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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 22, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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it is defined not going 40 miles an hour. that is all-time we have tonight. set your dvr every monday through friday at 10:00 pm eastern, you don't want to miss an episode of the ingraham angle. craig gotfelt takes it all from here. >> get here now. >> it is thursday april 20 second. terrifying nobody can video shows and i routinely challenging at someone appearing to hold a knife when she was shot and killed by police, the project outraged over the case as he appears to threaten the officer involved in a now deleted tweet. a live report. >> the movement on the border crisis. kamala harris planning a trip to the northern triangle country is
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border agents reveal cartels are targeting american teens to help them with local migrants, live in dc. >> vaccines on the market. what you need to know to avoid them. "fox and friends first" starts right now. >> we traveled from new york to philadelphia. >> what am i looking at? ashley: this is a shot from camden. from the camden waterfront in downtown philadelphia. todd: i saw two dave matthews shows. amazing venue for music, crazy. we are going to go through the next 2 hours.
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you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. todd: protesters in columbus, ohio taking over streets following the deadly police shooting. released revealing what happened before the shooting. ashley strohm i'll joins us with the details. >> reporter: protesters outside columbus police headquarters for a second night demanding answers following the deadly officer involved shooting of a 16-year-old. before the shooting this 9 one one call came through. listen. >> putting hands on our grandma, get here now. get a police officer here now. >> body camera footage was released hours later showing what appears to be bryant lunging toward someone with a knife. officer nicholas riordan fired four times hitting the girl and
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killing her. ohio congressman jim jordan reacting to the shooting. >> what was the officer supposed to do? if he doesn't take action and this young lady hurts or harms or kills the other young lady then he is in trouble for that. life is precious, life is sacred. anytime life is lost it is a tragic thing particularly at such a young age, this is a tough situation but i don't know what else this officer could have done. there will be an investigation and we will see what happens. >> lebron james and a now deleted tweet put up a picture of the officer saying you are next. the national fraternal order of police lamb james was saying this is disgraceful and extremely reckless. the officer saved a young girl's life. no amount of gas lighting will change that fact. things escalated in elizabeth city, north carolina when a black man was shot by police. andrew brown junior was shot by police after they served a warrant at his home.
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>> we need to hear from the sheriff. the sheriff has got to address our community. the sheriff held a press conference at 3:00. he has not reached out to any black leadership in this community or the family. he told us nothing. good man and a good father. >> thanks. jillian: republican congress in byron donald says democrats are using the police involved tragedies to push their agenda. >> we have politicians who swear they know how to fix all these things going on in our country especially with policing but these are the same politicians who never started a business, never created anything on their own but they are going to tell us how to reform policing in
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america? i don't buy it, don't believe it, this is about their agenda, their politics and they are using the anger and outrage of the american people. >> reporter: republican senator tim scott said he hopes to reintroduce his police reform bill or something similar in the coming weeks. now to the crisis at the border, the vice president will visit the northern triangle in june is images show cartels to recruit american teens to smuggle migrants. todd: in just hours president biden will kickoff a virtual summit on climate change with world leaders. david fund joins us. >> reporter: the vice president, kamala harris, made some news a few weeks ago when asked when she would visit the border. she laughed it off and made some headlines and at this point has no plans to physically visit the border but she will be visiting the northern triangle country coming up in june, those countries consistent el salvador, guatemala.
