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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 22, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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plaintiff he is hurt. i wonder if he is taking questions on the sideline? >> i doubt it. speak up maybe he will be tweeting. thanks for joining us everybody. it was good to see everyone on the channel. and now "america reports." >> john: harris, thank you so much. protests corrupting for a second straight night in ohio following the death of a police shooting of a 16-year-old girl holding a knife in her hand. the white house suggests systemic racism was at play. welcome to my thursday addition of "america reports." >> sandra: hi, john. after a police officer killed ma'khia bryant on thursday. john? >> john: body can video appears to show her lunging at another girl while wielding a knife. moments later, an officer opens fire killing her. a newly released 911 call
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capturing the urgency and danger that officers responded to. >> we need a police officer here now. >> sandra: for the latest on the situation, we will be going to garrett. he will be joining us and moments. including accusations one major network deceptively added to the 911 call and body can video. garrett, to you first. >> wow, sandra, this new video shows a vantage point of two officers who arrived on scene just as the shots were fired. >> what's going on? hey, hey, hey, get down. get down. >> you can see almost
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immediately the officer's job and to try to save ma'khia bryant asking her to stay with them. when folks nearby ask why they had to shoot her, the officer tells them she came at her with a knife. despite the body camera video that has been released showing the knife and how she was going after two other girls with that, the white house is suggesting systemic racism and implicit bias with the officers to blame for her death. from the start, columbus' mayors have pointed out what a lot of folks are ignoring in the story. this officer likely saved the other girl's life and that other factors beyond race are at play in this case. protesters last night where peaceful and i also want to mention we are expecting additional news that he had released this afternoon from the squad cars of the police as they pulled up to that scene. sandra? >> sandra: as we await that, live in chicago for us to start
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things off. >> john: let's bring in fox news contributor joe. then narrative is moving to be another unjustified police situation other people ignoring the fact that ma'khia bryant had a knife in her hand. >> that is a key element to the story, isn't it? yet if you watched the nbc nightly news last night with lester holt -- remember, that joe still gets eight or 9 million viewers a night, you saw two very key parts of the story left out. first of all, editing a crucial 911 call where one girl who is being attacked says "she is trying to stab us." that is with a police officer is told. there is somebody trying to stab somebody. they also did not show the knife and the attacker's hand. then what we have here is by not showing those two things in terms of the 911 call incomplete
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and in terms of the knife. the narrative gets close of blod other viewers are believed led e this is a rogue cop. >> john: you have done a good job of the summation of what nbc did last night. let's show it to folks and they know exactly what you're talking about. listen here. >> we need a police officer here now. >> with the video shows is the female with a nice attempting to stab the first female. >> fired four times, striking bryant. officers are seen and heard performing cpr. body camera footage shows a knife on the ground. >> i don't know how many
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packages i have done for nightly news reports same time is of the essence and sometimes you have to cut things down. that's when you cut things down in a way that completely loses the context, you are not fully your viewers. >> sure. and that was the biggest story of the night. if you have to extend that package a little bit more to include three seconds of footage showing a knife in somebody's hand as they were trying to stab somebody, you have to include that. you have to include the key audio from that 911 call. again, she is trying to stab us. lester holt needs to go on the air tonight and apologize on behalf of nbc news because tensions are far too high in this country right now. the stakes are far too high. downtown he does is just another innocent mistake and something that was left on the edit room floor accidentally. this appears to be driving and narrative, and it could end up costing people their lives and businesses if this is not corrected immediately. >> john: in the press conference that they held yesterday, the director of
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public safety clearly knew that this narrative could go a certain direction and seem to caution against that. >> under any circumstances, that is a horrendous tragedy. but the video shows that there is more to this. it requires us to pause and take a close look at the sequence of events. although it is not easy, wait for the fact as determined by an independent investigation. they want he says is important to pause and know it is not an easy way for the facts as determined by an independent investigation. there are a lot of people who don't seem willing to wait. >> i rush to judgment has now become a rush to motive. we saw one of the biggest stars in the world, lebron james, put out a photo of that officer with the caption you are next.
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hashtag accountability. think about 50 million followers. that is the combined populations of new york, florida, and michigan. not quite sure why twitter allowed it to be app. again, here you have somebody who has such influence and such power in lebron james putting at this narrative with a picture of that police officer, putting that officer's life in danger. there is someone else who needs to apologize immediately as well. lebron james, get back on your twitter and make this thing right. tell the truth. >> john: he did take the tree down saying he became concerned because it was being used to spread hate. i am not quite sure what he expected what happened when he first put that up. clearly this is a story that we are going to be following closely for the next few days. thank you so much and we have more the next hour. >> sandra: tom cotton will be
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here. the senator will be joining us at the top of the hour. he has a lot to say about that lebron james tweet as well. as you saw, he became a target for hypocrisy comments because of his lack of speaking out against china and its human rights abuses. quite a topic that continues throughout the day. later this hour, the biden administration is expected during its daily white house briefing. president biden has pledged to cut u.s. admissions and half by the year 2030 moving away from fossil fuels. the nation's largest coal miner's union in virginia has had this week that it will accept that move in exchange for guaranteed jobs for its displaced minors. i believe we saw some snow at that point. what are you hearing from those coal miners? >> sure dad, sandra.
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the miners i have been talking to are not part of that union. they are skeptical that those green jobs even exist right now. we are about 20 minutes from the mind right now. this is where the call is brought by truck. then it is loaded onto barges and heads out all across the country. this is a type of call that is used to generate our electricity. 20% of the nation's electricity comes from this type of coal mine here in west virginia. i am with chris hamilton. he is with the west virginia coal association. what is the future for you guys with his pledge to cut emissions? >> we are bracing for the worst here. president biden campaigned on eliminating coal-fired electricity, and he has basically taken those initial steps since he has taken over the white house. >> you call this a forced conversion.
