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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 21, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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the next shooting happens they are ready to go. >> we got to roll. that's all the time we have to make, set your dvr every monday through friday at 10:00 pm. shannon bream will have continuing coverage of the fallout of the chauvin verdict next. >> we the jury, unintentional second-degree murder while committing a felony. >> and finding derek showing guilty on all charges in the death of george floyd. >> 7 immediately handcuffed and taken to jail. he could spend decades behind bars. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. >> floyd's family brought to tears over the verdict, we will get their reaction in the president's response in just a
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minute but first protests erupting and, thus, ohio after a teenage girl there is shot and killed by police around the same time the chauvin verdict came down. >> marion rafferty is live as they released body camera footage from that incident. >> good morning. protests erupting in columbus as body camera footage is released in the deadly shooting of a teenage girl. [crowd chanting] >> what you are seeing was the scene outside the columbus police department tuesday after body came footage was released, it should an officer approach what appears to be a fight between girls, one girl appears to be trying to stab another and the officer then fires four shots. the video then shows the aftermath with shocked onlookers and the victim on the ground. the teen's family identified her to local media saying she had
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been in foster care. the police chief defending the use of force, promising a thorough investigation. >> deadly force can be used to protect yourself or the protection of a third person, that is within the law was that is what the law says. whether this complies with that will be part of that investigation. >> city leaders urging calm as the investigation unfolds. the columbus mayor asking protesters to remain peaceful tweeting as they do with all cpd involved shootings, as soon as it becomes available, asking residents to remain calm and allow them to gather the facts and telling local media she had a knife but dropped --
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>> that shooting happening as the jury found chauvin guilty on all counts in a different george would come the verdict fronting celebrations across the country from new york to los angeles. >> jeff dollars live in minneapolis, good morning. >> it is calm after what has been an overwhelmingly peaceful night in the hours following the verdict in the derek chauvin trial and shortly after he was found guilty of all 3 counts he was led away in cuffs before police officer reportedly wrote his attorney's phone number on his hand prior to it in the event he was found guilty knowing his bail would be revoked outside the courtroom. crowd broke into celebrations as the verdict was read. hundreds gathered around the courthouse chanting, quote, all 3 counts guilty. some breaking down in tears, others letting out a sigh of relief. george floyd's family was also reacting to what the past year had been like since his death and now the result of this trial. >>
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>> i was speaking everything, we are able to breathe again. >> i will miss them but now i know he is in history. what a day to be a floyd. >> shortly after the verdict was read, president biden called the family of george floyd promising to pass the torch for justice in policing act, the president along with vice president kamala harris held a news conference, both agree a lot more work needs to be done. >> today's verdict is a step forward, that is not enough. can't stop here. in order to deliver real change and reform we can and we must do more to reduce the likelihood that a tragedy like this will ever occur again. >> here's how many years chauvin is facing on each charge, count
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one of second-degree murder covers a sentence of 40 years, count 2 third-degree murder carries 25 years in the final count, second-degree manslaughter carries 10 years, chauvin is set to be sentenced in eight weeks. >> let's bring in robert the on key, criminal defense attorney, just focusing on the trial process itself. what are your key take aways. >> >> nobody could argue they did not get everything the prosecution they wanted to. the judge was an excellent judge, they got all their adjectives, the defense was given an opportunity to presented evidence, you had a vibrant jury. even if there is not guilty or you don't get guilty on everything, let the system take
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its place, some people are happy and some aren't but overall it was a very fair trial. >> two questions was the first, do you think this verdict will be upheld on appeal and the second question looking ahead, how do you think happens with the other three officers on charges of aiding and abetting once you saw what happened yesterday? >> you know those lawyers were watching every moment of this trial getting an idea of the prosecution's case is going to be against them as well but this is a different situation for those other 3 defendants because they were not as actively involved as the video was. there were a lot of strange things that happened. i was a homicide prosecutor for a long time. i don't like the pretrial publicity. i don't like a civil settlement in the middle of jury selection and grandstanding and getting out there which cause two jurors to be removed from this jury pool. the defense attorney was asking the jury be sequestered. throughout the course of the trial up to and including this weekend politicians making statements inciting people that if there is not a guilty
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verdict, there's going to be problems across the country. these are not the things that should be happening and i say this as a former homicide prosecutor, the case should be tried in court of law, not the court of public opinion so that will be issue number one. in addition to the fact the defense did some very strange tactical things in this case that is trial lawyers simply did not understand why the lawyer mister nelson was doing it and i'm sure it affected, there will be another of those arguments on appeal whether it will be survivable or not we will have to see. >> usually it is a tough one to get on appeal but following up on what you just said you would have done some things different as defense attorney, what would you have done differently? >> one of the first things i would have done is a medical report not produce to the defense until after the defense expert testified. this is an outrageous discovery violation.
