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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 20, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa. >> john: a fox news alert to start the hour. a look at long island, new york. police are responding to a deadly shooting at a grocery store, this is in west hempstead. police said they're searching the area and the suspect is still on the loose. more on this breaking story as we get it. minneapolis on high alert. a verdict could come at any moment. comments from a democratic woman over the weekend could derail
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the case. i'm john roberts. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. california democrat maxine waters calls for protesters to get confrontational if the jury doesn't find derek chauvin guilty. he faces second degree man slaughter and second and third degree murder charges. the judge warning that waters comments could get the case overturned. >> as the jury deliberates, minneapolis is bracing for protests and violence in the wake of the trial. we have team fox coverage. jonathan turley is standing by with his analysis. >> we begin with matt finn live at the courthouse in minneapolis. matt? >> sandra, the jury has been deliberating for four hours today. they started an hour earlier than expected at 8:00 local. the jury chose to stay until 8:00 p.m. last night after a very long day of closing arguments. so you get the impression that this jury is motivated and getting to work.
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the judge says this jury can basically make their own schedule, can stay as late as they want to or indicate if they need a break. the judge says if a verdict comes down during the evening hours, he will wait until the following morning because of potential unrest here. the jury could find chauvin guilty on one or all three of the charges. here's the defense and prosecution in their final pitches to the jury. >> minneapolis police department specifically trains them. he trains on neck restraints. minneapolis police department has a specific written policy on the use of neck restraints and it was permitted. >> nine minutes and 29 seconds the defendants waste on him. the lungs in his chest unable to expand because there wasn't enough room to breathe. >> the jury is being sequestered. their exact location is unknown. we'll hear from them or see from them if they have a question
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from the judge, sonda and john. >> sandra: thanks, matt. keep us posted. john? >> john: maxine waters brushing off a warning from the judge in the chauvin trial and claim tag he said her words don't matter. the "wall street journal" editorial board says the trial could be appealed because of her comments. jonathan, you wrote about this today. you say maxine waters comments over the weekend demanding a conviction on a charge of murder could complicate things. >> it could. she was demanding conviction to first degree murder which he's not charged with. that could be difficult for the judge to produce. her comments were reckless and very impassioned as the judge indicated. he was quite upset. this couldn't have come in a worse case in a worse moment. the judge in my view made the mistake by not changing the venue of the trial and
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sequestering the jury. that blew up during the trial when you had the rioting and then the increased rioting after the shooting of mr. wright. and then waters coming forth and making these really reckless comments. so there's an issue here for appeal even if a conviction is in fact secured. >> sandra: the judge did said one congresswoman's opinion doesn't matter a lot anyways, but he did say there may be grounds for overturning any conviction on appeal because of what she said and her amping up the pressure by inference on jurors here, that there will be confrontation if they don't come down with a guilty verdict on murder. some of her democratic colleagues are upset about a, what she said over the weekend and b, particularly since cahill called this out last night, john. >> that's right. and you know, the thing is these
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are difficult cases to make on appeal. to have one member's comments injudicious as they are result in a reversal. it's coming in combination with the decision not the change the venue or sequester the jury. that's why the judge was so upset. from the defense standpoint, this is something that you put in your back pocket for appeal. the defense is shooting for a hung jury here. i don't think they necessarily expect an acquittal on every count. if you have an acquittal on one or two counts and a hung jury on the man slaughter count, this could really inflame the protesters and these words by representative waters are going to echo rather loudly. >> john: that's why chauvin's attorney tried to instill this
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element of reasonable doubt. we talked to sheriff grady judd from polk county, florida. here's what he told us about waters this morning. >> the judge got it right. think about it. this is -- if you can't have the sanctity of the rule of law, if you can't stand down long enough for a person to get a fair trial at the moment of the trial, that is a frightening thing. >> jonathan, isn't justice supposed to be blind, not have a politician's thumb on the scale? >> that's right. what is ironic is that waters undermined not only this trial but her own case. she's a litigant against former president donald trump. she's alleged that he incited violence. she will be the principal witness he's likely to cite in defending himself in that litigation. her words are very similar to his words. she is subject to the same
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criticism. so it's just an absolutely bizarre moment, a bizarre statement to make. the judge found it was damaging. he said her words don't matter but he fully understands that those words just happened at a time when we're all concerned about the venue and the jury and how they are reacting. remember, one of these jurors lives in brooklyn center. so all of that rioting that's been occurring is occurring around that juror's domicile. >> john: jonathan, great to get your perspective. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> john: sandra, maxine waters was definitive. she asked if a convicts of manslaughter would suffice, no, no, this is guilty for murder. i don't know if it was in the first degree but as far as i'm concerned, it's first degree murder as jonathan turley pointed out, first degree murder is not on the table. she's demanding maximum
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penalties here or encouraging people to go out in a confrontational fashion and make their voices heard. >> sandra: kevin mccarthy is demanding she be held accountable. she said it standing the city on edge and said it in a nation on edge as we await the verdict in this trial in the ninth hour of jury deliberations. we'll be anticipating that verdict when it comes. first on fox a group of republicans hoping to force a vote on a bill extending a trump era order allowing border officials to quickly expel migrants from the u.s. meantime, the biden administration is ordering immigration authorities to change how some immigration-related terms are used instead of alien, it is now noncitizen. illegal will now be undocumented. assimilation will be integrate. aishah hasnie is live from texas this afternoon. hi, aishah.