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in other words, the markets are not dictating this. you feel like this is forced upon you by the government even though the industries that rely on this are still using it. >> it is. it is an absolute forced conversion of our basic electricity system. the coal-fired generation of electricity to primarily renewable. it is something that we oppose for the obvious reason. we are going to lose hundreds of thousands of jobs not only here in west virginia but throughout our entire region across the country. >> if those jobs to go away, is their promise and a renewable energy field for new types of jobs? >> that is interesting. over the years, every other president wanted to convert coal mining and coal miners into other professions and occupations. no one has been successful yet. these miners left with a deal and they have been doing it for generations and are highly skilled. they are probably the most competent industrial worker you will find anywhere. they love their current job. they see no reason why we ought
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to discontinue those as we build new renewables. steege thank you for the time, chris. sandra, you mentioned the snow earlier. it is now raining. they work in all types of conditions and west virginia. hardy folks, these coal miners. >> sandra: absolutely. great reporting on the ground there. if the biden administration says that they are going to help these displaced workers find new work, what is the time frame, what is the guarantee, and do those miners have to pick up and move from where they live today? will those jobs the where many of these folks have lived for generations? >> john: i am not sure how many jobs they're going to be on a mountaintop in west virginia. we -- know what the administrations plan for moving people from call jobs to green jobs is. ct we are going to have more on
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that next hour. >> john: republican lawmakers introducing a counterproposal to president biden's $2.3 billion infrastructure plan. the g.o.p. propose they will spend $568 billion over the next five years. senators say they sent a counter proposal to president biden. unlike the presidents plan, they republican proposal would not raise the corporate tax fee. >> sandra: meanwhile, new details into the impeachment probe of andrew cuomo. cuomo also pulling the plug on the reporter he decided to ask him a key question during that news conference. what did he ask him? we will find out. they want all right. looking forward to that. plus the posterior d.c. d.c. statehood. democrats passing the bell and the house. how they can use it to pass through their progressive agenda. speak out this issue was settled
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>> john: impeachment investigators and new york state have received more than 200 tips about new york governor andrew cuomo and contacting 70 witnesses. that is according to politico. meanwhile, a reporter says he was silenced while trying to ask governor cuomo about his sexual harassment scandal. it happened during a news conference yesterday. his zoom audio is cut. watch this. >> will you resign from office and she concludes you did violate the sexual harassment laws in the state? >> let's see what they report status, and then we will take it
10:18 am
from there. >> it just -- >> okay. they won their reporter tweeting yeah, i got cut off while trying to follow up on this point. >> sandra: has democrats meanwhile just today passing a bill to make washington, d.c., the 51st state. now it goes to the senate. let's bring in our panel. jana caldwell is here and former tennessee congressman harold ford jr. thanks for joining us. statehood for the district has been a priority for democrats. as we have seen for chico years. why is it such a priority for democrats. explain. >> thanks for having me on. i think it should be a priority for everyone. the concern in the criticism of this effort over the many years when i was in congress in the late 90s, this issue is raised, and when my father
10:19 am
wasn't congress, it was raised. i think people who oppose it is misplaced, misguided, and unpatriotic. these people pay taxes and they deserve representation. some of the concern that this is going to create two additional democratic senators. i am 50. i am old enough to remember when california was a republican state. i have never known entry in the union to be predicated on whether or not you're going to elect a democrat or republican. this is the right thing to do. concerns about partisan makeup should be left at the door and allow these people to have a chance to be represented. >> sandra: that is your explanation. when we have heard from many democrats on this issue. but republicans described this as a power grab on the part of democrats. senator lindsey graham is pleading with chuck schumer not to let this happen. listen. >> this election cycle is incredibly important. if we can take back the house,
10:20 am
what happens today with d.c. statehood would not happen. i think senator schumer said it best. all options on the table. i am asking senator schumer to think about the consequences to the country. >> sandra: it is unlikely to pass in the senate. why do republicans want to block this? >> first and foremost, with respect to the former congressman, the democratic party in which he was a part of many years ago is not the same democratic party of today. the democrats of today are bloodthirsty for power at every turn. they recognize the fact that the map has changed especially with donald trump not having been president. and not brought in a lot of working-class voters that democrats regularly relied on. things have absolutely changed. and the senate, it has no chance of passing because you have people like joe mansion who says he is not on board.
10:21 am
there are also democrats who say they are not on board. it has become a very partisan issue that is all about democrats ascertaining power and keeping it for years to come just like we have seen with the immigration issue and voting rights issue where we are talking about georgia law. those things that they brought up. these are all power grabs, and we have got to keep our eyes on the ball. >> sandra: i will let harold respond to that in just a moment. you have democrats painted ms. as a civil rights issue. monday are john's brought race into the debate. lesson tennis. >> one senate republican said that d.c. wouldn't be a "well-rounded working-class gate." i had no idea they were so many syllables in the word white. one of my republican colleagues said that d.c. shouldn't be a state because the district doesn't have a landfill. with all of the racist trash my colleagues have brought to this debate, i can see why they are worried about having a place to put it. >> sandra: is not what this is
10:22 am
about? >> i am not quick to racialized things. i look at things at their core. mr. caldwell has made me had to be a dinosaur. i am 50. i would argue the party has changed just in the last ten years. there is nothing to stop republicans from moving to washington. like there is nothing to stop democrats from moving from utah to texas. to me, it is a basic rights issue. i have yet to hear a credible answer as to why voters in washington, d.c., citizens in the united states to pay taxes and follow rules like everyone else, why don't they get representation in the house and senate? if the answer is because we think there are going to be too many democrats, shame on us. entrance into the union has not been predicated on that. it is about citizenship and what comes with it. he stated it would have significant consequences, that is for sure.
10:23 am
that just past and me has two hours ago. we will see where it goes next. meanwhile to lebron james now deleted tweets. i couldn't believe it. immediately it went across the social media atmosphere. we blurred out the policeman's face for the sake of his safety, but the caption read "you are next." it was unbelievable to see this. as i mentioned, he has since deleted that week. obviously this is another case of a rush to judgment in the case of this columbus shooting of a teenage girl by a policeman. why not wait for the fact to see this plays out? >> as a former spokesperson for one of the largest national police organizations, i've got to tell you i am really disappointed with what we are seeing these days. the attacks on the police these days are not warranted. we've got to say there are some bad apples which we have seen.
10:24 am
derek shows an had many others. but every situation that has involve the police is not a racial situation. my little brother a few years back was in a car with two of his friends on the southside of chicago and two men shot that car 25 times. he landed, but his best friend died in his arms. just imagine if it was a police officer nearby and they heard is that they saw that there were a black man shooting a car and they decided you know what? i don't want to be accused of racism. therefore i am not going to get involved. this is a dangerous place that we are in this country. the fact that everything is considered racist is making black folks more at risk. democrats need to stop this. leave politics out of policing. let's talk about policy and what senator ten scott is looking to do. let's talk about compromise. let me politics out of it and stop using race as an issue to drive your political agenda. >> i agree. we should always wait for the
10:25 am
facts. if if people say things that turn out to be wrong, they should be responsible and say that they made a mistake. good policing in this country is a predominant feature of this country. bad policing should be punished. derek chauvin is going to face consequences. anyone who has made comments about the situation in columbus and turns out to be wrong should say so. >> sandra: nobody wins a match. former congressman harold ford jr. gianno caldwell great to see you as well. >> thank you. speak to everyone had a chance to weigh in on that story. just as that tweet was taken down as soon as it hit the internet waste. it had already gotten a lot of attention before that. >> john: when somebody like lebron james tweet something like that, it is going to have an impact given his status and the number of twitter followers he has.
