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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 21, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> sean: the quick action is more training, nonlethal action for cops and people need to interact better with the police, too. police set your dvr. we're not the media mob. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham takes over right now. >> laura: i'm laura ingram this is "the ingram angle" with a packed show from washington tonight. we laura: a pack show from washington. during this hour we are going to be live on the ground in minneapolis where crowds are starting to gather in greater numbers. alan dershowitz, bob woodson, florida governor ron desantis, lera logan and a lot more with reaction. but first, the big lie about america, that is the focus of tonight's angle. a few hours after the data showing guilty verdict was handed down president joe biden and vice president kamala harris spoke to the nation and lied
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about the nation. >> america has a long history of systemic racism. black americans and black men in particular have been treated throughout the course of our history as less than human. >> we can't stop here. we can and we must do more to reduce the likelihood of tragedies like this will ever occur again and this takes acknowledging and confronting head on systemic racism and the racial disparities that have existed in policing and our criminal justice system more broadly. >> that's the big lie, systemic racism. did joe biden always believed the nation was racist to its core? did he believe this when barack obama and he were elected not once but twice in a historic election? did that do nothing to remove this stain on our nation? what about the 1965 civil rights
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act? does joe biden really believe he presides over a country where law enforcement is essentially a racist killing machine? who knows? even if he's not the one making the calls on this he is mouthing the words? but do not think for a nano second that the left-wing media and the activists who went on and on today about george floyd, they were worried about justice, they are not focused on the tragedy of george floyd because for them he was just a stepping stone to tearing down america. they have to convince all-black americans that the police ate them and will never be fair. and the same activists, the same media people, you know who they are, they feel justified in conflating floyd's case with every other one involving an african-american and law enforcement. minnesota's attorney general is
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an officer of the court, he knows it is wrong and nonsensical to generalize disparate fact patterns and different types of evidence in different cases but he does it anyway. >> we've seen rodney king, oscar grant, eric garner, michael brown, freddie gray, sandra bland, fernando castile, anton black, breonna taylor and now daunte wright, this has to end. the work of our generation is to put a end to the vestiges of jim crow and the centuries of trauma and put a end to racism. ashley: that is a lot of a goal, that is what we all want but they claim it is a big lie and they want to reprogram all of
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america, and that justice is not served when one criminal pays for, along doing. for them punishment has to be wide reaching and never-ending. >> one down, many more to go. >> it is a cultural wake-up call. i'm not happy, not please, don't have any sense of satisfaction, this is not a good thing. >> this verdict is not justice, i don't even think you can call it full accountability. >> it is always committed to use this case and any instance of white cops having that interactions with black americans to reinforce the same big lie, mainly that america is systemically racist place, a country where black people are
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targeted and in constant danger, they can never get ahead. so that live. what does it do? drive us apart and sends americans back into their respective corners and cuts off conversation and also warps thinking. check out this recent study imagining perceptions about racism versus reality. for instance statistics show 5 times more black americans are killed in traffic accidents than in encounters with police but because of the relatively negative narrative by politicians in the press the public is woefully uninformed. age in 10 black americans said they believed younger black men are more likely to die in police shootings than in traffic accidents. blacks who voted for donald trump in 2020 were far less likely to believe police shootings claims more young black lives than traffic accidents but among those who voted for joe biden, 81% were wrong. being told the big lie. this is staggering. imagine holding such a terribly
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dark view of the united states, your country, but no one cares about the facts. this is always going to be about emotions, images, bumper stickers, placards, shouting, yelling at people in restaurants, the woke political posturing of the moment. when reverend now got on his private jet to join the floyd family yesterday we knew what this was all going, this is not about the end of the traumatic moment in minneapolis and justice. this was the start of a political revolution. that means the gradual federalizing of all police in america. >> last summer i introduced the george floyd policeing act, the so-called law enforcement accountable, this bill is part of george floyd's legacy. >> we are determined to fight
