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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 21, 2021 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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the streets as a jury finds derek chauvin guilty of all charges in the death of george floyd. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. todd: chauvin handcuffed and taken to jail. he could spend decades in prison. jeff paul has reaction to the monumental verdict. >> reporter: the city was bracing itself for similar unrest to what they saw last summer but in the hours after the verdict was read none of that played out after they found derek chauvin guilty of all three counts. >> guilty! guilty! >> all 3 counts! all 3 counts! all 3 counts! >> reporter: those celebrations
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continued into the night where hundreds and hundreds of people marched through downtown. a big crowd gathered at the intersection where george floyd was killed. there was a range of emotions from relief to sorrow, some calling it bittersweet knowing nothing will bring back george floyd. george floyd's family echoed that sentiment while reacting to what it has been like this past year leading up to this verdict. >> a lot of days that i prayed and hoped i was speaking everything into existence, i have faith that he will be convicted. today we are able to breathe again. >> i am going to miss him but now i know he is in history. what a day to be a floyd. >> reporter: the president reacting to the verdict in a news conference saying this was an important first step but more work needs to be done. president biden took the time to call the family of george floyd
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promising change. >> we will get a lot more done and get it done. >> hoping this is the momentum for the george floyd justice and policing act to get past. and a lot more. >> reporter: after the verdict was read chauvin was immediately taken away in cuffs. if you look at the video you see some writing on his hand, his lawyer's phone number he wrote down in the event he was found guilty that his bond was revoked. he faces a maximum of 40 years of freezing in count one of second-degree murder. on count 2, third-degree murder carries a maximum sentence of 25 years and on count 3 second degree manslaughter carries a maximum of 10 years in prison. chauvin is set to be sentenced eight weeks from now. todd: the soundbite from joe biden, the white house says this is the beginning of more work to
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do. brit hume says it is important to recognize how far this country has come in fighting racism. >> speak out against this loud and clear to say america may be premixed raised company the least racist country on earth, we have a proud history of doing all we can to overcome the legacy that racism left us from the earliest days of the republic. we need to do that and to not be cowed or back down by being accused of being a racist. it is long around with abandon. we need to resist that. >> reporter: the senate facing growing pressure to pass the justice and policing act. jillian: around the same time the chauvin verdict came down a teenage girl was shot and killed by police in ohio, in columbus overnight. >> ohio released body cam
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footage. >> protests erupting in columbus as body cam footage is released in the deadly shooting of a teenage girl. ♪♪ [crowd chanting] >> reporter: this was the scene outside the columbus police department after body cam footage was released showing an officer approaching what appears to be a fight between girls, one girl appears to be trying to stab another and the officer fires four shots. the video shows the aftermath with shocked onlookers and the victim on the ground. the family identifying her to local media as mckee a bryant saying she has been in foster care. >> he was a good kid. she deserved to die like a dog on the street? jillian: the interim columbus police chief defending use of force promising a thorough investigation.
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>> did the force can be used to protect your self or protection of a third person in the policy and that is in the law. that is what the law says. whether that supplies with that will be part of that investigation. >> reporter: city leaders urging calm as the investigation continues, the mayor asking protesters to remain peaceful tweeting as they do we will share information we can as soon as it becomes available. asking residents to remain call, to gather the facts. she had a knife but dropped it or was shot by the officer. >> praising a second criminal probe to governor andrew cuomo's alleged pandemic misconduct, the state attorney general looking at whether cuomo used resources to write and promote his book on pandemic leadership saying in
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part i hope that attorney general will investigate the governor's dealings. he and every decision-maker around him should be held accountable for their deadly incompetence and called on governor cuomo to resign. jillian: arizona's governor is heading to the border, the visit coming after this announcement on the migrant crisis. >> us border patrol is overwhelmed, having received adequate response from the biden administration. that is why i am announcing deploying national guard under oath. >> 250 arizona national guardsmen are being deployed at detention centers to help track cartel movements. todd: they want to rein in a state park to honor donald trump. representative sponsoring the bill said in part this legislation is meant to honor the commitment and dedication
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our 40 fifth president of the united states donald trump, bestowed on the great people of trumbull county, trump won 55% of the vote in the county in november. time, 6 minutes after the hour, the biden administration using this as a springboard for more social justice reforms. >> measure of justice isn't the same as equal justice. we still must reform the system. jillian: a sheriff who walked with protesters last year says law enforcement must be better today than yesterday. he reacts to the verdict next. just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need.
