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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 21, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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which injured two guardsmen, is only going to be charged with a single count of illegal possession of a firearm. that's it? wow. sad times we live in. troubled times. we will never be the media mob, always independent. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham. i haven't thrown to you. we have been going right to alerts. >> laura: i know. that was a powerful show tonight, sean. >> sean: thanks, laura. >> laura: it's a time for our country to take a breath and separate fact from fiction and he really did a great job of that we are going to pick it up right where you left off. all right, thanks, sean. i am laura ingraham. this is p90 from washington tonight. we are getting wrightwood. convicting america, that's the focus of tonight's angle. now they really want you to think that they care about black people in america, about their well-being and their safety, about protecting them from abuse and discrimination, about
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ensuring equal justice under the law. but here's the dirty little secret. the most powerful forces in america fueling the current rage against police, they are playing everyone. and they're using grieving families to perpetrate their fraud on all of us. their goal isn't to justice. its revolution. they don't even care about convicting police officers who commit crimes. what they really want to do is to convict america. >> chauvin is headed to jail but is america headed to justice? is justice convicting a police officer? or is justice convicting america? when tens of millions of americans after floyd's merthyr last year took to the streets of nearly every american town, we were convicting america. justice is not closing the case. justice is not closing the door on chauvin.
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justice is closing the door on racist narratives and policies. >> laura: that's been taught to your kids, by the way. what policies precisely? what narrative? once the proof that they were in fact designed to target people of color today, in today's day and age? evidence, facts, crime statistics, none of that matters to the race patrol. they need you to believe that crimes aren't actually committed by individuals. they are caused by a racist society. in the fact that there was no evidence of racial animus in chauvin's actions didn't matter either. he was white. the victim was black. it wasn't his knee on the neck of mr. floyd. it was america. >> left this be the president or we overcome systematic racism and oppression. >> we are a condition continuation of movements before us and they will be continued until freedom.
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>> laura: al sharpton who traveled to many of us via private jet, are we supposed to believe he's not a free man in the united states. today the white house and seven top democrats echoed blm's big lie. >> our focus is working to address systemic racism and a blessed by his head-on. >> we should not mistake a guilty verdict in this case the evidence that the persistence problem of police misconduct has been solved. racism strikes the very core of this country. justice, true justice will not come until we finally banish the ancient poison of racism. from the american soul. >> laura: of course schumer was just cribbing biden from last night. >> ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism. systemic racism is a stain on our nation soul. >> laura: is a catholic,
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president biden must be aware i would assume that individuals, not nations, have souls. in the 21st century america, racism is harbored by individuals. it is not thankfully enshrined in american life or police departments which are increasingly diverse nationwide. the hard truths about most of the deadly interactions with police are uncomfortable to discuss. and of course racist cops, they shouldn't be on the force. crimes committed by police should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. neck but how much time do the racial arsonists spend getting rich off tragedy and how much tragedy do they actually talk about systemic family breakdown in america? or do they talk at all about the lack of role models for young men and women, about personal responsibility, about the obligation of all of us, all citizens to obey the law and not resist police when arrested.