10:26 am
i think dominic thank harold ford jr. for coming on today as well. some virginia parents assuming that local school district. how they say the president's woke education agenda is affecting their children. speaking halted construction at the border could cause big problems this hurricane season. >> if you don't finish this project, if you don't complete this, we are going to be in the water here. ♪ ♪
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the all-new buick envision. an suv built around you... all of you. >> john: it is a bottom of the hour and here are some of the top stories. a funeral for donte wright happening in minneapolis nearly two weeks after a police officer shot and killed him during a traffic stop. he is survived by his 2-year-old son. speak at the man he is set off a pipe bomb in new york city's
10:31 am
busiest subway station and sentenced to a life in prison plus 30 years. it happened in 2017 in times square. the pipe bomb ended up only partially detonating. the man claimed he only wanted to kill himself. >> john: the man coming people and boulder, colorado, is now facing more than 40 felony charges in addition to that. the motive for the shooting is still unclear. for more on bees and other stories, download the fox news app. scan me qr's go up or go to >> sandra: the department of education and answering it will push critical race theory and public classrooms. now some parents and virginia are sending their school district. in just a moment, we will be speaking with miranda devine, but first gillian turner's life in washington. >> hi, sandra.
10:32 am
it's the parents of students at thomas jefferson high school tell fox news that they are survey because the issue of critical race theory is being injected into their children's curriculum without approval. the issue they say is worth fighting on behalf of all americans but more specifically they are sick and tired of barricades being told that they are inherently racist based on the color of their skin. the student population is over 70% asian. take a listen. >> most of our parents are immigrant parents who fled communist china, romania, india, economic challenges. and they are here because they believe in the american dream. our lawsuit is an attempt to fight for the american dream that believes a meritocracy and
10:33 am
hard work. >> she also says it is the students in the and his get caught up and up suffering. >> all of this activism across this country is going to decimate academic excellence in the united states. in virginia, they are now pondering the elimination of any kind as advanced math or studies in our schools. this is a race to the bottom. >> we are highlighting thomas jefferson high school, but school districts across the country are now facing lawsuits from parents like this. if you have also told fox news that they are planning to launch lawsuits against the biden administration department of education claiming that taxpayer funds are now being used to push critical race theory in public schools across the united states. >> sandra: all right, thank you. >> john: joining us for more on this now is "new york post"
10:34 am
columnist and fox news contributor miranda devine. we should point out that thomas jefferson is not just any school. it has consistently been ranked the number one public high school in the entire nation. and now this is taking place there without parents knowing about this. what do you say? >> it is terrible. we know that the chinese communist party is teaching their children reading and writing and arithmetic while we warp the minds of american children and indoctrinate them in this ideology that is marxist in nature and dispatch teaches them that america is an oppressive regime that is based on whiteness. and that if you are born with white skin, that you need to be humiliated and ostracized and punished. and this is not a recipe for success. it is a recipe for social upheaval and mental illness, frankly. >> john: if this isn't just about caucasians.
10:35 am
when you look at the makeup of thomas jefferson school, it is 70% asian, 20% white, 10% black, hispanic, and other. the predominant race here is asian. >> yes, but you don't get it. critical race theory, whiteness, you don't have to actually have white skin. but if you have the mentality of a white person, then you are white at jason's. you are just as bad as a white person. it is a sick ideology. it is called. and it has captured the biden administration as well as every corporate and elite institution in this country. we are teaching white children to hate themselves. we are teaching nonwhites children that it is okay to torment and bully other children because of the color of their skin. it is not a healthy situation, and we should not be trying to inculcate children into this cult.
10:36 am
the ones i don't know if this is going to go anywhere, but apparently there is a move afoot at thomas jefferson, his admissions process is racially blind. it is purely based on merit. to change that admissions process to limit the number of patients to get accepted to thomas jefferson. >> this is typical. we hear the biden administration talk about this concept called equity. and equity is a marxist concept. it is a dangerous, evil idea because it does not mean equality. it lulls you into thinking it means equality because it sounds like it, but what it means is it is about the quality of outcome, not opportunity. so equality means that everybody gets the same chance and through
10:37 am
hard work, you achieve. what equity says we don't care how hard you work. we want this outcome, and we are going to aforesaid. human beings do not work like that. the only way you achieve that is with oppression. >> john: a sixth grade english teacher and apples and wisconsin had this to say. >> we see the stories in the news that the emphasized the need to find the right answer. i see all of these questions being put in public schools. we are ignoring the universities that are teaching our teachers into this activist pedagogy which wants to make the kids into activist. >> john: public schools go down this road of activism and this idea of snow mathematics which means you don't have to get the right answer, which really would make the difference between perseverance landing safely on mars or crashing into the red planet. where are we going with education? where are we going as a society? >> writes down the toilet. at a time when we are in a strong competitive environment
10:38 am
with china and the rest of the world, frankly, we are deliberately working our education. in fact ruining it creating stupid people who don't know anything about the way the world works. they don't know math or how to read. instead, they are mindless zombies who are inculcated into this cult of marxist critical theory. >> john: miranda devine at "the new york post." always good to spend time with you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, john. >> john: idea of mathematics and not teaching people to look for the right answer goes against everything that i was ever taught. if he didn't have the right answer, you got it wrong. stay to get to the right answer and show your work. to the point about the expense of this coming in the form of academics and basic education system. to make that a priority. so many parents are certainly taking issue.
10:39 am
they want to certainly china is doing that. there is no question about that. >> sandra: fair enough. we move on to the latest discovery in the investigation of the disappearance of kristin smart. >> john: plus universal basic income gaining speed across the country. what this could mean for taxpayers. that is just ahead. ♪ ♪ v with interest rates near record lows refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. my plaque psoriasis... ...the itching ...the burning.
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you've been looking for all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still. >> john: had set before you like that spanned. a new report says that u.s. postal service is watching us. yahoo! news says the usps has been running a covert program that tracks american
10:44 am
social media. including posts about protests. the report says that information is shared with government agencies. i don't think they are doing dna samples on your liking the stamp just yet. >> sandra: i assume everything is getting selected everywhere. they are tracking everything you do. >> john: if you don't do anything wrong, it's got nothing to worry about. >> sandra: great advice. investigators say they have evidence that kristin smart's body may have been recently moved. smart was a college student when she went missing 25 years ago. brand-new evidence suggests her body may have been under the home of the man. prosecutors say. his father, ruben florez, was charged as an accessory after the fact for allegedly hiding her body. both has pleaded not guilty.
