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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 21, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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everybody else across the country needs to because they will come for your business, your way of next. i would remind everyone, this isn't about georgia. this is about hr one and sr one and what that hearing was yesterday with the federal takeover of elections which is unconstitutional. >> harris: governor kemp, thank you for your time today. we will have you back. good to see you. thank you for watching "outnumbered." "america report" starts right now. and we will begin with a fox news alert, democrats are doubling down on their outrage over a racist system and our country despite former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin being convicted of all charges in the murder of george floyd. this is "america report" and i am harris faulkner. with me here, emily compagno, shannon bream, author of the
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brand-new book "the woman of the bible speak." leo terrel, civil rights attorney and fox news contributor. or to everyone. it's a big week! legal is what we need. we have a lot of legal today, look at this. president biden applauding the jury's conviction of derek chauvin, but says it's far from adequate and the fight for racial justice. watch. >> systemic racism is a stain on our nation sold. the knee of the neck of justice for black americans. today's verdict is a step forward, but it's not enough. we can't stop here. we have to deliver real change and inform, we can and we must reduce tragedies of things like this. >> harris: however, formal
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civil rights activist bob watson went after president biden saying, "these ignoring the many other black victims of violence for purely a political reason." >> a handful of people like george floyd are killed at the hands of the police because it fits a racial narrative. but the most vulnerable people, low income in these communities are the ones who are going to suffer the consequence. what they're doing to black america in terms of pushing this false racial narrative, to me amounts to a treasonous behavior. speak to some tough words. i want to go to leo first. >> i will tell you right now, i agree with and most part what he said. that dog and pony press conference yesterday by joe biden and kamala harris, every time they said systemic
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discrimination, let me say the response. there is no systemic discrimination in america. identify the city and the town. it's amazing to me, the false narrative, they only react if there is a white altar with a black suspect. a black police officer involved with a black suspect, not important. you don't see al sharpton, president biden or kamala harris. it's a narrative to portray that only white on black crime exists between a white officer and a black suspect. that's a lie. and every case. >> harris: why? >> pardon? i will tell you why, the mind-set is to keep a lack thinking that the democrats are the only party that will resolve this and the other party won't. that lie is the reason why i left the democratic party last year. when joe biden did two things. he said, if you don't vote for
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me, you ain't black. two, the democratic party abandonment of the police department. i recognize there are bad police officers, but those are the two reasons. if the black population leave the party there'll be no no democratic party. they scare them into believing his life. >> harris: let's talk about where they go. former president trump did outreach economically through his opportunity zone. the whole market was lifted to the point of like a 50 year mark breaking records for unemployment among blacks in this country. but the outreach is where republicans have taken some criticism. what comes in the future. how do you take advantage of what leo is talking about? >> i think president trump set the model for that. more black voters, and another big component hit on what he mentions, president trump cared
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about crime in the streets. president trump put together a task force to fix the crime in the streets, to protect little children of color have been slaughtered. in the case in their bed or just last weekend in chicago where a little girl was in her father's vehicle and line at mcdonald's, got shot to death in that vehicle. seven years old and her father said, my baby is dead. and we have to know these names and care about these names and president trump did. he sent letters to families who lost their kids to violence in the streets. a little known fact. because he cared. that model of care and compassion it worked and black voters recognized it and he has set the template for what they should be going for. >> harris: going forward, shannon, i'm curious with how the law plays a role.
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you heard them talking about what we are dealing with now and how we get to those next steps, but the truth is, the black on black crime is off the charts. the violent crime during the pandemic and then layered on top of all the protesting that turns violent made it worse and i don't know legally how you get into this. >> shannon: there are a lot of different things that the federal government can do. it will be local and state governments to make decisions. we saw leaders who would say, were all about supporting the first amendment. and americans, one of the greatest blessings we have. you have to balance that against people who show up tonight after night trying to burn down a federal building or essentially ends up being a threat to workers and judges and their staff were working inside. local leaders will have to get
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serious about where they draw the line. we are told the system is systemically racist. we have to take an adjustment and look at that. people thought, okay, getting the verdict yesterday, derek chauvin, does that give hope to people who think there can't be a fair result within the justice system. for people, that was an encouraging result for people to come to that conclusion. we have to trust juries to do that, but then to have someone like alexandria ocasio-cortez say, it's not working. if you want to say, is this progress for the system working, and then we have a congresswoman saying, the guilty verdict, that doesn't prove it's working. i don't know where the conversation goes from there. >> harris: yeah and where is she, the leadership in that conversation?