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until we make federal law, the george for justice in policing actor. >> we are going to do a lot. we will stay at until we get it done. >> hopefully this is the moment for the george for justice in policing actor get past. >> let's deal with genuine systemic racism. >> again, got to insert the big lie into the conversation. if this law is actually past it mean better police in the united states, it would mean essentially no police. it would eliminate qualified immunity for officers, deprive police of the so-called military equipment they were begging for last summer when they needed it and most tellingly leftist groups will be creating management and operations standards for law enforcement. in other words it would go big
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on cultural identity workshops but not so much on getting criminals off the street. according to "national review" police department seeking federal grants must pledge to spend at least 5% of the funds they receive on studying and implement programs like those the naacp, aclu, national urban league and other groups would devise. so why did democrats keep doing this? why do they keep selling this big lie about systemic racism? i have a theory. because their policies are so bad for everyone but especially for black people. the covid lockdowns were horrific for the inner cities, permissive mayors a week police department are turning streets over to criminals, they are going to shift your jobs overseas in the biden administration and leave open borders to drive down wages. this is what happens away from the racial justice protests last weekend. there were no rallies for these
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victims, sharpton was there today but other racehorses were there as well because they go where the cameras go. they don't go to the south side of chicago. they don't go elsewhere. the fact of the matter is we live in a great country with overwhelmingly charitable good people. acts of depravity and racism do not define us and we despise it collectively. we want the law applied equally and fairly across the board which is what our constitution requires. when we see innocent americans brutalized we are discussed it and we pray for justice and yet we protest for justice peacefully. we know jurors who feel that by the mobs are put in an impossible situation. we also don't want jury pools
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potato politicians prejudiced over deliberations with their own political pronouncements. instinctively we know the public's faith in final jury verdicts will be compromised if any of that happens. i think most americans see what the left is doing and that is not going to work. most just want to live in peace and freedom. they want a shot at prosperity and their kids to have a decent education. and most want the government to get off their backs, stop lecturing us about how we need to evolve and change our language in order to satisfy the woke warrior class. people of all races and creeds deserve the truth from their political leaders and today president biden showed us that on the issue of justice and race he is incapable of telling it to us and that is the angle. showing ms. bob woodson, former civil rights activist, founder of the woodson center. why the rush among politicians
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and the media to go right to reviewing this case through the racial lens despite no evidence that this was a racially-based crime? >> the left's narrative that everything has to be seen through a racial lens. easter sunday there were thousand black families having a picnic in the park in alabama. 6 black bugs fired 100 shots killing of 32-year-old daughter of a local pastor who was thinking in a church, 6 other people were shot including a 4-year-old, two days ago in syracuse a 32-year-old mother was killed along with her 11-month-old daughter and two of the children were shot. 82 people killed since george floyd but you don't hear about that. there is no outrage, systemic racism has nothing to do with
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that carnage but yet a handful of people like george floyd are killed at the hands of the police and because it fits a racial narrative there is a mobilization but the most vulnerable people, low income blacks in these communities are the ones who are going to suffer the consequence. not tell sharpton in his jet or maxine waters coming from her $3 million mansion or the head of black lives man living in $1.3 million mansion with $90 million given by corporate, it is really a carnage and these people are worse than bigots. i know what bigotry looks like but i also know what treason looks like and what they are doing to black america in terms of pushing this false racial narrative to me amounts to treasonous behavior against them but we are not supposed to talk about that. >> do you agree what is going on
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here, they have to always shift the conversation to a systemic problem, tear down the history, whether it is a statue or a plaque or get rid of a book or rewrite historical narratives and constantly beat the drum of systemic racism because lord knows there's policies don't raise the standard of living of minority citizens or any american for that matter, their policies are ruining but they can't defend them so they have to go to this. >> this goes away from their personal responsibility. racism without the basis. the question is why the last 50 years low income black sailing and systems run by their own people but the police are being thrown under the bus as an extension of white supremacy and presents a convenient excuse for