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the judge precluded that report from getting out nevertheless allowed prosecutors to attack the defense expert for an opinion not in possession of the information that caused them not to give the opinion. it is not only something attorneys shouldn't have done but they want to know why this information was held on a crucial issue and they should have gotten admonishment to the jury, it is not the defense's fault, the prosecutor attacked the defense experts for their opinion when in fact it was only the court, they never received the information in the first place, that is one of many things, the defense expert that testified in the case was an abomination, he got shredded on cross examination, wasn't given the use of force policies and testifying for the defense as use of force expert, that was technically horrible move.
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>> in the remaining time we have left, how significant was it the we have this incident on camera. we have seen this over and over for a year. you talk about the publicity of the case but when you have video like that it is hard not to see it, hard not to talk about it or show it. how does that change a trial like this? >> huge demonstrative evidence, having all that video, that stuff you saw you didn't see, you saw him, that is consistent in a civil suit in front of me that said derek chauvin is a problem but that is a creation of the policies of the police department which said use of this technique was not deadly
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force, that never came out during the trial, all the information in the civil complaint should have been something the defense lawyers counter the video evidence, with broad daylight with everybody taking it because that is what they were trained to do, $7 million verdict occurred as a result proving that the city people to do this, that never came out. >> have a good morning. >> there is other news, he seriously injures two more people. card collector at a long island stop and shop went straight to the office tuesday morning and opened fire. he was arrested hours later at his apartment and his neighbors do not know his motive. >> more than 15,000 migrants
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have been released from federal custody without immigration court notices since president biden took office, person saying, quote, it is just an honor system they are given and this is not the way it is supposed to be. cvp reports a 71% increase in illegal encounters in march. >> 36-year-old with his pregnant wife megan, harry will undergo a 10 day quarantine but reports say the queen has no plans to celebrate, following principle of's death and the pandemic. there will be no gun salutes or portraits. coming up congressman james comeer weighing in on the border catastrophe. >> the tension is unbearable. this jogger was able to get out of a confrontation. lives of six million jews
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inch protesters calling for justice after the deadly shooting of a black teenage girl the shooting happening moments before derek chauvin's guilty verdict. >> how do we fix relations between the community and law enforcement. congressman, happening in your state, this exists right now. >> overwhelming majority of police officers, they put their lives on the line every day but there are bad cops and we can begin to improve public relations in the process by
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requiring police, that is a step towards transparency, we need to be more transparent with disciplinary records. many police officers charged with excessive abuse once they go to disciplinary action. those two areas go a long way, law enforcement, minority communities, to require more minority police officers. and and -- >> after what we saw yesterday and in ohio around the same time begs the question does this give
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mormons them, and that includes banning chokehold, have national police conduct registry, does this gain more momentum now? >> >> certainly every member of congress want to make sure we have good relationships with law enforcement but you have a situation where democrats have been very anti-law enforcement and tried to defund the police and some members of the squad said we need to eliminate the police. we need to have respect for law enforcement and admit there is a problem.
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and, what is the proper protocol for law enforcement, many of these instances, of unnecessary use of force, came at the hands of potential criminals resisting arrest, these areas need to be addressed and i am hopeful congress can have a serious discussion how to improve this moving forward. todd: a group of republicans wrote a letter to vice president kamala harris demanding, leading a delegation to the border. here's part of that letter, joe biden delegated the administration's response, at the southern border it is unclear what if any actions you plan to initiate to respond to the crisis that continues to worsen every day. what is kamala harris doing and what do we need her to do?
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>> i've never seen such a terrible in sample of leadership. members of congress signed the letter were myself, jim jordan and john catgo. we let our committees to the border, those committees being judiciary homeland oversight committee, with my community, 15 hours on the border, listening to border patrol, listening to local law enforcement, expressed fears and concerns and frustration and kamala harris hasn't spent 15 seconds on the border. and, and and to come up with solutions, and it is a national security crisis, and we are getting sanctuary cities.
