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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 21, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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london and he needs to stand up. >> tucker: the adults in the party need to stop this. >> this infantile and people are being hurt. >> tucker: that scary. more on, now to "hannity." >> sean: we have a lot of ground to cover and would begin by stating the obvious, the radical left, not interested in truth or justice. we are one day removed from the chauvin verdict in a jury of his peers from the former officer guilty on all three charges and that her effect at the george floyd. chauvin could now serve up to 75 years behind bars but that's apparently not good enough for the left in the country. many are hell-bent on some kind of revenge. last night this officer in portland, surrounded by writers, sucker punched in the face during the same demonstration, an anarchist mess, because most
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of the window of a starbucks and spray-painted anti-police slogans on the walls and meanwhile last night in minnesota, protesters were hurling insults at the police and telling them to get the [bleep] out. take a look. [chanting] >> sean: now tonight it is no secret that many on the left want to defund and any want to abolish all police, but now others seem more interested in demonizing all people that are white people. here was a scene from last nights protest in new york city. it was outside of a local restaurant. watch with your own eyes. >> get out of new york. we don't want you here. >> we don't want you here.
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>> we don't want you here. 30%. >> sean: we don't want you here, we don't want you here, now everyone on the left from the idiots you just heard from to joe biden and everyone in between actively now stoking racial hatred for political gain. that's what jim crow 2.0 was all about with joe biden when it seems the voting law in georgia is far more accessible than that in delaware. delaware is now 17 days of early voting in person. georgia does. both have voter i.d. and there are no drop boxes in delaware. why didn't don't fix that in 50 years? just today, democrats try to capitalize on under police involved shooting. this one, columbus, ohio. officers responding to multiple 911 calls encountering this terrifying scene. 15-year-old mickey o'bryant,
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knife in hand as you can see, loaded, in order to thrust that blade into the chest of another young girl. watch this. [crowd noise] >> sean: and that was real-time speed. clearly the girl you see here, the unarmed under attack by threat of a knife was in imminent danger of being severely injured or murdered by
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makiya bryant. now keep in mind what we are showing u.s. in slow motion, no sound and real time, the officer had less than a second to respond. if he didn't respond faster, that night that was being held could have been thrust right into that girl's heart and she would have died. but because of his quick action he likely stopped what would have been a, at minimal, grissom knife attack and probably save the life of this young unarmed teenager. of course, this is also how mike always still a horrific challenge comic tragedy, a 15-year-old girl is dead after being shot by police after trying to stab someone with a knife in the middle of the day. based on all the footage, it appears very clearly that the girl, about to be stabbed, was in imminent danger of losing her life. that officer in this case clearly had no choice and had no other options in this video shows that he acted appropriately and he acted
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quickly and professionally. is it tragic? absolutely. is it sad? absolutely. every life does matter. but it's pretty simple. if you are trying to kill somebody or inflict massive bodily harm, please have a duty to stop it and protect you. and yes, that sometimes includes the use of deadly force. now for the monday morning cornerbacks out there that are saying, it's only a knife, well and i thrust into a person's chest will kill that person, can kill them instantly. as a matter of fact in the same state of ohio on monday, a 13-year-old girl was stabbed to death by another young routine before police in that case were able to intervene. it happened monday in the exact same state. so make no mistake, these are life-and-death situations and a knife, it's a deadly lethal weapon. i said on the radio, set on this
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tv show, people say i don't know what i'm talking about. well, we do situational street fighting, all of it. an hour and a half a day or for a four or five hours a week. i would much rather at close range, keyword close range. to me it would be easier to defend against a firearms in a blade. how do you stop a blade? you get a gun, he stripped the gun and he stepped back, that's what you tried to do. according to state law, capable of inflicting death is considered a deadly weapon. these facts have not stopped the anti-cop crowd from weighing in, for example. look at obama top advisor valerie jarrett? a black teenage girl was killed because a police officer immediately decided to shoot her multiple times in order to break
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up a knife fight. demand accountability fight for justice. it could be a police saved the life of a teenager from a knife attack. first of all, it's very clear that this was a knife attack, valerie. that would be an attempted murder and progress. on monday as i just mentioned, a 13-year-old girl died from a knife attack. a young unarmed african-american girl was about to be stabbed to death again. at this officer stepped in and this attack was it infinite. the knife was cocked and loaded, about to be thrust into the heart of this girl. does her life not matter? does she not deserve police protection? what would you advise the cop to do differently? he had a fraction of a second and he had to decide, what if, god forbid, and i mean this. i don't want that to happen to
