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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 22, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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after poll shows nobody wants it. i think if we join together, it will be a good situation. jillian: karol markowicz thank you for your time. todd: with that "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great one, everybody. ♪ ♪ [shouting] >> protesters in columbus, ohio, taking to the streets second night in the row following the deadly police shooting of a teen girl. >> that girl had a knife in her hand and she was getting ready to stab another black girl in the face. >> what was the officer supposed to do? >> lebron james in now delete tweet put up a picture of the officer saying, quote you're next." >> making things worse in the country instead of better. >> make garland announced a sweeping investigation into the justice department. >> what maker garland did today was a dog and pony show to the
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tenth degree. >> a source tells fox using tiktok to use young americans to smuggle migrants into the country. >> this is happening in the most powerful nation in the world we are allowing this to occur. democrats refuse to do anything about it. >> all right. here we go. straight to a fox news alert. protesters gather outside columbus, ohio. police stationafter the deadly f bryant. pete: this after the phone call was released giving more up sight what happened before police arrived on the scene. >> trying to stab us. trying to put her hands on our grandma. we need police officer here now. ainsley: 16-year-old lunges at another girl with what appears to be a knife. the officer fired his gun four times, hitting bryant and killing her. you can see the video there i
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watched this video, she slow moed the video. two 911 calls. second call someone is on the phone saying please send police and then the caller says actually police just got here and they hang up. brian: right. as you go and see what happened. you have a split second decision if you are a police officer, you hear about somebody coming out trying to stab me. you get to the scene as quick as possible and then you see a woman with a knife about to stab another woman and you take action, and you take out what you look to be the assailant and then you try to revive the a say atlanta and sadly she loses her life. pete: exactly right, brian. we watched this videotape in slow motion analyzing frame by frame thinking what would i do when the only realistic scenario is to play it full speed, that's what the officer is encountering. after a phone call that says they are trying to stab us, he arrives on the scene presumably she sees there is a police
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officer there, knows there is a police car there. is still attacking one girl who is then kicked by a man, then she goes over and attempts multiple times to stab. the question for those on social media and social media ignited with instant analysis based on limited knowledge. the question that's being asked and we played it in the open is what would you like the officer to have done instead? do you stand and watch a girl get stabbed as you have been called on the scene? it's not that easy. >> no doubt it's a horrific tragedy. the girl in pink was unarmed and in danger. cops stop her from being stabbed. if you try to kill someone. the officers are saying they have a duty to protect the citizen, an unarmed citizen, lebron james, he tweeted out a message that is very controversial. he tweeted out this picture of the officer. we have blurred the officer's face. but he tweeted it out without the bloomberg, right? and he writes on his tweet: you're next with the
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#accountability. brian: yeah. ainsley: he has since deleted it. brian: immediately delete it. can you imagine the blow back being so firm that even lo lebron james is forced to delete that after all he is the judge and the jury all of a sudden because he is hurt and is a very good basketball player. the order of police takes action with this statement lebron james with vast resources and influence should educate himself and frankly has a responsibility to do so on the facts before weighing in. this is disgraceful and extremely reckless. the officer saved the young girl's life no. amount of gaslighting will change that he has like 50 million followers. pete: now he has doxxed the identity of the law enforcement officer who was in the middle of that really difficult and unfortunate exchange. and he does have a responsibility where he sits with that many followers to take a moment, take a pause, look at the facts, look at the information and put out information or not put out information. i mean, there is some moments where not saying anything and letting the justice system play out, letting the investigation
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play out is the most prudent thing to do, especially in a moment where there is so much tension. to say "you're next"? what does that mean? he is give thront derek chauvin? and what if everyone would ask this question, you would ask this question, i would ask this question. what if that was my daughter or son being stabbed? what if it was lebron's what would he want that law enforcement officer to do. it changes everything. ainsley: it black teenage girl tries to stab a black teenage girl. 7-year-old black girl gunned down in mcdonald's drive-thru, silent no. tweets. you're not tired of young black people killing each other? silence, no desperation, how come? brian: absolutely true. it's selective outrage in many respects. you have something that needs to be addressed in -- you could say in the black community, minority communities, it's happening on a daily basis. 903 shot in chicago since january of this year. i will tell you jen psaki has
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not been doing anyone any favors, yesterday from the podium says she was a child. we are thinking of her friends and family and the communities hurting and grieving. we know police violence disproportionately impacts black and latino people and in that community black men and girls like black men and boys experience higher rates of police violence. the police were called on the scene by the black community, by a young woman, say she was being stabbed. they go out there, they see a black woman about to be stabbed. they show up, it just happens to be a white officer and then she takes that stance? why is that -- why are you the spokesperson. all of a sudden you are an advocate. pete: joe biden, jen psaki, kamala harris have become absolute mouthpieces for the kind of race-based commentary that has poisoned our entire conversation in this country whether it's benjamin crump showing up on the scene making everything about race, critical
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race theory. they have decided inside the white house and every incident it's going to be about race and about racism. when they know nothing about this officer, what happened on the ground and they're only throwing fuel on the fire of a country that doesn't need that rhetoric right now. brian: how about if you are somebody just worked 8 hours "the washington times" -- excuse me "the washington times" or "the new york post." do you know what they left out daily beast, too? ainsley: the knife. brian: the 16-year-old had a knife about to stab another woman it looks like a white cop showed up and started shooting people. sorry about that. npr did the same thing and they said a little bit later -- goes later it turned out we were wrong not to include the part about the woman who was shot having a knife. ainsley: senator john kennedy he says when a cop shoots a criminal it's always every single time the cop's fault. but when a criminal shoots a cop, it is always every single time the gun's fault. where is the outrage in chicago? that 7-year-old little girl trying to get, what, a happy
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meal at mcdonald's like all of our kids love, they lovitt little toy. she is in the drive-thru and shot. where is the outrage there. where is al sharpton and activists trying to put a stop what's happening in chicago? we have so many americans dying in that city. brian: meanwhile, let's continue with this theme, sadly. brian: we have a fox news alert. daunte wright will be laid to rest following his funeral in minneapolis. pete: shot and killed by a police officer last week in a nearby brooklyn center when she says she mistakenly shot her weapon stead of a taser. ainsley: matt finn is live in minneapolis ahead of today's service. matt? >> ainsley, brian, pete. minneapolis was on edge waiting for george floyd trial. daunte wright was shot and killed by police in nearby brooklyn center, minnesota. appears to show daunte wright struggling with police during an arrest. now today he will be laid to rest here. the reverend al sharpton will give his eulogy. here is sharpton talking about
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wright's multiracial parents. >> they didn't raise their children to hate. they are interracial family that breathes in harmony and love and you brought hate into their family and we are going to run it out. >> family and friends attended daunte wright's viewing yesterday one day after celebrations in the streets here for derek chauvin's guilty verdict. and the same day the department of justice announced it will launch a patterns and practice investigation into the minneapolis police department. the officer accused of killing wright kim potter is a 26 year police veteran who claims she accidently shot wright with her taser instead of her handgun. she has been charged with second degree manslaughter. here is the president of the naacp yesterday. >> the majority of police officers across the country actually are good people, good cops. and they need to be freed up from cops who are bad apples. and police officers who are
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[inaudible]. and if you have a new set of accountability, people's behaviors shift. >> the funeral is scheduled to begin at 12:00 noon local. back to you guys. ainsley: thank you so much, matt. let's talk about the border right now. immigration. did you have a comment about that. pete: hear the comment most cops. how could we know kim potter or that guy in columbus is a bad apple or did they make the wrong call in a moment? brian: that seems to be the case if you look at the background kim potter has a great background. 26 years on the force. she was actually heading up the union up until 2019 at which time she was actually training somebody else. obviously, i have talked to a bunch of law enforcement officials. they never got close making that mistake before. like to hear her side of the story. i don't think you can lump her in on the bad side and the last person that asked for her to have due process got fired. you can imagine how intimidated people are out there to speak their minds.
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ainsley: columbus public safety director said the community should not rush to judgment. it's a horrendous tragedy. all of these are horrendous tragedies the video shows there is more to this that cause us to pause and wait for facts. hoirts. ohio state university demanding that the school cut ties with columbus police. portland punched officers in the face. painted anti-police messages on walls. in minnesota protesters were yelling at police get the blank out and in new york at that local restaurant we don't want you here. we don't want you here. brian: do you know what? you should be barred from anyone who says that you are no longer allowed to use 911. let's just hope in your life you never need a police officer. pete: all that means is less cops and more crime. the equation is quite, quite simple. maybe that's what they want. brian: all right. let's talk about what's happening at the border. if you listen to governor doocy. if you listen to the governor of texasy and the governor of new mexico and not the governor of california who is too pizzey gelling his hair.
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locked down until june. i digress. they need help at the border. the vice president and the president are mia. the vice president was given this portfolio in march. she made two phone calls and promise a visit in june. and guess what? that is not -- that has not slowed down the cartels who according to experts, including congressman chip roy, they have taken over the border. pete: brian, you mention that she is going there in june but she is having a virtual call with guatemala's president next week. britain brian that's nice. not this week because this week is fine i'm worried about next week. ainsley: listen what the cartels are doing now putting recruitment ads on tiktok and social media for $3,000 a ride you can come and work for us, we will pay you that money if you get migrants over the border. brian: this is unbelievable. pete: i'm sure this is just a scratch of the sur falls of the types of stuff going on on social media. here is a couple perform the posts. ainsley: why aren't these posts
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being taken down? pete: good question. brian: ask china. don't they run it? steve: steve. pete: they run lebron james, too. they need two or three drivers to go through a check point says one. another says got 15 ready, presumably humans, to go through. let me know asat. don't sleep. got another six left. already crossed. let me know asap for that easy cash. chip roy jumped in on what this all means. take a listen. >> cartels have operational control of our border, period. anybody who is follow it knows that it a state right across the border from texas is run by the dangerous cartels. it the gulf cartel. they are using human beings as shields for productivity. they are moving people into texas, into our communities, into san antonio which i represent. we have stopped vehicles with human beings being sent to stash houses in houston to be used for profit and human trafficking and section trafficking. we are allowing this to occur.
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democrats refuse to do anything about it. kamala harris has been, quote, on the job for a month. literally she has done nothing. she has not gone to the border. she has done nothing to address this. brian: what does say about her character gets this big and she punts. i watch abc do a story they address a very similar thing about the tiktok talked about the chaos at the border and talked about two little boys found on the edge of the rio grande river stuck behind trees dropped off there they say the vice president will be touring guatemala in june. you are missing the point. if that was donald trump, even though this has been a crisis from the day he took over from policies that he reversed on pure political retribution they still will not go until june. that's the way do you that story. they feel as though if they ignore it will go away. this is the only thing that joe biden is getting under 50% approval for.
