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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  April 22, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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for the district of columbia. i proudly wear this 51 hat. >> laura: she should take her mask off. it's clearly resulting in oxygen deprivation and brain function problems. up next lipsey >> with the young people. writing the history books. we're the ones who get to decide how you will be remembered. my advice for you is to choose wisely. >> greg: wait till that little jerk finds out how books are made. ♪ ♪ really a creep. she has turned into a creep. yesterday the president actually
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warned americans they may have to cancel their independence day outdoor gatherings, what we call picnics or what hunter calls a foursome. but like coffee enema one of paltrow tries to sell you online. this is not based on science. healthy people have been meeting outdoors anyway. unlike joe are not afraid of fumbling up a flight of stairs. the white house once again sounded disconnected from reality. it's like asking migrants not to illegally cross our borders just yet or requesting that major not take a dump under the resolute desk. i wonder why joe has to say for himself. >> look, look, this is science, all right? my mask protects you. your mask protects me. this mask protects this mask. it's science. got to follow the rules a little bit longer. the rest of april, may, june,
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little bit of july. all right? it's not a long time. seems like a long time but it isn't. i once spent three months in a basement. i came out and i was president. >> greg: at least he and jen psaki are on the same page. >> so the more masks, but better. we don't know that the virus can transmit through arms or camera lenses but we also don't know that it does not. >> greg: now an obvious question is making the media rounds. should you still be wearing a mask outdoors? yes, if you are robbing an ice cream truck. i see more excessive facial doing on the frisbee players at central park and i have on the entire staff at german x. to quote harvard medical professor dr. paul east acts. it sounds like a character from
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"goodfellas" who doesn't make it. transmission do not take place between individuals going for a walk. transiently passing each other on the street, a hiking trail or jogging track. peer-reviewed research from the journal of infectious diseases which has the worst swimsuit issue says the odds of indoor transmission is 19 times, 19 times higher than outdoors. that's why everybody in texas isn't dead. asking if you should still wear a mask outside when you're alone, it's like asking if you should still be eating tide pods for breakfast. it's a strong no, kat. if you walk down any city street, everyone's wearing their masks is that their lives depended on it or to hide their identity when trying to burn down the courthouse. one fact remains true, runners wear masks are 50% more annoying than regular runners. if you're alone in your car
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wearing a mask, you might be alone for a reason. i guess i would wear a mask too if i was jamming along to maroo. "the new york times" asks is if this is family news. loosen up carefully they say because now they say science is so. this after fauci went from declaring no masks to cover your head with a beach towel and duct tape. we went to fauci for comment. >> [babbling] >> greg: still there's no blanket policy. you can include wrapping a blanket around your face. over a year ago smart people were saying the risk of outdoor transmission was rare. that it was an indoor virus which spreads and stuffy rooms like a beer fart in an elevator. expert said that the real dangers were places like nursing homes. if only andrew cuomo was listening instead of trying to
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kiss everyone. now are told they are practically no documented cases of brief outdoor interactions leading to corona transmission. it's like toads causing words. i used to think that all the time. if you're passing other people on the sidewalk or being screamed at by a blm member, the exposure of exhaled particles appears to be too small to lead to infection. if only the media hadn't spread the opposite idea. it was their fearmongering they got to be to wear masks outside which is pretty harmless. god's people to stay inside which isn't. beach was. skate parks. rather than protecting the vulnerable we sent everyone home, young and old, healthy and sick to that same stuffy apartment sitting on the same couch, breathing the same air and watching the same reruns. that taught me having a big life insurance policy is far more deadly than corona.