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♪ na na na na... ♪ hey hey hey. ♪ goodbye. ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na... the world's first six-function multipro tailgate. available on the gmc sierra. >> president biden and vice president harris calling for more police reform, michigan sheriff chris swanson went viral last year when he marched with protesters.
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>>, >> that sheriff right there, his message of peace. thanks for being here. >> thanks for the insight. >> i want to talk to you because in this time, with community relations trying to improve police and community relations as a whole, you've done different things. what can others learn from what you are doing? >> don't just talk it. since that day, i have seen police chiefs and sheriff's do the same thing and the community has to trust.
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it is easy to lose was we have embedded ourselves every single day by doing different acts of service and increasing our unity so we are protecting and serving and unifying the. jillian: national guard troops called up for the verdict, nearly 3000 washington dc, 250 chicago, 125, some of the cities including chicago in the last year. what do you think of the use of national guard troops? >> we don't have them here other than giving vaccines to our offices, 200,000 people so when we have support like that i see the benefit. we've not deployed the national guard, because protests or rioting. chief craig in detroit, they are doing it right too.
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when national guard is deployed, is there a failure of policing to bring in the military, should have been done to that point. >> what is an appropriate type of police reform. >> i haven't stopped reevaluating everything we do, reform is never going to stop with policing. at the sheriff's office, consider chokehold deadly force. better testify with deadly force, what you use to control the subject. and we've done plenty of them, police cars and people in uniform, and a nationwide registry, if a car does bad,
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don't go shop in another state or community when there's no background and re-up your career. there are what i call cardinal sins in law enforcement that you don't deserve to be in this field. the final thing, continuing education, every officer myself included that certified by the state to our certification we regarded read continuing education credits every two years, those are all the hot topics we are talking about on fox news and everybody else. make sure there is a standard. jillian: more breaking news come protests erupted in columbus, ohio after body camera footage was released in the deadly police shooting of a 15-year-old girl, the mayor from columbus reads, quote, as they do with all other shootings we will share information we can as soon as it becomes available. i ask residents to remain calm
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and gather the facts. how important is it especially in a time like right now when you have video we see pretty much everywhere nowadays together all the facts, how hard is it as an officer when you're in a situation when you need that time for an investigation to play out and people in this country, demanding change. >> you need to have an investigation, you're doing your job but communicating with your community like never before. these situations the more the public knows the easier it is to explain when it is good or bad but withholding information creates a narrative that erupts into hotspot so by releasing things as soon as we get them is healthy.
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the first controversial shooting, there is a wound there, the investigation will continue but there better be community people next to the officers and investigators, everybody knows at the same level, the better the community will respond in this tragedy. jillian: it was great to talk to you, walk with your community, and keep us updated on everything. have a great day. todd: mainstream media teeing up george w. bush to slam republicans on immigration but not slam president biden. why is that? the white house looking to make dc the 50 first state, coming up.
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todd: george w. bush sitting down with nbc and cbs but neither interview pushing him on president biden's integration policies, the crisis of the first 100 days in office. joining us to discuss, beverly, great to see you as always, listen to both of those soundbites. >> you said something interesting as you talk about immigration reform, you are not sheer your republican colleagues are listening. why not? >> you could score political points.