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but there's no money in any of that in talking about any of that. it's just hard work involving faith communities, business leaders and former convicts. people like bob woodson, you saw him on the show last night, he does this every day. he finds real solutions for underprivileged communities. it's beautiful to watch. but the american media, they choose to glorify sharpton who has been selling racial arsenic since 1987. yet now the entire federal government caters to the racial industrial complex. the department of justice has become, i don't know, the department of sharpton. >> yesterday's verdict in the state criminal trial does not address potentially systemic policing issues in minneapolis. the justice department has opened a civil investigation to determine whether the minneapolis police department engages in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful
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policing. we undertake this task with determination and urgency. knowing that change cannot wait. >> laura: okay, by saying change cannot wait, garland reveals himself. he is prejudging the outcome. where others are buying real estate portfolios with race hustle stuff, the democrats, they just want power. power to transform america by effectively dismantling state and local police and putting the feds in charge. so the doj's pattern and practice investigations he's referencing there, they have done nothing by the way to make life safer or better in america. last year and the national bureau of economic research issued a disturbing report. they said we estimate these investigations caused almost 900 access homicides and almost 34,0 access felonies. the leading hypothesis for why these investigations increase homicides in total crime is an
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abrupt change in the quantity of policing activity. if the powers that be in politics and the culture, they don't care what happens in the aftermath of their so-called reforms. when police forces are demonized and hollowed out. they don't care. because who gets hurt the most? well, i can tell you who doesn't get hurt. not billionaire lebron james who can't bring himself to criticize the murderous ccp but today targeted the ohio police officer who shot a teenager attempting to stab another teenager, tweeting "you're next." so no investigation necessary, no facts, no context needed. it's all about celebrity virtue signaling. it's simple. rushing into maker racial judgment, it costs celebs nothing. notice these same figures will not rush in to convict china for its truly murderous practices.
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too much money on the lines, my friends. remember convicting an entire country of racism, it requires that a lot of lies be told and endlessly repeated, like the laughable argument that modern-day policing is just a vestige of slavery. >> in certain parts of the country, modern policing has direct lineage to the slave patrols. the slave patrols deputized white americans to stop, to question, to search any black person who was walking about, to ensure that enslaved people were not escaping or going in places where they weren't supposed to be. >> laura: she gets paid a lot of money to say stuff like that but the police in the united states, this is the truth, had its roots in england. first of the old tradition of community night watchman transferred to the american colonies. then the important modernization they gave rise in 1829 to the london metropolitan police force
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and it's on uniformed bobbies. now, this basic model was adopted with a delay of two or three decades by large cities in the u.s. and it was only in the 1850s that those in the east provided themselves with uniformed policeman on a permanent payroll. dad's courtesy of national review yet our children from the time they can talk to the time they will graduate will be lied to about policing and a lot more by those who want to convict and upend our country. they are going to be forced to learn and then memorize and repeat these mantras of systemic racism. this has to be resisted with everything we have and we must teach our children to love america as much as we do which means telling them the truth. we can point to generations of american liberals who love this country and to believe that it was the best hope of the entire world. franklin roosevelt, harry truman, john kennedy,
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robert kennedy and countless other liberals who believed in the american dream. they all refused the notion that america is an evil system. but of course today's left will do everything they can to silence our witnesses, facts, their schools won't teach the truth about american history. their media won't tell the truth about our role in the world and their movie studios, they'll continue making anti-american filth and propaganda. but truth isn't that easy to stamp out. unlike their comrades in beijing, they don't yet have the ability to silence them. we still have freedom of speech. we still have freedom of assembly. freedom of religion and the right to bear arms. they don't have the evidence to convict today's america of what they are charging. but we have an airtight case against them for perpetrating a massive fraud against us. that's the angle. joining me now, colonel allen west, chairman of the republican party of texas.