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in an effort to eliminate even the tiniest risk, we ended up putting everyone at greater risk, setting them to their basements and bedrooms like 330 million joe bidens. wearing a mask indoors is a good thing since half of america isn't vaccinated. it operates on the same principle as a wall. any obstacle reduces migration of people and particles. we've got to get people outside for things besides riots. it is also time to let people eat at restaurants. it makes more sense than forcing restaurants to put pots on the sidewalk and calling that outdoors. that is not outdoors. that is gilligan and skipper dining in. while eating in a hut on the city street may decrease your chances of getting covid, it increases your chances of a homeless man relieving himself in your drink. sorry about that, larry. last summer people were outside
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more and infection was at all-time lows. sunshine, fresh air, open spaces, physical activity. your improving your health, covid or not. this is why parks and beaches should always be open. they are medicine, especially with schools, gyms and churches close. is everything 100% safe? nothing is 100% safe. we have seen the warning on a condom box. i'm glad my parents didn't. let's welcome tonight's guests. he's so rich, scrooge mcduck sent him hate mail. former director of the national economic council and host of "kudlow" on fox business, larry kudlow. she has covered more stories than a window washer on meth three katie pavlich. i'm hoping he will tell hannity
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to answer my calls, lawrence jones. she is as sassy as i am gassy and that's a lot. kat timpf. larry, welcome to the show. >> larry: it's a rough crowd. >> greg: sorry that i disgusted you so early on. i heard you gasp. >> larry: i had to. [laughter] >> greg: i have offended everybody on both shows this week. >> larry: it's a pleasure, wonderful to be here. >> greg: are you looking forward wearing five masks this summer and no picnics? >> larry: you know it's a great thing, voluntary masking. there is an entrance to central park. my wife walks our little dog every morning she goes across the street to central park. there are hundreds of new yorkers, new yorkers. blue state new yorkers. they take the colors of the dogs and let them run free and they take their masks off their faces. no one observes the masking.
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it's a new phenomenon. a couple hundred people, new yorkers revolting. imagine. >> greg: a lot of new yorkers are revolting. go to washington square park around 11:00 p.m. which i do often when i'm not holding. katie, i love going mask less outside. i imagine that's how a streaker feels when he runs on the field during the world series. it's such a different feeling. >> katie: i would know what it's like to streak of the world series so i can tell you that you're feeling is absolutely correct. i have to correct a myth about the double masking where this came from. remember when they said don't wear fabric masks because they don't work, so everyone wore a surgical mask. then everyone was like, surgical masks are ugly and they don't match my outfit so i'm going to wear a surgical mask with a fabric mask over my mask to match my outfit. that's where it came from. and then dr. fauci was like
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let's make a cdc recommendation about double masking even though was a fashion statement. thanks a lot. that's where that came from. >> greg: not to mention the back masking that you find on heavy metal albums. lawrence, how old are you? >> lawrence: 28. great, tell people how old i am pleased when you are brilliant person which is always shocking at your age. it's the reason why hate you. the point is that men are disgusting and i remember when i was in college, i maybe washed my sheets once every, what. semester. yes, semester. this is tmi. i bring it up because of the masks. are you using a new mask every day? i'm not. >> lawrence: i've got the disposable. >> greg: i keep it in my pocket for days. i use other people's masks.
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>> lawrence: that's nasty. >> greg: it smells better than mine does. chauvin you know, greg. >> greg: i'm taking yours, larry. [laughter] >> lawrence: i think we are missing the point of the masking. i cannot get over them lying to us for the period of time. no one wants to talk about it. they literally told us that they didn't work so that they could hoard the supply. and they wonder why we don't trust government. when you give this amount of power to them, they still lie to you in the middle of a health crisis. everybody was going against it. let's be clear. they told us not to because they didn't work. also people can hoard them. there's been no accountability in that matter. you told us they didn't work so i won't use them. >> greg: kat, you are way ahead of the game because you
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belonged to that after-hours club where wearing masks is just part of the deal. >> kat: absolutely. i can't wear those masks to work. >> katie: they cover her whole face. >> greg: exactly. >> kat: you would never know it was me. i am vaccinated. i'm getting tested twice a week and i am still wearing mask outside because i do not want people to yell at me because it hurts me and my feelings when people yell at me. >> katie: why are they yelling at you? >> greg: do people yell at you when you're outside? >> lawrence: they do. and i look at them. >> katie: why? >> kat: your mask. but then the other day i had a mask on and i took it off because i had four beer so i was feeling really gutsy. the least harmful thing i've done after drinking probably. someone yelled at me and i told them, i am vaccinated, [bleep] off.
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it felt so good. >> greg: that's a t-shirt. somebody make that t-shirt. they're going to be a billionaire. we are probably going to have to [bleep] it which is a bummer. i walked down sixth avenue without my mask on. i absorb and embrace it. i love it when people look at me and they are like, how dare you, how dare you? you are a loser. i am outside. i know the signs. go to hell, you puritanical bastard. up next, the media's narrative of policing fails again.
