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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 20, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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set your dvr is every nights we you don't miss anything. awesome studio audience. "fox news at night" with shannon bream's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news at night." breaking tonight, tensions after another police shooting in another democratically controlled city. columbus, ohio, officers say they responded to a fight at a home where an officer shot and killed the teenager who had a knife and appeared to be attacking another young woman. columbus police have just released the body confidence. let's see what you think. the questioning columbus and him other american cities remains the same. why was there another violent
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confrontation with police officers? the biden administration claims it's all about systemic racism infecting our democratically controlled cities and 12 voices right and left are applauding the working, the president -- there's a lot more work to do. we are monitoring and told the there there is an anti-folk route heading towards the seattle police precinct. coming up live from that city. the new york activists explaining how the threat of riots is what gets things done. speak of this the first time in forever i've saw justice served to black people. rodney king, eric gardner, what is the difference here? what is really the difference? what happened differently in those cases? it was riots all over the world. don't criticize me for being a messenger, just look at the evidence and look at what america responds to. spielman's big and senior
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correspondent mike tobin from minneapolis and the situation there tonight. >> good evening, shannon. the area is now known as george floyd square. but there was gunfire in that area, now confirmed by the police. two suspects are on the run, no information about anyone being shot. we are just seven hours since derek shelton was found to be guilty as the verdict was read. chauvin did not react, he looked around a little bit, but did not look at the jury. when it came time to be let out of the courtroom, he is currently in the same maximum prison facility where he was held until he made bail, he's got eight weeks until sentencing. the moment the verdict was read outside of the court room there was an air of celebration, a big cheer went out. but ultimately it took the form of so many of the demonstrations that we have seen thus far. with chants like "if we don't get it -- meaning justice -- and
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the whole system is guilty as hell people climbed up on the hood, the truck tried to get them off, and he got more ugly than that. people attempted to pull cables off the back of the truck. ultimately, that truck driver moved off at a good way through the crowd and didn't appear that anyone was injured. so you still have a lot of anxiety out here. not too much reaction in terms of the politicians who waiting, but there's a lot of anxiety particularly because you still have three police officers who are yet to be tried for aiding and abetting in this case. shannon. >> shannon: those proceedings still to come, mike tobin, thank you. as protesters gather in new york, they are speaking about writing in america. correspondent bryan llenas wens is now from new york. good evening. >> could tell mike that evening, shannon.
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the bottom line is is that look, overall, some people were celebratory. we understood the significant of the guilty counts against former officer derek chauvin. some people also said look, they believe that this was the exception and not the rule that work still needs to be done. and that was really the prevailing theme tonight among the protesters as we watch them as they marched throughout brooklyn tonight. again, 100s of protesters. nypd was ready for the situation depending on the verdict. one person that was leading the shut it down new york city group told the group look at the end of the day, we have one mission. abolition. one solution, abolition. that means they want to abolish the police. and that is what they believe is the end goal to all of this. they believe that one guilty verdict is not justice in the
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words of this 1 liter. we also spoke to somebody named hoch newsom who is the chair of the greater new york black lives matter chapter, not affiliated with the national organization. but he had some really strong words to say that this verdict just proves, it justifies that's what gets the attention of america is violence and riots in the streets. listen. >> you look at eric gardner, people did all of the same things without the destruction of property. what kind of message is america sending to the people? like, we will ignore you until you cause massive disruptions. then we will give you your justice that america doesn't listen to us when we march peacefully. i'm not saying people would be back in the street, but america must know that if you continue to allow us to be murdered in the streets without justice, we will raise hell in america.
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>> strong words, people seeing this as justification for what went on over the last year. they also mentioned some of the peaceful protests obviously helped as well. it will be interesting to see where we go from here, shannon. also interesting to note that he is now in charge of an organization called black opportunities which wants to put "armed peace officers" to protect black people against police and anyone else. so again, not a lot of proud democrat messages here either, a lot of effort by the income of the democratic party. essentially they are saying that the people of the streets did this and i'm not on yet enough has been done yet. >> shannon: brian, they give her much for the update from new york life. breaking tonight, the city of columbus, ohio, releasing video
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from a fatal shooting of a teenage girl tuesday afternoon. according to newspaper reports, officers were responding to an attempt at stabbing when this happened. the 911 caller reported a female was trying to stab them. the girl was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. the mayor reportedly says the officers took action to protect another goal in the community who was being threatened. he spoke just a short time ago. >> i asked for everyone... to pray for peace. and if there's anyone out there that has information about what took place today to share that information. >> shannon: we will continue to monitor that situation in columbus. before the verdict was read, president biden remarked on what he hope to see in the proceedings.
