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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 21, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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feeling better? [dog] i'm speechless. [dog] thanks for the apoquel. that's what friends are for. ask your veterinarian for apoquel. next to you, apoquel is a dog's best friend. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." oh, the drama. but at least the chauvin travels over, officer derek chauvin was convicted yesterday on all counts. the travel and on for more than a month and at times the testimony was complex and technical but at the center of the case of is always just one piece of relevant evidence and it was the videotape of george floyd's death in a street of maine. if you haven't seen the tape recently every means every bit as shocking as the day it was shot. you watch it, and you can see that george floyd knows on some level that he's going to die.
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and in the end of course, he does die. it's crushing that way. millions of americans reacted in that way, they were horrified. many who watch that up officer chauvin must have committed an act of criminal brutality so it's not surprising the jury concluded the same thing. the images and that tape seemed to tell the whole story. and in fact it's possible that even if no one outside of the courtroom in minneapolis had ever seen that in at just the jury, it's possible that derek chauvin could have been convicted, the tape is just that powerful. unfortunately we just don't know that, we can only speculate about it because that's not at all what happened. the george floyd video went around the world and became the centerpiece of a new political movement. political actors harness the emotion over that video and over floyd's death to control the country and change it forever. then, and this is the key and
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the thing that we should think about, and that last month some of these same people went further than that. this change the outcome of derek chauvin's trial and that's the one thing we can never allow. civilized countries have impartial systems of justice, that's a hallmark of a civilized country and separates the country you want to live in from a place you don't even want to visit. civilized country demand above all that every citizen is how to precisely the same standard and no matter how popular or unpopular with a particular defendant might be, it applies no matter the alleged crime. civilized countries do not tolerate jury intimidation. you see it in you stop it. you do not allow the threat of violence to determine the outcome of the trial. that would be the opposite of justice. in america, they used to strive hard to be like that and yet,
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just yesterday we saw the president of the united states throw his back in behind the prosecution, even as the jury in minneapolis was deliberating the case. we saw one of the most powerful members of the united states congress told a group of people they should act out in violence at the jury dared to quit. we watched many of us concede the responsibility for the death of george floyd right before the trial. before derek chauvin's lawyer could even just some his case. and we saw thugs threaten a defense witness with death. they smeared it pig blood on the door of what they thought was his house and then get away with it. no one in authority seemed especially interested in catching them. whether you think that derek chauvin was guilty and deserved what he god, no matter what you vote for, seeing mobs trying to influence this trial should shock and horrify you at least as much as the george floyd
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video did. this is a picture of a country moving backward at high speed but the strange thing is, most people didn't seem shocked or upset by any of this. they seemed relieved by the verdict. they had of course seen the boarded-up building, watch the troops in the streets and understood very well with an acquittal would mean. they believed in a conviction whether it was justified or not would bring the country piece. many people thought this, not cynical but most people including republicans. if we obey to maxine waters and ignored the pig blood, they thought the chaos would end. after 11 months of violence and intimidation, americans just decided to pay the wrench ransom. they understood derek chauvin as a sacrifice and they said this was the case. america is on trial, they told us.
