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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 22, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> it is thursday april 2, '02, hundreds of protesters surrounded columbus police department for a second night over the deadly police shooting of an ohio teenager. police releasing new audio and video that shows the girl lunging at someone with what appears to be a knife. we will have a live report. >> vice president delaware is taking a trip to address the migrant crisis but not to the border. where she's going as reporters use -- tick-tock to recruit migrants. >> no plastic no problem. amazon's futuristic approach to whole foods. "fox and friends first" continues. ♪♪ >> second day in a row the 5 am intro song has included the word jump in it. of a telling us to jump around? are they trying to tell us something? >> not sure what they would be telling us.
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is there an agenda after the first story? >> you are watching fox and first. let's begin on the border. fox news has learned the vice president will visit the northern triangle in june as images show cartels using tick-tock to recruit american teens to smuggle migrants. >> president biden will kick off a 2-day virtual summit on climate change with world leaders. a very busy day ahead. >> it was a few weeks ago when the vice president laughed when she was asked if she was going to visit the border. that made some headlines. she's not visiting the border, she will be visiting the northern triangle countries, a source confirms this will happen in june, she will visit honduras, guatemala and el salvador but before she does that, on monday april 26th, she will have a virtual meeting with
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the president of guatemala, she has spoken to him before talking about the migrant crisis on the southern border. these countries, guatemala, el salvador and honduras are countries where a large chunk of those seeking asylum are coming from through mexico to the united states. aishah hasnie reporting cartels on the southern border are targeting american teenagers through social media, american teenagers through tick-tock to enforce them to smuggle people into the united states, paying 2 or 3 grand to do so. migrants seeking asylum come to the border, the latest numbers from border patrol, 320 migrants apprehended by border patrol in 48 hours. arizona's republican governor said he's furious about the lack of visits from top administration officials arizona
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border towns was a lot of focus on text, the governor said that is fine but he wants more light on his arizona's border problems and he's not alone. both democratic senators christensen and mark kelly support the decision. >> not a single member of the administration has paid us a visit in any of arizona's border cities, president biden, you should declare a national emergency. >> reporter: switching gears there will be a focus on climate change at the white house today and tomorrow, the president will discuss climate change, a few names in attendance, chinese president xi jinping and russian president vladimir putin. the president will give remarks at 8:00 this morning and a little later this afternoon, that will continue tomorrow. a lot of focus is on president xi, no meetings between
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president biden president xi schedule but the white house looking for the president to meet directly with russian president vladimir putin, that should be scheduled sometime over the next few months, the likely location in europe. >> protesters take the streets after the deadly shooting of a teen girl. jillian: the 9 one one call is released revealing what happened before the shooting. ashley strohmeyer joins us with that. >> good morning to you both, those protesters were outside columbus police headquarters for a second night demanding answers following the deadly officer involved shooting of a 16-year-old girl. before the shooting this 9 one one call came through, listen. >> trying to fight us, trying to stop us, put your hands on our grandma. >> body camera footage was
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released several hours later showing what appears to be bryant lunging toward someone with a life. officer nicholas riordan fired four times hitting the girl and killing her. ohio congressman jim jordan reacting to the shooting. >> what was the officer supposed to do? if he doesn't take action and this young lady hurts or arms or kill the other young lady then he is in trouble for that. a life is precious, life is sacred, anytime life is lost it is a tragic particularly at such a young age. this is a tough situation but i don't know what else this officer could have done. there will be an investigation and we will see what happens. >> lebron james and a now deleted tweet put up a picture of the officer saying, quote, you are next. the national fraternal order of police slammed james saying in part, quote, this is disgraceful and reckless. the officer save the young girl's life, no gas lady will change that effect.