10:45 am
her body has never been found. mercedes: joins us now. so much time has passed you have to get here is an update on the story. this coming from that central coast reporting on a body moving because that is the news on this. right? i want to read this to you. investigators are in possession of biological evidence that makes them believe the victim was buried underneath his back at one time. the detective added that recent searches at the home reveal evidence that a body had been buried in that location and recently moved. what are we left to think? >> isn't that amazing? what a great development. many defense attorneys will say nobody, no case. but that is not what we have here. we have forensics that are going to be able to testify at some later point that there is biological matter to actually connect to kristin smart.
10:46 am
not only is florez jr. at risk of justice after all of these years, but the father can also be implicated. the defense has said this is not what we are talking about. this excavation was because of structural integrity. it has nothing to do with anybody. but at the end of the day, you know how these turn out. if the forensics are there, they are coming after those who are culpable, and they will to pay for it. >> sandra: an unusual and heartbreaking case. more from the tribune on his past. prosecutors reveal that dozens of women had recounted his sexual assaults and predatory behavior that documented 25 years as a serial. look at your final thoughts. stake out the defense attorneys are going to fight tooth and dance to keep that evidence as they are. it is going to be up to the judge to make that ruling.
10:47 am
the judge will have to determine whether that is so prejudicial that it disallows florez jr. have a fair trial. it is going to be up to that judge. many times you will see that these cherries don't even know about this evidence. it doesn't even get to them. >> sandra: obviously this family would love to have closure. how unusual is that to see a case like this take that long? >> first of all, my heart goes out to this family. this is a parent's worst nightmare. your teenager goes to a party with friends and disappears. the absolute worst. because there isn't a statue of limitations to murderers, these investigations to go on for decades. thankfully because of all of the advancement in forensics, we have been able to crack all of these cold cases. and you finally see the prosecution of those
10:48 am
responsible. the detail we will continue to update our viewers. thank you. stay one as a crisis at the southern border continues to grow, the threat of a natural disaster could make matters even worse. how a halt on building the border wall could potentially put lives in danger in one state. that is coming up next. ♪ ♪ ed nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health. if you have... ...moderate to severe psoriasis, ... ...little things... ...can become your big moment.
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10:52 am
speech he asked me to take an e.r.a.'s offense during the summer olympics and tokyo will face punishment. the international olympic committee has decided to maintain a ban on protest climbing the majority of athletes consulted were in favor of keeping it. the ban applies to any kind of demonstration inside stadiums, and ceremonies, and on podiums. to set the record straight, that is what olympians will know going into it. >> john: on to our next story here. vice president, harris hanson she will visit the northern triangle region in june as she continues to avoid a trip to the u.s. southern border. meanwhile, officials in texas now warning that i held on construction of the border wall
10:53 am
could lead to a severe threat of flooding. it is not just about a barrier in terms of stopping people from coming across the border, but it is a barrier for something else as well. >> yeah, and that is what folks here on the ground are saying. this isn't necessarily about immigration. this has everything to do with properties, homes, lives. obviously you see behind me i am standing in front of a big gap in the middle of this levy that is supposed to protect the townspeople that way from the rio grande river that way, about a half a mile away. when it storms, it floods. during the trap administration, this levy was being adapted into the border wall. it was going to be connected to another part of the wealth this way. but everything changed in january with a biden
10:54 am
administration coming into office. construction crews stopped working, and they left. parts of the levy are going to be weekends. some sections are missing. folks here on the ground are worried about their lives. >> you need to help us because if you don't finish this project, agee don't complete this levy, we are going to be underwater. >> senator ted cruz has sent an urgent letter to president biden writing "your administration and it should not allow its opposition to a border wall to prevent building a levee wall that is critical to the people of the rio grande valley. "the clock is ticking. we are about five weeks away from hurricane season, and so far the department of homeland security has not come out with a plan on how they are going to fix this. john? >> john: a great perspective on where you are. that to talk to you. thanks so much. sandra, hurricane season is just around the corner. as we have seen so many
10:55 am
hurricanes going to that part of texas and mexico. ct absolutely. great reporting by aisha nair. 29 days it has been since kamala harris has held a news conference or obviously has not visited the border in that time frame. it is amazing, isn't it? we've got access to drones flying over the border there. you've got. many members of the media on the ground there. lawmakers leading delegation to the border, but still the person in charge of fixing the crisis has yet to pay a visit. >> john: there doesn't seem to be much of a plan, at least not at the moment. >> sandra: protests happening in north carolina and ohio after deadly police involved shootings there. officials are urging people not to rush to conclusions. but celebrities in the white house weighing in two make
10:56 am
a connection to racism. all that and a whole lot more coming up at the top of the hour. g ne♪ ♪ refiplus from newday usa. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa.
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11:00 am
speaking a brand-new hour starting with a fox news alert as activists demand please do what they say or else. good afternoon, everyone. i am sandra smith and dance is "america reports." >> john: hi, again. i am john roberts. they demand the police reduce body cam video of police officers shooting and killing a black man. protesters promising more unrest this evening if they can't get what they want in the next couple of hours. we are live on the ground minutes ahead of that deadline. that first -- >> sandra: we move onto another police shooting and a
11:01 am
fierce argument over whether that officer is a killer who committed a crime or a hero who saved an innocent life. it started when an officer shot and killed a teenage girl when she lunged at someone with an eye. local officials are begging people to not rush to judgment. >> john: this is nonstop. some lawmakers and celebrities from drying their own conclusions. even though white has wasting no time before suggesting systemic racism is to blame. >> secretary psaki: we are thinking of friends and family and people who are grieving her loss. we know that police violence disproportionately affects latino and black populations. stated republican senator john tom cotton of arkansas joins us now. senator, welcome. great to have you on our program. what is the risk with a rush to
11:02 am
judgment that we are seeing in cases like this? stay cassandra, we should never rush to judgment. videos are often clients are taken out of context. we should wait until there is a neutral and thorough fact-finding inquiry. i will send a video i have seen suggests is officer acted to protect a life in the middle of an attempted murder. i want to reach a final conclusion until i see all of the evidence. but it is appalling to have celebrities like lebron james he will turn a blind eye to in china to to immediately assume a police officer is racist and a cold-blooded murderer. they want you said "lebron james is inciting violence against an ohio police officer. this is disgraceful and dangerous. is the nba okay with this? is twitter?"