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and his comments were met with some pushback. kevin corke has the story for us tonight. >> this is a complicated story, because as you know everybody just wants fair treatment under the law. but what was set at the white house today really did raise eyebrows. after all, we do live in a country that has voted for a black president and leader for black female vice president. a nation with more black millionaires or billionaires than any other country in the planet. and leading african-americans leading in industries as much as anywhere else. but yet, the death of george floyd avoided them to something very simple. "the stain of systemic racism in america." >> it was a murder in the full light of day. and it ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see. the systemic racism, the vice president just referred to. it is a stain on our nation's
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soul. >> a stain on our nation's soul. biden joined the floyd legal team on urging congress to pass the criminal justice reform bill which seeks to lower the standard needed to prosecute and convict police officers of alleged mixed conduct and would eliminate qualified immunity. >> i sure we are going to continue to write for justice in the policing act so i can sign law as quickly as possible. >> vice president harris said his guilty verdict is but one step on a very long road toward reclaiming our values. >> this verdict is but a piece of it. and it will not heal the pain that existed for generations that has existed for generations among people who have experienced and firsthand witnessed what now a broader public as saying because of smartphones and the ubiquity of our ability to videotape in real
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time, what is happening in front of our faces. and that is just the reality of it. >> true where it's right there by the vice president. meanwhile, this from the secretary of state anthony lincoln. he said as the president says, systemic racism is a stain on a nation's soul. today can be a step forward in the march towards justice in america in order to lead abroad, america must continue to address racial injustice and inequities at home. the president was also criticized for weighing in before it came down, saying he prayed for the right outcome. but jen psaki insisted he wasn't of trying to apply pressure on the jury, which by the way was sequestered at the time. now all of this is also happening is the push by the g.o.p. is to remove california congresswoman maxine waters from committee assignments continues after she made those controversial comments before the verdict came down today.
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shannon. >> shannon: kevin corke, thank you very much. good to see you. derek chauvin guilty on all three charges. that is just the beginning. >> it's not justice and i will explain to you why it's not justice. it's not justice because justice is george floyd going home tonight to be with his family. >> a measure of justice isn't the same as equal justice. this verdict brings us a step closer and the fact is, we still have work to do. we still must reform the system. >> let's start there with former police detective, police attorney ted williams. army veteran and law student jeremy hunt and net call, founder and president of call.
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>> thank you. >> shannon: tad, i want to start with you. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez went on to say that it was guilty on all three counts and should not be framed as the system working. does it feel like this jury of our peers went in there, did their job, reviewed the evidence, and came to this conclusion? but when she says that's not good enough or should be framed as the system working, it seems in conflict. >> it certainly is in conflict. i've got to tell you, the system worked just the way it was supposed to work in this case. and i've got to tell you, when i hear in minneapolis and i can tell you the streets of minneapolis are calm. and i'm glad that they are calm, because the system did in fact work. shannon, think about it. we sell for 9 minutes and 29
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seconds a man died before our eyes. and what happened is we saw prosecutors pro bono come in and take this case. and they got justice for the family. as a matter fact, shannon, just a few minutes ago, i met with polonius floyd, the brother of george floyd, and he was telling me how elated the family is about what they believe that justice was served in this case. >> shannon: and it doesn't bring george floyd back, but some measure of closure of accountability for that family. so now there's this conversation, you heard the president say a short time ago that he wants the george floyd justice act injustice and policing act sent to him so he can sign it. now we've got people on the left and right commenting on that. senator tim scott talked about the fact that senate democrats filibustered his justice act last year despite bipartisan
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support. his original bill included several measures by advocates of police reform, including incentives for body cameras. so why -- they filibustered this police reform bill that a bipartisan report, so why now this act? the left doesn't like the george floyd act for this reason, the movement for black life says this on their website -- it is time to defund and abolish the police. they don't like the law for different reasons. where do we go from here? >> yeah, well, i mean, here's the thing. he's been speaking out for this for quite a while. the so-called racist filibuster actually prevented legislation that he wanted to pass. i think right now we are winning liftingdon't like living in an e where they don't want real refo. one thing i am noticing, and it's on both sides too.