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>> hi, sandra. yeah, you know, on the language change, i talked to border patrol agents. they're telling me look, let's call a spade a spade. these guys are overwhelmed. they voo more important things to worry about right now. a group of about 40 migrants came across around turned themselves over to border patrol. we're averaging about 479 inaccompanied children taken in a day. take a look at this. new video released from border patrol. rescuing two kids from honduras found abandoned in the rio grande river. still no word on when vice president harris is going to travel to guatemala. in some rare remarks she made yesterday, she did explain what her focus will be. that it will be on bringing together cabinet secretaries to get at the root of the mass migration issue. that's what she's going to be doing here domestically. representatives chip roy is
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pushing for a vote to bring back the trump-era covid restrictions on those migrants. at the same time, the delegation of republicans that was here in texas, not too long ago, is calling to restore trump's remain in mexico policy. that's what is happening here at the border. sandra? >> thanks for your regarding from there, aishah. john, add to the language changes, unaccompanied alien children will be unaccompanied children. undocumented will be noncitizen. keep track of that. >> john: i remember not long after i moved to the united states in the 90s, i got a resident alien card. at that time i didn't pay particular attention to the language. they're paying attention to it now. >> sandra: right. >> john: we're expecting new travel guidance later on this week after the state department
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expanded their travel advisory adding 80% of countries around the world to the list of nations seeing the spike in covid cases. the new restrictions are meant to limit u.s. citizens from visiting places that pose unprecedented risks. you might be thinking how many countries this takes into account. currently 34 that are at a level 4 do not travel. the latest order would add about 130 countries to the list. >> sandra: it's tough to keep track of the changes. you get the spikes in other parts of the world that cause the flights to be cancelled or borders to be closed. we have admiral brett giroir. he will join us later this hour. this is after we heard from the former president trump talking about the vaccine, how quickly he was able to get it done and what dr. fauci was saying was really reasonable to expect in terms of the vaccine. but trump got it done anyway. we'll get admiral giroir there to react. >> john: we should point out in the second hour, we'll talk with
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frank luntz, pollster. he has interesting data on the j&j vaccine dispension of getting the vaccine rolled out. >> and critical race theory in our schools? some parents are slamming elite schools for their focus on anti-racism curriculum. now one father is fighting back, john. >> progressives are ready to roll out the green new deal for public housing that would cost taxpayers more than $100 billion. so does this even have a shot at passing in congress? congresswoman nancy mays on that next. not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently.
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get started today. >> breaking news on out of long island. this is east of new york city. the nassau county police department confirming this is an active shooter situation at a stop-n-shop there. schools have been notified to lock down and secure the building there. the subject has not been apprehended at this time. we ask that area residents remain indoors. one person was killed. two people were injured in this shooting inside of a grocery store. it happened in a manager's office we're told, upstairs from the shopping floor. there was a couple hundred people inside the store that is the suspect now on your screen. some details just released about gabriel dewitt wilson.
10:18 am
30 years old. police are looking for him. he's a person of interest. approxim 6'2", wearing a black baseball hat and a black sweatshirt. last seen heading westbound on hempstead turnpike. they're asking anyone that sees this person call 911 immediately if you have information. also noting that there are past criminal records for this individual that are emerging. we're watching this situation. it's unfolding at this hour. we'll bring you the news as we get it. >> john: i'm sure there were surveillance cameras all over there. they're calling it the green new deal for public housing. two progresses are releasing the deal. the proposal seeking a bigger slice of the president's infrastructure bill, which is full of new spending and higher taxes. something that republicans have strongly opposed. we have fox team coverage for you.
10:19 am
nancy mace will join us in moments with her thoughts on this. we begin with jacqui heinrich live on capitol hill. >> i asked ed markey and alexandria ocasio-cortez and the leverage progressives have to push the biden administration for a bigger plans being the margins are so thin. they said it's a push on president biden and other democrats to go bigger, this proposal would triple biden's investment, retro-fitting public housing with renewable energy to accle environmental justice and the climate crisis. aoc says here not introducing it now because biden has not judged. they said that they've had a commendable tackiveness. they is a republicans are far
10:20 am
afield. >> if they don't come forward, then we have to pass it with a reconciliation, 51 votes. beyond that, we have to repeal the filibuster. >> republicans are predictably sounding off. the green new disaster is back calling it a radical socialist piece of legislation that will bankrupt the nation. >> john: what are folks at home thinking about? $40 billion in the infrastructure bill for public housing. they want to go to $172 billion, alexandria ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders. jacqui heinrich on capitol hill. thanks. >> sandra: let's bring in nancy mace who serves in the house oversight committee. thanks for being here. you can't help but watch that video playing out, listening to aoc and markey nodding in agreement. if we can't get bipartisan support, we'll get it done anyway. who is talking about how much this is going to cost? >> right.
10:21 am
that's what's going on right now. there's more damage done in this administration the first 100 days than if four years. with a green new deal a housing bill worth $192 billion, this is on top of a wasteful infrastructure bill costing $2 trillion, which half would be green new deal type of spending. they're talking about reintroducing the green new deal when this was done in 2019. that was 93 trillion. this is not good for the american people. this is about the far left trying to change and reshape our economy and our country in their socialistic vision. >> sandra: with this housing plan, you're talking about two million affected living in 950,000 public housing homes. this is sort of breakdown. it would reduce water bills up to 30% per year, reduce energy bills up to 70% per year.
10:22 am
reduce carbon emissions 5.6 million metric tons a year. they try to sell you on that. how do you respond? >> rather than having to father government in charge, if we build incentives, give incentives to business in the private sector, we're seeing that in industries across the united states that want to be greener, being more resilient. when we do that, together we can improve our environment and be greener. there's a way to go about doing it in a bipartisan way. but what we're seeing now is the continued power of the far left, the strangle hold that they have over capitol hill. this will not be done in a bipartisan way much like the infrastructure package. it's sickening and sad. we had a real opportunity to lead our country out of a crisis. everything right now is so partisan. >> sandra: not to mention something that marco rubio points out about this. a lot of the green technology that you see on your screen is many cases built and made in
10:23 am
china. i'll compare joe biden's plan and bernie and aoc's plans when you mention how far to the left some in his party are trying to push him. he's talking about $40 billion. they're talking about 172 billion. this is big money. this is the green new deal, senator ed markey. saying that republicans are wrong on this, congresswoman. he says republicans in congress say the ambitious goals of the green new deal are radical. to most americans, they're common sense. the green new deal is a bold plan and time has come. so how do you respond to markey making the case this is what the american people want? >> if you can't get a single republican on the green new deal, then no, it's not common sense. it's not pragmatic. the best thing we can do for the american people is to work together and do this. republicans and democrats alike. that's the way that we can bring
10:24 am
together people all across this country, this is an opportunity for us to lead and once again they're doing this in a very partisan manner and trying to shove this down the throats of the american people. there's no way that we can afford this without the largest tax hike in american history. i don't care if you're a republican or a democrat. none of us can afford that right now. >> nancy mace, we appreciate you coming back. good to see you. thank you. >> sandra: so there you have it, john. that's the debate happening. democrats as you saw markey say, if we can't get it done in congress, get it done anyway. >> john: yeah. get it done by nuking the filibuster, which would set off its own set of problems in the senate and probably last until november of 2022. we'll see how it goes forward. i'm not sure nuking the filibuster would result in positivity on capitol hill. new details in the death of capitol police officer brian sicknick. the medical examiner's office releases autopsy results.
