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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 22, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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pavlik, lawrence audience, our studio audience, i'm greg gutfeld, i love you america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, we are counting down to president biden's first address to congress weeks from tonight, the official benchmark of his first 100 days in office. he will highlight the police reform in a speech next wednesday. republicans plan to counter with the architect of their police reform bill which by the way you will remember democrats filibustered. senator tim scott of south carolina last night. the white house is putting finishing touches on an exceptionally aggressive effort
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to unwind bill trump administration's agenda as well as advancing executive actions and legislation that has gone down remarkably well with progressives, such as a new push to cut american emissions in half. and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. listen to congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez tied together climate change and all sorts of other things. >> the trampling of indigenous rights is a cause of climate change. the trampling of racial justice, is a cause of climate change. >> shannon: for clarification the minnesota chapter of the cr club puts it this way -- to protect the planet we must dismantle systemic racism where ever it exists, we must replace harmful police systems with real investment in people and community. while the border patrol continues to tweet out heart-wrenching images, the white house still refuses to acknowledge the massive migrant search is a crisis. for the past 93 days they have
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used the term "climate crisis" repeatedly. >> this is a crisis. it is the climate crisis. >> i think about climate crisis. >> so we can actually once again address the climate crisis. >> shannon: we kick things off with white house correspondent kevin corke reporting tonight on the mixed messaging from the biden administration, good evening. >> political scientists have a term for this, they like to call what's happening in d.c. flooding the zone. if that is to say when a party in power promotes policies, standing alone might not get serious consideration at all but in the sea of ideas it just might slip through. it actually works more often than you might think and democrats in the white house are banking on it. what critics call basically an open border, billions for pet projects disguised as covert
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relief and billions more for items that are laughably described as infrastructure, all policy that defined democrats take over of the u.s. government. and just the beginning of what promises to be a fairly lengthy progressive wish list. >> president biden strongly supports d.c. statehood and our administration will work with congress to get it passed. >> the latest on the democrats to-do list, statehood for washington, d.c., which passed the house on a party line vote today, but faces virtually insurmountable odds of ever making it out of the senate. >> this bill is not about civil rights, it's not about in franchising or disenfranchising people, this is about mr. nadler and ms. pelosi and senator schumer and others trying to consolidate liberal power. >> this is a moral imperative, economic imperative. also a moment of extraordinary
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possibilities. >> while statehood for the district may prove a political long shot, the biden administration's international green policies will very likely be paid with your taxpayer green. the white house and global climate summit plays the country will cut greenhouse gas emissions in half in the not-too-distant future and a challenge top polluters china and india to do more to reduce carbon output. mr. biden renewed the u.s. pledged to rejoin the paris climate accord which according to some estimates could cost the u.s. up to $3 billion annually. speaking of money, there are new reports tonight that the administration is preparing a major cash grab on wealthy investors planning to raise federal tax rates on capital gains for some investors to as high as 43.4%. for new yorkers, the combined state and federal capital gains rates could be as high as 52.2%. for californians, and a