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42%. i don't know hot 42% who approve of his border policies are. ainsley: a lot of people aren't happy with what's happening the construction of the wall, catch and release and remain in mexico. all those changes. sheriffs are sitting down with will cain down on the border. he is one of our weekend hosts with pete. we will hear from him coming up. so we will check in with will. he's down there on the border. brian: hard to make head who you are similar. pete: we are very similar. i take that as a compliment. i saw a prior preview of the package with will it's incredible. ainsley: they said in arizona because the governor there has called in the national guard. pete: you are going to want to see it we know the media is not going to core this, brian, it's humane policy. if they tell us it's more humane than it is carnage on the border and the process. change the words. it's not illegal aliens anymore. it's undocumented migrants therefore it's all humane.
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ainsley: or noncitizens. pete: they don't believe in citizenship because they don't believe in borders i'm confused. brian: hard to get all this straight so i have stopped trying. i quit. i'm throwing up my hands. ainsley: jillian has more headlines for us. jillian: it's very good. you want to stay tuned for that. meantime start off your headlines new lawsuit claims anti-law sun constitutional. the in a statement the law is nothing more than an attempt to silence the black lives matter movement and other civil organizations by limiting the ability to protest. florida governor ron desantis signed the bill requiring increased penalties for crimes committed during riots last week. go to extreme weather now and take a look at this terrifying dash cam video showing a semi-truck losing control and slamming into a snowplow during whiteout conditions in wisconsin causing a 22 car pileup. leaving one person dead and several others hurt. meanwhile on the east coast a rare april shower in new york city. hail slamming parts of the city
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as storms moved across the big apple. new york governor andrew cuomo's staff appears to shield him from questions about the shower. claims against him. listen and judge for yourself. >> will you resign from office if she concludes you did violate the shower. laws in this state? >> let's see what the report says and then we will take it from there. >> it just -- >> okay? jillian: the reporter later tweeting quote i got cut off while trying to follow up on this point. hotline set up in the impeachment inquiry into governor cuomo has gotten over 200 tips. and then there is this story. a florida couple tries to tie the not at what they thought was an empty multimillion dollars mansion but when the groom arrived at the gate, the rather confused owner who by the way is the heir to ihop called 911. the online invitation claimed it was their home renaming it the
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wilson's estate. police told the groom to leave the property. no charges were brought against the couple. but what i don't know and i have to find this out from i'm sure one of you is wondering if they ended up getting married somehow somewhere. ainsley: not starting up on the right foot. is that what happened? they said this is our house? pete: must have been a vacation house that's empty. get in before they come back. jillian: the vin i have station. brian: i had no idea the ihops were so popular. don't you think it would be triangle with magenta roof. jillian: aren't their roofs blue? brian: you are right. it's blue. the hard thing if an ihop goes out of business there is no store to actually take over the shape of that building that makes sense. they usually have to wreck the building and start again. pete: 'like pizza hop they tried to be ihop, too. brian: we fell for it hook line
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and sinker. ainsley: their pancakes are so good. brian: we work during breakfast we can't get them. ainsley: president biden said he would allow americans to celebrate the fourth of july this year but only if we followed his covid rules. and now, you guessed it, he is moving the goal post yet again. wait until you hear why. brian: i can't have a cookout? really? ♪ ♪ infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue.
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over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. ainsley: president biden warning fourth of july celebrations could be canceled because a
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large number of american adults have not been vaccinated. brian: all right. david spunt joins us live from washington. david, you might as well work during the fourth of july if we can't have that cookout and drive there in our station wag done with. could you tell me what the truth is. >> yeah, you know, listen, it's been a long, difficult 12 months for so many people in country. they look forward to the fourth of july. president biden last month at the white house said his goal was to maybe start to get things back to normal if we follow the covid guidance by 40 of july. here's what he said last month. listen. >> if we do all this. if we do our part, if we do this together, by july the 4th, there's a good chance you, your families, and friends will be able to get together. >> yesterday at the white house at an event celebrating 200 million covid vaccine shots administered, the president hopeful of july 4th said there is much more work to be done in the next two month to reach that
3:25 am
goal. here he is yesterday. >> the broad swath of american adults still remain largely unvaccinated. to celebrate our independence from this virus on july 4th, we still have more to do in the months of may and june. until everyone has a chance to get their shot. >> okay, guys, here are the latest stats from the cdc, 215 million people have at least received one shot. 51.5% of u.s. adults have at least one dose. that's the cdc as of yesterday. president biden and vice president harris yesterday calling on businesses from small businesses to large corporations to allow people to leave work to get those covid-19 vaccines and as of and still get paid, i should say, and as of monday, just a few days ago, anyone in the united states over 16 years old is eligible to get that vaccine. guys? pete: david spunt, thank you so much. so i guess if you follow the rules, you, too, can have a
3:26 am
barbecue driven by a station wagon. ainsley: even the atlantic is saying. brian: people are fed up. ainsley: this the title of article. are outdoor mask mandates still necessary? brian: no. ainsley: i feel like i'm watching people put on seat belts in parked cars talking about walking up to a restaurant take mask off at the table. feel like people it wear seat belts in cars and unbubbling as they drive. inside for restaurants there is limited indoor seating. so this writer is saying masks outside? but bare faces in bar seats basically what's the point of wearing a mask when we're outside? brian: zero. go ahead, pete. pete: no. welcome to the party to the atlantic and the new republic and the names. -- "new yorktimes." recognizing the absurdity walking outside with a mask or double mask on. do you know why? because it's politically okay to signal that joe biden's 100 at a
3:27 am
mask challenge is almost over. he's in office. so now it's okay to question what has always been absurd which many of us have been questioning from the beginning now it's safe to do so. well, thanks. brian: we are doing it anyway. we were doing it before your ridiculous remarks in march. i think the president is doing the worst thing along with anthony fauci wearing two masks after being double vaccinated wearing a mask walking through a graveyard in arlington. wearing a mask even though his vice president is 1 feet away and off his right shoulder. it is the exact inverse of -- you want people to get vaccinated show them that life is going to change and the cdc came out two weeks ago and said if you have been vaccinated you can't carry the virus quickly had to walk it back while not denying it because it's not politically correct to say truth. bottom line is don't expect people to run to get vaccinated who are on the fence if you tell them nothing anywhere lives will change. ainsley: the new republic writes set us free from outdoor mask mandates and "new york times" talking with irrational covid
3:28 am
fears. pete: good idea stop wearing your mask outside. atlantic writer, "new york times" writer right now. brian: absolutely. 26 minutes now after the hour if i'm being accurate actually 27. woke culture has officially entered the classroom. one teacher says here is a way for students to escape indoctrination go to the source he explains that story next. and former fox bet super 6 download peep download the fickets app. and play for chance to win $10,000. all you need to do is predict six outcomes. the fox bet super 6 app. quiz show coming up. free to play download the fox bet super 6 app. right now free now. army medic, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. 40 felony charges filed against a man accused of killing 4 h. 11 law enforcement officers that the suspect is accused of trying to kill during the attack. the suspect has not been asked to enter a plea yet but his defense is asking for time to evaluate what they're calling his, quote: mental illness. the coast guard makes a cocaine bust worth over 9 million dollars. three suspects off this boat near colombia were detained. 5500 pounds of cocaine was offloaded in miami. look as the that photo. meanwhile in texas, 216 pounds of marijuana was seized near the
3:33 am
border. the coast guard stopping four people swimming across the port of brownsville with on their backs. athletes to take a knee or make a fist make a gesture will be punished. olympic committee said it consulted 3,000 athletes and found 70% did not want a protest to distract from the games. it's unclear what kind of consequences players would face it if they break those rules. that is a look at your headlines, brian, send it back to you. brian: thanks, jillian. let's talk about school. public school teacher outlined a way for parents and teachers across the country to escape woke. go to the source. daniel buck writes this at least most teachers claim to be moderate. the institutions that train them are not. if we only focus our attention on few outlandish plans or districts spend our time scooping out flood water while the faucet remains flooding. daniel buck joins us now. not only do you identify the problem but you have a solution. first off, how would you
3:34 am
characterize the problem where do the teachers go wrong? >> well, like i said in the piece, it's a problem of the water damage and the faucet. we see the stories in the news about matt matt particulars in classroom do emphasizes the need to find the right answer. i see all this pressure being put on the public schools. we are ignores the university that are teaching our teachers to activist which wants to make their kids as the name implies into activists so we can look at the schools all we want but the theory the lesson plan all of these things are coming out of the university. and unless we address the progressivism in the university we are going to completely miss out on actually fixing the problem in the classroom. >> so for most public schools you have to get that education degree and work towards your masters or have your masters before you even get hired. what do you think should be the new criteria to solve this problem? >> i think we need to monopoly
3:35 am
on this in general. you know, somebody who has owned a business for years and years and years and years and years might make a great teacher in business for a high school class, high school elective even if they don't have their fancy four-year degree with a two year masters program. so, we could. brian: like they do in college. in college you don't have to be a teacher yet you are paying $70,000 in some cases to get a professional from that discipline whether it's sociology or just business. so you are saying do the same thing for public schools. >> yeah. a lot of other organizations that are doing great work, too. like research ed. i have learned more and better teaching from a lot of books that i have read or these organizations like research ed and they taught me the proper way to teach not ideology okay nuts and bolts how do you teach kids vocab and open up books for them and control your class way better than any university ever did. brian: so do other people feel like you?