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and a conservative author, filmmaker, dinesh d'souza. cornel west, we also can't lose sight of the fact that i think the left is perpetrating this fraud because who in their policies are failing. we see it in chicago, baltimore, new york, l.a., oakland and the urban areas go on and on. >> you're absolutely right and it's a pleasure to be with you, laura. i want everyone to understand i was born in february of 1961 in atlanta, georgia, in a blacks only hospital. my father was a corporal in the united states army when the army was segregated yet he challenged me at the age of 15 to be the first officer in the family. i grew up and became a lieutenant colonel in the united states army, commanded a battalion in combat. i rep resented the highest per capita incomes zip code in the united states of america the time, palm beach island. rush limbaugh was one of my constituents. i share the stage with you on countless times and now i'm the
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chairman of the largest state republican party in the united states of america, the republican party of texas. mine is not a story being a victim but that's exactly what the democrat party wants to perpetuate out there. when you want to talk about systemic racism of the united states of america, that's the history of the democrat party. they are the ones and their policies that destroyed and decimated the black family. they're the ones in their policies that have turned over the inner cities to the teachers unions and we don't have the quality education schools that are needed for our kids to have equality of opportunity. when i hear the ramblings about systemic racism, we talked about this before, it's a new marxism. it's not about class warfare. it's about racial warfare and the neighborhood that i grew up in was the same neighborhood that produced dr. king. we have got to get back to content of character, not just repeating diatribe about skin color. >> laura: biden's claiming of course he's claiming that america is systemically racist. it's part of the mantra you have
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to save your democrat. but he's excusing himself from playing any role in it. >> to what extent does president biden acknowledge his own role in systemic racism and how does it inform his current policy positions? >> i would say the president -- to one of the presence of core objectives is addressing racism in the country. >> accepting culpability? >> i think i answered your question. >> laura: they are never satisfied. biden says systemic racism they say yeah but you need to get down on your knees and you need to publicly recant all the stuff that you said about those criminal predators. >> i think the two common themes we have been seeing the media and from the democrats are number one, the theme of racism. the second is the theme of systematic police brutality. if you paid attention to the chauvin trial, you notice that both those ideas were sharply
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undercut. they were undercut not only by the prosecution but they were undercut by the jury. first of all, where was the evidence that derek chauvin was a racist or a white supremacist? this wasn't even alleged. neither the prosecution with the defense made that claim. obviously the jury did not see this as a racial case per se. when we turn to systematic police brutality, think of it this way. if there really were systemic police brutality in minneapolis that chauvin would be exonerated because he'll be able to say listen, what i did, that's what they trained me to do. that's what's in the manual. that's what every other cop in the department would do. no, one by one police officers came forward. the police chief came forward and said no, we don't train cops to behave like this. it's not in the manual. it's not part of standard police technique. chauvin is a bad apple, he's a
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bad cop. he's acting in a lawless way. ironically by making this argument that chauvin is to blame and not the department, they were exonerating the apartment and it's not a systematic problem and the jury agreed. >> laura: what is the end game? what do they really want? >> i think the end game here ultimately is destruction of an institution by and large that has been the standard of civility but also a standard of conservatism. think about the military, the police. these are institutions by a large that have supported law in order. they have supported, ultimately you could say the right. the left wants to not only take these institutions down but remake them in his own image so that they become ultimately gangs that are at the behest and direction of the political left. you can already see the political leadership of the left signaling its intention to treat them that way. >> laura: they are doing it with the military, are they not, colonel west? every institution, the fraternity system on college campuses. the boy scouts.
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everyone has their problems, we know. but it all has to go, correct? real quick. >> yeah, you're absolutely right. this is truly about the fundamental transformation of america and it has to do with those institutions that represent law and order, honor, integrity, character and discipline and what we see happening in our united states military. the next thing you know are going to have political commissars that are there to police anyone's political activity. >> laura: the extremism patrol. thank you. regardless of your view on the chauvin verdict one thing is clear. the new oak left, they don't believe in due process, the right to a fair trial, impartial jury, even the presumption of innocence no longer applies to groups the left wants to demonize. it's a dangerous view and it was relegated to the radical fringes before but now it's endorsed by the white house. >> as the president alluded to last night in his remarks, after the verdict was announced, he believes the bar for convicting officers is far too high.
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there is negotiations need to happen on capitol hill. but he believes the bar is too high. >> laura: wait a second. isn't it all supposed to be the bar in the same place customer and joining me now is someone who does believe in due process, alan dershowitz, harvard law professor emeritus. offered with the new book the case against new censorship. as a liberal, your reaction to hearing democrat administration so casually dismissed the idea of equality of justice under the law. >> we need to apply the same standard to police and ordinary citizens except we have to understand that ordinary citizens have no obligation to risk their lives to prevent an ongoing crime. whereas police officers have that obligation. they have to get into the middle of the fight. they have to separate out the teenager with a knife attacking the other teenager. you and i walking down the street don't. so the rules have to defer and
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understand and recognize the risks that police take. when it comes to the elements of actual crimes, you can't bury them. you can't raise the bar for certain groups of people over other groups of people. that just doesn't satisfy the equal protection under the law and the due process. >> laura: it's being reported that chauvin he's being held in solitary confinement 23 hours a day, one hour a day to exercise. do you think that given what the judge said about an appeal that he probably shouldn't have even been remanded back into custody. then we have the solitary confinement issue on top of that. >> different states have different rules about whether you are entitled to be veiled if you've been convicted of a crime as serious as murder. in general we have -- the judge said there are good appellate issues at least one in this case and i think there are half a dozen.
