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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 20, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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something to do in retirement. come up with three hobbies. >> the winston churchill memo. three hobbies and take lessons. >> bill: he learned well sunday night at 10:00. >> dana: "the faulkner focus" up next. >> harris: minnesota and big cities across the country on edge as the jury has resumed deliberations in the murder trial of derek chauvin. on capitol hill republicans say one top democrat needs to be punished. congresswoman maxine waters told protestors in minnesota to get more confrontational if the verdict is not guilty. after major backlash against her, waters is now denying what she said could have any impact on the trial. but house minority leader kevin mccarthy is making the gop response official. he plans to bring a censure
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resolution to the house floor today or tomorrow accusing house speaker nancy pelosi of covering for waters. >> now what she has said has even put doubt into a jury. you had a judge announce that it was wrong. i think this takes action especially when she has a pattern of this behavior. to have censure simply takes the majority of the house. what could happen if this was to pass because of the democrats' rules she would lose her chairmanship of the financial services. so maybe then she would learn once and for all there is no value in violence. >> harris: chad pergram live on capitol hill for us. >> democrats were already seething privately about waters' remarks. when she came up in the courtroom it inflamed some democrats more. >> now that we have u.s. representatives threatening acts of violence in relation to
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this specific case, it is mind-boggling to me, judge. >> they said the judge said my words don't matter. she is non-violent and said she was talking about confronting the justice system. >> you have to let people know that we're not going to be satisfied unless we get justice in these cases. >> kevin mccarthy wants the house to censure waters but democrats pushed back. >> perhaps kevin mccarthy should sit this one out because he has got zero moral standing, clean up your own mess. >> usually democrats would table a resolution directed at one of their own members. democrats can only lose two votes on their side. democrats would stick together and defend waters even if that's a risky vote. harris.
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>> harris: wow, that's interesting. chad pergram. thank you very much. among republicans speaking out against maxine waters here is republican congresswoman lisa mcclain. watch this. >> once again this weekend we saw a member of the majority openly call for more confrontation in a minneapolis suburb. if this were reversed, if this was said by a republican, you know madam speaker the majority in the chamber would move the strip them of the committees and expel them from congress. >> harris: so speaker pelosi was asked whether or not maxine waters need to apologize. the speaker's response, no, she doesn't. that woman on the floor should be apologizing for what she said. mcclain hit back tweeting as that woman, no, i won't apologize for calling out the double standards that you have
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set. congresswoman lisa mcclain, republican of michigan joins me now. so first of all welcome to the program. this is quite a back and forth that has nothing to do with the issue of wading in on the ground in minnesota of maxine waters. first your response to pelosi and deeper on the other issue. >> first of all speaker pelosi, you need to learn this woman's name. that's lisa mcclain. and this woman will continue to fight to expose the double standards. i will fight for the people of my district and i will fight to uphold the constitution. >> harris: and you know, all of this started because the congresswoman maxine waters didn't say this in a scrum with media outside her office on capitol hill. she was on the ground among protestors in minnesota saying get con frontation nall if the verdict is not guilty.
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>> the democrats have set a standard. all i'm asking is madam speaker, don't you think we both should play by the same rules? i often say if it wasn't for double standards we would have no standards at all. we saw this with marjorie taylor greene when they removed her to her committees because of words she said prior to getting in congress. let's not forget president trump. they impeached president trump for inciting violence. madam speaker, do you really want to hold your party to a lower standard than you hold the republicans? i don't think so. >> harris: well look, we've been reporting because it's happening that there is some redefining of words. like infrastructure and what not. maybe they're redefining what confrontational means. i think we have a pretty baseline understanding it is not about making peace. if you have a quick word about that and i'll get to something
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else. >> words do matter. i don't know how you can misinterpret confrontational. go out and get more confrontational. i don't know how you misinterpret that. let's play by the same rules, that's all i ask. >> harris: white house press secretary jen psaki also asked about representative waters' comments. let's watch. >> his view is also that exercising first amendment rights and protesting injustice is the most american thing that anyone can do. but as he also always says, protests must be peaceful. that's what he continues to call for and what he continues to believe is the right way to approach responding. >> harris: well, as people can see our stream right now we have the white house distancing itself from maxine waters' comments. >> as they should. they either need to distance themselves completely or get in the game and talk to the
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majority leader nancy pelosi and ask her to clean up their own house. the issue is this. our job as leaders is to de-escalate a situation, not get on the plane, fly to a city that's already in turmoil, and incite mob violence. that's not our job as leaders. our job is to de-escalate the situation. we are not the judge, the jury and the executioner. it is our job as congressmen and women to make the laws, not to enforce them and definitely not to incite violence. >> harris: i want to go to this now because i find this to be that word that we overuse so much, ironic. town is reporting that maxine waters requested a police escort for her saturday trip to minnesota before she told protestors to get more confrontational. you see the travel log right there on the screen.