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it is a beautiful country we have but it is not beautiful and scare people about immigration. >> police put aside the harsh rhetoric, they score political points on either side, set a tone that is more respectful about the immigrant which may lead to reform the system. >> one question missing, where was that question? that fueled this crisis. >> that is the question we wanted the press to ask for quite a few days. yet i can't say i am too surprised at the coverage how trump was covered during the border and how biden is covered but i expect president bush to talk about that. we need to talk about
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immigration reform, a lot of the problem we want to make this comprehensive and putting too much into immigration bills as a whole. the crisis at the borders that are followed, to push joe biden on this, they hope the situation passes both the public catches on and they press them harder. they hope the press will cover the biden administration more fairly. >> presidents don't criticize former presidents. along those lines, what you said, these numbers really showering president biden over the first 100 days, 59% positive coverage and the coverage donald trump got in his first 100 days, 89% negative. how can the american people view this as anything other than a marketing arm of the democratic party when you see numbers like
2:23 am
that? >> that is why the american people are tuning their televisions and turning their websites to what they hope they can find the unvarnished truth because that is harder to find these days. i look at the press a little bit of credit as far as trump goes in the he had a news style altogether, hard to figure out how to rapid the -- the rapid pace of his tweets but that is not an out for how they covered him during his full four years. when it comes to joe biden what is interesting is he should receive some credit for this largely successful vaccine rollout but they failed to mention operation warp speed started under donald trump. we are not seeing him or his administration receive a lot of credit. what i do think is the american people see this stark contrast and the biden policies continue to unfold and people realize his policies are not making their
2:24 am
lives better they will be calling out the media. the media can only claim arrogance for so long and they are going to realize lack of coverage of the biden administration is going to catch up to them. todd: trump shook up the way the media operates. it doesn't explain the tremendous 89 negative 59 positive split but do you see a time in the future, want trumpism settles down at the media will do what it is supposed to do and remain neutral? >> the press seems to want to focus on trump, they can't seem to give him up because good ratings for them over the past 45 years but what we are seeing is a new study by the pew research center showing as more americans are vaccinated the concerns for coronavirus decreases, this is good news. at the same time concerns for normal issues like immigration and the large amount of debt we
2:25 am
have become more concerning to americans which has we see food prices going up, gas prices going up and the effects of what is going on impacting every day lives, they will see through what the press may filter and realize the biden administration is not always offering their best interests and that is when the press will start covering more fairly. >> we don't have this time in the time we do and many people vaccinated in early 2021 without donald trump's operation warp speed. we appreciate your time as always. >> x officer derek chauvin can spend the rest of your life in prison but some are asking did outside influences like congresswoman maxine waters impact the outcome of this case? >> more confrontational. >> brett tallman is live next.
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>> all 3 counts! all 3 counts! >> demonstrators celebrating derek chauvin's guilty verdict in the death of george floyd. jillian: thank you for being here. good to see you this morning. let's go ahead and talk about the breakdown of the verdict, guilty on all counts, breakdown as you see count one second-degree murder carries maximum sentence of 40 years. let's go to count 2, third-degree with murder carries maximum sentence of 25 years and the third count of second degree manslaughter carries maximum sentence of 10 years. what is your reaction. with you take away from yesterday? >> the jury had an impossible task during this trial given the
2:30 am
dynamics, the cultural clashing that has occurred and has been occurring. it is not surprising to me the jury was not coming back in a different way not to suggest they didn't analyze the facts appropriately or look at the law in question but some doubt given the politicization of this case, the comments made by politicians and others. todd: there is the overarching question of was this trial fair? that is the question if they choose to appeal will be taken up on appeal. one issue taken upon appeal are these comments by maxine waters. take a listen. >> we've got to get more active and more confrontational.