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in elizabeth city, north carolina, a black man was shot by police. andrew brown junior was shot by police after they served a warrant at his home. >> we need to hear from the sheriff. the sheriff has yet to address our community. the community was not involved in. he has not reached out to any black leadership in this community or the family we know of as yet. he told us nothing. >> reporter: brown's on saying he was a good man and a good father to his kids. neil: you hear about this? activist newsom being criticized online after saying officers should not get involved in teenage fights. look at this tweet. newsom saying, quote, teenagers have been having fights
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including fights involving knives for eons. we do not need police to address these situations. newsom's tweet was in response to the deadly shooting in ohio, newsom being locked for this week with some accusing her of showing lack of care for the girl. senator john kennedy says anti-line enforcement letter from a woke politician is dangerous and misleading and here's why he says americans should trust the police. >> no fair-minded person believes cops, many of whom are racial minorities give up every day and go to work hoping for the opportunity to be able to hurt someone including but not limited to people of color. that is nonsense. but the woke arrest as really believe that. they do hate cops just because they are cops. >> violent crime has surged in
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major cities from minneapolis to new york where politicians have caved to protesters and pushed to defund police. >> manhattan district attorney's office will no lighter prosecute prostitution or unlicensed massages. dismissing more than 900 open cases for this offenses, the da's office will instead focus on providing services and support, the office is not prosecuted prostitution cases if the defendant went through mandatory counseling. the virginia department of education is exploring a plan to end advanced diplomas, universal meeting the director of the education office said it was, quote, about how and where graduation requirements can operate for equality. the majority were asian and white students according to the department of education. the proposed plan is looking to make sure students are ready for either college or the workforce. >> time 8 minutes after the hour, the justice department opening an investigation into the minneapolis police department following the derek chauvin verdict.
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the world's first six-function multipro tailgate. available on the gmc sierra. >> the justice department has opened a civil investigation to determine whether the minneapolis police department engages in a pattern of practice of unconstitutional or unlawful policing. the challenges we face are deeply woven into our history. >> attorney general mary garland announcing a crackdown on costs as derek chauvin is convicted of murdering george lloyd. jillian: giano caldwell joins us with reactions and a new investigation into the minneapolis police department. thanks for being here. let's go ahead and pull up what they would be reviewing here which includes policies, training, use of force, systems
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of accountability, determine whether other mechanisms are needed for lawful policing. i'm not a police officer, don't know what it is like to have something like this at the forefront but from an outsider's perspective i look at this and say wise this a bad thing. on the one hand, the way they are policing, it does prove the point chauvin was a bad apple as we know but if it does find flaws it leads to room for improvement? >> absolutely agree. is someone who was a spokesperson for large national police organizations these things happen regularly especially with george lloyd. we saw statue created by congress in 1991 after rodney king which allowed for the examination of patterns practices. we see this in baltimore, chicago, ferguson. especially in a situation like this where there have been
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complaints against the minneapolis police department and any corrections done by news organizations, something that should be done, creating peace within the community, ensuring something like george lloyd never occurs again. jillian: it could be beneficial where a lot of people say cops need better training but we need more funding so you could have an outcome that ends of making the police for stronger. >> brings us back to what senator scott said. everyone was about police reform but the democrats who chose to use it as a wedge issue, this should be a nonpartisan issue, leave politics out of it. text messaging with senator scott's chief of staff yesterday, they tell me they want to push more police reform and this is something democrats and republicans should come together on. it should be bipartisan.
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joe manchin talks about things being bipartisan and not just over reach efforts without all parties being old and most people would agree it should not be a partisan issue by no measure. we need to get something done and police need additional training to prevent situations like george lloyd from ever happening again. todd: cops may soon need permission to chase a suspect on foot. i too am not a cop but i'm trying to figure out how this would work in situations where you make a split-second decision. to me this is the equivalent of a better up at bat having to call his manager to decide if he should swing or not swing at the pitch while the pitch is in the air. this makes no sense. >> i'm not a sports guy but it seems like one of the most ridiculous things i have heard in a while, it is a very
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dangerous city. a police officer put their lives in jeopardy when they go on these calls especially in particular neighborhoods where life-and-death is a possibility within the split-second you mentioned. to say i need to stop pursuing a suspect and call my boss, and then he calls me back and say continue to pursue, stop one minute, let me call my boss and see what he says. it is insane. we have to take politics out of policing. there is no room for it. police should be able to do their job unencumbered by those who want to handicap them and that is usually the politician. mayor lori lightfoot, provide better training for officers instead of bowing to the activists. we want everyone to be safe. police should not be violating
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police procedure and creating misconduct situations but you have to use common sense and this is the common sense to say you should call your supervisor before pursuing a suspect. on the other hand there are times police officers called into their supervisors to see if they should continue to pursue a suspect if they are on a car chase in dangerous areas where may be the suspect hit someone could hit someone. but they will continue to pursue the suspect, until the police say stop pursuing. that is a different set of circumstances. when you are on a foot chase. >> i would imagine when you're on a foot chase like that having even if you are running to make a call taking away your distraction or focus on the job. >> not to mention putting your self in the line of danger.