3:36 am
>> yes. lots of teachers do. we sit in these trainings and we get a lot of this ideology coming at us. and afterwards, a lot of the teachers say, you know, i care about things like racial justice but this activism is progressivism isn't really what i buy into. even if they identify as liberals, they still had some pretty conservative values, you know, thinking that families are important but personal responsibility are important. these kinds of things. regardless of whatever they identify as. brian: real quick exit question out here, you say things are totally logical. why aren't others speaking out? are they afraid? >> yeah. there is just so much public pressure. there is fear from social media. people lose jobs for saying these kinds of things so there is, i mean, i get dms and messages and emails from teachers every couple of weeks saying like, hey, thank you for speaking out but i can't say this kind of thing because of my boss, because of the social
3:37 am
pressure going on right now. brian: the paul rofs is is in manhattan, the teacher, the parent that we had from greenwich the investment banker speaking out what's happening with his daughter and people like you daniel buck talking about what's going on with our schools with great solution as well. good job, daniel, thank you. >> thank you. brian: up next on our show pete, will contain firsthand. it what needs to be done at the border to fix it. >> it starts with the president of the united states. he needs to prioritize this border. all our borders. and there are consequences for breaking our laws. ♪
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and rescued his nose. with up to 50% more lotion puffs bring soothing softness and relief. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. ainsley: this week arizona's governor doug ducey issued emergency over the border crisis and calling in the national guard now. brian: is he totally
3:42 am
exasperated. will cain went there to get a firsthand look and spoke to a panel of sheriffs around the country. pete: our good friend joins us now from texas. i can't believe you went to the border without me. will, how are you doing? will: i'm doing good, pete. sorry to have left you up north while i went south to the border. it was important. i have been to the border two times. two more times than the vice president of the united states. here's why it's so important because i got to see on the ground as you will see literally on the ground the effects of drug smuggling and illegal immigration on this country i spoke to panel of sheriffs from all over about the quality of life issues this imposes on their communities and what they are determined to do about it. watch. >> without border security. we will never have true homeland security. and american lives are at risk every single day. >> this isn't a republican or a democrat issue. this is an american issue. >> it is a national crisis. it is the united states problem. i'm looking at this group of sheriffs, sheriffs from new
3:43 am
mexico, from maryland, virginia, from nevada and all the way from massachusetts. >> you know, we brought these groups together because we as sheriffs the people expect us to do something. >> sheriff, how far are we from the mexican border right now. >> we are between 70 and 80 miles from the mexican border. we are well within the united states border. what they will do is come walking through the dessert and then they will wait here and then the scouts, which you see in these mountains will tell the vehicle it's clear to come pick them up. now, we have always been a trafficked area, but we have seen a tremendous spike since january 20th. this is all them hook at them just throwing this is very fresh, too. i come out here often. they will wear these carpet shoes because it will mask the sound and we can't track them in the sand. >> camouflage you are talking about. >> it's almost like they have a border crossing kit, all these bags, this is your typical back back here like this one standard issue backpack. sleeping bags, jugs, clothes, they can carry far more value of
3:44 am
drugs in these backpacks fentanyl pills and methamphetamine. >> in the year of 2020, new mexico seized about 18,000 fentanyl pills. year-to-date this year, we have seized over 90,000 pills. >> we have an experience an all-time high of overdoses in why comb co-county, maryland. >> massachusetts has the highest influx of illegal influx into our communities in massachusetts it's often been said every county is a border county start with virginia having arrests of cartel members, ms-13 gang members. >> talked with sheriff daniels last night sitting here in cochise county sheriff daniels county and he told me the numbers have increase 10 fold from over a year ago. >> yeah. will: you are all nodding along you have experienced something similar. >> the cochise sheriff's office has a virtual camera system last year we ran 300 to 400 illegal entries. right now at 3400 in the month of march alone. >> currently averaging almost
3:45 am
five illegals an hour right now crossing the border. that's an hour 24 hours a day, seven days a week. >> as we sit here interest is a group not far from us about 13 come on our back side that we're working on right now. >> that you have already caught on camera, can you see them making their way through the mountains a as we talk. >> we saw them come in the country illegally our team and border patrol are working to get them right now. this is a very active highway. this wasn't that way before before the administration canceled all the prevention programs, checkpoints. pretty much sent the message that you know, it's okay to come into the country. >> 25 hours walking. got the camo on we saw earlier. the helicopter we just saw catch them on the ride in? >> this was a group just to the right. did the first interview they were right behind us. >> guatemala. >> he has been trying for 10 years he said.
3:46 am
four times for him getting caught. will: four times caught? sheriff, tell me what you just saw. >> you saw cartel smuggling. >> what can we do to solve this problem? >> starts with the president of the united states. he needs to prioritize this border. all our borders and there's consequences for breaking our laws. >> there is a rule of law in this country. we are a country of immigrants. we all welcome immigration. we all do. we have all been beneficiaries of immigrants in our community but lyle legal immigrants. >> my parents did it right. will we came here legally but we need to fix the border crisis that we have. we we are the county sheriff. when the feds fail, when the states fail, we are not going to fail our citizens because we are in church with them. we are in the supermarket with them. we live right next door to them. the people in d.c. or the capital of our state don't care. we have to. will: you know, pete, brian, ainsley, here is what is fascinating. if you are sitting at your home somewhere in suburb i can't, america all you ever read on this issue is twitter or in
3:47 am
washington, d.c. all you read is data raise your hand at this like a race issue or partisan issue. when you talk to people who this is literally happening in their black yard it's a quality of life issue. they talk about the drug overdoses and talk repeatedly about the rule of law. imagine living in a place where the law didn't seem to apply. no one cares no, one obeys, criminal laws, traffic laws, whatever it maybe. these sheriffs across the country say my people care. i have to reinstitute some order. we have to control this order. brian: will, what bothers me most and what gets under their skin they know how to stop it. they know what started it and they know where it was. just 100 days ago. will: right. that's why thee sheriffs, brian, have created protect america now because they know they can do something about it they say if the federal government will not, then they will step up to enforce these laws. ainsley: sheriffs love this country. you heard the last man say this is the land of opportunity. we are not against immigration. we just are trying to keep people safe.
3:48 am
pete: great package, will, protect america now. brian: talk to will later. ainsley: talk to janice right now. hey, janice. janice: take a look how cold it is. we have broken many low records across the country. two thirds of the country below freezing right now. it's a second winter for places like colorado. so let's take a look at it freeze advisories as far as south as birmingham, alabama, tennessee, kentucky. this will be the last day for this round of wintry weather as we get into the weekend. the cold front has swept offshore. we actually had severe storms yesterday across the northeast. we still have the potential for lake effect snow for the next 12 to 24 hours, then we get into the severe weather across the south and the southeast. we got this area of low pressure that's going to develop on friday and move it way eastward across portions of the southeast, so the severe weather, large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. and actually april has been fairly quiet when it comes to tornadoes, march was -- we had
3:49 am
more than average and so we will start to ramp up again as we get into the weekend. just keep that in mind. know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area. all right, pete, ainsley, brian, back to you. pete: thank you, janice, appreciate it while our next guest traded in his nfl jersey for an army uniform and an opportunity to serve his country. is he now attacking the politicization of sport and the military. that message coming up next. ♪ i hit the ground running ♪ ♪ i hit the ground ♪ i hit the ground ♪ ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon,
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3:53 am
pete: our next guest has worn many different hats nor his case health mets over the years three seasons with the new england patriots. jake beckett traded in cleats for camouflage and completing ranger school. tabbing the politicization of sport and military as lebron james becomes the latest pro-athlete to speak out in a now deleted tweet targeting the cop in the ohio police shooting. retired u.s. army ranger jake beckett joins us now. jake, thank you so much for being here. thank you for all you have done. have you seen both sides, all sides of a lot of the issues we are talking about right now. when you see politics creeping
3:54 am
into every quarter of sports sports, culture and even the military your reaction. >> pete, it is tragic because sports and the military were two of the last institutions in this country it, seems that had not been politicized by the media and the left sports and the military transcend race, they transcend class. they transcend background because it's amaker to come crazy. ameritocracy in the training ground overseas or in iraq or in afghanistan. i think it's truly unfortunate what we have seen the politicization creeping into those institutions. pete: why is it happening, jake? why is politics? you see that tweet from lebron james immediately that's one of a thousand examples you could use where they almost feel like there is a social momentum and pressure jump, in take a stand right now, why is this
3:55 am
happening? >> i think the left and the media see sports as cinel of final frontier in takeover. they have taken over academia and legacy media they have taken over the bureaucracy in washington, d.c. and i think they see sports and the military as these two last traditions of american values a meritocracy and patriotism. they will not stop until they have taken over everything. pete: i think you are right. sports is one thing. military fighting wars life and death. when politics come into play whether it's withdrawing from afghanistan or critical race theory being taught in the army how dangerous is that? you note golf the army in particular is to fight and win our nation's wars. that's the only goal that matters. create most lethal force we can
3:56 am
as you know we are transitioning away from small wars in the middle east great powers competition china, russia, north korea, iran. we have to train our military with that perspective and focus not these woke leftist ideologies that have no place on the battlefield or on the playing field. pete: maybe less time reinserting race into the uniform and focusing on, i don't know, the communist chinese who have global ambitions. jake bequette, smart guy, thanks for all you have done, appreciate it. >> thanks, pete. pete: great to meet you. straight ahead, they want to pack the court. now democrats are also pushing to pack congress by making d.c. the 51st state. the implications ahead of today's house vote next hour ♪ ♪ ♪ if
3:57 am
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4:00 am
♪ >> the don has launched a big investigation into the minneapolis police department. >> the challenges we face are deeply woven into our history. >> i don't buy it, i don't believe it. this is about their agenda this. is about their politics. >> acknowledge own rule in systemic racism. >> the president's object is. >> if you want to talk about systemic racism that's the history of the democratic party. >> passed a bill to make the district of columbia the 51st state. >> this is nothing but unconstitutional power grab by democrats. >> woke culture officially entered the classroom. one teacher says here is a way for students to escape
4:01 am
indoctrination. >>s in we address we will miss out on actually fixing the problem in the classroom. ainsley: president biden warning fourth of july could be canceled. >> to celebrate our independent on july 4th we still have more to do in the month of may and june. pete: straight to a fox news alert today family and friends pay respects to daunte wright. ainsley: he was killed in brooklyn center, minnesota. brian: matt finn is in minneapolis ahead of today's funeral. >> brian, in minneapolis yesterday there were celebrations in the street for derek chauvin's guilty verdict today is daunte wright's funeral. he was shot by a police officer in nearby brooklyn, minnesota as the derek chauvin trial was ongoing. police say the shooting was accidental. wright resisted arrest during a traffic stop and tried to get back into his car. the officer accused of killing wright kim potter is a 26-year
4:02 am
police veteran who claims she accidently shot wright with her taser instead of her handgun. potter is charged with second degree manslaughter. family and friends attended daunte wright's viewing yesterday the same day the department of justice launch a patterns and practice probe into the minneapolis police department. at the today's funeral reverend sharpton will give the eulogy. ben crump is representing the wright's family who say people all over america saw their own child in daunte wright. >> when you watch that video, your conscience tells you it is the right thing to do to stand up for daunte wright to speak up for daunte wright and to fight for daunte wright. >> funeral is scheduled to start at 1 noon local. we will keep you updated throughout the day. back to you guys. brian: all right. matt, thanks so much. so, emotions going to be high and quickly blame policing again and we saw yesterday that the
4:03 am
attorney general of the united states going to do comprehensive look at police patrol car policies and practices on minneapolis after this incident. this you look a book at this woman's history she has a great past. she has a great record and right now her husband, who is also a police officer now retired and she is going to have legal issues brought up on this show or on radio she has admitted everything. everything caught on camera. there is no denial what happened happened. pete: hard to deny the instant reaction, too. as the vehicle is driving away, she is saying i shot him. ainsley: after she said taser, taser, taser. pete: she shot him in
4:04 am
bewilderment what just happened? >> now this brings up police reform issues. and maybe we do need to talk about this. if you have a taser and you have a gun, there shouldn't be any ambiguity. you have to be able to grab the weapon that you are announcing that you are going to use. there has been talk of using those other types of guns, the burner guns, they are not even guns, it's just a weapon to fend off an assailant or someone that could break into your house or someone who is committing a crime but it doesn't kill them. >> they are talk about police reform. tim scott working with democrats trying to negotiate. just trying to come together on the same playing field so everyone can agree. pete: one thing to have an earnest conversation about ensuring that policing doesn't end the least amount of times it ends tragically. when you are starting from the premise that the minneapolis police department systemically racist or all of these big town, little town police departments are systemically racist now you are impugning the motives of the
4:05 am
bad guys. they are the bad people not policies that sometimes are a little too strict or too loose that's what makes, this brian, difficult. telling people they are racist here is a bunch of burdens on top of you have as well. brian: absolutely. defund the police loser for everybody. american people thinks that's ridiculous. congressman byron donalds is not confident that the reform democrats are talking about are going to reform anything. >> we have politicians who swear that they know how to fix all these things going on in our country, especially with policing these are the same politicians never started a business, never built a department, they have never created anything on our own. they are going to tell us how though reform policing in america. i don't buy it and believe it this is about their agenda and politics and using the anger and outrage of the american people this. is literally solenski rules for radicals, pick a target, polarize it in order to get their way. it's disgusting and needs to stop. brian: tim scott came up with
4:06 am
something june 17th called the justice act. it has things like create a commission to study and offer solutions for a broader range of topics, challenges facing black men and boys in the black community. strengthening training methods and tack pick particulars up and down especially for smaller agencies and departments. also ensure when a candidate is interviewed the department looking to hire will have access to their prior disciplinary records because one of the complaints people have is if you have problems in new york did you go down to north carolina, you can start fresh. they said if you were a problem in new york, you should not be able to get hired in a different department. pete: what tim scott is working on is much different than what democrats pushing on george floyd justice in policing act is a radical departure that would put a lot of -- would put crosshairs on a lot of law enforcement trying to do their job and make it even more difficult for them. what tim scott is working on is very important. we will see ultimately if they can come to a exrom mize.