2:31 am
>> the trial being overturned. >> a comment like that when taken to a court of appeal, what how much weight does it have if any? >> i would be mortified to hear those comments. mistrial's were declared in cases for far less. it comes down to a judge and how they review it. and the headlines on this. they conceded that it was at home or and and the speech could very well have led to something that would be overturned. the ruling is very on because he identifies this could be a significant problem that may cause a reversal of the case but wasn't willing to take it head on because he understands the dynamic of this case so we don't
2:32 am
know but it is substantial for a judge to make that kind of comment. jillian: should the judge have sequestered the jury? should the trial have been moved? >> it is outrageous, the cases of this nature they don't try at best effort that they could to keep them from the media and the atmosphere. this jury had to be aware of the threats of violence, the concern, pressure tactics of the crowd and politicians and how do they come back differently? todd: the decision in this case, don't want to say it was preordained but saw this coming. i don't think the trial of the next three officers charged with aiding and abetting his death will be that easy for the prosecution to prove. that said will the current climate with what is going on to the prosecution's job for them?
2:33 am
>> great point. what is happening right now are between the attorneys and there may be a plea deal in this because they see what happened. at this point they are discussing the option and begging the prosecution for a plea deal. jillian: we didn't see much reaction from derek chauvin or his attorney. what did you make of that? >> i think they are throwing everything they have into the appellate side of this, they knew what was going to happen in this case, probably prepared for it and their fight may be at the appellate level. this was a horrific crime that occurred. second-degree, third-degree, those are difficult decisions but we knew something was wrong
2:34 am
here but what we don't like to see is the pressure of politicians and the rhetoric and the mob to influence our rule of law in this country. todd: you really explain how it goes down. >> chicago police officers may soon require permission from a supervisor before chasing a suspect. according to local fox affiliate mayor lori lightfoot promising to disclose details about a policy change. city councilman revealed police need supervisors permission to engage in vehicle support pursuit. that change would apply to all changes. todd: democrat henry ainsley: says migrants replaced -- cuellar were released from custody before president biden took off of the congressman saying, quote, just an honor system as they are given at this is not the way to do it. 71% increase in illegal
2:35 am
encounters. jillian: it is 34 after the hour. a check of the forecast with senior meteorologist janice dean. >> janice: that blue is scary cold temperatures, the 21st of april, record lows and record snow from this quick moving system slicing across the country, freeze advisories posted from texas to the great lakes including parts of alabama towards kentucky and tennessee toward the appalachians where we see potential for snow today. powerful cold front behind it, temperatures in the 30s, those are actual air temperatures with freeze advisories and temperatures that feel much colder than that because of the wind chill. as we go through today still
2:36 am
remnant snow across the great lakes and parts of the mountains of west virginia and there is your forecast so we are almost done with this but measurable snow towards new england, that is a historic system. things will be quieter tomorrow. todd: i have been looking a lot of paint colors. that was a lovely shade of blue. call it benjamin moore. >> janice: i will send my swatches. todd: using the proper terminology. time now 36 after the hour. he woke school principal caught on tape admitting the curriculum demonizes white people. the audio you have to here to believe. jillian: download the super 6 apps and play for 10,$000. i you need to do is predict 6
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jillian: montana absented voting to ban gender reassignment surgery for minors. a bill to ban transgender growth from women sports stalled in the senate, the sponsor said she need to focus on budget talks. todd: indoctrinated students, recorded the head of the school admitting that the school has been, quote, demonizing white people. >> are some of our students white people? >> yes. >> we are demonizing white kids. >> we are using language that makes them feel less then for nothing they are personally
2:41 am
responsible for. >> reporter: paul rossi relieved of teaching duties, the head of the school george davison expressed doubts on the curriculum. davison denying that claim. rhonda santos taking initiative to stop critical race theory in his state, that kind of curriculum is dangerous and un-american. >> it is damaging to delegitimize the institutions in our country starting with the constitution saying they denigrate the founding fathers and everybody in society so it is harmful. that is one of the reasons that in florida we banned critical race theory being taught in our k-12 schools, teaching people to hate the country, hate each other based on race is not a
2:42 am