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you look at some of the response which was peaceful and people rejoicing, they are seeing justice in their eyes. it's one case and every case is so different. why is aoc weighing in saying this is not enough? how is that helpful. your thoughts? >> to pick up something that leo said, were seeing that as were discussing leadership, making comments, pushing for certain ideological concepts to be appreciated and instead they're being conducted, they're showing that ideology, in addition to social media and education, that's increasing and heightening. perceptions of racism, the results of these studies are fascinating. more white americans than black americans are pushing for race theory while black americans are
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pushing for agency and resilience. pushed by perceptions of ideology. a lot of this is resulting in anxiety and depression and it's interesting when you drill down the effects of these narratives, these comments by those in power and in charge on people's perceptions of racism in america and actually what you do with that, where we go from here, so much of that is informed by what people think is happening. what they think is happening is being shaped by these narratives that are being pushed by the left. >> harris: i want to get to this quickly. vice president kamala harris reacting. let's watch this together. >> a measure of justice isn't the same as equal justice. this verdict brings us a step closer and the fact is we still have work to do. we still must reform the system.
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america has a long history. speed to leo, i will ask for your quick reaction, but i will roll up in my follow-up, the prosecution didn't feel the need to even mention race. not during the case and not during the closing arguments. your reaction to the vice president mr. mark >> you are absolutely right. in this case, there was no reference to racism, that was a case of murder, not whether or not derek chauvin was racist. it was not before the jury. we had a diverse jury. the system works, it's color-blind, it does not play the race card. as i said, i'm proud to be a lawyer because the system works. >> harris: we will move to the
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next. even before the jury reached the guilty verdict, high democrats including the president way to end. legal experts are saying the comments could help derek chauvin in the future. plus, attorney general launching a new investigation into the death of george floyd. what this federal probe is focusing on and why the nation's top lawyer says it's necessary even though chauvin was just convicted. >> yesterday's verdict does not address potentially systemic policing issues. ♪ ♪ m newday usa. with interest rates near record lows refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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>> emily: will come back. fox news alert on the new legal action related to george floyd. merrick garland announcing a sweeping investigation, the doj probe comes a day after the former officer was convicted of all charges. the attorney general says that doesn't address the systemic problems in minneapolis and that's where the federal investigation comes in. watch. >> the investigation will assess whether the minneapolis police department engages in a pattern or practice of using excessive force including during protests. it will include a comprehensive review of the minneapolis police department's policies, training, supervision, and use of force investigations. it will assess the effectiveness of the mpd's current systems of accountability. >> emily: shannon, i would like to start with you. we know the standard is reasonable cause and the federal government finds that there is a
9:17 am
pattern or practice that's unconstitutional, they will issue a public report and enter into civil litigation that allows them to participate in a settlement or agreement to align those policing processes. your thoughts? >> they been very popular through these administrations because they bring them to the table to have the conversation about cleaning up, whatever they have found. during the trump administration, jeff sessions took a different path and he said, it can be overbearing, overly broad and he worried openly about the impact on morale for officers who were under those new guidelines and he said, they should be looked at in a different way. if you have ongoing practices or violation of earlier orders, yeah, the police departments need to be cleaned up, but some
9:18 am
people see them as an intimidation tactic and worry about what happens to the police officers. you see huge attrition and a number of big cities that have had serious trouble over the last year. we see crime spiking because who wants to take on this job knowing that you are risking your life, and risking your career in these decisions. people come to the table because they want to protect communities, they have great respect, but it makes it more and more difficult to recruit and retain people when they're constantly worried about their own safety, careers on numerous fronts. >> emily: ever since the rodney king situation, these investigations have been common. at any given time there is 70 plus consent degrees that police officers are operating under with six ongoing investigations by the doj. l.a., oakland, here in seattle
9:19 am
where i'm sitting. taken seattle where in 2012 they entered into the decree and we know that after two years, that's when the department is let go in the training wheels can come off. here they are still bound by it because they can't get to that place for so many of those reasons that shannon just articulated including unions and the file and community. it gets to be a really sticky place. is this even effective? >> i'm so glad you asked me this question. viewers will learn a lot. i'm glad they're going to do an investigation. let's make sure we understand this. this is not 1950. it's a socialist, democratic city. we will investigate a socialist, democratic city as to whether or not there is a system. bring it on! it's embarrassing. the whole thing is a joke.