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he should be released on bail. there is no reason why he should be remanded. he's not going to flee. he wants to have an appeal. he's not going to endanger anybody. his face is well known. what ifs conviction is reversed? where does he go to get the two years back? also solitary confinement has been ruled by many in the international community as cruel and unusual punishment in violation of international humanitarian loss. i think his lawyer should have its possible under minnesota law, make an application for bail if they think is a risk on me can be wearing a bracelet. he can be monitored. but yes, the presumption of innocence has been overcome. but there is an appellate process and he has three possible appeals. two courts in minnesota and the united states supreme court. so i think he should not be in solitary at this point unless he wants it for his own protection. he should be released on bail, like all people released on bail
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pending appeal. >> laura: i want to get this reaction. this story from earlier in reach me. lieutenant william calley, police officer in virginia, he was fired from his job in internal affairs for the norfolk police department after it was discovered he sent 25 bucks and honestly to the defense fund of fund of kyle rittenhouse, your quick response. >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear the last. >> laura: he was being fired for having donated to a cause that apparently the mob doesn't think is worthy. a virginia cop. >> people are being fired today for so many reasons. the city manager brooklyn center was fired because he said that kim potter should get due process. people are being fired today simply for following the constitution. that's what's so dangerous. that's what the new sensors, i
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have my new book called the new sensors, they're so hard to fight. it's harder than mccarthyism. because the new sensor are people, progressives, corporations, private people. they are harder to combat than governmental censorship. >> laura: fight it with their pocketbook. alan, thank you so much. as protesters take to the streets of columbus tonight, we take you through step-by-step through the lie about the shooting there. how it went from blm to the media to the white house. stay there. rating you during our friends and family event. all april long you'll find the brands you love, and love the ones you get to discover. the hosts, experts, and personalities with the stories behind the products, and special deals every day. including 40% off an ever-changing selection of products. savings end soon, only on qvc and
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>> laura: moments before the chauvin trial verdict came down yesterday, police in columbus save the life of a black girl who was about to be stabbed. don't take my word for it or law enforcement. body cam footage shows us exactly what happened. instead of giving you the truth, the media, they are echoing the vicious lies of radical leftists and demagogues. they are using this incident again to further smear police officers is unrepentant, vile races. among them is former obama flunky valerie jarrett who framed the goal of this incident sang a black teenage girl named ma'khia bryant was killed because a police officer decided to shoot her multiple times in order to break up and they
7:27 pm
fight. demand accountability, fight for justice. it's not a knife fight when only one person is armed and doing the attacking. that's called a stabbing. watching the body cam footage release yesterday, it looks like ma'khia bryant was about to stab another girl who happened to be black. so does jarrett and all the other people chimed in today and last night, do they really think that cops should've just stood by and let that poor girl possibly get stabbed to death and do nothing? is that what the social justice system would look like if the left really got in charge? according to radical activist ree newsome, that's exactly right. she tweeted "teenagers have been having fights, including fights involving knives for eons. we do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene and using a weapon against one of the teenagers. y'all need help. i mean that sincerely." that is deranged. but not to the media.