recipe for success. we don't believe that is consistent with what the country stands for. todd: the governor announced critical race. would be banned from statewide civics education. still had a regulator says the blood clots linked to johnson & johnson's vaccine are rare and the benefits outweigh the risks. >> doctor mark siegel joins us next. what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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>> i can't wait to tell you what happens when we take over. we will talk about derek chauvin in custody behind bars, he will be sentenced eight weeks from now i'm looking a lot of years. reaction and analysis from kevin mccarthy who will talk about maxine waters and whether censure resolution did not pass. burgess owens talking about voting rights and what the georgia law actually said and
2:46 am
why does not jim crow. ted williams put this in perspective along with civil rights attorney leo terrel and jonathan turley will offer his analysis but for free we believe and progressives relaunch green new deal, this version focuses on housing. how great is that? we will talk to a laid-off pipeline worker about what the future looks like for him. if that is not enough of trends we have been watching, small businesses struggling to hire employees, one georgia café owner says unemployment benefits are turning away workers moving forward. all that and more, we attempt to get through. if we don't dana and bill will wait until we get done and they will start the show and they have no say in this. jillian: they will be grateful with that hand off. now to this, potential link found between the johnson &
2:47 am
johnson covid 19 vaccine and rare blood clots, the european medicine agency believes the benefits of getting the vaccine still outweigh the risk. doctor mark siegel joins me to weigh in. this is so important because you have a lot of people especially women saying the j and j vaccine. this looks like the same mechanism, and you are talking 1.5 million johnson vaccine. every time summit against the j and j shot they think it must be this blood clot which is incredibly rare, such a disservice, it is a cable-tv headache. you heard somebody mentioning it is possible side effect. that is not how i practice
2:48 am
medicine, extremely rare side effects, hooray for the european union to go forward with this vaccine, time to take the pause off too, and it will drift over to other vaccines. >> and very unfortunate because of the utility of the vaccine. my mother was supposed to get it out. we need to get one of these vaccines into doctors offices and get pfizer into a doctor's office because it has to be kept super super cold. i'm waiting for the day i could give out the johnson & johnson in my office because i have a 1-on-1 conversation with a lot of my patients were hesitant. they've known me for so many years and will do it if i think it is a good idea. it is an easy shot to lose.
2:49 am
jillian: matt, stage director asked a good question. if you get the pfizer vaccine or moderna, if and when we need a booster do you have to stick to the same moderna pfizer johnson & johnson, are you tied to that? >> brilliant question, the answer is the perfect fit would be to stay with the same but the studies that are coming out in england look like you can probably switch. if pfizer came out with a reengineered shop at the brazilian or south african variant and want to booster on that on top of the previous one, you can do it, chances are very high that will work. jillian: this is interesting too because there is an opioid vaccine in the works targeting sentinel. how much of a game changer would this be and what do you know about it? >> timing is good.
2:50 am
san francisco got hammered. all this obsession on covid we've had twice as many deaths in san francisco from opioid overdoses because drug dealers no one regulates but they are lacing cocaine with sentinel which is 5200 times more powerful than morphine. we don't have the antidote, the idea of getting a vaccine that targets the opioid molecule, take once or twice a year, so you are in the er for an overdose and taking care of you, give you this vaccine, next time, lacing a drug, they don't have the overdose death, this could save millions of lives, the great advance from the university of houston and boston children's. understand what we are doing with vaccines. we are learning this on the covid vaccine. it targets a molecule that
2:51 am
causes the immune system to recognize it and say here it is. let me get with these antibodies. jillian: 45 days reporting opioid deaths since the start of the pandemic. it is crucial. thank you very much and don't forget to pick up your copy of covid, the politics of fear and the power of science, great information, have a good day. >> thanks a lot. jillian: i kicked the wipes. todd: that was very loud. timeout 51 after the hour. the squad pushes to defund the police, lawmakers are spending big money on their own private security. nicole is sounding off next. ♪♪ money money money ♪♪ forget about the bright day ♪♪ oohh yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. pick something we all like. ok. hold on. what's your buick's wi-fi password?
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buickenvision2021. oh, you should pick something stronger. that's really predictable. that's a really tight spot. don't worry. i used to hate parallel parking. . .