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staggering 56.7. it's pretty incredible when you think about those numbers, this is happening is the number of u.s. citizens looking to announce their citizenship is actually exploding. according to americans overseas, that's a european-based organization that specializes in u.s. tax prep, a record 6,705 americans gave up their citizenship in 2020. for perspective, that's up about 260% from 2019 with you guessed it taxes being the top issue. >> shannon: we all want to save money but i am not abandoning my country over that. i wish my taxes were lower like everybody else but i'm staying put. i want to talk to about this 6-3 decision out of the supreme court that challenge rejected a challenge to life sentence without parole for a 15-year-old who killed his grandfather. justice kavanaugh said in part a
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state's discretionary sentencing system is both constitutionally necessary and constitutionally sufficient, but check out justice sotomayor's dissent and justice thomas is very important footnote, quite a difference of opinion in this case. >> very interesting because this again is the separation of powers as we know it in this country. often you will have a legislative branch decide this particular policy is the way to go but it's really about the court stepping in. what i found most interesting is in reading the dissent, justice thomas is so unique in the notes but i believe felt like this didn't surprise me as much as perhaps it surprised some legal scholars and you as an attorney cannot look and unpack what happened today. i thought it didn't surprise me probably as much as maybe it surprised a lot of other observers, what about you. >> shannon: justice sotomayor's dissent was all about the facts and she's
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been involved as a prosecutor in this criminal law space, she knows about this. she said she wants to be sure that juvenile offenders aren't sentenced in a way that they have absolutely no hope of ever getting out -- but i want to read something justice thomas said in a footnote. it's curious how the maturity of minors ebbs and flows depending on the issue -- we want to give them all the breaks in the world when it comes to this but also when it comes to abortion he thinks they should be able to decide everything for themselves. are they adults or not when it comes to these difficult decisions? definitely a family dispute on its way. >> not just as far as abortion but also transgender rights, a lot of people saying they are young enough to make decisions or making these decisions absent parental notification and some school districts of a variety of different cases. very interesting indeed. >> shannon: you don't have to be a lawyer to be on the supreme court good if they decide to pack the court with
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former justices, maybe we should wait for the call? >> i'm with you. sign me up. >> shannon: see you later, kevin. we got a brand-new video on a hothot case tonight, the shootig death of -- she was lunging at the second girl before the officer stopped the attack before shooting bryant multiple times, another view of that situation. americans distrust of the media already at an all-time high, there are new questions tonight about how some major outlets are presenting their coverage of police involved shootings to the public. if trace gallagher is taking a closer look tonight, good evening. >> it is unclear why "nbc nightly news" decided to omit critical context by selectively editing the body cam video and 911 call that preceded the police shooting of a 16-year-old ma'kiah bryant.
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nbc did not show the portion of the body cam video that clearly shows a knife in ma'kiah bryant's hands. they did play part of the 911 call but left out the part mentioning a knife. listen to nbc's edited version followed by the longer version. >> officer nicholas riordan who joined the force in december of 2019 was responding to a 911 call. [shouting] >> nightly news anchor lester holt did mention the knife during the segment but media critic joe concha says he owes his viewers an apology. >> the stakes are far too high
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and don't tell me this was an innocent mistake at something that was left on the editing room accidentally. >> meantime the girl who was nearly stabbed by a ma'kiah bryant was referred to as someone who was closer to bryant she was shot. she then appears to agree with the gas that says the deadly use of force was not appropriate, here's a sample. >> i look at that video and i asked that were my child or if my child was still close to ma'kiah when she was shot, what would have happened? i think a lot of people are asking that. >> it is notable that both abc news and cbs did show the body cam video of the girl holding a knife and did play the 911 call that mention the stabbing. this week cbs was criticized for not showing video of 13-year-old adam toledo appearing to toss a gun moments before he was shot and killed by police. >> trace gallagher, thank you.