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jillian: thank you for joining us, check the podcast out loud, have a good day. it is 17 after the hour. whiteout conditions cause and julie: car pile up. janice dean is tracking where the winter weather is headed. todd: a pipeline worker speaking against the president's lofty goal on climate change next.
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jillian: welcome back, look at this terrifying dashcam video showing a semitruck losing control and slamming into a snow plow during whiteout conditions in wisconsin causing a 22 car pile up leaving one person dead and several others hurt. difficult to see. on the east coast, parts of new york city, meteorologist janice dean joins us with the latest forecast. there is a lot going on. >> janice: historic april weather set records for the
2:22 am
latest snowfall as well as temperature records, record lows today and yesterday. we are talking about windchill as we head towards the last few weeks of april, 27 in chicago, 32 in cincinnati, 33 in atlanta. it feels cold for two thirds of the country and we have freeze advisories, watches and warnings for some of these areas including the south, birmingham, alabama, nashville, that big front, the cold front that swept across the east coast including the hail we saw in new york, that has exited but behind it we have cold air and lake effect snow, that will go through the day today as temperatures, cold enough for those snowflakes through today and tomorrow, better forecasting will warm up. that is the good side. because we are in mid april
2:23 am
towards the end of april temperatures will rebound quickly and what is on the ground in terms of snow will melt. the rest of the country is fairly quiet. we have more snow in the northern rockies and we will talk about severe weather friday into saturday. hopefully people are safe, are quieter forecast watching the severe threat into the weekend. todd: thank you very much, president biden kicking off his international climate summit to lay out goals for a green future but the congresswoman behind the green new deal says the plan doesn't match the left's vision. listen. >> a crisis born of the pursuit of profit at any and all human and ecological cost which means we must recognize in legislation that the trampling of indigenous rights, the trampling of racial justice is a cause of climate change.
2:24 am
todd: what do everyday american think of this, particularly those who have lost jobs in the energy sector? we escalate off keystone pipeline worker and father of 3, lynn allen. you heard what she thinks of your industry. what do you want to say to her? >> i would like to tell her i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. i guarantee you right now this is hard on everybody. climate change ain't nothing but a joke. only gas is going to be in the driver of the world and these people keep going back making excuses about racial and all that climate get warmer, this is really a joke, this administration need to look at the american people, how many is
2:25 am
laid off, out of the money the american families are losing, their own families, it is bad, it is sad. >> you were promised to clean energy job. you have a clean energy job yet? >> know. only thing i heard about clean energy is solar panels and two days ago, lots of solar panels, the other is electric and burn it down two nights ago simply because solar panels started a fire. i don't care about the solar panels and wind generation the to go to work.
2:26 am
electric and solar will not be the main pusher in the world. oil and gas is. why does america have to suffer and all of these other countries, russia or china or ukraine or africa. why are they not the leaders in all of this so-called climate change? every time we do all of the climate change why is the american people always hurting? todd: one of the themes is the pledge to cut emissions in half by 2030 but to your point if china and india don't follow suit what good is the work that we do? we appreciate your insight on letting us know how this affects real people on the ground trying to make a living and trying to survive in today's society. >> god bless america.
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jillian: 26 after the are. is the post office spying on you? a document suggests it may be. senior hands may be all you need to check out that story next. ♪♪ wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it. principal. for all it's worth. did you know that your clothes can actually attract pet hair? with bounce pet hair & lint guard, your clothes can repel pet hair. look how the shirt on the left attracts pet hair like a magnet! pet hair is no match for bounce. with bounce, you can love your pets, and lint roll less.