10:25 am
how capitol police are responding coming up. >>. >> sandra: and john, the cdc reporting more than half of all americans have received at least one jab of the covid-19 vaccine. are more people becoming hesitant to get their first or second shot? admiral brett giroir will join us on that and more. >> i inherited bear coverage. we had practically nothing in this country. it's been rebuilt. we got little credit for the great job we've done.
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ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health. >> back to our top story. multiple shooting at a stop-n-shop in new hempstead. we know the shooting did not take place, thankfully, in the shopping area, alex. what do you have for us?
10:30 am
>> hi, john. we know nearby schools are on lock down. people are told to close their doors as the shooter is still on the loose. you can see the heavy police presence behind me by this stop and shop. we're told hundreds of people were in the grocery store when shots rang out. the shooting itself did not take place there. it was actually upstairs near the manager's office. police have now identified the person of interest giving his name as gabriel dewitt wilson. take a listen to some of what police had to say as they described the suspect. >> have long beach and hempstead addresses. he may still be an employee of the stop-n-shop. a male black, 6'2." approximately 30 years of age. wearing a black baseball hat. a black sweatshirt. >> according to investigators,
10:31 am
he was wearing all black, walking westbound on the turnpike and carrying a handgun. we know that three people have been shot. at least one of them is deceased. two others are injured. they're in hospitals, but they are at least alert and recovering. no specific word on their conditions right now. we know that the man who is deceased is a 40-year-old -- 49-year-old male according to police. the hospital is taking care of the patients. meanwhile, the stop-n-shop did release a statement saying they're saddened and the well-wishes are with the people recovering. john? >> john: thanks, alex in west hempstead. good hustle getting out there. sandra? >> sandra: we'll keep watching that story. president biden says all americans are eligible for the coronavirus vaccine as a pause on the johnson & johnson shot continues. dr. fauci says it could be a decision on that by friday. former president trump talking to fox about his
10:32 am
administration's vaccine roll-out last night. >> i was told by dr. fauci and by many people the quickest you'll have a vaccine is three years -- it's okay. we're helping people. we're saving tens of millions of people with the vaccine. so i pushed them. they had all of these statutory periods. we got it done in less than nine months. >> admiral giroir is here with me. a former testing czar under president trump and former hhs secretary. thanks. great to have you. so you just heard the former president there talking about the timeline of the vaccine that we're -- half of american people have gotten one shot thankfully. he says he got it done in nine months. dr. fauci said it would take three. so did dr. fauci get that wrong? >> thanks for having me on. i don't know what dr. fauci told the president. let me be clear. this is unprecedented and its
10:33 am
speed. a vaccine should take 3 to 5 years. it took less than a year. when we told the american people and i testified to the senate in the fall that every american adult who wants a vaccine will get one by june, this is what we meant. you're seeing the biden administration effectively execute our playbook. it's going as planned. this is a very good day for americans. >> john: admiral giroir, this is john roberts. of course, the subject of the johnson & johnson vaccine pause is high on a lot of people's radar. we may see it come back on the market as soon as the end of the week. there's mixed feelings over whether it was a good idea to suspend the vaccine or not. president trump thinks it was a bad idea. let's listen to what to told sean hannity last night. >> the worst thing you could have done from a public relations standpoint. they paused johnson & johnson vaccine. probably affects the other vaccines a little bit.
10:34 am
but they paused it. it's had a devastating impact. >> john: the president believes it was increase vaccine hesitancy. look at this finding of this frank luntz poll. apparently it increased confidence in the system as a result of the pause. 53% in total said it was a good example of the safety monitoring of the vaccine that is in place to protect americans. 44% of trump supporters thought it was a good idea. what do you think? >> so i think it was a good idea and the ethically right thing to do to pause it temporarily to make sure people getting the vaccine could have complete knowledge. what i disagree with is the prolongation of the pause. no criteria to stop the pause and the biden administration not making a decision asap, which is meeting on friday as an advisory committee. it's fine to get advice but all the knowledge and the data we
10:35 am
need is there. the biden administration needs to make a decision, put it back on the market potentially with restrictions to younger woman. make a decision, get it back on the market. it's an important tool. >> sandra: admiral giroir, you made a lot of conversation in a news over the california restaurant closures. when california wouldn't allow their -- the owners of restaurants for dining outside. i remember in that moment you said there's no science to back that up. that somehow it's unsafe to mask, walk to your table, sit down and safely eat outside. now we're in a moment that so many americans are wondering what it will take to get back to normal. 200 million shots available. at least half of america has received a shot. third of americans have received both. we have to be coming into some new era of the covid pandemic here. at what point do those people in
10:36 am
charge now say okay, you can safely gather at your kids sport events and take your mask off. when does that start? when do we see our lives change? >> i'm back in texas now. fundamentally we're almost back to normal. the rates of new infection are 1/8 the rates of infection in michigan and some of the states locking them down. clearly the thought of having a small gathering in you're back yard is overstatement. >> sandra: the reference to president biden's comment. >> correct. what you're seeing at the briefings are more politics than ideology than science. if you've been vaccinated and others around you have been vaccinated, you should be back to normal. over 50% of adults have gotten the vaccine. so we should be close. in texas, schools have been open since august. you want to talk about what will harm our children, it's placing
10:37 am
like washington d.c. that keeps the schools closed. >> sandra: you see the white house, the president still wearing a mask. he is still masked. everyone around him is masked. he's vaccinated. probably everybody in the room is vaccinated. there's suggestions, that that could be a disincentive for people to get the vaccine. if they see getting the vaccine you still have to live life like that, perhaps it doesn't drive you out to get one. your reaction. >> well, i totally agree with that. i do wear a mask in public even though i've been vaccinated because not everyone has had the opportunity to be vaccinated. in closed settings like the president, everybody has been vaccinated, don't wear a mask. you're immune. act immune. i think you see that happening in texas and florida and mississippi. the rates of new infection on those states that have no mask mandate is 60% less than the rates of infection in states that are keeping people locked
10:38 am
down with mask mandates. >> john: last week jim jordan got in a spat with dr. fauci over the metric for when we can get back to normal. jim jordan was looking for a threshold. could you say there's a national threshold that when we hit x that everybody can get back to normal or is it going to be community by community, county by county, state by state? >> it's going to be state by state for sure. and many states have already achieved that like states like i'm in like texas. i really object to dr. fauci saying 10,000 is in number. he pulled that out of the air no data to support that. secondly, what if there's 10,000 cases and nobody dies? what if all the cases are in michigan? these are artificial made-up numbers. this has to be community by community, state by state and places like texas and florida and many other states have opened up with no adverse
10:39 am
effects, but the economy is going, children are back in school, emotional like logical well-being are better. i want the media to say why and reallies will no data to support it. >> sandra: would you give a grade to the administration's handling of the pandemic? not just the pandemic but the reopening. >> i would give them a solid a for executing operation warp speed. i would give them and f minus for making tough decisions and being on the edge. i mean that. what is gone on in michigan, why doesn't every home have tests sent to them? we have that ability right now. we don't we have children in school? if you want to talk about what will hurt underserved and minority children, keep them out of school. make tough decisions. don't just go with the flow and take credit for the things trump did or the governors did long before you put a deadline. that's my grading.