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first up and tonight's real news roundup, the quick thinking of an army soldier saved a migrant child from drowning in the rio grande river today, the 10-year-old girl that was left behind after a smuggler and a group of immigrants were spotted trying to cross into the u.s. illegally but they turned back. mexico left the girl in the river, she was struggling to stay afloat. that soldier was in the area helping border patrol agents when he spotted a group trying to cross and saw the girl. political reportedly becoming the latest news outlet not to use the word "crisis" when referring to the search of the southern border, the "washington examiner" obtaining an internal memo sent to politico's staff asking them to avoid the word crisis unless they are quoting else using it. the move seems to represent an ideological shift in a publication that once prided itself on appealing to both sides of the political aisle. more cities eyeing the content of universal basic income in the
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wake of trillions of dollars of federal stimulus money handed out in the pandemic. recurring government payments with no strings attached reportedly being explored in more than 40 cities like los angeles, st. paul, atlanta. more than a dozen cities are now pursuing pilot programs. is the chairwoman of the republican national committee considering a career change? ronna mcdaniel told the official she may step down to challenge gretchen whitmer in the 2022 gubernatorial election in her home state of michigan. the chairwoman has no desire to do anything else than that lead the republican party to victory in 2022 by taking back the house and senate. major league baseball conducting extensive fan surveys about the ballpark experience this season, surveys that include a question about political affiliation. the league which moved its all-star game out of atlanta in response to the new election reform law insists it's simply
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looking for insights and perceptions and preferences during the pandemic. twitter says tonight it cannot evaluate lebron james controversial tweet picturing the ohio police officer who shot ma'kiah bryant because the nba star deleted the tweet. president biden marches by a full-blown border crisis in progressive policy priorities that have some analysts referred to them is the first welcome president. we get analysis from hoover institution senior fellow victor davis hanson, great to have you back tonight. >> thank you. >> shannon: the chicago times has this headline, joe biden's presidency, as a candidate he promised voters a center left agenda and bipartisanship come as a president he's giving them neither. his deception is based on the oldest marketing technique in
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the book, bait and switch. >> a lot of people said it is not broken, don't try to fix it, he inherited a great vaccination program and wisely said this is the biden vaccination program that we were vaccinating 1 million a day in a way that the e.u. and russia and china was not. the same thing was true of the economy, the fundamentals were there with tax reform and energy increased production and deregulation. he's already tampered with bats. we have record inflation now in march and housing and food are going through the roof. when you pour so much money at so few goods -- she really didn't have to tamper with that but he did. i think he's going to leave the china policy and take credit because that was a wise think that trump did that expose the idea if you appease china, they're going to reform -- that's not going to happen. i think the big legacy and the
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worry is that all of these other initiatives of the hard left, the woke initiatives, the voter i.d. initiative, the open border initiative, identity politics, they don't pull 51%. he doesn't have a mandate. if he has a 50/50 senate, on some pathetic supreme court. you would think he would bring everybody together and say look, let's get compromising get some of this and some of that but he's not -- how does he get the agenda through? he can't do it by policies always doing it by process. he's saying we're going to get rid of a 233-year-old electoral college, a 233-year-old states with the supremacy of national election laws, we are going to get rid of that. we are going to get rid of 62 years of a 50 state union and bring in two states, we're going to get rid of 150 year tradition of a nine person supreme court.
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he is trying to change the way we do things because the way we do things will not give him the intended results because the only alternative is to compromise and to be a uniter and he can't do that for a variety of reasons. he is mortgaged his soul to the hard left. >> shannon: that's what he told us, he even talked about this on inauguration day, he talked about working with both sides and finding compromise. it's something the left told him they didn't like about him during the campaign but he sold himself as a moderate to a defined bipartisan solutions grid "the washington post" said he is seeking to redefined bipartisanship. to hear president biden and his team tell it, a successful bipartisan bill need not attract a single republican vote. he pushed his $1.9 trillion covert relief bill with the support of all 50 democrats and nary a republican declared it a resounding bipartisan triumph. it seemed like we have a lot of language going on or games going on with language and semantics. the president doesn't seem to be
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immune from that. no republican votes in it a bipartisan victory? >> joe biden is not a vigorous 78 and there's a lot of people he has outsourced his responsibility that have this agenda but let's be clear. we are talking about a joe biden that never existed. throughout his career he was not a uniter, he was the person who destroyed robert bork and clarence thomas in the confirmation hearings. this is a guy when it was popular was a strong supporter of southern racists and he was a good friend of robert byrd. he said a lot of divisive things. if you take any politician in the last 20 years and you collate what they said on race whether it's you ain't black or junky or barack obama the first clean articulate a black man or it's full of indians that she said a lot of polarizing things. this idea of good old joe from scranton was a media construct that was resurrected in the
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campaign because michael bloomberg the compromise uniter supposedly flamed out and they were stuck with a bunch of hard left candidates. they said there is a joke, he didn't do well but we are going to resurrect him and say he's a uniter. he was never a uniter, he was always a divisive character and he'd run twice before. he was neither honest about his campaign, he had to drop out or he was polarizing. this myth that he is a uniter, i don't think any of us believed it. it was a media creation. when he revealed what he is really about, he returned to who he is. >> shannon: this conversation whether something is bipartisan without getting a single republican vote is further illustrative of where we may be going. that is the president's purview to use it. victor davis hanson, always be to have you with us.