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congresswoman mcclain, your thoughts about this. >> i think it's comical. if it wasn't so true. why need a police escort? isn't this the party that wants to defund the police? if it's a peaceful situation, why do you need a police escort? if you are going there not to incite violence, to de-escalate the situation, why a police escort? at some point in time our actions are actually going the match our words. not unfortunately in this case. >> harris: wow. well, as you started off with she needs to learn your name. you had a lot to say on this point of view and one person who agreed with what you are saying was the judge in the case. he doesn't want anybody on capitol hill weighing in before the verdict comes down. we'll see what happens with maxine waters. lisa mcclain, great to have you on the program. thank you. >> thanks for having me. have a great day. >> harris: you, too. a senate panel right now is
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holding a hearing on voting rights as the left is ramping up its jim crow rhetoric again overstate election laws. the power panel. we'll bring you the debate you don't want to miss. and this. >> these policies are devastating the country. they have never worked, they never will work. >> harris: some officials at the southern border are demanding action from the white house as it walks back the president's use of the word crisis. he finally used the word and then maybe not so much when it comes to that situation at the border. arizona sheriff on what he calls it next. stay tuned. if you have postmenol osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, now might not be the best time to ask yourself, 'are my bones strong?' life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect
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>> these policies are devastating to the country. they've never worked, they never will work. we understand at some point in time the american people will solve this issue of failed policies and failed leadership but it will be at what cost? i think that's the real question i think the american people have to ask of this administration. >> harris: at what cost? border officials now asking just how much worse the migrant crisis at our border will actually get? the biden administration has yet to take meaningful action on the situation. however, the president is focused on terminology apparently. dhs will change out certain terms like alien and illegal for more politically correct language. we are live in texas. >> good morning. on that language change, you know, you talked to some border patrol agents on the ground in texas and what do you make of this? they say call a spade a spade. these guys are so overwhelmed.
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this morning we saw 30 to 40 migrants cut through that tree line, walk over this way and basically hand themselves over to border patrol agents at this fence you see there. the numbers keep rising, harris. we're at an average 479 unaccompanied children taken in a day. look at the striking video we just got a couple of days ago from border patrol. they rescued two honduran kids found abandoned in the rio grande. here is former president trump on all of this on hannity last night. >> there has never been anything like what has happened at our border and people are coming in by the tens of thousands. they are walking in. we had -- all he had to do is leave it alone. if he left it alone we were setting record positive numbers. >> vice president kamala harris explaining how she sees her role in the crisis. she says she will be focusing
8:17 am
on bringing together cabinet secretaries to get at the root of this mass migration problem. meanwhile harris representatives chip roy and yvette harrell are pushing to bring back the trump era policies covid restrictions on migrants coming across the border. a texas delegation here a little while ago is also calling to restore trump's remain in mexico policies. not sure how far those will go but we'll see, harris. >> harris: that's fascinating, too. if you have to pull every cabinet member to come up with ideas you might have to go back to what was actually working. it struck me when you showed the children from honduras being rescued in the rio grande. that is such a distance to travel, what a journey for those babies. then to be abandoned. i don't know what the vice president considers enough information to move on. it's fascinating and
8:18 am
heartbreaking. meanwhile the white house is doing damage control on president biden's comment over the weekend that he believes there is a crisis at our southern border. >> the president does not feel that children coming to our border seeking refuge from violence, economic hardships and other dire circumstances is a crisis. he does feel that the crisis in central america, the dire circumstances that many are fleeing from, that that is a situation we need to spend our time, our effort on and address it if we prevent more of an influx of migrants from coming in years to come. >> harris: we'll need a dictionary to figure out what the word crisis means at any moment. i want to bring in penall county arizona sheriff. how does today compare with a year ago. you have the experience now with former policies and new ones. >> it is complete disaster compared to what we were
8:19 am
dealing with a year ago. a year ago we were making progress. mind you, we were coming off that 2019 surge where we had a whole caravan coming but we were able to thwart it because of good policies that president trump had implemented. those policies were working a year ago. over the last three or four months it has been a complete disaster since this administration has come in. they are to blame. it is a crisis. they can use all the different words they want other than crisis. what they are doing is losing credibility with the american people. they didn't have a lot of credibility to start off with. whatever credibility they are losing now is not going to help them. >> harris: i'm fascinated and don't know if you are where you can see this. i'll just describe it on the screen. we're looking at live footage via our flight team drone of texas and a section of the wall. my second home is in arizona. i know what it looks like in those areas down there. we're looking at such a similar problem from california on east.