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and with these unaccompanied minors. and and set up a humanitarian shop, and there was a problem, on the mexican side of the border. >> back to what the former president was doing. appreciate it. >> 20 minutes after the hour, the fight to repeal gretchen witmer's emergency powers clearing a major hurdle. one of the leaders of that effort joins us with an update next. >> how a canine saved is owner's life. ♪♪
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download the xfinity stream app to get ready to watch. >> the fight to view emergency pandemic powers. a major hurdle validating 460,000 signatures. ron armstrong, what is the next step in your fight? >> it is recommended to validate signatures that need 400,000 and they say we have 460,000 at 100% accuracy.
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todd: your governor has signed 128 executive orders since may of last year. how dangerous is the unfettered power in the hands of one person when we are supposed to be in a democracy? >> that is the reason the citizens did what they did, had 28 days, and don't see signs of data backing this up, she pivoted to a law that has time limit that established, can't buy paint in the same store, and through the process affected too many lives and businesses through the process, couldn't go fishing in the same boat with a family member. >> a group opposing you, keep
1:26 am
michigan save, for its illegal and unethical practices turning a blind eye to conflict of interest, made a mockery of the initiative process. who are the people who love to be controlled and regulated. >> raising money for the governor was there to send a letter to the uaw, to design the citizens sitting on street corners, they fought through the campaign, to maintain power for the governor. and and not proving itself, it is complete hypocrisy.
1:27 am
she is traveling to florida to visit her father which she was able to do because ron desantis made decisions a lot of people to trust themselves or trust them as constituents and she hasn't done the same for the people of michigan. >> responding to that criticism, she is saying i traveled out of state 3 times with the inauguration and the second to visit my national guard troops and a third was a full day trip to check in with my father, certainly not spring break. every single week, at this point are in these democratic governors flouting their hypocrisy. >> i will cover two of those, she traveled to the inauguration, this last year, people were not able to visit or have graduations or funerals for
1:28 am
their family. she was able to travel to in inauguration that wasn't an issue. the hypocrisy of going to florida, she literally talked to people during spring break saying do not travel, it is dangerous. we have no problem, we are so thankful she's able to visit with her father and see her in person and have personal contact, understand people of michigan have not benefited the same luxury. they have been for when you're not able to visit their family and hospitals or nursing homes at all. they had to see them through windows, many died alone during this process and we have said be consistent. if you are not able to, we need you to do the same thing. >> ron armstrong, we thank you for your time this morning. >> still to come the san
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francisco school district is warning parents they may not have enough subs if teachers choose to work remotely, the classroom controversy straight ahead and reaction after the conviction a former officer derek chauvin. doctor david a king joins us for reaction next. customer support is mission critical. with grammarly business, you can turn your frontline reps into bottom line superheros. take carl, for example. carl's got a superpower, spot on customer support. grammarly business helped him set the right tone increasing our customer satisfaction by 17%. - [children] hurray! - which leads to happier customers, and stronger relationships. learn more at
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the first person to survive alzheimer's disease and strois out there.ships. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen by funding scientific breakthroughs, advancing public policy,
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and providing local support to those living with the disease and their caregivers. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association. todd: minneapolis jury convicting george floyd -- derek chauvin on all 3 counts. jillian: reaction from leaders across the country. good morning. >> reporter: reactions are pouring in from everywhere starting with president biden at the white house who was criticized for weighing in but afterwords phoned the floyd family before addressing the nation calling the conviction a giant step forward. >> in the murder of george floyd
1:33 am
last may the blinders off for the world to see. systemic racism is a stain on the nation's soul. >> reporter: biden appeared alongside vice president harris who said this is one step in a long road ahead calling on congress to act on police reform. secretary of state blinken took to twitter writing, quote, in order to leapfrog america must address racial injustice and inequities at home. former president obama issuing a statement saying while today's verdict might have been a necessary step on the road to progress it was far from a sufficient one. we cannot rest. on capitol hill speaker pelosi coming under fire for controversial comments reacting to the verdict. >> thank you, george floyd for sacrificing your life for justice. >> reporter: he took a lot of heat for that and then made a response to criticism clarifying
1:34 am