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the main monument in central park in new york city, nypd releasing this footage with the morning, they respect everyone's right to peacefully protest -- some of these are swearwords and vulgarities -- they say vandalism like this is not part of a peaceful protest. protest groups said nypd wanted an arrested organizers, no official confirmation of that we will keep track of that story. dramatic icy pilot caught on dashcam video and a litter of kittens rescued from a precarious perch. all the viral video hotness of the day is next. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™.
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>> shannon: winter making a brutal return too many parts of the country this week hitting wisconsin especially hard. check this out -- dashcam video
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showing a deadly string of crashes on interstate 41 involving more than 80 vehicles, at least one person killed her. at one point the highway was shut down in both directions. onto the blooper of the day. one lucky not show a holding cincinnati reds fan happen to be in the flight path of a home on heading directly in his way. he lost his balance, the ball, his drink and the extra cheesy nachos, not too happy about the chain of events that unfolded. who doesn't like to watch videos of people falling down. i have a soft spot for those. i'm glad he's okay. herring moment that caught on camera, a tree nearly landing on the passing suv, check that out. that is in north carolina barely skimming the top of the vehicle. that was caused by the trees we can root system, very fortunate day. that guy should buy a lottery ticket. san bernardino county firefighters quickly on the scene after getting a call about
9:26 pm
kittens trapped in an attic. the team cut through the roof to get to the seven tiny babies. the mother was nowhere to be found, the little ones have been taken to a nearby shelter after the rescue. as we saw with the guy at the red skin, please tell me i'm not the only one who likes laughing at video people falling down. watch as this florida man tumbles in his bin of cleanup while cleaning up his garden. his partner said he's going to be retiring from the navy in june after 20 years of service, he will be doing plenty more gardening soon and will remember to shut the lid. thank you for the service william, and forgive us the laugh, he's fine. if a dashcam captured what appears to be footage of a child wandering across a dark highway in australia. police in new south wales said they found no evidence or cases of a missing child following multiple searches of that area. a lot of folks are calling on online footage, they're calling it scary asking whether it could
9:27 pm
be a ghost or an alien. let us know your thoughts at "fox news @ night," lets us know what you think. a suspect tried to shove and asian-american undercover cop under subway tracks in new york city is a free man under bill reform measures. speak out yet another apparent hate crime against and asian-american here in new york, this time an undercover police officer. the incident has left many wondering what type of repercussions these suspects will face if they lash out in a violent way? 32-year-old ricardo hernandez is back on the street after allegedly confronting the officer and attempting to push him on subway tracks this last saturday. if a supreme court judge released hernandez without bail
9:28 pm
saying his hands were tied under new york's bail reform measures which prevented him from holding hernandez in jail, who reportedly has at least 12 prior arrests. bail reform has been a huge issue in new york there at the state overhauled its bail law in april 2019 limiting the number of crimes that a judge can set bail in most cases, judges cannot set cash bail for most nonviolent felonies. lawmakers said they pushed for bill reform to push down the number of people jailed while waiting trial if they couldn't afford bail money. law enforcement said new rules went too far and will result in a crime spike as repeat offenders will get released back into the community. today the senate overwhelmingly passed an anticrime bill in an effort to address the recent surge in attacks on asian-americans which would help create a position to look over these types of crimes while also increasing state and local
9:29 pm
hate crime reporting. all this coming on the heels of another attack of a different asian undercover police officer. in that case, the suspect was released almost immediately. >> shannon: thank you very much. first up into nights where in the world, the u.s. is sending airborne assets to help the desperate search for a missing indonesian submarine. the crew will reportedly run out of air within 24 hours. they went missing during a torpedo drill yesterday. colombian security forces cracking down on goldmine operations in an area patrolled by antigovernment militants. police say that impoverished miners use the proceeds from the gold mining to pay for the equipment needed to grow illegal crops that they then export. residents of a small town near a guatemalan volcano turning to prayer to stop the lava from demolishing their home.