8:20 am
this is not just isolated. this is getting worse also by the territory that it covers. >> absolutely. we're dealing with it in arizona. we're 60 to 70 miles off the border. even though you have a wall in the area in our area we have a native american reservation that doesn't have a wall. the problem has increased 100 fold. we are going out now. sent our helicopter out and working with border patrol today and i'm sure we'll round up 20 or 30 more. it's what's happening every day. it doesn't just affect arizona, texas, or california. this affects all of america and why sheriffs all over the country will be with me tomorrow at the border with protect america now. check it out at protect america all the sheriffs across america are feeling the effects of this human trafficking and drug trafficking coming into this country. >> harris: i will get that information up on my twitter
8:21 am
page across social media, too, so people know about that. and the kind of corroboration that you are having. you don't have enough resources in law enforcement and even in border patrol. you guys have to work together. i want to get to this. the top republicans on three house committees have written to vice president harris quote it is unclear what if any actions you have directed or plan to initiate to respond to the crisis that continues to worsen every day. we request the opportunity to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss the biden/harris administration's response to the catastrophe on the southern border. that's the end of the quote. i want to say this. it's been 27 days, sheriff, since kamala harris has been capped to lead the administration's response to the crisis and still no news conference, no way for her to ask what next steps really look like. what would you say to her? >> i would say come down here and figure out the problem so you can fix it. they are not willing to fix this problem. you know why?
8:22 am
we have no other option to believe that they want this. they want this unlawfulness that's going on right now at the border because they've shown no desire to fix it. i applaud those congressmen for asking them to take action because the actions they are taking right now are destructive, ruining our communities not just here in arizona bust across this country. we want them to do their job and help out. we are willing to help them. we don't want to see them fail. we want to see them succeed which is why we are so vocal about it. but come hell or high water we'll do our job. >> harris: a last quick question before i have to let you go, sheriff. how will tomorrow go, will you think? do we have enough cohesion among law enforcement to move forward? we have so much going on in the country right now. >> i believe it will go very well. i hope the media will pick it up and show that sheriffs are standing together. that america is standing together.
8:23 am
that we are frustrated. i hope the white house, kamala harris and joe biden start to see this is a national issue, an american issue. i believe that it is going to go well and i believe that the american people are going to continue to support us sheriffs and law enforcement across this country contrary to what they would have you believe. >> harris: amen to that. we need you and now you are working with the border patrol on a very big crisis, catastrophe some are calling it. sheriff. thank you for your time and i'll get that information up across social media so people know about the sheriffs across the region coming together. >> thank you. god bless. have a great day. >> harris: you, too. a green new deal comeback. have you heard about this? the left is pushing for a bigger slice to president biden's massive spending bill. she is even wearing green. look at that. the hefty price tag on their plans next. just as a reminder, you know, it is not free. plus democrats call it the jim crow of the 21st century,
8:24 am
republicans say it is all just political theater. the contentious hearing on election laws happening right now on capitol hill. we'll catch you up. >> the title of this hearing is offensive and as a student of history, this title diminishes the very real challenges and unfairness that minorities endured in the jim crow south at the hands of southern democrats.