11:03 am
lebron james has many followers. when a person of his stature puts up something like that, but is a potential danger? i know he took it down because he said it was being used to spread hate. i am kind of wondering what he thought would happen if you put it up? >> what lebron james it is especially appalling. he didn't just jump to conclusions. he posted the officer's photograph and he said "you are next." what did he expect to happen? he took it down because he realized just how wrong it was, but he owes this officer and apology. frankly, he and joe biden of the brave men and women of law enforcement in apology. this is just one more demonstration of the left's war on police. calling them racist and posting photos online and saying you are next. stadia do you believe that to be the case? dan sake speaking out and injecting racism into this without any actual evidence of
11:04 am
that. do you believe this is an administration at war with the police? >> yes, i do, sandra. yesterday, joe biden's mouthpiece immediately jumped to the conclusion that this officer was racist. it is obvious from the video that we have seen that the person who was shot had a knife and was about to stab another person. we should wait until we find the facts. we shouldn't jump to the conclusion and throw around accusations. it is part and parcel of what the biden administration is doing. just yesterday, they announced that they are going to come down on the minneapolis police department like a ton of bricks. this is a police department in which the chief of police and multiple other officers just testified for the prosecution against one of their fellow officers who is found guilty of murder. stay one i thought but the director of public safety in columbus, ohio, said was particularly salient. he said there is no question
11:05 am
about whether this is a tragedy. a 16-year-old girl is dead as a result. he said the body cam video says there is a lot more to this story than people might think initially. this needs to be investigated. there needs to be a pause here as all of the facts are reviewed and exactly what happened here is investigated and uncovered. yet there were a lot of people who don't appear willing to wait. >> they should wait because, again, one video never tells the whole story. at least until you know that there is no other aspect of the story. that officer is correct. you shouldn't jump to the conclusions. eat healthy with your own eyes that the person who was shot dead have a knife. it appeared that she was trying to commit murder. i want to wait before jumping to conclusions, but no one -- the
11:06 am
last thing the police want to do is have an encounter in which they have to use force that results in a loss of life. it is a traumatic experience for everyone. it is always a tragedy. the police are also there to keep us safe. sometimes when criminals are using force, the police have to use force as well, including deadly force. that does not mean that that use of force was inappropriate in all cases. >> sandra: we will let the investigation play out and we will likely be investigating that until then. meanwhile, it is earth day. you are hearing a lot from democrats on their plans for climate change and what they plan to do to express what has been a key priority for this administration. alexandria anacostia cortez is now saying that climate change -- that is not a lot to do with climate change. >> we must recognize and legislation that the trampling of indigenous rights is a cause of climate change.
11:07 am
the trampling of racial justice is a cause of climate change because we are allowing people and we are allowing ourselves to deny ourselves human rights and it deny people right to health care in the right housing and education. >> sandra: is climate change the result of racial injustice? >> i am not exactly following that logic. what i am worried about denying people is a right to earn a living. joe biden has announced that he wants to call all of our carbon emissions in half in just nine years by 2030. you can sense how radical it is. that would be the equivalent of taking every car in america off the road, shutting down every power plant -- but kill millions of jobs in the oil and gas sector. in a time when the united states leads the world in carbon emissions. even though we left the parents climate accord, we still continue to lead the world in carbon emission reductions. hill leads the world in growth?
11:08 am
it is china. and yet again, joe biden is turning a blind eye to what our adversaries are doing and is blaming america for this problem when in fact america is a leader in carbonation reductions. >> john: it would seem for the democrats that everything is about climate change. the joe biden climate program certainly takes us -- but that is still not enough for environmental activists. we have some interesting video here. it is a group of environmental activist outside of the white house with pink wheelbarrows of the newer. this is god and the newer and not the raw staff. at side of the white house there. they dumped a bunch of it right there. as radical as the agenda may seem, these people did not believe it is radical enough. >> we both believe that the plan is a farce. i think we just have different reasons for believing so. but that imagery makes me think
11:09 am
of the old ronald reagan story about a democrat sitting through a pile of horse manure thinking there must be a pony in there somewhere. >> john: i remember that one. >> sandra: i could just concluded by asking you you have seen so many of these big financial firms. they have made big public commitments to the net zero admissions. in recent days, you have seen some of them back out of that. well it looks good publicly, knife out the biden administration saying they are going to be leaning on the private companies in a big way to find a lot of this. >> i think by leaning on them they mean extorting them with the threat of higher taxes and more regulation if they don't put the power of their businesses behind joe biden's far left progressive agenda, which the government should never do. a lot of the corporate ceos have been asking for this because they continue to bow at the altar of political correctness. they think they can somehow get
11:10 am
bernie sanders and joe biden's election laws without getting the regulatory laws as well. >> sandra: it will be interesting to see who shows up. thank you. >> thank you. >> john: onto our other news alert from the top of the hour. protesters in north carolina getting police about three hours to release video of an officer shooting and killing a man yesterday or promising to shut down a bridge as people had home from work. live in elizabeth city north carolina for more. how did this all unfolds? >> we want to show you. community organizers tommy we are likely to see protests tonight because a local county sheriff's not cheering that body cam or video. here is what we know about what happened here. he was in a hurry to get out of this house when deputies showed up with a search warrant. you can see the mud splattered on the wall. when the deputy came to search
11:11 am
the house, apparently, according to witnesses and folks that grab here, he god and his vehicle and tried to flee as a deputies were firing on him. that white has you are looking at, there is a bullet hole in there. one of the witnesses showed us that the car crashed into that tree over there just left of the house. we have this exclusive photo that one of the witnesses showed us. that is where he came to rest and he was pulled out of the car. another witness who lives a few doors up from this has had this to say about the incident. listen. >> the car came to a resting place and he was slumped over and they snatched him out of the car and did chest compressions. i guess they saw they couldn't revive him, and they put a sheet over him. >> last night, they were about 200 protesters in the streets protesting peacefully and wanting their voices to be heard. wanting to see the body camera
11:12 am
footage. the local leader keith rivers had this to say to us. >> we need to hear from the sheriff. the sheriff has yet to address our community. the sheriff has held a press conference at 3:00 that the community was not involved in. he has not reached out to any black leadership within this community. he has not reached out to the families that we know of as yet. he has told us nothing. >> sheriff's office tell us that the investigation has been handed over to the state bureau of investigation. but we just came from a press conference about 30 years ago with the brown family attorney, he said that he met with the d.a. and he understands that the sheriff does have the right and ability to release that body camera footage. and they hope that he will do so. he also understands that there are not one but three sheriff's deputies that were involved in the shooting. those three deputies have been put on administrative leave
11:13 am
while investigation played out. john? the one we will see what happens in elizabeth city north carolina. thanks so much. >> sandra: and a warning about a health issue facing some kids. doctors now comparing american war heroes with jnd kids traumatized by climate change, racism, and even social justice. >> john: these doctors say if you think that is extreme, you just don't understand because older people didn't face a bird in today's kids face every day. we will break down this anxiety. bt also on this first day in 2021, a teenager with no formal background in science has this message for members of congress. >> how long do you honestly believe that people will get away it? how long do you think you can continue to ignore the climate
11:14 am
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♪ ♪ >> sandra: some doctors are warning of a medical condition similar to the ptsd veterans face after the vietnam war. all meat is not the thrust of combat or the horrors of war that is traumatizing gen z. these doctors say they struggle to cope with climate change, racism, and social injustice. they have a name for that condition. jonathan hunt will tell us more about it. hi, jonathan. >> it is earth day today, and that apparently is stressful for a lot of younger people who say they feel they are fighting a war for the planet's future.