9:30 pm
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talk to your veterinarian and learn more at the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association. >> this is not march 2020 anymore. we have three vaccines, every adult in the state of georgia is eligible to get it right now and everyone of us knows that young children are not affected by this virus. they are not and that's a blessing. but as adults, what have we done with that blessing? we've shoved it to the side and said we don't care, you're still going to wear a mask on your face every day, five and 6-year-olds. you can't play together on the playground like normal children, we don't care. we are still going to force you to carry a burden that was never yours to carry, shame on us.
9:36 pm
>> shannon: that is a mother in gwinnett county georgia making an emotional plea to her local school board to allow their and their children's lives to return to some sense of normalcy. fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel shows us with the science is telling us. good evening, doctor. >> good evening, shannon. even as the vaccine rollout seems to be on the verge of truly slowing the pandemic, there is also a looming concern about noncompliance. vaccine slowing and government overreach. a covid-19 vaccine provider in washington state, the african-american reach and teach health ministry is prioritizing "black, indigenous, and people of color" for bookings at four vaccination sites across seattle and kent. white people are directed to join a waiting list for when there is a "vaccine surplus" available. this spirit of exclusion seems contrary to the spirit of inclusion promoted by former surgeon general dr. jerome
9:37 pm
adams. >> what would be a real tragedy is if we finally have the tools to end this pandemic but it actually worsens disparities and doesn't end the pandemic because people who are most likely to get infected from the hospital continued to be the ones least likely to get the vaccine. >> meanwhile's efforts to a mr. vaccine continues, so does the fate about how strict restrictions should be while we wait for the effects to fully take hold. >> there's a difference between lockdown and people obeying the lockdown. you know, you can have a situation where they say we are going to lock down and get to have people doing exactly what they want. >> is that what is happening in the top eight states in the country, they're just not following what is told, they're not listening to dr. fauci? >> brief encounters with a person passing on the sidewalk or hiking trail or very low risk said one of the world's leading experts on viral transmission.
9:38 pm
follow the science. get vaccinated now, don't wait and wear your mask inside and close quarters only. sounds simple, right shannon? >> shannon: doctor, thank you. if with the centers of disease control and prevention considering revisions to outdoor mask of guidance, scientific experts are asked to show their work as pandemic restrictions remain in place but let's begin tonight's panel. fox news contributor leslie marshall, steve hilton, and a host of jason in the house podcast and offer of the they never lived crisis go to waste, jason chaffetz. there are increasingly people going public with their questions about the seemingly conflicting information that people are getting. get everybody vaccinated but tell everybody you have to weigh your mask and can't be with people and do these other things. here is a senator rand paul who also happens to be a medical doctor himself.