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anyone. what if it was for a loved one that was about to be said stabb? and then not to be outdone you have a prominent blm activist tweeting "teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons. we do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene and using a weapon against one of the teenagers? you all need help and i mean that sincerely. she went on to tweet that everyone being threatened by the white ruling elite who in her mind caused the death of makiya bryant. but the worst comments of the day came from nba star lebron james. he tweeted out a photo of the officer involved along with an hourglass and the threatening caption that reads, you're next. now, while james had to delete the tweet after some pushback, what he did was beyond reckless. beyond irresponsible. he put this officer and his
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family in danger. lebron, you basically just put a bull's-eye on a police officer who saved a young, unarmed african-american teenager who was about to be stabbed possibly to death. and what if, god forbid in your case and i don't want this for anybody, god forbid someone did that to you or one of your loved ones? i doubt you would like it. it would be wrong to put somebody's picture up like that. lebron, what you did was wrong. he should apologize and, i will ask you the same question. lebron james, god forbid they should happen to anyone. if what is your loved one about to be stabbed possibly in the heart and possibly about to be killed, what would you want the cops to do? tell us what other option that officer had and that fraction of a second? and let's not forget this is the same lebron james who
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constantly is out there complaining and whining anytime someone criticizes his beloved china? doesn't seem to mind that the chinese government is implanting a racist as we speak and he is more than happy to catch the paychecks. when the houston rockets and general manager posted the tweet, lebron then condemned his colleague and told him to be more careful with his tweets because "people could be hurt spiritually or financially." god forbid. >> i believe he wasn't educated on the situation at head, hand and he spoke. so many people could have been harmed not only financially but physically, emotionally and spiritually. so just be careful what we tweet and what we say and what we do even though we do have freedom of speech, and there can be a lot of negative that comes with that.
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>> sean: it's according to lebron, chinese genocidal leadership is just fine but the columbus officer who stepped in to save the young woman from being stabbed to death is evil, then what? what does that mean? the biden administration is also rushing to judgment on makiya's death, all while bowing to address systemic racism. >> the killing of 16-year-old makiya bryant by the police department it was tragic. we are thinking of her family and community and that her grieving her loss. we know police violence impacts black and latino communities, and that black women and girls like black men and boys experience a higher rate of police violence. and of course, passing laws and legislation which will put much-needed reform into place for police department to run the country. >> sean: so we are supposed to believe that stopping a stabbing
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attack and attempted murder is systematic racism? now tonight, now that joe biden really wants to address systemic racism, okay. it's address it. we will start by may be joe going out there and apologizing for his conduct and his actions and his words on capitol hill for decades. it was joe biden in the 70s that worked with his friend, his mentor, that he praised. robert the former klansman bird, joe biden didn't want his kids to grow up in schools that were "racial jungles," his words. why don't these liberals give joe biden a pass on that? he praised robert byrd who filibustered the civil war 65 voting rights act, historical knowledge of lyndon johnson relied on republicans to pass that historic legislation. not biden's mentor is that he heaps praise on. it was joe biden that authored
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in the 90s the infamous 94 crime bill, that led to the mass incarceration of african-americans. at the time according to joe that bill was critical because of her predators our streets. take a look. >> it doesn't matter whether or not they are the victims of society. the end result is they are about to knock my mother on the head with a lead pipe, shoot my sister, beat up my wife, take on my sons. so i want to ask, what made them do this? they must be taken off the street. we should focus on them now. not out of a liberal instinct for love, brother and humanity, although i think that's a good instinct. but for simple pragmatic reasons. if we don't, they will. or a portion of them will become the predator is 15 years from now. and madam president, we have predators on our streets.
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>> sean: one little side note, the joe biden we see today looks nothing like that guy. the joe biden we see today looks weak and frail and is clearly struggling cognitively. that guy that we just saw you kissing the of systemic racism, well, joe, instead of apologizing for america how about you own and apologize for your past actions? your past praise and associations were former klansman and segregationists. police are critical for the safety and security of every single american. "law & order" is a fundamental prerequisite if we really want people to have the opportunity to pursue happiness and their god-given talents. a cop's job is incredibly dangerous, incredibly hard. there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop or routine call. forward i don't think anyone will want to be a cop and i can't say that i blame them. take a look at this body can video from the police involved shooting in illinois.