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>> ma'khia bryant, 16-year-old girl in columbus, ohio, called the police for help. an officer was on the scene and in 22 seconds, he shot her dead. >> a member of your family, your neighbor in teenage fight, schoolyard fight. >> so many other black people face similar fates. the police will not exercise discretion, will not use a reduced sense of engagement to preserve black life. >> laura: just as pathological was attorney ben crump's tweet. columbus felt the sting of another police shooting is columbus police killed an unarmed 15-year-old black girl named ma'khia bryant. another child lost. of course it's a complete lie. one that was uncritically echoed by the new york slime. they only corrected the egregious falsehood after getting caught. by then the white house had already committed to the media
7:29 pm
its own version of the big lie. >> killing of 16-year-old ma'khia bryant by the columbus police is tragic. she was a child. police violence disproportionately impact black and latino communities. black women and girls explains higher rates of police violence. we are working to address racism and bias had on and to passing lawson legislation. >> laura: oh, my god, she's awful. the only implicit bias right now is against blue lives. what weed is laid out for you was the anatomy of the dangerous soviet like smear campaign that will only put americans and especially black lives at risk. likewise the lives of all the columbus shooting are only fueling more division, more unrest, more distressed and of course more misguided marches.
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>> hands up! >> don't shoot. >> laura: of course that was another lie. another lie. they are repeating more lies. stoking the flames. they should be called out and remembered for all time. joining me now is brandon tatum, former police officer. brandon, this was something. it began right away yesterday. it continued for most of the day with tweet deleted by lebron james and another tweet came out saying we demand accountability and he's tired of all this horrible stuff happening. your thoughts. >> laura, thank you for having me on and thank you for showing a highlight tape of the dumbest people on planet earth. they should be ashamed of themselves lying on this police officer and lying on that girl. that girl had a knife in her hand and she was getting ready to stab another young black girl in the face. she wasn't just swinging a knife. she was going to stab the girl in the face and she was fatally shot. officers have every right to use deadly force against another person to protect the life of
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another individual. these people want there to be hatred and evilness are in our country and they want police officers to be demonized. they want police officers and the public to have conflicts they can continue to get better ratings. they can continue to get reelected, keep promising the public they can never deliver on. >> laura: they seem almost disappointed, do they not, when the facts don't exactly match up with an easier narrative to perhaps vilify the police, whether it's skin color of the people involved or whether there was a weapon involved. they actually seem disappointed. so they stick with the live. >> they usually have a meltdown. they completely lie about it because it makes them look like hypocrites. this is a perfect example of a gentleman like chauvin who obviously got convicted. you see an officer saving somebody's life in the same city before the verdict was even rendered. it dismantles their whole project of lying to the public
7:32 pm
about police involvement with the public. i really am sick and tired of listening to these people get on tv with no accountability. they are flat out lying and stoking violence in our communities. i hate to say this but these black leaders are equally as ignorant as the people that you showed at the beginning of the show because they are pushing an agenda that hurts them. this is not hurting white people. it's making other black people become more violent, feel like their life is endangered by police. they're going to end up getting hurt and end up dying and not having patrols in their communities which makes their communities more violent. it's not hurting white people. it's hurting black people and is perpetuated by a lot of black leaders. >> laura: is not hurting black celebrities either, is it? >> noel. lebron james is living on a high horse and a multimillion dollar house living near nothing but white people. at the drop of a dime he will have white officers at his house
7:33 pm
doing investigations on false claims if there is some. lebron james and the people like the blm cofounder living in million-dollar houses, they don't care. they just want to push a virtue signal because they have nothing better to do. they are not educated enough to look at things from both sides and they continue to want to push a narrative that just not true. i really wish they would be held accountable and at least ashamed of what they're doing to our country. >> laura: the truth ultimately will win out. thank you. joe biden's tour of a green energy company has a dirty secret plus george w. bush paints a canvas with a broad brush. raymond arroyo unpacks it all. "seen and unseen" next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" segment. we reveal the real stories about the headlines. we turned a fox news contributor raymond arroyo. biden virtually toured an electric vehicle plant the other day.