9:39 pm
>> if you want more people to get vaccinated, joe biden should go on national tv, take his mask off and burn it, like a torch to it, burn his mask and say "i've had the vaccine, i am now safe from this plague. if you get the vaccine, you can be safe too." >> shannon: are we going to get to that message at any point? >> i would hope so, the big question is does the vaccine work, if it works, why do you have to wear a mask? there's so many conflicting messages. i'm sick and tired of dr. fauci, it's time for him to retire. he likes doing all the interviews at "vanity fair," i don't see him doing the work and the science, i see him doing all the media interviews. jim jordan's questions on april 15th were right. what are the metrics? tell us exactly what we have achieved and what we need to do. they seem to be making it up on the fly. where two masks, get a vaccine and they still have to have a
9:40 pm
4-year-old wear a mask on an airplane, it doesn't make sense to most people. >> shannon: they see dr. fauci when he threw out the first page of the nationals game in washington, pictured in the stands with his mask up sitting next to people, it makes people skeptical and asking questions about what does he really believe, what do we need to believe, what is the science? a real clear market says it's the danger of anthony fauci even without panicky politicians. the problem with government services is that being wrong really has consequences. >> i just got my first vaccine this past saturday and i asked the md that put it into my arm in addition to the md that i live with each and every day, my husband -- can i stop wearing a mask? they said no. the reason is you can still get covid once you are vaccinated but what the vaccine does is it helps you and prevent hopefully death and bad illness of being on a ventilator of being put in
9:41 pm
the icu. another thing is your body takes time to build up the immunity come he could still get the virus, you may be even having the virus and be symptomatic. they say to wear a mask because he could be a carrier as in a cinematic individual and you can still get -- the vaccine doesn't make you immune from getting covid-19. senator rand paul should know better as an md. to be safe, we need to still wear our masks. when we look at the state, we have less than half of the people especially in states that are governed by republican governors that have not been vaccinated yet. remember, herd immunity is a minimum of 72 maca 75% of our population. we are a ways from that right now. >> shannon: we also see a number of states that are run by red governors, republican governors that it was predicted weeks ago texas and other places rolled back these mandates were going to crash. that is not happening. i haven't heard a lot of updates in the media about that. there could be a number of different factors, everyone is
9:42 pm
trying to figure out what's going on in michigan right now but in the meantime we have this from jennifer rubin at "the washington post." she says it's time to stop catering to the vaccine holdouts. the number of those who do not want to the vaccine, roughly 20% has been immovable since january suggesting these people which includes as much as 40% of republicans are impervious to reason and facts. if you for any reason have questions or hesitations about the vaccine, you're not a logical thinker. >> there's no logic in any of this. the whole thing is so infuriating to people. leslie just gave a perfect example of it. we hear the whole time, she repeated it just now from the doctors that you have to keep wearing a mask if you've been vaccinated because being vaccinated doesn't mean you can't still transmit the virus. fair enough. the same day you hear fauci on another media interview as jason is saying he's barely off the media saying "the reason young healthy people who may think i
9:43 pm
don't need to get vaccinated because i'm not at serious risk" what did he give us the reason? because then you won't transmit. it is totally inconsistent and right from the word go, fauci and all the people have been dictating all of this to america in a way i can't believe we put up with have been following not to the science, not the facts, not the data, but ideology. they'd been following an old playbook for different disease. it is totally outrageous that we are still having this inflicted on us. i don't think anyone should put up with it any longer because clearly the people who are in charge don't know what they are talking about >> shannon: now we have this conversation about vaccine passports. the biden administration says it's not coming from them, there will be a federal government effort a lot of this might happen with private businesses. in hawaii they are doing this now. starting may 11th, fully vaccinated travelers who have
9:44 pm
received their vaccine in hawaii may travel intercounty, they talk about different islands without taking a pretrial test and quarantine for ten days. it's gets back again if we are told the vaccine is not foolproof, you can still contract it and possibly spread it, that's what we are being told. what is the point of the vaccine passports? watch that give you access if we are told the vaccine is not going to be 100% effective in every case? it can't be. >> it can't be. i am totally 100% opposed to a so-called vaccine passports. it is fraught with problems. the proper role of government is to inform the people, provide them all the data, provide possible solutions, help develop those solutions but there's personal responsibility has got to kick in. my wife and i we both have had the vaccine and i think it's good, it's good for us and our family. my next-door neighbor may choose not to.