9:20 am
what merrick garland did today was a dog and pony show to the fifth degree because they are going to investigate not a planned city, democratic city, socialist! they will look at their policies, bring it on. i can't wait to see it. by the way, the ferguson investigation when obama, they found no pattern. this is a joke! this is what i told them before, this is a game to patronize black voters. i can't wait to see that review of a democratic socialist city being accused of specific discrimination. can't wait! >> emily: kayleigh, part of the argument when these investigations were being undergone is that they weren't pulled were as much part of the process to lead to accurate results, leading to skewed investigations.
9:21 am
here in seattle part of the reason why, the compliance period has been drawn out included defunding the police. the federal judge that oversees the client said, you undercut the department by doing it to the city council. what am i supposed to do with that, he said? it sets us back. in this larger conversation with restorative justice, even these investigations are being tempered by and the judges are acknowledging the local democratic socialist councils. >> kayleigh: you are exactly right and you're right to bring up this context. look at who he is trying to get confirmed for the head of the civil rights division, kristen clarke, they're fighting back hard because she's had an op-ed saying, defund the police!
9:22 am
pull resources, but be strategic! now she denies she wants to do this, but she wants to defund the police. you couple that when there was a similar investigation and he said, we have to dismantle the whole department. i do indeed have defunding the police, whether they say it or not. we've already had 200 officers, 20% of the minneapolis to police department. what a disastrous formula as they seek to defund, the police department. >> emily: harris? >> harris: part of what shannon talks about is why we saw that departure that she just mentioned. 40 officers last year and another hundred 20 took a leave of absence. that's 20%, 840 officers.
9:23 am
they're leaving during a pandemic, during a protest that took violence. you have fewer people to look at, people who are left behind i wish we could see more transparency with the actual investigation for all the reasons that leo mentioned! i know how these things work and were not allowed to have a camera there, but i'm curious about how transparent they will be with what they find. they're working with a smaller force under so much more pressure. how deep will they go. that's a fair question. >> emily: ed is and there are so many questions. we will keep you updated. a black lives matter leader defending the violent protests that ravaged many u.s. cities and warning there could be more if needed. should president biden be applauding these protesters? we will debate it next.
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>> america must know that if you allow us to be murdered in the streets without justice, we will raise hell in america.
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>> the murder of george floyd in the summer protest, what we hadn't seen since the civil rights era in the 60s. protests that unify people of every race and generation. >> harris: president biden praising the protesters who rallied after his death last may, but making no mention of the riding, arson and even death that resulted with damage estimates topping $1 billion during the arrests. even yesterday despite derek chauvin being convicted, protesters swarmed a truck in minneapolis, and portland they
9:29 am
shattered windows of starbucks as an unlawful assembly had to be declared. meanwhile black lives matter leader in new york says, the writing worked. >> what we have to be cognizant of is that it was a mixture of violent and nonviolent protests that yielded this result. that's the bottom line. america must know that you continue to allow us to be murdered in the streets without justice, we will raise in america. >> harris: that sounds like an echo chamber of maxine waters just stronger wording. apparently the violence with a nonviolence worked. >> he is wrong. the rioting worked last summer because democratic mayors and democratic governors allow that to happen. they turned down the help
9:30 am
offered by donald trump, a billion dollars were lost by companies, black, brown, white companies that was allowed. kamala harris gave bail money to criminals. you know why? they don't believe this verdict to have any resolution to their cause, because you cannot make a deal with the devil. antifa, socialist, you can't not appease them. they want to riots. that is an their m.o. a chicago black lives representative said, those companies have insurance money. joe biden is nothing more than an appeaser to the extreme left because he has to protect his left. guess who's paying the price? hardworking americans.