7:39 pm
there were some short-circuits along the way. >> i'll say. major conflicts of interest. i will get to it in a moment. despite his vaccination, the president believe it or not is still holed up in the white house and the staff is clearly running the show. from the start of the tour, it sounded like visitation time with the rest home. biden stuck to the script. >> we have you visiting today a leading u.s. manufacturer of electric buses, batteries and charging infrastructure. pro terra sold its first electric bus in 2009 using funds from the recovery act. >> what sort of testing do you put the buses through? they tell me, how does it feel? how do you do the first plug-in? how does it work? >> and what time is the sing-along, nurse? do you read everything written on those cards?
7:40 pm
here's the problem with his virtual tour pro tara. biden's energy secretary owns at least $5 million of stock in this company. she sat on the board of directors for years. the infrastructure bill that biden is pushing dedicates $174 million to the electric vehicle market and 45 billion to the zero emission buses that the company builds. the fix is in. it's a bad look. >> laura: how do you do that plug-in deal? you plug it in. what you plug it? is it like a toaster or is the plug bigger? do i get one of those adapters? >> there was one concerning moment during the proterra tour. for a tech company, managing tech is apparently a problem. >> thanks for the tour, kid. [laughs] can hear you, kiddo.
7:41 pm
oh. >> take this one. >> morgan, maybe you can hold that phone, speak closer to you. why don't you try it now? >> would biden is offering you tech advice, you're in trouble. i worry about this federal subsidy. >> laura: george w. bush resurfaced and he's pushing a new book of his paintings and of course bashing the g.o.p. >> if you were to describe the republican party as you see it today, how would you describe it? >> i would describe it as isolationist, protectionist, and to a certain extent nativist. >> laura: thank you, sir. may i have another? raymond, your reaction. >> there's an obvious crisis of the border. 55% of americans in a quinnipiac poll have problems with the way joe biden is handling it. what does president bush think he's accomplishing by
7:42 pm
reverting -- >> laura: ingratiating himself with the elites. >> he says this about year. isms. protectionism, xenophobia's and whatever, nativism. former president bush's book is a collection of his paintings of immigrants with a political purpose. >> i do want to say to congress please put aside all the harsh rhetoric of that immigration. i hope i can help set up tone that is more respectful about the immigrant. one can create a lot of fear. they're coming after you. but it's a nation that is willing to accept the refugee or the harmed weather frightened. to me that's a great nation. >> i'm not sure if this amateur paintings, well intended though they be, that they accomplished it. they are not john singer sargent. if you wanted to commemorate a
7:43 pm
marginalized group, one that mr. bush had an impact upon, he could've captured iraqi christians brutalized by isis. just a thought. >> laura: well, he's an amateur painter. i couldn't paint as well as he. the good news is he's taking painting lessons i understand. there is henry kissinger. did someone tell them that's his painting? god bless him. >> i'm waiting for the finger paints. presidential finger paints. >> laura: raymond, on the isms, you forgot isolationism. he accused us of that as well. the otherrism. raymond. >> before we get out, kamala harris, after the chauvin announcement. >> laura: we can't go to it. we have to hold, no time. thank you. democrats seizing on racial strife in the country to transform policing through legislation. what would it mean and how can republicans stand in the way?
7:44 pm
senator tom cotton has thoughts. he'll be here next. my garden is my therapy. find more ways to grow at
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>> laura: for democrats the chauvin trial wasn't about seeking justice but about seeing their anti-police narrative take hold. this is so they can upend our entire criminal justice system.