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on the right we are seeing people afraid to say, to express any level of compassion for the loss of life here, to be able to call out evil. we are seeing some from the right that are afraid to even say stuff like that. and on the left we are seeing people who are clearly -- a political agenda. we are seeing from both sides with a jump on this and we need every day americans, political leaders who are willing to set aside the parts in conflict, to come together and actually look at what kind of reforms can reinstitute that will actually lead to change? >> shannon: that brings to the point, you are a faith leader. you put up a statement today after the verdict in the case today. you said now the work of rebuilding can begin. you talked about how people -- to making things better. how do we go about that now?
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>> yeah, i think the work begins now, shannon. we really believe, and i am here in downtown minneapolis, we have our windows all boarded up. we were prepared for any outcome. and yet it seems that today it is like the sun broke and on the city and i think people breathed a breath of relief because people were afraid today not knowing what the outcome would be. and yet tonight, i was gathered at a church in north minneapolis, people were thanking god, people were crying. this is the same church where tomorrow there will be a service for the young man, daunte wright, whose life was taken. people are hurting right now rightfully so. there has been a long history of injustice that has happened to certain populations of people. i don't have to understand it to be able to have empathy, to
9:17 pm
listen, take care. and god's word, the bible tells me that i am called to this ministry of reconciliation. and i am called to work towards the marriage of righteousness and justice. one of my heroes come up on how far, he says that silence in the face of evil is evil itself. we can't claim to have the light and yet not confront the dark. and i think this is time for the church to rise up, we need to love each other, and the charges on the move here in minneapolis-st. paul. >> shannon: yes, and it should be at the heart of finding healing, finding a way to respect, to making things better. hopefully that will be the focus for all of us moving forward. thank you gentlemen all for being with us tonight. it's good to see each of you. >> thank you so much. spew on incredible video of the
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northern lights over british columbia and was it a baby dinosaur? and of course in my home state, florida woman's backyard, you be a judge on how this video -- she will need to see it, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> a man in china walking along a busy street with his phone suddenly caught fire. according to that viral video clip, it was a samsung phone he bought back in 2016. he said he was not charging it at the time, might be time for an upgrade. a group of canadians joining forces to rescue a moose. after failed attempts, the residents were able to hook to ropes around the moose and pull
9:24 pm
it to shore using an atv. great job, guys. check out this mesmerizing northern lights display over central british columbia. the stunning footage captured by canadian photographer christopher foote showing ribbons of green and gold light dancing in the night sky. that is definitely on my bucket list. a chaotic scene breaking out of the car show in shanghai, china, when an angry tesla owner stormed the display to announce her dissatisfaction with the california-based company. she was wearing a shirt that apparently said "the brakes don't work." in a statement, they said the woman's father had been killed in a crash. neither the company nor the woman's claims have been independently verified. a fire ripped through a condo development that was under construction in canada. the fire chief said there was no injuries, the building was unoccupied, but three nearby
9:25 pm
buildings were damaged. all right, we need your help. check out the security footage from a homeowner in palm coast, florida. she admits she may have seen jurassic park too many times, but she swears what you are seeing there is a baby dinosaur. what do you think, some sort of prehistoric creature? a lizard? we don't know. we do see your thoughts at fox news at night. baby dinosaur? if not, what is it? a revolt against welk academia tonight. they argued the curriculum, they are doing exactly what they claim to be fighting. demonizing people for the color of their skin. trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight. good evening, trace. >> good evening. soon to be out of a job, the crime? writing and posting an article calling out manhattan's for shaming people based on race.