4:07 am
ainsley: are jen psaki yesterday was questioned about this. why is the president saying this now yet he was responsible -- now is he coming under fire for being responsible for the crime bills back in the 1980s and 1990s when he was a senator. listen to this, a "new york post" reporter steve nelson challenging jen psaki. >> he is an architect of multiple federal laws in the 1980s and 1990s that disproportionately jailed black people and contributed to what many people see is systemic racism. to what extent does president biden acknowledge his own role in systemic racism and how does that inform his current policy position? >> i would say that the president is one of the president's core objectives is addressing racial injustice in this country not just through his rhetoric but actions. >> do you believe it's important to accept his own culpability. >> i think i answered your question. brian: no, you didn't. that's the cuomo med. if you can't have a staffer hang up have the press person avoid the follow-up question. bottom line is it's a great
4:08 am
question. how could president biden in 2021 stand? front of the american people and say that america has endemic racist society when he has been there since 1975 and has not managed to bring that up. in fact, he had a totally different take in 199. when we actually were using vcrs. remember when he said this. >> the truth is every major crime bill since 1976, that's come out of this congress, every minor crime bill has had the name of the democratic senator from the state of delaware joe biden on that bill. and has had a majority vote of the democratic members of the united states senate on the bill. pete: if that is the case, then he is the very systemic racism that he purports to be taking out now. you cannot have it both ways. the logical end state of what joe biden will be force good is effectively say i'm only a
4:09 am
president because of white privilege and i have been a racist my entire career and everything while i will do now is an as anti-racist and whatever the far left and the marxists that run the blm organization want i'm going to do. because so far he has blifn in the left wing on all of those things. i don't know how he stops at this point. ainsley: lieutenant colonel allen west is not buying it. now the g.o.p. chair in the state of texas. he talks about how those democrats back in the 1980s and '90s those policies that joe biden helped implement are destroying and disseminating the black family. listen to this. >> mine is not a story of being a victim but that's exactly what the democrat party wants to per perpetuate out there. and when you want to talk about systemic racism in the united states of america. that's the history of the democrat party. they are the runs and their policies that destroy and disseminated the black family. when i hear ramblings about systemic racism. we talked about this before this. is a new marxism. it's not about class warfare
4:10 am
it's about racial far ware and the neighborhood that i grew up in, the same neighborhood that produced dr. king, we are have got to get back to content of character not just repeated about skin color. pete: amen. brian: brought up in segregated was born blacks only hospital. segregated south. his dad said your challenge is going to be the first -- he goes first one in our family officer in the military go do it and he sees where this country has come and sees where his family was and progress this country has made. that used to be the path we were on up until 2014 we had a totally different view of race relations in america. now i feel like invisible forces trying to tear us apart not even on daily basis but hourly basis. pete: well said. brian: as we transition now to joe biden's agenda, i should say correct myself. it is really the bernie sanders agenda. the more you look at the person we elected he totally duped us and said i'm going to be a moderate. you know me i'm joe biden.
4:11 am
you saw all those video -- the video from 1970s. i'm a moderate guy. i'm not a socialist. well, it turns out he has taken his cues from bernie sanders and kamala harris. it. >> first it was packing the court. brian: he has a commission for that. ainsley: that's right. now talking about making d.c. a state. all of these things that republicans were worried about looks like they are coming to fruition or could come to fruition or at least discussing it in d.c. because they say that washington, d.c., the 700,000 people that live there don't have representation in congress. they don't have senators. but, it's a highly democratic area. so the reason these democrats want this is they will get two more democratic senators. they can pass more. it's going to be very difficult for this to pass though because they would have to have a vote on constitutional amendments. they need two thirds support to pass that it's nearly impossible considering the current makeup of the body. pete: do they two thirds? i have got look at that.
4:12 am
ainsley: according this is from "the new york post." i read it yesterday in the "new york post." pete: here is the overall strategy too and i'm sure you are right. that they are introducing this legislation in the house. it was just talk before. now, i believeth house is set to vote on a d.c. statehood bill today. so nancy pelosi's house is going to vote on whether they would like to acknowledge they would like to welcome d.c. as a state. ainsley: you would think it would be hard and difficult to make an area a state. in the united states of america. pete: they want to do it whether they have the process to have do it let's see. they are starking bills up in the senate. they are passing a bunch of radical legislation to include d.c. statehood and moving it over to the senate and then they will dare the senate to stand there and resist eventually the democrats will say you know what? this filibuster thing is the only thing standing between us and the completion of this agenda which is passed the house but can't get through the senate. they put pressure on democratic members to get rid of that filibuster and you open the flood gates. who knows if it will happen or not but that is certainly what knows on the far left want,
4:13 am
brian, and to your point they have gotten what they wanted so far under the biden administration. brian: chad pergram says take 50 votes and looking at 2022 and all this legislation stopped only because they won't go to the filibuster. the pressure on cinema and mansion will be so great they will open up the flood gates and all this stuff will pass before they ultimately lose control of the house. here is a memo from steve scalise on why d.c. should not be a state. the d.c. government has failed to provide for the safety and well-being of its citizens. there are currently 57 reported murders this year. that's 30% increase compared to all homicides committed in 020. why should the district of columbia be granted understood can't perform duties protecting its residents against criminals. george will writes today that if you want to know why d.c. is going to become a state there are times in which you had democrats are 60 votes and in 1984, 57 senators. but they never moved to do this. and when ronald reagan came
4:14 am
within a few votes of taking all 50 states, he still got trounced in washington, d.c. with less than 1% of the vote. donald trump got 5.4% of the vote. don't let anyone kid you. this is not a hunger to get washington, d.c. residents representation. this is a hunger for more congress men and women and more senators to forever change the balance of power in washington. what institution are democrats not going to try to turn on its head? none. they are going for all of it. pete: that's right. ainsley: according to this article, in order to do this, you would first, brian, have to get a constitutional amendment. that's what they are saying you would need two thirds to pass. nearly impossible given the makeup. hr 51 would face an uphill battle in the senate. democrats would need 10 republicans to cross over and support the legislation in order to have the 60-vote margin needed to pass it. pete: the argument steve scalise makes is a good one. d.c. government is one of the most corrupt governments in the
4:15 am
country. cronyism at large. a lot of that is because of it proximity to the federal government. james madison who wrote in federalist 43 by the way, which can we still quote that? i don't know if we are allowed to anymore. points out, there was a very specific reason why they did not make the seat of the federal government a state. they said you don't want the federal government beholden to a particular state. was part of the argument. and they also argued the proximity of the district citizens was enough itself to ensure that their concerns are well-represented. have you met -- i mean, the amount of influence among people who live in the district of columbia is massive. compare that to folks who live in eastern washington or someone out in oregon. they don't have the level of access that folks in d.c. do. they throughout through why this wouldn't be the case precisely because of a moment like this. brian: we don't want to go back in american history because a lot of people want to forget about our history. they would name it the washington douglass commonwealth and leave a smaller footprint of washington, d.c. just be around
4:16 am
the federal portions that we now have fenced in by congress and the white house. pete: that's right. maybe they will build a wall around it, too. permanent one. ainsley: jillian has more headlines, too. jillian: that's right. begin with this. a new sign on display at the intersection dubbed george floyd square it has it instructions people who are white be mindful whether your volume pace movements are to decenter yourself. the area was turned into a memorial for floyd following his death last summer. senators grill tech giants apple and google on the dominance of app. stores. app. developers clam complained of high fees for purchases. owned tinder feels. apple and google say they needed to pay for security measures to protect consumers from harmful hasps. the hearing comes as lawmakers working to update antitrust laws. how about this, book publisher simon & schuster will plush a
4:17 am
memoir by former vice president mike pence despite employee objections. a petition urged the company to cancel pence's book and refrain from signing deals with other trump administration officials. the simon and shuster ceo says he wants to, quote. preserve a culture that presents different different perspectives. and tiger king, it exotic and carol. offer from bass kin to get his sentence reduced in support for his support in passing a big cat safety act. exotic is serving a 22-year sentence for violating wildlife safety laws and 2017 murder for hire plot to kill bass kin. i still have not seen a minute of this. brian: neither have i. i refuse to buy into the mania. ainsley: i watched a little bit of it. pete: i watched all of it. ainsley: you were into it. pete: yeah, the plot thickens. ainsley: what do you think about this story? pete: she believes he tried to
4:18 am
kill her and now she is trying to reduce his sentence in exchange for a big cat protection act because she thought he was abusing the big cats. it's a mess. no real good actors. brian: i watched of the promo of ted -- ainsley: that's a good one. pete: probably more substantive. ainsley: funny moments but also some sad moments, too. brian: yes, it was a weird mix. america needed ted lasso. ainsley: such a good guy. brian: too bad he doesn't exist. ainsley: got to watch it it's a soccer show so of course brian loves it. brian: just for the record these are normally the conversations we have in the break. still ahead, the biden administration could force religious doctors and hospitals to perform gender transition procedures is that constitutional or think? two question marks back to back. we will discuss dash after the break. al — they customize my car insurance
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4:23 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: the biden administration has filed an appeal against a january court toward keep in place a mandate that would force religious doctors and hospitals to perform gender transition procedures. critics say the mandate would have devastating implications not only for the religious freedoms but medical ethics as well. and here to discuss this is radiologist and policy adviser for the catholic association dr. christie and president of the beckett fund which filed many legal challenges on religious organizations mr. mark reinsy. thank you both for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> doctor, what has happened in the courts so far? can you break it down in layman's terms for us? >> sure. this is a mandate that goes back
4:24 am
to 2016 from the obama administration. and it witness challenged in courts twice. and both times it's lost because the federal government doesn't have the ability or shouldn't have the ability to force religious doctors and hospitals to provide this type of controversial service that goes against their medical judgment and their religious believes. they have lost in both places. but what happened this week the important thing that happened this week is that the biden administration decided to appeal one of those rulings to try to get it changed to try to get the ability to force these religious doctors and nurses and hospitals to provide these types of treatments against their medical judgment and against their religious beliefs. ainsley: so dr. chrissy, how do you feel about it? would you want to perform a gender reassignment surgery. >> know would never want to do anything that could potentially significantly harm my patient and at the same time something that there is no real medical consensus that it actually helps patients in the long term to cure what is the -- their