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todd: family and friends will attend the funeral of daunte wright, the man shot and killed in minnesota. jillian: caroline is in minneapolis. >> reporter: the funeral for daunte wright will be held at noon local time, hundreds came to the viewing. he was shot to death in a nearby suburb of brooklyn center, he was shot and killed by former
2:31 am
brooklyn police officer kim potter on april 11th during a traffic stop, potter confused her handgun for her taser. officials say daunte wright pulled free from police when they attempted to handcuff him and got into his vehicle and was fatally shot by potter. potter is charged with second-degree manslaughter. family and advocates say they were suggestive in the cases they were with george floyd. >> in harmony. if you brought it to their family as we have been running out. >> reporter: on tuesday derek chauvin was convicted of murdering george floyd. the justice department announced a federal investigation into the practices and policies of the minneapolis police department. >> yesterday, this does not address systemic policing issues in minneapolis. the challenges we face are deeply woven into our history. >> reporter: we've seen mostly peaceful demonstrations this
2:32 am
week, at daunte wright's funeral later today. >> president biden celebrates 200 million vaccine shots in america. he is urging young people to get their shots as well as calling on every business to get paid time off for employees to get vaccinated. >> no working american should lose a single dollar from their paycheck because they chose to fulfill the patriotic duty of getting vaccinated. >> the administration avail a tax credit to encourage businesses and nonprofits with 500 employees to offer paid leave. todd: and are, asking about the sexual harassment claim. >> will he resign from office if she concludes you did violate the sexual harassment laws of the state? >> let's see what the report says and we will take up. >> it just does -- >> okay. todd: the reporter later tweeted
2:33 am
he was intentionally silenced saying i got cut off when trying to follow up on this point. jillian: the postal service has an elite police force to monitor social media and investigate online threats. todd: shell casone joins us with more. the mail service. >> reporter: so much for those angry dogs when delivering the mail. and elite police force monitors your social media. the united states postal inspection enforcing 200 federal statutes related to the postal system. analyst scroll through social media accounts looking for inflammatory posts some of which are relayed to other government agencies, the group has been in business for quite a while. a spokesperson telling foxbusiness the us postal inspection service reviewed publicly available information to assess security threat to
2:34 am
postal service employees, facilities, operation and infrastructure. there are 200 crimes could be made against the postal service that are federal crimes so they are out there. todd: my comment withdrawn. jillian: we haven't talked about bernie sanders. what is he up to? >> reporter: he wants to make college 3, he wants taxpayers particularly wall street to foot the bill. the college for all plan, tuition free education for all students at community colleges and public is, if someone's family makes 125,$000 annually, tuition will be at public 4-year colleges and universities, sanders is proposing a financial transaction tax on stocks, bonds and derivative trades. if you're a wall street bank it
2:35 am
could add up and also buying and sharing in your personal account. that is how i am reading it. todd: free college is not free, someone is paying for it. i spent $100 to buy a whole foods scone. jillian: welcome back, it is thursday and i'm finally saying this. >> just when you got used to your phone at the checkout line, amazon is launching palm screening technology at seattle whole foods, the customers would scan their palms connected to their credit cards. every time you check out after that you use your palm. experts worry it will be a security risk for americans. don't know if you have tried palm scanning, my doctor's office has it and it never works.
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jillian: never used my phone to check out. still ahead, will cain talks to sheriffs on the border. todd: from our friends at fox beck, download the super 6 apps for a chance to win 10,$000. i you need to do is predict six outcomes. topics range from entertainment to sports. it is free to play. download the super 6 apps now. ♪♪ freedom has no limits. there's no such thing as too many adventures... or too many unforgettable moments. there will never be too many stories to write... or too many memories to make. but when it comes to a vehicle that will be there for it all. there's only one. jeep.