10:40 am
>> sandra: thank you. >> john: don't sugar coat it there. tell us what you really thing, a battle on capitol hill over election integrity. democrats double down attacking georgia's new voting law and calling it jim crow 2.0. really? riders, the lone wolves of the great highway. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still. at novartis, our goal is to help keep cosentyx accessible and affordable. if you're taking cosentyx and your insurance or coverage changes or you need help paying cosentyx connect is here to help. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx.
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plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. >> john: atlanta lost $100 million when the mlb took the all-star game out. today, stacey abrams was on capitol hill. marie harp and rob smith have more. rob, the title of the hearing today in the senate judiciary committee. "jim crow 2021." your response. >> my response is basically it's a -- the title of the hearing
10:45 am
going on is a throw-back and divisive racial rhetoric. they never talk about this when they talk about states run by democrats like rhode island, which has the same kind of voter i.d. law that they're fighting hard against that has been on the books a decade and not voted for a republican for at least 36 years. that kind of stuff is very divisive and meant to stoke emotions. we're going to talk about georgia. georgia has a law on the books right now that evers every citizen a free i.d. for purposes of voting. i don't believe that this is a thing. i don't believe the jim crow talking points are more accurate. i believe it's racially divisive
10:46 am
rhetoric. this is part of their playbook to divide. >> stacey abrams said the georgia law helps with the big lie about the 2020 election. how is requiring voter i.d. having more voting days mandating minimum early voting hours and codifying ballot drop boxes into law? how is that jim crow? >> well, there's a number of provisions in the georgia law that impact urban black populations in georgia. yes, there's drop boxes but more per capita in white areas than in black areas. there's no surprise that the states trying to pass the voting restrictions are texas and georgia and florida.
10:47 am
three republican starts increasingly turning purpose. so what is divisive, republicans saying because i live in the district of columbia, i don't have rights, i don't vote like any other citizen. we should be making it easier for people to vote, not harder. there's provisions across the country including in georgia that disproportionately impact black americans and they were done because republicans lost this last election. that's the only reason. >> john: yeah. rob, the democrats have a pretty powerful offense for their agenda. any time they run into a tough fight, they play the race card, which forces republicans on defense. how do you combat that? >> i don't know if you can. so much a part of their playbook -- i'm interested to talk about this. these drop boxes particularly in georgia were not a part of the electoral landscape before
10:48 am
covid. these were covid emergency restrictions that were put on a there. so now this law mandating the ballot drop boxes to be in location that's are for early voting just secures the drop boxes. the democrats got their way. so the drop boxes are part of our electoral process forever. second of all, the racial division and the race baiting, i don't think this conversation is about black americans. there's an interesting study that came out of the university of california san diego and found out that latino turnout was decreased about 10 points in states that require voter i.d. so what is going on here, democrats have no problem turning out the black american vote. as a matter of fact, in georgia, the amount of registered black voters increased 130,000. this is not about black votes. it's about greasing the wheels to get more latino votes.
10:49 am
>> john: we have to run. thanks for joining us today. we'll keep talking about this. s-1 will be up for a vote some time. thanks. >> sandra: thanks. some of the country's most prestigious schools in a firestorm over controversy and their woke culture and curriculum. how some parents and teachers are pushing back. we'll have the full story for you next.
10:50 am
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10:53 am
>> sandra: growing controversy. parents of a student pulled him from class and accused teachers of brainwashing kids. a math teacher at another elite institution told to stay home after he spoke out about the school's woke culture. eric shawn is following this for us from new york city. hi, eric. >> hello, sandra. thank you. he was a teacher that says he challenged the racial sensitivity lessons in his school. but now he says the administration actually agrees with him. paul rossi was the math teacher at great church school here in new york city. the tuition runs $57,000 a year. he sparked an uproar there by
10:54 am
accusing the school of indoctrinating students with anti-racist training. he says he was silenced for criticizing the school policies on race and diversity. rosy wrote this "these concerns centered on the impact of this doctrine ideology on our students. i have repeatedly been shut down". the school's spokesman confirmed rossi has been pulled from the classroom. rossi says that anti-racism and policy are demonizing white people. he's not confirmed the contents of the recording. the school says they're welcoming and keeping the children safe. >> sandra: that's what we want for all of our kids.
10:55 am
eric shawn on that story for us. thank you. this comes at a time when there's story after story popping up. instances like this all over the country. obviously right here in new york city a will lot of schools like this and parents facing this challenge. >> john: a potential push from the building behind me to promote critical race theory. it's providing a lot for people to chew on here as we debate the way forward. america on high alert as we wait for the verdict in the derek chauvin trial, this comes as anti-police sentiment grows. we're going to have a look at that. >> democrats unveilinger that $100 billion green new deal for public housing. senator rand paul will weigh-in. that and more in a brand new hour. there's the line-up. struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes
10:56 am
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11:00 am
>> sandra: a brand new hour of "america reports." we await a verdict in the derek chauvin trial. residents on edge in minneapolis and beyond with memories of last summer's violent riots fresh in america's minds. hello. i'm sandra smith. welcome. >> john: i'm john roberts in washington. we begin hour number 2. some lawmakers are more interested in protecting the protesters than the place. we reported on maxine waters words that could incite violence and stressed out police departments facing cuts. >> sandra: here in new york, rather than warning against the violence, mayor bill de blasio is apologizing to the nypd for being too rough during the riots
11:01 am
last summer, which left more than 400 city police officers injured. >> john: compare that to the state of florida where reason desantis signed new anti-rioting measures into law and making sure people that harm police officers wind up behind bars. governor desantis is facing criticism from the left with accusations that the law is racist and meant to silence groups like black lives matter. >> it is the strongest anti-rioting pro law enforcement piece of legislation in the country. if you riot, you loot, you harm others, particularly a law enforcement officer during one of these violent assemblies, you're going to jail. >> sandra: "america reports" bret baier is standing by with more. but first, lara logan.