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in this case, deputies responding to the scene of a domestic violence call. they were attacked by a man with a metal pipe before having to return fire. take a look. >> sarah, hands up. sheriff's department. drop it! drop it! >> it drop right now. >> are you okay? >> you good? send medical comments on medical now! >> sean: for cops, behind every door danger is lurking. 84% of police officers perform
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their duties honorably. to keep our neighborhoods safe and secure and restore order and they respond we need them in times of crisis. but according to the modern left democratic socialist party, they are all bad, they are all racists, they are bigoted and evil. the squad wants to defund and even abolish the police. maxine waters calling for violent confrontations on the streets, a measure condemning those remarks on the house. course the democrats stood by it and found it insurrectionist because the radical left controls the democratic party. the radical left doesn't care about "law & order" and truth and justice. instead they want to offend our entire system, a republic, and our american way of life and replace it with their own climate based race obsessed socialist utopia that will fail. that is the sad reality of today's political landscape and it won't get better until you vote them out of office. more of my monologue coming up
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for joining us on the ground as fox news contributor sara carter. i like people's reaction to the shooting. that girl was loaded with a knife clearly in hand. the girl pinned against the car and, if you thrust that knife into that girl's chest, the odds of her dying i would say are pretty high. and to lebron james, what's a reaction? >> absolutely, sean. i asked people that exact question but there is an enormous sense of frustration here in columbus, ohio. and it's throughout the community, you can feel it even behind me, over 300 people protesting. they feel that something needs to be done to rectify the issues that they have with their law enforcement. they are standing right here in front of the columbus, ohio, police department. people have been out on the streets all day and i spoke to quite a few of them. here's what some of them had to say. >> what do you think is going on here?
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why is there this feeling of dread that's causing people to come out into the street and stand up and protest? >> i think we've been here before. it happened last summer and i think we are here again. it's just in a way that feels familiar and i think people are exhausted and fed up and angry and are getting more and more comfortable to stand up about it. >> for a brief moment you thought you were getting to experience some form of justice. and that was snatched away from you even before it bounced out, you could have had that second to pause and say, maybe there is a justice system. >> it's just getting old, the same thing happening over and over again. we got justice for george floyd with derek chauvin but we still took a step back. >> you know sean, that's a frustration that everyone has been feeling, tensions are
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escalating. people are angry, angry with police. they say that columbus, ohio, is the microcosm, and we did speak to police officers today but police officers on the beat said look. where the first people here in line when columbus collapses. police were right there to save that person's life with narcan so there was somebody else i passed out on the police were the first ones there to get them to a hospital. so the situation although it's dire is saying, if we don't find common ground, if we don't find resolution we are afraid things will escalate to the point of no return. what people are looking for is common ground, community and leadership in their community. >> sean: all right sarah, we will check in with you later in the evening. joining us now, ohio congressman jim jordan and florida congressman byron donalds is
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with us. you've all had the opportunity to see this officer and a fraction of a second. on monday in your state of ohio, a 13-year-old girl was stabbed to death by another 13-year-old. this was a case where again the girl was loaded with a knife, about to thrust it into this girl that was pinned against a car. the cop had a fraction of a second to decide, i don't see any other option the police officer had to. >> and i think you are right. what was the officer supposed to do? this young lady hurts or harms the other young lady come up with what they do about that? life is precious and anytime i've his loss at the tragic thing. the bottom line is it's come up with the left is now demanding of our law enforcement, whether it's for patrol agents in the border and crisis that exists they are or what they demand of our police officers who as you said, 99.99% of them are good
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guys busting their table. for that very few who aren't, justice served and they will be held accountable as we saw just yesterday. this is a tough situation but i don't know what else this officer could have done. there will be an investigation and we will see what happens there. >> sean: congressman donald's, let me ask you. number one, your reaction to this video that we all had an attempt to see you, and i saw also that will really went after democrats for attempting to use the murder of george floyd and the conviction of derek sheldon as a means to advance their agenda. you want to expand on that? >> i do. first, with the video that we see in the officer had a duty to step in and save the life of a young woman who was dressed in all pink. to be cleared, the family of that young woman, i'm quite sure are happy that the police officer stepped in. i have a 17-year-old son a