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she will be visiting honduras. we know vice president harris on monday april 20 sixth will speak with guatemala's president to speak about the issues facing both countries, the united states and guatemala, countries where a large trunk of those seeking asylum are coming from. fox news's aishah hasnie reporting hotels on the southern border are targeting american teenagers through the apps tick-tock to encourage them to smuggle people into the united states and in some cases paying 2 or $3,000 was migrants continue to seek emergency asylum, the latest numbers we have from border patrol 320 migrants apprehended by border patrol agents in two days. meanwhile arizona governor doug doocy is furious about lack of visits from the administration to arizona's border towns, there's a lot of focus on texas
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and governor doocy says that is fine but he wants more light on arizona's border problem and is alone, activated the national guard in both senators from arizona, democrats martha kelly and kristen cinema support him. >> not a single member of the administration paid us a visit in yuma or any of arizona's other border cities. president biden, you should declare a national emergency. >> reporter: in a few hours to days with a focus on climate at the white house, the present at 8:00 this morning will join leaders to discuss climate change with a few notable names in attendance, chinese president xi jinping and russian president vladimir putin happening at 8:00 this morning, it is notable there is nothing on the schedule for president biden to meet with president xi or talk to him 1-on-1 but the president, this was announced the last few days is working on convening some sort of summit between vladimir
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putin and president biden at some point over the next few months likely in europe. back to you. >> family and friends are gathering to remember daunte wright, the 20-year-old was shot and killed by police in minnesota. investigators say the officer accidentally grabbed her gun instead of a taser during that encounter, she has since resigned. in minneapolis for officer derek chauvin is expected to appeal his guilty verdict in the murder of george floyd, demonstrated celebrate the trial's outcome as the department of justice launches a probe into the minneapolis police department to see whether there is a pattern of using excessive force which a new sign on display at the intersection of george floyd square with special instructions for people who are white telling them, quote, be mindful of whether your volume, pace and movements are supporting or undermining your effort to d center your self.
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jillian: extreme weather, terrifying dashcam video showing a semitruck losing control and slamming into a snow plow during white out conditions in wisconsin causing a 22 car pileup leaving one person did and several others hurt. on the east coast a rare april shower in new york city, hail slamming parts of the city is a storm moving across the big apple. >> president biden announcing 200 million americans received the covid vaccine it is urging young people to get the shot as well as calling on every business to get paid time off to their employees to get vaccinated. >> no working american should lose a single dollar from their paycheck because they chose to fulfill their patriotic duty to get vaccinated. >> the administration until the tax credit to encourage businesses and nonprofits with under 500 employees to offer paid leave. >> jeopardy reveals the final round of guest hosts, show announcing after a burton will take on the role this spring,
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also tapping fox sportscaster joe buck as the final guest hosts. the episodes will reportedly air this summer. personality 7 filling in since the passing of below toast alex trebek last year. a permanent host is not been announced. >> i'm fascinated with a permanent host is going to be. i am here and up at 4:00 in the morning. >> make sure your phone is always on to answer it. it is 10 minutes after the hour. the school district warns they might not have enough subs to cover classes as hundreds of teachers stay home. one parent says zoom learning is unbearable for his 5-year-old daughter. >> in idaho news anchor causing an internet sensation, one tweet propels him to celebrity status. ♪♪
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to another forget the road to reopening schools, san francisco school district warning parents it may not have enough substitutes to cover in person classes and every california teacher has had the chance to be vaccinated. a frustrated father here to react. don't know if you have the answer to this but this is a question you are wondering and i'm wondering. with california teachers prioritized to get the vaccine why do so many still have to work from home? >> that is the same question that i have and i believe many parents and others across california have. what we know at this point is california made the decision to set aside 10% of our state's stockpile of vaccines for
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teachers and other employees and it was announced in our local school district on march 20 sixth that at that point all the teachers and other employees of the school district adopted into that receive their vaccine at that point so at this point that is the question, why, we don't have an answer to that? >> when there's no substitute teacher are you just on your own? >> the way we have instruction is interesting. in my daughter's case she gets to go to in person school monday and tuesday for partial days. on wednesday all the kids get distance-learning, thursday and friday she has the option to stay home and watch the other kids. with the number of kids who are there, in the case where the teacher doesn't want to go in to
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the medical exemption, what we have been calling going into the classroom to sit on their computers in the classroom, to provide distance instruction. >> what is going on here? >> i don't have answers for why so many teachers were given medical exemptions. our school districts allow teachers to provide doctors notes explaining they or someone they lived with would be at higher risk of complications if they were to contract covid and by such notes were reviewed and ultimately the most recent number, close to 500 across the district were granted the exception to stay teaching by distance learning, we received a mass email yesterday from the
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school district explaining they would not be able at this time to anticipate a return for middle or high schoolers due to this lack of in person teachers. >> 30 seconds on this file question. is this serving as a wake-up call to combat the powers of teachers unions or in the alternative is it just making teachers unions stronger? >> i would think it is a wake-up call for the need for better education regarding effectiveness of the vaccines. there's a lot of fear among the teachers and other employees and we need to combat that fear with better evidence-based guidance regarding the vaccines. >> interesting analysis, appreciate you getting up early with us, thank you, good luck to you and your daughter. >> a tense moment in the white house briefing room and the president's record on race is questions. >> one of the president's core
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objectives is addressing racial injustice. >> is it important to accept his own culpability? >> answered your question. >> the full extension said plus starving for workers, restaurants are going to hire employees even when battling bonuses. our next guest is managing partner of a restaurant who says people are getting too much money to stay at home. he joins us after the break.