11:02 am
is governor desantis doing the right thing? his critics are calling the move racist. is it the right thing to do in this moment? >> that's how you know that governor desantis is doing the right thing in the eyes of millions of americans. because his critics are hammering him. what you're not hearing from is the people that support governor desantis, which is typical of what is going on at the moment. which is where you only hear from one kind of view of america. you only hear from one set of people in terms of how they see this country and where they want this country to go. doesn't mean that all the other, the millions of americans that don't agree don't exist. you can't change the truth. the truth is you can dominate twitter, you can dominate the media, dominate the whole conversation but you cannot change the fact that americans believe in policing. even though, you know, there's a long history of trying to change
11:03 am
that through a community organization and local ngos and through lots of euphemisms and social just tis and mental health and well-being and using social services instead of the police, these are just words that are used to cover up what is the real agenda here, which is to, you know, really get rid of the police force and the penal system. get rid of prisons. look at oakland, california. they closed their prison. nobody blinked. you don't hear a thing about it. crime is not better in san francisco. it's worse. nobody cares. >> sandra: what can be done? you look at this moment. we're awaiting the chauvin verdict. look across the country. look what is happening in new york city.
11:04 am
people are scared to walk down the street. you have a largely anti-cop sentiment that is being spread. we talked to miranda divine about that last week. what do you do to ensure americans' safety knowing that there are so many calls from the left to enact change, but somebody like ron desantis steps in to do something about it and labels are hurled at him. >> you wake up. this is the -- the window is closing. this is your last chance to stand up and be counted and do something about it before your options drastically change. you know, there's american citizens that have been denied bail, who have been charged with noon violent crimes for january 6. they're sitting in prison right now. you don't hear anybody talking about them. there's good police officers and soldiers that have been purged from the u.s. military and from
11:05 am
police forces around the country. you don't hear from the republican leadership and you don't see people standing up. governor desantis is going to be attacked relentlessly. anybody that stands up. it will be coming for governor abbott and others. if people enable these tactics by allows them to succeed, you have to live with the consequences of your actions. if you go back to 2008. president obama a candidate was talking about building a civilian national defense force that was in equal in power to the united states military. when the left talks about reimagining policing, what they -- you have to ask them what they really mean by that. when you look at the alternatives, when you look at who they're pushing forward, you take money from the police force and give it to social services. these are one part of the institutions for the most part.
11:06 am
look at where they vote. where they stand politically. these are people like child protective services that have the power to come into any american's home and take their children away based on anonymous reporting. this is taking place in this country. i've interviewed people under investigation by child protection services for political reasons. who have been cleared after 1 1/2 years of being tortured. nobody is talking about this and very serious. >> sandra: we're talking about it here. i want this on the screen. this is the aclu responding to the anti-riot lot, this is not anti-riot regardless of what people say. each and every provision harkens back to jim crow. laura, i wanted to finish off with that considering the inrest that we saw last summer, the rhetoric out there and while the country is on edge. laura, i appreciate the
11:07 am
conversation. final thought on that? >> thank you. well, the aclu and a number of nongovernment organizations and nonprofits are very much the foundation and the infrastructure of this assault on everything that is represented america since 1776. people need to pay attention to that. they don't do what they say, they don't follow their charter. the irs is not holding them accountable. these organizations that had such deep respect in the history of this country, they're no longer recognizable. >> sandra: thanks, lara. john? >> john: thanks. republicans say democratic congress woman maxine waters was reckless when she told protesters that they need to be more confrontational. the judge says her comments could give the defense grounds to overturn the trial. congresswoman waters said the
11:08 am
judge said her word don't matter. let's listen to the judge. he was pretty frank about this. listen here. >> congress woman waters may have given you something on apile that may result in this whole trial being overturned. i wish elected officials would stop talking about this case, it's specially in a manner disrespectful to the rule of law and the judicial branch and our function. >> john: if there was a conviction or verdict that convicted chauvin in this trial, that would be an epic fail on her part for saying this. >> big time. the judge was pretty clear. you're right. he said that she may have handed the defense the piece of evidence, the piece of an appeal that would be very strong. that is that the jury saw that. now you add to this that the
11:09 am
white house is not condemned -- has president condoned but have not condemned her comments. speaker pelosi says she shouldn't have to apologize. that's not the message the judge was sending. the president weighing in today. he said the jury is sequestered. he talked to the family. he's very good at empathy with his own feelings about loss and explained that call. he went on to say that he's praying for the right verdict and that the evidence is overwhelming. well, the jury is not done yet. they're sequestered. the trial is not over. the same judge could say the same thing about getting ahead of where the judicial system is. >> john: you know, it's very unusual for a president of the united states to weigh-in at all on any case until a verdict is handed down. kevin mccarthy, the house minority leader is expected to
11:10 am
introduce a resolution to censure congresswoman maxine waters. what do we expect will happen there? >> will, probably won't have all the votes. democrats will stay united i would bet. you never know. we're the different waters now, no pun intended as far as the politics of this moment. those comments raised a lot of eyebrows on capitol hill. in the press briefing at the white house moments ago, jen psaki said we don't want to get ahead of the verdict. the president may have. >> the different between the president and his press secretary is stunning. she said we don't want to get ahead of it. and you mentioned nancy pelosi. let me read you this. a reporter asks --
11:11 am
>> john: i think other people in this country are reading that differently. >> listen, when you're on the streets saying that we need to make our presence known, we need to be more confrontational, it's hard to imagine getting more confrontational than what we've seen the past few nights in brooklyn center. you can read it different ways. she's trying to spin it it was not important. the judge thought differently. now we wait for the verdict. hopefully the message that the president did deliver that he wants no matter what the verdict is for there to be peace echoed by the family of george floyd is really the message that gets out. >> john: yeah, nothing from congresswoman about lets let the wheels of justice turn, we'll accept the verdict. she said manslaughter we can't accept. murder or nothing. see how this goes forward, bret. a lot to talk about.