9:26 pm
this will deny the allegations, but then he released a recording with the principal. they have not verified the recording, but principal davidson does appear to acknowledge the school is associating whiteness with evil. >> do you agree we are demonizing kids? >> we are demonizing kids -- we are demonizing white people. for being born. >> are some of our students white people? >> what? >> are some of our students white people? >> okay, so we are demonizing white kids. why don't you just say it. >> we are using language that makes them feel less then. for nothing that they are personally responsible. >> they say it is out of context. >> he says that it is unadulterated. apparent road and explaining why
9:27 pm
he pulled his daughter out of the school. then he sent the letter to the 600 other families whose kids are also enrolled. the schools "misguided antiracism policy and its toxic culture." by viewing every element of education, every aspect of history, and of race facets of society through the lens of skincolor and race, we are uttey violated the movement for which such civil rights leaders believe, fought, and died. he goes on to say that what they are teaching is the true and correct definition of racism. the head of the school says the letter is "deeply offensive and harmful." shannon. >> shannon: trace gallagher out west, thank you, trace.
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♪ ♪ first up into nights "where in the world." chad's president died of wounds suffered during a visit to frontline troops battling a shadowy rebel group. he had just won reelection. the rebel group claiming responsibility for his death is vowing to continue its fight for the capital. in st. vincent, remains covered in ash following eruptions of the islands volcano. the volcano has been inactive for nearly 42 years, but earlier this month it spewed volcanic ash across the nation. they were in the worst of that could be yet to come. scientists have identified new species of china's dinosaurs from part of a skeleton found in northern chile. they said it had a small had come a long neck, and unusually flatback. they believe the creature roamed
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the earth millions of years ago. a testy day on capitol hill as senate democrats spoke with ho delmont called the jim crow 2021 hearing on voting rights. the senator mike lee was in the middle of the fireworks. he joins us, next. ♪ ♪ or disrupt the status quo. t-mobile for business uses unconventional thinking to help you realize new possibilities. like our new work from anywhere solutions, so your teams can collaborate almost anywhere. plus customer experience that finds solutions in the moment. ...and first-class benefits, like 5g with every plan. network, support and value without any tradeoffs. that's t-mobile for business. pain doesn't care how old you are. or what color you are. pain doesn't care if you live in a small town or in the spotlight. pain has no limits. that means we need care without limits.
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most common side effects are vomiting and diarrhea. feeling better? [dog] i'm speechless. [dog] thanks for the apoquel. that's what friends are for. ask your veterinarian for apoquel. next to you, apoquel is a dog's best friend. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: lawmakers are going over new election laws and each other on capitol hill. even the title of today's hearing referring to jim crow laws had emotions running high. one of the primary witnesses to the high-profile politician is whose activism has backfired on her state's economy. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel has details. >> stacey abrams was on the hot seat with republicans in the senate judiciary committee. >> do you believe the election laws are racist? >> senator, i am responding to your question. >> no -- >> i am not.
9:35 pm
sir, i'm not filibustering. >> tempers flared over the title of the hearing. jim crow 2021, the latest assault on the right to vote. >> to call this is an insult my friends. for those who never lived jim crow would not. >> yes, jim crow 2021 is a provocative title. to speak top republican title -y likely lost the economy in the atlanta area millions of dollars. >> when they collude to ruin the livelihoods of their opponents, there is a term for that. it is economic terrorism. >> today, black religious leaders representing more than 1,000 georgia churches called fred boycott of home depot for not pushing back on the states voting law. >> i want to see people come to
9:36 pm
georgia and do business and i'm going to be focused on the business of standing up for voting rights here. >> home depot saying all voting opportunities should support broad voter participation. the republican vote governor says the boycott will hurt hardworking georgians. speak of this is exactly what i want people to -- they are coming for your business, your ball game, your state next. >> many focus was on the georgia election law, but the secretary of state was not invited to testify. calling the hearing a blatantly partisan slideshow. shannon. >> shannon: thank you. another testy exchange in that hearing came after utah senator mike leake said it was actually democrats who enacted jim crow laws. >> republicans never ceased to be the party, never ceased to be
9:37 pm
the party that believes that the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments matter. it's not fair, it's not accurate to portray that two parties of having somehow crossed. >> i happened to disagree with that opinion, we see it differently. >> shannon: he joins us now. welcome back, senator. good to see you. >> they could commission them. good to be with you. >> shannon: we are now in a moment where the countries feeling very divided over a number of things. we've got the verdict now in the derek chauvin trial convicted on all three accounts. and we are trying to move forward now. there are still those in the streets tonight to they say that verdict is just a beginning. not addressing the underlying problems. so when we hear people using the words "jim crow" it is certain to invoke pain and division.