11:19 am
and our leaders are merely fiddling while the earth burns. >> while we can fool others and even ourselves, we cannot fill nature. >> greta thunberg is the young face of the climate change fight releasing this video and potentially suffering from what some activists and at least one doctor call eco-anxiety. the fear of impending environmental disaster for the planet. it is not unlike the post-traumatic stress disorder experienced by soldiers coming home from the vietnam war decades ago. at least that is what "usa today" says it was told by dr. z cullen, a forensic psychiatrist, who also said "i think for gen z, there are a lot of things they are coping with that their immediate forebears did not. and it is causing a mental health burden on them.
11:20 am
"also among those issues facing our weighing in on them a race and social justice, and a pandemic. but the doctor said "the silver lining to this is even though that is very alarming to see eco-anxiety at such academic levels, i think it is comforting to see in this young population that there is awareness about how climate change is affecting the mental health." president biden is clearly not part of generation z, that he appears to share some of their anxiety. and announced a host of climate change policies today. that might begin to ease some of our children's fears. although the leaders have said plainly that there is a very big difference between words and actions. sandra? speech is eco-anxiety. got it. thank you, jonathan. >> john: president biden climbing at the climate summit today that his progressive push toward clean energy will create
11:21 am
jobs, not kill them. some americans aren't so sure. fox talks to coal miners in west virginia earlier today. >> from what i have seen of these green jobs, they are not going to be enough of them to support the people that are going to lose their jobs in the coal industry. trump was behind the coal industry and trying to bring a culture around bringing it back to where people could live off of it, you know what i mean? have work to do with it. they wanted let's bring in salena zito. she is an author and political reporter for the "washington examiner." she has spent years getting to know coal miners who have watched the industry go from one that democrats champions to one that they want to put out of business. good to see you. you have democrats saying everything is about climate change. you have activists saying that the administration isn't going far enough. there they are banging their
11:22 am
wheelbarrows. in the meantime, you've got people losing their jobs because of biden energy policy. he wrote a piece in the last couple of days about one pennsylvania town that was reborn because of fracking that is fearing for its future. >> absolutely. i was in canonsburg pennsylvania. in the mid-80s, the town was really dying. the unemployment rate was at 12%. coal, which was one of the leading economic drivers in town, was dying and so had manufacturing, and along comes this sort of idea to build this industrial park and eventually shale comes along, the first hydraulic fracking was done in canonsburg. and now this town is prospering. you know, there is new homes. there is new businesses. there is hotels in a place with
11:23 am
only one is known that point for having a body bed and statue and harry, statue and the biggest fourth of july celebration in the state. they are sort of waiting for the shoe to drop on shale. it has dropped on federal lands. but it hasn't happened yet. they are really concerned that this is what is going to come out of this administration. >> john: as a result of all of this, we find that more and more, the republican party is becoming the party of working-class americans. why is that? speech he writes. ten years ago, washington county, where canonsburg is, every elected official that came out of washington county was a democrat. but as the party has evolved, as it has gone north toward this ascending coalition of
11:24 am
minorities, young people, and delete, it has moved away from the working class. and the republican party, which used to be the party of the elite, the country club, has now had this really interesting coalition of suburban voters but also the working class. a lot has to do with the areas that they are rooted in. >> john: interesting. now we see the amount of mine workers association saying that, we will support the biden energy plan, but we want some guarantee so that these minors can find other work. >> i want to make an important point of that. the people who made that deal lived in washington, d.c., and walk and $5,000 seats. the rank-and-file that work in the mines, they don't all agree with their leadership. most of the time.
11:25 am
they don't see the jobs. >> john: and it is going to take a wild for a transition at any rate, even if they start to move in that direction. good to see you and thanks for joining us today. >> thank you thank you. >> john: we have already seen thousands of jobs being lost to the keystone xl pipeline. the coal industry has been losing jobs. this will probably just lead to more job loss as well. there has got to be a transition. if they don't want huge swaths of america to go bankrupt. >> sandra: we have seen reports leading up to this. he don't see coal miners migrate when they have job loss. it just doesn't historically happen. it would require such a massive build out in these areas to actually effectively transition from those call jobs to "clean energy jobs."
11:26 am
talking about this happening overnight, is just not likely. it's difficult. our american schools brainwashing our kids? that is a question many are asking. that is the charge one father made against his daughter's school. not. that's right here in new york city. our next guest on what the dangers of local culture are much bigger than that. we will get his take next. ♪ ♪
11:27 am
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>> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on chooa camping trip...ter. ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ ♪ speeches now to the story we have been. i new york city dad took a stand against woke culture by exposing what has been taught at his daughter's school and a letter that went public. we are staying the story repeat across the country. kids education being sacrificed for woke ideas. he is an entrepreneur and a
11:31 am
author. thanks for joining us. why do you feel so compelled? where are you on a mission? >> first it began in a schools. then it began in university. now it is spreading across corporate america. this new idea is like the newest pandemic. it is spreading and infecting one institution to the next. i think our diversity as a country is a good thing. when it is supposed to be about diversity of thought. in the name of diversity, we have actually sacrificed the true ideal of diversity of thought and ideas. it is even worse than that. now we are transmitting it to the next generation. we have spent the last decade obsessing over our diversity and difference is that we have forgotten the ways in which we are the same. the kids in the next generation are only being taught the ways we fall short. they don't even know what the ideals are. i think it is important to revise that sense of common american commitment at every generation but most importantly in the next generation.
11:32 am
speech is you are left wondering if there is any common ground when you see this far push on and so many issues. bill bennett weighed in on this. listen. >> the most important question is how we educate children and what we teach them. we better get a hold of this. i would like to see a culture tea party forms just like the tea party besought earlier about taxes. this is a major assault on our kids minds and on the contrary. if they have their way, we may lose this country. >> sandra: so how many parents like this father who took his daughter out of that school, how many parents as a going to take to stand up against this and say our kids are already struggling academically. let's focus on math and science and teach kids to think for themselves. >> absolutely. this business used to be about challenging the system. now it is the system. it is going to be the job of rebels of kids and their parents to stand up when the fetus.