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why their policies are not working, that -- to conceal their incompetence but also weapon icing race using it for political purpose at the expense of low income blacks and ignoring real remedies that as you heard me say times, meeting with police in birmingham, alabama, to talk about ways these communities can come together and make the community safer but there's no support for those initiatives. ashley: laura: this narrative has already infected the minds of millions of americans. check out what this minnesota resident told and msnbc reported today. >> you realize your privilege
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that the death george floyd hope you realize that. what are you going to do with that realization? where do you take that? >> i don't know. i googled it today. what can a white person do to help all black lives matter. institutionally and systematically i've got benefits that other people don't have. laura: imagine a world where some individual has a better benefit another individual, what do you say to that man you >> like i said before two groups that annoy me most are self flagellating guilty white people in the other group are rich angry entitled blacks who profit off of the misery of the people. if you are oriented towards a problem you can consult about it, write books about it and you can raise money on it, that is your success of your career is
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contingent upon having people fail. that is the kind of losing combination we are witnessing today. for the president of the united states to directly intervene in a court case and a member of congress to come down and almost leave the mob in demanding this man be found guilty, this is unprecedented and harmful to the most vulnerable in our society. >> the cone of protection surrounding maxine waters, 7 on 8, jump into protect her real quick and nancy pelosi embarrassed herself, great to see you. let's turn to the legal implications of today's verdicts, alan dershowitz, harvard law professor emeritus and attorney and president of the center for american experiments, can we assume here there will be an appeal from
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chauvin given what the judge has already said? >> it is very rare that the judge will tell the defense attorneys that they have grounds for appeal, the ground being maxine waters's incitement to the jury, threat to the jury but basically the jury heard this from many people, the jurors who were not sequestered knew that if they don't render a verdict of murder 2, murder and manslaughter there will be violence on the streets. the mayors of every city were preparing for violence. police chiefs were preparing. the independence of our jury system is in danger today and it is spreading from minneapolis to brooklyn center where there's going to be a railroading trial of kim potter who committed no crime at all but the same people will demand a conviction of an
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entirely different person. what he did was wrong and inexcusable and almost certainly manslaughter but what potter did was an honest mistake. she thought she was using pates which she is entitled to do and instead use the gun and somebody died, not a crime. but the pressures persist. >> the litany of disparate cases was repeated several times today. cnn's jake tapper spoke out today about the arguments made by chauvin's defense. >> defense attorneys, that is their job, this trial is not new in that sense, the prosecution in different cases too. my point is it didn't work. laura: stunning from a news anchor. >> i'm not sure what jake is
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talking about but there were strange aspects to chauvin's defense. his lawyer totally bollixed up the cause of death issue which was central to the case. he put out an expert who talked about all these factors contributed to cause floyd's death and it was undetermined what ultimately caused it and in closing argument he said if any of these other factors, drug overdose, hypertension, heart disease contributed at all to floyd's death and chauvin is not guilty which that is not the law totally incorrect, the law is substantial causal factor. after it was done the prosecution made a motion which the trial court granted and it took a recess and before the prosecution gave the rebuttal the trial court reinstated the jury to disregard statements by lawyers that were inconsistent with the clerk's instructions
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and the prosecutor got up and clobbered them for misstating the law as result of causation. in an important respect that's not the only one i found chauvin's defense quite puzzling. laura: benjamin crump spoke out after the verdict was announced. >> this be the president. let this be the president where we live up to the high ideals and promises where we say liberty and justice for all. let this be the president. where we overcome systematic racism and oppression. laura: does this case demonstrate a racial connection made by many of the commentators but was there evidence that
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derek chauvin himself was known to be a racist? >> this case was not decided necessarily by the evidence presented in court. it was decided by allegations made outside the court and they were allegations of racism, systemic racism. the problem is the judge didn't sequester the jury, should have, should have moved the trial out of minneapolis and should not have denied a mistrial when waters and others made statements the clearly told the jurors that you shouldn't only consider the evidence, you should consider whether or not your verdict is going to produce a violent reaction and that really threatens the independence of juries. it used to be in the deep south that it was the white racists who paraded in front of the courthouse demanding jurists convict every black person adequate every white person. today the shoe was on the other foot and we see identity politicians standing in front of the courthouse demanding