9:31 am
>> harris: wow. i have termed it at times "the insatiable street." when they called for defunding police and they took a huge chunk of cash away from nypd and resources out of the unit and you had suicides going up and people leaving, so on and so forth. when all of that was going on the street said it wasn't enough. it wasn't enough. they remained out there even though they were defunding, it wasn't enough. is that where we are? >> it wasn't enough when a black senator named tim scott stepped up and offered a bipartisan support act that was filibustered by the democrats. we have to remember if we want to get to progress, we want to answer these concerns, raising their voices, not to the ones
9:32 am
who were causing violence. they want help. part of what his bill included, choke hold bands and grants for body cameras. these were things that people came together about in a bipartisan way and yet democrats filibustered what he offered. we been told that the george floyd policing act will be a better opportunity, vehicle. we have people to the left saying, oh, a group called movement for black lives on their website said, there's no performing a system, it's time to defund and abolish police. what two people ultimately want? they are bent potential solutions and yet they've gone nowhere. >> harris: part of the issue though is that they don't have leadership. the organization is not out
9:33 am
there leading the charge, okay, line up here. this is the movement part of it. not everybody out there is. if you don't have that organization then you can's enumerate what really works. what you are seeking is in that way. we saw this on occupy wall street, people with aimless in terms of determination. why did he mention that? why didn't he talk about what this nation went through last summer and the following months with the writing? >> kayleigh: he's trying to rewrite history and be palatable to the party as he's made clear that the only constituency, he represents. i drove through these unifying protest, but i drove the aftermath and i saw, "acab," i
9:34 am
saw a pig everywhere, a family business burned down. these are the unifying protest and so egregious for him to call that for more than a dozen people, including officer david doran. do you think he was saying unifying? he lost his life! this had an economic cost. and he will mention it? he does not care, it's about truly referencing what happened in our nations history. >> harris: emily? >> emily: just to emphasize what kayleigh was saying, it's revolting that our president cannot fight the law enforcement officers who were injured. the loss of federal protective services, patrick underwood, the captain who was working nights as a security guard, david
9:35 am
doran. 200 businesses and portland alone. my family doesn't go down town. what about the law enforcement owned and operated that my friends ron, weekly visitors from self-described anti-law enforcement antifa activists which would be under any other circumstances under harassment! the notion that he brought brushes this kumbaya summer is disgusting to so many americans who saw the reality of what played out and for all those men and women set to protect those protesters exercising that right peacefully, and yet getting injured and sometimes killed in the process. for our president not even to mention it or be a leader is one more reason why he's a puppet. >> harris: we will move on. president biden wei yan on the george floyd case hours ahead of the verdict. while congresswoman waters
9:36 am
explains comments before that. now legal experts say both could be used in an appeal and that's not the only trial that can be affected. >> praying the verdict is the right verdict. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners who need cash. refiplus from newday usa. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa.
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9:41 am
could have a couple of impacts on the trial charged in george floyd's death. i would like to start with you and have your thoughts on that? >> maxine waters has played the race card all her life and that's the only thing that gives her attention. what maxine waters said and what joe biden said could have an impact for an appeal on the derek chauvin case if two points occur. one, the jurors heard it and it influenced their process, but for those two causes the comments, even though they were outrageous, they are not going to be a ground for eight appeal unless they heard it. secondly, the upcoming trial, if i was their attorney, i would demand a change of venue, i would play those videotapes and
9:42 am
i would ask for a sequestered jury. those other officers cannot get a fair trial given the high publicity and the political partisanship of this case! it's been politicized by the democrats, particularly joe biden and maxine waters. >> emily: all defense attorneys for those officers removed to have the trial be brought out of hennepin county and they argue that media attention came to the jury pool in addition to eric nelson, defense attorney moving for a mistrial. on the front side, they calls to mind the 2015 trial after the boston marathon bombing where the judge there said, we are dealing with the biggest jury pool in the country and if we can't find it unbiased juror, we can't anywhere. it goes to what you said. >> i'm sure the attorneys for
9:43 am
the other officers for aiding and abetting are looking at the arguments that eric nelson made. the decision to announce the city settlement amid this trial and the jury selection pool, ended up at the removal of two jurors because they have seen that settlement. the tragic, tragic killing of daunte wright and the fact that some current members who were sitting there lived in the area and if they want sequestered -- we passed as a precedent and it will be used, but also to articulate whatever brilliant colleague andy mccarthy said in a piece this morning, look, joe biden's comments, he should have known better. he was the head of the committee, he's an attorney and he should know that just because a jury is sequestered doesn't mean they're impervious to persuading them one way or the other. they should have known better.