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13-year-old son and if my sons were involved in something like this, my point about the democrats really weaponizing this thing to push their agenda is that they are using these flash points in the country just for their own political gain and only for their own political power. it's disgusting. and it's got to stop. we have politicians who swear that they know how to fix all these things, especially with policing but these are the same politicians who never started a business and ever built a department, never created anything on their own but they will tell us how to reform policing in america. i don't buy it, i don't believe it. this is about politics and they are using the anger and outrage of the american people and this is literally rules for radicals, pick a target and polarize it in order to get their way. >> sean: a 13-year-old girl
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was stabbed to death and police weren't involved in that case. we have scrawled the names of people shot and shot and killed in chicago, nobody hears these names every weekend. 20, 40, 50, 60, nobody does anything to fix it. i think that's evidence. we had over 100 cops killed this year congressman and i think most people don't know their names, either. congressman, reaction? >> the ones that are trying to do something about this our law enforcement officers who are in our community every single day. that's why it's important that people need to stand behind her officers end up pulling data has been clear. when you talk about getting rid of police nobody supports that. blm doesn't support that, black americans, they understand the ones on the front lines. they are the ones on the ground trying to fix the situations and
11:24 pm
solve the situations and bring justice in our communities everything will day. >> sean: last word, jim jordan. >> i think byron is right on target. congressman is saying we need to get rid of police altogether and it ended by maxine waters for the ridiculous thing she said at the end of that trial. you ever hear republicans talking about of the funding the police are getting rid of the police, abolishing the police? that's the wrong thing to do with our community and the wrong things to do with our country. >> sean: at the left continues to push their dangerous policies, it's getting worse by the day. joe biden is jumping in fully with the radicals and his party. lindsey graham will join us to detail how republicans will fight this agenda, that's next. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within
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>> sean: now joe biden the extreme socialist democrat continues fueling reckless radical rhetoric fueling lies about everything from the georgia voting law, far more accessible than joe's state of delaware to the noninfrastructure infrastructure waste of money and of course, please state bailout. and of course covid emergency relief that is anything but in all this other rhetoric against the police defunding and dismantling. because tonight is far left extremists are doubling down. they are now firmly backing a corrupt court packing scheme. it joe biden now has bought into the d.c. statehood which is likely unconstitutional without an amendment. is this annette leader mitch mcconnell slamming it all earlier today. take a look. >> i've never been one to complain about fake news, but i want to start with the total
11:30 pm
frustration i have with the coverage that most of you have engaged in, with regards to the issue of expanding the supreme court. i read story after story after story on this issue. they do not mention that ruth bader ginsburg and stephen breyer, the two most important liberals in modern times are opposed to court packing. so why don't you include in the objective analysis of this issue that fact. >> sean: joining is now a senator lindsey graham for the great state of south carolina. court packing and legislative filibustered, joe biden proposing another trillion dollars in spending, the new green deal spending. i don't think we can afford it. i don't think i need a math degree from mit or harvard either to figure that out. the most radical agenda i've ever seen in 33 years of doing this, senator.
11:31 pm
>> while his whole campaign was a fraud. he wouldn't answer the question about do you support d.c. statehood, he wouldn't answer the question during the campaign about court packing. while we now know that the agenda coming out of the biden administration is the most radical agenda as he said in our lifetime and we are arranging america -- >> sean: he was asked and he said it, i don't support any of it, none of it. court packing and the legislative filibustered. >> well i will trust you are research team, but at best he was unequivocal. i trust you to say that he denied he would do these things. why did it matter? i think a lot of americans would have been unnerved by joe biden if he said i'm going to make d.c. a state because that dilutes the power of the state that you live in. i think most americans would be upset to hear that he wanted to change the makeup to the
11:32 pm
supreme court, that would have been a game changer in terms of how a lot of people vote. here's the good ones. republicans are not going to let this happen in the united states senate, there are 50 of us. i'm doing a news conference with ted cruz and a bunch of my colleagues tomorrow and we will stand in front of the supreme court, protect the court and we are not going to allow us to go beyond nine. we have the power, the 50 of us do to stop this. they can try to change the filibuster but if they do that you need 51 people to pass the bill. and if all 50 of us show up and say we are not going to -- >> sean: that leads me to the million dollar question. i believe mitch mcconnell will do the right thing, too. i don't particularly trust mitt romney or ben sasse or lisa murkowski. are they going to stand with you or allow the democrats.