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convictions on charges that are unjustified. the murder charges were not justified, manslaughter was, manslaughter was not justified in the kim potter case. we have to do something to make sure that juries remain independent and isolated, insulated from precious outside -- laura: how is injury supposed to remain independent when it is pretty well known common knowledge that if you don't get the verdict that maxine waters thinks you should get, a lot of people will burn the city down and maybe burn your house down maybe. is a tough position. not saying that even happened here but that was a specter hanging over this trial from day one, was it not? >> we will never know what a jury untainted by those
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pressures might have done but when they were selecting the jury they asked questions about this and the jurors all knew about the riots last summer and i'm sure many of them were thinking of themselves, the police couldn't protect their own third precinct stationhouse from being burned down, how will they protect my house from being burned down and they tried to keep the doors anonymous but yesterday the minneapolis star tribune ran a series of profiles of the jurors in which they didn't say their names but gave all kinds of biographical information so if you knew the person you would likely recognize that is fred so there is no assurance that anonymity can be maintained and we will never know how much those pressures impacted these jurors. laura: what could the defense of that in this case that it didn't do particularly well? >> i never want to second-guess
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a defense attorney's decision not to put client on the witness stand but they proved causation, that's not the issue. the only real issue that was left was his state of mind of what was he thinking, why did he do this? as he friends? was he intimidated and by not putting him on the witness stand they denied the jury an opportunity to look him in the eye and understand maybe what he did could be explained. maybe there's a lot of stuff that would come out if he took the stand that wouldn't otherwise come out. i don't want to second-guess but once they decided not to put him understand i knew the case was over and they didn't do an effective job cross-examining the major witnesses on the causation issue although i don't think there was ever a winning issue but there are two big issues on appeal, number one, whether or not the second and third degree murder verdicts are justified based on the law and number to the failure to
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sequester the jury. i think this case is a long way from being over. the supreme court of the united states might very well have a look at this case and send a message but how you deal with cases when there are efforts to try to intimidate the jury. laura: thank you. i want to go to jorge ventura, a field report who got to the george floyd square, you started to build in the last 30 minutes or so, what is going on? >> reporter: we sensing crowds gather here all night but now we see more people, the crowd of 400 people and people popping fireworks, celebrating, seems like the mood is very celebratory at this moment, two people who say they are satisfied with the charges that have been brought. laura: that seems to be in
12:26 am
direct conflict to alexandria -- alexandria ocasio cortez who said this doesn't feel like justice, doesn't even feel like accountability and you are saying when you are hearing from people on the streets is that is not the case, at least in this case they feel justice was done. >> reporter: they feel justice has been served. they say the fight is not over, they want to put pressure on the district attorney to charge kim potter, the former brooklyn center police officer who shot daunte wright with murder charges but things have remained peaceful, we've not seen -- the state of minnesota really preparing for civil unrest, operation safety net and state troopers and local police department, so far we haven't seen that but we will see how things role later tonight. laura: laura coates, a cnn reporter spoke out earlier
12:27 am
today, she was very concerned that boarding up buildings and sending that message of a fortified city was going to trigger people. okay, let's watch it. >> we have a pavlov response in america is that when we have impending verdicts, businesses start to close, that trust gap is already there between the justice system and members of the community. if and expeditiously because they say you are preparing me for an acquittal. people believe did you get a heads up? do you get a heads up? do you know something we do not know? laura: they are damned if they do, damned if they don't. if they don't board of the buildings they lose their stores or maybe another government
12:28 am
building and if they do then they are sending a terrible message to the people on the streets, people on the streets that you talked to are upset there's fortification going on? >> on the ground the business owners had to protect their businesses because they saw what happened last year and when you have law enforcement concentrated on one area, these business owners defend themselves and we saw that last week with the action here, they were armed because law enforcement, this is something they have to do. black and brown suffer the most. ashley: stay safe out there tonight. joining us now is florida governor ron desantis, thanks for being with us. just yesterday.