her comments, democrats defeated house minority leader kevin mccarthy is resolution to censure maxine waters for hurting rioters in brooklyn, minnesota to get more controversial. it went down party lines. the censure would have issued the harshest punishment behind expulsion for a member. in a testament to how high tensions are flying on the whole representative found deming and jim jordan going at each other during a law enforcement hearing. >> law enforcement officers risk their lives every day, they deserve better and the american people -- i have the floor, mister jordan! did i strike a nerve. they are utilized as ponds. >> much tension will turn to the fate of the george floyd justice and policing act that was passed by the house last month but facing an uphill battle in the
1:35 am
senate, split 50/50. >> congressman comeer thinks this gives it more momentum so we will follow that, thank you. now let's bring in fox news contributor doctor alveda king, thank you for being here. >> thank you, good morning. >> i want your reaction to how you think president biden handled the situation, let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> nothing can ever bring their brother, their father back, but this can be a giant step forward in the march toward justice in america. >> do you see this as a giant step forward? where are we today in race relations in america and where do we need to be? >> here in america with race relations we are moving forward. i think the verdict was
1:36 am
appropriate in some ways but i was disturbed when i watched what happened to george floyd, it would have been unpardonable not to do something as far as those actions of derek chauvin. i happen to agree with the president that this is a step forward, not a giant step so much but a step forward. so much more to be done. african-americans are often at the brunt of the racism of america. you heard me say before that we are one human race. martin luther king jr. said we must live together as brothers or sisters, he didn't say cousins, neighbors, different races. we are one human race. for 70 years of my life, to be treated fairly and equally.
1:37 am
you heard me mention this is a step forward. i hope the president, vice president, congress and others, including the babies in the womb, justice for everyone equally as one human race. systemic racism occurs when we seize other as different races. my race needs to get along with your race, this race or that race even when we think about all of these issues about critical race theory, one critical race on the planet, the human race, red-blooded human race, george floyd, his family, i believe should take some comfort that justice has been served. it does not bring george back. i have family members dead by violence as well but justice must be served. >> there's another topic that is
1:38 am
paling in importance on a day like today, home depot, one of the largest employers in your state facing a possible boycott for staying out of the georgia election law controversy as conservative leaders like yourself defending the voting bill calling it biased news media coverage. that is the reason the hullabaloo is happening in the first place. how dangerous are attacks like we are seeing now on this bill to the black community that this bill is ultimately according to the media supposed to be supported? >> i am 70 years older, organized in the 1960s. i had families who are dead from violence. if god is not in the midst of
1:39 am
the boycott, without rancor and hate and anger, seeking justice for the past, recovered with much prayer, a boycott without god will never be effective so i want people to remember boycotts and marches are not the solution, it is god and there is justice and the human heart turning to god for assistance that brings genuine justice. there was a lot of prayer about the george floyd situation, and hurt with the violence. and in home depot. please remember that. >> we appreciate this conversation. have a good day.
1:40 am
>> democrats looking to change the rules ahead of the potential recall election of governor gavin newsom. a new measure calling for voter records and personal information like phone numbers and home addresses to be made publicly available if you sign the recall petition was could ask say democrats are trying to intimidate voters and call the bill dangerous and reckless. a jogger has been -- a moment in this park. >> doesn't seem that hungry, not backing down. >> the man staring down the bear, try yelling at it but kept approaching. wyoming is the home of these bears. followed him for half a mile before thing up and going back. >> one pup proving himself has man's best friend, being a hero for saving his owner's life was an american bull terrier, the el paso fire department said he alerted a neighbor when his
1:41 am
owner experienced a medical emergency last week. his owner was able to get help and survived. >> if something goes down -- jillian: quite a guard dog in texas. it is 20 minutes, a woke school principal admitted the curriculum demonizes white people. the audio you have to hear to believe. >> 100 eleventh day and there were times we didn't know if she was going to make it. todd: a young nurse who beat covid after months able to see her son. heartwarming reunion. ♪♪
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♪♪ we don't want you here ♪♪ todd: a crowd of black lies matter supported tackling diners at a new york city tacorea yelling at diners telling them to leave new york adding we don't want your money. that video posted hours after a jury found derek chauvin guilty on all 3 chan the death of george floyd. the contractor that accidentally ruined 15 million doses of johnson & johnson vaccine. lawmakers questioning whether a bio solution to secure federal contracts without meeting qualifications as the european union begins redistributing after ruling blood clots are a very rare side effect. doctor mark siegel will discuss.