11:33 pm
>> america changes it and we know it, they destroy the independence of the judiciary making d.c. the state is not believable power grab. so tonight here is what i'm asking. i'm asking every republican senator, i tell our democratic colleagues that if you try to change the filibuster, abolish the filibuster and pass this radical agenda, we will use every tool in the toolbox for us, and you don't blow up the country and republicans don't need to be as aggressive as they are. i'm willing to do that, and,
11:34 pm
that was then i will feel better about it. >> republicans preparing to go on the offensive. lauren trump and herschel walker are next, straight ahead.
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>> sean: just like we've been tellin >> sean: it republicans going on offense in 2022, they need to embrace a conservative, macon america first agenda, that would be simple, board of security, energy independence, free and fair to trade, and support of
11:39 pm
the first and tenth second amendment, and of course safety and security for every community. choice in schools, it's not complicated. protecting pre-existing conditions, and from what we can tell, president trump is going to be very involved in all this. this is a brand-new cook for my exclusive interview from earlier this week, that we discussed earlier this week, voting reforms and so much more. take a look. i mention for things that i think are important, chain of custody, partisan observer should be able to watch the entire vote count, signature verification and voter picture i.d. anything else would add to that? it's because those are the main things. >> simple. >> for something else. so your poll watchers, but watchers, pennsylvania, they were viciously thrown out 100 feet away. they couldn't even to get near the building.
11:40 pm
and these people were physically thrown out in many cases, and they don't have republican poll watchers in that area with us. they continue to fuel lies about george's law. early voting in 17 days of early voting, zero in delaware and even gives voters more flexibility deciding when they want to vote. joe biden's home state, no drop boxes and yes, they need voter i.d. also. they need to do a single thing to get single thing more
11:41 pm
accessible. and it's interesting having both of you on. and i've seen pulling on both of you. i have the trafalgar pole, robert haley, front of the programs and he has you beating as senator warnock. lara trump, the last poll i saw in terms of getting the nomination, you are up by a whopping 15 points. and herschel, we will start with you. i've artie pressured laura enough that she probably hates me right now is a fox news contributor and friend. herschel walker, and i'm
11:42 pm
considerate, and as i told everyone, i'm weighing my options but i can't promise you this, if i run, i'm running to win because right now what's going on in this country is absolutely terrible. i believe in god and country and i believe in family, it is sad is that people are not standing up for the law. i'm tired of hearing about black america, white america, asian america, and hispanic america. this is the united states of america and we got to get back to that, we got to get leaders in washington that believe in that and that's how we are going to fix this. >> sean: so i hear georgia is on your mind, i don't know. it sounds a little bit like that to me. >> well georgia is always on the mind and that's what people don't realize. just because i was living in
11:43 pm
texas, i have a lot of stuff there in georgia and, that's why i said i'm honored that they are considering me running for senate. i do have to do all my due diligence is a what in the world is going on, i'm going to weigh my options i figure this out. >> there is no doubt. but the american people and the people of north carolina, that's where your home state, that's where you are born and raised and they know you so well. that's got to give you reason to pause somewhat, no? >> i'm so humbled and honored, it's amazing to see, and i appreciate it so much. what herschel said, we need strong leaders in 22 and 24 that
11:44 pm
have the best interest of the american people at heart. what we seen happen in america, it's so tragic and so disturbing that we got to get this country back on track. i'm it is a decision that i am also weighing. nothing to break here on "hannity" it tonight but maybe we will come back and give you our final decision. >> sean: it will be like the final episode of "the apprentice." we will do a two-hour special. [laughs] this agenda of the democrats, the spending and the borders, packing the courts, ending the legislative filibuster, i've never seen anything like it. and i've never been more concerned. i've never been concerned about the direction of the country like i am now.