12:29 am
you signed in antiriot bill you say is the strongest law against rioting, pro law enforcement, in the country. given what we heard from biden and harris regarding the push for the george floyd policing act is your law even necessary? >> our law was necessary. we've seen a lot of unrest in our country, don't want that coming to florida and it does a lot of different things. one of the things that does is prevents local governments from defunding law enforcement which is an insane idea that with a lot of people at risk and also let citizens sue the local government if the local government tells the police to stand down during one of these things and they are harmed or their property is armed and it does provide strong penalties for people who engage in violent
12:30 am
assemblies particularly if you harm somebody else and particularly if you harm a law enforcement officer. we are proud of what we did, we think it will make a big difference. told over and over today by activist media types, and the president and vice president is that america at the core is a racist nation. your thoughts on that continued repetition, that drumbeat as it affects americans. >> i think it is very damaging because it is an attempt to delegitimize all the institutions in our country starting with the constitution, they denigrate the founding fathers, they denigrate everybody in society now, that's one of the reasons in florida we banned critical race theory being taught in our k-12 schools, we think teaching people to hate the country, hate each other based on race is not a recipe for success so we don't believe that is consistent with
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what the country stands for. laura: a protester in new york city tonight made it pretty clear why bill like yours was necessary. >> we have to because innocent that it was a mixture of violence and nonviolent protests that yielded this result. that is the bottom line. >> america doesn't listen to us when we march peacefully. i'm not saying people will be back in the street but america must know that if you continue to allow us to be murdered in the streets without justice we will raise hell in america. laura: this isn't stopping anytime soon. violence at least in part worked in his view. >> that is really troubling because if that is what a lot of people think, i don't know what happened with this verdict but if it is something that can potentially happen where you have justice meted out because
12:32 am
the jury is scared of what a mob may do, not saying that is what happened here but that speaker seemed to suggest that had an impact, that is completely antithetical to the rule of law and what we've done with our antiriot bill is say you engage in that you are going to jail, you're not going to gain by doing that, we will maintain law and order but to think that somehow that is going to influence how the rule of law is applied would be a total disaster, if that idea takes hold. >> a state senator is not a big fan of your antiriot bill. >> our response to injustice in this country is protest but their response is to criminalize it when the recourse for us is to turn to the streets to make our voices heard in this unjust system. governor desantis's action today goes to show he's not concerned
12:33 am
about the lives of black and brown people, you just declared war on the first amendment in the state of florida. >> does this bill threaten floridians first amendment right to peaceably assemble? >> not at all. if you throw a brick at a law enforcement officer's head which many people were doing throughout the summer that has nothing to do with the first amendment. if you break into a store and damage people's property, doesn't have anything to do with the first amendment. if you have a mob of people descend on an innocent civilian and intimidated and harassed them doesn't have anything to do with the first amendment. this was a necessary piece of legislation and if you oppose the piece of legislation that means local governments defund police, you want local governments to have no
12:34 am
consequence if they allow people to be harmed and not have police there and you don't want strong penalties for people for engaging in violent activity so i think we got it right and sometimes when you get criticism you know you are over the target when they start launching wild accusations. laura: do you feel you are being targeted now because you are running for reelection next year as governor and people are talking about you possible 2024 candidate? do you feel after the 60 minutes that you are now in their sites with trump at least temporarily off the grid? >> we been in the site for a year because of covid. we went to a different direction than the narrative and the media were demanding, they were predicting florida would be the worst and they had all this and the fact that we did it different way, we've been much more successful.
12:35 am
our mortality less than the national average but unemployment less than the national average and kids in school all year in person, they do not want to admit their approach was wrong in our approach was more effective. we have been dealing with for a long time. 60 minutes was a total hatchet job and that is blown up in their face, clearly they were trying to target me during that but the good news is they didn't find anything of merit so they had to lie and edit stuff out so we came out and most people realized i was right. >> there was another police involved shooting in columbus, ohio tonight that happened just moments after the chauvin verdict was released, we are awaiting a press conference for officials that were told to expect the release of body cam video. we will take a short break, stay there, don't go away, before we take you live. lives of six million jews
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>> laura: one of the left's main goals of the cha >> one of the left's main goals was to portray all police officers as rabid racists who wake up in the morning and figure out how can they intentionally seek out and abuse and murder black people, over on msnbc they are not worried about potential for unrest in our streets, they worried about the police. >> we been preparing with the violence of protests, now we need to prepare for the reaction of the police. we need to be mindful of what it means that we are seeing the tectonic plates shift in the ways policing is happening in the country. laura: former police officer brandon tatum, last time i checked the police weren't the ones for rioting, looting and burning down cities, harassing people in restaurants as they are doing tonight in new york city, your reaction to this? >> we wouldn't need police if
12:42 am
people were not doing this. this is a political agenda, they are ruining our country and don't have to, police in this country, do their job on a day-to-day basis. one officer like chauvin did something he shouldn't of done. we can't paint everybody with a broad brush. we shouldn't paint every black person with a broad brush so why are they pushing this rhetoric at all police officer are somehow evil and want revenge, absolutely asinine. jillian: all these cities run by african-american mayors, liberal mayors or non-african-american, do they have any responsibility for what is happening in their cities?