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it's not just one cop for minneapolis on the stand, it's all of us on the stand. our history, our culture and our system. we internalize that it went along with it. a wise country stands on its principles and it puts down mobs, it does not obey mobs. mobs are never stated, it doesn't matter what demands you follow, they demand more. and now they are demanding more not surprisingly. here where the two most powerful people in the united states reacting to yesterday's verdict. keep in mind as you watch this and no one has ever shown that race or skin color played any role in the death of george floyd. if you watch the trial, you know that. these people didn't watch the trial, and this and have been to george floyd. >> a measure of justice isn't
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the same as the equal justice. the fact is, we still have work to do. we still must reform the system. >> president biden: no one should be above the law and today's verdict sends that message. but it's not enough, we can't stop here. >> tucker: but that's not enough, we can't stop here. it turns out that derek show vince conviction was not the end of the revolution, it was not the terminus of what we seen for the past year after the death of george floyd, is just the beginning of the revolution. it is "ongoing. it's ongoing? didn't we just have a month-long trial that prevents the but that
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was just the start. here for example the blm act celebrating in new york. george floyd died 1200 miles from new york in a totally different region. presumably, they didn't know george floyd and probably didn't want his trial but for people like this, justice where george floyd isn't the point. never ending ethnic conflict is the point. listen. chant atomic >> we don't want you here. the one and people with the wrong skin color now have to leave new york city and aren't allowed to own restaurants, that's what they just said. everyone pretended not to notice that they said it but they did say he had the point is, people
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didn't use to talk like this, and if they did they were scolded at the very least, you can't have a multiethnic nation altogether if people are going to scream like that on the street. so why are they doing it now? they are doing it for one simple reason, it gets results. radicalism works, violence works and that's the lesson. we've taught them, being the mob, that lesson. it is at least one blm activist who is willing to say it out loud. >> it was a mixture of violent and nonviolent protests that yielded this result. america doesn't listen to us when we marched peacefully. america must know if you continue to allow us to be murdered in the streets without justice, we will raise in america. >> tucker: so it's that simple, violence gets results. that's a threat of course but
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it's also unfortunately true. rioting does work and when you burn cities you get what you want. you get rich from corporate handouts. you get the jury verdicts, and rioters know this well even if the rest of us will not admit it. by allowing wendy's to be torched and macy's to be polluted and police stations to be destroyed the rest of us have a relinquished our power as citizens. why would we do something like this? in the meantime, prepare for the next phase. derek chauvin's conviction -- known as abram x candy know letting us know that derek chauvin was just the beginning. national transformation is on the way. >> so now what, chauvin is
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headed to jail, but is america headed to justice? is justice convicting a police officer or his justice convicting america? it is easy to blame individual officers like derek chauvin but the problem is structural. justice has convicted america. now we must put in the time transforming this nation. >> tucker: and so we've all been convicted of murder. and by the way, you can't bring blame abraham x candy, that man has gotten millions and millions of dollars. he may be paying tuition to support his salary. why are we doing that? where the rest of us doing that? so this transformation that he's calling for, what exactly does that look like? what's the shape of the reform to come? while bree newsom has some
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ideas. "april teenagers have been having fights for eons. we do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene and using a weapon against one of the teenagers, everyone should be frightened of that the ruling white elites have done a thoroughly success the full job of not only disconnecting us from the basic means of self-sufficiency but also convincing us we need armed white officers to manage our children and communities." you may roll your eyes at ibram x. kendi or the president or vice president or add bree newsom and the many like her but be assured that the biden administration does not roll his eyes, it takes every word very seriously. and that means your neighborhood may soon see reforms like this one. and what will happen then? if you live in an affluent neighborhood you will be absently fine because you hire private security and there will be many police officers who are
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eager private security guards. but for everyone else, what next? here is some data and it comes from of all places the website box with sites the following study. from 2014 through 2019 a researcher called campbell tracked more than 1600 blm protests across country, largely in bigger cities, with three and 50,000 protesters. the net result was a "roughly 300 fewer police homicides in census places that's all blm protests." okay, 300. but here's the cost of that. campbell's research also says the protests correlates with murders in the area that sought blm protests. that means from 2014 through 2019 there were somewhere between 4,006,000 more homicides it would've been expected in places where protests were on
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the same than in places who did not have protests. thanks to blm says this researcher, the police shot about 300 fewer suspects. and in exchange for that up to 6,000 new murders took place, many of innocents and children. so that's a bargain that we have made. we just doubled down on that. victor davis hanson is a senior fellow at the hoover institution. thanks so much for coming on. how do you read not the verdict itself, all of us got to watch over a month of this trial unfold. but the response of the people who demanded a guilty verdict to the verdict we received. what does that tell you? >> i think it's part of a wider pattern, a lot of people get up every morning and scan the news cycle and whether it's a country and our michael brown and the tragedy of george floyd, they see this as useful for a larger agenda that does not have public support.