9:44 am
>> emily: that is right and shanette, mitch mcconnell said in that reasonable way, to get away from the appeal, sometimes a fair trial is difficult to conduct and it's not helpful for a member of congress and the president to appear to be weighing in on the public while the jury is trying to sort through the significant case. taking away agency, taking away power from the jury to have that extensive burden. that's a sober, sacred burden for them. it removes it from there camp. >> it's difficult. we ask juries to do a selfless thing, a brave thing, not all are nearly as emotional and he did, but ask something difficult to walk into the situation and be willing to be a part of this process. we have to think that way about judges. i think back to when
9:45 am
chuck schumer sits on the steps of the supreme court and says, things that folks thought were threatening, about how they would rule on cases, prior to that to president obama who make statements after they heard the case he made comments when they had not announced about how that should go. we all have to be careful about comments that we make. if you are a president of the united states, or a member of congress. you have to think about the fact that it's almost impossible to totally sequester a jury. or their cell phones, other information they will get. the fact is, it's better. you leave it alone, there is no means for appeal. a congresswoman may have given that to the defense. >> emily: in terms of stoking that fire, the prosecution did a
9:46 am
more effective job, very clearly saying, this is a pro-police prosecution. this is not a vilification. we are hearing differently from people like the president of this country. moving on, they promised thousands easy cash, exclusive new look on how cartels are recruiting american teens to do their dirty work. ♪ ♪ — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> more fallout from the derek chauvin trial, announcing they will investigate the minneapolis police department as they say it systematically racist. the congressman byron donalds and ted williams respond. arizona governor declares a state of emergency and four counties, hitting new records. the white house is pushing to nationalize critical race theory in school. bill bennett will weigh in on that. i'm john roberts, joined me at the top of the hour for "america's newsroom." >> harris: a grim reminder of the growing migration crisis, the u.s. border patrol has released this image of migrants who were found framed under a trailer. meanwhile fox news has exclusively obtained imaging
9:51 am
showing the kind of adds the cartels are using on social media, like tiktok. saying some adults are using their parents vehicles while their families have no clue they're doing it. their task is to drop the migrants off the parking lots whether someone will transfer them to a house. leo, your reaction? >> this is obvious. this is a page from the criminal drug playbook. yet young people who are doing the dirty work and you make sure you are not part of it. all they're doing is getting teenagers because they're not going to be exposed. it's a page out of the criminal playbook. >> harris: shannon? >> shannon: heartbreaking to see, i think our generation is full of compassion and want to
9:52 am
do good things, when you see this appeal offering them cash, it's literally just a gut punch. i know people are better than this. we have to hope they step up and resist. >> harris: it has to be covered on platforms that they're seeing. we cover it a lot. i'm talking with governors, fox news is doing it. some of the mainstream media are still stuck on the word crisis. these young people have to be exposed to it. there using bracelets. there are sophisticated and they have cash. >> kayleigh: they do and it's just tragic to see that america's children are now being ensnared in this pernicious plot of the cartel. just as children from latin america who are the harshest victims of this, in your post op ed, 60% of these children from latin america being smuggled or arriving alone
9:53 am
are being victims of child pornography by the cartel or drug smuggling. how american children as well. a tragedy all the way around. >> harris: take us home. >> emily: a quick reminder that as far back as 2015, the cartel was using social media to allure and attract many different employees and including children. this has been going on for a while and now it's spiking and it's horrifying. >> harris: okay. we will move to something lighter or heavier if you have to carry it i guess. oscar swag bags are back and what is in them is worth more than what people make in a year. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and your family
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>> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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speaking of oscar swag is back. this year, the hollywood gift bags for nightstands turks and caicos with 10,000, and a three night stay in the dominican republic worth 3,000 and so much more. artwork, you name it. the gift bag is worth some $6,000 -- 60,000. more than the median household income in many cities. kaylee, these are always welcome and they sound amazing, that these are so extravagant. aren't we still in a pandemic? especially according to those hollywood elite. >> that is exactly right. it is amazing. you remember that story when there is a hollywood movie set that was operating while the small business owners state shut down? they live in a state where they have had the most orwellian covid restrictions.
9:59 am
it has been absolutely backbreaking for america's small businesses. will they be falling all of the edicts as they go on these lavish vacations? we will probably not find out. >> i'm sure they are taking private planes. to that point too, when is it worth having a $60,000 gift certificates to small businesses in california rather than these lavish resorts? >> yeah, people have suffered a lot over the last year. i think increasingly americans are over the award ceremonies for super high paid celebrities to come out and celebrate themselves. the ratings show us that. most of these movies are super depressing or weird or scary. a lot of people in america don't even see them and they don't want to celebrate them. >> leo, take us home. >> i will catch an end give all of the cash to baby blanket. i look casted into toys 'r' us
10:00 am
for baby blanket. >> oh, uncle leo, we love you. we love all of you here. thank you so much and thank you so much for watching at home. now here is "america reports." ♪ ♪ >> john: thank you so much. fox news alert out of minnesota. attorney general announcing the department of justice will investigate the minneapolis police department. this in the wake of the convention of four minneapolis police officer derek shelving. this is america reports. high again, sandra. >> good to be with you. i am sandra smith in new york. this is america reports. celebration it was yesterday in minneapolis after derek showed them was found guilty of murder in the death of george floyd. the former police officer will be sentenced in about eight weeks. already, critics are possible grounds for an appeal.


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