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>> the 21-year-old u.s. army paratrooper dies while jumping from helicopter during training at fort bragg was from new york, she listed in 2018 and was a member of the famed 80 second airborne division. loved ones say she was the heart of her family. she was doing a static line jump from a black hawk chopper when
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she died. the accident under investigation and the coast guard making $94 million, 3 suspects off of the boat near columbia were detained, 5500 pounds of campaign was offloaded in miami. that's a lot of cocaine. 215 pounds of marijuana was seized near the border. coast guard stopping four people swimming across the border with bales on their back. will cain touring the border today will give us a firsthand look coming up next hour. jillian: restaurant starving for workers, desperate business owners offering signing bonuses, even paying interviewees that they say workers still aren't biting because they can make more money on unemployment. the owner of ainslie restaurant joins me to weigh in. so what are people telling you? why don't they want to come back to work? what is the reason they are
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giving you? be change i'm not getting to the point where i am getting answer. the interview for work. not incentivizing people to come back to work. jillian: is this something you expect after the last year plus everyone has been through, people have been unemployed for so long. did you expect this to be the problem you would be facing? >> in the beginning it was a struggle to survive, it is heartening as business comes back for employees doing service jobs and i am thankful to those who have come back but it is a
1:24 am
constant battle to get people back to work. >> how many employees are you down? you are sitting here saying come work for me, i will pay you yet you are still down how many employees? >> about 41. >> unbelievable. let's pull up your graphics. federal unemployment benefits extended through september 6th pays $804 a week on unemployment equal to $20 per hour and right now 760,000 unfilled food service jobs in the us as of february of 2021 and new york state restaurant staffing issues 14% say business conditions will never return to normal. 92% say current staffing level is lower than before covid 19, 64% are more than 20% below normal staffing levels. do you see this getting back to
1:25 am
normal at some point, the normal you were used to before covid and if so how long will that take and what will that take you? >> yes i do. in new york, i believe in new york and it is coming back. may be another full year before it is back to where it needs to be but i see it every day, we are busier and it is coming back. as far as employees go as soon as we get closer to september, people's are getting back to work. it got to a point it was easy to get people to come back in, a good pool of candidates and dropped back off. once this is over with it is coming back. >> unbelievable. the restaurants we saw photos of
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your restaurant on the screen, i hope for your sake you can get people back in a timely manner, keep us updated on your progress, love to see where things are a little bit, thank you. >> thanks for having me. todd: 25 after the hour, the biden administration could force doctors to perform transgender transition procedures. we will discuss. the justice department will investigate the minneapolis police department following the derek chauvin verdict. a live report on what that could mean for police reform nationwide next.
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>> families and friends, memorializing don say right. >> caroline shively is in minneapolis. >> reporter: at the funeral for
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daunte wright will be held at noon local time. hundreds of people came to the funeral home in minneapolis. he was shot to death in the nearby suburb of brooklyn center. the 20-year-old was shot and killed by former police officer kim potter during a traffic stop on april 11th. officials say are confused or handgun for her taser. those officials and on the right pulled from police something to handcuff him and jumped back into his vehicle and was fatally shot by potter was potter has been charged with second-degree manslaughter. daunte wright's family that could say they will seek justice in the case just as they did with george floyd. >> in harmony and love. we go running out. >> former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin was convicted of murdering george floyd this is a different case,
1:31 am
a separate jurisdiction but people here in minnesota state as part of the bigger picture just as the attorney general has announced a federal investigation into the minneapolis police department. >> thank you. >> jen psaki cutoff report asking questions about president biden's record on systemic racism, describing the us as systematically racist following the chauvin verdict. >> multiple federal laws disproportionately jail black people. those president biden acknowledges role? >> one of the president's core objectives is addressing racial justice in this country, not just or his rhetoric but for his actions. >> what about his own culpability? >> i think i answered that question? >> he declined to save the president a lot of his campaign pledge to release everyone in prison for marijuana.