1:46 am
florida nurse and mother discharged from the hospital gathering covid 19. look at that right there. 111 days in the hospital, multiple organ failures and was hooked up to a ventilator. >> this place is home here and they saved her life. >> k will go to a long-term care facility, we wish her the best. jillian: the san francisco unified school district is warning parents there might not be enough substitutes to cover classes. they will keep working remotely. the school district saying schools may shift from in person to hybrid learning if a teacher is not available. elementary schools in the city reopened for the first time this year. how about this story.
1:47 am
a whistleblower teacher who ripped his manhattan private school for indoctrinating a student, reported the head of the school admitting the school has been, quote, demonizing white people. listen to this. >> we are demonizing white kids. >> we are using language that makes them feel less then for nothing they are personally responsible for. >> that is unreal. >> he claimed the head of the school, george davis and expressed doubts on the curriculum, davison denied the claims. todd: if i hear that tape, i would say would you like some representation with this? still ahead president biden says laying out lofty goals of the virtual climate summit but will it be a blue-collar jobs killer? a trump supported sound of next.
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>> a massive fire destroying the sugar refinery in baltimore. the raw sugar storage shed and waterfront refinery during conveyor belts, no injuries were reported. all employees were able to evacuate, the fire under investigation. and suv crashing through a guard rail in san diego over a cliff and into the ocean.
1:52 am
pulled the driver of the car before police responders arrived. back to safety, suffered nonlife threatening injuries and will be okay. jillian: progressives relaunch the green new deal, and no one will be left behind. >> we decided to come together in sweeping legislation that creates a plan for 20 million union jobs. it is going to be an all hands on deck approach and refuse to leave any community behind. >> will the president find battleground between party pressure worried about their jobs. thank you for joining me, gino. >> thanks for having me. jillian: we heard from alexandria ocasio cortez that no
1:53 am
one will be left behind, take a listen. >> for all the opportunities offered by the shift to clean energy not every american worker will win out. some livelihoods of communities will be hit hard. jillian: a bit of mixed messaging from my perspective when i hear no one will be left behind in certain communities or industries, where are you in the middle of that? >> they come out and stopped the keystone pipeline, 15,000 union workers out of work. our company deals with energy companies, a pipe for the fracking industry. 20 satellite companies support them. if you get rid of fracking all of those go away. we hear the same thing democrats
1:54 am
and politicians, and the last administration, everything is going fine and now it looks like this guy is governing to his base and not concerned with the workers. jillian: in the commercial break you told me your business is already down and worried about the future of the business if it continues on its past. tell me how dire you think it could get. >> if you close the coal plants and fracking for natural gas you have fracking gas out of the ground, natural gas out of the ground, everything you need for energy. our gas is up 60 or $0.70 a
1:55 am
gallon. you will make us no longer energy independent and that will cost jobs but they have a majority in the house of representatives that are trying to govern like they have a dictatorship. this form of government has worked for 245 years. we saw the last four years, quadruple the size of government to put people back to work. this administration is not looking to put america first. jillian: 20 seconds, is there middle ground as it exists. >> don't see where he will come to the middle. we have to put america first, and i don't see anywhere this administration, this president -- >> keep us updated. >> thank you for having me. have a great day.
1:56 am
todd: the chauvin verdict is in but activists say their work is just beginning. jillian: hear from continuing live team coverage. hi. i'm wolfgang puck when i started my online store wolfgang puck home i knew there would be a lot of orders to fill and i wanted them to ship out fast
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>> we the jury, unintentional second-degree murder find the defendant guilty. jillian: celebrations flooding
2:00 am
the streets as a jury finds derek chauvin guilty of all charges in the death of george floyd. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. todd: chauvin handcuffed and taken to jail. he could spend decades in prison. jeff paul has reaction to the monumental verdict. >> reporter: the city was bracing itself for similar unrest to what they saw last summer but in the hours after the verdict was read none of that played out after they found derek chauvin guilty of all three counts. >> guilty! guilty! >> all 3 counts! all 3 counts! all 3 counts! >> reporter: those celebrations continued into the night where hundreds


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