8:25 am
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>> harris: georgia democrats stacey abrams may have cost the city of atlanta $100 million in revenue when she attacked her state's new voting law and major league baseball moved its all-star game to denver. but today she is testifying in a senate judiciary committee hearing with a not so subtle
8:30 am
title, jim crow 2021, the latest assault on the right to vote. republicans are fiery in their response at that characterization. >> in response to this swell in democratic participation, politicians in our state legislature responded not in celebration but with retaliation. >> what i find extremely offensive is a narrative from the left that black people aren't smart enough, educated enough or desirous enough for education to do what every other culture and race does in this country, get an i.d. >> harris: mike emanuel live in d.c. they called it the jim crow hearing. >> good morning. it got off to a feisty start with the chairman blasting the voter law in georgia. >> if our elections are secure these laws aren't about integrity. what is the problem that
8:31 am
lawmakers in charge want to address with the new law? problem is obvious. too many voters are showing up. it seems republican lawmakers in georgia have concluded that the solution to their election problems is to make it harder to vote. >> that senate judiciary committee hearing is ongoing. burgess owens of utah and warnock of georgia. the latest assault on the right to vote. that set off the top republican on the judiciary panel. >> i'm a fan of history. i try to learn from it. i don't use it to insult my opponents. the title of this hearing is offensive and as a student of history this title diminishes the very real challenges and unfairness that minorities endured in the jim crow south. >> georgia democrat stacey
8:32 am
abrams is due to testify remotely and expected to speak in favor of congress passing a bill known as the voting rights advancement acts. it would have washington take over elections over having states administer fair elections. fireworks are likely with emotions running high on these voting issues. >> harris: that's putting it mildly. thank you very much mike emanuel. the power panel now. fox news political analyst and leslie marshall fox news contributor. great to see you both. guyana, i don't know if you caught the congresswoman of michigan from the top. she spoke up against maxine waters' comments. her point was lawmakers should try to de-escalate on capitol hill. when you call something the jim crow hearing it doesn't sound like de-escalation. >> i am pissed the hell off
8:33 am
with this characterization of the georgia law. if people know their history they would know from 1877 to the 1960s the democrat jim crow policy quite frankly treated african-americans with less dignity and respect than alley dogs. this is disgusting on every level. what is so bad about the bill in georgia. you would present an i.d. was that an issue when 69% of african-american agree with voter i.d. 60 percenters of democrats agree with voter i.d. what is so insulting on this. i don't understand the democrats use race as a wedge issue on values they put cannot win on the policy mirrors. this is disgusting. to further the conversation people like joe manchin of west virginia said he doesn't support it. it is being done on the basis of politics. this must end in washington,
8:34 am
d.c. stop bringing race into serious issues. serious issues that have nothing to do with race. let's take politics out of it and deal with the policy. >> harris: leslie, your response. >> i think it's interesting that you want to take politics out of policy. the whole reason the georgia law was even passed is completely political. this was based on the conspiracy and lie about voter fraud that did not exist not just in georgia but in the rest of our nation. if republicans had won in the state of georgia one or both senate seats we wouldn't be having the conversation now. the reason in and outside of georgia refer to it as jim crow. specifically, there are drop boxes added in some areas let's look at the map of the state of georgia and let's look at the neighborhoods where the drop boxes are being added and
8:35 am
removed. voter disenfranchisement toward one minority community toward african-americans is jim crow and drop boxes have been taken out of african-american communities in the state of georgia with this law. additionally voting should be made easier. we shouldn't be standing in lines longer. this legislation makes it harder to vote, register to vote and harder to be an absentee border. it makes it more difficult for georgia voters and that specifically trickles down to minority communities. >> harris: quickly calling a hearing jim crow is not helpful. that doesn't de-escalate things. i want to give him the last quick words and move to ocasio-cortez, the congresswoman. >> this conversation was all about election integrity. if the look at the heritage voter data you seen over 1,000 actual cases of convictions when it comes to voting. i think especially after covid we do need to tighten the rules and insure people are legally
8:36 am
voting not access being taken away. in georgia there was an extension of voting. i disagree with your narrative holistically. >> harris: great debate. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and other progressive lawmakers are holding a news conference right now to push for a bigger slice of president biden's massive spending bill. their green new deal for public housing act would invest more than $170 billion to retrofit public housing for renewable energy saying it would tackle environmental justice and the climate crisis and that's just part of their plan. senator ted cruz has a warning for them. >> the full green new deal is 93 trillion. 93 trillion. it's $600,000 for every single household in america. i think this is a serious mistake. i think it is bad for the economy and it destroys jobs
8:37 am