9:38 pm
it seems with a lot of people. what do you make of that conversation on the use of that phrasing? >> look, people are entitled to their own opinions. they are not entitled to their own facts. i found it especially offensive that today's hearing for the title jim crow 2021. this is a set of laws that various states are passing in various states including georgia to make their elections more credible. more secure, and less penetrable to fraud. and the call that jim crow is an insult to people, many of whom are still alive today who actually experience jim crow. people like my friend and colleague, burgess owens who was alive to experience some of the remanence of jim crow laws. jim crow laws of course were put in place following the civil war by democrats to keep black americans from voting and
9:39 pm
getting elected as republicans. and this was happening with some regularity. they stopped that and democratic parties put in place jim grow laws in order to separate african-americans who are otherwise making progress in the south. i understand that is in the past, but you can't name something, you can't name a policy like george's election security law -- you can't call that jim crow without insulting those who actually endured jim crow policies. and also without owning up to the fact that these were in fact democratic party initiatives and i find it very troubling that that was the caption for this hearing. >> shannon: in the meantime, we have this derek chauvin trial playing out as we talked about. congresswoman maxine waters parking a lot of attention from comments she made over the weekend talking about having more confrontation about the verdict she would help to see. it's a free country, she can talk about what verdict she would like to see.
9:40 pm
but when those words include things about taking to the streets and confrontation, there were some people that felt that that was potentially a threat. here's what she said. >> that is what the civil rights movement was all about. it was about activism, it was about confrontation. a lot of people see that as being bad, and they try to turn my words into something about violence. >> shannon: we see a lot of taking people's words in washington whether they are republicans or democrats and attributing specific motives to them. what do we make of this conversation about the congresswoman's words? >> look, shannon, i make it a policy never to -- i can't get into somebody else's head. i can't know what they subjectively intended when they said it. i can tell you when i read her words, i did read them as advocating certain things that i find abhorrent. advocating things that i would
9:41 pm
equate with violence. now she didn't subjectively defend that, i can't prove or disprove what she thought. but i do know what she said. and i think her words were dangerous. and i think it's very important for people to not make comments like that, particularly while a jury is out and where they can be construed as threatening language toward that jury. >> shannon: i want to make sure what we have viewed that i ask about this ongoing debate a about earmarks. these projects that they often feel are horsetrading or how they things. but there are those who save republicans aren't willing to take part in earmarks, they are going to be at a disadvantage if they don't play the game. we are you on that? >> i'm against earmarks, shannon. earmarks are the type of spending where they channel money to a particular state,
9:42 pm
business interest, or nonprofit, rather than appropriating to satisfy some particular objective. we banned those about ten years ago. we should not revisit that band. there are some within the senate republican conference who would perhaps like to see them come back. so number of us, including 19 republican senators, have signed a letter saying that we will oppose any efforts to undo the band and we will not participate in earmarks. we are still adding signatories constantly, we've just added another signature within the last hour or so. we are going to continue to add more signatures over the next 24 hours and we expect to win this fight. >> shannon: we will watch as it plays out on capitol hill. senator leahy, thank you was always for your time pretty good to see you. portland under a state of emergency. the latest video from there is next.
9:43 pm
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: police in seattle say they are prepared for the worst tonight as nt for activists had reportedly been seen mobilizing. we are monitoring the situation.