12:43 am
forget among the police, how about on the street with 26 people shot last weekend in chicago. how sharpton didn't show up, at least not yet. >> this is an opportunity for them to pass the fall. these people are running the city and to be honest black on black violence is more prevalent than police interactions we are seeing. i wish to god we received the same enthusiasm and produced in the inner cities were young people are getting murdered every single day. instead they only care when it is a white police officer killing a black person. they don't care for black person kills another black person or whatever the case may be, they are not concerned with that, they only want the personal agenda. this is destroying our country, causing young people to be more enthusiastic about the civil unrest and causing police to leave, almost all around the country you see police leaving the force, crime going up in many areas, people begging for police and politicians are using these situations as upon to gain
12:44 am
reelection, these people should be ashamed of themselves. >> you remember going through and the decision to become a police officer. it's not an easy decision. a lot of people grow up wanting to be police or they used to because it was considered a noble profession. a service to our community but given this rush to judgment in every case involving the police shooting, at least after the horrific video of what happened to mister ford, wants to be a police officer under these circumstances? >> it is unfortunate. i wouldn't be a police officer today and i love being a police officer. it was an honorable thing to do. i served and protected my community with my life, but my whole family aside for many nights, many years to make sure our community was safe, and they won't give you any credit for the people you saved if you make a mistake and it is all because of a political agenda. i wish people would have a balanced conversation with these matters.
12:45 am
there is room to improve and policing. i was a police officer. i trained police officers. we can always improve but we need to reach out to the community and say can we stop resisting arrest, can we stop disobeying the police, these political talking heads they want you to fight the police, they want you to be killed so you can make this money, promote it on the news, get a payout with the family and you can be dead as a doornail and i don't know why we let these people push this rhetoric. i wish we could come to a balance and say things can be improved on both sides and let's work together to make it happen but money talks too loud. laura: resisting arrest, young people are taught today that if you encounter the police the police will shoot you. i think they are being taught that i a lot of these blm
12:46 am
marxist type so their instinct is to run and then they are involved in criminality at the same time but if you run there's always going to be more likelihood that something could go awry. they could be a mistake the gunfire somewhere else, someone could shoot but if you don't resist arrest what are the chances of you getting killed by a police officer in the united states? >> absolutely 0. i don't think you have any negative interaction with police if you don't resist arrest. look at anybody killed by a police officer justified or not they were involved in criminal activity and they were involved in resisting arrest. the funny thing is you may encounter a bad cop, a poorly trained copper but you can avoid all the negative reactions if you do not resist arrest, do not make your claim on the side of the road, do those things in court.
12:47 am
we should be helping the community understand how to deal with police and defend yourself if you deal with a bad police officer, not telling people to go out and use it as an insurance policy, it pays to be a crook, it pays to be a thug but if you can't pass money to your family by getting killed by another black man if you get killed by a cop you get $27 million paid to your family and another $20 million on go fund me so this is becoming a trend, people are trying to go viral losing their lives and demonizing police in the process. i wish people would grow up and say i care about our citizens and care about the police, let's come together and find a solution of the solution starts with us being united and not divided. laura: in moments officials:news conference on another police involved shooting of a teenage girl in columbus, ohio, this case is complicated and we expect body cam footage to be released, stay there.