4:25 am
underlying problem which is gender dysphoria. our hippocratic oath is first do no harm and this is a very problematic thing for doctors and hospitals especially in the case of children where we know most children grow out of gender dysphoria naturally with appropriate support. ainsley: that's interesting. so, and, mark, what is also interesting about this is why would they want to -- why would they want to force a doctor to do this surgery if they don't believe in it, a or if they're not trained in it. wouldn't that harm the patient. >> yeah. that's really one of the great ironies of this case is that if you wanted this service, surely the last people you would want it from is folks though ho think it's a bad idea or harmful. the other great irony the federal government's own programs often don't cover these types of gender transition procedures precisely because their lawyers, and this includes the obama administration lawyers, you know, the obama administration doctors said that there is insufficient evidence that these procedures are
4:26 am
actually helpful for anybody. so, these are procedures that the government itself often doesn't cover in their own programs precisely because there is not enough evidence that it helps people, yet, they are trying to force these doctors and hospitals and nurses to provide them against their will. ainsley: are there any exemptions? if you have religious reasons you don't want to perform this surgery constitutional reasons? >> well, there certainly are and should be constitutional and statutory protection for these doctors and nurses the outrageous thing is that the federal government is asking courts to take that away. that's the big problem with what the biden administration just did. is they are trying to take those away. ainsley: dr. christie and mark, we really appreciate you all being here. thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. ainsley: you are welcome. the biden administration pushing critical race theory on u.s. schools with taxpayer dollars. a former professor weighs in on indoctrination next. from our friends at fox bet you can download the fox bet super 6
4:27 am
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4:31 am
jillian: good morning back with headlines, the father who helped hide the body of kristin smart 25 years ago released from jail. posted bail after the judge lowered it from 250,000 to 50,000 citing the 80-year-old's health problems. he faces accessory to murder charges after smart disappeared from california's university in 1996. his son paul was charged with her murder. he has been denied bail. organizers of the burning man fest are considering mandating the covid-19 vaccine if they go ahead with the event. the festival, which draws thousand of people to reno, ned was canceled last year because of the pandemic. burning man ceo says they are, quote, weighing the gravity of the potential mandate which would require attendees to show proof of vaccination. a decision on whether to move forward with the august festival is expected by the end of the month. okay, so a would-be crook in the u.k. ran into some trouble
4:32 am
trying to pull off a jewelry heist and naturally it was all caught on security camera. watch. as he lobs a brick at the jewelry store window makes a break that doesn't break he tries again and again and again. eight times in all still with no success. he then tries to push the glass in but doesn't work. eventually he walks away empty-handed. already, eddie van halen ford van up for auction. guitar legend purchased the car in the 1990s. he wasn't the latest owner. it recently went for $88,000 in 2017 but this time to sweeten the sale, the seller is throwing in this fender guitar it's signed by the original van halen line-up and comes with a framed picture of van halen himself. pretty cool. pete, would you do it? pete: if i could pay in bit coin. thank you, jillian, appreciate it two private new york city schools are receiving backlash from parents and teachers over their woke anti-racist quick
4:33 am
lump. racistcurriculum one fed up dado pulled his kid out of the elite. issue all-americans need to be concerned about. andrew gutmann telling bari weiss, quote: this is not a rich person issue. this is not a new york city issue. it is a disaster for education nationwide, which is a disaster for our future. dr. carol swain is performer professor joins me now. doctor, thanks so much for being here. you know this stuff better than anybody. when you start to see parents and you start to see teachers calling out so-called elite institutions, what does it tell you and does it give us an opportunity to actually push back some of these bad ideas? >> well, first of all, i can tell you that across the country people are pushing back. parents are organizing and they should be. and i would encourage whistleblowers to step forward with your information because
4:34 am
what is taking place is very dangerous. it is creating a hostile environment for students, as well as teachers and administrators and i know from firsthand experience that if you are in an environment that feels hostile, you cannot be your best self. and what that is doing with the critical race theory is pure indoctrination. it's not teaching young people how to think. in fact, it's teaching the opposite because if they have questions. and it's not -- the questions are not politically correct, then they risk getting themselves into trouble. pete: dr. swain, i love how you put it, whistleblowers. you are exposing something in the era of zoorges the teachers not be there. they want the captive audience. when you see it and speak up about it you are right, the institutions will bring the backlash and bring it heavy. ultimately, how do
4:35 am
administrators argue back against parents when they say you are teaching my kid to hate himself because is he white or you are emphasizing race. can they continue to defend this or once it's exposed will it fall apart? >> well, i think it should fall apart and the man that is challenging that at the elite school with his daughter, he is absolutely correct that it is a national problem and i think that when you point out that the learning environment is hostile. and the environment for teachers, i mean, that's running counter to civil rights laws when it comes to at least hostile workplaces. and teaching young children to hate themselves and their ancestry because of the color of their skin, i mean, that is not something we should be cooking n america. we should not being shaming children or bullying them. we should not be creating,
4:36 am
intimidating environments, we are doing that under the guise of educational equity and it's very harmful to minority children because it teaches them that they're victims, that they can't. and it also breaks up relationships that they have. the critical race theory will come into environments where there are no serious problems and when they get there they create problems. pete: under the guise is equity is a very different word from equality as well. they always use equity. real quick though this is why it's so scary and was mentioned in the set-up. this is not just new york city or elite thing. on monday, the biden administration announced dr. swain, that the education department has proposed two new priorities for american history and civics education, some of which is the 1619 project and critical race theory. so are we going to see the federal government start to mandate this to government schools, public schools, private schools across the country? >> it's my understanding that they will incentivize it with federal grants.
4:37 am
and so schools are always hungry for money and i believe that if they do that, they will have schools more schools adopting it and, yes, they do want it national. they want it everywhere. and it's more important than ever for people who can to go to the federal register and comment on the rule. i think they have 60 days to comment on the rule. so that needs to be done. but in the meantime, across america, whether you are a democrat, republican, liberal, or conservative, you have a child that is dependent on you, it's very important for you to protect your child. and it is important for people not to work under oppressive conditions and right now not a lot of education is taking place in america at our colleges and universities and now in the k through 12 schools. and we are going to reach a point, pete, where the only educated children in america are the home schooled children and the ones in classical education programs and those few private
4:38 am
schools where they have not allowed the nonsense in. pete: it's amazing. such a dangerous tipping point moment. and, dr. swain, you have been writing about it for years. we will look more into this education department comment. i hope folks will check that out and directly put their input in because if the dollars are attached to it schools are going to do it. dr. carol swain, thank you so much. really appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: one of the smartest ladies on television. all right. coming up in the wake of derek chauvin's conviction if down played the violence that broke out last summer over the death of george floyd. when protests turned into riots in st. louis retired police captain david dorn died. captain done's widow joins us live next. ♪
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4:43 am
we hadn't seen since the civil rights era in the '60s. protests that unified people of every race and generation and peace and with purpose to say enough. enough, enough of this senseless killings. brian: yeah, protests that spiraled oftentimes into riots that cost this country and 264 separate ones over the last year about a billion dollars. president biden appearing to down play the unrest that ravaged the nation last summer during the riots after george floyd's death as he reads through derek chauvin's guilty verdict that's not sitting well with our next guest david dorn was killed defending a friend's business during the riots. ann done joins us now. i know it's coming up difficult introduce marking when your husband was killed. what is your response from the president looking back favorably
4:44 am
on this period in our country? >> it's disheartening that our leaders are down playing this and not calling for peace. they should be demanding peace from our communities. let the coursework it out like they did, you know, wait for a verdict. don't just jump to conclusions and make statements that are going to incite more violence, more crime. brian: while not condemning it. you are talking about what the president did prior to the verdict. he a mix his comments during the day in the oval office while the verdict while the verdict had still not been -- they never came to a decision. >> exactly. him, you know, maxine waters, and celebrities that are out there making comments publicly that are going to influence people. brian: how have you dealt with the last year? >> day by day. i take it day by day. it's been a very hard journey
4:45 am
without my husband with me. brian: knowing the assailant never should have been out two armed robbery convictions. ravaging through the city. and he decides to look at your husband when your husband tries to subdue him and stop him from looting, he turns around, seemingly without a second thought and takes the life of your husband. is it hard to wrap your head around that? >> yeah, it is. he pretty much ambushed my husband. my husband realized he was there and my husband was talking to someone else trying to dissuade them from looting when this young man walked up and shot him. >> since that time st. louis has been anything but calm. you expect to be the murder capital of the world against this year and crime is going up. a lot of people have left the city and crime is going up per capita including the murder
4:46 am
rate, the homicide rate. >> exactly. we are at an all-time high to pass what we did in 19 3. brian: do you sense an urgency for law and order in your city. >> i do. people want peace. the neighbors and the community want peace. they don't want this violence. we have too many children being shot. brian: have you seen action coming from your attorney general? have you seen action coming from law enforcement? >> our attorney eric schmidt is trying to work on some things, yes. the law enforcement community itself, our officers are very, very dedicated and they love the communities they work in, you know, there is one bad apple doesn't -- you can't let that spoil everybody. and our officers are out there to work and they want to help the community. they want to work and do their job and they do it with respect every day the way your husband
4:47 am
did his job every day. app. joran, appreciate. >> it thank you, brian. brian: will cain at the border sitting down with sheriffs and talking about the border crisis they see every single day it's being ignored. can't park your car in the garage because of all that junk? skip bedell shows us how to put together a shed and more. first ♪ ♪
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jillian: good morning back with your headlines this year's indianapolis 500 could set the pace for sporting events. race officials plan to allow up to 135,000 fans a tepid that's 40% capacity. if that happens, it would be the most people allowed at a sporting event since the pandemic started last year the race was held without fans. and brad keselowski takes the virtual flag in the i racing pro-series at talladega he will race in this weekend's geico 500. coverage starts at :00 p.m. eastern on sunday.