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and so whether it's open borders or reparations or redistribution or the end of the second or first amendment or alternate constitutional customs and tradition, it doesn't matter. they want to use this crisis to indict all of america in the majority population and then the majority population of america says continually, what can we do? what medieval indulgence or reparation can we do? then they are given some things they can do. you can change the voting laws or have a greater proportion of this particular group and make race-based reparations in the department of agriculture but it's never going to be enough. there are certain rules of this progress and you mentioned data, data doesn't matter. african-americans are being slaughtered by police, and of discussion. "washington post" found in 2019 that nine were nationwide and based on a number of people who were arrested, and about 50% of african-americans of the
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10 million that are arrested are disproportionately shot by police based on the percentage. it doesn't matter. hate crimes, african-americans are the one group who are tragically overrepresented based on the proportion and the population that commits hate crimes, it doesn't matter. there are a few other very quick rules and that is, class doesn't matter. so the people who were at the forefront of this agenda are barack and michelle obama. they venture out from martha's vineyard. or maybe lebron will take a book and freda malcolm x the billionaire lebron. for -- about the impressions of the world. it's driven by an elite group of blacks and an elite group of bicoastal white elites who really, to tell you the truth, they know the existential problem. why 7,000 african-americans are killing themselves in inner
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cities and they are poorly run in the schools are bad. if they do not want to put their kids into public schools and they do not want to get on the ground in a concrete fashion and say to people, let's preserve the african nuclear family. let's stop the abortion at stop the fatherless households. what can i do concretely? it's virtual the abstract, and i feel so wonderful about myself. but that's not going to solve the problem. we know what the problem is, we got to all talk bluntly about the black family which is the key to restoring black success. most of the elites know that in the black community. >> tucker: i think all of us know that the families are the key to success. i think all of us feel that way. victor davis hanson, i appreciate you coming on tonight, thank you.
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>> thank you. >> tucker: has a maximum aggression is always the guiding principle on the left. so with that the verdict comes down and systemic bias are america's biggest problem and may have motivated tuesday's police shooting in columbus, ohio. the officer, and case you haven't followed the story, attacked someone, shot someone who was attacking another person with a knife. several media outlets promptly use the shooting to inflame racial tensions. in fact, they report "columbus police shoot and kill a teenage girl. "meanwhile valerie dear it argued that police should not interrupt tonight fights. "a black teenage girl was killed because a police officer immediately decided to shoot her multiple times in order to break up a knife fight, demand accountability." what does that accountability look like? horace, thanks so much for coming on.
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you didn't imagine even a year ago the someone like valerie jarrett, one of the most powerful people in the world, and public saying that police have no right to stop at night fights. we moved it a long way in the short time it feels like. >> the left is throwing out all of the rules, all of the principles to pursue their objective. and as your discussion with victor david hanson demonstrated they are not interested in the data that shows just how harmful this is. so i would like to use an illustration. the year is 1995. the trial of the murder of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman is taking place. what would we think if the governor republican pete wilson had suddenly announced that he was personally going to look
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into this case and called dan rheinland the republican attorney general and said it, i want you to get some of the most prominent law firms all over the state to volunteer their times. together we are going to bring ten income of 15 or $20 million in legal resources to bear because we have to guarantee that o.j. simpson is convicted. what would america think that instead of holding that trial in brentwood where he lived and where the crime occurred and where a large percentage of highly educated jurors would have been there, that they instead moved it to los angeles which is what they did do. so that they could get a different set of jurors. these types of things are