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>> greg: but stabbing is fine, you hear them wine. on the heels of the chauvin
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verdict the left tries to destroy aa cup for a deadly shooting in columbus, ohio. you've seen the footage, cop responding to a nonwoven call and attempted stabbing. >> trying to stab us. get here now. >> do you see any weapons? >> [shouting] >> ma'am, do you see any weapons? >> we need a police officer here now. >> greg: the cops got there and enslaving otherwise he fatally fired on a 16-year-old black female who is wielding a knife. lebron james tweeted a picture of the cop saying your next, #accountability. bree newsom wrote teenagers have been having fights involving knives for eons. we do not need police to address these situations.
8:19 pm
while mcnamee moniz will blame the intended victim's body for trying to hurt that knife. tell that to the person called 911 saying girls were trying to stab her. maybe bree didn't hear that. watching "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. jen psaki plied the systemic racism narrative to the case. >> the killing of 16-year-old ma'khia bryant is tragic. she was a child. police violence disproportionately impacts black and latino communities. black women and girls experience higher rates of police violence. our focuses on working to address systemic racism and implicit bias head-on. >> greg: so the cop is racist after he saved a black girl's life. jan has claimed more -- fan more flames than the santa ana winds.
8:20 pm
don lemon said something smart. >> when police are tracing people they don't know how old they are. they see people. someone has a knife. their job is to protect and serve. >> greg: amen. so all lives do matter after all. lawrence, one thing people don't talk about about the police officer, we have more than a few police officers in jail. we've had some ugly cases. he could have not done anything. he risked everything in an incident like this. he runs to this thing. >> lawrence: no, he could not have. he would've been punished for doing that. i've been through too many police simulations. i know people that are educated on the issue. we want them to shoot in the leg or use a taser. there's different policies have to go through, different
8:21 pm
scenarios that you go through. just like every case, i am consistent and say wait for the facts. i think there's something that's missing. they're such an emphasis for the left to focus on the officer. what was this little girl going through? >> greg: exactly. >> lawrence: wire the adults just sitting there watching this take place? my mom would've had her belt whipping everybody's ass. >> greg: the knife fight, that's the variable that led to this tragedy. >> lawrence: exactly. i feel so awful. i have talked about how to address certain things with police for this is not one of those situations. this is one of those situations of a community standard around we don't know what was going on on the ground. it seems like we keep getting more and more tape every single day that shows us more and more and it looks even more tragic. i think it's so easy to make the
8:22 pm
cop the scapegoat. everybody wants to hate him. but someone else died earlier that week, from a knife attack. in that same state. we want another one? did anybody ask, do you think a mass email went out to the cop saying you've got to get involved with a situation like this. no one asked questions. we want to rush to judgment. it goes to the point of judging all cases as if they're the same and they're not. >> larry: all i was going to say is why was she carrying a knife? that's not a cool thing to do. and showing the knife. also what nbc didn't report, the lady was right there, calling for the cops at the top of her voice because she wanted protection. most black folks in urban areas love the cops, would like more cops, not defunding the cops.
8:23 pm
most of these crimes, not this one but most of these crimes are black on black. it's a tragedy but it also has to be statistically correct. i don't know why the white house, madame psaki and her boss, joe biden. everything is racial. everything is about systemic racism. it's not all about systemic racism. there is such a thing as law and order and safety and security which is what makes cities go in when you take that away, cities die and the cops. will anybody from this administration ever defend the police, ever, once? one sentence, not even a paragraph? i think that's a problem and i think the cops need defending. the cops are not always right. in the main, cops are security and safety and they make cities run. >> katie: that's why they call
8:24 pm
the cops. you called us to show up. cops don't just show up to scenes like that. they are called to the scene for a reason. effect cop hadn't shown up in the nick of time, he pulled his gun in the nick of time and that girl would've been stabbed and maybe killed. her problem is the other cop was leading her from the car. one who survived being stabbed. get her cell phone, as if that's the cops job. we had the horrific carjacking. killing a pakistani immigrant. you had a stabbing of teenagers across the country and the question, why is it happening? the kids are not okay and i think it goes to the bigger argument of what blm's philosophy is. they are not talking about the fact that it was a fight between two black girls. they are just talking about the fact that a white cop shot one of the girls even though he saved another black girl's life. it gets rid of their narrative which explains why were not
8:25 pm
allowed to talk about chicago or the fact that homicide is the number one reason of death for black men under the age of 34. that's the number-one reason. we are not allowed to talk about it. blm is not talking about it. they should be thinking this officer and upholding him as a hero in their community and instead they are vilifying him across the median being dishonest about exactly what happened which doesn't solve any problems. >> greg: i don't blame lebron. the media has primed the narratives of that's immediately what you think. everybody is saying the same thing. there's two narratives that have collided. the narrative of police action but how did that happen? it has to do with the societal issue. i was on a show. we did a segment on the chicago murders. so many shootings. it was like it's not a big deal because it's just gaining stuff. but there were young people being shot. so what happens is by ignoring