4:52 am
"fox & friends weekend" will be there, too. we will have live coverage from talladega all weekend long so you don't want to miss it. brian: back on the road. pete: we're going to be there. it's going to be fun. ainsley: are you excited? pete: of course. ainsley: you will be there and saturday and sunday. pete: the show is saturday and sunday. i am going to stick around for the race. i have never seen a nascar race before. have you. ainsley: they will love you there a lot of our supporters are there. brian: my first race dale earnhardt lost his life in it do you believe that. first year fox had nascar. ainsley: my mom's name is dale earhardt. called out her name they were, wear. they call her name outside at dale earnhardt. pete: fantastic stories. the garage might be where you are supposed to leave your car. ainsley: but if clutter and junk forces you to park in the driveway, it's time to clean out the garage. >> my duty and privilege to bring in skip bendle to make sense of it all is he america's
4:53 am
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♪ >> protesters in columbus, ohio, taking to the streets for the second night in a row -- >> that girl had a knife in her hand, and she was getting ready to stab another young black girl in the face. >> what was the officer supposed to do? >> a picture of the officer saying, quote, you're next. >> making things worse in the country instead of making things better. >> attorney general merrick garland just announced a sweeping investigation into the minneapolis police department. >> yesterday's verdict does not address potentially systemic policing issues. >> what merrick garland did today was a dog and pony show to
5:01 am
the tenth degree. >> the cartels are using tiktok to recruit young americans to smuggle migrants into the country. >> this is happening in the most powerful nation in the world, we're allowing this to occur, and democrats refuse to do anything about it. ainsley: straight to a fox news alert. protesters gather outside of the columbus, ohio, police station for a second straight night after the deadly police shooting of a young black girl. brian: more insight into what happened before the police ai arrive ared. arrived. >> trying to fight us, trying to stab us -- [inaudible] pete: police body cam video showing the chaotic scene as the 16-year-old lungs at another girl -- lunge ares at another girl. the officer fired his girl four times hitting bye. january and killing her.
5:02 am
welcome to the 8 a.m. hour of "fox & friends" on this thursday. footage hard to watch. you know the police officer there got a phone call, they're trying to stab us. ultimately, when you watch that video in slow-mo, you can see what's going on. in the realtime guys have to make a split second decision, in that case it was to save the life of the woman who was being stabbed, and there's a lot of second guessing this morning from folks on social media. ainsley: that's right. lebron james tweeted out something that he eventually deleted. he wrote -- he put a picture of the police officer, we blurred out his face, but james did not. and underneath this he said you're next, hashtag accountability. brian: yeah. and this is the same day in which derek chauvin was sentenced -- excuse me, was convicted on two counts or three counts of murder. so i guess that's what he was referring to. he deleted it. it didn't stop the national fraternal order of police from tweeting this out: lebron
5:03 am
james should educate himself and, frankly, has a responsibility to do so. this is disgraceful and reckless. the officer saved a young girl's life, no amount of gaslighting will change that fact. also they're doing an investigation, so how could anyone possibly jump to a conclusion like that when you have to make a split second decision, and you were called to the scene for that exact reason? someone's got a knife, and then you see somebody stab somebody else. ainsley: that was the point of the director, ned pent fit jr. -- ned pettis jr. he said the community how old not rush to judgment. -- should not rush to judgment. it requires us to pause and wait for the facts. pete: we should pause, we should wait. brian, you asked the right question with, because the narrative in the minds of folks like lebron james is already written. that police officer who he put up there, i mean, one of the most famous people in the world
5:04 am
threw the foe -- photo of this guy. because that law enforcement officer happened to be white and that female who was trying to stab somebody else happened to be black this, of course, was something that was about race, it was a mistake made because of race, because of systemic racism. and when you look at the rhetoric at the top of our country right now, joe biden said after the verdict, derek chauvin, earlier this week, that america is a systemically racist country. now you've got merrick garland saying the minneapolis police department might be systemically racist, you're sending signals, and it's all a racist cop behind that gun making that decision, not a human being as we talk at lot about. this female was involved in the shooting in brooklyn center who had an exemplary record. tell me it was race that motivated her decision to pull the wrong -- the gun instead of the taser, or that that officer who saved a life did it because
5:05 am
of the race of the person he was protecting. it infiltrates everything. and somebody like lee james saying you're -- lebron james, you're next, i just know the color of your skin and, therefore, you're guilty. ainsley: that if the young lady were stabbed in the heart, in the face, what if she had died from it? police are in a difficult position, and they have to make split second decisions. and if someone's in harm's way and there's a criming with committed, she had a weapon -- pete: what if she was lebron james' daughter. brian: i've never been to a police academy. i'm willing to say i don't know how you're trained to act in that situation. i'm not going to pretend that i went through police training. lebron james says here's the reason why, i believe, the tweet. he says i deleted the tweet referencing a columbus police officer who fatally shot a 16-year-old because it was being used to create more hate.
5:06 am
ainsley: well, i mean, this guy, the national fraternal order of police, they have gone through police training, and they're saying this officer saved a young girl's life. why aren't we praising him for that? pete: the only analogy i have is a military analogy, seeing the way they point fingers and second guess things that look tough in the moment. if you've got this experience, you say i know why the person acted that way. that's why you hear law enforcement defending this officer. ainsley: speaking of -- pete: that's right. i talked to an amazing guy, he was an nfl patriot, went to ranger school, joined the 101st airborne, got into the military. he talked about how politics is infiltrating sports and the military. >> those institutions, they transcend race, they transcend class, they transcend background because it's a meritocracy. the left and the media see sports and the military the as kind of the final frontier, and
5:07 am
they're taking over. they've taken over academia, the legacy media, they've taken over the bureaucracy in washington, d.c., and i think they just -- they see sports and the military as these two last institutions of traditional american values and meritocracy, of patriotism and, look, they're not going to stop until they're taken over everything. pete: great point. andrew breitbart said the last places that the left-wing ideology has not infected until now, sports and the military. brian: and i'm just going to say on another note, there's a lot of sports fans in america that were forced to give up sports for a year. you know what's still down? ratings in baseball bigtime, but nothing's more down than basketball, 40% down on tnt and abc and 20% down on espn. so maybe people just want an escape when it comes to sports, ask that's not what they're getting. ainsley: yeah. when there's a hot button issue, a lot of people decided they
5:08 am
weren't going to watch nfl anymore too with the kneeling, and we're seeing it trickle into other sports as well. all right, aoc says do you know why there's a climate crisis? because of racial injustice. listen to this. brian: makes total sense. >> the climate crisis is a crisis born of injustice, and it is a crisis born of the pursuit of profit at any and all human and ecological cost, which means -- [applause] that we must recognize in legislation that the trampling of indigenous rights is a cause of climate change, that the trampling of racial justice is a cause of climate change. because we are allowing people and we are allowing ourselves to make sure -- we are allowing folks to deny ourselves human rights and deny people the right to health care, the right to housing and education. pete: president whoa. that is all of the left-wing wokism education rolled into
5:09 am
one. that is capitalism is evil, america is evil because of america -- because of the way it was founded. so we're defined by our sins from the very beginning. it's not 1776, it's 1619. therefore, because it was white people or anybody who was here in america building this country with capitalism and made mistakes but recovered from them and, thankfully, we're in a better place today than we were then, you've got to tear it all down, it's all bad, and any admission that came from that is based on racism, and that's where climate change came from i'm losing my -- brian: i think she had five different topics, but she has plans for today and tomorrow, so she's like i've got one speech, i'm just going to put it all in. i don't think -- ainsley: it's interesting you say that because logan hall from the daily caller wrote: truly impressive woke word ballad here. and then the nrcc deputy director of communications, his name is mike berg, he shared
5:10 am
that speech on twitter, and more than 750,000 people have watched it. others were joking around about other possible things that could be blamedded on climate change as well. pete: what she's talking about is capitalism. the miracle of capitalism which has uplifted the world. the innovations and interventions that occurred over a hundred-year span that have improved life expectancy, across every race, every gender, the improvements we've made for man kind, i have more technology in this iphone that we had in the shuttle that went to the moon in 1969. what capitalism has brought us is beyond anything we could have imagined a hundred years ago. she's indicting that. she's saying we're omitting more, therefore, climate change is our religion. the zoom call that joe biden's quick to be on today with
5:11 am
world -- going to be on today with world leaders is the most important thing. what's china going to do about it? probably nothing. but don't worry, lebron james loves them and hates us. all 40 leaders will be hitting that free zoom call link, brian, that you learned about, and they'll be saving the planet. brian: so it's going to be great. president xi's going to be on, vladimir putin committed to it. so when that navalny, the dissi, is dying in jail, when you have fighter gents buzzing the island of taiwan and when you have capitalists in jail in hong kong, are you kidding me? you want me on a call to talk about how hot the planet's getting by 2 degrees? really? can i buy a coal applicant in the middle or after my if speech? because that's really what we're talking about. it's unbelievable. we used to be in the situation where people on the outside of america hated america, and we could deal with that. but now the people that hate
5:12 am
america actually are here working for america to destroy america. pete: and apologizing for our enemies. where's the one word of criticism from comrade cortez about the communist chinese? or one word of criticism from lebron james about the communist chinese? never. brian: cut a new deal with them. ainsley: it's because democrats have a more global perspective, so when president trump said america first, democrats want it more global. pete: they want to judge everybody. they should judge the communist chinese, and they won't do it. brian the -- brian: [inaudible] pete: when you lose the culture, you lose the entire situation. it's our k-12 classes and our universities. that is what they teach in your kids' high schools, in your kids' community college, college. that is what they're learning. how do you expect them to love --
5:13 am
brian: do you mean free community college? pete: they've got it all covered for you. ainsley: jillian has some more headlines for us. jillian: fox news alert, the funeral for daunte wright is set to begin hours from now killed last week in brooklyn center, minnesota. the department of justice now launching a probe into the nearby minneapolis police department to see whether there is a pattern of using excessive force following the conviction of ex-cop derek chauvin. house republicans call on the biden administration to release documents allegedly disclosing saudi arabia's role in the 9/11 terror attacks. congresswoman nicole mall ya tack the kiss saying in a letter to the doj, quote, the administration must make good on its commitment to transparency by releasing these documents so justice can be served for first responders and families. saudi arabia with has denied any
5:14 am
involvement in the attacks. new york governor andrew cuomo's staff appears to shield him from questions about the sexual harassment against him. listen and judge for yourself. >> will you resign from office if she concludes you did violate the sexual harassment laws in this state? >> let's see what the report says, and then we will take it from there. >> [inaudible] >> okay. jillian: the reporter tweeting, quote: i got cut off while trying to follow off on this point. aaron rodgers helps boost ratings on jeopardy, the show seeing a 14% jump when he was guest host. it comes as the show reveals joe buck will be one of the final guest hosts. his episodes will reportedly end this summer. a handful of personalities have been filling in since the passing of alex trebek last year.