7:49 pm
>> it's a system that needs to be reimagined, reoriented and revamped. >> there's got to be transformation. there's got to be meaningful, comprehensive in order to meet the moment. >> we are not the america that we should be. i think yesterday signified that we are moving in the right direction to become the america that we were created to be. >> laura: so what does transforming mean? well, it means fewer cops and more social workers. woke training sessions for officers of a certain skin color and shake down payments for groups like the aclu and the naacp. senator tom cotton, thanks for being with us. when people hear the george floyd policing act, i think people have an impulse to think it's long overdue. but what is actually in this bill that people might not know that could damage law and order
7:50 pm
and public safety? >> what they should think about when they think about that bill is the need to get security systems for their homes and firearms for their families. talk to their police officer friends heading to retirement. that bill would make it so dangerous to be a police officer and so dangerous for communities. look at the fact that it would open up police officers to more lawsuits from the very criminals that they are arresting to protect our communities. the last thing we need to do is make it even harder to police our streets in america at a time when we see a crime wave crashing across american cities. >> laura: when you think of police officers in this climate today, i actually really worry about their safety. we want all americans of all colors to be safe and secure on the streets. but if you're a police officer in a uniform and you're on a patrol by yourself today, especially in areas that are
7:51 pm
having trouble with crime, is it more dangerous than it was a week ago or less dangerous? i say more. >> yeah, i think it's very dangerous. look at what happened in columbus, ohio. you had an officer who showed up apparently in the middle of an attempted murder and he shot this woman who apparently had a knife in her hand and saved the would-be victim. that's just the videotape we've seen. we don't want or jump to conclusions but that is what appears to have happen. we will have a thorough and fair inquiry. lebron james, one of the most famous and influential people in the world, he posted the officer's on social media and said you're next. that's the kind of incitement to violence against police officers that is revolting. lebron james later took down the statement but you can erase the kind of terrible judgment that that shows especially when it comes from someone who is so deeply in bed with the chinese
7:52 pm
communist party that we will slander his fellow citizens who are simply trying to protect innocent victims from an attempted murder. >> laura: you mentioned the rise in crime across the country. and that might happen regardless. while their bosses at the doj say policing needs to be changed and reduced, others, the fbi is preemptively signing warning to local police departments about a spike in crime this summer. your response. >> yeah, we just saw the biggest one-year increase in the murder rate on record in america. and as more police officers are worried about the feds coming down on them like a ton of bricks, you shouldn't be surprised if the police become more hesitant to aggressively do their job to protect our communities which just means there's going to be more crime. then you have big cities or even states eliminating the bail system and turning out violent criminals who just got arrested
7:53 pm
and arraigned for committing a crime on the streets again. so many times we've seen crimes committed by people who should be locked away in prison. >> laura: the media and the democrats are saving you guys are absent from the conversation over policing. watch. >> they have no real plan to put forth for the american people. >> republicans aren't on board with this legislation and in part because their constituents, other republican voters, are not necessarily acknowledging that there is a problem. >> it's an uphill battle in the senate where republicans are averse to doing basically anything except virtue signaling to their base. >> laura: you are virtue signaling, senator. that's rich. >> yeah, laura. if they are waiting around for the republican plan to make it easier for criminals to sue police officers, they're going to be waiting for a long time. what we need to do is support our police officers, support law enforcement as they are confronting this epidemic of
7:54 pm
crime across our country. >> laura: senator, great to see you tonight. thanks so much. chuck schumer takes off his training wheels for a brand-new add, the cringe were the last bite explains it next. cal: our confident forever plan is possible with a cfp® professional. a cfp® professional can help you build a complete financial plan. visit to find your cfp® professional. ♪♪
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>> laura: in his newest political ad, chuck schumer takes viewers on a bike tower of brooklyn. it's as exciting as a wisdom tooth extraction. >> most saturdays i am in new york, i ride by bike along the brooklyn water front. i don't go 40 miles per hour. i take in the beauty of brooklyn. if we don't take bold action on climate change it will change our city for the worse. democrats are treating the climate change like the crisis it is. i will fight for our future. >> laura: is that supposed to
8:00 pm
get us biking? that's all of the time we have tonight. you don't want to miss an episode of the "ingraham angle." greg gutfeld takes it all from here. >> greg: someone just dipping their toe in the water, what would be the first thing can you say? this is how you can help climate change? >> the big focus right now is us american taxpayers give money to the fossil fuel industry. that's like death a guy that beats you up, but you keep going out with him and giving him what he wants. >> greg: oh, jane. if fossil fuel is our enemy, you would give it aid and comfort. >> [cheers and applause].


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