11:45 pm
>> it starts at the top, it starts at fortunately with the president joe biden and a total lack of leadership. it's been sad to see what has happened on the southern border and the fact that that has not been addressed in any way, shape, or form by our vice president kamala harris who is tasked with that three plus weeks ago now. she hasn't visited or held a press conference about it. we see so many people that are very disturbed and we are only in april. joe biden took office january 20th, so if you are upset about the way things are going now, just hold on. we haven't even talked about what's happening while the world as it relates to america. remember when donald trump was in office, it was america first. we were protected and safe, we took care of our country. it seems very different now. i think american people, and we will be ready for a significant
11:46 pm
change. and biden-harris or whatever they are calling it in the white house. >> sean: i will give you the last word tonight, aggression by china, aggression by the iranians. we have no idea what north korea is up to, and then look at the economy, look at the regulation and all the jobs being lost in the energy sector, for example. >> i think people should be concerned about all of this. this is the greatest content of all. right now we need to give china the opportunity to take over, and one thing we have to do is fight for it, we are american. and if people don't like it, and i hate to say this, but get out. we have to fight for america and get leaders in america will fight for america because right now we are giving it away.
11:47 pm
we are going to fight for it and do whatever we can for it. that's our opportunity here and i want to thank everyone in georgia, but i want you to know as laura just said, maybe we will come back and give someone some news and let them know what's going on. >> sean: america need strong leaders that make promises and fight to keep them. it's not that complicated. thank you both. coming up, you won't believe one whistle-blower, teacher, caught as principal thing on tape as a left promotes critical race theory. we will show you at when we return as we are joined by the attorney for the whistle-blower and leo 2.0 terrell, straight ahead.
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>> sean: we are continuing >> sean: we are continuing tonight to cover the extreme far left racist "woke ideology" that is infecting some of new york's most elite private schools. i whistle-blower teacher named paul rossi at manhattan's grace church school is now speaking out in the far left of dr. nation, and the principal, and it demonizes white people pretty much for being born. >> do you agree we are demonizing kids? >> we are demonizing white people for being born. >> are some of our students white people? >> we are using language that makes our people feel less then.
11:53 pm
we went with reaction civil rights attorney and fox news contributor leo 2.0 terrell terrel along with paul rossi, samantha harris. let's talk about the legal aspects of this. >> institutions have obligations not to create a hostile environment on the basis of race. and so many institutions is exactly that. affinity group goals, and they demonize people on the basis of their race. and so for people subject to that that can give rise to legal claims. >> sean: isn't that her admission, a civil rights attorney, leo terrel, for demonizing white people for being born.
11:54 pm
i thought the information on race was outlawed in this country? >> it is outlawed. let me make sure your viewers are listening to this. we are turning the clock back 50 years ago. they are the principle of knowledge treating people differently because of skin color. that is illegal and violate civil rights law. i'm sure it violates new york states law. we are a civil rights organization that said we are not going to evaluate or treat people differently because of skin color. i can't believe that's happening, so one final point. we are telling kids to hate someone come in to treat somewhat differently and an early age. you are planning and negative discriminatory seed in young kids, and the leaders of our future, you are planning a discriminatory seed. it's outrageous, i need to go to
11:55 pm
new york, this is crazy. it's ridiculous. >> sean: we only have 30 seconds but it seems to me that the laws are very clear on racial discrimination of any kind. >> the laws are clear on racial discrimination but what really is so telling about this, we have proof that this ideology is being driven by fear. we now know that people at the heads of these institutions who are imposing this on children have these doubts but they don't feel they can express them outside of private conversations that they know agree. we know this is wrong but they fear is happening anyway. >> file a lawsuit, right now. >> sean: she is. when we come back, our villain of the day, for national guard shooter in minneapolis, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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.. ♪ ♪ >> sean: before we go, we are learning that the suspect,
12:00 am
andrew thomas, this weekend's drive-by shooting against the national guard in minneapolis, which injured two guardsmen, is only going to be charged with a single count of illegal possession of a firearm. that's it? wow. sad times we live in. troubled times. we will never be the media mob, always independent. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham. i haven't thrown to you. we have been going right to alerts going to alerts. laura: that was a powerful show and the time for our country to take a breath and separate fact from fiction you did a great job of that we will pick up where you left off. i am laura ingrandma this is the ingraham go, we will get right to it, convicting america is the focus of tonight's angle. they really want you to think they care about black people in


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