11:12 am
see you at 6:00. >> you bet. >> john: sandra? >> sandra: students finally getting back to class in one city. instead of being greeted by the classmates and teachers, they're finding a homeless camp right on campus, john. >> john: news headlines blaired that a violent mop that killed a capitol police officer in january. now the medical examiner making it clear that the media messed up in a big way. charlie hurt has a lot to say about that and he's coming up next.
11:13 am
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the bennetts really know how to put their wifi to work. and nutrients to whether it's work work... works for me. school work... it worked! or a work out... oh i'm working... they've got xfinity, which delivers wifi faster than a gig for all their devices. it's more than enough to keep everyone working. can your internet do that? this is work! this is hard! now xfinity delivers wifi speed faster than a gig. that means you'll have gig speed over wifi to power a house full of devices. learn more about gig speed today. >> john: students across the country are finally getting back to school. in one major american city, some students are returning finding homeless camps instead. the school board says for now,
11:17 am
kids just have to get used to it. dan springer is live in seattle. a homeless campus on school property when kids are going back to school? >> yeah. some of the parents and neighbors have been complaining about this sprawless homeless encampment opened up. it's seattle public school property. one neighbor said there's used needles and found a bag of drugs in her flower bed. despite the problems and obvious danger, two school board members posted a warning to city officials on facebook say we demand sweeps never be performed on school grounds adjacent or elsewhere in the city. the message stunned many. >> i think it's really
11:18 am
unconscionable that people that are charged with the safety of the seattle school district . >> and the school district's solution, john, has been to put a lock on the gate so nobody can go in or out of the school district property from here to the playground through that normal entrance. everyone has to go around to the front of the school and come and go that way. nobody can go this way. this is where kids are normally coming in to the school from this opening green area. not now, john. >> john: dan springer. thanks. sandra, there's a huge homeless problem particularly in the northwest. san francisco, other places
11:19 am
where the weather is generally better than in some parts of the country. i'd think a lot of parents of a lot of students have issues with that. >> sandra: quite a change for people at homecoming back to that. meanwhile, news headlines that claimed a violent mob killed brian sicknick were wrong. the chief medical examiner in washington d.c. ruling it a natural death, not a homicide after he suffered a series of strokes. this is coming after many in the media said it was a murder. charlie hurt joins us now. good to see you. i suppose rush to judgment by the media would be an understatement at this moment. >> no kidding. absolutely. it's been three months that we've been told about that that mob caused the death of officer sicknick. what sort of more amazing to me is the fact that officer sicknick's body was cremated over two months ago. so the evidence that we now have
11:20 am
that officer sicknick died the next day of natural causes was based on information that they had over two months ago. so doj officials, d.s on capitol hill and the media have been telling the lies that officer sicknick was head in the head, bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher. then they said that he died from a reaction to bear spray. that was the second story they told us. the problem was, it fit a narrative that they wanted to tell. that narrative included the fact that his death was a key -- probably the most significant part of the impeachment trial against president trump. the entire impeachment hung on that. because of that narrative, they just -- the media ran with it, politicians ran with it. the shocking thing about it is, it underscores the extraordinary disdain that these people have
11:21 am
for the extraordinary service that officer sicknick provided that day and throughout his career. >> sandra: i don't know if i saw any corrections on it either, charlie. i'll put up "the new york times." january 8. the way that they worded this and reported this so their readers. pro trump supporters attacked the citadel of democracy and struck officer sicknick with a fire extinguisher. he died thursday evening. show you how they reported this today knowing that news. officer sicknick of the u.s. capitol police had multiple strokes after sparring with a pro trump mob and died of natural causes. washington's medical examiner said no reference to the false and misleading reporting of january. >> the extraordinary -- in the heat of the moment, i get it.
11:22 am
the press gets stories wrong but you run back and correct them. that never happened here. they have no interest in doing that. that is because they're no longer trying to report actual facts. they're more interesting in pushing a political agenda. what bothers me, look back, put it in context of what we've seen the past year with democratic politicians in washington and the degree to which they have been trashing police for a year, they've have done everything they can to undermine the difficult job that police have and the very difficult job that police do every single day, all year long. as soon as the narrative changes and they can change their tune about one officer, i'm glad that they did. i'm glad that they celebrated officer sicknick. he deserved it but starts to
11:23 am
ring hollow that they have not changed their job about police. they care about their political agenda. that's all they're pushing. >> sandra: to your point, why did it take three months? they knew two months ago this happened. >> over two months ago. >> sandra: a lot could have changed in what the american public knew. great to see you, charlie. thanks very much. >> great to see you. >> john: next, progressives out with their latest equity push. this time they're demanding billions of your tax dollars so housing can go green. >> senator rand paul is standing by. >> and walter mondale passed away at the age of 93 years old. he served under president carter as he served as the democratic nominee in 1984. he lost to ronald reagan. the race taught a valuable political lesson. he told voters that he would raise their taxes.
11:24 am
it was the most lob sided in history. >> lost 49 states. he also made history with his running mate picking geraldine ferraro to fill the role. wanter mondale, dead at 93. mm. [ clicks tongue ] i don't know. i think they look good, man. mm, smooth. uh, they are a little tight. like, too tight? might just need to break 'em in a little bit. you don't want 'em too loose. for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance. -okay. think i'm gonna wear these home. -excellent choice. new projects means new project managers. with 24/7 roadside assistance. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed
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11:29 am
with racial injustice. >> sandra: president biden getting backlash after saying that he was praying for the right verdict in the chauvin trial. this afternoon's white house briefing were asked why he is weighing in on the verdict in the first place. listen. >> does the president feel he can come out after the verdict and tell people to accept after he has said what he wants the verdict to be? >> you guys are probably tired of me saying that his position is there's space for peaceful protest. that's his point of view regardless of the outcome. that's what we're communicating publicly and locally to mayors, governors, local law enforcement as we communicate in preparation. so that's consistently been his view and he will continue to advocate that regardless of the outcome. he's following closely as many americans have been.