11:33 am
advice i would give to every parent watching this program. when you think you're the only person in the room after school with that opinion, speak up and say it. i guarantee you will not be alone amongst people who feel that way. we live in a moment where people are so scared to speak up that they are afraid of expressing their opinion. that is the real threat to our democracy. the way we are going to fix it isn't just through top-down legislative solutions. it is going to be from break parents. to say this is what we think our kids need to be taught. that is going to drive the cultural revival we need to see in this country. >> sandra: vivek, i appreciate you coming on and sharing your view. stick a thanks for having me. speech is so many parents are saying we have been fighting so hard to get the kids back in school. they are worried about their kids catching up on the basics right now. >> john: we are not only seeing this in elite private schools, but we talked last hour with miranda devine.
11:34 am
this is going on in public schools like thomas jefferson, which is a leader in terms of math and science across the country. will other schools take a cue from that? >> sandra: perhaps we can all find common ground -- we want the best for the common children. children. stay one republican say democrats are just handing out your money without condition. lisa boothe is here to weigh in. ♪ ♪ ucing refipusa.from newday refiplus lets you refinance at near record lows plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa.
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mm. [ clicks tongue ] i don't know. i think they look good, man. mm, smooth. uh, they are a little tight. like, too tight? might just need to break 'em in a little bit. you don't want 'em too loose. for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance. -okay. think i'm gonna wear these home. -excellent choice. speech is several major cities run by democrats are preparing to hand out more hard-earned cash to people with no strings attached. the idea you have heard it floated around called universal basic income. it is gaining in cities across the country, including los angeles, new york, and chicago. that is where we find our own just black. jeff, what is going on now?
11:39 am
>> it is part of a major move. good afternoon to you. chicago city hall introduced a plan. here is what the chicago plan would provide for. 5,004 chicago and sing at $500 a month. you simply have to be poor, less and $38,000 or so, and be a college student or parent of a student of some sort. pilot programs like this are under way. places like san francisco, pittsburgh, jackson sits next to city, st. paul, minnesota, providence, rhode island. all of the cities now have programs underway. we talked to the institute here in chicago which is typically skeptical of these programs. they didn't dismiss it out of hand, but here's what they did say. >> with the poor really need is a good paying job and the opportunity to work to get a heads and they are not poor anymore rather than something that might make their property more comfortable.
11:40 am
>> fair and balanced is the city of stockton, california. it has had a program like this for a year and a half or so. they did a study of the people who have participated. unlike what some people thought, that people who participated and got that money were more likely to be employed full time they got the money. they spend it on essentials. food, other essential things, not much on liquor or cigarettes. and they also reported to be healthier, happier, and be less stressed. fighting poverty in this country for a long time. i will tell you it is interesting to note there are a lot of prominent republicans and capitalists to support this idea, including elon musk and richard nixon, if you remember him. >> great stuff. great report. thank you. good stuff, thank you.
11:41 am
stay one let's bring in lisa boothe to talk more about this. a recent poll found out that 43% of people support this idea. what is it about it that they don't like? >> my concerns are actually bigger than the economics of it and the concerns that there is no free lunch and we all end up paying for it one way or another. my concern is the increased dependence on the government. that is what i think the left wants. that is why you see the proponents of universal basic income. i think president obama laid that bear the 2012 campaign when he rolled out to the life of julia campaign. a life of a woman who is completely dependent on the federal government from cradle to grave. the more dependent people are on the government, the more control that gives the government. i think what is truly twisted is if you look over the past few months, a lot of the city leaders because of government policies and lockdowns have destroyed the ability have a lot
11:42 am
of people to be self-reliant, to be financially independent, and now they want to supplement that income because of their policies with a universal basic income which encourages these individuals to become more reliant on the government. >> john: you saw him talking about the positive things that came out of the experiment. people spent 37% of the money on food, 22% on merchandise, 11% on utilities. less than 1% on alcohol and tobacco. that pilot program is done with private donations. in los angeles, the mayor is suggesting taking $11 million out of the police budget to pay for this. >> gap. you look at the proposal out of chicago as well, which actually looks at taking money from the federal recovery program and does federal funds to then use any universal basic income, so all things that we ultimately
11:43 am
pay for anyway as taxpayers. my concern is the increased dependence on the government at a time where over the past few months, we have seen how inclined our leaders are to consolidate power to use a pandemic, to use a crisis, to obtain more power. for me, it is a freedom issue. it is getting up those freedoms and then becoming reliant on the government, which is something that i oppose in a time when our freedoms are under attack in america and you are taking steps to becoming more of a totalitarian communist regime as opposed to the america that we have labs. >> john: i want to talk to you about another topic that came up today. this morning, and has voted to make washington, d.c., the 51st state. there were some rallies in support of that around the city today. we went to a couple of them. there was only about ten people at each one of them that we saw. i am not sure exactly what the public demand is for this.
11:44 am
does this appear to be more of a political play to add to permanent democratic seats? >> you are a bright guy. you have been covering this for a long time. do you think they would be advocating for it if donald trump had won d.c. with over 92% of the vote? of course this would give them to coadditional senate seats, which is why the support it and also why they have been taking aim at the filibuster. right now they can't pass things like statehood or court packing or hr one because they only have a 50/50 split. in the senate, you need 60 votes to be able to pass a lot of these proposals. that is why they are now taking aim at the filibuster. what they want for america's radical change. you look at some of these policies. they would change the power dynamics in the country forever and change the country forever. if you look at voter i.d. laws
11:45 am
with hr one, we are usurping the power of states with something that the vast majority of americans support, including minorities. it is about power from the left. stay one is history as a guide, that land should be seated back to the state of maryland, from whence it came. but maryland apparently doesn't want to do. we will see how far this goes. lisa boothe, always good to see you. >> always a pleasure. thank you. >> sandra: we are watching wall street right now. there is a big sell-off happening to put it in context, the markets were up before this news hit. but now the dow is getting 270 points. still near all-time highs, but there are reports out of bloomberg that president biden is in capital gains taxes as high as 43.4% for the wealthy.
11:46 am
this would almost double the capital gains tax. coupled with other higher tax environment, this is putting a scare into investors right now. i guess the white has been just asked about whether or not this was going to discourage long-term investing. kentucky said the answer was no. you are talking about the profits that you take on the sale of an asset when it comes to capital gains taxes. this would apply to the wealthier investors out there. it would boost capital gains for those earning a million dollars or more and increase the current base rate of 20% from the current rate of 20%. that's doubling is what is speaking markets. >> john: the white house is saying it is not going to have any impact, but if you look at those numbers change in, it is clearly having an impact. i can't recall. every 21%? 20%. this would bring it up.