and we will see a lot more of it from biden and schumer and pelosi. >> harris: so is the plan, leslie, for democrats to tell their constituents to start looking under the seat cushions in their cars and couches for an extra $600,000 per household? >> you have to look at what is going on here. this green new deal and the press conference and this latest proposal comes from alexandria ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders, the more liberal faction, progressive faction of my party, the democratic party. it is not supported by nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, dick durbin or even joe biden and frankly if you look at the current infrastructure package that the president just said yesterday he was willing to compromise with republicans on had more than two hour meetings. >> harris: he will need to do that, right? >> look at the current bill. harris. >> harris: the keystone pipeline. he wiped away 13,000 jobs and then all of those cottage industries that were around to
8:38 am
support those families who go into those cities and states to build the pipeline, right? i mean he has created some of the talk about energy about this. he will have to compromise. >> i don't trust anything joe biden says. he is the liar and chief days after he said he wouldn't kill the keystone pipeline. he would allow it to take time. he said he would compromise with republicans. he may have had meetings but not compromised. i don't believe it at all. the green new deal legislation they're pushing through, 2 million people are in public housing. i'm a product of the south side of chicago. this isn't meant to help people in there. what about a jobs program? if you want to create efficiency and clean up lead paint i get this. this is a big push for union donations and want to force people who participate in this to be unionized. it's what this is for.
8:39 am
the unions and support of the democratic party. >> harris: thank you both very much. the judge in the derek chauvin trial says congresswoman maxine waters' remarks may have opened the door if the defense were in a position for an appeal. why he says politicians need to stay out of the case. squad member rashida tlaib is calling for no more police. the police chief who protects many of her constituents has choice words for the congresswoman from michigan. >> it is unfortunate she holds a congressional seat. a powerful seat. not as a leader, though, more as an influencer. because you can't attach leadership to someone who is so disrespectful. she is a person who wants attention. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be.
8:40 am
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>> congresswoman waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned. a congresswoman's opinion really doesn't matter a whole lot. i wish elected officials would stop talking about this case especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law. >> harris: he just called congresswoman maxine waters
8:45 am
irrelevant. bet she choked on the hot chocolate then. a stunning moment in the derek chauvin trial yesterday. he called out waters after her saying they need to get more confrontational if he is cleared in george floyd's death. the judge made the comments after chauvin's defense moved to declare a mistrial. a motion the judge did deny at this moment. andy mccarthy is a former assistant u.s. attorney for southern district of new york. fox news contributor. i was live tweeting this as it was happening. people are invested in what's going on now that we hit the deliberations, what the questions would be at the very end with both sides. when the defense pressed for a mistrial congresswoman maxine waters' name came into the conversation. why? >> well, obviously, harris, you
8:46 am
have a united states representative who is out there not only undermining the judicial process, which is bad enough, but doing it in a way that i think common sense tells you it is basically jury intimidation. that's really serious business. now, i think the judge is right in the sense that like one person even a congress person's unhinged comments probably is not going to carry the day one way or the other as far as a mistrial motion like this is concerned but there is a lot of context here. the chauvin defense said from the beginning that they didn't think they could get a fair trial in hennepin county. you had the issue of the state making a $27 million settlement with the floyd family during jury selection and then last week when we had that tragic event in brooklyn center, the judge was asked to sequester the jury and he sent them home for a long weekend so they
8:47 am
could marinate in the publicity and all the violence that was going on there. a lot going on here. >> harris: if there were things to marinate in already, hurt feelings, emotion, prayers to the family of george floyd, violence, rioting, looting, i mean all of it a lot of noise coming out of that area in pain and some out of crime if that area. if that were not enough she didn't make her comments on capitol hill. they traveled to the scene to say get more confrontational. is there more coming for congresswoman waters than just a censure put on by gop. if this was your case, what would you do? >> i would be pretty angry about it but there would be a limit to how much one person can do about it. i will say this, harris, she also violated the curfew the mayor had put in place to try
8:48 am
to suppress the violence and demonstrating going on there. i think she could be in violation of the obstruction of justice laws because she is clearly intimidating the jury. so i think that the law enforcement people in minnesota can certainly do something about it. i'm not holding my breath waiting for that to happen. this is serious business and i don't think there is any way she can say she is insulated from it because she happens to be a federal congress person. she went to another state, a sovereign state that is not her state and interfered with their judicial process. that's a big deal. >> harris: andy mccarthy, thank you very much as always. i take copious notes for further discussions i have and quote you. appreciate your time. thank you. minneapolis and many other cities are bracing for the verdict in the derek chauvin murder trial. we don't know what that will be. one minnesota mayor now says it's not safe to be black in
8:49 am
his state. while one sheriff is calling on congresswoman tlaib to resign over her call to end all policing. it is getting even tougher. police in the center of it. jayson rantz is here to unpack all of the controversy and be sure to tune in at the top of the hour for "outnumbered." stay put.