11:30 am
he's been was obviously impacted by his conversation with the floyd family as someone that has lived through loss and trauma himself. he's certainly has his mind and his heart on what is happening around the country. people are suggesting and watching these videos and watching this trial go forward. so he knows the jury is sequestered. >> sandra: interesting response from the white house there. considering she says the president doesn't want to get ahead of the verdict but he hopes the jury comes to the right verdict. a nation on edge as we await that. the jury continues to deliberate. we will -- could come at any moment, any day, any week now. we'll see. john? >> john: the green new deal, sandra, coming back with a vengeance and could cost $200 billion of your money. alexandria ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders rolling out a version of the far left proposal for public housing. >> sandra: joining us now rand
11:31 am
paul of kentucky. great to see you and great to have you here today. it's hard to look at the numbers. $172 billion they want to spend. how far left do you think some of these members like aoc, how far do you think they can public biden? >> they think that money grows on trees. that's part of the green plan. we're all for trees so you're going to the money tree to find this. from the infrastructure bill is about $500 billion. so it's $174 billion for weatherizing houses, which never gets to energy efficiency to meet the cost. there's $100 billion for electric cars. $10 billion for some kind of army of climate change, some kind of climate core youth, which i think has connotations in our history of our world and european history, the government-informed youths marching for things that the golf tells them to do.
11:32 am
all of it is horrendous. the biggest problem is the future of the country by spending so much money we don't have. >> john: so this is a ten-year program. cost about $17.2 billion a year. the initial cost. bernie sanders says it would remove carbon over the space of ten years. again, to place devil's advocate, if done right, isn't this the sort of infrastructure that we should be investing in? >> building pyramids would create jobs. should the government decide where the jobs are created or the marketplace? in the marketplace we vote. when i go to walmart or kroger, i vote on what i want. so what is produced and whether jobs are created are what i like to eat and buy at walmart that is the consumer driven
11:33 am
capitalist way when we vote in the economy. when the government doesn't, bernie sanders decides. the one thing we have to know if we're concerned about carbon footprint, one sort of industrial decision has accounted for more reduction in carbon than any decision in the history of this movement. that is fracking. so they're against the one thing that actually has reduced the carbon footprint. we converted to natural gas, we reduced the carbon footprint. almost entirely from fracking that every democrat speaks out against. so let's be honest about this. if you really want to lower carbon front print, you have to be for more fracking and introducing it around the world. instead they're trying to stop it. >> sandra: i want to get to maxine waters comments. some of your party have pushing to hold her accountable for what they said is incitement of
11:34 am
violence. standing in brooklyn center saying "get confrontational." do you believe her purpose was to incite violence? >> this is the hypocrisy. her language sounds like that. what her intentions are i don't know. her language sounds incendiary. this is what the i point out for the hypocrites that came out after president trump and said go fight for your country, your voice be heard and march peacefully. somehow that was a call to violence. when she's saying get up in the face, cory booker said the said thing, get in the face of these congress people. chuck schumer goes to the supreme court and says, you know, hit them like they have never felt it before. very visual and violent metaphor, hit them like they never felt it before. yes, the democrats are hit -- hypocrites for this. we have cities on fire, police
11:35 am
stations being burned. not just a few people killing, but dozens and dozens of people being injured, police officerses, people being killed in the riots in our cities. yes, she needs to tone it down. >> john: in the time we have left, let me draw on your medical experience. more than half of the adults received one dose of a covid-19 vaccine. when in your estimation can we start to get back to normal? >> now. yesterday. last week. a third of the public has had this naturally. a third. about 100 million people. 32 million officially. by the cdc's estimates, at least two times more have been recorded as having it. had it and didn't flow they had it. 100 million people. we have over 100 million people that have been inoculated. when you combine natural immunity police vaccinated immunity, we're at a point where we can get back to normal. by all means, encourage people to get vaccinated. when you're vaccinated and you have immunity, throw away your
11:36 am
mask and go to church. don't listen to fauci, don't listen to biden. live your life. get vaccinated if you haven't had it. if you have had it, get back to normal life. >> sandra: it's a big statement. i think we're at this point where we wonder when things change. admiral giroir said in texas things are back to normal. it's all these other states that are still, you know, masked up and dealing with this at a different level. >> most people are doing what they want do do. they're smiling, inknock you lated and lives their life. americans are not going to wait for the government to tell them what to. >> sandra: you think that is the point, when dr. fauci is willing to say something, that we can get back to normal? you think americans will lean on that? >> i was just in florida for a week. i was in texas visiting family. they're not waiting on dr. fauci. they count him as an elitist and
11:37 am
no following the advice of his own institute. we don't have to wait for him. we're americans. we don't need eliists to make the decisions for us. make your own decisions on the best information out there. >> john: we'll take your advice. senator rand paul, thank you. >> thank you. >> john: coming up, a surprise look at what the johnson & johnson pause pushed many americans to do. also, dead the mike i can't make a difference at all in getting out the message in frank luntz with here with his thoughts. stay with us. veteran homeowners: during uncertain times, money in the bank can bring you and your family real piece of mind. refiplus from newday usa can make it happen. refiplus lets you refinance at near record lows plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve.