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examples of what happens when you draw this contrast. we had derek chauvin targeted, targeted the state and that's not due process. even the due process that someone like o.j. simpson who brutally killed it to people entitled to. why isn't derek chauvin? >> tucker: this is making people radical as we often say and that's bad. pierce cooper, thank you for coming on. she's got her theory of everything fully explained. we want to hear that. mark steyn is with us after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: a couple >> tucker: a couple of weeks ago, internationally renowned cognitive athlete
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kirsten gillibrand, also u.s. senator, announced that everything is infrastructure, assumable even her. sadie cortez thought this and said to come i need my own big idea. according to congresswoman cortez everything is climate change. >> the climate crisis is a crisis born of injustice, and the crisis born of pursuit of profit at any and all human and ecological costs. which means that we must recognize the legislation that the trampling of indigenous rights is a cause of climate change, that the trampling of racial justice is a climate change because we are allowing people and we are allowing ourselves to make sure -- we are allowing folks to deny ourselves human rights and the right to health care and housing education. >> tucker: is obviously the worst thing we did in this
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country was given ashlar's degree is to dumb people, especially dumb aggressive people, that's what we get. mark steyn isn't originally from this country but he has a clearer picture. it turns out that climate change to indigenous rights of infrastructure, that's my read on it. >> everything is infrastructure, infrastructure is climate change and climate change is racism. racism is everything. everything that ibram x. kendi had been saying, your reaction to this is roll your eyes and my reaction to this is to roll my eyes. i would be happy to pitch an eye rolling our every night on this channel for this kind of story. the fact is that nobody who matters rolls their eyes at aoc. even those who have a low coming like chuck schumer who isn't an idiot, he may be depraved in
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certain political sense but he's not an idiot. i found myself when i first saw this, i was thinking this is actually pretty ridiculous. but what does that even -- the transatlantic slave trade reached its height during the slave trade which is also when the french and indian wars occurred as though there to be no correlation at all between racism and climate change between indigenous rights. then i thought, what am i doing, this is rubbish. this is supposed to be a science. i've been in a 10-year lawsuit in washington, d.c., up against the guy who invented the climate change hockey stick and he is a scientist and his position is in the last millennium nothing happened for nine centuries and then you, tucker, got into your suv and fried the planet.
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and that is a completely idiotic theory but at least he's not trying to sell the world on the idea that somehow climate change correlates to racism. when you get to the stage it's not long before the planes that start out of the sky's. because people are going to be, you know, we need to hire some pilots who recognize the racial injustice in flying planes. this is, if everything is racism, nothing is racism. if everything is infrastructure, nothing is infrastructure. infrastructure is racism and racism is climate change, that is all you know and all you need to know. >> tucker: they are destroying any incentive for anyone to engage in reason or in a short debate. all they do is scream things that are demonstrably untrue and it works. every time someone says something they'd like to scream, you are a criminal, you belong
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in jail. who wants to live in a piece place like that without the level of public conversation? >> exactly. and you laugh at this and i laugh at this, but you know who really laughs at this as chairman g.e. and the chinese -a remarkable amount of time to talk about something important and something true. >> tucker: that so nicely put as always. mark steyn, thank you so much. obviously there's lots going on. a revolution in process. how should people who aren't kind of with the program respond to this? we are trying to find people who thought deeply about this question because it's interesting and all of a sudden important. we will be back after the break to have a conversation, an important one.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tuc >> tucker: is a member of
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congress and he's a democrat a that represents a state of california. with that in mind we wanted to bring you one of his recent pronouncements. this is a tweet in response to one of his colleagues, the congressman scott perry. perry was making an argument we have often made because it's true, and that is because the democrats are using mass immigration to transform the country to change about so they can control who wins. ted lieu was very annoyed that scott. he said that so he sent the following tweet and he was clearly enraged as he did. "dear scott perry, native-born americans like you are no more american or less american than an immigrant like me." good point, we agree with that. "with every passing year there will be more people who look like me in the states, you can't stop it. so take your racist replacement theory and shove it.