8:26 pm
the variables, you inevitably end up with this police officer and somebody losing a life. >> kat: absolutely. i think this is such a sad situation there's no winners in this situation and it's so awful to see people apparently so hell-bent on making sure that there are even more lose. when you push something like this where it appears as if he was stopping someone from being stabbed to death. try to use that as an example, makes the whole thing look like a joke. it doesn't help anyone and it makes things so much worse for everyone. >> greg: one of blm leaders has knife fights are just part of childhood, what is that saying about your child? >> kat: i am almost entirely lawless and my beliefs and i do draw the line at stabbing. >> larry: that's the whole
8:27 pm
democratic party, all the activists on the left. it's okay to stab each other. cop should not interfere. let's let everybody stab each other. that's not cool. >> greg: if the white cop didn't stop that he would've been racist anyway. still to come, what's the biggest takeaway? from earth day? he's really on his game. once-weekly trulicity lowers your a1c by helping your body release the insulin it's already making. most people reached an a1c under 7%. plus, trulicity can lower your risk of cardiovascular events. it can also help you lose up to 10 pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy.
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hi. i'm wolfgang puck when i started my online store wolfgang puck home i knew there would be a lot of orders to fill and i wanted them to ship out fast that's why i chose shipstation
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shipstation helps manage orders reduce shipping costs and print out shipping labels it's my secret ingredient shipstation the number 1 choice of online sellers and wolfgang puck go to and get 2 months free >> greg: time to save the planet because it's a earth day, damn eight. during a virtual climate summit president biden announced plans to cut u.s. carbon emissions by 50%. don't laugh. it's possible. a depression caused by rising taxes and energy prices could be that by itself. but like every earth day, there's climate feeder all over. you have ellie limiting the use of disposable napkins and restaurants. activists dumping cow poop in
8:32 pm
protest. the women refusing to have children to limit their carbon footprint. what you expected in the press pushes concern for the planet over people? as the pandemic killed millions, the media celebrated environmental silver lining. >> the world is suddenly learning what can happen if humans stop polluting the environment. >> opens up a whole new spectrum of political possibility that a lot of climate activists are quite excited about. >> something to think about. many people see this as a major reset for humanity and the planet. >> a deserted town in wales the lions lounging on the road in south africa, nature seems to be saying we can get along fine without you. >> there seems to be a perception that may be the virus has helped humanity by maxim time when it comes to global warming. >> greg: so the message is are bad. let's face it, mostly white men are the problem.
8:33 pm
we went to one for comment. >> oh, hey. just doing a little bird watching. i love the great outdoors. i know it's important to protect our environment. the land, the water. i also know we need fossil fuels to heat our homes and run our businesses. to me it's all about balance. she's a beauty. >> greg: very, very angry. >> katie: angry. not someone i want to run into in the woods. >> greg: how do you feel about the silver lining? can i talk about how i feel about earth day first of all. the founder of earth day loved
8:34 pm
earth day so much that he murdered his girlfriend and composted her in his closet. john kerry was there. not for the murder. but for the first earth day. >> kat: how did i not know this? >> katie: i thought it was rude and crazy that john kerry was saying he's going to order the rain forest by taking all the carbon dioxide out of the earth. on earth day? >> greg: ira i horn killed his girlfriend and chopped her up and composted her. >> larry: don't you think john kerry is perhaps the stupidest man in washington. today was a terrible earth day. the stock market. that makes it a bad earth day. the second reason is joe biden
8:35 pm
was with his earth day solution, attacking every single thing that moves. he will destroy a perfectly good economy left to him by donald trump. it's a bad earth day, that's all i'm saying. i've got one more point regarding the existential threat they keep talking about which drives me crazy. janet yellen. a nuclear physicist, an authority, obama's undersecretary of energy said the worst-case scenario for the next 90 years, the economy might be 1,500th of 1% smaller because of this. that's the worst-case scenario. this was a bad earth day. >> greg: that could be a movie. bad earth day. kat, i think it's a great excuse
8:36 pm
when people say the climate is so bad we can't have children. a guy can say that. >> kat: i can say that. i'm going to start doing a great sound so much better to say i have no kids because i'm so scared for the kids instead of the truth which is i have no kids because i'm so scared of the kids. i'm sure parenting is rewarding but it seems hard. maybe some day. i'm 32. i'm at that age. my friends will tell me oh, i'm pregnant. and my first thought is oh, my god, what are you going to do? no. congratulations. i will buy a onesie for the baby. earth day onesie. >> lawrence: it boils down to two things. i want my straws to work. i'm sick and tired. and why do we have to all do the work? where are the other countries doing their part? when they get on board i'll probably get on board.