8:50 am
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>> minneapolis is beginning to look more like a military fortress as jurors resume deliberation and the trial of former officer derek chauvin. the city is more on edge after that drive-by shooting over the weekend at a national guard member trying to secure the area. as that situation continues to unfold, brooklyn center, a suburb of minneapolis, the mayor is sharing this message. >> it's not safe to drive in minnesota, the effect of the matter is, there are so many ofd if we see a police behind us, were afraid. that's a kind of terror that no citizen of the united states
8:56 am
should ever have to face. it's constant. it's ever present. this is real. it's time for a reckoning. >> harris: we will go back to that story, the president talking about george floyd inside the white house. >> i can only imagine the pressure and anxiety you are feeling. we waited till the jury was sequestered and i called. i wasn't going to say anything about it, but they said on television today, it was a private conversation because joe understands what it is like to go through loss. there are a good family. they're called peace and tranquility, no matter what that verdict is. hopefully the verdict is the
8:57 am
right verdict. it's overwhelming in my favor. the jury is sequestered now. they won't hear me say that. talk about personal things. thank you very much for coming. >> after learning the president had spoken with the family, these are the first remarks we are hearing about what that conversation is like from him. we heard from the family today. i want to get back to what is unfolding today on the streets of minneapolis. jason rantz joins me, greater talk show host in seattle. you've seen so much unrest in your own streets. quick thought on all of the response that is happening on the ground there? >> it sounds like they say they're prepared and certainly from a staffing perspective that appears to be the case.
8:58 am
you are only as prepared as you are willing to use the law enforcement that you have on the ground. we have seen from the last year a reticence from individual mayors and counselors and police chiefs to use any sort of force when they are met with this rioting. if you don't use that overwhelming force to stop it, it gets worse. when you use force you have voices out there who are fanning the flames like maxine waters who will say this is the militarization and the over policing of neighborhoods. police are costs in difficult positions. you need leaders to stand up and i hope they do that in minneapolis and frankly across the country. >> harris: may be maxine waters should stay home. detroit police chief says the congresswomen, rashida tlaib who you just mentioned should resign after calling for no more police. let's watch.
8:59 am
>> i would be the first person to call for a resignation for her going away party. all this rhetoric is not helping the situation. it's putting our police officers in danger. it making our communities less safe. be quiet and take on a role of leadership. jason? >> i don't think she should resign frankly because members of the public get to put in people of power, including people who are monsters. that's for them to decide. i will say we need to look at this bigger picture. the chief is correct, she's disruptive, but let's not pretend that she's the only one doing this. this is a loud part of the democratic party and we are now living the consequences. it's time for voters to step up and say, we are the victims of this, see if defunding the
9:00 am
police is really what will fix the high murder rate there. >> in the meantime we need them to do their jobs. we can't do without him. jason rantz, good to see you. thank you for watching "outnumbered." "america report" starts right now. the nation is bracing for a verdict in the derek chauvin trial as the jury is deliberating right now. while the trial judge warms that controversial remarks from congresswoman maxine waters could get the case overturned on appeal, you are watching "america report." i'm harris faulkner. here today, i cohostsible, lawrs a big of a tease. we can't wait to get back. kevin mccarthy


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