding and all of the bias being in favor of the criminals what you end up with is a lot more criminals and a lot less safety and that is what the democratic party stands for today and those of us who are not taken in by this have an obligation to speak very bluntly and very truthfully, these are policies that are killing people and they are killing innocent people and they are killing them by setting up situations where the fewer police you have, the less well-trained they are and the more they are intimidated by the media. >> they are all going to be afraid to step in, they will be afraid to do the right thing and the facts are indisputable, 2020 saw an unprecedented spike in
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murder across major cities in the us but despite the spike the left still sees an opportunity to abolish or radically reimagine policing. in chicago where homicides are 50% mayor lightfoot is considering forcing cops to get their supervisors permission before they can pursue a suspect on foot, people who pay the price is going to be the politicians, they will be the poor people and i imagine lightfoot believes this is all about saving black lives and that is what she's going to argue but last year we saw more police despair and police retiring, we can't have that. joining me jason hill, professor, author of the forthcoming book what do white americans oh black people, racial injustice in the age of
12:32 am
posts (blooge you say i believe at this moment requires americans to really begin appreciating what police do for us. there is a provocative statement for especially a black man to make. >> thanks for having me, i think that is true. was we need to first of all realize is anyone calling 911 right now, and there are hundreds of thousands of people calling 911, those police officers are risking their lives in this moment to protect blacks, whites, asian, anybody of any nationality. police officers, law enforcement officers risk their lives in heroic manners to protect the average american and non-americans in this country and we have to pay homage and respect to those people. the individual police officers who violate the rights of others should be tried in courts of law
12:33 am
and that is what happened recently, but this idea of demonizing law enforcement and defunding police officers, this is what happens at the macro level, abolishing the police force, defunding and on the microlevel what happens when you acquired the permission to pursue an officer or you have to acquire permission for an officer to gain entry into a house where he or she already knows there is some form of - laura: how would that work in practice? this is what the left will never confront. they don't like to get specific, they like to traffic in these tedious bumper sticker nonsense. this is what they do, question authority. this is what they do. they don't want to get specific because they always are exposed
12:34 am
when you nail them to the wall on these hypotheticals they don't want to go there because it means black and brown lives especially will be put in jeopardy, does it not? >> it does, it doesn't work and it is so ironic that travis, a black lives matter leader, was actually an advocate of defunding the police and abolishing the police force and guess what happened to him in november of 2020, he was carjacked by three thugs who shot him multiple times and killed him and there were no police in the area because of the loud activist voices that were screaming for defunding and abolishing the police. you cannot cheat reality. reality is always a fine arbiter. you focus on nonsense and what happens is when you call 911 you get an answer saying this number is not in service. >> they want it to be out of service forever. what does critical race theory
12:35 am
look like in practice? your kids are presented with poison lesson plans, some elementary subjects could be totally dismantled. i'm going to bring you a disturbing example of how high-performing students are now being targeted next. it would be cool to ride a horse on the moon.
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>> laura: the virginia department of education is >> the virginia department ofta education taking steps to abolish advanced degrees for gifted students. why? they are worried students who excel aren't diverse enough. this bothers a policy director for virginia's education department. >> this is where requirements can operate as a number of equity. first we start with one of our more conceptual decision which
12:41 am
is the possibility of consolidating the standard of the studies diploma and hopefully this will allow us to think through how to maintain rigorous academic foundation in a way that is equitably serving the needs and aspirations of all of us. >> doesn't know the word hopefully! radically used in that sentence which is an education expert. by equitably serving the students she means punishing of the gifted students in the name of racial justice. let's be clear, she wants to take virginia's top-notch education system and drive into the dust. how does that help anyone? joining me now, fairfax county parent, forging georgetown professor and fairfax county parent, you are the father i believe of six kids -- my getting that right? >> three students. >> you are at thomas jefferson which is one of the top schools
12:42 am
in the country for science and technology. how does this affect your kids? >> it would affect the oldest by limiting his opportunities next year. it would radically impact my daughter who was on track to be in precalculus by eighth grade and would certainly impact my youngest child, kindergartner who is also gifted and advanced as well, she would not have the enrichment opportunity for education. >> we are told by this sale and others like her that this is all about racial equity, and equitable educational opportunity for all. isn't that a noble idea? >> it is a place to the bottom. virginia's leadership decided any kind of advanced learning is an injustice. they failed black and hispanic students for their solution is to bring those that are
12:43 am
excelling down instead of bringing our most challenged kids up to the levels we would hope and since the ultimate injustice of critical race here he, it is so unjust to the advancement of children in society, something everybody should be worried about. laura: another top virginia, something about the state's mathematic pathway initiatives. >> framing and restructuring the way we think about the progression of mathematics that leads to every student and every learner. i don't want to lose sight of the equity around the virginia initiative because i do think that will be one of the most transformational things we can do in virginia to advance equity and instructional support. laura: they are telling your
12:44 am
kids that they can't handle the courseload or is it just dumbing down math so everybody gets a day, what is going on here? >> it is transformational but not in the right way. it is a race to the bottom, denying advanced mathematic opportunities for those who can handle the material. i'm a parent of gifted children but most parents, not only impacts gifted children but above-average children. this is putting kids in your class have 7 canada math sat or even a 500 on the sat, 300 or 400, they are completely ignoring the concept of a collaborative learning environment that they focus on differentiated learning, that your kid is slowed down with extra work and will cause problems with the children.