5:15 am
a permanent host has not been announced. back to you. ainsley: wow. are they going to go with the person who has the highest ratings? brian: i would think. steph. knop louse is going to do it as well as robin roberts -- ainsley: dr. oz did it for a while too. pete: where do i get one of those -- if there's a guest i don't like -- brian: we're definitely not getting that, pete. not a chance in a million years. meanwhile, 15 minutes after the hour -- pete: critical race theory seems to have the support of biden's education department as they issue a proposal to prioritize race-related lessons. former education secretary dr. bill bennett joins us on the ballot over ideology versus education in america's classrooms. ainsley: plus, will james is going to join us with a firsthand look at the border crisis. >> the president of the united states needs to prioritize these
5:16 am
borders, and there's consequences for wreaking our laws.
5:17 am
5:18 am
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move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. brian: all right, here we go. the biden administration signaling plans to promote critical race theory in america's schools. the education department wants a grant program for history and civics education to promote, quote, projects that promote diverse perspectives in teaching and learning. what does that mean? here to react host of the wise guys on fox nation, dr. bill bennett. dr. bennett, does this bother you? >> yeah, it boths me. you said a couple minutes ago how did the people who hate america get to govern america? well, they persuaded a lot of
5:21 am
people, millions of people, to distrust america, to doubt america and some even to hate america. and then they voted for them. that's how it works. education is critical. it's a critical issue. i wish the republicans appreciated as much as the democrats do. what you've got in this piece of legislation, brian, is among other things a billion dollars a year over six years, $6 billion, to go into the schools to teach critical race theory which is good in itself, but it's also to teach hatred between the races, that america is a terrible and corrupt country, and just to chose the circle, to keep the people who hate america in charge of america. they're going to do it with money to bribe the schools. brian: so in other words, they're going to say if you want that grant, you're going to go by this crick line up. -- curriculum. what happened to the democratic party? did they always hate america this much? it's almost as if joe biden forgot we have tape of him in
5:22 am
the '70s and '80s. this is not the joe biden that we saw come up. >> no, it's not the joe biden -- he, i was chairman of the committee that confirmed me as the first drug czar. he thought i was not tough enough on law enforcement. he was a lock 'em up guy, lock 'em up joe. the world has changed, and with it the democratic party. used to be a democrat concern i used to be a democrat a long time ago, but the party is left in terms of foreign policy, the lefties took it over. look at the power that they have wielded. a lot of people on the show, you guys have said many times foundations, corporations now, the universities, the media, hollywood, big tech. why are they all going in this direction? well, i want americans and i i want conservatives and i want republicans to realize that it's because the democrats paid attention to what's being taught in the schools.
5:23 am
tax regulation, commerce, all very important. but if you want to change the country, change the minds of the children. brian: real quick, bill, what could be done about it? you have a lot of influence in the republican party or, and it's got to start with the curriculum and the school boards. do you think your party realizes that? >> i think, i think it actually starts9 with the people. as madison said in the federalist, quoted earlier on your show, it's the virtue of the people, the real virtue of the people. we need a cultural tea party. we need a party that understands what daniel patrick moynihan said. politics is important, but it recedes from culture. this is starting to come around. you've got people like andrew gutman there in new york and other people. but, yes, republicans -- and i'm going to be talking to them -- they hear the word civics, civics secures democracy, that's a billion dollars i'm for it. no, don't get misty-eyed. look at the fine print, the
5:24 am
words, what they're going to do. the left has been successful by understanding that the most important thing is what the children are taught because they become voters later on. and we are now seeing what it is the they have wrought. brian: started in colleges, then they're working through primary schools while the republicans are focusing on battleground statements and key senate seats, the democrats said they're we're going to win long term, and you see it with the squad and aoc. your eyebrows go up in the air and go, where'd that come from? this is where it came from. starting in grade school and that's what we get representing queens. thanks so much, bill bennett, appreciate it. >> economics may trickle down, i don't know, but education sure does. universities down to the schools. it's everywhere now. brian: right. you can make a difference, people who listen to you. bill bennett, thank you. meanwhile, coming up the white house's climate summit now underway as democrats push for a switch to end green energy, but who will pay the price? we're going to talk to sandra
5:25 am
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♪♪ pete: you are now looking live at the virtualing climate action summit where president biden just delivered the opening remarks. but as the event gets underway, coal workers fear or the green infrastructure push is putting their livelihood in jeopardy. brian: they are right. grady trimble is talking to some of those worker. he joins us live from west virginia with more. >> reporter: hey, good morning. this is a therm thal coal surface mine to create zero electricity. the united mine workers association, that's the union that represents miners, has essentially endorsed biden's climate policy as long as it includes green jobs for displaced miners. this mine in particular does not, is not part of that union. ralph ballard is the owner here. you feel a little bit
5:30 am
differently about this. you think it'll be devastating for your workers. >> we do. we think that it needs to be looked at very detailed, and we're not against renewable energies at all. it can be shared with all of us. i think there's a proper way of going about it, and we need to make sure that happens. >> reporter: if you look at mining jobs in the united states, there was a tick up in the first three years of president trump that fell off as demand for energy in general fell off during the pandemic. what do you think the future holds under president biden, or that part of the problem, you don't know? >> we don't know. and it's apparent that if the bill does pass without any adjustments, we'll be devastated. all these families that work out here, the communities will be in bad shape, and we don't want that to happen. >> reporter: what would you like to see as part of it? >> i'd like to see the numbers, i'd like to see the study and it be proven instead of rhetoric
5:31 am
and written document to see what it actually is and, hopefully, senator manchin and senator cap toe and our congressional delegation will do that, put it in front of the people and let them decide. >> reporter: all right. thank you, ralph, we'll see what happens. of course, president biden says that his plan would be better for the climate and that it would create millions of green energy jobs, but here on the coal mine they certainly feel differently. guys? ainsley: thanks so much, grady. let's bring in sandra smith, co-anchor of" america reports." good morning, sandra. >> hi, ainsley. ainsley: janet yellen was saying yesterday that private companies are going to pay for this transition. listen to this. >> the investment needed to green our economy is enormous. one estimate. placed the needed incremental investments at over $2.5 trillion in the united states alone. and private capital will need to fill most of that gap.