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>> 31 after the hour the biden administration filed an appeal against the january court order that would force religious doctors and hospitals to perform gender transition procedures. religious advocates call the dangers including our next guest, ceo the christian medical association mike chuck. are you surprised by this appeal by the biden administration? >> know, we are not. we are ready for it. he said in the campaign trail this was coming, the executive order let us to believe there was going to be a battle on this issue. >> is the argument from lawyers on your side of the case, chief counsel for pro-religious liberty law from, quote, the transgender mandate not only friends religious doctors and hospitals but also threatens patients as there is ample evidence certain transgender, certain gender transition procedures can be deeply harmful. how dangerous is a move like this by the biden administration to the general concept of religious liberty?
1:33 am
>> i want your viewers to know as physicians of faith we represent approximately 20,000 such healthcare professionals. we care for all patientss, anywhere from the common cold to cancer if a transgender identifying patient comes to my office i'm a general surgeon, i never thought about refusing anybody for care. we are hippocratic positions. first and foremost for hundreds of years, the united states, and we believe we take an oath to do no harm and is medical evidence that keeps growing by the month that these transition affirming treatments whether surgery or puberty hormones that they don't work and in many cases for children, adolescents they become permanently sterile, infertile. we have an obligation, a duty to care for these patients with compassion and when we see outcomes that are poor we are
1:34 am
going to push back. todd: what happens if you lose? >> if we lose at this level we will continue to appeal. two federal court judges of rules in our favor and we think the first amendment is in our favor, the government should not be getting between us and our patientss. we look at ourselves as professional. many use the term providers as if we were a vending machine but we are professionals who taken is to protect our patients whether adults are adolescents are children so we will fight for that, we will be fighting all through the supreme court if necessary. todd: what does this mean for the practice of medicine going forward? >> it will be difficult. we did a survey of our members a few years ago asking them what would you do about healthcare practice if you were forced to
1:35 am
do procedures you felt were wrong, ethically wrong, 90% said they would significantly modify their practices or quit medicine altogether before going against what they believe is right. it is not good for patients. doctors of faith are respected through this country, people of faith pursue healthcare professionals who believe as they do, have a worldview as they do so it is not going to be good for healthcare in the united states. >> we can't afford to have fewer doctors than we do right now. final question, why do you think the biden administration is pushing so hard? >> we are troubled the biden administration would go after nuns and religious doctors. it is not a surprise that this is happening, we are prepared for it. the biden administration is misguided and we are people of
1:36 am
science, medical science, evidence based and we would challenge any big professional associations to sit down at the table and go over the evidence without calling one another names or intimidating one another. we will stand on the evidence. we always have and we always will. todd: appreciate your time this morning, thank you. >> fox news alert, suspect reportedly fired shots at police after a multicounty chase ended a gunfight in northeast indiana. a local media station reports the shootout happened after the driver took off during the traffic stop for reckless driving. nearly an hour later police were able to stop the car in kindleville. the suspect has life-threatening injuries, no officers were hurt. is the postal service tracking your social media? yahoo! news obtaining. and revealing the agency's secret internet covert operations program that includes
1:37 am
screenshots of posts on facebook, parlor and other sites deemed inflammatory would reportedly be shared with other government agencies. it mentions one alleged proud boy by name and identifying several others despite their posts not appearing to contain anything threatening. governor andrew cuomo's staff after a porter asks about sexual harassment claims. >> will you resign from office if it concludes you did violate the sexual harassment laws of the state? >> let's see what the report says and we will take it from there. okay? >> the reporter later tweeted that he had been intentionally silenced saying, quote, i got cut off while trying to follow up on this point. a hotline set up and impeachment inquiry into governor cuomo has gotten over 200 tips.