12:45 am
laura: this is one of the most disturbing stories in a line of disturbing stories about education we covered this weekend we will stay on this, thomas jefferson school, we are watching you because you are fabulous school, don't ruin it. are we about to usher in the end of masking? here to explain it next.
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. not many of them wearing a mask. i spoke to tampa police. >> the idea that many people not wearing masks all of the street is terrifying. >> totally irresponsible that people are going to these rallies and not wearing masks. laura: it took the media and medical establishment 9 months to go from what you just saw to this. >> does it make sense to wear a mask outdoors, exercising, walking because, eating outdoors a restaurant? >> growing national debate sometimes public, sometimes heated. over the need to mask up when doing those activities outside. the reason for that, fresh air. >> we know the virus largely spreads, very little transmission outdoors. >> if only they had listened to
12:51 am
the invisible graham angle last year. the mask outside is more theater. is this america? for the crime of not wearing a mask outdoors, outdoors. joining me now paul alexander, why are the medical you leads all of a sudden seeing the light on masks? >> thank you for having me. sometimes -- a certain -- we know that any transmission outdoors, 10% transmission, 19 times less likely outdoors and indoors, outdoors there is sunlight, heat, properly ventilated, no need for a mask,
12:52 am
indoors there might be an argument indoors, ventilation, a lot of what is coming from medical experts -- >> i want everyone to understand before the segments tonight i was tooling around on the cdc's website and have a list of circumstances when you should wear a mask, still up on the cdc's site, anytime you are indoors or outdoors with people who don't live with you which is pretty much all the time. it says you should wear two masks, disposable mask underneath and cloth mask on top, combine the cloth mask with
12:53 am
a fitter or brace. i don't know what a fitter is. doctor alexander, is there any real science to back up what they are pushing on the american people and making people freak out still, paranoid in the middle of an open field? >> it is about driving fear and obedience. we have looked at the body of evidence on masking whether indoors or outdoors. overall the body of evidence suggests the surgical masks and cloth masks are ineffective, neutral at best. there is no declarative definitive evidence that these masks are effective, we have a marine study, we had sweden, 2 million sweden kids who over one
12:54 am
year no death in the entire sweden and no masks. masks played no role. that is the fact. >> they are not following the science and turning kids into paranoid hypochondriacs, breathing in their own detailed breath when playing sports, nothing is more infuriating, it is child abuse, i will say it, child abuse, thank you. speaking of masks, nancy pelosi got confused trying to explain what hers was, the last bite next.
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>> laura: some of you might find nancy pelosi annoying but we have to give her credit for >> you might find nancy pelosi annoying but give her credit for introducing us to the first instance of acute mask induced cognitive delirium. >> first time the house of representatives recognized,
1:00 am
voted and supported stated for the district of columbia. i probably where this 51 hat. m resulting in oxygen steps privation and brain function problems. >> a fox news alert, chaos in new york city, protesters arrested after going 5 to 5 with police overnight as officer say they vandalized and iconic statue outside central park. >> >> only seconds to respond. the whole scenario put him in a bad spot. regardless what the situation is.


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