8:37 pm
>> greg: you bring up straws. i have to bring up this anecdote. you know what saved the lives of turtles? plastic. people used to use tortoise. tortoise eyeglass frames were actually tortoise shells. now they are made from plastic. >> larry: this is a bad earth day. >> greg: did new york just end prosecution for prostitution? we discuss it after the break. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. emptiness. a hopeless struggle. the lows of bipolar depression can disrupt your life and be hard to manage. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms, and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight.
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>> greg: great news for our show's writers. manhattan will stop prosecuting "hannity" work and unlicensed massages. a new york city judge has agreed to dismiss thousands prosecution cases. elliot spitzer's presidential campaign team is thrilled upon
8:42 pm
hearing the news. they made the request to drop 6,000 cases. sex workers were unfairly targeted. the decision by lawmakers to repeal a statute criminalizing lawyering for the purposes of prostitution. that's why that lady hangs out in front of my apartment. i thought she was air drying her thong. i will go to the libertarian. >> kat: i think it doesn't go far enough. decriminalizing sex work, doesn't have to be underground. the fact that it's underground increases violence. you can still prosecute the clients and the sex workers can be arrested so they're going to have to hide things which makes them afraid to go to the police
8:43 pm
if they are experiencing violence. he can make trafficking worse and harder to detect. it's a positive step we've got to lead a completely be taken. he >> greg: it could be a huge boost to the gross domestic product. a phrase i just learned. >> larry: can i stay in new york city all the craziness. you've got a bunch of crazy people running the city council. he got a bunch of crazy people running the new york legislature. all they are doing is defunding cops, taking cops off the street and promoting crime and blasting cops on a daily basis. when they are not doing that they're raising everybody's taxes you can't afford to work here because you're not even going to make a nickel. you may as well stay on welfare. so when i look at this, taxes and crime in all these crazy people running the government, i don't care what they do with a couple. it doesn't matter to me. >> lawrence: the cops don't want to be involved.
8:44 pm
me and kat agree, the only caveat is the kids. part of the reason they're able to get those kids off the street is stopping the adult prostitution. it's all connected. how do you solve that issue? i don't know. >> kat: hiding isn't going to make it better. >> greg: katie, i was going to say from my experience. that's not the right word. >> katie: your analysis. >> greg: my analysis. >> larry: your perspective. >> greg: my objective perspective, i'm clueless about this. prostitution was actually a noble job because it serviced people who were unwilling or unable to find willing partners. they were sleeping with really filthy people. >> katie: so you're saying there's someone who can love you for a price. they are not hookers if it's
8:45 pm
professional. that's very rude. professional women. i think of one robert kraft went to florida and allegedly hired some ladies to give him a happy ending, he got off on charges but the ladies were arrested. i don't think that's fair. >> greg: some of them i think are still in jail. >> katie: yes. >> kat: we need to help those women. >> katie: we do. it's only fair. i'm the feminist on the show. >> greg: there's got to be a gofundme paid for those ladies. middle-aged ladies. try to bring a little happiness. >> katie: just don't call them hookers. coming up, ufos and butt injections. tex-mex. ♪♪ termites.