1:38 am
>> children's book on race and law enforcement is being called harmful to public safety. new york's police unions in the book calls something happened in our town is completely anti-police message and sows distressed in police among kids. the book is read to local 100 school students, two families, one white, one black following a public school shooting. let's lane it up for a moment, this guys idaho news anchor mark johnson becoming an overnight sensation after his station tweeted his name and bio by mistake. all it said was mark johnson, bio, nothing else, that we catching the eye of the idaho government who wrote a campaign statement my goal is to make idaho place where mark johnson would choose to live. jillian: tweeting johnson, the last name of mark johnson. the anchor replying just wanted to tell everyone thanks for giving mark johnson the biggest circles i have had in a year. don't know why i find this story
1:39 am
hilarious. todd: it is funny for no reason. can we just enjoy something? >> it would be funny if mark johnson brings the country together. it is 38 after the hour. athletes planning to kneel at the olympics may need to think twice, the band reinstated coming up. >> surprise gift leaves a world war ii veteran speechless. unforgettable one hundredth birthday presents coming up. ♪♪ and honest bidding site. we sold an ipad worth $505 for less than $24. a stand mixer for less than $20. a 4k television for under $2. a macbook pro for under $16. as well as a playstation 4 for
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>> israel launch a retaliatory strike after a missile exploded in southern israel. >> grant joins us with the latest.
1:43 am
>> there is some activity overnight in the middle east. missiles were launched from syria against israel, no injuries, israeli it patriot missile defenses ramped up. crucially missiles landed just 19 miles from israel's supersecret nuclear site, there been calls in the iranian state media for just such an attack after alleged israeli attacks on iranian nuclear facilities which is responded with a missile attack against a weapons that are near damascus, syria. iranian militia active in syria. >> the russian government ratcheting up its crackdown. >> absolutely. thousands took to the streets wednesday and russia, a pretty unusual thing. in moscow they are protests, st.
1:44 am
petersburg a big protest and other cities speaking out against the detention of the kremlin activist and dissident, alexei not only. there were others arrested including his spokesperson amid police intimidation, the crowd reported a smaller protest. he is now in a prison hospital in russia. is doctors say he is near death due to a hunger strike and prison conditions. he returned to russia after he was allegedly poisoned by russians. jillian: we shouldn't be surprised that is very alarming and disturbing that there are supposedly fake covid vaccines on the black market. >> we haven't heard a lot about this but yes. it is a concern for sure. health officials in mexico and poland are on alert after counterfeit versions of the pfizer vaccine have been detected in those two countries. 80 people believed to have been
1:45 am
taken in in mexico. in one case what should have been the vaccine was anti-wrinkle cream, one in mexico and another in poland, in the us, 142,500 million doses have been distributed, 113 administered, 113,000,0403 billion people fully vaccinated. the big big numbers. >> i have one of the pfizers in this time. >> reporter: i have two right here. jillian: thank you. athletes who raise a fist or make any political gesture at the tokyo olympics will be punished. the lipid committee said it consulted 3000 athletes and found 70% did not want protests to distract from the game. it is unclear what consequences
1:46 am
players would face if they break the rules. todd: the biden administration jeopardizing the annual motorcycle rally, 30 year tradition for veterans on memorial day. the defense department is ignoring their application to choose the pentagon parking lot as a staging area. up and can spokesman saying the request is being evaluated in light of the pandemic. it is a parking lot. it is outside. and army veteran blasting the delay saying preventing a tradition like this flies in the face of the freedom that so many have died to protect. democrats accused of trying to change the rules on recall efforts to prevent people from signing them. our next guest planning the move calling it voter intimidation. jillian: download the fox bed super 6 apps for a chance to win 10,$000. i you need to do is 6 outcomes in the super 6 quiz show, topics range from entertainment to sports, free to play, download the super 6 apps now.