11:47 am
the basic rate is 19.6 because the initial rate would be 39.6, which would equal the maximum marginal income tax rates. and then he put on top of that a surtax investment income. that takes up to 43.4 that you are talking about. how could that not have an impact? speech is for the million dollar earners in high tax states, raise on capital gains could be above 50%. for new yorkers, and a combined state and federal capital gains rate could be as high as 52.2%. you are looking at paying back more than half of what you are taking in, john, and that is really something. for californians, it could be 56.7%. those are big numbers to take in and abide in white house doubling down on joe biden valley not to raise taxes on anybody making under $400,000 a year. as we know, that is a household.
11:48 am
that can be a couple where you need to make 200. >> john: that is a second tax increase mentioned. the first one looks like it could be going through. this one is just an idea at this point. but ideas very often have a way of becoming reality. >> sandra: that is the breaking news. it turns out that working could be a lot easier when the commute is to your couch. i think a lot of people are experiencing now. "the new york times" reporting that many millennials are deciding to quit their jobs rather than return to the office now that they had seen the perks of working from home. some lineal feet and said that the pandemic convince them to drop out of corporate life and pursue risky dreams that would be unthinkable in the days before covid. i think everyone has someone ended her life, a brother, sister, uncle, cousin, who have made major life changes because of the pandemic. some good, some bad. >> it absolutely makes sense
11:49 am
particular reasons. obviously, this pandemic was in some way a traumatic event. whether you lost a loved one or not being able to be around other people and living in a way that is nothing like how humans are supposed to live. you always make this choice of do i want this stable career, or do i want to do what i love. when this happened, and multiple industries were basically shut down, people probably ask themselves what does stability even made, and does it exist? >> sandra: there is something going on before all of this where there is an entitlement thing going on where people come out of college believe that they could travel the country, traveled the world while trying to maintain a job. i think it gave them more than excuse. they can hold down the job. the income continued while they travel. i'm not saying it's a bad thing. >> no, it is not a bad thing. obviously, we did not have that luxury. i love my job. i have a fun job, right?
11:50 am
for some people, yeah. they have been working from home. i see my friends i follow on instagram. and oh, they are in mexico. they are in dubai, and they are still working. a lot of people might be saying you know what? i really like being able to go to dubai on a tuesday. stated they are calling it the yellow economy. the report is that some are abandoning stable jobs to start a new business. finally work on that screenplay. steak i am going to do my screenplay next pandemic. sticking out others are scoffing at return to office mandates. this is going to be interesting when people are struggling to get people back to the office. >> particularly on mondays and fridays are having a difficult
11:51 am
time. take it making the weekend longer. speech it is going to be interesting to attract top talent back to the office. it is going to become a bargaining chip for the sake of law firms that had these negotiations that take place. some might say great, i will come on board, but i want to work four days a week. >> others will say hey, i see jessica in dubai. i want to do that. >> sandra: i don't know. i guess if you can work on your computer entirely remotely and it got no strings attached, you can hop on a plane and go anywhere. >> john: i know of a lovely island in the caribbean that's got gigabyte internet service. put a flat screen behind me, and this picture could be the same thing. you never know. >> sandra: "america reports" from that tiny island. let's do it. the one i would probably get bored of eating coconut. our nation's top health officials do not know whether it
11:52 am
is okay to go mass was outside. speaking a plus some schools are having to delay their bid opening plans because teachers won't come back to the classroom. ♪ ♪
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11:56 am
>> sandra: just when you think you're outside and not close to people, you still have to wear a mask. >> john: more than a year in the pandemic with half of all american adults having received one dose of the covid-19 vaccine, the cdc cannot answer if it's safe to go without masks outdoors. david spunt has more on this. >> hi, john. good afternoon. more than 200 million people gotten the first dose. it's a reasonable question, when can people go outside without a mask.
11:57 am
i'm not talking inside but outside as dr. walensky was asked just there. the cdc not givening a final thought on masking outdoors. the information is constantly changing as did jen psaki say today that we've heard that from the cdc before, even during the trump administration. john, here's dr. walensky more this morning. >> as we look at this guidance to revive of what you can do when you're vaccinated, that will be easier and easier to do as more and more people get vaccinated. >> it was last month when the president said he thought would be more normal than july fourth. yesterday celebrating 200 million covid vaccine shots. >> to celebrate independence on this virus on july fourth, we have more to do in the months of
11:58 am
may and june. until everyone has a chance to get their shot. >> john, the white house announced this week that anybody 16 and older is eligible to be vaccinated. john? >> john: david spunt at the white house. thanks. sandra? >> sandra: many schools trying to reopen but struggling to get teachers back in some areas. lydia, who has more life in jersey city, new jersey. schools right there have delayed their opening plans? >> yeah, hi, sandra. there's back and forth here in jersey city. the current development is that schools will reopen to students next week. let's back up to last week. the plan put in place to bring the students back to the classroom. but sunday night the superintendent issued a robo call to parents telling them that he had delayed the reopening because too many teacher and staff were calling out. there was outrage and criticism after a meeting last night. students will now return in a
11:59 am
week. parents are angry. they rallied this morning outside of the board of education. they tell us the trust is now gone. listen. >> i can not believe that suddenly all the teachers are showing up and everything is ready for them to open up. >> everybody is flip-flopping. we need a concrete plan. >> the chaos is just not really fair to the students, not fair to the teachers, to be bragging with indecisiveness. >> nationwide, there's concern about not having enough teachers and staff to reopen. districts are dealing with things like teacher absences and early retirements and lack of substitute teachers. it's worse in rural areas. surveys show that teachers and staff that left during the pandemic, they're willing to consider returning as vaccines are being rolled out. so that's encouraging. hopefully this will get better. this elementary school where we are, teachers are in the building and preparing to welcome students back next week. >> great news. lydia, thank you.
12:00 pm
i feel like two hours flew by here on "america reports," john. >> john: always flies by with you, sandra. >> sandra: absolutely. you too. great to be with you. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. we'll see you tomorrow. it's friday! "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks very much, john and sandra. here's "the story" folks. an all-out push by democrats to lock up power in a number of different ways on capitol hill. one of them is by adding two senators from a brand new state. it's the place that is now known as washington d.c. it would be called, if they had their way, the state of washington, douglas commonwealth. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. the measure has officially passed in the house. it got no republican support at all. democrats say it's all about giving 700,000 people that live in d.c. the representation that they should have in the


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