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>> greg: once again we find ourselves with two more stories that are interesting and stupid which means it's time for... two stupid stories. we are honest about it. dozens of airline pilots have reported recent ufo sightings over canada. it leads us to wonder if space aliens are real as well as
8:50 pm
canada. they say they discover the reports in a government flight incident database right next to the database of all of justin trudeau's blackface photos. violence took out -- copilots talk about seeing bright strobe lights and objects moving it great speeds. sounds like brian stelter at a dance club. that's a technical term. a nurse waiting for her court hearing broadcast yourself giving a man a butt injunction. if i have a nickel for every time that happened i could afford to get this removed from my butt. the nurse was charged with third degree grand theft. no word if she has decided to hire jeffrey toobin. larry, did sir mix a lot have a
8:51 pm
point about butts? >> larry: there is too much information in this story. >> kat: i don't think there is enough. i will leave it to the libertarian. [laughter] >> greg: you can't leave it to the libertarian. the whole world will explode. everything becomes legal. lawrence, is the government lying to us about aliens or the butt story? chauvin they lie to us about everything. i think there's something out there. we know there is something out there. by lying to us and telling us what we know to be true is not true they are freaking us out even more. >> greg: i want there to be aliens because i crave another food group. i.e. only pork, beef, and chicken. eating is a chore. imagine the space alien the taste and look exactly like a
8:52 pm
cinnabon but it's 100% protein. who cares. eat the hell out of them. let's talk about the butt story. >> kat: this nurse. getting in trouble for theft, she is in court. she is stealing. probably doesn't have a lot of money. now she's being sued for it. she's got to get in as many butt injections as she can. it was responsible participation in capitalism. >> greg: i don't think it's fair to the patient. if i were the patient i wouldn't want my butt projected into people's homes. >> kat: a patient getting butt injections. that's how you get famous. >> katie: going to court via zoom is not real court. that's not a real punishment for anything. the second thing if you want to eat aliens. i want to hunt aliens. i will get my shotgun.
8:53 pm
you can eat them. >> larry: one clarification. these are canadian pilots reporting aliens. seriously, did they all passed her drug test? >> greg: that's a good question? i don't think anybody on this panel could pass their drug test. except for larry. i want to finish my thought. if i were the patient, i would be very upset. i don't want my private parts being projected into people's homes which is why i stopped making those movies in germany. >> lawrence: greg, thank you. this is for guys. they lie in they try to act like they have big asses. >> katie: is it a thing? >> lawrence: yes. to make it seem like they have a bigger ass. it was fraudulent. >> katie: how do you know it was a guy?
8:54 pm
>> greg: i said it was a guy. i'm not sure. i didn't read the whole story. >> kat: equal opportunity. >> katie: that's so weird. >> greg: which stories the dumbest? >> katie: i want to know if aliens have butts. >> greg: what if an alien was just a big butt? what if, larry. there was like a planet of butts. and they are tasty. there's my food group! we'll all be eating ass. >> larry: greg, this is the last time. this is the last time i'm going to warn you. this was a bad earth day. [laughter] >> greg: i guess we should probably go to the break, right? >> kat: see if we come back.
8:55 pm
>> greg: will we come back? i have no idea. oh, it's an arm one?! your cousin. from boston. ♪ we're back baby! sam's on me! indoor beers! indoor beers! did i get the shot? nope. you saw the needle and passed out cold. here you go. continue to wear a mask. next. good luck guys! it's a breeze. ♪ ♪ when you earn a degree with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching including resume building, interview prep, personal branding and more for your entire career. so if you commit to earning a degree with us, we commit to standing by you until the day you retire. that's career services for life.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: before we go, let's do this. >> greg, he's a star. >> greg: a friend called me up last night and asked if i wanted to go see billy joel play live at his apartment because i'm famous. if i got to see the piano man himself, check it out, there he is. much cuter than i remembered, unfortunately he had a terrible case of mange. i finally understand why christie brinkley left him, boy, could he play the keys as they call it, i think. that was cute, right? i don't know. it set your dvr is every night,
9:00 pm
thanks to larry kudlow, katie pavlik, lawrence audience, our studio audience, i'm greg gutfeld, i love you america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, we are counting down to president biden's first address to congress weeks from tonight, the official benchmark of his first 100 days in office. he will highlight the police reform in a speech next wednesday. republicans plan to counter with the architect of their police reform bill which by the way you will remember democrats filibustered. senator tim scott of south carolina last night. the white house is putting finishing touches on an exceptionally


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