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"in other words, you are being replaced and there's nothing you can do about it. so shut up. [laughs] luckily there are people like ted lieu in charge, you're not going to get a lot done. you guys are. the change is rapid and it might be permanent, so if you are a conservative leader you probably ought to be thinking about how can i protect the people i supposedly represent from being hurt by this change, how do we preserve the things about america that actually matter? you know if you live here, that hasn't been happening. why not? which set a very interesting conversation with glenn elmers of the claremont institute. i just dropped on and here is part of it. that kind of is the question all the power centers in american life on one side, moving with remarkable speed to transform everything. some large but honestly an
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unknown number of americans aren't on board with this. they are bewildered and appalled and frankly are being oppressed in some cases. they are looking to leadership to help them, to protect them. what should they ask for from their leaders? conservative leaders? >> they should ask for truth which they are not getting. >> tucker: a good answer. >> they should ask for promises to be kept which is not happening very often. one of the reasons that the whole 2016 election happened of course was people got more and more disenchanted with a lot of broken promises from the mainstream republican establishment and wanted something different. and they certainly something different. >> tucker: also trumps the reaction against their own leaders. >> i think in large part, not only the republican establishment itself, the in a
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way that's what people down. conservative in a way is not even the right paradigm to think about these things because as you said and as you've set often on the show, so much is gone and so many of our institutions have been captured by the bad guys. the question i asked in the piece is, what are we really conserving? what's left to conserved? the popular culture is a cesspool, the academy is wholly taken over by woke ideology. the federal government is controlled by a bureaucracy that is antithetical to traditional ideas of american liberty. now the corporate world, what happens when large corporations don't even believe in property rights anymore? or the rule of law? we have silicon valley becoming sort of a private sector ministry of information and propaganda on behalf of the
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oligarchy. so what are we conserving? the question is we need to think in different terms. maybe we need to think as revolutionaries or maybe you look at it in a different way, to bring back the stuff that's lost. that older idea of citizenship that a lot of people are still attached to but that not exist not so much in our love but really just in hearts and minds of a lot of people. according to the declaration, according to the founding charter of this country, the basic principles on which this county was founded, they have both the right and the duty which is interesting to alter or abolish that government and replace it with something that they think will serve with declaration called their safety and happiness. >> tucker: i don't think you could post that on twitter. >> that's hate speech, right?
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isn't that hate speech? >> tucker: that's a massive and glaring threat of course to the rent seeker is not running everything. the declaration of independence as hate speech. barely an overstatement. the full conversation is on tucker carlson today on, monday, wednesday and friday. so you are hearing from the biden administration, they are never going to require vaccine passports, ever. course vaccine passports are coming. it turns out the most powerful corporations in the country have been building digital databases on your health. it's kind of a remarkable story, straight ahead. >> tucker:
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>> tucker: so we are not getting vaccine passports. jill biden has assured you, no. instead the most powerful corporations in the world will provide vaccine passports amended their use. so if you have antibodies from a natural affection, you can't live here. companies like walmart, ibm and microsoft aren't looking to make a global i.d. card to track vaccinations. so whether or not the government is doing this is kind of a material, it's. chris bent forward wrote a fantastic piece, he's a senior editor at the federalists. let's assume this is happening, sounds like it is. what does this mean for the country? >> it's happening right now, right in front of us that it's happening to people who are being coerced into making this decision. earlier this week speaking to a friend of mine who's got a young child and she and her husband
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want to have another one but her lobbying firm in d.c. said she won't be able to travel unless she gets this passport. for example, that's something that's going to push her out of promotion, push her out of the ability to earn. these are decisions being made that private companies whether or not our governors pretend of the riots. the private businesses have generally had a pretty bad a year, small businesses over the last year under government mandates. but this is over the line, this is trying to coerce citizens into a novel vaccine that hasn't been tested in the long term on fertility rates and pregnancy, push them into this, and making them and second-class citizens who don't have access to the same restaurants with the same job. this is a good government that needs to protect the people in the matter who's making the decision to force it on them. >> tucker: so leaving aside