9:45 pm
they don't need to -- i have a passport, they don't have a passport -- was the end to that? is not in the spirit of who we are as americans. we want to be safe, make the decisions, but provide the decision and allow us to make the decision. >> shannon: certainly feeling like there is hope on the horizon, i think a lot of folks are feeling that way now. we hope to continue that way and everyone gets a chance to go back to life pre-covid to. we are going to appreciate everything like football games at concerts and hugs a lot more than we ever did before. thank you all. black lives matter protesters take on the oklahoma state capital sparking confrontations with lawmakers and shutting down a house session, that the video and the story next. for you. switch today and get 2 lines of unlimited and 2 free smartphones. plus you'll now get netflix on us. all this for up to 50% off vs. verizon.
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9:51 pm
flee a scene of a riot. the bill was signed into law wednesday by the state's republican governor after eight florida governor ron desantis signed an antiriot bill into law there. florida's measure is facing a legal challenge facing the limits of constitutional rights of protesters, it's the bait. tonight's legal eagles, welcome to you both. let's start with exhibit a, this is from governor ron desantis talking about this antiriot bill he signed into law. >> it is the strongest anti-writing pro-law-enforcement piece of legislation in the country. if you riot, if you lose, if you harm others, particularly if you harm a law enforcement officer during one of these violent assemblies, you're going to jail. >> shannon: not saying you can't protest, what he said if you are violent and looting, we are going to crack down on you,
9:52 pm
what's wrong with that? >> i believe this is not an anti- -- bill, it's harming people for peaceful process thing. it's saying if you go to protest in their 75 people there in three people are bad, even though you are peacefully protested you could still be harmed. that's the problem, the majority of floridians do not support this bill. >> shannon: it is now law so it is also being challenged, we'll have to see what happens. this is from the complaint exhibit b. it says the breathtaking scope of the bill includes granting civil immunity to people who drive into peaceful protesters in such a demonstration. that's one of the objections i keep hearing about this. >> this is a capitulation of all laws that already exist, essentially there giving enhanced penalties and an affirmative defense they call it under that circumstance. in other words if you are rioting, not peacefully protesting, rioting and you are
9:53 pm
committing assault on a police officer or a burglary or great bodily harm to somebody else or if you as a riot or get injured, you're not going to be able to have a lawsuit. that's not much different than what they call comparative negligence they have right now. i'll go one step further, i think this law do something in favor of protesters. your right to peacefully protest is enshrined in the constitution but the right to commit violence and teardown monuments an end injure people is not. the brandenburg court, the united states supreme court says that is not protected free speech and we need to have laws like this so that protesters can go out there at the peacefully protest without having to worry about people rioting and harming them and their families that are trying to put a message forward and a proper, professional, and peaceful way. and actually helps the protesters. >> shannon: we conversation a lot, there is a difference in the fact that people who are trying to peacefully protest get
9:54 pm
their message drowned out by bad actors who just want to leverage the scene to create chaos, it does a great disservice to the families in the protesters who have something to say. that gets us to exhibit b, here is a florida state rep talking about the bill. speak of is no first amendment right to dilute, there's no first amendment right to burn down someone's business, there's no first amendment right to attack a police officer. >> shannon: ten seconds to each of you to make a final argument. >> we have a first amendment right to free speech, this infringes people's right to free speech. >> in no way does it in print somebody's right to free speech, the brandenburg court and common sense tells you cannot commit violence while your protesting peaceful protest all the way, violence no way. >> shannon: it was surprising to me getting ready for this segment, there are still many states considering this exact same thing would have recently passed a very similar measures.
9:55 pm
i think after what the country went through last summer there are states who think this is necessary. we will see how the legal challenges play out. that is it for us from washington, back here on friday i'm shannon bream. zzzquil pure zzzs all night. fall asleep. stay asleep. renae is not an influencer, she's more of a groundbreaker. renae runs with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. because out here, you can't fake a job well done. hear renae's story at
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freedom and anxious for the fray. "tucker carlson tonight" is up next ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." good news tonight. after a decades long search by a blue ribbon commission of internationally renowned experts, mckinsey and company and law school, they announced they finally have identified the most utopian policy ever adopted by the western government. they would be looking hard to find that if you would have noticed. at a press conference


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