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>> arizona governor doug doocy issued an emergency declaration over the border crisis. will cain went there and spoke to a panel of sheriffs from around the country. will joins us with what he saw. i saw you tweeting these images
2:40 am
and some of them from when you were involved firsthand. >> i have been on the border twice which is two more times than the vice president of the united states has been to the border and you need to be there to see what is happening. absolutely eye-opening look at this crisis we hear so much about. go on a nighttime raid and see the quality-of-life issues, so many sheriffs are dealing with across the country, listen to this stuff. >> without border security we never have true homeland security. american lives are at risk every single day. this is not a republican or democrat issue, this is an american issue. >> it is a national crisis, the united states's problem. sheriffs from new mexico, maryland, virginia, nevada to massachusetts. >> the people expect us to do
2:41 am
something. >> how far are we from the mexican border? >> 70 or 80 miles, well within the united states border. what they will do is come walking through the desert and the vehicle, clear to pick them up. we have seen a tremendous spike since january. this is all them. this is fresh too. i come out here often. they wear these carpet shoes to mask the sound and we can't track them in the sand and it is like they have a border crossing, this is your typical backpack, standard issue backpack, sleeping bag, jugs, they can carry more value between sentinel pills and
2:42 am
methamphetamine. >> new mexico saved 18,000 fentanyl pills, year to date this year, 90,000 pills. >> we experienced all-time high of overdose. >> 2017. massachusetts has the highest influx of illegal immigrants into the community from massachusetts. >> it has often been said every county is a border county, arrests of cartel members, gaining members. >> sheriff daniels county, told me the numbers increased tenfold from a year ago. you are nodding along and experienced something similar. >> a virtual system last year at this time we ran from the 300, right now we are at 3400. >> currently averaging 5 illegals crossing the border, and our, 24, 7 days a week.
2:43 am
>> 13 that we are working on right now. >> you can see them making their way through the mountains as we talk. >> our team getting the right now. >> very active highway. for the administration canceling the programs and check lanes coming into the country. >> $45. >> 25 hours, what we saw earlier, the helicopter we saw. >> they are right behind us. >> guatemala. >> trying for 10 years. >> tell me what we just saw. >> what can be done to solve
2:44 am
this problem? it starts with the president of the united states prioritizing the border and there's consequences to breaking the law. >> there is a border wall in this country. we have all been beneficiaries. >> my parents came here legally. we need to fix the border crisis. >> when the fence failed and states fail we are not going to kill our citizens. we are want to the supermarket with them. we live next door to them, the people of our state don't care. we have to. >> reporter: this brought it home to me to talk to sheriffs from across the country who come together to protect america. this is a quality-of-life, they are tasked with protecting their citizens. this is a quality-of-life issue
2:45 am
meaning of law is being flouted and they need someone and the will be someone, they will step up but need someone to come in and introduce the border. >> it is fascinating to me you hear people over and over talk about curious how much they did on this well, once drugs come into the country illegally they don't stop at the border. this affect every town and every state in our country not just along the border. thank you for joining us. let's go ahead and go to the break. up next congresswoman nancy mace joins us live. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast.
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>> even more spending, president biden preparing to unveil a plan
2:49 am
focusing on childcare among other things. jillian: nancy mace joins us on her spending proposal. >> reporter: let's pull up what this includes, $225 billion in paid medical leave, and childcare support, 200 for universal pre-k school, hundreds of millions of education funding, and nutritional assistance. i was in dc, the story you were involved in last week, a mom two kids with that background, what do you think of that? >> seems every day there's another trillion dollar package the biden administration is proposing, we had a $2 trillion covid relief bill that has little to do with covid relief, proposals for $2 trillion infrastructure trackage that has little to do with infrastructure. there's $2 trillion after they
2:50 am
want to spend to provide for pre-k and community colleges pay for it and i don't know how we pay for this without raising taxes on hard-working americans. i go back to jfk's comments, ask not what your country can do for you but you can do for your country, people want to earn their success in the united states. >> is there a better way to support america's families? >> i think we have had tremendous challenges. i talk to single moms and single-parent every day. with kids being out of school that is the greatest challenge we have right now in one of the worst things we could be doing because our children are safe in school but many parents stop working to take care of their kids because they are educated at home. that is the first thing we can do. the second thing to help the american people is to stop incentivizing unemployment.
2:51 am
we have folks that want to get back to work, but the federal government with the additional unemployment checks coming out the stimulus payments, many folks won't go back to work so these are things that we should be doing to help the american people, the best way forward. >> the president accepted nancy pelosi's invitation to deliver his first joint session of congress, that would be april 28th, you take issue with the timing of this. >> he will be playing to an empty room. under covid 19 things are different, but the state of the union address when congress isn't going to be there, not scheduled to be there, great disservice to the american people. we have an opportunity at the beginning of the year coming out of a crisis to lead during the crisis.