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>> let's go live to capitol hill where democrats are expected to pass a bill to make the district of colombia the 50 first state, the measure facing a major challenge in the senate because of the filibuster. >> i hope the filibuster is jettisoned. it is not a democratic principle that a minority can stop the majority. >> president biden has indicated he will sign that bill into law. ftc commissioner blasting members of the congressional hispanic caucus over there push for the agency to intervene in the sale of a radio station to a conservative outlet.
1:51 am
darren soto warning the sale would be a spanish-language misinformation campaign in florida latino communities but brendan car telling fox news the argument that has been put forward is a naked political one that doesn't mean anything to me as a republican if the protester is conservative or progressive. >> this is interesting democrats in california pulling a billing ted releasing the names of every competition signers and allowing the target of the petition to contact them as 2.1 million californians signed an effort to reform -- recall governor newsom. at this point the party won't stop trying to kill the recall effort. thanks for being here. when do they kill this bill and what is the reason? >> they introduced it last
1:52 am
weekend mobilized statewide voter education campaign. we did a press conference on monday and launched paid and basically calling this bill what it is, the real jim crow laws of 2021, democrats have been trying to use that term to apply to voter laws intended to improve election integrity but this law is a clear attempt to suppress voter participation. they are trying to intimidate, bullying and harassment is voters who signed the petition by making their names public and giving those names over to cancel culture activists who then will go out and hunt them down. by giving these names out you create a hunting list if you will to target and intimidate voters and it is not to be accepted. i hear from people who sign petitions all-time, successfully qualified ballot measures throughout california, recalls
1:53 am
and one of the number one questions we get by voters who are considering whether to sign these petitions in front of stores is will my name be made public or is this like a vote where it is private? if you take away the privacy they know, democrats know they will kill the citizens initiative and the recalling california. shannon: i was thinking if i happen to be someone, i don't live in california but someone who signs this how would i feel if all of a sudden after my name is signed on that paper how would i feel if someone said now your name is going to be public and you will be contacted i would be really upset about that. at the same time if they told me this beforehand, seems like then a scare tactic where people might not want to sign it so what is the answer? >> you hit the nail on the head and the answer is don't try to suppress the vote, don't try to intimidate voters and believe them. let them make their own decisions.
1:54 am
if someone proposed tomorrow that we would reveal the votes of all voters cast during each election they would be laughed off the stage but here is in essence a situation where voters private views on matters, their franchise will be compromised by making it public. jillian: we have 30 seconds left, you've been part of a successful recall in the past in california. can you tell me how hard it is to have something like this be a success? >> it is incredibly hard to qualify these initiatives, and governor newsom has tens of millions of dollars in his warchest to pump out bad ads as well as favorable media coverage from local state media outlets. this is a grassroots movement unlike i have ever seen, it is
1:55 am
diverse, bringing democrats, independents and republicans together from all walks of life and that is why this recall is very competitive. we expect to qualify next week, this recall is extremely viable and we are working hard to win when the election is called. >> we will be interesting to hear this when we get that information. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> a world war ii veteran gets a special present for his one hundredth birthday presented with an american flag flown over the us capital in his honor. congressman mike bosse entering attribute into the permanent record of the house. >> we want to say thank you for your service to this country and god bless you on your one hundredth birthday. >> reporter: crawford served in the navy and the army from 1939 to 1945.
1:56 am
coming up, a laid off keystone pipeline worker speaks out against the president's green agenda. >> congresswoman nancy mays, will cain and giano caldwell all live next hour. ♪♪ don't have to leave the house to have a good time ♪♪
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>> it is thursday april 2, '02, hundreds of protesters surrounded columbus police department for a second night over the deadly police shooting of an ohio teenager. police releasing new audio and video that shows the girl lunging at someone with what appears to be a knife. we will have a live report. >> vice president delaware is taking a trip to address the migrant crisis but not to the border. where she's going as reporters use -- tick-tock to recruit migrants. >> no plastic no problem. amazon's futuristic approach to whole foods. "fox and friends first" continues. ♪♪ >> second day in a row the 5 am intro song has included the word jump in it. of a telling us to jump around? are they trying to tell us something? >> not sure what they would be


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