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>> this has been watched around the globe. this is the case that is >> this has been watched around the globe. this is the case that is the convergence of media. >> the case is taken on an international meaning. >> the whole world is watching outside the courtroom the
12:53 am
biggest mass movement for human rights in history of our species. >> this is a powerful moment in american history. >> an enormous sense of relief. >> what you saw is derek chauvin putting his hands behind his back, handcuffed and led out of the courtroom. >> justice. laura: the perfect distillation of the depravity of our media treating the trial, fraught with emotion is something like a super bowl and their reaction showed you they thought their team won. texas governor dan patrick and larry logan who has no agenda. the media's coverage of this, during and after the trial. your reaction. >> the media's coverage is
12:54 am
consistent where they take whatever narrative they want fueled by political opportunity and political leaders, and they run with it regardless and completely ignore the view of millions of americans on context, they ignore the history and don't try to dig below the surface and push out a constant constant barrage of propaganda regardless of the facts. there are many aspects of this that were shocking at the whole country united in condemning, that is absent from the narrative. one of the other things they do is leave out critical parts of the story and only cover the story they want over and over and then claim the moral
12:55 am
authority of objectivity, have total information dominance so it doesn't matter what they do and even when they get it wrong and are exposed like they were with officer sicknick who was not killed with a fire extinguisher at the capital on june 6th, when they got it wrong with russian collusion, trump was not a traitor or russian spy or working for vladimir putin, none of it matters because by the time we find out the truth the news cycle has moved on or they never told the truth, only watch those channels -- they don't have to have people follow them and watch them and don't know the truth a lot of the time. >> we just pointed out earlier, about race in america people have a total misperception how rampant racism is. here's what the aclu said about today's verdict. >> the aclu is glad the jury brought back this verdict. we think it is a step toward
12:56 am
accountability but also want to clear that accountability is justice, this is an act of accountability and we are glad this is the verdict we need to be focusing on real justice in the long-term as well. >> any idea what real justice is in an individual context so accountability isn't justice? they don't even make sense. >> the jury came up with the right verdict. you heard the evidence, america saw the video. lieutenant governor of texas the last six years 49 police officers were killed in the line of duty. i've been to a lot of funerals and what happened to george floyd should never happen but what happened to police officers every day on the street, who is there to mourn for them? where is america, those in the street saying we reject the violence against police by criminals. your earlier guest was spot on. i feel fortunate we have men and
12:57 am
women willing to put their life on the line for others. we have to bring back disrespect for police as well as those victims and where there are bad cops we will focus on the bad cops. cops don't like bad cops. i have so many friends who are depressed by what they see every night on the news about the propaganda put out against brave police and i say rise above it. ignore them. i'm out every day working with brown key people, white people, i don't see or feel what is out there, charles barkley which i don't do very often, most white people are great and most people of color are great and we have to ignore the socialist who wants to terrace down. don't let them get you down and every day make a person of color when you meet them, respect them, make them feel great which
12:58 am
we do all the time and if you're a person of color, make the person feel good and respect them. we have doing this country together and we cannot listen to the propaganda, the maxine waters, the shysters, this is what we have to do. we can rise above it because we are better than they are, better than cnn or msnbc. we can rise above. >> the goal you reported on so often and so well where groups like antifa, they are not interested in rising above anything that was repeated many times tonight, revolution. the revolution has begun. what does that tell you? >> that is further confirmation of what i have been studying for the past couple years. as a journalist, what is behind the euphemism, the words they use, i go to history, i go
12:59 am
particularly to what they say about themselves, i look at their actions and i can tell you what i found. and it is well funded and backed by the most powerful people in this country. does not represent the view that dan patrick was saying of most americans of all races, hispanic americans, black americans or asian americans or white americans and it is all we hear about and it is not journalists who make these narratives. they have inherent bias which is exploited by political operatives but there's an actual ideology, a moment for mass movement. look it up online, there's a ton of writing about this and that is what they do, they set up an infrastructure of affinity groups comprised of all these different organizations whether it is social justice or marxist mutual aid societies and they
1:00 am
all work together, they have the infrastructure in place and when the next shooting happens they are ready to go. >> we got to roll. that's all the time we have to make, set your dvr every monday through friday at 10:00 pm. shannon bream will have continuing coverage of the fallout of the chauvin verdict next. >> we the jury, unintentional second-degree murder while committing a felony. >> and finding derek showing guilty on all charges in the death of george floyd. >> 7 immediately handcuffed and taken to jail. he could spend decades behind bars. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. >> floyd's family brought to tears over the verdict, we will get their reaction in the president's response in just


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