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todd: we're back with a fox news alert. ex-officer derek chauvin found guilty on all accounts. as so many on the left push to tee fund the police, new fec records show the squad members, look at this, spending thousands on private security to protect themselves. joining us now to react is new york republican representative nicole malliotakis. i mean, look, the more we talk about defunding the police, it seems the only people that are going to be the safe are the rich and powerful who can afford to have their own security.
2:56 am
why is the left moving in that direction? >> i think this is a typical hypocrisy of socialists. when you look at people over our history whether it be the castro brothers or hugo chavez, you see how they have completely provided misery for their people and misery themselves. it comes with security. the idea between socialism is that everyone lives in misery while those in power are the ones living in success and luxury. exactly what we're seeing. another page out of their handbook. it's hypocrisy where they feel that the public doesn't necessarily need the police to keep them safe but they feel it's okay for them to vote to defund the police or push to abolish the police and then have, you know, private security or the capitol police or police
2:57 am
detail that is traveling with them everywhere they go. it's sim war to the wall that was built. the fence that was built around the capitol, the preventing the public from coming over to the capitol to meet with their legislators to lobby their government but at the same time they don't want to build the wall to secure our borders. typical hypocrisy coming from the left. i put up a resolution a couple of weeks ago asking for everyone in congress to say that congress condemns any attempt to abolish, to dismantle or defund the police and guess what happened. it fell right along party lines. todd: another part of this democrat playbook is dictionary be damned. a lot of democrats trying to redefine words, court-packing, infrastructure, bipartisan amid all that we are seeing right now in this world. it's very interesting. you wrote an op-ed that basically argues this is straight out of the aforementioned nicolas maduro
2:58 am
playbook. why do you say that? >> i say it because i want the american people to understand what's going on here. these little steps that we're seeing people like alexandria ocasio-cortez and the others take is real will he an attempt to move our country more towards socialism. hugo chavez is the one who packed the court in venezuela. he packed it from 20 members to 32 judges. what happened as a result of that any time anyone tried challenge his oppressive policies, his radical policies the court would rule in his favor. 45,000 times the court ruled in favor of hugo chavez and then nicolas maduro. that is really the foundation for our nation. if we lose the supreme court in the sense that it is no longer an independent body, you know, then we are in very big trouble in this country undermining of the constitution and we will not allow this to happen. todd: but, congresswoman, it's
2:59 am
not just the squad members, the far left members, it's senators like the junior senator from new york kristin gillibrand i share two degrees with. darth mouth ucla we did not learn that paid leave is infrastructure. child care is infrastructure are or that care-giving is infrastructure. i don't know where she learned that are the american people really buying this? 30 seconds to you? >> well, i think what's happening is the democrats have to take back their party. they continue to move more and more to the left because they are afraid of people like alexandria ocasio-cortez who has put up primaries against them. i see it firsthand being a representative from new york. they have taken congressional seats and legislative seats and now working on the city council, if the democrats do not stand up to the far left, they are going to continue to see their party being taken over and our nation being undermined. it was very surprising, to be frank, that jerry nadler would take up a court-packing bill. is he afraid, too. he went along with impeachment
3:00 am
and now he's going along with this. todd: congresswoman nicole malliotakis thank you for your time this morning, great insight. thank you very much. >> thank you. jillian: it was a busy morning it will continue now with "fox & friends." thank you. see you back here tomorrow 4 to 6:00 a.m. have a good day. ♪ ♪ >> we, the jury, in the above entitled manner as to count 1 find the defendant guilty. count 2 guilty. count 3 guilty. >> america has a long history of systemic racism. >> systemic racism is a stain on our nation's soul. >> protests erupting in columbus, ohio after a teenage girl is shot and killed by police. >> body camera showing one girl trying to stab another and the officer fires four shots. >>the progressives are ready to roll out the green new deal. the full green new deal is 9 trillion. >> i guess that's part of the green plan going to go it the money tree to find this. >> woke school principal caught
3:01 am
admitting the c


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