9:48 pm
jason, you and i were talking about the commercial, sounds like just as you are prepping to head to the studio for this hate, you saw some action. >> there's about 100 plus or so marching around seattle right now. they are not doing too much damage, because seattle pd, when you actually allow them to do their jobs, they are really, really good at corralling these groups. there's a lot of police officers right now charlene these antifa agitators and other activists in the community to make sure that they don't get too out of hand. there was an attempt at one arrest, beyond that it has been fairly tame as far as seattle action is concerned. >> shannon: that is good news for the folks there. seattle king county and aa cp reacting to the accounts. "we live in america where white people can storm the u.s. capital and go home safe and
9:49 pm
unharmed while black people are don't like basically sentenced to death for counterfeit bills and loose cigarettes. ted williams said earlier tonight, they talk to the family of george floyd, they have some measure of happiness and justice over this. we see all these other conversations tonight including from congresswoman saucier cortez. that this is just the beginning. >> i'm not entirely sure i understand what folks are asking for. they said that this was not going to go in affair way that derek chauvin was going to walk. it proves that the justice system is broken. then the opposite opposite happens. you can't have it both ways, you can't say that your way of thinking about justice in this country is only that you get the results that you want, the results that you demand via a mob, via the thought of violence
9:50 pm
which is what we saw over the course of the last several weeks, really the last year. that is not just us, that is mob rule. and we have to do everything we can to push back against it. they can compare it to the january 6th riot all they want. we can pretend that ashley abbott didn't die that, we can pretend that people are being charged, we can pretend people aren't in jail facing those charges. but that would be alive. so let's face the actual facts. you had a jury of his peers find him guilty on all three counts. this should be proof that the justice system works and they should reflect on that and instead saying, we should stick to our narratives. this was actually pleasant surprise, let's move forward. >> shannon: we are tuning into portland, some people are marching and there's been some calls for gatherings. we will see what happens there. in the meantime, there's a big brouhaha brewing over oregon
9:51 pm
health officials saying they are going to do something that some people interpreted as making masks and mandates permanent. as a bed to freak out over that. i want to play something by avril gerard who was part of the task force on this. he was a bit own what he had to say about people wearing masks, especially those of been vaccinated. >> look, you are immune, active man. i think you see that happening in texas, florida, alaska, so many other cities don't like places. the rates of new infection that have no mask mandates is 50% less than the rates of infection and states that are keeping people in lockdown with mask mandates. it's beyond quick comments on what's going on in oregon with the masks. >> yeah, so they have a technicality that would require them to constantly have to change the law to mandate masks, so what they would like to do is just make it permanent. they say just as a way to -- just a technicality. however, everybody's upset and
9:52 pm
rightfully so. how about this, deal with the technicality. any time you put something into place that promotes the use of masks while also telling people to get vaccinated is sending mixed messages. it's a deal with the issue, do a little extra work, and focus on getting people vaccinated without telling them after you get vaccinated nothing changes. you are still going to have to wear 12 masks and you can't even go outside. [laughs] >> shannon: it's a hard sell. all right, thank you. thank you so much. >> thanks, shannon. appreciate it. >> shannon: in person school in seattle will have to walk around a large homeless encampment on school property. parents are outraged come of this' not going to do anything about it. correspondent dan springer has details tonight. >> seattle city workers clear out a homeless encampment on a park bordering a middle school just before students arrived back to class. for months, tends just feet from the school and one of the entrances.
9:53 pm
but the city is taking no action and yet another one of its goals. brad jude thompson is a k-8 public school. this was taken over by dozens of homeless and they are saying bringing even more problems. >> i found an empty packet that had drugs in it. >> despite outrage from neighbors and parents who are just now able to return to their school, to seattle school board members are refusing to let the encampment be cleared. and the director wrote in a facebook post, we demand sweeps never be performed on school grounds, adjacent or anywhere in the city. >> their fundamental mission is to represent the schools and the kids and the grounds. they seem to have deviated from that fundamental mission. >> mayor denny jurgen lim not to intervene saying that it is private property and off-limits without an invitation. >> this is the problem.
9:54 pm
our priorities are all misplaced. our priority should be our neighbors and our children being safe and secure. to speak of the school solution is to lock the gate to one side of the school and have everyone use the front doors. >> one big problem in seattle right now is the lack of leadership. the mayor is a lame duck after announcing she won't seek reelection this year. the superintendent of schools was forced out and her replacement will be on the job until next month. what you have in the vacuum is a large homeless encampment right next to a school playground. shannon. >> shannon: dan springer, thank you. some good news before we say good night. check out this incredible story about 26-year-old boys now bonded forever. 's mom was hesitant about donating his organs, but she decided it would it would be a gift of love. now sean's heart beats on as it saves the life of another
9:55 pm
6-year-old who has since turned seven. he's been on a heart transplant list for eight years. they met up in church on sunday and share their grief together. there for each other.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the jury and the derek chauvin trial came to a verdict this afternoon. "please don't hurt us." everyone understood perfectly well in the acquittal of this case. over a year of looting, burning, and writer from blm, this was never in doubt. police in los angeles preemptively blocked roads. why? they knew what would happen if derek chauvin got o


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