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kinder bueno? woooooow. it's crispy. it's creamy. it's not your average chocolate bar. smooth milk chocolate, crispy wafer and creamy hazelnut filling. it's kinder bueno. >> sandra: update you on breaking news. the deadly shooting at a new york grocery store. police say they believe the suspect is armed and on the run at this hour. this is all playing out in long idea, new york. police say a man is dead and two
11:42 am
other people are hurt following the shooting. they're looking for the man, bottom right of your screen. gabriel dewitt wilson. andrew cuomo weighed in and said the state police have been called in. my team and i are in constant contact with first responders on the ground. i'm praying for the victims and my heart breaks for their families and loved ones. john? >> john: new polling shows americans have more confidence in the coronavirus vaccines. this after the government showed the willingness to pause the johnson & johnson shot after cases of blood clots emerged. frank luntz had the pole. let's go back to the beginning of the johnson & johnson pause. former president trump was vocal about it. here's what he said last night on "hannity." >> that's the first things that
11:43 am
you could have done. they caused the johnson & johnson vaccine. probably of courses the other vaccines. they paused it. it's had a devastating impact. >> john: last week, frank luntz had a comment in which he said in is devastating at the very moment that conservatives were starting to reconsider, their told their fears are justified. now there's thousands saying i told you so. you conducted a poll that found what? >> it found that the exact opposite is happening. yes, among conservatives, the concern, the hesitation became greater. but among everybody else, moderates, progressives, among non-trump republicans, independents, democrats, universally, the public said wait a minute. if the government is prepared to put on hold a vaccine because of six people out of 6.8 million vaccines that have been
11:44 am
distributed from johnson & johnson, if they're willing to put a hold on that, they are paying attention. the public health community is on top of this. the level of the rigorous evaluation, the oversight, the inspections that have been happening are so great that even six people are enough to slow up the vaccine, a so many more people is a reason to get it, a reason to trust it. honestly that was a surprise to me. >> john: let's put up the numbers. 53% thought the pause was a good example of the safety monitoring of the covid-19 vaccines. 44% of trump voters thought that. 60% of biden voters thought that. you had a trump voter focus group that you found that the j&j investigation builds trust because it demonstrates accountability and oversight that out of 6.8 million people
11:45 am
don't matter. 6 out of 6.8 million people do matter and concerns are caught and addressed in real time. you also using that focus group asked them questions about coronavirus messaging and the media aim to trump voters. what did you find? >> we found that donald trump in his impact forward -- i wish he would spend his time telling people to get the vaccine. just say it. in fact, the most powerful psa of all, joe biden and donald trump saying we got the vaccine. can you imagine how many lives can be saved if both president stood together and said vaccine is safe, covid is not? take it. >> john: some of the trump voters didn't appreciate it. let's listen in.
11:46 am
>> specifically the media and its handling of covid and its handling of the vaccine and how you feel it's treated you regarding covid and the vaccine. >> you're in america. they all have their narrative that they're sticking to and they have abided by it. it's like you're going to tell the truth or not. treat us like we're human beings. >> john: what did they say to you, frank? >> said to me the media has to be responsible and listen to the concerns, respect those that don't want to take the vaccine, respect those that are nervous and uncomfortable and give them the facts. that's all the people want, the facts about the vax and then they'll make the right decision themselves. >> john: we appreciate you giving us the facts. thanks, frank. >> good seeing you. >> john: sandra? >> sandra: good stuff. next up, internet investors and beyond. they're looking to give doj its day. how the cryptocurrency has gone
11:47 am
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>> john: just one quick clarification. when frank luntz was talking about would it be if president
11:51 am
biden and former president trump got together to do a vaccine commercial, he said the president had not encouraged people to get the vaccine. he has encouraged people to get the vaccine on many different occasions. different misspeak there. wanted that clarification for you. sandra? >> sandra: happy doge day. it's a cryptocurrency everybody has talked act. it started as a joke and now it's worth more than ford motor company and marriott. it's gone so mainstream, we wanted to bring it to our viewers. so many people are investing in this and continues to rise. >> that's right. let's start with this. you talk about doge specifically, it's up 5,000%. so there's a lot of interest here. people need to understand this. the other cryptos have moved a lot. we talk about bitcoin. there's a theory, light coin.
11:52 am
we just saw crypto trading platform based on the nasdaq. so let's step back. it's happening. cryptocurrency is going mainstream. it's because its basically a hedge against inflation right now. what is inflation? that's what the market is worried about. it happens when central banks print currency. you take for instance procter & gamble. they just said today, we're going to have to raise prices. when prices rise and wages don't move the same amount, all of a sudden you have this inflationary environment. goods and services become really expensive.back to the cryptos. this is where they come in. like gold, they're an inflation hedge. the companies use this technology to create other currencies. they have a finite amount out there. you don't have to worry about this money printing issue because there's value here. what you have is investors piling in the names for hedging
11:53 am
here and you get these crazy returns. interest rates are at zero. investors are saying where can i put my money? i don't want it in the bank. i want to invest in something. there's one wrinkle here to talk about. it's regulation. it's what slowed the pandemic down but on the radar. it's charlie gasparino reporting on the fox business network that's been saying it's a matter of time before the administration tells the sec, here's the nod. you have to move and start to regulate. that's what people need to think about. >> regulate those markets. they'll want a piece of it, right? it's a fascinating story. not only can people not pronounce it but drawn to it for facts like elon musk talks about it, mark cuban is in on it. beep jerky brand slim jim is in hahn it. it's gotten so much attention. i'll ask you the with that everybody asks me about it. how do you buy it? where do you buy it? >> you buy it on an exchange.
11:54 am
coin base is an example. you have to be careful. they move so much. you have to embrace that volatility, but you bring up the most amazing point, which is like you can pay for a december la with crypto now. two years ago you couldn't. that is what makes it interesting and mainstream to people. in miami, they're saying we want to pay our city employees with crypto. you can pay your parking tickets in crypto. it's this thing that is changing hands and could increase in value or could go down. people ask me would you want to be paid in crypto? maybe not my whole value. but maybe one bitcoin. >> sandra: a lot of risk to them. they can have dramatic swings. point that out. so much attention get poured in to it. we thought we would highlight it. this younger generation of investors as we saw with the robin hood thing. you can buy it with a credit
11:55 am
card. buy it with a credit card. it's amazing how things are changing. it's no wonder -- >> it's a concern. >> sandra: yeah with the stimulus money that some folks got that didn't have to pay rent with, they put it in the cryptocurrency markets. thanks for bringing that to us. we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back. (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible.
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>> sandra: you want to weigh-in on a the crypto market, john? >> john: i like the dogecoin. the symbol is a dog. i've always been a dog person. so you know, if you can hold a cryptocurrency that has an image of something you like. bitcoin is cool, too. should i be buying currencies based on what the logo looks like? >> sandra: tesla is starting to accept forms of payment.
12:00 pm
and dallas mavericks team offered their products for sale with dogecoin. they set a record. as larry kudlow said, it's no joke. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha maccallum stars right now. >> martha: i'm martha maccallum in new york. this is a story breaking right now. an armed suspect is on the run in the new york city area. this man on the right-hand side of your screen is gabriel wilson. he's been identified by the police in west hempstead about 30 miles east of new york city. he's a person of interest in this shooting that has left at least one person dead. two wounded inside a stop and shop grocery store. officials say that he was and still may be an employee at that store. the man that he fatally shot worked


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