5:32 am
ainsley: it's going to cost a lot of money, $2.5 trillion needed over the next ten years, how are these companies going to pay for this? >> there you go, we're always asking that question, ainsley. now we're really getting some answers. and guess who didn't show up for this initiative yesterday? jpmorgan, goldman sachs, wells fargo. they were among six banks that promised to be a part of these lofty goals. they didn't show, ainsley, and it really raised a lot of red flags about the positioning of a lot of these banks that said they would step in. looks good publicly, right? but can they follow through? they're on the hook for a lot, ainsley, at a time where it's pretty difficult to do so. i'll tell you this, janet yellen's words were really interesting, and if you read the headlines that came from her speech,, you barely -- ainsley, you barely got a view of how big and bold this plan that she laid out for the american economy really is. rest assured those coal workers
5:33 am
that grady trimble was with just talking to about fearing for the loss of their jobs, that while joe biden says the plan adversely affects firms and workers in some industries -- that was janet yellen's words about biden's plans, ainsley -- he's now also calling on funds for workplace development so that those workers can respond to new opportunities. so, ainsley, we're spending money so that guys like that coal worker and others lose their jobs, and then in the transition biden and janet yellen say we're going to spend more money to help get them new jobs. [laughter] i mean, it's really, it's a pooled plan -- bold plan, ainsley, and it has a lot of consequences. ainsley: those jobs are not available yet. you have a special on fox nation about bernie madoff. >> it still has ripple effects around the globe to this day. one of the countless victims was a mom, 60 years old at the time this happened. she talks about the struggle she
5:34 am
went through, and she also says the government should have caught on to his scheme sooner than it did, ainsley. here's a bit of it. for many who invested with madoff, the news of his arrest was life-altering. phyllis, one of madoff's victims, reflected on that in a 2009 interview with fox news. >> i answered the phone, it was my broker, and he said -- are you watching tv? i said, no. so i, i put on the tv. >> a $50 billion fraud case unfolding on wall street as we speak. >> and i said to him, how much did we lose? and he said everything. >> there are so many victims like her, ainsley. i don't know if you remember, but back in 2008 when he was originally arrested, december 2008, i was the key reporter on this story. i stood outside of bernie madoff's apartment on the upper east side for 12 hours a day waiting to see the day he would
5:35 am
finally go to court. it was march 2009 that he pled guilty to all 11 fraud charges against him, and he spent every last day of his life in jail, dead at 82. it's streaming now on fox nation. ainsley: bernie nay day, death of a -- madoff, death of a snake oil salesman, sign up on fox nation to see this. you can get access to events and your favorite personalities on any device. it's 8:35 here on the east coast. the migrant surge declared an emergency in arizona. will cane is going to joins live next. refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans
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♪ ainsley: the border crisis escalating to emergency status in arizona where the governor made the declaration this week due to the surge in migrants. brian: "fox & friends" weekend cohost will cain went there to see firsthand for himself and
5:40 am
spoke to a panel of sheriffs from around the country. pete: the man himself joins us now from addison, texas. will, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pete. we talk about joe biden and kamala harris' commitment to securing the border. i went. i saw the cartel issue camouflage uniforms, i was there when 13 illegal immigrants were apprehended, and i talked to sheriffs from across the country who see this as a quality of life issue that impacts the citizens of their counties, and they're bound and determined, come hell or high water, if the federal government won't do something about it, then they will. watch. >> without border security, we will never have true homeland security, and american lives are at risk every single day. >> this isn't a republican or a democrat issue. this is an american issue. >> it is a national crisis. it is the united states' problem. >> reporter: i'm looking at this group of sheriffs from new mexico, virginia, nevada and all the a way from massachusetts --
5:41 am
>> you know, we brought this group together because people expect us to do something. >> reporter: how far are we from the mexican border right now? >> between about 70-80 miles from the mexican border. we are well within the united states' border. what they'll do is they'll come walking through the desert, and then they'll wait here. and then the scouts which you see in these mountains will tell the vehicle it's clear to pick them up. we've always been a traffic area, but we've seen a tremendous spike since january 209. this is all them. this is very fresh too because i come out here a often. it will mask the sound, and we can't track them in the sand. >> reporter: this is the camouflage you're talking about. >> it's almost like they have a border crossing kit. all these bags, this is your tip cam backpack here like this one, standard issue backpack. sleeping bags, jugs, clothes, they can carry far more value of drugs in these backpacks between
5:42 am
fentanyl pills and methamphetamine. >> in the year of 2020, next sees about -- new mexico sees about 18,000 pills. year to date this year, 80,000 pills. >> between 2007-2017, massachusetts had the highest influx of illegal immigrants into our communities in massachusetts. >> it's often been said every county is a border county. start with virginia having arrests of cartel members, ms-13 gang members. >> reporter: we're sitting here in the cho cheese county -- cochise county, and he told me the numbers have increased tenfold from over a year ago. you're all nodding along. you've all experienced something similar? >> we have a virtual camera system. last year at this time we ran between 300 -- 400 industries. white now we're at 3400 for the month of march alone. >> we're currently averaging almost five illegals an hour
5:43 am
crossing the border 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. >> there's a group not far from us right on our back side that we're working deny. >> reporter: that you've caught on camera. >> we saw them come into the cub, and now our team is working to get them. this is a very active highway. it wasn't that way before. before the administration canceled all the prevention programs, checkpoints, pretty much sent the message that, you know, it's okay to come into our country. [speaking spanish] >> reporter: 25 hours walking. ing got the camo on that we saw earlier. the helicopter we just saw catch 'em -- >> right. this is a group that just to the right, we just did the first interview with you, will? they were right behind us. [speaking spanish] >> guatemala. he's been trying for ten years, four times for him. >> reporter: four times --
5:44 am
sheriff, tell me what we just saw. what can be done to solve this problem? >> it starts with the president of the united states. he needs to prioritize this border, all our borders. and there's consequences for breaking our laws. >> there is a rule of law in this country. we are a country of immigrants. we all welcome immigration, we all do. we've all been beneficiaries of immigrants in our country, but legal immigrants. >> my parents did it right. we came here legally. we need to fix the border crisis that we have. when the feds fail, the states fail, we're not going to fail our citizens because we're at the church with them, we live right next door to them. the people in d.c. or the capital, they don't care. we have to. >> reporter: so, pete, brian, ainsley, this is the message these sheriffs shared with me. imagine living in a place where the rule of law just didn't apply. drug overdoses spiking. somebody's in your backyard, you
5:45 am
call haunter and they say deal -- law enforcement and they say deal with it. that's what the citizens of their counties are living with. they're part of a coalition called protect america now. if the federal government won't handle it, they see it as their job to protect the quality of life for their citizens. pete: so true, will. every state's a border state. what an amazing mix of sheriffs. it affects them. ainsley: yeah. what a tough job they have. brian: yep. they hold and they send them into the interior of the country, now they don't even process them. hopefully, someone will pay attention. but don't worry, the vice president is in charge. in june she's going to go to got ma la, so that'll solvering -- guatemala. that'll solve everything, thanks, will. janice: two-thirds of the country below average, and you can see we're talking about wind chills on april 21st. there's where we're at.
5:46 am
31 in minneapolis, 29 in chicago, 27 it feels like in new york city, i know. but the good news is temperatures are going to start to rise over the next couple of days. we do still have freeze watches and warnings in effect as far south as birmingham, alabama, tennessee, kentucky, in towards the southeast. there's the forecast, wind chill and the radar. we're still going to see the potential for lake effect snow but a calmer forecast. for the northeast, the potential for strong severe thunderstorms heading into friday and saturday for parts of the south, so a calmer forecast. we're going to start seeing more snow for the west. there's the forecast precipitation for saturday and sunday, or great news for out. and then -- drought. and then the potential for severe weather ramping up again on friday and saturday for the south, stretch thing into the southeast on saturday. an active weather pattern keeping us busy, of course, in the fox news extreme weather
5:47 am
center. back to you, everyone. [laughter] ainsley: that's the easiest way to do it. thank you, janice. janice: pete, brian and ainsley. brian: in whatever order. pete: thank you, janice. up next, so-called progressives call to cancel georgia over the state's new election integrity law, but will this cost them next year? raphael warnock looking to be flipped back to the gop. ♪ ♪ just over a year ago, i was drowning in credit card debt. sofi helped me pay off twenty-three thousand dollars of credit card debt. they helped me consolidate all of that into one low monthly payment. they make you feel like it's an honor for them to help you out.
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>> morning, everybody. i'm bill hemmer. big questions about america and our future, what happens in columbus? why would democrats want to -- the next state, newt gingrich on that. what about the med terms, too soon -- midterms. what about the economy? larry kudlow argues don't fix what's to not broke. right? come join dana and me nine minutes away, top of the hour. we'll see you then.
5:52 am
ainsley: broken. got it. jillian: congressman brad wenstrup reveals the fbi ruled the 2017 congressional baseball shooting as a suicide by cop. the ohio republican who was there that day is now raising questions about the ruling saying he believes it was a targeted attack on lawmakers. >> you want suicide by cop, you just pull a gun on a cop. it doesn't take 136 rounds. it takes one bullet. jillian: he's now calling for the fbi to review its ruling. a look at capitol hill where today house democrats are expected to pass a bill that would make the district of columbia the 51st state, but the measure will likely be dead on arrival in the senate because of filibuster. president biden has signaled his support for the bill. pete: thank you, jillian. the state of georgia has been a hotbed for cancel is culture after so-called progressives slammed the new election integrity law there, but our
5:53 am
next guest says it's time to uncancel america, not just georgia. he's a military vet and a small business other than who is taking on senator raphael warnock in the 2022 election hoping to flip that seat back to red. calvin king running, hoping to be senator king. thank you so much for being here, really appreciate it. you say you want to stop those who are trying to cancel america. how do you want to do that? >> well, thanks for having me, pete. pete: of course. >> yeah. what i mean is right now this whole cancel culture is pervasive. these woke corporations and career poll digs, they're being empower -- politicians, they're being empowered and emboldened. it's just not right, and that's why i say we need to uncancel america. and the gop is at a crossroads here in georgia. are we knocked down or knocked out? i'm here to fight. pete: that's a great way to put it. corporations, as you've seen, have been trying to cancel georgia and say, you know, the
5:54 am
system there is systemically racist. how would you as a senator fight back against that? >> well, what our governor signed into law, s.b. 202, i think, was a sound bill. there's a lot of people that were disenchanted with the last couple of elections. you know, if the people don't have faith in the elections process, you don't really have a country. so you've got to put processes and systems in place to enhance the integrity, and that's what s.b. b. 202 did, and i proudly support it. of. pete: the balance of the senate was lost because of two very close races in that state just a while ago. what are you going to do differently to beat raphael warnock? >> well, one thing that i bring to the table is relatability, pete. i mean, i'm from georgia, born and raised. my mother was 15 is years old when i was born, and we were able to work through adversity. so i can talk about adversity, i can relate to people, and what i bring are values. right now senator rafael war new
5:55 am
york he's not a good representation of georgia values. he's not pro-second amendment, he's not pro-life, lee not even pro-business -- he's not even pro-business. and i'm all three of those things. and i'm the choice for georgia right now. pete: calvin, what led you to go to the air force academy? why'd you want to serve your country? >> thanks, that's a great question. i've always had a heart for service. i thought colorado was a beautiful place, and i thought having the opportunity to participate in football was a great opportunity as well. and i went, and i had a great time, and i had a great career there. of you know, i left and became an air force officer. i was a contracting officer and finished my career at the academy, and i really enjoyed my time. i loved my service. i'm a patriot, i love my country, and i can't wait to serve again. pete: calvin king can, don't be a stranger. update us on the race, please, and good luck. >> we'll do it. thank you, pete. pete: of course. we reached out to senator war
5:56 am
knock but have not heard back. maybe he'll come on. we'll see. more "fox & friends" moments away. and hvalues high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa.
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so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way at carvana. >> brian and ainsley, thank you for having me. i'm going down to talladega hosting "fox & friends" weekend from the big race all weekend long and reporting for you there tomorrow. >> fox nation is hosting one of the cars. >> the number 7 car at
6:00 am
talladega is the fox car. >> number 7 the godly number. >> harvest rain and pancakes i got. >> go to ihop and get them. i crave them when i was pregnant especially. delicious. ihop. >> bill: good morning. emotions running high in ohio, protestors gathering outside police headquarters in columbus for a second night demonstrating against the shooting of a teenage girl trying to stab two other girls. big thursday show today. >> dana: i'm dana perino. nba superstar lebron james accused of inciting violence by tweeting a picture of the officer involved with the shooting captioned you're next. he later deleted the tweet saying it was being used the fuel hatred all adding to the heated rhetoric that republicans say is anything but helpful. >> it is a


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