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the efficacy, not even to get into that debate. as a philosophical matter, if united airlines said are against abortion and if you had an abortion you can't fly on her plane. and if mastercard said we are not banning abortion, but if you have an abortion you can't have a credit card. and then starwood says you can't stay in our hotels. someone says wait a second, you are effectively forcing us to make a decision by the medical procedure and it's our body and our choice. >> it's been very sad over the past year to see how many people in the united states have voluntarily in the name of safety turned in their neighbors and turned in people who were struggling to try to make a living, people trying to cut hair in their backyard actually tattled on them to authorities. that's the level of culture and the level of fear that is being generated and a lot of our talk corporations have been pushing
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this from the top to the bottom. now its lending and small businesses and there's actually a transfer of the conservative governments were good government supers back and say, no. if florida has done this already in montana has done this already, no businesses covered by hiba are allowed to demand a vaccine for you. now you will create a patchwork and end up getting some of those older, not so good allies at the chamber of commerce saying wait a second. we want to do business in those states that we need to stop this, too. >> tucker: and free states, or people who want to live in a free country could be. i like that. thank you. so the chauvin trial is over as he well known but the people who benefited from george floyd's death are demanding still more power. what will happen to the rest of us if they get more power? senator john kennedy from louisiana joins us after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: that looks like derek chauvin could spend the rest of his life in prison, a bunch of older people who trespass to capital are still behind bar is in the d.c. jail. at the same time blm and nt for rioters who torched court houses are getting nonprosecution agreements but, it's still not enough. yesterday congresswoman cortez said the chauvin case was not justice. >> i just want to let you all know and create the affirmation that this is injustice. it's not just us. justice is a municipality and a government that does not -- because it trickles down. it does not value military and armaments more than it values health care in education and housing. so, no. this verdict is not justice.
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frankly i don't even think we call it full accountability. >> tucker: sandy cortez of boston university defining justice for america. send her john kennedy of louisiana has thought a lot about what justice is and he joins us tonight. i'm not a lawyer as i know that you are about my understanding is you assessed the justice rendered in the case on the terms of that case. so if the guilty person is convicted, that's just us is this case a referendum on the whole country? >> i'm listening to the congresswoman and i'm thinking, no disrespect but how does anyone get to be her age and believe that? this to me is what this is all about, tucker. no fair-minded person believes that cops, many of whom are a racial minority, give up every
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day and go to work going for the opportunity to hurt someone, including but not limited to people of color? that's nonsense. but the woke-reese does like the congresswoman really do believe that. they do hate cops just because they are hawked cops. they want to defund the police which would result in a fantastic impression of. the wokearistas do believe that one a cop hurts a criminal, it is every single time that cops falter, but when i criminal shoots a cop, it is always every single time i guns fault. they do have contempt for america, they are not happy and will be happy until they can take a sledgehammer to america
10:59 pm
score. now you are saying to yourself, you are entitled to believe what you want and i agree with that. and i have hope for them, jellyfish have survived 650 million years without a brain cell there is hope for them. but what i'm disappointed in is president biden. he has encouraged us. i listen to him last night and he knows better. no one can get to be his age with his experience and not know that this is nonsense and i hear people say all the time, cut him some slack. maybe he has his fastball. no, he knows better. and he has encouraged it. i knew that president biden would be left of center, i never dreamed he would be left of
11:00 pm
london and he needs to stand up. >> tucker: the adults in the party need to stop this. >> this infantile and people are being hurt. >> tucker: that scary. more on, now to "hannity." >> sean: we have a lot of ground to cover and would begin by stating the obvious, the radical left, not interested in truth or justice. we are one day removed from the chauvin verdict in a jury of his peers from the former officer guilty on all three charges and that her effect at the george floyd. chauvin could now serve up to 75 years behind bars but that's apparently not good enough for the left in the country. many are hell-bent on some kind of revenge. last night this officer in portland, surrounded by writers, sucker punched in the face during the same demonstration, an


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