2:52 am
this is an example how we are divided. i would love to be able to sit there and hear the president of the united states give that speech but i will be back home working on the district that week. >> if you did, if you were working how much longer can covid be used as an excuse when most of you are vaccinated if not all? >> we are the first place in america to have herd immunity, likely has heard immunity, that have been vaccinated and those who haven't, many had covid 19, we could be a great example for the american people on how to get it right and we are fumbling the ball in every way we can and i can tell you as a freshman member it is frustrating. >> 3 months and, quite a time for you. we appreciate you coming on telling us how things are going.
2:53 am
>> still to come, karen markowitz. and it still smells f. pour a cap of downy unstopables into your washing machine before each load and enjoy fresher smelling laundry for up to 12-weeks. . .
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♪ jillian: two private new york city schools receiving backlash from parents and teachers over woke anti-racist curriculum. todd: parents say the indoctrination of our kids should be concerned about. here to react is new york columnist karol markowicz. great to see you as always. what's your warning to somebody watching us, let's say, in south
2:57 am
carolina. who is saying why should i care about some rich new york city school. >> i would say that it's coming. it's coming to public schools all across the country, if it hasn't already. this curriculum is being spread far and wide. it's becoming the language of the land and just this week the biden administration tied some funding to fishing specifically race-based curriculum. if you are sitting in a public school town in south carolina and not worried about it because it's a private school issue in new york city, it's not. and the private school parents in new york have a much easier time than dealing with this. they will move their kids to a different private school who promise misses not to be woke where public school kids don't have that option. jillian: i heard the argument last night which was if you are inserting these ideas that you think you should be inserting into kids' minds at a young page without even their parents buyer the way to be the ones to tack to them about this, aren't you then going backwards in time instead of going forward where
2:58 am
you are teaching kids to look beyond race? >> yeah. well, it's pretty hilarious that they are teaching white kids to think a lot about their white race. i thought that was a problem. but, yeah. it's absolutely insane especially young age to omake everything about race is to really darken the world and limit what they are thinking of their peers. it's a real hard situation. todd: rebuttal from the brearley school, quote: we express our unequivocal support four our black asian indigenous multiracial and multilat students, many students of colors especially those identified as black felt that the letter questioned their belonging in the brearley community their belonging and existence are unquestionable. to that i say what did that letter have anything to do with questioning who belonged? >> right. i didn't get that from that letter whatsoever. i think that's a completely made up idea.
2:59 am
and, you know, again, it's very easy to throw this kind of thing back at the letter writer and say oh, your letter was racist and that really sends a message to other parents saying don't speak up because we are going to call you a racist, too. that's obviously the worst thing you can be called. jillian: you know it, seems like similar to the argument when we were dealing with and still are, by the way, dealing with a lot of schools that aren't still open with in person learning with covid. you have parents fighters for their kids. that seems that's yet again the situation where the parent should be the ones having these conversations with their kids. yet, they are not being the ones to do that. >> yeah. but i would say it is very difficult and the letter writer did take a giant chance because, again, you can be ostracized from the community that you know. you can be name-called. you can be -- your kids can lose some of their friends. i mean, all of that is risky. but, if we all speak up, then maybe it becomes less risky. that's where we should be heading with this. it should be power in numbers because this curriculum is in
3:00 am
insane. most americans know it poll after poll shows nobody wants it. i think if we join together, it will be a good situation. jillian: karol markowicz thank you for your time. todd: with that "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great one, everybody. ♪ ♪ [shouting] >> protesters in columbus, ohio, taking to the streets second night in the row following the deadly police shooting of a teen girl. >> that girl had a knife in her hand and she was getting ready to stab another black girl in the face. >> what was the officer supposed to do? >> lebron james in now delete tweet put up a picture of the officer saying, quote you're next." >> making things worse in the country instead of better. >> make garland announced a sweeping investigation into the justice department. >> what maker garland did today was a dog


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